2016 BBC Sports Personality of the Year

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Gary Lineker, Clare Balding and Gabby Logan host the 2016 BBC Sports Personality of the Year, celebrating the year's sporting achievements.

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It is always a huge night for British sport.


This year, it is bigger than ever. There are a record 16 contenders for


the 2016. The Sports Personality of the Year will be crowned later


# Reeds driftin' on by you know how I feel


# Butterflies all havin' fun you know what I mean


# Sleep in peace when the day is done


# And this old world is a new world


Something special is happening! Andy Murray has done it! Great


Britain have won the Olympic gold-medal!


My goodness me, that is utterly extraordinary!


Usain Bolt gets it! History, history, history, history!


What a screamer! About his superiority, Mo Farah wins the Gold.


# Sun in the sky you know how I feel


Welcome to the 2016 BBC sports personality of the. Now, give it up


for the three Amigos. Gabby Logan, Clare Balding and the main man, Mr


Gary Lineker. Have a great night, Birmingham.


APPLAUSE. Good evening and welcome to the BBC


Sports Personality of the Year 2016. I hope you're feeling good after


that superb opening from It's a genuine privilege to be


here tonight inside the Genting Arena, where 12,000 fans


and over 1,000 sports stars have gathered to celebrate one


of the best British sporting years The kit is a massive chance for


everybody who loves sport celebrated.


2016 has been a sporting year we'll never forget.


The Olympics, the Paralympics, the Euros, an improbable Leicester City


It was the year in which the impossible became possible.


Tonight, we'll relive all those wonderful sporting moments.


We'll see triumph, emotion and inspiration mixed


with a little perspiration before we crown


the BBC Sports Personality of the Year just before 9pm.


Overall, we'll give out seven awards - with


the most coveted prize, this special trophy.


Well, that's down to you, it's your vote that


will decide who takes it home for Christmas.


There are three ways to vote for your favourite.


You can use your landline, your mobile


On the web, it's free, but to do that, you first need to register.


And you can do so right now by going to bbc.co.uk/spoty.


If you do vote online - you can vote just once - and if you


want to use your landline or mobile, these are the numbers


you need, as one of these 16 sporting superstars will become


the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.


Here are the 16 for 2016 and the details you need to vote


for your Sports Personality of the Year - when the vote opens


Calls cost 15p, plus any network access charge.


From a mobile, call 62282 and then add the number


Or from a landline, call 09015 22 82,


and then again add the number of your favourite.


For triathlete Alistair Brownlee, add 03.


For Paralympic dressage rider Sophie Christiansen, add 04.


For Paralympic athlete and cyclist Kadeena Cox, add 05.


For fellow cyclist Laura Kenny, add 08.


For hockey star Kate Richardson-Walsh, add 11.


For show jumper Nick Skelton, add 12.


For Paralympic cyclist Dame Sarah Storey, add 13.


And for golfer Danny Willett, add 16.


Or to vote for free online, go to bbc.co.uk/SPOTY.


Do not vote yet, as your vote will not count and you


Voting details are online and also available to view on


And remember, voting will only open once we've seen


Rio de Janeiro, what a city and what a summer it was!


At the Olympics, Team GB enjoyed its best performance


They won 67 medals - two more than London - to finish second in the


And the man who started the gold rush is our first contender


I didn't even know that existed. I have never seen any of these photos


before! I was very small, a bad haircut, an average kid. Not much


different from now really. I hate that photo, it appears everywhere.


Here he is, Great Britain's Adam Peaty, the world-record holder, the


World Champion, the Commonwealth champion, the European champion. He


needs is to join the most exclusive club in the world. It was crazy. It


gives me so many goose bumps thinking of that arena. They don't


know what was going through my head, I was possessed. I knew I was on


good form and I did a world record in the heats, but you never know.


Peaty, big turn on the water, on his shoulder. I saw him, I was half a


second ahead. There are oceans of clear water between Adam Peaty and


the rest of the world. I knew that I had it in the bag.


37 macro takes Olympic Gold or Great Britain by an absolute street and


wonderful world record, 57.1 three. It is unbelievable. And I went the


wrong way as well, I remember that bit!


The first Team GB Gold medal was a huge honour, to wrap up flag around


you is incredible. What a guy.


And we'll be speaking to Adam in a moment, once we've


met our second contender, who certainly packs a punch.


Because after becoming the first female boxer in history to


win an Olympic gold in London, she became the first female


There are no maps for the road never travelled. Only stop signs and


plenty of those. She can't, they said. Nicola Adams


has just made history as the Olympic champion.


But she dragged out -- but she drowned out the noise. You out there


by yourself is lonely. Just you, you and the echoes, stories, legends.


I'm the greatest! Whispered reminders.


The fast, be first. Be tough, reveal nothing but your smile.


The reigning Olympic champion at last a World Champion!


Follow your heart. The Olympic Gold medal fight is about to get under


way. Great variety shown by Adams.


Dancing silent steps upon fresh ground. That is wonderful. Mastering


the sweet science. And sweetest of all, the victories.


Nicola Adams lets out a triumphant roar! The histories. Fantastic


performance to put her name in history.


Smile. The first woman to win two Olympic titles in the boxing ring.


And do it like no one before. Olympic gold medallists


Adam Peaty and Nicola Adams. Let's start with you, Adam Henry you


kicked it off for Team GB in Rio. He went into your final massive


favourite, you would have thought pressure and nurse Angie smashed the


world record. I don't know, I just swam two lens, simple as that. It is


eight years of 4am starts, going to bed at 10:30 p.m.. That race was won


before I went out to Rio, it was keeping cool and getting Team GB off


to a good start. Massively proud to be British and no better way than to


get the first Gold medal of the Games.


APPLAUSE. That was great, it started the ball rolling. How different is


it at an Olympics rather than any other competition? I don't know, the


Olympics is something that has been with me since 2012, you talk about


legacy and I took away that legacy of swimming, not swimming, but


seeing people winning those Gold medals. Matt Jamison got the silver


medal and Becky in 2008. There was something that I saw the opening


ceremony and I wanted to be there one day and I took that to every


race and here I'm talking in front of you and getting world records. It


is all about giving back now and hopefully getting the other titles


under my belt. What a massive privilege to stand here in front of


you and thank you for the support you have given these last year's.


You have a huge amount of support, including from your Nan. She


supported you every step of the way, and your parents, for flying out,


good luck to you. Nicola, you did it again. What was it like? Was it


harder, defending the title? Yes, it was a lot harder. Everybody is


coming for you, I was ranked number one going into the Olympics this


time, everybody wants to be an Olympic champion. It was tough, but


I got the job done. Now you are a double Olympic champion, 92 years


since a boxer from Britain defended their title at the Olympics, was at


one of your motivations? Yes. I wanted to create history again by


becoming a double Olympic champion. Every time I step in the ring I want


to be able to inspire the next generation. I have been able to do


that every time. I would like to say thank you to everybody that has come


out tonight, Birmingham! Started training for four years' time yet? I


don't know yet! Who knows. Maybe. Adam, Nicola, stay here -


because in a moment, another Olympic gold medallist


will be joining us - Gabby. Yes, next up is an athlete


who took less than two hours to achieve twice what no British


gymnast had managed in 120 years. So let's relive the precision, poise


and power of the man I just try to be normal, a normal


day. I had a good sleep, breakfast, stretch, do what I practised. I try


to keep it as normal as possible. It did not feel like a special day.


Max Whitlock, the first of two macro finals.


I use floor to warmly up to be ready for the pommel horse. I was hopeful


of getting a medal, but what happened next was unreal.


He knows he just needs to land this. What a performance. Great Britain's


Max Whitlock is the floor Olympic champion.


I don't feel emotional a lot, but that hit me, it was such a big


surprise. Our first Olympic champion in


gymnastics. In 40 minutes, he will be back to try and get his hands on


another gold medal. I went backstage and sat with my


medal for a couple of minutes, trying to make it sink in and


realise what I had done. There was not much time to enjoy it, I knew I


had not finished. A chance now on, Wee Course. In an


hour, Max Whitlock, double Olympic champion.


You train that long for the many years, you never think it will


happen. You always believe it is possible.


Ladies and gentlemen - give a big hand for Max Whitlock!


You would if you could! You are joining esteemed company, the trio


of firsts, 120 years, rate Britain waited for its first Olympic


gymnastics gold medal, and you got to into hours, phenomenal


achievement. When you were a little lad and you first went into the gym


in Hemel Hempstead, did you dare to dream that big? I did not. My


Olympic dream came when I was 17, when I stepped up to the senior


level, I thought, what is possible? Up until that age, I started at


seven, for ten years I was living a dream, love and the sport and doing


my best. You have shown a generation of kids what is possible now, and


there are so many budding Max Whitlock fans out there. It is


exciting, it has been incredible, it has been an amazing journey. We


could never have thought we would be here ten years ago. Hopefully the


future can be bright. I always say that success breeds success, so


hopefully what we are doing well inspire the next generation. You


love a bit of planting, but how else has life changed? You are so


recognisable, going out for food is problematic? It is good fun. The


recognition has gone up hugely. Don't be modest! I walked out of a


restaurant in London and got a standing ovation. As a gymnast, it


is so unheard-of, and for us it is such an honour to be here and to


have achieved what we have. It is the whole team, it is amazing. An


extraordinary achievement. Adam Peaty, Nicola


Adams and Max Whitlock. It is always summer somewhere.


England's picketers chased the sun. In South Africa they glowed


gloriously. Series secured. Venture further, like Joanna concert in


Melbourne, into the Australian open semifinals, beaten by Angellica


Bell. For the men, a familiar final, a familiar order, for now. For Jamie


Murray and Bruno Suarez, a perfect start. A first grand slam singles


title for Gordon Reid. North, follow the arrows, the World Championships


for Gary Anderson, Scott Thwaites and Trina Gulliver. Ronnie


O'Sullivan relaunched, the masters' master. The Super Bowl turned 50,


the Broncos had a farewell party for Peyton Manning. Carl Frampton


against Scott Quigg. Another night of the jackal. Sport -- spot kicks


and acrobatics, League Cup victories.


The weather tides of March. In the shadows of Ballsbridge, Cambridge


are sinking. Oxford's women and Cambridge's men


chose the right time. Near the source, a chop spring. Five golden


riders in London. Labs of honour in the World Championships. A more


trivial pursuit still helped raise more than ?72 million for sport


relief. Hello!


He like this! He has got a hole in one! There is tension here as Great


Britain and Sweden fight it out for the Olympic medal. It looks very


good. It will check up next to the pin. All of Great Britain is holding


the putter. Justin Rose takes Olympic gold.


Earlier in the golfing year, a Yorkshireman travelled to Augusta


more in hope than expectation of being fitted with a green jacket.


However, Sheffield's Danny Willett belied his


underdog odds and wrote his own masterful story.


Let me tell you a story about Danny, the champion of the world. Made of


Sheffield steel and forged through hours of hard work on a Yorkshire


hillside. He would chip and putt from dawn till dusk, daring to


dream. Many years later, on an April afternoon, Danny sensed this might


be his day. He has got that look in his eye.


He looked at Jordan, who stood in his way. But at amen Corner the


golfing gods frowned. That is water.


Danny faced a test of nerve like no other.


Take a deep breath. Follow the sun, Danny Willett! In control of his own


fate. His head and his hands were steady.


The biggest pot of his life, in it goes. Is the green jacket to be his?


Indeed. The boy was ready. Just like that, he had realised his


dream. As a master in green. That is the story of Danny, the champion of


the world. A green day indeed as told


by Mr Golf, Peter Allis. But before our Masters


champion joins us, we turn to another


Yorkshireman who's had an interesting relationship with his


brother this year. In August, our next


contender Alistair Brownlee defended his


Olympic Triathlon title. But after


beating Jonny to that gold, it was the helping hand he gave


him in Mexico which has become the most wonderful moment


from this wonder year. I don't there are any siblings that


know each other sometimes. But on the whole, we get on pretty well. We


started competing as five, six-year-old. Doing cross-country,


running around the playing field. Somewhere along that path, you are


competing against each other at the Olympic Games. To stand on the


Olympic start line and have a joke with each other, wish each other


best. That is a special thing, you should never take it for granted.


They hit the waves. He is the finest we have ever seen.


It will be a glorious golden 44 Alistair Brownlee. The Olympic


triathlon champion for the second time.


Dramatic scenes as the Olympic champion carries his younger brother


towards the podium. The Brownlee brothers arm and arm. He is dragging


him across the line, pushing him home.


please welcome our likely lads from Yorkshire,


The Masters champion, 20 years after the last British golfer one that


prestigious green jacket. Jordan Spieth was well ahead going into the


final round, when Billy you aware that he collapsed, and did you could


win? Because a birdie on 13, and I knew we had trouble at ten and 11.


15 was a moment. He chipped in for an eagle. I looked at the


leaderboard, he had dropped from five to two. That is the moment you


realise you are leading the Masters. You have got to step up and keep


playing well. It is extraordinary, your preparation was far from ideal,


you were the last player to register because your wife was just giving


birth to Zachariah. It was doubtful that he would play in it. It is the


year of the underdog. He was due on the Sunday. We always said that if


he had not come along, I would stay at home. He came early and let me


get out there. I registered last. Fate, you never know. I suppose you


pop the green jacket out of the wardrobe now and again? It is just


hanging up. I had a few quid on you, so thank you! Well played!


He never shares his tips! Huge congratulations. Look at the support


here on retaining your Olympic gold medal! We will discuss that first. A


lot of people want to hear about your brother. You said that the gold


medal was even sweeter than London. A key reasons. We all knew early on


that heat was going to be a big issue, it is always going to be


difficult for a pasty Yorkshire man. The second time around, a bit older,


having a younger brother getting a bit closer, and just getting older,


it is hard to retain. Crossing the finish line to feeling like I had


dealt with it over the last year, ankle reconstruction, everyday


getting up tired and feeling like I could not go training again, and


crossing the finish line, as a personal thing it felt most


litigant. You felt him snapping at your heels. You referred to the


pasty Yorkshire man, you might be referring to heat exhaustion. We saw


that in Mexico, the final race of the series, he is ahead of you,


Jonny, you are coming around the corner and you see him staggering


and stumbling. This is before the watershed but you


can probably lip-read! I will not repeat it right now. First thing is


a caring older brother along the lines of, you, profanity, idiots! At


which point, it's a split-second decision and there is no time and


I'd pick him up. Get him towards the finish line. As I go further down


the straight, I work out the points situation and to win, Jonny still


has to get a good amount of points to get first or second. I looked


behind to see the other guys to see if they will catch us up and


swearing more to get him at the finish line. We get to the finish


line and I pushed across the finish line so he is in front of me, not


just faced first! You never thought, I might sprint past? It was all


about incredible brotherly love, well done, Alistair and good luck


tonight. Good luck tonight - Danny Willett


and Alistair Brownlee. Across the line and the Gold medal


goes to Great Britain, Olympic champions again. Callum Skinner


brings it home for Britain. Is it Britain or Australia? It is


Britain in a world time! Towards the line! Silver, Rebecca


James. Gold for Great Britain. They've smashed the world record.


Spectacular silver from Callum Skinner. Mark Cavendish has a silver


medal and it's a richly deserved one. As she got the legs to hold her


up off? Can she get it on the line? She claims the Bronze medal in the


women's sprint. Has Becky James got the speed? So close! Becky James


wins her second silver medal in Rio. Team GB's Olympic track cycling


machine is an awesome sight. In Rio, they won 11 medals,


made up of six gold, four silver and two bronze and our next two


contenders are very much the king and queen of that


all-conquering team. Has this been the craziest year of


your life, Laura? Pretty crazy, yes, but good crazy. A bit of Olympics


and a bit of a wedding. Laura Trott! It must have been exhausting, Jason.


Oh, yes. Kenny! Laura, you are now the most


successful British female Olympian of all time, what an achievement!


Yes, that is more than I could ever have dreamt of.


Laura Trott, the first British woman ever to win three Olympic Gold


medals! The end of the women's omnium, and


less than half of the way to the Olympic Gold.


The most successful female Olympian of all time, Laura Trott!


I bet there were wild celebrations when you got back?


Yes, something like that. Jason Cummings you had a remarkable summer


in Rio, how'd you sum it up? It was not bad, I suppose. Jason


Kenny, Great Britain are in the lead and the Gold medal goes to Great


Britain! The sprint is on, Kenny at the front, Gold medal number five.


On assuming, yet unstoppable! That Kieran was dramatic.


Well, it was for me. Jason Kenny, can he claim a sixth Gold medal?


Here we go! Faces being disqualified. We have to hope that


was not Jason Kenny. The riders can stay in the race, it


is what they've announced. What a relief! Under way and Jason Kenny


has work to do. He has to go round the outside. Jason Kenny has got


its! It's a golden hat-trick in Rio! A British record equalling six Gold


medals! Shall we take the dogs for it work?


Yes, can do. I will get the code. Jason, six Olympic golds now and a


silver, that puts you on top of the pile British Olympians!


I think you will find that is joint top!


So this year, three World Championships Gold medals between


you, five Olympic golds. You are pretty extraordinary! Pretty


ordinary, actually! Please welcome cycling's supersonic


couple, Jason and Laura Kenny. That was a very funny film! And so


you! Jason, how much does it mean to you to equal the record of the man


who lives in your downstairs cupboard? Yes, I know, it is like


being haunted! Yes, it is amazing. I went basically 99% of what I know


about elite performance and what to do at the Olympic Games from the


gentleman over there! And he has moved into our closet recently! Yes,


it is nicer kind of be able to carry that on. I would like to think I'm


flying the flag for Chris as well. Yes, it is nice to be the next one


and I feel I'm passing that to the next guys, we have a good team


coming up and it is pretty special. I think you might have a greater


sense of drama than him. That Kirin, it had everybody biting our nails,


Chris included. Yes, it was a bit nervous. I mean, I didn't know what


was going on, like everything with the Olympics. You are in your little


world. You have no idea anybody is watching, let alone everyone! Yes,


that was quite strange to find out everyone was watching that and


everybody is now an expert in it which has never happened before!


Random people quote rules to me now and everybody has an opinion. So


that is really strange. It is good to see that people are interested.


They are fascinated and they love what you both have achieved. Laura,


four Olympic events entered and four Gold medals won and your mother


spoke to me about how particular as a baby, it is extraordinary you are


this good. Thanks! I just read around in circles! And I love what I


do. Becoming the most successful female Olympian was an achievement


in itself. But the biggest achievement for me was becoming one


of what now is such a huge group of incredible female role models. For


me, that is genuinely really important.


You are right, it is so important. And around you is an ever-growing


team of female cyclists getting better and stronger. Would the two


of you ever double up? In the tanned maybe, you might have the work on


your aerodynamics. That is just generally what happens at home. I


just relax. Jason does all the work! That would have been a very


different film! Congratulations on your wedding, by the way. And you


are the first ever married couple on the Sports Personality of the Year


short list, Jason and Laura Kenny! He is the World Number 1.


He is the Jester from Leicester. Mark Selby, for the second time, he


lives the world title and he becomes World Champion.


This is why this man is World Number 1.


Absolutely superb! Michael Sell be! -- Mark Selby!


A great year for Mark Selby - the Jester from Leicester - but


it's no joke when it comes to the serious business of


For years, it's been dominated by the big boys.


However, the 2015-16 season was different.


And so, thanks to a group of passionate players,


a coach with a point to prove and a phalanx of loyal fans


who dared to dream, a 5000-1 impossibility -


Sport's Unsung Hero the Premier league champions!


Leicester City the Premier league champions! Anything is possible!


I have lived here all my life and been a Leicester all my life, you


never thought it would happen. I would have been happy with top 15. I


reckon he will get us to the top ten.


Jamie Vardy celebrates the first goal at the KP Stadium this season!


The goal is to just stay in the Premier league, not the Champions


League or the Europa League! No one knew about him, he came from


the lower ranks. Nobody can stop Jamie Vardy right


now! He is just so fast. Jamie Vardy has scored for the eighth


consecutive Premier league game! What he has done and achieved, I it


should be a movie. The record! He has still scored.


Jamie Vardy! Jamie Vardy, away from his man, and he has scored, the


Premier league record equalling goal. Is that records, banking in


goals. He has done it! He has scored in 11 consecutive Games!


The man of the moment, the man of the season.


Christmas time, is started to believe a little.


The story goes on and on. And then we started to win matches and you


think... I don't think anybody thought it would last. Gary Lineker


included. You will be sitting in that chair in your pants doing much


of the Day next season. Thanks very much.


It clicks. What a screamer!


Nobody will ever forget that. What a goal that is! No one thought


we could do it and the bookies have learned a lesson!


They are closing in on the most unlikely Premier league title when


of all time. Chelsea and Tottenham. Everyone was


watching. Eden Hazzard! Leicester City are the champions of


England. Now everyone knows Leicester City, it is the David and


Goliath story. People will talk about it in years to come. Something


truly unbelievable. Anything is possible. So pleased tab in able to


see it. -- to have been able to see it. It


still gets me! Ladies and gentlemen -


please welcome the Leicester City squad, including their coach


Claudio Ranieri and striker What a great turnout, thank you for


coming! We've got 132 Leicester City bands representing 132 years


Leicester's history and the last one was the only time they've ever won


the league. Magnificent season, you were a non-league player a few years


ago, what a story! Yes, it has been remarkable. The main thing is I


would not have been able to do it without the boys behind me. So a


great season overall. It certainly was on that record along the way is


a little bonus. Yes, I keep getting Christians saying the 11th was his!


That is just him for you! -- Christian. And the Vardy party was


something special, it went viral. Every Leicester ban was doing the


same thing, it was magical. Yes, it was a bit emotional. Tottenham 2-0


up, it was quiet around the house and the first goal went in and


everybody got excited and the second, everybody has seen the


aftermath! Indeed! You have taken it easy in the league this season and


you are looking for a Christmas break yourself! Some Games off. It


is going on to win the Champions League now, isn't it? Who knows?


Stranger things have happened! Won the league last year so why not? You


never know. Claudio Ranieri, lovely to have you here this evening.


You have managed 15 teams in five different countries over a spell of


about 30 years, Claudia. It is your first major league title, it must


have been so special? Thank you to my labs, the stuff, all


of the fans, it was an amazing story. It was incredible, but it is


true. At what stage did you think it was possible? I and a pragmatic man,


I believed it when Eden Hazard scored a goal. Eight minutes to go!


When we won at Manchester City, and when we lost against Arsenal, and I


said, if Arsenal need 95 minutes to beat us, we can do something good


this year. It is a very special achievement. Quite possibly the most


unlikely success in the history of football. I am delighted to say the


sports personality of The Year judging panel has voted you as the


2016 Coach of the Year. To present the award are two


top footballing men. One is a former Leicester boss who's


now in charge of the Republic of Ireland - the


other is the current Northern Ireland manager and the


2015 Coach of the Year. Please welcome Martin O'Neill


and Michael O'Neill. Many congratulations, if you would


like to say a few words? I did not expect, I am honest. It is fantastic


to take this award here in England. I can say only thank you again to my


players, to the chairman, to all of my stuff, but of course, without our


fans it was impossible to win this title. Thank you to everybody.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Leicester City squad, Jamie Vardy, and the


Coach of the Year, cloudy RNA eyrie. Jessica Ennis-Hill has recently


retired, but since Rio de Janeiro, a 2011 world silver has turned into


gold following the disqualification of a Russian athlete. It is


fantastic to see you here. And Olympic and now three-time world


champion. From a true great of the sport, we turn to the greatest track


and field athlete Britain has ever produced, Mo Farah. He was the man


with the unbeatable plan. Here we go, can Mo Farah win his


third Olympic gold-medal? No British athlete has ever been able to do


that. Try and work my way through the field and get close to the


front. Somebody catches my leg, straight to ground. At that point


there is nothing you can do. I was panicking, in the back of my mind I


was like, it can't happen, you have worked too hard. You have to make


sacrifices. Who wants to be away from their friends and family? I


have to get up. He is quickly up, just got a little


clip. I promised my daughter I would get a


gold medal, I can't let her down. Here comes Mo Farah! They come to


the inevitable, they bow to his superiority! Mo Farah wins the gold


medal! I work hard and I spent a lot of


time away from my family. I just had to believe, get through it, I wanted


to do it for my kids. I was tired, my body was beaten up,


you have to get over it. They will attack again, but Mo Farah


has more to give. Mo Farah is going to get old for Great Britain again,


the double-double. I felt like I did my kids proud and


my nation proud. Mo sadly cant be with us


here tonight but I'm delighted to How do you do it?


a World and Olympic 5K/10k double - I am sorry I can't be there tonight.


We do take it for granted. I dream of being Olympic champion once, then


you do it twice in your hometown, and you think, how will it get


better? You do it for years later and do what I have done, it has been


incredible. I don't know how I do it sometimes. To stay fit is the number


one aim, and to peak and perform as you do consistently on the biggest


stage comes with sacrifices, and we know how much you adore your family


and children, you spend so much time away, how do you cope? I love what I


do. I do enjoy it. It is hard work, it is not easy being away from my


family and my kids asking where I am, when they are ill you are not


there, but it is worth it, it is worth everything. Making my nation


proud, my country proud, being on the podium, hearing the national


anthem, you cannot get any better than that. You have to make the most


of it. I am repeating myself, but work hard for what you do. I try to


do my best and work hard. Sometimes it comes with results. Every child


now has an Olympic gold-medal! You said you will retire after the World


Championships in London next year, so what will it be then, an assault


on the marathon? My kids are happy, my oldest daughter was asking


questions, and kept asking, and they got something. If I retire, they


will have something forever, and that is the proudest thing, I could


do something for my kids. In terms of going back to your question, it


is hard to say. I would like to be able to do a better job than I did


at the London Marathon. I did not get the best out of myself. It is


about learning about the event, and hopefully getting the 2017 World


Championships out of the way, and then I would like to be able to go


to the marathon and learn about it and see what I can do. You are


amazing. All of your kids have got a gold medal, and we have got magical


memories from your incredible antics.


Good luck tonight - Britain's most successful track and field athlete


A decent start. Shoulder to shoulder at this point. But Jonnie Peacock


pulls away. Jonnie Peacock's gold-medal again.


A gold medal, unbelievable. A gold again for ParalympicsGB. Robinson


wins gold! Hannah Cockroft takes the gold! She is the Paralympic champion


again! Action there from athletics,


cycling and swimming, where at the Rio Paralympics Britain won 147


medals, including 64 golds, to finish


second in the table. 16 of those golds came


in the pool, with Bethany Firth here leading the way with three


golds and a silver, and also Ellie Robinson - who,


aged just 15, won Paralympic gold in a Games record time


in the 50m Butterfly. And because of that, Ellie -


as you may have seen on The One Show this week -


was named as the Young Sports A huge response from everybody, what


would you like to say? It is surprising to win this award,


thank you to everybody that has played a part and helped me to win.


It is great that you are here tonight as well, thank you.


Continuing our tradition of gold-medal winning ten three macro.


-- Eliies. Away from the pool, 15 golds


were won in athletics and 12 came in cycling,


two sports which our next two Kadeena Cox triumphed in


the velodrome and on the athletics track while former champion swimmer


Dame Sarah Storey won another three big Gs


on her bike, a Rio Grande achievement indeed by


two remarkable women. The journey has been challenging but


rewarding. I love doing stalked -- sport, working hard is what I love


doing. What it takes to be a champion has changed. Now that I am


a mum, it is a different way of life. In 2014I got a diagnosis of


multiple sclerosis. It was soul destroying. My sport saved me, it is


what I needed to pick me up from the bottom of a pit, it gave me a goal,


to go to the Paralympics. Discipline gets you there, it is not really the


athlete that is the fastest, it is the one that slows down the least.


When I found out I was pregnant after London, I was delighted. There


was no Peugeot to come back. When Louisa arrived, I was at home, I


gained four stone, and I wondered if I would ever be back to my athletics


off, but the body is incredible, and when I got to Brazil, I was in


better shape than in London. Sarah Storey are about to make


history! She has won the gold-medal again. It is gold-medal number 14 in


the career of Sarah Storey. It is great, having Sarah on the


team, she has been doing it since the year after I was born, so she


knows how to deal with it. It is good to have that around you, it


gives you a boost, follow her and you will be fine.


An incredible ride from Kadeena Cox, a huge gold-medal, with a brand-new


world record! A gold-medal for Kadeena Cox, a new world record!


She is a phenomenal athlete, I was watching with my mouth open, I could


not believe it. I did not realise how quick she was going to go, it


was immense. Anybody that watched me on the podium saw me smiling and


dancing and crying. It was emotional. But it is a feeling you


can't describe. The gold-medal not just on the bike


but on the track as well. The most successful British female


Paralympian of all time. The title was previously held by Tanni


Grey-Thompson, who is a huge hero of mine. You are trying to make sure


you inspire others to participate. Cycling is fantastic, so many women


will be delighted to hear you just get better with age. You dream about


doing it, but actually achieving something is different. I have


managed to empower so many people. It makes me super emotional, but I


love I have done something special. Have members of ParalympicsGB on the


stage. Please welcome Paralympic stars


Kadeena Cox and Dame Sarah Storey. Incredible work. Huge


congratulations. Let's go back to a promising athlete who loved her


sport and then the strokes and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, how


important was sport to you? I say it all the time, it saved my life. I


would never have got to where I am mentally had I not got back into


sport. It took me a couple of days, I was trying to get back. It kept me


driven, you set a goal and you want to achieve it. Every athlete will


know that when you have a goal, you will do anything to achieve what you


want to which Eve. I just worked really hard and it helped me forget


about the horrible situation, the nights when I was up all night


because I was spasming. It made me realise there was something bigger I


could do. The challenges physically, they are


enormous, you tackle one sport and you decide to get on a bike to see


if you are good at that, why? I feel like Laura stole my line, because I


like running and cycling in circles! It was just something that came up


and I was good and it helped. I was all right! And you are this


important and powerful role model. Many reasons, have you realised that


since you have returned from Rio? Yes, it is really weird, but I enjoy


it, I wanted to do something different and push the boundaries


and show with setbacks and even as a female athlete, you can achieve what


you want to achieve. I wanted to do that so people could think, maybe I


could do that as well. And you do it with a glorious smile on your face,


with such joy. Good luck tonight, Kadeena. And of course, Kadeena is


the new kid on the Paralympic block. She would look to somebody like Dame


Sarah Storey for inspiration and in terms of longevity, your career is


epic! Yes, as MS reminded me, she was born the year before I started!


Did she say that to you? That is Kadeena reminded me. I started as a


14-year-old and I came home to do my GCSE courses and I went on Blue


Peter and I got my A-level results all sides in Atlanta in April box


because mobile phones were not invented! They might have been, but


only for businessmen. I came home and I went on no's house party back


in the day! I did not get in the gunge tank. The swimming pool in the


cycling through ear infections. But it is the lessons in swimming and


that dedication you need to get up early that has allowed me to be good


on the bike and cycling is my first love and I love being out in the


countryside and training my heart out. Mainly on the road. And I do


the whizzing round bet on the track and back out on the road, so


incredible it has been so long. Seven Paralympic Games and 14 Gold


medals, Rio the most challenging as you had a fairly big change in life


between London and Rio. It was at this .4 years ago I announced I was


pregnant. Don't worry, I am not doing that tonight! Louise arrived


in the summer of 2013 and I decided it was time to get back on the bike.


Nine months later, I40 macro two world titles and realised Rio was


definitely on and to have her in Rio was the icing on the cake. You'd


think it is amazing to win your home Games and it is and to have your


little girl in the crowd and jumping over the fence, it is just amazing


to have her out there with the family, amazing support. Another


wonderful performance from both of you. Many thanks and good luck, Dame


Sarah Storey and Kadeena Cox. The world to 20 final. England, West


Indies, breathtaking Brathwaite. Four balls, four sixes,


Unforgettable, another big hitter, Anthony Joshua, blasted his way to a


world title. Across London, a trip, but still a triumph. Personal


victories on the streets behind and the skies above. From out of this


world to ruling the world in the Grand National. The champion jump


jockey was Richard Johnson. In Wembley, the Wembley sway, but


Manchester United had the FA Cup's killer move. A familiar winning


routine for Arsenal's ladies are the Champions League, who else? Ronaldo.


Gareth Bale and Real Madrid. Liverpool in the rugby league. Title


number 47 for Celtic, Hibernian had, that for a while.


114 years of pain! One team in club rugby union, a season of Saracens


Silver. The Pro12 went to convert. A world title to the toughest of


toffees. Trueblue Tony Bellew. Glorious birds like Ricky in


Glasgow. Alistair Cook's 10,000th run helped England Sea of Sri Lanka.


A landmark Brown also in the Derby. A modern milestone for a British UFC


champion. In Paris, a glimpse of the future. But Andy Murray was still


waiting to get past Novak. And he did not have to wait long!


More of that later. And you are keen to vote, but do not do so yet


because you cannot vote until you see the 16 contenders.


some of the British team from the Invictus Games


Now in its second year, the event for wounded,


injured and sick servicemen and women is a global event


It truly demonstrates the healing power of sport.


And so from the wonderful Invictus athletes,


it's time now to give out the Get Inspired Unsung Hero -


which recognises those wonderful people from our communities


who do so much work at grass roots level.


To present it, please welcome a Sport Relief fundraising


marathon man and a lady whose dignified and courageous


campaigning for 27 years helped the 96 Hillsborough victims and


their families finally get the truth and justice


It's a pleasure to welcome Eddie Izzard and Margaret Aspinall.


Margaret, it's wonderful you are here to represent all the


families following the verdict in April, you are an inspiration


Thank you. Absolutely.


And, Eddie, as our Get Inspired Ambassador it's lovely


to have you back with us and it would be fitting if you


Tonight is our opportunity to celebrate


volunteers all over the UK who give up their precious time


Without you, we simply wouldn't have nights like this and we


wouldn't have the amazing sportsmen and women we do.


So, please, let's all come together and by using the


#BigThankYou, let's tell the volunteers everywhere what they


So the details for all of you at home are on the screen.


You know a volunteer or if it is all volunteers working for free.


Tonight, here at this magnificent event, we are lucky


to be joined by 15 Unsung Heroes from all the


I would love a big round of applause for them.


You are all incredible but, tonight, only one of you can be


I was brought up in an area of deprivation. I got myself into gangs


and I got a criminal record and I was going down the wrong pathway. I


in a dark place and I was suicidal and boxing was something that helped


me. So I thought, set up a boxing club. And through the boxing club, I


was getting people like myself who I could relate to because I had been


there and done it myself. Marcellus Baz is an icon, you does not just


provide the gym but a refuge. He is very dedicated. He does not give up


on you. He is like the older brother I have not got. He is a special man.


He makes me feel happy, like where I need to be.


It means the world to me to give people focus and direction and


support and that gives me so much satisfaction and it gives me so much


drive to continue doing what I am doing.


Please welcome the Get Inspired Unsung Hero for 2016.


Congratulations, Marcellus, would you like to


Congratulations, Marcellus, would honoured to be here today.


Speechless, Marcellus Baz!


my family who has had to support Huge noise was the comments! It is


number four, Mark Cavendish! Another Tour de Force


by Chris Froome. And so is our next


contender Andy Murray, who sizzled in the summer and starred


throughout the whole of the tennis year to end up


as the Christmas number one. A young boy from Dunblane who dared


to dream. Hopefully I will play at Wimbledon in about four years.


First, Wimbledon, then the world. Lofty ambitions for a kid from


Scotland. In 2016, his dreams came true.


The year started with his old nemesis on top. Time to put the


tennis on hold. I will be on the next flight home. The boy was now a


father, added responsibility, a different outlook on life, would he


take his eye off the ball? Not a chance. A first final in Paris.


Reunited with his old coach. A record fifth title at Queen's and


then, Wimbledon. He is there! It is Murray's time in


the sunshine of Centre Court once again. It was turning into the


perfect summer. Andy Murray has won a Gold medal


again! For all the success, there was still


one thing missing. He is the World Number 1!


The 2016. The boy from Dunblane dreamt big. In 2016, Andy Murray's


dreams came true. Yes, he is something else! And they


can join us live from his training base in Miami. You look pretty


comfortable, not a bad spot. Your second Wimbledon title and second


Olympic title, number one in the world, that must be a pretty good


year? Yes, it has been the best year in my


career. Winning Wimbledon the second time after losing a lot of big


finals the last couple of years was really important for my confidence.


The Olympics again was amazing and the finish the year number one was


something I had never done before and I never expected to do. The last


six months were the best of my career on the court. It has been a


great year for tennis in the UK. We had Johanna Konta in the top ten in


the singles for the women and my brother got to number one in


doubles. Gordon Reid in the Wheelchair Singles and in the quad


singles finishing number one, so a great year for tennis and proud to


be a part of that. It is also the year that you became


a father. Now, most fathers find it quite difficult to adapt to work


after that, but it seems to have been an inspiration for you.


I have loved it. It was a challenge, obviously, at the start there are a


lot of things to learn, it is a big adjustment in your life, but it made


me realise that tennis is not the most important thing any more, there


is more to life than my sport. Away from the court I am a lot happier, I


am not thinking about tennis all of the time. It has helped my


performances on the court. You are now number one in the world, going


into next year, is it your time to dominate tennis? Is that the


ambition? I don't know. I will try my best. That is why I am here,


training in Miami. Away from my family. Trying to keep getting


better. Now that I have got to normal one, it has taken a lot of


hard work to get there, I want to try my best to stay there. It will


be tough, I am getting older, and a lot of the new guys are really big


talents. I will give it my best shot, but it will be hard. We wish


you well, thank you for joining us again. One of our Chief contenders,


Andy Murray, the world number one. David Florence, Richard Hounslow,


silver medal. Liam Heath, the most successful British Olympic paddle of


all time. It is sharper than sharp. Joe Clarke is the Olympic champion.


Giles Scott, the gold-medal winner in the men's heavyweight. Hannah


Mills and Saskia Clark take the gold medal in the women's to Person


dinghy. Nick Dempsey, another silver. Forgive orderly and


Katherine Grainger, the most decorated female Olympian of all


time. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning. Five in a row, they have


done it in style again. The first time Great Britain have won an


Olympic medal in the women's's eight. Great Britain in the men's


eight of the Olympic champions. One of the most successful


partnerships has come to an end, but we are delighted to see Heather


Stanning and Helen Glover here tonight. Thank you for coming.


Talking of partnerships ending, Charlotte Dujardin and her wonder


horse bowed out after defending their individual title in the


summer. But putting his feet up is not an option for our next


contender. At 58, he became an Olympic individual show-jumping


champion. It is Nick Skelton. The best sports people in the world


are gifted. This is a natural talent. He just gets on, he rides.


You are lucky that you have a long career. This one has been very long.


A star is born. Nick Skelton. At the time he seemed indestructible, to me


anyway. I broke my neck in 2000, they said I should not ride again,


that was a bad time. I landed vertically, on the top of my head.


The vast majority of people who have that guy. If you want it, you have


to work hard. I did not think for a minute he would not ride again. We


are all horsemen, it is all we do. If ever a horse was going to do it,


he was, brave, intelligent. When Big Star came along, we knew the dream


was on. This is the one he wants more than


any. It was his last chance.


What a composition. This is it, do or die. Nick Skelton


and extort take the gold medal for Great Britain.


After trying, crashing out. To finally achieve the dream, that is


special. The most emotional moment of the


Olympic Games for me and many people. We will talk to him in a


moment. One of the star Paralympians


on horseback in Rio was, once again, Sophie Christiansen,


who plays the most impressive numbers game


in all walks of life. Two months premature, one heart


attack, one collapsed lung, as well as Syria ball pulls the. -- three


ball pulls the. Sophie Christiansen has spent her life ignoring this


chaos theory. It is not this order, but the purest form of order, that


can make half a tonne of horse moved to such a precise rhythm that it


brings gold medal at the gold-medal after gold-medal. A first Masters in


mathematics, two days a week working in the Square mile. Giving the mind


a different focus. Lessening the intensity of competing at the


highest level. Other numbers are earned in an equation that takes


four long years to solve. Training hours times dedication times sweat


times pain times effort times she unbeatable will. It equals


incredulous, incredible results, four Paralympic appearances, ten


medals, eight of them gold, three gold medals in Rio de Janeiro, a


proven equation cannot rely. Sophie's formula is the winning


formula. But there is one last number. One beaming, life affirming,


determined, successful against all the odds, bright and enormous smile.


Please welcome Sophie Christiansen and Nick Skelton.


Sophie, I know how busy you are, how hard you work in the city. What does


Riding bring to your life, why is it so important for you to be


competing? I started riding at six. To help my disability.


I have been really competitive all my life. When I found a sport I


could excel at, I just wanted to be the best I could be. You most


certainly are. Usually, in any equestrian sport,


you build up a partnership with your horse, but you did not have that


luxury in herself. When you have is -- been in the sport for so long,


you need to keep it fresh, and I do that by using different horses. In


all of the four Paralympic Games I have competed on different horses,


to make sure I peek at the right time. Just to give yourself an extra


challenge! Eight Paralympic gold medal so far. And counting, you can


be sure of that. Nick proving that the best things to those who wait.


Yes, I waited a long time. I was getting near the end, I was running


out of time. Luckily it all went right. It sure did. You were first


to go in the jump off, you are half show-jumper, half jockey, you have a


racing brain, you went for it. When you have a horse like that, it makes


the job easier. All over my career I feel very honoured to have served my


country for 40 years at what I do, and to win the gold medal on the


last chance, I had a team in London which was great, but I think Rio was


more special. It is great. I feel very privileged to be standing here


tonight with all of these great sportsmen and sportswomen. To stand


here is terrific. It is probably going to be the last time I am


standing here. I am running out of time. I would like to thank


everybody that has helped me along the way stop a lot of people,


especially those who have bought lottery tickets, to help Team GB


with the UK lottery. Without them, our medal tally not have been as


good, so I want to thank those people. You paid -- played your


part. Good luck tonight, Nick Skelton


and Sophie Christiansen. Wimbledon, Britain in Bloom. Week


one belonged to a late flower, Marcus Willis. This is unbelievable.


Centre of attention again, Serena Williams, grand Slam 22. The


wheelchair singles to Gordon Reid, and the doubles. At the open, golf


from another dimensional. What a round of golf. A first victory for


Henrik Stenson. The women's open went to this player. The British


Grand Prix was the home leg of a Hamilton rally, and another title at


another wait for that man Carl Frampton. Energetic Pakistan gave


England a most thorough work-out. Joe Root to tip, series drawn.


Northants sees the #BigThankYou crown. British history in MotoGP,


two race victories for Cal Crutchlow. The Great North Run, a


day of reddish icons. All dog spirit for Kell Brook, even in defeat. No


disgrace either in the Davis Cup. But Great Britain made way for


Argentina. It went downhill gloriously for Great Britain in


mountain biking. The county summer came down to a session, Middlesex's


moment. Warwickshire's day in the cup. Manchester City's Super League


season, unbeaten. Well done, Birmingham,


for that Viking Thunderclap. But there's no need to give


yourself a round of That famous chant will


live long in the memory following this summer's


European Championships, where headlining for the home


nations were Wales. Led by our next contender,


the brilliant Gareth Bale. The Dragons had the time


of their lives, so let's relive those five weeks


of fantasy football en France, in the company of


The Voice, Sir Tom Jones. We are a small nation, a small,


proud nation. We thought we knew who we were, but this summer changed


things. We thought our sporting passion lay mostly with the oval


ball. We were wrong. We wanted to enjoy the Euros, but did not expect


to be in France for long. Wrong again. We really believed we were


together, stronger, but we had no idea how strong. Euro 2016 saw


strength in many different guises. Like strength in rising to the


expectation of being home favourites. A strength also in


overcoming the odds, stubbornly ignoring predictions of failure.


Gareth McAuley for Northern Ireland! The grandiose reputations of


opponents matching them blow for blow. And in these moments of


strength, we also see weaknesses. When the pressure becomes too much.


The bravado will and the soul is stripped bare.


Iceland has turned it around! England's embarrassment is Iceland's


ecstasy. And all that is left is a broken


dream. For Wales, the dream was very much alive. Of course, it helps to


have one of the best players in the world. Off the pitch, Gareth was


like one of the boys. But on it, he was every inch the superstar we know


he is. He got us to France and he was going to do everything he could


to keep as there! It is that manner, Gareth Bale, what


a ball, what a goal! Even in the quarterfinals, we were


living the dream. I was small, proud nation.


Wales are heading into the semifinals!


Wake your kids up, something special is happening here tonight!


In the semifinals, we faced Portugal. A team with a similar


mindset and make-up. They also had one of the greatest players in the


world. Across, Ronaldo! Against Wales,


Cristiano Ronaldo made the difference.


It will be Portugal in Paris on Sunday.


In Paris, Portugal's collective strength was more evident his


absence. And a shot!


A super strike! Football is a sport with incredible individuals. But


Euro 2016 reminded us we had nothing without the team. Portugal, France


and Wales, we were all together. Stronger.


Sadly, Gareth's unable to join us - he's


But his gaffer's here, Wales boss Chris Coleman.


Thank you for the pleasure you gave us during the summer, the nominal


performance from the Welsh team and your management was obviously a


vital part of that. How important to you was Gareth Bale, the contender


tonight? Yes, I think when you have a player with that talent, it is one


thing having him, you need him to perform. And thankfully, he did that


99% of the time. And when you have got that someone to follow, you have


got a standard set and we try to follow that standard. He has been


absolutely magnificent. And also, a Champions League winner for Real


Madrid this year. How good is he? How does he compare with the great


players we have on the planet at the moment? I think you have to say he


is up there. The wind two Champions League tournaments in three years --


to win. For a player from our country, Wales, England, Scotland,


Ireland, Republic of Ireland, to go abroad and the plague, he is one of


the more successful players to win two Champions League is in three


years. He will get better, he has a fantastic mentality and he has a


natural talent so for me, you have to put him up there with some of the


best players in the world. As for Wales and yourself coming you have


set yourself high standards, semifinal of the Euros, Russia 2018


final? That is the only way forward! We are in good company at the


minute. We have got Martin O'Neill and Michael O'Neill who have done


fantastic jobs with their respective countries. Gareth Southgate is here


and I want to wish him the best with England. I think the home-grown


countries looking quite good at the moment.


They certainly are, lovely to see you here, thank you much.


And, Gareth, if you are watching at home,


Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Coleman and


Olympic Games Rod Lawler -- Bronze Medallist.


This one is really hotting up. One second away. And that is the head


shot in the last second, what a turnaround, Mohamed could not hang


on. I was so close to being Olympic


champion! Jade Jones, the fighter from Flint.


This promises to be an absolute classic! Olympic Taekwondo at its


very best. The Welsh wonder strikes Gold again! Double Olympic champion.


The complete gold, silver and bronze Taekwondo set -


and it's lovely to see Wales' double Olympic champion Jade Jones here.


And so from a wonder woman, we move on now to a group of wonder women


captained by our final contender, Kate Richardson-Walsh.


The British hockey team made a massive impact in Rio, as millions


followed their progress to the final, which was to have the most


There was an unbelievable sense of belief that the team could do


something really special in Rio. An absolute beauty! We had worked


hard as a squad to create our identity.


Create history and inspire the future. Kate is a captain and a


player is so inspirational to all of us!


There is no other word for that girl, absolute legend, we all just


want to be her! That is basically it's! We had our


backs against the world at times in that tournament. But never brought


any sense of fear or doubt. She has got it! Britain in the Olympic


final! After about 30 seconds, every player


looked at each other and it was one more game, we have got one more game


to play! Here we go, Gold medal on the line.


The Dutch were out to win their third consecutive Olympic Gold


medal. Skilful, fast and is determined. A


Gold for the Netherlands, 2-1 in front.


The game kept swinging. Krista Curran brings Great Britain


level! 3-2. Yes, they are there, embrace them.


It is gold. I remember watching the clock and I


looked at them and they did not want to be in a penalty shoot out.


Hannah Richardson-Walsh scores! You think are pressured moments and Kate


has that leadership ability to calm a situation down. We have done this


before. She has hit the post! She has missed!


This is the golden opportunity. It was just, believe it. Holly Webb on


her way. We were clinging on to each other. You could feel people going


like this! She turns and she scores! That is


the golden goal! It was almost like there was nobody else there! It was


just us! It happens, it can happen and it was just amazing.


I still get goose bumps just thinking back to that moment, it was


so incredible. Kate can hang up a hockey stick and


be superb proud of her career, we all going miss her.


What a moment, when women's team sport became the ten o'clock News.


golden girls and Kate Richardson-Walsh.


You have to take centre stage, I know it is all about the team, huge


congratulations. You are the first-ever hockey player to make it


onto the short list. It is just a tremendous honour. We


are so blessed in this country with so many fantastic athletes and we


are so good at so many sports. But to be here with these amazing women


and from such a big squad of 31 to represent a hockey family and the


beyond this stage is a very proud moment. 30 years as captain, 375


caps, what will it be like leaving them behind? Easy! No, joking! This


squad mean everything to me. I told you not to make me cry! They are


just... They are everything, they are my inspiration, my rock. They


see me at my best and my worst and they have got me through both. It


really is all about the squad for that reason.


And of course, at the end of what was an incredible Olympic Games for


Team GB, those golden performances, your team-mates from Team GB chose


you above everyone else to carry the flag at the closing ceremony. What


an accolade! Where does that ranking your achievements?


As I said, to see the athletes appear and to be in the building in


Team GB and to see the athletes returning with their medals and to


watch the Paralympics and to be part of that Olympic movement is very


special. To contribute to that with a medal is extra special and to walk


out with the flag at the closing ceremony really was the icing on the


cake. You are incredible. You are all amazing. Our hockey


champions and our 16th and final contender, Kate Richardson-Walsh!


What a noise in this arena and what a view from up here. You want to be


You've seen and heard from all 16 contenders bidding


to become the 2016 BBC Sports Personality of


the Year and I can now tell you that voting is open!


Calls cost 50p plus any network charge, please ask for the bill


payer's permission. Online, you can find terms and conditions, do not


vote if you are watching On Demand. You have about 30 minutes to vote so


do not delay, voting details are online and available also on the red


button where they will be signed for signing with users.


Here come the Brits! Jack Laugher and Chris Mears.


Tremendous! Yes, so good! Yes!, and! It is gold, Jack Laugher


and Chris Mears have done it! What a moment, a first


British Olympic diving gold, with And now it gives me great


pleasure to introduce a young man who's inspired so many of


us to jump into the pool. And a super-woman who's


encouraged us to put our Three times winner of the Young


Sports Personality of the Year... Please welcome Tom


Daley and the 2002 Sports Personality of


the Year, Paula Radcliffe. Tom and Paula are here


to present our next award, which is named in honour


of Helen Rollason, our much-loved BBC colleague


who died of cancer in 1999. Helen's name lives on in her


charity, with the award reflecting the virtues she showed


throughout her life Courage, achievement and the ability


to inspire in adversity. This year's recipient


personifies all those qualities and is a shining example to us all,


with his marathon challenge I had such fun as a child, I was


really happy, really confident. That changed when I went away to school.


The fact that I did not have the same clothes or the right haircut, I


would be called names. That mental side of bullying turned into


something physical and I was beaten up sometimes on a daily basis. I did


not really start figuring out my sexuality until I was probably about


13. I knew I was gay but I was not ready to accept it. After five more


years of the bullying, more directed towards the sexuality side of


things, that is when it took its toll on me and I tried to take my


own life. I had slipped into depression, I did


not even know who I was, and that is what made me sit up and think, I


can't do this any more, my life needs to change. It was a friend of


mine at work who said, come down to my local running club. I run two or


three miles. In a way it was like I had won the Olympics. I did not wake


up one morning thinking I would run all of those marathons. We wanted to


raise a quarter of ?1 million for Anti-Bullying Week show it is. We


needed to do something big. We cover 10,506.2 miles. We are on the beach!


Amazing! Revisited 101 different schools. Say hello, everyone! We


have had 250,000 miles! Bullying is incredibly destructive M people's


lives. The e-mail that we get from parents and kids, it seems to be


heading home that there is an issue. So many people have been touched by


this. That makes us incredibly proud.


This year's Helen Rollason Award goes to...


A man who responded to bullying by taking on a staggering challenge, he


ran more than 10,500 miles in 401 days. Show your appreciation for Ben


Smith. What an incredible achievement,


thank you to the kings he follows of Birmingham, some of the many people


who have been with you along the way, I am sure you would like to say


a few words. First of all, thank you... Sorry. I want to say thank


you to the tens of thousands of people that came out and supported


this. My life was very different four years ago, as you have seen


from the tape. But I found running as my sanctuary. I found it is my


way of being able to express myself and to be who I was and not have to


lie anymore. I did not have any confidence or self-esteem and I was


scared about who I was. I got to meet some amazing people, some of


which you see here. Some members of my running club are also in the


audience as well. Sorry, I lied! Running gave me back my confidence


and self-esteem. But most importantly, I am not afraid


anymore. Thank you. What an incredible role model and an


incredible recipient of the Helen Rollason Award for 2016, Ben Smith.


The Ryder Cup, golf is a team sport. Webb puts provoke passion. And the


rule escapes from Rory. This is the greatest match I have ever seen. It


is surrounded by noise, but comes down to nerve. This time, the cup


would not leave American soil. On the tarmac, Jonathan Rea was


victorious again. From superbikes to Super League, a warrior prize of


four Wigan, Salford saved by a a million. Priceless for Bangladesh, a


first Test match victory over England. The Cubs came out of


hibernation, it had been 108 years. The Chicago party was crushed by the


Irish, the jury at last over the all Blacks. Across the pond, across the


codes, Australia the best of four nations. , McGregor powered to a


second UFC title of the year. In Abu Dhabi, Hamilton won the battle but


Nico Rosberg won the war. We did it! The Formula 1 title and a final


spin, he then retired. So much still fed of Charley Hull, when of the


tour title aged just 20. Celtic's Trophy century came with the League


Cup. In the Shanghai Winter, Elise Christie became ice queen again. In


the Indian summer, England's cricketers were made to sweat and


squirm. Super flight hijacked by a Brummie world champion, and Anthony


Joshua ended the year of surprises with a thump.


What an annus mirabilis 2016 has been!


And before we reveal our final four award winners tonight,


it's time to celebrate the success of our Olympians and Paralympians.


Over the summer, our athletes went faster and further than ever before,


with records tumbling and medals amassing.


Between them, Team GB and Paralympics GB swept up a total


And so to mark this magnificent achievement, where both teams


finished second in the medals table, it's time for a special performance


from a British icon who's also won a few golds and platinums


# I might not be there for all your battles


# I pray that I'm giving you all that matters


# I cannot promise there won't be sadness


# But you'll find the courage to face the madness


# Find the others with hearts like yours


# And finally, I'm where I want to be #.


The voting details are on the red button, save for -- signed for sign


language users. You've got less than 15 minutes left


to vote, so don't delay. The new Strictly Come Dancing


champion is in the house! And so we move on now to rugby


union - and this year, one country has dominated


in the Northern Hemisphere. They had a new coach and found


a new way of winning. It's been one Grand Slam of a year


for unbeaten England. Frost had nipped the red rose,


wanted, a new head gardener. He came from afar, the Rose. Once a thorn in


England's side, known to be prickly. Sharp as punk, Sharp of mind. Now


tending the garden of England. Five tangles with the near neighbours,


five signs of rapid growth. What flowers there would be. England have


won the grand slam! But the man said... It feels great, but if we do


it great next year, it really would be an achievement. Summer, the


growing season, exposure to the hostile climate of a dry far from


home. Seven years ago, English rugby hit rock bottom, but they have


whitewashed the Wallabies. The first buds of a smile. A pretty fair


performance. I have been getting stick, so that makes it better.


Mellow fruitfulness, and awesome splendour. England Sea of South


Africa. 13 prize-winning blooms, red roses by the Baker's dozen. What a


year it has been. Rich pickings from fertile soil, all is well in the


Rose Garden. It is great to see Dylan Hartley is


with us tonight. Congratulations, England,


on a wonderful year. And if coach Eddie did


a good job this year, Ben Ryan here was the Englishman


who masterminded Fiji's rugby sevens success, the country's first ever


Olympic gold. And that was one of many


highlights from and moments He is going to smash the world


record. She is the double gold medallist! The gold medal goes to


Brazil! That is extraordinary. Simone Biles gets her fourth gold


medal. Katie Ledecky is streets ahead. Justin Gatlin gets away well.


Justin Gatlin 's lead. But here comes Usain Bolt. He will take it.


He gets said. 200 million Brazilians scream with delight. It is such a


moment in the history of e.g. . -- Fiji. The first time in history. He


has done it. The fastest 400 metres of all time.


History, history, history, history. Those performances, from some


of the world's best, brings us on to the Overseas Sports


Personality Award, which has been chosen by an industry panel -


full details of which are on the BBC Such a tough decision this year,


but the award, I can A 19-year-old who won four gold


medals in Rio de Janeiro, Simone Biles.


Her presence, performance skills and pizzazz set her apart. She bellows


in the footsteps of other gymnasts who won this award in the 1970s.


And Simone Biles send this message. Hello, it is such an amazing honour


to be the BBC's overseas personality of the year, I am sorry I could not


make it tonight but I hope you guys have a wonderful evening and I want


to say congratulations to all the others honoured.


The incredible Simone Biles. And just a reminder you have less than


ten minutes left to vote. Don't delay. Details on the red button and


the BBC sport website. Born in Baltimore USA, he is the


greatest Olympian to live winning an incredible 23 Gold medals, more than


most countries have one in their history.


He has broken all the records. In Beijing, he won eight Gold medals.


In London, he set a new mark for total Olympic medals and he retired


and he came back to win another five Games in Rio after his first in


Athens. This, formidable, phenomenal, Michael Phelps.


A gift, a natural talent, within a body made for this. The dream of


mine was to be an Olympic Gold medal list. I will not see another swimmer


like Michael, he is once in ten generations. Michael Phelps, six


Gold medals. A body honed to go even faster, further, into the record


books. He has got it! He has got it! Half the world was cheering for him


as he got closer to those eight medals. Eight Gold medals, Michael


Phelps is the greatest. A story of enduring brilliance. But there is


brilliance which came at a price. Every time Michael would compete,


everyone expected him to go faster. The water began to define him and


confine him. All he talked about was not swimming


any more. He hated swimming. He swam until he


was so weighed down with gold that at last he could stop. I just wanted


to be done and get out, and was ready to be finished. He decided he


retired but what was next was the most difficult thing. He did not


know who he was without swimming. One night, he drank and he drove


into a tunnel. Michael Phelps has been arrested for


driving under the influence. That put me in the darkest place of


my life. I decided to get help. When he came out of rehab, it was like


having the old Michael back at practice. It was really awesome to


watch him transform and become here he is today. And at the age of 31,


there was time for one more Olympics. I felt like a kid again. I


wanted to jump back in and be the best.


Gold, gold, gold! The first person to win one event in four consecutive


Olympics, incredible. 23 Gold medals! It puts him on a


level above anybody, in any sport. Because of everything I went


through, to win five more Gold medals, for me, there is no better


way to go out. And when he was done, he sheds


tears. For a gift retrieved. A love rekindled. A life reborn.


I think this entire experience has allowed him to become an absolutely


amazing father. When he grows up, I will show him the medals and show


him the videos. And that is so much better than winning the races.


The 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award winner is the legend...


A standing ovation from an arena bowl of sports fans and sporting


greats and you deserve it. We are honoured to welcome


five-time Olympic and 13-time World Championship gold medallist


Ian Thorpe. His Royal Highness,


the Duke of Cambridge. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


Personally, your Highness, I am sure you would like to say if few words


on behalf of everyone here and everyone in the country.


Thank you, Gary. It is a huge honour for me to be here this evening. In


what has been an incredible, memorable year for sports. It is


also a particular privilege to be here tonight, Michael, to give you a


Lifetime Achievement Award. You are one of the greatest sporting icons


this world has ever had. And you're 23 Gold medals, never mind the


others, pales into insignificance and -- pales into sheer Hubert --


super human history and you should be so proud and it will be many more


years before anybody stands here again and cause you the greatest


athlete in history. So many congratulations and hopefully your


retirement give somebody else a chance now!


And we had better hear from the man himself, Michael


Phelps. First, I would like to say thank you


to everybody in here, to the BBC, for giving me this award. My career


started with a dream of winning an Olympic medal. When I was 11 years


old, I got with my coach, my mum put us in the water for safety and I


fell in love with the sport and I had the privilege to compete against


Ian. I will never forget that race in 2004, or some, memorable race, a


lot of awesome races to my career. For me to be able to retire exactly


how I wanted to, this year has been a true dream come true, being able


to welcome Bloom into this world. My wife and I got married. And I


retired with the greatest end of a career that I could possibly think


of. And for me, I want to say it is an honour to stand in front of these


athletes and to hear the stories from everybody and to watch what


they go through. And to hear the girls and dreams that they have and


not giving up. Hats of to each and everyone of you, I cannot say enough


what an honour it is to be standing here with you and watching the


highlights and the Olympics were you guys competed. I look forward to


watching many more. And again, thank you. This means absolutely the


world. Incredible achievement, such a


deserved or not. Many, many congratulations.


We're now though not that far off announcing who has become the 2016


Please do not call, or your vote will not count,


The website also won't allow any more votes to be registered.


And so now it's time to announce our penultimate award,


And here are some of the main contenders.


Manchester City! It is England's Grand slam!


Gold, for Great Britain! The hockey history makers! Glover and stunning


defends that Olympic title! Leicester City the champions.


Absolutes deny it -- absolute delight in the Mercedes garage.


It is one of the great days in Saracens history, if not the


greatest. Gold again for Para GB.


And to present it, please welcome England Manager Gareth Southgate.


And former Olympic heptathlon champion Denise Lewis.


So, if you could do the honours, please.


Congratulations to Leicester. Do you want to say a few words?


Yes, thank you very much. It is a huge honour to receive this award.


What we achieved this season was absolutely incredible and no one


thought we could achieve it. Something people thought was


impossible and we proved it was possible. So I just want to say a


huge thank you to everyone behind the scenes who works at Leicester.


They contribute so much to what we strive for and work towards. And a


big thank you to our fans as well for the loyal support.


And a word for the gaffer? Yes, gaffer as well has been


incredible. He has joined us and galvanised us and turned us into a


winning team. We had a fantastic season and it was a real team effort


from everybody involved in Leicester. You beat up magnificent


opposition to win this award. The team for the year for 2016 is


Leicester City! A great deal to look foward


to, but now it's time Because this year, we sadly said


goodbye to the Greatest. The heavyweight champion of the


world, Muhammad Ali! Eye am the greatest. I am going to


dance and be pretty. Float like a butterfly, sting like a


bee! I'm going to eat raw meat and get


ready! How can I lose but to mark when you look in the mirror in the


morning, it must be a wonderful experience.


I am still as pretty as you and you are an announcer!


If you talked Jive... Oh, my God, he has won the title at


32! I am the King of the world! What


ever I am supposed to do is what I am going to do.


Muhammad Ali, the sports personality of the century! I am champion of the


world! The most unique of


sports personalities. Over the past 12 months,


we've lost so many loved-ones And so in the company of


Gareth Malone, the Invictus Choir, and the BBC Concert Orchestra,


we'll now pay tribute to some our dearly departed friends


we've sadly said goodbye to. # And we kissed, as though


nothing could fall # And the shame


was on the other side # Oh, we can


be them, forever and ever And thanks also to singer


Laura Wright, the Birmingham Community Gospel Choir and tonight's


Musical Director, Martin Kosch. Such an appropriate choice of song


as well, sport turns people into heroes.


I'm in a place where Sports Personality of the Year


royalty are gathered, as here in this special area


we have corralled our past main award winners.


Show-jumper David Broome is here - winner 56 years ago, from 1960.


Ann Jones, who won Wimbledon in 1969.


Cricketer David Steele, winner in 1975.


Paula Radcliffe won the trophy in 2002.


But whose name will be inscribed on it as the winner of 2016?


We do know it will be one of these 16 contenders.


And to present the main award, please welcome back to the stage


his Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge.


And former Olympic and three-time world heptathlon champion


All votes have been counted and independently verified -


and full details on the vote will appear later on


Here in Birmingham, representing Gareth Bale, is Chris Coleman.


Standing by to present if needed in Dubai for Mo Farah is one of his


friends and associates, and that by popular demand, sitting by Andy


Murray is Lennox Lewis. Jess, please can you tell us


who is in third place? Jess, can you reveal


who the runner-up is, please? In second place is Alistair


Brownlee. Jess, please can you now


reveal the 2016 BBC The BBC Sports Personality of the


Year 2016 is Andy Murray. The first person to win the trophy


on three separate occasions, and well done, Lennox Lewis, superb


performance! I am sure you would like to say a keyword? First, thank


you for coming to do this, much appreciated. I am a huge boxing fan,


so to have this presented by you is really cool. My pleasure. I would


like to thank everybody who voted, I really appreciate your support. I


would like to thank my team, some of them are here, behind the cameras,


at my training block. They make a lot of sacrifices for me, they spend


time away from their family, at times of the year like this, thank


you, I really appreciate it, all of your support. I would like to thank


my family as well. My mum is in the crowd there. Thank you for all of


your help. My dad as well, who just got married. My dad just got married


ten days ago. I miss you. Also, I would like to say a huge thanks to


my wife for all of her support over the years, and my daughter, who will


not know what this means yet, but maybe in a few years she will


appreciate it. I have a bone to pick with my wife, she told me an hour


ago she voted for Nick Skelton. Not smart from her, with Christmas


coming up. I appreciate everyone's support, congratulations to all of


the athletes, it has been an amazing year for British sport, I am proud


to be part of it, so thank you, and I hope you have a great night.


An unprecedented third time winner, the 2016 Sports Personality of the


Year, the amazing Andy Murray. He has got some enthusiast expands


their behind him. Congratulations to all tonight's


nominees, award winners and all of our sports stars who've


made this an unforgettable year. Stay with us, as the


Apprentice final follows us But from all of us here


in Birmingham, goodnight


Gary Lineker, Clare Balding and Gabby Logan host the 2016 BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Now in its 63rd year, the show recognises the standout achievers and relives the must-see sporting moments in front of a 12,000 strong crowd at Birmingham's Genting Arena. There are 16 contenders shortlisted for the main Sports Personality of the Year Award, and the result is determined by a public vote. Team of the Year, Lifetime Achievement and Unsung Hero are some of the other awards to be given out, and the inspirational films, emotional moments and live performances capture all the highlights from an incredible year of sport.