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North West 200 - Part 2

The second instalment of racing from the 2017 Vauxhall International North West 200. Can local favourite Alastair Seeley extend his record number of wins?

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The breathtaking causeway coast can rival any of the spectacular views


of the world. And in May, as this coastline springs to the roads, live


to the sound of motorcycle engines for one of Northern Ireland's guest


and fastest sporting events. The international Northwest 200. Here's


a reminder what has happened. COMMENTATOR: And they're off. How


close is that? What a beautiful sight. Look at that back. How close


are they? They are all in line. Four abreast. Oh, Rutter with his wheel


in the air. On board with William Dunlop. Sealey has gone wide, he is


over the pavement. Dunlop has done enough, in the dirt. And Sealey does


it again. Jubilate in for Alistair Seeley. He extends his number of


wins in record-breaking fashion. Here is what is coming up onto


nights show. With three more thrilling races for you, a super


sport battle and then the first Superbike race. But first it is the


ultracompetitive super Twins. This unique circuit always produces some


memorable racing. Its triangle in shape, almost nine miles long on


closed public roads. Here is a quick 60 second guide. Win number 18 for


the wizard. It is all about slipstream. The nickname is just


very high speed, the bikes are in top gear for a long time. 180 mph.


Coming from high speed down to slow speed for the chicane, it is easy to


out-brake yourself. It gets quite physical on the big bikes on the


coastal roads, you have the church up through the Hill, it can change


direction quickly. Hard work there but the satisfaction is you get to


Juniper Hill and that is where they say races are won and lost. Some


riders are better on the brakes than others. Already we have cracked 200


mph this week but if we can get the wind blowing in the right direction,


a tailwind, with my stature and size and machinery, I would like to take


the speed record. The next race is for the super twin machine. I am


joined by British Superbike rider Michael Lafferty, the racing with


very competitive, who should we keep an eye on here? It will be a very


close race. Number one and two on the grid are Martin Jessup and


Michael Rutter. They have shown how fast they are. They will be brimming


with confidence. Michael Rutter will be disappointed after the superstock


race. Also, the double win around here last year, he has form in the


super twin class. He seems to be the master of the super trim machine so


rule him out at your peril. A winner of the Ulster Grand Prix as well. We


will join our commentary team. COMMENTATOR: Super twin action at


the North West 200 and here is the group with Martin Jessup a surprise


pole position. It is a fast bike, Michael Rutter going well on the K


machine. We know how fast Ben Cooper is. Ivan Linton. Derek Shiels, and


the youngster Paul Jordan. They are about 100 brake horsepower and they


look for the lights and they drive off the line. Will it be Rutter or


Jessup? How to and going past and Derek Sheils going past. They keep


it going backwards, four laps, Jessup already in the lead. Perfect


weather conditions. I could Dunlop didn't make the grid, they didn't


get his bike finished in time. Michael Rutter, I am not sure if he


has raced one of these twins before. Way up the hill find Derek Sheils.


Lovely evening sun on the final race of the opening day of the 200 2017.


Looking back to Ivan Linton. A double winner last year of course.


It is not lap 306I can assure you, that is the revs we are getting on


the data screen. I think he will be clinging onto this bike and using


the slipstream. On board with Dan Cooper, down towards station corner.


On one of these 650 cc machines. Absolutely underneath the screen and


flat out. Getting back on with the race. James Cowton gets boast of


them. This road is not wide at the best of times. Ivan Linton, where


will he find space? Kind of getting squeezed out again. Looking back at


Calton -- James Cowton, on the run towards university now. He got that


horribly wrong. Gone deep but he has managed to get it stopped. All the


time that has been going on, Jessup has pulled out some margin. This


built at their own workshop. This brand-new machine, modified heavily.


This is the view up to the chicane and into the evening sun. Back with


Ivan Linton, going past Dan Cooper. Through the tight chicane. They have


opened that up a tiny bit this year. A little faster going in. Looked


like he was a little faster going out, Martin Jessup fastest. This is


a great performance. He has come alive this year. He has or had


promised but this year he is delivering. Dan Cooper doing his


best to stop him. Lee Johnson is out, he was on the other machine


around here, didn't complete a lap. Around the chicane. I think he is


pulling away. He has made all the breaking needs and wants, rising his


-- racing his own race. Rutter will close up


a bit there is Dan Cooper behind us. Look at the former Jessopp is in.


Having won a first Northwest 200 new superclass, can he make it a double?


You can win one and then you have cracked it somehow, the secret is


known to you and you can go on and win the next race more easily than


it was to win the first race. Slightly more relaxed. That bike


does look good. Like someone has spent some time in a wind tunnel


with it working it out. You can choose whatever bodywork you want


for these machines. Adam McLean is bind, good riding by him. 21 years


old and all of a sudden he is right there with the front runners. In a


major international road race. Good riding from him and he will be


learning a lot from these experienced riders in front of him.


Over the start and finish line he goes, Jessopp goes, he will get a


pit board to get an indication of what is going on. I am guessing that


is around a three second advantage. The rest of them will be plus


nothing because they are all locked in this little scrap. Rutter has a


bit of breathing space but with the slipstream working on it is not very


much. McLean thinking about fourth place. Ivan Lewis and running his


own race. He did have that double win at last year, Linton, the


machine colloquy has stepped up a bit. Everyone improving each year.


There is still the odd Suzuki in this class but mainly dominated by


Kawasaki. Dan Cooper has closed up underbrakes. Linton gets out a


little quicker. The camera makes the gap look bigger than it is. It wide


look big enough for Martin Jessopp. Whatever he sees behind him. He


wrapped himself around the bike. Dan Cooper uses the slipstream and


charges by, through station again. Blasting through there and back on


board. You can see the revs down at the bottom, 10,000 rpm is about


maximum for these bikes. Trying to squeeze out more power. Duelling out


in the sunshine. Side-by-side. We have seen the super twin riders more


or less talking to each other on the run down to university. But these


two are not talking to each other at the moment. Linton in front of


Cooper. Turning in nicely. Well in the lead as he goes around the Magic


roundabout. He looks so comfortable riding. Rutter is just there. Martin


Jessopp will be getting pit boards to see what is going on. He will


know he has a reasonable lead but cannot afford to back it down too


much. If you can just get within, around 50 metres, that is something


like the optimum drafting position. If he can get a good run on the


Coast Road, there is no question, Michael Rutter has the magnets on.


Linton the fastest? No, he is not. Left turn. Looking for the tight


line there. This is where you try and pull out some advantage so you


can drop the other guy behind you. Cooper clinging on like a Jack


Russell on the back of Linton. Martin Jessopp riding his own race.


He is closer again. The gap is coming down the whole time. Wouldn't


it be extraordinary if Michael Rutter were to win this mate -- win


this race. The hill towards the line. His team manager this year, it


would be special for him. Help sponsoring the bike. Rutter steaming


into that. The last lap flag is out. Indicating to the riders they have


nine miles to see what they can sort out. Does he have a game plan? It is


not as easy as that. Rutter going down the inside. He will know that


Martin Jessopp's bike is fastest. The best thing is to hang into that


slipstream as long as possible. Adam McLean.


That has probably given Linton breathing space. This is where


Michael Rutter will use the slipstream down towards church


corner. Down towards station corner. The Kawasaki is pulling away. He


will be good on the brakes and close him down. It is the last run down to


Metropole, that is where he wants to try and do something about it. You


have to be close enough coming out of the chicane. Last lap remember.


These two, old adversary is. They have stoked each other around the


streets of Macau many times. Jessopp has been ill, he has had a sciatic


nerve problem. That is clearly sorted out. Rutter is closing, using


the speed. There are coming down to Juniper Hill. Not close enough this


time. Maybe this is his last chance. This is looking very commanding, the


lead for Jessopp. Rutter only has one chance. Is it too late? I do not


know if he is brave enough. An audacious move to go down the


inside. It looks like Jessopp has got it. Rutter has gone in. Jessopp


was out of line. Jessopp and smashed it. Michael Rutter was going to have


a go. There was not enough room. That is a relief for him in grand


style. Martin Jessopp takes victory number two. From zero to two. Dan


Cooper in fourth. Adam McLean with the penalty that moved him back to


six bank Derek Sheils. The idea was to, and qualify well. Race day last


year, I never had a podium, now I have had three. I never had a


victory, now I have had two on my first day. It has not sunk in. The


same as with Supersport, everything is for a team and no one else.


Alastair Seeley may be one of Northern Ireland's most accomplished


motorcycle racers, but he only gets to ride his bike on the roads once a


year. That is at the North West 200. Why? Because he has not got his


motorbike licence. We caught up with him as he went through his test with


another of her top bikers, Martin Bauer.


It is strange, because you do not have to teach them how to work the


clutch or engage gear, where the throttle is, the front and back


brakes. They know. There are balances of power. We are working on


life-saver checks, emergency checks, the position on the roads.


Alastair Seeley, the record holder at the North West 200, he has not


got his bike has? That is the thing. I remember Joey Dunlop did his bike


has later on. There is lots of pressure on the instructor to fill


someone of that calibre. How could he fail? The past is past, fair


play. Hopefully I can pass as well. What is easier, closed-door open


roads? Closed roads. I can give what I want and leave black lines on the


tarmac. Also trying to get his licence, his good friend and top


British motocross rider, Martin. I am a keen road racer. I have always


wanted to get my case, my dad used to race. He has been at me for ages


to get it done. I got speaking to Alastair Seeley. We are doing it


now. It is exciting. It is always wanting to go, go, go. Going as fast


as we can win we get out onto the roads. It is the other road users,


cars and bicycles around us that we have to watch out for and then there


is the traffic light. Seeley has already surpassed the North West 200


achievements of Joey Dunlop and Robert Dunlop. Now he is targeting


Philipp McCallan's podium record. I am with a good team, I am back with


duelling Kawasaki. I am riding for them. They will be with me. --


Gearlink. It is an honour to be mentioned in the same breath as


those guys. I want to step onto the podium and take the record, and if


it is on the top step, that is even better. You will be pleased to know


that they both passed. Certainly no learner plates for Alastair Seeley,


very much the man to beat again. Definitely, in my opinion the


favourite for all classes. Every races entered in, the favourite. He


is at home or in the Kawasaki in Supersport. In the Superstock


racing, he looked like he had extra in the locker. It will be tough for


the guys to rise to the challenge to defeat them. I can see extending his


win record today. Enjoy, it is time to race.


It is time to race, not perfect conditions, but here we go with


Alastair Seeley on pole position. Two victories for Martin Jessopp at


the North West 200. Ian Hutchinson, a bit lucky, and William Dunlop


likewise. We like veterans as we get older.


Who will it be? Seeley on pole position, need stick camera. It is


going to be close. It looks like it is Alastair Seeley. Dean Harrison


got a good start from the second row. What about the mature man, the


veteran, Bruce. That was a great start from Brits. Alastair Seeley in


the lead. Lee Johnston from Hutchinson. Dunlop at the back of


the grave. Then it is James Cowton. Harrison up the inside. The leaders


get thrown clear. That was very close. We saw Jamie Coward diving up


the inside. Not perfect conditions, but it is drying all the time, they


are on dry tyres. Seeley is looking good, as is Ian Hutchinson on the


brand-new hour six Yamahas. We can see the odd spot of rain. Look at


the revs, 15,000. 16,000 rpm from the Honda. A little red light will


be blinking. He is going into the red. That is the spray coming back


on the screen. Yes, he will be telling of Brucie PCs the red


counter. There are through Station Corner. The sky Link scrape, but at


the moment it is not raining. Bruce is being chased by Martin Jessopp.


There is Lee Johnston, he is getting smoked. He is on the Triumph. You


will get used to that, you can feel them coming and tear them coming.


This is what it feels like when you're on the bike. I beg your


pardon, Lee Johnston on the Honda. The Kawasaki. Hutchinson is tucked


underneath the screen. Already, Alastair Seeley, number 34, has


stretched out some margin. I think Philipp McCallan's podium record is


in jeopardy. And his win record. That was bad news. What happened,


did he miss a day, Peter Hickman? Of the start line we go with James


Cowton. Screening through first, second, third gears. They have had


the siting lap. Primrose Hill. Around the outside. A brave move by


James Cowton. Around the outside of everyone. Their bodies all moving at


the same point on the track when they get there. The clear visor is


no good with the piercing eyes of Bruce. Hutchinson is on the back of


number 34, trying to go round the outside. Surely he is not going to


be able to. It is a dry line around here, but these guys look


threatening. The podium record is under threat. I think Seeley came


for the most wins in a meeting record. He did on and on Thursday


night. If he can win four races today, he can arguably say that he


has done more than Philipp McCallan. He is under attack. That is the


Yamaha of Ian Hutchinson. Dry at the moment. I can see the lap record


going at the moment, held by Alastair Seeley from last year. High


speed. There is a spot of rain. A little bit of robbing. That is


bracing. Robbing and missing a gear. The fastest top speed we have seen


on a Supersport machine, 600, William Dunlop. 184.5 mph. We may


not see that today because the wind is on their noise as they head


towards University. Look at the wind working. That is Jessopp on the


Triumph. Someone laid on the brakes, that was Bruce. There are years,


number five. You option sponsors this weekend because Clive had lost


one of his sponsors but fortunately he had held this weekend. The


slipstream giving everyone an some help. They are together, we have a


freight train on the move. On board with Dean Harrison. They got a good


start. Everyone is in the pack. The slipstream can work for anyone and


it can all change. Nine of them bunched up within 1.5 seconds.


You're riding with Bruce. That is Ian Hutchinson in front of us. The


lights are run, part of the regulations. If we have rain, you


have to switch on the rear lights. We're going to have rain. At the


moment, we're running in a window of opportunity for the Supersport race.


This is window of opportunity for Bruce. Almost. This is Tom, look at


the eyes, licking 250 metres up the road. That is where you will end up


in split seconds, it is about focusing a long way in front of you.


Oh dear. That was a lack of focus, locking the front up going into a


chicane. I am sure he will be walking away from that and kicking


himself. It was an easy part of the circuit. Alastair Seeley comedies


behind, in the slipstream. His Kawasaki is singing. Back through


the gears. There we go. Jessopp, Martin Jessopp. He has already won a


couple of races this weekend, on Thursday. Martin Jessopp knows he


can do it. Once you know, then you can do it again. That is what Fogler


says, we will see if it is true for Martin Jessopp. We will see of


Alastair Seeley can start nudging up the victories. Look at them. 15, an


real. What a freight train we have. So many of them, the entire first


wave is in the train and in the slipstream. Here it goes, working


for Alastair Seeley. The little lad, the Wii Wizard. He is tiny, capable


of getting himself in behind the screen. He is trying to keep himself


on the bike. They all get on the brakes. Chris Lait on the brakes,


Hutchinson even later. He jams it down the inside. -- Bruce was late.


Alastair Seeley will be liking this better than anyone else. Can he get


away, that is his trademark. Break the town. William Dunlop just got


past Bruce. He is passing the new model as well. Jessopp in front.


Swapping places in the draft. These boys all know it is the last lap


that makes a difference. If you're in this together, you have an


opportunity when the last lap comes along. That is what they will be


thinking about. This is the Triumph were passing. Jessopp on board.


Alastair Seeley. William Dunlop is made up so much ground. The bike is


fast. He's going for the inside line, slotting into second. Almost a


touch. Did you see? I did and Bruce was pushed out wide. The cutback in.


William Dunlop, number 16. They are six Yamaha. He is right behind


Alastair Seeley as we come onto the coast road. Left under the bridge


and up to this sweeping left turn at the Christ. Still bunched up.


Hutchinson on the inside, can he slot into third? Not this time


around. William Dunlop hits the front. They are slipstreaming along


the coast road. It used to be just on the long straights, but they are


getting towed along. William Dunlop has the inside line. How brave will


Alastair Seeley be around the outside? He owns the chicanes along


the coast road, Seeley. He is the man. They are getting squeezed in.


Lee Johnston is down. Adam McLean touched him and they got caught out.


Lee Johnston has gone down, the number 13 Raider are in the racing


Honda. Seeley did extraordinary things. Now everybody is trying it


including William Dunlop. Yes, William is back in front. This is


the wet patch on the chicane. Superb from the 22-year-old from Ballymena.


Straight back in front. Primrose Hill and onto York Corner.


Hutchinson is not done with either. Adam McLean is not done. Hutchinson


thinks about William Dunlop. Adam McLean is having a go at Martin


Jessopp, I think. White, gets passed. That is Michael. Yes, very


much so. This was the pass, William Dunlop snicking underneath Alastair


Seeley. Coming out with some road but he did not get the drive from


the corner. If you going fast, you come out slow and Alastair Seeley to


the advantage back. It is reaction time. Adam McLean land on top of Lee


Johnston. There is definitely rain on the screen. This is the move from


the outside, the replay. Really, he had nowhere to go. He was only an


side. I am sure he will be having words. Adam McLean needs a


sensible... There you can see, diminished grip levels with the


flag. Spots of rain at Station Corner, the worst place in the world


you would want it. In the meantime, Alastair Seeley is in front. Bruce


is not enjoying these conditions. We can see the rev counter. It can


go another 3000 on top of that. Alastair Seeley at the front. They


are not stopping. Dunlop goes shooting through. Late braking-mac


Alastair Seeley. Into University. Hutchinson on the inside. It is


getting greasy. A few spots of rain still falling. Difficult on a nine


mile course. It can be raining in one place, dry in another. William


Dunlop looking to add to his tally of wins. Michael Dunlop looking to.


Quite low down on the list of North West 200 winners. Right there at the


top, especially after Thursday, and he is looking to tackle the podium,


and win tally records of Philipp McCallan and Hutchinson is looking


to tackle the slipstream. That work frame. It did. You can start seeing


wetness on the rear tyres. Hutchinson late on the brakes. Down


the inside. Adam McLean in third place. We're looking at Michael


Dunlop in fourth. Straight back in the slipstream and on the throttle.


Here we go, Hutchinson in front. Still all to play for for these


writers. Anyone in front will always get a


tricky situation because you don't really know how much rain there has


been. It looks worse as we ride with Seeley.


These short circuit races, they can go either way. That is not normally


a place you would pass but it is Dunlop out in front.


Who will break the latest? Seeley managed to get over and take his


piece of track but William is going to lead over the line again. Will


they stop this race? It looks drizzly. I don't like the look of


this. Getting spots of rain on your visor, it is extremely difficult to


know how wet it is on the track. When you see tracks from the tyres.


A big blob of water on the camera. Oh, he's having a big slide issues.


Arms are coming out. Hutch has put his arm out. Will they stop it?


Bruce is retiring. Whether he has a problem or probably the weather.


Over that patch, you see, he gets on the power. Alistair Seeley take the


advantage, people putting their hands up wanting it stopped. Very


gingerly. You don't know where it is dry, that is the problem. When you


are in second or third place, you can see tracks coming up from the


tyres in front of you. When the tyres are quite hot, they will grip


on the damp but it won't stay hot for long. You need to be working the


tyre to get it hot but if it is the brief dumber he decides that is it.


It was all over the place. Way too old to do that. This is Michael


Dunlop. Adam McLean. We have seen this before a couple of times. We


have at that. Three local lads, Peter Hickman, we look back at him.


Seeley has made the break. Look at Adam McLean. He just missed a gear,


Adam McLean. Didn't quite get that right. They come through the


Ballysally Roundabout. Reasonably dry here. The weather all seems to


be at the top of the circuit near the coast. Clearly there are no red


flags coming out, the rain must have abated, one assumes. The battle


hasn't abated. He is so clever with conditions, Alistair Seeley. He can


ride in poor conditions, driving away from this group. Adam McLean


with his Kawasaki bouncing into the corner. Alistair Seeley leads this


race. Not far to go to the finishing line. Flat out all the way. The


Dunlop Brothers, William 32 and Michael 28. William gets through.


His bike is faster, no question. He is probably slightly more narrow


built as well. I would say William has that Yamaha engine that seems to


be pulling him away. Michael is the younger brother but bigger. There is


nothing stocky about this man at the front, Alistair Seeley. Absolutely


superb around this course. Going for his 19th win here. It is going


exactly according to his plan. He needed to be out in front of this


race and that is what he has done. The Dunlop brothers still slugging


it out behind him. Listen to the sound of the three cylinder machine.


Seeley is cruising, a 3.5 second advantage. No lap records going, but


the podium record may go, that of Philip McCallum. He worry has 18


wins, it could be his 19th. Phenomenal stuff. What he is looking


for after that is number 20 summit as the four in a day, or five in a


day. Can he do it? Can he take all the records that are up for grabs


this week? There it is, Alistair Seeley takes that win and he has 19


now. Made that look easy. He is very happy. A nice way to start your day


in tricky conditions. A four second advantage he has over William


Dunlop. Win number 19, impressive stuff. I


just used my head, riding smart, managed to work it out where the


grip was and I put my head down on the last lap. I saw there was a bit


of a gap. Brought it home for another win.


Alistair Seeley's hometown is there. Another rider from there, making his


second North West 200 appearance, who could make a big impact. The


parish went to meet Glenn Erwin when the weather was a bit more sunny


this week. I am sad to add the beach in


Northern Ireland and you probably think it is Tenerife looking at the


weather. I have Glenn Erwin with me. You live in a beautiful country and


when it is like this it is fantastic. Really lucky being in


Northern Ireland on a day like this. It is awesome. In perfect time for


the north-west as well. You were here two years ago. We came here


with the 600 and week it was so new to me then and I had no


expectations. Ended up nearly winning the race. They are all going


in there. He is almost of it on the gravel. You only get out what you


put in. Everyone started training so we have all done it. I want to be


one that is doing everything. It is not like you need a sports


psychologist, some people seem to think that but I want to win. So I


want something to help me. I have a challenge for you. On older than


your dad but I want to give you a challenge on the beach to see how


fit you are. We are on this beautiful beach which


I am sure you have run on before. But you have a tyre strapped to your


back. I am going to get it weighs four kilos. I've got one tied onto


me and we will have a run down their and see how quick you are. Any money


on this? 20 quid. 20, not as rich as you.


It pains me but, there is the 20 quid. I will donate it to the air


ambulance. Good idea, well done. What a great man and I will put


another 20 quid on him for the race. Glenn Erwin on the front row of the


grid but it is Michael Rutter in pole position for this Superbike


race. In these conditions, he will be very good. Always known as the


rain man for a long time in his career. He looked at home in the dry


conditions in practice and in qualifying. He looked good in the


superstock bike so he will bring the fight to Alistair Seeley who is


pretty much the favourite for every class today. On the other side of


the grid, you have Irwin, he is the dark horse. He is good in rain


conditions but he is out to prove a point. Can Michael Dunlop be


competitive on this brand-new Suzuki? I think so. It is still


early days for them with the new bike but out of his three bikes,


what I have seen in practice, he looks best on the Superbike. The


more horsepower you give him, the better off he is. I would not rule


him out for this one. Thank you Michael. One team missing from the


grid is ponder racing, they have withdrawn after the writer John


McGuinness crashed during practice. Here is their manager, Johnny


Twelvetrees. John has come out of surgery, they have been working on


his leg. It has been more work than they hoped but the surgery has gone


really well and as good as can be expected. They are positive with


that and Neil and myself will be going to see him this evening. And


we wish him a speedy recovery. The Superbikes are ready. Back to Steve


and Richard. The bikes are ready but the question over the weather again.


Lee Johnston is back on after that crash. What will we make of this,


another win for Seeley? They are gone full wet tyres, it has been


declared a four lap race. They will be trying to get grip as the lights


go green. Not the start Alistair Seeley wanted. He bogged down a bit.


To is there. Michael Rutter round the outside and Dean Harrison is


there. Hutchinson also there. We are riding with Irwin. There is Seeley.


Going round the outside to everyone and getting boxed in. Michael


Rutter, strike one for the old guys out in front. Looking very strong.


Michael Rutter like some damp road. She was trying to get up the inside


and making it work at your corner. The tyre technicians have advised


four laps because of the high speeds on the wet tyres. I feel amount of


grip. The back wheel of Michael Rutter was up in the air, virtually.


The second row gets of the lane and legs just as good. Guy Martin


missing from that. We're raiding with Derek Sheils. This is the


rundown towards Station Corner. There is Michael Rutter, the bike


weaving around and the tyres with the tread make them weave a little


bit. But they give grip in the heat. That is commitment through Station


Corner in these conditions. It did not take Seeley long to come back


from the bad start. There they are, side-by-side, the two tackle BMWs.


The spray coming up from the tyres. Michael Rutter is getting blasted.


E-mailed him. They went through side-by-side. He took little from


Michael Rutter. A little bit of shape from Hutchinson's machine.


They come down to University. No one will catch on the brakes, but


Michael Rutter might catch Hutchinson on the brakes. He has


squeezed back up the inside. Hutchinson goes past Rutter. Glenn


Irwin will have a look as they go by Ballysally Roundabout. You can see


the piercing eyes looking out in front, trying to focus on what is


going on, looking for the dry part of the course. When the rear tyres


get hot, you look for a wet part of the track to keep the temperature


down. Not many dry parts of the course. We can see that better than


the riders. It is an experiment for them. Glenn Irwin using the


slipstream. He has not had the track time he likes, but he knows how to


make the draft work. Yes, and he is using all the lock as the bike box


around. Down the slip road for Glenn Irwin. He has got to stop. He did


not put his foot down. He virtually stopped. That was Hutchinson as


well. Someone came out of the side of the escape road. Glenn Irwin


recovering and back on it. Look at the bike moving around. It is not


the most stable. I think Ian Hutchinson went down there as well.


Yes, he takes the normal line, and Glenn Irwin takes to the grass. I


would not recommend those tyres on the grass. He is back in the


running, and there is Hutchinson. We saw Lee Johnston, raiding with a


lump on his arm, but the Doctor says he's fine. He says he's fine, so


years good to go. He has had a good start is race day at the North West


200. He was so full of confidence from Thursday. Speaking of


confidence, straight onto the inside, Glenn Irwin, recovering. He


is a circuit racer. This is second nature. We saw Peter Hickman in the


mix as well. The 30-year-old from Lincolnshire. It will be greasy


through year. Seeley has pulled the pin. He is hunting records, Alastair


Seeley. He knows this course in a way that other people do not seem


too. He understands is race track. He knows where the grip is and he


can feel the traction. He can move about on the bike, move it on the


road, place it and aim it. He can do anything he wants, it seems. He is


untouchable. To be the first guy out there, years when encountering all


the problems but it does not seem to bother him. Glenn Irwin going back


through the gearbox, going back to second year, maybe even first in


these conditions. Yes, it is first, and he grabs second. You sound do


that with his left foot. One up and five down, as opposed to a road


bike. Bruce Anstey not having the best at the North West 200. Seeley


over the line from Michael Rutter. Michael Rutter back on form, the way


we like the same. Glenn Irwin was strong at the start. Perhaps we were


all expecting a bit too much from Glenn Irwin coming into this race.


He really does not plan his way around like some of the others, Lee


Johnston included. Glenn Irwin has not had that many laps. Bruce


Anstey, another retirement for him. Unfortunately for Clive in the team.


That is sad news because Bruce normally has a podium here. Lee


Johnston slithering around. The dark visor on, probably so he cannot see


the damp patches. Lots of riders going for the clear visor, including


Michael Rutter. He is coming through. Lee Johnston's front wheel


lives as he comes out of that corner. Derek Sheils, on his


machine. You can understand Derek Sheils looking over his shoulder. He


is afraid of being pushed off. Look at this. It is slithering and


sliding around. 200 horsepower. Just shifting his body weight around a


little. He stands another gear to try and tame the 200 horsepower that


the bike as, probably 220. If that happened on your road bike he would


go home and lie down but Michael Rutter carries on racing. Hickman


goes through, pass easily Ducati. Derek Sheils having a late as they


come down to this amazingly fast corner, even in wet conditions, they


are doing about 165 males per hour. Just backing of the power, trying to


find grip, making sure the front wheel is firmly planted on the


ground. Lots of spectators along here. There is the real line on the


left-hand side. They will go over the top of that at the link road.


That is the straight but it has some kinks in it. Straight steel and


thereby joined by curves. Shoulder to shoulder, Glenn Irwin will not be


outdone, but he might be out-braked. Peter Hickman. Peter Hickman


generally rides well in these type of conditions. Lee Johnston, around


the Ballysally Roundabout, he is looking lonely in third place. Yes,


just a touch. Batman Seeley, already we up the road. We go back with


Derek Sheils. The camera giving you a really good idea of how the bike


is moving about. He is having a go. Easy going past Irwin, alongside


now. He's trying to see where he is going because of the spray. They get


rain behind them. He is having to wipe his visor to see where he is


going. Just as you accelerate through 160, one 70. And. As you do.


He is hanging on the back of Glenn Irwin, who has not had many laps


this week. He only has the one bike and lots of the Superbike sessions


were stopped. On Thursday night he only got about four laps. Derek


Sheils cannot see where he is going. There is Alastair Seeley with 19


wins, and Glenn Irwin, Yazd and about 18 laps around here. He did


have a second in the Supersport class in 2015. We look at the vastly


experienced Michael Rutter. Seeley is doing the disappearing act. His


name is in the record books like no other. He will make it even harder


to catch him now, and even easier to catch the likes of Philipp McCallan.


There is only one Philipp McCallan, really, there is no one like Philipp


McCallan. Michael Rutter splashing through the water, the same for Lee


Johnston. It is wet. That is good, the riders say they wanted wet or


dry, they do not wanted in between, they are running wet tyres. You


often put wax on your visor and it allows the rain to blog. Derek


Sheils get to spend coming out of there. They did not want to start


when it was very wet. When the spray comes up, it is like fog. Derek


Sheils is trying to see what is going on. Can you imagine if it was


really wet? It is virtually impossible to see. If you were


overtaking lorry in the pouring rain, you have a point where you


cannot see. One of these bags doing 185 males prior, with a wet track,


it will be throwing up similar spray to an April truck. What no one can


see is where Alastair Seeley is going. He has gone. This is his


race. He is doing it again. Sheils, using his experience and bravery


through Station Corner. Trying to gain on it. Then the Ducati gets


those tabs opened up, and massively powerful motorcycle, in a dynamic as


well, probably the fastest bike here this weekend. Alastair Seeley is the


fastest rider this weekend and in the race at the moment. Another


Superbike win coming his way. He knows it, he has seen the pit


boards. We know, we have watched him racing, and everyone else has


watched him disappear. We're riding with Glenn Irwin, wriggling around.


Every straight he gets on, it is moving around. Even Alastair Seeley,


and that is the trade on the tyre, shifting around on the dry part of


the course, but you have to have it that way to give you the grip on the


wet parts. It is drying out. We are lucky to be ending this race on four


pits -- laps, because the tyres will dry out. The track will dry out.


Sheils, still getting spray from the track and Glenn Irwin in front of


him. Yes. Down into metal pole, or in the brakes. -- Metropole Corner.


The beautifully clean BMW needs a wash. It does not matter how dirty


it is, as long as it runs smoothly. Generally they do. People are waving


Alastair Seeley on. Looking for his 20th victory. He does not have to


look far because he's about a mile away. If he turns around, he is


about a mile away from any challenge. He could almost cruise


home. Lee Johnston, the arms stood up well to the pressures of


Superbike racing. This is stood up well to Superbike racing as well.


What can you say about a man who keeps winning when everyone is to?


It is like shelling peas frame. It keeps coming to him in any


conditions that are. Alastair Seeley goes over the line to take his 20th


victory at the North West 200. That was a formality, the chequered flag.


Seeley dominant in these conditions. If you are any of the riders in the


finishing roster, you would have to think, what can we do about Alastair


Seeley? 21 seconds over Rutter, Lee Johnston and Glenn Irwin.


Congratulations, your 20th North West 200 victory, and did I say,


that looked like a cruise? It was not a cruise when I was sitting. The


bike was moving around quite a bit, because the track was half wet and


have dry, drying all the time. It has been a good week so for.


Everything we changed in me better, it has been good. It is good to


convert of the superstar, and the Superbike. -- the superstar. 20th


victory and a 30th podium for Alastair. Incredible. We'll have to


pull out of the sorrows. I am running out of superlatives to


describe him around the North West 200. Another hat-trick and still two


more races on the cards frame. He could make it five and equalled the


Philipp McCallan record of five victories and one event. Philipp


McCallan could argue the technicality that he did his in one


day. But supreme, Alastair Seeley made it look easy, comfortable,


composed, measured. It is not easy but he makes it look that way.


Thanks indeed. Lots more to come on BBC One tomorrow night, in our final


highlights programme at 10:40 p.m.. You can see the first two programmes


again on the BBCi player and we have loads of extra content on the BBC


website. For now, from all of us, it is by buy. -- it is bye-bye.


I have never slept with a man that I just met.


The second instalment of racing from the 2017 Vauxhall International North West 200. Can local favourite Alastair Seeley extend his record number of wins?

Presented by Stephen Watson with analysis from Michael Laverty and commentary by Steve Parrish and Richard Nichols.