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North West 200 - Part 3

The final programme from the 2017 Vauxhall International North West 200. The world's best road racers go head to head in one of the fastest motorcycle races in the sport.

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The spectacular Causeway Coast is home to one of Northern Ireland's


biggest, fastest and most exciting sporting events, the International


North West 200. Welcome to our third highlights programme from this year


's motor cycling festival. There's been some fantastic racing so far.


Here's a reminder of what's happened. Would you look at that?


There it is, Jessop gets his first north-west wind. -- win. Oh no!


Alastair Seeley, there's the chequered flag.


He's in the dirt. Martin Jessopp, his second Northwest 200 win.


Oh no! Does it again, he's untouchable.


First Superbike race of the weekend. Unbelievable. Alastair Seeley. And


lots more high-speed drama coming up.


We've got three more races around this unique street circuit. The


SuperStock. A thrilling Superbike showdown. And a memorable battle for


the smaller machines. Next up is the superb twins race and I'm joined by


British Superbike rider Michael Lafferty. The first race was very,


very competitive, how do you see the second race panning out? Mike Jessop


looked really strong, Daniel Cooper looked strong, Lintin hasn't shown


the pacey showed last year yet. It could be a mixed bag. Weather


conditions will be critical because of the tyre choices. Lee Johnston


said he wanted full wets and the other wanted drive. It will be a


mixed bag. Time to join our commentary team. Richard Nichols and


Steve Parish. The grid forming up for the second


super twin race of the week. The track is drying out. Wet tyre on


number 20. Michael Rutter... Lee Johnston had a bit of a moment as


well off the line. There are wet patches. Looking back for Martin


Jessopp. No wonder is close to Rutter, not even Martin Jessopp.


Rutter knows the conditions a fair bit as he gets away. He has 13 winds


around the North West 200. We are with Paul Jordan. The track is


drying out all the time, getting better and better. Number 100 in the


mix. Barry Ferber got away best. No wonder is getting way in this.


Certainly not. We are with James Calton. Lee Johnston on the Quay are


machines, another 13. Very busy at the end of that run.


Michael Rutter has made the break. I wonder if he can make this stick? It


would be good if he could. 13 victories around here but the last


one was five years ago. He is ready for one. Daniel Cooper has the wet


tyre on the front, should be good at the beginning but I'm not jock at


the end because the track is drying out. Everybody trying to look at


each other's tyres. Everybody hates those conditions. Everybody more


less on the setting apart from... Losing a load of time. Closing down


Michael Rutter. Slipstreaming past that machine of Michael Rutter.


Cooper thinks he's got to make his move now while the track is as wet


at -- as it is while the wet tyre gives him an advantage. Rutter is a


maestro in the rain. He is, and he has the right tyres. Intermediate


tyres. A few tread grooves in them. Lee Johnston still hanging in at the


back, he broke down in the first race. Jessopp, the winner from


Thursday night. Was that Cowton behind him or Johnston? We with


Cooper. Last year he was involved in the Ryan Farquhar crashed and didn't


write here. I think Lee Johnston is closing down the gap touch. Cooper


gives us the ride. Rutter is in the lead. Jessopp is in touch. There's


nobody behind in fourth place, or there is, but there's a huge gap.


Rutter using all the road. Up to fourth gear as they go down through


here. They dropped down to York Corner. James Cowton is fourth. You


can't quite see him at the top of the picture, just a glimpse of him


out of the chicane and he's a long way back of these three. Having a


look down the inside. You can't get too tight. Jessopp has the faster


bike. There he goes. Martin Jessopp on cue. Look at the way he goes past


those guys. They'll be having a conversation, what on earth has he


got that engine? It's all about aerodynamics. They play such an


important part. People try different things to see if it will give them


an advantage. It seems to be working for Martin Jessopp. It does.


Aerodynamics are no -- more important than engine power,


realistically. Anything past 150 mph, it takes huge power to push it


through the air. Drag increases with the square of speed or something


like that. Computational fluid dynamics sits will know that kind of


stuff! A clean bike is a quick bite. Rutter had made a break but he was


reeled in quickly by the slipstream. Jessopp disappearing. Rutter is good


on the Coast Road, on these parts, and he'll be building up his


confidence. Ivan Lintin is out. He's had enough. Did he run deep? Maybe


ran deep. Rutter goes down the inside. He squeezes himself down the


inside. It would be lovely for Ryan Farquhar, the nightmares he's gone


through with his accident, if he still puts a good team together.


This bike has been put together a specially for Michael Rutter. It was


originally going to be ridden by Hudson Kenner, but Rutter has it.


The Coast Road, the experience of Michael Rutter. Jessopp and Rutter


are old rivals, they know each other's style very well. Rutter has


just under nine miles to go. I think there would be more passing going


on. Jessopp will be able to get past Rutter down the straight. Of the


Coast Road counts on the last lap. Jessopp already building. Will he


drag banged Cooper with him? -- Daniel Cooper. There's that


invisible pocket of air you can get into. Cooper getting 80 as well.


Rutter getting a better one from Jessop. Rutter pulls out of the


slipstream and tea will break last and latest and longest.


Cooper saw that and nipped through. Rutter back in front. Cooper in


second and Jessopp a little way back. Then the Coast Road again.


There's this one, in fact four, because they go up towards the


chicane now. They do slipstream on the Coast Road. That's how powerful


these bikes have become. They have so much power. When you were racing


here you didn't have this kind of power at your disposal. We didn't.


And we didn't have as many chicanes. We called it the nine mile triangle.


We went even further to the hairpin and then back. There's arguably just


one place for the Jessopp to use the speed of the bike. I'm not sure if


he is close enough. It's all about this section. Michael Rutter looks


like he's got it. Looks like he will take his 14th win. He doesn't


normally make any mistakes. Is he going to get that victory after five


years drought? Everybody thinks the own, they are cheering him on. This


would be a popular win. Over the line ahead of Daniel Cooper. Martin


Jessopp third. There's the confirmation.


Absolutely amazing, proper ride. I tried so hard. I didn't want to lose


that one. Martin's bike is so fast. I had to hold him up a bit and


getting his slipstream at the right time and somehow it paid off. After


what you went through last year, to come back and put this team together


and get this victory must be very, very special. So emotional, I'm


trying not to cry. I've been to hell and back. Only Karen knows what I've


been through. Every month I'm getting stronger. Karen has helped


me. All my mates. Everybody has chipped in to make this possible.


I'm so pleased, it means the world to me. Michael Rutter proving that


experience counts around the north-west. Next up, the SuperStock


stop Alastair Seeley no doubt will favourite again. Indeed. He'll be


looking to get off the treble Marco. He's only ever won three in a day of


this is his opportunity to make it four. I can see Ian Hutchinson being


a big challenge. He's had a quiet day. These machines go almost as


quick as the Superbikes. Sometimes over 200 mph. Unbelievably so. The


lap time Alistair did in the first race was only .7 of a second off the


best at this circuit. I can see this being a fight at the front. Very


interesting race. Over to Richard and Steve. Now it's


fine and day and day for the SuperStock race. Still a bit damp


and there's rain in the air. This is the second superstock race. He the


grid. -- here is the grid. Rutter in the middle, Sealey on the


outside. Who gets the start? Johnston. We ride with William


Dunlop. It is Harrison with Johnston right behind him and Seeley is in


third place. You can see the dark clouds above. That was a flying


start from Dean Harrison. Hatch has gone deep and wide. He couldn't get


it stopped. It is a bit scrabbling around there in the first corner of


the race. Harrison back out in front with a good lead over Lee Johnston,


who did get away well but Hutch will be kicking himself. 47 in there,


Allister Coetzee. 45 going through. There's nothing like this in the


Czech Republic. James Hillier, looking back. There is Michael


Dunlop, the number three Suzuki. Look at this lot swarming down.


Extraordinary stuff. Saiger on the number 22 bike about to be passed.


So much of that going on. They punch bigger holes in the air. Number 34,


Alastair Seeley, gets to the front straightaway. You can see the dark


clouds. We are riding with Dean Harrison. He's had a very good North


West 200, but so has Michael Rutter. A fairly widespread of performance.


Hutchinson has been a demon on the brakes all week. The key is having a


bike that tracks well over the bumps, stocks well and is fast. And


a rider who does all that. Nothing wrong with that Silicon engineering


on the cow was IT. They are just touching each other. -- Calor Zaki.


Dean Harrison, make sure you stop. Disappointing for Dean Harrison. He


got wrapped up in the moment. He got a bit excited. Hutch and Seeley,


touchy-feely. Here they go. He was on the paint, didn't want to pull


the brakes too hard in the middle-of-the-road. Imagine taking


out Alastair Seeley. Is that Dan Kneen? It's not. Didn't see a


number. Rutter is fast through there. Round the outside, Seeley,


does he have the speed? Once again, Hutch is late on the brakes.


Absolutely flying. Seeley has been the master of this course and these


conditions. Break adjustment from Ian Hutchinson, in the chicane. I


wonder if that was to do with him going straight on earlier.


Hutch in front, Seeley third -- Seeley second. Is this the breakaway


group? It looks like it. Have a look at this. The Red Arrows have nothing


on these boys. Outstanding. Alastair Seeley using the slipstream,


Hutchinson using the slipstream. Three abreast. Rutter trying to get


through. Over the link road, up towards the


roundabout. Where is Seeley? Has he got away? No. We are on board with


William Dunlop. Was that Martin Jessopp rolling off? Possibly. We


are now with William Dunlop. Here it is the battle for the lead, and it


is a battle. Someone else down the slip road. I think that was Dan


Kneen. Alastair Seeley making no mistakes. He's leading at the


moment. This is a long race and he might not be informed all the time.


He knows you need to be leading as you go over the line. Hutchy doesn't


want that, doesn't really care about that, they will battle this out


between them. Trust me, if you're on it, you would want to be, simple as


that. If you see it on screen, you can really feel it on the bike.


Trying to get the throttle wide open is the important part. Michael has a


look over his shoulder, basically saying you can go past. Michael


Dunlop gave his brother that place quite easily. But he didn't know who


it was. He just has a problem. A problem with Hutchy! There's a lot


of this going on this weekend and we are finding places to overtake that


never used to exist before. Hutchy switches back to the inside.


Seeley had a lovely sweep into the chicane. No point arguing about it


on this lap, but on the last lap that might be worth fighting over. I


think so. Johnston clinging onto the back of them. Rutter is still there,


can't shake him off. Somebody has put something in his porridge this


weekend, Michael Rutter. He's rejuvenated. Front wheel... He would


have lost some time with that. It must have been Hutchy who stopped


because Hillier is still going. -- it must have been Jessopp who


stopped. It's all very well behaved this time. Saving themselves. Is it


raining? That was an unusual slip. Horst Saiger having a wonderful day


today, he loves this circuit. He charges up the inside. Michael


Dunlop is not having a lovely day. But he's getting on with things. And


William Dunlop has started to show us what we remember of his form. He


hasn't had a lot of opportunity lately. Put that front wheel back on


the ground! You have to jam on the rear brake when that happens.


Rutter... Rutter is still in there. Rutter was looking for a place to


get through but he couldn't find one because there are so many motorbikes


in front of him. Lee Johnston goes through on the big BMW. Lee Johnston


in second place at the moment, splitting Seeley and Hutchy. Hutchy


now back in front with Seeley behind him and Johnston in third. Rutter in


fourth. This is a great race. The bikes are so equal, they are just


about all BMWs. In fact, the top five are BMW sumac. These are fairly


heavily modified. They have different ignition is. Not a cheap


bike. Ostensibly, standard. They go on to the coast road.


This is some talent. A lot of North West 200 winners we are looking at


the moment. Alastair Seeley now has 20 victories to his name, this would


make it 21. They are all in this. Look how close they are. Anything


could happen, anybody could win this. Across the start finish line,


chicane... It will go quickly because there's no space between the


five, really. It only needs a slight mistake from anyone for Hickman to


be up there. The wind is still blowing as they head up towards the


university. This is the left turn where they'll start heading up


towards university. This is where you need all the traction control


you can get. Round the roundabout. Out onto the


fast part of the course. This is the speed section, through station


corner. So important to get this right. It's dry enough for the guys


to keep the throttle open through there.


Rutter just coming through on the inside. Sneaky old boy. No room to


get through! Who's that? Engine blow up. A big cloud of smoke. No oil on


the track as a result. Oil and water are a bad combination. It was Andrew


Duggan. Back to the front. Back on board with James Hillier looking at


Harrison Brewer hide him. -- behind him.


Seeley, has he made the split? I doubt it. Hutchy has got himself in


the slipstream. He's good on the brakes. Ian Hutchinson having a


great ride. Rain! That's not what we want. I didn't see where that


umbrella was up. Lee Johnston up the inside. Banking over to the


right-hand side. Looks dry. It's probably further around the course.


The marshals will put out a red and yellow flag if it is raining to


indicate diminished grip levels. White lines are not the place to be


with diminished grip levels. Trying to keep the bikes as straight as


they can. He just doesn't know when to stop, Michael Rutter. Is there


rain here? The wheels of the bikes... Looking dry as they come up


Juniper. Seeley leads again for the time being. Can he keep the lead?


Will they let him keep the lead? Hutchy with a bit of a spill up


there. Hickman is right on their tail. Definitely in it. I don't


think saving countered any rain yet. I haven't seen any indication. One


assumes it's not this part of the course. It must have been around


station. The last place you want to see the flag out indicating rain.


Seeley tucked down behind the bubble. Tom -- Hutchy, Rutter... The


road looks fine. There are some spots. I don't know if that's rain


on his camera. Horst Saiger still in there. It looks dry. Here comes


Hutchy on the slipstream. Rutter can see the race track in front of him!


Over they come. Hands are art. Hutchy wants it stopping. It's


raining a lot. They are going very gingerly. That's it. It will go back


a lap. That spoilt a really cracking race.


You're seemingly unbeatable around here at the minute. I just like the


place, I've fallen in love with it and it loves me too. Don't get


jealous! Seeley's scintillating run continues. Road racing is part of


Northern Ireland's sporting DNA. Tens of thousands of people flock


here every year to watch their heroes compete. Why is this form of


motorcycling so popular here? I caught up with two former racers to


find out. It's in our heritage. Road racing is


Northern Ireland. We just love racing. You can say what you like, I


could ride around Silverstone all week long, it would never give you


the same satisfaction as the North West 200. The speeds, the hedges


flashing by. The craziness, I guess. The madness. These roads are closed,


they all go one way and you are racing on them.


Joey Dunlop, multi-F1 world champion. You never forget him, a


fag in his mouth, greasy hands, working on his bike, engine in the


van. I'd be thinking, he won't be a threat. He would put it together and


we never saw which way he went. The Dunlop name is known worldwide. I'd


be world down the street in Japan with Joey Dunlop and hundreds of


people would appear. He was rather special and such is smooth and


stylish rider. I've raced against some of the best road races in the


world. And Carl Fogarty, King of the jungle. The hairs on the back of my


neck stand up when I see the pack head.


They are doing 208 mph. It's hard to blame to anyone. Look at the fans


that come here. 100,000 people. The North West 200 is where I've made my


name. I came here in 1992, wanting to win races. I did something no one


else ever did, I won five international road races in one day.


Alastair Seeley sensational once again and he now chases another


record. He will try an equal Bismah Maroof Philip McCallum's record of


winning five North West 200 in a single event. Do you think he can


equal your record? I think he can. He's riding superb. He's master


today this. Andy Goodwin five in an event. But Steven, I won fired in a


day. You will still have the bragging rights? I will. It is four


today, hopefully he will be aiming for that and one on Thursday. There


is one man who will cause him big trouble today and that is Glenn


Irwin. I really think Alistair's biggest rival in this race will be


Glenn Irving. -- Glenn Irwin. This is their biggest race of the week,


North West 200. Sit back and enjoy. COMMENTATOR: The final race of the


day. We've been waiting a long time for this. Glenn Irwin on the front


row with Alastair Seeley. Slick tyres. Dunlop, Dunlop and


Hutchinson. William Dunlop has come on strong this afternoon. And James


Hillier. Lee Johnston on the Honda, and of course the rest of the guys


getting ready for the lights to go out. Who will get the best start as


the Turner gets underway question what this is the feature race, the


big one. It is a cracking start from Glenn Irwin. We ride with Dan


Shields. Number two, Glenn Irwin on the Ducati gets out on front. Only


11 laps to practice, this will be like a big practice session. Michael


Rutter showing he is still up for this. In second place now. Glenn


Irwin almost pulling away from him as they go round your corner. Tyres


coming up to temperature as we ride with Martin Jessopp. Climbing up the


hill towards the Mill Road roundabout. It is that man Glenn


Irwin. He has had a second year in Supersport, first time on a


Superbike here. This is a proper tool, this machine. Look behind, 182


of the line is Denis. Back on board with Martin Jessopp. There is Ian


Hutchinson charging past on the Tyco BMW. Trying to get in the slipstream


of Michael Rutter. And it does. Both BMWs there. It is still Glenn Irwin.


Jessop goes through there. Alastair Seeley, he has a sniff on these


guys, has the magnets on. Alastair Seeley isn't worried about being


this far back this early in the race but doesn't like to fall a long way


back. They run down towards the braking zone. Is he going to do


another one on brakes? Not really close enough. Not really. This is a


seven lap race, nearly 70 miles of racing on these roads around here.


The crowds are loving this one. They've all dried out nicely and are


ready for this big race. It's been awhile since we had a form race like


this with this kind of talent in it. Great Ducati's here. The rain has


come and gone during the day, it has left the circuit patchy but it is OK


for racing on. We have got a full race in front of you. We are just


coming to the race of the first of those seven laps and Glenn Irwin,


surprising a lot of people... Is this Bruce Anstey going slowly or


still on the pace? He is still on the pace. He has had a torrid time


of things so far. The Honda has not been working for him but it is


working for this man. Hutchinson, sliding into the corners using the


rear brakes. Sealey neat and tidy. Michael Dunlop on the big Suzuki,


number three, first time out for that bike. 1000 R, very powerful.


Michael Dunlop a formidable competitor. Hutchinson is the man


behind them. Glenn Irwin, should he be doing this? Alastair Seeley does


on this to happen, does he? He has his sights on this bid of equalling


the record of winds that are North West 200, even if he can't do it in


a single day. At the time he is tracking James Hillier with Michael


Rutter breathing down his neck. Irwin is the way up the road. Very


much so. Sealey far through station corner. He will be tracking Jessop,


as you can see. Closing. I think he is going to pass him. He does. Look


at the way he is fighting that bike. Only a little guide that he is


tenacious. It's got himself through station corner, going absolutely


full on, about 185 miles an hour. There is Jessop in the slipstream.


The front wheel comes up in the air. The wind starts getting under it, he


climbs up to the bikes, pushing himself up


off the foot rest, trying to get his weight there. Jessop looking for the


inside line as they come to the braking zone. Rutter has two bikes


in front of him but he goes round them. Is a demon on the brakes.


On-board Jessop. It is Rutter. Get past those guys into third but Glenn


Irwin was still leading. Ian Hutchinson, right on his back wheel.


This is super bikes for the price of a 600, they are scrapping like


circuit races. Hutchinson, late on the brakes. Is he going to get it


stopped? He slams it down in front of Glenn Irwin. Almost sideswiped in


going through. A very committed pass. A committed overtake from


Glenn Irwin. Here is the replay. Slithering and sliding. This is


short circuit racing. You can see the little clip off. Here he goes in


the slipstream. Glenn Irwin late on the brakes. Very, very late on the


brakes. This time Hutchinson didn't have a chance as they go to the


chicane. Glenn Irwin through the chicanes have so much confidence


that Ducati. Look how much he stretches himself on the exit. Get


on the power and use that rear tyre. Manage the chicane very cleanly MED.


Back on board with Martin Jessopp. Here is Glenn Irwin with Hutchinson


behind him, Hutchinson is going to follow him around. Both of those


right on the last inch of braking zone. They couldn't have left that


any later. They couldn't. As I said, that Suzuki is brand-new. Hutchinson


doing everything he can to cling on the back of the Ducati right now.


And again, every time of the corners use the Glenn Irwin in that Ducati,


a twin cylinder, lots of torque and grip. Using every bit of his skill


he's got coming off bursts corners. Let's see what Michael Dunlop has...


Going down the inside, is he going to squeeze through? Not this time.


Sealey now in third place. Alastair Seeley has really got to get a move


on. The other two are scooting off up the road. Glenn Irwin, his deadly


rival... What a shame. Bruce is out. Terrible day for Bruce Anstey.


Martin Jessopp still in the middle of this but what we want is the is


if Seeley... Dunlop goes passed easily in the slipstream. Closing


and closing any has that speed through their very much so. He will


be going past in a minute. Dunlop, I'm sure, Michael Dunlop will be


pleased with this Suzuki's performance. They are trying to get


this bike sorted out. Most importantly, this is the battle for


the lead. Look at them, fighting the bikes. When they get in the dirty


air, it start upsetting the bike and they start wriggling around. Glenn


Irwin's bike seems to wriggle around on its own. Not the best handling


bike out there but he is youthful enough to fight it. They have all


done a bit of wriggling in the course of these last few laps. On


board with Martin Jessopp, looking back at Peter Hickman. I think


Dunlop is away and up the road. So is Glenn Irwin. Alastair Seeley is


coming. You work together, probably won't want to work together. Seeley


using the slipstream, charging down there. Same deal, coming up towards


the coast road. Who will be the fastest? I think Glenn Irwin is


learning every single lap what this bike is doing. He only had 11 laps


practice prior to this race. Every single lap years working out where


the line and grip is. Irwin, Seeley, Hutchinson. These three are close


enough together. Any of them could win it. They could cross the line


almost side by side the way they are going at the moment. Irwin, a bit of


a shock to everyone, I think. Especially Alastair Seeley. Nobody


expected someone... Hutchinson! Slides it in a really -- and really


aggressive on the rear brake. Hutchinson broke that left leg badly


and has shifted to a right shift. Mr get coming out of the chicane. If


Rutter can capitalise remains to be seen. Irwin hasn't seen as much of


this racetrack as of them. Alastair Seeley has won 18 times and an 18


laps, and now he is out in front. There is the replay of Hutchinson


slithering in their nicely. And again, wriggling around. Very, very


fast. Rather nervous. It comes Hutchinson on Seeley, this will help


them both pull up towards. You can see them closing on Glenn Irwin. One


either side. Surely. He is holding onto it. He is. I think it is


arguably the most powerful bike here today. I think it is probably the


slip wrist. Look at that, like red arrows formation. He is up to his


elbows in it, Glenn Irwin. Hutchinson and Seeley side-by-side


that he is so cool. Michael Rutter is not done with yet. Number 11 on


the back of this four. Just behind them is Michael Dunlop. We have a


long, long way to go for this race yet. Wouldn't want to put any money


on anyone at this moment in time. Seeley looking for another win. That


would give him his maximum amount of wins here on any occasion. But a lot


of work to do. It would upset Philip McCallum if he did it. A long way to


go yet. Glenn Erwin. If you can sit moving from here, trust me, if you


were on it would horrendous. It starts barking around. It look so


balanced by comparison... Desperately late on the brakes. When


that we'll came down it was locked up and went sideways. Look, again


trying to get on the power, trying to put that 200 and odd horsepower


on the break. And now again, you can see him fighting, the big exhaust


pipe sticking out the back and rattling around everywhere. On board


with Martin Jessopp, very calm and collected. These boys all ought to


be behaving like grown-ups. . Not at all. There goes Dean Harrison down


the inside on the Kawasaki. Look at this, Hutchinson, back wheel up in


the air and when it comes down, sideways. Glenn Irwin thinking he


will never make it. How close was that?! Alastair Seeley on the


outside not close enough. Hutcheon on the inside not close enough.


Glenn Irwin, he hasn't got the experience of the others. He might


not have that bike set up as neatly as they have for the high-speed


straights. If he comes back next year, will know an awful lot more


than he does now. He certainly will. They have found another formidable


competitor here. Paul Byrd will be loving this one, I'm sure. I think


Glenn Irwin is enjoying himself as well. Michael Dunlop likes winning


races, but with a brand-new motorcycle, he is setting up for the


season. He is probably thinking, this is coming together nicely. I


would say he's very happy with his performance and where he is at the


moment. With the other bikes that are sorted and fixed up. Glenn Irwin


looking best of all. Seeley and Hutchinson side-by-side out of the


chicane. I think Michael Dunlop is waiting for these boys to bump into


each other. Or at least go up the slip road something! Glenn Irwin


said he is to come here and write his BMX bike on the golf course, I


know you shouldn't have done that, and dreams are coming to race here.


I imagine he dreams of winning here as well. Still a long way to go. So,


so fast. Look at that! He has pulled out a lead again, six or seven bike


lengths in front. Seeley and Hutchinson are tripping over one


another a little bit. The Ducati off the corner seems to have that


advantage, that lovely growl. They Paul Lim in under braking. That is


often a fast way of doing it, slow in and fast out. The important thing


around the north-west is being fast on the exits. Every five miles an


hour you carry from the corner you are carrying down the straight. No


point trying to get into a corner too fast and then screwing it all up


and not getting a good exit. Are they close enough? Yes, they are.


The helicopter doing its best up there. It can't keep up, absolutely


flat out. We are seeing exhaust pipes here. The big double pipes out


the back of the bike. Not able to get past. It is like a formation.


Erwin, foot comes down. He is punching the hole in the air and


bringing them forward, they don't seem to have anything left to go


past. It's like in order to go past him they need another gear they


never even thought of fitting to the bikes. That they never even dreamt


would be needed. The trouble is, for those guys, he is so good on the


brakes, Glenn Irwin. Ray Sharp, been on the podium twice in Superbike


races this year. He's on top form. I think our breaking him is going to


take another of those wild dives from Hutchinson. Maybe it will be


Seeley for us. Alastair Seeley has the run on in this time, on the


inside for the corner. Look at it now, wriggling around. Unreal!


Hutchinson again, again! CHUCKLES That was very forceful from Ian


Hutchinson. There is no other way to get through and get past that


machine but he definitely stuck it to Glenn Irwin. Glenn Irwin coming


back at him out of the slipstream, using the power of the Ducati,


alongside Ian Hutchinson. There is Hutchinson. This temple might go


straight in front of him and closes the door. Inches away at 185 miles


an hour. On the brakes again, Irwin jammed against the fuel tank. 1.5


Gs. Michael Dunlop at about it is looking very strong. An excellent


weekend at the North West 200. He has.


This man we are looking at has 21 wins, Seeley. Irwin on the inside.


Slithering into the corner. Is this it, is this the moment Seeley has


been waiting for? Is this the moment where he goes, I'm free and clear


and going to break away? That's how he likes to write his races. He will


have to be very good on the coast Road to do it. I don't think there's


any way he can pull away on the straights. On the corner, Glenn


Irwin jams it down the inside. That might be Seeley's chicane but Glenn


Irwin has taken charge of it, he has adopted it! That was stern stuff


from Glenn Irwin. He is so determined, isn't he? We are looking


at Derek Sheils, as you can see. Getting a good idea of how much work


is going into this if you are actually in the sea doing that. Look


at Glenn Irwin. I think Glenn Irwin has worked it out. If there is any


chance of rain and a red flag, if it goes back a lap it will be his, I


think that's what he's working out. You never know. Look at the people


stood there, clapping and cheering. Trying to get some clear vision.


Michael Rutter... Having a battle of their own at the back. This is just


an extraordinary performance from Glenn Irwin. A Superbike rookie


around here effectively. So few laps on that machine, and yet look at the


way he is riding. Making Seeley right out of his skin, isn't he? --


ride out of his skin? Brakes, going down through the gears going through


the chicane. Seeley lady running into the back of him that time.


Glenn Irwin punching off the corner, using drive and grit. It is all very


well having power but you have to have good throttle feel. Seeley is


gaining. Is he going to try and passing before they get to station


corner? They won't get through two abreast. Seeley drops back. The


crowd loving this and so I! Hutchinson Aubert up the back of


Michael Dunlop. Michael Dunlop moving forward and Seeley still


stuck behind Glenn Irwin. I'm surprised all those people weren't


running away! What I can tell you, the performance of these bikes, it's


going to happen on the Coast Road, as it often does that the North West


200. I don't see Seeley getting away. Each time he tries it, Glenn


Irwin comes back at him. As they do it again and again. Just look at


theirs. They keep saying, if I was in the draft I'd be all right.


You're not planning anything here. They are just racing and scratching


and taking what they can when they can. It's just going to go on like


that until they run out of laps and whoever is in front will be the


winner. Absolutely right. I think the plans have all gone out the


window. Michael Dunlop looking good. He has adapted to that bikes.


Ridden so many different bikes run here. Last year he started with a


Yamaha and then switched back to the BMW after a few races. He has ridden


BMWs around this course. OK, helicopter view. This time around


Glenn Irwin gets through the chicane first. Gets through without being


attacked by a sliding Hutchinson. There's no question that tyres will


be past their optimum. I know it's not a hugely long race. Here he


comes. Seeley jamming it down the inside. Neck and neck on the braking


zone. Who dares wins. Who will break the latest? Who has the wheels on


the ground? Round the outside... Surely not! He does it. Did not want


to be beaten into the chicane, Glenn Irwin. Generally you would say


whoever has the inside line, has the corner. He had track position but


Irwin had his eyes shut, I think. Or didn't know the rules! Now a


splinter group, just about got away from Hutchinson, I think. What an


extraordinary races has turned out to be. A long wait for the final


race of the day at the North West 200 but was it worth waiting for?


Hutchinson, Dunlop hunting him down. Seeley likes the Coast Road and


overtaking on these sweeping corners. Glenn Irwin doesn't like


being overtaken and is resisting fat. They turn left into the Juniper


chicane. Seeley on the gas as fast as he can but Irwin is faster.


Hutchinson and Dunlop closing in. The gap is closing down. It might


well be. This looks like a two horse race at the moment. Both riders from


Carrickfergus. Surely Seeley isn't going down the inside here? There is


a wet patch there, watch it. If they were better friends you would call


them the Carrick Crusaders. Not that I know of. But I'm going to say they


will have a lot of respect for one another at the end of this race. It


has been a proper duel in the sunset here tonight at the North West 200.


Still more laps to go. Who is getting tired? Alastair Seeley on


his fitness, is done about five races so far today. That's a point.


Glenn Irwin is fresh out of the box. We are on the final lap. That thing


is all over the place going up to the roundabout. Seeley Solder and


tries to come round the outside. Glenn Irwin having none of it. Stops


in the middle of the corner, pretty smart. Really backed it down the


corner, in the middle of the roundabout, so he could fire it off


the corner. They might do now. Seeley has got the run out of the


chicane and wriggling all over the place. Oh my goodness me. It's like


a broken toilet seat. That BMW is normally so tidy and shipshape with


him on board. Slipstream city here we go. Seeley in the slipstream,


going to go left or right. Oh, he's on the grass! My goodness me.


Seeley, the camera, the road dragged him into Annie had to shut the


throttle. In the dirt at 175 miles an hour. Hutchinson took advantage.


Probably got sprayed in water and stones. I cannot believe what I have


seen. Alastair Seeley back on the throttle. Glenn Irwin breaking into


the corner but Seeley right behind Hutchinson. He should have been


passed by Michael Dunlop and Michael Rutter in theory. Look at that. The


wheels are in the dirt on in the gutter at that point. He just had to


roll out of it. That was so close to the edge. That would have confuse


the traction control. I would have been off to the toilet myself!


Alastair Seeley has just got back into gear. He's coming again. It's


not over yet. We have half a lap to go. Irwin won't know what happened


behind him, he won't know that Seeley shouldn't be doing this at


this particular time. He's going to treat him like he has throughout the


race. Closing on traffic. This is a black marker was going through the


bottom of the screen. Here's another 24, that could be awkward. Andrew


Sellars. He will get a lesson in a minute because these two are


charging through. This had to shut the throttle a little bit. Seeley


has gone down the inside into Church. I think we still have


another run down to the Juniper hill chicane. Over the top of Blackhill


in a minute. That was close. No question Glenn Irwin had to just


compromise his line, shut the throttle of it. Seeley didn't need a


second invitation. Irwin is slipstreaming him up the hill.


Coming out of the draft and going over the top. This is close. Seeley


is wriggling around! Now Irwin has the inside line. That was a


magnificent charge from Glenn Irwin. Alastair Seeley almost out of


control trying to stay out in front and couldn't do it. Irwin just went


sizing past him so neatly. Look at them, power sliding through June


poll that my Juniper. Seeley hasn't got a chance of going past as they


go towards the line. It is Irwin and Seeley and Hutchinson. What a


breathtaking, what a fantastic race that was. That was an astonishing


performance from those two. Absolutely stunning. 0.1 72. Irwin


with his first-ever win here. Great drive, 20 wins run here, can't


disrespect him. We've had our differences in the past for him and


Ian to race that close, I didn't look behind, I don't know who else


was there. It's insane, it's awesome, the best sport in the


world. The way the confidence carried from my wins it would be an


epic battle. It was just made for good entertainment. What an


incredible finish to this year's North West 200. Unbelievable. It has


been an awesome week. Thursday's races were great but Saturday blew


my head. That finale, the Superbike race was unreal. Glenn Irwin rode


well beyond his years. In some ways a little disappointed for Alistair


because he was the man. He won four times. His best ever North West 200


and will go home to a bit disappointed not to win the big one,


the one they were all after. Thank you very much for your company this


week. We have more North West 200 highlights for you next Sunday


afternoon on BBC Two. All television programmes available on BBC iPlayer


as well. But for now, from all of us here on the north coast, until this


time next year, it's bye-bye. First up, Monaghan take on




The final programme from the 2017 Vauxhall International North West 200. The world's best road racers go head to head in one of the fastest motorcycle races in the sport, with bikes reaching speeds of over 200mph.

Presented by Stephen Watson with analysis from Michael Laverty and commentary by Steve Parrish and Richard Nichols.