Episode 16 British Olympic Dreams

Episode 16

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business loans or mortgages. Time now for British Olympic Dreams.


The crowd are on their feet! What a start! Olympic champion! Bringing


Great Milton get the gold medal! -- Great Britain. What a performance!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


The Olympic champion! Absolutely Two of gold medals from Rebecca


Adlington! You are absolutely brilliant!


He has destroyed them in the home straight! Mo Farah does it again!


Jessica Ennis! She concerns the status as the very best.


Welcome to a special Golden edition of British Olympic dreams. The most


famous clock in the world is ticking down to the Games. Let the


final preparations begin. Today we bring you a choice


selection of Team GB's brightest hopes for success. First up the


sailor who launched the Torch Relay at Land's end in May. Already the


winner of three gold medals, Canon Ben Ainslie make it four in a row?


-- can. He is a fierce competitor on the


water. To beat him you have to be at your very best. If you are not


you do not have a shot. He is a fantastic athlete, probably going


to beat the best sailing at great there has ever been. I can


seriously say I know no-one I would put my money on more than Ben


Ainslie. Every time he does the business.


I think that his talent will be recognised for many generations.


is a very quiet guy, just gets on with his business. Doesn't really


worry about what is happening around him. I can see a lot of


money within him. It makes you feel very proud to


represent your country at the Olympics. That is where the special


aspects of the Olympic Games, that you are representing Great Britain


on the world stage and you feel that so much more at the Olympics.


The British team has done fantastically well. This is an


incredible opportunity for London 2012. When you talk about living at


the Olympic level, it is obviously a lot about hard work, what you are


willing to put into it. Most importantly it is about dealing


with the pressure of racing at the Olympic Games. It is only every


four years. You may or may not get another opportunity to be there. It


is a lot to deal with. You have to be have to handle that pressure


when it counts at the key moments. It is such a cliche to say that the


top performers raise their game when it matters. But no-one does


that like Ben. You never doubt. You never doubt on a last race that he


will come up with the goods. It is literally just channelling all of


that aggression and make it productive, working hard at being


more physical, being aggressive and tactical. I think that race against


rabbit in the Sydney Olympics was the most pressure I have felt in my


career. -- Robert. There was so much at stake in regard step our


personal battle which we had been having for four years. Robert one


in the 1996 Olympics. I got the silver. -- won the gold medals. If


I lost again in Sydney that would have been very hard to take. He is


the kind of guy that you can never count out of a race, even when he


is in a tough situation, he seems to break back. You can always be


sure that he will be behind you and try to pass you and doing his best


to be the winner in the end. I dreamed of going to the Olympics


maybe one day and maybe being successful. But I never dreamt that


I would get the opportunity to do it on home waters. We had all that


training can see when we were kids. It would be incredible. It is a


pretty special place. They have been training there for many years.


It is home away from home. There will be a lot of people going down


to see Ben Ainslie complete and be part of that moment. Hopefully he


can win another gold medal. It is a sport I have made my life. It is


what I enjoy doing. To be ever to race at the Olympics at the highest


level, that is what keeps me going and focused and determined to try


Jessica Ennis started 2011 a strong favourite for heptathlon Alan bit


of gold. But the subsequent loss of set indoor and outdoor totals shows


nothing is certain in sport. We joined her with her coach she


competed at the prestigious golf this meeting in Austria, a crucial


dress-rehearsal for the Olympics. In Austria in a small town, this


will be the one heptathlon that Jessica does before the Olympics.


Is the one chance to see what kind of shape she is sent. Everybody is


here except for my javelin coach. But it is great to have everyone


here. The physiotherapist. They know my body inside out.


Those socks are terrible. It is tense when you're coming to


debate. It is nice to bring a bit of humour a few days before the


event. Just about to start. They will


start the first event. She went well and she is happy. Card asked


for anything more than that. -- we cannot ask for.


We have to be happy with that. A little bit nervous about the jumps.


We have not done any jumping competitions before coming here. We


will see. I think it should be all She will not be happy with that in


the slightest. We'll just move on. A very solid shot board, her


season's best. -- shot put. If she can run quicker than 2321, heaven


You know the last five metres? You needed to lay in in! A I have a lot


more to do tomorrow. -- lean in. tension in this event. Don't try


too hard. But still put in an I am so glad I have not come away


Personal best. Nice that. If she runs to 14, she might break the


I am so pleased that I managed to get most of the events right and


scored a personal best and the British record. It is brilliant. It


is all about the Olympics now. I have done my first heptathlon of


the season. My next big one is the Olympics. It is very much here now.


I'm ready. Now to a hopeful who is used to a


bird's eye view. Tom Daley. He media spotlight has been fixed


on him since he made his debut in Beijing aged just 14, turning him


into a house on it. But what does he reckon about his rise to stardom


and chances of success in London? Who better to tell us and the young


We have known he is quite special. My first Olympic Games were in


Beijing in 2008. I was the youngest member of Team GB, only 14 years


old. It was an amazing experience. I can remember going there and


being completely taken back by how big the Olympics were. I remember


walking out the Opening Ceremony seeing all of these thousands of


people cheering and the audience and just the scale of the event was


incredible. My first competition was the Synchro competition. I


remember standing on the ward looking at the water and seeing the


Olympic rings and thinking, wow, I have actually become an Olympic.


For me the individual competition went well. I came seventh. For 14


euros, I consider that very good. Tom Daley. -- 14 years old. Going


into 2009 it was the World Championships. I was 15. I came


away with a gold medal, quite unexpected. That was my greatest


I went in there completely not expecting to win a medal. It's I


went in there and just tried my best. I rumbled some of the Chinese


competitors and came away with the Going into 2010, I went to be, was


games. It was an amazing event. -- going to the Commonwealth Games. I


did not expect to come away with two medals. That was a great


achievement. In 2011, I had four new diets. It increased my degree


of difficulty. I ended up coming fifth at the watch and the chips,


but that was expected because of the four at New dives that I had. -


- the World Championships. It is about time that we got some


good news in our family. It has been a very tough few years, losing


family members and things like that. For me it will be great, and for my


family, to be had -- to be able to have a good Olympic Games. 2012,


the Olympics are just around the corner. I have become world series


champion individually and also in the synchronised competition. So


for me, I cannot wait to go to the Olympic Games in London, compete in


front of a home crowd, and I cannot wait to get there and compete.


You can find out much more about his campaign for Olympic gold in


Tom Brady, diving for Britain, on BBC One, Monday 21st July.


This time four years ago, a 19- year-old swam her way into Olympic


history by winning two gold medals and setting a new world record.


Success has brought the weight of expectation for Rebecca Adlington,


but she has found some unusual ways of dealing with it.


You are quite a fan of the jigsaw. I love them. Do you fancy this one,


in 50 minutes? 100 pieces. Your time starts now.


competitiveness is going to come out in me. Where did it come from?


It is something that I loved going over. For me, you do not get angry,


or stressed, you are always going to solve it, it is not a problem


like a maths equation. Putting together and I love London one. You


qualified for London 2012. I feel pretty good. It was strange because


so many people were coming up to me and saying, of course you are going


to qualifiers. It was one of those things that is never a guarantee.


She is still using her feet, Rebecca Allington. I kind of a new,


but I was on target, towards the end of the race, and I was sick


thinking, yes, yes this is kind of it. -- it was such an emotional


time. Especially with Joe qualifying as well, I have got so


many amazing memories. Could we get two medals? It looked like it could


be Rebecca Adlington, the gold- medallist. Great Britain, gold and


bronze, Adlington and Jackson. It must have been incredible to share


the podium with someone you know so well. It is incredible, we were


thinking, has this just happens? We were shocked. It was amazing to


have two British girls up there. Especially one that I am so close


to. I would cherish those memories forever. No-one can take those


medals off me. People ask me where I keep them but I do not know. I


think they are at my parents' house. For me, my parents come to every


need that I have been too. They have been all over the world,


supporting me. It is so nice to share with them because they have


been behind me the whole way. I always feel that they are not just


my bagels, they belong to them as well. -- my medals. If I offered


you a gold in the 400 metres, and a silver in the 800 metres, would you


take it? I do not know. I would probably say no. I want to do my


best. 800 is the bent that I love a lot more. -- is the event. You won


two got in Beijing. It is obviously going to be two in London. I cannot


say that. That is what makes it exciting. It is going to be


extremely tough but I want to improve. Whether I come away with


gold, silver, bronze, as long as I have done my best, I would be happy.


How long was that? That was completed in less than 40 minutes.


But you did half. It was a joint effort.


On the 1st August, if all goes according to plan, Greg Searle will


line up in a growing final, begin to win Olympic gold at the age of


40. It will be 20 years to the day since he famously joined his


brother to take on one of the greatest running parings of all


time. They met up to talk us through that epic encounter in


Barcelona. We always knew that we could get to


the final and we believed that we could be -- we could win. It all


came together on that morning. They were not looking at us. It was like


David and Goliath. Literally. The night before the race, sitting down,


having a very earnest conversation, saying, we are good enough to win


this thing. If we come in any position except for first that


counts as losing. Do you remember thinking at the time, about now,


this is the Olympic final, maybe we are going to win a gold medal?


went away. I'm sitting here thinking, we planned this. We


planned this for the halfway mark, they are doing it straight away.


Not only did they go out to a land of clear water, they carried on


going. A left behind is not too bad. Now I'm thinking, right, Olympic


final, it is my job to make sure that we raise the race of our lives.


Does it schlocky when you looked at it now? I remember a day or two


later, and I could not believe it was our race. There is going to be


some fireworks to get back on terms. One month and a half. They are


going for a change of gear. This is where Gary did he is the thing. I


cannot remember many of the words that he actually said. But I


remember this unshakeable belief in his voice. We had only practised at


once or twice. What can they do here? They are making the effort


and closing the gap. We came into silver-medal position and I thought


wow, we are going to win the silver. I remember throwing their Ford away


and saying no, we are here to win. We have got 15 strokes to get to


the Italians. They are coming and coming again. They are going to go


through them. I think they can do it. I was looking at their bow man.


We were coming up, coming up, and they just kind of start running --


rowing. That is a great achievement. A fantastic race, what an amazing


upset. That is how you are meant to celebrate. You cannot describe it.


When you are on a medal podium, and you have the ultimate accolade,


there is nothing better, being at the Olympic Games, of representing


your country, winning, the flag are going up, the national anthem, it


does not get any better than that. It was she guts and courage. When I


look at what rate has done, my complete and utter emotion is


jealousy. Why didn't you bring me up and say, why didn't we do this


together? I like winning an Olympic gold medal, I like to do that, but


do I want to do all the training and be away from my family? I want


to be 22 again, winning a gold medal in Barcelona, I enjoyed it a


lot. Would I do it now? As a whole career, I am already proud of my


time. Darling into the Olympic Games, it is the same mentality as


it always was. -- going into. I would only be happy if I win.


Everything else will feel like losing.


That's it. The Games are almost upon us. So much has happened since


we started following Britain's Olympic hopefuls at the end of 2010.


For many, the dream of pique -- becoming a London an Olympian is


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