England v Australia Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

England v Australia

Highlights from Edgbaston, where England face Australia in one of the most eagerly awaited group matches of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.

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The Trophy shared between India and Sri Lanka. The trophy belongs to the


Australian team. 2013, India! Hello and welcome to Edgbaston for the


final group a match of the 2017 Champions Trophy. For Australia this


is a must win. For England a victory would continue their winning


momentum into the semifinals, but their real incentive must surely be


the chance to eliminate their oldest foes. The scenario is simple.


England are through to the semifinals no matter what, and


Australia will qualify if they win this game. In the event of Australia


losing or the match being washed out, Bangladesh will progress.


Regardless of the result, England will finish top of the group because


of the primary tie-break rule. England's opponents in the first


semifinal on Wednesday are yet to be decided, with the hotly contested


group B match is concluding on Monday. All four teams level on two


points, they all have a chance to qualify. England remain unchanged


from their win over New Zealand. The only question mark has been the form


of Jason Roy who scored 27 runs in his past five innings and has


reached 50 just once in his last ten. The captain hasn't wavered from


backing Jason Roy despite the presence of Jonny Bairstow on the


sidelines. Australia also unchanged but it's worth noting that other


than Finch, Warner, Smith and Henriques, the rest are yet to face


a ball in this tournament largely thanks to the British weather. Eoin


Morgan won the toss and elected to bowl first. England have lost 12 of


the last 15 one-day internationals against Australia, but they have 12


of the last three. The forecast suggests it showers mid-afternoon


which should hopefully allow enough time to complete the match. If the


past couple of days in the UK are anything to go by the art of


predicting a result is difficult even for the experts. This one could


definitely go either way in front of a noisy Edgbaston crowd. Chris


Gaffney and Kumar Dharmasena are the umpires. COMMENTATOR: Just holding


up of the seam. A good start from Jake Ball, a maiden to start with.


Pummelled down the ground by Finch, is looking for that short ball.


Well, that's off a thick inside edge. Finch was looking to hit that


one straight as well. The second boundary of the over. Short. Pulled


away, very, very firmly. Just in the last few deliveries, maybe a sense


by these batsmen are starting to find their range. That's a great


shot from Warner. Just wait for the right ball in the right slot and let


your instincts take over. That's what he's attempting. Because he's


out there he's still got that chance. You are on the way out, he


was on the way back in, is that right? More evidence of the trust


that exists between Warner and Finch. Your partner calls and you're


off. That's why they bat well together, they trust the call. Finch


is away and you still a couple of singles. Adil Rashid is quite fine


down there at fine leg. Another boundary for Warner. Just a bit


tight. Warner is a class act. If you get a bit too tired, any resemblance


of a bad ball, he generally puts it away. Bowled. Good length. Both


batsmen almost hanging, looking for the short ball. That's a bit fuller


and a better length. They are very keen, these two


Australians, to nick any singles they can. That's why Finch has been


looking when the bowlers have been a bit wide. He didn't quite connect.


He just watched these two, there's a nod and off you go. Wide of mid-on.


Very, very quick onto anything short today. Short cover. One slip in


play. Is that an edge? It is! Warner's on his way. Good bowling,


good length, grabbing the outside edge. Wood, England's talisman in


this tournament so far. Going across him, finds the outside edge, and a


big wicket for England. Just the man they want to get. Warner gone the


21. Good stroke. As soon as it gets up here and across the stumps, Steve


Smith very rarely misses out. It's been wonderful to watch these top


batters and Smith in particular. He hits through the line. It's


glorious. Really good stroke there from Finch. Is that the stroke that


gets him going? Outstanding shot. He's going to get back, Smith. It


was an awkward one for mid-on. Stokes was the fielder, he got


himself into an awkward position, a backhanded role in the end. For a


moment Smith was in real trouble. Extravagant. Pulled away and pull


hard. That's going to go away quickly for four. He's tried quite a


bit already. That's four more. Leg side followed by off-side, pressure


on Stokes. He's been a bit short. An overcorrection, there. As good as


the pull shot was from Finch, I think this is an even better shot.


Jason Roy had no chance, it flies away to the fence. Edged away. It


was a slip a roundabout first slip, Buttler couldn't get there. Streaky


from Smith. It was full and wide. Tucked away on the leg side. That


will be 50 fat Aaron Finch. He's got a good record against England. He's


played a lot of cricket and County cricket in this country. He's a


danger man, make no mistake. He's played very well. Seven boundaries


in that total, just 47 balls. Really important for Australia but Aaron


Finch goes on with this. He can be very destructive at the back-end of


the innings as well. Driven down the ground, gets past mid-on.


Outfielders always quick at Edgbaston. Lovely shot from Steven


Smith. Close. Has he just got outside the line? He's begging for


the lbw. The key is the line there. Morgan asking, did it hit him in


line? He's asking Buttler. Buttler says, no, skipper. Another wrong


one. There's enough doubt for the England captain not to go upstairs.


Only the inside edge was debatable. Three reds. Full toss. He never


misses out, Steve Smith. You bowl him a bad ball, he will hit you for


four. Good shot from Finch. He's hit that hard. Finch, in the air.


Plunkett's under it. Is it going to land safe? Good catch. Calmness from


the skipper. There were three people converging. Morgan yelled, minor!


There was a calmness about him, an excellent catch to get rid of the


dangerous Aaron Finch. Stokes is the man again. This is an excellent


catch from Eoin Morgan. Never easy running back like that. An excellent


catch. And a big smile, I think he was pretty relieved he hung on to


it, too. Aaron Finch is gone. He was starting to look dangerous.


That's a nice shot. That will give Moises Henriques a bit of


confidence. A short one, a good shot. That's an excellent shot. He's


pretty good on the short ball, Moises Henriques. Back-to-back


boundaries. Good shot. Excellent shot. That's another boundary for


Henriques. Gone. Henriques. He hit a couple of


boundaries and tried to go after Rashid. A pretty soft, loose shot.


Good captaincy from Eoin Morgan, bringing the field up. Trying to


tempt Henriques to go over the top. He tried it, didn't quite get it and


an easy dismissal therefore England. Super shot from Head. That's four.


He's got some presence, this boy. Smith on 49. He'll take the single


and it'll be more than that, well timed. It's getting away from the


fielder, its four and it's his 50. It's only his third against England


in 23 innings in one-day internationals. A really nice


action. CHEERING The Australians are getting starts


but they aren't going on with it. Smith was unhappy with Moises


Henriques a short time ago, now he's livid with himself. Talked about the


ability to try to transfer his weight back into the shot, he didn't


do it here and a simple catch to Liam Plunkett at mid-off.


It's a wicket maiden, terrific over. Still 181 but the wickets have


changed now. Four. Finally, he's away. Took nine


deliveries for Maxwell but England right now are dragging it back. This


is hurting Australia's overall total. Edged and just out of the


reach at first slip! Joe Root was the man. He put in a good effort.


Just couldn't get there. Moeen Ali into his fourth over. He's only gone


for seven runs, it's been outstanding. There goes Maxwell.


Brilliant fielding! England are making it very difficult at the


moment. Really good build-up of pressure here from Moeen. Just as


you say that, he releases it. The man on the reverse sweep of behind


square so hits it in front of square. Root goes back on the extra


cover in a circle. Saying you can have a single, if you want. He hits


it hard and hits it for four. That's the advantage of having the reverse


sweep in your locker. It means Rashid has to go behind square. If


you didn't have a reverse sweep this would have gone for one run to the


sweeper. Again, attacking him up. He moved him squarer, not square


enough. That was wide. He wanted to bowl a short ball. Good


communication between Bonn and captain there. -- bowler and


captain. Tennis shot and nailed for four. Good batting from Travis Head.


He's looked really dangerous today. He said everything right in the


middle of the bat. I think we'll see Rashid bowl a lot of wrong ones from


this angle to the left-hander. It's a full tossed. It's burst through


Eoin Morgan's hands. Poor cricket all round. Hit hard and dropped!


That could be costly... And they run a chance! I reckon the end to throw


at was Maxwell's, that could be a key moment in this game. They are


going to have a look. Comfortably home. Not a man you want to drop


with eight overs to go, Glenn Maxwell. There a man out there, he's


going to have to jump. He does. I think he's done that, you know! I


think he has, its Jason Roy. It's quite brilliant. Roy looks


comfortable. They are having a look upstairs. REFEREE: His front foot,


please. Can you zoom that angle for me.


I can see a gap between his foot and the edge of the green. Glenn Maxwell


felt it was out when he was watching the big screen. He's gone for 20.


Now, is that the wrong one? Persistency from Morgan comes at a


good time in the 44th over. Gets rid of a dangerous Matthew Wade. Knocked


him over. A full toss, Rashid strikes again. That sweep shot has


gone straight up in the air again. He won't be happy with that,


Australia won't be happy either. The advantage of a leg-spinner. Full


toss, sweep shots. Top edge found. Australia had just had a bad few


overs here. They've lost 3-7 in 11 deliveries. Well bowled. Bowled


again. What a spell from Rashid. Superstar. He's got Australia in all


sorts of trouble. Cummins is gone the four. A nice quote easy bowling


for him. Australia are struggling. Just need a couple of wickets to


wrap up this innings for Australia. Australia need to bat out the overs.


Another 23 deliveries. That's his 50, Travis Head. Well played. Bowled


him! 90 miles an hour full toss and it knocks the woodwork over. England


on fire. Too fast, too straight. He's set the tone. His opening


bowling combination is good, Zampa is gone. In the air, and... Safe.


That was a good effort down there at the man. He picked it up late, just


a bit late to move. Now, straight down... Over it goes. The last over


off to a good start. Great shot from Travis Head. That's how short that


boundary is out there. Not a good delivery from Stokes. You'd think he


would try to force Head to go to the boundary. He hits it back into the


leg stump channel. As you say, half hit it's gone. Has he got to him


again? It's in the air. Great to react down there, Plunkett. He's


dropped him. -- late to react. He was very late to move and then


didn't pick it up, then there was plenty of time and he just fumbled


it. Stokes again. Over the top. That'll be four.


They are looking for two, there's only one there. They've got two.


Sloppy fielding in the deep. It is two to finish with. It's 277-9.


There's runs on the board. There we have it, what a great first innings.


Australia started well with the bat. Finch and Warner providing a decent


start. Smith steadied the ship in the middle overs but once he was


out, they lost their way. The Aussies kept losing wickets, 5-15


they lost and weren't able to score with freedom. Australia will owe a


lot to Travis Head if they win this game, he was fighting a lone battle


towards the end and played a gem of an innings. England owed a lot to


Mark Wood and Adil Rashid who both took four wickets. Ben Stokes took


the remaining wickets and I'm sure Eoin Morgan would have been pleased


he restricted Australians under 300. It's Jason Roy and Alex Hales who


open the batting England, with Mitchell Starc bowling first for


Australia. COMMENTATOR: Very full and that's a gift for a Jason Roy.


Big juicy full toss to start. You wouldn't mind one of those for the


first ball of your innings. He's going to attack the stumps but they


can't afford to be overly aggressive, the Australians. Easy


full toss. England are underway. Close. He's given him. He must have


thought long and hard as to whether that pitched outside leg stump, and


I think Roy for that reason has decided to review. REFEREE: Can you


start from the front foot, please. Front foot coming up. Can you go


onto front spin vision, please. Do you have anything from front on,


Mark? OK. Can you give me Hot Spot. Rock and roll it. OK, there's no


mark. Can you go to ultra-edge. You can stay with your original


decision. It's a long, slow death for Jason Roy, who put his first


ball away to the boundary but is lbw now to Mitchell Starc. The question


is whether it pitched outside leg stump but it pitched just in line.


It certainly wasn't going over and Roy has gone. His poor form


continues. Just a bit of swing there, Mitchell


Starc. Very full again. I like the length of the second ball to Jason


Roy. That knee roll length is difficult to play. A bit of shape


in, it's the same skids on. Traps Roy plumb in front. Really good


start the Starc. That's the sort of length ads rather see him bowl.


Gone! I think it has carried. Australia have a second. This is a


perfect start for them and now it's Alex Hales, just nibbling outside


off-stump. It was spot-on. Spot-on to Joe Root first ball and even


better to Alex Hales 's second ball. Catches the seam, thin outside edge.


Well taken by Finch at first slip lowdown. A great breakthrough for


Australia and Hazlewood. Eoin Morgan joins Joe Root at the crease and


Australia on the attack. Three slips. For Hazlewood. Natural angle


is across the left-hander as well. See the replay, the Alex Hales


dismissal. Textbook. Hazlewood bowling. Slight bit bangle in. Wide


on the crease. Just clips the seam. Squares Hales up. Easily taken,


Aaron Finch. Seemed like it took forever to get to the man at first


slip. He had a long time to think about it. Roy gone for four, Hales


for a duck. Mitchell Starc about to start his second over. Nasser, what


have you got for us? It's usually a combination of technique and your


mental state. Look at the way he falls over, he almost falls over at


the crease. Look at the position there. There's the position of a


person searching for four. He's running, he's no idea where the ball


has gone, what am I doing. He doesn't ask Alex Hales at the other


end, what do you reckon about the lbw? He himself calls for the


review. Just there, he calls for a review. Technically he's all over


the place. But face coming at an angle, he's falling across. No way


does he stop and go to Alex Hales, what do you reckon? I'm just going


to have one for myself. Speaks a man who knows all about that! LAUGHTER


It wasn't quite wide enough, if anything sort of in between. Trying


to end ties that big drive and potential neck behind the stumps.


Beautiful shot from Joe Root. Classic cover drive, down on one


knee, good balance. Eoin Morgan, meeting fire with fire. I'd seen him


do this throughout the tournament. Very early on in his innings, he


looks to come on the charge to the quick bowler. Whether it's to try


and get some momentum into the ball, I think every innings in this


Champions Trophy he's done that. Down the leg side. Wade moving


sharply to his right but couldn't cling on. Runs given, two to Morgan.


It looked like it might have caught a glove on the way past which tends


to slow the ball down a bit. Wade moves late to his right with


outstretched glove. Didn't get it right in the middle of the glove.


Just high on the thumb. The keepers try and catch those right in the


webbing of their glove and that one just avoided it and Morgan got a


life. Taken! Wade catches the ball, Hazlewood is the bowler and Root the


batsman. Classic fast bowling from Hazlewood.


Fine edge, easily taken by Matthew at Wade, one step across to his


right. Root committed to the poor defence. A little further taken by


Wade. The Australians are up. Huge breakthrough. Root on his way.


England 3-35. Game on here. Australia made 277-9 for their 50


overs. They have three early wickets. That's close, pitching just


outside leg stump, I fancy. Huge appeal. I think you are spot on.


With the angle that Hazlewood balls and knowing swing as such, you'd


think that is pitched just a little bit outside the line of leg stump.


Huge appeal from the Australians, as you'd expect, to a brand-new batsman


and one of his quality. This is going to be tight. It's one of those


real tough ones for the fielding captain.


But I thought he was running up, I thought Mitchell Starc is running so


gingerly to the crease. It was a really long half volley. The break


is done Eoin Morgan no harm. It was a simple step into the ball, plunged


into the off-side field. Great start from Morgan. Four boundaries already


is now in his innings. 15 deliveries, 18 not out. Fall again


ad driven again to the cover boundary again. -- it was full again


and driven again to the boundary. There's been nothing in the air at


all. Very much like a half volley. He has to bowl yorker, otherwise get


back on that knee roll links, bang, right in the middle of the bat.


Australia know they can be a bit patient. Good shot from Stokes. They


are only really one wicket away from getting into Moeen Ali on the


bowlers. 50 up for England. With all is going for four, the


short balls going for six. -- with Paul balls going for four. That was


a good shot from Morgan, I'm not convinced that was on the splice.


Got in a better position than he normally does with the short ball.


That hasn't got the extra pace, Josh Hazlewood, he's better off sticking


with that line and length and that's not very far. It's just lobbed over,


high on the back. -- high on the bat. Very dangerous, his bat swing


will put you away all day. Of straight -- stump is nearly two


straight for Ben Stokes. Imagine fifth or sixth stump for Ben Stokes.


It wasn't a bad delivery, just a fraction straight, but he's so


strong, Ben Stokes. He hits the ball right under his eyes, doesn't try to


overhit it. Up in the air, top edge, six. It's another six and a short


ball. Top edge that one, that's the real short boundary down there.


Another want to clear the friends easily. No diagrams on the


scorecard, that's six. What a shot that is. He is in such good touch,


Ben Stokes. That's just pure class. Absolute class. That's nothing more


than the extended ball on the fence. There is a little bit of nibble on


the pitch. It's a good length, just a four. Excellent timing, good


power. That is -- there is absolutely nothing wrong with that


delivery and it's gone for four. He couldn't believe it. Steve Smith


couldn't believe it. He's got the double teapot at slip. Recovering


from a poor start, now 91-3. Two players with great touch in the


middle. That's blistering. In this


partnership he is motoring, no doubt about it, England have got


themselves saddled again. -- they are settled. Over the top, it will


be four. Still pretty good. It's been too much of the same from


Australia. Good pace. Using a lot of the short balls. Boy, have Morgan


and Stokes pounced on anything loose.


That will go as well. He's dishing up. Not a good delivery. It doesn't


look to be any real plan to what Cummins is trying to do here. We see


the long full toss, a cutter gone wrong. Stokes doesn't miss that. I


do love watching Stokes against the seam. He keeps a very subtle. It's


short, he latches onto the Paul shot. A chance now, hit too hard.


Great shot from Stokes. Made on mid-off-macro in the ring, he


touches down the background. -- he punches it down the ground. I'm


flabbergasted. Long boundary leg side, two left-handers, it surely


was the right call to go to Zampa. All the way, flat. That's 50, what a


way to bring it up. It didn't get high at all, but it went all the


way. Just the 39 ball for Stokes, he's been beautiful to watch. He's


got a England back in the game. Spoken about his ability to get the


Paul or book shot and he got onto that quickly. It's his second 50


against Australia. The crowd loves it. There's another 50. It's Eoin


Morgan who is the sort of player when he finds Paul, and he did


before this tournament, he can run with it for a long period of time.


Terrific innings. It has been, it's been controlled. The counterpunching


has started with the captain Eoin Morgan, striker in at 98, two sixes,


six balls. Took himself to be on-side with the


fee to open up. All he needed to do was find the gap, and he did. You


feel with Stokes he needs is boundaries. Not going to go too long


without looking for one. He showed his stumps, up on the on-side,


slight lack -- slight lack of a length from Zampa and he's leapt


onto it. That will be six. It will bring up


the hundreds for the stand between these two as well. They are


dominating. You have to have England in front right now.


Why bother let's have a bit more of this, have some of that, Glenn


Maxwell and finish the over. That's massive, into the crowd. A big way


to finish the over. It's 152-3. That shot brings up the 154 England.


-- the 150, four England. Down the deck, over Warner's head, he's hit


it so hard. He didn't have a chance to brace himself. He's a good


player, this Ben Stokes, such a dangerous player. Didn't get the


elevation he wanted, Ben Stokes, but he hit it hard enough and flat


enough. There was just too much for Warner, just going too fast. Well,


now, is that the shot of the day? Goodness me. Have a look at this for


a shot. Pat Cummins has bowled a couple of good deliveries today and


Ben Stokes has done nothing more than just a block. Have a look at


this for a shot. Smith can't believe it either. This is just a little


punch, push into the on-side, it's braced away from him. Wow. He's


timed it beautifully since he came to the wicket as well. Just


continues to do so. Cut and Paul. -- pull.


That boundary is now a record, brings up a record partner for the


fourth wicket partnership, beating Alan Lamb and Derek Rumble in


Melbourne in 1982-83. -- Derek Randall. An excellent game. Talk


about excellent game, that's an excellent shot. Someone catch it in


the crowd! Hang on, he structured Higuain! That's a long way, that's


the big Rowntree out there as well -- hang on, he's dropped it again. A


super shot from Eoin Morgan. That's a long way back. It's gone a good 15


or 20 rows back. This is just an absolute onslaught from England.


It's only 21 overs to go after this. Absolutely smashing Australia all


over the park. 91 metres, that one. It's a biggie, nearly an upper deck.


He's chipped it up. There's a mix-up! Here's a little bit of a


change for Australia! Is it enough? What a confusion here between Stokes


and Morgan. Stokes chipping the ball in the leg-side and not sure whether


one Morgan was just ball watching at the non-striker's end, but he didn't


see Stokes charging towards and by the time he realised he was well,


well short of his ground, so Morgan, who has played so well, has been run


out half the length of the pitch. He's gone for 87, the wicket


Australia desperately needed. England 194-4.


So Starc starting his ninth over. And getting belted through the


off-side. It's what Buttler can do. He's a powerful striker.


Oh, no, lost sight of it. Maxwell. It was there, it was a catch.


Somewhere though, he lost that white cherry. Two things, Buttler hits the


ball very hard. He absolutely creamed this short wide ball from


Starc but you are right, Maxwell just lost it. Started to dip on him,


came out of the crowd. Just cruising at the moment even


with the wicket of Morgan. Stokes looks in magnificent touch. He's


really belted this cricket ball today. That's another boundary. He


moves into the 90s. He's played exceptionally well, no doubt about


that, right from the first ball as well. See everything in the middle


of the bat, crisp timing. The ball has made a beautiful place in the


bat. Places it in the covers, four more. Down the ground, could be


taken, doesn't carry. Goes for four. The sun is up, Australia's day. Big


hit down the ground. Just short. All it can do is ricochet on the


boundary for four for Jos Buttler. He's on 21 now.


That's it, that's beautifully struck. That is very powerfully


struck, Jos Buttler. Right into that swing, right into that arc of his,


nice and full. You see here he stays very still, one simple movement,


into his art and bang down the ground. 95 metres.


Cut away, it will go away for four. The first Champions Trophy 104 Ben


Stokes. What a place to do it, a packed Edgbaston, against the Auld


enemy. Brilliant. Well played, Suber. -- super. Ben Stokes brings


up his third one-day international 100. His looks in total control


today. Every single Australia bowler, fast, spin or medium paced,


very good innings. Controlled the pace exceptionally well, he and his


captain, Eoin Morgan, set the pace early on and mode -- maintain the


momentum right the way through this chase. Just as he goes to 100 the


rain comes down yet again. It looks dark in the distance. England Way


ahead on Duckworth-Lewis. STUDIO:


After chasing 278, England got a 240-4 before the rain fell and


bought up premature end to the game. They were well ahead of the


Duckworth-Lewis Stern rule meaning England won by 40 runs. In truth


they were coasting to victory anyway. After a very shaky start for


England and another failure of the Jason Roy, the game turned on the


fantastic partnership of Captain Eoin Morgan and Ben Stokes, who


scored a masterful century, his third one-day international 100.


Australia failed to capitalise on their start with Hazelwood the pick


of the bowlers with two wickets. Ewan-macro Allen -- Eoin Morgan, if


I can start with you. We found a formula, the guys performing, I'm


very pleased. To lose to the Auld enemy and be knocked out in the same


day as disappointing? Yes, it is, we didn't play our best game and we put


ourselves in a poor position with the bat and kept losing wickets in


clubs. We lost 5-15 at one point and you are up against a quality outfit


like England, you are not going to win too many games when you do that.


It was disappointing from that aspect. Reasons for the soft


dismissals, not enough time in the middle for your team? I can't use


that as an excuse. We've all played a lot of cricket. You have to come


out and play on the big stage and today, we didn't do that. You have


maybe Sri Lanka Pakistan in the next semifinal. Are you bothered about


which side you play? I think either side. They will be tough to beat.


This is a very tough competition. As was proved yesterday, in the New


Zealand game, Bangladesh turning them over but you have to be at your


best in this tournament. That's the way it falls. It's the high level of


cricket that is required, so hopefully we can produce something


near our best. Have you ever ever hit the ball better? Is going along


nicely. It's probably the case now where I look back and I'm thinking


the reason why it's going well is the training is getting more


consistent. Also, having a bit more confidence going out to bat as well.


With the guys around, I've batted with Morgan quite a lot now so he's


an influence out there. Hopefully I can keep going forward. What were


your thoughts at 35-3? Not a lot, really. We spoke about the weather


conditions. There wasn't a lot of swing. We tried to play the ball on


its merit. How good is it to play with Eoin Morgan, he's striking


brilliantly? It's really good, when you have a guy playing as well as he


is at the other end you have pupils to get yourself in and get the pace


of the pitch, so hopefully he will keep firing and everyone can keep


feeding off the confidence. The run-in between the wickets? We


should mention that, should we? Physically, how are you leading into


the semifinal? Physically good. My body feels in good nick. I haven't


had problems with my knee, touch wood. Good luck in the semi. Cheers.


STUDIO: England finish top of group a with a


full six points and with that defeat Australia go out and it's Bangladesh


who surprisingly qualify in second place. Congratulations to them, but


it's England who looked like the team to beat, as we look forward to


their semifinal next Wednesday. It's goodbye from a very wet Edgbaston.


England play next Wednesday with their semifinal opponents yet to be


decided. Highlights of that match will be on BBC Two from 11:15pm.


We're back the Oval tomorrow night with Group B action of India against


South Africa with the winners of that encounter progressing to the


semifinals. Joiners on BBC Two from 11p. And remember, you can follow


every ball by a Test match special's ball 's ball by ball commentary on


BBC Radio 25 sport live extra and watch the best of the action within


played by highlights alongside the live text commentary on the BBC


Sport website -- in play highlights. For the first time, the Science


Museum is opening its doors so you can vote for


Britain's greatest invention.


Highlights from Edgbaston, where England face Australia in one of the most eagerly awaited group matches of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.

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