India v South Africa Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

India v South Africa

Highlights from the Champions Trophy - this match featured holders India against South Africa at the Oval.

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The trophy is shared between India and Sri Lanka. 2013. India! Hello


and welcome to London and the Oval, where we have a blockbuster of a


game as the reigning champions, India, play the world number one


team, South Africa. For both sides, this is basically a quarterfinal as


only the winners of the match will go through to the semifinals. The


conundrum is due to Pakistan and Sri Lanka who have brought the


tournament into life in recent days by beating South Africa and India in


recent days. It's a winner takes all scenario. The final game of the


group is between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Cardiff tomorrow with the


winners of that one likely to face England. Yesterday, the World Cup


winners were sent packing as England got one over their oldest and


fiercest rivals, Australia, and they top the group with Bangladesh the


surprise runners-up. One change each in this game with Phehlukwayo coming


in. Ravi Ashwin is coming in for his first appearance, coming in for your


dad, and there was a huge roar and sheer when Ashwin's name was read


out. Virat Kohli won the toss and elected to bowl, Quinta do the


chasing after being stunned by the record Sri Lanka chase. The weather


has disrupted games in Birmingham, but it is glorious in south London.


Let's join the action. It will only be one. The first over


is completed. 3-0. That will be runs. Is it off the bat, or leg


byes? It is off the bat. I imagine some of these headlines


might have been loved today, the Aussies sent packing.


Confusion again, Jadeja at backward point. Not many better in the world


than him. He gets across the ground quickly, and as good a throwing arm


as you will see in the modern game. Nice finding of the gap from Hashim


Amla. Beautiful shot from Amla. A little bit short but a bit of wit.


He was on the back foot, standing tall, on top of the bounce. He hits


it late. He hits it square. Over to the boundary for four runs. He has


looked good so far, Hashim Amla. Very experienced player at the top


of the order. They need a big score from him today. We saw a nice


close-up of the delivery before he ran in. Looking to nip it back, and


that is exactly what it did. Attacking Hashim Amla. Perfect


length. Maybe just a few inches too short, but it has gone over the top


of the stumps, and it might have clattered into the bails. The guys


in the dressing room need to think we are not doing too badly, but it's


not as easy as you think, and it maybe gives them a different


perspective. In the dressing room, you will be thinking, its


boundaries, but as a bowler captain... They should not be too


many and is in the pants in the South African dressing room. Just


let it go. -- ants in the pants. Could that be a boundary? A very


important moment for South Africa. Just relieves a bit of pressure.


How important is that? Just trying to break the shackles. You can see


the short boundaries, Ashwin is bowling. He will be at this end,


right through the ten overs. It's not a very big boundary. Always


risky when you take on Virat Kohli. He felt like he had the man, and if


he had hit... Wasn't to be. Not the best way to get to your 50. Must've


been out by miles. Just takes the pressure off the scoreboard. Virat


Kohli just misses. Very quick, flicks it, but misses the stumps.


Just have a look at him. Oh, another half chance. Caught and bowled goes


down, so it is all happening. Two runs from the over. 50 without loss.


Pressure on both sides. Run out on the previous delivery, and then a


straight forward caught and bowled. Heating it on the up, and it should


have been taken at this level. Not a very difficult catch. Big match, big


situation, pressure on everyone. The move has begun. Amla, making that


big movement on the off-side. And your was caught by surprise --


handier. You were wondering when it was going to come, and he walks into


the channel and he picks it up leg side onto the shore boundary. An


obvious line from Pandya, into the ring, and you cannot afford to give


the width, and Amla worked it out. South Africa need more of that.


Starting to happen. The second time he has made the move before the ball


has been delivered, and he has ten runs. Those two shots he has played,


that is what we are talking about, a bit more adventure from South


Africa. India lacked pace, and Kumar has bowled beautifully, but there


was not much swing and he hit back of a lens. I want to see people use


their feet and change the channel, and we see it now from Amla. People


will remember that until now the Champions Trophy has been a


tournament full of surprises. The weather has been an issue, but today


the sun is out, and in the last week we have had some very surprising


results, unexpected results. That is going to be four runs. Well played


by Hashim Amla. Mid-off his inside the circle. -- es inside. That is


the noise, and that is the wicket. And what a wicket that is. Am I


trying to cut -- Amla. And the Sea of blue has erupted. Ashwin has


changed his pace through the years, and he was looking to play square of


the wicket. It skims off the surface, and an outstanding catch


from MS Dhoni. There was some deflection there.


Amla has gone for 35. 76-1. Well played. A short boundary, and a


good space to pick up another four runs. That is the attacking option


for De Kock against Ashwin. No one on the leg side boundary, and Ashwin


allowed him to play through there. Just a dab. That would have been a


better option, but they will complete the second. Direct would


have been close there. Very fast between the wickets and another


example of the intensity that has been brought into the South African


game. I feel that a direct hit would have been out. It is a big game, a


knockout game for both. Have a look at the crowd. It is blue everywhere.


Through the on-side, punched it. We'll come back for a couple. That


is a short boundary outside Virat Kohli. He gives 100% on the field


all the time, Virat Kohli. Great ambassador.


That is 54 Quinton de Kock. His 14th in international cricket, to add to


the 12 centuries. A slightly slower pace, but he's still there. And the


worry for India at this moment, every time he gets 50, he gets 100


against India. Talking about the first spell from


India, very good. 50 not out in 68 deliveries. Oh, yes. Not this. Slog


sweep, missing the line completely. -- not this time. Quinton de Kock is


dismissed, and India picking up the second wicket at a very important


time. Excellent line from Jadeja. With the field he has set, the


sweeper has to be deep, so he cannot give the width bowling at the


stumps. It is a good comeback for him so far from the Sri Lanka match.


This time Quinton de Kock has been dismissed for 50 against India.


116-2. The captain is in. Short side of the ground, but timed


well enough by de Villiers. Is this a portent of things to come today?


He does not look out of form and though. A juicy half volley,


hitching it up, Pandya. It races away to the boundary. Looking for


the wicket. Looking for the swing, early on.


On the back foot once again. We'll have to run and see if de Villiers


makes it or not. -- he will have to The Indians do not look very


confident, except for Virat Kohli. Neither does AB de Villiers. That is


going to be very, very... And he has gone. Very good work by MS Dhoni.


Look how quickly he gets the gloves onto the stumps. And a big, big


wicket for India. Needed to be using the ball speed to get home, and he


wasn't. He goes for 16. 140-3. David Miller. Replacing AB de Villiers.


An outside edge, and it is another runout coming here. That's another


one! Chaos in the middle of the over here -- Oval here. The South African


batsman stranded at the same end. All sorts of confusion as to who


will be given out. One of them will be on their way.


The noise of this crowd, and communication is the key, being able


to watch each other. South Africa, getting themselves back in the game.


There were two massive moments. It is the batsmen on the far side. Look


at that. They have not crossed. He made his ground before Miller, so it


will be Miller on his way. And that is confirmation that David Miller is


on his way, run out. South Africa now 142- far. -- - four. De Villiers


was looking good today, but run out, a mix-up between him and Miller.


Those are two massive wickets for India.


What is going on out in the middle of the Oval? Another very, very


tight thing, and Kohli was in very quickly. The throw was wide. Lucky


for South Africa once again. LOUD APPEALS


It has been giving out. Duminy wants to look at the review straightaway.


I think there was an inside edge. Duminy straightaway going upstairs.


He looks confident. OK, have you got a square on shot,


please? We will have a look at Hot Spot. Just roll that back. It does


look like there is a little mark on the glove. OK. I am happy with that.


I will go back to the field. I have a little Hot Spot, and also there is


a spike on track edge, against the glove. I will ask you to reverse


your decision. I will tell you when you're on screen. Your on-screen.


There it is, confirmation. The decision is overturned.


He has bowled him. Du Plessis looking to force through the on side


but a thick inside edge onto his middle stump. A big breakthrough


again. A really tough five overs for du Plessis. In valve in two runouts


and now he is out himself. -- involved in two. Is -- South Africa


are all over the place. He jobs it on. South Africa under a big


pressure. We have seen the end of du Plessis 436. 157-5.


That is touched by gone to the stumps. They are going upstairs


again for another run out. It cannot be. I cannot take any more. Morris


looks pretty comfortable. You can sit back down again. Stanning around


to the South African changing rooms, wanting to have a chat with the guys


in there. Firmly through the of Jadeja. He has made his ground. It


was a good bit of work by the bowler. That is good. The bat is on


the ground. My decision is not out. That was tucked into fine leg. Just


one. That puts pressure on the bowlers. They know they cannot land


the ball there and thereabouts and build up pressure. We have not seen


that much today from the South African batting line up. That is


another wicket. It has gone straight up. It should be taken. Taken


comfortably. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a safe capture. It is all turning pear


shaped for South Africa at the Oval. You get one of your best bowlers


back. We have talked about trends, with South Africa looking to push


hard. The runouts have been a factor but they are losing wickets in the


middle. India have been good. The tone was set in the power play by


their bowlers. It is being followed through. Morris goes for four.


167-6. To close. The length was too full. Again, there was room. That is


why he went for it. A welcome four runs. Just 12 overs. South Africa


have managed to find the boundary rope. They have not been at their


best. Did that hit the stumps? That is the question Paul Reiffel is


asking himself. The answer is no. MS Dhoni is in the background. He has


to look back towards him for the final sanction. Dhoni is not too


excited. He has gone for it. Just Snicko overs to go after this. Maybe


a practical review as well. I am not kidding the umpire. Is he on air?


The bat does not appear to be involved. Can we check, please?


There is no Hot Spot. Keep rolling it through. There is no bat gone


mad. If we could go to ball tracking, please. The impact in


line, hitting the stumps. CHEERING


Reverse your decision. You are on-screen. Not the first eruption we


have seen from the Indian fans. They cite on the giant screen, every


moment the noise was getting louder. Another wicket has fallen. It is


Bhuvneshwar Kumar. That is the combination that is working for


India. 178-7. It has carried to Dhoni. That is another wicket.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets his first. Once again, it is time for the


Indian fans to rise and applaud. An impressive bowling effort from the


Indians. Everything that Virat Kohli has done, changing his bowlers


around, it has worked on almost every occasion. Whenever he requires


a wicket, he changes Bumrah, or Jadeja, or Kumar. It has worked.


Rabada goes. Yet another left-hander. Ashwin will fancy his


chances if Bhuvneshwar Kumar does not get a wicket before that from


the other end. India are on a roll. South Africa have lost six wickets


with 25 balls. Kamara is looking to hit the deck a lot because there is


no swing. That is movement of the pitch to get the outside edge.


Another wicket has fallen. Outside edge and a comfortable catch for the


Indian caption -- for the Indian captain. Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets his


second. He is on a hat-trick. Again, the skipper and the ball, getting


the slip and, as you would do for a lower order batsmen. Just the angle.


Safely held. Morkel goes without scoring. 184-9. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is


on a hat-trick. It has been a fantastic offer, to outside edges,


two catches taken. The possibility of picking up a hat-trick against


the number 11 for South Africa, Imran Tahir. Phil and straight.


Tahir goes hard at it. The thick edge to third man. Showing no


caution. He has decided to have a go. He is now thinking about the


second. This could be run out. The Masefield. It allows him to get


back. Or does it? Chaos in the middle. Duminy smashed it away to


leg side. He wanted to be back for the second. Imran Tahir turned him


down, but because of the misfield by Virat Kohli, he decided to get on


his way. It looks like he is struggling. Yes, indeed, a third run


out in the innings for South Africa. Their innings comes to a premature


close after 44.2 overs. With 190 on the board. A brilliant effort by


India. The crowd are on their feet. They have appreciated the last hour


and a half. It is unreal from South Africa. I have never seen a top


international side go about their job as they did in the 40 overs. You


talk about being under pressure. I do not know what it is, but they


never looked like a top-class international side. India need 192


for the victory in 50 overs. Great work from the Indian bowling, the


fielding. Virat Kohli will be happy. The last 98 balls for South Africa,


the last eight wickets. They ended up with a total of 191. South


Africa's reputation for failing in big knockout game is one they have


never liked, but they have done very little to dispel that tag with this


display. An abject batting performance that started promisingly


before a series of farcical runouts left them in big trouble. Quinton de


Kock was the top scorer with 53. An impressive performance in the field


for India, the bowlers hitting the red areas and the fielders showing


energy and commitment. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah were the


pick of the bowlers with two wickets apiece. With the firepower at their


disposal, the total should be a breeze for India two overall. But


stranger things have happened. Rohit Sharma Ansari Magnusson are opening


the batting for India. The target is just 192. A good line to start with


four Rabada. A maiden over. It could be tight. He would have been gone.


He would have been gone. David Miller, the fielder. The first


opportunity for South Africa. It was missed. Again, another run out


opportunity today. We have seen plenty of them. Maybe the bug was


transferred at lunch to the Indian team. Well fielded. They will have


to do that quite often. There is that strong culture with every day


now, but more so South Africa, or over the years, of excellent


fielders. It started from the era of Jonty Rhodes. It has become a


standard that South Africa are very proud of. That is just a touch, it


is just a push from Rohit Sharma. We talk about the languid nature of his


play. What a touch. The bat just comes down like a barn door onto the


ball. He punches pass the ball. Good balance from Rohit Sharma. It is a


quick outfield at the Oval. It just rolls along to the advertising


boards. Into the boundary rope. Dispatched. He plays the short ball


very well. It has gone for six, even though he was dismissed in the last


match with it. 12-0. It is a short boundary there as


well, but with no one out in that area. Freedom to play.


Lovely wrist work. The second six of the innings. What a shot from


Dhawan. Great timing, almost on the top of


the bounce. Through the ball. It sailed into the crowd. Morkel,


straight to Dhawan. He has been in wonderful form in this tournament.


It shows they are. -- it shows. He did not read it. He overran it.


Andile Phehlukwayo. Well, Andile Phehlukwayo. He has got


him. What was that, what was the intent from Sharma, out of the blue?


Morkel strikes, and de Kock holds on. Morkel has been a shining light


for South Africa in this tournament. Sharma giving himself room, and


Morkel following him. The bounce, and the edge. It was a good catch


from de Kock. It is very unusual from Rohit Sharma, based on the way


the tournament has gone. He has gone for 12. 23-1. It is a great


delivery. The batsman was genuinely beaten. 24-1.


Well done. That is what he really feeds off, Virat Kohli, running


between the wicket. That is why he needs a partner who understands his


instincts. That is pushed hard on the ground. This will be de


Villiers. Just as I was saying he was wide. Shikhar Dhawan makes a


great strike down the ground and punches into the ball.


Even AB de Villiers could not get to it. He reacted quickly when the ball


was punched. Lettuce see whether the field change has made any difference


-- let us. Morne Morkel is asking where he should have made it. He has


got that through. The speed of the pitch will help. Those pitches will


help. It's raced across the outfield. A good attempt from David


Miller, chasing all the way to the fence. Scooped it back, but it has


trickled across the line. Ambitious from dar one. -- Dow one. Just


avoided him to his right, through the gap, across the wickets. Dhawan


is now on 20. Again, they will get a couple of runs here. And Virat Kohli


will come back for a third, but it could have been slightly dangerous.


Dhawan hesitant with the third run, and that is why he wants to have a


chat. David Miller is the man that point. -- at point. Made good ground


to his right, a bit of a dive. Just missed it. He is normally a good


fielder in that part of the ground. Oh, Morne Morkel, eventually when he


got close to the ball it was maybe a metre away from him. The 50 has come


up for India. A good effort, in the end. Morne Morkel at fine leg,


making ground quite quickly in off the road. Carried a long way. Well


done. It's gone for six. That is unexpected. Straight, but there were


no fielders. Over the rope and it shows the class of Virat Kohli. It


shouldn't be unexpected, because he has been tied down, and this is


while we did not see the South African do this. We did not see them


shimmy down the wicket and tried to put pressure back on the Indian


bowlers. A couple of steps down, and that is class batting from Kohli.


Beautiful. Very, very good. Not much pace, not much bounce, just hits it


down the ground. That is when Virat Kohli blaze at his best. Searching


for some movement -- plays at his best. On the angle, just sliding


down the leg side. Good balance. He has to get further outside the


off-stump. Oh, was that a half chance and did it carry? It looks


like a valiant effort. That would have been ideal for South Africa. It


beats the inside edge. It is that same area, just outside the


off-stump. Just a bit too deep, Hashim Amla. A difficult catch.


Always difficult in the slips when it is so low. Nicely clipped. This


field. A dropped catch, and a mis-field, and that will allow Virat


Kohli to get back for three runs. That could have brought about a


breakthrough, but far from it. It's not going to be easy. That is a


boundary. It also brings up the 75. He knew exactly where the fielder


was. Even Quinton de Kock... Short, this time. He has bolded. Over the


square leg boundary. You cannot keep bolding with five fielders on the


off-side to a left-hander. Easy pickings with the turn, and Dhawan


is a good player of spin. That is a drag down from the last over. This


time it is back foot. He knows exactly where the fielders are on


that boundary. He does not want to get in front of the square, he just


wants to help it on its way. Through the leg side. That is too straight


from Morne Morkel. The timing is magnificent. That has raced away


over square to the mid-wicket boundary.


There is the gap again. Virat Kohli. He is getting into his groove now.


It is looking wider and wider, his bat, out there. At the last minute


he pushes his hands at the ball and create all the power. Finds the gap


at extra cover and it races away to that one boundary.


Just as solid punch, and fast hands into the ball. That is 50! The 19th


50 of his one-day career, and is third in this tournament. -- he's


third. With that boundary, Dhawan becomes


the leading scorer in the tournament, 53 coming of just 61


balls. Pops it over mid-on. Just a couple of bouncers. All too easy for


Dhawan. It's the format and the opposition as well, top of the list,


and we saw this in the morning, Kane Williamson was on top, and now he


has jumped up to the top of the tree.


That is a shot you do not see everyone -- very often, from Dhawan.


Short on the leg side, but he gets ball runs and it also brings up the


100 run partnership. That is going to be four runs, off


the glove. Another boundary for Dhawan. The required rate keeps


coming down. I felt South Africa missed a trick by not bringing to


hear into bowl. There was a chance to bring Latin. -- Tahir to bowl.


There was a period where in this South African performance it went


into disarray, run out after run out. That is where India took


control of the game. That is 50 four Virat Kohli.


His second in the tournament after the 80 runs against Pakistan.


Consistency of performance and intensity in the play.


Another slog on the leg side. The juggernaut rolls on and on.


Everyone is looking forward to the super Sunday, and it hasn't lived up


to it, particularly because India have been so dominant. South Africa


have not shown up today. Brilliant to watch. On the up. It's


interesting watching this from Virat Kohli. It is perceived as a weakness


as the innings goes on, but that actually becomes his strong point.


It is taken safely. Just talking about whether he could get there,


and he is dismissed by Imran Tahir. Well, he was trying to get there,


and that is the reason he played the shot. The face opening at the last


minute. Good work Yuvraj Singh replaces


Dhawan. This time it is over mid-on and he was waiting for the ball to


be tossed up. With a straight bat, brilliant. He


is a better player of spin bowling. And he whacks it through mid-wicket,


and it's one of the most difficult shots in cricket, and we all love


it. That is close. That is an appeal. A very good delivery,


spinning into the left-hander. OK, looks like an inside edge. Can


we look at the inside Hot Spot, please?


Yes, there is an edge there, but can we look at the other edge, please?


OK, yes. I'm happy to go back to the field. I've got inside edge, Paul,


and I'm happy there. You are on screen now, please stay with your


original decision. He will come back for the second,


very easily. Long boundaries on that side. The mid-on is up. MS Dhoni up


to the crease, and he might leave in finishing it off with a six. This


time through the middle, through the boundary and it goes a long way into


the stands. India finish off in style, and India qualified for the


semifinals. They will be played against Bangladesh on the 15th. A


win with 12 overs to spare. A complete performance from the men


in blue. They bowled well, they fielded brilliantly. And when it was


time for the bat, they finished off in style. A very good performance


from the captain. He was under pressure when he came into this


game, losing against Sri Lanka a few days ago. He has responded well. The


big swing of Yuvraj Singh takes them home, into the stands and on their


way to the semifinal. India win by eight wickets and in


some style. Before the start of the tournament, this game was expected


to decide who would finish first and second in the grip. No South Africa,


the number one team in the world, find themselves out, and 191 was


never going to be enough. Dhawan and Kohli lived in total control. They


put on 128 for the second wicket. The victory never felt then died.


Dhawan leads the Golden bat award with a tally of 271 runs in the


tournament. South Africa were live to regret a bad innings with the


bat. Tahir and Morkel picked up on wicket each. Tahir was brought on


late. India were never under pressure. The intensity was really


good and it paid dividends later on. It was a good toss to win. The


wicket did not change much. We thought it was a decent wicket to


bat on. The bowlers bowled well, kept it tight. The fielders backed


it up. We had a complete performance in the field. When the opportunities


come, you have to grab them. We did that today and it helped us. We had


a strong batting line up. Good fielding, an important wicket to get


your mate run out? Always good to get him out early. They can really


damage the opposition. He can really hurt you in the middle overs. It was


a good breakthrough for us. All in all, we wanted to step up in the


field and that is what the guys provided within intensity. It was


good to see. It is not really the loss, one team has got to lose, it


is more the manner of the defeat for South Africa? Definitely. Not an


ideal way to finish are tournament. It is very disappointing. Credit to


them in the first 20 overs. They did not miss the mark in the field


often. They put a lot of pressure is going at 3.5, four and over with the


bat. The runouts cost us dearly today. In the tournament you guys


have not reached the heights. Were you expecting to get it right today?


We never got going. It is very, very sad. We're hoping to play better --


we were hoping to play a better game today. More to get excited about,


but unfortunately we came unstuck against the better team today. On


that surface, were you looking to be conservative? That was not the plan.


They bowled well and did not miss their mark. Great intensity in the


field. We could not get to away as often as we wanted to. That is not


the reason we lost. We were outplayed. We gave away a few silly


runs in the field and with the bat in hand, there were soft dismissals,


which will cost you. India go through to the semifinals where they


are likely to play Bangladesh at Edgbaston on Thursday. They top


Group B and they are superior run rate suggest they will stay there


regardless of the result of the moral's match in Cardiff were


something extraordinary would need to happen for them to be overtaken.


Join us for another winner takes all match tomorrow where Pakistan take


on Sri Lanka to decide who will go through alongside India. From a very


sunny Oval in south London, it is goodbye.


England play next Wednesday with their semifinal opponents yet to be


decided. Highlights from that match will be on BBC Two. 11:15 p.m..


England's opponents will be non-tomorrow after the conclusion of


Pakistan against Sri Lanka. Join us tomorrow for highlights of the


action from Edgbaston. MUSIC: Power


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all that power... # There's nothing more


Machiavellian... I am disgusted at the way this


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on every scale, already.


Highlights from the Champions Trophy - this match featured holders India against South Africa at the Oval.

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