Sri Lanka v Pakistan Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

Sri Lanka v Pakistan

Highlights of the final group match of the Champions Trophy, which pits Sri Lanka against Pakistan at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

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The trophy shared between India and Sri Lanka. The Champions Trophy


belongs to the Australian team. 2013, India!


Hello and welcome back to Cardiff for the final group game of the 2017


ICC Champions Trophy and what a cracker it promises to be. Pakistan


against Sri Lanka, the winners are almost certain to face England in a


semifinal on England. The losers go home. Sri Lanka dazzled with the bat


against holders India last week. Chasing a target of 322, a best for


this tournament. Pakistan started the competition poorly against


India, but upset the odds against South Africa in a rain-affected


match last time out, leaving the Duckworth Lewis stern method


securing them points. Here's the table:


An overcast morning. And both sides packing their team with seam


bowlers. That's Pakistan's only change, all rounder Faheem Ashraf


coming in. Sri Lanka make a solitary change. This one enforced. Perera's


hamstring injury keeps him out. On a morning that looks good for bowling


opted to put their opponents in first. Could Sri Lanka pick up with


the bat where they left off last week. Winner takes all here at


Cardiff. Let's join the action.


COMMENTATOR: Here we go. Swing, lovely start Amir.


How good is that through the off-side, splendid timing and what a


way to get off the mark. Just ease into that half-volley and played the


swing so well. Key to this not trying to hit it too hard. Just have


a look, just a push. Nice, drifting onto the pads. Well


timed. It is still a long boundary. We talked about that. The debutante


hunts it down. Saves one for his team.


Punished. Put away. This is terrific batting, because you're looking at


the conditions and you're thinking, oh, I've got to mind my off-stump


line. That's where the attack is going to be. How well was that


struck? Some width from Junaid. The wind is


in the face of Rashid Khan. -- Junaid Khan.


To the boundary for four. Maintaining good presence at the


crease and creating some pressure for Pakistan. Good shot considering


the field on the leg side, just two men in the ring, at mid-on and


square leg. Once it went past those two fielders, it was always going to


hit the fence. Goodness me. Early on in the game


for that. What a clever shot. In the air. Should be taken. Will be


taken, comfortably. Easy for Shaoib Malik. Pakistan have broken through.


Clearly a bit of a relief. The batsmen were looking dangerous.


Malik is the best in the field for Pakistan. Still at age 36 plus.


Junaid has shown great temperament to get rid of Gunathilaka.


Lovely, beautiful boundary, straight down the ground to kick off the


eighth over. It's been a very good opening stand


between our first commentators. Well played, and the timing there,


races away. Just on the hip and turned beautifully, quite square on


the on-side. He's a good player, period. Wonderful timing. Great


weight transfer into the ball. A back foot shot, but the weight


always forward, that gets the power. Beautiful timing.


Oh! A little bit of temper. I'm sure that came from the four.


Across the seam, different angle. He's not too far out of his crease.


And quite away away from the stumps. It swung a bit. That's the danger


when you change the angle. It's interesting, he had the angle


across, now he's got the angle in, which aids all those strokes. Yeah


just sat up nicely for the batsman. Another terrific shot. Well played.


It will run away. Has it got enough on it? That is using the pace. When


you're not trying to really turn the ball and they're coming out like


armed balls you have a bit more pace to use. Brilliant play.


Very well played, smart play from the batsman. Another swinging


delivery. It's not spin. It's one finger seam delivery from the


left-arm spinner. Hasan Ali, what can he do? The first


one is threaded through. Glorious stroke by Mendis. We were talking


about his on-side play. That's not bad in the off either. That's why as


this innings grows, want to cope an eye on his wagon wheel as well. Was


it the short legside boundary at the Oval that got him to play that


direction all the time? Warm up delivery from the seamer. On the up.


Oh, yes, sir, what a delivery! Through his defence and he was


batting so well, Hasan Ali provoids a breakthrough for Pakistan.


-- provides. Thnchts one went the other way, nipping back sharply.


Brilliant delivery. Hitting the top of middle stump. There's that energy


and passion that Hasan Ali brings. That is a big wicket. Kusal Mendis


is a very good player, who is in form and he's gone for 27 now.


Oh, that's gone. Bowled. Inside edge. Things happening for Pakistan.


Back-to-back blows and it's the newcomer Chandimal, with a big


inside edge. You mention he's a bottom handed player. You sense a


bit of bottom hand that came into this drive. The bat face closes as


he tries to hit a wide ball through the off-side. Big wickets for


Pakistan. Two now that has put the brakes on Sri Lanka. Chandimal, a


very experienced Chandimal gone for a duck, second ball.


That's his 50. Very good innings. Powering his way to yet another good


knock, a strike rate of almost 100, he's batted magnificently. It's been


tough in the last half an hour. He's not thrown it away. He's adjusted,


changed his gear. Oh, dear. Dear me, no ball. He'll get a free hit. He's


played that incredibly well. Absolutely, Simon. Jesus, that was


quick. 137 kilometres an hour, cross seam straight at your head. Not only


did he play well, he's just hooked it. It goes to show how good he is.


Watching the ball at this moment. That's very good batting.


There leg stump, look fog the yorker. -- look for the yorker.


Angelo Mathews finds the gap. Nicely played. Very good shop. Very wristy.


Once again a low, full toss, 141 kilometres. It's just a flick off


the wrist. Just whips it through mid-wicket. No chance for the deep


mid-wicket fielder. Important runs for Sri Lanka. A boundary after a


long time. This time using his feet. That is the shot boundary. That goes


the distance. Doesn't get into the river. It brings the first six for


the Sri Lankans. They just needed a bit of momentum, the Sri Lankan


players. Angelo Mathews has given them that. Using his feet. Using the


bounce and just a flick of the wrist. Good shot. Probably not


expecting him to run in the first overs. Pressure back on Hafeez.


Chance. Chance... Hit and out. A direct hit. It was a dive from


Angelo Mathews. But these are so often out. Very, very close. If you


ask me, it looks out. Dives, dives, no - he makes it. We are wrong up


here. He does a good job, the Sri Lankan


captain. A very important game, a very important part of this game and


he does well. A dive saves his wicket.


Lovely. Lovely timing. That will race away. No chance to stop that


boundary. Good finish to the over. Eight runs from it.


Once again trying to bowl it flat and quick. Just allowing the ball to


come onto the bat. Smashed through the on-side, over


the top, flies away. A couple of really powerful strokes here from


Angelo Mathews. He's a man in good touch.


It's just about those wrists. You don't see a big sort of backlift and


a big swing after he's made the connection, just about the bottom


hand. Garnett! Again, pace and movement


off the pitch. This is where Pakistani is such a special team,


it's their bowling, it really comes to the forefront in the big moments.


Another one of these dismissals, inside edge, a little bit of pad,


helps it onto the stumps. The judgment was not great from Angelo


Mathews. Huge wicket for Pakistan, gone for 39. 161-4.


Looked back, always a sign he had an edge. Pakistan are on a roll here.


That was another terrific delivery. We just showed you the example, he


keeps doing them in the same place, there's subtle movement, trying to


keep that seam upright. The new batsman with the angle couldn't


negotiate it. That is a healthy edge. The man who has just arrived


in the country is departing to the dressing room. 162-5.


Wicket takers, aggressive bowlers, there's the reaction, no need to


appeal. The batsman walking away as well. Pakistan have lifted, just


like they did the other day. Look at them, they're going crazy out there!


What sort of shot was this? Where was he trying to take it? Click it


to the on-side, way outside off-stump. What a catch! Absolutely


brilliant. Pakistan on a roll! Hasn't taken a wicket until today,


he's got two. 73, Dickwella. Sri Lanka very much on the back foot.


Drop the... Held onto it, but just as he was taking control of the


ball, just slipped his glove, as you can see from the reaction, knows he


hasn't completed a clean catch. They might have a look, there will be a


soft signal. My first reaction was it seems like he just lost control


of the ball. Let's see what happened here.


OK... Keep rolling. Lost sight of that, another angle please.


Something behind? Perfect. Mark, that is not out. I repeat, not out.


Another one! Great bowling, great catching. Junaid Khan strikes once


more. The support says it all. Pakistan


have turned the innings around in the field. Brilliant bowling again.


Got to him quickly, that was a healthy edge, got to him so quickly,


but he's hung onto it. He's gone for one, 160 7-7.


Lovely shot. Suranga Lakmal on the front foot and driving powerfully to


the boundary. Nothing much on that occasion from the bowler, Hasan Ali.


Well met. Because of the swing, this slight inswinging he's getting, he


is pushing made of trying to hit the stumps. I think Sarfraz needs to


have a word with him and go back to what he was doing before.


Lakmal hanging in there, doing a very good job for his team at the


moment. 43 overs gone, the 200 up for Sri Lanka. A good partnership


for Sri Lanka. Looking to come back for the second. Good work, very good


work on the fence. Took three runs the Sri Lanka. Pitched up again, and


he whacks it again, this time to defence, on the shorter side of the


ground, towards the River Taff End. All-important runs for Sri Lanka. It


is excellent, good batting. He's waited, he's gone past Gunaratne. 15


of 30, but it's all about this partnership. 42 at the moment. This


time trying to hit through mid-wicket and Hasan strikes. Just


hitting the off-stump. As we said, Gunaratne needs to be there. Slower


delivery, good pace, just the top rail. That's why Lakmal didn't


realise. Another wicket for Hasan, another wicket for Pakistan when


they required it the most. Yes, very good slower ball. Suranga Lakmal


goes for 26. A chance of a run out, he was gone


if he could have hit. Didn't even try to dive or put his bat in. Over


the top of the keeper. One bounce to the boundary for four. He was in no


position to pray that shot but still went through with it stop you how


good was it? I don't know how he managed to get that ball to that


part of the ground from that angle. Just stood and lobbed it over the


keeper. Unbelievable stuff. No initial movement, just taking his


eye off the ball and just making sure it goes over the keeper's head.


It could have gone anywhere. That hit him on the head, that's a


quick bouncer. A very good shot. Will it go down to


the deep square leg fielder? Yes, it does. Once again Hasan Ali comes


back into the spell and once again he takes an important wicket. This


time of Gunaratne. Slower delivery once again, a slower off-spinner,


and he picks the man at deep square leg. Along the boundary and he


doesn't make any mistake there. Wicket number three for Hasan Ali.


That is up in the air, and that's the second wicket. Sri Lanka getting


dismissed for 236. It's been a terrific bowling performance from


Pakistan. Good work. Dismissed, leading-edge, and Fahim picks up


another. Nicely done by Pakistan, high fivess all around. Bold it had


into the surface, maybe a cross seam delivery, looped back to him. Too


easy. Excellent bowling performance from Pakistan, now can they back it


up with the bat? Supporters of Pakistan have been in good voice


today. They will be pretty happy with where their team sits at this


point in time. STUDIO: It was all looking so good for Sri Lanka,


scoring freely after 30 overs or so with just three down but for quick


wickets for just six runs tore apart their middle order. A minor recovery


from Lakmal batting at nine, but his dismissal saw fairly low-key end to


the innings. Opening Dickwella was the highlight, a well constructive


73 for him. Captain Angelo Mathews chipped in with 39, including the


only six of the innings but the Sri Lankans couldn't recreate those


batting fireworks from last time out. Junaid Khan and Hasan Ali the


pick of the Pakistan bowlers, three wickets each for them. Mohammad Amir


was key to a devastating spell in the middle of the innings and a


brace on his debut fit Fahim Ashaf. Pakistan looked to have the


advantage at the halfway stage. Mohammad Amir with us. A trained


target because of the gush of brilliance in the middle of the


innings. I think we bowled well as a unit. The team plan was according to


the situation. Early on, the wicket was a little bit slower, but I think


we stuck with a line and length and I think that's why we were


successful. This shouldn't be a tough target for you guys? I don't


think so. The wicket looks very good and if that... The opening


partnership is very crucial, I think we have a good chance. A below par


score for Sri Lanka. Pakistani just 237 to seal a semifinal place


against England. Sri Lanka need an inspired performance with the ball.


Opening the batting is Ali and is our man. COMMENTATOR: First ball.


Good line. Just a little bit of an angle.


There we go... He's dropped it! Straight to the fielder. The last


thing you need, the last thing you need when you've got a moderate


total on the board. Ghat width, Azhar Ali, looked to force it away


into the on-side. -- got width, Azhar Ali.


Now, that's another close call. Had he collected the ball, the fielder


running in, they may have beaten the batsman. Same fielder. Couldn't


gather the ball. If he does pick it up, I think that's out. Pick it up


there, throw it there, ball hits there, out. Tried the slow delivery,


well played by the left-hander. It's going to be four.


Yes, that's an intentional slow delivery, deliberate undercutting.


This time he's rolled his fingers under the ball. Same direction and


same result. Good for Pakistan here, a couple of boundaries.


Lovely cricket. Lovely batting this, from Fakhar. Yes, beautiful timing.


Half volley again, he leans into it nicely. Nice two eyed of the bowler.


Has to be four, just a good reaction from the batsman. 19-0.


Well played. Saw the ball short, plenty of time. He just pulled it


away. Certainly Lakmal not finding his line and length.


31-0 Pakistan, a sedate start from Azhar Ali... Until that point! A


change of commentary, a change of approach, Azhar Ali down the pitch


and into the River Taff. That's more like it. Azhar Ali normally a very


sedate operator at the crease, and this was down the track.


This time it's Fakhar. I think they like the fact Perera has come into


the attack. Gentle pace and I quite fancy him. They like the fact Fakhar


Zaman is opening for Pakistan. Very good and a natural time of the ball.


Edge, but short of slip and gone through. More frustration for Sri


Lanka. More cheers from the Pakistan fans. There he goes, high and this


is towards the river as well. Over the side into the River again.


It's gone miles! Yes, he was sitting on that off-stump and tried to work


it away towards mid-on and mid-wicket. It was supposed to come


down straight back, it went high in the air and out of the ground.


That's the kind of line he's trying to bowl but bowling a little too


straight on that occasion. Fine leg is inside the circle, another four.


Sweetly played. This is excellent batting. To go from a situation


where you're looking to take the attack to the seamers, now we're


into the second phase of this game. A spinner comes on. He's changed


out-and-out regression with a little bit of cute deftness. 50 it is. Huge


cheers for this enterprising, left-handed opener. He goes through


to his first ODI 50 in 34 balls. Eight fours, one six. He's given his


team a fantastic start. Top edge. Pulled firmly, might be


gone this time. It is gone. Disappointment for Fakhar. A much


needed wicket for slankament Yeah, he -- Sri Lanka. Yeah, he could have


carried on easily. Some relief for the Sri Lankan fans. He took this


cleanly. Always this chance of him waiting for the bait. He's a square


leg posted as well. Good, pressure catch. This is what Sri Lankans were


hoping for. Fakhar has injured them quite badly with a 50. Out. Out!


Caught at mid-wicket, hit well, straight to the man. Very nicely


timed. Let's lock at it, how nicely he


times it. He just picks the fielder in front of square leg. Pakistan


lose another wicket. It's not over yet. 92-2.


Straight in the air. The most simple of catches. On that occasion, in an


ugly potion, just keep it simple. Trying to hit through the on-side


and an easy catch to mid-on. Pakistan lose wickets in quick


succession. They've lost three in the span of just 21 runs. Out for


one. Shaoib Malik playing his 250th one-day international. Only the


second player to achieve that. It has been a stellar career.


Oh, that's just dished up to the open area. What a gift. Trying to


play the bluff. He pitches the ball up. Very good strike.


Nicely played. They persist with these short balls. Haven't seen it


though, I'm surprised he's persisted with that, because he's played them


very well. This time on the off-side. It allows it to come and


helps it over the keeper. Gone! Another one. Sri Lanka now,


they are definitely back in this match. Do not go anywhere. Terrific


bowling change. Good field positions. Wicket number four for


Sri Lanka. Just a bit of bounce. Trying to play down to third man,


surprising him. A good catch. It sticks with the left hand. Sri Lanka


are right back in this game. 34 off 50 deliveries.


Nicely played. That will run away. Very good stroke. It looks like he's


come out in a very positive mind set, the captain. Oh, got him. Yes!


Not the best delivery from Malinga. But a touch on it from Shaoib Malik.


Five down, halfway through now. I've never seen Malinga celebrate in this


fashion. Good catch by the keeper. And look at that. That's rare


footage. Well done Malinga and Sri Lanka right back in this one.


Oh, is that another one? Yes, it is! A little outside edge. He went to


back of a length. He's got three. Pakistan have now lost six. Just the


right kind of surface. He's a length bowler, loves hitting the depth.


This is a pitch which encourages these kind of bowlers. Movement off


the pitch. Bounces well for it to carry to the keeper. Safe catch.


Pradeep has got his third and Sri Lanka, you've got to say now, in a


winning position here. He won't. And it will go all the


way. Takes it on. Finds the boundary. The angle helped. Round


the wicket. Just held the left-hander with the angle. Then got


some bat on ball. That one's in the air. It's fine enough. One bounce


for four. Playing his shots, Fahim. He would have been a goner, by a


mile at least, if not more. I was just about to say, some of his


running between the wickets, I've spoken highly about his character


and attitude, his wiliness, craftiness at the crease, but his


judgment a run from time to time leaves a lot to be desired. He's


more worried about his partner than himself. In the end, he was short of


the crease by a long distance. They've gone for the appeal. It's


going to be 50/50. Just looking for that touch. Yeah,


perfect. That's perfect. Thanks Mark. My decision is out, I repeat,


out. A sloppy piece of cricket from the


newcomer. He's run out. He's been run out by the narrowest of margins.


Lakmal into his eighth. More runs. Be hard to stop this. It isn't.


Out! No! It's been dropped. Has he dropped the match? Wow, there's a


moment. No way I thought he'd drop that one. But it was all set for


that. The slower delivery, the previous one, down the leg side.


Expecting him to chip it to the short midwicket fielder. In and out.


Whether it's the match or not, we'll have to wait and see. It's the fast


bowler and look at Malinga. He just can't believe it.


In the air, a man's coming in. It's down again. It's down again. You


can't say they're not getting their chances,ament -- Sri Lanka. They're


blowing every opportunity at the moment. Good thinking, clever


bowling. Not the easiest, but if you have to play a Champions Trophy


semifinal, you have to catch them. Mis-field again. They're way ahead


of the run rate this over. Making it easy. That will run away. Very fine.


That's four. Did not expect it to go as far. Doesn't matter to Pakistan.


Oh, it goes! Brilliant strike. Checked it, but timed it.


Brings up 50 for Sarfraz. A terrific 50 under pressure. How good that


last shot was. It's not over yet. Slower delivery. Very nicely timed.


Driven firmly through the gap. That runs away. It's a long boundary to


the off-side. Amir here has time today beautifully. What a crucial


boundary that is. Just 11 away now. He accepted it gleefully. It was a


flighted delivery. Looking for an outside edge. Looking for an uppish


drive and he found the gap perfectly. Sri Lanka making fists of


things, bowling beautifully in patches. But the fielding has let


them down big time. Slower ball. Sarfraz nudge it's away. Sprints the


first, won't come back for the second - he does! He had a look and


saw the dive, back for the second he goes.


Six required, one hit away. Slower again and again Sarfraz nudges it


behind square on the leg side. It will be at least two. Amir is


pushing hard. But Sarfraz only wants the two.


Huge cheers and there it is. Sarfraz has taken his team home, a real


captain's innings here. It's not a full house by any means at Cardiff.


But the Pakistan fawns in the -- fans in the ground are going wild.


Sarfraz rightly runs to his partner, Amir, who has played beautifully for


his 28 and this partnership of 75 sees Pakistan home and into the


semifinals. What a game. A heart racing thriller. It's Pakistan who


win by three wickets. What a cricketer he is. Pugnacious, little


wicket-keeper, took a brilliant catch earlier in the day, moving


sharply to his right. For a long time, it looked as though Pakistan


would make this run chase easily. They were 74 without loss. Then


110-4, 131-5, 137-6 and in deep trouble, 162-7 was the score when


Amir joined Sarfraz. One or two blips along the way, two important


kachedz put down and some atrocious fielding from Sri Lanka. Take


nothing away from that man, Sarfraz, who has taken his team into the


semifinals. They'll know they'll have to improve. There are serious


flaws in this batting line-up. One thing you cannot doubt is the


captain's temperament under pressure. Yeah, what a moment. A


choice end to some real hard work put in by Sarfraz and Nicki finally


gets up. Yeah, it was a tense battle for him as well. Just watching


everything from the side lines, never easy, if you don't have the


temperament. Pakistan will give you such moments, of highs and lows. At


the end of it all, he looks exhausted. Must have taken a lot out


of him. Energy sapping innings. But what a knock under pressure. If


catches win matches dropped ones can lose them. Ali's reprieve in the


first over proved costly for Sri Lanka. Fielding errors that could


have turned the game. An opening stand of 74 proved to be a decent


platform. Fakhar Zaman going on to make 50, the second quickest ever by


a Pakistan player in this competition. Wickets fell regularly


but Sarfraz played a great innings. A partnership of 75 with Mohammad


Amir to see Pakistan home by three wickets with five overs to spare.


Sri Lankan's bowlers will rue those dropped catches as much as the field


is involved. Three wickets for Pradeep, the standout performance.


Malinga, Lakmal and Herrera chipped in with one each. The Sri Lankan


attack never quite got on top of the Pakistani batting and the errors in


the field proved costly. There is, Sri Lanka's 236 never really looked


like being in. Pakistan made it hard work for themselves and used up


three of their nine lives surviving those dropped catches but it is


Sarfraz's side who progressed to the knockout stages. A bitter pill to


swallow after that finish today. Yes, a bit of a seesaw kind of game.


Credit to Pakistan, they held it together towards the end and they


are and they deserved winners. The fielding probably let you down in


the end. At half-time what did you say, what were you talking to the


bowlers about? It was a bit of a funny wicket. We knew we had got the


runs on the board, but we still knew we can bowl well and restrict them.


The bowlers were brilliant. They batted brilliantly as well, credit


should go to them and unfortunately we dropped a few catches which cost


us the game. Sarfraz, will go back to the start, how happy were you


with the bowling? I think that all the credit should go to the bowlers,


they bowled really well. After Junaid Khan and Ahmed bowled well.


Quite a bit of movement around for the seam bowlers? Yes, a bit more


momentum and when the sun came out, the pitch looks better. How proud of


the way your boys for back-up Internet are you? Very proud, we had


236 only to defend. They came out and gave it all they had and I'm


very proud of the guys, very proud of the bowlers. Unfortunately we


missed a few catches but very proud. Throughout the tournament you have


unleashed some new talent, there is some elder statesman in the side


like yourself. The tournament as a whole, how have you fell? It was


quite good, even the first game we had some chances but we collapsed in


the middle. Today we got ourselves to a very good place, 160-3 and lost


our way a little bit. But proud of the boys, the way they handled


themselves, in a big tournament like this, they fought really hard.


Inexperienced team and very proud. How impressed with you with Fakhar


Zaman? Very impressed. Today he played a great innings for us and a


good start. I think he's a good prospect for Pakistan. Finally,


Angelo, thank you for the way you guys have performed throughout the


tournament. Wish you the best for the rest of the summer. Hope all the


boys travel well, thank you very much. A final look at the group B


table. Confirmation Pakistan take second place with today's win and


will meet England in the first semifinal here on Wednesday. India


topped the group and play Bangladesh and the other semifinal at Edgbaston


on Thursday. We will bring you all the action from those games, but in


the meantime, goodbye from us in Cardiff.


'A party of French schoolchildren...'


He's 16, does he know what's happened yet?


Highlights of the final group match of the Champions Trophy, which pits Sri Lanka against Pakistan at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

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