Semi-Final Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights


Highlights of the first semi-final of the Champions Trophy, which is taking place at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.

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A trophy shared between India and Sri Lanka. This trophy belongs to


the team. 2013, India! Welcome to Cardiff and a packed house at Sophia


Gardens as we move into the knockout stages of the 2017 ICC Champions


Trophy. It is the first of the semifinals with England hosting --


boasting a 100% record in the competition, against Pakistan who


started past Sri Lanka on Monday to finish second in the group. England


have impressed throughout and the Eoin Morgan side go into this game


as hot favourites. Pakistan will look to their captain Sarfraz Ahmed


for another company and -- confident display. Just the one change for


England as Jonny Bairstow comes in as expected at the top of the order,


replacing the out of form Jason Roy, just 51 runs in one international


innings for in this summer, telling statistic. The Pakistan bowling


attacks either couple of changes with Mohammad Amir missing out due


to a back spasm. Rumman Raees comes in for him. A beautiful morning in


south Wales and Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss for Pakistan and put


England in. Eoin Morgan said he would have opted to bat anyway. We


made the right choice? The umpires for this one are Marais Erasmus and


Rodney Tucker. His first delivery with a whiteboard


Ogbonna for England in a Champions Trophy semifinal. A full yorker from


a left arm from Pakistan, no surprise. " Close. Did it pitch


outside leg? They have to review. The bowler wants to review it. The


captain... Did it pitch outside leg? He is going to review it. Front on.


Confirm. Perfect. No problem. It is pitching in line. In line.


Fine, fine margins. Unlucky in so many different ways as well. In the


first over they lose their review for the match. That is going to


change for the ICC, they don't believe you should lose your review


anymore. That is a nice punch down the ground. An eventful over ends in


a boundary to Hales. 5-0. He looks a bit disappointed because he is


looking for some in swing here. He is nicely positioned, justly easing


into that drive. In the air, chip leg side, very strong leg on Jonny


Bairstow. He walked into that ball and hit it ever so sweetly. Eating


the field on the off-side, there was a lot of protection on the off-side


with that angle. This was expertly played. Short arm jab for four.


2.4 overs and smashed off the front foot, square leg. Easily done by


Bairstow. In motion now looking a lot happier.


That is close as well. Given! Did it come back too much? That is the only


debate. He looked a little surprised and he is asking his partner if they


should go for a review. What is England thinking? They have gone for


it. Looks like no back just top spot on


the side, thanks. Yes, nothing there. Just confirm. Thanks.


Perfect. Ball when available, please. No prop. Just waiting for


ball tracking. It has pitched outside the leg and I recommend you


change your decision to not out. You are on screen now. It is going


England's way this morning, isn't it? He can't believe it. Could have


had to lbw is and as it is they have none. 24-0. A full delivery and that


is a throw-down, a really is a throw-down. I think it was a


slightly slower delivery. He is now wishing he hadn't bowled it. 29-0.


It is a good punch. You will get boundaries if you play straight here


at Cardiff. A bottom punch from Bairstow for four. He has played


some attractive shots. This was beautifully driven down the ground.


On top of the bounce and this is a good batting strip, this.


He comes out of his bunker. Gone. He has his first ODI and it brings a


big smile to his face and all of the Pakistan fans. A good set for the


right-hander there. He wanted to launch it. He wanted to get it


through the infield but it was safely taken. He is off the mark in


his first game. A first wicket for Rumman Raees and a very good one


against Alex Hayles. He has gone for 13. Joe Root joins Jonny Bairstow,


high-class player. With any form of the game. Timing, wonderful timing.


He races across the practice surfaces and into the boundary for


four a good finish to the over. Put down. It was pulled and it was high


and away to the right. He got one hand to Terry couldn't hold on. It


is a good effort, this. He got off the ground smartly and I think he


was just hoping for a second grab at it. He was hoping that it would bob


up and give him a second grab but it was hit firmly enough to burst


through his hands. That was poor. Route was quickly


onto it. Punished away down the leg side. After that very good first


ball which pitched on the right and straightened a bit, the next two


have been halfway down. Got away with the first but not the second. A


leg-spinner to continue, power is exactly what Jonny Bairstow can do.


Brute force. Yes, this was just muscle to the fence. It was quite


wide. Bairstow was quite a strong bottom handed player. Briley bit of


captaincy, got the slip in place but unfortunately goes down again for


Pakistan. Three rungs from the over. Here we see a good healthy thick


edge. It almost carried to the second man as well. He gave it a


goalkeeper saved, over the crossbar. That is it. It should be taken, it


is going to be comfortable. It is. The second wicket goes down and


there have been a lot of missed opportunities but this time Pakistan


take it. Hasan Ali into the attack. Jonny Bairstow went for the front


foot pull shot and got a high on the back and all they could do is pick


out the man at deep square and comfortably taken. It is a big


breakthrough. Bairstow was looking good. He is on his way. England are


2-80. He loves to celebrate. Bairstow goes for 43. England 80-2.


With this wicket as well it looks as though it is a little bit low and


Skippy for the spinners. We have seen it already take a bit of turn


of the 100 comes up for England in the 22nd over. I think there is a


bit of glove on bad stammer leg-side as well. -- I think there is a bit


of glove on that down the leg side. He was just trying to track it down


the leg side. That is into the gap. Well struck. A little short but


Morgan jumped straight onto the back foot. Pretty unprotected boundary


out there, just one man out at deep square leg. Another one up on


mid-off. They have gone to the appeal, the


fingers rise to. Eoin Morgan has gone for a review straightaway. It


is a fair delivery. Front on spin, thanks. Nice and slow, nice and


slow. Rock and roll it, please. Yeah, just Hot Spot please. Yeah,


sorry, the gloves are just out of view. Keep rolling, keep rolling,


keep rolling. Yes, thank you. I will go back on screen. It is pitched


online and picket line and the wicket is missing. Thank you. I


recommend you change your decision to not out. You are on screen now.


Those pictures were pretty conclusive with the ball hitting the


arm and nothing more than that, no inside or glove. That is the last


ball of the over. Morgan with a blistering drive, 123-2.


They will try and cash in on the back end of this innings. Appeal put


behind but they have got a big wicket and Joe Root has been


dismissed. That is a real hope for Pakistan in the middle of the


innings. They are picking wickets. A partnership has been broken. Joe


Root was suffering just a little bit because of his back injury, back


ailment. He just couldn't really get around and get over that one. A good


catch. A little quicker, and it bounced as


well. We have talked about Shadab. Joe Root set himself nicely, but


he's gone. He gets it over. That's his risk


option, and he gets a boundary with it. So well used nowadays. He


practices so hard, Eoin Morgan. This is not something he doesn't think


about. Practices a lot. A genuine run-scoring option, a genuine


boundary option. Oh, gone, gone, gone! You need a wicket, you go to


Hasan Ali. We've seen the celebration. The England captain


departs. Frustration. That's all it was for Eoin Morgan. We've seen him


get out a couple of times like this, coming down the wicket, chasing a


wide one, nicking it behind. Big wicket. Big moment. Eoin Morgan


goes, departs for 33. Hafeez has got a few. Edged. First


ball after drinks. And it's just shaped away, and Buttler's nicked


it. Brilliant. You've got to be careful after these drinks breaks,


take some time. For the bowling, it's about getting it on the money


straightaway, and Junaid Khan has done exactly that. Sarfraz has got


another for Pakistani. Jos Buttler, this time, departs.


Oh, just wide of that man. It goes for four. You might see another man


in their catching somewhere. You called it. It's streaking.


Good timing, though. Raced away. He wants to play shots, Moeen Ali.


That's beautifully played. Deep mid-wicket. Both fielders give


chase, but they are not going to halt it in. A welcome boundary for


England. That's a check sort of swat for Moeen Ali over that vacant


mid-wicket area. In the air. Brilliant in the air.


Absolutely brilliant. Far cow is how man is the one Hom gets that out of


the air. Such a difficult catch. That blew up as well. So much at


stake, and to be able to go false wretch on the run, keep your head


balanced and at full stretch. Absolutely brilliant. I think it was


doing just a little too much. I think he's in trouble.


Come back. Yeah, the decision is out. I repeat, out.


Shehzad the field. To get rid of Adil Rashid 47. England in a spot of


bother. Everybody out on the leg side.


Plunkett was gone there. Sure he was gone if it had been a direct hit.


200 up for England. 48th over directed here. He was out by a long,


long way. A couple of yards. Straight up in the air. Stokes


should be gone. Brilliant bowling from Hasan Ali. What a bowler he is


turning out to be for his team in this competition. And Stokes now,


after a frustrating innings, has gone. That off cutter type delivery


we were just talking about. You can see Ben Stokes again there. Holding


the surface. Stokes wanting the leg side. Comfortably taken by Hafeez at


cover. Stokes on his way. Fine edge. Will travel for four. The


first boundary since the 39th over. Man out there. Travelled backwards,


and took the catch. Excellent tactics from Pakistan. Trying to get


the man playing to the Lumb boundary to the leg side. Ali the capture. I


thought he started coming in, Azhar Ali. A good catch, above his right


shoulder. Very good use of the short ball all day, these Pakistan fast


rollers. Plunkett is on his way. Jake Ball. High up in the air. Got


away with it. To fielders converged. I think this looked OK to me. The


plug is just inside. Good work. Very well done.


That is good bowling. Mark Wood will be run out, finally, with one ball


of the innings remaining. Run out by the captain, Sarfraz. England's


innings has come to the end. Below par, below expectations, and Sarfraz


and Pakistan can be well pleased with their work. A very good first


part of the game for Pakistan. They will be happy. I thought they did a


great job to restrict and take wickets at important times. Game on.


It's going to be a tough run chase. So England's poorest performance


with the bat so far in this competition. A slow start, but


looking comfortable at the halfway mark. Bairstow justifying his


inclusion. Morgan and Stokes the only other batsmen to make a


significant contribution. No one else really got going apart from


Root. The acceleration never came. A brilliant creative bowling effort


from Pakistan. Some really clever and well timed changes by Captain


Sarfraz Ahmed, and the fielding was great. There was an urgency and


determination right through the Pakistan side that we haven't seen


in this competition to date. A complete performance in the field


today. Magnificent with the ball and not bad with catching the ball. The


bowlers were always performing, it's just the batsmen, they are


struggling a bit. Obviously, these are not friendly pitches for


batsmen, but credit goes to the bowlers, and the fielding was


awesome. And I think the changes that Sarfraz made, they were


exceptional. You kept them guessing with spin and pace and different


types of spin. What about Hasan Ali. What a good day for him. Even if


someone hit him hard is coming he comes and bowls hard lengths. This


is something marvellous for Pakistan cricket. What about batting now have


you got enough firepower to overcome England's total? We need two


batsmen, and whoever gets in, it's their responsibility to go to the


end. A couple of us, a few of us, are in good form, so I think the


responsibility is on batting now. Whoever gets in, it's their


responsibility to take to the end. A wonderful performance with a ball.


Well done. A well under par performance from England. Their


bowlers will have is to do well from the off if they are to have any


chance of salvaging this game. Pakistan will be looking to the


openers and thinking they need to get off to a solid start, take


pressure off the middle order. England will be searching for their


30 wickets. Early breakthroughs. To Mac slips in place. Not the ideal


start. Hits that one away. A good chance


they can pick up three. Rashid gives chase. Fancy footwork allows him to


keep the ball inside the boundary. Top edge. And it's gone the whole


way. He played a similar shot against Sri Lanka and picked up a


maximum. Once again, we will go upstairs to check out whether it has


cleared the advertising or not. I think it has gone the whole way.


Shows a tendency to go off on that short rich delivery. Yes,


comfortably over. A really good start. Just 1.2 overs


gone. Hit it square. A boundary. Rashid


gives chase again, but this time he can't pull it back. By using his


feet, he beats the angle. He's striking the ball from a different


part of the surface. Halfway down the track against a quality bowler.


Off the back foot, punched. A little bit short, a little bit wide.


Compare that to how Mark Wood was the previous over. He was all over


Azhar Ali. Getting him to come forward. Slow pitch. This is just a


fraction short and a fraction wide. Swung that away over the top. Not


perfectly but good enough. That sounded good, and the result is


good. This is becoming a bit predictable. He knows what's coming.


He's looking for the short ball when he charges. They want to use this


power play. They know it might get trickier later. The ball starts


reversing or spinning. They want to get after these balls whilst their


gun barrel straight. Too quick. Adil Rashid didn't have far to go, but


didn't get there. That's the problem with going to Ben Stokes. He got


away with the short ball to the left-hander, and he didn't get away


with one and two Azhar Ali. The shortest boundary towards that River


Taff. Don't get beaten towards the River Taff. That's exactly what


happened to Adil Rashid. No chance for Rashid. A poor line.


High in the air. Has gone all way? Yes it has, you bet! Another fine


shot. He was trying to keep it down, top edge, and he got a maximum.


Crunched through the off-side, races away for four more. England chasing


leather at the moment, they need a change, a change to Spain, change of


a variety and attitude. What a strong shot that is. He


tossed up a little bit higher and slower. That is 85 kilometres an


hour. He gets it on the hard volley. A premeditated stroke. He uses the


feet and a good solid swing of the backs and one bounce into the crowd.


It is the googly we were talking about. A beautiful flourish of the


bad. In front of square. I think this


will go for four. That is the blanket way, to hammer it into the


middle of the pitch. Fire is being made -- met with fire. Back 54 frack


are, another winnings at the top of the order. 49 balls on a pitch where


all England batsmen struggle and he has put those struggles into


perspective. His team-mates stand as one on the balcony there as well.


Terrific so far. 100 up for Pakistan and it has come


in QuickTime. Too horrific partnership with these Pakistani


openers. Chalk and cheese in their approach really. Very effective so


far. -- a terrific partnership. That is a very, very good shot. Outside


leg stump. He gave himself some room. Smashed over extra cover for


four more. Short and wide and Azhar Ali just


helps himself to four down to third man and at the moment Pakistan are


racing along. It is 54 Azhar Ali Eddie Jones is opening partner with


50 on the board as well. That of another delivery again. Short and


wide from Mark Wood. Stats down to third man. 15 broken now, Cross


seam. Taps on the head. Would like sick, Jos Buttler likes it. The man


who matters doesn't. -- Mark Wood likes it.


Excellent, good delivery. Thank you. Looks like the back pocket, try Hot


Spot on-side, thanks. Yes, just outreach please. Keep rolling


through, keep rolling through. Thank you. There is a clear get there, you


can stay with your decision. You're on screen now. Well done. The umpire


is Marais Erasmus, there was a definite sound but he knew it'd come


off the thigh pad. They have gone for the appeal, and he is walking.


Stumped by the keeper. Looking to deposit it straight back over his


head and so finally a breakthrough for England. What a crucial time as


well? Still got runs in the bag. It has turned a little past the outside


edge. The great innings for Fakhar Zaman comes to an end but he has


done a great job for his country. The young man gets 57.


How good is that? That has gone. Done the distance, a beautiful shot.


The timing was awesome. Flawless, good work. A good shot. Eoin Morgan


gambled but this was good enough to come down the wicket. He met the


challenge head on. Rashid straight back over his head. Outstanding but


it could only work with an outstanding player. That is into the


gap and will go and hit the fence. A forceful shot. He has dragged it


down. A lovely shot. Deep cover with no protection. A natural tendency


for the leg-spinner. He has dragged that one down and is playing the


price for it. That lovely straight shot. What a response. That was away


from his reach. Frustration for England. Beautifully driven down the


ground. Easy as that. Holding his position.


That shot is into an over extra cover. He may jog back for three. A


massive boundary out to extra cover. Into power, they might just settle


for three. That is the longest boundary. It depends who has got the


arm out there. It is not Mark Wood, it is Bairstow, said a comeback for


three. Dragged on. Slower ball bowled into


the pitch. They have their second. Slower ball bumper. He just tries to


flitted across to the leg-side, almost like a tennis shot. Or you


can do is drag it back onto the leg stump. All too late for England


really. Second wicket goes down. Azhar Ali goes for 76. Stumping.


Yorked himself on then Buttler missed it. It came out of the


flatter trajectory from Rashid. You can see it out of the front of the


hand. Wonderful pace and the auxin. No problem as it does the keeper as


well. Up and over. Is it good enough to go all the way? It is. Typical


Mohammad Hafeez. 183-2. Quality shot. 78 kilometres an hour. Big


smiles from the Pakistan supporters faces. The length was perfect.


That could get through. It might run away for four. The outfield has


quickened up and has the Sun gone on it, nope, the field does well.


Bairstow is quick they will come back for three. Eventually just


about get home. He was running uphill into the wind there for a


while. A free hit dealt with and dealt with


firmly here on the ground. Making a statement here, have fees. He has to


get cracking. Great timing. Made mid-off. It was an invitation that


was accepted gleefully. Hitting it on the rise from off, mid-on.


That will be wide. This is a sloppy stuff from England. Beautiful shot.


Beautiful shot through the off-side. His balance here, leaning low and


maintaining great balance to drive it forcefully and magnificently


through the off-side. This is classic from Bubba Rather. They know


that their fate is sealed. Ten required. I think they are going to


come in a rush as well. Yes, it is looking emphatic. 206 for the loss


of two. A big stage and a semifinal contest. This is pretty overwhelming


stuff. Six away in the crowd with clearly dearly love to see it


finished in one blow. It will not be, though, but that has been cut


away powerfully again by Mohammad Hafeez. Pakistan are now just two


away. A bit of a canyon from have fees but doing no harm for the


final. Timing the ball beautifully. He is extremely efficient against


Spain. What an emphatic way to do it. Pakistan have crushed England


here in Cardiff and have booked their place in the final. England


are out. The fans will be very happy and proud of this performance.


Pakistan have turned things away and only a Pakistan team can do this.


From no where they come back and what a response. In the


all-important semifinal they were way ahead of England on the day. A


fitting way to win it really. Half tracker dispatched with great power


and conviction to the fence by Mohammad Hafeez who raises his arms


in triumph. Their captain and coach and can celebrate and plot the final


just a few days away. Young Babar Azam was there with


Mohammad Hafeez and another great partnership. Pakistan were never in


trouble against the England bowlers. A century partnership from the


openers set them on their way and Ali made 76 and a half century from


Fakhar Zaman. The innings was closed out with 13 overs to spare. For


England an afternoon of toil in the Welsh sunshine. Jake ball and Adil


Rashid be the only bonus to have any success. Not much of the total to


depend that nothing in the bitch bore them and Pakistan knocked off


the runs with ease. Eoin Morgan, to start with you, that looked like a


bad day at the office at the wrong time? We didn't adapt to conditions,


coming from Edgbaston with a good wicket to a used wicket here we


didn't adapt Fewell but Pakistan did that extremely well and credit to


them they outplayed us today on this wicket. Goofily went to harden the


batting display or not hard enough? Identity we were simply used to it.


We didn't prepare like we would going to play on a used wicket but


Pakistan bowled well and we didn't manage to adjust particular with the


bat. 200 is not a competitive score in the game that they played


previously. 250-270 would have been a good score. You must have been


thrilled with how your boys played. We bowled pretty well and after the


batting we finished really well. Not many sides could be lifted by


Mohammad Amir not playing, but it seemed to lift your side. The


decision at the toss seem to be a good one. We adapted to conditions.


If we won the toss and elected to field, and credit goes to the


bowlers. Do you have any problem that this game was played on a used


pitch? It's the way the tournament is. We knew that coming into the


tournament, so it's the test of the Champions Trophy. You have to be


good in all conditions. There is no home advantage to any side. And the


way they batted showed there wasn't too much wrong with it. There


wasn't. Defending 200, we had to produce a well above par bowling


performance. Today showed that at times you need to learn to put in a


sort of ugly performance. It can't just be top drawer, brilliant


cricket all the time. We are continuing to learn that, in this


tournament and in previous games as well. I did think we played anything


rash today. Everything was quite calculated. We tried to adjust to


the wicket, but simply the fact that Pakistan had played on the wicket


previously has helped them. You said in the past you feel England need to


play knockout cricket a bit more. Did that come across today?


Absolutely. One of the things about knockout cricket is you have to


adapt to conditions and it's a big challenge from venue to venue. We


will have to do that in the World Cup, so it's important to go through


conditions like today. You guys are brilliant at knock out cricket.


Every game you've played since the India game has been must win. Every


game is a knockout game, and today as well. I told my boys to just play


their game. And we were given the match. Do you want India again at


the Oval, payback? No, we wish them all the best. Any team coming is


fine. There's the numbers, a massive upset with Pakistan crushing England


in what turned out to be a very one-sided game. Disappointment for


England, but they will lick their wounds and regroup for the summer


series against South Africa and the West Indies. Pakistan in the final


on Sunday at the Oval, and they will be watching tomorrow's semifinal


with great interest. Join us tomorrow evening at 11:15pm


on BBC Two for the best of the action in that second semifinal. It


will judge Hom plays Pakistan on Sunday's final. You can follow every


delivery of that game live on BBC Radio 5live sport extra. And watch


the best of the action with in play match highlights alongside live text


commentary on the BBC Sport website. We need to trap the beast


which killed him. Tear him apart!


I want him found! Now!


Highlights of the first semi-final of the Champions Trophy, which is taking place at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.

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