Semi-Final Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights


Highlights of the second semi-final of the Champions Trophy, which is taking place at Edgbaston.

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The trophy shared between India and Sri Lankan. 2013, India! Welcome to


Edgbaston for the second semifinal in the 20 17th ICC champions Trophy.


Bangladesh take on the holders India for a place in the Sunday's final


against Pakistan who breezed past is England yesterday. India are


overwhelming favourites for this one but Captain Virat Kohli will be


aware of the fate that befell the favourites yesterday in Cardiff.


Bangladesh have risen to sixth in the one-day rankings so India will


be taking nothing for granted. It's a tournament that has contained


plenty of upsets. Bangladesh have only beaten India once before in a


50 over event so the odds are against them. Both teams are


unchanged from their final group games. It's a memorable day for


Yuvraj Singh, he makes his 300th career one-day international


appearance for it India. Shikhar Dhawan, currently second in the


batting table for the tournament will be looking forward to his


chance. After a minor delay for the weather, the covers came off and


Bangladesh openers Tamim Iqbal and Soumya Sarkar got things underway


under the gaze of umpires Dana seiner and Richard Kettleborough.


COMMENTATOR: The semifinal is underway. Another factor is that


India have won the toss and elected to field, I think on the basis of


the rain that came through. It wasn't forecast. I just wonder


whether that is the right decision. Sides batting first in this


tournament have won here most of the time. There has been one loss,


Pakistan chasing against Australia. That's the first wicket to India.


Dragged onto the stumps. They pounced early! May be nervous. It


didn't look there to drive. Inside edge, dragged on. The stumps


rattled. Great scene position from Kumar. A little inside edge. It


wasn't there to drive. Could have been nervous. India first strike.


Bumrah taking on the other new ball. Gets to the boundary. Unsuccessful


dive. First boundary of the match. Nicely played. It will race away.


Full of authority. Not a bad first ball to face. His opening shot.


Thank you! Occasionally there was one. It doesn't have to be first


ball though. What about the bat speed of that one? He's exciting to


watch. Down the wicket. On the album, over mid-off. -- on the up.


Orthodox cover drive beautifully played. If he plays like that, he'll


be out there for. That is superb. Down he comes. He just gets enough


of it. It will get to the boundary rope. We are seeing this aggression.


Wonderful to watch. Again, use of the feet. Making him play, Sunday.


Slightly inside out against the angle of Bumrah. Edge frowned. Races


away. Paice livery. Third man had no chance. Another boundary for


Bangladesh. Rocketing along. You have had a cabal with the leg


glance. This was an leg stump. -- it cabal. Court. There you go. 13


dotballs. You could feel the pressure building up. Kumar using


all his experience and skill. Bogged down after and exciting start. Hit


the ball in the air. There's a chance of getting out court. That's


what's happened. It's a big wicket. Great pressure.


Inside edge this time. Not a good shot from Mushfiqur. Bangladesh


living on the edge. They've lost two wickets already. Another wicket here


would really pushed them behind. Using his feet. Inside edge. Nice.


That is a very good shot to watch. Getting good position. Very nice. It


has just been an airy fairy start from Bangladesh at the moment. Even


better one this time. Third boundary of the over. The previous one on the


front foot. This time on the back foot. Best shot so far in this


innings. Still miss timing it. Should get a couple of runs. 50


comes up for Bangladesh. A big day for Bangladesh, up against a very


good side. Bowled him! No-ball signalled again. Nothing behind the


line. A couple of indiscretions from India in this over. Tamim Iqbal


getting some misfortune. Not able to time the ball. He struggled in this


innings but he gets a break. Can he make use of this? Can he pushed


through? Can he find some rhyme and rhythm? Might have to bowl that


again. Wide signalled. Hits it straight. That will go to the


boundary. There are days like this for Tamim Iqbal when he's


struggling. He shouldn't be throwing his wicket away. He shouldn't be


loose. Well played. He's played that very fine. Won't get there. That's


four runs. As we saw this morning, a little bit of rain. As we seen


through the tournament, this outfield is lightning fast, even


with that rain it hasn't really stopped the ball too much. Delicate


shot. Those horror memories from the world T20 against West Indies when


they bowled a couple of no balls that cost them the match. Scoop on


the leg-side. Maybe a six. Yes! The arms go up. First six of the


innings. Just the kind of release that Tamim Iqbal was looking for.


Excellent batting, putting pressure on Panda. He's gone for 26 runs


already. That's an excellent shot for six. Just running at the bowler,


putting him under pressure. It's in the air. Just over the field. How


lucky was Tamim Iqbal on that occasion? Once more, four runs. That


will bring up his 50 as well. The leading run getter in the


tournament. You can see from the reaction, not very proud of that


effort. Semifinals of the champions Trophy. That means something. He's


always intense. He wants the best from his team-mates. No one has it


easy on the field when he is captain. Good shot. This time more


control. Shikhar Dhawan was coming in to save the single and the ball


sailed over his head. Good cricket from Mushfiqur Rahim. It was a tight


over. Premeditated reverse sweep. Get away with it. Get the early


boundary in the over which sets up the over nicely. Now it's about


rotating the strike. Not too many dots. Shikhar Dhawan trying to hunt


the single. Oh dear. Hang on. There's a shout from Tony. -- MS


Dhoni. Not a very confident shout but he has sensed there is something


and once the umpire to have a look at it.


OK. Have you got a nice zoom on that front foot. The foot is down and


behind. The decision is not out. This is going to be runs. Four runs.


Slightly quicker, wider. He's paid the penalty for it. Ashwin might


have thought that the batsmen is coming down too much. All a wider


one. It's a defensive mindset. That is what he was expecting. Great


shot. Put some pressure back on Ashwin. What a shot. This is another


terrific shot. More runs for Bangladesh and timing a cabal. --


Tamim Iqbal. That is swept away. Minimum of risk. They've kept


themselves calm and just carried on. Initially, it was hard work after


losing the second wicket in the seventh over. That's a little


streaky. Another single. 154 Bangladesh. They are playing very


well. There's a 50 as well. Mushfiqur has come out and has


played in a solid fashion. After a wicket, it has allowed this


partnership to grow. And bowls him! Isn't it amazing. This is the


partnership breaker. The other element here is a bit of pressure


built up. That's the breakthrough India needed.


He created the pressure by bowling those tough deliveries. He


completely misses it and it hits the leg stump. Good change from the


captain will stop great captaincy to bring him on, and eventually getting


a wicket. -- good change from the captain.


It has got through. It is still going for four. Bangladesh need a


boundary in the first ball or two, then they can rotate. That is a very


good shot. The first boundary after ten overs. It's not an easy shot,


but there was not much room in that delivery. . Tim! Good catch from MS


Dhoni, up from the stumps. He has got the big wicket of Shakib Al


Hasan. That brings India back into this game, Bangladesh losing wickets


in quick succession. He tried to play the cut shot, having done that


in the previous over. This time, outside edge, and are very good


catch by MS Dhoni. The fourth wicket, and India putting on the


brakes. -- and a very good catch. 177-4. A slow one. Virat Kohli is


the man, just rushing the batsman. The batsman was not quite ready, and


Mushfiqur, gone. A full toss, slower in the air. Mushfiqur had picked out


the LB fielder at the -- picked out the only fielder at mid-wicket. Out


for 61. 179-5. He got through. He had a few attempts at it but


couldn't quite do it with the last ball of the over. Back-to-back


boundaries and overs on the last ball. Fielder... He got to back


hands do it but dropped it. He is not the quickest in the field, and


that certainly came into play on that occasion. The legs just weren't


moving. You never got the opportunity to stabilise himself. He


had to try and take it on the move. He has dropped Mahmudullah. Swept


away leg side. Wonderful fielding from Yuvraj Singh.


Lets investigate what has happened outside. They will get an extra run.


He just gets rid of the gloves, and when he flicks it onto the stumps,


he has flicked it onto the stumps. Five penalty runs. A lovely shot.


That's got to be four runs. This is the main reason he is in the 11th


Bangladesh. This partnership is going nicely after the fall of those


lovely of wickets. A wonderful cover drive from Mosaddek Reverse sweep,


well played. It races away to the boundary. The


shot generates so much power. It's not easy to do. Through the ball,


stable base. Gan! A simple catch for Jasprit Bumrah. Virat Kohli looks


relaxed and happy. Short ball does it. As Mosaddek was walking back,


India got their six. Mosaddek, back in his crease, looking to get some


leverage. Followed by Bumrah. An easy catch. 218-6.


Shot pulled away, a couple of bouncers to the fence. Important


runs for Bangladesh. India are still in the driving seat here. He can


strike the ball. Nice! Nice from Bumrah. Here's a specialist at this


stage. Attacking the stumps. You would expect the seaers to attack


the ball. He got it absolutely perfect. -- seamers. Another wicket


goes down. He goes for 21. 229-7. That is how you get through to pick


up wickets. Short. That has gone to the boundary. Over the top of the


keeper. That has gone. That has gone away for four. It is a good pass the


keeper, and it has gone to the boundary. He is laughing, can't


believe it. He's moving all over the place. He just picked up the


boundary. Picking that one out, hitting it hard into the ground, and


then passed the stumps and the keeper.


Not for the first time, he has top edged one for four. The boundaries


are going in the direction just over the top of the keeper. Another top


edge, another boundary. A good start to the over with the first delivery.


I am sure they will pick up runs in each and every delivery now. Another


boundary. A diving Yuvraj can't catch it. Three boundaries in the


last three deliveries. He gets in position early, knowing that if it


is a short delivery, he will just smash it. This time, the offside,


just away from Yuvraj Singh, and it just goes away. He's not happy. Last


ball... Just one. Quite a decent comeback with the ball for India,


courtesy of Ravindra Jadeja and Kedar Jadhav. STUDIO: Despite that


dramatic start, Bangladesh came out swinging and past 144 the loss of


the wickets at the halfway stage. Kedar Jadhav check their progress.


Five wickets fell for 70 runs in mid-over. 264 feels under par on


this pitch. Kedar Jadhav stop that early Bangladesh charge in its


tracks. Bangladesh only managed 105 runs from the final 22 overs. Not a


huge total, then, but something for Bangladesh to defend. The final and


Pakistan await. COMMENTATOR: Only one slip. And India are winning.


Pushing wickets is the key, transfer pressure back on to India. This


opening pair have good form so far, especially Shikhar Dhawan.


Beautifully timed by Shikhar Dhawan. Just using whatever pace there was.


The man in form. It looked all too simple. The length offered, a little


bit of width. Just a nice, easy punch to the offside. Hardly looked


like he tried to force it at all. And raced away. The confidence of a


man, the clear head, of a man in form.


I just wonder if both Mashrafe Mortaza -- I wonder if Mashrafe


Mortaza has been to shorten his line. Both of these boundaries have


gone square. Width and length offered. Leading run scorer in the


tournament, with his confidence, he won't miss deliveries like that.


Straight into it, and a graceful shot from Rohit Sharma. He gets his


first boundary. Rohit Sharma, languid flow, E 's and grace. --


ease. Width offered, and threw the ball, generates great pace.


Glorious. Probably the shot of the day so far. Graceful on the turf.


Bent back me in the Caribbean style. -- bent back knee. Goodness! Hard to


choose between the square drive and the efficiency of this push. 12 from


the over, 25 without loss. Two shots in that over that would be good


value for the entrance fee. He's just taking his spots here, Rohit


Sharma, to be honest. He's in sublime form. Back of a lie, I think


it might have been a bit of pace off the ball, but he just stood on the


top of his toes. Beautiful timing. Minimal effort. You see that


last-minute flick through the ball. Put away nicely, with authority,


from Shikhar Dhawan. End of the over, 26 without loss.


Time did well enough. It wasn't that short.


125 kilometres per hour. Sat up. Not enough zip on that delivery. That's


a beautiful stroke. Bounced it over that man behind point. With power.


How good a cricket shot is that? How good a wicket it is. Not that bad a


delivery. Just a fraction short of a length. He just stands and delivers.


He's in terrific form. That is the shot of a batsmen in great touch.


Off the back foot. Pull shot. Another boundary. First


one through the off-side. The next one through the on-side. Highest


runs in the tournament so far, Shikhar Dhawan. 50 partnership for


both. All the time in the world. And it goes past the square leg fielder.


Speaking about how he batted through the off-side and early on when he


gets set, he gets a delivery on the off-stump he hits through the


off-side. Once he is set, he starts picking different sides of the


ground. That is why his batting is so dangerous. Oh! Six! Heaved it out


of the blade. 16 of the over. It's an onslaught. That will take some


stopping. Just off the leg. We've seen on this outfield throughout.


Once the sun comes out it's very difficult to stop. Very good shot.


Just flicks it leg-side. Not a great delivery. Shikhar Dhawan helps it to


the fence. Might just find the gap here. It does. The crowd rise on


their feet. Very strong reply from India. They've reached 87 now. That


was short. Cracking shot. Didn't try to hit it too hard and found the


gap. It went pretty quickly to the boundary.


Simple catch to point. Mashrafe Mortaza gets a wicket. The captain


picks up a wicket. He went down the track to try a forceful shot.


Straight to the hands of Mosaddek Hossain. Around the wicket to


Sharma. That's sloppy. Should have been a dotball. For runs instead.


Such a dumb enough. You haven't put 300 runs on the board. The bowler


looking really deflated after that effort. The captain is the one who


picked up the wicket. He worked be happy seeing that going through.


Just might have hit the matting area on the square. That is a very good


shot. Put that away in style. Two boundaries in a row for road Sharma.


-- rivet Sharma. 54 Mohit Sharma. -- 50 for Rohit.


Very good shot. Such an instinctive puller of the short ball, Rohit


Sharma. Just too good a pitch to bowl short. Especially to somebody


like Rohit Sharma. Superbly done. The initial movement is forward and


picks up the length very quickly. And put it away. Lovely shot. That's


got to be for again. It's gone off the edge very fine. 12 runs from the


over. Good shot. Wonderful shot from Virat Kohli. Straight bat. Brings


him for. You don't see a straight drive from Virat Kohli often. Good


shot. Timing takes it all the way through for four. Virat Kohli is


starting to find his torch. Excellent stroke. Rohit Sharma


looking good on 67. Bangladesh haven't got too many answers at the


moment. Going for their best bowler, the Phase. Mohit Sharma just flexing


his muscles. Good transfer of white, nice big stride. Solid transfer of


weight onto the ball. It has flown across the surface here at


Edgbaston. There's another class shot. These runs flowing. Hammered


again. Absolutely. 17 of the over. These runs are flying along. No easy


singles. What a shot. Just oozes class. Just picked the gap out.


Mashrafe has to consider his options to create more pressure. Have to


have some purpose. Short. Will that make it all away and be his 50?.


That's four. That's 54 Virat Kohli, off 42 deliveries. India just 77


runs away from winning the second semifinal. He pulls hard that should


go to fence. Just picked the gap. Rank long hop. Brings Mohit Sharma


onto 94. -- Rohit. Punches. Right on the money. That's a


terrific punch. Terrific wrists in operation. Terrific shot. Punches


down the ground. Just a short arm jab and it races away to the


boundary. Just a short arm jab. Terrific bat speed. Races away.


Stand tall. It is on the up. No movement, no bounds. Stand and


deliver. Will it go down the field? No, it doesn't. It's his hundred.


Don't know if it is four or six. Another hundred in one-day cricket


for Rohit Sharma. His 11th hundred. Second against Bangladesh. His first


hundred in the champions Trophy. And in the semifinal. Going to be a six


signalled by the umpire. It's the ropes. Directly. It will be a 64


Rohit Sharma. Signals by umpire Dana saner. He is on song. No boundary is


too big for him. It goes all the way to the fence. He will be


disappointed with the effort on the boundary. Mustafizur Rahman, the


left-arm seamer didn't make an effort.


Punches down the ground. Another four for Rohit Sharma. Top-class


cricket shot. Mushfiqur Rahim sees the writing on the wall. Up against


a very strong side. Very good batting line-up. 264 wasn't enough.


Pitched up. Just the follow-through. Just shows the bat maker's name and


it races to the boundary. Taskin Ahmed continues. One bounce


into the fence. India not holding back. India need 32 to win. Virat


Kohli 23 for another hundred. That's four of them. 150 partnership comes


up. Superb on the front or back foot. If he bowls a good length,


it's harder to get away. If you bowls short or overpitched, wrote --


Rohit Sharma will punish you. For more runs. India within touching


distance of winning this match. What a shot that is. Raced across the


turf again. Have some of that. Well played wrote -- Rohit Sharma. The


batsmen now set an entertaining the fans. It's a good length ball driven


on the. Look at the face of the bat meeting the ball. For more. Some


donkey drops coming to help India get to the target very quickly. Just


12 needed now. He will be the quickest players to 8001-day


international runs. That's 8000 one-day international


runs for the Indian captain. For to win for India. Well, that's going to


be for. India get the winning runs. He doesn't get the hundred but he's


very happy. The fourth time India get into the finals of the champions


Trophy and what a terrific performance from India. South


Africa, they beat them quite comfortably. Here, against


Bangladesh in the semis, another comfortable win for the Indian team.


This turned out to be as comfortable for the chasing side as yesterday's


game. India stroll into victory for the loss of one solitary wicket.


Always going to be difficult for Bangladesh to keep India away from


their under par total. It took them just over 40 overs to get there.


Virat Kohli contributed 96 from only 78 balls. The opener Rohit Sharma


saw it through. 11th ODI hundred. Put this knock into context for me.


How do you feel about it? It was a great knock, especially when it


comes on a winning note. Always memorable when you win the game and


score 100. The last two games, as well, I was trying to get a big one.


Unfortunately, couldn't get through. I was looking to get a big one


today. It was brilliant. I just thought after playing a few others,


it was all about you making a mistake and getting out. That was


the idea. I kept telling myself that I should bat as long as possible and


the runs would come. Not much to see here, the captain,


Mashrafe Mortaza, picking up wickets. Everyone else was


expensive. When we won the toss, I said we needed to have a clean,


collected the performance -- collector performance to win the


game. We have quality batsmen upfront. Both of those guys gave us


a great start again, then I could come in and play my natural game.


Not at any stage of the game did we let them away with anything, then we


got those two wickets in between, and that stopped their momentum. I


feel it was another complete game for us. It would probably be wrong


to describe Kedar Jadhav as a surprise packet, but he got some


important wickets. He is a smart guy and knows where to pitch the ball.


Again, he implied himself really well. Those two big wickets really


turned the game around for us. They could have been close to 300 if they


had carried on. At 30 overs, you had 161 on the board. Once Kedar Jadhav


came on, and the two wickets,... How much of that is down to experience


at this stage of a global tournament? We have some young


players. But we have some experienced players as well. I


believe next time we will, strongly. Virat Kohli, you looked confident


that from the moment you walked to the crease today. The other guys,


the way they play, it really allowed me to come in and positive cricket.


Last time, we probably had to play with a bit more patience. It is


about adapting to the different situations. Going after 30, 35, I


grew in confidence. When you do the short ball well, you know you are


playing well. Shikhar Dhawan has come in after so long and has sad


such -- has had such a wonderful tournament. Your thoughts on the


final on Sunday? But, at the end of the tournament, it's the final, so


we will approach that like any other game. It sounds boring again, but


that is the mindset you have to take into big games. The side that gets


less excited has a better chance of winning. We are playing really good


cricket as a team. We might be bested in the final, but I am


confident we will come up with the goods when the pressure is on. A lot


of guys in the dressing room waiting for an opportunity. We are keen to


get on and find out. STUDIO: Straight for us for India, winning


by nine wickets. -- straightforward for India. They look to retain the


trophy, and it has all the makings of an absolute cracker. Expect a


colourful and very noisy full house. Just one more game to bring you, and


it's the final: Pakistan versus India. Join us for the highlights on


Sunday evening at 11:15pm on BBC Two. Remember, you can follow every


delivery live on BBC Radio five live sports extra. What's the best of the


action with highlights and text commentary on the BBC sport website.


I have never slept with a man that I just met.


Highlights of the second semi-final of the Champions Trophy, which is taking place at Edgbaston.

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