Final Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights


Highlights of the final of the Champions Trophy from The Oval.

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The trophy shared between India and Sri Lanka. 2013, India! Brilliant


bowling by Hasan are laid. Isn't it amazing, this man is the partnership


breaker -- Hasan Ali. He gets another 101. Pakistan have crashed


England here in Cardiff. They have booked their place in the final. The


fourth time India get into the final of the Champions Trophy. We are


ready for this final. Bring it on. After 18 days and 14 matches we have


arrived at the final of the 2017 ICC too strophe between the archrivals


India and Pakistan. Reportedly over 1 billion people worldwide will be


watching this match unfold and the tickets have been as hot as the


weather -- ICC Champions Trophy. India cruised to the final with


brutal displays of batting. India won that choice and chose to bowl.


Virat Kohli's India love to chase. Batting first will be Pakistan and


they have the in form partnership opening. Mohammad Hafeez at number


four. They all batted well against England. Pakistan's strength is in


the bowling attack. Hasan Ali is leading the statistics and he is


aided by Khan and Mohammed Amir. India has the best batting line-up.


Sharma has scored more runs than anyone else and the captain has the


highest average. If you manage to get rid of them cheaply, you have


the talented A27 macro. Before play, The Oval fell silent to


remember those who have died, including the recent fire in North


Kensington. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. The


scene is set for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final. The best


batting team in the world against the best bowling team. Let us join


the action in the first over. India would want to see the ball to wobble


a little bit. I think this pitch has got enough sideways movement to


trouble Pakistan. Let us see how Fakhar Zaman and companies see this


off. It is a fresh wicket. Here we go. The first ball of the final. It


is a good delivery outside the off stump. Taking it away from the


right-hander. Down the leg side, it will be given as a wide. The first


run is for Pakistan. Outside edge. And he nicks it this time. It is


exactly what we were talking about. There will be a check on the front


foot. Here's hoping against hope that this may work for Pakistan. He


is clearly over the line and it is a no ball. Your breathing again!


Incredible. Well, what a start. Outside edge. He was looking to go


back on his way, Fakhar Zaman, at Bumrah has clearly overstepped and


overstepped by some distance. Clearly an edge.


Gets it off and inside edge, it is a boundary. Inside edge, trying to hit


hard through the off-side. It is a straight hit. Well timed. Just 100


onto him. Good seam position, not exactly where he wanted it, but he


got the result. There is the shot. It has gone through. The keeper and


the slip fielder, it has been given by leg byes. It is going the way of


Pakistan. Fakhar Zaman with the shot. It hurries onto him. That has


gone. Fakhar Zaman can do that, very unorthodox.


Four, edge. It is edge is all the way, a lot of runs have come behind


the stumps but it does not matter to Pakistan. That is into the gap.


Bumrah. He loses the battle. Just a push, just a flick and it gathers


pace as it goes towards the boundary line. That is his strength on the


on-side. Very good player off his bat. It just raises away to the


boundary. -- it just races away. Six, taking on Ashwin. That is the


first six of the innings. It was tossed up by Ashwin. Hasan Ali is


shimmering down the wicket. Two good strides, good flourish on the bat.


Good placement as well. Great shot. A little bit quicker from Ashwin.


Towards the stumps. Hasan Ali a long way outside off the pace. Good shot.


That is going to get him four. Limited foot movement, limited


string -- swing of the bat. Slight movement of the front foot transfers


his weight into the ball. Punches it down the ground. Growing in


confidence, both these two openers. Good shot, gone with the angle, that


is great shot by the left-hander. 69 for no wicket. In the air and could


hurry away. It does. Hasan Ali ends the over with a boundary. Big shot,


do not think he will cut that off, excellent shot, 100 up for Pakistan


in the final. Excellent stuff from Pakistan. Talking about momentum and


peaking at the right time, Pakistan have definitely done that in this


final. Excellent partnership, all credit to Hasan Ali, when Fakhar


Zaman was struggling, Hasan Ali is positive. And thou man has found the


boundary. Excellent shot, just the timing -- Zaman. I think that will


be 58, tucked in on the leg side, he has 50. They need their senior


players to stand up. Hasan Ali has his second half-century against


India and he knows he is not finished -- sorry, Azhar Ali.


Looking to open up the off-side. Yuvraj up backward point, he misses


it and that is 54 Zaman. A wonderful combination and an exceptional


start. Three 50s in a role in the tournament. The change of opener has


worked. It has worked individually and as a team as well. Played it


late and MS Dhoni is not happy. He gives up the chase. He does not


often give you that sort of width but on this occasion he has. Ali


going along beautifully at the moment. Chance of a run out. Chance


of a run out. Azhar Ali. He was ball watching and his partner was not


interested, it had to happen and India are finding some luck finally.


Bumrah is outstanding with the ball on most occasions. You would have


put him down as the greatest fielder in the world but he has made the


breakthrough, our brilliant bit of work. Zaman ball watching. There is


Ali. Always won there. The communication is off and Bumrah did


brilliantly. He was calling for the delivery. 128-1. 23 overs. That is a


big shot. Big six 488 macro. Lovely shot down the ground. That is not


going to happen today. We're still in charge, still dictating. It is


high, it is long, into the sightscreen for a brilliant six. And


finds the gap. Excellent batting. Brilliant bit of batting. Zaman, his


maturity so far in this tournament has been absolutely superb. Down the


track. Hit it ever so sweetly. This is brilliant stuff from the left


hand. 150 comes up for Pakistan. 150-1. Straight hit and a big hit. A


flat six, Zaman making it look ridiculously easy, taking an Ashwin.


This is such a tough shot. The ball spinning away, he is not quite


there, but his confidence and energy, he is able to throw his


hands out and almost swatted back over the head of the bowler. Another


brilliant boundary. He continues his charge. Then he lets it go through


the off-side, sweetly timed. He is now being rushed for the third.


Another excellent piece of batting from the left-hander. More runs. I


think that was well delivered. Bumrah. Almost catching up with the


ball but it was not to be. Big over for Pakistan. That was on his head


for four. He is not going to stop himself from playing the shots.


Moves into the 90s. Let us look at the shot first. Before we talk about


Ashwin and the way he has bowled. That is going to be four. His first


one-day international. What a stage indeed. What an opposition to do it


against. Against India, in a final. Quite remarkable. Out off a no ball


and he has made India pay. What an amazing story. First game, he was


not playing against India, sacking game against them, he smashes 100.


And no ball that continue to haunt India, happened again, it happened


in Mumbai. He had then. There was no ball. The good thing, he has kept


back in himself. He is going on in that direction. First ball has


disappeared for a six, pressure an Ashwin and what batting from Fakhar


Zaman. That was good batting, towards that pavilion is the shorter


boundary. He is very strong in that area. He has hit it pretty well, but


the other way, that would have been out. That is very clever batting,


pick your bowler and pick your boundary and smash it for six.


200, this is looking ominous for India. This has gone up. And again,


it might just fall away now. He runs back, makes the difficult catch big


easy and as we thought and feared and anticipated, Fakhar Zaman has


gone after 100. If there was one man that you wanted underneath that


ball, it was revenge Jadeja. It was not an easy catch. Swirling over his


shoulder, he made it look so easy -- Jadeja. A wonderful 100 comes to an


end. It is 200-2. That has got to be four. Could not find the York. Phil


Thomas. -- could not finds there yorker. For some reason, his ball


has gone yorker. Good shot, very good shot. Stand and deliver.


Excellent balance on the execution there. Not a lot wrong with that


delivery and that is why Kohli applauded it. Pulled off the front


foot, maybe he was waiting for the short ball. Big shot. He has found


it. That is the maximum. He is a very good player of spin. Picked the


boundary at the right time. Their Art Cole bringing them the left-arm


spinner, he is using his feet. Tasha Krall Virat Kohli. -- Virat Kohli.


Another boundary for Pakistan. Just the momentum they required, six in


the previous over. Bad delivery. He does well to hit it into the gap.


Just Artime to accelerate, Babar Azam. -- just starting to


accelerate. Another short one, nice little flick. Nothing more than just


a little flick. Just a flick and it races away. Bill stopping on this


ground once it gets to the practice pitches. -- no stopping. It is in


the air. That is the one India wanted. Got the very dangerous Malik


out. Tried to give him room again. That was an excellent catch. Why


wouldn't you move like that? India are back again. That is exactly what


I was trying to say, do not hit it blindly, but sensible. Easy catch


for Kedar Jadhav. Still in a good position, Pakistan.


Oh well, just keep going, that is a great shot. Well played. That is the


attitude Pakistan have had for the whole day. Just rather down.


Pressure is on Jadeja. He is a good player of spin. Round arm and he got


it. That was a bad ball from Jadeja. He thought he was coming down. Well


played. That was all due to that first shot when he used his feet.


The pressure is back on Jadeja now. That is a bad delivery, he did well


to connect it. Has he got him? He has got him. Put on the charge. They


need a few more of them, Pakistan. Very good shot. Using his feet. His


bands on the surface helps him to hit it through. It is in the air. Is


that in the gap? Clean as a whistle. Yuvraj. On your bike, barbaric! That


is the one that India wanted. -- has 25-macro. -- Babar. No spin, hits on


the outside part of the bat. Do not underestimate him. Pakistan ) number


four. 267-4. Nice and straight, square on the leg-side. Beautifully


timed again from her fees. -- Hafeez. Have a look at this one,


proper shots. Big shot, has it connected? It has gone. Very good


attempt. Hafeez with a very fine strike. And other maximum. Good


batting from Hafeez. Good use of the feet. Simple swing at the bat. You


can try an overhead like Babar, stay in his shed, trusted his swing and


timing. How down the wicket again. Got close


to it. Hits it hard and flat. One bounce and back into the


sightscreen. Big one from Hafeez. 300 for Pakistan. Perfect late ball


there. Hafeez was having none of that. Same here, it stays stationary


and did not commit all the way. Slower ball, hit harder. Hardik


Pandya is very quick and only had to move ten metres to his left but


could not get there. 54 Hafeez, he did not like the short but it has


been a great innings. 50 from 34. Straight hit. Six! Great result. And


he has played a blinder here. I am repeating myself. Do not worry about


extra cover. It was straight down the ground. Stepped outside his


off-stump. Got the middle of the bat onto it. 78 metres down the ground,


just missed the cameraman. Sly ball from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Got the full


treatment. Last ball of the innings. It said. Cannot find the fence. --


hits it. India will be happy with the way they ended the last few


overs. They still have to bowl extremely well. That is brilliant.


First half of the game for Pakistan. Indian needs 339 to win. Virat Kohli


has a lot of work to do. Pakistan Post a very challenging total. A


great batting display by Pakistan began with a blistering opening


partnership. The left-hander hitting a sublime 114. Babar played well


before Hafeez really let rip. The Pakistan total went to 338, the


highest total of the tournament and India will require a record-breaking


batting performance if they are to win. For India, the pick of the


bowlers was Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Hardik Pandya also bowled with


accuracy and efficiency. The rest of the bowlers were really taken apart.


By the bludgeoning Pakistani batting line-up. We are now talking to


Fakhar Zaman. I was so lucky to get a no ball. I it is a final against


India. I really enjoyed by innings. Yesterday I was not feeling very


well after the practice session, but thanks to my physio, he was with me


the whole night and I was thinking I would not be able to play tomorrow,


but he told me, you will be fine in the morning. It was thanks to him.


Also, there was a big swing in the wicket. I was taking my time. It got


easier. You will be the highest total chased down in this tournament


if India managed to overhaul the massive Pakistan total. If any team


can do it, India can, they have a talented batting line-up,


spearheaded by Sharma and Dow one. -- Dhawan. Mohammed Amir passed a


fitness test yesterday and he is raring to go from the Pavilion End.


Will he swing this new ball? We have not seen much of it. Shaba on


strike. -- Sharma. Close. That came back in. Given! Will Sharma review


it? He thinks he has gone. That is the beauty. He is asking Dhawan.


There is only one review for India in this innings. One review for each


side. Rohit Sharma walks off. A big blow. We were talking about early


wickets and he strikes. Comes into the right-hander. Right across the


line. A big start for Pakistan. A duck for Rohit Sharma in the final.


Not a man you want to drop! Everything was perfect, apart from


that. Regulation, off the shoulder, catch at someone. Then you look up


and you see it is Kohli. How important is that. In the air. Gone.


He is gone on the next ball. Brilliant from Amir. Pakistan


cricket at its best. Of those Virat Kohli and probably India's chances


in this game. Have a look at Fakhar Zaman, he has done nothing wrong in


this game. He has taken the most important catch in this game. India


are trailing six for two. They needed the boundary, they've


got it. Slower ball, driven on the up. The outfield is quick. Is it


quick enough? Yes. There's no stopping, on the up. He


just races away. Top edge, that will go away for


four. Parade in four pace. -- hurried in, four pace. Punished.


If you are going to go ape in this game, he's going to step up and


leave them. -- go deep. Pakistan has been brilliant with the ball so far.


Cracking shot. That is making a special sound. 19 now.


Dhawan, top of the bounce. Oh, taken, caught behind. Working


fantastically for Mohammed, it's a big one, a big fish. It changes


things now, doesn't it? A wicket taking bowler. It's bounced a


little. He's just sent it off-stump, Shihkar Dhawan. Pakistan are rampant


at the moment. You see the delight. Shihkar Dhawan, the prolific Shihkar


Dhawan, departs for 21. They are reeling, 33-3. Oh, he's so good


against spin. This may just backfire for Pakistan, this move of


introducing spin the Yuvraj. Another shot down the ground. It's a fourth.


This clearly has misfired, this move. It's allowed Yuvraj Singh,


with few these -- few easy boundaries. Celestial in style,


Yuvraj Singh as earned India a massive advantage.


Pad first then the bat, gone for the appeal. Sarfraz feels there is a


strong case. They've gone for review. Thank you, that's their


delivery. Can we get a frontal, please? I want to see if it hit pad


first. It certainly looks like it has. Can you get a Hot Spot, please?


Yes, definitely pad first. I'm happy to go straight to ball tracking,


thank you. Ball tracking coming up now,


Richard. Impact is in line. It's going on to hit the wicket. You are


on camera now, Richard. Incredible! What a wicket. Shadab Khan has


bamboozled a left-hander. It's happening for Pakistan today.


Nothing really has worked for India so far in this contest. It sure


scrap -- its Yuvraj Singh, the latest except, 22 from 31, a wicket


for Shadab Khan, 54-4. Paul shot. Court by Imad Wasim. It's Hasan Ali


who has given Pakistan another massive breakthrough. Is he over the


line? He's fine. He's fine. The heel is hitting the crease, and not over


it. Very good catch will stop low and he took it well and Hasan Ali is


off the mark. MS gone. 54 for the loss of five. The energy with the


ball, what are shot that is. That will be four. Just the energy and


everything they've brought. That's one of the shots of the day, 67-5.


This one has gone straight up. This is going to be another wicket. Six


wickets gone, Shadab Khan strikes again. No need for review this time.


That's the way he plays, comes off on occasions. Doesn't on occasions.


Well, the 18-year-old has just taken his second wicket. It was a big leg


break. He tried to smack on the on-side. The skipper, Sarfraz, I


want risk you little river. We are on our way. This has been wonderful


stuff from Pakistan. You can see the emotion, the passion with which they


are playing. This is great stuff from Pakistan, and unfortunately for


India, they lose their sixth wicket. Judge gone. -- Kedar Jadhav gone.


The cream has gone, the cream of Indian bracket has -- bracket has


gone. I tell you what, Shadab Khan, the wrist spinner, the leg-spinner,


getting a second wicket. Has he got enough? Yes, he has. In


fact, more than enough. It's gone in a second-tier tear. Clean as a


whistle. Pandya just an iced swing of the bat. No use a stand and


deliver start. That's at the top deck. That's hit through the on-side


and that's gone wild into the stands. He is a very powerful


hitter, Hardik Pandya. High and handsome, long over mid-wicket. It's


a good cricketing shot. It just goes to show how good the surface has


been so far, against the turn, through the on-side. This time


again. Will he clear the boundary? He does. Back-to-back sixes for


Hardik Pandya. Hits it again. Third six of the


over. Three consecutive sixes. Brings up his 50 in good time, in


just 32 deliveries. And it's the fastest 50 in a world ODI final.


Tossed it again, this time through covers. Races away to the boundary.


22 runs from this over so far, and they're still one more delivery to


go. This time through mid-wicket. I was


just about to say, he won't stand there and let another one like that


go outside the off-stump. One more. This time, a longer one,


probably the longest. It goes to the turnstile. Well, the fans have


something to cheer, the Indian fans, stand and deliver, 152-6.


Got rid of all three of them. And Hardik Pandya has to go. What India


did in the morning, Pakistan does it in the afternoon. Was a bit of


agitation earlier between these two as well with some running between


the wickets. He's absolutely livid, Hardik Pandya, as he should be. Big,


big sub, pushed it in the off-side from Jadeja and just doesn't go.


Plenty of time for the fields man. Took his time, bouncing into the


bowler, and the simplest of runouts. Pandya on his way, India now 7-152.


Once again Pakistan strike. 76. Outside edge. They haven't missed


much, Pakistan. And once again he strikes with the old ball. Jen A De


Bakker in the attack. -- Jen A. 8-156, India.


Outside edge. Hassan strikes again. What a cricketer he is. What about


the energy? It's created in that Pakistan horrible right now, they


are coming from everywhere, the players, as they should. Hasan Ali


again, good links, Sime. Ashwin clashes outside the off-stump.


Through Sarfraz. Isn't he happy, the Pakistan captain? Ashwin on his way.


India now 9-156. Sarfraz takes the catch, it's all


over. Pakistan win. 158, India. Blown away in the final and it's


Pakistan who are through. Over the line, a massive win. Great scenes.


And after a very long break, they were able to beat India in an


all-important contest. They richly deserved this. They were the better


side on the day. Brilliant with the bat and exquisite with the ball and


Sarfraz, what a leader they've found in him. And the fireworks go up and


it really was one cracker of a performance. Just a complete


performance from Sarfraz and his men. On a flat track, they were able


to derail and demolish Indian batting. Yes, congratulations,


Pakistan. Deserved the trophy come you've been the best side. They


played very, very well. You have to feel for India. They played well


through the tournament. They were blown away today. India just weren't


good enough today. Pakistan flexed their muscles with the bat, the


ball, they were clearly the better side today. Just blew India away and


they are in for a wonderful night tonight, that's for sure,


celebrating with their friends. United when their captain Sarfraz


has led the team well, everyone has contributed for the Pakistan team.


And they are team that is together. All behind their skipper. What a


tournament we've had and congratulations. Go on, Pakistan,


you deserve it. STUDIO:


The best batting line-up in the world simply didn't turn up. Rohit


Sharma, MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav all failing to reach double figures.


A quickfire 76 from 43 balls from Hardik Pandya before that desperate


run out was the only score really worth a mention. Remember, this


batting line-up hit Pakistan for 319, just two weeks ago. But what up


performance from the Pakistan bowling attack. Mohammed Ali bowled


with ferocity. Hasan Ali was aggressive. He took three wickets


for just 19 and he ends the tournament as the highest wicket


taker cup, claiming 13 wickets. The eighth ranked team in the world


proved everyone wrong against their biggest rival. Pakistan won by 180


runs, bowling India Alpha 158, with almost 20 overs remaining. A team


that has in the past underperformed has chalked up a famous and historic


victory. After losing the first game and like we were in a next round at


the knockout stage, so there was no chance and everyone just wanted a


great character and I really have him because all it is for the


Pakistan, for the nation, because they've been waiting for this for a


very long time and I think this is what we all like to do. A great game


for the team, I'm so happy. Weldon, three wickets and three quality


wickets. That was terrific stuff at the top. I think that the start we


needed and we were looking for that and at the order, then were


informed, but I was looking for it and I did it. How is your the


pressure? It's not an easy team to coach. Oh, it's not, it's been up


and down. I'm so proud of the boys. We dusted ourselves off after the


India defeat at Edgbaston. We came back superbly on the group kept


believing. We knew we prepared well. We knew we were better than that and


the dust ourselves off and comeback has been a remarkable achievement


and I'm so proud of everybody. That must be very disappointing for you?


Indeed. I want to congratulate the Pakistan team and their fans first.


I think they had an amazing tournament. The way they turn things


around for themselves speaks volumes of the kind of talent they have in


their side and they proved it again today. They can upset anyone on


their day. Disappointing for us as a team to lose the finals, but I have


a smile on my face, because I'm very proud of the way we played in this


tournament and reaching the finals is obviously coming you need to have


a good tournament, which the boys have pulled off. I think after the


India match, one thing I say to my boys, tournament not finishing it.


If we play good cricket, positive cricket, definitely, and credit goes


to my team management and the boys, they learn very well and now we play


in the finals. You talk about positive cricket. You made a change


in the batting line-up, Fakhar Zaman coming in at the top. How important


is he? He has a great impact. He plays like a champion. Thanks to


Fakhar Zaman, if he plays like this, hopefully he can do this for


Pakistan. You also have a champion bowler, who wasn't there in the


semifinal, when you needed the top three dismantling of India, Mohammad


Amir gave you the option. All credit to the bowlers. I think they bowled


really well. The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy winners are Pakistan. After


18 days of wonderful competition across three different venues,


Pakistan's emphatic dismantling of India's talented batting line-up


sees Sarfraz Ahmed's men crowned champions. Goodbye from the Oval.


even just a memory of happiness is enough to make you happy.


Rob, do you think we did something wrong? No.


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