England v Bangladesh Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

England v Bangladesh

Highlights from the opening game of the ICC Champions Trophy as hosts England face Bangladesh at the Oval.

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Hello and welcome to the Oval and the opening match of the 20 17th ICC


Champions Trophy. Cricket is back on the BBC TV. This is the eighth


edition of the one-day tournament contested by the eight top teams in


the world. The Oval, Cardiff and Edgbaston on the venues and we'll


have highlights on all matches on BBC Two.


Bangladesh famously ended England's World Cup hopes two years ago. The


current ICC champions, India, are in group B. Sri Lanka are white ball


specialist. On the blue sky and sunshine, fireworks and beefeaters


were amongst the attractions for the opening ceremony, which began at


10am. An inform England team are the bookies favourites, but they are up


against Bangladesh team currently sixth in the world rankings, just


one England. England included five seamers, including Ben Stokes, who's


been struggling with a knee injury. Adil Rashid is left out and the out


of form Jason Roy is favoured ahead of Jonny Bairstow. Bangladesh were


thrashed by India in their final warm up game. Today they go with


eight batsmen, including dangerous opener Tamim Iqbal. There's no place


for Mehedi Hasan, who troubled England last year. England won the


toss and decided to bowl first on a pitch that looks full of runs.


Morgan's team will looking to use seam against a team that play spin


well. A sell-out crowd greeted England as they took the field.


Tamim and Sarkar opened for Bangladesh. Commentary from Nasser


Hussain and Shane Warne. The ball is in the hands of Chris


Woakes. Very full straightaway. Are they await? Yes, with a single.


It took nine balls. A worrying sign for England. He went off after two


overs and Jonny Bairstow is on. A few questions over the fitness of


Woakes. Tucked away on the leg side. Will that be the first boundary of


the day? It is. A long time coming. It's a good pitch, they needed a


good start. Their first boundary. Halfway through the fifth over for a


first boundary. Curious why Jake Ball started around the wicket. It's


a good boundary. Like London buses, when one comes, another one comes


just seconds after. Slow start from Bangladesh and then bang, bang. Just


giving Morgan something to think about. Woakes off the field,


hopefully he's OK. Ball has gone boundary, boundary. Bangladesh might


be starting to put their foot down now. Giving the crowd some enjoyment


and entertainment. Excellent shot. Good balance. Was there glove on


that? Directed there was. It goes for four. The extra pace of Wood.


Dom! Dropped! He had it in his hands, almost like her shall did at


square leg. All those years ago when it was hit to square leg when he


caught it and then threw it up. I don't think Moeen Ali was throwing


it up, he just didn't have it completely. He just palmed it away.


That's more like the Tamim we've seen over the years against England.


He's got a superb record against England, he's given them sent pain


over the years. He's changed the way he's batted, in the past he was more


impetuous. Excellent shot. Beautifully played, presenting the


full face of the bat, down the ground. Down the leg side. Four.


Straying down the leg side. All Tamim had to do was put back to


ball. Short again and Tamim on the pole this time. Much more aggressive


response to end the over. More cheers from the Bangladesh fans.


Wonderful strike! What a strike that is. They've gone after Jake Ball a


bit, I think they fancy him. Beautiful strike down the ground.


Certainly get the supporters on their feet and why not. Terrific


hit, beautifully played. Dead straight and it went all the way.


Lovely shot. Ball is looking to hit the pitch hard and he has to tuck


the batsman up. He was cut away square of the wicket on that


occasion. A little bit too wide on this occasion. Hitting through the


cover point area for another boundary.


Excellent shot. It completes the over, a damaging over for England. A


six down the ground, a cut for four and they drive for four to end the


over and bring up the Bangladesh 50. Should be out. Taken! Mesto it is


out there. -- Bairstow. Soumya Sarkar will be very disappointed.


Short and wide. He wanted to play it finer, but straight to the fielder


in the deep. Easy. The substitute fielder taking the catch. England


picked up their first wicket. Ben Stokes breaks the partnership.


Sarkar has to go back to the pavilion for 28. First wicket has


gone down for Bangladesh. We've had 12 overs. Imrul Kayes at number


three. No slip. Had there been, that was a straightforward chance. The


fact that Imrul Kayes has only just come to the crease might make Stokes


and Morgan regret that fact. Playing in England, a new batsman coming in,


it doesn't matter about the surface, you have to have a slip for the


newcomer. That would have been a regulation catch. Good seam


position, coming around the wicket, genuine edge. It's gone to the


boundary. That's where Joe Root was. That is a nightmare couple of balls


for Morgan. You don't have a slip, the ball is edged through slip, you


bring in slip and take out square leg and the bowler serves up a leg


stump half volley and after the fence it goes. It's a good shot from


Imrul Kayes. Stokes pitching it up and easily clipping it away in the


direction where Joe Root was feeling. He's playing very straight.


Playing well. This is where he scores his runs, Tamim Iqbal.


Another lovely shot. He scores quickly. Nice and balanced, letting


the ball come onto the bat, driving it down the ground. Lovely feeling


as a batter. Slower delivery. Flown off the edge for another four.


Consecutive fours for Bangladesh. That's well played. Really sensible


cricket. Imrul Kayes is the batsman. He's gone for it! Has he taken it?


Wonderful catch! Two hands. Second wicket down. All down to some


terrific catching from England. Moved dutifully, the ball floated in


the air and extra seconds longer and as he hits the ground, he hung on


the ball. Wonderful, fielding. He mistimed it, took a bit of risk.


Early called to go for the catch as well. Tried to reach out with two


hands. Eventually the right-hand took the ball. Imrul Kayes is gone,


the second wicket to fall. Mushfiqur Rahim, Test captain for Bangladesh,


bats at number four. Plenty of experience. 173 matches. These are


the men that have to come to the fore.


Brilliant shot. The bat meeting the ball on that occasion, nothing more.


100 comes up for Bangladesh. Just a solid punch from Mushfiqur. Great


sound off the bat. Another asset of having big squares in England, the


ball races away if you can time it. Mid-off had no chance. Plunkett will


come round the wicket for the last two deliveries. Shot. One of his


strong areas. Four. 50 comes up for Tamim Iqbal. His 37th 50 in one-day


internationals. Down the track! Lovely use of the feet and he's got


a maximum. Top shot from Tamim et al! Absolutely brilliant. Lovely use


of the feet. Once he gets into position, he rarely disappoints.


Lovely. Placement, perfect. Get the length a touch short and Tamim Iqbal


was on it like a flash. Picked it up very early. Still had to put it


away. Didn't try to hit it too hard. He bisected the two fielders in the


deep and played it beautifully all along the carpet.


That's what he has done in the recent past, Tamim Iqbal. At first


it was a short delivery that he put away for a boundary, and the next


delivery was full, down the ground, lovely use of the feet. The way they


are batting at the moment... Beautifully played. Played it late.


That's Mushfiqur Rahim, coming back for the third. Very good running.


He's whacked that nicely. In front of square for four. Beautiful shot.


Bowling coach Ottis Gibson sitting comfortably. 150 comes up. He's hit


that in the gap. One of the difficult things England have found,


when they've pitched the ball up to Bangladesh, they've driven it well.


When they've pulled back the length, they've been able to pull and hope.


They've made it terribly difficult to bowl consistently. They've played


very nicely so far in this match. Once again, Tamim Iqbal who picks up


the length very quickly. Very, very neat from Tamim, gets a


bit of a volley in return from Ben Stokes, loves getting into these


kind of contests, we have seen it time and again. Stokes just loves


it, he's not going to shy away from the contest. This is what


matchwinners do, Stokes is one of the matchwinners, and I reckon he


senses a moment, a bit frustrated that Bangladesh are doing so well,


and this is what guys do, this is more for Ben Stokes than anybody


else, to get himself in the game. Expense of balls earlier in the day,


gone for four now. Tamim on 93, Mushie and he have a good


partnership at the moment. A good shot, they will get four runs for


it, 100 partnership between these two, and the 50 comes up for


Mushfiqur Rahim, it has been a splendid innings.


I have said it for years, one of my favourite players in the whole


Bangladesh set up. Good shot, wonderful shot, that, excellent, the


innings just gets better and better for Mushfiqur Rahim, and now the 200


comes up for Bangladesh. The good thing about Mushfiqur Rahim, he is


easy on the eye with his stroke play. That is what the Bangladeshi


batsmen have done really well today, every time the ball has been short


outside the off stump, they are played to get one. Mushfiq the wall!


It is the one big change we have seen in limited overs cricket. He


gets it! A single to get 100, his second hundred against England,


ninth overall, what an innings! Second Bangladeshi batsman to get a


hundred in the Champions Trophy. Fantastic moment for Tamim Iqbal.


And really to put it into the context of Bangladesh's improvement


over the last couple of years, this is his fifth ODI hundred since the


last World Cup, five out of nine hundreds have come in that


period. This is how he has scored them, job not done yet, though. Had


a good time so far, got 100 against Pakistan in the first one of game,


and today, a sparkling innings. A bit irresponsible to begin with, one


of the features was the amount of straight drives that he played,


peppered with short deliveries, he just stuck it out. Last ten overs,


you feel he can spread a bit and have the additional. Outside, that


has gone high and long as well! Celebration almost after getting the


hundreds, celebrate for the sex. Oh, good shot, wonderful pick-up


shot! And this is the short boundary, so


that the line of the delivery, as terrific a shot as it was, is


hitting into a short boundary leg side. Up and over extra, that is


towards the shorter boundary, and Ben Stokes does brilliantly. Great


fielding on the boundary, Stokes. What a shot that is! One bounce


away, it wasn't far from going for sex, boy, can they play these shots


well nowadays! Incredible amount of skill, hand-aye coordination. Fine


leg was back, that is why he had to go over the wicketkeeper. Third man


up, just had to fetch it from the boundary, will he go again? Short,


square, Stokes running to his left, cannot cut it off, brilliant from


Bangladesh. Incredible amount of skill where you just dab it over the


keeper at third man, plays with a bowler's mind, what fields do you


set? Almost creates the uncertainty of what lengths to bowl, opens up


the back of the length delivery, cut away for another boundary. So


important that the bowler and the captain commits to a plan at this


stage in the innings. That has gone straight up in the


air, the change of bat might not have worked. It hasn't! Buttler


takes the catch, and the wonderful innings from Tamim Iqbal comes to an


end. Well taken by Buttler. Just jammed


him into the ribs, wonderful innings from Tamim Iqbal, he has really


given Bangladesh a solid chance. Well played, young man! Iqbal, 128,


it is 206 21-3. Experienced players keep coming, Shakib Al Hasan, a very


good finisher, good man to have in this situation. He won't be on


strike. Could be two in a row, shouldn't be dropped at long on,


easy catch! And Bangladesh have just made a mistake by letting two new


batsmen come in, and England believe they are back in this game. Not a


good shot from Mushfiqur, wonderful innings, real impetus in the middle,


but he needed to bowl out that partnership.


That is hit seriously hard, a little bit of with, but this lad is a real


danger man, if you don't get it right to him, you will disappear. A


bit of beloved off that and maybe a bit of lady, I think it might have


hit the helmet. -- a bit of the glove and maybe a bit of late. Save


your legs, that will be four! Yes, this is the over to make fours, they


have travelled a little bit today, the Bangladeshi batsmen. This is the


over they are targeting, great start from Sabbir. At this stage, Chris


Woakes would be bowling for England, he is there go to death bowler.


Its mid-on, he should because, he is, Ben Stokes does not drop those


catches, England continue to take wickets at the death. Shakib will be


disappointed, because two were in these -- the slot. He was looking


inside out, but that managed to cram him, Stokes takes another good


catch, moves so well around the field, steadies his feet, into his


hands. End of Shakib, 10, Bangladesh 277-5. No man out, as Graeme Smith


said, everyone is in on the off side, he changes his length, Wood,


and the result is a boundary. Great move from Sabbir, Wood using


the short ball tactic, he uses his feet, slices it away through the off


side, short boundary. This is now Bangladesh's highest score against


England in an ODI, scoops it, will find legged by? No, he won't, that


is a short boundary. The ability to get down on the knee there. Again,


that is not that far out, is it? It is not, it is not a bad delivery,


just the skill of the batsman, the courage to get down and played a


shot. -- play the shot. Oh, that could be four more. No, he has done


very well, he has to jump the speaker as well! That is outstanding


fielding. It is outstanding fielding, but again that shot


created a dart board the bowler, went away from his plans, two good


yorkers upfront, put it away, but what a bit of fielding from


Bairstow. No idea he is a wicketkeeper! Scoop of side brings


up the 304 Bangladesh with an over to go, 300-5, 49 gone.


It is hit too long on, should be taken, the fielder doesn't have to


move, Jason Roy is out there. Bad bit of work by the Bangladeshi


batsman, didn't cross, stayed in his crease. So important, these little


things, at this stage of the innings, to maximise the runs on


pub. Plays the shot and doesn't move. -- to maximise the runs on


offer. Easy catch for Roy, having a good run at the death here. You can


see there he doesn't move at all, just looking to see if he was out,


wasn't thinking of the next man in. That will be a wide. It should be a


wide. No, given it as a bye, maybe because he turned around and ended


up left-handed. But a very good end to the innings from England,


Blunkett in particular finishes with figures of 4-59. England didn't lose


the plot at the end, still a very stern chase, Bangladesh will be


slightly disappointed they could not have got more, 305 in your first


outing in the Champions Trophy is a pretty good effort. Very, very good


start, Bangladesh, the openers took their time, they got in, 28 for


Soumya, but the standout player was Tamim Iqbal, 128. Woakes only bowled


two overs, he got injured. I've been contributing to the teeth


are the last two and a half years which is good. I just wanted to make


sure that if I get it -- if I got a start I wanted to make it count so


I'm glad I contributed again. Ten or 15 morons would have been ideal


because the conditions are nice for batting. -- more runs. Bangladesh


have set England a testing target of 302 win this first game. -- of 300


and. Looked like a struggle just getting up to the stumps.


Up and over. Just over and it runs away. I think it was Mashrafe at


cover point. He tried to hide himself because he can't move well


and it just went over his head. He was just stuck in the mud a little


bit. The ball floated. I thought for a moment it was a chance. Once it


gets onto the square, it races away. Scoop comes and he's gone! What a


catch! When you're out of Nick, things don't go your way. He's


jumped up and swooped and Jason Roy has gone. The crowd erupts. Listen


to the Bangladesh fans, just what they wanted. A total of 300 and an


early wicket. Offcuts are. Interesting choice of shot from


Jason Roy. What a catch. Floating like a butterfly. Brilliant. Jason


Roy's Paul Grant continues. -- poor run. England have lost their first


wicket. Joe Root comes to the wicket. His average is very good, he


has 900s. That's a lovely shot. At the Oval, you don't have two


overhit. A touch player like Joe Root can get a boundary without


flexing his muscles. Wonderful shot from Root. Great hands, trusting his


flows through the ball. That gets through, past mid-wicket, four more.


Trying to tuck him up and not giving him wit, but just gets a little


straight. Good hands, rolled over the ball. It races away.


Just like that. Give him any width and he will pounce. Almost a drag


down with width. Doesn't miss out. Just short of the boundary. It's big


out there. He got there. I think it might be


Tamim Iqbal. That will run away for four as well.


Room given and the short boundary peppered. 50 comes up for England.


Good crowd here today. Placement is such an important part of batting.


Root has somehow threaded that through. Equally good was the


balance. He didn't fall across two off-stump, he stayed in a fairly


upright position to a delivery that was on middle stump. Didn't force


it. Root tickles fine. 65 mph. A little


bit above that. Soon and -- Soumya can't afford to be off target.


He's gone for it. That's one of his great strengths. Packs a punch. 50


comes up for Alex Hales. From 52 balls. Ninth 50 of his career. And a


good strike rate. He smashed that. A couple of steps down the track and


hit it towards the mid-wicket fence. Good shot. It's going to go quickly


after that, no chance for the fielder. Lovely shot from Joe Root.


Placement was beautiful. A flick of the wrist and it races to the


boundary. Looking stronger, looking very good for England.


100 comes up for England. Both of these batsmen, Joe Root and Alex


Hales, have been very good. Only the loss of Jason Roy. It's going to be


four. Using the pace of the ball. Nice punch off the back foot. Once


again allowing the batsman to free his arms on the back foot. Very good


shot. It went very quickly. Hit into the ground and goes over the top of


the fielder at point. Good shot. That will be four. Really putting


the pressure on the bowlers. They haven't really gone over the top,


they haven't tried anything dramatic, it's just been good


cricket, knocking the ball around, rotating the strike, good plans,


good execution. Hales is a dangerous player at the top of the order.


Looking at what Bangladesh could do. Very hard on this good surface,


quick outfield. Hang on! That's gone a long way. Yeah, big shot from


Hales. Very relaxed England captain, Eoin Morgan. First six of England's


innings. So important to this bowling line-up, the spinner. He's


already gone for 12 in this over. Nice use of the feet. Easy stuff


from Alex Hales. Halfway down the deck, good shot


from Hales. Punishes the bad ball. 150 partnership. England cruising.


Nice strike! Catch in the crowd. Alex Hales is moving on. 95. He is


well balanced. He wasn't quite to the pitch of the ball, but look at


the swing of the bat and his balance. Head still. That is a big


boundary down that way. It's gone a long way back. Nowhere near a half


volley, but he was balanced and he had long levers. A good swing of the


bat. Out towards mid-wicket. Catch taken! The breakthrough comes. Good


shout. They sure did. Once again the part-time leg-spinner, Sabbir, his


first over, got hit the six the ball before. He got the big wicket of


Hales. Bangladesh really needed that. A good catch in the outfield,


curling away from the fielder. Excellent catch. Bangladesh really


needed that. Can they go back to back and get a couple of wickets?


Well played, Alex Hales. There's that slip you were talking about,


just like that. It's gone for four. Easy boundary.


Just got his fingertips to the ball, but the ball will still travel to


the boundary. 117 from 105 balls with eight wickets in hand. Morgan


picking up length very quickly and fast onto it.


The pull shot. Not quite from the meat of the bat and that's why he's


got a smile on his face. You don't see these kinds of lofted shots any


more. It was a drag down. Got into position quickly. Almost looked like


it sat in the surface a bit. Trying to hit it 20 different he rows back,


a slight top edge but nobody out there. Just falling short? He's


claimed the catch. The batsman is waiting and the umpires will take a


look. He thinks it's out. Let's see what the unbiased thing. There will


be a soft signal. -- let's see what the umpires think. The soft signal


is not out. OK. Thank you. I can see ball on


ground. Ball is on ground. The decision is not out.


He's not happy! Making his point felt. Almost yellow card time!


That's a good shot. That will race away. Quick outfield, excellent shot


from Joe Root. Didn't try and overhit it. Class act, class player.


Timing. Look at the balance when he plays this. Sometimes you see huge


swings of the bat, look at the timing. He didn't over stride with


his front foot, he just put it down, comfortable, his head was still


anti-free to his arms. They will need a few more on the boundary and


a few in the stands. That is huge! The moment it left the back, that


was going to be six. Good use of the feet. Look at the balance. He really


goes out and gets it and stays down. Doesn't come up. Doesn't lose any


power. That's gone a long way back, that's a big boundary. Good strike.


Morgan informed. -- is informed. The man has gone on the reverse sweep so


he leaves it open. Clever batting. That will take Morgan to yet another


half-century. England need their captain in form and he's certainly


that. Well played, Eoin Morgan. A lot of talk before this tournament


that he needs a good start. He hasn't performed so well in these


big ICC tournaments. What a 50 it is. 52 in 45. Will he run back? He


will. He hobbles his way through to another one day hundred. He is a


high-class player. All the Oval, all his team-mates stand and applause --


applaud a truly magnificent cricketer. Excellent knock from Joe


Root. In early when Jason Roy was dismissed. When you talk about the


best players in the world, he's in the top echelon, right amongst the


best. Root on the attack now. Not often that you see Joe Root clear


the ropes, but he's done so on this occasion. He's been working on his


power hitting, actually. Root looking to put that into


practice, all that power hitting that he has been practising in the


nets before games this season, a perfect opportunity to put it into


practice in a match. That is the shortest boundary on the ground.


Morgan definitely picking his spot, eyeing up that area wide of mid-on.


Very good touch, Eoin Morgan, the star of the international this


summer against Ireland and South Africa. Probably playing as fluently


as he has for some time, great to have a captain coming into a global


tournament, a confident side, but also confident in his own game and


is own abilities as well. Lovely from Root, lovely shot to end


the over, little fall, a little wide, the measure, the timing as it


beat the man, only ten yards to go, 290-2. Root picking out extra cover,


four more. Coming quickly now. That is the ninth boundary four for


Joe Root to add to the one six that he hit over mid on.


Root looking to finish it in style, one bounce four, Joe Root's highest


score in one-day international cricket, the first time that a team


will have chased down a score of over 300 in the Champions Trophy.


A good way to finish an emphatic opening win for England, Joe Root


and captain Eoin Morgan combining in a partnership of 143 after the early


dismissal of Jason Roy, a run chase that never looked in any doubt,


really, Alex Hales played very confidently, Joe Root looks in


excellent touch, he finishes on 133 not out, his highest score in ODI


cricket. Eoin Morgan continues his good form, unbeaten on 75. And as


well as Bangladesh played in the first half of this game, thanks to


Tamim Iqbal, 305 never looked enough. So a disappointing start for


Bangladesh, but I think they can look back with some pride at the


first of the game, when Tamim Iqbal played so well for a century, just


not enough firepower, really, with the ball. If you don't take wickets,


it is very, very difficult. They got the early wicket of Jason Roy, good


catch by Mustafizur. England victorious.


A lot of wicketless analysis there. They need to pick up wickets, but


only Sabbir and Sabbir successful in the


column that counts. Just knowing what we had to do, it


was about making sure that we have plenty of wickets towards the back


end, you know, someone like Alex Hales will not score slowly if he


bats for long periods of time, one of the top four five, not out,


between 70 and 100 at the back end, we would be in a good position. I am


sure there will be different situations and scenarios throughout


the competition, but just thrilled to bits to get off to a good start.


You don't seem a man who doubt his decision-making much, but was there


any stage when you thought, I wish I had Adil Rashid? Absolutely not, we


went with the right decision, considering one side was shorter, it


didn't turn a great deal, we went for Moeen, who has bowled really


well and been in good form, it was unfortunate that Chris Woakes was


out. In general, the fitness, Joe hobbling off, Ben with his knee,


Chris with what could be a serious injury, are you concerned? Chris is


going for a scan on his thigh tonight, we will have to see what


that comes up with, it doesn't feel right, he went straight off the


field. The rest of the guys are not a major worry, Joe was able to bat


through his nickel or whatever it is, but we will assess in the


morning. New Zealand next up, will you be watching them against


Australia tomorrow? Absolutely, it will be a great game, two very good


sides, we will certainly be watching.


So a great start for England, they play next on Tuesday in Cardiff...


# I want it all Yeah, yeah


Highlights from the opening game of the ICC Champions Trophy as hosts England face Bangladesh at the Oval. The top eight teams in the world face off over 17 days of action in a one-day tournament ranked second only in importance to the Cricket World Cup. India are the holders having beaten England in the 2013 final.

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