New Zealand v Australia Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

New Zealand v Australia

Highlights from the ICC Champions Trophy match between antipodean rivals Australia and New Zealand from Edgbaston, Birmingham.

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Hello and welcome turgid are still in Birmingham for the second group


match 2017 ICC. Today we see a replay of the World Cup final in


2015, two years ago was Australia becoming world champions in front of


the home crowd in Melbourne. Can they repeated the feat today.


England chased down 300 runs, a championship record to beat


Bangladesh. Will we see similar batting aggression? England are


sitting on top of group a. A win won't guarantee modification to the


knockout round but a loss will make it very difficult.


The sea danger man is David Warner, he has scored almost a quarter of


Australia's run since the work of victory, Mitchell Starc is welcome


back to a pace attack with plenty of firepower. One problem facing Kane


Williamson is filling in the enormous hole left by Brendon


McCullum, if he is looking for runs then he might not have two search


further than its opening pair, Luke Ronchi is in great form and Martin


Guptill averages 62 in ODI cricket. New Zealand won the toss and elected


to bat on a good batting surface on a venue that has high-scoring games.


Luke Ronchi at the top of the order shows that the Black Caps are being


aggressive. That's join the action. Quite a predictable start. Underway,


Martin Guptill, at least two. Should push the three runs. They will get


through pretty easily. Tucked away beautifully the Martin Guptill. You


can see there he just waited the Hazlewood to get it straight to him.


Mitchell Starc just getting it a bit straight, slide overcorrection


there. That has pushed a bit down the leg and has clipped right to the


middle of bat. Game. Thrashed through the off-side


by Hazlewood. Crunched from Martin Guptill to finish the second over.


14 without loss. Luke Ronchi gets his first boundary.


Just a push, will run away. David Warner. He got there, it may be


surprised of it. The momentum dragged the ball back over into the


Bantry I think. You will go a long way to see a better shot than this,


good delivery from Hazlewood. Gupta moves onto the front foot, just


punch down the ground. Over the top. Enough of it. That is the power that


he does possess. 29 without loss. Gets that through. Perfect timing


from Martin Guptill. We have seen a few good shots this morning. That is


far and away the best, fall again yes, a bit of wit is on offer, look


at this stride, very steady with his head. One simple movement and a


simple swing of the bat. Looks in good touched me. -- touch to me.


Another straight one and another Bantry from Martin moves. -- from


Martin Guptill and hardly moves. Cross seam from Mitchell Starc,


hitting the middle of the back and that is all you have to do on these


outfields, some good timing. Gone. Just a bit of soon, whether it


bounced a bit off the cross delivery but it was a leading edge. The big


breakthrough the Hazlewood and Australia. Maybe bounced a fraction


more. Guptill closed the face of the back, simple catch to Max Waller


backward point. Guptill is on its way. New Zealand now 1-40. Kane


Williamson. The New Zealand skipper, 145 not out against South Africa in


South Africa. A great record. Cummins, in he comes. Williamson


goes. Not perfectly timed that he will pick up his first boundary. A


bit risky, a thick outside edge, nice and full, held its line-up.


Luke Ronchi whips that away. It would just make it into the


boundary. 50 comes up the New Zealand. A good crowd, a bit


overcast. Short and put away, spanked to the boundary. The


boundary to finish the over. Cummins in a little bit... Gives himself a


little bit of room, such a clean strike of the ball and that has gone


a long way back, excellent shot. He has given himself a slight bit of


room. I thought he might look to go a bit off the side, that has gone


all the way. Outstanding. That was a bit like one of your shots there.


The lots more poised than me. A big mix-up here. He's going to be


run out turf. They nearly made a mess of it. It's looks like Luke


Ronchi just gave up. He got away with it. Missed the stumps. Matthew


Wade has missed the stumps are, what an opportunity, shoulder hit the


stumps and the ball is in his hand. The ball is in the hand, he missed


that, no lights on the stumps and then the shoulder hit the stumps and


by that time Luke Ronchi is back in his crews and there is the


confirmation of not out. Pretty sure it was this tournament a


few years ago on the same ground, the same two teams, getting through


a similar amount of overs perhaps even more unfortunately the game --


unfortunately the game was called off. That hope it is just a passing


shower. The players may only be off for a short time. Both teams would


be very relaxed, they would just be taking Starc and waiting for the


rain. The good starts, 67-1. Mitchell Starc was pretty good.


Cummins went after him though, only bowed to overs,.


So what have we lost with that bit of rain we have had what that


Hatchie means for the situation of the game, the match has been reduced


so we have only lost four overs per side, as far as the bowlers go we


know it is a maximum of ten but at the moment only one bowler can


Bolton and the others nine. Shut down the ground, excellent once


again. Luke Ronchi punching it down the ground,. A lovely stroke off the


bat. He is off again, 30 of 23 now. An outstanding shots, we know how


dynamic and dangerous he is off-again, 30 of 23 now. An


outstanding shots, we know how dynamic and dangerous years. -- he


is. May have just beaten Mitchell Starc. He has, the rain has slowed


the outfield. Well field, still very quick down there and it is another


boundary. Looking extremely dangerous. Here we go, has it got


enough on this? Yes he has. He is on a mission here. Just the way this


has pace and bounce, the wait goes on the leg side. Free your arms and


if you can catch anything on it it takes. This is a good pitch. Come


and stratify him thereto. -- Cummins try to follow him thereto. Just


over. That is the 50 partnership, 42 deliveries and when Luke Ronchi gets


in this form his heart to stop, he just keeps going. Slash. That be the


Bantry up the 50. His first one in 2.5 years for New Zealand. Well


played thereby Luke Ronchi. Seven fours and two sixes, just for New


Zealand needed. For a brief moment Cummins thought


he was in for a shout, that brings up 100 offer 14.1 overs and they


have made a wonderful foundation. He is the sort of player that when he


gets going so dangerous. And he does it again and pulls it off. Gives


himself some room and opens up the off-side and Carter to recover. --


carves it. That is probably as hard as any of the strokes his plate,


gave himself some room and we saw that, that's why he went on the


on-side, he really wanted the full delivery. He was opening up to get


it through extra cover, leaving it a bit squarer than that. It's put


down, Mitchell Starc. That was the opportunity to pick up the second


wicket, just grabbed on the leg side by Luke Ronchi. It wasn't that


difficult of a chance. There have been moments in the fielding display


from Australia where it has been a bit down or stop it needs to be


taken out when you have a guy firelight Luke Ronchi is. Picking


boundaries out well. Cummins has the pace, I just wonder if there is


enough variation at this stage. They might just go back into their shell


run over to some people but not Ronchi he played a slog there.


Across the seam again. It seems like the surfaces is a bit better after


the rain break, maybe some waste your, the timing has been superb. --


may be some moisture. Straight over his head and a wonderful over, 15


from it. Absolutely brilliant, the confidence is growing. This is as


good as anything we have seen. Down the ground. So often the best place


to go. Pat Cummins doesn't know what to do.


Straight to Maxwell. Try to open about-face carving through the


off-side but this time he picks out the fielder.


Luke Ronchi getting that one behind square. He needs more elevation to


get it back to the turn. It was that outside edge. An important position.


Where a terrific innings comes to an end. It is 65. Next man to the


crease, Ross Taylor. A really important wicket this, for


Australia. His career average is 44. And that is a beautiful shot. He


will be a little bit disappointed, he wanted to try and bring the slip


into play, but all he did was meet the beautiful bat face of Ross


Taylor. It is a juicy half volley, exactly what you need when you are


trying to get something like that out of the middle. Really good shape


and that will make Taylor feel good and that is what you need sometimes,


you get that one away and feel good at the crease. Maxwell.


He has been in the action a lot today at backward point. This one he


does not get away with, short and wide, ?1 and a boundary for Taylor.


It a brutal strike. He keeps looking at that front foot area, frustration


for the skipper. He had to set a field for this sort of delivery, you


just throw the battle at that and that is exactly what he had done.


Hazlewood to continue. A little bit of width, will it be a boundary?


Good start. Wonderful shot by Ross Taylor. Regarded it behind square. A


much wanted boundary for the New Zealand team. Lovely shot. It is


weighted, timed it beautifully. Little bit too much on it for the


man down at third man. Taylor. Finds the gap. Pretty good. They will come


back for two. Seven runs from the over, 145-2.


That is a little bit sloppy there from John Hastings. Another two to


one -- Williamson. In the air, but in the gap. He will run across the


turf for four. Williamson. A little bit of pressure brought that shot


out. It was not quite straight. Williamson, premeditated slog sweep.


The gap and it could go all the way and it does, nicely played, Ross


Taylor. Boundary off the last ball. 106 26-2. -- 166-2. Williamson


swings hard way over mid-wicket. Gone all the way for six. When the


pressure starts to build up, they pick their gap and buying. Beautiful


slog sweep from Williamson. Did not over hit it, kept very still. Right


into the gap. That is pulled away to the leg side. Travis Head. Make sure


it is just two. I think we have got our answer, enough is enough.


Williamson looking to Hoyt it over Leeds -- leg side. He plays that


superbly over at deep mid-wicket. A much wanted boundary for New


Zealand. Outstanding bit of cricket from King Williamson, realised that


he was looking to tighten it up on the leg side. It will not be long


until Taylor is... That is nasty play. It will make its way to the


boundary, beautifully done. Taylor. Outstanding piece of work from


Taylor, proved to be an elegant argument for the Kiwis. Stepping


across the stumps, those powerful wrists, picks a gap beautifully.


There are a lot of gaps out there and we note that this is quick.


Unfortunately, he cannot. It is met by a fantastic shot by Williamson.


He still managed to open up the other side. 199-2. On pace delivery


from John Hastings and he has been written. A partnership of 82 from 99


deliveries from these two. There has been some good running between the


wickets, a lot of singles being ticked up. -- being picked up. That


is beautifully played. He was looking for at the York. It did not


manage to do it. Slipped away beautifully and I am sure they will


go upstairs to assess if there was contact with the advertising


fission. He chased long and chased hard and put in the dive. I am not


sure it is quite good enough to stop it from hitting the advertising but


it is an excellent effort. I think that is so. You know it. He will be


pretty happy with that. It is a boundary. Change of angle, comes


from wide, trying to get it in. Full delivery, searching for the yorker.


Strong to the leg side, Taylor. They are starting to cut loose. Up and


over, and a little bit of work, played beautifully, he wants to get


onto the off-side. Masterful bit of batting there from Williamson. He


has just got it slightly wrong again, John Hastings. Trying to take


the pays off too much width and to a player of Williamson's ability, it


looks like he is starting to do it. He has got third man at backward


point into the circles. He is not offering up to much width. Looking


to take as much pays off it. He continues, sweeps that in front of


the square. He is really picking up momentum for New Zealand. Some


brilliance. The partnership moves to 98 between them. Looking to be very


aggressive from here on M. They have shown that with wickets in hand. If


you're thinking of making a cup of tea, just sit down and enjoy the


next few overs. Make sure you get it done between overs. A difficult


period for Australia and they have to try and hold their nerve. When he


decides to go, he usually goes leg side but all he can do is pop it up


into the air and Australia have got their wicket and their attacking


strategy of keeping the fielders inside the circle has worked a


trick. Take a bow, John Hastings, you have persevered, taken the cross


seam delivery, Taylor tries to hit to his favoured area and bounces a


little bit. That is the safe edge. He goes for a New Zealand are 216-3.


That is beautifully played, he has used the pace. Broome coming back


for the third. It was not that strong. It was comfortable in the


end. Good running as well from the Kiwis. Each bat-macro makes a


fantastic effort and nice bit of work from Travis Head on the


boundary. Gives himself room, but just moved away to leg side and


changes it beautifully. He is using that leg cutter. This time, equal to


the task. We saw him go across the stumps, he went the other way and


John Hastings tried to follow him and unfortunately, he dragged it


down, pretty comfortably. Poor shot from Williamson, there. Big shot,


has he got enough? It does. If Travis Head had gone back on the


boundary he might have had half a chance. It has gone the whole way.


That ends the over with a boundary. It is a big hit, but at one stage he


would have been thinking, I have not got enough on it. Favoured area for


Neil Broom is down that long off. Using his feet in that direction.


Got that away mid-wicket, some work to do and he cannot get there.


Moises Henriques. Neil Broom with two and then a four. Good flat back


push shot from Neil Broom. Cross seam again. Hits it early and very


straight. Leaving it outstretched, Moises Henriques at long-on.


Williamson does very well. Brilliant. Another boundary. Very


good start to this over. 250 comes up for New Zealand.


It is a class shot, no doubt about that. We have seen this game change


over the past few years. There it is, 104 King Williamson.


New Zealand skipper is backed it up today, his ninth one-day


international hundred and has brushed against Australia. 96


deliveries. Eight fours, three sixes, raise your bat, King


Williamson, it has been a great innings. Responsible, very smart,


but also very classy. It is a single. Good work. Very good work


from Pat Cummins. Moises Henriques first of all and then Pat Cummins. I


think this is close again. Williamson hesitated. The ball is


coming in. Yes. Clearly out. I would like you to load out, please. And


through to two. There it is. Good work, excellent from Pat Cummins and


Moises Henriques as well. Brilliant hundred but straightaway, New


Zealand skipper has to depart. 100 off 97. Swung away, not well enough,


though. Not well enough at all and I think that is Glen Maxwell out at


mid-wicket, comfortably underneath it, good catch from him. It was high


and long out of the deep mid-wicket boundary. Not many safer hands in


cricket than Glen Maxwell. Up and under from Neil Broom. Right in the


middle of the pouch, safely taken. Neil Broom is on his way for 14. New


Zealand lose their faith. All the way. That is what place does


do, even a top edge carries. Anderson picks up six. Spot-on. A


top edge Bonelli 90 miles an hour. That will carry a six on most rounds


in the world. That had enough carry on it, a well directed top edge. 69


metres. Big enough. Looking at the head position of Anderson who was


sure where that went up at noon he got enough bat on it. Who knew it


would be fall but clocked it straight in the air. Taking in the


end. Made its look quite difficult. Another one goes. They could catch


in the end, looked like he would slightly misjudge it. A good catch


that went very high. They bit of backspin as well. -- a bit. Looking


to free up the off-side. Anderson goes at a score of eight. 267-6.


Good bowling. A bit of pressure on the batsmen, full hard down the


ground and picked him out. David Warner at long-on, wide and full


from Hazelwood. The bottom edge of the bat, David Warner takes a very


safe catch. Another one no timing. Looking in the wrong direction you


would say from where the ball was. David Warner very good in that


field, comfortable for him, Neesham gone now.


Milne, that is four. Beautiful shots. A soft delivery for a first


ball, folk, almost a bit of a nothing ball and a classic shot,


just for New Zealand needed at this stage. A lot of ability Milne, we


spoke about the fact he is no mug with the bat that I agree, just make


him Stephane Erlich, third man and fine leg. The full toss down the leg


side. A bit of bat on that Mitchell Sampson. Executed the yorkers well.


Deep forward square leg it on. Short. Well played Adam Milne.


Looked at the field and knew what was coming. Well done. Good call.


Spot on there. Great position, inside the line of the ball, the


weight on the front foot, get it right into the gap. A couple of nice


shots so far. I don't mind the field but what I think you should do is


jam those yorkers leg stump. If you can jam those yorkers in and bring


the big side of the ground and to play. That is out. Is it Maxwell


again? Make that four catches. He absolutely smoked about. Back of the


length again and pretty much a textbook shots, right at the middle


of the bat, flat and hard and there is the man out there. No worse


feeling knowing it is going straight to the man on the fence. Hazelwood


gets another one. New Zealand lose another one, 291-8.


Santner on strike. Four wickets for Hazelwood, make it five, yes please.


Couldn't get it over the top of Steve Smith, Hazelwood has gone. New


Zealand have only got one left. Skipper took that like a training


world, very casually put the weight onto his right foot, up egos, great


hands Steve Smith. Very good feel. Again not a bad shots from Mitchell


Sapna who throws his head back. Just needed some elevation --, nine down


now. Trent Boult, 5-52 now, one ball remaining the Hazelwood.


Snipped and gone. Three in four balls for Hazelwood, picks up 6-52.


Absolutely outstanding. At the back end of the innings it has been all


Australia. 291 they have bowled New Zealand out for. A huge comeback, to


bowl New Zealand out in 45 overs, great effort.


6-52, the ninth best Australian figures. In ODI International


cricket, outstanding, picked up Trent Boult and New Zealand bowled


inside the 40 five overs which they will be very disappointed with. We


mention that Australia will go into the dressing room is feeling very


good about the back ten overs off the innings. Coming back into the


game very strongly indeed. STUDIO: A disappointing finish,


after being 254-3 day finished 291 all out. After 45 of the 46 overs


available after the rain delay, and impressive 65 from Luke Ronchi said


the Kiwis on their way followed by a century from Kane Williamson. After


that New Zealand last seven wickets for 37 runs in 5.5 overs, the


collapse they may come to regret. Has come along recently so nice to


chance my arm a bit more and I got lucky a few times, nice to get a few


in the middle as well. How did the surface play? Slower than I thought,


I guess excuse me, it kicked a little bit every now and then but a


pretty good surface. Did it get better after the rain? It felt


similar, Kane made it look easy batting brilliantly but hopefully


with the score we can defend that and ball well. Lost momentum in the


back there, with this score you would probably come sure you can


defend the? Yes a lot of runs to get and we think we can defend that, if


we bowl the way we bowl then we have chance. After struggling to find the


line and length of the beginning of the day the Aussie pace attack


recovered with skill and accuracy, a special mention goes to Josh


Hazelwood, his figures of 6-52 off of nine overs including a


devastating final over with three wickets in just four balls. Brain


Phenergan after the lunch break is shortening the innings. They now


have a revised Duckworth-Lewis total of 235 to win from 33 overs. Warner


and Finch opened the batting for Australia.


Here we go. We have seen this pitch so far today. Fine, a fraction


straight. David Warner he can punish you. It doesn't have to be that bad


of a bull to punish you. Up from Warner, an uppercut and it has gone


about 15 rows back. Just a little bit of the width that you just want


to give David Warner. Such a good striker of the ball. An incredible


shot, absolutely incredible, he has made it look like wine you would


play every phenomenal cricket. He wanted a piece and he's got it.


That's the wicket New Zealand wanted, well done Trent Boult, David


Warner really wanted a big piece and he wasn't good for Trent Boult and


he strikes. David Warner is seething, he came down the wicket,


try to be aggressive and the ball has held its line and he has a thick


outside edge, through to Luke Ronchi Hugh is delighted, that is a huge


blow for the Kiwis. The big wicket they wanted, David Warner was the


danger man and they got him. He has gone for 18 and Australia now 27-1.


Steve Smith, one of the best players in the world, it is also his


birthday, he will be looking for a wonderful birthday present with a


victory. What a shot. All class this guy. He makes runs no matter what


clothing, what team, whoever he plays for he just is a run machine.


35-1. In the air and gone. Finch could not get himself going. He


spoons the simplest catch to short mid-wicket. Australia lose their


second and you have the Kiwis, they are jumping for joy. 80 miles an


hour from Milne, he has gotten it up there, bounced a little bit jumps


back in, too easy for Ross Taylor. Finch never looked like he was in a


great position. The parts and goes for eight. 35-2. -- deep parts.


That's a good strike. Hit it hard, not to short either. Has gotten


himself into a nice position their Henriques, that is the best Reiki is


played. Back to slip, a change and bounces past slip. Streaky again.


Someone mentioned his previous high school was 12, he is now 18. New


territory and that should be out. It is. He has gone, a streaky innings,


a few good strokes in it but now the pressure is right on the Aussies. An


inside edge on to the pad, Milne had to keep his eye on the ball, I say


little but it was fairly large back to the pad, straight up into the


air, Milne knew straightaway. The Kiwis knew straightaway. As


Henriques made his way to the pavilion he was followed by the New


Zealand team as heavy rain descended just before six. Unfortunately the


rain persisted in the match was abandoned half an hour later.


Frustrating for the Kiwis as they look to have the stranglehold. David


Warner was dismissed early quickly followed by Aaron Finch. Henriques


and comfortable innings came to an end as heavy rain fell living


Australians 53-3 off of nine. The New Zealand bowlers were dialled in.


Milne 9-2 offers to overs, Southee and Boult also dangerous. There we


have it, New Zealand score 291 from 45 overs bowled out of the process.


That didn't look enough, three quick wickets but the Black Cats in the


driving seat before rain stopped play. We have a two captaincy after


a disappointing end to the game. Did you get away with one of the day? We


had a few batters left in the shed but plenty of work to do. If I


wanted to be in someone else's shoes I would want to be in their shoes, I


put the played really well for the length of the game that it went,


came had an exceptional earnings and Martin Guptill and Luke Ronchi up


top brass standing as well. The bowling towards the end, probably on


track and you pull it back tonight won his? I thought our stop was


ordinary, they played well and put us under pressure but we gave a few


freebies away early on and let ourselves go a little bit. Nice from


the river to pull it back at an ordinary stars. Came festival good


batting today against Wigan attack. -- came Festival. Australia are


always tough to beat, I thought from our perspective, the guys stuck at


it well, with the bat it would've been nice to capitalise up it was


then that you know with guys coming out against an attack like Australia


it's not easy so still I thought we had a good score, if scrapped well


and we bowled well we could make life difficult. Chasing with a


modified score often helps the chasing team, you got those wickets


so mate have been one away and you have three games into the semis and


one is gone? Yes a lot of cricket left in this game as Steve said.


They have depth in their batting line-up. With Lewis it doesn't help


the team that is fielding second so the major T20 cricket, that has


fallen to the ODI format these days. Guys back themselves to chase


anything. We knew there was a lot of work to do but the boys were bowling


well. Interesting to see how the game would unfold if we could play


the duration. We can only control how we came out and play today and


that was good. England play next on the 6th of June


against New Zealand. Highlights from Cardiff on BBC Two at 11:20pm but we


are back at the Oval tomorrow night for the opening match of group B,


Sri Lanka against South Africa, that is BBC Two at 11:40pm and you can


follow every delivery via Test Match Special is ball by ball commentary.


You can watch the best of the action within play highlights alongside the


live text commentary on the BBC sport website.


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Highlights from the ICC Champions Trophy match between antipodean rivals Australia and New Zealand from Edgbaston, Birmingham. Australia won the tournament in 2006 and 2009, but relinquished their title in disappointing style in 2013 when they went out in the group stage. New Zealand's solitary triumph came back in 2000.

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