Sri Lanka v South Africa Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

Sri Lanka v South Africa

Highlights from the Oval, where Sri Lanka face South Africa in their first group match of the Champions Trophy.

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Hello, and welcome to the Oval, for day three of the ICC Champions


Trophy 2017. A beautiful day in south London, another sell-out crowd


is here to welcome the best one-day team in the world, South Africa, and


a Sri Lanka team who, by their high standards historically, are somewhat


out of form. In terms of the head-to-head, South Africa have


beating Sri Lanka the last seven times they have played, but will


their defeat by England provide the sense that they have underperformed


at key moments in major tournaments. This is the first match in group B


of the tournament. India play against their archrivals Pakistan


tomorrow. Everybody plays one another once in the group stages,


with the top two in the semifinals. Few weaknesses in this South African


team. The captain AB de Villiers is the best one-day batsmen in the


world. And with Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock, they pose a huge


threat with bat in hand. They have producer Rabada and leg-spinner


Imran Tahir on-side as well. Angelo Mathews is sidelined with a calf


injury. The opening batsmen deputises. A nice subplot in that


the South African legend Allan Donald is the fast bowling coach.


They will need all of his skill and guile to undo the South Africa


batting line-up. Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field. AB de


Villiers admitted they would have liked to chase if they had the


chance. Plenty of runs scored when England played Bangladesh. Is it


going to be the same today with the weather set to be sunny and warm.


Inform Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla opened the batting for South


Africa. Ian Gould is one of the umpires.


Let's go over now to our commentators.


COMMENTATOR: Kalinga with the first ball in group B. 19 nights that the


Sri Lanka fans have waited for that delivery -- Malinga. He is away...


Close, a big shout... Will they review it? All eyes are on him...


Having a word with the wicketkeeper, all eyes on Tharanga. He is going to


review it. Fair delivery... Keep rolling... Thank you. You can go to


the ball tracking when you are ready... The pitch is in line,


impact in line. Hitting the wicket, umpire's call.


COMMENTATOR: He is not going to overturn his own decision. Benefit


of the doubt went to the batsmen, that was close. A slower ball.


Finally, finally South Africa have their first boundary. Seventh over.


Quinton de Kock would be happy with that, he was wanting a little bit of


width from Tharanga. He throws his hands out wide. Right off the middle


of the bat. Good delivery. A slight appeal after it goes through to the


keeper. A wonderful delivery from Lakmal. South Africa did well in the


series in South Africa in conditions which suited seam bowling. Another


example of the skills he possesses, a slight angle towards first slip.


As the pitch continues to move, beating inside edge. One more over


to go in the first. Good Sri Lanka fielding and quality bowling. The


assessment from the bowlers that this surface is not easy to bat on.


They haven't had any half volleys. Backed up by good fielding,


restricting South Africa. Making singles hard to come by. The


man at backward point there, Malinga. Nicely played by Hashim


Amla, he uses those strong breasts that he possesses to


-- the strong wrists. A flick of his wrists. Good timing. Lovely, lovely


from Quinton de Kock. He realised that there was a gap at mid-wicket,


and got it through there. Stepping more and more into the ball, trying


to create the pace that the pitch is lacking. A lot of wrist. These


batsmen are similar, one is right-handed and the other is


left-handed. They show a lot of intent, both are pretty wristy.


There is a slight breeze at the Oval today... Edge, he has got him.


Initial breakthrough for Sri Lanka. Pitching straight, going straight


across Quinton de Kock. Taking the edge, a wonderful catch taken. It


was a fantastic delivery. Natural length up to the bat, trying to


extract any movement off the pitch. It was probably the ball that


Clinton, if in a different state of mind, would hit the ball through the


field. It would have played on his mind and made him indecisive. That


is probably one of the reasons why he nicked out. South Africa 44-1.


The next man to the crease for South Africa, Faf du Plessis. An ODI


ranking of six in the world, average 43.


A strike rate of over 87. A good shot from Hashim Amla, some


slight diameter. Bringing up the 54 South Africa. It is important to be


accurate on a surface like this. Hold the line and the length, don't


give the batsmen too many options in terms of width. It is important to


start off and then hold. That went sliding on the leg side, he was very


excited, Prasanna, that it beat inside edge. He has advanced here.


High in the air... No, no! He has completely misjudged that, Malinga.


That is a big moment. It looks like the breeze brought it back at one


stage. I thought it would sail into the stand, Malinga on the rope. It


almost fell back into the field of play. You are committee put his boot


over the boundary, then he has two back in. -- then he has to charge


back in. Running fine indeed, nicely played


from fat In the last ball the overt --


running fine indeed, nicely played from fat du Plessis.


A slow ball. For South Africa and Hashim Amla. His modus operandi has


been to take that off the ball. That ball floated up, giving Hashim Amla


some width. He took advantage, going ten rows back.


It goes fine, to that man at square leg. A nice sweep shot for fat du


-- for du Plessis. A change in the old regulations. The square leg gets


around... But running from Hashim Amla there. Could have got three.


100 comes up for South Africa in the 22nd over. Short, wide comedy


mis-field looking a little sloppy now, Sri Lanka. Bringing a boundary


at backward point. Wide again to Hashim Amla. One of his deductive


areas. You would have to be pretty accurate. His strength is that he


balls wicket to wicket. Not a lot of turn. For any batsmen, that is a


free hit. Easing himself to 50s. Hashim Amla is a running machine.


The fastest man to 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 ODI runs. That


is how good he is. 106-1. That could be four, fine leg is up,


a shorter boundary. Hashim Amla is not sprinting and that is why. Leg


side, the drift that Shaun Pollock was talking about, drifting in. Faf


du Plessis helped it over mid-wicket. Exposing the field on


the leg side, getting nice and across, putting his weight into the


ball. Committing to that slog sweep, hitting nice sweeps earlier. Now he


is really working the field and looking for the boundary. A big


shot, brilliantly played. Mid-wicket came up. He has hated all the way


sex. The Hashim Amla special. 125-1. His 50th one


That drift -- he has hit it all the way to six. He would have been


caught on the fence if they had a man back there. The short ball is


dealt with. Really smashed away to the leg side. Set up nicely. Way too


short on a slow wicket like this. Faf du Plessis, on any surface,


looking for short balls to try and hit the leg side, very good. One of


the few people who pulls off the front foot. He has a lot more time


than other players. Over the top and in the gap, racing... The ball wins.


A classy shot from Faf du Plessis. Over the pitch side... Into the gap


this time. Aerial... And perfectly placed. Four more.


Carved away, over backward point and into the boundary, four more. A


little bit of width. South African record partnership for the second


wicket against Sri Lanka now. 145. Faf du Plessis will keep going here.


He has two. He has so much resource still. Hashim Amla has an incredible


ability to bat through the innings and rotate the strike to the hitters


later on. Du Plessis's role has been brilliant so far here today but he


needs to continue and keep going. Put them under pressure. Gone, good


catch! He was trying, Brendon McCullum, you are right. Basically


taking it upon himself to be more aggressive. A brilliant catch for a


start. Break time for Sri Lanka, to pick that wicket up. He had to go


and chance his arm. He tried to do so. Trying to be aggressive. An


excellent catch. Their energy all day has been brilliant, they got


their reward with the wicket of du Plessis. Faf du Plessis walks away


with 75 of 70 deliveries. AB de Villiers. The new batsmen, the ICC


one-day international ranking of one. The number one ranked bowler.


Number two ranked bowler, number one ranked batsmen...


All in their side. Fine, a roundabout where backward point


gully would have been. Straightaway, they have aggression from AB de


Villiers. Absolute box office cricketer. One guy around the world


who no matter the form of the game, you would pay to watch him play.


Absolutely brilliant. What a state she is coming on today as well. -- a


stage she is coming onto today as well. That should be gone, yes!


Build them up and put them down. While bowled. Tried to be aggressive


from the start, do not blame him for that, AB de Villiers. Prasanna picks


up the wicket. Apologies, not ideal, AB! Looking busy in the first couple


that he faced. Even the best in the world can get out early sometimes. A


massive blow for South Africa. AB de Villiers gone for just four. 194-3.


David Mellor, the new batsman, a left-hander. Underway with a


boundary as well. Lovely timing. Out goes AB de Villiers and incomes


David Mellor. Straight into his work, beautiful shot down the


ground. 200 are for South Africa. -- 200 up for South Africa. Here is


someone that does go after spin! He backs his own ability against spin.


We saw it against England and over the last year or so. If it is up, it


is off, with Miller. A cracking shot, drifting into his channel.


Fast hands through the ball. He hits it, hard. They have all gone up and


used their review. Hashim Amla normally walks, but not at 99. A


brave man to walk on 99, when there is no noise. Missed it by a long


way. A good appeal... Near the edge... Tucked away, on the


leg side. Hashim Amla has just helped himself to ODI hundred number


25. That is how good he is. Another 100 from the mighty Hash, an


outstanding record. A strike rate of 89. In the air, third man should


take this, and he does. You always feel unlucky as a batsman but it has


been coming for a while. South Africa have been subdued, and Sri


Lanka celebrate. Some angle and bounce across him. Squeezing down


the leg side. A good catch taken at third man. Well judged. Miller has


gone. Making 18. I think he has put that down pretty


well, but he needs to get back here. I do not think they are going to


save him, he is run out. Given on the field. South Africa continued to


lose wickets. Hashim Amla needs to pick himself up and take himself off


the field. He looked to be stuck as he turned for a second. Did not get


in and out quick enough. The fielder does extremely well. Out far enough,


umpire Aline Darr feels confident enough to get him out straightaway.


The end of Hashim Amla. A good bit of fielding. Well played,


103 from 115 deliveries. South Africa 232-5. Seven overs to


go. That is nasty play, some width to


start. Lakmal will be disappointed. The first boundary was for South


Africa. A lovely shot from him, he can always score quickly. That is a


nice shot from Morris, he has got himself going. Square, boundary to


finish ten from the over. That is a good shot. The placement is superb


as well. A change of pace. Beautiful cover drive, for Morris.


Morris has been impressive since he came to the crease. A bit of change


from Malinga, overpitched slightly, trying to hit more than a length


rather than a genuine half volley that it has turned out to be.


Maurice crashes it through the covers. -- Morris.


Bringing up 254 South Africa. 24.4 overs. Nasty play, a little bit of


width, using pace and guiding it down to third man. Finer than he was


initially looking to do. Bringing around another valuable boundary for


South Africa. He has played that effectively again. In the last over,


opening the face to Malinga. Repeating that dose from Lakmal.


Beautifully played. Brendon McCullum playing that shot, he went for the


boundary option. Played superbly. 11 off the over.


He has gone! What a wonderful throw. One stump to look at. Chris Morris


gave up three quarters of the ways down the pitch. He hammers it into


the ground and straight to the fielder. He thinks, I will risk...


No chance that he will hit. But, he does. Bang! Morris, you could see


that he gave up. South Africa 277-6. Just in this field which allows the


boundary. He did not deserve that. A quality over, ending with the


boundary. 281-6. A beautiful shot down the ground, a


welcome boundary for JP Duminy. He did not try and shove it to the leg


side, straight down into the ground. He gets that one away. The whole


way. A half volley, targeted leg side. Superbly at deep mid-wicket. A


huge finish, a big one. Allowing the South Africans to get to 299, an


outstanding set, asking a lot of questions. Sub upper cut were


brilliant. We will be enthralled in the next 50 overs of this match.


STUDIO: Sri Lanka did a very good job holding this top-class batting


line-up to under 300. South Africa got off to a slow start


but as often happens, Hashim Amla warmed up reaching his 25th one day


100. Du Plessis has Malinga to thank for


dropping him on single figures. He made 75, and a bustling 38 from


JP Duminy made the score respectable. Not a huge total, Sri


Lanka will think that they have a chance.


All of the Sri Lanka bowlers played their part in limiting South


Africa's all-star line-up. Fantastic seam bowling, especially from


Malinga and prior deep, who the South Africans pinned down early on.


-- Pradeep. Donald will be pleased with his charges, let's hear from


Malinga. Out of international cricket for 19 months, how good is


it to be back? After the IPL, I hope that I can play 50 over cricket.


Hopefully finish in the good way that we did. Ten overs for 57, how


did you feel the ball came out your hand? We were knocked into previous


touch but the team needs experienced players in the middle. The bowlers,


we controlled them. We know what they are looking for, 300 odd runs.


It looks like the other bowlers seem to bowl into the pitch, a lot of


short pitched bowling, why? There is not much pace and bounce, but a bit


too much pace, on that side, we want to hit back pretty hard.


Is that why then your last couple of overs you bowled a lot of cutters


and bowled into the surface? We realised that after 30 overs, 40


overs, we minimise the boundaries. Next time, we are not at all fast


bowlers. According to the appeal, we tried to bowl with variation. What


happened with that catch, did you just not pick it up? Yes. Good


answer! Good luck with your batting...


Sri Lanka, the underdogs, need exactly 300 to beat the world number


ones. Deliciously poised as the openers took to the field...


COMMENTATOR: Not the best of starts. And the Sri Lankans are off the


mark. S there is the use of the feet, and once again he backs away


to the leg side to open up the off-side, and that is the first


boundary for Sri Lanka. Kagiso Rabada puts it down. Sigh of


relief from the Sri Lankan dressing room. He seems to be staying leg


side of the ball, not getting behind it. It climbed on him, maybe too


wide. An over the slip cordon. He was trying to hit it over extra


cover, didn't get it anywhere near the middle, but that edge was


effective. That is the slower delivery, up an over the off-side.


Another boundary. Dickwella this time trying to hit it


over the off-side, it goes over off-stump and flicks Rabada over


backward square. Back across, deep in his crease, more time to execute


the shot, and he goes through with it. Not second-guessing himself, and


then a beautiful shot played against their best bowler. And it is down


again, but this was a difficult one, it came back with speed and he only


got half a hand on it, Kagiso Rabada. And this is the dropped


catch. That is nicely played. Some has


decided that he will take it on. He has played that beautifully. The


field is set to see if there is any part that Parnell can deploy. And


Dickwella continues to attack and takes Sri Lanka over 50. This is not


an easy stroke to play when someone is bowling that quickly and that


well, he is the number-1 bowler the world, just nonchalantly flicks it


over the wicket for six. Very good from Dickwella.


Another good one, this time off the front foot and more square. This is


wonderful batting by Dickwella. Being a left-hander, you typically


nick off a lot throughout your career. Timing absolutely superb.


Full delivery, send it through the off-side. He has hit that hard. It


didn't sound perfectly timed, but good enough, in the gap, away to the


boundary, four more, back-to-back. I know the wicket has probably dried


out a little from this morning, but what we saw from Sri Lanka was a


hard back of the leg approach. Down to third man, should be taken.


Wayne Parnell is underneath it, takes the catch, so the change in


bowling brings about a change in fortune for South Africa. Dickwella,


who has transferred a lot of pressure on to South Africa, is


caught third man. Clear plans, executing well, the end of


Dickwella. Comfortable, good fielder, Wayne Parnell. Tidy catch,


just a couple of balls into the spell. Near Russian -- Niroshan


Dickwella gone. Kasami and that will go all the way, more call


went short, and Kusal Mendis was up to it. Good standing shot, on top of


the on his toes. Just pulls it through mid-wicket. Good response


for Mendis. Clip at this time, beautifully played, angling that leg


stump, so a wicket that still nine from the over. Lovely again. My


issue is we haven't seen the ball swing in this tournament yet. They


have opened with a swing bowler, and he hasn't tried to swing it, so you


are better off opening with a Morne Morkel who is a genuine bounce


bowler. If he has tried to swing it, it is too short. Another one through


the gap from Tharanga, and this is proving very costly, ten from the


over. That is! AB de Villiers says, I will


do it, plucks one out of the air! And the option has worked. Just


pushed at it, didn't wait for the ball. Good athlete, AB de Villiers.


I'm sure he surprised himself, did he? He probably just got that look


on his face. In the end it has paid dividends. Furious with himself,


Kusal Mendis, 11th from ten. And here is Chandimal, an experienced


batsman. Around the corner, just a couple for Rabada, hauling it in


quite comfortably. 100 up for Sri Lanka. S it goes through for a


single. De Villiers thinks he has got him there, he has already


produced a brilliant catch, he might just have produced a magnificent run


out as well. He is smiling and celebrating.


UMPIRE: Yes, thank you. The decision is out.


CHEERING Well, that is remarkable. AB de


Villiers might not have contributed much with the bat, but you can't


keep him out of the game. He has taken an outstanding catch, and now


a remarkable run out. Chandimal can't believe what he has done, he


has gone for 12. And that is given! Well called, Brendon McCullum. He is


often. Good Captain C, the slip came in, everyone was looking for the


turning leg break, came out of the bat, did he pick it? He might have


done. He tried to go with the spin. He is celebrating, two wickets in


the over, a brilliant bit of fielding, an outstanding bit of


bowling, and Sri Lanka suddenly in a spot of bother. A first ball duck.


Kusal Perera comes in, he might not have had his pads on a couple of


minutes ago! That is a great shot walking across the stumps. Taking


advantage of the lengthy balls. That is short, pulled, very well. If he


makes an error, you must pounce on it. Minimal risk, great body


position, hitting into a vacant area, so not really any risk at all.


Meanwhile, the bolder weights. A chance? Should be gone, it is gone.


It finds Imran Tahir, there he is. It is one of his favourite shots to


call, the shortage. It just turned enough to grab the


outside third of the bat, didn't go to the extra cover region, just went


a little square, Miller takes it, 57 for Tharanga.


And another one, Imran Tahir strikes again, and Williams has continued to


attack, and it has worked a wonder. Disappointing end for Gunaratne, but


again, they reward for South Africa taking a huge advantage in this


game. Gunaratne goes for four. And that is a good shot from Kusal


Perera as he tries his best on the field.


That is airborne, and it has gone the whole way. The contact was


really good from Prasanna. (ALL) HOWZAT!


It is given! The batsman looks like he wants to review it. He is,


straightaway. At first glance, I think height might be the only


issue, it looked good to me. Certainly South Africa and Morris in


particular were very, very confident.


UMPIRE: It is a fair delivery. Move on to front on, please.


Looks like he has clearly missed that. Can I just check with Hot Spot


leg side, please? Nothing there, confirm it with UltraEdge.


Yes, clearly missed that ball, we can go to ball tracking when ready.


Impact is in-line, the wicket is hitting.


Stick to your original decision of out. Yes, he gave one not out


earlier, that one had three reds, and South Africa had their seventh,


and Morris his second wicket. And Prasanna has gone for an unlucky 13,


unlucky for him. Should be a run out if he hits. Does hit! That is


incredibly close. Tell me it is not Imran Tahir, seriously! A B de


Villiers has given it. Not the strongest arm in the South African


team, but it is accurate. And he has gone. Another point of South


Africa's excellent fielding today. That dragged on, bowled him. Malinga


has gone, Rabada, his mood has cheered up by getting his first


wicket. Malinga not getting into line, giving himself a little bit of


room, maybe because of the pace. A slight bit of tailback in, chopped


on. And the bails fly. Malinga gone for one. Nicely struck


down the ground, going for the yorker, didn't get it right, brings


up the 200 for Sri Lanka. This should be the fourth wicket,


and JP Duminy settles and takes it comfortably. He gets a hug from his


captain, and so he should, it is due to his efforts that South Africa win


this game comfortably. The final result is South Africa win by 96


runs, and they have points on the board in the group B encounter.


STUDIO: The Captain's half-century, but they didn't have enough against


a tight bowling attack, and some fantastic fielding from South


Africa. Parreira eventually ran out of partners, five batsmen failing to


get beyond single figures. Before the match the talk was all wrapped


the South African batsmen, but they won in the field. Some fantastic


figures from the pace attack, but it was the spinning figures, Imran


Tahir's four from 27 that turned it from potentially being a close


finish to a convincing win. Expertly captured by de Villiers, they bowled


and fielded within intensity that proved too much for the Sri Lankan


line-up. So there we have it, and easy victory in the end for South


Africa. 96 runs behind the seemingly small total posted by South Africa.


A perfect start for them as they head into the rest of the


tournament, and a breaded effort with the ball and in the field by


Imran Tahir. Imran, many congratulations, you


seem to be enjoying your cricket at the moment. Definitely. Especially


every time I put this jersey on, and playing for this team. I have been


working really hard, really enjoying, I hope that it carries on


in the competition. Skipper, held you back into the 18th over, was


that the right way to go? He knew the situation better, and I am


always ready to ball. I think the guys tried hard up front, but I


think they batted really well, so credit to them, but we stuck to our


plans, and we came back strongly, so that is a very good sign. What was


the key to bowling leg spin on that pitch? I wasn't expecting watching


the game the other day, England/ Bangladesh, I wasn't expecting any


spin but there was a little bit. So I was pleased with the way it came


out today, and a great start for our team. The body seems fine as well,


we timed one of your celebrations at 24 kilometres per hour you ran off


into the distance. How are the strings? I don't practice for that,


but if that is the speed, I think I am doing well. Imran Tahir was quite


brilliant for you, how do you work out when to bring him into the


attack? It is a difficult one. You have to read the situation and the


conditions. I felt it was important today to bring his attack on as late


as possible, it is to stuff feeling, there is no set plan, we have a


little chat about when the best time is, a little breeze and a good


feeling, that is what it comes down to. It helps that he is one of the


top bowlers in the world, I can bowl him at any time. The fielding wasn't


great at the start of the series, do you feel it is getting better? A lot


of emphasis on the fielding in the last few weeks. We have drawn in a


lot of skills with our fielding team. What I enjoyed the most is


that we were really present today with every ball, that is what being


a championship team is about and what we require for the rest of the


tournament. What is the next game? Playing against India. We will come


back strongly, especially batting. We played some new shots. And what


is your next game? Hack is done at Edgbaston. We saw in the previous


game against Australia they are playing pretty well, but we will go


there and assess and have a look at what kind of plans will work against


the opposition. We have a question from the viewers, you are the


winning captain, this is from Neil. Having such a balanced side, what is


the biggest challenge you face as captain? There are lots of


challenges as a captain. I like to score the runs and lead by example.


We do have a fantastic balance to the squad. It makes team selection


pretty difficult, so I will say team selection is the biggest challenge


for the tournament getting it right for every game. Good to both of you,


enjoy theirs next games. STUDIO: So this is how Group B looks


after the first match, with South Africa the top of the table. India


face Pakistan tomorrow in Birmingham, and Sri Lanka face India


here in five days' time, and Sav Africa face Pakistan at Edgbaston


next Wednesday. The number one team in the world have showed us just why


today. Goodbye. England's next play an Tuesday the


6th of June in New Zealand. But we are at Edgbaston tomorrow night for


India against Pakistan, BBC Two at 11:30pm. And remember you can follow


every delivery via Test match special commentary on BBC Radio 4


I've live as well as watch the best of the action with highlights on the


BBC Sport website.


Highlights from the Oval, where Sri Lanka face South Africa in their first group match of the Champions Trophy.

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