India v Pakistan Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

India v Pakistan

Highlights of the eagerly awaited group match from the Champions Trophy as rivals India face Pakistan at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

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Hello and welcome to Edgbaston in Birmingham for the last of the first


set of group matches in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. India and Pakistan


are the last two teams to get the campaign underway in a fixture that


is always played in front of large, passionate crowds, and today is no


exception. As defending champions and currently third in the world in


the rankings, India start as firm favourites while Pakistan have


struggled with the limited overs game in recent years and only


scraped into the tournament, claiming the final spot ahead of the


West Indies. After today, every team will have played one game and the


group a resumes with Australia taking on Bangladesh at the Oval.


Each team faces the other sides in the group ones with the two top


sides qualifying for the semifinals. The biggest headline of the Indian


team selection is the omission of Ravi Ashwin with an unusual wealth


of seam bowlers to choose from, Mohammed Shami is the man who misses


out today. For Pakistan, as Ali who was Riise Lee removed as captain is


selected at top of the order and Chamakh Khanna is preferred to


Ashraf. Pakistan won the toss and elected to field first on what is


expected to be the usual good batting wicket at Edgbaston which


could prove an important want to win as the forecast is for scattered


showers after a sunny start, so rain interruption is a real possibility


and Duckworth-Lewis might come into play. Before the match began, both


teams and a near capacity Edgbaston crowd observed a minute's silence


for those affected by last night's terrorist attacks in London.


The umpires for this one are a razzmatazz and Damascene -- Iran is


the first ball of this big match. Excellent start. The angle across.


The first over completed, 0-0. 28 years of age, and you don't see that


much in these conditions, the left-arm spinner starting with good


economy, 24 wickets. Best of 5-14, a specialist in these conditions and


at this time of the game. A mis-field. A short boundary on that


side. Pakistan doing better than they did a few weeks ago and the


Caribbean. -- in the Caribbean. That will go all the way to the fence. A


first boundary for Rohit Sharma. Ahmed Boles the bouncer. I sharp


one. -- a sharp one. That is exactly where it is suppose to go. Off the


back foot, through the gap and it will go all the way to the boundary.


Easy pickings for Rohit Sharma. Just the sort of start India needed. The


length was too short from Iman. Allowed the shops to be played


beautifully. -- this shot -- the shot. Missed it. Just wide.


Outside edge, Rohit Sharma. Poor captaincy from Sarfraz. A good start


this, from Pakistan. A little bit sloppy in the field. We spoke about


how important it was for Pakistan to be sharp in the field. It is a good


guide to see if they are switched on or not. India tend to start off slow


in the first ten overs, they like to get themselves settled and then


launch as the game goes on, slowly building up through the overs.


Exquisitely timed. Such a good player to watch. Oh, boy, great


timing. I have always been a big fan of Rohit Sharma. He's always been a


class act. When he starts to play cricket shots are not go too hard,


that's when he is at his most dangerous. Nothing more than just a


forward push. That gets smacked over mid-wicket. Has the natural angle,


and he hit it so sweet. First boundary, but he just got a little


bit tight into the pads. That gave him the chance to get out there and


fetch it. That is an inside edge, but only a


single. Not entirely in control of that on that occasion. As we are


speaking now, the lights have come on and there is a bit of drizzle. A


few umbrellas have gone up. It is coming down pretty heavy now. The


players are off. The rain is turning out to be a spoilsport. There was a


chance of rain and play being suspended, but not that early in the


piece. There is the batting card so far.


Anier could have had a few wickets, beat the bat a couple of times --


Anier. -- Amir. The rain is staying away for the time being, and Sarfraz


will be quite happy with that little paws that Pakistan were given.


That is a no ball and a free hit. You have to do better than that.


Clean as a whistle, down the ground, almost six. The 50 comes up for


India. At times he looks celestial. We talked about the no balls,


generally a no ball bouncer, and he didn't quite get it quite right.


Just one bounce, then nearly all the way.


Yes, no better player in world cricket to watch when he plays shots


like this. Hits the ball incredibly hard, Rohit Sharma. Over pitching.


That is a poor delivery, eight wonderful sweep and the distance is


fine. That brings up the 50 as well for Rohit Sharma. What a way to get


there. Probably the worst ball he has bowled. He picked out that at


deep mid-wicket. 95-1, India. No run, and that is the end of the


ninth over. India in a very comfortable position. -- 95-1. That


is going to be for. -- four runs. Too short. That is what you are


going to get. Going to try bowled fast and run into the wicket. So


difficult to bowl two, Rohit Sharma. Really well played. The 100


partnership comes up. Darwin and -- whose line has been slightly


inaccurate, and India making the most of it. Did not want to get wide


again, or short. He got two straight. She same short, different


direction. We talked about how things had been at the top of the


order your -- order. It's about the time and both of these guys are


really getting on top of the Pakistani bowling attack. Maybe take


some time away for some slower deliveries. A fumble, and an extra


run, and the 50 comes up. Something about ICC tournaments and Dhawan


just come together. Just 19. Balls. The strike rotation has been very


good. The slower ball is driven down the


off-side. Once again, sloppy. Going around to his left. Just going


through his fingers. India are going along beautifully. That is six more.


Terrific shot. Not a bad delivery. Class batting. Clearly a plan


against the leg-spinner. That's the third time they've done this in the


Champions Trophy, Rohit Sharma and Dhawan. And that will be more runs.


Just a fraction straight, and an excellent stroke.


And now straight down his throat. Can you don't -- believe it? He


deserves that. Just slipped at the hands, fault ask, and unfortunately


for Dhawan, straight down his throat -- a full toss. Could have heated


anywhere. -- heated anywhere. -- heat it anywhere.


He will be disappointed, Dhawan. He knew the young fellow was


struggling. He has given India a platform for a big total.


The skipper, Virat Kohli, comes to the crease. A fantastic position,


and look at that record. This will go to the boundary, probably. He


plays it fine. They chase for Hassan. Not big boundaries this


side. It is all too easy. Virat Kohli showing the absolute class


ears. We have seen a class act so far -- he is.


We have seen lots of big runs a big totals in the tournament. So you can


sit back, and you often see that, 32 overs completed, 171 - one. The bad


news is that the players are walking. It's a real shame. The good


news is that this ground, almost the entirety of the ground gets covered.


The outfield does not get drenched here, so that is great news. So the


covers get unrolled onto the plot. The numerous pitches here in


England. India, having lost the toss, invited to bat first in this


group B match. India's first game, and also Pakistan's. A partnership


of 136 the first wicket that was a treat to watch. The umpires


walk-out, checking the conditions. 49 overs left the last time we have


looked, but now it has been reduced to 48 overs now. Five deliveries


left in the over for Mohammad Amir. Some movement off the pitch. We have


not seen that much. That is beautifully played. Boundary number


seven for Rohit Sharma, and probably his best. It was in the air, but


unfortunately in the gap, and he looked really good, the way he


played. He has the ability to break the shackles. That will go for six.


Helped on its way, short of the two boundaries. Talking of breaking the


shackles, he has done that so stylishly. An off-drive, a cover


drive, and this one, not too short. This should be tight. It will be


tight. Drop and run from Kohli. I think he might have made his ground


here. Keep that rolling through players. Thank you. Do you have a


script -- split screen on that? -- keep that rolling through, please.


OK, I am happy with that, we will go to the big screen and can you please


load Out. It was always going to be a tough


single. In the end, the bat was up and it was decreed as not hitting


the turf, so it is a huge bonus for Pakistan as Rohit Sharma departs.


Yuvraj seemed to take the first ball in the innings, and he gets driven


down the ground for a single. He is a punishing one-day batsmen, Yuvraj


Singh. He has found a very good angle, and


he has half stroked it into the fence. That is how good a batsman


hears. -- he is. That is a mis-hit, and Hasan Ali


gets to the ball. He had plenty of time, and he slid and missed the


catch. Nicely bowled again, another wrong. Tries to get it straight down


the ground. Down it goes. That is a slower delivery and that


is exquisitely timed. Just getting it all wrong, taking a lot of risk


bowling that, that over. Hit hard down the ground from Yuvraj Singh.


Look at this languid straight drive. A half attempt from Yuvraj to middle


it, and once it was middle, it was gone. Oh, last ball, six. Yuvraj has


timed it magnificently. A good over is spoiled late, and the craftiness


and heating of Yuvraj has done it. -- he attained.


Well, they drop it again. Pakistan's pour time on the field continues.


Hasan Ali has dropped Yuvraj. Very early in this passage of play. The


deep square leg goes behind. Strength, power, another boundary.


That is how good he is and how dangerous he is in this situation,


Yuvraj Singh. He is very, very dangerous. Does it go the distance?


Yes, it does, easily. A 50 four Virat Kohli. That gets him going,


because he's hit a good one after a while. Lens, slower delivery and on


the up. This time it is through the


mid-wicket. No chance. Same delivery, same result. 17 from the


over. He is taking the ball was on. It races away. No chance. And a no


ball as well. 21 from just six deliveries. Fall and wide, end of


the bat. It raises away to the fence. Through the mid-wicket,


clears it easily. Strong wrists. India are racing along.


That is lovely, lovely from Virat Kohli. He has moved into the zone.


There are four more deliveries in this over and Riaz has already gone


for 14. Stand and deliver. That is the power and the strength.


A 50 four Yuvraj Singh. And it has come in only 29 deliveries, a strike


rate of 179, exactly what India required.


They are thinking about a review. Hasan Ali wants a review. Yes, and


Sarfraz goes for it. That is a fair delivery. We will


move onto the vision. -- the spin vision. Could you just roll that


back, please? Thank you, can we go to the leg side Hot Spot, please?


Can we go to the other range, please? It certainly hit the floor.


Carry through. Clearly no bat involved. We will go to ball


tracking when ready, thank you. We have it pitching in line, and the


impact is in line, and he is hitting the wickets. I will ask you to


change your decision. A good innings from Yuvraj Singh, gone for 63. --


53. This time, through the off-side. Go


and fetch it. He has got the fine leg up. He pitches it up on the


off-side and he picks the gap here. All the photographers, that is the


one that will be in the morning paper tomorrow. Oh, lovely. Inside


out from Virat Kohli. That is special. Hitting it over the covers.


Not trying to hit it hard. Just letting the ball coming and making


sure he gets underneath it. He whacks it through covers. Just


opening the face. The square leg fielder comes in, the mid-off goes


out, and the result doesn't matter. Has he hit this well enough? It


looks as though he has again. He has put on a piece of power. That was


always risky. A spinner bowling in the last over on the last -- good


service to indium batsman. Into the stands, over mid-off and the captain


watches it -- Indian batsman. Second one of the over. They don't


go anywhere. 12 runs from two. Those kind of deliveries, they will


disappear. Number three! Number three. And this time on the shorter


side. The first two were over mid-off, and the next one over


mid-wicket. Just walks it in and makes it into a length delivery and


whacks it over mid-wicket. Packing a punch, Virat Kohli. Just putting a


word into Virat Kohli's ear, maybe just getting a bit wet. And India


would not mind that. It finds the fence. So it is six, six, six,.,


four, four. India move on to three. -- 319-3. India made the most of the


closing overs. Hardik Pandya taking them to 319-3 in their 48 overs. The


Indian top for all made half centuries as they added a in the


last ten overs, and 72 in the last four overs for the loss of just


Yuvraj Singh 453. Kohli ended the innings undefeated on 81 and


Pakistan paid dearly for dropping them both. Pakistan's misery was


deepened when Mohammad Amir was off and then imagine limped off the


field. The scorecard will made -- make bad reading. Shadab Khan was


the pick of the bowlers taking 1-52, but this innings was all about the


batsmen. I was lucky I got dropped, then capitalised in the end and then


the partnerships allowed us to bat deep and get a very good score. It


was a crafty piece of batting because you cover the stumps, so


what was the purpose and logic behind that? I thought the ball was


reversing a bit, and they were trying York is on the off-stump and


then I thought I would just hit it -- your walkers.


You have to see what the bowlers try and do, and some days it works, and


someday it doesn't. Your assessment of the pitch? Because of the rain


interrupting, it would give some to get some good runs, and hopefully


with the new ball we will get some more pressure. The rain cleared up


during the lunch break and the forecast looked bright of the


remainder of the day. The weather delays meant Pakistan's target was


adjusted to 324 from 48 overs. Anier Ali and Shehzad were the openers,


faced with starting the task. They have to get off to a good start,


maybe a partnership of 60 or 70, something to build on. That is


something they need to do, take simple steps against the new balls


and put pressure on India. Down the leg side. A bit of


exercise, and that is a wide. That is a nice way to begin your innings.


That is for runs. Beautifully managed and well timed. A little bit


of width provided. There has been rain around, so it needs a firmer


footing, and that was a lovely piece of timing. He used to the pace of


the ball. It was short and wide, standing up on top of the bounce.


That is good there. Do not bowl on his pads. The short fence. A good


bit of work on the boundary. That is a good effort.


That is more like it. A proper bouncer this time, and that will


actually hit the fence. That is a good shot from Azhar Ali. 21-0.


I don't know whether Pakistan are thinking about Duckworth-Lewis


ending here, because if there are no wickets down after 20 overs and they


get 103, I think they beat India. Well, they are off. The opening pair


are still intact after 4.5 overs. It's been that kind of a day. Very


frustrating. Let's hope it is a passing shower.


Back to the point you were making about the Duckworth-Lewis, I would


like to think they could have got through that, there has been brain


around all day, as a batsmen you don't want to be unsure about what


the total is after that 20 overs -- rain. The one to keep yourself on


track whenever you can. Pakistan would be happy with the start that


they've got, 4.5 overs and no dramas. Bowling figures for it


India, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 2.5 overs. Yadav with two overs. This is


England. When we left, it was drizzly, grey, and look at it now!


Blue skies, white clouds, and at the moment, the ground is bathed in


sunshine as we lose a bit of time because of all of these


interruptions... Some revisions now, these are the latest.


The target for Pakistan is 208 in 41 overs.


The power plays as well changed because of this. The first ball


after the interruption, as we resume play. And it turns out to be the


last. Hit hard, four runs for that shot. Six overs gone, 27-0. Two men


at point. A good shot! On the up, four runs for it. A nice swing of


the bat, a class act. He is a good player as Sanjay was saying earlier,


he made runs in that test with good ball conditions, using the pace of


it and the spin. He wants a single, dangerous! Given up! What happened


there? He just stopped. Just watching the screen, saw the batsmen


just stopped in his tracks... Ample time, actually, to get the ball to


Bumrah as well. The batsmen had given up. Close... And given!


CHEERING They had to decide quickly, they


have decided against a review. The batsman is walking back, as Ahmed


Shehzad is given out, lbw. It looked a little higher, everyone was up for


India. I was just wondering if he was a little outside the line or a


little higher. The batsman said Yap, you are going to be on your way...


-- yes, you are going to be on your way. Another mis-field. I need to


see the fielding scorecard for India so far... Virat Kohli would not be


happy with this... Straight to the fielder! He does not miss much,


Jadeja. Probably some merit in looking to plead that shot, he could


not get it away from Jadeja. He has a safer para pounds. -- tearoff


hands. Babar Azam goes for aid. -- goes for eight. Another drop. Yes,


he makes some good ground, Bhuvneshwar Kumar. And again,


another error in the field. It will go down as one. Was he looking to


hit over mid-off? He was, the ball cramped him for room. He pulled it


at long-on fielder. Once again, the Pakistani fielders have dropped a


view in the first innings, now it is time for India. Jadeja to continue,


to take you further, it is brown -- it is Ramesh and Ricky Ponting.


Good from Jadeja. Ali brings up a 50. Well played, off 64 deliveries,


66 boundaries. Top edge this time... After Pandya, a bit of pressure.


Good bowling from Jadeja. Sweet from Ali, top edge and come to be taken,


that is a big wicket for India. That was top edge, and Pandya took his


time. Always looking comfortable. Netting that one. A good catch.


Reconstructing the innings, Azhar Ali, but then he walks.


A smash, beautifully timed. The drive gets them going. Haven't


really seen him get too wide at all in the course of this innings so


far. A good bounce of the ball before, not a great follow-up.


Slapped hard, backward point from Shoaib Malik. A good start from him.


Worked down fine leg, this could also be four. Great piece of work


down there. It makes its way into the right, four more. Something as


extravagant as that... How good is that six? Down the track, hitting it


ever so sweetly. Shoaib Malik there. Using the backswing, it was a


beautiful swing of the bat. Going through with the stroke. Hitting it


long. Sweet and handsome. What a long way back. A good hit. The


chance of a direct hit... He has gone! Shoaib Malik, taken out by the


brilliance of Jadeja. Picked up cleanly. Did not take his time to


balance it. Off-balance, hit the bottom of the off-stump. Quality


fielding by a quality field is. Pick it up and throw in one motion...


Bang! A great piece of work. Shoaib Malik on his way. A well made 15,


Pakistan in deep trouble now. An interesting field, this. On-side


again, hitting across the line. This should be out. Jadeja strikes again.


The batsmen struggle against Jadeja. He is an excellent cricketer. A big


slog sweep into the air and safely taken, in the deep. Pakistan in all


sorts of trouble now. Feeling the pressure with the dotballs and then


the wicket comes. Mohammad Hafeez has gone for 33. Into the air...


Gone, straight to him. The first ball, can you believe it? Straight


to the fielder at cover. That is very close to be single. -- to the


single. Trying to hit up on the first ball. The ball was in the air,


Yadav taking a smart catch. Gone for a duck. Another slog sweep... A good


shot! All of the way to six. One way to upset his rhythm. Two wickets,


Jadeja, when the batsmen have attempted the sweep shot, he gets


the bounce from this pitch. For once, the sweep shot connects for a


batsmen. Into the air, that might be four. Right into the gap, Virat


Kohli has the field up for this leg-spinner. A good finish for the


over. Two boundaries, six and four. A good shot down the ground. UBP


fielder for four. -- beating the fielder for four. Subtle changes


making the difference. That is the 54 Pakistan. A genuinely good


fielder, Yadav. By his standards, a sloppy effort. Somebody cried out


from the Indian camp, they were not happy with that effort from Umesh


Yadav. Gone, got him! A run off the bat. The skipper has gone. Just a


good length of delivery. A bit of bounce, running it down to third


man. Good bounce, good catch from MS Dhoni. The wickets come tumbling


four Pakistan! And after that, it bit of a glare. Gone for 15.


Into the air... He has dropped it, can you believe it? We've just been


giving India a pump up about how well their athleticism is in the


field, and how good they are. It went high into the air and it should


have been taken. It seemed he caught it and then dropped it. Right under


the ball. It's never easy... But it went through. I think he might have


been a little too casual and it, when big shots are required.


Common-sense cricket was needed, and I think they lost the plot. They are


losing the plot here... The end is near. Yadav, picking up a catch has


been a bit of a miss in the field. But this time, no mistakes. Hitting


high on the bat. An easy catch for the cover fielder. Making catches up


covers. Caught by Kedar Jadhav, bowled by Yadav. Pushing Pakistan


against the wall, it has ended. Folding in a flash now, Umesh Yadav


accepting another. Beaten by pace and beaten by the bounce. The lower


order batsmen chipset into the mid-wicket fielder.


It's all over, Wahab Riaz is not fit to take to the field, says India.


Once again, a stylish win. STUDIO: Pakistan's branch is never really


got going in earnest, lacking the firepower of their opponents with


the bat, they struggled to keep up with the required rate.


The opener provided a solid anchor at the top of the order with a


half-century, then the be the agricultural Shoaib Malik cameo was


the only flicker of hope for Pakistan.


Only a matter of time before the inevitable collapse, and Wahab


Riaz's injured ankle that caused him to leave the field in the first


innings meant he was unable to play. So they were all out. India's


fielding was poor compared to their normally high standards, but on this


occasion they were not made to pay for it.


Two apiece for Hardik Pandya and Robbie Jadeja, who also


spectacularly ran out Shoaib Malik. A comprehensive victory for India by


124 under the Duckworth-Lewis method.


They won the match with ferocious batting for Yuvraj Singh and that


Kohli in their batting. They kept the pressure on Pakistan from the


start. We batted well, the opener was a good start. It gave me the


opportunity to go in and attack. How easy or challenging is it you just


walk in and left the tempo of an innings? It isn't easy at all. You


had to back yourself, and let the opposition know that you are here to


score runs and to attack. It depends how you are feeling that day. I was


feeling good, I was lucky. The players were hitting the ball well,


and we finished well at the end. Marks out of ten, how well did this


go for you today? Umm... With bat handball, nine out of ten. But in


the field, we are still six today. If we get up to eight or nine, we


would be a very strong side in the tournament. This was a very complete


performance for us, especially starting the tournament. We took


what we learned from the practice games into this game and skill wise,


we are really clinical. In the field, that is something we can


improve on. This is a tournament of all champion teams, we cannot let


off in any department at any stage. As a complete performance on bat


handball, I would say nine out of ten. Sarfraz, conversely, in the


field for Pakistan, how do you feel that you went? I think that we lost


in the last few and gave it to the Indian batsmen? Revisiting the


decision at the toss, and choosing to bowl, any regrets? No,


altogether, I think we had it under control. We made 124 runs, but the


prize goes to India. India claim two points for a victory and top the


group ahead of South Africa on run rate, they look to be strong favour


is progressing to the semifinals from group B.


South Africa take on Pakistan here in Birmingham on Wednesday before


India face Sri Lanka at the Oval. But for now, it's goodbye from




Highlights of the eagerly awaited group match from the Champions Trophy as rivals India face Pakistan at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

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