Australia v Bangladesh Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

Australia v Bangladesh

Highlights of the group match between Australia and Bangladesh. It's the first day-night match of the tournament so the atmosphere at the Oval promises to be a special one.

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Hello, and welcome to the Oval for the first daylight match of this ICC


Champions Trophy. We are into the second round of games in group poppy


A, as Australia face Bangladesh. A must win match for both games, after


the first game against New Zealand was banned due to rain, and


Bangladesh lost their opener against England. At the top of the group,


England after victory over Bangladesh last Thursday. They face


New Zealand in Cardiff on Tuesday but the teams in this match know


that defeat will almost certainly end their hopes of reaching the


semifinals. One change to the Bangladesh line-up, Mehidi Hasan


comes in for Hossain as they look to strengthen their bowling attack


after failing to defend 305 against England last time out. Australia


have made one change to the team that faced New Zealand on Friday,


Adam Zampa comes in for John Hastings, a reflection on the fact


the game is played on the same pitch used for South Africa against Sri


Lanka on Saturday. Bangladesh won the toss and chose to bat. Not a


surprise in decision with the game being played on a used strip but


with some rain forecast later, you would have thought chasing would be


an option should the game become a stop and start affair. The flags


above are at half-mast as the game gets under way, in tribute to those


affected by the terror attacks in London on Saturday night. The


umpires for this one are Nigel Llong and Chris Gaffney. Let's join the


action with our openers, Tamim Iqbal and Sarkar at the crease.


COMMENTATOR: We haven't seen any swing in the tournament so far. If


there is any, may be Starc will find it... Bowling for Tamim. Great pace.


Off the pad. Down into the fine leg boundary, is huge cheers from the


big Bangladesh crowd. As Bangladesh get themselves up and running. A


dash of arrogance... And swagger about Tamim. He's a good player with


a confident frame of mind. On the back of 100, he takes the game to


Australia. He takes his right leg away. A couple of steps down the


track, he nearly took his partner Sarkar with that shot. It was


powerfully played. This might go... To the short boundary. Yes, it's


going to be the dive, a despairing dive from a long way out. A second


boundary for Tamim. A very good piece of timing. Placement is even


better. A lot fella, did not try to hit it too hard. He just found the


gap. -- a lot more full. Short but wide, put away. Huge cheers greeting


the end of the fifth over. It's not a boundary. 22-0. Taken! Matthew


Wade diving across first slip, Hazelwood striking for Australia. A


little away from the ball, trying to reach for it. A genuine neck.


Australia would be very happy to see the back of Soumya in this opening


partnership. No real foot movement, a good catch ahead of first slip.


Soumya departs, Bangladesh 22-1. Will he get away with it? He does.


It is a tactic Australia fancy of Tamin, he has got away with a missed


poll just wide of mid-on. Easily done... Good length again. Trying to


force it and miss timing it. It's the end of Imrul Kayes. Probably a


stronger variation in length from Pat Cummins to Hazelwood, but he has


just started to really hit the deck. With the added pace, one doesn't


quite come on, or you get there early.


This was the case there. Australia get their second, steady at the


moment for the Australians out there. Not a massive run rate. He is


walking back. 37-2. It looks pretty straight... A full delivery again!


Mushfiqur Rahim is a good wicket. An experienced batsmen, among runs as


well. Another strike for the Australians. Falling straight for


Moses three Henriques. A little bit of scene back in to the


right-hander. The replay, showing that the seamers scrambled. Straight


on, clipping both pads. It is very adjacent to me. And her Henriques


agrees. As does the umpire. Bangladesh and all sorts of trouble,


53-3. One experienced batsmen is replaced by another. Shakib


Al-Hassan has not been in the greatest form in recent times. But


he is the mainstay of the Bangladesh batting. How close was back to the


fielder at short point? Maxwell is brilliant. Four runs for it.


Definitely close to Maxwell, hit like a bullet. That is one place


that you cannot bowl, to Shakib Al Hasan. Short and wide on the cut.


Deep in the crease. Going hard, in the reach of Maxwell at backward


point. Cut hard, put down. Put down by Maxwell at backward point. Hit


very hard, coming back for two. This would be tight, a good throw... It


isn't, men going everywhere out there. Maxwell wringing his hands,


that has heard. -- that has hurt. Let's hope he isn't heard too much.


At backward point, he could afford to give himself a little more


distance. 72-3. Down he goes! What a stroke,


absolutely brilliant! Over extra cover. That is brilliant. He is a


dangerous campaigner. That's what the fans have come to see. A


brilliant shot. What an opportunity to free the arms are pitiful, a


couple of steps down the track and wow! He goes again, this time to the


on-side! Not far from mid-wicket. But not close enough.


Iqbal cutting loose here. Over at long-off, this one is pulled away.


Powerfully played, into the gap. Ten off two deliveries for Iqbal. That


was six. Excellent off his feet and from the middle of the bat, that is


key. That will run away, and expensive over. Henriques goes for


16. 88-3. That is his 50. He keeps that form


going. He needs to get the 100 for his team again today, to get that


total of 239, if it is accurate... Running away for four. Nicely


played. Using the pace, and using the width. It has been a hard couple


of days for London. Obviously Manchester had gone through it as


well. Just a tragic situation. As we said at the start of our telecast,


our thoughts are with all of those affected. Is there are enough on it?


Not quite. Good running, coming back for two. Bringing up 104 Bangladesh.


-- bringing up 100, four Bangladesh. Steady as she goes, losing three


wickets but this partnership is growing quickly. A good job for


Trent Boult's skipper. Ricky Ponting and Ian Bishop joining


the commentary now. What a shot that was! Good use of the by Tamim.


Staying leg side of the ball, helping himself to extra cover. The


shot of the day so far. Going again... Tamim... A bigger hit, six


more! A terrific shot. Going up in the gears now, Tamim Iqbal, the time


in the innings has come, in the 30th over. Down he comes, first one over


extra cover. Great use of his feet, a swing of the bat and the first one


is even bigger. Bowling over here for the Australians, no leg spin. He


has given it! Revealing that he was down the track.


OK, the front foot is fine, let's go to the other one, please... Pretty


happy that there was no bat there. Front on Hot Spot?


OK, let's go for ball tracking, please. OK, Nigel, with ball


tracking... Umpire's call, hitting the wickets, stay with your


decision. Well, a very good decision. Nigel


Llong, Shakib Al Hasan, he is on his way. Lbw. Heading out for 29. A


gutsy decision but the right one. A very good decision. Savea Rahman,


the last ball of the over. -- Sabbir Rahman. Up and running straightaway.


15 off the over, and the wicket. 124-4. Shot... Very, very good shot.


You can see it in the Australians, at leg gully. Pat Cummins is trying


to tackle the thigh pad rib area of Tamim, who is having none of that.


Moving inside of the line and helping it on its way. A beautiful


shot, back in his crease and inside of the line of the ball. Almost


technique pull shot there. Tamim Iqbal moves onto 75.


It looks like there will be a bowling change. A much awaited


bowling change. Adam Zampa will come into the attack. He has success


straightaway. It is a good catch. Long-awaited and he has not


disappointed. He has not. He has the knack. That is why he was the


leading wicket taker in the world. It was wide and driven straight into


the hands of captain Steven Smith. Welcome to the crease, Adam Zampa.


One of the seniors of the Bangladesh team. Back-to-back hundreds in the


20 15th World Cup in Australia. Mahmudullah up and running. That was


great. The good extension of the hands and arms. Not right out of the


middle but it is good enough. And this time he is out. No doubt


about it. There is the second. Talking about Adam Zampa's wicket


taking ability and towards the end of the innings. The batsmen trying


to force it off the back. The top then came quickly off the pitch.


Normally for the sea may you expect it to be pushed through. -- a


seamer. Normally it goes to the front of the hand. No wonder it


skidded off the pitch. He has gone for eight, Mahmudullah.


How Bangladesh played in the last match, he was capable batsmen and he


was dropped. Got a few runs. Test match against India got 50 and here


again. When short of the leg-spinner. Has it got enough pace


on it? I don't think so. It has been mopped up. That shot for two. It out


on strike. It is in the air. -- Iqbal on strike. That would have


been his first 100 against Australia but he pulls five runs short. A big


moment for the Aussies. The Bangladeshi fans are applauding the


effort that some had their heads down when they saw this happening. A


good catch. Got under the ball. He has played that shot right through


the innings. You have to feel for him. He misses 100 today. He has


gone for 95. There it is. That's what he can do.


Mitchell Starc, bang on target. The one that he missed, the first ball


from more tiles, it was slightly slow. -- Mortaza. The ball before


was quicker but not all is I like this one. A bit too good. Two


wickets and three balls for Mitchell stopped. He is coming back to full


fitness. -- Mitchell Starc. He has that radar right. It is


incredible bowling at the death. That should not surprise anyone. The


ball was going to be quick. It has to be at the stumps. Three wickets


from four balls. A bit too good. Batting down the order. Another 90


mph delivery from Mitchell Starc. He has gone for a duck. He is on a


hat-trick now. Two slips in position. What a moment! Can he do


it? Just misses the off-stump. Just misses the stumps. He was not far


away. He hammers to keep his bat down about three inches. -- he has


to keep. A triple wicket. It has taken Mitchell Starc a while.


Eventually falling to the short ball and then a couple of Mitchell Starc


special. Very fast and very straight.


Got him. That will do. Mitchell Starc finishes with figures of 4-29


in 8.3 overs. Australia have bowled out Bangladesh for 182. A much


improved bowling performance from Australia today as the rain starts


to fall. You can see on the camera lens one or two drops of rain


falling. A few anxious moments for Australia. They will want to get the


game down and dusted. After racking up more than 300 against England,


Bangladesh would have wanted to build on that. The top order


struggled to provide enough support for open tammim a cabal. Only two


other batsmen made double figures. -- Tamim Iqbal. The Australian


bowlers pitched away at the start. Adam Zampa paid dividends. Mitchell


Starc ran through the tail order. Mitchell Starc, 4-29. Much better.


The much improved performance. I think we spoke about it after the


last game. A much cleaner effort today. What word conditions like? It


is quite windy and cold. Josh got it moving a bit. Maybe a couple of the


wicket. I think it was more disciplined bowling effort. How


pleased are you with three wickets? It is nice to get that. We spoke


after the last performance, it was nice for all of us to contribute.


Are you nervous about the weather? Hopefully it will go away. We have


done our job with the ball. Australia clearly had one eye on the


weather as they battled through the Bangladesh tail, wanting to get on


with their run chase as soon as possible. Players resuming after a


slight delay. Openers Aaron Finch and David Warner starting the run


chase. They are off and running, Australia.


He has timed that quite nicely. A good run will --.


Nice. The balance in playing that shot and the control, a pleasure to


watch. Seven of the first over without loss.


And he went to wide. That genuine seamer delivery was put away by


Aaron Finch quite easily. He just looks a little more composed,


doesn't he? He has only played seven deliveries. Here's quite frenetic in


the first game. Birmingham may be under more pressure in terms of the


scoreboard and the quality of the opening bowlers. He looks calmer.


Four. Badly lined. Especially so, given the fine leg is up inside the


circle. Broad blade or not. The inside edge


clashes to the fence. He mixes up his pace very well in


this field. A couple of poor deliveries that


have gone for four in the last few overs. This was a real powderpuff


delivery. Halfway down, nothing behind it. Warner just happy to help


it on its way. A good shot. There was the field are


therefore exactly that kind of shot but he was too square.


One of the few Aussies in the crowd. He liked what he saw. A short ball.


He got that cleanly. The pressure release for Aaron Finch. Kept low.


The finger goes up. Aaron Finch knew exactly what the verdict was going


to be. There he goes. Right-hander. That is what he loves. That is why


he has such great numbers against right-handers. That is what we were


talking about with that action. Traps Aaron Finch. No hesitation. He


has to go and Australia lose their first wicket.


Steve Smith, the Australian captain, the new man at the crease. A very


high strike rate. A good touch as well at the start of the New Zealand


game. A couple of classic off drives. A challenge here. Rubel


challenging the pads once again. A good start. That was coming back for


the third. Eight runs from the over but the wicket as well.


Bang! Full and met with a thunderous cover drive from the Australian


captain. The 50 comes up for Australia. A bit surprised with the


men catching on the leg side. I wonder where they are going with


that. Because it takes the pays off, he sets himself up like that.


Catching on the off-side, that is what he does. The off cutters with


that angle. What is the purpose of the two fielders on the leg side?


Had a- at leg stump with the first ball. Now the slip has come out.


What it does with their heavy leg side, it stops Steven Smith moving


across his stumps too far. A full toss. That was quite comfortable.


Started with a slow delivery. The dive and a couple of runs. Nice


fielding and a nice ball. Maybe a bit of a seam back in. Certainly


extra ounce. Caught the inside edge and flew down to fine leg.


Playing well within himself, David Warner.


It is going to come back for the second. Good thing. Warner with no


heat doesn't have the strongest throwing arm in world cricket. He is


in and out very quickly. Going back to this angle he creates from around


the wicket, the margin for error is very small. He almost as to start it


outside the body of the left-handed batsmen. It starts down the line of


the stumps will stop by the time it gets to the batsmen it is very wide.


The margin for error is very small. Punched into the off-side and


bounces over. Two more. If he goes round the wicket he will have so


many options. He is cramping the left-hand batsmen rather than giving


him a chance to free his arms on the off-stump.


Just finding the gap here... Good fielding. A couple of runs, a good


and solid partnership, this. Look at David Warner's ODI career, what a


record that is. A very imposing record. Past short fine leg. Coming


back for two. That will bring up 4001-day international runs for


David Warner. -- 4000 one-day international runs. The finest to


reach that milestone. Look at his strike rate. An average close to 45,


1300. There you are, the quickest Aussie to get to 4000 one-day


international runs. 83-1. I am afraid regulations demand


that the umpires must call drinks onto the field of play.


I think, just as the umpire has called drinks, Nigel Llong and Chris


Gaffaney has decided that the rain is coming down too heavily. They


have asked the ground is meant to bring on the covers. This is bad


news for all concerned. We have only had 16 overs, 20 overs constitutes a


game. Australia are hovering on the brink of what would be a victory.


They still find themselves four overs short of a possible game.


Australia, at least, a no result means they still have the chance of


going through. That's the only wicket to fall so far. David Warner


Mayday composed 40 from 44, Smith in decent touch. 22, 83 41.


Rubel, the only wicket taker today. -- 83-1. Nothing for anyone else.


The off-spinner has just bowled a solitary over. This is where they


are, with rain tumbling down and a forecast that is not so good.


Australia four overs away from 20 over, which would make a result? I


would love to say welcome back we have some cricket to go but that is


not the case. The match was abandoned, the chance


of an 8:30pm start but unfortunately it only stopped raining for 20


minutes, a little longer, then it came back with a vengeance. As


heavy as it has been all night. Persistent, the match was abandoned.


Australia started the innings in measured fashion but with one eye on


the sky and gathering rain clouds, Aaron Finch was the first wicket to


fall, Rubel with 45 on the board. David Warner played within himself


to keep that scoreboard ticking along. The captain took Australia to


83-1, by the drinks break, after 16 overs, they were well ahead of the


par score but the heavy rain forced the game off.


The rain and the gloom never lifted long enough for play to resume. So,


a below par total meaning Bangladesh's bowlers were always up


against it, trying to contain and take wickets but in the end, the


weather save them from what looked like an inevitable second defeat in


the tournament. If 20 overs were completed in the run chase,


Australia would have been well ahead of a Duckworth-Lewis pass go and


victory would have been there, but the rain meant an abandoned match,


much to the frustration of the Australians. Steve, how did you take


these wash-outs on the chin? It was obviously disappointed not to get a


game in today. We were heading down a pretty good path. It's


disappointing not to get a result in the end. And how would you accept


today's result? I think Australia were unlucky, but on the other hand,


we are still in the tournament and obviously, not how we would like to.


But we can't do anything. You have to win your next game against New


Zealand and hope England win there too, does that affect your approach?


This could help us a lot, obviously. We need to play hard again in the


next match, but you never know. It has put you in a straightforward


position where you had to beat England? That's right. It's a


quarterfinal for us, as such. They are a good side and playing good


cricket. A tough match, but the equation is pretty simple now...


Today's match coming in to bat, your bowlers appear to have listened to


your cries after the last game? They were much better, hitting good areas


early on. They challenged the Bangladeshi batters. I thought that


all of the bowlers did better today. And they set us up for a good game,


bowling them out for 130. Mashrafe, do you agree with what Steve said?


Obviously, they had some good and exciting bowlers, we knew that it


would be hard but the way we batted was really good. It is always hard,


nobody could give him the support that he needed. And the bowlers


hitting in the right areas, always asking more of the wicket. They have


been up to the mark, and I think our team was phenomenal today. Hopefully


we can continue, and another batsmen can support him and we can do


something else. No results gives the team one point each, leaving England


still the top of the group. Australia and Bangladesh and both


still make the semifinals. Australia have only England are to face, and


much will depend on how England fare against New Zealand in Cardiff later


today. But for now, from the Oval, a very wet oval, it's goodbye.


England's next match is later today against New Zealand in Cardiff. The


highlights on BBC Two from 11:45pm tonight. On Gwen 's day, it's back


to group B for another encounter. Pakistan against South Africa at


Edgbaston. The highlights on Thursday morning.


Follow every ball on BBC Radio five Live sports extra, and watch the


best of the action with in play highlights alongside the live text


commentary on the BBC sport website.


Highlights of the Champions Trophy group match between Australia and Bangladesh. It's the first day-night match of the tournament so the atmosphere at the Oval promises to be a special one.

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