England v New Zealand Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

England v New Zealand

Highlights from the Champions Trophy group stage, where England and New Zealand are doing battle at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

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The trophy shared between India and Sri Lanka. West Indies courageous.


2013 - India! Hello and welcome to Cardiff for England versuses New


Zealand in the ICC Champions Trophy. It's the second round of games in


Group A and a win for England will cement their place in the


semi-finals having beaten Bangladesh in their first match. A no result


against Australia, New Zealand know they need a win here to keep their


hopes of progressing alive am with frustrated by the weather again


yesterday, England sit on top of Group A. New Zealand are third with


a point from that first washed out match. One change to the England


team that replaced Bangladesh last Thursday. Adil Rashid returns to


rereplace Chris Woakes who will miss the remainder of the tournament with


a side train. Eoin Morgan confirmed that Ben Stokes is fit enough to


bowl his full quota of ten overs. As expected, New Zealand are unchanged


keeping fate with Neil Broom batting at five. Kane Williamson and Luke


Ronchi will look to produce a formidable attacking play that they


became Fay mouse for back in 2015. The weather has been much talked


about over the last few days of this tournament. It's no different here


in Cardiff with very windy and unsettled conditions forecast for


the whole day. Eoin Morgan's poor record of winning toss conditioned.


New Zealand chose to bowl first. Jason Roy and Alex Hales opening the


batting for England. COMMENTATOR: First ball. There is a


little bit of shape there. They want the appeal for lb. They feel it just


flicked the pad on the way through. Driven nicely. He's off the mark,


even with the swing. He went with the shape. He's not going to hold


back. He's a little bit long there. A little bit long, a little bit


wide. Don't bowl there to him. He likes it


wide. Boundary for Roy, a boundary for Hales.


Pulled away. Is it a maximum? It is. First of the day. That's the shorter


boundary on that side. Hales has taken advantage of it. Loose ball


from Boult. Was struggling with his rhythm at the crease. Come round the


wicket. Feels he can tuck H app les up. It's too short. 11.00am today


there will be a minute's silence all round the UK. After what happened on


Saturday evening. Tragic events. The players know that. Everyone here


knows that. Even if it's mid-over. That could just run away for four.


It does, a couple of bounces. 31-0. Just going to see a replay of that


boundary. Then after that, the umpires have informed the players


that, after the tragic events of Saturday night, they and the country


will pause for a moment's sigh lens. The terrible adros trolls 'tis on


London on Saturday our thoughts are with those whos lost their lives,


their family friends and everyone who has been affected. In tribute,


please join us in a national moment of silence.


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. APPLAUSE


COMMENTATOR: Good shot. To the off-side. Almost like he was going


to target the leg-side. Down the ground. Yeah. You're right. He was


looking leg-side here and mid-wicket. You can see how far


across his stumps he went. I think, for that reason, millen decided to


push it a little bit further outside off stump. Oh, he's got him. He


himmies across the off-stump again. It's straight to the delivery.


Clatters into the leg stump. Roy very disappointed. Yep, as earlier


in the over Roy shimmying across his stumps, looking to open up that


leg-side. This time, millen, instead of pushing it he goes the other ruin


route. In the end he's gone for 13. England have lost their first for 37


-- Milne. That's whipped away from off-stump. Risky from Hales. It


wasn't a bad delivery at all. Use of the feet and use of the feet


successfully. Beautifully played by Joe Root. That was the temptation.


Normally you would have that man back, if you're allowed five out.


You can't. One guy in the circle. Root takes advantage. Yeah they got


him back for Hales, not for Joe Root. Square on the leg-side.


Aggressive use of the feet. All the way. Good strike from Joe Root.


Beautiful shot. Repeating what he did earlier. Brave, trying to look


for turn. Flight in the ball. Getting the ball up there as he


should with the field set for him. Joe Root more than up for the task.


Very fine indeed. That will go all the way. Four now in the over.


Classic example of a bowler bowling exactly to his field. A bit afraid


to toss it too far up. Oh, straightaway. 100 comes up. A little


bit streaky, but no slip and place. Very good delivery, but the edge New


Zealand were looking for, coming a bit too late.


That will be four more, I think. Outfield's not quick, but it's good


enough. Timed well enough, Trent Boult couldn't get around. Well


placed. Root did very well to catch up with that. Even better to time it


as well as he did. It raced across the ground.


Needed a change. They've got a change, Alex Hales, another 50.


Fifth in his last eight matches. APPLAUSE


Now, yes, releases the shackles there. So hard to down over long off


for six. Fantastic shot. Got to his 50. He's taken a breath. Milne


bouncing him the delivery before. It's almost certain he will be going


back, searching for a better length next delivery. Alex Hales read it


perfectly, down the track. A flat six. Quite dangerous if your' a


spectator, right in front of the pitch on the short boundaries


because these batmen, in the modern-day, can hit the ball hard.


Long and straight. Having said that, he breaks through inside edge onto


the stumps. New Zealand have the breakthrough that they have wanted


for the past ten overs. Expecting a short ball. He's sitting back there


expecting a short ball after running down the wicket. Slower from Milne


achl very good slower ball. Hales is waiting. He thinks it's going to be


short. Milne gets revenge. Six and then out for Alex Hales. Good half


century, but he departs the scene, 118-2 as Hales goes for 56. 118-2


with Hales just bowled by Milne for 56, the danger signs were there for


New Zealand. A very damaging partnership was developing with Joe


Root. Second slip came in. Morgan fighting


fire with fire. He's away. Sums him right, 123 had of 2 after 21 overs.


Good position. Foundation laid. His role is to come out and fight fire


with fire. Williamson put it in to show them that they are on the


charge against them. He's responded beautifully.


It was straight on this occasion. Morgan has answered it with the


straightest of bats as well. Sawdust has possibly cost Morgan a boundary


there. There is that short ball. Morgan pulls to the longest part of


the ground. Confident pull shot from Morgan. Seen him hit on the head. He


suffered concussion. Pulling to deep square leg and fine leg.


Pulls again behind square. It won't go to the fence this time. Morgan,


in excellent touch. 133-2. An around about way of saying he has


no weaknesses. An edge from Morgan. Very wide and Morgan looking to skip


down and hit that over the off-side. Another big wicket for New Zealand


in this crucial middle phase of the game. The in-form Morgan has gone.


He's got a golden arm corpy Anderson. It can be expensive times.


He went wide. Looked like he was trying to sell it as well. Not in


this day and age, he's off. Yeah. It was there to be hit. All Morgan


could do was faet ter through to the wicket keeper. He's gone for 13, and


England are 134-3. First dab from Root down to the


short side. Shows you just how short it is because it didn't look as


though he got anything on that, really. It nearly went for four. It


touches the rope. Yeah. That's going to have to be a boundary.


That's why there is a price tag on his head. He has just pumped a


shortage ball from Anderson. Straight over mid-wicket for six.


Stokes will scamper to the striker's end. 150-3. Slower ball. Stokes was


waiting for. It just pumped that down the ground.


Another excellent shot from Stokes as well. Corey Anderson bowls there,


it's an easy clip to the on-side for Root, who will scamper back for two.


Oh, it could be out there. Got a hand on that. They're going to have


a look. Joe Root has already been run outbacking up this summer.


Against south Africa. They look at each other. Root's smiling.


Joe Root has been run out already this summer backing up. That's why


he was smiling at Ben Stokes. This time he's fine.


This time he has to dive out of the way. Watch out the non-striker's end


when Ben Stokes is batting. Have a laugh about it. Just bludgeoned this


down the ground. Advancing, on top of the bounce. None of it. Jimmy


Neesham. It's a nice shot. It will get through. It will definitely get


through. You're not catching it up now. That's the issue. To bowl, it's


a floater from Jimmy Neesham. This field is certainly not the length he


should be looking to bowl. I'm sure that's not the plan they talked


about. Lovely planning from Ben Stokes and good placement.


If it up, it's off. Not the biggest of hits. It doesn't have to be here


at Cardiff. That's a maximum. Pressure straight encory Anderson.


On Corey Anderson. Good batting. Oh, dragged on. Dragged on. Frustration


from Root. He hadn't much of the strike. That's a big blow for


England. It was building the whole time the fact help couldn't get down


on strike. He couldn't keep the rhythm am he had built going. Very


unlike Joe Root that for me. That is spot on. That's just frustration.


Walks off shaking his head. Good innings. Not good enough. 64 off 65.


He's frustrated still walking off, 188-4. England's touch player may


have gone in Joe Root. They have two big hitters at the crease now. Jos


Buttler comes in. Ranking number 17. He's been quiet of late.


That's not where you bowl. Leans on it. It's too full. Too full from


Milne. Tim Southee showed the way. At the moment Stokes is going to


take the single. 200 comes up for England. Regulation. Plenty of overs


to go and plenty of batting to come. Goes for the ramp. He could be on


his way. He is. He thought he'd just paddle it to the short bount


boundary with the wind, ramp it over the keeper. He got more contact than


he was over. The short ball worked a trick for Boult. A massive wicket


for New Zealand. An ideal time to get a wicket as well. Shows off the


skill of Ben Stokes. Unfortunately, straight down to third man. New


Zealand could not have asked for a wicket at a better time. Getting rid


of Stokes. He's walking off a bit de-8 jebthed. Two short of his 50.


England are 210-5. The The next man to the crease, ranking of 71. Strike


rate pretty good, just over 100. Average just under 28. Moeen Ali


works that away. To could have gone the whole distance. Yes, it has.


With the wind. Got just enough contact. It sailed over the


advertising cushion. Got him. Brilliant catch by Trent


Boult, at short fine leg. Another drag down delivery. Moeen Ali's eyes


lit up. He thought he had another boundary coming his way. Not to be.


A flying Boult puts paid to his innings. Wonderful catch by Trent


Boult. For a faster bowler, he's so athletic. Again, what I would term a


poor delivery. Yes, very, very lucky that Moeen Ali hit it straight,


slightly to the left of Trent Boult, for a flying Trent Boult. England


have just lost an important wicket, 230-6. Adil Rashid, he didn't play


the first match. That was against Bangladesh. He gets a nice freebie


to put away. Is it off the pad? No. Anderson thinking of a nice Yorker.


The umpires are holding their nerve. Charges into the wind, into the


rain. Drags it in, top edge. Over the keeper. It's going to work it is


way to the boundary. Jos Buttler of the first boundary off 24


deliveries. That doesn't often happen. He took it on. It's actually


off the helmet. Was it off the bat or just off the helmet? Tim Southee


was asking the umpire, did he get an edge on that. Or leg butt. No


contact. Anything to make their figures look good. Ten runses from


that Tim Southee over brings up 250 for England. Really varied hiss post


beautifully. You will do well to catch that up. You won't. He fires


it in, inside off-stump. Beautiful defendant touch. Rashid scores in


unusual areas. He squirts the ball off, very strong off-side player.


He's playing a little cameo here. 12 from 10 deliveries. Oh, close. Yeah,


given. England have a review. Rashid's debating on height.


. He's going to ask his partner. He needs to be quick here.


Eventually they use their review. Thank you, that's a fair delivery.


Thank you. OK, that looks like he's missed that. We will go to hotspot


just to confirm. Thank you. I've got nothing on hotspot. We will check


ultra edge, please. Thanks. Split screen will show he's missed it


clearly as well. Pitching in, impact is in line. Hitting the wickets. So


you'll be staying with your decision, which was out. You are on


screen. Yeah, given out on the field.


Given out under review. Tactical review with England, with six overs


left. They trialled, they failed. Rashid made 12, 260-7. Tsh tried.


Short again. Tennis shot from Buttler. The pace out there can't


cut it off. Three men out. He finds the gap.


What a shot that is. What an incredible shot. Right up on our


camera men there. Ball back, please. That has gone a long way.


APPLAUSE What an unbelievable shot from Jos


Buttler. Trent Boult has bowled brilliantly in this over. He bowled


a pretty good ball there. He hasn't even got down on one knee. He


dropped the shoulder a little bit, flicked his hand. It's so hard to


do. So hard. Buttler wants two. He will come back


for two. It started over a good over. He still goes for ten. 278-7.


Is As I said when Plunkett came in. On a tailender, he's very quick on


the pull. Can't bully Liam lunge he. Plunkett. Again, over mid-off. Not


an easy shot to play. A maximum, 50 for Jos Buttler. He loves batting


against New Zealand. He really is a danger man. 291-7.


Pulled away. That could be a maximum. That is a maximum.


APPLAUSE 300 up for England, yet again. It's


not quite up enough. Again, will he cut it off? Yes, he


does. Times his dive perfectly. Up in the air. It should be out. It's


looking into the sun though, the fielder there used his hand well.


Looks easy on the TV there, but for a long time that ball went up in the


sun. Southee caught it and grabbed it well. Yeah, third wicket, Milne,


it's been expensive today. He's come out. Kept that score card ticking


along. Played a nice hand in unison with Buttler. 309-8.


Gone. Buttler won't get back on strike. First ball duck for Wood.


New Zealand continue to take wickets.


Bounce. Out to Taylor. In on the one as well. Simple catch taken. New


Zealand will be very, very happy to pick up another wicket. More


importantly, keep Jos Buttler and the non-strikers in. Number Eleven,


Buttler wants to get back on strike. He's gone. Good bit of fielding at


square leg. Buttler doesn't get back on strike. England don't use up


their overs. A good final over from Southee. At least half of it, it was


in three deliveries. He's got two wickets. England have been bowled


out for 310. Short ball fended. Good catch coming forward. Trent Boult at


square leg. Buttler starved of the strike in that last few overs.


England did well to get up to 2310. A pretty even contest. New Zealand


will not feel daunted. Owen Morgan will be pleased to get a score. As a


captain you always want a few more but that leaves the game nicely


poised. England finish with 310 all from overs. Jason Roy continued his


recent struggles but there was a bit half-century from his fellow opener


Alex Hales who made 56. Backed up by Joe Root with 64, 48 from Ben Stokes


an unbeaten 61 from Jos Buttler. The New Zealand bowlers shared the


wickets around. Trent Boult also bowled effectively late on to


restrict the England run-scoring but the painfully slow over rate did not


go unnoticed. But England will be confident that they can defend their


total with windy conditions and damp in the air. Personally I feel good


and we are batting well as a unit. Hopefully we can bowl well and


defend. How was the surface? Having batted on it, hopefully we might see


some low in the second innings. Hopefully 310 should be a good


score. Do the blustery conditions affect you? A little bit, you just


need to be smart with your options and be clear what the plan is that


both ends. Hopefully we can use that to our advantage. Is there magical


medication but without them and the bowlers? Quite a lot, it is


important especially with one-day cricket now. So there will be


communication and a chat before we go out on the field, on the best way


to get wickets and defend the score. A rain shower lengthen the lunch


break but a strong wind quickly blew the clouds away. Martin Guptill and


Luke Ronchi took to the field chasing three and 11 to claim the


first victory for New Zealand in these champions Trophy. A better


fielding from the England captain, a strong wind that the ball is


operating into. And they're off the mark. Note inside edge involved.


Gone! First delivery, the ideal start for England. Well done Jake


Ball, a perfect length, hitting the pitch hard. And getting the ball


just to nip back from the scene. Luke Ronchi does not cover


off-stump, shows his stumps to the bowler. A confidence boost for Jake


Ball. The dangerous Luke Ronchi gone first ball. New Zealand 141.


A beautiful drive. Slightly overpitched but nicely played. Only


marginally. He hammered away on a good length. This was just a little


bit fuller. What not a bad ball at all.


A slight bit of wits from Jake Ball. Few deliveries to latch onto but


Martin Guptill does it superbly. Another blustery squall here at


Cardiff. Over the top. Williamson. This could


race away and it will. Not that far away from Alex Hales. Mark Wood had


his hands on as headbutt I'm so well Alex Hales could not get round to


cut it off or the catch. -- but time does so well. Lovely, a little hint


of wits and Guptill on it so quickly. He had to bide his time but


a fraction shorter than normal and it just bounced up on him to give


him the room to free those hands. He thought about it. Down the


ground. Could go away for four. 39-1.


Good, very good short ball. A little bit tough on Jos Buttler but an


excellent short ball. Martin Guptill so quickly on it. Ben


Stokes, just one delivery every now and again at this level against


players like Guptill. You bowl him the ball anywhere near hittable and


he will put you away. He absolutely nailed that.


Gone. The golden touch. Guptill has nicked it. You sum up Ben Stokes in


those two deliveries, for ball followed by Golden arm. Guptill


really disappointed. Perhaps expecting another short one. You


just back with his weight. And the catching man and a fifth slip was


waiting and the very dangerous Martin Guptill has gone. A big


wicket for England, Guptill made 27. It is 63-2. That is nasty. This one


did not get up as high as the previous one and crashed into the


side of Ken Williamson. Thank goodness for that helmet.


Right on the side. Thankfully came Williamson is fine. He will be a


little bit rattled. And perhaps some ringing in that left ear. Efficient


so far with the use of variations and crossings. Taylor has yet to get


off the mark. Morgan brought a couple of catches in. At gully as


well, deep square leg is coming. Just kicked as well, maybe the pitch


a little bit moist, something is happening out there. That little bit


of rain just put some moisture on the surface. Ballyronan we saw that


it looked a little bit tacky and crusty in places as well. Just with


that bit of moisture it will have brought that up. He's also big and


tall, hitting the wicket hard. This jumped and I think it has hit him


again in the helmet. That came off the back of the bat. Williamson


looked to duck a shortish ball once again. It has flown off the back of


the bat over Jos Buttler. Bizarre. Rashid could have picked up a couple


of wickets. One chipped past him by Williamson in the first over. Just


beaten mid-on on this occasion. That could go all the way. Over the


man in the deep but bounces before the rope. That is why it brings that


smile. Another boundary for him. That is a bit too wide. The ball


reaches the boundary. Beautifully clicked. Went with the drift, Rashid


on the breeze drifting it in an Williamson clipping it away for


four. Beautiful use of the seat. Rashid bowling a little bit too flat


for my liking. Hit away. Over the man catching on


the leg side right into the gap. Williamson up to the challenge. Just


across the stumps. Just got across onto off-stump and picked it up on


length. He goes the other way and hits it over extra cover. Over extra


cover for four. An expensive over from England, 11 from it. 134-2.


Chipped over leg side. He loves that on-side. That is his greatest


strength. It has been a hallmark of his batting ) when he first on. --


right from when he first came on. Unafraid to hit through the line.


Chipped back over his head, that does not happen to Mark Wood too


often. But he does not bowl to Kane Williamson too often. Beautiful


shot, all timing, all class. Just a little extension is again I think


the wrong length. Perhaps a metre shorter than Liam Plunkett. Gone!


Rips the glove and Kane Williamson is disappointed but he has to be on


his way. A vital breakthrough for England. Yet again, yet again.


Jumping off the seam. Cross seemed delivery. Not much that came


Williamson could do. This really... It is turning out to be the go to


delivery. Ripped the glove. Williamson, a fine innings comes to


an end. 87 he has gone, 158-3. Drag it straight to the man. Joel


Root, a massive wicket. Pressure was building, Taylor tried to take


Mathie debt -- Taylor tried to make matters -- to take matters into his


own hands. Jake Ball has been excellent today. Joe Root takes


another. Further trouble. And further joy for England as Ross


Taylor goes for 39. 168-4. Taking on the attack to Liam


Plunkett, Jimmy Neesham. That will help matters. How is that over


mid-on. Hit that sweetly. There he goes again. Joe Root out at deep


square leg. Correction, Alex Hales at deep square leg. Just what New


Zealand did not need. Not 100% commitment from Jimmy Neeson into


that shot. Jimmy Neesham walking back. 191-5.


That is close. Sweeping a straight ball, leg-spinner from Rashid.


Batsman will have a chat and wonder whether to review but it looked to


be straight enough. New Zealand has to review this. And Neil Broom


reviews it. It is a fair delivery, thank you. We can go to front on.


The original decision is out. OK, nothing there to suggest he has hit


it. We can go to Hot Spot, please. I have nothing there. I'm happy there


is no bat involved so we can go to ball tracking. Still pitching in


line. Impact in line. That is out. We stay with your decision. Original


decision was out so the umpire, that call means that we stay with the on


field position. You heard the third umpire referring to pistol. And he


has pulled the trigger. On Neil Broom. Mid-off is up inside the


circle so that is the boundary option for Corey Anderson.


Powerfully down through mid-off. Brilliant. Down the leg side,


brilliant. White given. But that is fine. Jos Buttler, the stump is


really full, maybe not had a good sighting of it. I think it was a


goodly as well. Look how awful it is, a could take from Jos Buttler.


Done. New Zealand seven down. 206-7. Mitchell Santner goes for


three. I think he put that down, fairly certain that was a return


catch to Adil Rashid and not a difficult one either.


Hit straight back at Rashid and almost surprised him. Pretty


regulation for the these days. -- for the bowlers. He is going to pick


up another wicket antique does. More success for Liam Plunkett, more


success for England. The dangerous Corey Anderson has gone for ten. New


Zealand are eight down. Great intent shown by Corey Anderson but too


little and too late. Saw him going down the track. Dropped it short and


another catch taken on square leg boundary. This is probably get for


New Zealand. Almost 40 now. Corey Anderson goes for ten. Down the


ground but should be taken. He is. Rashid diving forward, Liam Plunkett


deserving of these wickets. His first spell was exceptional. Did not


get his reward but he is now. He has been hostile all day and getting his


reward now. Coming down the wicket trying to manufacture something, but


just manages to get a slice on the ball and gets caught at mid-on quite


comfortably by Rashid. That has gone a long way up and this


should be the end of the game and it is. That is the hammering. England


win and they are the first side through to the semifinals in this


year 's champions Trophy. They win by 87 runs, and absolute hammering


in modern one-day cricket. There are two from two and living up to the


tags of favourite for the tournament. Using an lost Luke


Ronchi in the first over but recovered of Martin Guptill and Kane


Williamson made slow but steady progress until the dismissals


Williamson for a fine 87 and Taylor for 39 turned the game in the favour


of England. The New Zealand batsmen clearly unhappy with the


unpredictability of the pitch but as required rate crept up they had no


answer and were bowled out for 223 in 44.3 overs falling 88 runs short


of their target. An impressive performance all round from the


England bowlers, plenty of pace from the seamers who all got some reward.


The used across same tactic very well, ably supported by Rashid in


conditions that offered him little assistance. England came victory but


87 runs and move into the semifinals with the group games still to play.


New Zealand, their challenge failed to get going really and once


Williamson and Taylor had gone the results looked inevitable. We put


yourself in a good position to go on and get 340 but we continued to lose


wickets. Today it did not work even though the guys did the right thing.


You're always in with a shout close to 300. England outplayed us today.


It was tough out there. Credit to the way they went about their


business especially with ball in hand. They did not give us a lot.


They deserve everything they get today. That is the game. It wakes


you up a little bit. It was a little bit up and down. I probably did not


watch the ball as hard as I should. All the batsmen came in and said it


was a little way. We used a lot of crossed theme and variations today.


The bowlers did outstandingly well. A maximum four points in those two


games puts England in pole position in group a and their last spot is


now guaranteed. To have any chance of progressing New Zealand must beat


Bangladesh in Cardiff on Friday and await the result of the England


match with Australia the following day.


it makes no difference whether you watch my show or not.


Highlights from the Champions Trophy group stage, where England and New Zealand are doing battle at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. It is a repeat of the fixture from the 2013 event, when England won a rain-affected match by ten runs to clinch a place in the semi-finals.

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