Pakistan v South Africa Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

Pakistan v South Africa

Highlights from the group match from the Champions Trophy group as Pakistan meet South Africa in a day-night match at Edgbaston.

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Hello, and welcome to Edgbaston, for South Africa against Pakistan in the


ICC Champions Trophy as the tournament's top-ranked sides takes


on the lowest. This is the second round of games in the group B and


while South Africa were beaten on Saturday, Pakistan are looking for a


much improved performance after being thrashed by their archrivals,


India, in their opening game. South Africa are second in the group B


table behind India on the run rate, South Africa are bottom with the


worst run rate in the group. Pakistan pace bowler Wahab Riaz


injured his ankle in the opening match against India, and has been


ruled out of the tournament since. Incomes Junaid Khan, the other


changes sees Ahmed Shehzad replaced by debutant is a man, who came into


heavy criticism after a woeful performance. More is expected of


them in this match. By contrast, South Africa and number one in the


world in the one-day game with world-class talent throughout their


11. No surprise that they are unchanged from the side that beat


Sri Lanka first time out. A win will see them guarantee a semifinal spot.


South Africa won the toss, and Captain AB de Villiers chose to bat


on the same pitch used in the two previous games at Edgbaston. The


weather may play a part in the trophy again with rain forecast in


the early evening. The wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock and former captain


Hashim Amla opened batting for South Africa. COMMENTATOR: Bathed in


sunshine, we start the game... Not the ideal start.


That is beautifully played! I wonder if it will make it way to the


boundary... A lot of brain, the outfield is pretty slow. Comfortably


back for a third. Quinton de Kock is away. He thrives on anything short


and wide. He wasn't that bad with his delivery, Mohammad Amir.


Opening the face, nudging it through off-side. Getting back for a second,


Quinton de Kock pushes by Thurber decides against it.


A big throw from the outfield. Long boundary, heading into the wind.


Could be an opportunity... If he hits, he is gone. Miss judged,


back by Quinton de Kock. Shoaib Malik that the order, Quinton de


Kock ended up giving up. Three stumps, add this to your poor


fielding package, got to hit here. Not far away, off balance, with more


time than he thought. He was wide. Got to hit the stumps. Clips nasty


for Hashim Amla. You mentioned the slowness of the outfield. Come to


for a second. Deciding against it, three runs from the over. Ten


without loss. LOUD APPEALS He stays, will they consider it?


On the angle, the left arm, the stuff that you've been talking about


nipping the ball back in, the lbws will be slightly hard. You are


right. Standing up a little bit, going down. But they are bowling


well here. Edged, wide of slip, that will be


the boundary. The first of the day for Quinton de Kock. Just searching,


just wanting to pounce on anything a fraction wide. He threw his hands at


it. No third slip. He goes for the change-up, a slow


delivery. Unfortunately it was way within length. Easily put away for


Quinton de Kock. Dragged in again. Six gone, 25 without loss. Their


raters, dragged down. Helped on his way, probably the worst delivery


that it has bowled, but nicely played. He gets into a beautiful


position. A prolific run scorer. -- probably the worst delivery Mohammad


Amir has bowled. Flicking it away, that takes some


stopping. Accelerating with such timing. Beautiful! He is looking


good. Once again, the last-minute fleck and he has got this great


ability to find the gap, and get it past the man at mid-wicket. It was


so well timed, it was always going to be a four.


Again, through the on-side, not far from the field. Might have been


worth a dive to cut it into one. Coming back for two. LOUD APPEALS


It is worth a shout, he has gone! The change has got the wicket. Look


at Pakistan, they know it is a big one. Clearly, he is a mood lifter.


They have got a big one. Hashim Amla walking back in front of the stumps.


An extra bit of pace, no spin on it. The ball came back ever so slightly


and hit it in front of the stumps. The umpire has no hesitation.


Stepping up nicely, but gone with 16. South Africa, one down for four.


Faf du Plessis, a good strike rate and a wealth of experience. 32 years


old. He is away! Nicely played, the timing is there as well. Could be a


powerful player, Quinton de Kock. A good effort at mid-off. He's got to


be in. You are not having a four. Should be able to stop the run, and


stop the rotation of strike. 54 South Africa. -- 50, four South


Africa. It is a shout! I wonder whether there is a review coming?


They will talk about it. Mohammad Hafeez is looking teen, what will he


do? Time is ticking, they are having a conversation... He is looking


keen. Sarfraz Ahmed had the best view of that. Dragged him out of it.


Sliding to leg stump and hitting it, they miss out! Let's have a look at


where the keeper was going... No, he did not go too far down the leg


side. If he really swept across to the leg stump... Into the air!


Varies the boundary. It takes a while. I wonder if that is the sign


that Quinton de Kock is going to get himself going? He got the thumbs up


from Mohammad Hafeez, it was a cracking shot. The value of losing


your -- abusing your feet so you can pitch the ball anywhere. Opening up


his front foot so he can get through mid-wicket.


LOUD APPEALS It is given! Going to the on-side...


We have seen two lbws against the spin. Losing his focus and patience


as well. Looking to play the sweep shot, in front of the stumps. It was


quicker from Hafeez. Not a big spinner of the ball, not a big turn


but on the day, it is working. They have got a big one. Quinton de Kock


threatened take the game away. Vintage South Africa, 60-2. AB de


Villiers, another prolific run scorer in all forms.


Gone! Looking to carve that way through the off-side. Imad Wasim has


done it, the spinners are doing a job here for Pakistan. A massive


wicket, and boy, did in this crowd enjoy it? The noise in the


stadium... The first ball with a bit of width. AB de Villiers lets his


hands go, sliding it straight to Mohammad Hafeez's backward point.


What a dismissal for Pakistan. Well, they are joyous out in the middle


and joy is in the crowd, as AB de Villiers goes, first ball. 61-3.


Scenes here at Edgbaston, if you are a Pakistan fan, they wanted a better


performance and they are getting it. David Miller, the batsmen with a


strike rate of that. Bringing the leading edge into play.


Lbw. The fans are obviously extremely happy. That is well


played... A fast outfield. It will be four. A brilliant effort from the


field, unable to get it to pull off. A welcome boundary for South Africa.


Nicely played, using whatever pace he has two scoop it in. The fifth


boundary of the day. Bowling inside edge, the change is


working again magnificently. Pakistan dishing up further damage,


denting South Africa's running in this innings. That suggested that


that would stay down. He played it well away from the front pad.


Getting it inside edge. Two balls to make an impact. 90-4 for Pakistan.


Faf du Plessis goes for 26. Six men in the circle. That will do very


nicely, it is a big six! And a great hit. Using his feet, launching that


one into orbit. A magnificent strike, that. Very powerful David


Mellor. Bringing up a 104 South Africa. Good use of the peace, --


bringing up a 100, for South Africa. There is the big shot, long-on! No,


it is over it! Risky, but it came off. He ends the spell with the six.


114-4. He decides to take matters into his own hands, a change of


field, and it goes on to the attack. Edged, taken! That is an excellent


catch. That is working perfectly for Pakistan. They managed to take a


beauty. Good bowling from Azhar Ali, he came around and over. On the


angle, playing in front of Square. A little bit of width, taking outside


edge. Another wicket falling for the South Africans. And pressure


continues. The crowd are into it. South Africa bind themselves with


118-5. JP Duminy goes for eight.


LOUD APPEALS Gone! Bowled him! Beautifully done


by Azhar Ali, he is on a roll! What a cracker of a delivery. An absolute


Jaffer, the perfect length. You often hear them talking about that,


but he's got the crowd fired up. Two in two. South Africa have been


rocked. A little tail away with the left-hander, he beats edge.


Clatters into the stump. Azhar Ali comedy beauty, that is what the


crowd are saying. -- Azhar Ali, you beauty! Jerome Taylor got the


quickest hat-trick ever in this form of cricket.


He is aware that they throw it at the stumps. A brilliant atmosphere


here at Edgbaston. The first maiden of the innings, it


is all Pakistan. 121-6. Crunched, absolutely crunched by Chris Morris.


A sweep at cover point... Getting around. Very good work. Excellent


work, indeed. For this young man. Bowled, nipping down... He is going


to review, he has got to review this. I think there is a possible


chance that this is missing leg stump. Its wings a lot. -- it swings


a lot. I would like to see the leg side...


No bat on ball. You can go out right? I can see clearly that the


ball is missing the bat. Stand-by, Richard, waiting for the ball


tracking... Richard, I recommend that you change


your decision. You are on the screen now. Well called. Missing leg, late


tale. Bowled, straight through but a no ball. Overstepped. Maurice


knocked over, a no ball called. Three hits. Is this the moment but


South Africa needed? He will be kicking himself. How far? A good no


ball. A big no ball. An excellent call. Do you know what


Chris Morris was trying to do there? That was interesting. Beautifully


bowled! It goes high into the air. Hasan takes the catch. Pakistan with


another breakthrough, breaking this partnership. Chris Morris goes.


Long-on deck. Seven and a bit, 7.3 overs left. Taking long-on. Exposing


the tail with seven overs to go. Catch on the long-on boundary. Chris


Morris goes for 28. 50 up for David Mellor. A valuable 50 for his team.


The slowest international 50 over half-century for him. Brilliant. He


hits his toe first. Has not hit the toe first... Khan thinks it has he


goes down to the keeper, he thinks that it hits his toe. Can you show


me the no ball first, please? It is a foul... Going to front on spin.


Looks like straight from the bat. I am happy with that. Straight from


the bat. You can stay with your initial decision. Yeah, OK. Junaid


Khan will leave it there. Bowling well, 43 overs gone.


Short, this could be the shackles broken... And it is. South Africa


have their first boundary since the 39th over. He deserves that


boundary, Kagiso Rabada. He plays nicely here. A very talented young


man, both with ball and bat. Once again, thinking of the second.


Comfortably back again to the highest over of the innings for


South Africa. 199-7. Eventually cutting loose, the perfect delivery,


what he's been looking for for a long period. The half volley. I


think it is Miller time. Just 11 deliveries left in the innings. Was


not that far out, just a inches short. Thick edge, the perfect


result for Kagiso Rabada. Going away for a boundary. Now he is


frustrated. But smiling. Edged away, playing good shots. Up into the air,


with all of this wind it is going to be a difficult one. Hasan takes it


superbly. Brilliant fielding. Kagiso Rabada did not get all of it. The


end wicket is down. Ali, who else? He has done brilliantly. That was a


difficult catch and he has got the crowd pumped up as well. Swirling


wind, he was always getting it away from him. Not only did I enjoyed the


catch but I enjoyed the celebration. Muted for the last five overs but


look at him take this catch. He says, come on, we are playing for


you! He has been brilliant, Azhar Ali. A talented young man.


The last delivery... And he gets the contact he is after. Eventually


picking up a boundary to enter the innings which takes South Africa to


219-8, with Dave Mellor unbeaten on 75 of 104 deliveries.


The South African innings soon came off the rails. They staged some form


of recovery after they had slumped to 118-6.


Rabada helped move them along for a final total of 219-8. It was a farce


the improved bowling performance from Pakistan. Hassan Ali also took


three for 24. The whole attack kept a stranglehold on the South African


batsmen throughout. This is the third match. I think it is a bit


slow. Nice wicket to wicket from you. The spinners bowled nicely.


That is what I do. I bowl wicket to wicket. I think, on this kind of


wicket, it suits me a lot. How impressed when you with the fielding


effort? It was a vast improvement from the other day. I don't know


what happened in the last game. We are a very good unit. Today we


showed we are a good unit. The crowd started to gather after the


interval. The former captain beginning Pakistan chase. Biggest


shock of the champions Trophy so far. Playing his first one-day


international. It is setup for a cracking contest.


He did not quite finished the over. He should pick up a couple. The


first, it will be two without loss. Not perfectly timed but it will be


good enough. The first boundary. He does not waste an opportunity to


punish it. A nice drive. Chase by de Villiers. That is not good. He wants


to chase it. As much as you want to stay up here, the importance of your


team correct you might be best not to be there. The right leg was


dragging. The arm wanted to go over. The hamstring was pulling. Trying to


continue. A lovely shot. Nicely played. Showing it early. Again, the


width. Wow! That is even better. Parnell,


good wit. -- width. Push for two. Bowls in. Oh, no. The


cop with a great throw. He survived. -- Quinton de Kock. 23 without loss.


How far is that? A couple of bounces over the boundary.


He'd just let his hands fly. Get it up almost the top of the balance.


Just be two bounces into the fence. Oh, and again. They are loving it.


The new hero of Pakistan. He has been so good on that so far


this innings. Pakistan with the chance to qualify.


The Sri Lanka game takes on massive significance. Morkel, another good


short one. Is it limited him? He is just laughing it off. I do not know


about laughing it off, he is teeing it off. I reckon it will be a shot a


ball. Aged. I think it has been taken. It has. Staying leg side of


the ball. The change to morkle has been a good one. The offcuts are


working really well. Shying away from the line of that one and


looking to create a bit of width and room. Time to carry through to the


slips. 30 14 Zaman. That is a poor shot. It


is taken. What have you done? Catching practice at Edgbaston. He


was not 100% against Morkel. He was struggling with the bounce. Got it


right out of the middle of the bat. That unnecessary tumble. Gone two


wickets and one down. 41-2. The new batsmen brings youth at one end and


spear events at the other. The batsmen is not really going


after it. He has men on the leg side.


He just gets in on it. Two there. The little bit of something, trying


to force a strike and find the boundary. Away it goes. He has just


gained himself a little bit of room. That was high energy. Plenty of


energy. His fielding has come on leaps and bounds since he started


playing for South Africa. His commitment has never been doubted.


Scoops it back and gets himself up. A little bit of drizzle but I'm not


going to think about the rain. We seem to much of it so far. Boundary.


Finally. Maurice going for the short pitched


delivery. Well played here by Hafeez. Babar scoops it. Tries to


get over the top of it. The placement was good. That is the key.


A big shout. No. Now the clock things it is inside edge. They are


going to have a look. He decides to go upstairs. Can you show me the


replay? You can go to the front now. Can you


show me the leg side Hot Spot, please? Can you show me the front?


It looks like pad first. Can you rock and roll? For me it is pad


first. I am happy with that. Impact in line.


Four runs from the over. 76-2. That concludes the 20th over. Despite


what happens with the weather we are running on. If it is rain affected.


That's a big shot. A beautifully crafted six. Down the ground. He has


broken the shackles. The first attacking shot from Hafeez.


That is a lovely shot. Beautifully timed. Great execution of the touch


shot. The 50 partnership of Pakistan. The


whole night he has offered the freedom of the Pakistan batsmen.


Catch is that call and it is taken. Running in. Morkel has worked


wonderfully for South Africa. Trying to hang in there but he was caught


with a good catch. Morkel breaks through. Forget again. Not easy to


site the ball in the background. It is dark and murky. This really is a


pressure catch. Pakistan 93-3. He has loads of experience and he will


be tested by Morkel. Impressively trying to tackle the ball in the


field. This was special. Morkel looking for support. It is


given as a four. He was trying to collect the ball. Just to feet got


tangled. It is slippery in the outfield. That has gone into


defence. A good attacking shot. He is playing a very fine hand. South


Africa should think differently. He has taken advantage of anything


loose. A slow but steady partnership. He has been


outstanding. That one has been flayed away. For the most part,


Morkel has told Babar to look out. If he gets into here he might bring


his country home. There is a predictability about the length from


Morkel. Just staying where he was inside the line of the ball. This


was more firm. Nice and over the infield. He followed the bat.


That was a lovely drive. It will hit the fence. That was beautifully


timed. Now maintaining good balance. It was


always going to be a four. Trying to get it past the outstretched hands.


How are they rating this? Pakistan are. They are 19 ahead at this


stage. If there is no more play, bay windows. Right, we have a pause


because of rain. -- they win this. Pakistan richly deserve the position


because they were outstanding with the ball. There were a few hiccups


when they went out to bat. Babar is still out there run 31 and Malik has


supported his wealth. -- him well. The bowling figures are now


expensive. Morkel the outstanding man. To hear was solid and Morris


was solid stop wickets need to be the order of the day. Welcome back


to Edgbaston, where their covers are down. They are still down and they


have hunkered down for the night. The match has been abandoned. The


rain has persisted. It got to the point where the umpires had no


choice. Not much to inspect other than covers and rain falling.


Pakistan's steady progress hit the wobble. But Babar and Babar kept


their heads. When the rain eventually came and no further play


was possible, they were hard enough ahead of the rate to secure victory.


South Africa cannot blame this defeat on their bowlers. Morkel took


an astonishing three 418 from seven overs. It was a hopeless task after


not scoring enough runs. A much improved Pakistan registers the


biggest shock of the trophy so far, beating South Africa by 19 runs to


the delight of the hordes of supporters who braved the cold here


at Edgbaston. It is very important for us. In all departments we were


very good today. On the betting side of things quite what to put that


down to? There was good pressure. We lost our wickets which was not a


great response. It put us on the back foot. I thought we recovered


really well with David. Some really good partnerships around. We got


into a really good position. After that, it does not matter. We came


out with a good attitude on the field. A tough one. The way you


started you knew it would not be easy but you are looking to hold


wickets for the latter stages of the game. Is that how you felt? You


never know when the rain will come. There was talk of the rain coming.


You're not sure when it will happen. You don't want to push too hard. I


would have attacked a lot more in certain areas. That is part of the


game. We'll outplayed by the better team. How impressed me with your


spinners? They bowled really well in the right areas. What about the


fielding? They should be very happy today. I still top Group B with


three teams level on two each. Pakistan will now fancy their


chances of reaching the semifinals. Group B suddenly has a little more


spice. From a very damp Edgbaston, goodbye.


England's file group match is against Australia at Edgbaston on


Saturday. Australia need to win than to have any chance of reaching the


semifinals. I've commentary on five live sports extra. The highlights on


BBC at 10:30pm. The second round of games concludes tomorrow with India


against Sri Lanka at the Oval. You can follow every delivery by the


Test match special ball by ball commentary on five live sports extra


and watch the best of the action with in play highlights on the BBC


Sport website.


Highlights from the group match from the Champions Trophy group as Pakistan meet South Africa in a day-night match at Edgbaston.

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