India v Sri Lanka Cricket: Champions Trophy Highlights

India v Sri Lanka

Highlights from the Champions Trophy group match at the Oval between holders India and Sri Lanka.

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The trophy shared between India and Sri Lanka. The trophy belongs to the


Australian team. 2013... India! Hello and welcome to the Oval, where


the favourite India are taking on Sri Lanka in 2017 ICC champions


Trophy. It is the 150th one-day international between these two


teams. In the opening round of games, India thrashed Pakistan in a


rain affected match at Edgbaston while Sri Lanka's lack of batting


depth was exposed as they lost to the number one ranked side South


Africa. India remain top of group Bravo after Pakistan stun South


Africa in a rain hit day night match yesterday. Sri Lanka will have to


conjure up a surprise when to have do have any hope of staying in the


competition while an Indian win will see them all but through to the


semifinals with their help the net run rate. The Indian team is


predictably unchanged since the Pakistan game. Their tried and


trusted tactics will centre around the brilliance of MS Dhoni and Virat


Kohli with the bat. Behind the scenes, there are accusations of


unrest between Anil Cumbrae and Virat Kohli, but they don't seem to


be affecting the team on the field. Sri Lanka have Angelo Mathews back


as captain after the stand-in skipper was suspended for two games


for a slow over rate, taking nearly four hours to complete their over


rate. The nothing Lacko comes in to the squad, he will open the batting.


Angelo Mathews won the toss and Sri Lanka opted to bowl. Cloudy skies


over the Oval but unlike the last few days, the forecast indicated a


full game should be possible. Campazzo Richard Kettleborough from


England and Australian Rod Tucker. Rohit Sharma and Dhawan opening the


batting for India. Here comes Malinga. A very slinky round arm


action which has given Rohit Sharma a bit of width and the first ball


goes to the cover boundary. Don't bowl there to Dhawan. Short


and wide actual peril. -- at your peril. Typical left-hander's shot,


on the back foot, as you see, hangs back. Races away to the short side


of the ground. Four men in that ring, four man is


not enough. A boundary to complete the fifth over.


He just had to put that to ball and it races away.


Just like that, really. Very good. Once again, through the gaps. That's


how confident he is, using his feed, you don't normally see that so early


on in the innings but Dhawan does that.


Top edge. Huge cheers. Wasn't about delivery at all, it was quite a good


short ball, well directed -- wasn't a bad. He followed it up with the


short delivery. This time, short, top edge.


Would he have been gone, Rohit Sharma? It is good fielding, good


turn and throw from Pradeep. He would have been gone.


Picked up just short of a length and this is where he has great strength,


we have seen him do it time and time again, picking up length very


quickly and putting it away over square leg. Very good shot. They


love it, look at them celebrating. This is the biggest side of the


ground and he is hitting into the wind. Unfortunately for Sri Lanka,


the man deep on the leg side is at fine leg.


Short and wide again. The last ball is so important, to get out of your


over well. For Rohit Sharma, that was a beautiful shot, bread and


butter. Not the ideal start for Gunathilaka.


Straight down the leg side. Helped on its way. Looking for a change of


pace, while Sri Lanka, trying to see if there is any purchase on the


surface. Chris did it well down the leg side and beautifully put away by


Dhawan -- drifted down. That could be close. He has had


issues, Dhawan, two spinners bowling around the wicket and not turning


the ball, actually, getting the ball back in. I think that one is


comfortably sliding down the leg side in the end. The Sri Lanka and


is thought they had their breakthrough.


It has gone very fine. Malinga the field with the slide. Decent effort


from Malinga. When he is to play for the Mumbai Indians, we didn't want


him to do too much diving in injured himself, but that was valiant


effort. Beautifully played. No one there at short 45. Rohit Sharma was


aware of where the gap was and he pedalled it nice and fine.


Big showed for leg before. It is a good delivery. -- big shout. Maybe a


bit too high. Second over. That was a good


delivery once again. A little bit of movement.


It is going to find a fielder... No, just tips it over. And look at the


delight on Rohit Sharma's face and it brings up the 50 as well, brings


up the 100 as well, with a dash of luck. It was a dash of luck but he


has played nicely, Rohit Sharma. I wonder whether if the fielder had


taken hold of this whether he still would have ended up over the


boundary. He probably would have tried to pop it back into play,


prevent the six. Just 72 metres, it is the shortest boundary on display


today. This one has just landed on those


cushions and that is another six. They have been barely two metres


high all the way through. Played with a lot more conviction by Rohit


Sharma this time around. The placement was superb, there are two


men back so he had to hit it between them. Heated flat and as we


mentioned, that is the short boundary. Lanzoni advertising


cushion. This is now becoming an expensive over for Parreira.


Be strike rate has been over 100 when they have bowled it short,


clearly a clue there for the Sri Lankans. As for Rohit Sharma, second


50 of the tournament. It is so easy on the eye, it almost looks


effortless at times for Rohit Sharma. Wonderful timing on the


ball. And that is beautifully played, use


of the feed, opens up the leg side and the placement is supreme once


again. He is a good player of spin, always has been. Got two 100s in his


first innings against the West Indies. This time up in the air,


through the covers and once again, in answer to Ian Bishop's question,


India plays classic Malinga very well. Not much swing, not much pace


and stand and deliver for Rohit Sharma. The man at short cover, I


don't know if it is Chandimal, he thought for a while he was in


business. So too did mid-off. Through the off-side, stand and


deliver, hit through the line. No pace, brings up the 50 of Dhawan. He


is not someone who goes on the front foot to other bowlers but he has hit


Malinga very well today. It will fly away to the boundary,


all the way for six, it looks like. For Rohit Sharma. It is a third of


his innings. Fine leg this time, revenge for


Malinga after being top edged 46. He gets his revenge on Rohit Sharma.


You are just telling me he doesn't get much out of the hook shot and


the next delivery, he just picks the man at deep fine leg. Good bounce,


good direction, just helps it along to the deep fine leg fielder. A


much-needed breakthrough. India lose their first wicket, a very good


innings from Rohit Sharma. Once again, he misses the 100. Oh, got


him. Lovely from Pradeep and that is the perennial weakness of Virat


Kohli. That is exactly what I said a couple of deliveries ago. That is a


good line to Virat Kohli but you've got to be persistent and that's


exactly what Pradeep did. A big wicket for Sri Lanka. India were


taking the game away from them and an outside edge from the captain, an


easy catch to the keeper and Sri Lanka find a way back in this game,


a crucial game. India loses Virat Kohli, loses its second -- their


second wicket. Short, no pace, all the time in the


world to hit in front of square. Glorious. Dhawan is climbing into


Malinga. This time pitched up and through the cover boundary. Power,


Grace, it's exactly what you get in the morning of a cricket match.


This time through the on-side, it will go all the way to the fence.


Another boundary for Dhawan, another boundary in this over. The strength


of this Indian side, short, not getting it high enough, just helping


it. A good partnership building up, 17 of just 12 deliveries. That's why


this batting line-up is so good. Through the off-side. No chance for


the mid-off fielder. He is picking boundaries at will, Dhawan. He has


hit three boundaries in his last three deliveries. On the up, big


stride forward. Just lets the hansk go through. Typical left-hander's


shot. Oh, bowled him. Very full ball,


Yuvraj looking to chop it away behind square and all he has managed


to do is chop it onto his stumps. Two spinners now, thinking would he


be allowed to settle in but the bowling change has worked. Floated


nicely. And that has been Karunaratne's strength, confusing


the batsmen. -- Asela Gunaratne's strength. Sri Lanka liked it.


Everybody but Mathews, who was scampering away after the ball, a


big appeal. So Mathews will have to rely on the wicketkeeper and bowler


and he has reviewed. Front foot is fine, can I check back


foot as well, please? Who will go on Hot Spot, leg side for me, please.


Doesn't seem as though there is any bat. Can I confirm with ultra-edge?


Keep rolling it forward. Clearly know that. When ball tracking is


ready, please. Richard, the ball is pitching outside leg stump, you can


stay with your original decision, I will tell you when you are up on


screen. Well done. Huge cheers from the Indian fans who, the moment that


ball pitched outside leg stump, they know their cricket.


That is an unbelievable shot. Short, wide, not an ideal ball, cut


powerfully and you see the strength of the man, muscling it over third


man for six. Yes, the strength of the wrists. We have seen it before


from MS Dhoni, when he is able to hit those yorker is over the rope,


but this was short. He really gets his wrists into it and carbs it away


over third man. That's gone through. Just what he


wanted. 200 comes up for India. It is also


the end of the over. He's found the gap. Easy ball for


Dhawan to get four. Good shot. One bounce, into the


stands. Free flowing back from MS Dhoni,


never uncomfortable with the short stuff.


Well played. That has got to be a boundary. That is four runs and also


the 104 Chicago one. His tenth one-day international hundred, his


third in the international trophy. 101 not out four Chicago are one,


with a strike rate of 90. -- for Dhawan. He was waiting for it,


looking for the gap on the right point fielder and a very nicely put


into the gap, nice 100 and look at the reactions. This time through the


off-side, hits it hard. A chase for the long-off fielder, he doesn't get


there. I thought that fielder at long-off would be a lot straighter.


Does, and his scoops that for six. What a shot. Beard the shortfall all


the full ball, he knew what he wanted to do, he walked across,


picked the length and over the fine leg fielder. India on the rampage.


Walks across, helps the length. 100 runs from here is possible.


No chance for that fielder at mid-wicket.


Another good shot. That has gone screaming to the left of the


fielder. MS Dhoni dealing in boundaries. Right in the slot, the


square drive, you don't see him playing that shot very often. Well,


it was a full toss. I don't think anyone will get there. He does, but


maybe got a bit too close to the ball. Should have been taken at this


level. Slower delivery, the sweep from Shikhar Dhawan, the top edge.


He gets there but gets too far. You will not find a cricket ball hit


much harder than that, nor a couple of moments ago when he played one


behind point. A lot of pitches go square here on the Oval but that was


like a missile. Two field is back on the boundary, they tried valiantly


to cut it off. You can see, right up the meat of the bat, good ground


speed and a lot to think about for the Sri Lanka captain.


Down to long-on, and safely taken. Mendis. Dhawan dragging it wide from


of stump. Two men were up on the off-side, so Sri Lanka not offering


wit. Dhawan went on to the on-side. A fantastic innings of 125 and just


listen to this applause. Hit well enough into the crowd,


short boundary. As much as the last delivery was a good variation...


That is a big side, and that is why it is so difficult to clear that


boundary and that is why bowlers will want them hitting there.


Chopped it out to Perera, just opens the bat face. It is a long way, it


is into the wind, it was never going to have the contact to take it all


the distance. India lose their fifth.


That's 54 MS Dhoni. -- that is 50 across place for MS Dhoni. His 17th


against Sri Lanka. No, he's not? Oh, goodness. Some


muscle, some power, to end the over. Brings up the 300 for India. Well


judged by it MS Dhoni, didn't hit it too hard, just enough place to get


it away. Wrong line, last ball of the over,


again, wrong line. Airborne but not hit well enough.


Caught in the deep. So an important wicket here to try and stem the tide


for Sri Lanka, that wide delivery from Perera works a trick. He


shimmied across, still trying to get into the leg side. It was too wide,


went through with the shot and an easy catch for Chandimal. So a


wonderful innings of 63 for MS Dhoni comes to an end.


Jadhav on strike. That is beautifully done. It is a strong


off-side field, 6-3, no one behind square on the leg side so any


contact he can manage to get will take it away to the boundary. That


was better than just any contact, that was right off the middle.


Does well again. He is predicting the line and working himself across


the stumps. Finds a gap. He has timed it to


perfection but the boundary off the last ball of the innings -- hasn't


timed it. 103 runs off the last ten overs and a fantastic effort by


India. Well, India's usual plan of setting


targets throughout their innings paid off as controlled batting from


openers Rohit Sharma and Dhawan built a platform for a large total.


Dhawan's 125 was an outstanding balance knock and with 78, Sharma


looked to be getting back to his best. One blip was a duck for


Captain Virat Kohli but MS Dhoni then scored a remarkable 62nd


international half-century to help them to 321-6 in their 50 overs. The


Sri Lankans fast bowlers never looked threatening and failed to


turn the screw at opportunities, like the early dismissal of Virat


Kohli, although Malinga used his experience in the latter overs.


Their road McDermid over rate could again prove a problem, the captain


suspended after the last game and again, they were over time.


Another score of over 300, the batting looks in very good shape.


Yes, confident unit when it comes to batting. Again, a great foundation


lead by the openers, very happy to do the job and finished off really


well by MS Dhoni. A solid foundation in good nick, yourself, a long-time


outcome injury and a bit of cricket in the IPL, you must be delighted


with the start were made in tournament. I was itching to get


back to the field and now that I am back on the field, very happy to be


here and contributing. It is very important, we all know the


importance of this tournament. We took it from where we left in the


last game. The whole batting unit looked very confident in their


approach and, yes, the job is half done and I'm pretty confident the


bowlers will do the rest of the job. So a target of 322 from their 50


overs for Sri Lanka to win this game and stay in the tournament. Without


the batting strength in depth of their opponent, it looks like a


sizeable task ahead. Dickwella and Gunathilaka begin the Sri Lanka run


chase. Top edge, and should be gone. And is


gone. So Dickwella, whether he moves around the crease or not, he won't


be moving around the too much longer. India have their first


wicket. Yes, a big wicket here for India. Dickwella is the danger man,


he can get Sri Lanka off to a fast start. They have set the field, gone


slightly more defensive. Kumar was superb with his line and length,


didn't give anything away for free, the pressure was built and he chops


it in the air. India have the breakthrough, they have the runs on


the board and now they have the initial breakthrough.


Line and length the same. Strong shot. Really strong shot and the


first boundary for Gunathilaka and Sri Lanka are 15-1.


Very pleasant. He is a nice, upright player, tall and elegant in his


stroke play, Gunathilaka. Can't get better than this. If any


young player is watching, that is the best place to hit.


Almost took out Mendis at the other end. Well run away. Uncontrolled


from Mendis, but it brings up 54 Sri Lanka.


Got enough room. Flayed the back at it. A boundary for Mendis. The


moment you bowl a bouncer. That is a drop hit very hard and straight.


Unfortunately, his reflexes were not quick enough to catch up with that.


It would have been a disastrous wicket for Sri Lanka. That is why


they want to use the short ball, because the next ball is right up.


That's a fantastic shot. Pitched up, met with absolute brute force, it


straight back down. Very good shot. Nothing wrong with the ball,


everything right about the shot. And its 50 up for the left-hander, a


very stylish player. What a way to bring up your half-century. Front


foot, down the track, a short ball, and it just shows you what you can


do. Chipped shot. The fielder in the


deep has missed that completely. That's a great shot. Back quickly,


pulled with authority, sending a clear message to the Indian bowlers.


Beautifully played. No one at the deep mid-wicket. You have to have


five men in the circle. The vacant area is deep mid-wicket, and Mendis


is cashing in. With his high percentage of balls and lbws Mendis


has played this well. Missed the game against Bangladesh.


Again, the vacant mid-wicket area is peppered by Mendis. Use of the feet.


60 from 55 deliveries, a wonderful innings. Reverse sweep, and he gets


it away. All of a sudden, Jadeja, who bowled superbly against


Pakistan, finds itself under pressure. They are in such a


wonderful position here, the Sri Lankans, that is. Sensible cricket.


Beautifully put away. A bit of wit this time. Calves it behind the


square. A wonderful over from Sri Lanka. That is hit up in the air.


Oh, just popped out. I think he grabbed hold of it but as the elbows


hit the ground it popped out. A valiant effort by Rohit Sharma.


Really good effort. You would have thought maybe they would take a


backward step thinking they did not want to lose the wicket but the next


delivery, Mendis over the top. They have bought themselves 4.2 overs of


extra credit here, Sri Lanka. In control at the moment.


Top edge, over the wicketkeeper, and it will fall safely. One bounce,


another boundary. That one is much better contact, a


much better shot. An expensive over for India. 15 from it. Can he be The


Man With The Golden Gun hand? He dragged the first one down and


that was put away easily. Mendis has looked impressive for his 73. Yes, a


young man who has graduated from the School of 2014 and the ICC under 19


World Cup. Rabada also graduated from that year.


Thinking about two again. He decides to come, and this could be close.


There is the opportunity, and I think it has been created and taken.


The Sri Lankans will be very nervous.


Brad Kohli bought himself on to try and get a breakthrough but he did


not think it would be through a run out. -- Kohli.


That was a very average delivery. Mendis, sitting on 74, is not going


to miss out on that. Got him. Brilliant from Kumar.


Mendis is struggling here. He is flat out on the turf. It was an all


most suicidal run. No pace off the bat, well within reach of the


bowler. One run out already in the innings, and he was well short. This


is exactly what India wanted and Sri Lanka did not need. Not the smartest


bit of cricket. It might not have been the best run but it was a


brilliant piece of fielding from Kumar, following through, picking


up, getting the throw away quickly and knocking down the stumps. And


sometimes those moments of magic can change the game.


Sri Lanka need 116 from the final 15 overs. Two relatively new men at the


crease. What a shot that was. Beautiful shot. Jadeja going around


the wicket to try and cram him up. Not giving too much room outside


off-stump. Nice shot. Just a little flick off


the hip. That has gone over the top. One


bounce, over the ropes, it is going to be four. They are charging the


bowler again. 11 runs from that last over.


Good shot. Good shot. This time he goes off the front foot and manages


to get it over mid-wicket for a boundary.


That is his hitting zone. He loves to go in that direction, picking up


length balls in that fashion. That is going to be four. Slightly


off line. The fine leg was inside the circle. Another wrist shot for


four. Brings up the 50 partnership between these two. At any stage,


when you have a left-hander and right-hander at the crease, you need


to adjust your lines as a bowler. He did not do so. Slow ball. The


captain was on the boundary. He was deceived. Chipped it up in the air.


He was way back on the boundary and could not get in in time.


He let that through. He is kicking the ground. The captain is livid.


Well above the rate required. Right in the slot for him. Well


done, Matthews. This is when the pressure builds up.


Ideally, you want a boundary as early in the over as possible to


take the pressure off. Terrific cricket. Outstanding from Sri Lanka,


from one of their class players. They changed the field, pushed


long-off back, brought up fine leg and square leg, and he just waddles


across, gets underneath it, fix it over. I think this is sensible.


Perera has gone. He can't run. He has gone in the hamstring, he has


torn his hamstring. The worst thing to happen now would be for him to


either run out Angelo Mathews, or because he can't move, put extra


pressure on Angelo Mathews, and Angelo Mathews to get out. This is


sensible. He can always come back later. Pulled away, and pulled away


for six. A sketchy start from Gunnar Rattner, -- Gunaratne.


It should be four. A short boundary. There is a man very square on the


single so fine leg is quite fine. It just races away once it gets


there. Just a knuckleball, slower ball. He picked it very well. Still


one delivery to go. Slashed away behind square. Another


terrific over for Sri Lanka. 11 runs from it, a couple of crunching


boundaries square of the wicket. That is an unbelievable shot.


Unbelievable shot. Down on one knee. One of the best bowlers at the death


in the world, and he swept him for six. Probably the best shot of the


game, at the right moment. It has just stunned the Indian fielders.


Sweep. I can tell you, that has gone a long, long way. It has gone high


and it has gone the distance. Very good shot. Away to the point


boundary. The bowlers have been bowling slower balls and into the


surface, trying to get the batsmen to hit into the wind to the longer


boundary. That is a fantastic way to go to 50 and take your side to the


brink of a remarkable victory. The composure of the man is shown in


that shot. Held the Czech Drive, pumped it down the ground, barely


acknowledged the 50 because he knows the game is still to be one, but his


side are now on the brink. Very good cricket shot. Breaks the 50


partnership as well. 50 from 33. He has played a captain's knock. And


that will do it. A famous victory for Sri Lanka at a famous old


cricket ground, which keeps them in the tournament. Angelo Mathews


raises his bat in triumph, finishing unbeaten on 52. Huge smiles from the


Sri Lankans in the dressing room. They have beaten India fair and


square. India played well with the bat but we'll be asking themselves


questions of their performance in the field and with the ball, because


Sri Lanka have won the run chase comfortably. Playing for each other,


believing in themselves. They talked about being a young team and they


played like one. Here we have Angelo Mathews, the winning single,


pointing to his stressing room, showing his name on the back of his


sweater. Cometh the hour,, the man. And Angelo Mathews has always been a


man for a crisis. Leading Sri Lanka again to a famous victory.


Losing Dickwella was an early blip in the batting but a superb 159


partnership turned the prospect of victory into a very real one. After


those two were run out, Perera and Gunaratne continued in a similar


vein and brought Sri Lanka home for a surprising but deserved win. The


Indian bowlers offered little the way of threat. Virat Kohli even


turned over his arm in an attempt to conjure a wicket and they managed a


couple of runouts but there was not enough cutting-edge on a good


batting wicket with a fast outfield for them to defend their total. The


second shock result in as many days in the champion strophe, as a


superbly judged batting display saw Sri Lanka secure a win of India with


seven wickets and eight balls to spare. Where does this rank for you?


It is one of the top wins. To be in India, a fantastic wicket. The


bowlers started off well and to restrict the strong batting line up


to 321 was good. 300 plus is reachable on these wickets. Did you


feel you left some runs out there in your batting effort? I don't think


so. We felt we had enough on the board halfway and we trusted our


bowlers, but they were pretty good on the day. To chase down that


total, to get the momentum going through the innings, credit to their


batsmen, the way they apply themselves. They picked their areas


and execute the shots well. I think we bowled decently, but they were


batting really well. Setting yourself up for the next game of the


tournament. What does this mean? It is a must win game for all of us now


in the group. We came into the game and not many people expected us to


win. That took a lot of pressure off. We went out and expressed


ourselves. That was the plan and that will be the plan for the next


game, too. It is all to play for in group B with all four teams on two


points. India topped the group by a narrow margin. Sri Lanka are third.


In the final round of matches, it is India against South Africa on Sunday


and Sri Lanka face Pakistan in Cardiff on Monday. All four teams


can still make the semifinals. The focus moves to group a tomorrow but


after a dramatic day at the Oval, goodbye.


For the first time, the Science Museum is opening its doors


so you can vote for Britain's greatest invention.


MUSIC: Da Funk, by Daft Punk


Highlights from the Champions Trophy group match at the Oval between holders India and Sri Lanka.

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