RideLondon Classique Cycling

RideLondon Classique

Live coverage of the RideLondon Classique, a newly accredited UCI women's WorldTour race. Commentary by Simon Brotherton and analysis from Chris Boardman and Rochelle Gilmore.

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The Mall in central London has played host to some spectacular


events this summer. This weekend, Buckingham Palace is at the heart of


what's billed as the world's greatest festival of cycling.


Tonight, the main feature is the RaboLiv an elite women's circuit


race with a route that takes in some of the capital's most iconic sites.


The race in its fourth year is a UCI World Tour event. The prize pot of


100,000 euros is the biggest offered for the women's one day race.


Alongside me is Rochelle Gilmore former Commonwealth Champion and


manager of a successful team. A lovely day. I was out there on the


Cycle it has free Been fantastic. It's a 's a WorldTour event. What


does that mean for the riders? More pressure and global interest as


well. The main thing that impacts the riders is points are on offer


for their world rankings. That is important to the value of the rider


and team. The WorldTour status adds a lot to this event. Many familiar


faces are preparing for Rio. There are big names this race from the


British point of view? Absolutely. There are a lot of athletes,


international athletes, who are going to Rio tomorrow Ormond. The


British athletes with we have Hannah Barnes. She will be one to watch.


Sarah storey is using this as preparation. Danny King is on the


road with something to prove -- Dani? She had a tough couple of


months not making the selection for the radio in Rio. That was a big


ambition for her. This race means a lot to her. She wants to do and she


will give it her best tonight. She has been a great are are of the


track. Another international star of the track in the Velodrome come Rio


is a Kirsten? She won in Yorkshire and she loves this race. She is


training for Rio. This course is really going to suit her. She will


be extremely difficult to beat if it comes down to a bunch sprint. Who is


your money on? It will be Chloe Hosking, who is on


fine form. We will leave it there. The race is underway. On the start


line our reporter Tim caught up with one or two of the British riders.


Welcome to The Mall. You must be excited to be racing in London?


Epic. Her Majesty's house is at the end. It brings gooses bumps back


from four years ago. How does it prepare you for Rio? It's a flat


race. Rio will be hilly. The speed will be immense. My last big race on


the road iechl' excited to give it a good crack. Est about of luck out


there. Let's go. Let us see if we can grab Dan. How are you feeling?


Are you excited? Really excited. Amazing to race here in London. It


will be a fast, furious race. I can't wait. Best of luck out there.


Thank you. Enjoy it. Thank you. We have a quick word here, if we can,


Hannah, can we dive in. You must be pretty proud to be rocking the


British jersey? It's great. To be wearing the jersey here is really


special. Look where we are. To do a show for everyone who is here to


support us. Plans for the race? I can't tell. It will be a brunch


sprint. It is windy. It will come down to a sprint, like it normally


does. Best of They are out luck. There. We will get to the action


now. Rochelle is in the commentary box to join Simon Brotherton who can


talk us through the new and extended course for 2016. The Classique


starts and finishes here on The Mall. The riders head towards


Buckingham Palace at the start of the 12 lapse before bearing right


and heading up Constitution Hill. The peloton turns before reaching


Hide Park Korn corner they race down the op side of the road with the


Palace on their right hand side. Then Birdcage Walk, a long, flat


wide expanse of road as they head towards Big Ben and Parliament


Square. Then left onto Whitehall, past the Cenotaph, Downing Street


and Horse Guards Parade and main of central London's iconic sites. Right


at Trafalgar Square on to the Strand, a U-turn before Aldwych.


There starts the run into the finish via St Martin in the Fields,


Trafalgar Square through Admiralty Arch, 500 meters to go to the


finishing line right here on The Mall. There is every chance it will


be a sprint as well. Lovely evening for a bike race. The weather


improving all the time. Here are some of the riders to look out for:


among them is Hannah BP arnes. Kirsten Wild. Chloe Hosking won last


week. Lotta Lepisto was second in Paris a week ago. Some of the names


to look out for from today's field. Let us join live particular tours.


Allen made a break on the front from Orica. We are on the finishing line


here. Rochelle Gilmore is with me. Someone has made a break away. There


is a gap here. The unrelenting pace has made it impossible so far? A


great bike ride by Allen. Orica have fast riders, not sprinters. Not as


fast as some of the top sprinters. Allen has been in Europe a couple of


weeks joining Orica mid season. She comes from the domestic team in


Australia and has got a professional contract with Orica and is making


her mark at this race. The Dutch rider let the strungout peloton


across the line. The nature of this course make it is very difficult for


a rider to get away and to stay away. One of the tactics we are


seeing today, Rochelle, which we see in women's racing, riders accelerate


and try to draw the sting from the others to force them to chase, to


keep the pace high? I have to say this race has been on from the


start. There have been teams who wanted to attack. One that stands


out to me wanting to make a graebg break away. This is the richest ever


one-day women's Michael race, 100,000 euros in total the prize


fund. Parity with the men. A major break. It's a landmark day for


women's cycling, isn't it? Athletes are appreciative of this race, to


have that prize money, they want to race. Allen is trying to hold them


off. You can see how hard the riders are,ing behind to p it off. It's


fast race. It's difficult for the break aways to stay away. The


RaboLiv is the squad of Voss, not racing today, her team-mates are.


High class across the board squad they are. Lucinda Brand took the


first. Three sprints along the way. 1,000 euros for the first rider over


the line, 500 for second, 300 to third. Lucinda Brand was first on


sprint number one. She was third on sprint number two as well. It does


seem as if the RaboLiv are quite keen on taking as many of the creams


they can. Aalong the way? They are aggressive and want to race hard and


create the race rather than sit back and wait for it happen. They have


been active in the first race. There is a rider there from Wiggle High5.


The peloton is getting tired. It's not a planned out chase at the


moment. One rider here and there from different teams, getting to the


front and having a bit of a go. We are watching a wearing down process


here. You see now rider of Hitec Products. The standout favourite for


the day. Her team are anxious. They want to close it down. A big threat


from Pieters. Up to the front of the peloton when they came down The Mall


a few minutes ago. That is Ingrid Drexel. She was involved in a break


earlier on in the race. It didn't manage to gain any real traction.


Certainly, Pieters strong at this stage. There is confirmation of the


three riders at the head of the race. This is a sprint lap year.


Allen letting Pieters slip in on the second wheel. She wants a rest. That


is common courtesy. If a rider is out there and you catch them you let


them miss a turn. I'm sure Allen will want to punch through for a few


turns am she is a gutsy rider. Young and raw to the sport in Europe. She


will have a go. She's not scared of failure. She will get out there and


lay it all on the If they work line. Together will she be glad of the


company? She will be pleased the riders came across. That is more of


a chance to stay away. A small chance. Kirsten Wild has called a


few of her riders to the front to bring this gap closer. They may not


want to bring it back immediately. They will want to keep it in reach.


Tens of thousands of people have been out riding on closed roads in


the centre of London today, including yourself this morning on


the Freeride? That is right. That was me. I have done it for a couple


of years. It's something I look forward to this morning. Seeing the


children loving being on closed roads much they love being


surrounded by people. Telling people to move out of the way, I'm coming


through. Move over, mum, #3406 over dad. Great experience for me. I love


being amongst all the people doing the Freecycle. 60,000 people.


Something like that on the streets of London today. Finally, they


closed the roads off inn even to those cyclist an hour before this


race. The Women's World Tour much Nelson's Collum out of your so the


on the left hand side. Past Charing Cross station any moment there. On


the right. The thr riders have a small lead. They are hanging on to


it at the moment. Small being the operative word. Coming back quickly


much they were three strong riders having a go. It proves how difficult


it is on this course to stay away. The peloton is packed through of


sprinters. Most of the teams have an interest in closing down all of


these breaks. Certainly, if that's the case, they is have managed to do


so well in this race. There has been a great intensity about the racing


here. Little in terms of Yeoing back in forward off the front of the


peloton. As Rochelle was saying, many of these attempted break aways


have been reeled in. So many have a vested interest in making it a


sprint at the end of this race. A good number of riders not here


because of the Olympic Games next week. Weekend. The women's road race


a week today. In a week's time we will be watching the women's road


race in Rio. What a race it promises to be. As an Australian, I'm not


sure how interested you would be. Lizzie one of the favourites for the


Gold medal? I'm excited about that road raise. Lizzie has been the


strongest all round female cyclist. The Olympics is one day. It's


dependent on your team. Dependent on luck and being in the right move.


It's one day in four years you have to get everything completely right.


A very tough course next weekend for the riders in the Olympic Games.


Tougher than you would normally expect. Not necessarily perfect for


Lizzie. She can do it. Not per folk for her. It's my opinion it's not a


course with her name on it. She is capable of winning the bike race.


One of the smartest bike riders I have ever seen the way she races.


She is capable of the win in Rio. It will be exciting to see one of the


best riders win on the day. I'm excited about the race. Sglp we have


a sprint on our hands here as they come up towards the line. Rattling


down The Mall 300 immediate meters to go. The race strung out. It's a


good sign of the pressure and the speed there. The riders hurtle up


towards our commentary position here.


With money on the line. One of the sprints coming up here, you can see


how keenly contested it is as well. And very, very close as they came


over the line. It looks as though Sara Roy from Orica AIS put in a


late lunch to the front. It was. Certainly seeing a good race from


Orica AIS. Sara Roy has been named as their sprinter for today so it's


interesting to see there, she is using energy to go for an


intermediate sprint. Sometimes athletes will do that to test their


legs and see how they are feeling. Orica AIS are here for Sara Roy in


the spring. Talking about Lucinda Brand as well, scoring points and


money in the first, and she was second in that one as well. Sara Roy


first over the line. Lucinda Brand second. Lotta Lepisto was third.


There is the third. We should keep an eye on Lotta Lepisto as well if


it comes down to a sprint in the end. Absolutely, she's had fantastic


results recently, she hasn't pulled off the big win but we have seen her


before, in Paris last weekend she finished second which was fantastic.


Chloe Hosking, the winner, is in this race. One of the most powerful


sprinters in the women's peloton. Some have been very focused on the


track for the Olympics. Interesting that she can derive London. We see


that she means business. -- came to write. She is staying in a good


position and looks super comfortable. Some people who follow


women's cycling or watch the women's Tour from the roadside earlier this


summer may remember Lotta Lepisto, if they think the name sounds


familiar, she won one of the stages into catering. She certainly did,


the last stage, in very good form. And that was one of the hardest


races. Athletes described it as one of the hardest they have done this


year. The breakaway on the last day means you must be pretty fit and in


good condition. The women's Tour last over several days seems to have


firmly established itself very quickly in terms of status within


the calendar when you look at this year as a whole. It is incredible to


see this race and how it is run and how many spectators and fans get


behind it and follow it. It has only been in the list and is for three


years but it is one of the most efficiently run teams. Great prize


money, great organisation, and the athletes really respect the efforts


to put a race on the calendar that is as professional as the men's.


Still a pretty big peloton we've got out there, and they've been out on


the road now for over an hour. Like I was mentioned to you before, on a


course like this, even as an unfit sprinter like myself, if I was to


jump in there, I would not say it is easy because you would be hurting


like crazy, but you would be able to hang on. That's why we see the


peloton is still very large. There's a massive difference between being


at the front and hanging the back. Being on the front, doing turns,


taking team-mates from the back to the front. There is a big difference


between being active and just hanging on. Is this race a major


step forward from the first three years when it was a circuit race


around St James's Park? Absolutely, now it is globally recognised.


Especially within the cycling world it is a respected race. Everybody


talks about it the whole season because of the prize money. Very


significant for these athletes who might not have as big salaries as


the men, obviously. This kind of prize money makes a big difference


to their season. It's the biggest race by a mile, financially? Yes,


Yorkshire was quite big but London came up with a lot more money, so


this is the richest women's one-day race in the world for cycling.


Peloton with three laps to go over the line, still very much together


if a little strung out. Do you think this will be the pattern from here


to the end? Do you feel there will be riders desperate to chance their


arm and catch somebody asleep? I think there will be some. There will


be some late attacks from some riders but it will be difficult for


them to stay away. Most riders will have tired legs. These sprint teams


have very strongly doubt trains as well. Coming into the last two or


three laps, a lot of things will be closed down by the sprinters teams


which is the majority of the peloton. It will be difficult for a


strong rider to get away. We've seen strong riders like Lucinda Brand


been very active, not sitting back and waiting for the one last move.


The team of Kersten wheeled sending some up to the front, who won


detoured Yorkshire earlier this year, ending in a big sprint. And


she would probably be the standout favourite, certainly one of the top


two or three if it comes down to a sprint in most people's eyes. She


has certainly won a lot of bike races and this year she has focused


on the track. She's a sprinter that when she targets a race like this


one, it's very important to her. She does not line up unless she's really


switched on, and she knows she's got the form to take the win. Like we


said, in a sprint, there's a lot of sprinters in this peloton. We have


not seen Chloe Hosking at this level before in her year. She has really


lifted her level best year. What is the big difference for somebody like


Chloe Hosking who won the big race, in Paris, and to have some big wins


actor back in recent years. She not a new rider, she's been around a


long time. Is it confidence? Is it just mental development? Or is it


opportunity? Chloe Hosking is only 25. She's been around for a very


long time but she's done her time on proteins as a domestique. When she


first came into the Wiggle High5 team she spent a year in the lead


out train. Now this year with those athletes having other focuses she's


had more opportunities. And she's not only taken those opportunities,


she's taken in fine style. She's showing that she's super fast,


powerful and a lot of people are talking about her for the victory in


at the World Championships. -- the victory in Qatar. The peloton are


all still together in this, the 13th event of the women's World Tour of


the season, as they come through Admiralty Arch, and they will see


the finishing line in front of them. We have not seen too much about


Cromwell from Canyon SDRAM racing, she could be one to watch for the


finish. Team-mate of Hannah Barnes. So her job will probably be leading


out Hannah Barnes, that's what normally happens when you are racing


on home ground with two riders of the same level. Tiffany Cromwell we


can see her just on the left of the screen. Looks like a black and pink


jersey, black jersey with the pink stripes across it almost by midweek,


middle your picture now. Hannah Barnes, the British National Road


race champion, to let you know, she is in a white jersey with a single


red and blue band around the chest, the national champion Sio jersey.


She will be there or thereabouts, one assumes, should it come down to


a sprint. Big wide boulevards for these riders, plenty of room for the


peloton to get through, not too tight and technical for them.


Certainly not like those races they are used to in Italy and Belgium on


those super narrow roads. They will love this surface and this course


being so fast. They race last weekend on novels, a bit steadily


for the legs. Something about this kind of surface and this time of


evening, it feels superfast. Clearly not as slippery as those cobbles in


Paris on the Champs-Elysees. Yes, we saw crash after crash last year. The


Ale' Cipollini squad with the yellow jerseys, they've got two or three


options, haven't they? Two or three fast finishers among their six.


There is Hannah Barnes in the white jersey on the second row at the


moment. You also see any kingdom into the front just behind the


motorbike, moving to the middle-of-the-road. She really wants


to take control for her team-mates -- you also see Danielle King. She


will look for an opportunity for a late break but if she does not feel


the moment is right she will be their 100% for her sprinter Chloe


Hosking. No doubt having missed out on Olympic selection she would be


more than delighted to remind everybody off her great ability on


two wheels today. Absolutely. I've just been amazed at how she has


handled the mental stress that comes with doing everything you possibly


can all year, and she ticked a lot of boxes. She actually impressed not


only everyone around her but also herself this year. She's really


achieved more than we expected. But unfortunately it wasn't enough and


that's been quite difficult for her, at she's dealt with it in a positive


way. She must be somebody who is very passionate and loves her sport


otherwise you would not get out their race after race since the


selection was made. She loves to race and she's got a heavy calendar


between now and the end of the season. For many viewers who just


watch cycling occasionally, they will perhaps remember her as part of


the team pursuit squad with Laura Trott winning the gold medal in


London four years ago. She is an Olympic gold medallist but


concentrating much more on the road these days and she has had


considerable success, particularly this season. Well, absolutely. Being


on the inside of the team she writes for I'm able to see how hard she


works. Others may not see that, but she has really risen to the occasion


of a top women's team on the road very quickly, faster than we thought


she would make the progression from track to road. She's definitely


amongst the top 20 cyclists in the world and she's always there, always


in the top ten, always willing to give 100% for her team-mates. On lap


ten of 12, here. As the riders had down bird cage Walk. The latest to


chance her arm and try to get some freedom off the front has a go,


disappearing among the trees. I imagine it's a lead that will not


last long, but it opens up a bit as they head down towards Parliament


Square. You can see Danielle King making the move we spoke about,


wanting to close this town, responding to all the moves. It will


be her back closes this one down. Looks like she might be working 100%


for her sprinter, she's doing the bulk of the work, riding on the


front and taking the wind. Not setting herself up for a fresh


attack. It may be that Chloe Hosking is feeling good. It will be


interesting to see quite how fast Chloe Hosking is in a straight drag


race against some of the others. Last year 's winner is not in the


field, and that helps a little. But there are many others. That was a


top sprinter that won here last year, she had a heavy fall in Paris


last week and has broken her elbow. So unfortunately she is out this


year. But the favourites like Chloe Hosking, Leah Kirchmann, we will see


Hannah Barnes up there, Orica AIS with Sarah Roy, some really strong


riders. You can see the Wiggle High5 rider coming into your screen just


now. You can see when an athlete reaches for the radio, that means


she wants communication with her athletes, she may want more support


at the front. Lucy Garner and Amy Pieters are behind, she may want


them in front for some confidence. Cervelo Bigler coming up to the


front as well. Lotta Lepisto looking good. You can see the team on the


right of your screen, they look like they are setting it up for Leah


Kirchmann, and they have got seriously strongly doubt train, one,


two, three, four, five. So that the team with it together -- serious


lead out train. We've been talking about Chloe Hosking for Wiggle


High5, how about Lucy Garner? She's also a fast finisher. Certainly a


very fast finisher. Second to custom them feel that the Torah of


Yorkshire this year and she's another that's coming to a very


strong team with limited opportunities but we do know that


she superfast. She's an outside chance for the world as well, riding


with Lizzie Armitstead. She may go as a support rider. But when Lucy


Garner has her opportunities she's one of the fastest sprinters in the


world. We are heading down towards the business end of this Classique,


as they are calling it. 20,000 euros to the winning rider, 10,000 euros


to the best team, based on getting the first four riders from your team


over the line. So there's plenty to race for, for the whole of the


peloton, here, between now and the end of the race. That's Lotta


Lepisto's team on the front at the moment. She's one of those who will


be trying to keep our powder dry up until the final moment, preparing


for what promises to be a tough sprint. The riding the bike with the


pink on the jersey in third place, there are just keeping an eye on


things on the half of Hannah Barnes. Yeah, that's Tiffany Cromwell. Like


we said it would be nice to see her do the job for Hannah Barnes today.


There she is, she just rode up to the wheel of Tiffany Cromwell. So


she's put herself in the right position. She can see her lead out


rider is there and it is her responsibility to get to that wheel.


Tiffany Cromwell will look round at where she is, but they do have


radiocommunication. And now they are giving hand signals, so there's some


communication going on there. That was not Hannah Barnes. Those


two riders will be looking for the jersey. Up towards the front there,


Barnes. She go over the line. They take the bell.


One lap to go. The riders have the bell ringing in their ear as they


cross the line. They are massing at the front on behalf of low pressure


len at the moment. She is has warranted the support of her


team-mate like this with the great results coming second. They are


getting swamped in there now. Liv-Plantur, they have their stuff


together at the front. They are looking comfortable. You can see


Wiggle High5, Amy Pieters there. The fact we haven't see much of Kirsten


Wild. She has been hiding among the wheels so far. She hasn't looked


comfort. Middle of the peloton she had one team-mate with her in case


she gets into trouble. We will see if we can pick her out from the


back. She is closer to the front. We can see her there. She's the rider a


little bit taller than everybody else. Riders fanned across the


Danielle King in the middle of your picture, in the black and orange.


Turning there. Short of Hyde Park Corner. You need to be in a good


spot and when they turn at the end of the Strand before the final


kilometer. If you are caught out there you have a lot of chasing


there to get back to the front. After so many lapse, on the final


lap they need to be positioned at the front to save energy. RaboLiv


don't want it to come down to the a bunch sprint. It will be hard to


make a move off the front this close to the finish.


Stringing it out a little bit. Another Australian there riding for


RaboLiv. A specialist in time trialing. If anyone can do this,


it's going to be a time trial specialist. It looks like it will be


nearly impossible for any of these riders to clip off the front. Look


that is way. Former road champion there. Former winner in the Giro.


Racing at the highest level for a number of seasons now. She wasn't


able to open up a little gap on the front of the peloton. The pace


getting higher and higher all the time. Liv-Plantur have control of


this race. Their riders are comfortable. They have put a lot of


training into their leadouts. They know each other very well. The


French team, we have not spoken much about them, they have two fast


sprinters. Lucy Garner moving to the front, trying to bring her sprinters


into position. Two French righters who could get


into the mix here. We are trying to spot that race favourite today,


Kirsten Wild. She is in there. She is looking comfortable. She is a


further back. A very confident sprinter. She is about 15th. Middle


of the picture. She is. In a blue jersey with black-and-white on it.


Physically, bigger and stronger. She looks it than many of the other


riders in the peloton. A strong looking sprinter as opposed to a


small, slight one with a very low aerodynamic position. She.


She is known as the Queen of Qatar. She has chosen to follow Chloe


Hosking. She is on the wheel of Chloe Hosking. Hosking certainly of


this field has been the form rider in recent weeks, hasn't she, the


Australian, Chloe Hosking, the Wiggle High5 rider. Plenty of team


Liv-Plantur riders on the front. The green and white helmets much the


black outfits with the green and white on. Their main rider is Leah.


Trafalgar square and on to the Strand now. You can see that the


pace of the peloton is quite high. There are a few riders at the back


struggling there. Rochelle, they will be fighting for a good position


before the U-turn in the road. This will string the peloton out? It's an


important and significant part of this course, the corner, roundabout


to get around that U-turn. It's not really about the position is about


saving the legs. It's not about how hard it is. How much do you have to


work and how much effort you have to put in, damage the legs before that


final sprint. They will want to save themselves. Be in a good position,


glide around the corner and save their legs for the final sprint.


That important corner coming up on the Strand before Aldwych. They


start the run into the finish now. Tiffany Cromwell there. The rider we


said would be supporting Hannah Barnes much she put the ma'am hammer


down out of that corner. She wants to hurt people and catch a few


people out not in the best position. Tiffany Cromwell doing a mountain of


work on the front there for her team. They have a couple of riders


up towards the front. Hannah Barnes in a good position. Fourth in line


at the moment. She is in a good spot. Kirsten Wild is further back.


She is about 12, 15th at the moment. You can see that Chloe Hosking is


back there next to Kirsten Wild much they are far back right now. Think


know the course better than anyone. They have done it a few times.


Hannah Barnes is in a good position. Through Trafalgar Square. Towards


Admiralty Arch. Tiffany Cromwell has one of the riders from Liv-Plantur.


The main two with 500 meters to go in the Classique. Riding on the


front and #408ding the front at the moment is Tiffany Cromwell. Still


nobody has come past her yet. One or two of them biding their time in the


sprint here. This is interesting. Tiffany - A crash in the middle of


the road. Most riders have avoided it. The sprint is on now. Kirsten


Wild has made her move to come through the middle of the road. A


long way to go. It's Kirsten Wild on the front. Here she is, the Dutch


woman. She is the one to beat. She is the one they haven't to beat.


Only showed her face at the front in the final few seconds of the race.


But they were the final few seconds that really mattered. She bided her


time in among the wheels. She pounced on The Mall to win the


Classique and the 25,000 euro first prize. Her focus has been on the


track for the Rio Olympics. She was the favourite today. She meant


business. That is a super impressive sprint. A powerhouse sprinter. She


showed it there. Kirsten Wild takes the win. Lensworld lens came in


second. Liv-Plantur third. Hannah Barnes the British national


champion in ninth place. Her sister, Alice, one place behind in 10th.


Chloe Hosking 11th. An exciting sprint. The sprinters we assumed


would be up there, bar Chloe Hosking, who didn't have a great


sprint, boxed in and struggling to pick up her speed, these names we


expected to be in the front. Wild owns these sprints and races. She


powered away from the field there, Kirsten Wild. In sprinting terse she


won that by a mile. That was a superb performance. Nina from


Lensworld. What a back drop London has provided this evening for this


race with the sprint for the line. Within sight of Buckingham Palace.


RaboLiv continuing tomorrow with the Ride 100 and the Ride 46, the men's


race in the afternoon. That is on BBC One from 3.30pm. Chris froom


among that field, the Tour de France winner. What a sprint there at the


end of the women's race. Tough to get away on a fast, wide open course


like this. There, as you can see, clear daylight for the winner.


Kirsten Wild of the Netherlands. Kirsten Wild adds her name to the


role of honour. Laura Trott won the first one. Barnes finished second in


the first race. It was Kirsten Wild in 2016. It will


be interesting to see how she fairs in Rio. Pretty well I should think


with the form she has at the moment. The tour de-Yorkshire winner.


Winning in Britain once again. A stage of the Tour ofical for this


year. Rochelle talked about how good she is. How well she has done in the


Tour of Qatar. Four times she is has won the classification in the


women's tour of Qatar. Let's confirm the result from the Prudential


RideLondon Classique. Wild wide the winner. Nina Kessler in second


place. Leah Kirchmann third. Hannah Barnes in ninth place in the sprint


for the line. We will hear from the winner in a few moments' time.


Rochelle sprinted down from the commentary box to join me now on The


Mall. You predicted a Kirsten Wild winch you got it bang on right? She


is so difficult to beat in races like this. She owns these type of


fast races. Shi came off that track preparation you could see her how


focused she was. She came to win the race. She was hard to beat. Super


impressive sprint. I have watched her sprint for many years, I


sprinted against her, to watch the powered and see her ride awhich and


put lengths into the riders was impressive. Four years ago it was


another Dutch rider who lit up the Olympics Voss beating Armitstead?


She is a different rider to her? Completely different. All the same


today, a hard race. You could see the sprint was a sprint among tired


race. The riders who went for the minor placings were tired at the


finish. The peloton sprint finish they rode hard, no chance of a break


away. The majority of the teams had a sprinter shech wanted their


chance. Hannah Barnes in ninth could have been second or third. All the


teams who had a chance to be on podium dedicated their day to bring


everything together for a sprint. Chloe Hosking wasn't in the right


place at the right time? This is the wonderful and beautiful thing about


cycling. You can never know. She won in Paris last week. This weekend


struggled in the finish much she didn't look good the whole race.


Sometimes that happens. One of your riders wandered in. We will grab her


now. Danielle King join us here. Good to see you. Straight off the


bike. Well done you. Straight into a microphone. I didn't see you finish.


You did a lot of work in the front for your team? I felt really good


today. One of the best I have felt all season, to be honest. I was up


there near the front trying to chase everything I could. Made a few


attacks myself. It was going to be a hectic finish. I wanted to get my


job done before a few laps to go. I just rode my heart out for the the


team today. Felt good. How does it feel to be riding in London, four


years on from the success on the track, here you are on the road?


Amazing. I love it. It brings back memories. I can't believe it was


four years ago, it has gone quickly. Wonderful to race in London. Great


to ride in front of the crowds again? Amazing. All my family are


here and fiancee. Lovely to have so much to support. Kirsten Wild what a


fantastic sprinter she is? Amazing. Fresh, going off to Rio tomorrow to


race. She was going to be one of the favourites to win. Amazing ride.


This was the sprint finish here. She is so powerful. We have seen it time


and time again on the track. When she gets in front it's very


difficult to come round her, isn't it? Exactly. She gets herself in the


right position. There is no coming round her, no way. She will be


racing against your pursuit team-mate, Laura Trott. They have


different characters. Kirsten Wild powerful cyclist. Laura much


smaller, pack as punch from her weight to power ratio she does well?


Dpbthly. I had a coffee with her yesterday. I'm hoping she can go out


and do the same as she did in London again. You are disappointed not to


be involved in the Great Britain team in the road race as well. A


tough couple of months? It has. I'm gutted. Ted. In the form I'm in it's


a shame. I don't want to be bitter. I wish them the best. I'm gutted I'm


not going. You have a wedding to look forward to? Next year. That is


keeping me occupied planning that. That is keeping me happy. Thank you


very much for saying hello to us much I will let you go. You needed


to rehydrate. Danielle King wonderful champion here in London


with the track and pursuit team four years ago.


But what a team member to have on your team? It's been amazing. It's


been difficult to see the hurt and pain she's been through trying to


manage the emotions involved with not being selected for something


you've worked so hard and long for. But she's a true professional, the


way she handled it, the way she just gets out there. She loves racing so


much. Like tonight, giving her heart and soul to her team-mates. Really


nice to see her racing and getting her head clear. It was indeed. We


said we'd hear from the winner, now we can cross back there. Yes indeed.


Congratulations, you made it look easy. It might have looked easy but


it wasn't! It was set up perfectly for a sprint finish at the end, was


that the plan the whole time? Yes, to go for a sprint. It was really


hard work to keep it all together, sometimes there were breakaways, but


I think it would really good and the team was strong. And I was happy to


make it up. Well, you made it look very easy, as I said earlier. This


whole event, coming to London to do this, that must mean a lot to you?


Yeah, it was a really good race, I looked forward to it for a few


weeks. I thought it was my finish line. Amazing. Well, massive con


regulations to you. Well done. Thank you. Brilliant. Kirsten Wild


delighted to win the race, a powerful finish, wasn't it, and she


looked in great form? Boyek I wish I could have seen her. Absolutely


incredible rider. The Tour of Yorkshire as well, phenomenal form.


Great to have been Sarah Storey with us. We saw you out there today,


almost a training ride ahead of the Paralympics which is very much focus


a successful Paralympic World Championships. Definitely, I'm in


the middle of a huge training, but I don't have much speed and my legs.


Good training ride, stayed out of trouble. Just in the altitude


chamber at the moment. Heavy legs but good to get round. Just how


important was it to get this into your legs, this event today, how did


that fit in with the training block? I'm back on the track for the first


time in about six months on Monday to start with some speed and high


power. They are almost like standing starts. And I will build back into


the track were quick. And that comes with Lake speed as well. Some speedy


areas, especially the mile, here. Let's look at the closing stages of


this race. A bit further down the road, couldn't quite see the


village, but we can see this dreadful hairpin on the Strand. The


riders or bunch up, a real dead turn and if you are to the bank you


almost come to a standstill. Part of my computer rendered up spotting,


but the speed at the front is being driven, and you really feel it at


the back. How important is it to be on the right position on the


hairpin? For the sprinters it was so important to be in a good position


because they have to repeat that sprint. If they are in the wrong


position they will have to spend twice, once to get into position and


then for the finish. It was important to be in a good position,


saving the lakes coming out of the hairpin, float under the wheels and


safety legs for the final sprint. We don't see the big trains we


sometimes see in the men's stage racing, much smaller teams here as


well. Smaller teams and the riders need to cover all the moves and do


the work early on. So most of the sprinters in women's cycling, they


like a lead out but they know sometimes they will be isolated and


sometimes it's just the best of the best to fight it out head-to-head.


You can tell how fast they are going, difficult to keep on the


wheels. Definitely and that has an impact on the lead out train. One


rider from each team almost on each other's wheel. Especially with the


turns towards the finish, although it is a long finish straight, when


you come to the bit before there are some terms so you do not see the


leader of trains, everybody is fighting for position. Probably


fighting for the wheel of Kirsten Wild. Difficult wheel to grab hold


of, she is so powerful. We are very fortunate it is a dry track and of


course we do not have the cobbles like a champ to lycee in Paris. We


are very fortunate that anyone rider came down, there. There we are, that


was the finish of the Classique, the new UCI World Tour event, here.


100,000 euros prize pot, significant prize pot. And I think it was


appreciated by the riders that it has been given this added status.


Without a doubt, everybody was delighted to hear of pedal parity as


it has been referred to an social media. Which of about 44 kilometres


per hour today, that was the average speed. You could see everybody was


coming to get some of that prize money. Great job by the organisers.


Of course the Tour of Yorkshire also recognising that, Great Britain very


much leading the way in terms of parity for women racers. They


certainly are and also in the organisation and professionalism and


the support they give to women's cycling. We have seen it from the


British organisers of women's cycling races, it has been


phenomenal. They are leading the way. The prize money was so big. It


was full on from the start. Riders attacking everywhere. Good to see.


Now we will take a look at some of the thousands of cyclists who have


been on the roads and streets of London over the course of today. It


was amazing, wasn't it? You were out this morning taking part. They


closed the centre of London and it was a wonderful opportunity to see


the sights of London on your bike with the safety of knowing there was


no traffic. Absolutely. To see London from that perspective with so


many cyclists cruising the main streets of London, the views we saw,


it was a wonderful experience. Lots of happy, smiling faces. Lots of


children out there today which was great to see. All sorts of types of


cycling represented here in this wonderful festival of cycling,


all-round Green Park, all sorts of things going on, a lovely family day


out. And beautiful weather, which makes a huge difference. The


children were absolutely loving it. They are all having big smiles and


owning the roads out there and just loving the opportunity to be riding


around London and closed roads with family and friends and to summon the


smiles and a great atmosphere out there. Yeah, people have come all


over the country to enjoy London this weekend. This three-day


festival of cycling, musical entertainment to get them on their


way. I saw somebody cycling down The Mall with a great beatbox on his


bike just entertaining the crowd, extraordinary scenes. Absolutely,


and so may different bikes. You see a Penny Farthing, you see so many


interesting bikes out there. I think that's the beauty about the free


cycle. Just behind us now we can see a lot of the Brompton bikes warming


up because we will have the Brompton World Championship, the 11th


anniversary of this wonderful race. All of the riders are just warming


up before taking part in this race. I should tell you, if you take part


in the Brompton World Championship you are not allowed to wear any


lycra, that's one of the most important rules. Certainly some


interesting costumes and outfits out there. You see all the decorations


on the bikes and helmets and it's a fantastic event to come and watch.


Vary much looking forward to seeing how David Miller has improved his


technique after last year. It took him about five minutes to get his


bike put together. It's a bit like Le Mans, the bikers have to run


across the road, assemble their bikes, and then head off. Not just a


case of peddling. There's a lot more to it. And the challenges of racing


in these types of outfits. If they are used to riding in microbe that


is a challenge in itself, especially with this weather. As they get ready


to race we can see the podium presentations from the Classique.


COMMENTATOR: And the applause rings out for Kirsten Wild from the


Netherlands. The riders just getting the sash over her shoulder. Leah


Kirchmann, the Canadian, who finished fifth in the women's Tour


earlier this summer. 12th last weekend in Paris. And now third in


London. It's been a pretty solid season against the Leah Kirchmann.


Eighth overall in the women's Giroud Italia as well recently.


Second on the day in this sprint to the line on The Mall, Nina Kessler.


The Dutch rider. Won estate in a race at little earlier this month,


so clearly coming into London in good form, and continuing with that.


-- won a stage race. Kessler probably not the name we were


inspecting to see in the top three. In the end no surprise with the


winner. The favourite going into the race, a very impressive sprinter.


And we look forward to seeing Kirsten Wild in Rio in the next week


or so in the women's on the up against Laura Trott at owl. And


Kirsten Wild was unstoppable on The Mall, as soon as she hit the front


you just knew she was going to carry all the way over the line in first


place. And the celebrations start now. Kirsten Wild, winner of the


ride London Classique. STUDIO: Wonderful to see her. Wonder if she


will repeat that in the Omni in the Olympics. Not if Laura Trott has


anything to say about it. Back at London tomorrow for the London


Marathon on two wheels, thousands of cyclists out enjoying a right


through the Surrey countryside ending right here on The Mall. All


the stories from 10am on BBC Two. Then our attention switches to the


elite men's race, a stellar line-up with the biggest name in British


cycling the star of the show. With one of the most beautiful wins


in his career, head over the bars, leans her every second of advantage,


Chris Froome punches the air. Well, this Tour de France is turning into


a mighty battle already. Banging on the board for Chris Froome. Ooh,


Chris Froome is off his bike! He is running. This is an unprecedented


situation. He could be losing serious time. I have never, ever


seen anything like this in my life. Chris Froome attacks. Nairo Quintana


is again losing time on Chris Froome. He already has one stage


win, now he has two. And Chris Froome wins the time trial. Chris


Froome becomes the first Briton to return the Tour de France title.


Froome wins his third Tour, sky win it for a fourth time, and what a


Tour de France this has been for Great Britain. The yellow jersey


among a host of top names lining up for the ride London Surrey classic.


You can follow the race online and on the red button from 1pm. We'll


have the last three hours of the race live from 3:30pm here on BBC


One. You will be alongside me for that race but not in the morning


because of course you be on your bike in the 100, looking forward to


that? Absolutely, really looking forward to the challenge of trying


to beat the time I did with a group of guys last year, trying to beat


that time this year. What about that Surrey classic? Great to see the


yellow jersey in the line-up. Absolutely, a very strong field.


Looking forward to seeing how things play out tomorrow, team tactics and


just analysing what might happen when they get to box Hill and how


the race will pan out. Sprint finish like we saw today? Being a former


sprinter I would love to see a sprint. Watching the women's


classic, absolutely fantastic. Good luck tomorrow and thanks to


everybody. Celia tomorrow morning at 10am, goodbye for now.


# You know you've got to turn up # To keep them begging for more


# More more more #.


You're coming across as, frankly, ridiculous.


You're coming across as, frankly, ridiculous.


I'm flabbergasted by that. Will they get burnt...


You have done an appalling job of selling them online. Erm...


Jill Douglas introduces live coverage of the RideLondon Classique, a newly accredited UCI women's WorldTour race. The event boasts the strongest ever field assembled for a one-day race in Great Britain as the world's top 20 teams battle it out through the streets of central London. The new 5.5km circuit takes in many of the capital's most iconic landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Strand and Trafalgar Square before it concludes on the Mall.

In a watershed moment for women's cycling, the prize money on offer is the highest ever for a women's one-day race, matching that of Sunday's men's race.

Simon Brotherton provides commentary with expert analysis from Chris Boardman and Rochelle Gilmore.

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