World BMX Championships 2012 Cycling

World BMX Championships 2012

Ore Oduba presents highlights of the World BMX Championships from Birmingham, with commentary from Hugh Porter and Andy Ruffell.

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Here comes Helly Holmes, the crowd are on their feet. What a start.


Great Britain gets the Gold Medal. Kelly Holmes of Britain, what a


performance. The Olympic champion. Absolutely brilliant. Britain takes


gold. Hello and welcome to Birmingham for the 2012 BMX World


Championships. It is in that arenas that the world's best compete for


the final time before the Olympics. And these chach ships count towards


Olympic qualification. So the stage is set. Expect an intense


atmosphere in the National Indoor Arena and if you're not familiar


with BMX, it is a sport that gets the pulse racing. Fast, frenetic


and full of drama. BMX is not for the faint hearted. A powerful start


is essential. With speeds up to 40mph, crashing is common. So


expect a battle on the banks, big jumps and the odd bump. And the


post girl of British BMX is Shanaze Reade. She has demons to put to


rest, but in Birmingham she set her sights on reclaiming the title she


lost last year. World title is what I'm about. I love the white jersey


and standing there listening to the national anthem playing. Winning's


like a drug, the more you win, you more you need. I won the time trial


last year and didn't win the race. At 23, Shanaze Reade has been in


BMX for 15 years. I got into the sport at a track similar to this,


but a lot more run down, I hired a bike for a pound and the buzz I got


from the track and the jumps and the people that were there, I just


found it's ban roller coaster since. That seemed to be heading only up


and led her to greatest sporting event of them all. I was 19. Got


selected for the Olympics, won the world title, I couldn't see no


reason why I wouldn't win the Olympics. I hadn't lost a race for


some time. I got there 5 getting my accreditation and going through


scanner and thinking this is a bit different. She's crashed. She


touched the wheel. It didn't go to, how I wanted it to go. Still


obviously, it helps me from this day from what I went through and it


is one of best things that's happened to me. Now she has the


chance to make amends. Much as it is the Olympics and I want to bin.


It is just a bike race and everyone who has made the final, is within


six of the eight are capable of winning. So it comes down to that


mental strength and have you got it. An Olympic medal would mean


complete, I'm a complete package. I won the world fightles as a junior


and in the eleeted, been European and British champion, never been


Olympic champion. To be that in your home counts ri, it would make


me complete. I can come from my career, thinking, I did it.


Everything. Now here on the Birmingham track I'm joined by a


bay jing champion, you were a champion. Is still a still an event


that excites you? Yes the sport has evolved, the tracks a bit more


different. I don't know how well I would have done. But exciting and


fast action, the governing bodies are behind us and the kids are


getting quicker and quicker. We're set for the time trials. All about


raw pace. What will happen? impressed with practice. These guys


seem to have the track down. I don't think it is the most


technical track. But it should make it closer. When you get a


superchallenging track. You will get a good separation between


riders and the time trial. Here this week, everyone is looking


quick. Thank you. More from you later. The first Gold Medal up for


grabs the women's supertime trial. Shanaze Reade is up for the mix in


the medals. Here is Andy Ruffell the medals. Here is Andy Ruffell


and Hugh Porter. She is out to nail the gold in front of her home fans.


23, Shanaze Reade, from Crewe, and she does a lot of her training on


the BMX track in Manchester. She is ready for the test against the


clock. Just watch the start. She is known for the snap away from the


gate. She is cleanly into her time trial. And she has nailed that one


perfectly. This is Byrne No 2 and she is 0.19 of the American's time.


Into the short rhythm section and she is sill ahead. Oh yes, 0 .6


faster than Alise Post sh.14 road - - rode that to perfection. She made


that time by the time she got to the second corner. Sportingly


acknowledged by the American, Alise Post. Now the final competitor to


go. This is Caroline Buchanan, the 21 Australian. She finished in the


Silver Medal position 12 months ago, but she has been riding well.


29.168 was her time in qualification. If she does that


again, she will go inside the time of Shanaze Reade. She is flying


around the course. She is ahead. What will she stop the clock at?


0.45 faster and that time is the only time inside 29 seconds. Watch


how 14 got that extra 0.45, keeping the bike on the ground as much as


possible. A superb piece of riding. We have an Australian world


champion and you will not see a smile broader than that. She is


delighted, this 21-year-old. A week ago I knocked myself, ended up in


hospital. To come back from that and be here is amazing. I was close


to getting the gold, but I gave it my best and on the day it wasn't


quite good enough. That will give you a boost? It is a great warm up


for tomorrow. I know what I could have improved on and I think


tomorrow's a new day. And I want to go out and try and win. So Shanaze


Reade misses out on defending her title and will have to settle for


silver. Let's see if Liam Phillips can get a title in the men's time


trial. Liam Phillips is based in Manchester. He got a second in the


World Cup time trial in Norway. So his form is good. He is ready to


blaze his way around this circuit. I can tell you that the leading


time has been set by Andre. Phillips is already ahead. He does


look impressive. Phillips who at one points was being considered for


man one in the team sprint. But he couldn't resist the lure of his


favourite discipline. He is going well. Up to the line and the time,


oh look at that faster than Andre. That gives him the lead. Amazing


ride. He took the first jump well. This is where he gains time n that


first corner and over those last triples. Marvellous to see Liam


Phillips as leader. Connor Fields, the 19-year-old on the track. The


Vegas kid. He is the fastest man on the planet and he has won four


World Cup time trials back-to-back. Look at the style of this fella.


And at the moment he is blazing his way around the sir kit. This is a


Stella performance by the young American. He is up to the line. 0.3


off the time of Phillips. He goes into the gold medal position.


should be excited about that one. He is my next door neighbour in


Vegas and I have seen him ride and improve all the time. He is the


best rider on planet. Master class, world champion and Gold Medal


winner. The last World Cup was the same, I qualified in the first ride


and I sat in the hot seat until Connor came along. He hasn't lost a


time trial all year. So nobody's going to bet against him. I'm


disappointed, but elated at the same time. It is fantastic to pick


up my first senior medal. It is good. And you're first World


Championships medal. You have got to be proud? Yes, I can take a lot


of confidence from today and move to tomorrow and tomorrow's race day


and that is what it's all about. Now this course here, because the


one in London is 470 metre long and how does this compare? We have the


same start hill, the same height. Just with the constraints of


building, the track must be shorter. So each straight will be shorter,


more action on. And the first turn is not superbig. So there will be


some good action. But not many opportunities, or you pull back the


opportunities for the riders to pass other riders. The huge


difference is that this track is indoors, in London it is outdoor.


What difference does that make? Mainly it is the wind. The wind if


you have a side wind, it is quite a factor and can even crash a rider.


So here we don't have any winds. So that is nice, it is nice to be


focus on the track and not worry kwhab the wind is doing. So a level


playing field. What will it take to win here? BM kpw. Is about the


start. Normal think first guy down to the start hill will have the


best chance. Things can happen around the track x but it is down


to the start. Get a good start and get to that first turn first and


when you're in front, you can ride your line. So huge importance on


the first three. We're peblgting some exciting stuff. Connor Fields


and Caroline Buchanan have set the pace. Now this is when the


competition gets going and the riders are agains each other on the


track. Over to Llew and Andy. Phillips is starting here because


he has the quickest time. In lane 6 Bob is one to look out for.


Phillips is riding well. What a crash there? Phillips has gone down


and that looked bad to me. Very heavy. Rand -- landing on the


shoulder. The Belgian is in second. These positions created by that


crash. Up to the land, Bradford from the Belgian. That looked like


a telling fall for Phillips. I would like see it again. It is the


step up on the start straight. There is Liam. I'm sure he will be


fine. He has the right people around him. If you watch this again.


Watch the step up jump take another victim, third part of jump, back


wheel doesn't hit correctly and he is down. Donny Robinson also went


down. Things aren't looking good fr Liam. Such a shame. We know he's


hurt his right shoulder. We don't know how much. How much of a shame


is it fofr him? It is a big disappointment. He would have come


with a positive attitude and thinking he could make the final.


It is a big hit for him. Hopefully it is not too bad. Hopefully he can


get back. Now how much of a blow is it to confidence? I wouldn't say


too much to the confidence. He has had a big improvement in the last


six months. So he knows he is in good form. We all crash and you


know these injuries and get over them and you know, I don't think it


every heat. Abbie Taylor also made it through to the quarter-finals.


She got a silver medal in the world junior championships last year,


Shanaze Reade. She leads for the first time and it is Valentino in


lane one. At the moment, she's trying to hold off the challenge as


they go into the first berm. It is the defending world champion who is


beginning to show why she is the winner of the rainbow stripes and


that is why she's reading. Mariana Pajon leading ahead of Manon


Valentino. As they head up to the line, Valentino pokes her will on


the line in front of Mariana Pajon. In third spot was the Netherlands.


We are looking at Shanaze Reade starting in lane one in this


quarter-final clash. She has had a very good start. She got away off


the bow, she has gone down. Shanaze Reade Lader the bike over a little


bit too far and down she went and what that has meant, it has given


their lead to Lithuania, leading Romana Labounkova from the Czech


Republic. Nobody is going to catch these three balls and they will


move into the semi-finals. Romana Labounkova on the Czech Republic.


And then Latvia, third. Coming over the line from Brazil, Squel Stein.


In 5th position, Shanaze Reade. had everything, a perfect start. As


she comes to the first corner, she went too far over the handlebars


towards the front wheel and basically it was too much. She has


gone down. What a shame. An incredible mistake. Very


disappointed. To finish like this. Injury wise, she has got a few


scrapes and nothing major, so that is the first positive thing for


that very disappointed. She didn't win the World Championships today


but she has had a very interrupted season since last October. She


broke her ribs and that was the start and it snowballed from there.


She is a great position in preparation, so we hope for a


smoother run through. She is a very determined right now. The riders


are one or ride away from a buy novels of the big blow it to the


men's draw losing one of the favourites, Connor Fields. Who will


make it a to the last eight? It's time to find out. Here is the line-


her, Mariana Pajon, lane 2. Former world champion, Sarah Walker, in a


lane six. It is the world champion Mariana Pajon in front. She is


being chased down by Manon Valentino from France. Also Magalie


Pottier from France. This is the world champion. At her absolute


Supreme best. She is turning on the style here. Mariana Pajon wins the


semi-final. Who was second? Valentino, second, Magalie Pottier,


third and the American in the 4th position. That was the world


champion riding at her best. Yes, she's in a league of her own in


this race for the Valentino also doing well. The French riders have


been amazing through to the final. Here is the line-up for the second


semi-final. Alise Post is in superb form. Look at her power when she


gets away from the gate. We can expect a challenge to come from


Gabriela Diaz beside her. Four have hit the deck already. Alise Post is


oblivious to that. Look at this for a stylish ride by Alise Post, she


has established a clear leader. Romana Labounkova ties to limit it.


The shorter section ahead. Here she comes to the line. Alise Post wins


and Romana Labounkova his second. Gabriela Diaz -- Eva Ailloud was


third. A lot of action in this race. infamous step jump. It was a race


with drama. Keep an eye on the player from benevolence. She's


approaching the step up and went down like a box of tricks there.


Also Lauryn Reynolds, the Australian screwed things up for


the latter being at the beginning. It is semi-final time now for the


men and starting in lane one is Maris Strombergs, the reigning


Olympic champion. Also in lane four is Marc Willers of from New Zealand.


He has the orange helmet, pressurising Maris Strombergs. Look


at the speed of these riders. New Zealand, Marc Willers, moves into


the lead. David Herman from America is following through. They're


coming up to the final berm. The short the rhythm section, a great


display of power, strength and speed of Marc Willers. He takes it.


David Herman from the USA, second, Maris Strombergs, third. We had got


a lot of riders down here. They seem to be OK right now. Once we


look at the replay, I think one of the highlights pride now is Moana


Moo Caille basically bailed on a jump and into the distance we had


Brian Kirk going down. He's a well. We have former world champion


and Joris Daudet. Sam Willoughby rarely turn on the style here,


looking very, very strong for that -- really turning on the style here.


Joris Daudet from France, they are tapping out the rhythm at the head


of the contest. No one will catch him. Donny Robinson, third. Joris


Daudet, second. Robinson, third. What a contest! Sam Willoughby


definitely the stand-out rider in this heat. The competition between


him and Joris Daudet looks like it will carry on into the final. An


amazing race by Sam Willoughby. we are through to the last eight.


Can the Colombian defender world title? Hugh Porter and Andy Ruffell


can talk us through the women's final. She has the courage of a


cage I do. On the outside his Arielle Martin. Squel Stein inane


seven. Eva Ailloud confronts. She is impressive so far in the


preliminaries. Then Magalie Pottier, former junior champion. And then,


Romana Labounkova. And then it is Manon Valentino. Alise Post, in a


red hot for Mott, very quick off the gate. And finally, the world


champion, Mariana Pajon. This will be a really spicy clash. At stake,


the rainbow jersey and a gold, silver and bronze medals for the


let's see who can get quickest of the gate. The crowd have gone quiet


as they wait. They will soon burst into applause when the gate goes


down. Here we go. Look out for the start. Mariana Pajon, off the pace


there but an electric start, Alise Post has gone down. Also Manon


Valentino from France has gone down. Mariana Pajon has lost her position


as though she has got to play catch-up but Magalie Pottier from


France, she is storming towards the final berm. Here comes a late


challenge from up Eva Ailloud from France but Magalie Pottier takes it


and gives the victory salute. So, two French women taking the top to


spot on the podium for supper this was amazing. Mariana Pajon, she did


not start well and then as we hit the infamous step up, Alise Post


felt. I'm not sure why that happened. Valentino then impedes


Mariana Pajon as she tried to get back into the race. Magalie Pottier,


23 years old, once she got to the head of the contest, there was no


catching her. She got the bronze medal last year in Denmark and was


not going to surrender the advantage of the front of the


contest here. She was chased down by Eva Ailloud but they ran out of


distance. There she is, blowing kisses to the crowd. The gold medal


winner and world champion, Magalie Joris Daudet and the current world


champion is in the mix. Also Maris Strombergs. They will be jostling


for position at the start gate. Only one can rise to the top as the


world champion. Talk me through the vast -- last race of the day, Andy


Ruffell and Hugh Porter. These are the last eight who will slug it out


for the top three positions on the podium. Anthony Dean, his first


ever senior final. Then at Maris Strombergs. The machine, himself.


Twice world champion. And the Olympic gold medallist in Beijing.


Alongside him, grow veg. And then, lane four, grosgrain, former world


champion. -- alongside him, David Herman. And then the defending


world champion, Joris Daudet from France and Ben Sam Willoughby,


twice world junior champion. B and C -- the athletes's nerves must be


on edge now. Get ready for the adrenalin rush. Who will command


the lead into the first berm? Wait for it. It is going to be a


cracking final. Can a Maris Strombergs take his third strong?


Can a Sam Willoughby from Australia get a bit senior world title to add


to his two junior titles? Look at the speed of our Sam Willoughby on


the inside. He got the sharp end of the contest. Within is the


defending world champion, Joris Daudet. Also, Marc Willers from New


Zealand. Sam Willoughby is clear. Marc Willers tried to go down the


inside but Joris Daudet crashed. Moana Moo Caille, third. Well, Marc


Willers, who was in line for the bronze, tried to get down the


inside of Joris Daudet and crashed. Fantastic raised by Sam Willoughby.


This is where it gets stable. He's in a class of his own car Sam


take shape. Sam Willoughby out front, Joris Daudet, second and


Marc Willers it comes up but Maris Strombergs was in the middle of the


next. How Joris Daudet stayed on his bike is a miracle. No one can


take this away from Sam Willoughby. He is the world champion 2012.


hugely impressive performance by this 20-year-old from Adelaide. He


is the world champion. Moana Moo Caille get bronze. So now we have


two new world champions. Sam Willoughby and Magalie Pottier


balls and I guess it shows the randomness of the BMX. If you can


get to the final, anybody can win it. Two surprising results to be


honest with you. The past is qualifiers from yesterday's time


trial did not even make the finals today. It shows you the big


pressure here today. Olympic places are up for grabs and they are


getting stressed. We saw a lot of mistakes and crashes. We know


Shanaze Reade had a crash, not badly hurt. We know Liam Phillips


has a broken collarbone. Shanaze Reade will be fine. She has got


better. She will get better and better. A lot of pressure on the


young girl. Liam Phillips, a broken collar bone, not a big deal. It


will be screwed together and ensure in a couple of weeks he will be


back on his bike. How much I'm looking forward to the Olympics on


home turf? I think it's going to the best thing for years, a great


experience for the athletes, and the public. Jamie, great talking to


this afternoon. The next time we see these riders in action will be


Ore Oduba presents highlights of the World BMX Championships from Birmingham, with commentary from Hugh Porter and Andy Ruffell.

As an Olympic sport in an Olympic year, the event takes on extra significance for the world's best riders as it is the last in which nations can secure valuable qualification points as they strive to earn their place at the London 2012 Games.

Britain's 23-year-old Crewe-born Olympic hopeful Shanaze Reade is a three time winner of the World BMX Championships who captures the imagination with her bravery. Team-mate Liam Phillips is a talented rider from Taunton.

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