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Hello and welcome to the World Championships, the elite have


gathered here to tackle the Cowberg Hill. While we are talking about


landmark, now is as good a time as any to reflect on what's been an


COMMENTATOR: Cavendish wears green. It's a piece of British cycling


history. Cavendish has won the world title


for Great Britain. It's a sensational ride by Bradley Wiggins.


Wig begins is the winner of the greatest bicycle race in the world.


Bradley Wiggins is the Olympic champion!


The historic time of valingnberg sits at the foot of the Cowberg and


offers a great backdrop to to these worlds. Here are the people


whizzing past it to foost to look. Cavendish and co De fending their


titles. Highlights tomorrow as the elite women take to the roads.


Olympic champion Marian Voss the favourite in front of her adoring


public. That race you can see live now on the red button. It's about


the Time Trials. Emma Pooley looking to retain her title.


Bradley Wiggins is focusing his efforts on the road race. Watch out


for the silver medallist from London Tony Martin who won this


Championship last year. Returning to the World Championship


this is year an old event with a new twist, a team time trial. For


trade teams, not national organisations. Riders racing in the


colours are the Tour de France, for example. The first race of the week


was the women's event with Emma Pooley and Sharon Laws of grun


hoping to finish on a high before their trade team falls at the end


of the season. Orica led by Drink to the line and


they're going strongly. 22 seconds sliced off the original leader's


time. 21.6 kilometre mark Orica - Ais, quicker becoming the leaders.


Here comes the challenge from Specialized. Orica -Ais, they're


fast er. Emma Pooley is on the front here of the AA Drink team


squad. As we come back to Team Specialized. They have been setting


the road alight through the whole of this test and this is the


arrival at the finish for AA Drink, the team that contains Emma Pooley


and shash Ron Laws from Great Britain -- Sharon Laws from Great


Britain and Rusvelo are the leaders. Two more teams to come in. Half a


minute sliced off the time of Rusvelo. Finishing effort here then


for the Australian team of Orica - Ais. They'll push AA Drink into


second position. Over a minute and a half faster than their opponents,


very impressive. 300 metres left for Team Specialized. Orica- Ais.


The German professional team coming to the line. Top podium position


for Team Specialized. It was a very, very polished performance. The


Must mean a lot to win in the trade colours knowing it's coming to an


end sadly Yes, we wanted to show something as a team that we can do


a really good result and it's a bit sad that the team's coming to an


end, but we made a point so that's good. What does this tell us about


your form? Not much. It's a team thing isn't it - I felt rubbish.


Emma was absolutely amazing. She was so strong today that we


definitely would not have been anywhere close without Emma on the


front. In the men's race, Team Skye went out. They were on the back


foot losing Thomas to a mechanical and another team-mate to fatigue.


BMC Racing Team squad. Young Finney, what a future he has ahead of him.


Coming back to the leaders. Silky smooth style slicing into the air,


no movement of the shoulders at all. 44 seconds faster than Rabobank.


You are looking at a well polished drilled outfit. That's the team of


Omega Quick Step. This is the 38 kilometre split for BMC. They won't


beat Omega Quick Step, but they'll go second definitely. 8 seconds off


the pace. There is a time I didn't expect to see. I thought Orica


Greenedge would have been the quickest. Doesn't look as though it


will happen for them today. This is the split time for Sky at


38 kilometres and they're well shy of the time of the leaders, Omega


Quick Step. 12th place for Sky. Omega Quick Step climbing the


Cowberg. This is the final climb and all still together. Remember,


they have been setting the markers all the way and the crowd realise


they're looking at the possible winners here then of this first


ever team time trial for trade teams at the World Championship. I


must admit, they look good. The Belgian team and the American team


racing and they've both really been the squads of the match.


This is the finishing effort Omega are going to take their time apart.


Here they go. Their new leaders. What is it going to finish at? It's


a stormer of a ride there by omega Quick Step. Here comes the line.


Have a look at the clock. One minute and four seconds faster. 50


kilometres per four. Omega Quick Step are the new leaders and I'll


tell you what, it's going to take a mighty effort for anybody to beat


that. The team they are we are looking at here now could be their


new challengers, the BMC American outfit team. The fourth man is in


trouble. He'll have to grit his teeth. That is Taylor Finney


actually. It's the 22-year-old American becoming detached. Time


will be taken on him so the other three need to look back, wait and


regroup because if he falls away, then of course he's got to make his


way all the way to the line without any help from the other riders, so


they need to wait forte lor Finney. I think they've realised -- Taylor


Finney. It's quite a long run from the summit to the finish here. Tom


puts his thumb up and says "this is ours".


Well, I don't believe it. BMC racing. Are they going to topple


omega Quick Step even despite the problem when they had to wait forte


lor Finney ant final climb. BMC racing -- Taylor Finney. The final


metres of the contest. So close, they are getting near tore the


line! It's 15 seconds separating them now. Is it going to be the top


podium position for BMC racing, the American professional team, or are


the Belgian team of Omega Quick Step going to take it? The line is


nearer, it's going to be so close. Just slipped away from them. Three


seconds only! Omega Quick Step are still in the lead and BMC Racing go


second with Liquigascannondale down into third. That was so close.


Orica Greenedge. I must admit, they are looking a little laboured here.


Here is a shot of Team Sky. The time split that we saw earlier on


the road indicated that they were off the pace. Orica Greenedge may


deny Liquigascannondale a podium position here right at the end.


They've sat there a long, long time and watched the teams come in.


That's how it looks like it's going to finish. Orica Greenedge in third


position. Yes, they go third. Sky are looking to threaten a time of


Garmin currently in ninth position. Will they make the top ten? Ninth


position. One minute and 32 seconds off the


pace of the winning team. There is the official result of the


Congratulations, this has got your week off to a very good start?


the gold was there to win today. We were one of the favourites I think


and everybody was super motivated and ready to give everything. I


think we did a perfect job. Everybody was giving everything


100%. The ending was pretty close but we had the lucky team and we


are happy now. Take us through the time trial from your perspective,


always difficult when you lose a guy? Sergio we lost and then lost


another which wasn't ideal. With only four of us, it's disappointing


but it was a struggle to get the team together and I think we've


done a good performance considering, yes. Stkpwht you have had a very


difficult year with ups and downs, can you successfully De fend this


title? Yes, it was a great day for me and the whole team and gives me


a lot of motivation for Wednesday. I made good preparation for today


and Wednesday so I'm really optimistic and hope I can De fend


the title. In the women's individual time


trial, Emma Pooley was Britain's strong chance of a medal. She would


normally be relishing this. A hilly course and the chance to regain her


world title. She's currently questioning her stpwier future in


the sport. -- her entire future in the sport.


Emma, the last time we talked was in London just after the Olympic


time trial. With a bit of distance now, how do you reflect on your


performance? Not disastrous. I was disappointed. I don't think I did


get to the result I wanted. I did all right, it was just that a lot


of people did better. Be your performance have any bearing on


your decision as to what you do after this year? Yes, I think so.


It could go either way. I haven't decided howiful about racing next


year yet and it also De pends on teams and if I get offers from a


team, and that partly De pends on how I do this week. What do you


make of this course? I like this course. It's tough. Certainly suits


me better than the course in London did. It's got a bit of efrl so it's


quite open and flat at the start -- everything. The wind will play a


part and there's a decent climb then it's bumpy and a very fast bit,


then steep to the finish. You have to accelerate so corners like in


Copenhagen, that's the only reason You have been quoted as being quite


frustrated as far as the situation as women's racing cause. You're not


alone in that. It is frustrating. I think the UCI could do more to


further our racing. Compared to men's cycling, it is a different


level of publicity and it would make it so much more sense if the


races were run together, or if the immense stage race also had a


woman's race on the same day with the same finish. It is not a huge


amount of extra effort for the organiser and I wish the you see I


would push that. Bradley Wiggins has said he believes there should


be more women's teams and more investment and he would like to get


involved in helping to kick-start that. That is really appreciated,


because when Bradley Wiggins says something people listen. All the


people that watched the women's road race, if they could e-mail the


UCI and say, we want to see more! Get it on TV!


So all, this is the short distance of Dutch countryside that could go


a long way to deciding Emma Pooley's future. 24 kilometres from


about as close to Beldam as you can get without crossing the border to


Vulcan but -- to Valkenburg. It plateaux, then drops down into


Valkenburg, and like all races this week upped the Cauberg, and then


around one kilometre to the finish Wendy Houvenaghel, representing


Great Britain. The 37-year-old, who has had a very impressive career,


she has been four times a silver medal winner in the world


championships for the individual pursuit. She has also won a silver


medal in Beijing for the individual pursuit, and cheers in good form.


She has just clinched an international time-trial in France


over 33 kilometres, and this course Ten-second countdown is indicated


now to Evelyn Stephens, who also won waddled -- one of the World Cup


events earlier in the year. A good strong start by Evelyn


Stephens. She really is attacking this. We have not seen a start like


this yet. That is good. Let's just told she makes it round this left-


hand bend. She will have to back Emma Pooley, she is in superb form.


This kind of course, believe me, with the two claims on it, more


importantly the ascent of the Cauberg, will favour Emma Pooley.


Emma Pooley has been talking about taking an ear out or even retiring


from the sport. Well, I hope that she changes her mind and maybe her


Very strong and determined, this course will suit her, as well.


she is determined, two bronze medals and the silver medal last


year. Can she do better? De Ibiza to will be next to start.


36 years old. -- Judith Arndt. This is a last competitive out in, she


is retiring after the road race on Saturday. -- competitive outing.


She has been a world champion, Judith Arndt, back in 2004, and she


has been a world individual pursuit champion, as well, so she is very


talented. Evelyn Stephens has gone through


fattest through -- through fattest -- she has gone through fastest


She did she she is going quicker than the rest, the American you're


looking at here is the new pace 16 kilometres., Van Dijk is the


leader. Dark she is leading, nearly 43 kilometres per hour around the


circuit. Emma Pooley, the first claim comes


just before 10, muggers. -- just before ten kilometres. I think this


is where she can make up the ground because she is probably the best


climber on the circuit. She really is, she need to make


that time up. I am hoping we will see her pull into that lead when we


get to the final ride of the Cauberg.


This is the finishing effort of Wendy Houvenaghel, and the leader


time is out of each. Quite a surprise, that, because the leader


is a sprinter, Wendy Houvenaghel is a specialist against the clock. I


thought she might have deterred, thought she might have deterred,


but it is fourth for her, and with the competitors still to come and


it looks like she will finish somewhere around eight for maybe


9th. The leader's time is being put to


the sword by Stevens. 17 seconds quicker, this American is flying


around the circuit. She has winds on her wheels here.


Back to Emma Pooley, look at this, she was coming up to the market at


10.7, litters. -- up to the market at 10.7, to us. Seagull 0.56


seconds, Emma Pooley is the leader, faster than Stevens. She will be


getting that information in her radio. It is looking good for Emma


Pooley. Villumsen, or only 10.47 seconds of


the time of Emma Pooley. -- 0.47 seconds.


Back to Judith Arndt, the defending world champion. Still waiting for


her first time split. Emma Pooley is under pressure, and Judith are


not, pulling the curtains down on a star-studded courier, is 6.33


seconds faster than Emma Pooley. A blistering start by the defending


champion. She looks supreme, doesn't she?


This is an impressive time, very impressive by Van Dijk. She get out


of the saddled a sprint for the line. The partisan crowd aren't


really supporting her, 39.7 seconds quicker.


Terrific style by Emma Pooley, the former world champion, so


economical with her efforts. But she has some work to do, because


she is 11.8 seconds off the pace of Stevens of the USA at the second


time split. She has eight kilometres to wipe a way that


deficit. This is Stevens, threatening the time of the Dutch


woman. I tell you what, it looks like Stevens will become the new


leader. Here she comes, Stevens our bags at the line. Cheers 20 seconds


faster than the leader and is in Let's have a look at this time at


16 kilometres. Only five seconds off the pace of Stevens, which


means Emma Pooley is in the bronze- medal position at that split time.


Judith Arndt is six times a medallist in the time-trials, so


she knows her way around the time- trial course better than most.


impressively approaching the 16 kilometres split, and the


American's type is under threat. 10 seconds taken off it, so Judith


Arndt is, at the moment, showing that the rest of the way here.


Emma Pooley, taking that left-hand turn in Valkenburg, and this is the


climb where we will see what Emma Pooley has got left. Can she see --


can she get herself on the top spot? This is the style we


associate with Emma Pooley, dancing on those paddles, and she is one of


the greatest climbers on the women's circuit. Look at Villumsen,


the Kiwi is absolutely flying. Nobody has the power to beat


today's art, but she is going well. -- the power to beat Judith Arndt.


She is taking the turn that Emma Pooley just took. Slowly, very


steady, cautious. On to the Cauberg, one more rider to take that left-


hander, Judith Arndt. It looks like a strong finish from Emma Pooley.


The does look like a strong finish, but she will need it, she will


really have to apply it. And look at this, absolutely reduced almost


to a standstill on the climb up. This is the difference, she is in


the saddle, I don't think she is covering as much ground per pedal


Rev atoll as Pooley was. Emma Pooley is getting to the line, is


she going to get a medal? She is not going to deny Stevens.


Can she put the Netherlands cyclist down into the bronze medal


position? A big effort for Emma Pooley, it is going to be closed.


Emma Pooley is in the silver-medal position, 15 seconds off the pace


for Stevens, but there are still two water, and they are dangerous


competitors. -- two more It is looking like a successful


defence for the German, and Stephens knows that she is under


There is the time that Emma Pooley has put in, Stevens is looking at


the Big Clock, she is wondering if our effort will be good enough to


give her the gold medal. I think it could slip a way here, or is she


still going to be in gold? That is exactly how it is going to be, she


comes up to the line, Villumsen in silver medal position. Emma Pooley


is in the bronze at the moment, but I think she is going to have to


settle for fourth because we have the defending world champion,


Judith Arndt, on a blistering ride today. She is eating up the final


metres. Here she comes inside the concluding 300 metres, a cracking


ride, also by Stevens, who will settle for silver. Here she comes,


the 36-year-old the defending world champion is going to take the gold


medal again. Terrific piece of riding, Judith Arndt takes the gold


medal, Stevens get the silver. For Emma Pooley, one shy of the podium,


she will finish today in fourth Let me come from the positions


Wendy Houvenaghel having to settle for 14.


It is a bit disappointing. And hindsight you look at it and think,


it was quite close. I could not have gone faster than the wider.


They were much faster. There was naught one point that I could say


they were faster, I must have been slow all the way around. It was a


very fast race, there was a tailwind almost the entire way, so


it was quite fast. I tried to go hard in the beginning because the


start is sometimes my problem, I am too slow, then I tried to call


really hard before the last descent down to Valkenburg, because on the


descent you get a little bit of a rest so you can go hard before that.


It helps that then you have the stage that flattened out at the top,


you are able to reserve a little bit for that last pushed to the


finish? A yes, I think that has had duly the hardest part of the race,


when you come to the flat part, in your head you think, OK, decline is


over, but it is still very hard. Then it is a mental thing.


course, the road race to come, the form is there, can you said this to


one side and concentrate on that? Yes, I hope so. The time-trials is


a good indicator, but there are a few people who did not rate in the


time-trial, like Marianne Vos, obviously. We will see, I am a bit


disappointed at the moment, but we will see. How does it feel to be


back in this wonderful rainbow jersey? I don't really know what to


Jennifer Arndt, a worthy champion? I think she is, five or six times


now. If anybody knows how to time trial, she's the rider to do it, on


this circuit as well, it's technical and she measured it


perfectly. Retiring at the end of this. We'll see her in the road


race but she's been a worthy champion? She really has and she


went out there and it showed what it meant as well to everyone around,


the way that she finished. She didn't know she'd finished by the


way she was looking and asking there. She was probably relieved


and she'll be looking goord to Saturday's road race as well --


looking forward. She benefitted from the wind didn't she? From the


commentary it doesn't seem too bad but once the circuit opens up, a


rider like that would benefit with the wind, especially someone like


Emma Pooley there, she wouldn't have had much benefit from the wind


like that. What did you make of Emma Pooley's performance today?


For me I was really disappointed for her. I know she came into this


race, she was really going for it, she had good form, fantastic many


the road race and the Olympics and the course would have suited her a


lot more than it did in London. Ten, 15 clom terse where we have the


tail wind, that was where she seemed to lose the time - tsh


kilometres. I thought she was able to bring it back, but she ran out


of legs, disappointed and I'm sure upset. Great Britain's Eleanor


Barker was bidding to upgrade her silver from last year to gold. The


18-year-old was the enultimate cyclist to tackle the course and


was up at every time check. She stormed home to win by an


impressive 35 seconds following in the fat steps of fellow Welsh rider


Nicole Cooke who won this very title 11 years ago. How does it


feel to wear the rain po jersey? hasn't sunk in yet -- rainbow


jersey? But to absolutely emphatically win it in a quality


field. When you look at the times, you are obviously in the form of


your life? Oh, yes, I didn't feel it, you know, for the first couple


of K I felt it was hard and finishing was a long way away but I


got into a rhythm and had no idea what the time gaps were or anything,


just rode my hardest. Barker provided the perfect lead-out for


Lucy Garner. Having crested the Cowberg with 100 metres to go she


broke clear of the sprinting group of around 20 riders. She celebrated


her 18th birthday on Thursday and becomes the only woman to win back-


to-back junior titles following in the footsteps of Nicole Cooke.


year when I won was a dream come true and to win it again on the


course it was, I just am really speechless, I just can't believe


it's happened. The team that I had around me, all the girls just


worked so hard to help me defend my title so this jersey isn't for me


really, it's for the whole team because they helped me so much, I


can't thank them all enough. wondered whether the lumps and


bumps on this course would end up with a sprint finish but you looked


super strong at the start there? was training for the hills because


I knew it would be hilly. The last climb I enjoyed it, the amount of


people cheering you on gives you that edge. You have to keep digging


deep and making sure you stay right near the front. That's what I did


and luckily I managed to hold it over the top. Heerlin is the town


where a young Belgian rider with a big future won his first ever


professional road race title, his name of course was Eddiemm Merks


and the year was 1967. It serves as the starting point for the time


trial for the men's Championships. Britain's sole representative is


Alex Dowsett looking to get over the disappointment of missing the


Games entirely. I had a nasty accident in March. I


broke my Elle low. In an operation I got a bug which means I spent a


lot of time off the bike, having four operations. I had a good team


trial so surprised myself a bit. Hopefully go out there, do the best


I can and see what happens. It must have been frustrating to be off the


bike for so long, this year particularly knowing there were so


many opportunities around and not being able to grab them? For sure,


the Olympics was a real kick in the teeth for me. When I first broke my


elbow I still thought I could do it and as things got progressively


worse I knew it was ruled out. I still watched it and supported them


100%, didn't take anything away and I've set my sights for Rio now. If


I would have been in London, I would have been there to raid and


support, I think in Rio I can be a medal contender. Could you see a


time when you wouldn't get on the bike or this year might have had to


have been written off? No. My view and my parents' view are quite


different. I was just going to think about it being a they. My arm


were out here and my parents were worried about me keeping my arm. It


was never a question for me as to whether I would get back on the


bike. I can see why your parents were worried with the infection.


You have other health problems as well? Yes, I suffer from


haemophilia, that should have been the main factor but was a minor


issue in the elbow break. I was just very unlucky to pick up the


bug. Yeah, my mum worries. She thinks all mothers of eem fill yaks


should get free face-lifts on the Wiggins and Froome winning medals


in the time trial in London. How much inspiration do you take from


the fact they've been able to perform so well? It's mad that I'm


watching it on telly doing these amazing things and they are my


team-mates. Last time I was there. Lance Armstrong and the under 23


team, that was me last time that they were riding it in the Olympics,


it's a bit crazy, but, you know, hopefully I'll take it in my stride.


The riders turn out of Heerlen and wind through vineyards to volcano


volcano. -- Valkenberg. There is a head wind awaiting them at the top.


Alex Dowsett, the current national time trial champion got a silver in


the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and he's a former under 23 European


champion. 23 years of anal, Dowsett. So down the ramp safely. Just


starting his test against the clock. These cobbles very, very greasy


indeed. He's approaching the first left hander and he needs to be


vigilant here. Haven't seen a faller yet. He's setting off.


Dowsett. Difficult conditions out there for all these riders but


Dowsett, a nice easy, gentle start. He was checking out the course


yesterday and let us see how he goes.


Kiryienka who has been a world champion on the track in his career.


Had one or two good stage victories on his CV as well. Not quite quick


enough to deny the lead of Gruzdev but may post a time quicker than


Zoidl of Austria. Yes, second place.


Here we are. Van Garderen. What a future he has ahead of him. He gets


under way, only 24 years of age, this American. Saturated with


talent, rode very, very well in the team time trial last Sunday. A


member of the BMC squad. They got pipped to the top podium position


by a tad over three seconds. Takes that left hander very comfortably.


Here is Alex Dowsett approaching the summit. 38 kilometres. Let us


have a lack at his time. He's not going to deny Gruzdev the lead but


he'll be ahead of one or two other Settles down for the run to the


Cowberg. Good riding by Dowsett. He's here as more of a learning


ground really and we'll be looking for him over the next two or three


years to be really pushing forward. Marco Pinotti from Italy. A veteran


at 36, but I'll tell you what, he's a brilliant time trialer. He won


the final time trial actually. I've read a few things that he's been


saying in the last week or so and all his numbers and figures are


right up there better than they were before. An outside chance for


a medal here for Pinotti. First glimpse of the defending world


champion, Tony Martin. Silver medal winner in London to the great


Bradley Wiggins. He's quietly prepared. Phinney rolls away out of


the starting house carrying on the family tradition. His father was


the second American to win a stage in the Tour de France. Of course,


his mother was the first ever road race champion for women in Los


Angeles in 1984 when she beat Rebecca Twigg to the line by a


whisker. This is the man! Alberto Contador.


He was suspended this summer with a drug issue but he's now back, and


believe me,s if Contador has turned up to a time trial he will have


done his homework and must seriously think he has a chance


here. Really aggressive riding. He won't be here just to fill the


numbers, that's for sure. Contador already showing he wants to to a


ride. The defending world champion now. Tony Martin. He's won the tour


of Belgium this year and he was a member of the Pharma Queen


Elizabeth Step squad that clinched the medal in the time trial.


Had a puncture last time out. Let's hope that doesn't happen.


He was third in 2010, third in 2009 and has a long list of impressive


time trial victories in different stages. Had success in Paris and


the Algarve. What a two minute man to chase, none other than Alberto


Contador. We'll see the difference in styles of these riders. Tony


Martin a big gear merchant, strong powerful rider. Dowsett comes to


the finish now. Here is Dowsett approaching the finish and this is


a respectable time for Dowsett. He won't deny Gruzdev the overall lead.


He's ridden consistntly throughout the test here -- consistently. Alex


Dowsett of Great Britain, the man that took the silver in the


Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. Dowsett will stop the clock now and


his time is 29 seconds shy of the leader. At the moment he's second.


That is a good ride by Dowsett. Solid performance. This is what we


wanted to see. That's the first shot we've seen of Tony Martin.


Doesn't look like he's going very fast there, probably on a bit of a


drag, but the pedal stroke is very, very slow. He really does turn a


big, big gear and grind it round. Now, Kiryeinka takes 11 seconds off


Gruzdev to become the new leader. This competition is hotting up. 7.6


seconds faster than Gruzdev of Kazakhstan.


Still quite a way to go, but it's an impressive display many the


early stages. You would expect this from a former world individual


champion. The crowd recognise the class of the ride. Phinney looks


ahead to see how far to go. Only two more riders to go quicker than


him, that's Martin and Contador. 15 seconds faster. He wanted a good


start, couldn't have asked for much better than that. You can see that


Contador is whizzing up the mountains. Tell you what, he's


certainly not setting the road alight here and look how slow he is


compared with Phinney after 14 kilometres. He's lost 40 seconds.


It's possible that he's not recovered from Spain. A mountain


climb tour this with the crowd packing in on both sides. The echo


of applause is certainly helping Tony Martin here as the final


metres to the line are being wiped away. It's going to be close. It's


going to be very close and these two have certainly put the markers


down in the early stages and it's Martin of Germany vPhinney of the


US. Is he going to pip the time of Phinney? No, look at this, there it


At the moment, Marco Pinotti is going well, but really at the


moment the gold and silver medals are between Taylor Phinney and


Tommy Martyn. Look at that! -- Tony Martin.


D was certainly eight inches away from that exit there.


A we have a crash! Marco Pinotti has gone down. Marco Pinotti, who


was threatening the bronze medal on the last time split as hit the dip


quite heavily. That is going to be crushing for his morale, there.


That is a disaster. Here is a chance to see it, there must be a


wet patch there. Yes, he got his weight backwards. He was out of the


saddle, he got his weight over the back, slightly too quick, hit the


white line at his front wheel went down from under him. Marco Pinotti,


with that very heavy fall has it that -- decided to abandon. They


will take that bike, put it on the back, and there will be some tears


there, he was going well. That will be disastrous, I am wondering about


his collarbone. He has had his shoulder, definitely. -- he has


injured his shoulder. Tony Martin has Alberto Contador in his sights


now. The clock is ticking away, I think


that is going to be faster, 13.26 seconds faster than Taylor Phinney


at the 27 kilometres split. Gold and silver medals now to Tony


Martin and Taylor Phinney of the USA. Tony Martin is going to make


the catch here within the next ten metres. Here he comes, the German


defending world champion at 27 years of age, Tony Martin, about to


catch Alberto Contador. He goes past Alberto Contador, who started


ahead of them. Here comes Taylor Phinney, look at his style! Will he


is absolutely flying. He is going to catch this week by the end of


this. He is going to be one minute quicker. No hint of weakness, at


all. One minute six seconds faster than Gruzdev. Martin, looking as


though he is going to be 20 seconds or something like that ahead of


Taylor Phinney. The crowd closing and a little bit, giving the Ryder


a corridor to go through. That look at this, how much will lead does he


have? It will not be quite as much as I thought. He is starting to


lose that advantage, it is down to 8.6 seconds. I was estimating 20,


but that is obviously crumbling away. We're in for a grand


Phoenicia. That is going to be all about the Cauberg, who can get up


the Cauberg quickest? Here comes Tejay van Garderen. Can he beat the


time of Vasil Kiryienka? What is a long way, kilometres from the


centre of the Cauberg. The young American looks as though it is


within his ability to topple Vasil Kiryienka. Nor, it not! It is very,


very close the door. Second spot for Tejay van Garderen, only 4.3


seconds slower than Vasil Kiryienka. I have been working it out, Rob, I


think that Alex Dowsett is guaranteed a top-ten finish, and


that is brilliant in the world elite time-trial championship.


this course that certainly was not predicted. This is Taylor Phinney,


and that indicates he is 17 seconds back, meaning he lost nine seconds


since the last time split over Maarten. He is seated on the try


bars. It looks like he has lost a bit of power and emptied himself


out on the road. He possibly has a few of who is ahead of him and that


possibly pulled him out a bit too much, maybe. This could certainly


helped Taylor Phinney, 1.7 kilometres from the top of the


claim, and it is a flat, rolling approach to the finish line. Being


a former world pursuit champion he could really close down. He will


chase him down, but 17 sift -- 17 seconds deficit is a lot to ask


over such a short distance. Tony Martin, trying to take every single


advantage, maximum aerodynamics. obviously reckons that is more


profitable than trying to lever the big gear. There is his running time,


he is not going to be to Vasil Kiryienka, so Vasil Kiryienka is


still bleeding. There is Taylor Phinney's time, the new tank to


beat his 58 minutes 44 seconds. Vasil Kiryienka is in the silver-


medal position. A great ride by Taylor Phinney. It will be very


tight on the line, and I bet Taylor Phinney cannot look at the big


screen on the clock. He is nearing the finishing funnel. There is the


time ticking away, 58.44 is the mark to beat. It is getting nearer


and needed, and I don't think Taylor Phinney can look at the


clock, this is the finishing effort. Tommy Martyn is gulping in the air.


The race face is on as he looks ahead to the gantry and the line.


The crowd is warming to them, it is going to be inside 10 seconds on


the line. You becomes, Martin wins the world title for the second gear


in a role. Only 5.3 seconds faster than Taylor Phinney. He knows he


has certainly been in a scrap. Here comes Alberto Contador. Will he


need that time of the British rider, Alex Dowsett? Law! Role what a


scalp that is -- no! What a skulk that is for Alex Dowsett. A great


ride for Alex Dowsett, but what a great ride by the defending


champion. He was in absolute purgatory for the last couple of


kilometres, he really did empty the tank. He got absolutely everything


tank. He got absolutely everything out. The race of his life, there is


the official result, Tony Martin wins the world title for the second


year running. Taylor Phinney, after a fourth and the Olympic Games and


fourth in the time-trial, gets the silver medal in the world time-


trial championships. Vasil Kiryienka gets the bronze. The a


Kiryienka gets the bronze. The a brilliant ride by Alex Dowsett to


place eighth. I heard that Taylor Phinney was


always between 10 seconds in front always between 10 seconds in front


of me or behind me. I always had to keep on fighting. Even on the


Cauberg, I heard he was quite close, I had to go full risk at the end,


and the last 500 metres were anxious for me. I could not


continue sitting on the bike after the finish, I just wanted to lay


down and take a minute's rest. That was one of my hardest finals are


over. It is another bullet -- unbelievable week for me. If you'd


told me this morning that I would be a silver medallist in the time-


trial I would have been really happy, but at the moment I am not


really feeling the happiness. I probably look a little bit angry on


the podium, I definitely shed a couple of tears after the finish.


It is just when you have an event that is an hour long you can look


back and see five-second pretty easily, one corner here or there,


may be an acceleration, maybe a spot where you peaked too much.


That is cycling, and I have to just accept it. Two years ago you want


the under 23 world title in Australia. -- you took the under 23


world title. He and now you have a silver medal, you must believe you


can become a world champion? Will - - our world champion? A deux was a


big confidence booster for me going into this race, and even the races


into the upcoming years. I am excited for the next couple of


world-championships and the chances I will have come at but -- but it


is difficult to think a year ahead now. I thought of tenth yesterday,


but that was ambitious. We went out on the road race, stuck to a our


plan and I managed to pace the race really well. I finished quite


strongly, with a couple of claims there, and I felt as strong at the


end as I did at the start. I learnt a lot. I have shone, Rod and Bobby


to thank for that. You look down the time she can see the likes of


Alberto Contador below you, you must take confidence from that?


have not had an ideal here this year, so this is really encouraging.


But I am pleased with this result, there is room for improvement, so


next year, if I am selected, I'll be coming here with aspirations of


a podium. What an exciting finish. You must have enjoyed that.


last part of that race, nip and tuck with Tommy Martyn, that was


great. Taylor Phinney distraught at the finish, but it really was tough


racing. The head wind, as well, of the finish, it really did play a


part, I think. It was etched on their faces. The effort that the


riders put it was great to see. the end, it did Sue Dettori Martin,


because of the wind and the nature of the course, it was a time


trialist course, wasn't it? Yes, we saw it catching Alberto Contador,


and at the end we saw Taylor Phinney also get a catch, very


nearly, which helped to pull them out. It was swings and roundabouts,


fortunately neither of the riders took punk tunes, as they did in the


Tour de France, and the conditions took up -- played a part. -- took


punctures. The Italian, Marco Pinotti, again going for the bronze


medal, so close for him, distraught, but a fantastic race. The weather


played its part, but in the end to the best man won. Alex Dowsett had


mixed conditions on the road, but for him to finish in eighth place


is very impressive, isn't it? coming into a time-trial at world


level like this, top 10 would have been more than we could ask for.


One discourse, as well, top 15, sought to get eighth place, that


really was good at. It is a good sign for him. People be looking to


get up there in two or three years' time, so to be doing that already


in this class of race is great. let slip a little into the future,


the road race tomorrow. Huge excitement to see Mark Cavendish


back again. It seems like yesterday we were in Copenhagen celebrating


that win. What are your thoughts? Time has gone so quick over the


last year. In the British team, we have a strong team on paper, but it


is certainly going to be different to last year. They had one that


really strong goal and that was to be set three years ago. This time,


we have a new rider, Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, who want the tour of


Britain last week. Why are not going to put too much pressure on


him but I think he is going to be one of the stronger riders of the


team, he ably looked after by the likes of Chris Froome, murk


Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins, if that is to the goal for. -- Mark


Cavendish. Spain, they really do have all the cards, they have a


really strong team, possibly too strong. Against them is the fact


that they are all team leaders, and that is not good.


Albs thank you. Albs thank you.


A you can join us tomorrow morning for live coverage of the men's road


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