27/09/2014 Cycling


Jonathan Edwards presents live coverage of the women's road race from cycling's World Road Championships in Ponfrerrada, Spain.

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Lizzie Armitt said is going to take the gold medal. Nobody within sight.


Mark Cavendish is champion of the world. Bradley Wiggins powers


towards the line. Chris Froome is the champion of this 100th to a


difference. -- to a the castle of the Knights Templar


here in north-west Spain. The Knights took possession of this to


protect pilgrims on the road to Santiago to Compostela. The pilgrims


still come, the Knights have long since gone. Until this week. So


Bradley Wiggins, can he add the world time trial title to his


mightily impressive record? Tony Martin going for a fourth world


title in a row. It is going to be the fastest four seconds. Martin


leading the way, Wiggins usually so good at measuring his effort.


Feeling the heat. Martin 2.5 seconds slower than Bradley Wiggins. His


back is against the wall now. Wiggins is going to have to produce


the descent of his life here. This is going to be the fastest time,


will it be a gold? Here comes Tony Martin. He is not going to do it.


Bradley Wiggins is the world champion. Good afternoon from


Ponferrada. Bradley Wiggins already set that record. Extended highlights


coming later on after the main event, the women's road race. We


will focus on the women's road race first, a comment on Bradley's


performance on Wednesday. For me it was an amazing ride. There has been


talk about his form this year. To say, yes, I still have got it. It


was a fantastic ride. To put Tony Martin to bed way he did. He did not


just win the world time trial, he beat Tony Martin, who was on form.


Certainly mission accomplished by Bradley Wiggins. In great form. A


knight in shining armour, there is always a damsel in distress. We have


a damsel in the women's road race, she is not in distress though.


Armitstead now putting in the full gas. The British champion wins. That


was a stunning display. The World Cup leader, Lizzie Armitstead hits


the front. It will be a drag race to the end. Lizzie Armitstead is the


winner of the women's World Cup, there she is in the jersey she has


worn all season. She will not be denied here in Glasgow, it is gold


for Lizzie Armitstead, gold for England in the women's road race.


Lizzie Armitstead our big hope for gold here in Ponferrada. It has been


a coming of age for her this year. Absolutely, she ticked off the boxes


this year, started the season strong and a lot of people thought wow. She


has been on form. Very confident. To win the Commonwealth Games this year


is another thing she has under her belt. She is informed to do it this


year. That Commonwealth title you sense meant a huge amount to Lizzie.


I think the Commonwealth Games means an awful lot to all of the riders


there. It was a world-class field, she showed everybody a clean pair of


heels. She gave her team-mates the confidence in her to go for that one


goal. Talking about confidence, she often seems timid. We have seen a


different Lizzie, her interviews before were almost bullish about her


chances. Why not? She has won the races she targeted with fine form


and confidence. She looks fantastic, every time she goes out there she


knows she has done the work. She is able to have confidence that she is


ready for it. Does it worry you that she has been quite so vocal about


her chances? No, bring it on. I think so. It is a good sign.


Possibly what has given her more confidence is the fact that Voss is


not coming into this race 100%. She is still the favourite. She does not


need to be because she has so much in hand, but it will give her and


some other riders some confidence for getting on top spot today. In


cycling you have to have a great team behind you. Let's hear from the


British team. I would like to be world champion, it is the first year


where I can come to a prerace interview and say that with some


genuinely believe in it. It is a real traditional time --


transitional time, what is the feeling? It is really nice at the


moment because there are lots of developing riders coming through. It


is a really good opportunity for the younger girls to experience the


elite women's World Championships. What about the team British cycling


has put around you? I am really happy that Hannah Barnes and Lucy


Garner are here to support me like in the Commonwealth Games, I really


trust them. The team mountain bikers are the best in the world at what


they do, no reason why they should not have an impact on the road. The


reason they have mountain bikers in this road race is because the course


is hilly, there is a technical percent. The course will be suited


to the mountain bike style. Lizzie, the goal is to get her at the front.


It will be either going with things early on or protecting the race


later on if Lizzie is out in front. This year going to the Commonwealth


Games and this, it feels I am developing and they are noticing. I


am looking forward to proving I am worth a spot. Hannah Barnes chasing


her down. What is your main role? Trying to get the early breaks.


Hopefully it will be similar to the Commonwealth Games where we control


it and Lizzie goes away with the group. For me it will be trying to


chase down attacks, hopefully surviving the climate, it is a very


tough course like last year. Not as tough, but still a really hard race.


I hope I can survive and help out as much as I can. What is the plan for


Lizzie? This course has Lizzie written all over it. She is in good


form and I think she can really go for the win here. It is a relentless


course, that is what Suits Me, repeated efforts with minimal


recovery is what Suits Me and what I will try to benefit from. When I


look around the competition I don't believe there is anybody that should


be able to drop me on this course, I should make it to the finish with a


select group. The winner, the golden girl of world cycling, Marianne Voss


from the Netherlands. She is always someone to beat at the World


Championships, she is definitely not as good as she normally is. I think


I have the opportunity to become world champion, if I don't, I will


be disappointed, but it is the best chance I have ever had. Lucy Garner


and Hannah Barnes part of that Commonwealth winning team. Noel Emma


Pooley, though. Lizzie Roper at Hannah Barnes and Lucy Garner at the


Commonwealth Games, had them right at her side. -- Lizzie road with. A


couple of mountain bikers in there. Controversially. I think they will


be enjoying this. When she saw the dissent in training, everybody said


it was technical, she said there are no rocks, no trees, nothing in her


way, it will not faze her, she will be able to go up the climb. Distance


may play a part, mountain biking is a short event, but much sharper,


higher effort. She fully deserves her place. There has been some


criticism of their selection, given they are not experienced on the


road. There has been, of course, but Lizzie Armitstead has come into this


with confidence she can win, she will have had input into the team.


It is down to what support she feels she needs. They seem to be very


confident about that course, something that will suit Lizzie. She


says the fact it is a relentless. The climbs on their own are not


particularly tough, it is the fact they come lap after lap and there is


a lot of chasing in between. Chasing is key. If she likes the course,


likes the weather, it is good. We will talk about the contenders,


already drama on the course, the race started at 2pm British time. We


can bring you up-to-date with a very dramatic start to the race. Big, big


crash year, a lot of riders going down and had a lot of riders going


down underground here. A very sizeable proportion of the peloton


down, some of them have clearly fallen extremely heavily here. A


couple of the American riders down, I can see 23 there, Taylor of the


United States. 110, who was 12th in the time trial. This looks very


nasty for a couple of the riders, one of the Americans in real


trouble, it seems. Canada with two riders on the floor, at least half


of their team. What an enormous crash that is. Heating


oh my goodness. What an awful crash for so many riders in the race.


Let's hope it is not as serious as it looks potentially for one or two


of them. None of the riders from New Zealand, not sure who that was,


catapulted down the centre of the road. I think that rider was


potentially from New Zealand. Confirmation of some of those who


have fallen. There is an American ride on the far side of the road who


looks as though she has a real problem. We hope that is not as


serious as it looks. We have seen some tumble so far in pond for RADA,


but nothing to compare, that was a horror. Very, very frightening to


see. -- so far in pond for Voss came down hard. Both are back


in the peloton now, but something like that, what will it do to them?


What has it taken out of them? I imagine the riders upfront would


have neutralised the race to a certain extent, road tempo, when the


Italian game through she was on her own behind the car and a lot further


back. It is good that those two are back in the peloton, but how much


has it taken out of them? What does Lizzie do? She has come through


that, she knows that Georgie and Voss have come down, how does it


play into her tactics? It will add to her confidence. She lost a


team-mate in Lucy Garner. Lizzie will have taken confidence to see


the race had to be neutralised for Voss to come back. She knows it


takes a lot out of the legs for them to do that and mentally as well.


Lizzie will be feeling very confident. As you mentioned,


Marianne has had problems this week, she pulled out of the team time


trial, we think she has a hamstring problem. She is not firing on all


cylinders. Even when you talk to the Dutch they don't really know where


she is act. She can afford to give a few percent away. -- where she is


act. One of the riders she has looked that as a possible contender


is a French rider. Who rides on the same professional team. One of the


hottest contenders for today because they have raised so much together


they know each other's strengths. Voss would be a fitting team-mate.


These two have been out for a spin on the course. Puffing and panting.


I loved every minute. It is the climbs that will prove decisive.


Only a few kilometres in, a punchy little climb. Back end of the race?


It feels good when you are fresh, after a few laps it could start to


hurt a little bit. If that is the toughest climb of the day we will be


fine. I can feel that! Ouch. I thought that was the climb at the


castle, but that is really going to take it out of everyone, we are 200


metres higher than the castle. The sprinters will struggle to hold on.


Definitely, once they are up there. Might be OK for a couple of laps. I


hope that is the hardest bit done. Right, that is definitely the top.


That last kilometre is where the damage can be done, all the way down


to the finish as well, any gap you have got at the top, it will be


extremely difficult to get back on the run-in. Race you down. Game on.


It is a tough course. It is very tough. That crime is harder than it


looks on the profile. I did not expect it to be that hard, that


first bit past the castle is OK, good legs, start the second climb


and it keeps going. If it is wet it will change the race, flip it on its


head, it will be completely different. It is not one for the


pure sprinters, pure climbers, it is not one. You need to be in really


good form. Extremely good shape. Unlike me. I need a copy. My legs


are burning. -- huffy. Copy? Testing. That massive crash, when


you have fallen down it is even more challenging. Simon? COMMENTATOR:


Thank you, Jonathan, welcome everybody. The race noticeably


affected by that crash on the last lap, a number of riders held up,


many forced to abandon. There may well have been another crash, one of


the riders from Israel has fallen. This rider fell a few minutes ago


for Australia. Looking less than happy, gingerly taking this dissent.


The news from the British point of view is positive, Lizzie Armitstead


towards the front, out of trouble. Two of the big favourites, the


defending champion came through the finish line 43 seconds down.


Immediately after the crash. Georgia from Italy had one team-mate with at


one 57. Over the last few minutes they have got back into the peloton.


The bronze medal time trial winner in the Commonwealth Games looks as


though her day is done at this world road race championship. World Cup


winner Armitstead is prominent at the front of the race for Great


Britain are staying out of trouble so far. We have seen two crashes


already. We are inside the final 80 kilometres. Pleased to say that will


surely more and Rob Hayles have made it back to the commentary box. Letta


we caught the end of the crash. We are not up-to-date with who is back


in the peloton. There is a bell Russian rider who looks like she has


received a bash. -- rider from Belarus. The Italian felt


quite hard, did not look like she would get back up and get back in.


It would be interesting to know how Voss is and how that crash has


knocked her about. It takes a toll on your mental condition. Her


team-mate looked like she was struggling. We had a little look.


Belgian lost a couple of riders. Some very heavy fall is. -- for


loans. Germany trying to control most of


this women's road race so far. They go over the second of the two climbs


per lap, this will be the key part of the race as the race goes on.


This may be where it is won and lost. You can see the Italians


getting together. In the black helmet with two white lines. That is


Georgia. The Italians are still there, they have got themselves


together. It will be interesting to see if they stick to the plan.


Australia looking weekend. -- looking week. It is not a great


situation, it was an awful crash, travelling at such high speed.


Alison Powers fell heavily in that crash. Good signs for the Italian


rider, it will have taken a lot out of her, the crash. She is upfront


with her team-mates, that will help her psychologically. The Italian


hanging in there. As the riders head up the climb. One kilometre long,


this second climb. Kelly Taylor, one of the Australians we saw, made it


back. She managed to make it back, so a few riders back in the peloton,


they will have worked extremely hard to get there. Pauline was in sixth


place towards the front of the peloton. Last is in good company at


this stage of the race. We have seen Hannah Barnes as well. Last is doing


a good ride, proving her spot here. They will be aware of this part of


the ride. There will be gaps opening up, trying to get their confidence


back. Four kilometres away from the next passage over the line. 68


riders in that front group. Just off the back, the Netherlands, Italy.


The Germans must be planning something because they are really


driving the pace on the front, splitting up towards the back of the


bunch. They look like they have control of this race at this point.


The Italians starting to gather towards the front, keeping a close


eye on things. There will be a lot of fatigue starting to creep into


the legs. This is where you have to watch out. When gaps start opening


you need to be wary of that quickly, can't afford to let a big gap go and


try and chase it down, unless you have team-mates with you. Those


riders that have positioned themselves well at the front, been


out of the accident, dodging around riders on the ground, they will have


an advantage mentally and physically going into the next lap here and the


next climbs. They have not had to deal with that. And the nervousness


of seeing an accident can play on your mind, you get more tense and


cautious. Not hanging around on this dissent in towards Ponferrada. Two


calamitous to the line. Whatever happens on the last lap, it will be


a wild chase down this twisting, technical dissent before they reach


the flat roads leading to the finish. On the back of the peloton,


just off the back, the Russian rider. About 15 seconds there from


the front of the peloton to the last ride on the back. Position will be


key going into the last lap will stop a long way to go. Looking


forward to the last lap and the descent into the finish. You really


have to be up near the front. Here we are, back with the front of


the race, we will see them coming through the finish in the not too


distant future. Almost three laps in the bag now. This is about the only


place on the circuit where there seems to be some kind of recovery.


Riders just getting their breath, plenty having a drink. Keeping up on


the fluids, it is fairly warm out there now. Hannah Barnes may come


into your picture shortly on the left. There she is, Hannah Barnes.


Lizzie Armitstead always staying near the front without having to


show her face. That is Evelyn Stevens, a big smile at the back of


the peloton, she is one of the favourites of the race in the USA.


She will be glad to be in one piece after a couple of her team-mates


ended up on the deck. Hannah Barnes at 21. Finishing her first with the


American squad, United health care. A couple of good early-season


results. Made a good early impression with her team. The


Swedish rider we just saw. The national champion of Sweden only


last year, Emily. Four laps to go. The German leading the way ahead of


Lauren Hall from the United dates. -- United States. Last in the top 25


as they came over the line. Someone from the Netherlands doing a bicycle


change, very quick change, back onto the back of the peloton. Lizzie


Armit said, 27 rider, over the line. -- Lizzie Armitstead. She has not


had any moments of panic as a result of crashes so far. The adrenaline


will have been coursing through the veins of the Italian rider, Georgia.


After that crash three kilometres from the finish at the end of the


lap, Georgia was nearly two minutes down when she went past the


commentary position here. Her team-mates will have worked hard to


get her back into that peloton. The peloton regrouped.


You can have all of the prerace talk of favourites, who is in form, who


is out of form, but a crash like that, it's decimated the field.


The rider in the black, with the White helmets, up towards the front,


up towards the front of the peloton, as they rode past.


Stephen just happy to ride at the back, the American rider, but she


has certainly been one to keep an eye on. Fifth in the World


Championship road race last year, already has a medal from the World


Championships. Her specialised squad were winning that one.


Eight in the Pan-American Championships of three years ago,.


The Australian making contact with the back of the peloton, she is back


in there, to strengthen the team. With Tiffany Cromwell. Comfortably


sitting near the front. Not as animated as we thought it would be


maybe everybody, perhaps the teams are trying to get together and


communicate with one another. As well, by the time we have got to


today, we have seen a few races go out earlier, over the last couple of


days. They begin to form a pattern. The riders coming back to the hotels


in the evening, the younger riders, asking how it was, there is


discussions. You come into this week with a loose plan. Once you begin to


talk to the other directors and riders in the team, you realise, it


is very difficult out there, and all of a sudden it is going to hit you,


especially if it is warm like it is today. They could very well be


planning for things to happen extremely late on in the last two


laps. Those who we know have abandoned the race, which must be as


a result of the crash, include Lizzie Williams, six in the time


trial, Canadian, no longer in the race, Kerchman out of the race, and


Anastasia Chulkova. Silver, of Brazil, Emily Collins, New Zealand,


she is out of the race, -- Silva. From the Czech Republic, Martina


Sablikova. Martina Sablikova did very well, in


11th, in the time trial. She is a three-time Olympic gold medallist


and ten time champion speed skater, she does cycling as a means of


keeping fit in the summer. Here she is performing at the top level, but


sadly, she is out of the race today. From yarn of man, Anna Christian,


leading the way for Great Britain, one of the more promising British


riders. She does not like to just turn up,


she likes to animate a race as long as she is involved. She could


possibly be the youngest rider in the race, it was said earlier on


Twitter, she does not have experience competing at this level


because she is so young. Interesting to see that she is thriving on this


atmosphere. She is a racer, she enjoys being out there. Clear role


to look after Lizzie Armitstead and she is certainly living up to


expectations. British road race champion last year, 25th in the


world junior road race this time last year in Florence, big step up


to go in with the seniors. Anna Christian, just 19 years old. I


mention the Commonwealth Games rider, she finished 18. Lizzie


Armitstead, winner of the World Cup, season-long competition, she has


nearly packed in towards the front of the peloton. Bujak From Poland


leaving her side of the course, she joins the list of TNFs, which will


be growing considerably. I think there is going to be one or two


more. -- DNFs. The Germans still on the front driving the pace, really


good race to this point. I guess there will be some spectators and


people watching on thinking that the Germans may have done too much too


early, they have taken up a lot of the pacemaking, the first part of


the race. They have come into the race with a game plan and they have


not faltered from that even the crash.


Steady climb up to Confederacion. Five kilometres long. Three parts of


the climb reaching 8% in the first two kilometres, the average gradient


4.6. Long old drag. Alison Powers, shorts torn, on the back end of the


peloton. United States team regrouping. Stevens, 22, looking


good. Powers, back in the main field. Also for the United states,


Megan, in front of us, number 18. And the Dutch rider just in front of


her. She was struggling to hold the pace but she is in among the wheels


once again. Alison Powers, as you can see, quite a heavy fall in that


crash. The American personnel will be shaking their heads in disbelief


at the back like they have had. They have lost calm and small before the


race began. She had a accident out training, free riders came down,


Stevens was one of them. She was able to start the team time trial


and the individual team trial, she got the bronze medal but having had


the crash with powers. -- Carmen Small. -- time trial. They have a


very strong team here. Shelley Goltz, being one of the sprinters.


Abbott. -- Shelley Olds. And indicated that she was there or


thereabouts. She definitely has form, she has had a consistent year


this year. Very reliable domestique. A steady pace on the climb to


Confederacion. It'll be interesting to how long up


the climb those three mountain bikers on the other side of the road


are able to cheer them on. Not too much longer, judging by the 1 at the


back. I think that is an electric bike, man at the front, giving a


wave and a smile! But they did well, holding pace with the peloton for a


few seconds! Making sure they keep hydrated in this race. 127.4


kilometres long. There is a mechanical with one of the Italians,


you can see, going back through the peloton. Could be a puncture. Could


be some kind of mechanical. Coming through on race radio about that not


yet. Ukraine up at the front at the moment. One of the riders from


Slovenia decides to make a move at the front. The riders being aided by


a crossed tail wind up here, if you are feeling good, it can go do you


into wanting to attack, if it was a blocked a headwind, it would put you


off, the peloton behind, not too concerned. Only the 1 rider going


clear, happy to let that go with 66.7 kilometres remaining. Stella


Kern may be on the front, riders still coming past the commentary


position, in little groups. She will have been relying on her to


be in it a little bit longer. We knew that Hanson would not have


great support towards the end of the race.


Stella Kern Leading the way. 24-year-old, riding the Giro


d'Italia this year, she was 18th in the Giro Tostano, that is a


pre-championship event towards the end of the season. We saw one of the


riders from Israel go off the front. A little bit further back for


France. A problem at the back. Looking painful, looking like hard


work. That looks like a face that is saying, that is a day for me.


Giorgia Bronzini one Copenhagen. -- won. It is not going to work out for


her today. The leader, out on the road, Kern. The gap is 20 seconds,


it is a long way to go. An awful long way through for an individual


rider to go clear. Trying to keep that going. She is going to be, I


should imagine, she will be hoping that one or two other riders come


across to her. Nobody seems interested in going clear of the


bunch. From the Netherlands, Van Dijk. And next to her, the defending


world champion, Marianne Vos. The Dutch have three defending world


champions. -- three World Championships. -- three world


champions. They have a very strong team, the Dutch. Missing a couple of


big hitters through injury. They have nine riders, they have a


very strong team, but they have lost Anna Van der Breggen coming into the


race. And so that was a big blow. And riders, have gone out. Here is


the leader. Even before she had made the attack, we saw her riding on the


front of the peloton. Shell account. -- should ?pela Kern.


Two of the big favourites had work to do to catch up to the front,


Mariella Voss, who was about three quarters of a minute down, she was


able to get back on, as was Giorgia Bronzini, from Italy, not long after


the crash was nearly two minutes back. The peloton regrouping. Those


riders back in the main field. Anna Christian, we can see, up towards


the front. From Great Britain. It is good to have your team-mates upfront


in vision. Also shows everyone else is the strength in depth, early in


the race. They said that Fallon had been dropped from the peloton, we


saw her, number 31, back in the main field, the Dutch squad, losing the


rider. That is the daughter of a former world champion, back in 1978.


She is a strong rider herself, well-placed the spring. Fifth in


that race. She is unable to contribute anything more today.


First time at the World Championships.


The Dutch team is very difficult to get into. Stevens. Interesting


character, she gave up a high-powered business career to race


as a cyclist? That is correct, and she has just decided that she is


going to sign with a new team. They are becoming a super-team. We may


see the strength transfer over. Did see Armistead. -- they have a new


addition in Chantelle Black, they have Lizzie Armitstead, they have


Van Dijk. . The lead of Spela Kern from Slovenia


is over half a minute. The road goes uphill. Yet again. Up


and over and round, and then on the top left hand of the screen that is


where it begins to level off. They have climbed 200 metres at this


point, above where they start. The first section of the climb down at


the castle. Beautiful shot. Early on. Here, we can see, going over the


top. Spela Kern getting her rhythm. None of the big nations are showing


their hand so far in this race. It is interesting, there has not been


any real attacks from the big nations. There was talk about


Marianne Vos, playing a more conservative role with the Dutch


team, and not going out on the attack and opening themselves up...


They want to save themselves for the end of the race. Marianne Vos can


kick off on that climb like nobody else. It is possible they will be


relying upon that. We will see. A lot of talk and confusion in the


week among people who are quite close to it, as to quite what her


condition is. There has been a big question mark over what has


happened. She pulled out of a couple of races. Yes, and she pulled out of


another Tour before the finish. Some people were saying that she was not


quite right, that she was injured. We have heard so many stories, that


she had knee pain, back pain, no problems. That her form is not


there, that she was sick. At the end of the day, a report from her


brother today, saying that they were playing it safe coming into the


World Championships. Some people see it as a negative, in reality, it may


have been a positive indication, she was going 100% for the World


Championships. Would we see anything into the way that she Road in the


team time trial? It may have been playing it safe. Unfortunately for


her, it may have saved her. -- fortunately for her. The horrific


accident, she had already dropped off back. Was it nerves? Was it


form? Was she thinking that she was going to go hard and then pull up,


with a very short effort. That is what we do not know, Marianne Vos


knows how to peak for a World Championship. We can only assume


that all of these things that have been indications of form may not be


there, it may be the complete opposite. What about the unity of


the Dutch team? Some riders have been team-mates but moving


elsewhere. Next year. Traditionally there has been a lot of Dutch riders


on Rabobank. There has been a few announcements that if you of the


riders from that team are leaving to go to other teams for new


opportunities, or just a change. It is not a negative thing, riders


deciding they will leave a strong team, perhaps it can be that they


want a change, they want something different, women cycling is


developing to the point where there is other teams and places to go,


where the environment is very professional. In the past it was


national funded and controlled teams that were very stable. As it becomes


more professional we see there is options out there. If you are a very


strong rider and you fancy yourself, opportunities are likely


to be few and far between, because Marianne Vos is the big name in the


sport, she is the leader of the team. The gap back to the peloton


from Stella Kirn is coming down, she is not being allowed to gain too


much ground. -- Spela Kern. She's very much within range. Number 40,


you can see. Anna Christian. Centre of the picture. Just out of the


saddle. Still in the leading group. And just in front of her, another


rider. In terms of riders, maybe just below that, who could spring a


surprise, would you include her? She would be in my top ten, she is a


punchy rider, she can do very well. She has the power on the steep


climbs. She is somebody who on the top game could match the likes of


Marianne Vos and Lizzie Armitstead. She came over from South Africa to


Europe, she established herself, one of those riders that would do


anything to have an opportunity and probably do it the hard way. The


first year she wrote the Giro d'Italia, she finished in the top


12. -- Road. There is an indication that one day she could be on the


podium at the Giro d'Italia. I would certainly put there in the top ten.


You may remember the coverage of the women's race at the Commonwealth


Games, the road race, tremendous print between her and Stephanie


Cromwell of Australia for the bronze medal and the South African just


managed to get it. -- Tiffany Cromwell. I did not think that I


could pick it, I knew the strength of Ashleigh Moolman, I knew that she


had done sprint work, and Tiffany has been sprinting well as well.


They are the best of the crime is. -- climbers. INAUDIBLE


Feeling quite good and quite confident, she is a rider who could


possibly take a win or a medal here at the World Championships because


she is a racer and she fears nothing. She has a couple of


team-mates from Australia there, we senior she has the support of some


of her team-mates. She was looking pretty relaxed at the hotel.


Yesterday she must have spent three hours painting nails with the


Australian flag. Every now completely different, very


intricate, very impressive painted patterns. She had finished her left


hand, I ask her about her right hand and she said, OK, that one is going


to be tricky! She left it undone but when she got around to it she


managed to make them both look beautiful! 20 of hours to fill when


you are away on international duty, not I'm suggesting you painted your


nails! LAUGHTER In terms of downtime and filling


time. -- plenty of hours. You cannot go wandering around the town. The


least amount of time that they can spend on their feet is the best. It


can be difficult. It is a little bit easier these days, not that Wi-Fi


was working particularly well in the hotel, but it is easier to be able


to pass the time of day. There is only so much time in the week and


today is heading into the championship that you would like to


spend on the bicycle. A few little hits, maybe one or two longer rides


in the week preceding the race. Other than that, a lot of time spent


with roommates in the hotel. Spela Kern is 40 seconds clear. And


leading the peloton over, some of the names up towards the front,


Lizzie Armitstead, Great Britain, fifth place, and Tiffani Cromwell,


of who we were speaking, from Australia. Ashleigh Moolman as well.


And Lisa Brennauer is there, and Elisa Longo Borghini. Giorgia


Bronzini is in the top 20 going over the top. Taylor, from Australia.


Olds up towards the front. Emma Johansson, 24. Hannah Barnes up


there for Great Britain as well. Plenty of big names towards the


front. Marianne Vos, defending champion, still in the main field as


well. Keeping her powder dry. We saw Warwick moved to the front for the


Germans to close this gap and not let it get out too far. In fact they


definitely have a plan. We have seen her on the front, it means they may


be working. Trixi Worrack. -- Worrack. This could be an indication


that they they are putting all of their efforts into Lichtenberg. She


races -- she is an experienced rider. I wonder about Lisa


Brennauer, but she has been prominent at the front of the


peloton in the early stages, suggesting she is not trying to stay


out of the way and save her energy quite as much. She could also be


pretty tired after riding two major events, team time trial, individual


time trial. Winning the both of them, she may have said, I do not


want to take my chances today, I want to be a support rider. And


let's race fresh legs in the German team. She should be proud of their


achievements are up-to-date. Inside the last couple of calamities in the


latest lab. -- last couple of kilometres in the latest lap.


Spela Kern has lost a little bit of ground, gaining uphill, seems to,


first 37, then 40, both times eating into the lead. No doubt she will


continue to do so. In extremely difficult for an individual rider on


this circuit to stay up clear. -- extremely difficult. Two other


riders coming across to her. Small-group. Sometimes, you find one


or two riders going up the road and then another and then another, and


before you know it, you have ten or so riders, eight, ten riders


upfront, and then the peloton can be in all sorts of bother. Peloton did


not react specifically to the move, he is a member of a new team, from


Slovenia. BTC, development team. They look pretty comfortable.


Several members of the team in the world road race championship... The


Slovenian, also riding for that team. Little bit of pressure on the


pedals. Lizzie Armitstead for Great Britain. Towards the front. That is


where she has been for most of the way so far. Annie Last, doing


reasonably well, reasonably well placed, as they come towards the


line for the latest time checks. 72.8 kilometres covered. Spela Kern


leading the way, maybe not too much longer. She has been ahead for about


three quarters of a lap. The rest of the peloton coming across the line.


British team have done well, they still have a few riders supporting.


Three laps to go, we may see something happen. A few riders from


each nation that may not be the favourites, but may go away, just to


see... Clear indication now that the Italians are protecting Giorgia


Bronzini, they are riding for her. Armitstead over the line, safely


tucked into the pack. Last alongside her. Just ahead of Armitstead.


Hannah Barnes just a couple of places behind. Barnes is still there


for Great Britain. Christian as well still in that group. That is the


situation. The Slovenians still reading. Pleasantly warm afternoon,


not too hot for the riders. Little wind to speak of on the streets of


Ponferrada today. The world title is at stake, will Marianne Vos win for


the fourth time? She is an incredible athlete. She has been


first or second every year since 2006. She was second about five


years in a row at one point. Unbelievable, she is a phenomenal


athlete and amazing person, the amount of emotion she has done for


women's cycling and gone out of the way to juggle developing and


promoting women's cycling and being at the top of her game and a leader


of her team, probably does a lot of management in the team as well, she


is a phenomenal person, you don't come across somebody so talented in


so many areas. It is not just wrote, cyclo-cross, the track, world aren't


world champion. I have seen her cheering on team-mates in races she


has not been competing in. She was hosting a busload of VIPs in the


World Cup. Showing them because, explaining what cycling is about to


them. And standing on the side of the road, passing up bottles to


team-mates. Quite a phenomenal person and very lovable, just a real


great role model for women's cycling. Hectic schedule, I remember


the day she came to ride in the ride London race, women's Grand Prix, on


the Saturday, in August last month, she was in Belgium in the morning


with a previous engagement, but Lupin, took part in a race, nearly


won, beaten by Bronzini on the line. She did that to support racing in


the UK. She was at the women's Tour. She decided, OK, there are so many


loyal supporters in the UK, I want to get over there. She had scheduled


team time trial training in Belgium, got a private jet in the afternoon


to race in right London. The recruitment officers at on Friday


youth centre, the voluntary army is burgeoning. Alvarez leads a few


miles from Ponferrada. -- lips. This summer I was working for three


months in Italy. It was really nice. I saw this and I said, OK, I will


take this opportunity because we don't have an opportunity like that


every day. And then I am here. Now I am talking French, then meet


somebody from Germany, taught in English, somebody from France


talking in French, I love that. Among the many finish line


volunteers, this man has come from Cordoba to be close to his heroes. I


am accompanying some of the guys from anti-doping. It is an amazing


experience from any cycling fan. I wanted to be here and the only way I


thought I could be here was volunteering, I took it. It is a bit


like the Olympics, all of the volunteers are the ones that make


it, without them we would not be here. I will remember it for the


rest of my life, I our big fan of Bradley Wiggins, it is amazing. -- I


am a big fan. The volunteers certainly make all of the difference


in the world, these World Championships, from what we have


seen, have been extremely well organised this week. They were


keeping the pedestrian crossings well in order yesterday when I was


at the side of the road watching the men's under 20 Three Rd race. Great


job iPods rather, there is the centrepiece of the town. -- great


job by Ponferrada. Still no sign as to which direction is women's road


race may go. That is our leader from Slovenia. Not a particularly


well-known rider, it has to be said. She is doing a good job, she looked


over her shoulder and saw the peloton was close. Most riders would


have given up, she put pressure on the pedals. 14 seconds is a gap


between her and the peloton. Kern has shown already in this race she


has a good pair of climbing legs on her and is likely to stay where she


is at the front. The peloton will not be unduly concerned, they will


be happy for her to be where she is at the moment, very much in range,


with 50 kilometres to go here. In the Spanish sunshine. Still a big


peloton. We expect something to happen on this lap, whether at the


start of this crime or toward the end of the lap when it gets a little


bit steeper, with only three to go you would expect there would be a


few riders who want to test their legs. The Italian team, we wondered


whether they would race hard from the start or surround Bronzini and


get her to the finish. Her confidence will be building, though


she had that maps the accident early in the race. -- nasty accident. We


have not seen to what extent she was involved in that accident. She has


made up a couple of minutes she was delayed, hopefully she has been able


to regain composure and is very much in it once again as she hunts for


what would be her third world road race title. One American sprinter is


still hanging in there, interesting to see if the sprinters get to the


finish. If they start to like this race up it will be very tough.


Shelley is a rider who many felt would find it difficult with the


amount of climbing on this course, but she has been doing plenty of


work in preparation for this to make sure her climbing is as good as it


possibly can be. 16 seconds, Kern leading the way on the climb.


Talking about preparation for the World Championships, the women's


calendar has a couple of flat races in Holland and Belgium, leading into


the World Championship. When there is a hill race, they have to decide


whether to do flat, fast racing or staying in altitude in the mountains


and do hill work, different athletes choosing different things. The likes


of Marianne Vos chose to stay in Holland on the ladies Tour, the two


are in Belgium. -- the Tour in Belgium. She has not been in


altitude preparing for this race. It is possible that Marianne Vos does


not consider this hilly. The Latvian was the first rider off in the time


trial on Tuesday, she is hanging on Tuesday, she is hanging onto the


coat-tails. Number 31 from Sweden, Emilia Fahlin, on the back of the


peloton, as she was on the last lap in this part of the course. About to


go past one of three Brazilian riders in this field. One of the


spectators trying to get a feel for what it might be like to be in the


peloton. I sense not for long. Quite amazing spectators can get so close


to the athletes, riding along five metres by their sides, taking


photographs. They can feel like they are a part of it. Looking at the


riders who have retired, Heidi Dalton from South Africa has gone.


Seeing if any of the big names have gone. Earlier we mentioned a rider


who is out of the race for Belarus, she was one of the fancied riders.


She fell heavily. She had a great season and prepared specifically for


the World Championships, fancying her chances of being on the podium.


She has stood out this year. A lot of people taking notice of how


strong she is, versatile as well. Alice Barnes and Lucy Garner out of


the race for Great Britain, two of the British riders out of the race.


Moira abbot of the United States is out as well, she is a really good


climber. Belgium lost three as a result of the crash, so did Canada.


The Canadians only came with four to start with. Lizzie is down to three,


last, Barnes and Christian, it may put more pressure on her, but she


seems to have kept herself out of trouble until now. Being well placed


in the peloton all the way through this race. It is as you were with


Kern at the front of the race, just dangling in front of the peloton.


Still on that grind. Not the most densely populated part of Spain, it


must be said, around here, it is not close to anywhere else, even Leon is


an hour and a half in the car, that is one of the closest major places.


The British team are staying there. The French 100 kilometres away as


well. Even if you live in Spain, it is a fair trip to come and watch


these World Championships. It can be extremely difficult logistically, an


hour and a half for the GB riders, if they are off earlier, it adds to


the day. Early breakfast. There is a crash, let's have a look and look is


involved? We peel away at precisely the wrong moment. Looked like there


was an attack at the front of the peloton. It is the national champion


of Italy. Seems like there was an attack of the front of the peloton,


which started to stretch it out, then we had this crash near the


back. She finished 10th overall in the women's Tour in the UK, in that


race earlier in the year. There was the fall, caught up in that as well


was Annie last. Luckily she is OK, as you can clearly see, and was soon


back on the road. She looked very relaxed and calm, putting the chain


back on herself and jumping on, some riders would wait for the mechanics


to check out their bikes. She has taken initiative. On the mountain


bikes, they do not have mechanics driving up behind them. Douglas was


talking to an E in the week and said, what about the tricky


descent? She said there are not any rocks on it. They have to be


extremely self-sufficient, mountain bikers, when the race is under way,


that is it. Right at the front of the race is an Christian, number 40,


for Great Britain. And Lizzie Armitstead to her left. Armitstead


looking strong and Anna Christian doing everything she can, the


19-year-old, to stay with Armitstead and support her as long as possible.


Still towards the back, iris of the Netherlands on the back, hanging in


there. Marianne Vos in the orange colour of the Netherlands. Kern's


turn at the front is over, there she is back in the main field. We have


not seen much of the Japanese rider, she has come back from an Asti


injury sustained in Sweden a month ago. Two riders from Japan. -- from


a nasty injury. 113 is the Japanese rider, third in one of the stages of


the Giro d'Italia this year. She deserves a place in the pro peloton.


Top 20 finish overall in that race. She is the national champion in the


road race and time trial. Everybody sensing a little bit of danger.


Moving to the front is iris. On the other side of the road, was that


Annie trying to come around the outside having got back into the


peloton? We could do with a closer look. It may well have been, the


British rider going from the back to the front. We see evidence Stephen


is, she was riding off the back, she seems to be one of those who seems


confident on the front or at the back out of trouble. -- even Stevens


she does not look comfortable in the face. She has just made her way up.


Lizzie Armitstead on the left-hand side of the screen, third from the


left-hand side we look. Certainly nervous coming into the peloton.


They are starting to fight for position. A little bit of looking


around going on. We have not seen any of the big names show their face


at the front. The Dutch team starting to move up on both sides of


the peloton, left and right. The ride in the Blackadder disappointing


time trial, she was not on the podium this year, though she was the


past few years. -- the ride in the black had a disappointing time


trial. Let's face it, she has proved so many times in the past she can do


that. Looks like it might be the Dutch. Started to put the pressure


on going into the descent, they realised everybody was at the front,


let's start to put some speed into the peloton, stretch it out and get


other people out of place, out of position. I get the feeling the race


might be on. This is the last part of the climb until they go over the


top and get the descent, where we have seen the peloton get stretched


out. The Germans are there, well placed with two riders. USA as well.


The Germans have had a good race to this point, they are losing their


numbers. They have done a lot of work in the first part of the race.


Becker was leading. Looks like they are supporting her. They have done a


lot of work in the first part of the race. The whittling down process may


start in earnest over the next few kilometres. Lizzie Armitstead moves


up to the second wheel. She has that beautiful style, a lot of people say


the toughest thing about racing with her is that she does not show any


expression on her face or in her body until she gets under immense


pressure, her composure does not change at all, she has a beautiful


pedalling style. It is difficult to see if she is feeling the pressure


because she really can keep her composure to the real death. She has


watched everything so far, maintained her concentration through


this race without having to show her face. She really has been well


positioned. Italians moving up on this descent. It is not overly


technical, but when they are travelling at this speed in close


proximity, it can be. Is that Bronzini on the front or second


place? Bronzini in second place, after the accident early on, she may


have decided she needs to do the descent at the front and as to the


team-mate to lead. It is likely that is her team-mate, known for her good


descending skills. You can see the length of the peloton, they are


getting stretched out. A great mix in the Italian team, former world


champions. A wealth of experience and talented young riders. Everybody


getting around that bend in one piece, fortunately. So far so good


in the women's race, that corner has proven to be quite a problem in


other races. It has taken several riders out over the past few days,


it really has. A little look around to see if there is any damage.


Tatiana keeping the pace quite high on the front. She was seventh in the


World Championship last year will in 2009 she won the world title. The


Italians have a good run at the World Championships. They pull it


together, ride well as a team. Does not matter who wins from the Italian


team. At the World Championships, they do an aptitude test before they


go away, put it together. They have been consistent since 2009. It is a


big thing for the Italians, perhaps more so than some of the other


nations. In the lead ups to the World Championships. The team


announcement, there is a lot of talk, build-up, the unity of Italy


and the opportunity to wear the jersey. Absolutely, you have these


riders on different proteins through the season, but they do favours for


each other through the year because they have to ride together at the


World Championships. Italy has been the heart of cycling for a long


time, it is prestigious to be part of the Italian national team for the


World Championship. If it stays like this for another couple of laps we


will see the most liked for scrap on that one kilometre descent with five


kilometres to go. Not much road and everybody will want it. Lizzie


Armitstead getting out of the saddle. The further into this race


we go and the more they have left in their legs, it means the fireworks


will be bigger and brighter on that last lap. The descent will be worth


watching. I would not want to be writing it. Still a tightly packed


peloton. Number 40, right in front of the camera, and a Christian. --


Hannah Christian. Hannah Barnes, 39, towards the back for Great


Britain. Stevens to the left of our screen. She likes to be on the


front. Or a couple of metres of the back. Germany still controlling


things up towards the front of the peloton, as they have done for much


of the race. They have really shown strength and depth today from the


word go. The first lap. But riders up on the front, showed intent. They


have stuck to it all the way so far. Of the big favourites, who would be


the happiest so far at this stage of the race, for the race to be like


this? Bronzini would normally be very content because she is the


sprinter of this race. Shelley is another sprinter. Bronzini is the


only one who has been able to challenge Marianne Vos in a


head-to-head sprint, she will be feeling very happy it has been quite


controlled until now, she will only be a little disappointed she had to


do so much work earlier in the race to come back from that accident.


Will be interesting to know what the effects of that crash are. I think


Lizzie Armitstead would certainly have hoped for it to be a little bit


harder, I think, especially as we go into this late stage of the race,


she would want a lot more people under more pressure. Lizzie


Armitstead said in her interview earlier she is not coming to a World


Championship feeling more confident. She said no wider in this peloton is


in condition to drop me from their wheels, it indicated she would race


defensively and try to follow the moves, back herself in a sprint with


whichever riders come to the finish. Here she is controlling at the


front, looking around. Stretching her legs, having a look, seeing who


is there. She will not want it to be an easy race to the line, she wants


to take the sting out of the legs of Bronzini. She is quite fast, you


would put her in the top five of speed in this peloton. No facial


expression, she gave everybody the look. She is a master of the


straight face. She looks great and probably in this case is feeling


great as well. From the British point of view, coming into this


championship with the best year of her career. In very good form.


Feeling confident and quite bullish about her chances. Everybody else


knows that, we saw she'd probably manage a pedal reference before the


rest of the riders reacted. -- pedal revs. Tiffany Cromwell fifth over


the crest from Australia. Bronzini will be happy enough at the


moment with the way this race is panning out. What a race it promises


to be over the closing couple of laps, 40 kilometres to go. This is


the descent where there was a spectacular crash early in the race.


A little bit calm now in the peloton, starting to bunch up,


nobody really wanting to take up the pressure on the front. Are they


waiting for the last lap is Marianne Vos going to wait for that last


climb to kick? That is often enough for her. If she is on top form and


the rumours are not true she is struggling, nobody can match her


kick. If you get five or six seconds over the top, she can descend like


no one else in the peloton. If she is on form that is probably her


most... She does not want to be isolated and make wrong moves. To


get over that line with a gap must be her plan. They might send a Dutch


rider of the road on the last lap and let the other nations chase that


down. Marianne Vos has a kick nobody can match. Do you feel Armitstead


would wish to be alone coming into the finish or not too unhappy in a


group? Depends on the combination of the group. With Lizzie's sprint, she


tends to wait and react from the other riders. She is a fast rider,


wants up to speed, but her kit is not that good. -- kick. If she wants


to go head-to-head with one or two other riders who have a sprint, she


needs to take control and put her move in first in the closing couple


of hundred metres to get a gap. Once she is up to speed she is quick and


has that track pedigree from earlier on. It is the initial getting up to


speed. We look at the Italian is putting pressure on the front.


Looking around to check who is there. Going back to Lizzie and the


finish, she would certainly much prefer to be in this position here,


on the final lap, away on her own with a good, probably at this point


around about ten seconds, advantage. 10-15 seconds over a small group


behind, that would be what she would be fairly guaranteed depending on


who is left in that group behind. If it is a small group she is with, she


definitely needs to go on the offensive and take control in the


sprint. She is towards the front of the race as per usual. Two to go.


There is Armitstead in the middle, just in discussion... She looks


fairly comfortable at the moment. She should certainly be happy with


how the race has panned out for her thus far. I am sure she will be


hoping there is a little bit of animation the next couple of laps


because she wants to create a situation where the likes of


Marianne Vos and the stronger riders need to close some gaps and she can


benefit from that. A situation where the likes of Marianne Vos and the


stronger riders need to close some gaps and she can benefit from that.


Rider Johansen, one of the punchier riders.


Emma Johansson will not be far away, right behind us, the direction of


where the climbs are, there is a rather unfriendly looking thundery


clout... On the horizon. We will hope that does not start to pour


down on the riders. And make life more difficult for them over the


closing couple of laps. If it does it will certainly play a part. A


part that we do not really want to see, on these roads especially. Big


peloton still together. As they come up towards the line. For the


Netherlands, Iris Slappendel, she has done a great job to get back in


and be a main player. 91 kilometres in the bags for these riders. Annie


Last and Lizzie Armitstead, up towards the front of the peloton.


Hannah Barnes and Anna Christian towards the back. Now the race is


on, the United States begin to animate the road race, with two to


go. The Netherlands on the front of the peloton, just trying to take


control of that. One of the riders from the USA,


trying to break away. Just over two laps to go.


Alison Powers has made the move, we are being told, who crashed heavily


earlier in the race. We need to get back down on the road, just for


confirmation that it is Alison Powers.


Here she is, circling the centre of the town. She has a decent little


gap, I do not think it will come to much, but it will put pressure on


the peloton, lining them out and setting themselves up, not before


too long they will hit the first part of the circuit where it hits


the climb, that will be a bit of a sting in the legs for a lot of


riders. She is a strong rider and an individual time trial. Triple


national champion in the United States, Alison Powers. Winning the


criterion, the individual time trial and the road race for the USA, very


strong rider, she has got to get there. Very disappointed with her


time trial early in the week, finishing eighth. Probably hoping


for a medal or a top five, that is what we would have expected, very


visibly disappointed with that. She has not given up. Perfect excuse


with a big crash like that, to pull the pin on such a hard course, but


not specifically suited to her style of riding. She is making the most of


it. Before we have mentioned they have several cards to play, the


United States. She is the first of them here. She could be setting


things up nicely, Stevens. A little bit lighter than she was at the


start of the race, she has lost a little bit of Bach, she will be


climbing better. If it comes down to a sprint, then hanging onto Giorgia


Bronzini's back wheel, I am sure that we will see Olds. 11 seconds is


the gap. It has gone up to 12 seconds for


Alison Powers of the United States. It has thrown out the peloton, this


is the point on the circuit where we can see, visually, there is not an


awful lot of recovery, the home straight seems to be the only spot


on the circuit where the riders have the most of it, and they can relax a


little bit, get in the wheels and recover and take a little bit of


food and drink on-board, the rest of the time they are chasing, and this


is what Lizzie Armitstead was hoping for. Much more of this ilk on this


section of the circuit. A lot of pressure on a lot of riders. .


Downhill through the town before they see the castle in the distance.


That will mark the four kilometre mark in terms of this lap. More less


Mark King the start of the five K climb up to the top of


Confederacion. -- five kilometre climb. Alison Powers's move will be


in the function of a strong team finish. Which nations will chase?


She will hand in a little gap. The USA looking to draw the sting of a


few others. Great move for the USA. It looks as though it is going to


put pressure on the other nations if they leave it too much longer, she


is a very strong rider. Definitely the rider from the United


States that is leading the way, looked like the Dutch riders were on


the front. There is one of them. Not wanting this to get out of reach.


Trying to contain it as best as possible. . This is always a tough


one, when a rider has gone clear and you know there are degree as a time


trialist. She is a diesel type rider, she can stay out there for a


long time and if the gap becomes too big and out of sight, and they do


not pick up the pace soon enough, could be a very dangerous move. The


Dutch are the ones to potentially respond on the front of the peloton.


At the moment it is about 12 seconds, the gap to Alison Powers.


Looks like it might be more than that but it is not. At least one of


the riders from the Netherlands is on the front of the peloton.


Effectively out of the race, Amelia, she goes past our common territory


session. The question is, which nation will take it up? 60 riders in


the front of the group at the moment. 21 seconds is the gap at the


moment. Lizzie Armitstead, still in a good position for Great Britain,


up towards the front of the race. Meanwhile... Down in the pits in the


finishing area, Jill Douglas has been speaking with Lucy Garner. You


are carrying a bit of damage, after the crash, you were down twice. I


was only down once actually but yes, it was a silly crash, I'm very


annoyed. There was no chance I could get on the cars, they will not let


me. I put in a big effort to get back, I managed to get back but then


I was totally dead when I got back. For me to have done my job well, I


needed no mistakes and yes, it went wrong. Huge crash involving half the


field, pretty dramatic. I came down shortly afterwards and there were


bodies everywhere, it can be so dangerous out there. Pretty


dangerous. If you go in at full pelt and there is people a bit nervous,


that is what happens. Disappointing to see you come out at this stage,


but Lizzie Armitstead is still there, with Hannah as well. Lizzie


looks like she is flying, all of the girls in there for her, she is


flying and it looks like she could have it, she is looking very good.


Jill Douglas, with Lucy Garner, not her day-to-day, but a very young


rider, very promising rider. Twice the world junior road race champion.


There will be better days ahead for her surely. She sounds disappointed


she could not have done more. Two-time junior world champion. She


is mixing it up with the best sprinters in the world. Very


well-known in the peloton as one of the fastest in the world at a very


young age, she would have liked this opportunity to see what she could do


on a tougher circuit, really. Looked like a very heavy fall, early in the


race, you could see that at the time. A bang on the right-hand side


of her body. And we saw pictures of Alison Powers, she had a fall. Looks


like the peloton is keeping it in check. She has done a lot of work


today for the Germans, just setting the pace. The former team time trial


gold medallist at the championships. The Spanish showing their faces. Ana


Sanchez, Riding for the same professional team as Becker. They


are taking up the pace. One of the riders from Finland still hanging in


there, not sure which one it is. Poland as well, represented. At the


front of the peloton. Ukraine as well. Two or three Polish riders.


Russia coming to the front. A bit of pressure on. Lizzie Armitstead will


be a little bit happier now. Riders jostling for position, coming


through, trying to get clear of the wheels ahead. Trying to grab


bottles. She is a bit of a diesel, she can sit there and tapped out


this rhythm all day long. She got out of the saddle with a little


discomfort, perhaps because of the fall, she is not a rider that likes


racing in Europe, she has said that very vocally, she does not like the


European style of racing, she spends most of her time racing in the USA.


This is a position that she will be very well acclimatised to, being off


the front, getting into rhythm. You can see the peloton in the


background, keeping her in check. On the front, the Russian rider, but we


will have to wait and see which one it was. Number one for the


Netherlands, Amy Peters, just sliding back a little bit. Amy


Peters was second in a World Cup race in Sweden only last month. Just


beginning to lose a little bit of contact. Just hanging on. If the gap


is not big, you can see the dark cloud in the distance, heading


straight for it. Usually comes back together. There is a couple of flats


on the way up. This could be a bit of a move. Who is it at the front?


It could be Hannah Barnes, it could be Anna Christian, we will get a


better picture in a moment. Lizzie Armitstead is obviously said she


would like a harder race than this is, she wants to take the


initiative. Alison Powers has been overtaken here very quickly.


The peloton is animated here. Another of the riders from the


United States making a move. Alison Powers has made her efforts of the


day, as soon as she has finished, there is another coming, and one of


her team-mates. My guess is that that is the young


rider, Anna Christian. Just behind these riders.


The Polish rider peeling off. The Israeli and rider on third wheel. --


the Australian rider. Bronze medal in Commonwealth Games, only got her


citizenship in the last year. At least three riders out the back


here. Really will begin to whittle down from behind. The New Zealander


at the front on the right, Linda Williamson. Good to see Anna


Christian getting as involved as possible in the race. And now we can


see a fuse box of rain. There we go... This will be nervous times.


You can see the rain on the lens but also on the road, not raining on the


Finnish road but at the back of the circuit... -- finish line. And if it


is wet on the descent, do not go and make a cup of tea, that is all that


I can say. This is going to put the cat among the pigeons. Sizeable


spanner. -- and now we can see a view spots of rain. There will not


be many riders who will have been watching weather like this. Lizzie


Armitstead would be one of them, she says that she likes wet weather, at


the Commonwealth Games she said she would to rain. She does not get


rattled by the rain, she is quite comfortable. You did not mind it in


London in the Olympics either, fairly damp that day, getting the


silver medal behind Marianne Vos. What a race that was. They could be


the only two in the peloton that are happy that it rained.


Looking comfortable in the middle in the black up towards the front,


Linda Villumsen. You have different types of athlete, she is switched


on, bit of a jackpot, you do not know what you are going to get. Well


positioned at the front, and that is an indication that she is doing


nicely. Trying to make life more difficult for everybody else.


Looking like Anna Christian again, first world championship, one of the


youngest, perhaps the youngest in the bike race, great to see her out


there. Great ride. Is that Katrin Garthwaite on her wheel? Actually it


is Rachel, the silver medallist from a couple of years ago. There is a


lot of looking around going on. Meanwhile, Linda looking very


comfortable in the black of New Zealand. Inside the last 30


kilometres of the race. -- Katrin Garfoot. There is going to be some


fighting, the gaps are going to open up even more, from the front to the


back, an awful lot further than it has been on the laps previous.


Lizzie Armitstead upfront, alongside Anna Christian, on the right-hand


side as we look. Still tightly packed up. Another move going on the


right-hand side of the road. Anna Christian and Lizzie Armitstead


there, interesting to see who these ones are. The second is in a


strolling rider. Germany bringing it back... Hannah Barnes on the


front... A lot of criticism about the British national team but they


have done quite well to get this far into the race and be the ones that


are animating it with less than two laps to go. Katrin Garfoot,


Australia. The Australians, with Rachel and Tiffany Cromwell and


Katrin Garfoot, all of them in good position. And the Finnish rider in


good position. We still have not seen much from Emma Johansson today.


Fair to say there is a lot less in the peloton at the top of this crime


going over then there were at the bottom. -- at the top of this


climb. A couple of Ukrainian riders having a dig at the front and marked


closely by the United States... Look at the weather now, absolutely


horrible. It has completely changed, it has really turned this race on


its head. But at the finish, as dry as a bone. So far, so good. That


could be Shelley Olds, the American on the second wheel, and if it is,


looking very comfortable for a sprinter to be this comfortable at


this stage in the race. Just taking her time off the back,


Mexican rider, Veronica. As the road heads up... An awful lot of standing


water on the flatter sections of the road. Australia now on the front.


High-performance manager of Israeli said that Rachel is in the form she


was in two years ago when she was second to Marianne Vos, in Holcombe


Burke. May have been right. -- Falk and Berg. She has been plagued by


injury and misfortune, and an accident with a car earlier this


year, but coming into form at the right time for the championships. --


Valkenburg. Looking very strong here, making a move off the front,


on the shiny wet roads. And they are going to be slippery, this has put


an awful lot of pressure on the other teams. Which one is going to


take it up? Which one is going to try to contain the mood? The


Australian rider is back in the peloton, they can sit there, on the


wheels, a bit of spray on their face, but they can relax a little


bit. When these breaks go, Lizzie Armitstead will be banking on the


Germans, the Italians, the Dutch and the United States to respond. Great


move by Rachel, not the most confident, we will see her lose a


little bit of time. Lottie Becker when the rain came down there may


have been a bit of extra motivation to do something on the ascent, a


little bit of leeway on the descent. We will keep a close eye on this,


particularly the right-hander. None of the riders have done the descent


in the wet in the week either, so this is going to be a new experience


for a lot of the riders. How much traction on the tyres? At least she


can pick her own line, she is not being overly harassed by anybody


around her or affected by anybody around her. It is a lot slower and a


lot more cautious going around the bend. . That was a deep breath, she


is happy to be at the bottom of the descent, now she has got to work


pretty hard to put the pressure on the other riders, she is very loyal,


loves to ride for her team-mates, prides herself on being one of the


most strongest and reliable domestiques in the line-up. The


nature of the descent, with the weather changing, has really changed


things. Still dry at the finish, we hope that it was just a passing


shower. Disappearing off in the other direction. Rachel Neylan is


coached by Bradley McGee, I heard him giving her a pep talk, she has


moved to Sydney, to training during the Australian summer, under the


guidance of Bradley McGee. Rachel Neylan, striking out inside the


final 25 kilometres. Plenty of riders in contention, air handful of


seconds behind. -- a handful. Lizzie Armitstead behind.


It is fair to say this race is well and truly on, a lot different than


the previous laps we have seen. 24.3 kilometres remaining.


She has had her fair share of injury, Rachel Neylan, she had an


accident in 2012, after she was silver at the World Championships,


against Marianne Vos, it felt like a win, because she was so dominant in


2012. Second at the World Championships, very impressive.


Megan Guarnier, of the USA, and Charlotte Becker of Germany, they


have dropped out of the back of the main chasing group as you can see,


but as you can see, it is a few seconds, the gap, or Rachel Neylan.


Last time check we had ten seconds. That is what it is now. Lizzie


Armitstead, on the front. She's looking around, she may be


looking for team-mates to pick up the pace, nobody else picking it up,


she would like to keep it higher, she does not want to many fresh


legs. Just behind Lisa Brennauer, the American, Shelley Olds, we did


not expect her to get this far into the race. On the lest of your -- on


the left of your screen, from New Zealand, the five-time World


Championship medallist in individual time trials. A couple of French


riders there as well. Up towards the front. Back at the front of the


race, Rachel Neylan. As Rachelle the saying, silver medallist a couple of


years ago. Quite bullish and confident yesterday, in the


Australian press conference, head of the race, sitting alongside Tiffani


Cromwell. -- as Rochelle was saying. -- Tiffany Cromwell. Not holding


much back. With two very strong team-mates back in the peloton,


every reason to give 100%. She will either work out our own advantage or


set up the team for the best advantage. Interesting she is


wearing a skin suit, a lot of riders choosing to do that in road races


rather than big shorts and jersey, she has the skin suit on. In terms


of the benefit you would accrue over a long race. Yes, certainly. -- bib


shorts and jersey. Bradley Wiggins averaged 50 K pH, and so speed


anything above 15, 20 K pH and you are... Aerodynamics plays a part...


We are on the climb but you can see the speed at which they are going


up. It played such an important part. This is what Lizzie Armitstead


would like to happen, the Italians have bitten, they have decided they


need to leads the race and straightaway, Lizzie Armitstead is


following. Third at the World Championships last year, leading the


chase, Rozelle Ratho. Probably for the likes of Giorgia Bronzini. --


Rossella Ratto. Busy Armistead has sensed the danger, she would like to


contribute to this, she is on a mission. Trying to see if Marianne


Vos is in the leading group, there is a Dutch rider but I do not think


it is boss... Yes, it is Marianne Vos who is there. And you can see,


all of the big names, beginning to appear at the front of the race.


Lizzie Armitstead leading the way. -- I do not think it is Marianne


Vos, guess it is Marianne Vos actorly. Well represented the Tour


group, tapping off the climb. Fortunately the roads look try once


again. They say that is the moment where you can get a puncture, when


the road goes from being wet to being dry, that is when you pick up


things. Lizzie Armitstead bouncing on the bike, hopefully she does not


have a puncture, that would be devastating. At this point, even the


neutrals would say this would be so far behind you. The riders you are


with, travelling so fast, you really do lose ground if you have a


puncture or a mechanical. You can see the gaps opening up from the


riders at the front, this small group of the front of what is left


of the peloton. Lizzie Armitstead in the thick of it. Creating this, she


is... So far, so good, really is to plan for her, she has got to keep


the pressure on, she wants to keep the race fast.


15 riders at the front of the race, they are about 20 seconds clear, we


understand. Closing few minutes of the


penultimate lap here. Lizzie Armitstead, enhance the rainbow


jersey. Only three British women have ever been world champion


before: Beryl Burton, twice in the 1960s, Maggie Jones in 1992 and


Nicole Cooke, 2008. And Lizzie Armitstead looking to join that


company. Cannot be many more than a dozen or so riders... 17 riders in


the lead group. As they fly down the dissent. Emma Johansson, second


wheel, we have not seen much of her today, but along with Marianne Vos


and Lizzie Armitstead, we thought she would be there in the final


moments. 20 kilometres remaining, strung out, finally getting the


selection here, in the women's road race World Championship, as the


defending champion, Marianne Vos, we have not seen much of her, she


begins to show her face at the front. On the dissent. The next time


they come down here, the race is going to be very much on, and


Marianne Vos, leading the way, 17 riders at the front of the race. --


on the descents. It is all to play for, and Lizzie Armitstead, Great


Britain, still in the hunt for gold. STUDIO: Coming towards the end of


the coverage on BBC One but we will not miss anything, we will be going


straight over to BBC Two for the culmination of this. In Northern


Ireland, it will be until 5:30pm that you have got to wake but for


the moment on BBC


Jonathan Edwards presents live coverage of the women's road race from cycling's World Road Championships in Ponfrerrada, Spain.

Marianne Vos retained her world title in 2013 in a typically dominant victory in Italy and the Dutchwoman is a strong favourite again in Spain. Britain's hopes lie with Lizzie Armitstead, who is bidding to add the world title to the Commonwealth Games road race crown she claimed in Glasgow in the summer.

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