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Zagar from Slovakia, one of the world's greatest show men, has


landed the world title. Lizzie Armitstead has sprinted her way to


victory. You have got to have luck on your


side. These are the decisive moment in


this World Championship road race. It took a lot of hard work and


determination, failure, to get to this point. Lizzie Armitstead is


right in the thick of it. She is in the driving seat. It was a


calculated race. Lizzie Armitstead is going for it. The sprint is


really on and Armitstead is coming towards the front! Up towards the


line, it is gold for Great Britain and Lizzie Armitstead. She is the


champions of the world. Welcome to a seriously hot Doha in


Qatar, the host of the 20 Sixteen Rd cycling world champion chips. Two


fantastic days of racing and Rochelle Gilmore and David Millar


alongside me. It was a special day for Lizzie. Fantastic day, so much


to talk about it. But she stayed relaxed. To bring home those


rainbows last year was special for her. A different race today? Yes, it


is hot. We are in the desert. We have these conditions occasionally.


I don't think we have ever done a World Championships in this heat


before. Lizzie Armitstead is supported by a strong team.


You are defending that rainbow jersey and you got married a couple


of weeks ago. How is married life? I have been married a month and I have


only seen my husband the four days of it! Looking back on your year in


rainbow, how would you reflect on it? It has been up and down. The GB


cyclist Lizzie Armitstead has responded to criticism over her


three missed drugs tests, apologising to anyone who may have


lost their faith in sport as a result of her actions. Looking back,


what are your thoughts? I would be lying if I said it wasn't extremely


difficult for me and my family. It was traumatic to be honest. I


suppose you learn from everything in life. I focused the last six months


on climbing, trying to prepare for Rio and beastly, it was a very tough


time and physically and mentally tough. You have to allow your body


to rest both for mental and physical health and I need that kind of dip


now. A difficult experience and lessons learned, can you know impart


some of that experience to the team with you now? It is a really nice


group of women to be leading. Sadly, I am the 27-year-old experienced


rider and they are all asking me questions and I feel I can embrace


that role now and do it justice. I feel like I have lived through


locked, victories and defeats and that is all to come for them. I am


sure one of them among them could be world champion in the future. Lizzie


is the strongest in the team. We wanted to bring a full team and be


able to give it a good shot to defend that jersey. It will be tough


but it is a young team and it is good to have all of these riders


here. It is my first time riding in a World Championships on the road.


Spirits are high in the camp and I am looking forward to getting out


there and racing. What do you expect from this team? I think it is


fantastic we have a team of eight. It is brilliant for great British


women's cycling. I don't know if that has happened before. We have a


few cards to play. I don't think Lizzie is an out and out favourite.


My project this year was the Olympic games. It is important I am here to


respect the jersey and respect the next winner of the jersey. I am not


prepared like I did for Richmond. There are a lot of Championships and


this will not be easy. I would like to give it a go. I missed out last


year through injury so I am ready to get stuck in. I think it will be


fast and furious and I think it will be exciting to watch. Let's talk


about Lizzie, very low-key, coming here, not really talking up their


chances but she is a natural born racer. Absolutely and she plays down


her chances because this course is not exactly perfectly suited to


Lizzie Deignan. It is tough and technical and with the conditions,


it will be hard. There is a small chance Lizzie could retain the World


Championship jersey and she does want to even know she is playing it


down. She would love to win it. Big target this year was the Olympic


Games. She has had a good year. Fantastic, she won so many races at


the start of the year. She had a great ride, it was a very hard


course. As world champion, she has had a stellar year. If she could


finish it off by winning this, it would be the dream season. All of


that distraction, having to go to the court of arbitration, having


missed a couple of tests, British cycling has come under scrutiny in


the last couple of weeks. Yes but again, that was due process and I


think that was a real silly mistake of hers, careless of her to miss


three tests and she got the appeal and she went through the due process


and that is permitted. I hope she will never miss one test again. If


ever British cycling needed a good news story, it was this week. The


pressure will be on the team but they all seem in good spirits. They


are just a bunch of lovely kids and I then necessarily deserve the


scrutiny they have been under. Let's look at the others. Hannah Barnes,


national champion. She could suit this course. Absolutely and I


wouldn't put it past Lizzie to say, I will put all my efforts to put


Hannah Barnes into the sprint. She won the national Championship and


she has the support of her younger sister Alice Barnes. Danny King also


get the start for the first time in her career. Danny King coming off


the track. She was disappointed not to make the Olympic team for Britain


on the road, she has a appoint a bruise. This is one of the better


teams we have seen for the women in a long time. A sense of solidarity


with them. They seem to be all for Hannah Barnes and Lizzie Armstead.


It is a great combo. A strong Britain team, eight riders, let's


meet them. I am Alice bands, 21 years old riding for drops cycling.


It is great to see the full complement. Eight riders. The first


time in a very long time. They will need it on the scores because it


will be hard to control. Although flat and relatively easy, it will be


very tactical. A big step up. Then, what will their main role be? They


will listen to their team captain. The young riders need the experience


of being given a role and trying to execute it. A wonderful experience


for the young riders. It is a challenge. To give you a better idea


of what they can expect, we sent David and Michelle into the heat to


write the course. -- Rochelle. World Championships... This is the pearl


and that'll be the entrance to the circuit. A man-made island,


relatively flat. Seven laps of 15.2 kilometres around the circuit,


plenty of technical hairpins and corners for the athletes to


navigate. Look at this, 12 minutes past nine and already baking.


Certainly very hot. You have to get used to it. You have to drink more


water because it doesn't stay cold very long. -- warm water. That


wasn't quite what we expected. This on the map looks like a hairpin but


is actually a very fast, sweeping bend. A technical circuit. Not


nearly as technical as it looks like on paper. For the sprinters, they


will barely touch the pedals. It is very much a sprinter's course. Look


how wide it is, sprinters die for a road like this in the Tour de


France, a perfect sprinters set up. It is beautiful, smooth. Kicks up a


little bit on the finish. This is a perfect sprinter's course, you


have... You don't see the finish line until 200 metres to go. This


looks like what sprinters would love. For women particularly, a lot


of fresh legs coming to the finish because this course is a pure


sprinter course. They will really want to take their chance and come


to the finish so we might see some barging at the finish. Because it is


a circuit, they get to see it seven times so it won't be a surprise.


Hopefully, it'll be a clean sprint. Not like what we did. The cyclist


start at the cat foundation to the west of the city centre and they


cover just over 20 kilometres through the city.


Once they are on to the pearl, they will complete seven laps of a 15.2


kilometre circuit. Full of turns and curves and roundabouts. The same


circuit used in all of the other races including the time trials


earlier in the week and the total distance, 134.1 kilometres and the


route is fast, flat and technical. A route highly likely to produce a


sprint finish. This is the start list. Lizzie


Deignan the defending World Championship. -- world champion. An


incredible Dutch team. Every single rider on that team could potentially


win this. Giorgia Bronzini, Italian rider, one of your riders.


Devastating for her, that is how sport goes. Two days ago, she was on


target to win this and take a third world title and everything fell


apart yesterday. She got food poisoning or was affected by the


heat and she started to be really sick and throughout the night didn't


get any better so she won't be starting today for the Italians. I


really feel for an athlete that normally can get their preparations


spot on but this is outside influences that can bring everything


tumbling down in the last moment. Devastating news for her. Weather


conditions today predictably, the sun is out but how does it compare


with earlier in the week? I don't know whether we're getting


acclimatised but it still feels like the desert, still incredibly hot. It


really is a difference between it being hot or scorching and at the


moment, it it is in between. We are touching scorching at the moment.


This is a rare opportunities for sprinting. Opportunities for them in


the World Championships only come around every few years. Yes and it


seems to be every four or five years it happens on the last one was


Copenhagen. Three times in the last 13 years so it is a rare opportunity


for the sprinters and one they don't want to miss out on. Devastating for


Giorgia Bronzini because you don't know when the next will come around.


The women's road race is underway. Deignan among the first. That is the


vice president of the UCI, one woman who has put so much effort into


developing women's cycling at a global level. The UCI flagged by


Tracy gaudily has just been dropped. I think that is Barbara from the


Czech Republic who has had a mechanical issue at precisely the


wrong moment. Very bad timing. Often if you have a mechanical in the


neutral zone you will hold the start until you will back on. I think


that is Gerry Yonamine. Flat race like this, it's interesting when you


get climbers that say it will not suit me but I will go and have a go,


anything can happen. Very brave move. The poor old rider from the


Czech Republic is chasing already having had a mechanical issue at the


side of the road. You see the size of these roads. It is so easy when


you are sitting in the bunch on roads like this. On wind here, small


roads, you might see people attacking. But you are seriously


wasting energy. Judging by the fact nobody is reacting immediately to


Yonamine, they will paste a race. National champion of Japan on the


road. Fifth overall in the tour of the dash. We have a crash already,


no row Mimi she wants a bottle. That's why she


was moving to the front. You can see Dani King, she's always


well-positioned at the front as well. She will be such an


instrumental part of the result for Team GB today. The rider from


Ethiopic trying to get a bottle from anybody prepared to provide one.


Think there is not a great deal of support for some of these smaller


cycling nations, here. So many riders so early in the race


desperate to take on some more bottles. And still Gabriel of


Ethiopia just cannot get a bottle off anybody at the moment. Oh dear.


She will need to get some fluid from somewhere. Certainly looks like a


dangerous place to be, down the back of the peloton in the feed zone,


some banks being handed out. Surely there must be some arrangement for


the Ethiopian team. There must be. You can see the expressions on the


faces of these riders, somewhat different to how it would normally


be in the first 30 or 40 kilometres just two to the heat. Such a


challenge and uncomfortable. That is good to see. Yes, it was difficult


for that rider to take a bottle during the feed, a lot of chaos


going on. There are roving cars of Shema no handing out water. -- of


Shimano. And a sticky bottle at that. That is when the rider hangs


onto that bottle for a little longer than they need to. Just to make sure


they are not going to drop it! I think that could be Anna van der


Breggen, the Olympic gold medallist, on the front. The German champion


chasing her. So the Swiss rider very quick to jump across and now we have


two leaders out on the road. Riding on her own today for all intents and


purposes, the only rider with a Swiss jersey on her back in this


elite figure. Controlling things back in the peloton, the German


rider. Trixie Warwick is in the middle of your screen, one of the


most experienced riders in this peloton. She is an outside chance


for a World Championship based purely on Eric 's period. And she


had a devastating accident when she slid under a guard rail and had an


emergency operation to remove a kidney. Everybody thought it would


be the end of her career but she came back. She was back racing by


June, wasn't she? These stories of these athletes that have these


accidents and the surgeries that you would think would prevent them from


racing at elite level again in any sport, they are back so quickly


because their bodies are just so fit when they have these accidents that


they repair themselves and heal. Ooh, this is the race favourite.


Tristan Wilde is down. Wild from the Netherlands, one of the big


favourites to win today. -- Kirsten Wild is down. It will be interesting


to see how Kirsten Wild reacts to this, it can play on your mind. How


can it be my bad luck? Let's look at the replay. Just on the outside of


the roundabout. Pretty Slocombe low speed. She is back up. It was a slow


speed tumbles. Just got twisted. Very calm, putting both bottles back


into her bike, picking that one up off the ground. So, very relaxed,


calm, professional. Roxane Kneteman almost held up by


that as well. No damage done but a scary and anxious moment for one of


the favourite soft the race, number 16, Kirsten Wild. No significant


breaks in terms of how this result is likely to pan out, although we do


have two leaders out in front at the moment. Nicole Hanselman of


Switzerland and Yonamine of Japan. Their lead is over 30 seconds. Who


are we looking at now? One would imagine that plenty is set to happen


between now and the finish. The Dutch are having a little go off the


front. Is that Hannah Barnes chasing down? That interesting, no


Netherlands and Great Britain are going to mark each other down, so


the other teams need to profit from that. They know if the Netherlands


team go, a GB rider will chase, and vice versa as well. Hannah Barnes


was quick to get on the Dutch rider's tail. Mariano Boss, known as


one of the best female cyclists in the world, and Hannah Barnes had the


role to mark that. Because not many people have the power to kick and


respond to a move of Vos, but Hannah Barnes has done that. Looks like


Germany brought it back again. The big teams are looking at each other.


And nobody will let Marianne Vos go. The Netherlands are being quite


active, they seem to be the most active team so far. Marianne Vos,


three times the world champion. Five times second. We have this vision of


her winning everything all the time like some sort of eggy Merck 's of


winning cycling -- some sort of Eddi Merckx of women's


cycling. They want to toughen the race up. They want to rip it to


pieces. There has not been much thinning out so far in this field.


Not until now. But as David says, the Netherlands have made it evident


that they are not going to roll along and put all their cards on the


sprinter. They've got Marianne Vos, van Dijk, such a strong team. We've


seen Amy Peters and Roxane Kneteman at the front. And another attack now


by the Netherlands. Everybody will want to respond to this. They will


all go with this, they know if van Dijk disappears up the road she will


take some bringing back. As you can see, very quick, the response. Also


she strings out the field rapidly. The big riders are coming out to


play and seeing what's happening. They understand the tactics. It's


becoming quite evident that the Netherlands will not stop until it


does split. Feels like the race is just really getting started now with


this activity on the front. It's been a big question mark about which


nation will want to make this hard. We did not really know if the


Netherlands would want to, because they have been pure sprinter, known


as the Queen of Qatar, she has won so many races in the desert out


here. Lizzie Deignan is at the front as well, starting to push. Marianne


Vos, Lizzie Deignan, Hannah Barnes is up there. Lizzie Deignan is on


the radio now, that's one indication of how Lizzie is in really good


form. Which is fantastic to see after the Olympics and the emotional


season she has had, to just be on top form. And van Dijk is possibly


the strongest rider in the race. Abbey made Parkinson pulling over at


the side of the road for a quick wheel change. That's a bad time for


her with attacking going on at the front, it will take a while to get


back on. Marianne Vos at the front. Marked by the Italians. Great


Britain is there, America, Sweden, Germany, all the big nations. But


Marianne Vos and Lizzy Deignan are the two that really want to ignite


this race and split it up. Lizzie Armistead, the harder the race the


better. And this is not good for Parkinson, having to stand at the


side of the road for this amount of time when the race is at the point


it is that, this is a very slow change. There is something wrong


with the skewer, that's a shame, it will make life very difficult. This


is the reason why it is great that the nations that qualify a riders


like Team GB bring a full complement and all the riders filling those


spots because anything can happen. This type of thing could happen to


two or three riders. Even the winner of the time trial out here making


the race hard. You see how much work is being done in the peloton to


bring this one back. She is in fine form, the current time trial


champion. Chased down by Amy Peters of the Netherlands. On a course like


this, for it to split apart, the attacks must be relentless. You


cannot give up and go soft tactically, you have two keep going.


And it starts to draw out the stronger riders. Good ride by Dani


King up there in third place. So GB are represented. A gap of about two


riders in that small split. Looked like the Belgian rider had to close


that gap for their sprinter. Now it's just going to be a matter of


which riders are strong enough. Very hard on a course like this, but


which rider has really got the form in the legs and get the timing right


to split this up. Looks like King and Barnes up there. If it was a


hilly circuit people would be waiting for the hill, but here it is


relentless and you cannot predict where it will go. They may find a


section with a headwind or a crosswind, a series of corners that


makes it more difficult. You have to have a strong team willing to do


attack after attack. It will only eventually split when everybody is


on their hands and knees and that's when you have to push hard. Here we


are in the middle of the peloton with Nicole Hanselmann, who was


upfront with Yonamine earlier. They split off the front. Lizzie Deignan


coming across, sensing it will happen. Kirsten Wild is applying the


pressure. And these are the strongest riders in the world making


this difficult on a flat circuit. They are known as being stronger on


the hilly circuit. But Marianne Vos, Lizzie Dignan, Emmy Johannson, the


Italian rider in there, we have not picked up her number yet.


The former winner of the Tour of Flanders is in the peloton for


Italy. You can see the damage that has done. Lizzie Deignan on the


front. And she looks very comfortable, doesn't she? The


American rider goes. You may need a counter attack, this is not


disrespectful, but the B quality riders, and that's the sort of move


that can go. It's likely to split soon if the


Americans keep applying the pressure. She has had a sensational


season. Disappointing result at the Olympics. But Olympics aside she has


had a phenomenal season, winning the Giro, National Championships again.


Meanwhile, further back, the usual chaos as riders try to grab a


bottle. Allie Dragoo taking her time. The


real action is taking place up the road and at times, there has been a


panicked reaction behinds. We see the biggest guns in the race come


out. This will be an aggressive race. It is hard to know what will


go on until the actual race because everyone says this is a sprinter's


course but you can see as tactics change, it can become anything.


Sometimes causes that claim to be sprinters, they end up being the


best races because it forces interesting and unpredictable


tactics and that is what is happening now. 55.8 kilometres to go


in the swimming's elite road race and the defending champion Lizzie


Deignan from Great Britain is up towards the front. British team


prominent, the Dutch keep attacking. The British are animating the race


among others, constantly responding, not the issue themselves. Abby-Mae


Parkinson had a rear wheel problem a while ago and has managed to fight


her way back into the peloton. Dani King and Hannah Barnes and on the


right of your picture, the German rider. Emma Johansson having


something to eat with the yellow shoulder jersey. We ride now with


Nicole Hanselman, the Swiss rider in the race.


Armitstead, now Deignan and Marianne Vos among them. So in some tax which


made life difficult for those in the peloton behind. The race winding its


way around The Pearl. The Italians have not been so active. They


normally take control of the races over the past ten years but we


wonder if the absence of Giorgia Bronzini, their leader and captain,


has affected and hurt them today. We haven't seen much of the Italians.


Sometimes that can happen when you have been so dedicated one tactic


and one race strategy, and overnight, it completely changes


because your leader is sick and can't start the race. It really does


set a cat amongst the pigeons and the team loses direction slightly. I


think that is what we aren't seeing from the Italians. They also have


Bastianelli who was a very good sprinter. She has a chance of being


on the podium and even an outside chance that the victory should this


come down to a big, bunched sprint. You think at some point during this


race, the Netherlands will like it up and try to hurt the peloton and


splitted up but will there be a point where the Netherlands get


tired from attacking and it all sit up and comes down to its breadth or


will it be aggressive right to the line? I was wondering whether they


would be counter-attacked. Team GB and Netherlands are marking each


other out and at some point perhaps they will drop their guard at some


point. You have to be careful that because you become so focused on one


tactic and one race situation that you missed something else happening


and another team could be thinking that. They might be thinking, wait


until they get tired and then go as hard as we can. If you were smart


and you have relationships in the peloton, you might speak to another


team and say, let's let them do that. I'm sure a number of riders in


the peloton will be thinking, let's wait and see if the moment presents


itself to take advantage of all the attacking and hard work the


Netherlands are doing. Heidi Dalton with an on-board camera. I love the


on-board camera views we have had during this World Championships from


the other races as well, when incidents happen in the peloton, it


gives a really good view to the spectators as to how things unfold


in the peloton and how little movement you have in the peloton


around the wheels that are in front or next to you. Definitely opens up


to you in a way you might not have seen before. When you see the lead


trains and they are shouting at each other and it is all quite frantic,


it is a whole new appreciation. At the moment, no sign that anyone


will manage to get away and form a little lead group, at the moment...


People are not tired enough I think. Those attacks have lasted for about


half an hour and it will have taken the edge off some people and some


people will pay a price that but then you have a long and people can


refuel and recharge and recalibrate. You need to keep pushing so hard so


everyone goes over their threshold and basically not be able to fuel


properly and put them under stress but it is easier said than done


because you need a strong team. You need eight riders basically going


one after the other constantly. That requires eight riders on form,


willing to gamble a little bit because only a couple of them will


actually... No other team has committed to joining them. Exactly,


it is just the Dutch so far, if another team is contributing, we


would have a race on our hands. They would say, Great Britain decided,


instead of playing a defensive game, let's call it, against the


aggressive game of the Netherlands, if they start racing aggressively as


well, then you see Great Britain ripped to pieces. Coryn Rivera, down


the back of the peloton, having a conversation with a couple of the


Belgian riders. These Belgian riders will be motivated because they have


a rider in the peloton who is very capable of winning this World


Championships and the closer they get to the finish, the more


confident float should door... Will be. Amy Pieters has been a rider


appointed to making this race hard because we have seen are... Be


wrong, this could be Annemiek van Vleuten, the rider leading the


Olympic Games and had that horrific crash. Annemiek van Vleuten is


really putting the pressure down. She races in the Australian outfit


which is why her helmet is the same as the Australian rider behind her.


Van Vleuten on the front for the Netherlands. 50 K to go. She had big


plans to retire after the Rio Olympics but given she had that


accident and demonstrated herself she has the ability to win an


Olympic games, she has decided to kick on and sign another contract


and it will be interesting to see how many more years she goes. She


did prove she has the ability to still get herself into peak form and


at the Games, she was definitely the strongest rider. Why would you want


to retire when you are riding as strongly as she is? The Dutch again


are going for it once more. This time, it is Amy Pieters but the


Dutch have not stopped with the attacking. They are the only nation


that wants to make it hard and it is interesting because they have the


fastest sprinter in this race in Kirsten Wild. They have strength in


numbers. Very hard for them to break this up but it looks like they will


keep attacking. It was never a counter-attacked. The Netherlands


are counterattacking themselves. Italy and Australia both more


prominent in themselves. They now understand what is happening. Dani


King glued to the wheel. Marianne Vos from the Villumsen going for it.


-- from the Netherlands. Little gaps opening up. People are getting tired


and they can't quite be as quick. The thing is and this is where the


race comes in, when attack goes at this point, Marianne Vos has gap and


that is good tactics from her. She has done the work and caused the


split and they will contribute to it. It is a case of the Netherlands


continuing to do this and occasionally bringing out Marianne


Vos to weaken it up and then send your strong rider out. The gap is


being closed and it is Australia doing it but just starting to


splinter behind. Towards the final third of the peloton, final quarter


of the peloton. Le Clos strung out they are. You can't hesitate when


this happens. If you let the gap opened up, a massive amount of work


to do. They do not hesitate in one instant. The South African riding


about fourth place as well. Marianne Vos not easing off the pedals, she


has done a big turn on the front. Another Dutch rider, it could be


Ellen van Dijk, just went back for some bottles in that moment of


aggression from the Netherlands in the front. The riders getting tired


and it only takes a couple of riders in the middle of the peloton...


Australian... Looks like it could be Tiffany Cromwell. This is not good


for them because she was an important part of the team


especially towards the end of the race. This will be a really


affecting the Australians if Tiffany Cromwell cod get back into the


peloton. Back at the front but bad timing for Cromwell as she waits for


mechanical assistance. I think it was Hannah Barnes responding about


six or seven in line. Just starting to splinter and split, this race,


the pressure is starting to tell. We are inside the final 15 kilometres


now. The Dutch tactic is continuing to make life difficult for everybody


else. Starting to pay dividends for them because we can see the split


starting on the back of the race breaking the pieces. Those gaps are


a little more easy now and more difficult to close down. This is


where we know the race is getting the breaking point. Slight easing in


relative terms at the front. The Dutch will be wanting another team


to do the same as them. This is Tiffany Cromwell. I think maybe her


chain slipped or something. She had a little crash so it will be


interesting to see she can back in but she is an important domestic for


one of the fastest sprinters in this peloton Chloe Hosking. The Dutch


have not stopped, really putting the hammer down, the winner of the


Olympic games, Anna van der Breggen. A little bit of looking around for a


second before there was a response. At the back, I can see Laura Massey


from Great Britain. Riders being dropped left, right and centre at


the back of the main field. If we can get to the point in the race


when everyone starts to weaken, constant attacking from the


Netherlands and it is a case of losing almost half the peloton in a


short period of time. This is a strong rider that can


close those gaps but not in a great position now and perhaps that time


trial early in the week is taking it out of her. Anna van der Breggen on


the front, Olympic gold medallist. Some hesitation behind. They are


getting into little groups now. A nasty moment for the rider from


Eritrea. What does Anna van der Breggen do? Wait for help or keep


driving on by herself? She has to keep driving on and force them to


come up, that is when the counterattack will work, forcing


everyone to work hard to bring it back. You can see how hard everyone


is having to work to close this move of Anna van der Breggen and it is


really splitting up. Lizzie Deignan still there. Everyone is weakening


all of a sudden. She seems to be pretty much in control still but


there are gaps opening up everywhere. We saw a few of the


sprinters, Kirsten Wild, sitting comfortably in the mass part and not


responding to these moves out in front. Emma Johansson still there at


different and Eileen Roe from Team GB a great job. Perfect tactics. Van


Vleuten is having a go again, going near where the barrier is, there she


is. I'm sure that is Van Vleuten. Hannah Barnes reacting quickly.


Three laps to go as they crossed the line. Some riders are blowing up. At


the sharp bend they are starting to blow up and as they are coming by


you can see gaps opening up. Lizzie Deignan you can see up towards the


fund, one of the first to go over the line. Dani King has gone through


as well. Hannah Barnes is right up there. In third place behind Van


Vleuten. She has been super impressive. She was second in the


time trial with her professional team. 14th in the individual time


trial does not sound so special but for a sprinter it was a very special


ride and proves she is on top, top form. You can see that she is


covering these moves and that she looks quite comfortable. And we


mention that she was six in that World Cup race in Sweden. Dani King


of GB in there as well, also doing a very good job. Lizzie Deignan will


come to the finish quite confident that her team has done a great job.


There's Lizzie. She is very well positioned as well. Be orange of her


helmet at the front. Dani King is omnipresent at the front. She's good


at being assertive in the front, Lizzie Deignan, as you would expect


from someone of her experience, but she is very assertive. And that also


shows how good she is feeling because it's not easy to be


consistent at the front, it takes a big effort to be there but she times


it perfectly every time. We are entering the final hour of the race,


and this is where a lot of the big hitters trying to get the medal will


thing, we are in the final hour, it is getting serious. Another crash in


the feed zone. Like you said, Dave, I think the magic one hour to go is


a key moment in the race where sprinters that have hung on and put


themselves in position, they think, I have got this far into the race,


just one hour to go and they get a whole new level of fitness and level


of freshness. In a race like this, it's been quite aggressive in the


last hour so the sprinters have two fight really hard and gamble that it


keeps coming back together. When there is one hour to go in the race


they consciously decide, now I have to take things into my own hands and


be active. Only one hour to go, I can do this. Is a break goes, it can


go to the finish. Beyond that you know over an hour that it gives


enough time to bring something back. Another crash at the front,


roundabout. That is fatigue setting in as well. She has had to stop for


the second time in the race but as you can see, she is up and running


once more. One rider we haven't mentioned much of today, the Danish


outside chance in a sprint. She had a fantastic sprint in the recent


Tour. And for Denmark she is an outside chance. She's a two-time


world race junior champion. Shows every sign of being one of the big


stars of the next few years in women's cycling. Absolutely. She was


concentrating on the track in Rio. Her display in the last events of


the omnium were spectacular. She has been riding in a domestic role this


year but pulled off a nice win a couple of weeks ago. She is a fast


sprinter and will have track speed from being on track most of this


season. She will be one to watch in the finish. Action on the front from


something other than an orange jersey, the USA sending a ride up


the road. Amber Neben had a goal early on, she has been restoring her


energy reserves at the back of the peloton and has come back against


the blue this is what I mean about an hour to go. A time trial


specialist with that far to go, you would think it is possible they can


do that if they are feeling good and fresh. You would not want somebody


who has just won the World Championships to get a gap and start


going. This is what I meant about the Dutch being caught out and


counterattacking. They can soft and everybody up, do the hard work, and


wait for her to go. The Netherlands and Team GB are just watching each


other. Quite a clever move for Amber Neben. She lets them soft and up,


waits for the lull, and goes on. Interesting that the peloton did not


respond to that move. Whether they couldn't or didn't, that's the


question. But Amber Neben, having won the time trial, has proven she


is in fantastic form, not a rider you want to slip off the front. If


she gets into with it will take an effect for the nation is to combine


together to bring her back. Because she's not going to stop and she's in


the form of her life. Yes, going to be a big ask for anybody. Nobody can


do it individually so at some point they will have to do go. No team


will want to. The Netherlands are sitting there, they have been caught


out, they find themselves riding at the front, chasing down somebody


profiting from their work. As a two-time world champion in the time


trial specialist, she has also finished fourth in the World Road


Championships before as well. Here she is on the front once again and


Amber Neben will be happy with this scenario. Throwback to Tuesday


afternoon. When she won the world title for the second time at the age


of 41. Psychologically, now she has the gap, she knows she is fastest in


the world on that circuit, she did it a few days ago and


psychologically it is a massive boost. She slips into a different


mindset and you can see teams panicking slightly. Belgium putting


a ride on the front. They are aware this is not one rider you want up


their, up the road on their own. Interesting to see them at the


front. Belgium. They are not one of the strongest teams. Interesting to


see they have taken up the responsibility and not just passed


it over to the stronger teams like the Netherlands and Team GB. It's a


bit of a silly tactic in my opinion. You've seen how much the Netherlands


won this race, don't help them, let them do what they clearly want to


do, control this race and own it essentially. It is playing into the


hands now of the Dutch and Team GB. You sort of call their bluff


slightly. I think it is Marianne Vos sitting in second place. That is one


of the beauties of women's cycling, it is not so predictable. It's not


going to make any difference, it's not as if there are enough Belgians


to do it. As David was saying, the Dutch made it obvious they are


absolutely desperate to win the race, so why not sit up and let them


get on with it? You call their bluff, you go up to them and say,


you want it, you chase it down. I should think that will be what


Lizzie Deignan will be saying to her team-mates. Exactly. Their


responsibility, let them do it. And this is what I said before about


another team profiting from them calling each other's bluff. The


amount of time it takes them to decide what to do, you can get that


gap, which is what Amber Neben is doing. Back in the main field. Well,


she was distant stuff the back, so she has done well to get back in.


The race is in the hands of the Americans at the moment. They had a


disappointing Olympic Games but they are in a strong position now with


Amber Neben, current world champion. The Dutch are on the front. Team GB


are playing it very cool now. As we spoke about at the start of the


race, Lizzie Deignan is a cool customer when it comes to tactics,


not the sort of rider caught out in a situation like this. She will be


saying to relax, I know what the Dutch will do, let them do as much


work as possible, we will contribute if we have to do at the very last


moment. Lizzie is on the very edge of the road up towards the front,


just keeping an eye on what is going on. There is the leader and not


surprisingly considering it is the world time trial champion, she has


already gained an advantage of 40 seconds on the main field. The main


field who are hot, sweaty and in some cases a little confused as to


quite how they want to react at this moment in time. Because on a circuit


like this it is very hard to get away on your own, and Marianne Vos


understands what is happening now. They do not have a team-mate that


can match Amber Neben so there is no point using up their troops. She has


to ride aggressively and cause a split, and Lizzie Deignan


understands that as well. She is in third place, letting the Belgian


rider close the gap. Writing a clever race. Staying as close to the


front as she can whilst doing as little work as possible in the


process of doing so. I don't think we've seen Lizzie Deignan once in


the wind. We've seen Marianne Vos and all the other riders attacking,


and not once have we seen Lizzie Deignan go off the front. She's very


relaxed and that is one of her strengths, reading a race, staying


cool and calm. As we said before, the Belgian riders for example may


be a little less experienced, in a bit of a panic, with a rider broken


away, they are desperately trying to close down time. Not very


productively, given that they are not the stronger team. But that's


the difference between having a team captain Mike Lizzie Deignan 14 GB,


just keeping everybody cool. She has had so many problems on the course


today. I'm wondering if she's getting told off. I wonder if she


got dragged on. Maybe she is getting told off for having a tow back to


the peloton. Yes, could be the case that she got a tow and is being


asked to leave the race. The president wants to talk to the


Russian team car, so they might be getting pulled out of the race.


Mechanical problem, I think maybe she got a tow back on after that


incident. Because she got back on very quickly. I think the will


properly disqualify her. Looks like some trouble for Olga, no stranger


to controversy, let it be said, having not that long ago come back


from a doping ban herself. Here is Amber Neben who leads at the moment,


31 seconds is the gap and it has not changed despite the big turn on the


front from Marianne Vos for a little while. And there is Lizzie Deignan,


defending world champion in second place, here. Wouldn't be surprised


if she pulls off and takes herself at the back so she cannot get caught


out. Sitting probably a bit too far at the front. Lizzie Deignan


certainly demonstrating she is one of the stronger striders in this


race, as has Marianne Vos. We've seen the big names we normally see


at the front on hilly circuit is dominating this flat World


Championship. Nobody helping the Belgian at the front, are they,


here? This is a long ride at the front. Lauren roundly coming up


towards the front of the peloton in the White with the green helmet from


Australia. Good strong team rider for the Aussies. You know the


Aussies have understood the threat as well. Playing slightly into the


hands of the Dutch again. These other teams are panicking.


So fantastic to see Amber Neben, she already has the gold medal in the


bag from early in the week, and well-suited to a more hilly circuit,


just giving her nation the chance to win this. Imagine if she got a


double in Qatar at 41 years of age. Great year at the World


Championships for the United States. She just missed a bottle, there.


That will not be good. Not for her mental state. It's very difficult


out there to keep motivated and believing in yourself. Would she


only have one chance in that feed zone, or would there be more than


one opportunity? There could have been two people but it looked as


though she left it to the last person mind out there. She did not


take a bottle in time through the feed zone.


Lizzie Deignan has really put herself in a position to win this


race up until this point, she is getting closer and closer to the


finish with a few team-mates left in there. While she has played down her


chances are we, she is looking very comfortable in a very good position


to take this on. Looks like it could come down to a bank Street and she


does not really recognise herself as a big bunch sprint, but she has the


fitness level to come to the front. Certainly turning into a resolute


and stout defence of the rainbow jersey from Lizzie Deignan, and she


is still in with a chance of retaining that world crown. 35.5


kilometres to go on the pole in Qatar.


The gap is going up from Marianne Vos the peloton. The Australian


rider has helped a bit, but the Belgian rider, it is tete-a-tete


against the two of them, there is no way she can bring time back on Amber


Neben, we know her quality. You need to or three strong riders. She did


look as though she was banging her head against a brick. Blue she might


have said, I cannot contribute I will just get my conservation to the


race done. It is a mostly false economy because nobody else could


help and she is not strong enough to bring the gap back. Amber Neben


looks as comfortable as anybody could reasonably expect given the


weather conditions and the state of the race. Radio area, she will be


getting some information from her director in the race car, some


motivation. She has team-mates back in the peloton that could


potentially win if she gets caught. Megan Garnier had a phenomenal


season. Olympics aside, which was a bit disappointing. At she was third


at the world tamping chips last year. What is she like in a sprint,


generally? She is quite fast but I would not back against the likes of


Lizzie Armistead or Chloe Hosking. But she is one of the faster riders.


She won BG rod, so you cannot say she is a pure sprinter but she does


Dani King has been keen to get back into the British team on the road as


Rochelle said, and has contributed well in this road race today. She


would have been very nervous lining up to date, back in the GB kit in


those colours, representing the nation and she has just wanted so


badly to make that big step from the track to the road and representing


GB is something that is the most important thing to her and she has


achieved that here said she would have felt the pressure. She has been


executing a role for the GB team and Lizzie Deignan very well out there


today. The leader has eked out a couple more seconds over the chasing


pack. Next time over the line, only two laps of The Pearl to go. You can


see where people are every so often on this course. That is good for


Amber Neben because she can see only one Belgian rider at the front and


that will give her more confidence so she is still in control at the


moment. You can see the orange colours of the Netherlands slowly


moving to the front. They will make a calculated assault on bringing


this back. If they leave the Belgian rider on the front for too long,


they will be going backwards before they start to make the counter. They


don't want to go over a minute. That is rapidly approaching. Bastianelli,


number 24. Towards the back of the peloton for Italy. If it comes down


to a sprint, she might be their bouts at the front of the race. Bath


thereabouts. She will need to get further forward. 52 seconds, the


advantage is going up all the time, from Amber Neben of the United


States. Shadows growing a little longer in the late afternoon, we are


a couple of hours ahead of the UK. Don't imagine it is particularly


much cooler. It is still in the mid-30s, the temperatures, for the


cyclists. She has got that radio in her ear so she has the motivation of


the team director, giving her the time checks but also the motivation


and confidence to keep pushing on. She definitely has the legs and


ability and form to attack when this comes back together.


In theory, Team GB appeared to be the strongest team at the moment in


my opinion because they have responded to everything but not


actually forced any action. Team GB moving slightly up again. Lizzie


Deignan not far behind. I think everyone still has a full team. Yes,


can see Eileen Roe there as well. She is doing a great job. Some


impressive displays so far. I've certainly been very impressed


by the form of Hannah Barnes at the World Championships and throughout


the season, coming back from injury but she is obviously having a very


good team captain from Lizzie Deignan. Very calm and relaxed. The


big question is, if this comes down to a sprint, will GB ride for Lizzie


Deignan or Hannah Barnes or possibly even Alice Barnes? They have three


really fast riders in there. Options as they go into the closing stages


of this race. We are inside the final two laps. A lot of riders


still in contention for the rainbow jersey. Including the defending


champion, Lizzie Deignan. Lauren Stephens of the United States coming


back. She is a stage winner in Argentina in the last couple of


years. Tenth overall in the Tour of California. I was listening to an


interview of Lizzie Deignan earlier today and she said while she is


playing down her chances of will Championship back-to-back here in


Qatar, she was disappointed with his salute last year when she won the


World Championships in Richmond and she would love to have a second


chance, both arms up in the air crossing the line. So it has to be


in the back of her mind that she is capable of winning this. Good sprint


to the line last year from Lizzie, it was quite uphill inside the last


kilometre and then slightly uphill sprint towards the line where she


beat Anna van der Breggen to the line and Megan Guarnier who got the


bronze medal for the United States. Amber Neben holding steady. Great


Britain prominent alongside Australia but both nations happy to


let the Dutch go to the front. Emmy Hanson for Sweden with one of her


team-mates. We saw the Aussies and GB team having a chat about when


they will put the hammer down and try to bring this back and they


can't leave it out there that too much longer. 25.9 kilometres to go.


Amber Neben is a strong rider, current world champion in the ITT


but a little dropping off her head there is not a good indication. This


is the rider that has done the majority of the work for the


Australians. Loren Rowney has I think blown head gasket. I think her


job is done for the day. She is actually a sprinter in her own right


so to be chasing back moves would have been a difficult task for Loren


Rowney but she has done her job unfinished for the day. No doubt


Chloe Hosking, Australian sprinter, is there feeling very confident. 35


seconds, 34 seconds, isn't that much when you consider it has been a full


chase behind. If it was launched again, the attack, it would come


back incredibly quickly. When the Dutch put a ride on the front and it


closes down, they realise they have got this in control. They are a


little more relaxed so they are leaving Amber Neben out there for a


little bit longer. We can expect an aggressive last part of this race


from the Dutch. They will feel she is within range. And because of the


make of this circuit, glances of her and none of the big riders in the


peloton... They have had a decent rest this lap. They have all been


sitting back and refuelling in the wheels. Olga Zabelinskaya.


Interesting she is not off the course yet because they did announce


they disqualified her for an illegal bike change but still just rolling


around on the course. Presumably preparing to roll off the course as


she goes through the finish. At the first available opportunity. Come in


number 84, your number is up, your time is up. She is escorted from the


course by the UCI. She has had a bad day. A bad day at the office. Unlike


Amber Neben who still leads by over half a minute. You can see she's


digging deep note, checking the time check, 40 seconds. We get 34 seconds


on our screen. We believe the peloton have got this under control


and they will be able to bring it back when they decide it is time to


pull Amber Neben back in. You can see now it is the Australians on the


front, stringing out the peloton. An indication there sprinter is feeling


good in the peloton. A fairly reduced peloton out and that has


been the attrition from all of those attacks. Not much has gone off from


the front of the race apart from Amber Neben but lots from the back.


Dutch back on again. They will not risk it, just get it back under


control and we will see whether they will ride it on the line or launch


an attack. I can't predict it. They did all those attacks... This is


Carmen Small, a problem at the back for the United States. Hard to tell


whether those attacks were tiring everyone out or whether they


genuinely wanted to split up into smaller groups. She hasn't had a


very happy will Championship, Carmen Small. The national champion and


felt she was should have got one of the slots for the Olympic Games in


Rio and they went with Christine Armstrong. They were proved right


because she won the gold medal but Carmen Small went into arbitration


over trying to get that spot in Rio. She was here and hoping to prove her


point in the time trial but maybe trying a bit too hard. Disappointing


12th place to the other day. She has chasing to do as well after


mechanical issue. I was thinking last night how difficult emotionally


the season has been for Carmen Small because you transferred from one


team to another in the middle of the season and things weren't working


out with her team and she changed to another team at the same time she


was putting in her appeal process for the selection for the Olympic


Games. She had won the national time trial Championship and beating


Christine Armstrong who won the Olympic Games so that would be very


difficult emotionally to deal with. The USA made the right decision


because they selected a rider that won the Olympic Games but then


Carmen Small beat that rider at the Championships so it has been a


difficult season for her and with the mechanical here, not a good


situation for the USA because Amber Neben is right in front and they


need her back in the peloton, should she be caught very soon. Still half


a minute and not much coming from the Dutch at the moment. Are they


regrouping? I think so, I think the next time it goes it will be all-out


warfare. They can take it on the line so it will be... They would


have to strategise it quite well by discussing who is feeling good and


then the other riders working for that rider or those two riders so


presumably Marianne Vos and Kirsten Wild. The rest of the team will


presumably launch a flurry of attacks. So much spoken about, the


strength of this Netherlands team, strongest we have seen in the


history of women's cycling and any one of those riders would be capable


of winning but they have the favourite sprinter Kirsten Wild in


the peloton. Will they back here for a sprint or try to break this up in


the final kilometres? This is one of the fastest sprinters in the


peloton. Bastianelli for the Italians. A few outside champions.


Lepisto from Finland. Amber Neben taking on a last bottle with 21


kilometres to go. Impressive to see her win the individual time trial


earlier this week because she has won it in the past but hasn't been


so present in the women's peloton in the last few years. She has been


around but not in the top of those races, like she was in the past.


Like her career was winding down? We would have said she was now the


chance for a medal here but she surprised everyone at the age of 41


to come back and win the title in the individual time trial this week.


She is proving she is in the form of her life,. Carmen Small trying to


get back on the rear end of the main field. Following that mechanical


issue. Will the Americans have a train leading out Rivera for the


sprint? One of the nations that have a fast rider, maybe not a favourite


for the sprint, which is why the World Championships is so


unpredictable. Winnard the Netherlands is the strongest team


and Kirsten Wild is very fast but so many riders could potentially be on


the podium or sneak this victory. Australians working hard, putting


faith into their sprinter Chloe Hosking. 20 seconds nicer within


sight. It would be sensible now for the Australians to wind it back


about which I think is what they are doing which is why the bunch is


spreading across the road. They are slowing down because they know Amber


Neben is in sight. Now it is a question of whether it will be an


aggressive race or the teams will resign themselves to the fact it


will be a sprint and look after their sprinters? There are some


teams here who don't have a sprinter who could win. Three Germans up


towards the front. Lisa Brennauer among them. Niewiadoma from Poland.


They are all starting to congregate across the road. 20 seconds no Amber


Neben less than 19 kilometres away from the finish.


There has not been very committed chase from anybody in the peloton


but they will feel confident that Amber Neben will be reeled in. As


the readout trains and domestiques try to get their leaders in


position, the gap is coming down. She will keep the pressure on the


pedals for as long as possible to put her team-mates in a good


position, and will be see counterattacks from the Americans?


Do you get the impression the Dutch will throw the eggs in Kirsten


Wild's basket? It appears that way. It appears most of the teams are


settling for bunch sprints. If that is not the case then they are going


to have to launch attacks now otherwise there will be a bunch


sprint. The only way it can break up is if it starts attacking in the


next couple of kilometres. Roxane Kneteman, there, from the


Netherlands, on the front, having a little look round. Canada with Leah


Kirkman as a possibility for them. Couple of her team-mates in the


burden of Canada. Dani King still up towards the front, towards the right


of your picture. At the business end of the bike race it will be


interesting to see what Team GB does, if they will do a lead out for


Lizzie Deignan or if they will back one of their younger more


inexperienced riders like Hannah Barnes or Alice Barnes for the


sprint. Amber Neben sees how close the peloton is coming, taking a


drink. She knows what's coming and it is not going to be another gold


medal, not today, anyway. Team GB will have to discuss that on the


road. They will be discussing who is feeling good, who is going for this.


I don't think there will be a natural prerace order of authority.


They will say you have to discuss between yourself and be honest with


each other. If Lizzie says I feel good, everyone has got to go for it.


And if Hannah is feeling good as well, if they both feel good, Lizzie


will have to go for it, she is reigning world champion. Sara Roy


from Australia is taking on a lot of the work here at the front of the


peloton. Van Dijk from the Netherlands on second wheel, she is


a rider we may have predicted would take a late attack. But are they


riding for Kirsten Wild or will they try to light it up with a flurry of


attacks? Been a little crash coming out of that roundabout, there. A


ride on the other side of the road from Chinese Taipei. She will be


devastated about that if she does not get back to the peloton because


she is quite a handy sprinter as well. One you would put on an


outside chance of a medal here. Couple of victories in the World


Tour race. Asian road race champion as well last year. She is not


looking very sprightly, though. No. And it was on the other side of the


road. The outside. A crash just missed by one of the British riders


as well, there. A real stalemate in the peloton right now. They are all


watching each other to see who will do it. Everybody is all being a bit


battle worn by the Dutch. Probably quite surprised that now they are


sitting there not doing anything which would indicate that they are


putting all their eggs in Kirsten Wild's basket. Just trying to see if


we can spot Kirsten Wild, one of the taller riders in the peloton, you


can normally see her helmet popping up across the top of the peloton.


Amber Neben knows her job, and that is to keep going until she is


caught. She knows she will be, so it's quite an art, to put yourself


through that pain. She has won the world time trial championship two


times, she knows how to hurt. And whilst her face looks relaxed, she


will be in a world of pain. Yeah, this is a great ride from Amber


Neben, but just 24 seconds separate her from this peloton, here. But


that looks very much like a peloton preparing itself for a big gallop so


blue it does. Only 16.8 kilometres to go, not


It is highly controllable. Everybody can dig deep when it gets closer.


They've had a calm last 15 or 20 kilometres. All hoping, I guess,


that it would stay this way. Now it's going to be a case of getting


your team to work, to look after you to the line. You can see one of the


sprint favourites up there in fourth position, an indication of feeling


good but also being a little bit nervous because you do not see the


more experienced sprinters like Lizzie Deignan or Kirsten Wild


moving to the front this early with 16 kilometres to go. Chloe Hosking,


also from Australia. Now we are talking about the really fast


sprinters in this race. What a devastating thing for Bronzini not


to be on the starting line, this race would have played into her


hands. We are looking at Chloe Hosking, Kirsten Wild, for a sprint?


The clear favourite will most likely be Kirsten Wild, she is the Queen of


Qatar, this is her style of race, she has a strong team in the Dutch.


Lizzie Deignan, you would not put your money on her in a big bunch


sprint but she looks very comfortable and she has the World


Championship jersey to retain, so anything is possible. The GB team


have ridden well and that will give her more confidence. She will like


to try to finish it off, even if she is not a pure spin to, she will give


this a go and she has definitely got the chance. But the likes of Kersten


will, Jolien D'Hoore.. -- the likes of


Kirsten Wild. The beauty of the team from the Netherlands, they have so


many riders that could potentially win in any circumstances. We have


not even mentioned Marianne Vos. Or any of the German riders. They now


have Amber Neben insight. One lap remains. A very small gap from Amber


Neben back to the peloton, a gap that is about to close very quickly


indeed. The smart money now is on a sprint for the line. Lizzie Deignan


of Great Britain still in with a chance of defending her world title,


but with every passing kilometre, the sprinters get more and more


excited that it could be their day. Riders like Chloe Hosking for the


United States, Jolien D'Hoore from Belgium, Kirsten Wild of the


Netherlands. To name but a few. And Amber Neben Bulls time at the front


of the race is now up and those jerseys of the Dutch start to


congregate at the front. Is that Ashley Millman from South Africa?


Moving across to make sure she can take a bottle. Jolien D'Hoore taking


a bottle from Belgium. Very close to the finish for riders to be taking


bottles. Chaos again. Breaks were slammed on in that shot, just


wondered if there had been an incident but apparently not. Lizzie


Deignan. Now there is an attack. The Team GB have had a fine race until


this right. Strong attack by Dani King. She has been policing every


single move riding at the front. You can see she just pushed her radio


into her ear to get some indication from the riders or that team


director how this attack is going and it is strong. That all changed


very quickly, both on the front of the race and for Amber Neben. Couple


of minutes she was leading the world champion should, now she has been


spat out the back of the peloton unceremoniously. Dani King of Great


Britain is on the front and stretching the field out in the


closing climate is with less than 15 to go. Great tactic from Team GB. We


have not seen them move the whole race, not even once. They have


covered everything, protected the race in a defensive manner. This has


obviously been their plan. Splitting it immediately. Forcing the Dutch


riders across and this puts Lizzie Armistead in a perfect position, she


can sit and follow everything. She realises the danger and is coming


across herself. Dani King on the front for Great Britain, causing a


bit of panic behind. Yes, that's a really strong attack and you can see


how tired everybody is. One massive attack has caused so much damage.


Lizzie Deignan is trying to come across on her own, make it to the


Swedish rider in between. It might be a Johansson for Sweden. It


usually is. On this, the last lap of seven here in Joe Hart in Qatar.


This is obviously what Team GB needed to do. Lizzie Deignan does


not really come in against those pure sprinters but she can if they


make the race really hard, put everybody under stress and fatigue,


and that way they can force it and give Lizzie a chance in the sprint.


Well, this is a super strong move by Dani King and Team GB. Very, very


smart. But everybody under pressure. And amazing form that Dani King has


come into. And draw some of the steam from the likes of the other


riders as well, just maybe take a little bit of the top bend off the


other riders. You can see how tired everybody is. They have had a lap of


going steady, letting the domestics right behind Amber Neben. One big


attack from Dani King started to rip it all to pieces. So if they start


countering again I think we can expect it to split up into small


groups. Dani King is doing a great job here. Interestingly she is being


marked by riders that ride on the same professional team as her. These


are the riders that actually know the real strength of Dani King, and


knew that they had to respond to that move. A good ride here by the


Eritrean rider, hanging in with the peloton. At the business end of the


race. How Great Britain continue to animate once more. Well, that's


Hannah Barnes, so that means the rider they are working for is going


to be Lizzie Deignan because Hannah Barnes is using upper energy to tire


out the peloton. The Dutch kept attacking with GB marking them, and


now GB are attacking with the Dutch marking them, so the tactics are


clear. Team GB are trying to rip it to pieces to set it up for Lizzie


Deignan. Two completely different tactics, one once a small group, the


other wants a bunch sprint. Is this Johannson now going? Heavily marked


by Lizzie Deignan. Lizzie Deignan straight onto her wheel, and


Marianne Vos tries to go. One of the American riders up there and a bit


of a gap opening up. Emma Johansson's acceleration puts real


pressure on those in the race and Lizzie Deignan was very quick to


jump on that and stamp it out. They are free of the best bike riders in


the world. And it was Lizzie Deignan and Marianne Vos who responded to


Emma Johannson, from Sweden, being the silver medallist in Rio this


year. Lizzie Deignan looking so comfortable. Fantastic ride by the


South African as well. She will want this race to be tough all the way to


the finish, Lizzie. And look at the Dutch. Marianne Vos was in a perfect


position to launch a counter attack and didn't, she looked behind, they


are riding a defensive and blocking race, whereas Team GB are trying to


split it up and make it hard. Now regrouping again as they have fanned


out across the road. Just over ten kilometres to go. One of the Dutch


riders on the right has a little look at the front but not a major


acceleration. Wondered whether there was going to be an attack launched,


but not so as it turned out. Further back is Dani King. Now at the back


of the peloton. It was a great effort from her couple of minutes


ago. Who is on the front? Looked like Marianne Vos. Well, we are


looking for Kirsten Wild and she seems to be positioned quite far


down the back. That will not be a panic for her because she can move


to the front of the peloton quite quickly. Anna van der Breggen on the


front. Marked by one of the Finland riders. And Denmark are up there as


well. So the Netherlands have enough strong riders to control this all


the way to the finish line, which is I think what their plan is. Is that


Rivera from the USA in the middle with the dark glasses on? She will


be worth watching as well, potentially, isn't she? If it comes


down to a sprint, as it may well do. Anna van der Breggen leads them


around the latest roundabout. Ten kilometres remaining in the World


Championship road race for elite women. And a little bit further


back, and a lease from Great Britain. At GB have ridden very,


very well, here. They certainly have had a technically brilliant race.


And Lizzie Deignan has come into this race with great form, which is


quite surprising, after she's had such turmoil, and emotional season,


the peak of the Olympic Games. To hold it together, come here and win


a world title and back up a few days later to be in really, really top


form, really impressive. Hannah Barnes, despite the effort she made


a couple of minutes ago, has come up alongside Lizzie now in the main


field, up towards the front. As you can see, when the pace is high, they


are strung out. The Dutch are not in a bad position here once again.


Van der Breggen will just go as long as she can I think. She doesn't have


the right faster, she just has to set it at a pace she can maintain


flows long as possible and try to put off attacks so people get


deterred from doing it because they can see the Olympic champion sitting


there. We haven't seen anything from Chloe Hosking which might be a good


thing. She is looking quite comfortable. I was on the circuit


yesterday and I heard someone coming behind me and it was Tiffany


Cromwell with her team-mates on her wheel, just doing a lead out, flying


through a roundabout so I have done -- they have done a couple of


practice runs and the Australians look comfortable, in the middle of


the peloton, Chloe Hosking looking super relaxed. Abby-Mae Parkinson in


the front group. Two of our younger riders still at the business end of


the race. We will not have to wait too long for the finish now. The


tension mounts. Maybe Lisa Brennauer is feeling good as well. Germany are


prominent. Lisa Brennauer was there in second wheel and she looks quite


relaxed and confident as she has had some good sprints in the past. Trixi


Worrack This is Sky News. Coming up: .


I think that is Van Vleuten on the front just throwing that bottle


away. Didn't see Kirsten Wild on the left-hand side. The Dutch lining


themselves up getting ready. They don't need to lead yet. No point Van


der Breggen riding on the front and wasting energy when they can use her


later on. They will sit there and they just hold that side of the road


and protect yourselves and don't let yourself get swamped. Sometimes it


is difficult to get all your team-mates together and they have


done that. They were like their chances. Look at that, good


discipline already having all lined up. Three riders the top 14 in the


time trial. They burned a lot of matches early on in the race with


the constant attacking but that was indicative of them being so strong.


Does Jolien D'Hoore have a strong enough train? She will not be able


to rely on her Belgian team-mates when it comes to the final


kilometres. She has had some support mentally. That would have been good


for Jolien D'Hoore, her mental state, to know her team-mates have


worked there today and now it is all up to her by herself. She has one of


the most powerful kicks in the peloton says she will be feeling


confident as they come into the finish. For a rider with not so many


team-mates, it is the fight you have to win before the sprint. The Dutch


have a lot of riders around the leader. The radios, this is where


they are useful because you can congregate your team-mates and tell


them what to do. Kirsten Wild can tell them what she wants from them.


It is hard to share that when you don't have the radios without giving


away your tactics. Still a big group here. Not far from the finish. I


love to see a big, bunched sprint and I am getting quite nervous


because this will be an exciting sprint. Dani King with a second


wind. She's doing some great work for Lizzie Deignan up towards the


front. Massive attacks, we saw the damage it did to the peloton and


rightly so. Shows how loyal she is and how professional. She has come


straight back up to helplessly. Psychologically a strong showing for


the others to deal with. Van dyke on the front of the Dutch train. You


know the power they have to bring back anything. Everyone knows their


tactic now. They are all in for the sprint. The Italians towards the


right of the picture, starting to move forward. White jerseys with


blue shorts. Bastianelli, Longo Borghini, riders who could feature


towards the end. The Dutch in control of this peloton at the


moment. This team on paper, they are strung


out, they really aren't the strongest team, everyone said it


would take a big mistake for them to be beaten at the will Championships.


-- they really are the strongest team. You would have to say Kirsten


Wild is the clear favourite. An impressive ride by the Netherlands.


Will anyone else tried to muscle their way in here? Anyone have the


ability? Not really, all they can do is try to hijack it. They will just


be outgunned so they may as well let them do all the work and for the


last 800 metres... Italians lining up on the left-hand side. Four of


them towards the front. Slowly inching their way to the pointy end


of the race. Dani King not giving away, still in the dark glasses in


the middle of the picture. What a stint from here. Hannah Barnes as


well towards the right at the front. Team GB not quite as disciplined


comparing them to the Netherlands and Italy coming up but Lizzie is a


cool customer. She will be profiting all of this, all the other teams'


work. She doesn't want to put herself in a position where she will


be the sprint. I think Lizzie Deignan is just near Dani King at


the moment. About 15 or 20 of the position. I think that was where she


is. The Dutch looking so strong. 4.4 kilometres to go. It looks like the


peloton is nearly just handed it to them. Just hoping they make a big


mistake. They really have things under control. They do and we know


how strong their riders are and they are riding so disciplined. They look


completely in control. We saw the French guys hitting way too early.


This is a lead out. Pure textbook at the moment. Four kilometres to go.


We are in Doha. The Dutch dominating proceedings, hoping one of their


riders can claim the rainbow jersey but Australia now starting to come


towards the front, they have got Chloe Hosking in their team and


Great Britain working hard also. Lizzie coming up on the left. What a


valuable rider in Dani King, she has been there all the way to the


finish. An impressively strong ride. Taking on the Dutch. Great stuff


from Dani King. GB swamped so they will try to match the Netherlands.


They are next to each other drag racing. 3.5 kilometres, Kirsten Wild


for the Netherlands and Lizzie Deignan for GB in their looking


good. Canadians are in there as well. Australians have dropped back


a bit but they were looking good for Chloe Hosking. Then you have got


Jolien D'Hoore, trying to get into position. The rider for USA


freewheeling in among all the others. Lizzie is now isolated so


Dani King did a fantastic job and has now dropped back. She got Lizzie


into position. A good position to be in because the train from the


Netherlands isn't going to slow down. Is that Marta Bastianelli in


there for Italy as well? Marianne Vos taking a look also for Kirsten


Wild. Four Dutch riders on the front and Marianne Vos in fourth but


Kirsten Wild dropped back. The Dutch team looking for this printer.


Lizzie pushing through the middle. She managed to punch out just in


time before she got caught up. Always alert to danger. Trixi


Worrack working hard for Germany. It is really know with 2.3 kilometres


to go. Not even many riders can hold the pace now with the Dutch on the


front. Armitstead just beyond... Just behind the four Dutch riders on


the right. Giving the Italian rider a little touch with her shoulder.


Lizzie Deignan looks very comfortable. She has been so cool


and is in a good position with two kilometres to go. Looks like Ellen


van Dijk at the front. Marianne Vos third in line and Kirsten Wild


fourth. Lotta Lepisto from Finland on her wheel. Lizzie Deignan maybe


seventh or eighth. On the right-hand side of the road. Perfect wheel


again, being brought up, Italian riders trying to get in the way of


the Dutch train. Lizzie currently in a good position but is fighting hard


to hold her position. She has to keep pushing her way around. There


was nearly crashed. One of the Italian riders did very well to stay


upright. That has a panic in the peloton but 1.4 kilometres to go on


the Dutch very much in control. They still have four riders lined out, it


has been difficult for any riders to come up and match them now the


Italians make move. We haven't seen much of the Australians with Chloe


Hosking dropping back. She was so confident coming into this. The


Australians was work to do but they are not up to the front. Lizzie


Deignan still about six on the road. Inside the final kilometre. Lizzie


Deignan defending her world crown. She won a year ago in Richmond but a


lot to do to make that happen because the Dutch in a great


position. Lizzie Deignan working hard to hold the wheel. Sixth in


line. It will be hard to beat Kirsten Wild after this display from


the Dutch. A textbook finish so far. A couple of hundred metres and they


will see the finish line. They are not far away, final few hundred


metres. The Dutch in pole position. Lisa Brennauer goes around the


outside but the lead looks good for the Dutch. Bastianelli, Lotta


Lepisto is there. Lizzie Deignan has fallen away a little bit. Marianne


Vos hits the front and here comes Kirsten Wild for the Netherlands. Up


towards the front, can she claimed a world title or will she be pipped on


the line? It is desperately close on the line. So close. As they crossed


the line, it may be Andi Dixon of Denmark, the two time world junior


champion who pushed really hard and she may well have pipped the big


favourite Kirsten Wild on the line. What a ride from the Danish


youngster. Diedrickson has got it. We said she was an outside chance


today and that was an impressive sprint. Kirsten Wild will be


devastated after that work from the Netherlands. Lizzie Deignan also


congratulating this ride, Diedrickson. She is the new world


champion, she has got it. Kirsten Wild is second and Lotta Lepisto is


third. Lizzie Deignan is fourth just outside the medals. It is all about


that rider, and the big favourite Kirsten Wild, we saw her wing the


two order Yorkshire and many other titles but in the end, she didn't


quite have the legs to get over the line in first place. She's so


disappointed. Diedrickson was in outside chance on what defines print


is not what a fine sprint. These riders have shown potential all


season. The Danish rider seemed to be able


to get onto the wheel that everybody wanted. That didn't change much at


the finish line. She does it and she fights all the way. There is Lizzie


getting up to fourth place. Not many people have the ability to come back


Kirsten Wild in a situation like that. She was the world junior


champion in 13 and 14. What a step up.


She concentrated on the Olympic Games and she was disappointed not


to be on the podium in the omnium, but she showed in the last events,


especially the points race, that she is a phenomenal athlete, just


lapping and lapping the field. Look at her face as she comes up to the


line as if to say, I've got this. She looked completely in control,


when everybody else was grimacing, she looked relaxed. It is not just


being the fastest sprinter, but being so young and being on the


favourite's wheel. Lizzie offering congratulations. They ride on the


same professional team. I'm sure Lizzie Deignan is not surprised with


the performance of digits and to take this title. -- of Dideriksen.


She is ecstatic. And diving fourth-place come on a course like


this, for Lizzie Deignan, that was a really, really impressive defence of


the world title. She has just proven again and again, Lizzie Deignan,


that she is just a class, class bike rider. She rises to the occasion.


When she puts the number on her back, she just races. She's had a


very emotional and difficult season. But just to be still at the end of


the season in that kind of fitness level, really a phenomenal


performance by the whole GB team, especially Dani King and Hannah


Barnes, very impressive today. There we are, that's the new world


champion, just 20 years of age, Mali deed Eriksson from Denmark. And


there is confirmation of the result. -- Dideriksen of Denmark. Kirsten


Wild will be very unhappy with silver, but Lotto the piston will be


very happy with bronze. Many congregations, how does it feel


to wear that rainbow jersey? It's amazing. I was hoping for top ten.


Just to stand here with the jersey is wonderful. My team-mates did such


an amazing job. Whole team, only three riders, and they gave me


bottles and when I crashed they brought me back. I'd like to say a


big thank you to them and I'm just really happy. What were you thinking


going into the last few hundred metres? I just wanted to keep


Kirsten Wild's wheel, fighting with the other girls, and I thought this


could be really good or I would crash. Luckily it went well and I


could over Sprint Kirsten Wild in the end. It's crazy. Can you give us


an idea of how you feel at this moment? Well at most my feeling is


disappointment. I hope to so much for this title, we had such a strong


team. And I really hoped to make the finish. Such a strong performance


from your team as well, just how were you feeling in those last few


hundred metres? We were a bit early, but we had a really good train. A


little bit early. Then I felt Dideriksen coming from the left.


Very close. And yeah, she was faster. She put in a very strong


sprint finish. You had nothing left at the end? Know, otherwise I would


have pushed. Do you think the amount of work you had to do as a team took


some of your power at the end? Of course, but I think she was just


faster. We tried and we had a really good option. I think we had a really


good work altogether. But in the end, yeah, it's all about those past


few hundred metres. I put myself in permission Giroud position to go for


the win. But there was no extra gear to click into and go for it. I'm


just incredibly proud of the team, the way they road. When I needed


somebody there, young, inexperienced team, but they really rode well. How


do you feel to see your year in rainbow come to an end and just


missing out on the podium? A medal would have been nice but I'm used to


fourth place is in my career. It's part of the sport and it just gives


me hunger back for next year. Norway is a perfect course for me and I'm


already so excited about it, ridiculously now, with a team like


this, that camp due something. Very strong great British team


performance, you must be proud of the way the performed to date? Yes,


I think everybody did well today. A shame in the end but we have to be


proud of the way we rode today. Amazing to see all of us eight girls


riding as a team and it bodes well for the future. It will be great to


have more of a focus on the women's road team, for sure. And I think we


could be really successful. You couldn't have delivered more for


Lizzie, strong effort. We really wanted to be up there and


aggressive. We knew a lot of teams were happy with a sprint. But we


also wanted to be aggressive and try to split the race. We were present


in every move that went up the road. We are happy with how we performed,


we just don't have anyone that is strong enough to be there at the


finish, to sprint that hard. And to see your team-mates take the rainbow


jersey, I could see what it meant to her, and nice to see you


congratulate in her. She is a super talent and I've seen the work she


puts in an she is a very deserving champion. And lovely to see you


celebrate with your team-mate, Lizzie Deignan, after the event. Of


course she hands you the rainbow jersey. Yeah, it's crazy. I've been


team-mates with Lizzie the whole season, and watched her in the


jersey. It's so big and I cannot believe it is my now. Well, what a


thrill in finish to the elite women's world race here in the


sunshine in Qatar in the blistering heat. A fabulous new young world


champion. Well yeah, she was definitely an outside chance for a


medal and everybody has heard of her, she's had recent results, she


is super fast. And especially Lizzie Deignan knows her strength. She was


so calm coming into the finish. The Dutch had a textbook finish until


the last 50 metres when Dideriksen came off the wheel of Kirsten Wild.


She's been junior world champion Baxi race that with such experience


to get on the wheel and force her way into the final sprint. That's


the thing, some people think you just have to spring fast, but you


have to be able to position yourself. We saw how hard Lizzie


Deignan was fighting to get into position. Just goes to show her


pedigree. Talking to Kirsten Wild, silver medal after such a dominant


display from the Dutch, bitterly disappointing for her. Yes, and it


will get even more difficult during the evening. Because her team just


did an absolutely amazing ride. They were the strongest on paper. And


it's hard because she didn't do anything wrong, she was just beaten


by a better rider. The Netherlands and custom Wild did everything right


but Dideriksen was too strong. You sometimes win a silver medal but she


will look back and say she lost the gold? I think so. She was well


beaten. The Netherlands wrote a perfect rate, and yet she got pipped


on the line by a better rider. And she looked so control in the


footage, incredible. What about the British team, full eight riders


riding to Lizzie. Very solid performance and they will not be


disappointed. Absolutely not, and hats off to the selectors because GB


rode a really good race. They control everything and we saw


amazing performances from Dani King and Hannah Barnes. The future for


British cycling on the road apart from Lizzie Deignan is super. A lot


to look forward to from that team? Yes, I think they are a very good


team. Such a spectrum of ages as well. And tactically very astute,


they road as structured Dunne such a strong unit. Great for today and it


bodes well for the future. Next year the world champions roll into


Bergen, Ben Innsbruck and in 2019 the circus moves to Yorkshire.


In three years' time, 2019, road World Championships of the UCI will


be in Yorkshire, Great Britain. Yorkshire has got a great heritage


of cycling. Yorkshire is developing and leading cycling in many ways in


the UK. It makes absolute sense for us to come to Yorkshire with our


flagship event, the UCI World Road Championships. Fantastic for Great


Britain and as a Yorkshire and I could not be proud. It will be the


biggest sporting event in the UK in 2019. It rounds off a great decade


of sport for the country. For Yorkshire, it cements us as one of


the site in capitals of the world. Seemed a legacy from the Grand


Depart, be toured the Yorkshire rowing in strength. We know people


will turn out in their thousands, maybe even millions, to see the


events. It's going to be big crowds, I know that. Yorkshire always


provides incredible spectators, people how watching the race,


roadside, supporting, massive. I read that the race is in Yorkshire.


And as always the crowds in Great Britain are amazing, they come out


and support. I think it will be such a fantastic World Championships, and


one that I'll definitely have my eye on. It is always just immense, and


the fans are unbelievable. My years were ringing afterwards. It's hard


to even talk to the guy next to you. Having the World Championships there


will be incredible. I think it's a great reflection on the UK, that the


rest of the world wants to bring its big sporting events here, and


greatly Yorkshire because the county has really taken cycling to it's


hard. Cycling has just grown and grown and more people want to get


involved and watch. It will be a whole mother level. There is the


investment in facilities as well, so British cycling will have a


nationwide programme of facility development over the next four or


five years in and around the world Road Champion ships which makes this


even more exciting. I'm a Yorkshire man and you never thought that was


going to happen. You never thought the Tour de France would come to the


road I grew up on, let alone the World Championships. The temptation


of riding World Championships in Yorkshire will be huge. I hope they


make a good, hard course I'm a tough Yorkshire woman's course. I'd love


it to have some clients, because they are amazing around there. --


some climbs. Great Britain is a great cycling nation, this will be


the greatest cycling World Championships that there has been


stubbly like think it will be sort of something that you remember in


your career for a long, long time. It will be amazing to be part of it.


Great Britain such a dominant force in world cycling over the last few


years, rewarded with the World Championships in 2019, what kind of


World Championships can we expect? Ooh, I think it's going to be


brilliant. We've seen in the last few years that the UK has become one


of the best countries for spectators. In Yorkshire each year,


the number of people, equal to the Tour de France if not more.


Yorkshire is very much the heartland of where British cycling is from.


Always had great professionals and riders from there. It's a bit like


it's going home, really, so it's nice. You know the area well, what


do you think it will be like? The Tour of Yorkshire this year was


overwhelming, I could not believe the amount of spectators and


passion. The roads of the course will be absolutely spectacular,


fantastic. And the support from everyone in Yorkshire is just


amazing. I expect crazy fans everywhere and a really great event.


Not going to be one for the sprinters? I doubt it, but it


depends what Sir Gary verity decides. I hope it is a good racing


course. For me it is equal to the Classics we see in Flanders, maybe


even Ansel Gold race, the sort of terrain available. It could make one


of the best worlds we've seen in a long time. Plenty of hills in


Yorkshire. Yes, and Lizzie Deignan will be super excited about


Yorkshire, having the World Championships. I think that will


nearly guarantee us that she will continue to cycle, just that


motivation of having the World Championships in Yorkshire must be


really amazing for Lizzie. You could see what it meant to the riders when


we spoke to them this week. We have got loads more cycling coming up.


Back tomorrow when it is the turn of the men. Watch the road race live in


full on the red button from a 20 5am. Turnover to BBC Two at 2:30pm


for highlights and all the reaction and analysis. Can Mark Cavendish and


the 2016 rainbow jersey to his 2011 success? If these women today have


made you want to take up the sport, go to the website. Find out how you


can get into cycling. The sun is just beginning to set here in oha,


but you can guarantee it is going to be another hot one. -- here in Doha.


Lizzie Deignan, defending her world crown. Here comes Kirsten Wild, can


she claimed the world title or will she be picked on the line? It's


desperately, desperately close. It is Dideriksen of Denmark. What a


ride from the Danish youngster. That was extraordinary.


I mean, for week three, this is amazing. Brilliant!


That is the highest score of the series!


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