Day 5 Darts: World Championships - Extra

Day 5

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Good evening. Day five kept the dream alive for four more players


at Lakeside for the BDO Darts World Championship. The first two on the


oche had never been at the quarterfinals before. Would it be


Martin @kins or Willy van de Wiel who would get there?


ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, let's play darts! From the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


Netherlands, let's welcome Willy Game on! So it's Willy to get us


under way. That was a good start. The first


two darts, he means business. Martin one of the great Yorkshire


Lakeside this year. As is the north-east of England, as is


Holland. The eighth player to come over from Holland. And they really


are turning it on. Plenty of support for them as well.


Surprised he didn't switch with match. Doing a good job. Made his


debut as a refer re-aged 17. 18 years -- as a referee age it'd 17.


18 years now. He's done very, very That's the back of the head of Joey


Ten Berge, another of the Dutch players who made it to Lakeside. So,


single 20 for double-tops, against the throw from the Assasin. Second


somebody who has done this job, just how hard is it not to make a


mistake? Um, I wouldn't know! But I have made plenty. You have just


gotta forget it, put it out of your head and just get on with it.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


ton-forty of the leg and the match. Atkins back on 181, so a straight


chance, an immediate chance for the Dutchman to break back. What a


great throw that was from Martin. Yes, needs to get this. Oh.


fou for Willy to square the match - - chances now for Willy to square


3Rd leg, Willy. Game on. Martin Atkins has never practised harder,


he said. Before this leg started, Christmas day, after turkey, went


to the practice board and practised his doubles for two hours. Just to


make sure he was ready for Lakeside. This is his eighth visit. To the


home of World Darts, and he's never been beyond round two, but just


maybe he will never have a better chance. Well, at breakfast, he was


there with Norris this morning, and age. They call him Free Willy. He


is a carpenter from the town of Ryan in the Netherlands. Very proud


of his town. He wears it embroidered on his collar.


enjoyed the movie as well, Free Atkins! First set, 3-0. Martin to


open. Game on. Including two breaks of throw. Something about Martin


Atkins this week. A 96 average for the first set. He just looks like


he's in the mood. Yeah, boosted by the finishing power. Not having the


out of the match. Van de Wiel needs to start hitting that treble-20


with much more regularity. You know, he started well enough, a couple of


treble-20s, but it's been a rarity for him to find it since. Well,


there's not been one in this match. Now you have... 100. In this leg,


that was the first. So another opportunity. The way it's going, it


could be a very quick evening as far as Martin Atkins is concerned.


That's Martin's partner, Liz. And she has lots to smile about just at


the moment. A very nice smile. out, by Martin Atkins. 100.


Yorkshire players, and great friends. Well, it was John Boy who


got Martin playing darts in the first place. Bull's-eye for a 1st


leg of the match not far away. But a chance for Atkins. Will be going


double... Yes. Missed by darts... Has finally scored with a double-


eight. And that was for a break of throw. A good marker with this


first dart. 100. All right with something of a


following, the referee, with the way he says "100". Huge signs being


held up in the Lakeside crowd. A ton-forty. He's finding his throw


now, giving Martin something to think about. Oh! Look at that


maximum! Right in the corner. First for the match. It's a bit like the


stars of the first race of the festival, the first 180 of an


evening at Lakeside. A big cheer from everybody. 41. Left with 81,


which he didn't come close to, but So Martin having to withstand the


pain in this 2nd set. Interesting second dart, clor to Ryan than


Frimley Green -- closer to Ryan than Frimley Green. But he found


the double-top on the third dart Twice! 180! All in the left-hand


corner, as we look at it. The sort of darts that took Willy van de


Wiel to the final of the British Open last year, the sort of darts


that helped him win three ranking titles. Can he keep it up? It's the


darts that got him to his world championship. He has been


performing well this year. 140! Willy, you require 144. So the


first finish to van de Wiel. Oh, that's unfortunate. 75. Luckily


enough... Watch this last one. require 132. Yeah, treble-19. He's


got a good marker for the ball. He's already got one there ready


for it. Oh! Lucky. Willy, you require 69. 69 for the set. Will it


be treble-19 or treble-15? 18 leaves double-16. Oh, he's missed


18. So 17... Right, he wants double-four. Yes. 4th leg. Willy to


open. Game on. Right in the middle of the bed. So can he keep this


advantage of throwing first? Not really, with that throw. Another


leg. The match will be all square at one set apiece. Here we go. Yes!


180! Martin Atkins, having won the first


"Stop talking at the back." Talking about the back, there's Joey Ten


Berge moving around the place a bit. 100.


Came in here tonight before them. Always lovely to see Andy. A big


cheer when the Viking was introduced to the crowd. So, Atkins


on 99. 59. Martin, you require 99. To square the set. Treble-20.


5th leg. Martin to open. Game on. Not much expression from Andy,


either. Well, a great opportunity with the throw to go two sets to


love. 100. Well, I know he can hit them. 180!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well, we've got plenty to cheer as


far as 180s. Van de Wiel's third of the match. And it comes at the


start of this deciding leg of the second set. He could do with break


ck the darts here and he doesn't -- breaking the darts here and he


doesn't want to fall two sets down, none of them. But six darts for the


Double-seven. Yes, he's got it. Martin Atkins! Takes the set 3-2.


Always a nice moment. When up win three legness a row, to win a set


3-2. And he's -- three legs in a row, to win a set 3-2. And he's


halfway to the final, Martin Atkins. talking about, George Noble, one of


the best in the business. I think he's around here somewhere tonight.


Came along with Andy. Refereed here for 13 year, did George Noble. A


very significant figure here at Lakeside, for the man they call the


Puppy. Can't remember him ever making a mistake. He never did, did


he? Never did. OK, Shanghai. This time, Atkins will be coming back


for 147. 30. Martin, you require 147. It can't be done now. 131.


Willy, you require 90. OK, which way? So, 15. Now he wants the bull


again. Hasn't got it yet. Martin, you require 16. Two eights


for a fourth leg in a row. And CHEERING


Saved the best till last. 2nd leg, Martin. Game on. In control of the


game, Martin Atkins. Believe me, they'll be here all night. 140.


Yeah, look forward to that match. Ted Hankey and Scotty Waites. Oh,,


relish that. That's the thing, he hit as 140, but he can't keep the


pressure on to Atkins, can't Willy van de Wiel. Hello! Hello! 180!


Well, they decided here, they split that treble-20. Atkins is on the


right-hand side... Van de Wiel in the left. OK. Another treble.


Treble-17 leaves the bull. 84 left. Because 1666 is not a shot --


because 166 is not a shot... Almost threw those away, didn't he?


that's why. Willy van de Wiel is like a boxer on the ropes. He's


being pummelled by the Assasin. Well, it's a good number, is two.


He's two sets up and two legs up here. But would prefer to be three.


practising and practising and practising those doubles. That's


what practice makes. Eight out of 20, four different sets. He will be


happy enough with that. Willy van de Wiel tworks out of 11. To carry


on with that -- Willy van de Wiel, two out of 11. To carry on with


that, must do better. A couple of tunts from the doubles, more


confidence -- opportunities from the doubles, more confidence...


will struggle to hold his throw, has van de Wiel. Held on just once.


Only the once with the advantage. It's not working for everybody,


this week, somehow. 85. That was watching with Joey Ten Berge. And


watching with increasing alarm. Martin Atkins continues to dominate


and continues to fire in the big scores and continues to basically


beat up van de Wiel on that oche. Well, he's on the finish, 145. Is


Martin. 85. Martin, you require 145. Here we go, treble-20, treble-15,


double-top. Went for the 25 there. Hit the 50. 121. Willy, you require


111. Treble-17. He can't finish. 24 coming in for Atkins. Martin, you


require 24. Double-12. Double-six. Yes! Oh, this is impressive. Really


impressive from Martin Atkins. He's won six legs in a row and he's a


set away from the quarterfinals. Yes, it's one-way traffic. It was


the same in the first round. 140. He's brought his ammunition to this


year's championship, has Martin. Yeah, certainly. That crosshair of


the Assasin is aimed at the treble- 20 and doubles. But one thing to


remember, in 200, Atkins led Martin in the second round. He went on to


lose the match 4-3. Yes, it does happen. He hit 11 180s, averaged 95,


but never won another leg. He lost seven in a row. Hopefully he's not


thinking about that, from his point of view. He's just won six in a row.


I don't think Martin Adams will be thinking about it, either - that


many Martins on the stage! There's a lot to do now. Oh, he's switching


all over the place. Scores are level. 236. Well, they are level in


the leg, but they couldn't be less level in the match. 140. No. Just


one more set for Atkins for a whitewash. Van de Wiel's body


language says it all. Or treble-12 top. Double-ten. Marker. 20. Willy,


you require 101. 101 left. There's the bull. Double-16 with the last


dart. Oh! Yes! You've gotta be quick. Completely relaxed as he


threw through those darts. Almost threw them out of pet ulence. Look


how good he was. He started like that. Just couldn't continue.


The steedster. Mind you, they do -- the speedster. Mind you, they do


like the bikes in Holland, and pedal a way -- and pedal away.


blocked off by that flight. Speaking of missed darts, for the


match at Lakeside, and Martin Atkins, he missed a dart at the


match. To beat Dean Winstanley. In fact, he missed two darts for the


match to beat Dean Winstanley in finish. He has no finish. Here we


go. 117. 57. 17. Double-top. To level the set. 79. Willy, you


require 32. Jarvis Cocker! It's two legness a row for Willy van de Wiel.


-- it's two legs in a row for Willy van de Wiel. Yeah, we do get some


celebrities. They are here all the time. Mind you, I would prefer Joe


Cocker. Love his music. Enjoy yourself, Joe. Out there in America.


Martin Atkins -- just gone off the boil, hasn't he, Martin Atkins?


Doing enough to stay ahead, though. But 2-0 up surely is not gonna give


you require 136. Well, this would be a nice one to check out, as


someone cries, "Come on, check it out," in the crowd. How about


that?! Yeah, John Boy, who fell in his


opportunity to beat Martin in the first round. There they go. What a


180 of the match. As he tries to hang on. Surely he's not gonna give


this away. 100. If he takes this leg, he's got the set. Oh. 140.


2-1 versus three or four. This is no joking matter. 100. Well, he's


down to the finish already after nine darts, van de Wiel. Atkins to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


apply some pressure. 60. Willy, you coming back for the best finish on


the board, I believe, is 32. Double-16. The reason it's so good,


of course, is if you miss and stray into a single, double -- double-


eight is not far away. So, now with the advantage in this set. The best


of seven sets. They will be that little worm at the back -- there


will be that little worm at the back of Martin Atkins' mind, which


he will be trying to banish. The memories of 2006 in that match


against Martin Adams. He was 3-0. He missed a dart at double-top to


take a tie break, won't we, us neutrals?! Let them suffer! LAUGHS


The Assasin on his flight. Can he kill this off? That is the question.


Two tons and two 99s, Martin. Sounds like Willy van de Wiel.


Willy or not Willy? That is the question for van de Wiel. Will he


or not will he? That is the question for van de Wiel.


treble-20s, one of them unlucky, a double-18. There he goes. Double-


eight when it comes back. Because he will need - 183's the score


going for here. 100. Willy, you Willy, you require four. Double-two.


Double-two! Yes! 2Nd leg, Martin to throw first. Game on. Creeping ever


closer. 99. The winning double of the last leg. Got a little bit of


his swagger back, hasn't he, van de Wiel? Yeah, I think the atmosphere


has caught up. Everything's going right. So, yeah, you get your


confidence back. 99. It's mind games. You think you're on a cruise


there. Like Martin would have done, 3-0 up. 140. Suddenly they are


coming back, as Willy is. And that last throw, get the treble-20, then


missed it. Instead of muttering to hipldz, which he would have done


two -- himself, which he would have done two sets ago, he had a little


snarl, and then found it again. would have known, if that had


missed the treble-20 and hit had the 20, he wouldn't have been on a


finish. OK. That was for 18, he's only hit the one. Big finish here.


There's a three. There's a double- four! Willy van de Wiel! Only


scratching it, you gotta think it. Game on.


mojo back, and how! And Martin Atkins still needs to work out a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


way to win three legs to reach the back. 9. Willy, you require 97.


Martin, you need to get this, boy. Treble-20, double-ten. Two darts!


To stay in the set. CHEERING


Good recovery. 4th leg. Martin to throw first. Game on. The Yorkshire


colleague, John Boy Walton. Former champion. Was beaten in the first


round by Martin. Now they are enjoying him going through the pain.


Are we on the cusp of another momentum swing? 85. He hasn't been


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


shaking his head like that for a he'll be coming back. Perhaps we


are in the middle of another momentum swing. Martin, you require


40. Martin Atkins. And he's about to... Game on. Well, for how well


he's played and how well he's come back, he has got it on now. Willy


needs to win this leg, otherwise it's curtains. 60. And he started


well, van de Wiel. He does have the doubts, this leg. 131. And a good


start to the leg H140, 131. -- to the leg, 140, 131.


In the first six darts, surely he can't give it away. Look at the


speed of it. 60. He's got a finish. Atkins hasn't scored 100 yet. He




180! As they stand up there, they have enjoyed this one. So much


entertainment! 100. 222 is the Martin Atkins. 45. Willy, you


require 70. OK. Set point. Double- 16 coming in now. Game. The 5th set.


Willy van de Wiel! Well, Martin's been in this position before.


Martin to throw first. Game on! That is a worm in his brain. It's


popping up and he keeps having to banish it. Forget what happened in


2006. This is 2012. Oh, definitely hit eleven 180s that day. He


averaged 95 but lost seven legs in a row after missing that dart to


beat Martin Adams 4-1 and lost the match 4-3. Today, 3-0 up. 11.


been with him one leg of victory. But he hasn't had a double for a


place in the quarterfinals, not today, not yet. At the same time,


Willy's got to do it. He's been CHEERING


is that in 2011 he reached the last 16 at seven tournaments. This is


the last 16. And he won't check out 140. 100. But he will be back.


175 before the throw. Martin, you require 40. Double-top. Oh, that's


gone further away! CHEERING


How entertaining. Oh, dear. would be nice here for Martin


Atkins. He would love a two-leg point. 180 left. 164 for Willy van


de Wiel. Liz, very anxious out there, just hoping her boy can get


it now. Liz doesn't think 60 is enough. He's left himself Shanghai.


Van de Wiel cannot finish. Shanghai! A single. Double! Where


to, Martin? Oh! Just put it down. Willy, you require 85. Another


chance gone. So, 85. Treble-15, single 20. The bull. 60. Martin,


you require 20. Two tens. Liz can only hope and


play - two tens for a two-leg lead. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Game on! He has the darts, the Assasin. He's got everything. Can


he get the score? He can. He can! away to a great victory. But what a


great match. And give this man, Free Willy, if he should lose - not


saying he's going to - give him all was an invitation. But it wasn't


accepted as fully as they might have wanted in Holland.


Switched to the 19s. Oh. 139. 60. Willy, you require 167. Treble-20,


treble-19, pull, is the way to take it out. But 178 is not a finish for


Martin Atkins. Put another one in. Yes. Single-18 now leaves him


double-top. The question is, are these the last three of the match


for Willy van de Wiel? Double-14! Oh, unlucky! Right just inside.


Martin, you require 40. Match point. Double-top. Yeah!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What a match! Look at that. Big


smiles. But what a match. What a great performance there from both


of these players. But it's not enough... To a continental clash


now between the only Belgian in the draw, Geert de Vos.


Could Christian do it twice in a row?


Geert de Vos, the 30-year-old from Belgium, gets us under way against


a man, a 25-year-old, Christian Kist. Two young players, two


debutants. Two fine players from the European continents as well.


The referee for this contest, Marko Myer. Doesn't speak much English.


They have all been chatting on the stage. Might be throwing a question


or two from time to time! Best of seven sets. Four sets is the winner.


Best of five legs a set. That's the discipline. Very fresh, Geert.


certainly is. Great style. 180! Carry on where he started from his


last match. He did score some 180s. 82. Christian, you require 36.


does not hang around, this lad. second leg is Christian to throw


first. Game on! And if he has got any second-round nerves, that 1st


leg should settle them. Taking it against the throw. Could be another.


140. Very rhythmical, isn't it, Tony? The first-round matches, Jan


Dekker. Yes, 97.7 in the win against Jan Dekker. Dekker himself


averaged 96. I know it's not all about averages but it does tell you


the high standard the matches are being played at. Tony West, of


England. His opponent here has actually brought his own darts with


him, rather than having to borrow think he's gonna have to get this,


David. No chance now. Kist for the second leg in a row, put the big


score in at just the right time. Double-ten. To go 2-0 up. There you


go. Duly completed. Game on. Yes. Speeding along. Wants one more. One


more leg. 180! Well, that's what they pay the money for. The


maximums, the big scores, the big finishes. 100! Only hit two


against... Geert de Vos an average of 84. To be honest, sometimes you


get drawn into a competitive battle against your opponent, and Tony


West wasn't throwing enough, remain, for De Vos to raise his game. Kist


had to raise his game to come back in the third and fourth set. Yeah.


I thought they enjoyed it. And there are the Belgian fans at the


back. Characters, the lot of them. 139. Geert, you require 121.


Treble-20. 11. Thinking that he's not gonna get this finish here.


It's a big one. Treble-20. Treble- 19 now. He has to go for the bull.


If he gets it... He wanted to gamble and go for that treble-seven.


He might have got away with it. This is for the set.


Yes. Right in the middle. That was a quick set. Rapid. And without


reply. Christian Kist hits three doubles, after De Vos misses three


times. Game on! In all these fast players from overseas, the famous


man, um, just trying to remember it. resolve in finishing, wasn't he,


than his particular pace? But he was, of course, the last Belgian to


reach the quarterfinals here. They actually lost to Ray van


Barneveldt. He's looking all over the shop as to where to throw there.


Here's a finish. 21 scored. Double- top. He will be coming back.


Scoring has carried on where he left off. Steam rolling it! 140.


Christian, you require 40. Double- sets column. Lost the first four


legs. Luckily for him, though, this is a best-of-seven-set contest.


Time to get back into the match here. Oh, yes, plenty of time. But


you like to find your range and everything in the first few legs.


And once you get that confidence, it certainly helps. 180! Well, he's


travelled all the way from Belgium. De Vos, his camp are at the back.


He's now in excellent position. For back-to-back 180s to take his


first leg. Looks as though he's going to bed! A 140, 180.


treble-20 after that one. He's all right. He's got a little bit of


time. Still 228 for Kist. If Kist putness a 140 here, a 137, it just


applies the pressure, doesn't it? Finally they have something to


cheer. Game on. One of our more reserved supporters. It was lovely


to see, Tony, these players in preparation for this match this


evening. Were sat a couple of tables away from each other,


watching a bit of the Ted Hankey, Scott Waites match. I said,


"Shouldn't you be getting on the practice board?" They said, "No,


we're fine. Keep calm." This lad, I am so impressed with him. 140.


the first shown in his last match. 97 average, as I mentioned, in the


first match. He was averaging over 100 in the early exchanges here.


And De Vos has really raised his game as well. Two great averages,


you require 97. Treble-1. Double- top. Double-top. Dr - treble-19T


double-top, trouble top. Absolutely brilliant. Sheer poetry. Game on.


From Christian Kist. He's solid tonight, isn't he? Geert's playing


well. He's had - he's had three chances at maximums. There's


something about this boy from Holland that brings out the best in


his opponent, as much as he raises his own game. They have played in


the last seven months. They have met each other in the swip Open.


The Swiss -- the Swiss Open that Christian Kist went on to win. He


took the scalp of De Vos on the way. CHEERING


Well, I like the way he shouts 180 there! LAUGHS He's doing well on


his own here, De Vos. 121, he wants. Still can do it. He's got it for


bull's-eye. He's got a bull's-eye as well! The race really hotting up


now! Game on. So a 12-disaster finish for Geert de Vos in that


last leg -- so a 12-dart finish for Geert de Vos in that last leg.


one thing he's often doing is hitting a big score in the first


three darts of a leg. On this occasion, De Vos can't take


gotta start... The thickness of the barrel... Look how slim they are.


away. Well, it's 2-2 in legs. But Kist is one set up. 180! And this


could really be the second set. Three more smackers. For the man


they call the Lib stick. Double- four. Double--- the Lipstick.


Double-four. Double-two. No! left still. With Kist on double-two.


100. Gone for the second set. Double-two. Double-one. Oh! He's


let Geert in here. Every chance, with 80. Geert, you require 80.


Pressure telling. Christian Kist could be 2-0 up in sets. He's hope


thag De Vos doesn't pit -- that De Vos doesn't hit double-top. The


expression tells it all for the Belgian. He's made it really,


really difficult. But he's got it. It's one apiece after two rapid


sets of darts. And, boy, are we in for a contest here. You can't


separate them! Yep, a little fist- pump from both players. Game on.


Geert de Vos there, after surviving a scare in the second set, opening


up with a loose couple of darts and an unlucky bounce-out against


Christian Kist, who had five darts to win the second set and couldn't


into your rhythm and then you have these breaks. Really, I don't know


if the players should ask for a break. This is very important to


find your form as quickly as you possibly can. Two internationals,


for Holland and Belgium. De Vos, who got to the quarterfinals of the


World Cup singles. In September of last year. And the semifinals four


years before that. Well, we have got Kist here on the finish. 170.


170. He had one in the World Masters. Won't be getting one on


this throw. Very comfortable. I'm sure he's going to win the leg.


LAUGHS Plaipd Tony West, didn't -- played Tony West, didn't he, in the


after the break -- acclimatised better after the break, the two of


them. Yes! 180! CHEERING


He's gotta go a long way. It's a big hit. De Vos has certainly


raised his game here. Kist for once starting up with a big score in the


first three in a leg and then following it up as well. Could be


easily a ten-dart leg on his throw 20, double-12, 16. 16 again for


double-top. Twice. Unless there's a 180 coming in here, I think Kist


won't feel too much pressure on the double-top. So going for the Big


Lipstick. Double-ten. Maybe there is a modicum of pressure. Maybe,


definitely. Geert, you require 80. Looking at the 20, the double-ten.


Oh! Double-top. 40. Second time of the match he's taken a risk, gone


for the gamble. First time he got away with it, that time he didn't.


Game on. A bit risky. It's funny how many players do it. Steve


Douglas is another one. 123. you've got two darts in your hand,


Tony, and you need 80, I can understand it. If you have three


darts in your hand, you're taking a huge gamble. I would never do it. I


would never do it while I was playing. You would never reach up


that high! That might be a reason why I never did it! LAUGHS You were


murder on double-three, though! That's the one I do avoid!


140. Still in trouble here, in this. He wants all this. Another one!


180! 94 points, his average. Kist over 100. 90. Now he's gotta move.


He wants double-top. 40. Went the right way. Kist could easily have


taken that out, though. 91 left. This time with a little more


comfort. He's smashing again at these doubles. Oh, he's let him in.


This for the set. Treble-14. Double-16. Set point. One to go.


Close. Yeah, but not close enough. Is it gonna be a 3-0 whitewash,


like it was in the first set? He's got to get over the fear. That's


better. De Vos. Christian to throw first. Game on. Well, from what I


am seeing here, I think Belgium has got a star. I would think the


Netherlands has got a big star. They have. Just a little fearful on


his doubles, though, De Vos. And Kist himself quite different to the


way we saw in the first set. It means so much to either of these


two - a place in the last eight of the World Championship. 100.


three. Needing every one of those 31 points. Treble-19. He's blocking


that treble-20 with the first dart, going below the wire. 180!


CHEERING He's turned this leg around here. A


big ask for Christian Kist. Treble-19 or treble-15. Oh! Unlucky.


85. Geert, you require a 52. level the set. 12 or double-top. Oh,


now, then. Single three. Double-top. On the wire. On the wire! Kist with


a chance in the set. Rare slip for that first dart. Has it cost him?


All the pressure is now on Kist. And he's falling short with his


last dart. That shows you how he's feeling. Geert, you require 40.


It's not nerves, I don't think. Double-top. Yes. He's got it. All


square in the set. Game on. Hard to explain why players suddenly start


missing. Maybe it's their lack of experience in front of the TV


cameras. 180! When it comes to the trebles, there's no messing about.


Well, they are not sitting down now, they are just expecting it.


Really cool stuff from De Vos, who has gone from two legs down to turn


this set around. And might follow nine-dart finish there. All right.


58. Christian Kist has to step in with at least the 140. He's fallen


short again, Tony. That's right. You require 142. I think he's


gonna be level now. 140. partner looks on. She's keeping her


fingers half-crossed. And the Belgian town cryer gets ready to


bring out the bells. For double- top! He's got it! He has! And he's


found a friend to share the excitement with! It's Christian to


throw first. Game on. Oh, this is magic, absolute magic. So little


between these players. After that whitewash in the first set it


looked simple for Kist. De Vos, now he's settled. 140! He has a lot to


do now. Still, 94.01 over the match. De Vos. 97.50. That's how level,


really. It's so close. If it wasn't for those missed doubles, they


would both be in the hundred. Sky high. That's what brings your


averages down. You can be scoring great, but if you have three, four


darts, miss a double, it's gone. Only six so far for De Vos. It's a


rare mini score. Seven 180s so far. Ten 140-plusses. Did you see that


last one? He got the wire. It's a cruel old sport, isn't it,


sometimes? 95. Sensible there. Kist should back himself here. Here


he is, on his throw. Not the treble he was aiming for. Wants another


one of those. Give him a chance... But every double is done under


pressure at the moment. The scoring is so close between the two of them.


So Kist is not comfortable with this 20 double-top. Has to move.


That's better. Christian Kist. 2Nd leg, game on. Big, deep breaths


from Kist there. Double-top. Well, he was leading, now he's behind.


Broken straight back after losing the first set. He held his throw.


Christian Kist could say to himself, "Well, if I do that, all squared,


it becomes a best-of-five-set match." Skpwhr 19's out of the way


close the gap slightly. Still fancy De Vos from this stage. The ninth


Belgian to play in these BDO World treble-20. 16 for double-top.


Double-top. 56. Opportunity gone. Well, we have seen this taken out


many a time, but not this time. He will stay down at 19s, rip to the


bull's-eye or 25. De Vos on double- ten. He has been a bit fearful on


this at times. Just blocking the bed for him.


CHEERING Oh, the romance is blooming at the


Lakeside! We've got two best buddies there!


100. You're never on your own here in


this World Championship, unless you're on the oche. You might hear


the crowd, but they can't do a huge amount to help you. I think that


first dart was something of a disappointment to him. 134, 140.


Taking control against the throw here. 100. Christian, you require


161. So, to hold his throw, needed two trebles and a bull. Might go


bull with his last dart. 90. did! You require 127. He wants the


bull! Oh, unlucky. Yeah. Isn't it? Christian, you require 71. Treble-


nine there. Still leaves him a two out shot without a treble. Single


12 with a bull's-eye. He hit it before. But the pressure was all on


him then and it told. Geert, you require 25. So a single nine. A 17.


all over the place. Either side of wire for him. Such a close match.


Really feeling it here, and he's hit the single 18! Three for


double-two. No! 21. Is width of the wire away. He will be disgusting


with himself there. So, De Vos to start. Oh, double-one.


CHEERING 2-1, he leads. One leg away from


fourth set. But he's crucially broken the throw here. Christian


Kist started out, exploded out of the blocks. But in the second round,


you need to be more of a middle- distance runner than a sprinter,


Tony. Yes. I have seen some strange finishes tonight, though, which I


never expected. Variations that they have been using. 85. De Vos, a


couple of times, has gone the wrong way. When I think -- what I think


is happening out there is that their scoring is so similar, when


they are getting down to a double, they are not getting comfort. They


are not even 80 points ahead, and that's just mentally difficult


after a while. Yes, that it is. Kist has taken this over at the


He's gonna need all of those six, possibly. This is double-top. This


will give him great hope, I think, if he can hit the double-top with


the first dart. 81. Christian, you require 40. That's double-top.


Double-ten. That's the evidence that mental strength you need.


First set, you hit those easily. But Kist is just struggle a bit.


Whatever happens after this leg, we're gonna get a break in the


match and I think both players might need it. The supporting dance.


of the leg. There's nothing to separate these two. Just the missed


doubles that how much the averages 11-dart finish. Double-ten. Still


on 208. But he's got that cushion, had it in the last leg as well. And


De Vos only 84 in reply. So it's two sets apiece. It's really handy


for him off the barrel. There you CHEERING


Everything, Christian Kist. And it is two sets all here. Still


anybody's game. On the wire. Yes. A bit loose, is that one at the top.


So Geert de Vos, who lost the first set on his throw, saw Christian


Kist take it 3-0. Then fought back to lead two sets to one, and then


Kist had to make it 2-2. It really has been an absolute epic so far.


Another big score. A 140 come frs Christian Kist after the break -- a


140 comes from Christian Kist after the break. De Vos's dad watching


this theeven back in his home town -- this evening back in his home


town. He was here to see him play Tony West. Should have stayed on a


bit longer to enjoy the fun. Yeah, 166. You're right. Should


have thought about it before. definitely. A tough finish on 166.


125. Yep. He's made amends with that, but Kist is more than capable.


He did the treble-20 himself. chance here of going into the lead.


Is single nine -- a single nine if he wants double-16. Only just got


Game on. Might need the nurses a the lipstick. De Vos taking the


first leg with his own throw. Just, he's not big-scoring for a


moment. I'm sure it will come back, as they try to motor through the


darting gears, once the cogs start fill one in the middle! 140.


Kist with a perfect first dart. He could fill one in the middle.


unlucky, that. So, two 140s, one each. 48. Puts Christian Kist now


in the driefrg seat in this leg, anyway -- in the driving seat in


this leg, anyway. Well, he started it first. He should be. But he's


not as far ahead at this stage as I'm sure he would like to be. A


ton-forty from De Vos here turns the... That really gives the


Belgian pole position! He looks like he's in it this time. He can't,


though, can he? No. Two or De Vos. We know he likes double-tops, so a


single 12, I would think. Oh, that's double-eight. Thrown it up.


That's his lead. That's a real determined look on his face.


Shouting out to the Belgian fans at the back of this Lakeside Country


been missing doubles -- all the players seem to been missing


doubles at the start of the week. These kids haven't. Yeah, certainly


not as many in the early stages. There have been a few key missed


doubles. I think it's that lack of the big TV major experience for the


guys in the BDO circuit. 140! LAUGHS


here on this throw. 37. Christian, you require 156. Christian Kist has


obviously got the whole. It's with his throw, so he should. But... A


nice 140 against him, De Vos steps up for a 145. Can't finish, though.


Kist to hold his throw. And extend this second to at least a fourth


leg. 13-dart finish. And that's exactly what he wanted. Game on.


to break the throw there, Christian Kist, with that 13-dart leg. He was


down in the set, so he needed to. 134. Best of five legs, the set.


The first one lps... -- the first stage of it tests the character.


180! And he's full of character, that


boy. A 134 or 180, he's down to 92. No chance of an 121-dart finish. --


no chance of an 11-dart finish. Yeah, a double-12. Yes! It's all


square. It's 2-2 in sets, 2-2 in legs. Well, a double-12 for


Christian Kist. He was 2-0 up, the Belgian. Now it's 2-2 in this set.


It's 2-2 in sets and Kist is starting to get on a bit of a roll


again. Alan Norris said to me that this boy from Holland is like the


Dutch version of Dave. And the more I watch him, the more I see Dave in


him. It's never quite straightforward, Tony, but you know


the potential is there in every dart. Well, I have seen enough to


know that these two could certainly go far. One of them won't be going


any further than this point, admittedly, but they will have some


eventually rgs but Christian Kist That 140 was good, but it might not


be good enough. De Vos can't finish. But if he just leaves himself on 06


-- on 60. Oh, that would have applied the pressure. Geert de Vos


on 100. 87. Coming in to the set. Treble-20. Now he goes tops, tops,


or should. 60. With the two darts, he should have gone double-top.


Changed his mind. It's double-top in the Lipstick for Kist. Yes! He's


back in front! Christian Kist. he was 2-0 down in that set. He's


rattled three off on the trot, and the man from Holland doesn't want


to go dutch in this game for long. He's taken a one-set advantage!


Talk about swings and roundabouts. Oh, dear. Magic.


And there we go again! 180! He's taken the lead. Now starts with a


180. The 150th of the tournament. 80. And it is his sixth of this


match. That's solved ooh lot, -- that's solved a lot, hasn't it? And


there is a swing in this match. Not for profit only Kist being ahead,


but he's got the big scoring from the start. He's hitting the doubles


and maintaining his overall average. But look how De Vos has slipped


down, hitting below 90 for the first time in this match.


Whereas before up couldn't separate them, Tony, now you can. 100.


Christian, you require 139. Good job, Little Richard here.


Double-top. 119. He's got these spot-on, our spotter, our spotter


who helps the cameraman. He's been put to the test this evening. And


Christian Kist has been put to the test as well, but he's coming off


best so far. He's started to hit his doubles with more regularity.


And Kirsten, his other half, gets a reassuring hug from behind. "It's


gonna be OK. It will be all right on the night. Don't worry." He just


seems to have lost the pace, I'm afraid, has Geert. 140! Relentless.


first dart and still managed to get a 140. This time he managed the


switch. Now, a 133 would have left De Vos


on the 170 out shot. So he's thinking about it. OK. Getting


there. Frplgts 170, though, Tony. 170, though, Tony. This is the one.


Great counting. Like you said, they are mathematicians. Likes the


treble-20. Can he get two of them? Would have left the bull. 58. Geert,


you require 110. Might go bull. Yeah, he wants bull for double-16.


Two darts. OK. But there's three in the hand of Kist. He can still


finish with treble-20. And double- 16 to break the Belgian.


Unlucky. Not close enough. Geert, you require a 56. Well, we know he


likes double-top. So 16 would help to get that. With two darts, he


wants double-top. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. So a double-16 for Kist. I


have a feeling she might have a smile on her face in a moment. Kist


composes himself. And hits a double!


CHEERING And she gives him all the


encouragement he needs, as her man goes to within a leg of the


quarterfinals now. With an opportunity. He has the throw. He


wants the leg. And he wants to do it! 180!


CHEERING This is good. They have enjoyed


this. But is it all over? The sort of 180 that Eric Bristow would be


proud of. That absolutely brutal at the start of this leg. Good


advantage. Good cover. He's happy with that one. De Vos needing a 180


just to get anywhere near. He's blocking the bed with those two.


Yeah, shaking his head there as well. Wasn't happy. So, moving


further ahead. On the finish! He's 190. His 24th ton-forty of the


match, Christian Kist. 41. He's been in with some big scores. Can


It just dropped a little. But De Vos still on 263, David.


Just missed again. After a great leg of darts from him. Now there's


plenty of time still. And he's taking his time. An excellent


performance again. And he's into the quarterfinals!! On a great


Lakeside debut! Christian Kist, from Holland, chem brace his


opponent for the second match running. But he's through to the


last eight! How dangerous is he this year? Well, every player has


seen that. They know now - they don't want this. And then to the


match everybody was talking about - Scott Waites to book his favourite


up against Ted Hankey. When they met 12 months ago, Scott came out


victorious. Fast-forward a year, and will Scotty beat the Hankey-


panky? OFFICIAL: Game on! 45. Into the


double-top, then. 27 darts, Ted Hankey, in this set. He's won both


legs. 12 darts and a 15-dart. he starts with a 45, Waites respond


ws a 60 and Hankey's back with a 60. They need to snap out of this.


the opening two legs are important, obviously. But this now becomes a


bit more troubling and worrying. As you can see the end of the set


could be nigh for Hankey. But in the end it's about hanging on there


a little bit. Remember, if he wins this set, he's into the


quarterfinals. 180! CHEERING


But I bet you Hankey replies with a maximum of his own. I mean, on this


tonight, that was perfectly set up for him again. But a 140, a good


reply. Forcing Waites to up the se sey wants double-ten.


Still there for him. There you go! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Ted Hankey! We've had half a dozen sets, they haven't all been the


best, but for the first time now we're all square in this second-


round contest. Game on. Hankey won the first set after


Waites missed seven darts and a double to take it. Waites led 2-1


and 3-2. But it's all about this set now. 80. And this is now where


little crucial things like bounce- outs come into play. Scott Waites'


first of the match. You don't want again. Which is understandable, now.


And that's lovely for Hankey. The angle's right again. Once more, he


can't fill up the bed with a mx mum. Waites' throw for Ted Hankey here.


He is taking Scott Waites into the trenches now. Has the Yorkshireman


got a big enough shovel to come out on the other side? No Hankey


business, this. 121 for an early break in the deciding set. Oh! A


second bounce-out of the leg. He can't now finish. He's just taken


one out of them, but that's a great last start. It's one apiece, though,


so they have evened themselves up. Brad Butler retrieves the darts.


And Waites. For double-16. Hit the wall and it's going to be treble-19


or treble-15. That would have left his favourite double. Not sure why


he didn't go that way. Two darts. A double-top for Ted Hankey. He has


the early break in the deciding set! Game on. It's the best of


three legs. Unless we get to 2-2. In which case it's a tie break and


we'll talk again. 60. And Mum up on her feet, pleading with her boy.


All of a disernings Hankey becomes a warm favourite -- all of a sudden,


Hankey becomes a warm favourite. He has broken the throw. And he's


nothing if not a battler up on that what is his 15th year at the


Lakeside. Scott Waites' fifth year at the Lakeside. But you ask how


many times has Hankey gone into the trenches? A 177 there. How many


times has this man gone to a final set in a match here? Unlucky, Scott


Waites, with another bounce-out. 12 times Hankey's been taken all the


way to a final set. Eight times he's come out on top. He's only


lost three times. Going into a final set. One of those was against


Wayne Jones in 2002, where he lost 3-2 in the second round. And one


was in the quarterfinal against Dave Chisnel. But he's the man for


battle. And he is the first to have finished. And he will have six




Ted Hankey, 56 points away from a two-leg lead in the deciding set.


59. That's not enough from Scott Waites. Not nearly enough! 16. For


tops. For Ted Hankey, there's the back on 208. 100. Scott Waites puts


some sort of pressure on. CHEERING


Hankey is into it! And is he now looking like a man...? He looks


like a man, Hankey. A man that sagged on his way to the oche just


then. Only 51. But ank ank responds with only 59 -- but Hankey responds


with only 59. I wonder if Hankey is thinking back to a quarterfinal two


years ago, and one the year before that, when he lost a set decider


where the pressure got to him. Is he starting to crack? Hankey


drawing on those reserves, coming through in these close encounters.


It's not quite so alien to the double world champion as it is to


Waites. Well, Scott Waites has found only one treble in four


visits in this leg. 94. And Ted Hankey is on 108. It can go various


ways on this. You require 108. Treble-20 or treble-18. Treble-20,


but double-14. He's coming back. 52. Scott Waites on 190 here. Needs to


make a massive dent in this to put pressure on the two-time world


champion. The underdog here, who's had it rough, but now could be


barking at the moon! No! Hankey! Can't supply the killer bite!


for the bulds eye. Must hit it -- 20 for the bull's-eye. Bull's-eye,


must hit it. It's all down to double-ten. On the wire! And Hankey


hasn't get the winning line cross! No! Doesn't matter how much you


look at it, Ted, it didn't go in. Waites on double-16. He's been


awful on this double. Still is. Double-eight! Still is on that.


Double-four, the saviour. Yes! Scott Waites. The twists and the


turns, and the swings and roundabouts on this Lakeside stage


continue. Hankey has the darts. With a bounce-out at the start of


count. Waites must break, though. That double-four kept him alive.


But he's still in intensive care. 140! We are getting a proper dart


match, aren't we? Ted Hankey had five darts for a place in the


quarterfinals. It doesn't look like it's bothering him. 140! He's a


long way adrift. But you know what? A 180 would turn this leg around.


123. Brought up a little bit of pressure. All heat on Hankey. It's


another treble, for double-12. And he survives the pressure! One of


his hardest victories on a stage where his wife became world


champion! Ted Hankey into the quarterfinals. And Scott Waites,


one of the favourites for this one of the favourites for this


year's tournament, is out! And then there were eight. The drama


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