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Day 6

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Good evening. While the men contemplate life in the last eight,


the women have an eye on the final. There will be no final way to


honour the memory of her late mum by sealing world title number 10.


First, she would have to make the final. Standing in her way was the


final. Standing in her way was the 2008 champion. Please welcome, the


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Dobromyslova! every single man, woman and child


around this Lakeside complex has been waiting for this all week.


Trina Gulliver, the nine-time champion, against the Russian that


beat her in 2008 in the final. One of only two women to beat the


golden girl on this, very much her on stage. She's never failed to


reach the final here, Trina Gulliver, going for an astonishing


10th world title here. She's only lost twice on this stage, boat


times in the final. -- both times in the final. The Russian, mare


teed a darts player, Tony -- married to a darts player, Tony


Martin. Trina is married to a darts player. He's cheering her on at the


back. Married in a civil ceremony at finishing in the women's game.


These are many people's favourites for the title of 2012. Dobromys


lorbgs va unseeded but -- Dobromyslova is unseeded but she's


been doing so well here. She should have switched down to 19. Might be


totally irrelevant if the double 10 comes in. But it is very much


relevant. Dobromyslova looks to have slowed her game down a touch.


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double so far. She's not going to get any more now. Gulliver not


looking at her opponent. Dropping short. You can feel how big this


match is from the darts that have been thrown in this opening leg.


Neither girl lacks on the throw at all. Can she hit big 1 this time?


Yes. Two darts at double 2. One Dobromyslova, it will be nice if


she got a bit of a move on when she walked to the board. That's


gamesmanship. I've seen her throw much faster before. Gulliver


focused on the double. For all the big build-up, both ladies here


serving up a tense, nervy, scruffy is watching as well. Her sister is


in the house. Her mum sadly passed away just before the championship


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began. Trina says she's on her Trina, I think it's the wrong


tactic. Trina fired up for this game. Giving it large with the


celebrations. You feel there's only going to be one winner. It's a


silly tactic. I know gamesmanship is very much part of darts and


every player has a few little tricks up their sleeve but I


honestly think the one person that loses out is the one that's


throwing the darts and taking their time because they're not playing


their own game of darts. They're concentrating more on their


opponent, rather than playing the board. Here we go again. To the


board and a slow walk to retrieve the darts. Gulliver wants double 10


to make it totally irrelevant. She she is a totally different pace on


the practice board. Gulliver takes double 5. She means business here.


She feels she owes the Russian one for the 2008 victory. And Anasta


sierbgs a deserved it that year. -- Anastasia deserved it that year.


Trina really wanted it. And that is Gulliver who lifts every dart.


Trina's sister sat next to her on divine inspiration and intervention


groove as far as their scoring goes. Anastasia more than capable of


taking this out. Very nearly produced a 1, 2, 4.Thality was


unlucky. Sometime -- That was unlucky. Sometimes a finish like


that, you could do with it to get you going on your doubles. Gulliver


knows what to do. What a fantastic short on confidence, is she?


Abundance of arrogance. And a swagger from Dobromyslova. She has


this air of confidence up there. Gulliver, the street fighter. Her


favourite double 12. And she loved it. We've seen smaller celebrations


for match victories. This is the first leg of the match. Trina


Gulliver throwing for the first set. That was a little head nod, a


little signal to her husband. She's but it's handbags at 20 paces this


in the BDO as well. She feels she's getting a bit of momentum. And


she's right, she is. Started to play her own game a little bit as


well, rather than concentrating on what she can do to knock Gulliver


their favourite double again. Just falls short. They want a little


pause before she went to retrieve her darts. This is for the set, for


the nine times champion. Treble 20. This is hard. If you miss on the


inside, double 3 awaits and no dart player really likes that. She


between these two. Gulliver doesn't look overly amused. Anastasia with


that confident swagger about her, still prowling. Trina was not


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smiling while Dobromyslova was reaction. That's when Dobromyslova


found the double 6 and celebrated lavishly again, having just won


another leg. Focusing on the match. Not overly impressed with her


and experience in this game. Eight world titles is the difference as


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is choking under the pressure at the business en. -- end. And slow


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


pressurised set of darts that Trina against a woman who has a great


the men in the world of darts for a season or two. Deciding not to


defend her world championship. She's come on and grown as a darts


player in the two years she's been away. That's better. Gulliver has


the darts to start. Yes. She had the early break.Thality was a first


set that went -- break. That was a first set that went with the darts.


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Maybe an 18 here or a bull's-eye to very nicely. Interesting,


Dobromyslova was very slow to the board, thinking perhaps, "Slow down,


Trina Gulliver." But Trina was having a drink of water. I think


Trina knew what was coming. I think she probably does need to go


through. Now that is going to be tricky for Gulliver if she comes


She did. Once again, Gulliver pouring herself a glass of water


while Anastasia goes for a little stroll. Having a think. She's going


history at the Lakeside. And Gulliver, so dominants in this


Women's World -- dominant in this Women's World Championship, with


her back to the wall, she needs smile. So does he. But this is no


time for laughter. Tony Martin acting as coach and husband.


think he was telling her to slow things down even more. I hope not.


We've got a long way to go tonight. We could still be playing this at


Calm down." Whether he's talking to himself or Anastasia, I'm not quite


Trina Gulliver. You almost expected her to hit a 140. And a couple of


ricochets and she found the treble, where usually she finds the treble


20. She's not far off. It's on the doubles where she has missed a lot


and she's let Dobromyslova back in again where she's really suffering


either of these two women. There's respect for each other as a darts


player. But Trina would have said that Anastasia should have come


back to defend her trophy and it going to be one double 2. So much


on the dart. Can she hit straight the final. She's winning the baltal


on the board. -- battle on the board. Dobromyslova is winning the


battle in the mind here, I think, as well. Not watching her opponent,


but looking where she throws. Throwing where she looks. And on


the verge of throwing herself in to there could be crucial. If she


doesn't win this leg, Anastasia down there? That's a slow it down.


Tony, let her play her own game. She's in the world championships.


You're not, mate. He has been here once. Lost in round 1 in 2005 to


Simon Whotlock. -- Whitlock. this is my point, there is nothing


wrong with the throw or the walk to the board to collect the darts.


That was Anastasia playing her own game. She's more than good enough


than wasting time. She doesn't have to play as a slow player. I don't


understand why she feels the necessity to introduce a bit of


something to get her going, Trina Gulliver. It could have been worse.


Hit the treble 7. Could have been a single 7. Dobromyslova will come


back. It's looking like it's now or never for the golden girl of BDO


darts, but possibly taking a silver never lost before the final. But


Dobromyslova has a dart at double 8 now for the match. She's knocked


out Trina Gulliver in the semifinal. The champion of 2008. She reaches


the final in 2012. Trina Gulliver goes out. On Wednesday night, the


agony of watching her partner knocked out in the second round of


the men's draw. Could she restore some pride by making her first


lakeside final? -- Lakeside final? If so, she would be doing it the


hard way. Her number one opponent evening? Looking forward to another


evening of Lakeside darts. How could I be anything other than well


and excited? This will be a very interesting match, I promise you.


The world number one, Deta Hedman against Farlam. She will be upset


final. Hedman lost last year. Lorraine Farlam is in her first


Treble 19 would have left it. But that's a terrific cover there under


-- look for a finish here. Double 7. After such a good leg she will be


disappointed with those three darts, Lorraine Farlam. This is to hold


the rhythm and adjusted. Deta came over here when she was 13 years of


age from Jamaica. Her brother won the British Open title. I don't


know if you knew that. To continue the sporting theme, her nephew has


won a silver medal at European Athletics Championships in 2006, 4


have been a good netball player. 52 years of age now, Deta Hedman.


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already. A first chance for double to the Lakeside stage? Somebody


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


invite Gaga here next year. Are you a 180 and a 177. And that's how she


in 2010 with continued incredible success last year. 11 tournament


wins. Two further finals. Extraordinary she's not reached the


came back last year. What a formidable pair Deta and Trina


make? No wonder they won the world cup. She's the number one seed and


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I'd say favourite at the moment if saefbg. -- 217. This is the


for double 10. This is for the set for Deta Hedman. Treble 19 leaves


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


take the set. Every leg so far has Hedman, 200 behind. If Lorraine


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


Farlam hits this, this will be our some kind of sporting aid for blood


continues, we're off to a sudden death leg. We've had seven so far


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


yet since the opening leg of the But Lorraine, a double 10, keeping


leg of the final. If she can take this out, another treble 20 for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


going with the throw again in this hold her throw. If she doesn't,


she's lost the match. Solid start. Aen 81 and a tonne. -- An 81 and a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


for Lorraine farl to finish the match. She won't finish it on this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


for the match. She will have a dart for it. This is for a place in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


consecutive legs with the darts. If we reach 2-2, then it's a sudden


ceth leg. -- sudden death leg. It's heating up, Tony. Yeah. Most


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


how about the 11140s between them and two max -- 11 140s between them


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


Hedman will go to tatreble. So now back to the 20 and a chance


possibly for Lorraine Farlam to take command in this deciding set.


She's looking at 19. She wants the lead. Double 10. Double 5. Not the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


Deta did have one dart for a place in the final. At the end of that


I can understand why the England ladies win all the titles. World


titles. High-quality leg so far. Until then, every leg was 100 plus.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


This could be another. A 140. These Lorraine Farlam needs treble 20 now


for double 18. She has failed to get it. Deta Hedman, for the first


break of the match. That's double 18. And there it is. A break has


been made. We have a break of throw at the 12th time of asking. That


was nice of Dean there. Can the top seed hold her throw and make the


final? Twice a semifinalist. Never through to the final. This has


given her something to think about. She doesn't look at the board while


Deta is throwing. Play the board, don't play your opponent, they say.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


That is true. That's just what Deta two legs have been against the


darts. And Deta knows she has missed three darts for a place in


the final. It will be going through -- excellent match. Not a bad time


for your first maximum of the take your time. Two darts for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


working. Was she off a double 7? the final. That was darts four and


five for the match. It's the Here we go. A tie-break. The chance


here for Farlam to get the advantage. Get just closer. Oh, no,


that's pulled down. It's Deta to throw first. Game on. Does the


match hinge on that start for Farlam? Hedman with the advantage.


And it is an advantage, throwing first in this tie-break leg. And


what a start, a 140. Lorraine Farlam will be thinking, "My


opponent has missed five match darts." She will be thinking, "I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


hope you miss this, Deta," because finishing line is getting very


nothing like this, I promise you, and I've been here for years. It's


a brilliant match. Double top. At least six darts but can she do it


one of the best matches we've ever seen on this stage. Absolutely


brilliant. Now to two guys who have been there, done it and bought the


T-shirt. Martin Adams and Tony O'Shea have 30 Lakeside appearances


between them but have only met here once, that was in 2007. So much


respects, so much pride and so much friendship between these two but


there was only room for one in the semifinals. He's impervious to


pressure. But Adams finds a way to play through it. Finds a way to


back himself, throw after throw after throw. He almost seems to


enjoy the pressure. On occasion, we've seen the darts shake in his


hands but somehow he manages to persuade to -t to go where he wants


-- it to go where he wants it to. He says, "It can't get any worse.


the feeling to sort out some kind of dart guru. They're both feeling


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


the force up there tonight. Double nothing flaky about this at all.


46% is excellent, 57% is atonishing. This is the fourth set. One


slightly loose dart. A little bit of self-fury and the third one back


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


eight matches they've played. But you go back to 2005 for the last


O'Shea victory. And he really wants it but Adams so wants it himself.


Can O'Shea give us the best finish of them all? Yes! Tony O'Shea takes


the cheque out of his pocket. on! What a great victory. He missed


by just a millimetre. O'Shea took and applauded -- hurt Adams. He


stood and applauded it. I tell you, a top player or whatever, you can't


help but smile when you see the 170 checkout. It warms the heart, it


puts a smile on your face. And it's knocked these two off their rhythm


a little bit. It's the daddy case. It came four legs after Adams


had got the highest checkout of the week so far. But it came about four


seconds after Adams made the 150. Those players are expecting a lot


from their opponents. Only one way to go about the 170 checkout.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


O'Shea with a 150 when he comes commanding position this will be.


Double top, double top. He's missed 16. 16 for double 16. Or another 8


for tops? Double 16, that's a great That's a handy marker too. What a


treat is being served up tonight. It's 3-1 to Tony O'Shea. Tony


O'Shea 3-1 up. They shared the next two and we rejoin it at the start


spin. Martin Adams waits for the noise to subside. And then waits


again. The fans still singing, "Hey, baby." Adams waiting for the best


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


of order. Both players deserving Needed that last dart in the treble


to leave himself a finish. So what can Tony O'Shea do about it? What


can he do about it? What a time to was looking at the defending


champion, it is very grave indeed now. Only 45 to start. Has he let


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


feeling here. He smiled and applauded but was it a sort of


smile that said, "Too good." Was it leg of the match. Should go treble


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


He's smiling about it. He did a smile of resignation. It's a smile


because actually he's enjoying the scrap. He's raised his game tonight


as well. He's played his part in leg at Lakeside. But he's not


staying out of the treble 20 bed little bit. That's where the odd


mistakes and errors creep in. He won't mind too much or certainly


shouldn't if he loses this leg. Adams started it with the first


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


Adams. A throw of resignation in this leg from O'Shea. If you keep


plugging away, you never know what happens. He looks more often than


not absolutely brilliant down there. Double 16 for Martin Adams to hold


his throw. He has six darts if he wants them. That's the situation


rather getting to martsen Adams. He's stop -- Martin Adams. He's


stopped smiling now. And it's all down to this. Adams must break or


that beats martsen Adams. Is this at or near -- Martin Adams. Is this


Tony O'Shea's year? Has he beaten Martin Adams. Adams has not


contributed to his own downfall. Not a bit of it. Ifia look at


history, 2008 Adams lost to Webster. Webster won the championship. Are


we going to see Tony O'Shea move in to the last four and mentally put


exorcised every single demon in the locker to move to the last four.


What a performance from the on the Lakeside stage? Yeah. Yeah.


Definitely. He's England captain. He's on a hat-trick. And to


actually bully and bustle him about, it's definitely. Some amazing


moments in that match. An 11-dart leg. The 170 checkout. You had to


be at your very best to win today and you were? He's not three times


world champion for nothing and he was on a hat-trick today. The whole


week I've planned for tonight and I've slowly built up on it. I've


had a plan this week and so far it's going to plan. I knew I'd have


to play well tonight. You said a couple of days ago when we had a


chat, you said, "I've got a feeling I've got another big win in me." Do


you think this could be your year? I've had the most amazing


experience out there with the crowd and I'm only halfway. There's still


two more games to go. I wish that was the final, but I still have two


more games to play. It will be hard to come back down after that to be


honest. I'm old enough and experienced enough. Hopefully I can


do it. Our second quarterfinal tonight involved two debutants


having the wek of their lives. Paul Jennings -- week of their lives.


Paul Jennings waited 15 years to get his chance. So too was an


electrician from haulen. Wesley Harms has got his way through the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


consistency, big scores and doubles. tables, the vultures are circling


for Jennings. Since the first break, David, this lad here has done the


a match where this has not been sustained burst of high scoring,


those 16 have made quite a difference. Checkout is very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


in. It's very simple indeed. He doesn't want to hang around for


three more sets, certainly. it's a grim picture so far for his


business, 12 players have reached the final on their debut. Seven


have won the title at their first attempt. And the last man to do it


was a Dutchman in 2006. We might get two dufrpmen in the final in


2000 -- Dutchmen in the final in got the crowd roaring on his side


now. He's got six darts now to the finish. Nice switch once again on


the treble 19. And that will do to leave himself double top with


Wesley a long way back here. wouldn't mind receiving some


charity when it comes to doubles at the moment. The second dart is in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


the treble 18 there. You can see it. should start to feel a little bit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


easier about life now. This is the Lakeside. All the chips were down,


springing in to life, and rattling off six sets in a row and went


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


noise there. I tell you, the crowd are here in the majority for


Jennings. They're not against Wesley by any stretch, but there is


a lot of backing out there for Paul Jennings. This, show, a crucial set


of darts. It's against the throw Throwdening like that. -- throwing


like that -- throw throwing like that. We saw Norris and back last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


A 180 here has put Harms under pressure. Has to get a treble. Not


quite what he wanted but it's OK. with treble 20. You follow it with


a treble 20. He thought that was in. He might go for the bull anyway.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


started the brilliance that we've been broken five times in the match.


Jennings has been broken seven times. Neither totally comfortable


If you could find a way to force the issue and put Harms under a bit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


leg away. This might be the easier one for him. Depends what Jennings


does from the outset. Look, he's under enough pressure without


losing them darts. That was cruel. going to get punished? It looks


quite sweet. As we finally find Wesley Harms' girlfriend in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 83 seconds


them. This looks good now for Harms. Right from the outset, this leg has


become a lot easier for Wesley Harms. But he's produced a good


for Paul Jennings in this leg. He had to hold his throw. He's


struggling to get down to a finish. That might be the last we see of


him. That's double top for the match. Seven out of 15 he's hit on


this. Double 10. And there it is! And the match! Wesley Harms,


another Dutchman comes along. He's in the semifinal. He's there in the


last four and you can't deny him. Are we going to get another


Dutchman through to the final? Dutchman through to the final?


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