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Day 7

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sees the crowning of a brand new champion, for the first time in PDO


history, there was no place for Cat treena Gallagher, knocked out


Thursday by Anastasia Dobromyslova lining up looking for world title


No.2 against the No.1 seed Deta Hedman. ANNOUNCER: Are you ready.


Ladies and gentlemen, let's play darts. 2012 ladies Lakeside


championship final. Welcome England's Deta Hedman much -- Deta


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


Anastasia Dobromyslova to throw are in for a real treat.


semifinal was one of the all-time matches on the Lakeside stage. 11


straight legs went with the darts. Went to a tie-break later. It was


the number one seed who held turnover. How are the nurse now?


Rien Edwards was her first victim. She also knocked out a former


Master, to cure her in her first Maybe one of their opponents in


next year's will a championship. There is no automatic guarantee of


it. Do you fancy her chances? certainly would. But would you


fancy your chances against an estate to? She has been in great


form after returning. Five tournament wins and two finals.


Came the two late to be seeded. This is for the first leg of the


final. 20, leave stops. Unlucky. Quite a distance away. Under real


pressure now for the Russian. Bending the wire. Knocked down to


the finish. No possible outshot. She could hit a 140 year. That


could make life interesting. Not what she wanted first and foremost.


Anastasia Dobromyslova with a lot to think about. Now fives. The


Russian fine for a double. The first two sets will be crowned


champion. Another warm night at the Lakeside. This is our week with a


Marilyn. 60. Plenty of ladies in the get up. Both of these ladies


made a name for themselves playing the men's game. The rationale on it


circuits. -- the Russian on. Deta Hedman at the UK Open back into


1005. -- 2005. Proving they could mix it with any company. Tonight it


is the women's World Championship up for grabs. Deta Hedman continued


her incredible success in at 2011. That is why she is the number one


seed. She was a runner-up twice. She needs all of these. First 140


of the match for Anastasia Dobromyslova. She would like a


trouble now. -- treble. Could this be a good time to take control? The


first dart to slide underneath. As we come into the travel. -- Travel.


Anastasia Dobromyslova. It would be the exact same 60. Deta Hedman, you


You get the feeling she needed to deliver that double. Anastasia


Dobromyslova is in the mood to deliver that. Deta Hedman, you


require 25. It has not been an express leg by any stretch of the


imagination. Third leg, it is Anastasia Dobromyslova to throw


first. If she just concentrates on holding the sets. It could easily


be Anastasia Dobromyslova's here. It is a very short format. The best


of the three-set final. A sort of could prove costly. We mentioned


that extraordinary semifinal. 11 legs with the throw. Anastasia


Dobromyslova will be kicking herself. She had a chance to break


her opponents there and did not take it. She has Mr nine shots at


double already. -- missed. She has had it 10 attempts and a double.


Deta Hedman has had only two. Affording her a few misses. The one


she missed was that the bull's-eye. A long way ahead in the first leg.


That is better. Back-to-back for It Lisa on a finish. -- leaves her


on a finish. Only 41, though. Pressure is not being applied.


Travel 10 on the ball here. Not a problem. That is a mass Anastasia


Dobromyslova takes this out. have seen it twice take out the


women's championship this week. This will not be repeated. Highest


ever in the women's World Championships. That could be tricky,


she is a laughing. A horrible moment. The horror turns to have


been us. -- happiness. Deta Hedman with a crucial throw. This is the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


only thing she has not won. Marilyn birthday this week. I do not know


why that is significant. Neither do I. You are a mind of trivial


information. This is a man who not only knows bell was' birthday, but


try to give me the correct Russian pronunciation of our Russian player


Throwing for this first set. She has not found the troubles that she


wanted. There is a welcome one. It leads to run a fish. -- weaves her


on a finish. There is a �3,000 cheque for the highest finish of


the week. Tony O'Shea is going to give her half. Keyed them shout,


Tony. You can open them now. She was factions aware. None of those


could fix it for her. 97 left. Lovely cover. For the first set,


Deta Hedman, treble 18. 18 verbal side. Bull's eye for the set.


did not flow with any freedom at all. Anastasia Dobromyslova for she


has got it. A NASA server for the wonder who they want to win? They


are just here for the fun. She will like the 180, I am sure. Now then,


Hedman is struggling to keep pace. Unless she can get in a trouble.


She struggled with her doubles early on in the semifinal. But then


she barely missed. She will have darts for the set. Whatever Deta


Hedman does here. Certainly not good enough. It is 80 now for the


27-year-old. Double top for the set. She will focus on that double top.


140 will be perfect. That is the second dart for the set. That is


the third she has missed. We have had two breaks to throw. Could this


be the key break for Deta Hedman. She has hacked segment -- hit


single 11. A lovely second dart. Double 16 now. Deta Hedman, the


number one seed has struck. Right into the slot it goes. Beautiful


double 16. If you want to whistle while they are throwing, the car


park is empty, thank you. Talk about a late charge into that set.


Deta Hedman was nowhere in the deciding leg. Even with two darts


left. No problem. Look at those percentages. Three out of six, that


is where Deta Hedman is putting her stand. Anastasia Dobromyslova at


just taking time to look at that score before she retreats to darts.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


feels that! 180! Deta Hedman is piling on the pressure. She did it


previously at the right time. That darts. She just needs to hold her


throw or three times and she will be the new World Championship. She


went for 19. Just missed it. Excellent counting. To lead the 36.


She might not have a chance that it. Deta Hedman, you require 36.


start of the second set. Second leg, it is Anastasia Dobromyslova to


throw next. An array thrown into the heart of her opponent. She is


brilliant at her darts tonight, day to -- Deta Hedman. Both ladies


averaging 75 in this final. Good standard. It is on her doubles that


Deta Hedman that is trying to destroy or her opponent. She looks


very serene when she has a chance to win a leg. A round of applause


from Tony Martin. He will not like what he is seeing. Tony Martin,


Anastasia Dobromyslova's husband. A darts player himself. He lost to


Simon what lock. Support for Deta Hedman. I am sure there will be a


number of darts fans around the world keeping their fingers crossed


for Deta Hedman. But Anastasia Deta Hedman could put some pressure


on here. Anastasia Dobromyslova has been struggling with the doubles. A


fantastic last dart. This is where Anastasia Dobromyslova has


struggled. Sixteens, two of them she wants. She is not hitting her


doubles at the moment. She could write Deta Hedman off. A great


first dart. Single 18. Needs a Bull's eye for a 2-0 lead. You


could just feel the agony. Still cannot buy a double. She has missed


20. To the very brink at the world title. Got such now to lovely


rhythm before. The second leg, Anastasia Dobromyslova. Game on.


Deta Hedman will be cross with that. It was just the leg with the darts.


Eventually, Anastasia Dobromyslova would have to hit a double,


wouldn't she? It is serious business. Before she hit that, it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


that will not be enough. Could give Anastasia Dobromyslova a bit of


heart. They are a little bit convinced that Deta Hedman is going


to be top dog in this one. That is why. A 140 just when she needed it.


Just when she was under pressure. She did it previously when she hits


that 180 at just the right time. lovely rhythm. She might have


caught her hair on the Dart. Like a golfer at the top of their swing.


Worth doing. She caught her hair. Anastasia Dobromyslova has taken


precautions against that. Two tops for head of men -- Deta Hedman. She


has missed counted here. She actually wanted 42. I think she has


looked at the scorer and his explaining exactly what she has


done. In this match that is possibly going to cost her. Never


seen that before. Nine, double 16 to make her pay. She has made her


pay. There is the Russian's swagger back. If looks could kill.


Anastasia Dobromyslova would be called the a stash -- assassin. I


have never seen in a World Championship match the scoreboards


S42 and the player aims to double 16. -- the scoreboard it says 42.


Understandable in the conditions. You just do not see it that often.


The referee is not allowed to say anything. He just has to stand and


watch. If a player asks then he could have given affirmative. It is


like cricketers being out unless there is a peal -- an appeal.


Martin thinks the momentum is swinging Anastasia Dobromyslova's


way. It could be a seismic shift. Now she has got to put everything


into it. Lucky for her she is a vastly experienced player. This is


her first World Championship final. Third time here. Two semifinal


defeat. Now I final. It does not seem to be a stage where she


produces her best darts on. Anastasia Dobromyslova will know


that. I do not think her work commitments have helped her. This


week she had a week off to get herself in top condition. It has


helped to with her darts and allowed her to play more. Anastasia


Dobromyslova is a full-time darts player. Has not got a worry about


sorting out to Christmas mail in the run-up to the World


Championships. Only first class starts. Anastasia Dobromyslova, you


require 148. Deta Hedman, you require 100. Hopefully she will not


miss count on this. That leaves double top. Highest checkout of a


she had the brain freeze early enough in the set that she could do


something about it. Did you ever doubt that she would commit to that


100? Never. We loved every minute afterwards. Deta Hedman is still


comfortably clear of Anastasia Dobromyslova. 45. Here is a chance


for Anastasia Dobromyslova to put some pressure, and she has done


exactly that. It is her fifth one 40 of the match. What an unlucky


deflection. Covered up nicely. She is reliant on the Russian to


produce a loose throw. That is not happening. Really good scrapping


from Anastasia Dobromyslova. She has won a world title. Deta Hedman


was a what Master in 1994. There was no-one men's championship then.


That was a top women's trophy in the world. -- no women. That will


be to make the set. Anastasia Dobromyslova 120. It made it very


tricky to do that. Double top now. She will put her name on this


famous trophy. She needs treble 20, a single 20 and double 20. She


still needs the treble. An unlucky deflection. And a stage show you


require 20. This is for the 20. A double five for Anastasia


Dobromyslova. She won that leg. She was on the brink of losing the


final. She threw tremendous stroke Darts, 140. A nervous finish.


crowd is getting the final that they wanted here. A close contest.


Fabulous starts and now down to this final set now. The rhythmical


Deta Hedman will not be rushed. She will play at her own pace and


Tyrone game. Anastasia Dobromyslova, the big hit keener Russian has four


it had -- the big hitting it Russian, has had a few doubles. She


was under pressure early on as someone shouted out, you could see


that she was not amused. I don't think that the announcer is very


happy either, looking at someone with a steely glare in the audience.


It is a good call for strictly come Dancing, not strictly come darting.


And approval from Sharon Adams, she also picked up three darts for the


first time ever and threw them at the board. She does not normally


play. What if you score? I forget, but it was more than me. -- what


did she score? Normally, Sharon Adams has a weekend of agony to


look forward to. In a funny way, she can relax. I wonder if either


of these two are relaxed up there. You rather sense that they are not.


They are keeping their cool at the moment. Deta Hedman had a very nice


checkout as her fingers are crossed for Anastasia Dobromyslova. She


cannot finish, Sheikh must apply pressure or reduce aid broken


throat. -- she must apply. -- reduce a broken throats. Anastasia


Dobromyslova you require 90. Treble 15 for Deta Hedman. Deta Hedman now


for double 10. Double 5. Note. That was a higher Dart. 164 double 16.


That is the way she's going. -- 16 for double 16. This is for a break


of throw. Another one. Anastasia Dobromyslova, you require 16.


Hedman has had her chances. In the end, Anastasia Dobromyslova secures.


A good last start to hold the throw. Deta Hedman did have chances to


break. -- a good at last dart. It is the first to three legs. Both


players will throw for the Bull's eye. These will be for the right to


throw first in the deciding leg. have seen finals on this lakeside


stage decided in sudden death fashion before. 20 years ago in the


men's tournament, Phil Taylor and Mike Gregory battled it all out to


a sudden deaths. I wonder if we will get a repeat tonight. 95.


happened in Deta Hedman's second final. A sudden-death match. She


will need a break of throw to make it happen here. She will need to


hold her through -- halt her throat to make it happen here also. --


holds her throw. She was the first person to beat someone on a


lakeside stage. A good first dart. Double 19. It was deflected the


wrong way. It can be done in two darts. If the first one hits treble


20, it will be treble 11. A Bulls side to hold the throne. -- a


bull's-eye. This is another one that does not go into the raid be


it. To the top of the board, Anastasia Dobromyslova. She fires.


Now this match has swung round. From a set down, she is now a Lego


away from her second World Championships. -- eight leg away.


Anastasia Dobromyslova is doing the same here. 41. �10,000 for the


winner. �2,000 for the runner-up. It is a big difference in prize-


money. It adds to the pressure that the women are feeling. Deta Hedman


blocked it. She is already 120 points behind. Now 128 points


behind. That could be a bonus. It could be far worse. Just not


happening for her. Ever since that 100 checkout to a level that second


set. Apart from that, it has not happened for her. It has been a


brain freeze to go for 142. If she took out that 100 she would be the


world champion Deta Hedman. Her husband and her partner brought a


balloon for her. Ton or 40 at just the right time. Deta Hedman must


school be to pressure it. -- score beak. A poor side for Anastasia


Dobromyslova. She has done it. She has finished it. The champion for


2008 is now a double world champion. She has won a 2012. Was a way to


come back to women starts. Anastasia Dobromyslova has won the


title, mix it with the man and now he's back to win against the women.


Well done for a thrilling world party led by the managing director


and proprietor of Lakeside accompanied by the chief executive


two best known for Lakeside ladies runner-up, England's Deta Hedman.


Deta Hedman once again can't quite go all the way to add her way to


this famous trophy. What a 12 months it has been for the number


one seed, taking on everyone in her path except one of Russian lady.


receive a cheque for �10,000, the Lakeside trophy, the champion of


Lakeside in 2008 and won the world title. She is back in 2012. And she


is the world champion once again. Only three names are on that trophy.


And she is on it twice. Fully justifying her decision to come


back to the BDO women's game. Ladies and gentlemen the new


Lakeside ladies' world champion! Your runner-up, Deta Hedman Axa --


had to pull that out. It looked as though Deta Hedman had a victory in


the palm of their hand. I never give up. That is my problem. And I


am honest. I really respect deterred. She beat me the last


couple of times. It was a hard game because I was playing against my


friend. Your husband was living every arrow. The director was


trying to find him. I think he was hiding at one stage because he was


going through it with you. probably did not want the same


result as last night. Did that they won a little bit? The fact that a


few people thought he might have tried to slow the game down


yesterday? Did that give you some motivation today? I just played my


game. For whatever reason, people thought I should have lost, I just


played my game and on the day and I was better. When you levelled at


one all, you must have thought, now I'm back, I can definitely do this.


I thought I am back. It is a little break for me. I can't describe it.


It is amazing. It means a lot to me. Now to two place to shed a lifted


this year's World Championship. Alan did -- Alan Chuck Norris put


his foot down on the oche. What he forces Dutch passenger Christian


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


cased -- Christian Kist out? Always the last dart. Very good


darts. This is exactly what he wanted after tossing away that last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


doubles. Not a player can penetrate there. He has been getting some


to the head of the Dutch federation. I said Christian Kist is the sort


of player who might get a bit downhearted if things don't go his


natural player. Nothing fazes him. 41. 42. Christian, you require 40.


20. He has not hit a double for quite some time. Could Norris make


him pay again? Another troubled -- double 20 leaves double 18. Double


10. Three darts to do it in. that pressure and he is smiling.


The two friends find time for a smile. It is a smile of relief I


scoring power is there? Buries his dad? Is a round? -- is he and Brown


here. That is in! Double 12! close we came to the second nine in


darter. What a great ovation. say that Chuck Norris can do a nine


and darter in one dark. Sadly it was the last dart that let him down.


Forget that mixed double and take the leg. And there is a curse on


this nine darter. 41. You require six. How many times have we seen


this? It is unbelievable, it is happening all over again! Double


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


18! -- double 18 mac -- double 18 lot of 180s mac from him. This 180


here... Nine darts, 47 left. That imagine in this match! Nothing has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 125 seconds


throw in this set. High scores in Bullseye. He is going for the


finish there. Even though Christian Kist is on 200, he decided it was


the best way. Now he has got it. could be in trouble. Missing a big


fat nine here. He has only missed a few doubles in 27 attempts.


threw that awaited and teeth? -- he threw that a way didn't he? They


are starting off brilliantly, they were dragged down by the weight of


doubles that they were missing. There is no emotion from Christian


Kist, nor from Alan Norris. They just go up there and throw their


darts without a care in the war world -- world. There is an


opportunity now for Alan Norris. That treble was quite handy for him.


57. Double 20, at treble 18. Two double 20s for the man. He has gone


10 double 8. Alan Norris came after the break -- came out after the


break firing. I wonder whether Alan Norris is having problems with his


back. He is requiring hit patches to be put onto his back. Do you


think that the breakout seemed to recover? Does he struggle more


because of that bad back? As we progressed through the match, he


said it was more in the shoulder. Forget about your back and get on


with it. He said it was very interesting trying to get out of


bed the night after his big match. He said it that he had a lot of


trouble doing it, and I said that you were not the only one. Making


no impression on 154. That is his first big finish since he writes up


the second set -- wraps up. Even if they jest MIS 180, it is just a


fraction. -- even if they miss. Look at these. 180 is everywhere.


With a good match. -- what a good. 100. That has blocked him surely.


So 78, treble 18. He is OK. Alan Norris, 245. If Christian Kist


takes up that double 12, it will be difficult. He can't afford to lose


it. 13 darts Fort Christian Kist to take the lead. This now ports Alan


Norris under pressure. What's a good game. -- what. A chance now,


only 68 in a high-scoring match. You are trying to hold your throw


it may be not be enough. This is where he must make a move. He is


making it difficult for himself, only 59. He took six starts. A


great shot to leave him on a finish. 167. 57. Christian you require 157.


Alan Norris is still in with a chance. Dg notice him try to


scratches Scholl dark and touch it a little bit? I think he is


suffering a little bit. -- his shoulder. Brilliant first darts.


Plenty of room for the next. Might be going back to the ball in to


Darts time -- took the bull in two Darts time. That is said 0.4


Christian Kist. It has been shot. - - set.. Set point. He is loving


every minute of it. He is already in the semifinals, so he would love


to play Christian Kist in the finals. In an old Dutch contest. --


and all the Dutch. 135. Both of these players have hit 21 time 80s


in the tournament so far. Christian Kist is two ahead. He has had 18 in


this match so far. That shows you class when you can get cover shots


like that. He is a road worker and build a bypass back to Holland in a


few weeks. That was his former career. He has been in Spain for


three years. He knows all about the bull. Alan Norris will throw a


first. He just can't shake Christian Kist a way. He cannot


break clear. Christian Kist keeps coming back. He has to win. He


skyrocketed the averages. Christian Kist has 56% of the doubles. Still


a 94% average. Alan Norris has a 92% average. That shows how could


be scoring ears. You just have to miss a couple and it is surprising.


-- how cool it the scoring is. Double 10. Double five. It was


tricky. Treble 20, double 8. One to go. One they go away. -- won a Lake


Kist. Christian Kist kicks off for 140, all eyes on him. It will be


tense. Every chance of winning the title this year from what I have


seen. He went all the way to the final and won it, I tell you that


Christian Kist is playing very well, better than he did that here. --


that year when he won the championships. Doing so well under


pressure. His brother really helps him on his travels. You must feel a


little bit sorry for Alan Norris, a 92% average and a few sets down.


The reason is that his father choked under the pressure of a


double. It looks like it is a set time. I really hope not. I would


like to see Alan Norris take it all the way. This is for the match. 20


double top. And he has got it. incredible. He is into the


semifinals. This is his lakeside debut. He may not keep it a lift


back home from Alan Norris, but he can afford his own taxi. What a


champion in waiting this guy could be. Well it is always pure box-


office where Ted Hankey is concerned. After his win against


Scott weight, he arrives in confidence for his match again


Martin Atkins. -- against. 134. 89. We have had eight legs in the match


so far. Eight in a row and some to throw. Interestingly now, only five


points overall difference in the averages. The scoring power of both


players has a lot to go. Ted Hankey 85%, Martin Atkins 90%. He started


to miss now. He is playing a steady game from start to finish. After


knockout. He held records, but he doesn't mind mixing it in close,


and that is what he has been doing this week. Anyone that says, "You


just played a board" is a fool. He plays the opponents. You do enough


to beat your opponent. If you can beat them at their own game, that's


how you win a game of darts. That's how you win a leg of darts. Game on.


Now, this is a big leg. Atkins away first. If he holds he'll level the


match at one set all. There's always pressure to hold at 2-2,


especially when you lose the first set. He started out alright. And


that is 27. He could have well done without that at this moment. Martin


Atkins, you have to say to yourself,, "How does he come up


with anything to pressurise my throw? Is his scoring powerful


enough to take a stronghold of a leg?"" you'd have to say no. They


are over halfway through the leg, there's no separating them.


dear, only 60. It's a sign to put in a 140, it's time. That's your


experience set of three darts. Drawing on the reservoirs of


experience. Single 20 now. Double 5 instead. Everything looked perfect.


20 leads top. This is for the set, to level the match. Under all sorts


of pressure. He's ow of practice. - - he's out of practice. It's the


pressure. Ted Hankey is feeling the pressure too. This time maybe. It's


where the reservoirs of experience. Good one to Ted Hankey, marching


off the stage, two sets up against Martin Atkins. Saying, "I'm closer


to you to the semi-- I'm closer than you to the semifinals". Ted


Hankey with the darts. First of five remember, through to the


semifinals. Ted Hankey is having a stroll and a walk to see if he can


put another two into that. Might have been better to switch. He


pulled up his trousers and gave his shoulders a role, straight back


into it again. So little between the two players. It wouldn't take


much for Martin Atkins to get back into the game, unless - what a fine


darts player he is. That in his first 180 of the match. We are


about to see a few more. There's still plenty in it. He won't care


how he wins, as long as he does win. He plays the mat rather than the


ball. That indicates to me that he doesn't believe in his own talent


quite as much. He can't quite believe he has done that. That is


63 scored. It's a wonderful cover. All Atkins can do is pile on


pressure. That's what he's doing. He's on the phone,. He can make him


pay for that now. Once again doing just enough. Living dangerously.


Six out of six. Nice throw. perfect chance. The last dart


aiming for double 16. The double 7 is an arm that is far too tense and


not relaxed enough. He smashed at it. He can't keep his eyes off this


one. We've had 11 legs of darts and great darts supporter. It's a good


excuse. Perhaps he didn't take advantage then. He's left himself


on the finish. There could have been a much better finish.


would think he's done it deliberately. You'd think he'd be


used to exhibitions all the time. He's used to hitting them. Off the


wire it came. It was all over the shop. Still, Martin Atkins with the


show. He can't afford to be broken here. A chance for Ted Hankey. He


has to find the treble 20 bed. He's not happy. Lights, the heat. He


didn't look at Ted Hankey, he just focused on the score board. I'm not


sure if Tom Jones summoned that stage, but it's certainly, "Not


unusual" for Ted to be up there. Bullseye for atkm/h. Still on. That


was going straight in there. needs double 2, he does need it.


He's done just enough, once again. Such a close contest with Martin


Atkins finding himself 2-0 down. needs a few doubles. It's no


laughing matter for the other player there. Defending here. Both


are dragging each other down. I don't know about golden balls, but


we need some golden darts. Who is he talking to. Picking his dart up.


If he's talking to himself, he's not listening. Four visits for Ted


Hankey, trying for the set. So far it's 43, 41, 41. That was the 200th


180 in the tournament. Ted can't believe it. He's got all the rotten


luck in the world. He's got to break him here. Ted Hankey back on


237. He wasn't really caring at all. That's exactly what the assassin


ordered. You won't have a an easier leg all year, certainly not against


the darts. He doesn't throw the bats into the crowd any more.


lost the cape, the bat. The only thing that remains is mum and dad -


ever constant at every tournament. It's the famous stage, but they all


work so hard to play on. That's our man. Taking out all the doubles for


you. Reactions like lightning. Ted Hankey on a finish. This is for a


3-set lead. Here we go. Several 14s. Just have to adjust a little dit.


It's not really add -- a little bit. It's not really adding up clear.


He's a long way clear. 20 for double 16, or 12 for tops. Yes. Two


sets away now, Ted Hankey. For a place in the semifinal. Has Martin


Atkins got an answer? Not at the moment. Swapped away. His ninth


quarterfinal. It's one of theeesiest so far, despite throwing


sloppy darts in stages. Nothing sloppy about those. Martin Atkins


up, down, through the middle. Ted Hankey slotting them in nicely.


Gets himself a 140 finish. It's 170 to win the title. Having a nice


hour of darts. It's great to see. Another treble for Martin Atkins to


pressure the 90s. Well done. This is for a break of throw. He's


trying to pull double top. He's double 10. Any way you like.


Brilliant. The brilliance of Ted Hankey. It's illuminating. I'm not


quite sure if it's the third. Yes, it is. He said, "Oh, is it my turn


to throw first? OK then, thanks." You don't think he did that


deliberately, do you? Rare first- time finish. 90% for Atkins on his


doubles. 0.5. Speaking to Martin Atkins before the match and we were


saying, you know, for the first time, "I acquitted myself well on


the Lakeside stage.", "I was desperate to do that and it's the


Friday." It he looks like a man who was satisfied. Never be satisfied


until the second Sunday night when you have silverware on your hand.


If he loses this match from here you'll wonder how he could let it


get to that stage. Despite the odd flashes, he is easily beatable if


you can swing consistent darts together. When it gets to a brawl


up on the Lakeside stage, there are few better than Ted Hankey. I'm not


saying there's bad feeg at all. Not a brawl -- feeling at all, not a


brawl like that, a darting brawl. That's what he has to do. Not point


hitting the 140 if you don't take out the 61. You make it easier for


yourself. Hasn't done enough legs so far. Sara is still nervous.


would you living with Ted Hankey. He's forced his way back into this


set now. Oh, dear, only 81. Ted Hankey with back to back 140s. He's


turning up the heat. Just drives in enough in this leg to remind him


what he could be dealing against when he's in the mood. With the


last leg, Ted Hankey could break back. Tops for Ted Hankey.


Brilliant. Leaves him on the brink of a 4-0 lead, and he has the darts.


And he's back in the treble 20 bed. You can punch Martin Atkins very


hard in the stomach at the moment, and it wouldn't hurt as much as the


last 14 darts of Ted Hankey would have hurt him. Sparkling stuff from


the double World Champion. Just when Martin Atkins thinks I will


throw myself back into contention, it's like someone flicked a switch


in his brain, everything stews together and he remembers. He's


hard to beat. You feel that he'll do just enough. He did it in Round


1, Round 2 and is doing it tonight. He's not running a marathon, it's


not like he's got to preserve energy here. I've never seen him


wear trainers or attempt to run a marathon. He should go out and play


to the best of his ability, send out a warning sign. It is Friday


the 13th, his lucky day, isn't it. Ted Hankey, and Mrs Ted Hankey. I


tell you what, Martin Atkins looks like he could do with someone


passing him a hangy. Any more of this and he'll be wiped out. He


those numbers where there's no possible outshot. So much force in


the last dart. He's not finding a rhythm at all. Single 20, double 20


for the set. It's like someone has just nicked mum's bingo money the


way mum reacted there. Single now for Martin Atkins. Bullseye. It is


for hanky. It's going according to plan. Ted Hankey finds the double 5,


and he's one set away from what he needs to reach the semifinal. Ted


Hankey leads 4-0. He's never won a quarterfinal without dropping a set.


He has been on the receiving end of a comeback. A couple of years ago


match. Both players losing power on their scoring. Good times for Ted


Hankey to get a 180. A lovely time to follow it as well. The darts in


the set makes life comfortable as well, doesn't it. 65 and 324. He


may as well have a little lie down on the sofa. That's how comfortable


it is in this set. Six darts. From 65, double 10. We'll be back.


Interesting he didn't go 25 tops. He obviously feels comfortable


around double 10. Can't sit still, pacing around. Ted Hankey wins


another one. So far it is the procession from hanky. Has Atkins


got any after. This isn't the Martin Atkins we saw in the first


two rounds. He's not as if van de Wiel played worse. They don't have


the same form. Martin Atkins managed to find it. Maybe she is


lucky Liz. If he wins the leg he has to find a way to get past the


Ted Hankey defences. Here is another one. There's no hidden


nightmares in 126. That's unlucky. Not only is it a bit unlucky, it's


dropped down a little box. The referee out to retrieve it. Only a


willing with the darts for Martin Atkins. It doesn't take a lot.


doesn't take a lot to upset Ted Hankey, but that will do it. He has


the weight of the world against him. He's trying to laugh it off. 39 and


42. It's a big chance for Martin Atkins. He's found his first dart


and the second. Can Martin Atkins breach the Ted Hankey defences.


He's brought the military arsenal. Ted Hankey is developing his castle


with liquid blamange at the moment. Is this what we need for a turning


point? Alright, that's because he hasn't left. Ted Hankey on 23, but


not for long. That's OK from Atkins. 68. Two dart checkout. He's got to


make a good impression. It's treble 20 for double four, to break the


throw. 25 leads double top. Treble 19 leads double 4. Oh, he's on the


board now. Martin Atkins. That's the sort of finish. Turns up. Finds


the target. He took a gamble. If he missed the treble. He would have


been on a double. Suddenly the real Martin Atkins is starting to turn


up. Ted Hankey struggling to find the treble. One treble with six


darts this leg so far. Good. It's from here that Martin Atkins has


the control. Loves to get down to a two dart shot. Close, but no banana.


First set of the match. He had chances that he hasn't taken.


Treble 20, double 18. If he can convert, but I don't think the


second one is. Treble 20. Can't be done. That was a little casual from


Ted Hankey. Ted Hankey chatting, Martin Atkins focused. He's got a


double 10. No time to celebrate on stage. The Hankey family thought it


might be time to put the kettle on for a cup of cocoa, has a bit more


time to watch the darts. If he can fold here, he'll need to break


again. Small steps. Two legs away from the match. It all looks a


different game at the moment. Even though hanky is not in that much


bother, he's on the receiving end. If he can win this or the next step,


he'll be very much on target. That's a good sign to throw in a


140. 90 when he returns. 101 away from a break of throw. Oh, dear.


He's a little bit too low down on his next target as well. 52 scores.


20s, 19s, and 18s. Can't be done. Hankey won't care. Martin Atkins


was retrieving his flight that had he's going. That wasn't close.


There's a big shout out. Good dart from Ted Hankey. Almost let Martin


Atkins in. Under pressure. The majority of this match. Ted Hankey


two legs away once again. Treble 20. Covering up Martin Atkins. Heading


to the treble 19. Martin Atkins is not throwing enough so far. Not


what he did on the previous set. It's a good time to start. That's a


good dart. 180. That's what great dart players do. They brush off any


resistance. Double shot. Double 10. He rushs all these. Gives him and


he's completed the job in the next. Martin Atkins bashed straight back


in with it. He lays the darts low like a river meandering through a


gorgeous valley, heading towards the rapids. More like the Euphrates,


meandering through the fiery depths of hell. It's just gentle. And then


he just rushes as we head towards the ongoing rocks and plunges in


dissent. I wish Ted Hankey would take to the fast water a bit more


often. 321 is all he needs. He'll be back. This will be lovely,


however he goes in. Are these the last three darts at Lakeside 2012.


Double 8 for Ted Hankey. With a shake of the head. The Count is


barely troubled as he reaches the last board. It's his lucky day.


Reaching the semifinal for the fourth time at the Lakeside. In the


end, when it came, it was swift and no mercy for Martin Atkins. And


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