2011 Equestrian: Burghley Horse Trials


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In 1971, Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal, aged 21, took the


individual title here at Burghley. This year, she is back to celebrate


the 50th anniversary of the trials and to present the trophy to the


winner of this year's most prestigious and longest running


four-star challenge. It is the Burghley Horse Trials, the pinnacle


This place has been the setting for films, television series, adverts


and photo-shoot. But this weekend, over 100,000 people will come


through the gates of the park to watch the world's best event riders.


We have so much to look forward to this afternoon. Plus, Burghley


celebrates its 50th anniversary and Mary King celebrate her 50th, too.


We look back with her over her amazing career. With just under a


year to go, we bring you the professional's view of the Olympic


Park of Greenwich, home to the eventing for the London 2012


Olympics. It and we asked some of the top riders to give their


perspective of the major questions on the cross-country course and all


new water feature, designed by Captain Mark Phillips. And we will


show you the highlights of all three phases, all the Riders


desperate to catch the eye of their Olympic selectors. Eventing is an


incredibly hard sport to predict because so much can go wrong. A


run-out on the cross country or a mistake in the dressage. Here are


some of the names you might want to look out for. William Fox-Pitt has


won the title here five times. He is ranked number one in the world


and is a stalwart of the British team. Ranked number two is Mary


King, who celebrates her 50th birthday this year. She was first


and second in Kentucky and luckily, and injured after a horrible fall


last weekend. The New Zealand All Blacks are out in force. Mark came


back when he won Badminton in the spring. Blyth Tait is also back,


riding at Burghley since -- for the first time since 2004. Nicholson


has won twice. He will sit tight -- type whatever is horse is doing.


Caroline Powell won here last year. She is back to defend her title at


the age of 18. Newly married to Mike Tindall, who was away at the


World Cup, Zara Phillips is back busy building a new relationship


with A high Kingdom. The leading Australian challenger is Sam


Griffiths. He will be first out onto the cross-country course on


Happy Times. Gorgeous conditions here for the first day of


competition. The gates opened at 7:30am her and the eventing


aficionados have made sure everybody can watch the dressage,


because this is what needs control and precision. You cannot win the


competition here, but you can lose it, because without precision, you


can lose points. Let's round-up the dressage action. With the recent


European championship success, this event is clearly going -- growing


in popularity. This, the first of two rides, set the early score of


Fox-Pitt raised the bar with a polished performance. Ireland's


Elizabeth is one of the first third time is at Burghley. A score of


33.3, putting them just three points behind wallet -- William


Fox-Pitt. A lovely horse and he gave me his best work. You cannot


always expect that so there was a great feeling. To be ahead on day


one is very exciting at this stage. Despite the attraction of


Burghley's 400 shops, the Arena was the place to be on day two, which


began with an impressive Test from Germany. A great start for this


partnership, looking to achieve the Olympic qualification. Their score


has taken them to the top of the table, at 39.3. Zara Phillips


seemed satisfied. Not so, her father, clearly concerned with the


position of her hat! Andrew Nicholson produced an even better


test on his horse. Both of his rides are now in the top five.


Despite an error flagged up by the judges, the defending champions,


Caroline Powell and Lenamore, finished only three points off the


lead. And Mary King, aged Burghley favourite, up the ante with at


King's Temptress. Fewer than 10 points were separating the top 20.


I am really happy. My horse had three a good paces and transitions,


so we have done a good job. I am happy I am in first place. It is a


beautiful horse and he has a very good Sash competition. So, she


leads on Free Easy NRW. And Mary King on King's Temptress. Very good


scores for Andrew Nicholson on both of his horses. Zara Phillips will


be thrilled with high Kingdom. At the age of 50, Mary King has


achieved pretty much everything. She has represented Great Britain


five times at the Olympic Games and won medals at the European Eventing


Championships. She has won Badminton and Burghley. And she has


finished second in Kentucky. This I first got interested in horses


when I was a very young girl. I have always, ever since I can first


remember, been mad about them. I am one of these pony-Bad girls,


desperate to have one of my own! But I was in a situation where it


was not possible to have my own. As a family, we lived in a rented


cottage. It was in the village of Salcombe Regis, in Devon. My father


had been sent out of the Royal Navy because he became an invalid. I


used to go and visit the vicar's house whenever I had spare time. If


mum wondered where I was, I was normally in the field with them. I


persuaded the vicar if I could possibly ride his horses. Her as I


grew older, I became a member of the local pony club. I went off and


rode bicycles, cycling around, looking for ponies in fields,


finding out who owned them and whether I could ride him. I must


have been a pest! I left school as soon as I could and went and worked


for a lady called Sheila Willcox, who had been a top event rider in


had. That was the first successful female rider in the sport. Looking


back, I would not be where I am now and have got to the heights that I


have got to without having spent that time in her yard. It was a


fantastic experience. Jolly hard work at the time! After my


travelling, I came back to Salcombe Regis and said, I really want to be


an event rider. My parents said, how? We have got no money and no


land. I had a bit of money put away from the Pony I had sold. Things


then went my way. This yard was a disused farm yard. There were some


pigs in the bar but the rest was fairly disused and was full of


brambles and nettles. I approached the Farah and asked if I could make


a couple of the cowsheds into stables and rent them from him. --


I approached the farmer. Eventually, it came up for sale, so I made a


huge decision to buy it to fund all of that. I used to do a butcher's


delivery round. I did that twice a week for three ideas. I used to


clean the campsite toilet seat and had a couple of gardening jobs in


Sidmouth. I used to go fruit- picking at the fruit farm. That was


during the fruit-picking season. I did not mind. I was paid and that


helped me by the set of shoes for the waltzes and the entry fee, and


that sort of thing. I ended up riding in the dark sometimes! My


first ever of horse took me to my Badminton horse trials in 1985. I


was offered a good price for him when he was at intermediate level.


I then said to the people, no, I would rather be famous and rich. I


have known these people still to this day and they tease me about


that comment. But it was good. He is the horse that got me to


Badminton and that is where my career went on from. Mary King is


riding two horses here. Let's have a look at the cross country course.


They have got 11 and a half minutes to jump pit. It is big and has a


slight retro feel in a honour of the 50th anniversary. By that, I


mean Captain Mark Phillips has gone for lots of timber, high fences and


spreads, and then there is more to, as the riders reach the Land Rover


drought hatchery. And here, the course designer has gone for


something different. What does his daughter think of it? If this is


the first time he has done it. What do you think? You never know until


you get there. My horse is a good jumper and a good cross-country so


I hope he will answer all questions. With his friends, it has changed


from last year. More of an accuracy jumper in the water, but also


needing a good shot in so you can get across from one to the other in


one stride. Once you are in, I think you will be OK to come out.


But try and ignore the water a bit. Is your horse OK with water? Yes,


he has been good with water, so I think, ignore the water a bit and


concentrate on keeping a straight line and getting in. Then we come


out, turn right and go up the hill. And that is a hop over the Waterloo


logs at Number 12 and then onto the HSBC Holdings branch, where I met


William Fox-Pitt. The riders are always keep an eye on their watches


as they grow on a cross-country course. This is about halfway?


and you have a whole minute of galloping in a small area. The


riders are going to be aware of keeping their foot down and not


wasting any time. So you come sweeping round? Why is this


difficult? Well, you have got quite an easy house but it is on a mound


and then down to a very decent right-angled corner. The issue here


is, you never know how some will jump over it. You do not know how


your striding is going to work out on the landing side. Because you


have got these undulations to worry about? Yes. Some will act like it


is on the flat but some will prop a bit. What you are hoping for is a


nice for with four strides down to this corner. And at this level,


there was there no more should be seen the flags and seen that that


is a jump. They don't have time to see how a queued that angle is.


They just lock on an jumper it well. You have got another big effort


over there. Quite a tight turn. Quite tiring for the horse. What


riders will be hoping for is that this is all very smooth, so you


don't use up so much energy. Then it is a triple rail over a ditch


and down to fence the 17, before the Land Rover dairy farm. The


riders will be watching this guy, because Sam Griffiths of Australia


is the very first out on the course, and they want to see you jumping


through this well? This is a jump I am going to be really positive at.


We are a little further round than halfway so hopefully the horses


will be going well. I will try to get a positive jump up the bank.


What I am looking to do is jump up as far as they can, so when I get


on to the second part of the Bank, but horse does not have too much


work to do. I will be looking for another really positive jump up


here so I am not too for a away from the third element. For horse,


as he lands, he has to take off, and to do that, you need a very


strong horse. Then, you cannot go to sleep, because we have fence No.


19, which is on a related number of curved it strikes. You still need


to ride out over the last element. The biggest fence on the course is


fence No. 21. A couple of bedspreads after that and then the


final water. In a honour of Burghley's 50th anniversary, Mark


Phillips has built three new fences. the water and into the island. It


is quite difficult. Mackin to the water again to the last part which


is an offset -- which is offset. So quite a difficult combination.


in its own right is big. The last brick, the boaters on an ankle.


is very easy to run out at the Ind. -- the end. You need to be focused.


Then, Jubilee Leap and then fence 33, the last of 345 demanding


jumping efforts. That is what they have ahead of them. Let's see how


who has got a very good record here at Burghley. A horse that has got a


good record here and at Badminton. Fence four, the right hand over the


big drop. Much quicker than the red route but probably the riders will


choose that option. The optimal time, 11 minutes. It is longer than


normal. This is the direct route. He's got to sit up quickly and get


a good shot at that. Now, the older type fence. An elephant trap. It


should be a bit of a let-out for these horses because they are so


experienced at this stage. Now, Discovery Valley. Over a ditch,


bounce of the Bank, over the brush, coming back to an angled rail to


the ditch. Old fashioned coffin type. Sam going for a quick route.


They hit the rising ground for the Tate got so it will be interesting


to see how the horse copes. There should be one stride in there. That


ditch is on an angle so that can happen. Now, through the water the


first time with a narrow spread brush out, around the house and


back into what is a difficult test cascade. I thought this fall


struggle but he made it look easy. He got third to make years ago.


Then his first Championship in Kentucky. Unlucky in many respects


but learned from it and come back and very much challenging for


position. Relatively straightforward, the first part of


this one. This is the big problem. The horse is going to have to stand


off the water, but he didn't understand it, and chipped in an


extra stride. No, the man that won in 2009. He has two rides. He


a sequence of fences. The horses have been on a good gallop and they


are doing this big circle suddenly. That I recruit, the let - Madeline,


an incredibly tight corner and an amazing angle. Some of the horses


will do that on a curving five rather than a direct four. The long


route is very, very long. I don't think this horse will be going the


long route. He is on a score of 45.5. He is good on the clock. He


is just under what we anticipate the time should be at that stage of


the course. Now this undulating ground and that it beat corner. --


and that beat corner. The riders are concerned the circle might


distract the horses. A lot of jumping to do there. Good to see


the fence is road so well. That will give confidence to the rest of


the riders. He seems to be setting a good gallop. The whole course is


open and you can gallop. Big spreads, maximum dimensions. Two


strides, there, quite a sharp corner up, but the riders like this


new change. Now, Oliver Townend. They don't need to jump too far up


the bank. Now the rails to that angled ditch. That is safely away.


He seems to be gaining in confidence, the French bred. The


red route, it is a long way up the Derry round. The sequence of


bouncers, then a wake up to the top end of this course. Over 600 metres


of his early to rain. The long route is very, very long. Sam


Griffiths coming to the dairy mound with happy times. So important they


get a good stride because the horse has to keep the energy over the


double bound and then the angled fence. The two brochures. He gets


one stride. It is either a long one Attacking two Kim Hye-Ja corner,


giving the horse a lot of confidence. This is an enormous


fence! I have never seen a bigger fence on a course. They make it


look easy. Oliver Townend was third here. Unlucky happenings in


Kentucky last year. Can they cemented at Burghley? �50,000 first


prize... One of the tops has gone. It was a wooden one. Still seems


full of run as he gets to the end. It is a new fence. The horse pops


in quietly, slightly drags himself Oliver coming up to the Dairy


cattle are to mount. A nice balance. Pushers for the long one. Doesn't


quite get there. The horse catches his leg. And that is a retirement.


He has not had a good season so far. Now, a man in good form. How close


is he to that optimum time? 11 minutes 40 seconds. He is going to


be well in. He is 15 seconds still to get there. Such an impressive


fright. An impressively good horse, and sounded a good job. Being a


trailblazer on a new track like this is never easy, but sometimes


you don't have other people's problems to worry about. Well done.


Just missing out on that time. He is the one to catch. Now, the Kiwi.


50 years old this year but riding How did it right? As we expected it.


There are some massive fences, but we have got for scope, my horse,


and I ecstatic with the. The time is going to be tight, isn't it?


think so. I lost it in the middle of pace. He angled that brush. He


horse. He has won this twice. Now, around the corner. What will he do?


I was so impressed with the Leaf Pit. He took the look in. He holds


them together. A very sensible move. He made it look pretty


straightforward. Now the dressage leader. The man that has won the


title on five occasions. It is now Zealand-bred horse. What can he do


times in the corners. I would imagine he will probably put a


turning, bending line in. No one more experienced than and drew on a


cross country course. I am wrong. He takes a direct line. He makes it


look great. A man on fire. He won at heart Prix. He has been in


flying form. This man, William Fox- Pitt at Leaf Pit. He sits so tight.


He gets the balance to jump out over the narrow. You just never


know how young horses will job of this Leaf Pit. An uncomfortable


jump will distract them, so some will go for the alternative. An


effort at the top. But he'd like Oliver Townend got a good one for


lengthens his stride. He is very quickly around the corner. The time


is tight. They have got to achieve 570 metres per minute throughout


the course. With all of these undulations, big jumping tests,


that is going to be difficult to get. It will be interesting to see


whether the Leaf Pit has affected this horse. Now would be the time


to find out. Absolutely no problem. Super. So, a way he goes. We now


see Nicholson beginning to up the pace. It is an enormous fence.


William Fox-Pitt, now at the Maltings. He has achieved so much


international three-day events. The one he wants is the Olympic Games.


Michael Young, by winning that European title last week, that is


the one that William has got to beat if he is going to win the


Olympic gold. Could this be the He is a very good young horse.


Looking at this, this could be knocking at the door as well for


next year. Yes, and the crucial bit about that is getting close to the


favourites in the dressage. But let's watch the cross country now,


because that is where the action is. There's the great spires of the


Burghley house. Talking about the dressage, William was one of the


many senior riders who managed to have an error of course, so to get


39 with this horse is showing a lot of potential. And how easy was that


for him? Class riding from the world's number one. And we are back


to Nicholson. Now he comes to this new water. That was very impressive.


Positive riding. The big jump in the middle of the island there, we


have seen a couple of animals scramble over it but Avebury did


not touch a twig through that. Kiwi is in tremendous form. William


Fox-Pitt is over and he makes it look very comfortable, very easy.


But here now is Andrew Nicholson, flying for home. This man just one


a week ago have the most crushing fall of his life. He has got bumps


and bruises all over him but he comes in and it is the first inside


of triumph. He goes top of the leaderboard at 42.8. And now


William at the final water. Yes, he jumps well. The big fence on the


island. Very impressive. William has to be thrilled with his horse


because it has just grown in stature. Look at the concentration


on the horse's face. Now into the arena, these three hurdles. A lot


of the experts feel that there's a lot of galloping on this course and


the forces might get tired. But this horse has just nipped through


without losing any time. CLARE BALDING: You ride pretty well


with one hand, I would say! Show us what you have done. I was riding


with two! It was pretty black and bruised there. This was very


swollen. But it is pretty good now. How did he feel? Very good. I just


upped the pace because I wanted to do the first half a little behind


the clock, because every time I have had a run-out with him is when


he is doing things very easily. So I thought if I started a bit slow


and get faster and faster... But that was at nine minutes so maybe I


left it too late. COMMENTATOR: here is William Fox-


Pitt, coming home. That was not the best of shops for Williams. But


this is a round that might give us even more strength and depth or


stop -- not have the best of shots. CLARE BALDING: Let's have a look at


the leaderboard at this early stage. Let's hear from the leader. There's


some interesting moments out there? Compared to last week, it was a


piece of cake! Nothing to my moment at the Europeans but I am thrilled


with him. He started off green and jumped off belief pit and jumped


the skinny. What a horse! Very exciting for the future and for


this competition? Dressage was magic. Much better than I thought.


I thought I would have my work cut out when you are riding a


thoroughbred like that, you let him go. Even better running. If it is


all very well smiling, waving to the crowd and looking like you are


enjoying yourself, but the thing that keeps Mary King going is an


unbelievable decide to stay at the top of the sport. -- unbelievable


Obviously, it is riding, getting in that British team. That is


something that as a younger person I was dying to get good enough to


be selected to ride at a championship event. And that happen


to be first in 1991 when I went to the European Championships. At


actually won my first ever team gold medal but I did it in bad


style! Because I ended up falling in the water. That was at the end


of the cross country course. That was a very special stepping-stone


in my career. Times have moved on hugely within the sport since I


first began. It is a very different sport from those early days. It


used to be that long format, the three-day event. It is now a short


format so it is a different endurance test on back middled. The


dressage has got to a way higher standard than it used to be. We are


jumping higher courses now. The whole sport has become more and


more professional. And all the other riders have as well.


Everybody is improving all the time. So what was making sure I was


keeping up with the Times, not just carrying on in the same when I had


when I started, which may be was good enough at the beginning to win


events, but as time went on, I had to up my game to keep up with


everybody else. So, yes, even now, even at my ripe old age, I am still


having to train regularly. I go to my dressage trainers and show


jumping trainers. People say to me, do you still need to have lessons?


I say, gosh, I constantly need to have lessons to improve as a rider


and to encourage your horse to give big 50 this year but here she is on


Apache Sauce. A little bit of an angle there. Very, very slowly into


that fence. A little more forward now to the half. A couple of Wales


to the ditch. Just on the angle, just twisted over the brush fence.


Here is the great Mark Todd, one of the great riders who has won the


Burghley title on two occasions. We want to see if one can make it to


six in 2011. He had a disappointing dressage score of 56.5. She rattles


over that table-top, Mary King. Interesting to see whether Mary


takes the straight. Apache Sauce certainly has the experience of


that. Almost straight but just holds for the five and does not


rush the wolf. Gives him time to understand the question. -- does


not rush the horse. Here's Mark Todd. His first win back here in


1987. A beautiful exhibition of how we should be done. Away quickly.


The double Olympic champion, the Kiwi, Mark Todd. And now back to


Mary King and Apache Sauce. Just bounces up. Waste no energy. Still


galloping up that hill. Mark Todd is a tall man. He won Badminton and


then took out of action. A lot of power in the locker room at the


moment with the Olympics coming up, but this possibly one. Look at the


crowd. Burghley is as popular as ever, as he now comes to one of the


great offences that has been here ever since it started in 61. Now he


comes to the two brushes. Whoa! He's certainly attacks it but the


horse says, come on, let me go. Maybe not the right side of the


fence. Apache Sauce makes nothing of that. He does jump to the right


of that. You would not say this was Mark's typical horse, would you? It


is much bigger and rain here than he normally rides. But so far it is


coming up with all the answers. I would be fascinated to know what


the judges decide and whether you would be penalised for that last


jump. It is interesting that the control have let him go on because


they're obviously not convinced he went the wrong side, so they have


allowed him to continue. Now I have a halfway on the course, Mark Todd.


The final water now for Apache Sauce. It is interesting, that


fence on the island, because they jump up hill and then Lansdown Hill,


so the horses have do jump down hill a bit. -- may then it land


downhill. The determination of Mary King is an example to any young


event rider, and her skill level has gone up and up. Apache Sauce


has never been the easiest of dressage horses, but now completing


some good tests. Here's a man on the upgrade. Tom Mcewen it. He was


part of the Under 21 riders. He did not win the middle but he finished


4th individually on this course, Dry Old Party. -- on this horse,


Dry Old Party. Mary King has lost the Silk off higher at! She is


blind to that finish, though. -- she lost the Silcott off her hat.


Mark Todd has got such a great position and when he says go, the


horses normally do. A great lesson for youngsters to learn, the way


Mark picked there was a more up and rode it forward to the next job. --


picked the horse up. This 20-year- old, he has got a lot of help from


Rodney Powell. This is an ex- racehorse. A horse he picked up as


a result of his visit at another race. He is not letting this race


get to him. Also good there was that he reacted instinctively to


keep a horse straight. Still no decision on whether Mark went the


wrong side but he is at the last and he is going to have a great


time. He will just have to wait five seconds. He will only get two


time faults. But will he get more? I don't think he will. Now we have


buoyed Martin and Neville Bardos. - - Boyd Martin. This is an


Australian-turned-American. CLARE BALDING: Just talk me through


what happened at the hatchery? saw a good jump but he half jumped


over the second bit and I saw the red flag go down my right side, so


I thought, at least we have gone through the flag, so we kicked on.


I listen to hear, to see if I could hear anything over the commentary.


But it seemed OK. This was the last horse out. Clear over the role next


turn. Tom Mcewen is coming now to the Cottesmore Lead. Not the best.


A bit of an awkward jump but Tom Mcewen gives him a bit of a wake-up


call. This is Elizabeth Power. father is a great show jumper. Both


her mum and brother are Badminton riders. What a round Tom Mcewen has


given this horse. This is their man we are going to hear a lot more


about. His mum also did a lot of show jumping. The man has got some


went to provenance in Badminton on this very halls. -- on this very


horse. She has learned from the European Championships. She had a


fall at Badminton, quite a nasty one, but was left out of the Irish


team, but she has come here determined to show how good she is.


She is doing a good job. Sometimes in the past they have looked fast


and slightly Willie in cross- country, but she has really held it


together. She is keeping the horse balanced. Chipping in with two


strides. But riding very well. coming for home, it is the dry old


party of Tom McEwan, 20-year-old. The owner of whistles will be


delighted because they rarely have... What has he done? He has


thrown the stick away in sheer joy, actually. Who can blame him? The


Irish, one of the teams are yet to qualify for the Olympic Games. They


need to get enough riders with sufficient qualifications to get a


grip together and call at 18. You'd think this lady would be one of


those. I'd be pretty sure she could be one of those. The Irish are


riders to qualify to put together a team, but only time will tell.


Martin, coming down to the water. There was discussion about this


anchorman for the Americans. He can do it again.


Well done. You must have learned with every stride because it is


your first time here. A need to get stronger in the gym because I am


knackered. He is so fast. He is ever for racehorse. He just ate it


up. We are behind, but we will catch it up with him. He goes and


goes and goes. You are 5th. What about show jumping? I will let you


know tomorrow. Here is another star that has come


back having retired. It is Blyth Tait. In 2004, he was the double


world champion. The Kiwis did not want to miss out on the action.


is great to see him back. He is determined to try to get to London


next year. There are so many good Kiwi riders coming up and


threatening, so he will have to put up a good performance here, if he


wants to secure that plays. He he is riding as well as ever. Always


stylish, always keeping his horse this is the point of change for his


luck. He is inside the time. He now goes into 6th place. Those scores


are getting close. Coming to the water at the end and looking quite


strong. Elizabeth, keeping it together. Getting a little revved


up in the water. 7th place after dressage. A good spread with those


leaders. She is showing a lot of maturity in her riding.


certainly is. This is another X- rays horse. He won a number of


times. She is flying into the arena. She could be close to the time as


well. This X-ray her -- X-rays was, he is doing well. He is a very good


example of an old racehorse. Back to the evergreen Blyth Tait. And


his New Zealand-bred horse. He bought it from one of his students,


actually. Here it is Elizabeth is six seconds over but 45.7 puts


her in third place. She is in touch. Blyth Tait trying to do what Mark


Todd did, to come back for the Olympics. What can he do? I am not


quite sure what he was doing there. He was trying to add his stride.


The horse wasn't focused. Didn't know what he was being asked to do.


Sadly, a retirement for blighted. He does not feature on this


leaderboard. Elizabeth Power comes into third. The same story for Mary


King. A great round for Tom McEwan. They were clear inside the time. So


many of this crowd come to see their favourite riders and among


Yes, I became involved in the breeding side of event horses


through a horrid accident. I had a mare that I was eventing for an


owner, a beautiful young mare, who, sadly, in the field struck into her


tendon and her career came to an end. I didn't know anything about


breeding but she was a very good mare. I used successful stallions,


fashionable stallions. And I had been very fortunate that the


breeding has gone well, which is why have been able to build this


house, it has given me the money to do that. The first three foals were


fillies. I thought, oh dear, I've read all these girls, I've got to


get used to riding mares. But all of them have progressed up to four-


star level, which is amazing to think that. I have still got King's


temptress in my yard, and she is one of my top horses. Freddie, my


son, who does not like horses. -- and my daughter who does like


courses, he was asking, when we you give up? That was when they


announced that Rio de Janeiro was going to have a bit in the Olympics.


So he wanted me to go to Rio. Because of the football in Brazil.


I will see. Emily was saying, it would be great for you to continue


because she wants to be the first mother and daughter team. There is


no other rider at that has done six Olympic Games, either. The other


reason is I have managed to win a silver and bronze medal, but there


is one missing, and it would be amazing to be able to complete that


set. When I do eventually retire, I suppose I'd like to be remembered


for enjoying the sport. It is so easy to get so wrapped up in what


you're doing that the whole thing gets stressful, and you're trying


to win, and tried to prove yourself, and, at the end of the day, I am


very lucky to be doing this sort of It has been an interesting


afternoon of cross country action, and there is only one rider that


can knock William Fox-Pitt off the top spot and that is so minded to


none. She is about to get the first taste of this course. -- Simone de


well in the dressage. Her horse is very difficult to hold together.


But she is a very talented. Moving from one German to another. She has


a very consistent horse. He is showing all his experience in the


water. He looks slow, but he nearly always goes inside the time. He


never wastes any time on the cross country. Simone died and an --


Simone de Letterman jumps that quite well. You can see she had is


being cautious in her approach. She Her horse looking a little low in


front, but that is the way he goes. He is still full of running. He


jumps all of these very unstuck in the World Equestrian


Games last year. Sadly, she had a stop and a fall in the last fence


on the cross-country fence, and she is trying to put that behind her.


He is the most talented horse with a lot of scope. But sometimes the


speed and length of his stride is what gives them into trouble. She


looks as if she is going a little bit slow, trying to keep it


together, but she will not win with that the -- win with that. They


were 9th here last year, and now, another cracking performance. They


go up 8th. Oh, and it is Simone. She has to hang on, otherwise she


will be eliminated. A huge drop down across the road. That is where


she has ended. Oh, my golly gosh! Can she hang on? She is slipping...


Out they go. What a disappointment for the overnight leader.


The cross-country course had lots of spills. Christopher --


Christopher Burton parting company with his horse. Matthew Wright,


well, he kicks out the eggs from the nest. Sometimes you don't know


the decoration is there. He has laid an egg. Lawrence Hunt, his


fall did not fancy that amount. A horrible fall for this horse. The


American was all right, so, too, was the horse. Pippa Funnell has


won here in the past, but she had a very hard working round on pure


addiction. She had used all her powers of persuasion to make the


11-year-old jump the final section of the course. It didn't look


pretty. Other Townend, a fall on his first horse, then his second


was Mike would not go away from the stables, and they had to retire


just before the Leaf Pit. Zara Phillips, she is next away.


And there is the Princess Royal, who won here in 1971. We join one


of the young talents of America now. Third in the Rolex Kentucky event,


part of the HSBC Classics this spring. One of the Americans knew


rising stars. She has certainly gone well. She was 12th after


dressage, 46.0. One of the O'Connor competition abroad. This is Zara


Phillips coming to the Leaf Pit. She looks very impressive off that


drop and stayed on the line incredibly well. The very promising.


A French-bred horse. They have got a very good rapport. She get such a


good line. It has caused some problems for other riders but not


for Sinead. Discovery Valley and Zara Phillips. Trotting worked


second ride. This is Nereo. Remember, he is already in the top


five. Beautifully through the Leaf Pit. Is likely alternative route


but it has lost him very little time. -- a slightly alternative


route. Beautifully over the cascade fences of Zara Phillips. Sinead


comes to the final water crossing on the lake. A very talented young


rider. The Americans will be very excited by having her as a


potential team member in London next year. There is such thing as a


London tight and this could be one of them, as we rejoin High Kingdom.


And could this be another one? The horse that took Zara Phillips from


Pony Club in a very short period of time to being world champion. This


horse, now, she really pins her hopes on. Could it be London? As we


said at the outset, this is a real test for the combination. They


looked promising before but this now, the true acid test of both


horse and rider. They were very impressive staying on bat straight


line to the corner. High Kingdom and Zara Phillips might be exciting


in the making, but this is a combination that is definitely made.


Andrew Nicholson and Nereo. Could he make it yet another major this


autumn here at Burghley? There you see exactly why years one of the


very best ever at going cross- country. Coming to the final fence


for Sinead for a miracle. And she is kicking on. Just doesn't quite


get there inside the time but she will be thrilled. Her first


overseas venture, and what a performance. Hiking boom, up at the


Cottesmore Leap. -- Hyde Kingdom. Will he fly this? Makes a pretty


tidy effort. And we are back now with near road. The wonderful horse


of Barbara sellers. He was at the British championship. This final


water complex or -- for Zara Phillips and High Kingdom. He looks


full of running. They will need quick thinking on their feet for


London. Could this be one of them? A horse who can run up and down,


shot. We now see the man who is up to the world number one. William


has got a lot of young, athletic horses but it will be the case of


which can be the best of all three phases for the championship. A


little bit hesitant there. Yes, but we think he held it together


because he knew he would not get it. Her High Kingdom at the last, and


this is a very exciting moment. He will be thrilled with this horse,


High Kingdom. Zara Phillips has given us a wonderful boost for


London next year. And Nereo and Andrew Nicholson, over at the


Cottesmore. A spectacular jump there. Zara Phillips' fans are here,


and her mother will be delighted. Her Royal Highness was European


champion, and so was Zara Phillips. Their careers have gone very much


in parallel. He just popped that. He looks as though he is on a


canter at home. He already makes it look like child's play. Look at


that last new water for an era of. And another one to give it a pretty


hard wrapping. Several horses have begun to look tired in this part of


the afternoon. Whether it is the heat, I am not sure. And William


Fox-Pitt with Neuf day Coeurs. Still looks full of running here.


It is the climb from here to the top of the hill that can take the


stuffing out of the horses but William's courses will be as fit as


anyone's. -- William's horses. look at bad-boy stop he is a horse


that the owners had retired from international competitions. -- look


Flinstar. He is good on the clock. Probably the most popular winner


ever. Yes. He could be a 9 or 10- year-old, the way he went round


that corner. Could they bring him back with London in mind next year?


I think it is on the cards. Here's Andrew Nicholson and Nereo. He is


not going to get too much inside the time, but he has showed great


judgment. He goes third and has two in the top five. Watch out for


Andrew Nicholson and get your money on. A great ride early on for Mary


King on Apache Sauce, who is now on King's Temptress. They show all


their experience and ride a perfect line. William Fox-Pitt comes over


the line to the fence. Now quite a sequence of fences much closer


together as a result of that offence. Thom horse certainly looks


to have picked up one or two hesitant moments earlier on. --


Matt horse. Spectacular. No problems there as she takes a look


at her watch. Gets in close and pops in the two. King's the --


King's Temptress get out very quickly. William Fox-Pitt, trying


to get there, but he will be slightly over the time but thrilled


to be one of the two riders to have two or horses in the top 10 of this


competition. Yes. Can this lady get close, though? Nobody can get ahead


but it is a question of getting four penalties down. Still a lot to


play for. Mary King looks good on the clock. King's Temptress, V


Lexington winner, in fine style. It has only ever been done once, and


that was by Pippa funnel. exciting thing here for Mary is


that this is a home-bred horse. Owned by the king's mistress.


Spectacular, Grade, straight line there. Here is Lenamore. He might


be 18 years old, but doesn't he loved it! We have seen one or two


weary horses, but this one doesn't look weary. He is still flying.


jumped up to that island and was way above it. We have seen so many


horses of just scrape their underbelly on that. But not


Lenamore. And now powering into the arena. We have Caroline. What an


asset for the Kiwis. And they are flying. They are going to trouble


the leaders. Somebody else is flying. Mary King at Cottesmore.


Sees a good one. Back in front of this wonderful house, and it is


Lenamore. It is going to be inside the time. Can you believe it, at 18


years old! What a ride, what a horse! William Fox-Pitt, and it is


game on for the show jumping. Mary's got this final water


complex to negotiate. King's status looks as though it is still taking


a good hold down there. -- Kings Temptress. Pops over the island and


just does not waste any energy over the fences. Keeps up a relentless


gallop. CLARE BALDING: You are getting many


congratulations from your fellow New Zealanders. How does it feel?


He just feels so fantastic. He is not ready to retire. He is only


five. Did she feel any pressure coming back to defend your title?


did. But I thought, I can just relax and enjoy it. And everybody


has been fantastic. The Kiwis. They said, just go out and enjoy it.


is another great event for Mary King. Could she get closer to that


Grand Slam with King's Temptress? Three seconds over so she goes


forth. She, too, is within a friends of the lead. What a cross-


country competition. CLARE BALDING: I spoke to Mary King


after that round on King's attempts to us. -- Kings Temptress. She felt


lovely. I went on a holding stride. I just chickened out on going on


the real long forward and I ended up getting ever so deep. But the


rest of it, I thoroughly enjoyed. And so did she. That round put Mary


into 4th place. Have a look at this top 10, and you will see William,


Mary and Nicholson all have horses in the top 10. It is a mixed at top


20, with Americans, Germans and New Zealand thes, as well as a lot of


Next year, Greenwich Park will produce a very different sort of


event. They held their test event earlier this year and this is what


the top competitors made of it. is going to suit quick horses that


can handle themselves well and Bartok quick to turn and are quick


to adjust. -- and are quick to turn. You need to be able to twist


quickly. It is about snatching odd seconds off that turns. It is about


thinking, where can I make up speed? It will be a serious part of


the competition. It is not just about galloping. It is about having


a horse that is quick off his feet. It felt like we were tearing round,


so what it will feel like when we have to go at full speed, 570


metres a minute, it is quite a thought. The arena is magnificent.


As inventors, we were delighted with that surface and the animals


operated well on that surface. Show jumping tomorrow, and we are very


hopeful this service can work for all the disciplines. This does


bring it to reality and it gives you more of an urge to go out there


and du all you can to try and make sure you get there. Hong Kong


clearly was not anywhere near Beijing. Here, you are right in the


thick of it, though. A lot of people questioned whether it should


be here in Greenwich, but now that the whole competition is rocking


and rolling, it is going to be very exciting, even though people


The other thing riders have to deal with his extreme weather conditions,


which can change from three days of brilliant sunshine, to rain. It is


a filthy day. It will make the show jumping even more exciting and this


is what they will be aiming to do. This statue, in awe of the Marquess


of Exeter. He was part of the Chariots of Fire team as well. The


honoured guest presenting the prizes and trophy to the winner is


the winner of this title in 1971. She was Princess Anne. She watched


all the competitors parade before the start of the show jumping,


including her own daughter, Zara Phillips, who has had an


outstanding time so far. All of the horses have to go through the vet's


inspection -- inspection. One horse was found lame, Elizabeth Powell's


horse. They will take him home, and see if they can get him sound. The


other contenders trotted up sound. It is an incredibly tight


competition with just three fences separating the top 15. It is four


penalty points for a knock-down, one penalty point for a second over


the optimum time, and three riders in the top 10 have two horses to


ride. They went out of order. Let's started. It is not a great round


for Mary King. Time is all right. But that 16 expensive mistake...


Here is the first. The horse just lost his back end. That is the


problem these riders have got to face. It has made it all the more


complicated. William Fox-Pitt. He is on his first horse. Both of his


horses in the top paid, but he has had three fences down. It is 12 to


well. In all, he has 12 to add. He finishes on 61.1, which will drop


him down a number of places. Four at the very least. Zara Phillips


coming to the end of her round. An early fence down. An otherwise


great performance. She will do Britain proud in the future. She


goes on to 55.7. She was 12. She will drop down three places at the


moment, but still a performance to reckon with in the future. Now


Andrew Nicholson. Andrew, once again, class or right through the


competition. To make in the top five. It is a horse that has been


right up with the leaders in the cross-country and was disappointing


in this phased in Badminton in the spring, but then jumped a very good


round to clinch the bronze team medal for the Kiwis. That was at


the World Equestrian Games. A clear round now would put the pressure on


the four above him. Game on for Andrew Nicholson. He is a man on


fire in the last month. He has won this twice. Can he win it a third


time? He's certainly capable of it. He did get a couple of time faults


yesterday, but he jumped a very good round. What is interesting


watching Andrew is he is keeping the horses interest. He is not


always keeping him relaxed but interested. One minute he is


softening his hands, then holding the 999 calls through there. He is


saying, you don't know what I'm going to do, so keep concentrating


and thinking. That was pretty lucky. He is creating his own luck. He is


doing a jolly good job on this horse. Keeping its interest and


enthusiasm. Sometimes show jumping isn't enough to pack them off.


Especially as we said with cross country the day before... A


brilliant round. He is on form. 45.1. The gaunt and is down. -- the


We are live with the rain easing of. One fence down. You must be pleased.


I am. I was just a bit casual to the second fence, but after that,


he jumped fantastic and it will only get better. He will learn from


it, and the whole weekend has gone really well. You know, I said at


the beginning top 20 would be great, so hopefully not going to go down


any further than that. You will be at the 13th or better. Having


retired to other horse earlier this year, do you think there is a


chance now you can make it to learn them? You never know. He has gone


really well. You know, he can only improve from this run. He will only


get better, he is only 10 years old. I hope he will be at the top.


tough is it in there with it being so wet? The rain has made it tricky


then it was this morning. It is getting deeper. And the time,


you've got to keep going with the time. I think you will see a lot


fewer clears. Who will win? I don't know. It is between William and the


two Kiwis. There is no room for error. Thank you. Well done to you.


We will see Tom McEwan now. He is about to go into the arena. This is


what an exciting talent he is. He is on an old racehorse. Picked up


when he was working for Pippa Funnell. He has gone really well.


Thomas part of a gold medal team. Let's go around the course and see


the problems said. It is a good track and he has done a good job.


You have to turn back and yourself in fence three, which is good for


the horses that have been cross country because they can get a


little bit flat. There is one away for Tom, sadly. The twists and


turns a should keep the horse's hind legs underneath them. You have


interesting, he took a stride out there compared to some of the


riders and paid the penalty. He is straight into the crowds, so the


horses can be distracted. A running stride. Very careful over the fence.


Again, a quick turn back. He can save some time here at this wall.


The time is quite tight. The last two fences, and upright to a big


open oxer that is again been on the ground a few times. It is 12 to add.


And 61.3. That could put him down from 9th to 19th. It is so close.


Every penalty is going to be really expensive here. Tom McEwan, never


been in the sort of atmosphere with this sort of level of competition.


Great experience for this 20-year- ago, for that Badminton this time.


He went very well across the country. 52 clear rounds. Mark


Phillips can be very happy with the effect of the cross-country, but as


usual, the show jumping is playing its part. I was just thinking that


this horse is such a good jumper and is usually clear. I would have


expected him to go clear, but any horse can have a pole dance. The


competition is getting more and more exciting. In general terms,


this horse is pretty careful, and I would be surprised if he has


another one down. Well... Commentators Kurz, I'm afraid.


is a man that will try to catch the Australian selector's I again. --


the selectors I again. He has not done a lot wrong. He will be very


keen to get to London. He is based on the Dorset-Somerset border. He


has a lovely young family. He has taken the pressure off the top four.


He jumped a clear round at Badminton and Chatsworth to win the


-- Ceredigion places. Zara Phillips was 17th and she is now into the


top 10. So, 12th it is for Sam Griffiths. He goes on to 59.1. He


dropping pretty regularly. In comes Mary King. Mary King with the home-


bred horse. She has already jumped another horse, and she was lying


6th. She is on a 62.8. She has dropped also ride down. Tom McEwan


just in front of her. What can she do on this horse? She won the


relics can tacky event on this horse. If she wins this, she gives


herself a chance for the Grand Slam at Badminton next year. There is


more than just this competition hanging on this round. Of the term,


we saw that her horse slipped behind. -- on the term. It is


interesting because it was such a good cross-country course yesterday.


Some of the known good show jumpers have had a few poles down, so it is


anybody's game. This is a home-bred mare... 0, that state! Well. She is


riding her luck. It has never been easy... That was three rattles in a


row. You cannot get away with that. The tension is going to get more


and more now. Two Kiwis and a British rider to come. This fall is


jumping very well. The rain we have had has affected the ground


conditions. Some of these horses just showing the difference. This


morning, the horses were jumping quite a few clear rounds. Not so


this afternoon. All is not lost. Probably that Grand Slam is gone.


She is all right on time. It is 47.4 for Mary King. Nicholson moves


above her. Could he have two in the just gone into the arena for New


What is your feeling? A lot of attention. The horse is normally a


good jumper. We have got our fingers crossed. Lenamore is such


an agile horse? He should be OK? Yes, on the day, you can only hope


last time. A clear chance of back- will work is the fact he has been


trained in Scotland. You would think he would be used to that,


training in Scotland. But the condition of the ground. Caroline


has to stay relaxed because he is, in general terms, an excellent


jumper. He is coming up to third and already lies with William Fox-


Pitt. It is getting expensive. 50,000 to the winner. King's


Temptress now goes above Lenamore. The last four Caroline and Lenamore.


Drums that and the time is OK. -- jumps that. Penalties will be added


for those mistakes. It is a bid for horse and Draper were such a


popular winner last year. -- it is You nearly put the pressure on?


was chuffed to bits with King's temperatures. -- Kings Temptress. I


am very grateful to everybody who helped with the mare team and has


and better. Did a lovely, clear ground yesterday. He eases the


pressure for William Fox-Pitt. And another. But Nero's still in the


lead. Still a Nicholson lead to be beaten at the moment. It now means


William has got one offence but not two. -- one fence. I am thinking


that yesterday's cross country was big in galloping. The riders loved


the idea of it but it is taking its toll today. Some really are good


jumpers are having a tough time today. Only William Fox-Pitt can


take it away from the Kiwis now. Andrew has dropped down to 8th


place. Mary King is currently lying but two -- behind Nicholson and


nearer. Turning for home. All is not lost for Nicholson. It won't be


Avebury. He is OK on that time. There is one to jump. And the man


who has won it five times in all. Could he be the first man to ever


win it six times? Can William Fox- Pitt do it on this lovely horse. He


jumped a class round yesterday. He jumped a decent round to win the


young horse class at Blenheim last year, which is when he really came


to prominence. He is known as Mr cool, but he needs to just be out


on this situation this afternoon. We need the horse also to get up in


the air. Such a great performance he has to do. He jumps the first


two offences well. -- two fences. He won Blenheim last year and


jumped a very good, convincing clear round there, but this is just


a step further. Dare I say, he can afford one, but not two. He is


still at 39.7. He did not get a great stride there. I love the


horse's reaction. He said, I will go higher and wider, just sit still.


What a luxury to have a fence in hand. In these conditions, it could


easily be necessary. He first won it in 1994. Then, 2002 and 2005.


This will be the one the Kiwis will wish they had not let go. Yes. This


will be the one that might, might win this man and Olympic gold


medal! He has got it! He has got a time fault but no worry about that.


He wins the Land Rover Burghley horse trials and it puts him back


on the path for next year's Olympic Games. That was a class round. It


really was. It was fantastic. Not only brilliant riding, but what a


horse. Look at the height to get over these fences. William,


extremely happy. And I would think Parklane Hawk, just as happy.


Absolutely. Now, it is Parklane Hawk, the 2011 winner. After the


disappointment of last week, I was suggest that High Kingdom is


Nicholson did not quite get there with an era. Another fighting


performance from Mary King. Last year's winner, Caroline Powell, in


4th. And then Jonathan Paget for New Zealand, one to remember. Boyd


Martin, making the American challenge next year, stronger and


better. Andrew Nicholson in 8th with a Avebury. And Lawrence


Shannon in net 9th. And then Zara Phillips, with High Kingdom, in


10th place. What a very good Land Rover Burghley for Great Britain.


CLARE BALDING: He has made history, winning Burghley for the 6th time.


For that, you go past Mark Todd. It was great. He is a phenomenal


horse. There work poll's crashing down all around you. Hideous


conditions? I was feeling quite sick. He is normally a lovely


jumper. But Avebury is also normally a fantastic jumper and had


fences down. So did Caroline. I went in thinking, believe in him,


but realistically, what was my chance? It was tiny. I feel so


proud now. It feels amazing to have won Burghley six times after


winning Badminton six times. It is very satisfying. The ones behind me


were legends, but had just managed to pip them. We might be cracking


on in hours and the frames! You never know! You have got so many


good animals in your yard at home. Could this one be your Olympic one?


He has certainly increased himself in my estimation. It is a big step


up for him so let's see how he comes out in the spring. Certainly


one of my big hopes for next year. Where were due well this in your


achievements? One of the best. I have had five grade Burghleys. I


can pretend I am relaxed and at OK, but deep down, it means so much.


Many, many congratulations. He withstood the challenge from all of


the New Zealanders, but in particular, this man, Andrew


Nicholson, they are huge rivals around the world. You did your


best? Yes. Nereo did a great job but William's horse jumped


immaculately UN won. In terms of looking back over the competition,


what would your thoughts be as a hall on this dramatic event? It is


one of the best. It is great that people come and watch. Look at the


rain we have had today. Still a great crowd, and they watch and


supported and enjoy it. And I enjoy entertaining than. I know you never


enjoy finishing second but you have to be proud to have two horses


going as well as they did? They have worked pretty hard all year.


Her plea now they will have an easy spring and be my two Mains for the


Olympics. -- her obsolete. Looking ahead, the New Zealand team looks


very strong? Yes. It is very exciting. It is great to be part of


a team on the up. Jonathan Paget looked very, very good. Clock


Johnson. -- Clarke Johnson. Well done to Andrew Nicholson. He


finishes as the run up, but William Fox-Pitt, victory was his. Mary


King over there, she finishes third. We hope you enjoy the features on


hat and all the coverage from this year's Burghley. It has been sunny,


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