2012 Equestrian: Burghley Horse Trials


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Seven London Olympic medallists are here among the competitors from 10


nations hoping to be crowned the 2012 early champion. -- Burghley


The hello and welcome to the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials, the


most prestigious four-star event anywhere in the world. Over 140,000


people are expected here over the weekend. If, like me, you are a


newcomer to this three-day event, here is my 60-second guide. We are


in the beautiful Lincolnshire town of Stamford, 10 miles north-west of


Peterborough. The three-day event takes place in the grounds of this


magnificent 16th century country house. 51 years ago, the sixth


Marquess of Exeter gave his permission for the event to be held


on his estate. But there is more. There is shopping to die for. There


is Pony Club and Young Event Horse competitions. There is food to suit


each and every culinary taste. But the competition is the main draw,


and it consists of three phases, starting with the dressage, which


takes place here in the main arena. The cross country phase consists of


33 fences spread across this undulating parkland. Finally, the


climax of the event is the show jumping, which once again is


performed back here in the arena. Each rider can enter more than one


horse and this year, there is an international cast of 85. These are


the main contenders. Who better to start with than Mr Burghley


himself? William Fox-Pitt is out to break his own record of six wins


and regain his status as the number one rider in the world. New


Zealand's event rider of the century is also here and could


equal Fox-Pitt's six burly successes. 51-year-old eventing


Queen Mary King, fresh from the Olympics, will be hoping to better


last year's third place. Don't trader is aiming to give his


country its first Burghley victory. Caroline Powell gave New Zealand a


tenth success two years ago and was a member of the team that took


bronze in London. Oliver Townend completed a rare double in 2009. He


will have a point to prove after missing out on the Olympics.


Another Kiwi contender is the world number-one, also a two-time winner


here. And former world champion and Olympic medallist Clayton


Fredericks is one of four riders representing Australia. Great


Britain's dressage rider stole the show at Greenwich last month, with


gold medal performances in the team and individual events. It seems


about Burghley has caught dressage fever. A eyesore Laura first and I


cried, because Alf was so beautifully behaved. We know how


bad he can be with the crowd, but he was gorgeous. It was very


emotional. And honestly, our top girl, Charlotte - what can you say?


Personal best. The Olympics really adds sport to the -- adds value to


the sport and makes it more appealing. The are your heroes?


Charlotte Dujardin was amazing. thought it was so exciting. I must


admit. It went right down to the last riders, so it could not have


been more exciting. Nobody could have written the script, because it


was so close and it could have gone to several nations. That makes it


even better for us. This is William Fox-Pitt, with Park Lane Hall, one


of the two horses he is competing with. Let's joined Mark Tucker to


see how the dressage phase unfolded. Before we look at those dressage


and Germany is certainly one of them after the Olympics. This was


one of the strong German challengers. But the stars came


thick and fast. Andrew Nicholson, of course, previous winner here on


two occasions. Lovely, calm test. It was very accurate, and he also


finished on 41. You have to get a good start at Burnley. On William


Fox-Pitt and Park Lane awkward looking for wind number seven.


Lovely, smoothed test, very relaxed. They got 41 as well. Clayton


Fredericks had a lot of help from his wife in the dressage phase, or


to good effect. He ended up with a superb test. The Americans have


something to prove after a disappointing Olympics in London.


They have been helped in the dressage phase by Linda Zhang, to


good effect. Firstly, malice and Springer, 36 years old, on her


second time here. She produced a good lead. But then Sinead Halpin


and Manoir de Carneville set the dressage competition alight. Lovely


movement, with a very accurate test. They really caught the judges' I


with a score of 36.3 to put the Americans in first and second place


and head the dressage. I was not thinking about coming in and


winning. I was just really hoping to have a great ride that showed


all the work we have been doing at home, and to be proud of my horse


and myself. The lead was only three points up in penalties, but look


how close the third and equal And so to the centrepiece of the


competition, the cross country, where the control and discipline


displayed in dressage must be combined with endurance, power and


pace. Let's take a closer look at the course.


Again, captain Mark Phillips has taken on the challenge to design a


burly track worthy of his reputation as one of the toughest


in the world. The course is the same distance as last year, with 33


fences, 45 jumping efforts and the optimum time is just under 11


minutes 30. Let's look at some of the important fences on the course.


The Leaf Pit is a similar offence to last year, but they have changed


it by adding an extra jumper before the big drop down. So we jumped a


roll-top fence, and then it is a two stride distance to a two-metre


drop. But where we land, the horse and rider will land another two


metres on from that. With a rider and operate or house -- course, it


is a long way down. Then there is a narrow fence where you have to be


very accurate. There is a longer alternative which is more along a


straight line, which makes it easier. But if you take that way,


it will be at least eight seconds longer and you don't want to take


long way his early on if you want to win. This is Land Rover Valley.


Then we do a tight turn back to the Land Rover hedge. Then there is a


tight left to jump the third part on an ankle. It is an accuracy


question, and it comes very early on. Here at fence 19, the Land


Rover Dairy Farm, it is between the sixth and 7th minute, so the horses


are starting to settle in. It is a question of power and accuracy. The


most important thing is to get your horse back enough without killing


the engine. Both these steps are quite tour. It is important to get


there on a good distance. Once you get on top, the fences are at an


angle, so it is important that your horse has his eye on the fence. If


you don't have control, your horse could go left or right or even stop.


Here we are at the lake crossing at the end of the course. It is at the


10 minute market. So the horses are getting tired, and it is quite a


technical section. A few changes have been made since last year, the


first one being to 26. They have taken the roof away. The drop is


now conducive to a better jump. You then have to pick the horse up and


keep him in a balance. The island fence is different. It has got the


roof from last year. But because the head is soft, the horse should


pop through that. You then go back through the water, a bit more


tiring. Then you are heading up to the Jubilee ditch on the way to the


main arena. Give that was not enough to whet your appetite, how


about this, one of the rider frighteners situated at the top of


the cross country course, requiring a huge amount of courage for oars


and rider to clear. I am glad I 6550 metre course, of the Olympic


feature here really kicking in with the crowds set for a great day of


sport. Who better to get them under way than the start, Andrew


Nicholson, with calico Joe. Irish- bred horse. You can see the clock


counting down from those 11 minutes 30. Away he goes, the first on the


course. Then we go on to the Leaf Pit. Here is the direct route down


over that big drop. The red route is four or five seconds longer.


There is no one better to give everyone an ideal of what this


course it is about. Calico Jo finished fourth individually in the


game's. Andrew Nicholson would love to share his worth here. Now we are


at Discovery Valley. Here, there is again a short route, which covers


the wonderful ditch that has been part of the action now over the 52


years that we have been competing here. The red line shows the


alternative route. This time, that route is a lot longer and will take


at least 10 or 12 seconds more. Let's take a look now at Andrew


Nicholson coming to Discovery Valley. He is a very fast horse


across the country. Andrew was never one for wasting time.


Skidding on the corner. But he makes it through that quick turn.


You can see the horses having a quick look at the ditch. His left


leg slipped underneath him. We are now coming down defence nine, the


cascade, which leads to the Trout hatchery, one of the feature


fencers here. Here again, there are some alternatives. It is one of the


strongest tests on the course. The yellow line is the direct route. If


they refuse, they can take the alternative route. There will be


penalties on the Cardiff that happens. They have to take the


direct route. It is only the last element where they can change their


mind. A little slap on the horse's shoulder as if to say, go on. The


horses have to be committed through the water. Otherwise, they will


struggle on the way out over the final element. We are now up at the


HSBC Maltings Branch. Here, there is a 306 degree turn, with some big


spreads. This is the direct route, coming round to the first accuracy


test as the second element of this sequence of fences. Here, there is


an option. The Red Line takes a lot longer. I do not think too many


people will be taking those red lines. Andrews and -- Andrew


Nicholson is now coming up to the consuming. There's no-one who will


be in for a chance of winning this. You can hardly see how sharp that


angle is. Calico Joe never waivers at all. He turns back to the


halfway. The direct route is some narrow triple brushes with a


coroner the middle of them. Again they are triple brushes, but they


are not sonar row and the corner is not so acute. But, my word, the


how Andrew is on time. He's always very good at judgment of pace. Just


a little bit behind, but that is not perhaps that surprising. There


is a lot of galloping to come later on. I think a horse of this quality


ditch there. His hind legs kicking the flag over. He was very quick


and neat through there. Now, one of the feature areas, the Land Rover


Dairy Farm. Two big steps, then a brush at the top. I think we all


will know whether the horses are still galloping and looking good.


It is a long one-stride in the top, but not for Calico Joe. Andrew is


not hanging around as he comes around to this stride.


Five past winners, Olly one of them n the field. They've had 16 wins


between them. Over a quarter of the field, here at Burghley for the


first time. Now the track. Oliver has to get the stick out and say,


come on, keep transtraiting, keep going forward.


It's quite difficult.... There is a steep down-hill ramp to those


brushes. He's called it a day. That is interesting. Obviously decided


the horse did not feel as if he is committed today and probably quite


sensible. He ended up with two strides in there. There is hardly


room for the two strides. One of the reasons there are so many here


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


is because of the Olympics. Let's battle with Germany -- of course a


great battle with Germany just getting the gold. William Fox-Pitt,


the horse he rode in London now away with Seacookie.


A huge ditch. Crow can hardly see how big that is. It is enormous


when you stand on the edge of that. He makes it look like a fence out


all the time in the world to get lined up and pop over that skinny


this course. Here is William Fox- Pitt. That would have hurt


Seacookie. Will it affect him? It is a big ditch there and a wide


trest on the bank of the other side. A stride in on the turn. He is


still galloping well. It will be interesting to see when the horse


comes to the next ditch whether it has had any effect. He's a long way


on. Andrew will be going for the time, no doubt about that. Remember


11.30 is the time. He really is having to push Calico Joe, this


Irish-bred horse. He taps it, but still galloping on. Jumps nicely,


through that little hole. A rather boat on the an gel. You


Seacookie a very good horse. second here in 2010.


It looks as if he's not happy. He's made his mind off and he's going


off course. That mistake at Discovery Valley -


there he is, off lirblly touching his cap, which means the white flag


is going up. That is a disappointment for William after


the great success of the London significant combination which has -


- Clare Lewis with that significant combination which has been here


Looking very positive. Andrew Nicholson, with Calico Joe. Owned


by the 2012 Syndicate. The horse galloping to the line. He's so good


at getting his horses fit. That is so necessary with this Burghley


terrain. He heads in front of the great backdrop of Burghley House.


Is he going to get there? He is going to get there. He's going to


be seven seconds inside the time. He stays on his dressage score of


53 and the dye is cast by the I can wi Andrew Nicholson on Calico Joe.


-- Kiwi, Andrew Nicholson, on Calico Joe.


It is so close between these two water fences. That was lovely


through there. That was a piece of good riding. We will not see many


better. A really nice jump over the first


one. She commits him on one stride. He's looking positive and forward.


It is very similar to 12 months ago. The start is a little easier. The


middle of it is pretty intense, perhaps harder than last year,


which makes you a little bit later as well. Sound like it might catch


out a few riders today? I hope so. his stick on his shoulder. He looks


a little slow, this horse. I think it's just his way... Look at his


eyes and ears. He's concentrating, he's honest. He's not the fastest


horse in the world. We are back with Clare Lewis now.


She is forcing the pace. The going here absolutely superb. The rain


has certainly kept it in tip-top nick. One wonders whether there is


more cut than we thought. They are struggling to get the time, but


Significant is going well. You see there he did take a stride out of


that final element. Four strides and then three. One or two more


but long. Enormous strides, so getting him manoeuvred around these


technical fences is probably hard work for Ruth. What I love about


the horse is his honesty and expression and look at the smile on


Ruth's face. Now the turn of 21- year-old Emily Parker. One of the


first-time riders here at Burghley. She has won gold and won the


individual title, that was two years ago.


A combination that really are looking to try and hit the big-time


here. And Significant... Yiebgs! Yike! Didn't get the perfect stride.


She's still in tact. Emily at the Leaf Pit.


Oh, he's hanging right in. He just ducks past. He did quite get the


line right. He certainly took advantage. Now going the longer


route to get back on course. There are 20 jumping penalties and a loss


of time from the young lady Emily waters - the anniversary -


celebrating the 50th anniversary. A dressage score of 6 1.2. The way


things are going she is one of the quickest we've seen so far. Now


back to Parker. She'll fuel that crowd out there. Lots for the horse


to see. He would not have seen so many people around an event before.


Oh sh and again just didn't quite pick up the line quickly enough. It


is another 20. Well, perhaps the occasion just getting to Emily. I


am afraid that is the end of her first Burghley.


Clare Lewis and Significant had a competitors, it is New Zealand's


still enjoying it. I should think the time will be a


bit tricky there, but not for Clare Lewis, only a little bit over the


time when she comes to the last. What an incredible ride for


Significant. That is her best performance at


Burghley. She goes fourth at the early stages. Eight time penalties


positive and how thinking ahead the rider was. He was almost laning


into the turn. He was preparing, conditions. Jonathan Pagett makes


nothing of that. He is going towards the Trout hatchery. This


man has really come onto the stage. He competed in Kentucky and rarely


caught the eye. A good stride in. If oh! Sit tight! I think he has


been watching Mr Nicholson over the years. That was incredible. He


jumped in well, but didn't quite have the right line and the horse


deviated. Grit your teeth, boy. Incredible. Now, we have part of


the Olympic gold medal for German team, Dirk Schrade. Now he writes


this English bred horse, Hop And Skip. I lost a shoe. You often


don't know you have lost a shoe, but he jumped the did well and then


turned left and I heard this clunk. He didn't really slip, but I was


conscious that he had lost a shoe. Touch wood, he will be OK. Hop And


Skip went very well around the world equestrian games in Kentucky,


with a Japanese rider on board. Dirk Schrade bought the horse after


that. He turns very quickly into that Oxer. He is 17 seconds behind


the time. He was the top young rider in New Zealand in 2009-2010.


Since then, he has been in Britain, and he really is a future star.


And Skip, lovely horse. Great type. I love the expression on these


Good jump the Dirk Schrade. He jumps in well, pushes for the


stride, immediately get his position back to lead to the laws


have freedom of shoulder to jump at the second element. Jonathan Pagett


is well on his way home. Little more than half a mile to get home,


and he seems to be travelling only one inside the time. It is not easy


to get this time of 11 minutes 30. You lose 0.4 of a second for every


the second half. He was 17 seconds down at the Rolex fence, but he has


increased his pace over the second the step. The horse thought about


chipping in an extra stride as it did at the Trout hatchery, but took


the one, with Jonathan Pagett now on the main stretch towards the


home arena. He has just got to gallop on. Izzie Taylor is riding


this lovely horse. She has been an extremely good form. This young


But it is a very good run. This man goes into the lead, just having in


those few penalties. That new league will be the one they have


got to go in for. Hop And Skip still answering the questions.


was hoping he would jump out in one and I thought I would stay where I


was with my Legon, but he is a clever horse and he put in another


stride. I was surprised that he jumped. A lot of horses would have


stopped. But he jumped, and I got thrown a bit. I was off, and he


stopped and waited for me to get back on, and we were off again. It


was very lucky. Luck was all it was. New Zealand first and second at the


moment. Well, Pagett said luck was all it was, but I think there was a


serious amount of good riding. But that was where he lost his five


seconds, hanging on. But Izzy is looking good. It is her first


Burghley. Now coming up to the Rolex Combination. Like everyone


else, just a bit behind the clock. The going is a bit on the sticky


team here at Burghley have done. It does look incredible. Walking


around it feels like walking on a carpet. Here is Olly Townend. One


right to come later, on Armada. He is the more experienced of the two.


He is checking out the distance in that Discovery Valley. It has been


one of the most influential fences. He was walking a tighter line for


two strides on that term. He is planning to anger and more. Here is


Dirk Schrade, home for Germany. He goes to 52 points up in his


nation in this sport. Jeff was unlucky not to be on the team for


London, but he has something to prove here at Burghley. Nice young


horse. Went very well at the event in Ireland. Finished fourth.


Magnificent jumping. That is exactly what you want your horses


to do. There have been some tricky moments, but the ground was holding


more than I expected and he was a bit tired at the end. Apart from


that, it was beautiful. He worked so well with me and didn't lose his


jump until the end. I am very don't want to jinx Izzy, but she is


riding this course so well and look so good. She deserves to have a


good ride. Clayton Fredericks was third after dressage, 40.8. He has


never won here. He was third here two years ago. There is so much to


look at for the crowds. There are three of the London Olympic fencers.


It looks like a schooling exercise for Izzy. Geoff Coen is an army


officer, based in Dublin. He was in the Olympics in 2008. He did miss


out on London. He has something to prove, and at the moment, he is


certainly proving it. Brilliant ride fizzy Taylor. The time is


pretty good. She is into third place at the moment. And so well


deserved. New Zealand one and two, Britain third. What can Australia


do about it? They had a disappointing Olympic Games,


including this man. It was a very unlucky tumble at this Leaf Pit


fence in London, where he slipped up and fell between the elements. I


think is the has been taking a shower herself by the looks of her.


A pat on the back from the performance manager for eventing.


Clayton Fredericks now swinging into the Trout hatchery. Big horse,


with a lot of scope. The going is a little holding. That is why they


are coming home tired, plus the fact that it is 11 minutes 30 and


we are at Burghley. But you can't ask for more. We have had a


difficult year. It is great to be at a big event. It has been a good


day. On the back regret Britain's success in equestrian sports at the


London Olympics, interest has been raised to a new high. The question


is now how and where youngsters get involved. There has been a system


in place for almost a century now, and that is the Pony Club.


Olympics has made it much more high profile. Riding schools have


noticed a big increase in bookings. The children are far more excited


about what they might achieve. But most children are passionate about


horses anywhere. -- anyway. I had a Shetland pony, called Velvet.


first pony was called Blackie. A little Shetland pony that actually


lived in my house! Because the children have to learn how to


control and other living thing, it is important to have the right


training. It is not like running where it is just yourself. It is


about looking after another animal. In it is not boring, it is fun and


you learnt lots of stuff. You do get complaints from others. We all


want our children to do well, but there are some parents who are


driven to ridiculous degrees. Children will be crying because


they don't want to jump the fence, and mum or dad will be saying, get


over it! It is seven days a week, 365 days a year. But it is


something that gives you a different perspective on life with


the children. There is always a reason to get out of bed. They


can't afford to be teenagers that lie around all day. We get up at


six. One time do you finish? Quite late. Maybe seven. And then you


have to do homework. It is not easy. champions of the future? A lot of


dreaming and a wonderful place they get in the Pony Club. Here is


He would need to be galloping well to make up that time. It can be


done if the horse has enough time. a score of 52.7 in the dressage.


Yes, checking his watch there. The horse is still pulling, so he has


plenty of running left. So much better, that fence, is riding this


year compared to last year, with that little roof on the way in.


Polly Stockton coming down to fences six and seven.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


It looks as if the horse is all right - that is good news. Clayton


on his feet too. A nasty moment. Out they go of the competition. The


Australian, Clayton Fredericks. This horse was a little naughty in


the start box. It has been reering. A sharp turn there.


Quite nippy for a big horse, but so well trained normally, Betina's


horses on the flat, that would you -- you would expect that.


This man has now gone well here at Burghley. He's in third place at


went out now I would not make the time. When I got to the top of the


hill with the big ditch, I gall lopd then and made up a lot of time.


He's a huge heart and always keeps to be nice all the way between


those two water elements. It was so punchy and positive. Now Mary King


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


- another part of that great silver and Mary's enthusiasm as good as


year, but it still has to g jumped. Ears still pricked, but he's


already 30 seconds down on the time. That, I would say, will be


impossible to make up. Not that experienced at this level,


so perhaps Bettina Hoy is going out to have a good ride and give the


horse lots of experience for the Her chance is gone. Again, just


doesn't turn the mare as well as she would like. That is 20


penalties and probably will be, I would say, good night. She retires.


She's not the only one. She's not the only one that has had trouble.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


- what an impressive start. 30- year-old Sinead Halpin.


A horse which finished third in Kentucky and was here last year,


finished 13th. Well, coming to that Land Rover Finale fence, Polly


Stockton. How's the time? Well, a little bit over, but a pretty good


time and Polly is smiling and into fifth position. She looks very


happy. A great ride from Polly. Sinead Halpin now at the Leaf Pit.


Had a lot of help from people. Spent six months with William Fox-


Pitt. She really is a developing water splash. Looking pretty good,


I have to say. I mean Andrew Nicholson makes it


look easy. He's on a thorough bred horse and he was busy on it. I knew


to do the time everything was going to have to work my way W the


landing being soft and now landing steep, it takes more out of them.


He's such a brave horse, he keeps going. I am delighted. This


combination looks promising last year. They are riding now with much


more confidence address they come into this. It has caused some


problems to riders. It's still being pretty influential.


They are through and ears pricked. Bettina Hoy - well the time may be


just over half a minute over, but look how pleased she is with the


horse. And so she ought to be - a young horse - probably his first


four star and's chatting away to him. Sinead Halpin on a horse bred


in France. Really does look full of running and very confident as they


now come to the other influential on this course, the Trout Hatchery.


She's not hanging around. She does not look that fast, but perhaps


she's just looking very balanced. Certainly the horse is jumping and


looking convincing at the moment, She's actually shaving every corner


and every second off that she can. Look at that determination and


expression! Francis Whittington - one of the


reserves for the Olympics for Great They show that experience, that was


so quick and neat through that they leave this to the halfway


point, she really does look focused, this American rider. He has a small


advantage, but she needs to keep it - here comes that check of time.


Nine seconds and if Andrew Nicholson is anything to go by,


that is very possible to make up. He's still the only one inside the


time at the moment. Very deceptive. She never looks


like she's in a hurry. What does she do is she moves quickly from


her fences and gets back into the rhythm in a hurry. So, she's


obviously not been hanging around she has set the horse up there.


Didn't hassle it. It understand the question great. The Trout Hatchery


now, he Adams justed the difference between these hedges. I don't think


it has made it much easier. It is all about the take-off. If they get


the take-off wrong, they are in all sorts of trouble.


Kai Ruder for Germany at the Leaf Pit - makes it look like child's


play. Now Sinead Halpin, coming to the Leap.


This is a wonderful picture of happiness from the Americans -


looking good! level, but this is a very classy


horse and a very good combination. It's the Rolex Combination next for


Francis Whittington. He's only six seconds behind the required time at


this halfway point. He is certainly one of the quicker ones over the


first half. I just wonder whether they might turn in the later


stages? We'll see! A fast combination these two. Most


of the horses so far have been taking it easy in the first half


and making up the speed in the second - time rather, in the second


half. And Sinead Halpin is an example of that.


Wastes no time on her fences, gallops away quickly. She looks


in Yorkshire with Chris. He is a man who has a great track record of


producing young horses. He won the young German eventing championship


on two major occasions as well as fences, so he doesn't look at all


tired, unlike some of the other that time. This has been a


brilliant exhibition from Sinead Halpin for the United States of


America. She will definitely hold the lead into the final phase, the


show jumping. She has increased her lead at this stage to nearly 12.


was too quick in the beginning last year and I lost, but this year, he


just felt great and I was patient even though I was 10 seconds down


in the beginning. I just pushed him shade weary. Does well to get out


of that without any jumping penalties. The horse was lucky to


challengers, Allison Springer on Sir Percival get tired at the end


of a course, but it has been a great performance. This rider was


down on the clock at halfway. He was one of those on four-to-one


equal fourth place. He could get close to the current leader, Sinead


Halpin. Allison Springer is also trying to prove for the American


selectors wrong in their decision. They might have sent their best


team to Burghley. This has never been any easy oars. You don't see


too many stallions eventing these days. He has long-striding, which


makes it difficult to get quick times, but he seems to have enough


energy left. This horse did the test of his life here. How will he


cope with this cross-country? He has done a couple of four-star


events, and looked pretty neat. Germany -- German rider is already


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


the other German with the lovely man who is trying to put the record


books straight. A tumble put him out of contention in the Olympics.


He was knighted after the dressage from 42, and he is quickly through


the Trout Hatchery. He was as good as anyone through the Trout


Hatchery, his horse looking gutsy and determined. Allison Springer


was second overnight after dressage. Not quite as quick as her college,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


America. Arthur and Allison Springer. She will be happy with


that. She was second in Kentucky, behind William Fox-Pitt, back in


the spring. She will not be in that position at the moment. She is in


third place. This man is currently on a dressage of 42. If he can come


inside the time, and he is certainly trying, he could go have


behind Sinead galloping. But there medal Kiwi team. She is not going


looking so enthusiastic about their work. Here comes the Caroline to


New Zealand. They have gone very well. She rode for New Zealand in


2006. She is now one of the world's better. Did a great dressage test


to. He is wasting no time. Notice how he is looking for clean ground


to try and overcome that holding effect that everyone is talking


dressage. This is the point on the course where we see whether the


out to do, to put the ghost of the four at London behind him. Sinead


gapping can't be beaten tonight, machine. I was able to stay pretty


fast. I still had to work a bit. Liam Fox pit has the most amazing


track record here. This year, he is going for an unprecedented 7th


title. Here is a look at how he has top of the three-day event.


remember just feeling that he was the most fantastic horse in the


world. Keep him steady, not too quick. Gave me a win at Burghley,


so he put me on the map. I owe him everything. My second one came with


a much younger, less experienced horse. That was a shot out of the


blue. He is a young horse, first time at Burghley. I didn't expect


to be anything like up there with the winners, let alone being the


overall winner. It was the biggest surprise of my life. This was the


most consistent horse I have ever had. He is an awkward a horse, but


it is brilliant that he won here. He deserved that. Very talented


horse, but not one I had ridden a lot. He came here with a patchy


record. He has only had this horse for a couple of months. I love that


horse. This one won Badminton for me. And he won Burghley, which


horse. He just saw around the cross-country and gave me my 6th


win. There is no chance. There is no statistic that would say I have


line as Calico Joe, held to the right, turned left over the boat -


leaving nothing to chance there. A better jump for William this time


over the ditch at Discovery Valley. A big jump over the ditch, but he


home. That is significant. Could he get two within the time. He still


only has two within the time at the moment. A lovely piece of riding. A


New Zealander won this title ten neat with his feet. Nicholson, at


the last. Is he going to do it? I don't think he's going to quite


get there. Oh, look at that! Just missing out. 41.8, but he does go


in second place and there's certainly going to be a battle on


At the Trout Hatchery. Last year's winner.


That will be far from his mind at the moment.


Poetry in motion! stick to the new ground, now you


are wasting a lot of time crisscrossing across the track to


try and find a new bit of grass He gave himself a chance at the


Rolex Grand Slam. He did not make it. The only person who has is


Pippa Funnell. Galloping up to the Rolex


Combination, William will get a look at this time. 19 seconds over.


It is possible to do the time from there, but he'll have to have


enough horse left on the latter part of the course to do some


pretty serious galloping. Took the He made a huge climb last year to


finish 14th. What can he do this time? To watch the man is magic.


Now 56 years old, but as good as ever. He's just bought himself a


brand new centre in Wiltshire. He certainly means to stay here.


That will be great for Britain and eventing.


So the Olympic legacy in the main arena for Oliver. Look at his time!


I wonder if he had gone fast enough. But he's one of the quickest at


this point. If the horse has got Has he judged it to a nicety. Will


he get a few time penalties and then make his trial to win a


he judged this right? He looks pretty relaxed. He has a watch.


He'll know his time. This man has certainly judged it right - surely.


He'll get within the time. In fact, right on the time. He goes third.


He has a great partnership going now with Armada. Showjumping has


not been his easy subject, but rider on the course.


55 seconds to get home. My word, it will be close!


There is no doubt, there's plenty of horse left.


I am very privileged to ride him. Andrew Nicholson did four stars on


him. He's just a machine. Obviously comes with his difficulties,


otherwise I don't think Andrew would have given that talent up. A


huge talent to the man that gave it to me and very grateful to the


owner as well. Here comes William Fox-Pitt to the


last. He's not going to get inside the


time. I am sure that will disappoint


William. He's on 43.4. He goes third. We'll have a Grandstand


Splash. A good demonstration for young


riders out there to watch. To be honest, with him, I hoped it


would rain a bit more because he could have done another four fences


easily. He's a great machine. It is a great ride. They felt the


pressure after winning here last year. So far I am relieved he


proved what an awesome horse he is. He's in the mix again. Bettina Hoy


was amazing. That was an -- Sinead was amazing. That was an


now in the time. He is clawing up to 15th place, Mark Todd. What a


great finish to an intriguing day. Look down the right-hand side,


the competition, hopefully the rain will stay away. Before we get to


the showjumping, news of this morning's vet inspection. There are


56 horses left after the cross- country. Three this morning have


been taken out. The most significant of those is Geoff


Curran's horse. They were lying in tenth place. The highest placed of


the Irish riders. This morning, at the vet's inspection, he failed to


pass at the vets. That means Izzy Taylor on her four-star debut moves


into the top ten. Great stuff from her. Andrew Nicholson still has two


horses in the top ten. That meant he and his first horse, Calico Joe,


had to go out of sequence. Let's see how they got on in the


Nicholson, once again he has proved what a master he is of this horse.


Two horses in the top ten, as we heard, jumping out of order. At the


moment, he is on a score of 53. He's in eighth place.


Last year, he got Pitt in the show -- showjumping.


He has certainly made them a strong force. They won bronze behind Great


Britain. This man very much part of that.


Calico Joe has not always had the best reputation in the showjumping


phase and jumped the first fence rail. He trailed his legs over the


always respect the poles. There'll be no-one better on board than


Andrew to try and get the enthusiasm and carefulness into him


to try and bring out a clear round. Two down so far. He is interesting.


He is a thorough bred. We don't get too many clean-bred horses in the


12 to add. Remember he is jumping out of order


here. It means those behind him have the door open to go ahead of


Andrew Nicholson. Finishes 65 with Calico Joe. This is what it is all


about. The final ten riders about to go in the showjumping, starting


with Kai Ruder. Let's go back to Ruder. 40 years old. Is a farmer in


northern Germany, but is a fegsal rider. He does a lot of his --


professional rider. He does a lot of his training.


Kai Ruder in 11th place, 22 marks behind, under 22 marks behind the


lead. Andrew Nicholson's score of 65 - the best in the Club House so


far. This is a horse which was flying throughout the day.


Kai Ruder is particularly good in this phase and particularly good


under pressure. A little bit of a right drift down


don't feel as if you are holding your breath. He is jumping big and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


He goes on to 62.2. This postbox fence seems to be


catchs the riders out. It is right besides the Grandstand and the


horses, for some reason, are not reading it very well. They have a


long approach to it and that seems to be causing extra hassle.


Well, now the young 29-year-old Izzy Taylor. Her grandmother was


mare in this class. This is Izzy Taylor's first Burghley. Can she


finish off in style? You are right. She was very stylish and very good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Kai Ruder, but no more. The time penalties will make things very


tight. Yet another one. That fence has come down so many times that


the riders are riding a bit defensively. They are jumping


immaculate rounds, but they are getting a bit tight. Easy Taylor


goes on to 61.3. She will remain in fence was phenomenal. Delighted


that it was not too costly. The prize money goes right down the


it did not come down. That might help keep him shopper for the rest


of the round. It is no bad thing if you can get away with it without


the poll coming down. Just a bit tight with his hind legs on the


take-off. He is not that experienced at this level. But he


is a very good jumper. Caroline is so good at keeping him in balance


and in with them in all phases, but two offences are expensive. Mark


has already jumped. Such a good round, and just slightly went to


pieces at the end. The horse got a little Keane, and those two


offences are slightly downhill. It encouraged him to quicken a bit.


Those three fences were very expensive for Caroline Powell.


Andrew Nicholson comes up a place. Allison Springer came here a few


years back and got eliminated. But she has put in a very good


performance yesterday. She was second after dressage. The


Americans are certainly getting some recompense for their


disappointment in London. Another one to give the first fence a hard


rubber. If you were watching the cross-country earlier, Allison


Springer was giving herself a hard time for not going faster at the


beginning of the course, because she said she could not make up the


time. But she did look very impressive yesterday. She can


afford to have one down and still stay 7th. I have seen this horse a


lot in America. He is a very good jumper, but he is robbing a few


more polls than you would be comfortable with. But as long as


they are just a gentle rubs and not second in Kentucky in the spring,


behind William Fox-Pitt. And a second fence down. So, two down.


She goes on to 57.2 and stays in seventh place. There is David


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


O'Connor, the manager of the in this phase of the event. He is


giving defences lots of height. It is always difficult on this final


day, after they have been across the country, to see that they are


being careful enough. The ground is holding slightly after a bit of


rain. A sad groan after that fence. Whoever comes the first clear round


will put the pressure on. He finished in seventh place


individually in London and was a key part of the Kiwi bronze-medal


team. They were right behind Great Britain. Those first three teams


call-up for Australia in London. That was when Megan Jones had to


withdraw just 24 hours after having been called up herself. Then sadly,


Sam had the misfortune to have a fall and was eliminated. Australia


did not have a good Olympics at all in this event. But yesterday put


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


jumping for �11,000. Oh! That was not so good. You heard him saying


whoa. The last four fences down, sadly, after a potentially


brilliant round. 62.4, with 16 added, so he drops below Jonathan


Paget and Allison Springer. The winner here takes home �55,000,


with a further �5,000 going to the rider. Disappointment, bad luck. We


are now down to that final four. There is one fence between Sinead


Halpin and Andrew Nicholson. The next three are all within a fence.


This man, who won in 2009, has a serious look on his face. He missed


out on London, won in 2009, went very well on this course, Armada,


ridden for a number of top seasons by Andrew Nicholson. This was the


fourth place. But if he can jump clear, he is not without a chance


of winning the Land Rover championship for the second time.


It is exciting taking on a horse of this calibre for any rider. Oliver


is certainly relishing it. They have struck up a brilliant


partnership already. The crowds are jumping with him. I think the horse


has a few thousand people on his back. Let's hope it doesn't


flattened him. Crikey. Sometimes, he can do that. He has to try and


keep calm as a rider and allow the horse to use his head and neck to


help balance. That has dropped him below Jonathan Paget. Whatever


happens in this round, this is a partnership we will see a lot of in


the future. And actually, he stays just above Jonathan Paget. He stays


in fourth place. Very close. There was a lot of potential there. I


know we had two down, but I think we will seek clear rounds from this


partnership. He looks happy. Nail- biting stuff, because there are two


pots of gold on offer here now. This man was the winner here last


year. He has won it six times. Could he still win it? William Fox-


Pitt, with Parklane Hawk, a New Zealand-bred horse that has won his


last three major competitions. That was at Kentucky in the spring,


early here last year and Blenheim before that. He is on 43.4. That is


not two offences behind the leader. A clear round would really put the


pressure on. He had a clear round to win last year. If she stays in


the top four, he has a chance of taking the top prize for the


classics, the lead for all the majors around the world. Andrew


Nicholson is a close second. As you say, he did jump a very impressive


clear round here last year. He won Kentucky as well in the spring, but


he had one down there. He had the luxury of that fence in hand. I


think the horse jumps better out of slightly deeper ground. Perhaps I


shouldn't say anything! The first one we have seen to hit the gate at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Oliver Townend. That has got to Himalayas at least third by 0.1 of


is on 51.5. A great jump over the last. A bit


of a disappointment there for William. A four-star win, a third


and now his with this one. Now the key round for Andrew Nicholson.


Andrew, lying in second place. M scored 41.8. He is just one fence,


more than one fence behind the Could this be his chance to win it


for a third time? A clear round would put the pressure on. It would


be great for Andrew to have another win here and, I have to say, from a


salvage point of view, it would be great for Rosemary, the owner of


this horse, who does so much for horses and has done for years, as


far back as 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. There would be such just


rewards for her to have a winner at Burghley. A great amount of


pressure on him. I am glad I am in the commentary box and not.... Well,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


American in the lead, now two 45.8.


It's a clear second. William Fox-Pitt - keeps him in


third place. That's the fence. William, a couple of fences down


today, overall how do you think you did? Overall I am delighted with


Park Lane. He's been fantastic. It is frustrating finishing a couple


down. He held into his place. He's still in third. What a record he's


got! He's just a super horse. I think with more preparation for


this year he would have been back to his old best from last year.


Actually he felt fantastic and gave me such a great ride yesterday. I


am thrilled with third. Well done! Thank you very much. Now the young


lady, who has from the start of this competition, lead and lead


from the front in style. Sinead Halpin - 30 years old, with this


her first Major. Two fences in hand. That's a great comfort to have


these two in hand and, as William said n one of his intervals... That


is one away. That fence has not been coming down.


That's a little bit of a worry for her. William said yesterday, in one


of his interviews, that his partnership with the ride of the


day and it certainly was. It was so impressive.


She has to keep her cool here. She's never been under more


are on the borderline now. She can't afford another.


Andrew Nicholson on 45.8. Sinead Halpin with four down. She's got


the bogey out of the way. She's Andrew Nicholson.


APPLAUSE What a pretty. A smile there from


Nicholson. His wife there. There is Rosemary Barlow. It is just rewards


for the Barlows. She has worked so, so hard for this horse. That means


that Andrew Nicholson wins the Land Burghley champion. The third time -


fantastic stuff. I am very pleased. It is a few years since I have won


a Four Star. It shows you, if you battle on, it all comes right in


the end. It does. The other thing is you do need the horse? Exactly.


The first run I rode, Calico Joe, it -- it's not her speciality. He


had three down bars. Then you hop on a horse like Avavy and it's like


a Rolls Royce after the Morris Minor. I have been consistent all


year and we have got a win. What is the secret then? You talk about


keeping going. How do you keep going? I ride a lot of young horses.


I've had them since three years old. That is pretty much what keeps me


motivated. You get a buzz out of come petting -- competing them. You


have to swallow your pride a bit and carry on with a new one. That


is pretty much what keeps me going. Days like today are a bonus.


Yesterday we were talking about how Burghley is such a magnificent test


of horse and riding - to win it for the third time, to prove you are


number one in the world must be pretty special. It is. To win it


for the third time is very special. To win it once is very special to.


Be number one in the world is a great feeling as well and hopefully


I'll come back next year and try for a fourth time. Andrew,


congratulations. It has been a pleasure to ride here. What a


worthy winner, despite Andrew just missing out on an individual medal.


Remember, he was fourth individually in winning team bronze.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Now, here at Burghley, he has won performance over the event? Yeah, I


mean showjumping, you never now how they are feeling. He tried really


hard. I don't know. I getsdz he was a bit tired. -- I guess he was a


bit tired. You said two good phases so far, if you don't get it right


in the showjumping you will go and work harder? Exactly! Every time


you leave these things and you have a mistake or two, you come away


stronger and with more knowledge and things to work on. I am so


proud of my horse and... We'll just try harder next time. I know you


must be a little disappointed, surely you will think second place


of bury, after the disappointment of the Olympics is a pretty good


thing. I am disappointed, but... Next year. Next year. You will stay


in front all the way. Yeah. Thank you. Well done. Thank you. Well,


confirmation of that standings after the first final here at


Burghley. That of course is the one point, ahead of New Zealand's


Andrew Nicholson, with Allison Springer going into third place and


the Olympic champion fourth in 2012. So what a dramatic conclusion to


this year's event. It is Andrew Nicholson, 12 years after his last


triumph here who has come out on top. Time now for the presentation.


Andrew Nicholson steps up for the third time to receive this most


prestigious trophy. Being congratulated there by the


President of the Land Rover Burghley horse triels. Together


with her husband, Orlando. Our great hosts here and accompanied by


the managing director of Jaguar Land Rover UK.


What a proud moment for Andrew. He has waited 12 years to win it again.


He goes to the number one in the world. That's it for this year's


The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials. It is New Zealand who are


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