2013 Equestrian: Burghley Horse Trials


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Hello, and welcome to Burghley, this gorgeous estate in the heart of the


Lincolnshire countryside. It is home to one of the great three-day events


will stop it is an autumn classic, the Burghley Horse Trials. The


riders come because this is one of the Burghley Horse Trials. The


the big ones. We have a field of 67 from 11 different nations. It is a


star-studded line-up for a Star event, and it includes five former


winners. The ultimate event, William Fox-Pitt, brings Falklands Park. The


great thing about Burghley is that there was always a new challenge.


There are always new fences. Mark Phillips is a very good course


designer, and we believe in him. Andrew Nicholson from New Zealand


has been unstuck bubble since his victory last year here on Avebury,


and has two other rides. Avebury feels great. It is great to be back


here again. Amada, once ridden by Andrew, is now in the care of Oliver


Townend, who will want to improve on his fourth place last year. In the


last two years I have managed to be in the top 43 times. It used to be a


bit of bugs me, but now we have that out of the way, I look forward to


it. Another Burnley legend, Sir Mark Todd, brings a lower and ravens tied


to the party. It is a beautiful setting. The course is always


challenging, and it is always a great fun and relaxed event. The


only rider to win the Rolex Grand Slam in 2003, Pippa Funnell rides


her 12-year-old horse. It is lovely to be here, especially with a horse


that I think a lot of. Anything can happen. Every fence you come to you


think, really? Will they jump this? Yes, they will. The riders are


saying, we know it is Burghley. There has not been a course as big


as this for years. Even though the riders are global superstars, there


are two macro riders for whom this riders are global superstars, there


is a first. Ingrid Klimke is fresh the home individual silver at Malmo


in the European Championships. She is on searing form and looking


forward to a new challenge. I have never been in Burghley before, so I


am very excited. It is one of the most lovely causes I have ever seen.


Definitely it is impressive. When I walked it yesterday, I thought,


these jobs are really high! It is a once-in-a-lifetime show, that every


rider is streaming of. Now, I practice to 16, so I said to


myself, it is this year, or do not wait too long. And this year 's new


sensation Jock Padget, winner of Badminton, who will be looking to


bag Burghley for New Zealand. It is another big event. I would like to


be able to have the opportunity to another big event. I would like to


win a Grand Slam. I have come here with two very good, very experienced


horses, and I hope to get a good place with both of them. A top-level


event rider needs the right horses and the right kit. I wanted to show


you the equipment that is specific for dressage. The saddle is


different, much longer side panels with support here for the leg.


Support for the back, keeping everything in position. The bit has


to be quite simple. You are only allowed in the horses mouth a


to be quite simple. You are only snaffle, or this, a French bit. The


only other option is a double bridle, which means to bits in the


mouth, but also two Rains in the hand. Then you have this very


elegant long tail coat, the boots, and the Spurs. And this top hat.


Let's see who impressed the judges the most.


A great record, and her riding style much admired by her fellow


competitors. Ingrid was bred to be a dressage star. Her father was many


years ago. She has been brought up in this classic German dressage


style. She writes beautifully. What I like most about Ingrid is she


rides in a very sympathetic way. Her horses always look very relaxed and


go very kindly for her. She's got a great figure and looks great on a


horse. She is great to watch. She is the epitome of what dressage sued


being about. She sits very well, and the epitome of what dressage sued


any horse she sits on produces a fantastic test. On day two, the


crowds enjoyed a solid display from Parklane Hawk and William Fox-Pitt.


Kiwi Andrew Nicholson, here to defend his 2012 title, is the first


competitor to ride three horses at Burghley. His best test came from


Nereo. He finished in third place. Fellow Kiwi and badminton champion,


Jonathan Padget, scored a more than respectable 42 penalties on his


first ride, Clifton Marsh. On Clifton Promise, he displayed a


wonderful test, to be the man of the moment. He is a great guy, and he is


really shining at the minute. He has worked really hard, and it is his


temperament as a whole. It has not gone to his head at all. He has a


very natural way of sitting on the horse. Horses seem to understand him


very well, and perform very, very well for him. He rode the test of


his life to storm into the lead on a score of 36.7. All very close. The


top 11 only 7.5 marks apart. Fox-Pitt, Andrew Nicholson and


Oliver Townend all former champions. The top 20 also includes


stars such as Mark Todd, Andrew Nicholson and the great Pippa


Funnell. Some beautiful tests there. They


will admit that this is a competition that will not be won on


dressage alone. The crowds pouring in their thousands all year round to


see Burghley house. They are magnified in September, and this is


why they come. Captain Phillips has come up with a really big and


testing cross country course again. Riders go into the arena as early as


fence fall. There are big isolated challenges, as well as combination


fences that test a rider's and a horse's balance. They have 11.5


minutes to complete it. It is about 4.5 miles in length. Let's find out


minutes to complete it. It is about what some of the leading contenders


make of it. We have just left the main arena. We have galloped down


the hill, pass the ditch on the right, which caused -- which could


cause a problem. You could lose your horse's attention. Here we are at


the first element, a and B. It is a seriously tall hedge, very narrow,


on quite a severe angle. The horses are not 100% concentrating and might


dodge past here. If you jump that successfully, we will land about


here. It is four of my strides for every one of the horses. One two,


three, four. It is for strides for the horses. The element is this big


white table, so it is a big combination of different questions,


and I think it could cause problems. This year, we have done discovery


Valerie first, and the first option is which trees you go through. --


Discovery Valley Return. Then we have quite a way before the huge


drop into that leaf pit, which we all get so worried about that the


horses are suddenly going to get that shock. From here, I want to


leave the horse alone, and then at the halfway point between the two


fences, we need to be killing the speed, slowing them down, because


they have to have time to look and see what they are going to do. You


can come straight in the middle. The drop might be a bit bigger. I like


the option of being a little bit to the left. Allow them to use their


necks, and allow them to look. Keep the leg of there. Then up and out


over. So we have left the leaf pit, galloped 25 more seconds, and we are


back here at discovery Valley. We are here at sense eight. Narrow


hedge over the bonnet. We will jump that at the angle and run down this


hill with about three strides to the angled ditch here. We hop across the


angled ditch, land around here, and do three strides on a curving line


to two further angled hedges, with one stride in between. I think the


crowd are seriously going to get their money 's worth. This starts


with fence number 12 over there. Quite a strong gallop up the hill,


before you reduce the speed and set the horse up, and then push enough


that it is a nice forward jump fluently through the first water


here. You have enough momentum, and I look at the windows and try to


approach fence number 13) point. Already my eyes at the corner, but I


try to ride it strong enough for a straight. I hope to land here. Now I


start my turn, first stride. Second. And third stride. Now my eye is


totally focused on the mushroom behind the fence. I must make sure


that I close the door here, really sit in the saddle, and make sure


there is absolutely no chance of a run on the right-hand side. From


here, you just gallop out of the water, pick your horse, and be happy


you have made it. Just past halfway. Our horses should be on the job


right now, but I think they will need a bit of a breather. The


important part is to get our line right. I will come round the turn


here, make sure I line up early. Not too fast, but strong, and then wait


for the moment to press the force in. It is important that the horse


understands that he jumps this first. Then I'm going to land, and


almost ride this fence as if I am on a bike. I will open my left frame,


and lead my horse into the next fence into strides. Hopefully, we


have the jump we want here. I think the turn here is a little bit


unrealistic to keep a nice bend. I think we need to lean your horse


into it a bit. One two, 3... One stride. And I think the experienced


horses will start to look on a little bit here. So you will not


have to do too much. Lean a bit like a bike. Because the fences are on an


angle, you have a couple of options. You can cut in a bit more if you


need to take away room. Now we come to fence 19. I think it is one of


the hardest on the course. We have just had a long gallop to get here.


The ground suddenly rises very steep, which is difficult to judge


the distance to this very wide triple brush arrowhead. This is a


serious offence and will take a lot of jumping, and you land on the flat


ground. Then it is suddenly running away, and you have a sharp term.


ground. Then it is suddenly running Then there is another one of these


triple brush skinny arrowheads, just as tough as the first one. This is a


serious question which will need us as riders to be really accurate. The


kit for cross country is completely different, you have boots on, the


riders are riding much shorter, the saddle is flatter at the back. The


control is all-important. Andrew Nicholson is wearing his crash hat


and a back protector. The grease on the front legs is so that if a horse


gets close to a fence and they wrap it, they are likely to slide over


rather than raise the skin -- and they rub it. The riders will wear


one stopwatch which will beep every minute so they know they are in the


right place and that they are going fast enough. Great conditions here,


a slight breeze, it is bright, a big crowd gathering, let's see how they


get on. Andrew Nicholson is out early.


Andrew is one of the best at cross country, he never looked like he is


in a hurry, he is away is very fast, always right on the button


further time -- for the time but never looks horrid. It is good he


has -- never looks hurried. It is good he has a horse going early


because they can all watch and see how you do it.


Three-time winner Andrew Nicholson. A very good horse that has some


great form. Away from the hurdles in the arena. Now we go down to the


discovery of. -- the Discovery Valley Return. There is an awkward


globe coming out of the first combination. This will be the first


real test on the course combination. This will be the first


Nicholson comes down on Calico Joe, a horse that he owns himself. He


took a slow route there but Andrew is showing competitors that the


quick route is very possible. Now up to the Classics Leaf Pit. This has


been in over many years since it started in 1961. A big drop down


into the bottom and then two alternatives, not a lot of time


between these roll tops, I think they will follow the yellow route.


Again, I think Andrew will be taking the quick route. Calico Joe,


Again, I think Andrew will be taking thoroughbred horse, very quick


across the country. Wasting no time to the


the angle and then two or three strides. Three strides and then one


stride. A bit hesitant, took the flag out, the riders will be glad to


see Andrew through there. Looking very relaxed, he is such a good man


as judgement of pace. Many think the optimum time is difficult here. The


first part of the course will be slower but it is whether they can


make up the time. Mark Phillips is certainly trying to slow the riders


down. Now we are at the famous trout


hatchery. Over two houses on difficult undulating ground and then


onto a big corner. It saves a lot of time. It is quite a tricky approach


to this trout hatchery. Down asleep slope that McRae steep slope and


then a big drop. -- down a steep slope. And then committed onto the


corner. That will encourage the riders. He had a little stumble in


that second part. Now the man who has won this title six times in all,


William Fox-Pitt on the first of two rides, Neuf des Coeurs, the French


horse who was placed here in 2011. The Maltings combination. Andrew


coming to gallop right through the middle of the combination. He is a


large red table, a committed five strides to a little skinny upright.


He is going to jump right to left, give yourself four strides before


this incredibly difficult corner. Calico Joe looking pretty confident.


When you turn back over this large, wide oxen. He just pumps it, this is


a huge fence. Moving very easily indeed, looking to certainly make


good time. Is it enough? He is down, how much is he down? This is about


the halfway point on the course as he comes to the Rolex Combination.


He is down 13 seconds. We always expected that happen. They have got


to make time up later, hopefully. A sharp angle over a ditch and swing


round in two strides to the brush. The brush is quite forgiving but a


tricky combination. We are now at the dairy farm, it is fence 19 on


the cross-country course and it splits over two narrow ones, those


triple brushes. The red goes round and round. The once you have gone


short are well on their way to the Cottesmore Leap. The riders asked to


get these fences lowered because they were enormous. Interestingly


enough it looks as though Andrew Nicholson has decided to take the


long route. That will be influential for the competitors later on.


Slightly more time-consuming but definitely much safer. He swings


back around the tree, wasting not much time. Only five or six seconds


in that. William Fox-Pitt, meanwhile, Neuf des Coeurs, 18th in


2011. Oh, Jini is -- he catches that with


his knee, good job it was brush. This enormous ditch, the Cottesmore


Leap, it is an easy jump for this course. -- for this horse. He is


cantering and wastes not a second, another man who is so good at


judging his pace. Getting towards home now, capabilities cutting.


There is a choice, Andrew takes the left-hand route. It is really


riders' preference. Now William Fox-Pitt, back with nerve to cap the


Discovery Valley Return. -- back with Neuf des Coeurs. Woody get some


confidence from that. Wasn't so proficient in the early part of the


course. -- William will get so much confidence from that. A bit of a


struggle there, down to this week oxen are -- to this big boxer. He


has a minute and a half to get home, he will be pushing it. An easy jump


into the water. A lovely rhythm. The balance is great and the quick route


is to the ghosts. You can see the brush fence -- route is to the


goose. Going under the Lion Bridge Double


which hasn't been used for a number of years. The horse is still full of


running. He certainly is, here we have William at the trout hatchery,


down that hill. The riders are having to work hard to get over that


house, the horses have backed off a little bit. Then three strides to


the brush corner. I think William got four in there, more of a curving


line. Andrew Nicholson, driving for the finish, he is going to get


inside with Calico Joe, the horse that he owns. They riders will find


this most encouraging, but they won't all go as well as this man. He


has set the target, 48.3. They have got a very strong team


here. Now we see 33-year-old Piggy French, a new horse for her.


Westwood Mariner. Twice been around this course. The first time with


this very talented rider. He is pretty much the guinea pig comedy


has done job well. I used him quick on the first half, he has got a lot


more gallop than that but at the same time he felt like he was doing


it very comfortably. When I told him to pick it up in the second half,


off he went. big, striding horse. Doesn't look as


though he is in a hurry, it'll be interesting to know time of this


course. William is very good at cruising round, never looking as if


he is in a hurry and always making the time. William just looking


down, he is a little uncomfortable about something. Nothing wrong


down, he is a little uncomfortable there, though. The horse is still


jumping, that is official. -- that is for sure. Piggy French coming


down to the return journey through discovery of.


Oh! That is really so unlucky. The horse drops his hind legs in the


ditch. He does. Piggy did nothing wrong. He jumps the brush well,


three strides down to this big angled ditch. His hind leg just


slips off the edge, into the ditch. He just rejects poor Piggy. They


missed out on the Olympics and the Europeans recently. Here is a man


who has not missed out, the Badminton winner on the first of his


two rides. Jock is cross-country riding, he has got natural flair,


natural talent. Slightly different style to some. He would stay a


little bit more forward in the way he writes. -- he rides. An amazing


judgement of speed. This man is a future star of this


sport, without doubt. Now to a man who has been welcomed one on the


number of occasions, one of Britain's best ever event riders,


William Fox-Pitt on Neuf des Coeurs. He is taking the quick route, going


under the tree, coming across the corner of the second triple brush,


takes the flag out but makes it look easy. John Padgett, Clifton Lush,


coming to this very open triple bar. This is a man who is going for


another Neatly down, beautifully written.


Very positive start through the Leith pet -- the


the world and their dog is here, huge crowd.


This is one of the rising stars of the British inventing -- eventing


scene. This is Dry Old Party, we will see how he gets on on the


cross-country after finding out more about him. I am Tom McEwen. I first


sat on a horse at the age of two, being held on tightly by my mother.


From there I was given up only to go in venting on. I am very much into


sports I am very active. I have always loved rugby, that has been a


sports I am very active. I have big passion. If you see people like


Andrew Nicholson, like you said in his horse and hound article, he is


training just as much as any other athlete, he is on the rowing


machine, watching his diet, it is a very important. I was very lucky


when I left school after my A-levels to go down to William's kennels. I


started breaking horses which has been so helpful for cross-country


riding. More than that they taught me to think about the horse's


brain. Before that I was a bit slapdash. It has made me understand


what I am doing, every horses individual, no different to a


person. I got given Dry Old Party, which has led to my experience at a


very young age, which has been which has led to my experience at a


slickly fantastic and I have loved every second. -- absolutely


fantastic. I could not have been luckier when Mark Todd bought this


yard and I was allowed to stay luckier when Mark Todd bought this


He is a legend of the sport. The way of doing things and the day-to-day


routine, I have learned so much already. It is not just mark you I


have learned from. He has some of the best girls helping on the yard.


have learned from. He has some of I have learned some much about


stable management, which is just as important as the rest of it for me.


Competing at the top level, it is what you dream of when you are


younger, whether it be the senior team at the Olympics, worlds all


Europeans going around Badminton or Burghley, it is extremely exciting


and as butterflies going. 22-year-old Tom McEwen. News in that


William Fox-Pitt has retired. Lost a shoe and has pulled out. Here is one


that has certainly not pulled out. Galloping well. A huge jump there.


Looks like abyssal bit of lard in the horse's nostril there. -- looks


like a little bit of blood. Here is Tom McEwen on Dry Old Party. Road


very well last year to finish in the top 20. Beautifully through there.


That's a great start from this young man. He was as good as any in the


main arena there. Turned out to prove his worth after the


disappointment of the European Championships. Massive crowds


everywhere on this course. He didn't get the shot he wanted. He


is in trouble. Can he hang on? Surely he can't get back from


there. And the horse accelerating away. That was real speed hitting


the ground there. Perhaps he did better not holding on. The horse


just caught it in front. Tom lost his reins. He had no chance of


just caught it in front. Tom lost getting back. Hangs on for all he is


worth and really, really tries. You have got to admire him for that, but


the inevitable is going to happen. When your luck is out, it is really


out. There was real hope for Tom. Now back with Jonathan Padget on


Clifton Lush. Had a problem here last year. I think he will put that


behind him. Three strides was a long way off that corner. Didn't get the


best strike at the house in the middle, so really had to open the


horse up. The horse wanders about. He takes the stride. Well done. The


last we saw of Tom McEwen he was having quite a nasty fall. Luckily,


you are fine. What happened? It is very rarely the horse's fault, and


this time it was definitely my fault. Sadly, I couldn't quite save


it. I did my best to save it, and it got a bit quicker each time. A bit


of bad luck and a bit of a bad run, but apparently it is character


building! Is that what everyone is telling you? Yes. Whether I believe


building! Is that what everyone is it or not is a different matter! The


very experienced German here. At the it or not is a different matter! The


very top of the sport, including Badminton. One an Olympic gold medal


in 2008 on this horse. Clifton Lush still galloping well. You can see


that red on his nostril, but it doesn't seem to be getting any


worse, or affecting the horse. I would be very surprised if the grand


jury don't bring him up, in this clean sport here are brought on by


the International Federation. The rules have been used. The horse is


in cracking form. He went beautifully through there. Andreas


Dibowski lost out on the European team gold medal in Malmo. But this


is a horse that went to the Olympic Games with a Thai rider. Hasn't


really found its form since it has been back. Up to the dairy mount for


Jock. There is a very clear note there of that blood. We are hearing


Jock. There is a very clear note news that the grand jury are going


to pull him up. That is drama. They will pull him up, the vets will have


a look, and if they are happy he will go on again. We will have to


wait and see. Andreas Dibowski the most experienced international there


is in Germany. This second part of the hollow is much more difficult


than the first. A big jump over the ditch. That was a little bit of a


dirty stop there from the horse. He has not been the easiest of horses


over ditches. Andreas was just hanging on to the contact, and the


horse just lost his balance. I don't think there was any need for that


stock. The horse just let him down there. Over the second attempt quite


nicely. Meanwhile, Jock Padget looks in a hurry. He has been stopped, but


they will have stopped the clock. He looks to be making good advantage of


that. Yes, you can see a tiny bit of blood, but the nose is cleaner. So


the grand juror obviously happy with it. He is flying now. No long-term


effect of that blood at all, obviously. Andreas Dibowski top of


the world rankings for Germany. He has got that 20 jumping penalties in


the Discovery Valley. And he gallops straight past. It looks to me if he


thinks his chance is gone. Up goes the hand, and out goes Andreas


Dibowski. Now Ingrid Klimke, the First Lady of German eventing. Butts


Abraxxas. Never been here before, but been a big horse in the German


success ever since those worlds in 2006.


This is a horse that we have seen quite a lot of. Quirinal de la


Bastide. And Clifton Lush, he is a long one at that first boat. He has


obviously got an eye on the clock. Difficult when you have been stopped


on the course. You do not stop the watch on your wrist. Get very


confused about the timing. Leans forward, kept his balance well


there. Well ridden. The French are back to form. They won the bronze in


the Malmo Europeans. Is this going to be number two inside the time


now? Jock Padget on Clifton Lush. He got inside the time, which means he


will stay on his dressage score of 42. That is the score to beat in the


early stages of this Burghley cross-country. How well does that


horse finish? Ingrid at the Leith pit. Very fast across the country.


She takes the tightest line into that pretty big round table. She's


in a hurry! Jock Padget got stopped out on the


course by the vet and then restarted. What happened? Early on,


he jumped the Elephant Trap quite awkwardly, and I wonder if he bumped


his nose, because there was a bit of blood. The vet looked and said that


it looked as though he had just bumped it, so good to go. You go


into the lead on this horse. Obviously, Clifton Promise to still


to come. Are you looking forward to riding him? I always look forward to


riding him. I need to think about my plan now. I need to forget about it


now, and move on. Always looking forward to it. Coming back to Ingrid


now, and move on. Always looking on Butts Abraxxas. Not got a huge


stride, this horse. Keeps motoring at the fences. Click -- quick and


sharp as any through there. Crowe now the lab. -- Quirinal de la


Bastide. He was in that team that went so well. The French winning the


team bronze in the Malmo Europeans. Going the correct way at the dairy


mount, and does that as well as anyone. A because, this. -- a big


horse, this. Andrew Nicholson one in style with Rosemary and Mark


Fellows. He is right on target to try and win the title again. Safely


away, Andrew Nicholson on Avebury. Ingrid at the gives him a little


reminder there. She wasn't happy with that jump, wants him to keep


going here. Those three strides were quite long for him. Crikey, she was


lucky there! I don't know what the horse was thinking. It jumped into


the water, took the stride too far off. Tried it anyway. He could have


put another stride in. Ploughed all over the fence, but they survived.


That is a very good time. Seventh at the end of dressage. This horse is


one of the best in the world now. Bred by Andrew himself. Ingrid


coming up to the malt in, just back from a brilliant silver medal


individually at the European Championships. Team gold for the


Germans. A very exciting young horse. This horse has been such a


star. Sometimes looks a bit hit and miss, as we saw in the trout at, but


my word, they are quick! Germany are right in the hunt for this title.


Discovery Valley for Avebury. He has been here. He knows what to expect.


That was quite brilliant. That could have been a gymnastic exercise in


the arena at home. One to emulate. Another chance to check the time of


Ingrid Klimke. She's down with Butts Abraxxas. Her father originally


started with eventing, one silver medal at Harwood and other


international events. Then became the worlds most famous dressage


rider. Her daughter following in his footsteps. A beautiful demonstration


of how to that Rolex Combination. She is down on the clock, but looks


to have enough horse to catch it out. A big, striding horse. Got


close to the rail, but still sharp in front. Still only two inside the


time. This man, his first ride Calico Joe. You see them looking so


strong. This combination literally cruising. The win here started off


such a purple patch for this man. The big pot is more leap. Butts


Abraxxas was a little far off that. He stood off a long way, but tried


anyway, but didn't quite make it. He dropped his back legs. That can just


knock the stuffing out of a horse. Butts Abraxxas starting to look a


little bit tired. This horse doesn't, though. He is over the


time. Going to be 20 seconds over. 58.5. The French don't have their


strongest contingent here. But that is a good score for the Frenchman.


We've got two Kiwis home inside the time. I think they are the


exception. I don't think that will be the rule here at Burghley. Very


difficult to get near that time. Avebury never looks in a hurry, but


he just doesn't waste any time at the fences. Keeps such a brilliant


rhythm. Making it look so easy, quite depressing for the others. FRH


Butts Abraxxas at the Anniversary Splash, she is still behind the


clock. Now the famous goose, it has caught one or two in the past but


not Ingrid Klimke. 40 seconds to get home, that is not going to be


enough. Need a bit more than a minute to get home from here. Quite


a lot of galloping. Although this Lion Bridge is quite energy sapping


and slows them down. It does and Butts Abraxxas is such a fast


course, normally it is easy to get Butts Abraxxas is such a fast


the time. The only two we have had inside the time have been


thoroughbreds, they have come to the fore. Avebury now up this undulating


terrain and that is what makes it so testing. Andrew Nicholson now, on


his first horse, went a long way over the triple brushes. They are


wider and less risk and he still got inside the time. He nips inside the


tree, doesn't waste a centimetre. Here is Ingrid Klimke coming to the


tree, doesn't waste a centimetre. last. She is already over, so she is


going to add to her dressage score of 39. The most difficult phase for


this horse that has let them both down over the air is has been the


show-jumping. -- over the years. She is second at the moment but sadly


for her, the worst phase still to come. I hope she is not listening to


you. Here is one that is a brilliant horse, Redesigned, Pippa Funnell,


they have gone so well in the past. The horse has been plagued with


issues, hasn't had Berlin reparation for this event. -- hasn't had


brilliant preparation. To ride it was even more impressive.


The jumps are really high but it is a wonderful atmosphere. So many


people are cheering, it is great ground, a real adventure. She won


the individual silver and team gold in Malmo, we are going to see a lot


more of Ingrid. Here is Andrew Nicholson, back at Capability's


Cutting with a brick and he is making up the time -- with Avebury.


He is on a good dressage score. One of the reasons this is such


course is because of the natural undulations. They are used to good


effect at the Leaf Pit. They launch and dropped 56 feet down. We are


waiting for Pippa Funnell who won this title two years ago. See how


easy they make it look. The Lion Bridge for Avebury.


Interesting to see the time. We have only got one inside the time.


Avebury never looks the fastest but covers the ground.


Here is Pippa Funnell with Redesigned, coming back through the


Discovery Valley now. She was worried about this fence. You feel


the horse is lacking in match practice but she gives it able into


ride and lots of encouragement afterwards. She will be happy it is


out of the way. Andrew Nicholson, driving to the last. He is away


inside the time. He has made all the time he was behind. Just as Captain


Mark Phillips, the course designer, said might happen. 42.3 is his


dressage score, he stays on that. New Zealand are now first and


second. They are absolutely in magnificent form. Ingrid Klimke in


third. Andrew again in fourth. Then Stanislas in fifth. Pippa Funnell


has taken the sharper bit out of his mouth. She has to sit quietly at the


combinations. Most horses are struggling to get there in three


strides. As soon as the horses finish the


cross-country course they are kept on the move. Avebury is washed


down, scraped off and washed down again so his body temperature comes


down. He has a thermometer just under his tail and that will be used


by the vet to monitor the drop in his temperature and how quickly he


is recovering. Already his heart rate has come down coming is not


distressed, he is recovering really fast. He is 13 years old now, he is


very fit, sort of at his peak for an event horse and he looks as if he is


very happy with the job he has done. It is a privilege to ride him, he


knows his job inside out and he made it feel like it was an open


intermediate one-day event. In the first half it felt like he was


spinning around the corners as happy as can be. Oliver Townend won it in


2009. He is riding an ex-Nicholson horse, Armada. Fourth last year, he


has been out of the big time in the last few seasons but this horse


could get him back. Beautifully through the fifth fence, the


Discovery Valley first combination. And Redesigned is flying down to the


Rolex Combination. A little bit down on the clock. That horse, 27 seconds


down in fact. He is a bit of a galloping machine but she has got to


concentrate on this combination, quite a tight turn for a big


striding horse. Has him anchored but makes it look easy.


This combination looks so good when they represented Britain in Kentucky


in the world Equestrian games. Finished fifth there and we hoped


this would be a combination that could feature at the Olympic aims.


Didn't work out, as she jumps through the triple brushes very


well. It is a real combination to be reckoned with. Discovery Valley for


Oliver. He has developed a great partnership with this horse. They


get on so well. A big striding horse again. A strong horse.


Back in the Anniversary Splash, not the stride she wanted. It was


towards the end of the course they had their run out at Badminton which


was their return to the big time. During the long route, probably a


sensible move, it is quite a sharp turn to the goose. She won't have


lost a lot of time, 35 seconds to get home, it is not enough. She is


going to get time penalties. She was handily placed after dressage. Now


at the Lion Bridge. This combination, back on form could


be a huge asset to the British squad with the world championships next


year in France. Jonelle Richards and The Deputy, coming to the arena.


Finds those strides quite short there. Doesn't look in a hurry but


could be deceptive. Jonelle Richards was the lead-off


rider for the New Zealanders in the Olympics in London. This horse went


to Kentucky this spring, finished 18th but certainly on the


improvement. Just leaves a leg there. Not really attacking this


course, could do with upping the gear. Pippa Funnell is already 20


seconds over the optimum time. It is there a point for the penalty for


every second. -- it is 0.4 of a penalty for every second. The


combination could be back, which is very good news for Britain.


Redesigned and Pippa Funnell, The Deputy has got the twisted turn


bits at the beginning of the course out of the way. Now it is time to


open up and go that bit faster. The injury he had two and a half years


ago, he missed a lot. I take a big gamble in the management and getting


him here and it is lovely how it paid off. I will move on and think


how he can go faster because he felt full of running at the end. Around


is the sort of course you are worried they will get tired. --


is the sort of course you are around this sort of course. Armada


is a Spanish bred horse, coming up to the Rolex Combination. 17 seconds


behind the clock. He has always fashioned his style on Andrew


Nicholson. The similar time to Andrew being behind a plot at this


fence. Beautifully written. -- being behind the clock. Beautifully


written. Only seven or eight marks behind the


lead, it is not much. He is going the quick way. Jumping across the


corner... Doesn't quite get there. Quite a surprise. He was trying to


come across the corner of the second element. Now he has got to go the


long route. That rules out Ollie Townend winning it again. Some


others were not quite so lucky on the cross-country course. Astier


Nicolas did not get his line at all. Pascal Leroy is at the Discovery


Valley and he goes out. Lucy Jackson for New Zealand, Willy Do through


the Trout Hatchery. Sadly gets an seated. Lucy Jackson goes out and it


wasn't a lucky day for France because Benjamin Massie and Piano


Star take a spectacular tumble coming out of the water. I'm lucky


but probably was going too fast. And then Mark Davidson, the only


American here. The only problem at the cottage all day.


Now Ludwig Svennerstal, and here is a very exciting star for Sweden.


Just 23, was in the Swedish silver medal team. He is at Discovery


Valley with King Bob, his second horse. In Malmo he was on for an


individual medal but then had two fences down. Jonelle Richards and


The Deputy, coming up the hill. If that time is right, doesn't look as


though she has been in a hurry at all.


Certainly spending a lot of time setting up for the fences. Very neat


through the Rolex Combination. Here again, she married her


long-time boyfriend from New Zealand. Both Kiwis. Has been based


here for the best part of ten years. Her promotion to the New Zealand


team in London, winning that team bronze, has certainly set this lady


on her way. It looks as though it is New Zealand practised ago the long


route at the dairy market. They have decided it is not worth the risk,


going the long route. Ludwig Svennerstal, King Bob, a horse that


really got him on the international map. Now based over here. His sister


goes to the young riders event in France next week. This man has got


the future of Swedish sport very much on his mind. On the way home,


Capability's Cutting. Another one to go to the upright on


the left. Makes a good job of that. Might be deceptive, this horse.


Another one down on time. Coming up to the Rolex Combination. This is


the switchback part of the course, where riders have to use their


skills to keep the horses balanced. This fence really is all about


control and accuracy. Good preparation and very good


performance through there for the young Swedish rider. The Anniversary


Splash. I just wonder if perhaps this horse has gone faster than we


imagine. It is a very big horse, with a long stride. A minute to get


home. Could do it. Could. If the petrol is in the tank. Berry very


deceptive, because I wouldn't have put him at that time at all. She has


never looked as though she is in a hurry. That is a sign of a good


horse, when it just looks effortless. Certainly looks to have


enough left. Sam Griffiths for Australia. Represented Australia in


the world question games. A man with a lot of ability. The dash the world


Equestrian games. Happy Times looking good there. An experienced


combination there. It is going to be nip and tuck here. A very good


dressage score, as you see. 46.2. Don't think it is going to quite


make it. Three inside the time. Three New Zealand rides, but not


quite a fourth. The New Zealand domination continues. I didn't think


that she would be anywhere near that time, but Sam Griffiths is certainly


not hanging around. Sam always has a time, but Sam Griffiths is certainly


sheepskin nose band on the horse. It can affect the horse's head position


and how they look at jumps. Obviously experimented to work that


out. That is a very difficult corner. The line to it on the


approach is so acute. The horses just lock onto these flags. A lovely


jump. CLARE BALDING: Is that as big a


course as you have jumped in a few years? Yes. I don't think it is


going to get much bigger. That's is as big as it gets. Suddenly, the


horses come to the fore. The Anniversary Splash. So many of


these international riders now based in Britain. This is a man who stands


out, who we will see a lot more of. Went well in London, but not on this


horse, Shamwari four. He is an incredibly talented young guy. Great


to see that he got one horse at the Europeans and is here the next week.


Look at how quickly he went through that gap. There's another one


getting on with the job. Sam Griffiths, Happy Times. Was actually


forth here at Badminton in 2009. They have been a very consistent


combination, just not had the luck at championship level. Going through


the Dairy Mount, and making the best of his way home. Now, Ludwig van


style. Looking very concentrated. He comes to the very last fence. Nips


over that. A very grown up around for the 23-year-old. Add six marks


to his dressage score. There is the leaderboard, and look at the


domination of New Zealand. Four in the top six. Still some big guns to


come. Sam has had a great ride so far on Happy Times. I am surprised


quite so many are taking the outside. It is probably a faster


route. The horse was good. It was a little bit too keen in the beginning


and we had some slightly awkward moments, but it was a fantastic


course and he did two 's job, and I am happy. It was a decent track. I


am very happy. There are precious few British names on that


leaderboard. The one rider who could make an impact for great written is


William Fox-Pitt. This is the horse who won the title here a few years


ago, Parklane Hawk. Let's see how he fares.


This course could suit this horse. He is an ex-New Zealand bred horse.


He won an tacky. He stepped out on the course on a score of 41 point


five. -- 41.5. William is a fantastic rider. His balance on


cross country is unbelievable. He sits back and makes sure that the


horses doing his job. The horse is really trusting. He makes the horse


look easy. Class written all over it. Now, Sam


Griffiths. Home is inside. Already 15 seconds over, and counting. Sam


Griffiths, who had that dressage of 46.3.


57.5. Australia get one in the top ten. Australia didn't have a great


Olympics. Sam Griffiths safely home. ten. Australia didn't have a great


Happy Times. Parklane Hawk already a winner here at Burghley. A very fast


horse across the country. But William will need to get their


inside the time if he is going to challenge for winning this


competition. Very fast. Third here last year. In the top five at


Badminton. Nikola Wilson, with the great Opposition Buzz. Good to see


this combination back and jumping. Great dressage. They had one of


their best dressage is ever, in the 40s. Trout Hatchery. This horse is a


good gallop. Makes it look child's play. Here is Opposition Buzz. 43.3


in the dressage. Not had a good year by their standards. Had a pretty


dramatic fall earlier in the season, which meant Nikola was on the


sidelines. This combination has done Britain proud in the Europeans.


Helped to win the world team gold medal. Opposition Buzz and Nicola


Wilson have made a tremendous contribution to British eventing.


Probably in the best form ever. Really accelerating away. Now, he is


the oldest rider here, but probably the most famous. Sir Mark Todd, on a


new ride for him. 18th after dressage, 48.3. Ground to make up.


Double Olympic gold medallist. Mark Todd is in a class of his own.


Always has been, always will be. He makes it look so easy. So supple.


The rhythm is always there. And the fact that he used still competing,


and competing so well at this level, games huge admiration from


other riders. Lord Burghley started this event off, and one Olympic gold


in the hurdles, and then was the IOC chairman for the London Olympics in


1948. Mark Todd away for the Lord Burghley Hurdles. It is a fairly new


horse for him, but the way he came through that main arena, it was as


though they've been together for years.


Didn't get the highest there. As heard, this man held in such high


esteem by his ears. William Fox-Pitt. Parklane Hawk. The horse


that loves a galloping track. He is bred to stay.


At the Discovery Valley. A big, striding


experience coming to the fore big-time. Opposition Buzz 16 years


old, but looking as good as ever. Such a popular combination. So good


to see. A great hunting family in this lady. She really does show the


rest of the field how to go cross country when they are in top form.


Those flags break away these days. All part of the very big safety work


now being done to make sure that horses and riders have the best


chance possible in this risk sport. Here is William Fox-Pitt near the


end with Parklane Hawk. He looks as if he has been flying. He is


certainly trying to do this time. Just at times he has looked a


fraction casual. It is a very fast horse, so maybe Willie thinks he's


got it under control. He's going to be close. £60,000 to


the winner. Over £40,000 to the second. He is currently lying handy.


If he goes clear he could go into the top three.


Oloa Trout Hatchery. Assessing the situation quickly, is forward.


Now this is going to be nip and tuck. Takes a quick look at the


clock. Crowds cheering him home here. The British support want one


in to challenge the Kiwis. Every second was costly there. Two seconds


over. 42.3. He goes behind Clifton Lush and stays just ahead of Andrew


Nicholson. Nicola on Opposition Buzz did the test of their lives in the


dressage. Usually quick across country. If she can finish on her


dressage score, she will be right up there.


CLARE BALDING: The frustrating thing is that two seconds go in the blink


of an eye, and had you ever known it would make such difference? It's


amazing. He gave me a superb ride. He was eating up that course and


never gave me a second's worry. I thought I was quite comfortable. If


only I had realised that I wasn't. I could easily have done it. Very,


very annoying, but that is how it goes sometimes. I have been there


before, but I hope it doesn't end up being very, very expensive. He is


actually on the same score as Andrew Nicholson, but not as close to the


optimum time as Andrew, so he does go behind Avebury. How good is it to


have Mark Todd back in the sport? He retired in 2000 after the Sydney


Olympics. Won the individual bronze there, and then came back for the


2008 Olympics. He is back in a big way. The customary speed and


accuracy of Opposition Buzz. They are flying around this course. It


will be interesting to see what her time is like. It does highlight how


will be interesting to see what her difficult this time is. When William


gets two seconds over... This is another horse that would normally be


inside, and he is over. That is penalties added. 19 seconds it is.


50.9. If she could only have got through on her dressage school, she


would have been right in there with show-jumping to come. Now we have


Tina Cook and De Novo News. She was just lining up and angling the fence


are little more than some of the other riders. Good dressage,


probably the best test this course has ever done. It is a home bred


horse, which is always a great thrill, to ride a horse you have


bred. Safely on the way.


You are still so full -- he is still so full of enthusiasm and energy?


Yes, he just lives for the sport. It is a real treat for him to come here


and see lots of crowds, a real joy for him and of course me.


There is Mark Todd with Oloa, coming up to the Capability's Cutting.


Another man... An anxious moment there. Pressing on, he is going to


be pushed to make the time but what about this man? John Paget with his


Badminton winner, Clifton Promise. He loves this horse and it has done


absolutely nothing wrong since he first came on the New Zealand team.


He just gets better and better. Keep it the great Michael Young at


Badminton, can he win Burghley and Badminton back-to-back -- he picked


the great Michael Young. The leader after dressage is out on course, the


crowd will look forward to this. He looked quite casual at the start but


this is a very fast horse. Jock certainly knows his way around this


course. Very neat through the arena. certainly knows his way around this


Quickly back in his rhythm. Kristina Cook, De Novo News, European


champion. In 2009. An Olympic silver and bronze for the team and an


individual bronze. She knows what it is all about, can she nursed this


horse through? Mark Todd has given this horse a brilliant ride. I have


to say the horse has answered all his questions. A bit frustrating


that he has not quite made the time but he must be thrilled with this


that he has not quite made the time new right. Very exciting prospect


that -- thrilled with this new ride. What about this man? He is going to


be such an exciting star for the sport in the future. Coming to the


Leaf Pit now. Look at that, cantors right to the edge, wastes no time at


all. Gets a lovely level stride out of the Leaf Pit. You could still be


top ten and that would be an amazing thing. I would be chuffed to bits if


he finishes in the top ten. It is looking a strong leader board.


Andrew and Jock are on very good horses so I think they will be


fighting it out tomorrow. William is there too, to add a bit of spice.


Tina, coming to the Rolex Combination. We are going to check


on her time soon. It is just a matter how much she is down. 31


seconds, it is quite a lot to try to make up. It'll be interesting to see


how this young horse copes. A little bit of an argument but pops through


there. Just had a brilliant ride last week at the European


Championships on Miners Frolic. Jock Padget's Clifton Promise. Down


towards the big hedge. It is enormous but jumped it very easily.


Clifton Promise, one of several horses from a tremendous owner who


was based in New Zealand, now in France. They have Clifton Pinot in


this competition, ridden by Kevin McNab, who started Jock Padget. He


has not been in the sport that long but what a meteoric rise to the top.


He rattles the house little bit but he is very quick coming out of the


water. He is determined to get there. Really riding for his life.


Clifton Promise, answering the questions. Andrew Nicholson, on what


would be one of two of his best rides, no ray oh, -- Nereo. It is a


real star and he is right in there after dressage, third on 41.3.


Already with two in the top ten. The Maltings for Clifton Promise. This


class horse. Jock Padget, a seriously class rider. With an


incredible future ahead of him. Still a young rider. So much talent.


Interestingly enough, this horse, like his last tours, has blood in


its mouth. What a coincidence. Here comes Nereo, owned by a New Zealand


lady who has lived in Great Britain for a number of years, a huge


supporter of Andrew. Another of the Spanish bred horses, a real star. An


uncharacteristic stop at the open but Andrew will be trying 100%.


Heading for home, the Lion Bridge for Tina. How much petrol has he got


left in the tank? Tina is kicking on. What is her time? Here is the


time and it is just behind the clock again. It is a good ride. At


Badminton they had an unlucky run out. Today it is clear all of the


way, it is still getting better and can still go on improving. 38


seconds, it is, over the time. Goes 12th on 58.4 with show-jumping still


to come. Coming to the Cottesmore Leap for Jock Padget, how


extraordinary is that. The judges trying to stop him. It is very easy


to criticise, but Jock didn't get a very fair chance. The fence judge


was not positive. Once more, it is very fair chance. The fence judge


the blood, quite lucky for Jock to spot that. He is talking to the vets


and it looks to me as if the vet is happy. This time it is out of the


mouth so it could be biting the tongue, we will have to see. Two


occasions, Jonathan Paget has been stopped. He makes is challenged to


retain the Burghley title. Could he have three in the top ten -- he


makes his challenge. The horse has obviously been checked, no problem.


It is interesting, when you are held on the course, it is difficult to


get back into the rhythm. Has his horse had a breather or does it


distract the horse? To add to that, he stopped right at the top of the


downhill run where he can make up some good time. It looks as if he is


on target again and full of running, to go inside the time. Going to be


close, 53 to get home. It could go against him.


Jock is certainly trying to get there within the time, he is pushing


for all he's worth. Andrew Nicholson and Nereo, this horse that is


normally more than quick enough. 15 odd seconds behind the clock. This


is a real class machine. A lot of thoroughbred in no Spanish


bloodlines. -- those Spanish bloodlines. He gets quite wide there


but still right on the line. I think he was only wide because he jumped


so big over the rails. Climbing up to the dairy mound. The thing about


Andrew Nicholson, you really don't see him change his pace, change his


stride in preparation, he wastes nothing across the fences. He has


stride in preparation, he wastes gone the long route again, as he did


on his other two rides. Immediately increases the length of the stride


to make up time. Here is another man increasing the pace. Jock Padget


coming home, 11 seconds, is it enough? He has got a lead, he is


going to maintain his dressage lead. One second over! 0.4. 37.1, he is


going to be at least a fence ahead of anybody. Even what Andrew


Nicholson will do. Show-jumping is tomorrow. What can this man do


today? He has done absolutely nothing wrong so far. A little bit


close to that rail. This is the third of three great rides that


Andrew has had today. Well done, brilliant two rides. They


were both exceptional, both very good horses. How extraordinary that


you get stopped on both of them. People are going to start thinking I


planned it. The first one bumped his nose at fence six. The second one


bit his tongue, he flaps it around like a fool so he is going to bite


it. Did you think, not again?As soon as the lady put the flag up,


she put it up in front of Cottesmore Leap, I thought I would get that out


of the way and then stop for the I saw blood on his lips and I thought,


OK, that will be why. He is absolutely fine. Yes, he does bite


his tongue. When you came to Burghley, did you think you could be


first and second? No, I didn't think I was going to be. With these two


horses, I know in the back of my mind it is very possible because


they are both great horses. These competitions, against these sorts of


riders, you never imagined you will be first and second at Burghley, it


is amazing. What a cool cookie. Here is another, Andrew Nicholson. After


dressage, 41.3. Can he stay on that? is another, Andrew Nicholson. After


If he should be able to stay on that, it'll be New Zealand one, two,


three and could even be four. Coming down to the Lion Bridge. The horse


has not looked quite as much on song, looking a little weary but


has not looked quite as much on still bonding to Andrew's efforts.


-- still responding. Andrew has two inside the time, Jock has one, could


Andrew make it three in a row? Is getting very close. He knows it.


Yes, he does. I am not sure he is quite going to do it. So near, yet


so far. He jumped the last. He has got three, four, five it is. 43 when


three. He goes behind William Fox-Pitt into fifth. They will


certainly be enjoying this in New Zealand, with seven in the top ten.


What a performance. William Fox-Pitt, right in the mix. An


exciting finish in prospect. On the second page, compensation for Great


Britain with two good performances on Redesigned and De Novo News for


Pippa Funnell and Kristina Cook. We are moments away now from the


final show-jumping phase, to see who will be the winner of Burghley 2013.


Jock Padget now only has one horse to ride, and that is because he


withdrew Clifton Lush this morning before the vet's inspection. He


picked up a really nasty bang at the Elephant Trap. They have scanned the


knee. There is nothing broken, but there is some swelling. It isn't a


long-term problem, but it has put him out of action for today's final


phase. A three-day event have to stay fit and sound for all three


days. He could become the first rider and horse combination since


1989 to win both Badminton and Burghley in the same year. He will


be last to go in the show-jumping phase. This morning, the crowd were


entertained by various displays, including displays from two X


champion horses. Including the Grand National winner two years ago. The


connection between racing and eventing is very close. The


show-jumping course today is proving very difficult. We have seen 11


horses go, and no clear round so far. They included Andrew Nicholson,


on the first of his three rides, Calico Joe. He absolutely


the fourth fence. He recovered to get through the double clear, but


had two more fences down, so 12 penalty points to add to his


school. That will prove expensive. He has two more rides to come,


including Avebury, who lives in second place. Andrew Nicholson,


then, on Nereo. So, Andrew Nicholson with Nereo.


Lying fourth overnight. Three horses in the top ten, so jumping out of


order. 43.3 is his score. Nereo has been his star horse. Bronze


medallist individually in the world in 2010 behind William Fox-Pitt.


individually in London. Trying to win the Grand Slam at Badminton.


They finish right in the money, in third place. Fourth at the moment.


Very tight indeed. Nereo, as we saw yesterday on the


cross country, keeping him connected and not


gaining too much ground in the combination distances. That is


typical of the sort of problem with a extra riding horse. Just


lengthened a little bit. He will need to stay clear now. He is just


0.1 of the mark... Jonelle Richards is in fourth place. 47.3. You can


long in the frame there. Sadly, it flattened it last stride and clipped


the bar. Pippa Funnell now. Tina Cook and Pippa Funnell the greatest


of mates. Those two together, with William Fox-Pitt, have been part of


the British dynasty ever since they have been in juniors together.


problems. Currently lying 12th. That is just under three points ahead of


Andrew Nicholson. Paper is a real perfectionist in all


the disciplines, and she was apologising to her owners and her


long-term trainer for not doing a good enough job in the dressage.


Then she was kicking herself for not going fast enough cross-country. As


you say, this horse has had its problems staying sound and staying


on the road. But she was thrilled with him yesterday. We already know


he's a superstar. She just needs to be able to put the training and the


work into him. He's certainly got be able to put the training and the


all the ability in the world. A little bit keen for some of these


show jumps. But he has had very, very few runs in the last year or


so. To get him to compete at this level, I should think, has been


quite a hard job for paper. But no one more up for the task. And the


last goes. That's expensive. 73.9. That will drop her right down the


leaderboard. Tina Cook comes up one. Andrew Nicholson also picks up a


place, despite his three down. Disappointing for paper there. I am


pretty sure that this horse will be Disappointing for paper there. I am


right up there. Tina Cook is with me now. Just one fence down on De Novo


News. You are going to be top ten. Well done. I am really pleased, but


he is a fabulous jumper. He is a classy horse. Singing you, Pippa


Funnell, and William Fox-Pitt really up there. Where do you think British


eventing is there right now? In a bit of a lull. In the Europeans, the


Germans really thrashed us. But we bit of a lull. In the Europeans, the


saved our young horses. We have got some young riders coming through. It


is a quiet year, but we are building up to Rio. Rio is our main


objective. Don't wipe us out completely. So you would say, don't


panic. Yes, there is a good system in place, thanks to lottery funding.


There is a great team around us. It takes a while to build people up. It


takes six seven years to build them to this level. Thank you.


Mark Todd, five times winner of this Burghley title. One of the true


greats of all time. Oloa new rider to him. Currently on 55.5. He has


got a fence in hand on Andrew Nicholson, just behind him at the


moment on Calico Joe. This man has not only one double gold medals, but


he has also ridden in the Olympic show-jumping in Seoul in 1998, and


again in 1992. This man is multitalented. He showed some of


that talent there. He dropped his reins at the boxer. The rhythm and


the balance never changes. This horse looked a little green at times


yesterday. Certainly impressive. There's another one just to have a


little look at that water tray. There is a water tray under that


boxer, and you could see Mark working quite hard. Another fence


down will drop him three places. Living dangerously! And he jumps the


last. Nicely judged. So he goes on to 59.5. He stays on his ninth


place. Now, Nicola Wilson with Opposition


Buzz. Currently lying in sixth position on a score of 50.9. Well,


Nicola Wilson now, from up in Yorkshire on this lovely horse,


Opposition Buzz. What a combination they've been. They did their best


ever dressage here earlier in the week. They really did do a wonderful


dressage. They helped Britain to a number of championship medals when


they joined the team in 2009. A great partnership. Those three bar


senses, in show-jumping terms, looks a bit of a freebie. But didn't quite


make the spread. It was great to see him yesterday in such cracking


form. Sadly, he went out to Germany in June and had a bit of a tumble in


the water, which was probably the only real mistake in his


cross-country career. But he was certainly back on form yesterday. 16


years old. Nicola isn't doing very certainly back on form yesterday. 16


well of late, but he really has been a star again, as has the jockey.


Down it goes as well. All right for time. So 62.9, and she drops behind


Calico Joe, Andrew Nicholson's first horse.


Nicola Hall will be director of the European Championships in Blair


Nicola Hall will be director of the Castle in 2015.


It is now the turn of one of the German stars who has been so much


part of the German climb right to the top of the world. They of course


were world champions in 2006, Olympic champions in 2008, and again


in London last year. Ingrid was on this very horse then. Been an apt


salutes staff. Not always easy in this phase. He is a thoroughbred.


That is what the Germans are so successful in doing, putting


thoroughbred bloodlines on their horses. She didn't jump in the


individual final round because she knocked several down in the first of


the last two show-jumping rounds. It happened in being to be jewel in


2011 as well. Just one at the moment. He can be a little bit


casual in this phase. He had a couple of hairy moments in the cross


country yesterday. But his short little is guide flying round the


course in great form. This new young mayor, a nine-year-old in Malmo, won


the individual silver medal. She would love to finish right up there


on Burghley on this horse. Every would love to finish right up there


element of that line walloped and kicked, but they stayed up. Lucky,


lucky. She jumps the last. That's a good round. 52.2. They will


certainly retain their overnight place.


There's Chris Bartle, the team manager. He has been so important


with the tremendous rise of Germany. manager. He has been so important


My word, they were impressive in Malmo when they won that world title


a week ago. Now, Jonelle Richards. And how this


lady has developed since she was in this New Zealand team who won the


team bronze in London! She was the lead-off rider. Jonelle Richards,


married last December to Tim Price. Riding The Deputy. Finished on 47.4.


Already up to 51.4. So very tight around here these


scores. One early fence down. We saw her -- how big striding this horse


was on the cross country. We thought he was nowhere near the time, but


his monstrous stride covered the ground.


Incan Tuckey he looks impressive in cross country -- in Kentucky. Then


he didn't jump so well and move down the leaderboard. That was on an


all-weather surface, this is on grass. Sometimes the horses in Great


Britain like the grass but not this one. Yes, another two away. He is a


big, rangy horse. He is doing a good job. The twists and turns would help


a horse like this, to keep it together. She certainly drops below


Ingrid Klimke. Just ahead of Mark Todd. 59.45 Jonelle Richards, it was


to be one of her best 4-star finishes. All these fences coming


down, hits them behind, leaves his back legs behind. Let's get a


reaction from Ingrid Klimke. He rattled everything but only one


fell. He is so clever. He knows that he can easily touch these rails but


luckily they all stayed on. I thought he was really trying,


especially after yesterday, it was our first time here. Yesterday he


gave me such a lovely round that I am very happy with him. Will you


come back to Burghley? Fisher. If you do it once, you want to do it


every year -- for sure. Remember, three to go. Already in


fourth place before we started was Andrew Nicholson. He jumped out of


order with Nereo. He is on 47.3. He is the one behind this man, they are


great rivals. William Fox-Pitt, winner here two years ago. He was


third on this very horse last year. Parklane Hawk. 42.3. He has won this


4-star, he has also won Kentucky and he has won this title in all six


times. We know he is capable of clear


rounds, we know he is capable of winning this level. But every day is


different. He can afford one down and still stay third, but no more.


He jumped brilliantly around here two years ago. To win this event. It


was quite different conditions, a lot of rain on the ground -- and the


ground was sodden and the going was heavy. I don't I have ever seen


William hold the front end up quite as much as he is doing here,


protecting the front end of the horse. He obviously trusts him


behind and is trying to keep him off the fence. The only rigid medallist


in the Europeans last week. Oh... The second one is going to be


costly. He has dropped below Nereo and Andrew Nicholson. 50.3. That was


the issue, the course has been good behind throughout the competition


but he gets a little low in front over the show jumps. Clear rounds


have sometimes been hard to come by for William and Parklane Hawk. They


are going to finish on 50.3. He goes below Andrew Nicholson. They were


both on the same score before this, Andrew had one down, William had


two. Here we go, just two riders to go


and both of them from New Zealand. Andrew Nicholson on last year's


winner Avebury, they would be the first ever to win back-to-back


Burghleys on the same horse. Jock Paget had not jumped a fence until


he was 18 years old. He trained as a bricklayer. He is now the up and


coming star of eventing around the world, not just in this country and


he stands on the threshold of completing a badminton Burghley


double and putting himself in line for the grand slam. It is that man


again, three potentially in the top ten.


He had a brilliant win here last year, the start of an amazing purple


patch. He won in Kentucky, it brought him to the grand slam


possibilities at Badminton. One of the best in the world, currently


lying second on 42.3. He is one fence behind the current leader,


Jock Paget. And of course, at the moment, the best score behind him is


his and self -- is himself so he could finish second and third, or


could it be even higher? He has been a little toe tapping up the rights.


He is jumping the oxers well. Another horse who we know is


capable. That was a good rub to get away


with, the gate has gone sadly. Richard Jeffers has built this


course, a man who comes from Cornwall, has a lot of his designing


in America, always designed to show-jumping at Kentucky. He is


certainly making it exciting. Always difficult when you have one down


under pressure. Do you get defensive and start thinking back, do you keep


the rhythm? Andrew is riding well off that turn, he trusts himself,


they know each other so well. Coming to the last and he is clear, inside


the time. 46 -- 46.3, it was the one fence down at the gate. It is still


good enough to stay ahead of his other horse, Nereo. He is guaranteed


second and third. There is his partner. It is nail-biting stuff, my


word. One left, and it is yet another Kiwi. Here he is, 29 years


old, Jock Paget. He really has risen to the top of the world. Just remind


you, he had to withdraw Clifton Lush this morning, he wasn't produced for


the inspection. He was first and second overnight but looking for the


double of a Badminton and Burghley in the same year. Dramatic finish


saw him the winner of the Badminton title, now with this lovely horse.


Now looking for another 4-star win. 37.1, he has got two fences in hand.


He has had a couple of good rub is in front already. He has only jumped


three fences. He jumped a brilliant clear round at Badminton to put the


pressure on Michael Young in April. May, in fact. We know he is capable.


Such an exciting young man to watch in all three disciplines. Fantastic


dress large, amazing cross-country -- fantastic dressage.


There is no doubt the New Zealand show-jumping coach has done a great


job, particularly with this man. He is looking good. Barring a


disaster, I think he is a double winner. Even if he has this fence


down he still has this early title! He does but he is still the Burghley


champion. 41.1. -- this early title. This man has helped put it there.


The Kiwis are there and they can celebrate because it has been a


fantastic event for them. One two, three for New Zealand. Here is Jock


Paget winning in style. A commentator's curse at the last


fence but it was unimportant. Look at the face, incredible, absolutely


thrilled, relieved but throw. Supporters are hugging each other.


Great celebrations, fantastic win for Jock.


Here is confirmation of what has been a dramatic Land Rover Burghley


2013. Jock Paget, wearing the winners sash


for the second time it a major three-day event in red Britain. How


on earth -- in Great Britain. How do you reflect on what you have done? I


don't know. That was a lot of fun. It is going to take a while to sink


in. It has been a good day. It has been a very good year and the lovely


thing, we had no clear rounds this afternoon but you were so clean


until the last fence. It is a shame, I love to jump clear but a win is a


win and I will take it. William Fox-Pitt is the highest placed


British rider in fourth place. I guess a frustrating few days for


you. A little bit frustrating but I am delighted with him. This summer


has been tricky for him with the firm ground. He has come here with


minimum preparation and he has gone brilliantly. Bits and bobs that


could have tweaked the result but to finish fourth, I am very proud and


he has been first, third and fourth here. How do you reflect on 2013?I


think it has been an interesting year, certainly for Team GB. There


is a lot we can think about but we have got to focus on the strong


riders that we do have and the amazing horses. And things will come


together. No one is at the top for ever. We have some fantastic,


Nations and I am looking forward to getting going. I have some wonderful


horses -- we have some fantastic on donations.


-- fantastic combinations. Jock Paget lifts the trophy. The


presentation made by the MD of Land Rover Jaguar and the president of


the Burghley Horse Trials. The points of Jock Paget means he has


moved into third place in the FDI classics. Andrew Nicholson is the


winner of that award. There is no doubt of who is the


story of this season in the UK. Jock Paget has risen seemingly from


nowhere, having trained as a bricklayer and done a bit of radio


riding, he is now on top of the world in eventing. -- rodeo riding.


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