2014 Equestrian: Burghley Horse Trials


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The event horse has to be the complete equine athlete. There are


three different disciplines that test its physique and temperament to


the max and Avebury is one of the best in the world. This striking


grey as victory in its sights because he and Andrew Nicholson


could be the first partnership to win here three years in a row. You


will find out over the next few hours if they can do it or not.


Welcome to the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials.


The eventing circus is always on the move and those riders that were


representing their country at the World Equestrian Games in France


have packed up their horse boxes and headed across the channel to


Lincolnshire. We will take you to Normandy at the end of the programme


to show you the very last event and the medals being decided in the


individual show-jumping. For now we will concentrate on the Burghley


Horse Trials because this is one of the toughest cross-country courses


in the world and the toughest cross-country courses


prestigious titles. Let's look at the key contenders. Top


prestigious titles. Let's look at always have to be this man, William


Fox-Pitt, the world number one, six time champion and recent individual


bronze medallist at the World Equestrian Games. The key French has


Jakata, back from a break, and Westwood Marina. -- Piggy French.


Aiming for his place in history books, Andrew Nicholson brings back


burly winner Avebury looking for the hat-trick. Fellow New Zealander and


fourth placed in France last week, Jonelle Price is not afraid to put


her foot down. Sam Griffiths took the title at Badminton. A win here


would put him on track for the rare Rolex treble. And Izzy Taylor was


named in the Great Britain team for the World Equestrian Games but had


to pull out. She is some cross-country rider. The riders are


only half of the team because the horses oche. They have to be the


best athletes because as well as swimming, cycling and running they


have to excel at show-jumping, cross-country and dressage. We


turned to Andrew Nicholson to explain what is required.


What a horse does need to be competitive at Burleigh is a very


good engine in it. When I say engine, I mean they don't have to be


a furore in terms of speed, they just have to be able to keep going


along at that consistent speed, up and down the undulations without


getting tired for 11 and a half minutes. You know pretty much when


you do your first couple of novice events which ones can do that and


which cannot. Pretty much all the top events, we go there knowing that


we have to be very good at the dressage, very good at the


cross-country and very good at the show-jumping. This sport has got to


such a level now that you cannot afford to have a weak link. And when


I plan which horses I will take to Burleigh purely because they can


cope with the cross-country to rain, they all can do the jobs but they


can't all be competitive at the right speed and to rain. -- ter


rain. Temperament is a big part of a competition horse. You want one to


go into the dressage and be very calm but alert. You need ones that


can go in and raise their whole game for the crowd. You want them to be


able to walk from the start box at the cross-country, alert, sharp but


listening to you. You have walked the course and you know the heavy


bits, the rough ground, the ups and downs, the difficult jumps. If they


are listening to you, you can help them a lot. And then with


show-jumping, you want them to go in, respect offences, realise they


don't have to jump over the top bit, they just have to leave the


coloured poles up. As with other equestrian disciplines, breeding


must play its part and Jumbo has sired four winners at Burleigh and


Avebury is the most successful of them. If you can have a full


thoroughbred, they are hard to find. I have a good supply of young horses


but they are not thoroughbreds. At least they have a lot of


thoroughbred in their breeding but they have some warm blood as well,


and that gives them more movement on the flat. They jump nicely. They are


not as fast as thoroughbreds, but if I buy them young, I feel I can train


them and they start galloping when they are four years old. It is part


of their routine when they get older. I think that is why the likes


of Avebury and Cruise Control have managed to win at the top level. It


is the work they have done as youngsters. Avebury has won Burleigh


twice and this horse has won twice. They are different in their types


and both very athletic horses. Avebury, as you can see, is not so


big. The other is a very big, rangy horse and has got to keep his stride


pattern within the little rode crossings and simple pants down


bits. He's quite happy up and down hills, it galloping, but Avebury is


more suited to Burleigh. They both jump the jumps the same but when I


get to the finish with the other, I feel like I have given him a major


work-out worries Avebury could have chugged along for another few


minutes. -- whereas Avebury. They will need a really good dressage


score so let's see how they get on. The steely look of concentration on


Andrew Nicholson's face as he gets Avebury's campaign under way.


Excellent dressage last year of course. But he will be satisfied


with this. Avebury is pretty reliable in the dressage. The hind


leg should be on the centre line and then move off into the half pass. It


does not alter the angle and rhythm. Andrew getting every ounce out of


Avebury. If you want to see a good-looking horse, Happy Times


arrives at the party with Sam Griffiths. Gorgeous to look at. Very


elegant horse and that works in your favour big time in the dressage. As


you come down the centre line, you want this good luck and it catches


the eyes of the judges. If there was any doubt, they tend to go that bit


higher, good-looking horses. any doubt, they tend to go that bit


Good-looking riders helps sometimes. William Fox-Pitt, the unmistakable


figure of William, the six time winner here. On his horse, and


second placing after this performance that scored 39.5. An


excellent start. Yes, brilliant for William. Bay My Hero, a short career


so far, but an out and out winner. You can see that in the dressage.


APPLAUSE You can see how popular William is


with a really good start to his Burleigh.


And of course Jonathan Paget. 38.8 on Clifton Promise. Of course last


year, allowing for what happened in the aftermath, a great dressage and


did not really look back. He has a lot to put to the back of his mind


and concentrate on here. He is usually reliable in the dressage. He


has a headshaking attitude and every now and again his nose twitches. It


is something that they react to in the atmosphere. He does all his


warming up with nets over the horse's eyes and nose. But they have


to take them off in the arena. They can keep the earmuffs on. It is


supposed to be for the flies but it does help the noise and tension of


the atmosphere. You can see that twitching of his nose. Lovely


picture, lovely outline. Jock is very confident and relaxed in this


phase. Beautiful changes. Absolutely crossing the centre line, so


accuracy is all-important. You can see how straight the horse


is in the centre line. Brilliant halt. Lovely, lovely. Jonathan Paget


off and running. The judges liked Clifton Promise as


well, and he leads the way. Andrew Hoy is also back in the big-time and


Springer from the USA. Let's get the reaction of Andrew Nicholson. Yes,


very happy. I rode him a bit too small but if you want a big mark you


have to make them small but not that small. And the change, I was too far


past the centre line. Costly mistakes that this sort of level. He


is 14, which is younger than some of them. Some of them are 17 in the top


level but he has been in the job since he was six, and he has been


used to the maximum, shall we say, in a nice way. He has always been


reading competitively. -- ridden competitively. Whatever he does now


is a bonus. Burleigh is one of six events around the world known as the


Classics. William Fox-Pitt, if he is top here, could win the overall


title and Oliver Townend is not far behind. The cross-country day is


always misty and murky but that has not stopped the crowds. Hundreds of


thousands of people here to watch the action unfold. This is the first


of 32 fences, the upturned horseshoe to wish them good luck. 11 minutes


19 is the optimum time. The course starts and finishes in front of the


house and it is an anti clockwise loop. The first couple of fences are


big but essentially friendly. They go into the arena with a test of


accuracy with some hurdles with water plates beneath them. Then


discovery Valley. Sam Griffiths explains. This is fence five,


Discovery Valley, an iconic fence at Burleigh. The difficulty the riders


face here is that they have to come down quite a steep slope that can


unbalance the horses and then run up a steep slope to quite a narrow


fence. You then have a curving side to a skinny fence. I don't see this


causing a huge amount of trouble but it will catch out the odd rider.


After that they jumped a big spread at the elephant trap. The classic


leaf that has an astrological theme to it this year. Compared to last it


should not be as difficult as it looks. Here we are at fence nine,


back at Discovery Valley. This is the first really tough test that


gets the riders scratching their heads. We have to come over quite a


narrow fence, similar to what we have already done. Down a steep


slope. Probably in three strides over a ditch, then sharp right-hand


turn to a corner. The difficulty the riders face here is judging how the


horses will jump the ditch. If your horse jumps the ditch and large, you


could well do three strides to the corner and if they just pop over,


you could be looking at four and even five strides. There is a lovely


natural look to the hollow and at 12, and then onto the iconic complex


where William Fox-Pitt awaits. The trout hatch at 13 and 14 has a new


look. The first element comes down a very steep hill with brush. Then you


have got the sharp turn right to the step. This can ride on any stride.


Two, three, four and any step out of the water can be tricky so you will


be hoping to get a good clean jump up that step and then up to the


brush next to me here. Then you have a possibility of three or four


strides and even more if you need it. It is a question of feeling how


your horse is, hoping he locks on and staying on that line. After the


trout, they get to the captain's Log, named after the course designer


Captain Mark Phillips, who has set another test where we join Jonelle


Price. This is fences 16, 17 and 18. Five and a half minutes, so nearly


halfway. The horses will be feeling some fatigue as they go up the hill


and into the complex here. We have a good set of white rails, pretty


imposing looking and intimidating when walking up to it but the horses


will make fairly light work of it. Then we come round to 17 and 18.


Captain Mark Phillips has been created here. The uphill bounce is


not something we are overly used to or have seen too many times before


but once they land it should be a fairly direct four stride line to


this fairly acute looking corner. I think the layer of the land helps


take the horses to the right line. The horses walk three or four times


so they can pace out, see how many strides it will take. As they face


the Rolex Combination, they will be checking their watches and keeping


up the pace and accuracy. The dairy farm is a good example of the humps


and hollows that are part of the challenge of Burleigh. Two brushes


to jump. We then reach the hunting Lodge and the widest and biggest


fence. Most riders do not even get this close when they are walking it.


They just kick on and hope. Then there is a gallop down the avenue,


with previous champions doubt it, and then down and up this cutting


into the last section. The horses can be getting weary as they come to


the second quarter. There is a drop into the water. Then turning sharp


right to a severe looking goose that can cause the odd run out. Then


horses come below over two boats and then they can pick on towards the


house and home. A really big spread to finish with. Get over that and


everybody will heave a sigh of relief. One of the early starters is


Piggy French for Great Britain riding Westwood Mariner, in eighth


place after the dressage. Let's see how she gets on.


On a cloudy day, what a perfect place to start. Burleigh, a


cross-country day, and away with Piggy French, who first rode here 12


years ago on Westwood Mariner, eliminated 12 months ago at


Discovery Valerie. But such a popular figure. -- Discovery Valley.


Yes, a brilliant jockey in all three phases of the eventing. This horse


previously ridden by Polly Stockton up to the top level and Piggy French


has ridden her just over a year now. Great pathfinders for us to watch.


Doesn't look like she is in a huge hurry but she is brilliant on her


lines and incredibly accurate. You can see the horse shying at the


runner which can have a big effect on the rhythm and flow.


Piggy safely out of the arena and to Discovery Valley next. The yellow is


the brave route. Let's see what Piggy French makes of it this year.


A big, striding horse, Westwood A big, striding horse, Westwood


Mariner. You have to be sure that you have the right speed when you


have got a big, easy stride, because they can cover so much ground.


Flicks through the brush. Five strides there can become three then


you have a problem. Through the valley, up around the big turn and


then back through it. It is when you get to the second bit that you can


get into the rhythm. You can waste time earlier on the course. The


leaflet taken with no problem. -- leaf pit. I wonder how she will be


feeling at Discovery Valley. 12 months ago it all went wrong. The


yellow is dead straight. The alternative takes you miles out. I


think we will find that they will jump this brush on the way in and


then holds to the left of the ditch to give themselves more room to jump


that corner. Three strides before the ditch and then four after. Lots


of room to make a decision and that is where Mark has been clever on the


course. The direct routes will encourage people to go quick and


straight, but if they go the long and twisted ways, they can add extra


strides in and each stride is extra time and suddenly the time


disappears from you. Look of steely determination on her face. In


towards the hollow. A dip just in front of that and it can affect the


striding. On the landing over the second element, the bighead, -- big


hedge, it has been softened on the landing.


Now the trout hatchery, one of the most famous and iconic and Burleigh.


The alternative is a long way round. That yellow route is the way to go


but it will not be as easy as that graphic looks. Big drop back into


the water and then can they make the turn? You can see how far to the


left Piggy is, that he has to waste time pulling to the right and


getting lined up again for that corner. -- then she has 2 waste


time. Certainly that adds five seconds and if you do that if you


times, it adds up. They have to land over that log and drop and turn


immediately. To the next big challenge. Oxer next. They literally


bounce between these two and then a very tricky corner to finish off


with. The oxer is big and wide. Last year


they jumped the combination and then turned back to it which made it


easier. The temptation is to gallop at it or start kicking to it and you


have to meet it at rhythm. These brushes had the riders concerned. It


is uphill. If they don't jump in well enough, they can crumple and


land. Nice four strides. A serious corner and Piggy makes it look like


something you go over at home. Scared me when I saw it early on but


she is away and moving now towards halfway. It is at this point that we


will get some initial indication as to how fast she is going. Might be


deceptive. Does not appear there is a great deal of speed on and well


outside the target time. In terms of the clock, a huge amount


of time to make up. She is one minute 30 down, which seems pretty


extreme to me. The beginning of the course is twisting and turning, you


can't make up the time, and then you are climbing, climbing all the way


up. But at this combination, really effective. Piggy did not waste any


time. Kept the rhythm, two strides and made the turn look easy. That


will please the guys watching at home on the monitors. Now the dairy


farm. Piggy heading for the step. Two options here. I am not


surprised. The quick way is quite technical. Huge risk. Most will go


down those steps, I think. This is Harry on Xam and his first Burleigh.


What a moment for him. Great combination. I got really


overexcited watching them at Badminton. Unfortunately they had a


rush of blood to the head and made a mistake halfway round the course and


got knocked out of the competition. Up until that point, I thought this


combination would see him eventually in the British team. Let's see what


they can do at Burleigh. Harry is just 24 and tasted gold at junior


level and a former stable rider with William Fox-Pitt. He certainly


picked the right man to learn from. He could not have a better mental


and if he can ride like William and be half as good, he will be pretty


special. -- better mentor. Now Sam Griffiths aboard Happy Times, in


third place after the dressage. Already looking firmly established


as a good contender this week. A great partnership and Happy Times


has been a great horse already for Sam. Very capable of jumping fast


and clear around this course. All in the lap of the gods. Piggy French


and Westwood Mariner. This is the stage where she really needs to be


making inroads into that time. She was behind, significantly. Once you


get over the leap at the top of the hill, it is quite a long way down


and there is a chance to freewheel. If the horse has some energy, you


can make up sometime. There is still quite a lot to jump and you must not


sat out all of the energy trying to make up the time too quickly. Just


do it gradually over the distance. That is an enormous oxer and it does


not get any smaller over the years. Every time I walk, I think wow. She


will be incurring time penalties pretty shortly and she is probably a


good minute from the finish. Yes, her main aim now is just to get


home. I don't know what her plan was with this horse, whether it was to


be very competitive or whether she is riding Jakata later and is using


this as a pathfinder to get the flow of it. She might put more pressure


on the second horse. I think overall she could have been a bit faster in


between offences. The marina, through the central arch. No


apparent problems. Little incline again. One of those nasty energy


bursts required. And right at the end, it is tough. We have Sam in the


main arena here. Turning inside, another one to turn inside over that


hurdle. I think quite a lot might go round there. He did a brilliant job


of doing the tight lines, but you have to be careful not to start


taking too much energy out of your voice and having strides in there


but trying to be accurate. -- your horse. Sometimes keeping the flow


can be more beneficial. Plenty of twists and turns on this course and


you want to minimise them as much as possible. Happy Times has been


ninth, 12th and 13th here and is no stranger to this big stage. Going


well early. Piggy flying now. Already one minute over the time but


she has made up half a minute from what we saw earlier. She has


certainly increased the speed over the latter part. She will be


thrilled with that. She is clear. The picnic table is the last


obstacle and she clocks a total penalty of 75, setting the early


pace. The irrepressible and ever popular Piggy French. Quite a lot of


time over but it will be interesting to see how she works out. The ground


is perfect. We saw two voices going inside the time last year and it


might be similar this time. -- two horses. They will need to go quicker


than Piggy French. Sam Griffiths through the leaf pit and a winner at


Badminton as well. Will his eyes be on the prize already? All of the


riders will be thinking about it a bit and hoping to win. At the moment


he will be focused on the cross-country. Another one to put


three strides in before that ditch. More three strides than anything


else, I think. If they do two, they can pay the job, hit the rising


ground, crumple on landing and mucked up the brush corner. I'm


pleased to get around. I got around the last five attempts, I tried. I'm


gutted to be quite so slow. I lost it at the beginning. Minute mark I


was way off. Two minute mark I was way off. I wanted to get on with T I


had a few pickles. Turning right was an issue today which I never had


before. It was just wasting time. Just all the time, turning that way


and coming out of the water, I think, jumped him big and had to do


a loop around, so I was just wasting. To the Trout Hatchery and


Sam Griffiths with Happy times. We heard Tiggy saying she wasted


time. She jumped big over this log. The neater they can be in, the


quicker they can turn to this final element. Sam didn't waste a lot of


time, but I think we'll see some quicker than that. Back we go with


Harry Dzenis, heading towards the completion of his round. We have


already seen Tiggy a minute-plus over. Now we have Harry, the same,


almost 1 minute, 25. That seems tonight way the course is going. But


a good combination. A star for the future. He is thrilled. No wonder he


is saying "good boy." They are all running. Good boy, indeed. Hapy


times again. He flew that. It is a maximum height and spread. It is a


big fence. Really, it is bread and butter to these horses. This, on the


other hand is much meatier. Beautiful. Perfect line. Didn't


waste a fraction of a second. Off Sam goes, powering towards the


half-way stage. Yeah, they will be taking a at their watch now. It's


difficult to tell just where they should be. As I said, the beginning


of the horse. The first couple of minutes, horses are going to be down


in time and they'll always be chasing that clock. They'll have to


be brave but not take ridiculously silly risks and cause a runnout


Through the next combination. He was good there as well. Well, done,


Harry, what a Burghley debut for you? It was great. Sam was


incredible. He was really pulling me towards the end. It is a great


feeling when they are like that. Now, Arthur and for the United


States, Allison Springer. Currently sixth after the dressage. Into the


arena. She's taken a very tight line to the second element there. Arthur


had a little bit of a look to his left. But it didn't lose


concentration for the jump. Capability's Cutting for Sam


Griffiths. A couple of minutes away, perhaps from the end of this cross


country for him When he takes the quick way out of there, it is much


closer to the lip coming out of Capability's's Cutting but a much


narrower spread. It should ride better for me. Theft horse's behind


legs in front of him. He is coming down the water towards home. The


riders have to make a quick decision about how brave they go in and how


fast. There is a big drop. It is about nine inches of water that's


going to drag on the horse's legs, if they go in too fast.


Clare Balding: This is one of the most popular spots to WAP. You can


see everybody getting close up the bridge. The next horse we'll see


is Sam Griffiths on hapy tie.s they are


is Sam Griffiths on hapy tie.s they coming towards the end of the


course. He got close to that one, oh, close to both and away and he


can kick on for home. We'll see him at the finish shortly.


Back with Arthur and Allison Springer now, heading down towards


the Discover Valley. They are an experienced combination. They have


been here at Burghley in the past. They have been part of the American


team in the past. He has just come off from a bit of time off with a


little injury. Schiavone will be looking for oar good round. -- she


will be. So hapy times and all eyes will be on the clock. This is


certainly the quickest so far. Pushes through and 24 seconds


outside of the set time. But that, by some way, sets the standard. I


think big time sets the standard. He is the fastest we have seen. That's


the time everybody will be chasing. We might not see


the time everybody will be chasing. time. A steep drop into the water


there and Allison flops up his neck. A quick


recovery, and looks good. Well hapy times is getting the equivalent of


the Ice Bucket Challenge. -- Happy Times. You got held twice for long


periods of time. A long period of time. Originally I thought it was


going to work into my hands because the cross country is such an


endurance time but in reality when I got stopped the second time t threw


me out of my rhythm. It took me a while to get going and these are big


fences to be starting all over at. Alison spring coming down towards


the Rolex Combination, time not bad, but again, so. This horse's grand'


mother, was secretariat. Would you believe that, that was a


nightmare. She has come back from a break. Short of another good horse,


follow-up from this horse and that will rule her right out. Andrew Hoy,


the legendary Australian. Hard to believe, isn't it, he won here 35


years ago. He is on Rutherglen and fifth after the dressage. Yeah,


always great to watch across the country, Andrew. Rutherglen, an


enormous stride. He makes these fences look so easy but very, very


experienced partnership now. ! -- Adjust tops over those angle


rails. ! Now over the water. The Trout Hatchery. A big stand-off


there, actually. ! How good was that? That was superb. A lovely


line. Didn't waste any seconds whatsoever. Looking very, very good


indeed. Iz zy Taylor about to go. Izzy. Izzy's great-aunt won here in


1961. A attempted young rider She is a great star of the future. A star


already but she has more great things to come as we watch Andrew


Hoy now. He is at the half way point. 22 seconds over. Very similar


to al-Allison on Arthur but I doubt we'll see the runnout here. Just


incredible. He makes it look effortless. It was worth watching


that again. Never in any doubt. The horse knew exactly where he was


going. Andrew just looks like he is happy to be a passenger. Heading


down to the Dairy Mound again. You will remember, the horse, I'm sure


from the Olympic Games, Rutherglen. Competed in London. Finished 13th


there. Here he goes. Most have gone down the steps there, but Andrew is


turning back to the second of them. He doesn't get high but jumps it


beautifully. Takes a funny line there, I have to say. It was almost


as though he got lost. Back with Izzy Taylor. Discovery Valley. She


was going well at Badminton, before slipping up. It was good to see how


well he jumped through Discovery Valley there. She had a runnout with


this horse, had a skinny at the European Championships and then


another runnout at Badminton in the spring. Always been nearly there and


she's such a good pilot. But she has to have her wits about her. She has


to keep riding this little mare all the way. A talented horse but just


needs a bit of assistance from on top. 16 hands. One of the smallest,


as you say, one of the smallest in the entire contest, as she heads


back to Discovery Valley, with these fabulous crowds either side. Craning


for the best view. And this is probably one of the most popular


spots to watch on the entire track Well, look at the cloud. Up the


bank, behind the strings everywhere. It is great they are clapping and


cheering these riders as they go along. You do notice it when you are


out there. Well, what about this, Andrew Hoy - he looks as though he


was walking home. He was going so well. We saw him out of the Dairy


Mound. Well, that is a big shock, because he looked fantastic from


what we saw. I do know that the horse had a bit of a virus early on,


before this competition, so perhaps he didn't feel as though he was in


great form. He certainly looked as though he was in form and Izzy,


phenomenal at the Trout Hatchery. A great close-up shot. You can see


Izzy already looking and turning before she had landed into the


water. That's exactly what the riders need to be doing, get that


tight turn, then you jump up the step and you can see he is focussed


on the last L that was a great shot of study. He was so responsive. Now


Marilyn Little on FRDemieter. Marilyn, for many years, known as a


really good show jumper. A top show jumper. Jumped in the American team


for a many years. Now she has taken up eventing with a vengeance. Is


looking good on this really talented horse. Good jumping. She is not


wasting any time in the first part of the course. 10th after the


dressage. Marilyn's first Burghley. It must be so exciting for her. She


is a qualified, pilot, you know, a talented girl. A hairy moment there.


A bit of indecision about what stride to get to that ditch. We've


had pilots turning to eventing in the past, actually. It seems to be


they are related somehow, going at speed and getting up in the air.


Some curious fascination. Thanks goodness for that Azizy Taylor comes


now to the Maltings. -- as Izzy comes to the Maltings. Trying to


improve her position from dressage where she was 12th after the cross


country stage. We saw her jump that big wide objectioner and give the


horse a couple of taps. That was to say -- concentrate, pay attention,


we have a difficult fence, I want you focussing on me. You can see a


lovely jump through the bounce. Then gets on to the line for this corner.


You can't just see how big and difficult that corner is, until you


are actually standing right at it. Clare Balding: Sam Griffiths is the


leader. But this is the guy who could change it but this is Paget.


You can see the grease on the horse's leg. That's so if he comes


close to a fence, he won't get any sliders or splinters. He won the


title last year, this horse, but had it taken away before he testified


for a banned substance. They appealed and. He would dearly love


to win this title and for there to be no question marks about it. We


will see Jock Paget pretty shortly. Sheer Briarl narks ds Matilda. --


here is. -- Briarlands Matilda. I think it is


the fastest we have seen so far. A quick little mare. She put in an


extra stride but didn't deviate, didn't try to go off, which has been


an issue. Marilyn Little to the Trout Hatchery on Demeter. Well,


they were sixth in Kentucky earlier in the year. They are perfectly


capable. Just losing the knitting. Gets a in a bit of a mess. Comes to


nearly an standstill and still jumps. It wasn't pretty, but it was


effective. Now Murray Lampard riding under the clocks. A 43-year-old


Australian, 17th in dressage. This horse was twice a winner as a


racehorse in New Zealand. It is extraordinary, how many of the New


Zealand thoroughbreds win on the from the and then they come, turn to


eventing, come over here and they are riding at four star level.


Extraordinary. To the Halting's Oxer, and Marilyn Little. A big


jumping horse. -- the Malting's Oxer. Let's see how accurate he was?


He was just messy at the Hatchery but it was partly the big jumping


that got him into trouble. Oh, breaks the win there. No risk am


coming off or having a fall but that's a 21 penalties. We will see


it again in slow motion. -- no risk of coming off. Jumps the bounce well


enough, theb then a long four strides. Some are going down in


five. She looked as though she tried to go in three and is a long way


off. The horse struggles to make the distance, breaks that pin, so 21


penalties. It was hard enough beforehand, now it has got harder


for her. Izzy Taylor again, to the Cuttings. About two minutes from


home. Just adds a little stride in there. She gives her a tap on the


bottom to say - come on, try harder. They are getting a little leg weary


coming down the hill. It is towards the end of the horse. That's a big


effort coming out of Capability's. And do this massive fence.


Beautiful. Still got the scope and the jump at this stage on the


course, it is good to see. Oh, a little bit sticky in there. This


wasn't the perfect spot. Close going in, so the mare slowed right down


but jumped the brush in the middle well You can't really drive the


horse into a water situation like that, Ian. You need a bit of


impulsing, power, but, if you go too fast, you do risk that drag on the


horse's legs as they hit the water and especially a drop. It just adds


an element of risk. So you've got to try to save time but you have to be


safe. So these boats under this bridge


here are riding well. You they can go through the next arch if they


want, to but it is a real time waster. Jock Paget and Clifton


Promise about to begin their first round. They missed the time last


year by just a fraction. A repeat will probably see them as number one


contender heading into the Sunday as well but a lot can happen, Ian.


Well, it is a very fast horse and Jock is a positive rider cross


country. They did a brilliant round last year. He was held on the course


at one point because the horse had a bit of blood on its mouth. The Grand


Jury had a look at it. It almost gave the horse a bit of a breather


but they are certainly very capable and very quick across the country.


And interestingly enough, he is going round, the slightly longer


route, but you should be able to keep more speed but having said


that, Jock's adding quite a lot of strides in there. A little bit slow,


I have to say, wasting a bit of time in that arena To Jock Paget under


way. Meanwhile Briarlands Matilda and Izzy Taylor heading towards the


end. In pretty good time, too. She will be thrilled. As we have said,


the odd hiccup in the past but a fantastic round. She rode


brilliantly at Badminton as well. Just that slight slip but it is all


clear this time. 28 seconds over, into second position. That is


fantastic. Not only ll it be great for -- not only will it be great for


her, but it is great for the British selectors in the future. ! Back with


Murray lamb period now -- Lamperd now.


Now moving towards the half way stage of his cross country round.


This is the first time I have seen this horse go cross country. Quite


busy, quite active but it certainly jumps and it looks as though it


saves on its line very well. Very saves on its line very well. Very


accurate. One of these riders that we see


quite a lot of now, with a camera on his helmet to film his round, right


in the middle of his head. He looks like sigh clops with the one eye. I


have to say I hate the wretched things. They look silly and


ridiculous. If you watch the film afterwards t gives you a headache.


It is very hard to know what he is capable of achieving. 627nd at


Badminton. 62nd at Badminton. Pretty inexperienced. A bit of an unknown


quantity, to say the least. Well, he is not bad on the clock as well As I


say, a little bit busy sometimes at the fences. He spends a lot of time


setting the horses up, as you can see. That wastes seconds at all the


fences, but the jumping ability and the ridibility is fantastic. He has


kicked a flag out of the way. No problem. CLARE BALDING: Did you feel


you had to be aggressive? She, she has in the past run out. She is


always looking at the flags. You have to mean it. The time was tight.


She is a quick horse but she is normally there or thereabouts with


the time. I knew we wouldn't be - someone could be quicker but the


time is tight. A job well done for Izzy Taylor.


Happy times then, leading, currently from Sam Griffiths and Izzy second


at the moment. What say is Jock Paget going to have on this


fabulous, engross event? Clifton Promise continues his round now. --


engrossing. Jock is certainly looking pretty focussed. A good jump


over that Oxer. And wastes no time. Really accelerating at that big


ditch and hedge. They come down to the Trout Hatchery. ! Quite an


intense area of jumps this. Takes the tightest possible line over that


ditch. Now, what can he do here? Very quick into the water.


Well, that's interesting. He did a good enough turn in the water. He


could just have gone straight to that brush. That wasted two or three


seconds. Unusual, unusual. You never quite know what is going through a


horse's mind or the rider's mind and only the rider knows what feeling


they are getting. You can see him going for the turn, and instead of


turning left and making quite a tight turn into it, he wastes all


that are extra seconds. At Stamford Station we can see


Murray Lamperd from Australia. This horse is full of running and jumping


well. For me Murray wastes a bit of time setting up for each fence. He


is very close to that optimum time now. So another one to get quite a


few time faults, I would think. You can certainly see the racehorse in


him, can't you? Yes. He has endless stamina. He is as quick asp anyone


out of that final water and galloping on well. So, Jock Paget.


An early indication as to how strongly he is going here on Clifton


Promise? Again, another indication - this time is hard to achieve. Slow,


compared to quite a lot, actually. I think Matilda and Izzy were up here


on 15 seconds. He is 34 seconds down on the clock. Very quick actually


over the fence and through the beginnings. Making nothing of the


question there. But he's certainly a bit slower.


So up to the Dairy Mound. Will he be another one to go down those steps


or do a quick turn? The steps only add two or three seconds and it is


so much less of a risk that I really don't see the point in going the


quick way here. He is going straight for the steps. Wastes no time. Turns


away and quickly back into the rhythm. Look at that determined


grimace on his face. He wants this prize, doesn't he? He wants it. So


Under the Clocks about to finish with Murray Lamperd. Over the picnic


table. Just coasts across the line. And third position on a penalty of


69 exactly. Hugely satisfactorially. We didn't


know much about him, Ian beforehand. A good round. I met him a bit in


Australia, I know him as a rider but the first time I have seen that


horse. A good combination, exciting prospect for the future. We know


this young man, this is Bill Levit. Sit tight. Yikes, not the most


promising start. The horse had a good shy at that non-jumping


element. Left a knee on the middle jump. You can see him here, he is


looking to the left, which means the turn is tight. Suddenly that second


element is on him. He leaves his right front leg, hits it hard. Bill


does a brilliant job. Already looking over his shoulder for that


final element. He needs to settle down a bit.


The famous Cottesmore Leap for Jock Paget. He made it look easy. That's


where he pulled up last year. I seem to remember a jump judge trying to


stop him but he jumped and pulled up sensibly. Back to the Leaf Pitt.


-- Leaf Pit. And Levett. R and judging by the way


he clam bored around in the arena, Bill might have to improvise a fair


bit. -- and judging by the way he clambored.


Yes, the horse is keen to get on, it is strong and positive, so he needs


to just make sure he has got the horse anchored before he gets to


some of these fences, but it has certainly got the right attitude,


looking ahead, positive, looking for the next jump and meaning business,


even if he does take the flag out. CLARE BALDING: Murray, how did that


feel? You know what, he has hardly started that season. It felt amazing


in the end. In the meantime it is just a job and I was working at my


job. Back with Clifton Promise now at


Stamford Station. Already, as he approaches the Splash, you can tell


he will be subject to time penalties. There is no way he is


going to make up this ground. He is going to be slower than last year.


He has been slower all the way round. It is interesting, you know.


He took this horse Totti World Games last week. Had a run out. And


because the team were out of the competition, gave up and decided to


come here. I don't know whether last week and the problems he has had


over the last year has affected his confidence but he has certainly not


been quite as positive and aggressive as he was cross country


last year, 12 months ago. He's still driving well but he hasn't got quite


that aggression he had. Now he is near the end of the course he has


opened up a bit but it is perhaps too little, too lighted. He will get


quite a few time -- too late. He will get a few time penalties. Back


to Bill Levvet. -- Levett. A bit of adjustment going


on there by Bill. The horse is keen and strong. He is having to say -


pay attention to me, every now and again. The horse is listening to him


- just. But he has his own mind on the job. He is certainly making


nothing of the fences and he is not wasting any time. He is quite quick


across the ground and quick through these combinations. And Jock Paget


and Clifton Promise now into the finish. The picnic table to end


with. Sam Griffiths on 49.8. He is outside of that but, still, into


second place. Jock Paget in the mix. Clare Balding: Zara Phillips isn't


riding but has come hot on the heels of the world equestrian games. How


chuffed were you to be on the team? Massively chuff. You could tell by


my reaction. I was so pleased to get a double clear and back at


Championship level. Does that fire you up and make you really keen to


be in Rio? Definitely I kind of had my goals set out but, you know, now,


hopefully they are looking a bit more likely - a little bit more


likely but as riders we still have to qualify. So we have to go out and


get another good result, even though the team has qualified. Really? Yes.


What you have to do Badminton or another course? Yes, whatever, some


three-day next year or within the next 12 months, I think. How strange


is it to be here and not riding? It is strange. It is good in a way


because you can come and watch and not have to do all the worrying,


but, of course, I would love to be out heemplt I love Boyerly. A


fantastic track. It is tough. You know you have something good at the


end of the course. Given Jock Paget's time, seven or eight riders


will be confident they can go better than that. Here is one of


will be confident they can go better Karin Donckers from Belgium. The


five-time Karin Donckers from Belgium. The


experience. You'd experience but she is fairly squawking at her voice. --


huge experience. Not sure if she is swearing at him in her language or


if it is encouragement but it is working. Looking good. How much does


it mean to you to be back here? There must have been periods when


you thought you never would be. I thought I would not come back this


year. I thought I would get back here to the competition scene, but I


thought I would get to the World Championships and I thought I would


do something great there and not have a horse for Burghley. This is


plan B and I am very happy with it. I love Burghley and I am happy to be


here. Do you feel you have to prove yourself to people? Always. I have


come over to people and I am trying to make a business and a living and


you have to get results to get noticed and I always ride with that


pressure. Obviously there is more pressure now with everything that


has happened. To be honest, I did pressure now with everything that


not think about it out there. I was thinking about the


not think about it out there. I was Donckers on herb horse, contesting


her first 4-star event. In form after the World Equestrian Games.


Yes, and an experienced rider, as you say. She has been such an


effective competitor over the years and it has worked for her. Sometimes


it might look like you want to pull up their stirrups but then they


would be out of balance. She heads to the Rolex Combination. Nice with


him but it seems quite slow to the eye. We will get a gauge any second


now. Yes, well of time. -- off time. I don't think she will be too


concerned. She has had some brilliant horses over the years and


has done a great job with them. Not always the fastest at cross-country


but she has had horses capable of doing the job. She patted the horse


and wiped off the sweat of her breaches. Very ladylike! And Bill


Levett with improvised, the ten-year-old. -- Improvise. A very


respectable fourth position and a punch of the air from him. Now some


of those less fortunate. Sarah Bullimore and Valentino V


approaching the Malting's. Price and Ringwood Sky Boy parting company in


the arena. Just Ironic depositing Craig Nicolai into the lake.


the arena. Just Ironic depositing O'Donoghue and pirates taking a


crunching fall at the Malting's. -- Pirate. A heavy tumble as well for


Algebra and Natalie Blundell al at the Classics Leaf Pit. Magennis


approaching the Rolex Combination for Jim Newsam. Neil Spratt denied


by Malting's. Germany's Kai Ruder and Gryffindor in trouble at the


bounce. The good news is that all of those horses appeared to be fine as


they went for further veterinary checks. Happy Times leading. Clifton


promised in second place. KBIS Briarlands Matilda in third. And


Improvise in fourth place but some big guns to come. The 28-year-old


American, Hannah Sue Burnett with Harbour Pilot through the Trout


Hatchery. Chucked onto the horse's neck, so wasted some time on


landing. Lots of time on the turn and she is clear, which is what


matters. 14th after the dressage. Her first Burghley. Steep learning


curve, isn't it? And a steep drop, too. You could see that her head


dropped. As soon as you allow your head to drop, you are in the wrong


position to make the turn and so she had to add an extra strides, wasting


time and adding distance. But they are still clear. The time that you


have posted is pretty competitive. Top four or five. Yes, he is a quick


course. He is one of those horses that gets adrenaline and he was a


bit hard to manage at the end. Fortunately most of the work is done


in the first two thirds so he wasn't running away with me but if you had


some really technical and difficult lines, it would be much more


difficult. He has stepped up to the plate today and given me a great


ride. Really pleased. They'll is chuffed. Karin Donckers heads


towards the end of her round. Pretty steady. Not spectacular with the


speed. Be surprising if she can hold her ninth position from the


dressage. She seems to have dropped back here. Yes, she has not been


that quick. But she is hailing a cab with her left hand. The horse is


still jumping brilliantly. A of scope and the stamina is there. Once


it has more experience, I should think the next time we see her


happy. Competition, they would more competitive on the clock. -- next


time we see her she will be used to the competition. That was pretty


easy. This is a lovely horse. New combination coming over from


America. You can see how happy Hannah is, smiling as she leaves the


fence. Tremendous buzz for her. They were 15th in Kentucky earlier this


year. By all accounts, only just missed out on selection for the


games in the United States. That gives you an idea of the standards


they are achieving together. And she is going the quick way, which is


brave for a first timer at Burnley and she makes it pretty easily. --


Burghley. Karin Donckers is well outside the time but finishing off


on Lamicell Unique. Not bad for that little horse. She will be thrilled


and you have to be happy with that. A minute and a half overtime but it


is proving almost impossible to get the time. Gemma Tattersall, 27th


after the dressage, and Arctic Soul. A real competitor, Gemma. She has


had a lot of different horses coming up through the ranks of juniors and


young riders. Now a serious competitor at 4-star level. And a


flyer. Just over half a minute and punching the air. Hannah is very


happy and she has every right to be. That was a brilliant round. Yes, she


has been around Kentucky but Burghley is something else on top of


that. She certainly held her own and she has done her country proud


indeed. Piggy French's second ride of the day on Jakata. Second


Badminton together back in 2011. Hannah Sue Burnett has just got


round her first Burghley course. You have found your mum. What did you


tell her? Nothing because she was screaming at the top of her lungs


and saying you did it! How did it feel? It felt fast. He was on it. I


was so happy with him all the way round. Looking for the flags. He did


not back off from anything. Sometimes he wants to run so the


riding is tough with him. As soon as I jumped through the first


combination I knew he would be great because he was turning and being


awesome. Hannah just about the happiest young lady I have seen so


far. This is Gemma Tattersall. How will she be after the round on


Arctic Soul? Short listed for the World Equestrian Games and


eliminated at Badminton after riding the wrong way having gone well


otherwise. Now the Rolex Combination. Looking good. Yes, and


good on the time, too, just 15 seconds over. This thoroughbred


should not find the hills and the stamina too much for him. A great


gallop. She is having quite a job setting him up for the Dairy Farm.


Most of the horses having to work quite hard as they turn into this


one at the top. She is going the quick way. That is brave. Will it


work? Good girl. Very positive. Arctic Soul's father was a


tremendous racehorse, trained by Clive Brittain. Not that many years


ago. Now Jakata into the Trout Hatchery. I am delighted to CPD


riding at this level. -- to see Piggy. She has had some horses going


off over the years and to have two back at this level is fantastic. Now


we welcome into the arena The Deputy and Jonelle Price. 28 after the


dressage but The Deputy finished fifth here last year so a


fascinating contender. Yes, she turned inside. The horse had a


little luck and she came inside again at the final element. Probably


part of the reason is that the horse looks so incredibly polite. As he is


galloping down there, I envisage a city gent with spectacles on his


galloping down there, I envisage a nose. A charming horse. Jonelle had


a fantastic World Equestrian Games, finishing fourth, and giving her


horse one of the great rounds of modern times. It was wonderful. The


horse was produced by Karen Dixon, one of the great team members of the


past. Jonelle Price is in superb form. Look at the determination on


that face! She is holding her back, saying wait for me, but the horse is


saying, I am going, mum! Gemma's first ride here since 2007, and she


seems to be enjoying the experience. Arctic Soul heading for


home. The combinations are not that tricky towards the end of the course


at Burnley but they are going in and out of the water twice. --


Burghley. That in itself can sap your energy. Slightly hurdling the


boats but going well. Piggy French with Jakata, again well off the


clock. Only really four big names to come and the clock has not been done


yet. I am surprised. Last year was a huge effort. Only a couple inside


the time. They really had to work hard for it. The ground looked


perfect and was beautifully produced but maybe it is taking more out of


the horses than we expected. The hills always do. Gemma is kicking


for the finish and a pretty good time. Into fifth place, 28 seconds


over, and she is very happy with the horse, giving him all the credit and


waving to the crowd. Make the most of it! Back with Jonelle Price and


The Deputy into the Trout Hatchery. What was interesting was the way she


added a stride into the lock, meaning so much control and going


quick through the combination. The more control you jump this, drop in


and turn at the same time. You can see she is pulling the horse round,


gets the step out, and then is quite ready for the turn to the final


brush corner. Again you can see that making up the


time is difficult. Still a good minute and a half if not more from


the finish. Penalties certain for Jakata but a question of how many.


Jakata is 16 now. He has had problems and moments over the years


but lovely to see him back here. So much ability and she will be


delighted to have him back at this level. Gemma, well done. Look at you


grinning. Amazing ride. He is a fantastic horse and so relieved to


have gone round clear and with a fast time. Those are rare. Yes, very


rare. He is a full thoroughbred and he eats up the ground and love that.


He pulled my absolute arms out but he seems fine and I am over the


moon. Piggy French with Westwood Mariner was in eighth place. She


pushes for the line. 75 on Westwood Mariner and exactly the same on


Jakata. Exactly the same. She will be one ahead on Jakata because he


was faster. Her supporters and owners will be delighted. They have


been terrific supporters of Piggy over the years. Sam Griffiths


leading from Jock Paget in second place but the big guns are still to


come. William Fox-Pitt, Oliver Townend, Andrew Nicholson and Aoife


Clark for Ireland shortly as well. This is Jonelle Price again, the


Olympic bronze medallist in the team event for New Zealand. Tremendous. I


love watching her rode. -- ride. I love this horse. Because he doesn't


pull and she keeps riding him all the time, it makes him quicker. This


horse. Because he doesn't pull and she keeps riding him all the time,


it makes him quicker. . The strong ones, you waste time setting them up


for the fences. This one is back in a rhythm. Jonelle Price inside the


time but not by much relatively speaking. A chance of getting into


the mix. I agree with you. I don't think we are going to see anybody in


the time. We have been putting money on people being inside time but they


will be losing their pennies. Aoife Clark on Vaguely North. Based in


Chipping Norton these days. This pairing seventh on the dressage. A


bit hesitant. That was not a perfect start. It was either going to be a


stand-off or an extra one and she went for the extra one. She is a


lovely person and great competitor but it is the first time at


Burghley. She has been round Badminton and on the Irish team.


Tight. This is very brave, to jump that straight having nearly fallen


over. 90% of riders would have just got up from that and if they were


still in it, they would have pulled left and gone them away, but he


obviously thought the horse was OK. She gave it time to recover and then


said, come on, let's go. A little bit wild but they are intact. She


needs to settle down and get things smoother. Jonelle Price heading to


the cuttings. An extra couple of strides preferred. Aoife Clark


coming down to the Trout Hatchery. Give the horse time, don't rush.


That wasn't bad at all. A lot smoother than Discovery Valley.


The Deputy into The Lion bridge. Huge crowds by the water and near


the bridge. About a minute from home here. Aoife Clark looking at the


clock as she comes to the halfway point. What she is doing is what we


are seeing, half a minute over. A little tap on the shoulder to say,


come on, focus. That is a two stride. We saw Matilda


going on through. But Vaguely North was two and a half and said he can't


do it. Disappointing for Aoife Clark but it has slightly been heading


that way as we watched the horse going round here. A bit fractious as


times. She almost aimed the horse at the highest part trying to make the


turn and the horse said no, can't do that. She is out of the competition.


Two penalties. She is but she is clearly very gutsy. She trained with


you for a while. Yes, when she left school, she stayed with us for a


while. She is a super person and true competitor. Vaguely North, he


has been off the radar despite sharing good form three years ago.


Had a bit of a problem with injury, which sometimes happens. He has got


the ability but maybe a bit ring rusty and feeling under pressure.


The Deputy and Jonelle Price were fifth last year and that round puts


them in eighth place with some big guns to come. Satisfactory? Yes, she


is in cracking form at the moment. Aoife Clark and this massive ditch,


which you don't want to stand and look down on for too long. You want


to jump it at speed and get it out of the way. William Fox-Pitt, six


times a winner here, starts his round on Bay My Hero. The pairing


won in Kentucky earlier this year. Went clear in the time there. And


onto show-jumping. The only penalties were picked up in the


dressage. A lovely horse and a real winner. Trained at Tattersall's in


Ireland. He won the one star, the to star and then the three star and now


he is winning at 4-star level. One of the favourites at Burghley.


Currently in second place after the dressage. He just clipped the rail.


Another to turn inside, a bit shy. The horse got a bit close and gave


it a thump but hopefully that will waken up the horse and rider.


Another tremendous World Equestrian Games Fort -- for William. So


competitive. Such a great rider. And so cool. I never see him flustered


and his horses are never flustered. Our own temperaments show up on the


horses as well. Steady! Yikes! That is a painful


one. Just a little bit brave coming down the hill. She had seen her


stride from a long way out and that is not the right kind of fence to do


that. And she hits the ground hard. Fortunately the horse gets up and so


does she. This is a brilliant place for people to watch because they can


sit on the bank and they get two chances to see them go through


Discovery Valley. William coming back through it now.


Discovery Valley. William coming still leading. But a fast, clear


round from William could see him into the lead. Clare Balding is


enjoying all the excitement of William's round. And now another big


contender, Oliver Townend on Armada. 12th place after the


dressage and Armada renowned as a good cross-country course. Yes, a


very good horse. Oliver has had him now for a few years. He is no


stranger to the winners' enclosure. He did not have a great ride last


week in the World Championships. The ground was pretty horrendous and his


horse hated it so he quite rightly pulled up and decided to save the


horse for another day. Armada is a serious cross-country horse and


competitor. Silly run out at the Dairy Mound, so a lot to prove this


time. Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero coming into the Trout Hatchery.


Good turn. That is as quick as any we have seen. Not flustered, as I


mentioned, just positive and effortless. Good credentials,


Townend. The Dairy Mound caught them out last year. Massive stride, this


horse, and sometimes that can be the undoing of horses when they need to


be neat and nimble. Bay My Hero 24 seconds over. One of the quick ones


that still behind the clock. Quite a lot of climbing up the hill to do.


Another one to chip in a third stride. The honesty of the horse was


brilliant. He never thought anything other than I am going between those


flags. Avebury and Andrew Nicholson. A great ten minutes here will take


them closer to history. Burghley history in the making. No


combination has won three years running. Avebury on his way. A


smashing horse and we will see much more of him shortly. Back to William


Fox-Pitt and the Dairy Farm. Hopefully not giving his wife Alice


too many anxious moments. She is due any moment with their fourth child.


He took the quick route and got away with it. A bit hairy. Alice is


probably sitting at home, waiting for the inevitable. Now Armada and


Oliver Townend. Fox-Pitt did it really well. He is adding that


stride. He left a legates macro quick recovery from Oliver. -- he


left a leg! Despite that mishap, a quick turn back out so has not


wasted a lot of time. That left front leg is completely left behind


and the horse does a brilliant job to recover and Oliver's reactions


are spectacular. Quick and effective. Armada got into the


difficulty by leaving a leg that helps the rider out. Just a puff of


the cheeks from Andrew Nicholson. Into the arena and the slalom


fences. Some have glided round and some have found it a real problem.


He has decided to go longer. He has not altered the rhythm so he has not


wasted any time. Sometimes trying to do the tight line, you waste time by


shortening the horse and setting it up more. You add more strides.


Andrew just get a lovely, balanced flow and did not waste any time. A


fantastic course and they would not have achieved what they have done


together otherwise. -- fantastic horse. If you have never seen a brew


before, you are probably getting the message about how effective he is.


-- Avebury. All welcome at Burghley. Never seen so many dogs in my life.


It would be great for Andrew to pull off the hat-trick and for me


particularly it would be a great achievement for Wraysbury, the owner


of the horse, who has done so much for British eventing. If anybody


deserves a horse to pull of this historic feat, then she does. I


wonder what sort of a watcher she is? Presumably behind the tent


somewhere. She doesn't smoke, but if she had, she would be at now.


As good as any, quick, effective and wasted not a second getting back


into the rhythm. Oliver Townend then, what is the clock going to say


about him? Competitive, I'd say. Yes, very, very. We know this horse


has the gallop. He has the big stride, so he could be one that, as


long as he is not running out of juice, which I doubt that he will


be, he would be one that could make up a the bit of time back down the


hill. Beautiful Burghley House in the background. A nice turn. Never


in any doubt about where he was going. William Fox Pitt initially


held by I have aia Clark's fall -- Aoife. That was interesting, It is


not easy to be stopped at the course and particularly to come to the wide


oxer for your first jump. William got off the horse and led it around


for a minute or two, so the horse was a little bit, probably, cooled


down and, that, there, jumping into the water was a little bit sticky.


That's probably the effect of having been held on the course. He jumped


the Oxer beautifully but the horse is probably just a little bit


surprised about being stopped and started on the course. He looked a


little bit green going into the water but again, William, ever the


competitor, is back into the rhythm fairly quickly. I just hope he


doesn't lose too much ground. He would have been chuffed with his


position after the dressage. But the clock is going to be very, very


important here. Of it could just be that he just loses ground on a few


here. Yes, sometimes when you are held, the horse gets a bit of a


breather, sometimes it can actually switch off. You never quite know,


until you are in that situation, how it is going to affect them.


That was quick. Spectacular. Mr Nicholson is in form. Being well but


now William Fox-Pitt at the last. Penalties racking up. Slowly sure by


he crosses the line. 16.03. Puts him 11 penalty points off the lead and


in fourth Yeah, a little bit slow for which will yachl. He will be --


for William. He will be happy with the horse. Now Andrew Nicholson


almost has the stage to himself on Avebury. Oliver Townend still out


there with armada. -- Armada. Here Avebury at the Maltings. You are so


right, that discovery valley and the Trout Hatchery, almost textbook.


Yes, a masterclass in riding cross country we are seeing at the moment.


Let's hope I'm not putting the commentator's curse on him but he


looks so impressive. Andrew, kicking away from that fence saying - come


on Avebury, we are not done yet. Avebury on his way, then, what a


fantastic slice of history it would be if he could pull it off. But


still, so much more to be done and now the clock, quick, quick, and is


that a smile? Almost as if Nicholson saw the clock himself? A smile or a


grimace. Certainly licking his lips there. Maybe he is tasting success.


But that's the fastest we have seen on the clock to that point on the


course. If Avebury has the energy, Andrew has the determination. Are


you expecting his stamina to hold out all right? Yes, I do. No-one


will be better at getting a horse fit enough than Andrew and the horse


is known to run on well. He got a bit tired at Kentucky earlier this


year but there was some question mark as to whether he had a bug or


virus on him. That would be the exception rather than the rule. The


horse normally runs on right to the end and, he is a really, honest,


generous horse, and just keeps giving. I knew Andrew was going for


the steps. He said it was a no-brainer, that was the way he was


going. CLARE That looked hard work. Well, I'm delighted with him. That


was hard work. You can make up the time at the end down the Winner's


Avenue, he couldn't because he was going deep. He tried. He did his


best. I'm delighted with him. Oliver Townend, then. Now, this time


looks pretty solid as well as he comes down towards Stamford Station.


Tremendous leap from him. He has a lot of scope when he is on song. We


are seeing some of the best of him here. Yes, he has a phenomenal jump.


It was interesting what William was saying, the horses were being in


Winners' skaep avenue, the ground was thicker than we expected. That's


the point on the course we expect horses to make up time. Once they


have got to the top of the hill, they get a second win and run all


down. If the ground was sticky, thats' possibly -- that's possibly


part of the reason thats' possibly -- that's possibly


getting anyone here the time and that, along with a slow beginning,


butI have certainly doing his utmost here to get to that time. -- but


Oliver certainly doing his utmost here to get to the time. He is not


going to do it but he will be one of the quicker ones. He is going well.


Inside the last minute for Oliver Townend. Here is Avebury again at


the cots more leap. So far -- Cottesmore.


I hope he -- -- the owner keeps hold of that dog. Oliver squeezes him


into the line. He is not slow by much and goes into second place


there, behind Sam Griffiths and ahead of Jock Paget. Big smile on


Oliver's face. And that would be great for Oliver, he'll love that.


And now, it is all about Avebury. Of Capability's Cuttings. So far


Avebury has been terrific. And brilliant through that Capability's


Cutting there. He took the quick route. The footwork of the horse at


the top of the bank, almost a half stride a trot step to put himself


right and flies that big wide oxer. He is still full of rung. He has his


ears pricked, still going forward. Big jump into the water. A lovely


picture. When the horse has its ears pricked


picture. When the horse has its ears it is great to behold. It is a


brilliant watch. I hope you are enjoying t the Lincolnshire Goose


brilliant watch. I hope you are hasn't caused many problems at all.


I know a few of the riders don't like it. Over the years it has put a


few on the deck but I don't think it has been a problem this year. This


horse is still full of running. Yes, it is good. And Andrew has seen his


spot from quite a long way out there. He is accelerating, gritting


his teeth. Getting at everything and Avebury is coming up with the


answers. Second last. He is going to pick up penalties but not very many.


He has, of course, the score of Sam Griffiths in his mind, 49.8 is


Griffiths' lead marker. Final fence for Nicholson, a tap with the whip,


Avebury responds gallantly. He is across the line. He goes into first


place, a tremendous round. Avebury, a step closer to history. Fantastic.


Could not be better. Classic ride from Mr Nicholson. CLARE BALDING: We


talked earlier about how Avebury could be the perfect Burghley


course. He saw it. He had to keep going. He has come up with the


fastest cross country clear round of the day. Last to go out there.


Brilliant riding from Andrew Nicholson. The horse just loved it.


It suits him so well. They go into the lead ahead of the show jumping.


Of the 63 horse who is started, 42 completed the cross country but


sadly Auto, who didn't was fatally injured. Our condolences to his


rider and the owners. Andrew Nicholson out in front. Two good


rides from Piggy French in 12 and 13 but let's get the reaction from our


leader. How much would it mean to you to be the first combination,


ever to win Burghley three times? It would be immense, wouldn't it? Just


for the horse, as well. For a horse to do that, is quite something. You


know He has been a favourite in the yard and, I think we would be very,


very proud of him. I'm proud of him anyway. But to win three four stars


in the same place. So we come to the final day of competition, the sun


has come out for the show-jumping we have a tight, twisty, turny course,


we could see lots of mistakes. It is four penalty points for a knockdown.


The leaderboard could change but Andrew Nicholson is on to make


history. Let's find out whether he does it or whether somebody from


lower down the leaderboard to overtake him. Your commentary same


is Ian Stark and John hunt. Jonelle price, first, on board The


Deputy, a top ten finisher, a couple of years ago. It is worth reminding


you, as the drama builds, that Jakata has been withdrawn, Piggy


French's horse who was laying in that position and also,


significantly withdrawn, Harbour Pilot who was in 7th. So now we are


looking at the current 10th place horse, the Deputy, carrying


penalties of 71. 1 into this show jumping round.


Jonelle, as we said had a brilliant week last week at the World


Championships. Classic Moet had one show jump down which actually cost


her the bronze medal individually. This course of Richard Jeffrey's


here, technically difficult. The first three are ascending, not too


bad and suddenly to the line, four, five and six, four strides and then


five strides. Quite a formidable line. The first and third element of


that line are both square. It is all the way downhill in this arena which


tends to look flat but is actually quite a lot of ups and downs and


bumps in the course. And this crucial line here - do they go for


stride left or do they add? She is down the hill. She has hit a few but


still standing and fine for time by my calculations. It is interesting.


Some horses can hit every fence and get away and others tap one and it


comes down. It is all about how they hit them and how hard they hit them.


The right turn now into the second last. She arrives here with ten


seconds on the clock. She should be fine. She's done exactly that. Now


the final fence. A double combination. You can hear the cheer


for yourself there, Jonelle Price is clear. So, that's a tremendous


result. She will carry forward her final score, 71.1. There are plenty


in front of her, including William Fox Pitt who could yet fall behind


here. -- behind her. In 9th place, Under The Clocks, and is the


Australian, Murray Lamperd is the rider here. The arena here at


Burghley under lovely blue skies, and it falls silent once again.


These riders, presumably Ian, will be full of confidence that the time


shouldn't be a factor. Going clear is the issue. Worth reminding people


that last year, not one of the top ten went clear. Not one. No, there


were some tired horses at the end of the cross country last year. I have


to say, the horses look quite fresh today, which is a good testament to


the ground conditions out there on the cross country course.


That's a shame. One down, the first one down.


Very few clear rounds on the three day event in the show jumping. That


is because it has been a long, strenuous day in the cross country


before. Four miles of galloping up and down hill and over these solid


fences. They do feel a bit different, the horses when they come


into this phase. So horse that is would normally show jump clear day


after day, are not always quite so careful at this three-day event.


Young Harry Zennies had a few down -- Harry Dzenis had a few down.


Emotionally and mentally it can be quite tiring and also there are


Emotionally and mentally it can be crowds and that can have an effect


on horse that is are not used to it. The conclusion of Murray Lamperd's


round. Might get a time penal ti. He does. A couple of them. He should be


pleased with his two jumps down, to 79:.


So clearly, Jonelle Price for New Zealand jumps ahead of him in the


order. Starting in eighth place. Bill


Levett for Australia on Improvise. 69. Had is the score they carry into


Levett for Australia on Improvise. their show jumping round. Improvise


was, let's just say, unusual to watch - unconventional, around his


cross country yesterday. Certainly enthusiastic. He was 9th in the four


snar Germany earlier this year. I have to say, he was keen yesterday


but his jumping never deteriorated. He is one of the quickest so far to


this point as well. The clock shouldn't be a factor for him. What


we were saying about horses being a little more tired on the final day


of a three-day event. I don't think the time should be too demanding but


this horse doesn't look the time should be too demanding but


done anything yesterday. It is full of running. Jumping well. Bill


Levett's round reaching its conclusion here. Again, very, very


neat. Three to jump. He loved that, didn't he? A lovely


clear round, comfortably within the time. And Bill Levett 69.59. He


carries his score forward and he, currently, with seven to go, in


first place. It will be a minor miracle if he were to win it, not


going to happen, is it, Ian? Probably not but it could well see


him moving up the order quite a bit. The pressure gets greater and


greater as we move up the order to the ones in the lead. A clear round


is always a big positive. For Great Britain, Gemma Tattersall.


Arctic Soul. 7th place at the start of the show jumping element. 64.2 is


her penalty score, carried forward. This is the one from cross country,


you will probably remember, thoroughbred, bred. Her sire was


fabulous. A flat racehorse, not a jumper, I should point out. It is


quite interesting because most of the horses that get to the top of


eventing have come off the flat, not off the jumping breeding.


Once they have jumped over brush fences in steeple chase, the


technique changes and they are not always quite as careful in this


phase but the flat bred horses are so much more physically stronger and


more power envelope their back hand they seem to cope. Gemma seemed to


clout the fourth, but it was secure. Her time is fine as well.


. She is looking, dare I say t quite confident, at the moment. -- dare I


say it. Going nicely, then for Gemma


Tattersall. Three to jump. Time is not an issue, she is fine there.


Absolutely fine. She gave that last one a kick but


she gives the punch in the air. Happy she can be, with her week's


work. With six to g she's the leader in the clubhouse.


-- with six to go. And now, the great William Fox-Pitt,


six times a winner at Burghley. An eventing legend, just about


everybody here in this arena will be willing him on here. The mathematics


suggests he requires a massive amount here to go his way. He is on


60.3 penalties. Remember, the leader Avebury on 46.1. So he is a fair way


off. This horse jumped well, when winning in Kentucky. Yes, he is a


pretty good jumper, normally. But these hills at Burghley can take the


stuffing out of horses sometimes, especially if they are not used


If William goes clear, he would -- -- if they are not used to it. If


William goes clear, it would need Avebury to have four. It is a tough


order. It is. And much as I would wish William to go well I wouldn't


want to see anybody have four down. Still a young horse. I think because


he has won so much in his career already, expectations are very high


but we expect he is still relatively young. But the nice thing is, he


bounced out of yesterday in good form. He looks fresh. Terrific.


He picked up the gasps from the crowd there. They sensed he was


wrong approaching the ninth. Yes, one or two horses going down that


hill are looking at the fence a little bit. Their eyes are drawn


down to the base of the fence, to the little wall on the signage. The


final line. Fantastic round for him. So


confident inside the time as well. He will finish Burghley on 60.3 with


five to go. He is the clubhouse leader.


Well, this is a different picture to last year where no-one was jumping


clear. Getting quite a few clear rounds. It goes to show the horses


are well after yesterday. CLARE BALDING: Gemma Tattersall. You


are clearly delighted? Just a little bit. I was expecting to go in and


have two down. So to jump a clear round, that was amazing. When you


say expecting it? The atmosphere and the crowd. He has not jumped at a


three-day for a long time. I thought he would get tense and worried. How


do you control yourself inyour own emotions in that situation? Take a


deep breath. Believe in myself. This is the bit I'm really good at. You


are going to finish 7th or better? Amazing. Can't believe T really


pleased. Over the money. -- can't believe it. Great stuff. Well ridden


today and yesterday. In 5th place for Great Britain on KBIS Briarlands


Matilda. She was thrilled with her, cross country-wise yesterday.


Any sort of penalty here and she will fall behind William Fox-Pitt


but she will be hoping to keep her nose ahead of him. We have already


said how brilliant Izzy is and how well she rode yesterday. And this


mare, Matilda, is very, very well she rode yesterday. And this


in this phase. Anything can happen, but for me, the highlight was


yesterday when there was such a good performance, cross country. And just


like the cross country, there is nothing, not a bomb going off would


disturb her. But the horse there, the fifth one down, four faults for


her. The riders have to be so incredibly


focussed in this ring because there are so many distractions of the


cameras and the crowds and again, down the hill to that vertical.


Another one away. Eight faults for her so far.


And Izzy Taylor finishes with a flourish A couple down -- with a


flourish. A couple down, 67.5. William Fox-Pitt goes ahead of her


with four riders left. I'm sure there will be an element of


frustration but again, a pretty decent week. I think she will be


pleased with the mare and herself. She has performed well. Clare


Balding. Our leader in the club house, William Fox-Pitt. Rattled a


couple but they stayed up. He tried hard. Spooky and a bit over-aware of


the spooky jumps. A couple of lucky moments but he has been fantastic


all week. I'm really pleased with him and very excited for next season


and his owner Katherine wit who owns Park Lane, who is not here what a


great substitute. It maybe there is too much ground to make up but you


uted president pressure on the leaders I didn't expect to make up


any ground. The scores were spread out. I got the time faults


yesterday. Thrilled to get home and thrilled with how he coped. It is


always great to jump a clear round on the last day. I wished I had done


it last week. And entering the arena Clifton Promise, last year's winner


before his disqualification, of course, Jock Paget, on board.


Acknowledges the crowd. In fourth place. 55.2. Avebury has two fences


in hand over him. So in order to put any pressure at all, he has to go


clear here. Well, he is very capable of it. He had one down last year but


as we have said, very few clears - well, no clears last year in the


final group of horses. But very, very capable. I think he has done a


good job. A good job in coping with this competition. He had a fairly


ghastly year after last year and it has only recently just been started


out. -- sorted out. That's a lot of added pressure for any rider to cope


with. A rattle behind there. Just getting low enough with his


back legs. The time is very solid. Not looking like it will be an issue


at all. This will be the one that he needs


to keep the horse off it a little bit. Not flatten down the hill.


Rattles t but it is fine. -- rattles it. You could hear a pin drop here.


The final line. A clear frowned Jock and he will put the pressure on the


rest of them. -- a clear round. The last coming up. Jock Paget.


APPLAUSE Superb. He has done exactly what he


had to do, comfortably clear, well within the time, 55.2, his carry


forward score. He can be no worse than fourth. That now puts some


pressure on Oliver Townend who will be next and Sam Griffiths and Andrew


Nicholson to come, of course. Just moving a little bit more uneasy in


their riding boots, as Jock Paget leaves the arena. Ask A bit


frustrated? Yes, normally a good jumper. I think she is tired from


yesterday. Have you watched it back yet? No, I will do it later. She


thinks quickly, doesn't she? Yes, she is very sharp, so you have to be


quick to react to what she does which can be great and not so great.


You are going to be at the front of You be's mind for the selections. --


Yogi's mind. Yes, hopefully, for the selections. Oliver Townend on Armada


was great in the cross-country yesterday. A purposeful salute to


the crowd. This situation here, with one-time penalty, he will be ahead


of Jock Paget and anything worse than and Jock Paget moves ahead. He


will still need mistakes to come from Sam Griffiths and Andrew


Nicholson. It is interesting that Oliver and William Fox-Pitt have


taken their horses across to look at number five, which has been causing


problems throughout number five, which has been causing


coming down quite a lot. The horses have been spooked. They both took


their horses to have a look. It is allowed under the rules to show your


horse a fence. It is the middle one of the three down the side of the


arena. Oliver Townend getting under way.


That fence is down. His head was just a bit too high over the first


of the two fences. As soon as their head is up, the back legs drop. His


chance of winning has gone. Jock Paget in pole position with two to


jump. Another one away. It is getting expensive.


The winner here five years ago. Oliver Townend on Armada takes the


final two fences. Another one down. Yes, not the finish you wanted by


any means. 71.1, showing us how quickly things can turn. He drops


right out of the playthings. Jock Paget in front with two to go. Sam


Griffiths and Andrew Nicholson. Sam Griffiths next. Griffiths can afford


one down and will still be ahead of Jock Paget. You will be on the


podium. You have moved up to third place and waiting, I guess. Yes. I


don't really like being in this position but it is the position we


are in. He jumped really well and I cannot do any more so I have to wait


and see what happens. You have to really look after him in the


cross-country. He said that yesterday. I just mean I didn't want


him to slip over because he was going too fast round the corners. He


wanted to do the job, jump the jumps and be fast. The course at the


beginning did not suit him as much as I would have liked. A bit rusty.


But he gives me everything and that is all I can ask for. You are in


third and it could get better. We will wait and see. Such a popular


rider. Sam Griffiths on Happy Times. Happy Times has been on the fringe


of this event as a horse three times. Great horse and great


combination. I have seen some brilliant clear rounds but I have


also seen him having two or three down. What sort of frame of mind is


in today? -- is he. Two down and Jock Paget would go ahead of him.


Clear here would stack the pressure on Avebury. They would then need to


go clear to make history. Great stuff.


Swinging to the second last. The time penalty will not be an issue


but that fence down could be so costly. Last fence. The very last!


Down as well. A final score of 57.8. Jock Paget is still in front.


Avebury now has a massive, massive chance to make history. That was a


serious disappointment and in the last one down at the very end. So


frustrating. The pressure is now on. Andrew Nicholson and Avebury then,


attempting to make history. No horse and rider combination has ever won


Burghley three years running. On 46.1. Jock Paget and 55.2 is his


target. Two fences down and he would still be fine. He can afford two so


what is his mentality? To go clear! Who would know what is going through


someone's mind under this sort of pressure? It is the position we all


want to be in, to be in the lead on that final day, but the pressure is


enormous. Thousands of people and that arena is such a lonely place.


Most people that I spoke to in the press room were convinced he would


get at least one down and possibly more. Can he prove them wrong?


He is trying to prove everybody wrong. Now the tricky


He is trying to prove everybody and he sails over it. Bang on the


time. From our vantage point I can see


Rosemary, the owner of the horse, watching this round, jumping every


fence with the horse. He got away with that. People are watching


through their hands in front of us. Is this history in the making? Only


three left to jump. He can afford to get two down. He is clear. Two to


jump. And Avebury, with the clock ticking down... Is safe over that


second last! Surely but surely? It is a slice of Burghley history for


the great Andrew Nicholson and the equally great Avebury! He has won


Burghley again for the third time! The first combination to ever do


that consecutively. A wonderful moment in eventing history. That is


fantastic. Even Andrew is saluting the crowd. We see Avebury jump that


final combination again. Rose Mary is on the left -- Rosemary. And his


wife. A tremendous moment for Andrew Nicholson. Yesterday he delighted


with a cross-country round to take him into pole position that he


accomplished the task with such class. She is getting picked up and


is a bit surprised! Getting a kiss. Huge celebrations because this is


history. The fifth time that he has won Burghley but the third in a row


and Avebury becomes the first horse ever to do that. Congratulations all


round. Fabulous stuff. They are celebrating. Well done. I am going


to cry in a minute. It is unbelievable. For the horse it is


amazing and for the sport. It has a big following now. To win here three


years in a row is unbelievable. He rattled nearly every fence but left


them up. I learned a long time ago they can touch them as much as they


want so long as they don't fall down. You contain your emotions very


well, but looking at this around you and how much it means to people,


this matters. It is key. Kevin, Annabel, the vet, the grooms,


everyone. To have a horse 14 years old that has been here as many times


times, it is a big team. I have got to have won three times, it is a big


team. I have got the a word with Rosemary because she has been so


strong in British eventing but today she is supporting New Zealand. This


is your horse. Well done. Absolutely amazing and Andrew did it in true


style from beginning to end. He came here when he was very young. Only


about eight or nine? No, he was ten. And he has been back every year


since and look what he has done in the last three. I really can't


believe it! It is too emotional. Andrew Nicholson wins again,


comfortably clear in the end from Jock Paget and Clifton promised in


second, and Sam Griffiths who had such high hopes in third place, and


William Fox-Pitt and Gemma Tattersall for Great Britain in


fourth and fifth. The Australian Bill Levett in sixth, Izzy Taylor


seventh. The day ends in disappointment for Oliver Townend


who must have had hopes for winning himself, finishing eighth after a


disappointing cross-country round with Armada. Jonelle Price and


Murray Lamperd ninth and 10th. Andrew Nicholson the clear-cut


winner of Burghley 2014. Andrew Nicholson is 53 years old now. He


came here 31 years ago and he has completed barely more times than any


other writer, but this is the highlight of everything he has


achieved. -- he has completed Burghley than any other rider. He


becomes the first in history to win the title three years in a row.


They're wonderful moment for Andrew Nicholson and as he took his lap of


honour, the crowd stood as one to support their wonderful horse and


rider and a supreme partnership because they have to do it


together. We asked if he is the supreme eventer and he is at


Burghley. This completes the Classics and there is a prize for


the most consistent rider across six of the highest class events and


William Fox-Pitt takes home a cheque for $40,000 having won in Kentucky


and finishing fourth here, sealing the title ahead of Sam Griffiths and


Oliver Townend with Andrew Nicholson in fourth. We are still enjoying the


evening sunshine at Burghley. Ben is alongside me. We promised that we


would be heading to Normandy for the conclusion of the individual


show-jumping and it is such an interesting format. Explain what


happens with the final four riders. Probably the only competition in


show-jumping where the final four start on a clean sheet on the last


day and get to ride each other's horses. The warm up is done in front


of the huge stadium there so the crowd get to see the changeover, the


competition. A great final finish. Four very worthy finalists and all


previous individual medal winners. Yes, finalists from America and


France. And Patrice Delaveau will get a huge home cheer. It is an


incredible stadium, isn't it? Yes, I went to watch my team-mates earlier


in the week and I stayed for the rest of the week and came back last


night and the stadium was packed. Totally full. You felt like you were


in a football match. The horses rose to the occasion and it has been


great jumping this week, just proving that show-jumping is a great


sport to be involved in. Normally equestrian sport is about the


partnership but this is a test of horsemanship because you are


switching to everybody else's. Is it an advantage to have a difficult


horse that nobody can ride? Absolutely. Some difficult horses in


the bunch. They are great writers use to different horses but there


will be tactics. -- great riders used to different horses. They will


be watching clips on YouTube. A tactical finish and a dramatic end


to a great week. With all the details and the action, let's get


commentary on the conclusion to the individual medals being decided at


the World Equestrian Games in show-jumping.


Jarrow and double damn, first to go, 42 and from the Netherlands. --


Jarrow in double damn -- Jeroen 42 and from the Netherlands. --


Dubbeldam. By the standards of the last couple of days, this is an


easier course. Normally they travel at 400 metres per minute, but


theoretically all the first four on their own horses, you would expect


them to go clear, but as we know anything can happen in show-jumping.


Moving on to a sweeping turn. This is a big fence and I would say that


the course is plenty big enough considering they have got to jump it


four times. Let's look at the distance. Either six or seven. Easy


six. Certainly gets the start he would have wanted. Clear jumping


inside the time, just. This is the job done. Each rider


will be extremely disappointed if they don't go clear on their own


horses. Zenith jumped immaculately all the way round. Jeroen Dubbeldam


is under pressure that he has handled it before and he is an


Olympic gold medallist. Very much at the start wanted by


Jeroen Dubbeldam. Clear and in the bag for the Netherlands. But a long


way to go. Rolf-Goran Bengtsson riding Purcell -- Casall Ask for


Sweden. A big jumper. This man was very successful for a couple of


years and without doubt one of the world's very best. Casall Ask is now


15, so getting towards the end of his career and by far the oldest


horse. Oh! That really is a big surprise. I got the impression with


the last round that this horse jumped, to get into the final, he


had his only fence down that he jumped, to get into the final, he


had at the competition. Is the 15-year-old tiring ?


How crucial is that one fence for the man from Sweden, Rolf-Goran


Bengtsson? Just coming out of the combination. Little touch on it, did


not really spring of the floor. Such a disappointment to get a fence on


your own horse. Very often there is one horse in the field that proves


difficult and he could be. Ross current banks and can certainly ride


the rest -- Rolf-Goran. The twice Olympic team gold medallist in 2004


and 2008. Beezie Madden putting in a bid for the fence that she lost in


2006. Could this be a chance to put it right? Very much in the American


mould, lets the horse run, sticking his head out. Very rangy horse.


Jeroen Dubbeldam is very much in the Germanic style, a tall and strong


rider. Fascinating to see how the horses adapt to different types.


What a class round! Beezie has ridden all kinds of horses. Will


this be Cortes C's chance? Typical Beezie Madden, never looking under


stress. She always rides as though she is extremely confident and


relaxed. Very good clear around to start her


campaign. Husband John crucial in her performance and build-up to


this. Absolute hush as the French man


starts his campaign, Patrice Delaveau on Orient Express. He has


been in the first four ever since we started this show-jumping


championship. Just to remind everybody watching,


one fence down, four faults. If they go over the time allowed, 64


seconds, every time there is a commencement of a four second


period, they get one-time faults. The first couple taken it slowly


because the time is quite generous and they got quite close. This


little stallion is by Quick Star. Steady for the last fence. And the


stadium are cheering! Rolf God and Benson has one fence


down so he is the one who has got it all to do. -- Rolf-Goran Bengtsson.


They now have to compete on their colleagues' horses. Orient Express


was technically superb. He lifts his front legs and does absolutely


everything to leave the fences up. A smaller, shorter, striding horse


that he gives everything every time he leaves the floor.


Out goes the Frenchman, happy so far. Confirmation of his score. A


good start. There is Jeroen Dubbeldam and confirmation of the


scores after each of them have ridden their own horses. Well, eyes


down in the warm up area. The bell goes and that means they have all


got the same period of time to warm up the horse, get used to it. These


guys are so experienced, they will very quickly get the feel of what


they need to do. The World Championship is one part of this


man's CV that is currently missing. He will be trying very hard to put


that right this afternoon, despite having one fence down, the only


rider to do so so far. You get an early glimpse of the horse just


beginning to react. That told me a lot, when he landed. Rolf-Goran


Bengtsson is a strong rider, who probably put extra leg on and the


horse shot away and got quite strong. This is the youngest horse


in the field, Zenith, and Rolf-Goran Bengtsson is on board.


Already watching the difference in Rolf-Goran Bengtsson's style. When


he rides his own horse, he is quite physical and he is sitting very


quietly because then it is so quick to pick up the pace. -- Zenith is so


quick. No squeezing, just let the horse do it. He is massively


powerful but just getting a bit upset. When you are trying so hard


to keep the horse balanced and steady it is easy to get time faults


and he has had the same fence down as on his own. Zenith is getting a


bit upset here. He has got to try and get home in under 64 seconds and


he is a long way from home yet. That was the back of Jeroen Dubbeldam


watching. Really not Rolf-Goran 's day. He might get two time faults.


Not quite three. Two time faults. Rolf-Goran Bengtsson is definitely


Not quite three. Two time faults. looking to have a very tough


afternoon this afternoon. This really did not go according to plan


whatsoever. His jumping was to shop. That is the fence that he got down


and he hit it really hard. He is attacking the poll and instead of


being relaxed and getting his body in the air, he is taking it on. He


is never able to get into a rhythm. And time faults as well.


Confirmation of that score of ten. The American lady, pipped at the


very last fence at the Worlds in 2006 when she was beaten into silver


medal. Now riding Rolf-Goran Bengtsson's horse. Round number two


for Beezie Madden. Fascinating watching her in the warm up because


she jumped very few fences. She has obviously decided to save his job.


15 years old now. He will find this tough enough. This is the fence that


he had with his own rider but he has had the middle part. Not really


using his body today and that is the second fence that this horse has had


down today. The horse is trying to pull down on


her. I think he is quite strong and that is why Rolf-Goran Bengtsson


ride since so brilliantly. She has done it. Nicely inside the time for


Beezie Madden. This time it is the middle part of


the combination. He just dropped his back legs that time.


up area. Four faults in two rounds. Rolf-Goran Bengtsson on ten in two


rounds. Now it is Patrice Delaveau in his first world championships


final on the American horse Cortes C. The Frenchman won the title in


1990. This horse is so different from his


own horse, Orient Express. A big, rangy horse with a lot of blood and


He is now That was brilliantly ridden.


He is now his jump and not get too close on


take-off. able to get inside the 64 seconds


time allowed. APPLAUSE The first double clear goes


to France. The 49-year-old Patrice Dell la view. And look at that


crowd. Patrice Delaveau.


Can Well, congratulations there to Patrice Delaveau. He didn't look too


comfortable in the warm-up but worked out quickly how he had to


ride Cortes. Did a brilliant job. Very good start for the Frenchman.


So, the Dutch represented now, Jeroen Dubbeldam just asking the


judges to stop the clock while the horse just gets relaxed. Jeroen


Dubbeldam for the Netherlands, cleared on his own horse, looking


now to join, Patrice Delaveau and try and go clear on Orient Express.


It gives you some idea of how tall Jeroen Dubbeldam s making Orient


Express look really small. Almost like a little pony.


Beautifully down the combination. Just opening the stride a little bit


here. He just has to watch the time enough. You can't be too cautious.


Well, this is the horse that my prediction was that he would be the


best horse. Is he going to cope with all these different riders? Just


coming down to the last fence. He has done it. Lovely round. Not


ridden totally in the same way as Patrice Delaveau. But it has worked.


It was a very good ride from Jerome. Two clears for Jerome. Two clears


for Patrice. -- Jeroen. Well, he sat very differently to


Patrice Delaveau, Jeroen Dubbeldam. He is much taller, obviously. But he


had to be careful not to move around too much because he is so tall and


he gave the horse a fabulous ride. The Dutch management getting very


excited, indeed. And you can't blame them. The double hasn't often been


done. So, Jeroen Dubbeldam, double clearing his two rides. Couldn't


have done better. He is saying, "That's the stuff we


want, Jeroen." Well, we are at the half-way point. There it is,


Rolf-Goran Bengtsson is the man who has got off to a disappointing


start. Beezie Madden, she is behind a bit at the half-way point. At the


moment it is Net lands and France. -- Netherlands and France. So,


Beezie Madden with her third ride, zenith. To stay in the hunt she


really needs a clear round. And she rode in the Worlds in 2006. She had


with her the eventual champion. Very sensitive and powerful, Zenith.


So far responding very well to Beezie's very light touch. Living


dangerously and that's the problem with this horse. He really is


sensitive. When gets stressed like that, he shoots forward. Doesn't


relax and make the shape in the air. That gives you some idea how


brilliantly Jeroen Dubbeldam is riding this horse. Because, not an


easy ride. Now she's not going to get time faults. Good round. Four,


but it puts now Beezie Madden on the back foot. Both Rolf-Goran Bengtsson


and Beezie Madden have lost ground. Beezie's disappointed. She thought


she got the measure of this horse but watch him here. Shot forward and


he is so stressy, when he does that and that was a horrible moment. She


did brilliantly to recover from that. And what she was able to do


which Rolf-Goran Bengtsson wasn't, was to still get around inside the


time because when the horses get that stressy, you tend to pull at


them too much. So, after three rounds, there is


Beezie Madden's score. She is on 8. Already you can see Patrice really


worried about this horse, getting downhill, getting on the forehand.


Patrice Delaveau, then, for France, on Casall Ask. The horse at the


moment, Casall Ask, has had two fences down for the two riders, one


for each. For his own rider, he had the last part of the combination.


Beezie Madden had the middle part. So, coming into the combination,


Patrice is going to have to really sit up and hold this horse together.


Well, he has done something his own rider couldn't do. He has jumped the


combination. This is a crucial round now. If he can get clear with Casall


Ask, it puts him in such a strong hand. Two fences to go. It is


getting a bit downhill there. Done it. Done it! Patrice Delaveau


has got his nose in front, surely. Look at the time. He has got a time


fault. He has got one. How important will that be? Masterly ride. Well,


here is the binges. He is the only rider. Patrice Delaveau has managed


to jump the combination rider. Patrice Delaveau has managed


Ask. He had an extra stride coming down to the last fence and he has


got the one time fault. So Delaveau can have a pause and a


rest for a minute, happy with his work.


Jeroen Dubbeldam, Jeroen with Cortes C. Can he make it three out of


three? Of course, the thing he has to be


careful of, he really doesn't want to get the time fault to get his


nose in front. He has to avoid that. A great start there. Keeping up just


enough rhythm. This big striding horse, perfect stride there. Oh,


that was superb. He Time allowed, remember, 64 seconds.


He turns for home. He should be OK, if he can jump this one. He has done


it, what a round. Such a sympathetic ride from the 42-year-old. He now


has three out of three and remember the Frenchman has ridden three, but


he has a time fault. So, Jeroen Dubbeldam, boxy as mum and daughter


of jeroen really celebrate. Brilliant, all the way. Absolutely


in the right place. Down the combination, Cortes C. Superb. Down


to the last fence. There he is, makes the shape inside the time.


There actually Jeroen's sister, too, celebrating. Well, he is eight


fences away from winning this. One more round. He is amazing. Really.


So Jeroen's score there, the best at the moment A clean sheet.


So, there we are, there is Rolf-Goran's score at the moment,


with ten being the worst score of the four. He would love to have two


clear rounds to finish. The man deserves T he is a class act. --


deserves it. So far, looking much more at home on


the little stallion, Orient Express. Beautifully done, the combination.


the little stallion, Orient Express. And this horse, he does keep trying.


He is a real trooper. Well, he is well inside the time. .


Oh, no. It's done. There is a best horse prize and that four faults


might well take Orient Express out of that equation. It had gone so


well. So Rolf-Goran, it is not going right for Rolf-Goran.


This is a terrible day at the office for Rolf-Goran Bengtsson. Just when


he seemed to have settled it nicely with Orient Express, ran on down to


the last fence. Didn't touch a pole all the way around and that's how


the Swedes are feeling about it. Well, Rolf-Goran Bengtsson now adds


another four. He is on to 14, with one ride left. It does look like


fourth place for Rolf-Goran, for Sweden. So, there we are,


confirmation that Rolf-Goran Bengtsson is on 14, after three


horses ridden. They've each got one horse left to ride. This format, it


is such an incredibly tense situation all round. That was


beautifully ridden. This horse looks more settled there with pa trees


than with any of the other riders. -- with Patrice. Patrice Delaveau,


going for clear, to set the target, for France.


The difficulty with Zenith is coming into the combination. You have to


jump the big oxer with enough energy and then try to sit really quiet for


those two verticals. Beautifully ridden. That's the fence he had down


last time. Oh, the man is on fire. And the


crowd stand. CHEERING AND


APPLAUSE He has gone clear, well inside the


time. He has finished on a score of one. No error at all from Jeroen


Dubbeldam and the game is very definitely open. Any mistake by the


Dutchman, this man wins. Brilliantly ridden. He had a tiny


rub coming out of the combination, but the Frenchman has proved he has


got the feeling to adepartment to ride these different horses. -- to


adapt. He has jumped clear on all of them. Has this man done enough? That


is the target. Something better than the one time fault that Patrice


Delaveau had on Casall Ask. He really has ridden superbly. So, the


next minute, minute-and-a-half will, I think, decide the World Title.


Will it be this man? Or will it be the one in the ring? Patrice


Delaveau has completed his rides. He has finished with one. This man,


with this horse to ride, this horse being Casall Ask, at the moment, as


I said, a score Casall Ask, of 9 faults. Two with a fence down and


one with a time fault. Can this man jump the clear to give him the World


Title? Jeroen Dubbeldam, a clear to win the World Title.


Oh, well, he has got that combination out of the way. That was


the toughest fence. Needs to be inside the time as well. A reminder


- if he got a time fault, we jump off. We would be jumping off. He is


two fences away from the world title.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Oh, what a performance, it is a


double World Championship for the Dutch. They win the team and Jeroen


Dubbeldam is World Champion. What a performance. Outstanding and the way


he rode Casall Ask here. It went better for him than anybody else. It


is his fourth time in the ring, obviously. It went perfect. He is a


worthy champion. Yes, and there was his family celebrating.


worthy champion. Yes, and there was got the bronze medal to decide. They


are saying, quack bad luck Patrice" but this man has done it in style.


He Z you have to feel for Patrice, though, he jumped clear, just the


one time fault. It couldn't have been any tighter. But what a week


the Dutch have had. Jeroen's wife in that very happy party. A fabulous


combination. Just touched the pole there. He had his luck but he held


his nerve, kept the rhythm. No time fault. There he is, jumping the last


fence and that's the moment he knows he's done it.


This Dutchman really is a great rider. He can sit on anything, as he


has proved this afternoon, and get a great tune out of it. Well, there


are very few people who have won Olympic individual gold and world


gold and this man has just done it. Jeroen Dubbeldam, World Champion on


the British-produced Zenith. Disappointment for Patrice Delaveau.


So near, yet so far, just one time fault.


Well, Cortes C, so far, has got a clean sheet. Rolf-Goran wants a


clean sheet. Can they put it together?


If he is going to retain any chance of winning the bronze medal he needs


a clear round. There is no doubt about it. This horse, the horse you


picked out, hasn't had a chance so far. I might have a chance of


getting one right. You may have got one right. This is the horse that


has looked absolutely brilliant. Down that combination, you see how


class he is. He is still giving a foot over each element, even at this


stage. Well, two fences between this horse


and being the best horse we have seen this week. Cruising into the


last fence. Jumps it easily. A class round from a class jockey. It's


Sweden's Rolf-Goran Bengtsson, finishing up on a clear round. He is


going to finish on 14, for his score personally but the horse has jumped


four clean rounds and that will be the horse of the World


Championships, 2014. The Maddens will be delighted with that. That


horse has only had one fence down the entire xen competition. I mean


-- competition. I mean how many fence has he jumped at this level?


Quite extraordinary. Well, that man missed the World Title by one time


fault. It will be his horse that goes last. That's for Beezie Madden.


A lovely pat on the neck for Rolf-Goran Bengtsson for Cortes C,


finishing with a clear round. He is on 14. It means Beezie Madden can


have one fence down and win the bronze, but if she had two, he - he


would be Rolf-Goran's bronze medal. Beezie Madden, so popular with her


contemporaries. Can she finish off with a clear and get the bronze?


The only fence he has had down so far, has been the last fence with


A very different type of horse - Rolf-Goran Bengtsson.


A very different type of horse - it's fascinating to see - show


jumpers come in all shapes and sizes. This one has a shorter


canter, not so much movement in his shoulders. Oh, and that has gone as


well. Now it's tight. Can't afford another. Still stays in bronze. If


it stays on four. But one more, and Rolf-Goran will get the bronze.


Final line. This is for the bronze. Bronze to America. To Beezie Madden.


Quite close to the time but that actually wouldn't have made any


difference. She just had the one and that one will put her on 12 and take


the bronze to the USA. There that one will put her on 12 and take


man who misses out in 2014. Rolf-Goran Bengtsson. And there is


the lady who wins bronze. What a proud day for the Dubbledams. They


have been a family Sol involved in show jumping for so many years. He's


had some difficult times but my word, he has got through them.


Olympic champion and now World Champion.


Well, there is that final confirmation of the 2014 World


Individual Showjumping Championship. Going to the Netherlands. Jeroen


Dubbeldam. Silver to Franz and the bronze to United States of America.


CLARE BALDING: Back at Burghley the house looking magnificent. We have


been watching the action. It is an interesting competition, would you


want to be a part of it? Do you think it could be improved? I would


love to be a part of it. My main aim would be to competing in the world


games. An injury stopped me from being there. It looked like a great


competition. Really exciting for the fans and sport when they have that


changeover in front of all the people and they can get to


understand the problems we have on a regular basis in the warm-up areas.


I'm happy they have an award for the leading horse as well Absolutely.


Riders are only as good as their horses and Cortes Beezie's horse has


been outstanding the whole week and proved it today with all four


different riders. It is important to recognise. Poor Patrice Delaveau.


You said as it happened - that will be expensive, the time fault. It


ended up being the difference between gold and silver. Sometimes


time faults can be more expensive than a row down. It is what cost him


the gold probably today but Jeroen Dubbeldam ran fantastic. He has


already been Olympic champion. He has proved he can do it. I think he


probably had the most difficult horse which, in the end, played into


his hands. That individual show jumping brings to an end two weeks


of competition at the World Equestrian Games. Great Britain have


come out ahead in terms of total medals. And Charlotte Dujardin


taking golds. She really is at the top of her


game. She has such a beautiful harmony with her horse. They look


fantastic together. So two individual golds for them. The team


silver as well. A brilliant evident for Lee Pearson and the Para


dressage riders. Leigh back in the big time. Two individuals for him,


golds and one team gold and gold for Sophie Christian son and silvers for


Natasha baker and Sophie Wells. This is the sport of vaulting. It is


effectively gymnastics on the horseback and Great Britain has the


best in the world, this is Joanne he canles who took the individual gold.


Her and her sister Hannah also won the team bronze. It is rather


elegant. Quite dangerous as well. In eventing, the team won the silver


medal and this man, William Fox-Pitt also added the individual bronze.


medal and this man, William Fox-Pitt Tina Cook part of the


silver-medal-winning team and so, too, was Zara Phillips who jumped a


very rare clear round in the show jumping arena. It was tough in that


stadium. She celebrated as if she'd won the whole thing. And Harry


Knead, was an important part of the team. I'm glad you are here. Reid


great to see you. When you stepped up on France, you got a great


reception. They understood what you have been through. It epitomised the


highs and lows of sport. It was tragic it was the greatest moment of


my career on the one hand but the saddest day of my life in another.


But it was great to be part of a competition and have the support of


team-mates and the crowd behind us. In terms of your own personal


learning curve, part of your team out there, your senior debut Yes


Tyne had been a life-long ambition to get on the senior team and it was


great. And particular little having such a good atmosphere, which we


noticed, there was such a positive time in the British camp. We get on


well and the whole management was very positive A great experience. I


should a add on a personal note. A year, almost to the day, from when


you came back from shattering both your elbows, it was extraordinary. I


know so many people have reacted to the tragedy of losing your horse and


sending you commiserations. But thank you to both of you. We will


leave you, with a bit of history, here at Burghley.


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