2013 Highlights Equestrian: Olympia Horse Show

2013 Highlights

Highlights of the Olympia Grand Prix, featuring many of the world's best show jumpers. Presented by Clare Balding, with commentary from Michael Tucker and Andy Austin.

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Hello and welcome to the grand Hall at Olympia in West London for the


annual extravaganza of show-jumping. A show mixing fun, entertainment and


top-level sport. We all about jumping today. Not that kind of


jumping, show-jumping. Andy Austin will eat in the commentary box


later, this is a big course for the prize. -- will be in. This is five


foot three vertical. It is going to be difficult to jump. The atmosphere


is building, it will be packed. This is what they have to contend with.


The triple bar, and straight into this very severe plank, about five


foot four! It is four strides and is very tight. As they comment on the


end of the arena, the horses will find this very short -- as they come


to. I have two go right up in the air, and this fence is five


footfall. -- five foot four. And this is totally flat. So that could


come off? And the horses have to be so concentrated because they come


running next to the crowd. Everybody gets excited and there is tension,


it is so exciting. When they come down here, they are jumping right


into the crowd. A lot of distractions. Very difficult. Ten


British out of 34, where do we see the title going? I am convinced we


will get a British winner tonight, a couple of names, Mike De Schmeichel


Whitaker, Scott Brash, but I think this track might suit the veteran,


58 years old, John Whitaker. That would be a real story.


You go from the noise and the lights and the glamour of the arena to


backstage where it is quiet and everybody concentrated. He will be


an early Jumper. Back there is Peter chance, she is strange in her


behaviour and is not like anybody, and a strange head carriage. -- she


does not like anybody. Maikel van der Vleuten is in the black jacket,


he won the World Cup chats -- class on Saturday, he is only 24 years


old. There is also a British rider, Daniel Neilson, one of the finds. He


has had a third-place in the World Cup, he would be another big class


rider of the future. -- he will be. Robert Whitaker will be an early


starter. Laura Renwick is the leading rider


of the week so far. Let's join our commentary team, Andy Austin and


Mike Tucker. A good-looking competition for this


Olympic Grand Prix, it has produced some great night for international


show-jumping over the years. We are looking for a really good jump off


tonight. Not the biggest course, and what of big verticals. -- a lot of.


We start with the 33-year-old Harrie Smolders, from the Netherlands. He


is 22 in the world. He has been a very good rider, all sorts of horses


for many years. He can also ride top-class horses. Chosen tonight to


ride. He will be riding Emerald, the Horsey has used as his Grand Prix


horse in the autumn circuit. -- the horse he has used. Second in the


World Cup at Toronto. He also went pretty well in the Grand Prix in


Doha, the champions tour final. But around the latter part of this


course. Where are the problems? -). -- right around. The triple bar to a


tall point. There is another vertical straight out of the corner.


It is very tight, the four strides. Another difficult vertical here.


Brilliant through -- brilliantly through. What a very good start.


Time allowed is 66 seconds. Not in any hurry to get inside that times


-- that time, and general thoughts are the time will be slackened off,


but a good ride to start with. Well done, were you expecting that?


We always expect a first at my horse is nine years old and does not have


much experience, but a very promising stallion. Will you be


hoping everybody messes it up? That would be good! But I am sure we will


get an exciting jump off. Well done. This crowd ready for action. It has


been sensational, right from the boat in -- the opening night. We saw


the wonderful Andalusian School. And then the world record. Great spirits


tonight. Robert Whitaker. He will regard this as his best horse. It


won the Grand Prix and probably his better result was more recently,


where he finished third in the Grand Prix of Hanover in a very good


competition. This horse has unbelievable power, but he just


needs to keep his concentration. That is the casual jump, just when


he did not need it. Right inside the time. He has had a frustrating week.


When horses do things like that, Robert got in, perfect stride, did


everything correct. A lot of frustration on his face, nothing


much he could have done. We have seen very little of this


horse this week. This is his best horse. Whisper has been used most of


this week. But this is a big winner for this talented Frenchman. Simon


Delestre. On the legal book power in the tank. Huge strides. -- on the


legal power. -- unbelievable. Simon Delestre is a very strong rider. He


got tight to that. Definitely an option around that


distance to go six or seven. That was lucky. Got very close to the


triple bar, that was good tactics. Get the horse in the air, did not


want to be making up ground with such a big striding horse.


Lovely! He was second in the Maastricht Grand Prix. To Maikel van


der Vleuten. Michael on the World Cup round yesterday. -- Maikel this


is very efficient. The horse had a little run on that big vertical.


Clean everywhere else. Peter injured his hand very badly in


October, he has had a lot of time out. But he is back in form. Horse


jumped very well here yesterday. A good round. A good World Cup. Peter


Charles is the man who one can still see raising his arm when Britain


clinched Gold in London. This horse is quite unique. She sticks her nose


out and runs around, Peter Hass to let her go her own way -- Peter has


to let her go her own way and he has two trust her to jump. She made up a


lot of ground. -- has to. A French horse with a lot of blood, it will


be difficult here. She will have to be shortened up. He thought he got


away with it, he did everything he could. But with that big stride, she


is now getting too forward. Rather fell apart towards the end.


He won it in 1993. He was riding for Ireland at that stage. But he came


back to ride for Britain and was instrumental in that Gold medal. He


did everything he could to settle her but he made up so much ground


with her. At the end of the track, she started diving. She can do that


on the second part. But her head down and she threw herself on to the


second. Nothing he could have done about that. Now the man who won the


World Cup round, 25-year-old Maikel van der Vleuten. His father has been


a world class rider and has won a World Cup right here. Neither of


them have ever won the Grand Prix. -- ride here. He won the Grand Prix


in Maastricht and yesterday he won the Masters. A very close final


jump-off for the Masters. He is in tremendous form, this man. Always


fascinating to see younger horses coming up to the top level. This


classically bred Dutch horse, a lot of scope. Maikel van der Vleuten is


just getting to build a strong team of horses. Right at the top of the


sport. She has got so much power, look at


the height. This certainly is a proper


championship Grand Prix jumper. Two for Holland now, Harrie Smolders


with the first comment now this man, Maikel van der Vleuten the next.


Joined by Geir Gulliksen and Simon Delestre. This is a lovely round, a


younger horse being tested and coming up with the right answers.


Staying careful and concentrating on the last fence. -- until the last.


This man on the World Cup on Saturday, you must have so much


confidence? Yes, it gives you a good feeling. If your horses are in good


shape, your riding ability, you believe in yourself and that is what


you have to do. You have some periods in the year that the horses


are in good shape and I tried to do the best myself. How much reaction


have you had at home since winning the World Cup class? After the World


Cup, you realise how many people are looking at it with you in Holland. A


get a lot of phone calls and messages -- I get. It is a good


feeling to have people standing behind you. Good look with this. --


good look. -- good luck.


This has been a winner, the great French rider Penelope Leprevost.


With Flora de Mariposa. This horse pot on a world class performance to


win on Thursday night. -- put on. You remember her jumping with that


distinctive style, with the head up. This horse is so similar. It is


almost a clone. Just running into the fences like that. For pleasure


horses, if they have the right temperament, incredible jumpers.


They always go a bit their own way. It is a great time of year for


horses to be tested at Grand Prix level. They have had plenty of


summer experience. A lovely round. The standard of riding, the standard


of horses this week in London has been absolutely exceptional. Some


friends have got two, Simon Delestre and now Penelope Leprevost. So


efficient, the same style of jumping. Not letting the back legs


go. Knowing exactly where the poles are located. This 23-year-old for


Great Britain is somebody people are certainly talking about today, his


first World Cup, his first time in the senior classes here at Olympia.


Started his own yard earlier this year and he has come on in leaps and


bounds. He finished third in that World Cup round yesterday, riding


the same horse. Varo M. Daniel Neilson is the person everybody is


talking about in a big way, he was second in the Grand Prix where he


rode for Britain in the Nations cup. He has a good technique. I gave him


the big hold-up yesterday for the World Cup, he certainly did not


disappoint. Setting off in great style so far tonight. Varo M is a


careful horse, technically makes a good shape over the fences, and a


lovely rhythm. A great feel Daniel Neilson is putting into his horse


here. If anybody wants to spend some big


money on some Grand Prix horses, there is no better man to back. Yes,


he is one of the young riders that have come out this year. That really


is the business for the future. He hit the bottom everywhere, very


accurate, great rhythm. -- button. And he has jumped another clear


round. What a too horrific show he is having! -- terrific.


This is the explosion into the big time, up against the older riders


comedy finished third in the World Cup and now you are into the


jump-off for the Palm pre-. I am over the moon, . -- for the Grand


Prix. I am really pleased. You have just set up on your own and to have


a good week he could set you up for life. I have a -- I had a good round


for five years and now with my new owner Terry Wilson and girlfriend


Stacey, we are doing our own thing and it is going well. It is great


watching you. Thank you. Now it is Michael Whitaker. And what


a blend we have of youth and senior experience. This man has come back


with a huge year. He won the Madrid round of the global champions tour


on this horse. He has jumped really good rounds. But responsibility --


responsibility was on his shoulders and he came up with the goods to


help Britain win the Gold medal. He was in that Masters this afternoon


against Maikel van der Vleuten and got beaten by 0.8, and he will not


want to tackle him again. He seemed to suddenly have to push to get


there. Just took the shape out of his cantor. Produced a flat jump and


that is a shame. We would like to see him in the jump-off. He was in


it for the World Cup yesterday and he was really unlucky not to win it.


But not happening tonight. He is retiring.


His second in the Masters will be his best performance of Olympia


2013. But that Gold medal in Denmark was something that really gave him


huge satisfaction. Other people have been critical about his horse but he


has really mastered it and it now looks so full of power and


potential. A good batch of riders in this next


lot, including Ben Maher, number two in the world. This is Tripple X,


gorgeous horse, so collected. Ben Maher is very soft in his hands and


strong in his buyer macro. John Whitaker next, Andy Austin thinks he


could win it. -- in his buyer macro. He is 58 and he suffered from


a fire aneurysm a couple of years ago and is lucky to be alive, never


mind still computing -- a brain aneurysm. After that, Scott --,


riding Ursula. She is very careful when she jumps. -6 macro. And he is


number one in the world right now. -- Brash.


Britain 's Guy Williams. So competitive. So you -- so near and


yet so far this week. This is one of his young stars. He is a horse he


thinks a lot of and he has won some good competitions this season.


Probably a big competition, the biggest this horse has been in


service. Quite a test. A big test, but they have had a summer of


experience. This horse always had plenty of scope. The great thing


about Guy Williams is that he can write any type of horse and he gives


them a lot of confidence, he is a strong rider. -- he can ride. He has


taken a stride out, this will be short now. I do not know how he


jumped that. That was different! Just this last double!


What a positive ride! He meant business. Typical of Guy Williams.


And for a nine-year-old, who has not had much mileage yet, a very good


round indeed. Owned by Caroline Phillips, a lot of very satisfied


supporters here. He took a stride out to the triple bar which is in --


and extraordinary desertion. -- decision. That is the last double,


we are not going to let this go now! Great to see him in the jump-off.


This is the man who is Britain 's first world number one, then Maher.


-- then Maher. -- Ben Maher. It was then taken off him by Scott Brash.


He has not had a good week by his very high standards. Riding the


horse Tripple X that he won the Grand Prix on. The Royal


International show. He is looking for a clear round. Ben Maher is


Olympic Gold medallist and a European team Gold medallist. This


crowd will erupt if he can jump clear, he has not had a good week.


Certainly disappointing yesterday, Tripple X not really at the races.


We have seen him on so many occasions on Grand Prix night


raising his game. This horse is focusing just that bit more.


He could just do with them getting into the jump-off. One more to jump!


Much better round from him. From the combination that won the British


team Gold medal. So it is a clear round number nine now. And Britain


R.N. At, they have got Daniel Neilson. -- Britain are in it. They


have Guy Williams and now Ben Maher. A brilliant round from Ben Maher and


Tripple X, perfect all the way. You could see the focus. Ben Maher has


not had the greatest week and he was not going to make mistakes tonight.


But this man has been jumping out of his skin, John Whitaker, with


Argento. He has won virtually every competition at Olympia. But he has


never won this competition. This horse has really jumped some good


rounds here, but just had mistakes. But John has been determined and is


determined again now. He is normally a good vertical jump. -- jumper.


Just got to encourage him to get over those back rails.


Just this last double stretch here. He has done it! I do not think I


have seen John Whitaker ride in a more determined way for ten years.


My word, that was great! This is a very careful horse. He is getting


better as time goes on, he is 58 now and he is as confusing as stick as


ever and he gave this a brilliant goal, spot on all the way. Really


encouraged Argento to stretch. And watched down this distance. A big


stride. Argento is so careful. A great round, how did it feel?


Really good, he due -- he jumped super. He was hectic in the World


Cup but I went fast with him on Friday in the jump-off and he was


still thinking about that, but today was more relaxed and jumping really


good. He does a strange thing in the warm up, he always has his time


doubt. It is, -- tongue out. His father used to do the same, so it


must be in the family. People laughed at him. You may have the


last laugh! The world 's number one, Britain 's


Scott Brash, what a year. Following that Gold in London, Gold and the


European Championships and an individual bronze, brilliant


final-round to go up into bronze. And in the last month, he has won


two, one big Grand Prix Indo heart and a big bonus in an Cup Final in


Barcelona. -- Indo heart. And two second placings. He has been in


tremendous form, riding Ursula. He went very close in the World


Cup. He just had a fence down in the jump-off. I mentioned a couple of


times that this horse was written by Tina Fletcher before Scott Brash. --


ridden. A lot of credit must go to mark tolerable in Scotland. -- Mark


Turnbull. I think those early years of education that horses have, it is


a lot of work to get them up to that level.


He has got such a wonderful temperament. The world number one.


It has not in anyway this man. He really is a very cool customer, a


great writer. He said yesterday he felt personally would be better


today. -- Ursula XII would be better today.


She was superb, wasn't cheap? Yes, she is a fantastic course. She


jumped great. A lot of clear rounds so far. It should be an entertaining


tromp off. -- jump-off. I watched the first couple and see what I need


to do. How competitive are you feeling? I was quickly yesterday. I


will try to do the same. And now Laura Renwick. Ranked 55 in


the world. The higher you come in the rankings, the more you can jump


on the big international stage, the more experience you get. That has


been a big bonus for Laura. She has had a good win this week on this


horse, Oz de Breve. She went well in the World Cup. It would be great if


she could find that form again here. Laura has given this horse a bit of


a break recently. As she said, both she and the worse were probably a


bit rusty going into the World Cup. -- and the horse. He did a job


well. He has been such a fabulous winner for Laura. What a career she


has carved out for herself. She is so competitive.


Just pulling down to those planks. That was a shame. He does get quite


strong towards the end of the round. We are going to see more of this


lady, I am sure. Britain's leading lady rider. She has been placed a


number of times. But not tonight for Laura. Jumped a bit flat. Took hold


of the bridle when he landed. What a great week for you? Yes, I


have had a superb week. I was pleased with how my horse jumped. It


was the slightest touch. I'm a little disappointed but I thought he


jumped a great round. Will you end up as leading rider whoever wins? I


don't know. I think I could be caught. It would be lovely to crown


the week like that. It is always a fantastic show. Such a great


atmosphere and it is good to get some good results in front of these


crowds. This is an interesting combination.


Cian O'Conor from Ireland won this in 2009. Tremendous performance.


This is the horse he won the individual bronze medal on. He came


from nowhere in the London Olympics. He has already won a Grand Prix in


Europe. He is riding this horse because he has not written it many


times since it has been back to him. -- ridden. It is a small horse. A


lot of fight. You can see what a cheeky little horse he is. Having a


skip and a play. I think these to fit each other very well. Cian


O'Conor working hard to get the balance around that corner. He has


gone fairly slowly. We have not seen anybody with time falls. -- faults.


We will keep an eye on his time. He certainly is not hanging about. A


wonderful ride. My word, they found a rhythm and they have got that


partnership going again. It was a great round. They work really well


together. He is a tough little horse. Plenty of power and bounds.


-- bounce. A little fighter. He jumps every fence. The Netherlands


still a big force. Jur Vrieling has been a winner this


week and has looked sharp. Harrie Smolders with a clear round and then


Maikel van der Vleuten. Jur Vrieling is a great technician. He sits very


correctly. Effective, stylish jockey. He has been around for a


good while. The Dutch are definitely looking for


revenge she. Three clear rounds for them. Jur Vrieling, Zirocco Blue Vdl


yell. They look in very good form. Great piece of writing will stop --


great piece of writing. He is clearly delighted. And so he should


be. So we have 13 riders going forward to the jump-off.


So we are off in what could be a really great finish to show-jumping


in 2013, not only for Britain but also in Britain. The development of


the global champions tour in London, a huge development for the sport in


this country. At the moment the sport is riding high. This is not


going to be a pushover for a British rider. There is a strong challenger.


It is the first of the three Dodge challengers, a very good man against


the clock. But he has not got a great draw. Harrie Smolders with


Emerald. They will all come macro back inside


here -- come. This line here, the two doubles... He had a big wobble


down there. Got the six strides. He is having a real go. I think the


Dutch have really set out tonight to avenge that gold medal Britain won


in London. That was a great run. Great run. Clear. And he has not


left a lot. Just have a look at this. Use saw the wobble. For a


second, Emerald did not have a clue where he was going. Great start.


Geir Gulliksen will not sit back. He would love to win here at Olympia.


He has never won this grand pre-. It is a big ask. But he will give it a


go. -- Grand Prix. Just slowed down a little bit. So disappointing to


have an early fence down. You get revved up to have a blitz around and


go for it. He has just got to try to get home without having another


fence them. A bit slower. Coming home in 36.83. Turning back to that


wall, maybe got a fraction close. A bit unlucky. Down to the last fence.


It is all over for Geir Gulliksen tonight. Simon Delestre is a very


well-known man against the clock in France. He has won a lot of


competitions. This man will be another to give it his full, full


effort. Remember, he was second to Maikel van der Vleuten in


Maastricht. He has got some good Grand Prix form. This horse is great


going forward. Very difficult to turn. The patter and very often in


these big jump-off 's is that the first two or three try to go


quickly, make mistakes and suddenly, as you get towards the end


of the course, the end of the round, it is all about jumping clear.


Quicker time. We know the time can be beaten. One fence down. And


incredibly fast horse. A lot of blood. This man is on for an


interesting double here in London. He won the World Cup here


yesterday. He won the Masters this afternoon. And the big travel would


be the Grand Prix tonight. -- treble. 25 years old, a man with a


real pedigree following in the footsteps of his very good father,


Eric. This is an eight-year-old, only just reached Grand Prix level.


What do you do? Jump a steady clear or do you go for it?


He is not really motoring. Nice and smooth.


Now he is going to have two open the strike up. Now he is going to have


two open the stride up. A lovely smooth round, just over a second


behind. It is a Dutch one two at the moment. We have jump-off or of the


13. -- row four of the 13. Nursed the horse around. He is obviously


pleased with that. He won the World Cup yesterday. He has had a very


good show. Now the classic style of the French leading lady, Penelope


Leprevost, Flora de Mariposa. She won this Grand Prix in 2010. She


knows the satisfaction of winning it. She will try to catch Harrie


Smolders. She is a naturally quick rider. She is certainly going for


it. This is already quick. This mayor is a real fighter. Lucky. She


has got to be faster. Change of mind. She has done it! She has done


it! 32.73, she has chipped away at it. How much faster can they go? She


did not leave a lot of space. That was a great round. An eight-year-old


mare. Just watch the effort this horse puts in. Really powers off the


floor, uses her body. She had a little change of mind at the last


and produced the job. If fabulous round. -- the jump. Daniel Neilson


from Great Britain. Varo M. He took the policy in the World Cup when he


jumped into third place yesterday of an economical clear round. I don't


think you can do that tonight if he wants to win money. Yaz got nothing


to lose. It is already quick. Spin back and go for it. He needs to open


the stride up. Just a little bit steady on the corner. That is gone.


Daniel Neilson has had a great show. This is not going to be his class.


He has certainly impressed me this week. He can get up in some place


money. Good time. It would not have been quick enough but still a decent


time. This man has impressed not only Andy Austin, but he has


impressed a lot of the major experts here in London this weekend. Well


done, Daniel Neilson. Unlucky jumping the vertical. He did not get


into the big helping stride he needed. A rueful smile. He knows he


has had a great week. Now the British challenge steps up to the


plate. Daniel Neilson in fifth. This man just loves a challenge against


the clock. But it is a youngster who has not had the experience at this


level. Guy Williams is not a youngster and he has had plenty of


experience! That will not stop him. He is already flying.


It is gone! Slightly ragged. What a shame. Great effort. When he won the


talent seekers, he thought this horse was useful. Always tremendous


value for money. He flew around the course. Gave it everything he had.


This has been an extraordinary week by Ben Maher's standards. His


Olympic gold medal winning team-mate, Peter Charles, is giving


him advice. Go as fast as you can, he says. That will win it! Now Peder


Fredricson. This man has been in great form. Four wins in Stockholm


recently. H Cash In. He will definitely be trying to catch


Penelope Leprevost. Difficult course to manoeuvre. That was one fence he


wanted to see the back of. Scuttling across the ground. You don't want to


add a stride there. Every stride cost you a lot of time. He has got


to gamble. He is still quick. He is in touch. Exactly the same time as


Harrie Smolders. What a terrible decision. It is easy to sit here and


criticised, but coming down this line, he started fighting with his


words. When that happens, it is so easy to take an extra stride. He


knows what he has done. It has cost them the lead. Three British riders


on the trot. Ben Maher, ranked number two in the world, John


Whitaker and then Scott Brash. Fasten your safety belts.


Interestingly enough, Andy, when then won the Grand Prix at Hickstead


on this very horse, it came off a disappointing performance in the


Nations cup. The horse but in a brilliant performance to win it.


Could he do it again? Has it stayed? Jost. -- only just. Is that the luck


that he needed? He is tapping and rolling the fences. They are all


still there. The gamble is to take the stride out to the last fence. He


has done the gamble! Look at the time! He has done it! 31.83 is the


time on the clock. Ben Maher has taken up the challenge. History is


repeating itself. If there is a God, he is there down on Ben Maher. He


was so lucky. That was the first bit of luck. I don't know how the walls


stayed. Look at this one. I think he hit that with his belly and he


pushed the poll back on. If he wins tonight, it is lucky Ben Maher. John


Whitaker. He has won to Grand Prix is in recent weeks. He won in


Munich. Can he come on this British bred horse, Argento, go quicker than


then Mark? 31.85. -- Ben Maher. John is going to have to take some big


gambles here. He is in touch! Just gamble, keep


going! He is certainly close. Not quite. How close can you get? 700th


of a second. This man is unbelievable. 58 years young, a


sensational round. This horse is getting better at 11 years old, in a


big way. This was a fantastic piece of riding. The only thing that


really caught him out, he just could not quite take the stride out to the


last. He has not got the range and his movement. John Whitaker, what a


legend. Ben Maher leads, John Whitaker second, France third. Here


comes the man ranked number one in the world, Scott Brash, riding this


super 12-year-old mare, Ursula XII. This horse is completely different


from Argento. He has got a massive stride. And he can cover the ground.


But no, he tried to turn very tight to the wall. Just getting a little


bit hot-headed now. Just settling her down. So much has gone right for


Scott Brash in recent weeks. When things do not go right, you tend to


be so disappointed. This mare is just magic. He has not done it a


night. He has been in there trying again. That is why Britain is now


one of the world 's major courses in show-jumping. It is not done yet for


Great Britain. Lookout tight Scott tried to make the turn. He got to


where he wanted to be but it was so incredibly close. Our Schiller did


not really push up into the air, heated with the front legs. --


Ursula XII. Cian O'Conor for Ireland. He won the


Grand Prix in Dublin. He has won this Grand Prix before. Little


horse. What a try. So need over the wall. -- neat. Tried to turn in the


air came down on the rail. Just one rider left. British riders in first


and second at the moment. We have certainly had our fair share of


excitement tonight. It looks to be really -- building towards a real


climax. Cian O'Conor has played his part. 35.25. Watch him try to turn


slightly in the air, really unlucky. Then down to the last fence. He


coated with his back legs. -- he called it. One man between a British


victory in the Olympia Grand Prix. That was last achieved by Robert


Smith in 1995. Jur Vrieling is a very good man against the clock.


Zirocco Blue Vdl yell. He was in the jump-off where Britain picked


Holland for the gold medal at the Olympics. This horse has massive


stride. Eating up the ground. Fantastic fluid turn. This cannot be


too far away. He does have the power to gamble over the last fence. He


stood off that one mile. He has steadied up. He is not going to get


there. It is a British winner! Jur Vrieling, 33.31. It is a British


one, two. Ben Maher wins with Tripple X III. John Whitaker is


second with Argento. And Penelope Leprevost is third for France.


Confirmation of a wonderful Olympia Grand Prix. What a night, what a


class. Well done. You rattled a couple.


Absolutely. We have had no luck this week. Tripple X III felt on form.


The jump was quite awkward. It was my lucky night, so I am very happy.


Peter Charles said in before you went in to go as fast as you can.


Tripple X III is a fast course. It set him up well towards the end. I


think the horses are tired towards the end of the week. It has been a


rough wait for me. Always good to finish on a good night. This is one


of the few big prizes that you had yet to win? There is huge prize


money over the world now and great competition but there is never


anything like winning in of your home crowd. It is nice to finish


before Christmas on a good note. Happy Christmas. Thank you. Ben


Maher wins the Libya Grand Prix from John Whitaker, very nearly winning


another big prize at the age of 58. More sport to, at Christmas.


-- come. We hope you have enjoyed it. Have a


very happy Christmas goodbye.


Highlights of the Olympia Grand Prix, featuring many of the world's best show jumpers.

Germany's Marcus Ehning delivered a peerless performance on his horse Sabrina to triumph last year, leaving Great Britain still seeking a first winner since Robert Smith in 2005.

Presented by Clare Balding, with commentary from Michael Tucker and Andy Austin.

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