21/12/2013 Equestrian: Olympia Horse Show


Clare Balding presents live coverage of the showjumping World Cup from Olympia in London. With highlights of the puissance. Commentary comes from Michael Tucker and Andy Austin.

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So it is Christmas, it is Olympia, it is that combination of sport and


entertainment that just makes you smile. We do love this event, and


very soon we will see the riders, 37 of them, lining up, they will be


running up behind me, but as I mentioned, this is a golden time for


British show jumping. Olympic champions, European Champions, and


the top two the world, let's find out more about Ben Maher and Scott


Brash. This is what I have trained about for years, I am living my


dream. We are friends inside the ring and outside, I think me


becoming number one spurred him on. I had a great lead, I was there for


everyone to catch, I want to come back strong and maybe challenge him


for the next month's number one spot again. We were number one and two in


the world, so they have recaptured the glory days and given the younger


riders a lot of hope that they can compete with the best in the world


on a regular basis and beat them. This summer, the global champion


stadia brought a league show-jumping back to London in a nail-biting


finale, and Nick Skelton was pipped to the Grand Prix title. I think he


has done it! It is a superb British 1-2 here! She is not easy, she is


very temperamental, very much a own way, that is the particular horse


that I have to adopt my riding too. But she is an unbelievable horse,


she was on form, every angle, every turn was exactly how I wanted, it


was a great weekend. I will never forget it. In August, Great Britain


became only the second steam in history to hold Olympic and European


titles concurrently. Then and Scott won silver and bronze, but to them


it is only winning that matters. -- Ben. I am my own worst critic, I


will be the hardest person myself if I have done something wrong. For


example, in Geneva I was second last week, and I was kicking myself


because I did not win it. He is exactly as you see him, he's cool,


his conversation is limited, a few words here and there will do, but


he's totally focused on what he is doing. Ben is more of a talker, he


likes to discuss more things, they are both great guys, hugely


competitive. If it is between the two it will be very tight. Victory


for Scott secured him the overall title. The youngest rider to do so,


on his 28th birthday. It was a fantastic day. He jumped out of his


skin, I didn't think it was possible to win everything. A lot of people


had to do, you know, make mistakes or whatever for me to be number one,


I had to be the best I could be, to top the whole thing, and, yeah, all


on my birthday, it was a great day. This is Sanctos. Yes, That is


Ursula? Yes, Look how high she gets her knees. They are all different.


They have different techniques. Hello. Are you really grumpy? He is


scare odd a lot of thing, scared of flying. Are you scared of the


cameras. He is a superstar in the ring. It is amazing, people think


you can pop on any horse, but they are completely different They are


all different and you have to ride them accordingly. There is lots of


things you have to make sure is right, for him, to make sure he


competes at the highest level. Number two in the world. Ben Maher.


Olympia is a bit special for you. It is. It is where a lot started for


me. I was fighting to be in the top ten in England to make the show


there, that would have been the highlight of the year, now it is the


highlight for different reasons. It is going to be extra special for


you, because when you get introduced, they will say them say


here is the world number one. I am looking forward to it. The crowd is


amazing, for me that is what makes Olympia, the crowd, the applause we


get when we ride into the ring. The feelings are what Spurs me on to


keep going and keep improving and trying to be the best. To ride in as


number one is going to be special. Tim Stockdale is with me, who has


watched the guys growing up and seen them become the best in the world.


We stood here five years going it is all disastrous with British show


jump, where did it go wrong, now we are saying where did it go right?


The Olympic Games was a focal point for if sport. It harnessed everybody


together. It gave them something to aim for everybody got together, the


owner, rider, the manage. . Has made a massive difference. Ben and Scott


are great to on your side. The combination works so well, from that


it has been a Springboard and the sport has gathered momentum. The


other thing you need is riders doing well, we need events here in London


and we have one with the tour coming to Stratford. The jump saw off being


Nick Skelton and Ben may officer. Ben came out on top. We are on the


world stage, the focal point has pulled over to Great Britain. We


are, we are deemed as favourites where erwe go. It is a massive up


lift. For Ben it is a mixture, he is in the middle of a legal case, with


owners of a horse of his, and he is going to be distracted by that, but


can he, he seems to be able to just focus on the sport? Yes, I think so,


Ben is a tough Guy, and a tough professional and when you are in


this type of environment, when you are riding, that is the only thing


you are thinking about. He won't be thinking about other things while he


is here in the ring. Today he will be focussed. As Scott will be be. He


does it in a less intense way, it is softer, he is like a swan, on top of


the water but inside paddling furiously under the water. Both have


been travelling round the world. Ben said he has only had two weekends at


home in the last year. Scott was in Doha, that is where his big success


came, that sealed him the tour win and put him to number one and earned


him a huge amount of prize money. It is phenomenal. The sums we are


talking about are tennis players and golfer, you see there, he went in


there and he went to get the class and get it won. It takes a lot of


guts in that circumstances with that much money. He is not used to that


yet. He has a great temperament for this sport. Doha wouldn't be the


showjumping capital of the world but the global tour takes them


everywhere. They are talking about China I have come back from there.


The sport has gone global. The, we have a Brazilian rider here today,


it is going worldwide. For Great Britain to be at the top it is a


real boost. The exciting thing for fan, you can book tickets to see the


global champions tour will be back here August 16th and there will be


live coverage on the BBC. Let us concentrate on Olympia, one of the


most popular classes of the week is the Puissance, it is a winner takes


all format. It is about how high can you


some animals jump for necessity, some jump simply for joy.


The greatest of all jumper, is the humble flee, leaping up to 150 times


its own height. The Puissance is the ultimate high jump for horse, it is


the French word for power. 100 stone of horse and rider facing


a six foot wall. The wall gets higher with each clearance, should


you or a brick come a croper, you are out. It is an event to test


horses and riders to their limit. Both will need to be brave as they


attempt to leap into the unknown. Even the greatest have been known to


falter. Nerves will be tested and only the


most brave will survive. The rider must guide his or her mount to the


best place for take off. Success sees the animal kingdom at its most


graceful. At but the tiniest error from horse or rider and the wall


comes tumbling down. Some horses make it look very easy.


Ben Maher won the class last year. They have to clear every fence. That


includes, this one. Some unfortunately that meant


whether he cleared the wall or not he was out. You can't believe what


happened. It has happened to me with a good horse, that you continue


because you want to show the crowd I would have been in the sharp end of


this competition, but in his mind he will be going "I can't believe I


have knocked that small jump down." This is a proper Puissance horse,


very brave, so something as small as the first one, probably didn't get


his attention. Watch how he comes in, looks at the wall and thinks I


will jump that easy. Very nice. Well, let us find out how the others


fared, because... It was the same fence here, the silver fence, and I


knew when they put it in there, today, he doesn't see it so well,


and, just gets distracted and intense, and that is the way it


goes. That was Ben's reaction. Then these


were the four rider who were left in. Four in total. Three for


Britain, one for Italy. Let Usman Ali join the commentary team has the


wall reached six feet nine. -- let us join.


So the big problem for Guy Williams is to stop the ma erection re taking


the wall on. She is -- the mare. Slow the canter


There she goes. Yes! Absolutely spot on. That was


easier that time. That was better. She didn't take it on too much. She


used her enthusiasm, spot on. Lovely shape.


Really works her body. Front end, back end. Flicks the back legs away.


Runs right into the bottom and then really pushes, and that is the style


that workforce this horse. Guy picks her up and she flicks the


back end away. Lovely shape. Maybe you have picked the winner,


Mike, she is looking impressive there.


Two metres 20, they jumped in 2011, they were actually fifth but now


this man, he looks to be enjoying himself, you have to say that. I


love the way he goes up to the wall, shows it to her, big smile on his


face and says come on, girl, you can jump that.


Now can he join Guy Williams into what would be round four? This is


currently the second jump-off. It is the Italian, luke Certainly got the


power. That action with the front legs isn't going to cause a problem


at some point. It works again. Fantastic. The


higher it goes the neater this horse is in front. That to me was, that


most impressive jump in this competition for this horse and


required: This is a different technique but fantastic to watch


Luca, he loves his horse, he gives them the freedom to ex presence


themselves, a very untidy jump. You will see a strange twisting of the


front leg, under the body. It makes it harder because the shoulders have


to go higher. It has put a big smile on the, on the face of Luca there,


he is loving it. Is it scary going over the wall? She


is honest and try, so she is a good, she is a good jumper. You are one of


the favourite, you have won it before, but there has been strange


stuff going on in the Puissance? There is every year na, is why the


crowd come to watch it, and you know, and hopefully we go well.


Britain's leading lady rider, Lori Winick -- Laura Renwick on Roller


Coaster. Oh, well done! Well done, the source


has got to jump the wall. Laura knows what he is doing, he keeps is


I away from the fence around the corner so we cannot get too


excited, and when she sees the stride she wants, straightens his


body up and let him jump it. There he is, he has seen the stride, and


what a powerful horse! You see, it is a long way down, Laura getting


thrown forward by the incredible power of this jump. It is starting


to hop up now, isn't it? It is, ranked 33 in the world, she has


climbed right up the rankings. You were delighted! Yes, she is so


brave! I am impressed, and our stick, she really wanted to lead me,


and I trust her. You are having a good show already, could the


puissance be yours, too, do you think? Why not? At least you had a


good time when you was wishing! It is always good to think positive in


my opinion. And here is a man who has actually been top of the world


rankings in the heady days of Milton, in particular. He, of


course, has ridden in more Nations Cup than anyone else, so


experienced, still loves the game. This charge is Zantos II.


Oh! John Whitaker, three times winner in the past is in the in


round four, four to take the next round on. Trust John Whitaker, he


came into the class at the last minute, declared just before it


started, and there he is, he is the group, riding as well as ever. He is


even smiling! He was working quite hard, I think John's heart was


beating a little bit faster than usual, because it was untidy, to say


the least, but he has made it happen. You have a very specific way


of riding to that of all, don't you? Well, I have only done it on a


couple of horses, the first one I ever did it on, she took me in a


more powerful way, I didn't have too much control, whereas Roller


Coaster, I know him so well, and I have still got him in my hands, so I


was a little bit further away than I wanted to be, but he tried really


hard for me. It is a trust thing, and I do trust! I hope the trusts


me! This is turning into quite a competition now. Yeah! A lot of the


favourites went out at the start, but Guy can jump a huge fence, Lugar


is the same, so this is going really well as well. Let's hope we can go


another couple of rounds. And there is confirmation, seven


feet, 213 centimetres, four through to the third jump of, that is of


five possible rounds, and we have still got two past winners in the


field, . In comes Guy Williams, third jump


off, fourth round. Now, can he get another puissance under his belt?


He's a cool kooky, this man. Remember, this is Guy Williams,


Richi Rich. First to go at the wall, round four. Very quiet


cantered through the corner, waiting for the explosion of pace. I am


still in there! Fantastic job again from Guy Williams. He has got his


technique spot-on. Very quiet cantered through the corner, stays


as cool as a cucumber and then really works hard to pick her up on


that last stride. I am a great fan of this guy, because he is a hard


worker, he really fights, and he dates deep when it really matters.


British riders are known throughout the world for being competitive, but


this man, nobody is more competitive than Guy Williams!


I think we are just having a little chat in the EA year, come on,


darling, get me over that all! Only a nine-year-old, and that is pretty


young for international jumping, and I think a puissance horse, too. Yes,


very young for a puissance horse, this one.


So this is the Italian, Luca Maria Moneta, looking to get through to


the last round. Quite steady, quite close, and done


it again! You get the feeling that he did not expect to still be in.


What a crowd pleaser, everybody here is absolutely loving this


experience. Look at him, giving his full is a titbit before she jumps,


she gets another one afterwards. That is horse. He is a fabulous


oarsman, and what a crowd-pleaser. In that round, Andy, you really get


the tremendous feeling of this man's position in the saddle,


probably the most stylish riding reform is over that fence that we


have seen. Yes, he is in balance, he is loving every second of it. I have


never seen anyone smile as much in the ring. Well, this is going to


live up to expectation, we have got two through to the next round. Now,


can Laura Renwick joined them on Roller Coaster? Oh, no. What a pity!


What a pity... Well, that bar has been the undoing of people in the


past, so annoying. Will she jump the war? No. Both going. They have hit


the limits, but roller-coaster certainly not stretched in any way,


just did not quite make it on either, and getting lots of parts,


so Laura Renwick boughs out. We have got two clear rounds, and still be


great John Whitaker to come. Lugar, you looked surprised to have


managed that! Yes, because I tried not to disturb, and she is amazing,


it seems that she likes it. I am happy. Good luck in the fifth round.


I will not go. She is only nine. She offered so much, I don't want that


she feels that she cannot do it and feel difficult. She must stop, that


is it. It is a game, but you need to learn to lose sometimes if you


respect the horse. Thank you. Now, what can John Whitaker do? The


crowd would love this man to jump here, that is for sure.


Oh! Well, it was untidy in the last round. Very, very erratic approach.


And that was just one step too far, and John Whitaker has entertained us


tonight, fabulous value for the crowd. It has been a pleasure to see


him. A huge pleasure, huge pleasure! This man still enjoy this is jumping


as much as ever, and more than most, that is for sure. What a


contribution! Let's have another look there, very untidy. Almost went


to stop, John had to sit back, hunting style, and just to save and


solve there. Never really left the floor that time, but John is up for


the challenge. I am sure his heart was in his mouth of there! But


thankfully horse and ride OK. We are hearing news that, actually, Luca


Maria Moneta may not want to go in the next round. Now, that would mean


we have got a winner. We are just awaiting the confirmation of that.


Oh, there is... I hear the word is negotiation! Somebody is probably


twisting his arm. John, your luck kind of run out. It did a little


bit, we nearly dumped it, it felt like it. Just got a little bit


strong, got a little bit too close to the wall. But when it gets that


size, you have to push a little bit, and we may be pushed a little bit


too hard. But very good experience, you know, it feels like next time he


could go all the way. Have you enjoyed your puissance comeback? Not


really! No, it was good. The crowd loved it, it is nice to keep


pleasing the crowd. You did a great job, thank you, John.


Seven for the last round, 2.18 metres, scurrying back into the ring


to say we have got two in, that is confirmed. It is between Guy


Williams and Luca Maria Moneta, who has been a start tonight with Quova


de Vains. -- start. So there is Guy Williams, Richi Rich. Can he jumped


the wall at seven foot two? Last round, two to go, one for


Britain, one for Italy. Guy Williams trying to win the puissance again.


Richi Rich showing that fabulous action over the triple bar, very


quiet approach, the same as all the way through.


Not to be! Not to be, got to the bottom of it, did everything right,


great effort. Did not quite get up in the air, but a very light touch,


that was unlucky. If you were critical, we can look at it again,


Andy, he always comes in quickly, but I felt he came in even a shade


quicker. It is all about running into that exact take-off point,


maybe she got a fraction close, but another time she would have got away


with this. Probably, you know, a tiny bit close, but once it gets to


seven foot two, everything has to be perfect, and it did not quite get


the shoulders high enough. But great efforts tonight from this


partnership. It wasn't meant to be for you. I was


trying to stop her running and cheer settled. She is second, that is


good. It has turned out to be a fantastic Puissance Yes, the crowd


enjoyed it so that is what it is all about. Thanks Guy. So the last to


go. I suspect the crowd will have a real soft spot for this combination,


Luca Maria Moneta, with a nine-year-old mare, He is looking


more serious now. Looking a lot more serious. Now he is smiling.


Luca Maria Moneta. He is looking to win the Puissance 2013. Triple bar.


Now the wall, seven foot two, between him, and the winner's prize.


He has done it! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Absolutely


brilliant, and he will be thanking them for that. This is the man that


was not going to jump, he has no Puissance form coming into this


competition. What an achievement. They are all standing, and saluting


this man. Tremendous performance, he won't forget this night for a very


very long time P He is a wonderful horse, we need to have another look


at that, because it was obvious that he didn't really want to go into


this last round. Let us look at him coming down, and what an effort this


mare makes. She turnped herself inside out.


Still that untidy style. The front legs get stuck almost underneath the


should evers and the body has to get so high. She breaks the body up to


make the effort. -- the shoulders.


There he is, he is looking more serious over the top of the wall. As


soon as he lands he is on Cloud Nine. Who can blame him. Who can


blame him? You did want to do that fifth round, now you are the winner


of the Puissance. I was feeling bad for my mare, it is too big, but they


ask me please, because the crowd, because this is a show, and I ask


her, I say I will not force you, you are allowed to do whatever you like.


She says I am a good mare and I do it easy. She turned herself inside


out to get over that She is unbelievable. She loves it. She


likes to be a superstar. She wants the crowd. She is only nine. Yes,


you know, she do everything, she win speedy class, she compete in Grand


Prix, she do everything for me, it is nice what she offer, I love her,


I think she loves me. I think she loves you and the crowd love her.


Congratulations. Thank you so much. That was a popular success and the


trophy was presented to Luca Maria Moneta by the Duchess of Cornwall.


Massive reception here and everybody relieved he changed his mind about


whether he wanted to come out for the final round. Decided to go for


it and emerged victorious. So that was if Puissance, we are in


the arena, Tim and myself, where the course round us as been built and is


walked by the rider, this is for the World Cup class, a London bus in the


middle of it. Yes, it is a very fine fence, because it makes appearances


at the Olympic ps and now every show in London. It is a Dickens of a jump


to scrum. Let us have a -- to jump. Cian O'Connor has been staying with


Ben Maher because he turned up with a load of horses and said can I move


in and Ben went how many have you got and how many people need beds.


How do you think the course is walking? It is nice, delicate,


careful, so it is light. I think we have seen bigger World Cup courses


here, but it is difficult enough. It is a strong field, so time allowed


will be short. It is not easy. What the horse you are riding? It is


Cooper, he was second in the Grand Prix a few months ago. Hopefully he


will go well. Laura Kraut is representing America and the partner


of Nick Skelton. Your week has been going well. So far so good. Today


with a win would make it better. How hopeful are you? Yes, I am riding


the mare jubilee who won on Wednesday, she is in good form right


now, and so, if I ride well, we have a shot. I was talking to Nick


backstage, he is over there, who says unfortunately he is not riding


this week, big star at the moment has a tiny injury, he is distracted


by the racing with his son. In fact I think I am going to be jumping the


same time as willow will be running. -- Willow will be running. His


loyalty may be divided. We wish you well, you can see Nick giving


advice. Here comes Scott Brash and Ben Maher. Ben is riding Tripple X


who is a brilliant horse He is, I have to say he has been out of sort,


I am not saying this course suits him, he is a big jumper, if the


course was more substantial in size, it is delicate today. It a poly type


of arena and could suit Scott's horse. Let us have a word with Scott


Brash. How you feeling about this class? Good, really.


I have seen it bigger in this ring, but I think it is still, the


combination, it is five-and-a-half strides, so it will be tricky


enough, there are plenty of places to catch people. Think they will get


ten clears really. And you are riding the mare Ursula, who you were


telling me is very careful She is a cracker, I think the world of her, I


think he is a top horse, so she feels, I rode her this morning, she


feels in good form. Good luck to you, number one, I have to keep


saying that. Tim, you were saying you walked the course, where do you


think the problems will lie? They are coming to the parallel here That


is near the end. There is a centre line type of combination, a triple


bar, five-and-a-half strides with a triple combination, but it is only


three poles in each of the jumps. It is more careful than it is


substantial looking, riders have to make the decision whether they go


five or six and the horse has to be careful and focus on the top rail.


It is not just about the power. And you can see as well, the


decoration, it is so beautifully done, because course designing is an


art form, it is about getting the height right. The distances tricky


enough but not impossible but about making it look lovely Bits of snow


everywhere, but this can distract. The horse can look at that as


opposed to focus on what is in front of them. It is about the design the


course, to cause problem, You have looked through the field, who do you


see as the key contenders? It is more a careful type of horse's


course today. John Whitaker on Argento, I have noticed a spring in


his step, he is thinking "This suits my horse." He can be fast in the


jump-off. He could put a marker, he iserly -- early to go so that


doesn't suit him so much. There is German, Peter Charles' horse, that


could suit Peter, there is no doubt about it. Simon Delestre from


France, he is on a good horse, he will be close today. Kevin Staut as


well. Notice there, Peder Fredricson, I have never seen that


before, he is writing it down. He is second to go.


It is such an advantage if you are drawn later, if you jump clear, it


means you will go later in the jump Sometimes it can work to your


advantage, certainly, a lot of the riders are saying it is about care.


You can put a marker down early, before you know it you could make an


early mistake by not concentrating on every jump. Two to three is


difficult enough, because that is a short distance, it is a wide


parallel, so it is going to get you a bit earlier within the course.


I am going to have a wander over here, because the team manager,


excuse me, the team manager of British showjumping is in


conversation with Ben Maher, although we heard from... Rob? We


heard from Rob in that feature we were doing on Ben and Scott. We want


to say congratulations to you in person, for the state of British


showjumping right now, well done, you have done a great job It is a


great team, I have great horse, rider, owners and my job is easy.


And I would be great to see one win today? It would be fantastic, we


have riders on form, I mean Scott been going great. Ben is on form.


Peter Charles' horse is going well. We have a lot of chances. John is


58, isn't he? He is getting on. It is amazing the longevity in


showjumping terms. It would be like trying to go on until you are 100 in


other sports He looks fantastic on a horse. He is as young as he feel, he


will be round for a while. Ben is deep in concentration, he is walking


the course there, trying to stride it out and make sure he gets his


angles right. He is having a chat with Bob Ellis, the course designer,


Andy Austin is going to be part of the commentary team. Bob? How are


you? Nice to see you. A Christmas kiss. Yes, Are the riders saying


great course or what have you done to us? They are friendly about it.


They think it is very fair, big, fair, it is worrying when hay don't


complain. Then you think have I made it too easy. They are happy. I


think, eight, nine clears, That would be perfect for the jump-off.


Absolutely. I guess you are not allowed to say o who can you think


might win It would be nice to have a Brit winner but there are others on


form. You have Scott, who is flying at the moment. So, that would be a


nice winner. Brilliant. Well done, let us grab a word with Ben Maher,


didn't want to disrupt him when he was striding out the distances.


Wanted to check how you are feeling and how Tripple X will go He had an


outing last night and was surprised by the crowds, we kept him for this


class and I think he is feeling good. Brilliant. We wish you well,


thank you very much for coming and chatting to us. Tim, everybody seems


to predict eight, nine, maximum clear rounds, that would be a good


class It will make an exciting jump-off. I think they have it about


right. I think the field is very open this year, I think it is a very


difficult job. He has to design a course that is testing but fair for


all horse, I think he had nearly got it about right. He might want to put


a fence up or down, but the fact the riders aren't complaining, they see


it as a fair test, which I think, it is testament to his skill. The class


will start in round about 15, 20 minutes time, so the riders will


disappear and warm their horses up. They will memorise the course and we


will show it as it unfolds live. News has reached us of the death of


the greatest ever sports presenter and commentator David Coleman. He


has died at the age of 87, he worked for the BBC for nearly 50 years and


retired after the Sydney Olympics, that was his 11th summer game, he


was presented with the Olympic order by the IOC and this is a man who


could commentate on football and athletic, present both, present the


Grand National, question of sport and sports night and our sympathies


are very much with his family. But he also was a huge fan of


showjumping, he was a director of Hickstead, the news reaching us of


the death of David Coleman at the age of 87.


So we have World Cup showjumping to come here in the arena, but we had


World Cup dressage earlier, it was another stellar performance from


Charlotte Dujardin and her horse Valegro.


So far so good, they have both got the bit between their teeth and


doing a good job. Enjoy the movement and the music, because this is the


last time that Charlotte is going to use this piece of music that won


gold in London. Much better extended walk than


yesterday. She had a wrong strike off of all things in the Grand Prix


yesterday, but she made sure she got it right at that time.


It takes two to tango, and, my word, they are tangoing!


She even had time to give him a part. Oh! This is magic.


That has to be the best test they have ever, ever done! Coming in from


the freestyle, they produced a score of 94.250, just a little bit more


than 1% behind the world record. Have we seen that tonight? Look at


this horse's character and face, he adores and he adores showing off.


The crowd are getting on their feet. Quite right, too!


Look at this extended strop, how his shoulders come up, this is amazing.


-- trot. There, the Harmony, the horse relaxed, listening to the


rider, talking to the horse down the reins. Such a partnership, these


two. A world record for the wonderful


partnership of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro. You have done it, three


world records. I cannot believe it, I am absolutely over the moon,


ecstatic, I honestly do not know what to say. I came here hoping to


break this, being the last time riding to that music. I am going to


get some new music next year, I was so close to the Europeans for


breaking it, and I wanted to come here to finish it on such a great


year and get that last world record. You are the first Briton to do that,


how incredible does it feel to have pieced this together with Valegro


over the years the way you have? It has been an incredible journey, from


when I started to now, it has been an absolute roller-coaster. The


things I have done, I did not even dream of doing or achieving, and to


kind of thing back on what I have achieved, finally got my last world


record, it is fantastic. What is the future for you and Valegro? There


has been much decoration, is the news? I am planning to retire now


that I have got all three world records. No, obviously we have got


the games next year, so I will be planning to do that. We will see how


it goes. Will we see you with Valegro at those shows? Absolutely,


Valegro will be there next year. Finally, reflect on what 2013 has


been like for you after 2012, which was good enough! Oh, just an


incredible year, after having 2012, which was mind blowing, to come to


this year and top what I have already done is just incredible.


Vice what is left for you to do? I would love to get some medals at the


world championships, that is my next goal.


The world Equestrian games are coming up next summer in Normandy,


there will be coverage on the BBC, and I promise you, it is amazing,


that's dancing horses being, that is really good, everybody loves


dressage. She has been a breath of fresh air for the sport, so genuine,


a really horsey person. We see that with them together, a real


partnership, brilliant. Valegro is worth so much money, millions, that


one of the owners was thinking, I have got to cash in, which would


have deprived Charlotte of the ride, but she confirmed that they will


stay as a team. That is brilliant news. It is a difficult sport,


because it is a business as well as a sport, and you have to balance the


books. A lot of horses have to change hands to continue in the


sport. Compared to British show-jumping, that is what was


happening, good horses were being sold and delivering medals for some


body else, and they have managed to make sure that the owner stay


invested in the British side of the sport. That is what was so good


about the Olympic Games, the investment in horsepower, and they


want to be part of it on the world stage. John Whitaker just going


behind us, we have seen he has got a red ribbon in Titus, not Titus, John


Whitaker's horse is Argento, to signify that the horse kicks, do not


get too close behind me. I am always fascinated, watching riders warm up,


because space is at a premium here, everybody is so tight, you have got


to have a horse that does not mind the close company of others. That is


the reason why you have got to want the other riders, take care and


caution. The size of these jumps, having that amount of control over


that size of jump, being able to land and control your horse. Now the


riders are trying to keep the horses calm, keep them under


control, because we don't want them getting too hot to early. Peter


Charles has just come in, and you can see he does something which


others do not do, riding in glasses. He has got these goggles that look


like a pair of glasses, we will see a more clearly when he comes back up


towards us. But also, his horse has a very strange head carriage, almost


a neck like... This is going to sound rude, a bit like a camel or


giraffe, but he will see what I mean. Just coming down the far end


in Canada, coming towards us, he is going to circle there and have a


little pop. -- Kantor. It is not orthodox, but I would say he has


obviously been in a situation where trying to make his head go in a


uniform fashion it does not go so well. He is allowing it to go a


little bit like a square peg in a round hole, and that is what this


sport is about. You can see Argento has got a really tight head


carriage, look at Peter's, head sticking out like this, but both


equally effective and could jump clear today. Yes, both careful


horses, and this horse is, extraordinarily, missing one eye.


You can see, as he comes around, on this side, there is none there at


all, blind on that side. That is the Swedish rider. And again, incredibly


effective. Let's have a look at the cause that they will be facing, and


we will join Mike Tucker and Andy Austin to talk us through it in


detail. Yes, because set by Bernardo, one of


the London team, and it is certainly one that will ask questions, Andy. A


fairly straightforward start over the first two, then this committed


distance to the double, a huge oxer jumping into the corner. The main


feature of this arena is how small it is. A little bit of room coming


into the fence there, and then after this oxer, we are into what is


possibly the biggest, most difficult line, this triple bar coming up,


1.85 metres, and you have a choice, five or six strides. Two verticals,


the first part of the combination, then a very powerful, big oxer to


come out, incredibly tight turn, the London bus from the Olympics, a very


delicate fence, a little bit spooky. And then a different fence, and oxer


with a water tray underneath, committed three strikes to a 160


vertical. And then at the end of the course, committed distance to wear


the horses may get tired, a couple of very big square boxes, 1.55,


could be tired by the time they get there. All the clear rounds going


through to the jump off, a prize pot of 130,000 euros, that goes to the


winner. It is a very open field. A young Brazilian that a lot of


people are talking about, Marlon Modolo Zanotelli, only 25, certainly


one to watch. Young Daniel Neilson for Britain, jumping in his first


ever World Cup ground here in London. David Will of Germany, he


won in the spring, a young German beginning to make a name for insult.


Do not discount Luca Maria Moneta and Edwina Tops-Alexander, based in


Europe but writes for Australia, and she has got a lovely set of horses.


Ben Maher won here two years ago. Laura Renwick is very good,


international class, and Kevin Staut won the Grand Prix in Paris last


weekend. That is a very strong section, Michael Whitaker, biking,


they have saved themselves for this class. And the last four, and Libby


Leprevost won here last night. They are all real contenders.


A strong looking field, very open. And it will be interesting. What is


your predictions on the number of clear rounds, Andy? Well, talking to


the course builders, they are saying around eight, I will agree with


that. I am agreeing, going with eight. Well, I am quite sure we are


going to see some outstanding show-jumping. Really world-class


show-jumping is something to behold, and it is Dai Williams, number eight


of Great Britain, with Titus, who won a bronze medal in 2011.


One of the problems with his horse, Titus, hugely powerful, very big


striding. He can sometimes get a little bit forward jumping at some


of the hurdles. Pulling hard down to the combination, and we expected


that to be probably the most difficult line. Titres getting very


strong now. One of the interesting things when


the first horse goes is checking the distances, and the time allowed. 71


seconds. That could be close enough. Here is


the last line of two big oxers. Comfortably inside the time.


The words have been of course it is very poly, it is very light. That


was very much the description of Guy's round here This is a very


narrow fence, it is lighter, there is no weight in that pole so a


little touch brings it off. Here is the run down to the combination,


Titus got strong, get going, really hit the first part of the


combination pretty hard. Here now is Peder Fredricson for


Sweden. H Cash In in 33. He has had a very good year, he has been a


winner here this week, two wins in fact he has had. He had four wins in


his own international indoors in Stockholm, went very well there, and


he was also too, part of the team that won the bronze medal in the


Europeans for Sweden. A great fight back in the second round to clinch


bronze. So he, another very good yard stick in this FEI World Cup in


London. Peder Fredricson certainly concerned


is about the time allowed, because he has taken a very tight inside


line everywhere and getting very strong down to the combination


again, there is your problem. The horse is jumped so forward over that


triple bar which is 1.85 wide. The five strides are so committed. It


will be interesting to see whether any horses and combinations add a


stride there and go for six. It is an option for some of the


extraordinarier striding horses. -- for the shorter striding horses.


Well this is going to be a fascinating World Cup round here,


that is for sure. You one would not have expected


Peder Fredricson to go in here and have five down.


The main feature of the course is not really it is massive, definitely


seen bigger courses, built for the World Cup here, but it is very


light, very delicate. You can see a lack of filler, lots of poles, and


if they start taking these fences on, see there a bit of a cricket


score. It is all about pace, having the right pace, just, having the


horse nicely on the bridle. Not short of pace or too fast.


Now Germany. Germany of course for so many years were dominant in the


sport. They are still right at the top of the sport, but they are no


longer as dominant as they were, it is a sport now, that has certainly


got a lot more nations that are competitive, including of course


Great Britain. It is Germany's Marco Kutscher. Marco with Cornet's


Cristallo by a very good stallion which Marco rode at the European and


Olympic level. Another of the wonderful jockeys that have come out


of of the Ludger Beerbaum school. Well, that was an early fence that


you wouldn't expect to see. Taking an inside line, just watching a very


watchful of the time these riders. I think if they keep up a good rhythm


they should get inside the 71 seconds.


You can see what a big striding horse, gets there comfortably on the


five strides, that is by far the best we have seen through the


combination. Six regular strides there and the


three, we thought that might ride short, but that looked to be OK,


jumping towards the end of the arena, the horse is the best --


twisting and turning and not pushing in the air at all.


Well. Another big name with four fences down. 16 for Marco Kutscher.


Cornet's Cristallo. Second in the Grand Prix in Helsinki


PROBLEM WITH SOUND It wouldn't be seeing any on the


right rein. They have to be aware of that, every presentation she has to


give more room. I will ask her, I looks as if he could have been born


with one eye. It is painless now, but obviously, something that has to


be overcome, let us go back to the live action and Mike again. Now in


the ring, another German Max Kuhner, he has come up from Munich to London


to be here. Clintop. Second in the Grand Prix there.


We have been off to an interesting start. Well, this horse by Clinton,


cruising down the five strides there, very comfortable. This is by


far the best start we have seen. Gets the three strides nice and


clean. Now, towards the end of the course, still clear. He has had a


few cricket score, he has one to jump. That will settle the nerve, a


good run from the Jung German, he has been to Olympia before. Max


Kuhner clear with Clintop. Germany who last won this with Marcus beer


balm in 2006. A fabulous exhibition of jumping there, the only thing


that went wrong was he Tor got to put his tie pin on. The rest was


immaculate. He looked to be in the comfort zone, complete contrast to


some of the other early starters. So Malin Baryard-Jonsson, lady who


has been at the top of the sport for many year, has won Olympic medals,


fourth in the World Cup round in Helsinki, she was second here in


this competition, to a Dutch competitor. She has been in seven


World Cup finals. She loves this competition. It is a


very talented horse. Discussion about the problem with the eye,


there are a lot of horses that show jump really well with one eye. It is


incredible how it works, but always remember that it is up to the rider,


to get the horse in the right place to take off.


She did nothing wrong there, got the five strides in a very Ballanced


canter. Just a bit flat from the middle. Didn't quite get the push,


this is a very unrelenting course, it comes can at you so quickly, just


to remind you this is a very tight arena and there is no breathing


spaces anywhere. Very stylish, but it is two down for


her. Eight is her score. With H Tornesch. 13-year-old now,


but Lux. Down the combination, watch the shoulders not quite working in


the middle of the combination. Just a bit the same again, brick out


of the wall. In our favourite, and this the man


who has now been to every Olympia but one, since it started in 1972.


John Whitaker with Argento. John rode other horses for the owners. He


has won two Grand Prixes, one in Munich. The horse just -- course


might just suit him. Fascinating thing about origin toe,


he is 11 now, he is just starting to come into his own. -- Argento, he


has been a careful horse, but hasn't always found it easy to jump the big


wide oxers and get the distances. The other thing John has to watch,


he chipped in a stride. What he has to watch, is where he is a bit short


striding, that was a shame. He has to watch the time.


Didn't quite stretch which is sometimes happens to Argento.


No problem there's with the three strides. With just one fence down,


the way things are going, he doesn't want any time fault, he should be


OK. 71 seconds the time. The last goes as well. What a pity.


John's won it twice, he won it in 98 and in 99. Good round, but eight


faults, not the only one. It is a great round, but unfortunately with


Argento, if you watch it is always the big oxer, let us have another


look here. Doesn't quite make the back rail. He is such a super


careful horse, he finds it hard to stretch over the really big wide


ones. Absolutely full house, and we have


had five, if not six full houses here in the grand haul at Olympia


since the show started on Monday, it has been a wonderful celebration of


what is so good -- grand hall. Now the Olympic gold medallist Peter


Charles. Vindicat his Olympic horse sold, he won it in 2001 and riding


Murka's Odie de Frevent. A French bred horse. He had a nasty injury to


his hand when helping the children with their ponies, so he hasn't had


a lot of practise in warming up. He was third in the class last year.


We have watched Argento go short striding, a very careful horse, this


is a different if seek. Big strides, sticks her nose out. And towards the


end of the course gettings quite strong.


This is where Peter has to work really hard to cope balanced. Lucky


down the combination but he is still clear.


She is a horse with a lot of blood. You see how easily she stretches


over the wide Frances. Come on Peter, he is still clear,


the two big oxers should be OK. Oh! Clear round number two, one for


Germany and one for Britain. The Olympic gold medallist Peter Charles


clear for Britain. CLARE BALDING: Let us catch up with


Malin Baryard-Jonsson and asking about her horse when he lost his eye


It was this summer. He had an injury this summer, and while he was away


breeding, and they had to take it out. It is amazing, that he has


adapted so well, and is still able to jump to such a high level But the


thing he he had a bad eye from when he was very little. For me riding


him I had to think about the right turns, he had to see the jump with


the left eye he has come back safer, because before he didn't, he saw but


he couldn't really see what he was... That was confusing for him. I


think he has come back better without the eye. What an amazing


story. Thank you for telling us about that. As you can see the nest


rider has started. This the Billy Twomey. Another one with a long


spell Billy has come back with a bang, he


won the Grand Prix at the horse of the year show. This is Tinker


Serenade. He was fifth in Stuttgart and helped Ireland to a very good


third-place in the exciting Nations Cup final in Barcelona. On form,


this is definitely a combination that could be one to be reckoned


with. Billy is not only a super stylist but incredibly effective,


coming out of the combination, sat really quietly over the verticals,


and then when he needed to get the jump coming out really produced it.


That was unlucky, that was a shame. This had clear round ridden all over


it. Just the one down. What a pity, so near yet so far, the first one to


have four penalties. Beautifully balanced as he jumps the first two


parts, then come on, girl, you have got to jump out of here. Really


jumped across the fence and did not get high enough. Well, this World


Cup here in London started back in 1979, Britain have won 14 times,


Germany eight, and then the Netherlands four times. Ireland


twice, France twice, it has been spread around. Here is a man who has


been one of the best in the world stretching back well into the 1990s,


two gold medals, 1996 in Atlanta, then 2000 down in Sydney. He has not


been here for at least ten years, riding Leone W. One clear round for


Germany one clear round for Britain so far. This is a huge horse to


control in such a small arena. He is a fantastic technician and has been


around the sport for a long time. He has added a stride, he has obviously


decided that is the best tactic, and it has really worked. A very clever


piece of riding there. This mare has a slightly awkward way


of jumping, has got the head rider, not the prettiest start but is


effective. -- got the head right up. What a good round! Lars Nieberg has


lost none of this touch there, for sure. Any has not really shown his


old touch in this show so far, but he could be timing it very nicely


now. -- he has not. In the middle of the three clear


rounds, Peter Charles for Great Britain on the mare you call Eddie.


Yes, she was third in his class last day, she has had a bit of an injury,


and then another injury, and this is her first shot back, so it was great


to do that again. She has got funny head carriage, is she funny as a


character? You cannot do anything with her, you cannot school are


much, I ride it as light as I can, and I try to be a passenger. If you


try to interfere too much, she does not like it. Congratulations, we


will see you in the jump of. -- jumpoff.


As we know, the Olympics concentrates the mind in sport, it


has done in Britain, and it seems to have done the same in Brazil. They


have jumped into prominence, they were a brilliant second at the


Nations Cup in Barcelona, but this 25-year-old was part of that,


certainly one of the riders being talked about in very, very high


form, Marlon Modolo Zanotelli, based in Belgium. He is on a horse called


Clintash. Just 25 years old, eight in Oslo in the World Cup Final. He


more recently jumped a double clear round in Italy. Very stylish,


already had a fence down, but we will hear more of this man. Just had


a bit of a wobble around the corner, to the one he had down, and


everywhere else looked very smooth and confident. Another mare by


Clinton, huge jumping horse. A feature of this course, not so much


the size of it, it is just a little bit awkward here and there, and one


two committed to distance us. Good round, finishing four faults. -- one


or two committed distances. He did not enjoy the experience of coming


to Europe, but he is beginning to produce the is old. He basically


missed his rhythm, and all the way round from the previous fence that


was rider error. Now, here is another man who has been one of the


best in the world, for Switzerland, he won a team silver in 2000 at the


Olympic Games in Sydney. He has won a World Cup Final, they had Maendli


-- Bea Maendli. He was in the team that won a silver medal in Madrid,


that was the first time he came back, world champion in 2007. Very


stylish, a man at his best, certainly want to be reckoned with


in this World Cup round. Those of you interested in breeding,


this horse is by a side they use a great deal. -- sire. Not the easiest


horse to ride, he is having to use quite a lot of strength to hold the


balance, pick the horse up. So far doing a really good job, a very


effective rider. Just stretching for that oxer. A bit


tight on the three strides, are we going to get another clear? Go on!


Well, dare I say it, the golden oldies are showing the way! Five


clear rounds, and Peter Charles, Lars Nieberg, Bea Maendli, three of


the more senior of the show-jumpers, three clears. We need to commend him


on his writing, picked his horse at there, look at the strength used. --


riding. Well, now Austria, and if we'll back


down the list, one man who would have been raised the roof here, he


is well into his 70s, Hugo Simon, and he was still riding


internationally very recently, a great character. And this ride is


from Austria, Stefan Eder. Chilli van Dijk is a horse that represented


Austria in the World Cup round in Budapest. Quite a few of the World


Cups going to Eastern Europe now, and the winner of the Grand Prix in


Linz on this very horse. A big great horse, this.


Lovely powerful grey stallion. A very successful jumper in his own


right. Oh, he hesitated on take-off there.


This is the line that has been causing


it is not the prettiest, but he got away with that, that was a huge


rattle coming out of the combination. Show-jumping balances


on such fine margins. You always need a bit of luck. Is an tidy style


that Stefan Eder has got, if you watch is upper body, he almost


throws it up in the air. -- this untidy style. Just watching here,


setting up halfway across the fence. So there we are, it is another one.


He goes through, Stefan Eder, that is number five.


Well, they are starting to make it look easy, but isn't this an


extraordinary start! I have never seen anything quite like that,


almost unique. Even walking out, actually! He is probably just


playing up to its there, but you do a lot of teaching, and that is not a


technique you would teach. I would definitely try to stop that, because


it is not keeping level contact with the horse, it is a little bit


aggressive, and to a certain extent he is adjacent to his horse, not


next to. But it is memorable, Hugo Simon was active in the saddle,


moving his hands, they ride in all sorts of ways.


Well, now it is, for friends... In fact, it is for Finland now, the


French rider has not coming. This is Satu Liukkonen for Finland on


Celestine. Finland with some younger riders.


This one has gone quite well this week, part of the Nations Cup team


for Finland there. Getting a little bit ragged down the


combination. You see quite a lot of argument


going on between horse and rider. These fences come at you so quickly.


Reaching, stretching there, another one going. 12, then, three fences


down for the young Finnish rider, Satu Liukkonen, who jumped in the


World Cup round in Helsinki. Once the balance has gone, on a course


like this, standing too far off, not getting there at the right take-off


point, no chance of making the back rail.


Out she goes, and income is one of the younger generation who is making


a real mark for Great Britain, very successful rider, the under 18s, 21


and under, and this man, Daniel Neilson, riding Varo M, rode in his


first senior Nations Cup at 5-star level in Rotterdam very well


indeed, and he has had a number of very good performances


internationally. He is a young man with a lot of talent.


There has been so much publicity, obviously, for the likes of Scott


Brash and Ben Maher, but this is a young man who has got everything he


needs to be a top rider and be a valuable member of the British team.


If he gets the right horses and stays in the sport, he can be world


class. Brilliantly ridden, kept the balance


absolutely spot-on. He is just settling down to make sure he gets


under him for the wall, but he had a touch on it. Certainly did, the


brick went right across the bus! We say its time and again, you need a


bit of luck somewhere. Now, has he got the engine at the end of the


round to jump the two big oxers? Just one more. Great round, to clear


rounds for Great Britain, he joins Peter Charles, and now we are up to


six clear rounds. A great young, new British talent,


and another British rider coming in now, Robert Whitaker, whose horse


has an order bit of bridal, a chin guard, look at this. It is a bit,


look at this, as he going around the ring, he has this plastic bib to


stop him getting hold of it in his teeth, which would not be a nice


feeling. A bit of news on Timothy -- Timothy and CEO, his horse lost a


shoe, he will be coming into the ring.


He was third in Hanover, that was a very hot competition. He represented


Britain when they finish second in the Nations Cup, good performances


from Robert there. He is beginning to get a really steady team of good


horses together. . That kick was out of character,


Catwalk, he is a very powerful horse.


He is not going to struggle with the big wide fences. Just needs to stay


careful. Very tricky plank coming out of the corner. Just before those


last two big power fences. Just needs to set the hocks under him


here. No, that was the one that was always


the big danger for this horse. Got very ragged at the next as well.


Two down for Robert Whitaker. Catwalk IV, the course has been


design designed by one of the London team. Bob ill his was the ta think


figure of the team. All of them now world class designers. -- Ellis.


He has impressed. . Has built a great track. There are


problems at different places round the course, which is good to see.


One of the next generation for France, remember, this the horse


that loosened a shoe, that has been tucked back on, it is Timothee


Anciaume for France. Quorioso Pre Noir. He has been in


some of the teams that the new team manager of France has been using.


Very talented, who won the Nations Cup final, fantastic performance,


certainly best of the French for this season. No doubt about


. Not getting anywhere near jumping the triple bar. I think if he


carries on having one more fence, it wouldn't be surprised to see him


retire. We have plenty of clears already.


It is good to see the riders who are finding the course tougher. This is


a very tight difficult course, technically, comes at you very


quickly, and, anyone just not quite on their game, you see a cricket


score coming up. He ends with 20.


Highlighting what is required in this course. So two for Germany.


Every country needs a new generation and this is certainly one for


Germany, making his mark, it is David Will. He rides for a very


strong stable. He was a very good winner last spring. Surprise winner


of a very big World Cup just before the western European league was


completed in the nomination nominations. He won the final in


Gothenburg, he is showing the sort of form that makes him an exciting


prospect for the future, more recently in Mannheim in the Grand


Prix. . Style of German riding. Very


technically. Sits on his horse, a lot of work gone into the flat work


to produce this lovely balanced rhythm.


This is as good as anyone has jumped the combination so far. Lovely clean


jumping. Oh, that was a late falling pole. Well, commentators kiss of


death working beautifully there. Got through to the jump-off last


night and had one down in the jump-off. He was well pleased with


the horse, I think he might be again, so four it is for SIEC


Carriere. Now Daniel Nielson talking to Clare. CLARE BALDING: You haven't


been to Olympia that many times before. I jumped here a couple of


times as a young rider, this is my first time for the week in the


internationals, I am loving every minute. Tell us a bit about your,


when did you get the horse. I am 23. Based in Essex with Terry Wilson and


my girlfriend. I have had the horse since he was five-year-old, he won


the young riders one year, we are taking things slowly, built him up


for a day like this. When you get to the jump-off, will you go for it or


play it safe? . I am competitive. We will see how many clears, but I am


normally having a a go. Lovely to meet you and to see you do so well.


One of the younger generation, here is one of the senior, very popular,


always comes here, it is Geir Gulliksen from Norway. He has been


the star that kept Norwegian showjumping in the news. Riding his


own horse, Edesa S Banjan. Unlucky not to win a medal in Hong


Kong. Didn't happen in the end. But still, very competitive and has a


daughter, who again, is looking a very good international prospect for


Norway.Norway. . Is, riding my old horse. Geir


Gulliksen not the most stylish, he won't mind me saying that, I am


going to praise him now, he is very effective, he has been round this


sport for a long time, very very experienced rider. Now, seen a few


horses fall apart here, they have to get right into the corner, balance


here. And that is a very difficult fence


off the corner. The horse is getting tired. Just the one down.


Rattled a couple but it was only one that fell. So Geir Gulliksen bows


out. Edesa S Banjan. Still those six clear rounds. . There is the clean


jump, that was the wall out of the corner, but the one that caught him


was the planks. And he comes on a bit of an angle. The horses are


turning left, that is one reason they lose height. He is disappointed


with that one fence down, clean everywhere else.


Now it is Luca Moneta, the man that really did take this by storm when


he won the Puissance on Friday night. Riding Neptune Brecourt that


he rode in Denmark. Interestingly enough he is a Horse Whisperer and


it pieces together when we hear the backgrounds, this man no martingale.


It is very much an old fashioned way in the modern sport, but it works


for Luca. . It will be interesting if he went for lessons with Tim


Stockdale. There could be a clash of cultures there. This Guy, he is


unique. You just have to throw the rule book away with a natural talent


like Luca. Allows his horse to stick his head


where ever he wants. You heard Peter Charles say that is what he does


with his mare. He has got caught out in the middle


of the combination. Interesting to the watch, no bit in the horse's


mouth. And just getting a bit untidy. See his hands up in the air.


Clears it. It is two down four Luca, it is eight faults for the Italian,


and Neptune Brecourt. Claire he is a rider that the crowds here have


taken to their heart. They loved watching him perform in the


Puissance, explain thousand, the intricacies of riding in a bridle


with no bit. The problem is your line of communication is a bit


different, so what you have to be a bit smoother, and this, to a rider


like Luca, he has to try to guide him more like a neck rein, he


doesn't turn in the normal fashion, he used the outside hand. A lot of


riders like that way of riding, and Luca it is effective. It is so


interesting. We have plenty of clear rounds so far, but let us so if they


can be added to. Edwina Tops-Alexandra riding for Australia.


She rides for Australia, he won this World Cup round with the great horse


that has taken her so high in the world. For long a time the leading


lady rider in the world. Not now though. Her husband is one of the


best known international horse dealers in the world. She has lovely


horse, she has lovely young horse, this one is an 11-year-old. A lot of


French blood, Old Chap Tame. But this lady still one of the best in


the word. She was again well placed in the global riders tour. Finished


third overall in the league that went round the world, including


coming to London. London. . Lovely talented horse. Seeing him


skip and play, showing is off after he jumped the combination easily.


These two a new combination. Just slightly forward at the oxer.


Took out the front rail. As you say, she is looking to find a new


superstar as her horse comes to the end of his amazing career. Just the


one fence down. Old Chap Tame, at the moment six


clears and now five of them on four, with that one fence down for Edwina


Tops-Alexandra. Edwina Tops-Alexandra. .


Was one of those thing, caught it going slightly forward. And really


good round everywhere else. Out goes Edwina Tops-Alexandra, in


comes the world number two, isn't it great to say that? Particularly when


it is a Great Britain world ranking rider. On the horse he won this


London round before. He was third in the big world top riders in


Stockholm, the Rolex top ten, and of course, he won the King George V cup


at Hickstead, pulled it out of the bag. This will more than capable


Olympic team gold medallist, European team gold medallist Ben


Maher. BenMaher. . An annoying fence for a horse of


Tripple X's ability. If he has got a chink in his armour


he is phenomenally talented on his day, there is the odd moment where


he doesn't concentrate, over what was real livety easy a realtively


easy fence. That is one of the favourites gone out. Tripple X not


really on his game. Didn't stretch there at all.


In of course the horse that he was so convincing in that wonderful


Olympic gold medal in London for the team. He is now back down into two,


but, at his very best, this horse still one of the best in the world,


but doesn't always have his best days. . The fascinating thing about


showjumping, the ups and downs of the sport. It is not Ben's day with


Tripple X. It is such a gloriously unpredictable sport, it really is.


Here, now, one for France. Simon Delestre. France had their best day


in Barcelona, in what proved to be an outstanding Nations Cup final.


The final was a new format. Simon Delestre with Napoli du Ry. He


was in that winning team in Barcelona. He had a very good second


in Paris, Paris international show last weekend, but you have to look


back to a Frenchman who won in 1987, that is the last time they have won


this London World Cup round. The great big chestnut gelding. Worked


hard down that combination. Squeaky day jump out over the last part, but


it was a bit messy. -- squeaked a jump out. Just getting an tidy. He


has to really concentrate for these planks. No, he can see the horse


getting untidy towards the end of the course, and a great deal of


pressure by the time they get to the planks. With one fence down, Simon


Delestre, Napoli du Ry. Now the team manager really does seem to be


winding the French team up, some good performances. Here is the


planks, standing too far off, flattening, getting a bit heavy in


the hand. Well, now here is Cian O'Connor,


with an exciting nine-year-old, Cooper. He also has here in London


the horse that won the individual gold medal in the Olympic. He sold


it but got it back. It has already been a winner since it got back. But


this man, he won the Dublin Grand Prix, in great style, and in fact he


was second at the Horse of the Year Show on this exciting nine-year-old.


Cian O'Connor, then, Ireland, Cooper. A beautiful all showing


horse, they specialised in breeding jumpers. This one is by the same


sire as Robert Whitaker's horse, Catwalk. Such an athlete, fabulous


to watch him jump. Well, he rode his luck. He will have


to be much more careful over the planks. Well, another one! Every


time I say they need to be careful over the planks, down and they come.


Well, six of them are clear, two for Britain, two for Germany, one for


Switzerland and one for Austria, but not for Ireland. One down for Cian


O'Connor and Cuba, he would have been pretty short odds with the


bookies here. Yes, he stood a long way off the big cocks, but that plan


comes off the corner, and the horse is not really keeping his eye on


that fence towards the end of the course. So many of them jumping


flat. Francois Mathy, his father was an


Olympic medallist, and he is certainly one of the top riders in


Belgium. He went very well in the World Cup round at the Toronto


Winter Fare early in November, and also back in the summer he was part


of the Belgian Nations Cup team that finished second in the Spruce


Meadows, the Calgary venue. They were second in the Nations Cup. Very


experienced, six clear rounds so far, and we are now into the last


third of the first round of this World Cup. Well, Francois Mathy is


very, very tall, around six foot five, and this is a massive, big


jumping mare. And that really was a lucky rattle!


So we are seeing so many horses getting around to this part of the


track clear, I do not know if I dare mention the planks! I think you


should have a little pause. See, he jumped them! It works! Just the last


fence. Good round, Belgium joins the clear rounds. Francois Mathy,


Polinska des Isles. Seven clear rounds.


The frustration for Ben Maher is that he is not among the clear


rounds, Tripple X looking a bit what today? He was jumping well, maybe a


bit too much pressure on the first oxer, and I was a little bit wide at


the end, but it did not matter after I had had one down. He feels like he


is jumping, but there's not much margin for error. As you know, that


can happen, the poles are awfully light. We are just having of those


weeks, things aren't going right, but it can change around. Will you


be in the Grand Prix tomorrow night? Yes, Tripple X has had a


relatively easy week for that reason, to be able to jump both


today and tomorrow. There will be highlights of that on Monday


afternoon on BBC Two. Harrie Smolders now from the


Netherlands, they have got a very good strength in depth. Harrie was


not in the London team that won the silver medal behind Great Britain,


but they were second in the Nations Cup in Spruce Meadows, the Dutch,


and then he went to the Toronto winter fare and was second in the


World Cup round there, very capable with good results, this man. He's


very competitive against the clock, too. That is just about where I was


about to go with this, I really hope he gets into the jump off, because


you never see anybody going faster than Harrie Smolders against the


clock, terrific value, very exciting. Well, he's not going to be


there. We have not seen too many horses not that vertical down, and


that is a shame. Just to remind you, we do have plenty of riders... We do


have plenty of riders in the jumpoff to come. Yes, 11 riders still to


come, but it will not be Harrie Smolders back for the jump-off.


Seven through. One of the great features as we watch Harrie Smolders


having that one fence down, one of the features of this Olympia London


International Horse Show is the number of Olympic medallists that we


have got here. It is an absolute feast of Olympic medallists, and of


course this lady won gold in Hong Kong-Beijing, when they jumped off


for the gold medal with Canada and won the gold for the Americans. She


is riding the French bred horse Jubilee d'Ouilly, that has been very


successful, had a good win here on Wednesday of this week. And she is a


lady who has gone very well indeed in the global riders to, was top of


the league for a long time. -- PDF. -- tour. We see her quite often in


Great Britain, she's based in Warwickshire. It is great to watch


her, she is so stylish, Laura Kraut, riding in the American style. She


just had to have a little bit of a fight and a change of mind, great


improvisation there. It is quite obvious that Laura


decided she was not getting there on the five strides. Just getting two


strong and a bit and tidy, quite a hot horse, pulling and fighting, and


as we have seen with so many riders, once you get a bit and tidy with


this source, no chance at the end. -- untidy.


Eight faults it is for Laura Kraut. This horse used to be written...


Yes, got very strong towards the end of the horse, nothing that she could


do to keep her balance. Now, many people's favourite,


Britain's leading lady rider, and another combination that has climbed


right of the world rankings in the last 12 months, Laura Riding the


holster bred horse, She was called upon to ride against


the clock and clinched it for Great Britain.


She is now very definitely one of the top riders to be choosing from


for the Nations Cup teams. Overall, this track has caused more problems


towards the end, and I think it is because there are so many jumps


coming at you so quickly. There is no breather anywhere, and towards


the end of the course, especially having jumped this big combination,


the horse is getting a bit tired. Those very light verticals going for


her already. Well, we predicted eight clears, how


are we doing? Yeah, good, seven at the moment, and what have we got


left now? Aid also left to go. I would imagine we will get two or


three more, we could easily get up to ten by the end.


Two down for her already, she has had a very good season on the


continent. She has certainly made her mark. You could see Laura


Renwick struggling to keep balance, trying to go to the right to make a


bit more room. Getting very strong, attacking the fences, so hard to


keep them careful when they do that. Seven clear rounds, then, two for


Great Britain, two for Germany, one for Switzerland, one for Austria,


and one for Belgium. And now it is Kevin Staut for France. His most


consistent horse over the years, Silvana HDC, the former European


champion, at Windsor in 2009, the world's number one, very stylish,


won the Masters in Paris one week ago, was in very good form there.


We have seen Ben Maher go out on one of the favourites, Tripple X, and


this would have been highly fancied to win today with a lot of the


experts, Silvana HDC is a horse with a terrific record, as Mike was


saying, one of the most stylish, effective riders in the world, Kevin


Staut. So elegant and balanced, his riding.


He has had one fence down, he is not going to make the jump-off.


There are now nine of them on four faults. Kevin does not often go away


from Olympia without a win, and of course there is still the Grand Prix


tomorrow night, which will again be on BBC Television.


Just having a look at the lovely mare jumped there. Well, here is


another who has won this World Cup round in London twice, actually


1993, I wonder how many can remember that win! And then again in 2010,


when he won with the horse that he won the famous Grand Prix on. But


this horse has got the ability, and if things go right, very


impressive, very impressive in Madrid in the global champions tour,


he did well in this year's league, and of course he was part of that


European championship gold medal on this very horse, a really, truly


outstanding performance by both Michael Whitaker and will funnel.


This is the type of horse that Michael excels at riding, we


describe him as hot, meaning he gets an awful lot of adrenaline pumping


through his system and gets very excited about jumping. But I think


Michael has gotten a bit, these days. Never been any doubt about


this being a world-class horse. Can he settle him to just jump these


last three? What a round! That was a fantastic


round, Michael Whitaker at his glorious best, still one of three


British riders in the top 40, and you can see why.


Viking is a horse that will improve with age, he is not an excitable as


he used to be. Hugely talented. Michael has the


feel and the expertise to ride a slightly difficult horse, and he is


getting quieter, more manageable. That was a terrific round. His young


son Jack was jumping in the children's classes earlier on, got


through to the jump-off. What is dad going to do? Now, here is a real


danger, I feel, for this World Cup round here in London this afternoon.


Henrik von Eckermann, rides for Sweden but he is a stable jockey for


Ludger Beerbaum, this is a chestnut mare that has taken Ludger Beerbaum


to many many top class, the first goes down, it is me doing it now


Andy! But Gotha been a big winner and this man has ridden it so well.


He is in the bronze medal team in the Europeans in Denmark. It is not


to be. Already with a fence down We have spoken a lot about styles of


riding. When we watched this chap ride he is so much in the Ludger


Beerbaum style. It is as if he has been cloned.


If he glanced up and you weren't sure who was in the ring, you would


think it was Ludger Beerbaum himself. I agree. It's a horse owned


by a Alex McLeish owner. It is a mare, I would think this would be a


mare that will be be sent to the breeding paddock. Absolutely.


Perfect to breed from. So that first fence down.


Showjumping can be an annoying sport at time -- times, but another one


has gone. So it is a two down, eight faults for the Swedish Henrik von


Eckermann, and Gotha. CLARE BALDING: Is out reflecting on


her eight fault, what did you make of the course? Yes, it was a tough


course, the toughest of the week which is expected to be, the horses


here, purely prepared for this class, so it has to be a test, but I


was disappointed with my riding, I don't feel my horse did much rong,


allowed him to jump right with me a bit. I was slow in holding him


straight. I am out of practise at this level. My horses have had a bit


of time off, so, this is my first class like this this for a while. I


am frustrated at myself. You get another bite at the cherry in the


Grand Prix Yes, he jumped the first day yesterday, he was fourth and


first, so he has had a good start to the week. This was my fault today.


Hopefully we can put it right tomorrow. That is what a good rider


does, they blame themselves. A big buzz because Nick Skelton's son Dan


and Harry have won the big handicap hurdle. They were saying thanks to


their dad, so a big day for them. It is. Nick Skelton going so well in


his new training venture. Here is Bob Ellis's tip for the Netherlands.


Zirocco Blue. Very very experienced, two wins in Maastricht recently,


puts him in form, he has won here once, that was on that horse. This


is one to watch. Looking at the distances there, all


pretty smooth. Very powerful horse. Crews round so far. There we are.


That last fence, second to last fence going, that was a great shame.


That is another big danger out, and so it is still those eight clear


rounds, three of them for Britain. CLARE BALDING: Not disappointed to


see that fence fall is one man clear, Michael Whitaker,


congratulations Thank you. Things are going very well for you


Everything went according to plan, it was one of those rounds, ask


youed it, whip doesn't often happen, he jumped brilliant. Whatever


happens you will be relatively late on in the jump-off. That is the big


advantage, you are first to go you are struggling, last you can see


what has gone on, you know, and it is or bust. Yes, we know it will be


be other one, good luck. Well, here is the man everybody has


been waiting for, incidentally good to see Michael Whitaker back, he was


devastated after missing out on the Olympics, this is the man who has


been so hot in cent week, Scott Brash. Can Scott make it four


through for Britain? Scott in that lovely position of


having two world class horses. This mare produced by Tina Fletcher and


moved on to Scott. What a success story that has been. Well, she has


had a couple of touches there. Still clear.


It is certainly a nail-biting round. Hasn't been totally clean up to this


point. But he is over the last, and Scott


Brash is number nine and the fourth for Great Britain. This time last


week he was having a battle with the Olympic champion in Geneva, he just


missed out on that occasion, but he is a man on fire. He really is.


Just had a few little light touches, over the first half of the course,


but when you are on this sort of form, and your luck is in, you are


feeling confident, things seem to go for you. And he is walking on water


at the moment, Scott, isn't he. Don't want to jump the gun but the


man has won ?1 million showjumping in the last six, eight week, quite


outstanding. -- weeks. Four left to jump. We have


nine clear rounds, for for Britain, two for Germany, one for


Switzerland, one for Austria and one for Belgium and this lady last night


gave us a real Masterclass on a nine-year-old, very strong field it


is. Penelope Leprevost. Nice Stephanie, a nine-year-old mare. She


was the leading lady rider in the world. She has dropped down a bit.


She is 24 in the world, but she is still highly talented.


Been in very good form, part of the French team that won that Nations


Cup final in Barcelona. This lovely mare, by a Holstein


stallion, but this one with Swedish papers and the stallion was used in


Sweden and produced lovely horses with great characters.


A bit of a clatter. Still


Wonderfully elegant stylish rider. And this lady is very good against


the clock. So France join the party. France now make it Six Nations


involved, and we are up to ten, with three left to go.


Just the one piece of luck coming out the combination. A bit of a


clatter. Then motoring on down the last line, four big strides. Lovely


round. We talk about Scott Brash being on fire, but so is that lady.


Well, there is one man who can be sitting very comfortable at the


moment, a man recognised throughout the world as being one of the


leading course designers and he has produced a good testing round, not


putting any horses and riders under any risk of injury or anything like


that, but producing world class showjumping. Well done. Of course we


still have the jump-off to come. Now it is for Switzerland, Pius


Schwizer. He won silver, a bronze actually in Hong Kong in found 8.


Picsou du Chene he sold his top horses cently, to the Canadian who


won the gold in Hong Kong, and he has some new horse, and they are


already quickly getting into gear. He is a big danger, Switzerland with


coun clear, can this man make it two? -- with one clear.


I think it is the true testament to being a top rider, to be able to


sell your best horses, produce a new string, and be able to ride a whole


host of different types of horses which Pius Schwizer certainly can


do. He is a fantastic all round horse


man. He has just had the one down there, this is an inexperienced


horse. Untidy at the last part of the


course, but a good effort from Pius Schwizer. I agree. It is two down,


he won't be in the jump-off, Pius Schwizer on eight with Picsou du


Chene. Claire one of those ten clear rounds was Scott Brash. You told us


how much you thought of Ursula. I thought she jumped great. To be


honest, I think because you have to turn inside the fence four, and I


was always on her, I didn't feel she jumped as good as she can. She will


get better throughout the week. I only jumped one round the other day,


so I think she will be better tomorrow. You have also in the


interview we showed earlier, you revealed how much it matters to win,


so I assume going out there you will throw everything at it. Yes, I will


be trying to win, I know what my horse can do, she has a big stride,


so I hopefully will try and use that to the advantage in the jump-off.


With wish you well. It is amazing the number of family that are in


showjumping, and Holland have got it too. This is Maikel van der Vleuten.


Son of Eric. Eric won this competition on couple tomboy in


2009. -- on Tomboy. He is now a man who is up with the


best at this level. We are used to watching Maikel van


der Vleuten ride a big stallion, which is a very elegant scopy


powerful horse, this one is completely different. A bit of a


ragged jumper, very effective. She is an out-and-out trier.


You look at these two, working quite hard, still clear at the moment.


Squeaking over the plank, he will have to use his legs here, getting


the jump. He is over. It is 11, and now we have got yet another country


involved, because the Netherlands make it now seven nations involved


in this World Cup round, and that is one of the fascinating things, where


the sport is at the moment. It is so international and much more open


than it used to be, not dominated by any one country. Those days are long


gone. Maikel van der Vleuten, he is in, he is in pole position unless we


get one more clear, he will give it a go in the jump-off. He is a very


attacking rider. It is great to see him in there. So the last to go, in


this first owned round of the FEI World Cup here in London, is the


German ride rider Philipp Weishaupt, with Leoville, man who missed out on


two Olympic game, Pickford the team both in London and four years before


that, in Hong Kong, the horse went lame at the last moment but he won


the Grand Prix in Rotterdam. He was again in very good form in the


summer. He is a world class jockey, and again he is another Ludger


Beerbaum stable jockey. Germany two clears so far, Lars Nieberg and Max


Kuhner. This is a lovely stallion, really


pretty head and proper little athlete. Skipping down the


combination. Just balancing up for the very


delicate blanks. No, he does not get the push off the floor, we have seen


that happen a good few times already. One down for the


experienced German, Philipp Weishaupt, they finish on four, 11


clear rounds. 11 clear rounds. And we are having a look now at Philipp


Weishaupt. And there he is, clear over the London bus, but it was the


planks he had down. Well, those are the 11 in jump-off order, Germany


will go first, Peter Charles of Britain, then the second of the


Germans, Lars Nieberg. The more senior riders, Michael Whitaker is a


real danger in there with riding. And the last three, look at that,


this is where it will become exciting, Scott Brash, the French


lady and the Michael band allowed in.


Maikel van der Vleuten. Let's talk about Daniel Neilson,


because this will be his first jump-off in a major class at


Olympia, what advice would you give him? I was very impressed with his


whole philosophy about, you know, he was glad to be year flans and had a


lot of respect for the show, but he will give it a go. -- he was glad to


be here. If pre-jumps clear and fast, he will put the pressure on


the other two. This man's father has won here, the riders do not get a


chance to walk the jump-off course, they will just look at the map and


watched the riders who go before, then get on with it. We talked to


Scott Brash about his attitude, he is going out to win. Some will take


it easy, they will try to collect prize money, but Scott Brash is so


competitive. And there's you'll, this mare, she was jumping


brilliantly. -- and there's still. Look at his hands, very soft, in


balance with his horse. The generator power off the floor. Look


at the mare. -- he generates. He is wonderfully soft in the


saddle. If your favourite has not made it through to the jump-off, in


the case of Ben Maher and Laura Renwick, the Grand Prix is live on


the red button tomorrow night, there will be highlights on Monday. You


can watch the whole show from 6:10. If watching show-jumping has


inspired you to get involved in equestrian sport, go to the BBC


website, where there are details on all sorts of sports and how you can


be a participant, rather than a spectator, although we are delighted


that you are today a spectator! You can also watch the latest episode of


Inspired, which is a feature on Michael Jamieson, the medal winning


swimmer. The jump-off course has been built, the riders are going to


head out, and this is what they will be facing.


We start with the London bus, the first fence of the jump-off, and we


have got a big gallop, this is what the jump-off is all about. You have


to try to leave the fences up, the faster you go, the more likely they


will flatten the fences. Another big box, then into this double, where


you have got that committed distance, and I will be surprised if


anyone four strides that. Then you have an option to turn up across a


very delicate vertical. And now it is all about galloping inside, turn


here. Who is going to dedicate a stride out to this last fence? That


could be where it is won. There is money at the end of it, which might


make several DEC, I would suggest, Andy, 37,000 euros.


We saw some great jumping last year, and we have got enough in this field


to make it highly competitive. Max Kuehner, we mentioned about David


Will being one of the up and coming riders, and this is another. He has


been here before, he has never won a big class yet, but could this be his


opportunity? A ten-year-old by Clinton, Clintop II. He is the first


to go in this 11-ddouble jump-off for Germany.


He was around 31 seconds when he had that down. He flies the last, so


that is one down, 37.26. Interesting, it is going to be fast.


They can certainly go quick here, counting the strides, he goes four


on that line there. Whether they will be faster by turning up to the


second last, we will see. Well, now the first of the four for


Great Britain, Peter Charles, his young daughter was jumping earlier


today. She sadly had a little tumble, Peter will be hoping that he


can put the family fortunes on a better footing. Murka's Odie de


Frevent, they were third in this last year, despite not having had a


huge amount of competition. Peter will be competitive, that is for


sure. She is a small horse with a massive stride. Peter has to be very


careful. Once he opens up, can he keep the balance?


17 seconds out of the combination. Now, he is really upping his pace.


As he is going outside to... He is going to gallop at the vertical and


take a chance. No, that did not work. Interesting tactics here.


37.78, so that those in behind Max Kuehner. Max Kuehner went quite


quickly. Yeah, the big striding horse, and Peter's tactic was to try


to use pace towards the end of the course, but still not quite quick


enough. So out goes Peter Charles, and in comes Lars Nieberg of


Germany, already one gone. It is experience that the Germans are


going to depend on here. Lars Nieberg really at the top of the


tree in the late 1990s, early 2000s. It would be interesting


hearing his thought, what he thinks about the sport at this stage. The


second of the Germans, Lars Nieberg. No clear round at the moment. Hugely


powerful, very and -- untidy horse to drive around the terms. He is


working hard, elbows going. It looks a bit scrappy. So far, there is no


clear. He has gone all the way around, taking his time. It is not


the quickest around, but he has left the jumps up. Just one more... And


he has got down to the last, and he has set the standard. One more clear


round, a slower time, 38.57. He has taken that gamble, but there are


still some big guns to come, several that could beat the time and still


jump clear. Lars Nieberg did not have much choice, this is a


difficult horse to go fast on. He has jumped clear, put the market


down. So that man, Lars Nieberg, leads. Max Kuehner is second for


Germany, Peter Charles is third, three gone. 11 clears, eight to


come. Now, for Switzerland, the one challenge Beat Maendli. Ten years


ago, he would have started hot favourite. He has not had a huge


amount of competition at this level, but he has all the talents,


riding for his long-time owner, and this is the horse that he rode in


the Europeans of 2011, Louis. He set off as if he means business, this is


already quicker. Well, he is taking chances. Will leave them up? It is


certainly quicker! 38.57 to beat. He is definitely quicker, very untidy


there, lost all control. He leaves the last, look at the time, 35.92,


the best part of three seconds quicker than anything else, but it


is one down. Hogarth typical Beat Maendli, attacking the course, he


went for it. He shows that the time can be beaten


quite easily, but that is the fence they are having down. Lars Nieberg


still leads with that one clear round, Beat Maendli is second, Max


Kuehner third, and now Austria, Stefan Eder. Chilli van Dijk. This


is the winner of the Grand Prix in Linz. Well, Stefan Eder has


certainly jumped one of the most untidy of the first clears, what is


he like against the clock? Well, he is still sitting backwards


in the air. He has got his own way of doing it. Yeah, just running out


of luck there, jumping right through the middle of that oxer, so this is


a fascinating jump-off. When you have a big jump-off and everybody is


having a go, sometimes you don't get the clear rounds. Still just the


one. That might be Daniel Neilson's tactic, it might be a good one. So


Stefan Eder, eight in 35.86, he goes fifth. Yes, his first fault, he


jumped right into the middle of the oxer, no balance, no control, and


then this fence, he was a mile off it, he didn't get anywhere near


jumping it. Seconds now of the four challengers for Britain, 23-year-old


Daniel Neilson, who has really shown that he is not only a very good jump


jockey but a super label manager, too, his horses have been in superb


form this season. Now, we'll is tactic to be sort of


perhaps not set the flat-out pace but jump a clear round? -- will his


tactic. He is naturally a competitor, I think he is going.


Great turn! Now, he has put five strides in. That is going to cost


him a little bit. He needs to gamble these two verticals.


Well, it is going to be neck and tuck, he has got to take a chance.


He is going to be quick enough! For a 23-year-old, that is an exciting


round for the future, without a shadow of a doubt, 37.19, it may not


be the winner, but it is a very good around and atop the leaderboard at


the moment. This young man was a very good oxer, but he is developing


into something very special for Great Britain. I love the way he


attacked the last fence, slightly down on the clock, not as quick as


he wanted to be over the first, but stating that stride out to the last.


He has got his nose in front here. We have to remember that Beat


Maendli had one fence down, so the time is very beatable, will they


leave the fences up? Francois Mathy now, Polinska des Isles, seven of


the 11. Big horse, strong rider.


Well, he went round the outside. You would think he would take the stride


out but he didn't. Reminder of that time, 37.19. There


it is. Now he is gruesing his stride.


Taking a flyer at the vertical. He has left it up.


Think he has got him. If he leaves it. Oh he nudges it and he, yes,


just. Seven hundredths of a second. Nothing more exciting than a really


fast jump-off and we are getting that if this World Cup round.


Fabulous round from Francois Mathy. Big striding horse, he still a long


away off the second last. He had time to steady to jump the big oxer


and still go into the lead. When you have that much power under


the tank, he is pleased with that round. He deserves to be. Yes.


Hotting up now. Four left and Michael Whitaker


there. Just asking. I think it was brother John, as he went in. "What


shall I do? " The crowd will be behind him. The crowd will be behind


him. Remember, he has won it twice. This horse that has really settled


down, I agree with you Andy, and has really got all the capabilities, he


has just has the leave the fences up and go quicker than 37.12.


Michael having a go. Never seen him settle for second place.


He is tight. He has turned up. He jumped it. This


will put him miles in front. And again. He still has two left. Oh no.


Daring tactics from Michael, didn't quite pay off. Look at that time. He


is absolutely slaughtered it. 35.29. He does slip ahead of the faster,


four fault, he goes fourth. But what is so good about this, Michael


Whitaker was so disappointed to miss out on the London Olympics, one


wondered whether he would come back again, but he is and watch this.


Those two daring turn, he was desperately unlucky.


-- turns. So Michael showing just how quick he


can go round here, but, just that fence down. Three to go, and they


are all world class, Scott Brash the world number one. Penelope


Leprevost, with Nice Stephanie, and Maikel van der Vleuten for the


Netherlands. Come on Scott.


He cruises on the four strides, such a big engine he has underneath him


there, but he doesn't take Michael Whitaker's route. Preferring to use


a bit of pace. Going round here. He is just about


there. But that has gone as well. That is the bogey fence.


Good time. 35.23. It is quicker than Michael Whitaker. He goes into


fourth place, the fast fastest with four faults.


Still two to come. This mare so fast across the ground, he took four


strides instead of five into the double, didn't quite flick the back


end away. Over that vertical. That is the fence that is does aing --


causing the problems but he proved again they can go even quicker.


Everyone's expectations when the man comes in, so high these days, he


hasn't let downs, great round as in comes France's Queen of showjumping,


Penelope Leprevost, with Nice Stephanie. He wasn't all that keen


to come in we learn. That is why the groom was alongside. She will try.


No doubt about that, she took on a very hot field on this


eight-year-old last night, and absolutely slaughtered them. It was


magic. Now, what will she do? Time to beat, 37.12, a couple of, have


tried the daring turns and they haven't come off. What will she do?


Good fluent start. Now she has to go for it.


Not turning up. Oh, and I thought for a moment she was going to stop.


Slipped. Managed to jump the fence. But that is definitely added to her


time. She is just a bit slower at the moment. Very close. She's got


it. No. No, she hasn't. No, she hasn't. She has gone third, Daniel


Nielson hangs on to second place. What a performance for Daniel


Nielson in this world class field. France goes into third with Penelope


Leprevost and Nice Stephanie. There is the slip. The back legs went on


that tight turn. That is what cost her, got a big hesitation, galloped


at the last, took the stride out there, but just that unfortunate


slip was probably all it took. What a shame.


Right. Down to the wire now. His dad would be won it in 2009. Can


he now mop up in 2013? Maikel van der Vleuten. Father won it on


Tomboy. Michael trying on the 14-year-old VDL Groep Sapphire B. He


has had great form, in recent weeks. But he is going to be at his best.


No doubt about that. The latest Grand Prix they won was in


Maastricht. Just remind you, 37.12 the time to


beat. He can't just hack round, he has got to have a go if he is going


to win that 37,000 euro first prize in the World Cup


Attacking the course. Is he going to go for it here? No, he puts the


extra stride in, she is a clean July per, he is going to have to risk the


verticals. -- jumper. She is such a trier this


mare. Gets the shoulders down. He is is not too far away, he needs


to take a stride out. He is ahead I think.


37.07. By overhe has done it! Son follows father. And I think you


could say he is pretty pleased That is an understatement. What a


brilliantly judged round. Use the mare's strength, she is so careful


over the vertical, not the prettiest jumper but she is so effective. And


he judged it absolutely spot on, here he is down to the last, didn't


lose his head. Head time to get some balance. He had time to get some


balance. London is proving a good city for this young man, silver for


the Netherlands in the team, in the Olympic game, and now wins the FEI


World Cup round here in London, in great style. What a competition, and


well done to the course builder. Really a sensational World Cup round


here in London. Here is confirmation of an


outstanding win from the young man from the Netherlands. Belgium come


second. Great perfor fans from the 23-year-old British rider Daniel


Nielson, look at the class in the field. The world number one Scott


Brash finishing sixth but not letting the side down and the same


for Michael Whitaker finishing seventh with Viking. Great


competition. CLARE BALDING: Standing next to me


grinning as he looked that the leaderboard is Daniel Nielson, the


highest placed Britain, this is a massive day for you Yes, the first


time at the show, first time to jump in the World Cup and I couldn't wish


for any better. The horse was fantastic. How much did the support


of the crowd matter? Amazing, there is no feeling like it cantering down


on home ground and when the crowd roars this is great. Do you feel


this is a start? Hopefully, if I could do what Scott did that would


be wonderful. I have had a good season, all my horses are going well


and hopefully we will move on to bigger things like this. It is


brilliant tow see you ride and do so well. So Dan finished third. Maikel


van der Vleuten is the winner, repeating a feat his father did in


2009. Were you here when your dad won it? No, I was at home in front


of the television, and, I saw him winning, for sure, you know, it is


any way, a dream to win a World Cup once, and it is my first World Cup I


win, and it is, I was happy with my horse. You went in there and you


really made it matter, your turns were very tight. That second last up


right looked horrid. Yes, the horse is a natural fast horse, so I never


have to override her, and I must say all my distance were good forward. I


had never a waiting distance, I can be happy about how she scrum's. She


flashes her tail and pins her ears back but keeps going forward He does


everything forward. I have her for so many years and she tries every


jump to make, to make, to jump the fences clear. And you looked as


though you landed over the last as ifyou weren't sure that was quick


enough. For sure, I mean they rode fast, and you never know, because I


just saw them on the television, so I didn't see one live, so you never


know. But today I am lucky. So for you, is this the biggest victory so


far in your career? I had the last year, I had some nice victory, I


mean, my horses are in good shape, and yes, OK, on the end of year it


is a good, it is a good last show of the year.


It a nice Christmas present for you and you deserve it. Well done. That


is Maikel van der Vleuten, who is our winner here, at the FEI World


Cup class. Sadly for Scott Brash who had such a good year it wasn't to


be, he went for it but... She jumped great. I maybe turned to early, she


just dropped behind, but I thought she jumped really good. The jump-off


was great. He used her stride well, just one of those things, it was my


fault really. Is that it for her now, will you ride her again


tomorrows? Yes she jumps in the Grand Prix, she generally would be


better the next day, I went quick so we will see. Thank you, so Scott


saying he is going to ride Ursula in the Grand Prix, you can watch that


on Monday afternoon on BBC Two while you are finishing your Christmas


wrapping, five past two on BBC Two. Those are highlights, if you want to


watch it live it is available from 6.10 on the red button. Watch there,


and row can see everything. -- you can see everything that is


happening. Sci Sunday 5.05. You know it is Christmas, you have Sky


Sunday, Olympia but that has been a great class, wasn't that enjoyable?


That was fantastic. The atmosphere was electric and the rider, the


dares they were doing across the centre, the four strides, the


double. That vertical has been a fence for so many riders, it has


been fantastic. You can appreciate the skill of the riders and the


horses, the balance required and the bravery. At the top end, the speed


they were going round the turn, it was fantastic, so brave, so brave


some of the riders. And do you think we saw a fair winner there. Yes I


think we have seen a rising star this Dan. I was impressed. He was


courageous but he was sensible when he needed to be and he jumped that


vertical and set sail for home. OK, in third but he was close to the top


end. Daniel Nielson the name to watch out for as far as British


showjumping is concerned but congratulations to our winner


Clare Balding presents live coverage of the showjumping World Cup from its traditional festive home of Olympia in London.

Great Britain's Olympic champion Scott Brash set the early-season pace and will start as one of the favourites for the event, which is the fifth of 10 qualifying legs for the World Cup final in Lyon next April.

There are also highlights of the spectacular puissance, best described as the high jump for horses.

Commentary comes from Michael Tucker and Andy Austin.

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