2016 Highlights Equestrian: Olympia Horse Show

2016 Highlights

Action from the Olympia Grand Prix, the highlight of the final evening of the annual London International Horse Show. Commentary comes from Michael Tucker and Andy Austin.

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COMMENTATOR: What a competition. My word.


This horse has been brilliant. Excellent partnership.


COMMENTATOR: That was easy. Oh! He is way over it.


Welcome to Olympia and the London International Horse Show, where you


get to see horses of all shapes and sizes and plenty of festive fun.


Today we have highlights of an incredible showjumping competition


featuring some of the best horses and riders in the world. What a week


it has been for equestrianism. We have had trophies, tears, and a


touch of glamour. What a journey I have had with this


horse. Charlotte Dujardin! Comedy two fantastic from the 18-year-old.


-- COMMENTATOR: Fantastic from the 18-year-old.


In third place, Nick Skelton. We've come into the main arena where I am


delighted to say I'm joined by Andy Austin to talk us through the


Olympia Grand Prix. You've had a look at this course. What do you


make of it? It is a typical Grand Prix. Not as big as the World Cup


yesterday, but it is a technical course, very careful. There are a


few interesting lines, to say the least. I know you want to talk about


this combination, it is a treble into vent six. You come out of the


corner of a big vertical. Once tried to a massive oxen. Two extra strides


to another. Then you are not finished. Fence six is into the edge


of the arena, right into the crowd, and it is a difficult fence. It is


three committed strides to a 160 vertical. It could take a bit of


jumping. It is always worth mentioning the crowd. Almost jumping


at the height as the crowd. It is so different to a lot of shows. It is


intense, they are close to you, and the horse is getting distracted,


yeah, definitely. Who will this course suit? One or two riding


jungle horses. Steve Gerber has already won. -- younger horses.


Let's go through the Olympia Grand Prix.


Scott Brash won in fantastic style on Sunday.


Guerdat Is the reigning champion. Maher Has won this event twice. This


is a world-class field. Away we go. This promises to be as


good as anything we have seen in the Olympia Grand Prix. The best field I


have ever seen, what about you, Andy? Big field. Top quality riders.


We have proven winners as well as young horses. This course has been


designed well. If it goes anything like the World Cup course on Sunday


it will be a riveting hour. What is it like, Andy? The course is a lot


about care. This is a difficult line. Into the corner. Straight into


this big combination. Two fairly short strides, then three long


strides. Then the huge vertical. Brilliantly done there. A very


tricky vertical. Coming away from the entrance. Those two macro


verticals will be influential. They are right up to one metre 60


centimetres. Very light double verticals here. And then down to the


last power fence at number 12. The won the silver medal behind Nick


Skelton. A big star in Rio without hitting a fence all tournament. It


was a terrific performance. But he has two macro fences down, eight


faults come in a time of 59.1. The time allowed a 62nds. He was close


to that time. -- at the time allowed is 60 seconds. He rides for the


all-powerful Belgian organisation. He is in tremendous form. Four wins


in Dublin. And he wrote in a winning nations cup, as well. He has climbed


the world rankings in form we have not seen the light of for many a


year. Very talented. -- like. He is going to have his first visit. We


can expect fireworks from this man. He is certainly one of the


favourites. Lorenzo De Luca. A stunning chestnut stallion. Not


the biggest horse, but a real athletic type, as so many


Heartbreakers are. Had to work hard to jump the second


part of that combination. Now, this is the vertical off the corner, and


that is going to catch quite a few riders. Absolutely no fillers,


nothing to get them in the air, those stile fences. Got to get home


in under 60 seconds. Beautifully through the double verticals. Down


to the last fence. Should be OK for time. He has had the last! Well,


that was amazing, he just jumped such a good round. This round had


clear round written all over it. There he is, spot on to the last


fence, and he clipped the back rail. Showjumping is a cruel sport at


times. Because he jumped a very good round.


Kenny has a base in Europe, a base in Florida, and is one of those big


stars making a big mark. Very impressive winner of the Barcelona


Grand Prix. Kenny with the nine-year-old Charly


Chaplin. Isn't it great to have a horse called Charly Chaplin, instead


of one of those fancy named Belgian horses? I could not agree with you


more. Clear rounds pretty scarce at the


moment. Faults all over the place. There is no particular part of this


course that seems to be the most difficult, but there are problems


all the way round. This vertical and the next vertical forces you to be


so careful. You cannot breathe on them. It is worth just mentioning a


little bit more about Kenny. He has had an amazing year. He has shot up


the rankings. He has had some very good wins. He won the Grand Prix in


Barcelona. Good round from him there, just the one fence down. He


made good time. Making it look a little easier there. Might be a


little bit too far off the oxen going into the double. He had to


say, Kenny, you can watch him right or night. He is going to be a big


name for the future. -- you can watch him all night.


An Olympic gold medallist now for you, from the United States of


America will stop she won her team gold. She was in the jump off when


America beat Canada for the gold medal in Hong Kong and she is


competing here tonight. -- of America. One of the most talented


female riders in the world. She has, I'm sure, had the most enjoyable few


months. She is the part of Nick Skelton. Living in Warwickshire. And


she has been riding really well here. She has won her class and been


good in others. It is great to see Laura crowd here. She is such a


brilliant ride on a number of different horses. This is only a


nine-year-old. -- it is great to see Laura here. When they get to eight


or nine they step up to this level. And it is such a difficult change


from just jumping the normal classes.


Had to study up for the double. She is clear. Brilliant round. Just


inside the time. -- steady up. She has put herself very much into the


reckoning. Brilliant piece of riding. She jumped quite forward


into the double verticals. She had to study up. And then a big effort


over the last fence. Still got some proper Grand Prix horses to come.


We certainly have. No doubt about that. As we see Anthony Condon with


one of two very good horses these days. Based up in Cheshire. He has


jumped some very good Nations cup rounds for Ireland. He has also been


placed on some good 5-star competitions. He has stepped up to


the plate. He will be a big man in Ireland for the seasons to come.


This horses owned by Pauline Goodwood. A fantastic champion


stallion. Ridden by so many top Dutch teams. They always have a lot


of power, a lot of scope. Sometimes they can be a bit strong.


Anthony has done really good this week. He has had some great results.


He has definitely turned into a top rider. If he keeps getting the


backing he has a huge huge in the sport. He has had a bit of luck. --


huge future in the sport. He has a time fault. That puts him into


fourth. That was a shame for Anthony . Could not quite get himself inside


the time. But this is a good horse with good scope. Just unlucky.


Laura, well done, a couple of sticky moments. Yes I was looking for where


I would hit the ground. She kept trying to get her feet under but she


couldn't do it. Anyway, she made a heroic effort not to fall down,


which was a nice Christmas present for me. And she has done so well at


Olympia. She has been amazing. The first fault was mine, I was a little


bit too long in the six. I cut back. She's good at that. I don't know if


it is because I was close to the wall and she didn't understand and


kept her legs down. Anyway, she probably won't ever do that again.


Here, the man who raises the roof, it is Scott Brash. He raised the


roof yesterday with that magnificent World Cup when. Fantastic. -- win.


Scott Brash is in great form. He was third in Geneva. He won here on


Sunday. And he is riding Lord and Lady Kirkham's horse. An


11-year-old. A very capable horse. But this would be a big question for


it. Scott Brash is one of those riders in a lovely position of


having different horses to jump in Grand Prix all week. Not the most


famous of his horses but it has a lot of talent. As we know with Scott


Brash, when it comes to the big occasion he is your man. Still clear


at the moment. Just the last fence to go. Oh, what


a performance. Yet again by Scott Brash. It is a clear round number


two. Nicely in. But that was a classic Scott Brash round. Typical


Scott Brash. He did have a bit of luck. Very, very lucky to leave the


first part of the combination. But he's so good for the big occasions.


Absolute brilliant ride. Holding his horse in balance. Fantastic effort


from Scott Brash. Yet again, in a big Grand Prix, he's jumped clear.


New young star at his first Olympia. Tim from Henley. He won the Rainbow


Brookes Ward Trophy given every year here at Olympia for the best


international prospect in the limp I can disciplines. Tim Wilkes, double


clear in Lisbon. Double clear in a five-star and I would think this


would be probably the biggest course he will have jumped indoors. I think


it is probably the most technically difficult. Whether he goes clear or


not, Tim Wilkes has done himself a lot of good coming here this week.


First time at the show. He's obviously got a great temperament


and technique. He has a big future in the sport. He has some good


backing. We're definitely going to see him back here again.


Having had a couple of fences down, he's kept his cool. Great ride. Down


the last line. Good round. Looks to have got a very good temperament.


Technique looks exciting. A Manuel' hear more of. Yeah, that was a


little bit unlucky that first fence he had down. Here he is just coming


in to the combination. Perhaps just cut the angle a little bit there.


Good effort. Scot, thankfully the second clear round after a whole


load of horses. How tough is that course? It's a tricky course. It


comes on you very quick and fast. Everything's tight out of the


corners. I think it's a very good course. But it is very technical.


It's a business Ki course. Governor's a busy horse. Is he easy


to settle on a course like that? Easier than he looks, actually. He


gets a bit excited. He wants to get going. No, he's a great horse. Very


talented. After yesterday, would you fancy your chances in front of this


home crowd in a jump-off tonight? I'll be trying my absolute best


anyway. The crowd's there to cheer me on. I'll give it my best. Olympic


champion of 2012, finished fourth in Rio. Both those performances on the


great horse Nino, du Buset. This man has a whole stable of exciting young


horses. This is one of them. Won the World Cup on this horse. Actually,


was placed third in the top ten competition they had in Geneva last


week behind Canadian Eric Lamaze. This man's on form. Jumped some


smashing rounds here. Quite a fascinating horse to watch.


A bit of heart in the mouth stuff. He seems to hang in the air. Gets


very high over the fences. A little bit of tapping going on. But this


horse has got a lot of form over some very big Grand Prixes. It's not


looking that pretty to watch but he's still clear. Well, a little bit


of luck again there. Just this last fence. Oh, this is building into a


wonderful competition, the Olympia Grand Prix. Three clear rounds.


Laura Kraut America, Scott Brash Great Britain and now Steve Guerdat


Switzerland. Steve Guerdat rode for his life around this track. He had


to work very hard and he had a little bit of luck as well. So,


another top, top class combination into the jump-off. We're now halfway


through the first round. We've got one Italian on four faults. Two on


four faults, three clear rounds at the moment. Here is another in form


Italian. Part of the Dublin Nations Cup victory. A sensational victory


for Italy. They've come back into the forefront of showjumping. It's


only an eight-year-old horse. A big horse but it's a big course.


This big mare, she's certainly got scope.


Couldn't quite get the forward movement on the second part of the


combination. Giving her a really good ride. So


difficult to man over such a big horse round these corners.


# Manoeuvre. Over the time. Gets home. Five


faults. Good round for a young horse, though. Just eight years old.


That score of five puts him at the moment into seventh place. Steve,


this is certainly a course causing a lot of problems for a lot of riders


but not you tonight? I was a little bit lucky. I had a few rubs. It's


our last big class of the year. I really wanted to come home clear no


matter how. Luck was on my side. Hopefully one more round.


Interesting finger? Scott Brash working out how he'll win the class,


Mike. That's what this huge crowd would like. Now the leading lady


rider in the world. Penelope from France with madam Genevieve. She'


had some Grand Prix victories in Bordeaux, Verona, Antwerp. But, the


one that she would have really liked to have shone was in Rio. A surprise


tumble. Horse shipped her out after landing. She didn't complete the


team. The rest of the team really had to work. But what a talent.


France without a clear round at the moment. America, Britain and


Switzerland with the clear rounds. This is a lovely mare. Not


Penelope's top horse. She's resting her other horse this week. You can


see Penelope, another rider with a big string of horses. She has the


luxury of swapping them around, keeping them fresh. Coming home with


the one down. Four faults. What's the time? 59.92. The slowest of the


three on form. She goes into sixth place at the moment. Three clear


rounds to jump-off as is A game little mare, this one. Just nicked


the one fence on the way round. Now the man for Britain who's won


this Olympia Grand Prix on two occasions. Michael Whitaker won on


Everest Midnight Maddens in 1992 and he won it last year on this horse


Viking. Bertram Allen sadly disqualified in the Grand Prix. So,


Michael took the victory here one year ago. The horse is very capable


on his day. Not easy to ride. Hasn't really hit the high spots here at


Olympia. In fact, Michael's 14-year-old son Jack has won more


prize money than Michael at Olympia so far. Could change tonight.


Michael, clear at the moment. He hasn't had a great week. A hungry


Michael is always dangerous. Still clear. Just down this last


line. We'd love to see Michael in the jump-off. Oh, no! That last


fence! That's just been the sort of week that Michael's had. That's the


second time this week. Such hard luck there. Time, 58.91. The third


fastest. Goes sixth just ahead of Penelope. He jumped a fantastic


round. So clean over the double. Just dwelt in the air over the last.


Now, Marcus Enning. Four years ago, he won it with Sabrina. And he has


been riding out of his skin this week. Marcus riding chin chin. There


aren't many competitions this man hasn't won in this Grand Hall. He'll


be short odds with the bookies for sure. Marcus, another top rider with


a big string has opted to ride a different horse than the one he rode


in the World Cup. This one, beautiful pipe. Lots of ability.


What we always say about Marcus Enning, whether he jumps clear or


not, we love watching him ride. He's so stylish and so sympathetic.


Oh, he's riding his luck there. We may not be getting many clear rounds


but we're getting classy ones. What a jump-off this is building into.


Marcus Enning from Germany joins the other three. Watch his hands. He


sits so still. This is a horse with a lot of power. He's really quite


sympathetic riding. A little lucky just the first part of the double. I


think the face says it all. My goodness, so close. What a


disappointment in the end? ? You can't help that. He's done very


good. The only fence he touched so... How tough is that course? It's


tough. Difficult, technical. Big scope. It's tough. You said Viking


had been jumping so well. You need luck as well as skill? Needed a bit


of luck and I didn't have it. I've had it before so I can't complain.


Young man who's had his 21st birthday this week. Jos, Verlooy for


Belgium. His father, Axel, a very successful horse dealer. World-class


horses. Jos gets some very good rides. This, an 11-year-old. Big


wins on that. This man, at 17, jumped a wonderful European


Championships in Denmark. He's been all over the world winning at Grand


Prixes this season. Very talented. Jos Verlooy, Belgium. Just had to


react down the combination. Horses need to stretch forward. Can't have


too much pace into that cominbinings. Sudden, you have a


great big ox in front of you. You need a reaction from your horse. Jos


is very tall and very strong. Working quite hard. Still clear.


Yeah, he didn't come quite right to that double. A little out of


balance. So the fours building up. Jos goes


seventh behind Darragh Kenny. This course totally unforgiving. Any


mistakes, you get a little too close to a fence, it's going to come down.


21-year-old Bertram Allen. The young man who's based in Germany but rides


for Ireland. He's won the Massters here this week in cracking good


form. This eight-year-old. To prove his form, three cars he won at


Stockholm, including the Grand Prix up there. He's not going to win this


one. So, nearly won last year's but then, sadly, was disqualified by the


judges. Wondered whether he would be really looking to win this. He's


gone very well this week. But it's not to be.


Another rider opting to ride a younger horse. He has been


developing all week. Cannot keep jumping the big tracks on the same


horses all the time. She is a horse with a big future. She is an


athlete. She is careful. You can see she will jumped lots of Grand Prix


in her future career -- jump. The four vaults building up now. Six of


them in all. He has this place. Just the one fence down, those dreaded


planks. -- fifth place. CHEERING


Here's the great man. Part of the British riders in the World Cup on


Sunday. Remember, Britain had three in the top five. John was in fifth


but he was amongst the very best. It did not work out for him in the


Olympic Games, but still riding as good as ever. He might have a fence


down but this man is enigmatic still. It is interesting, John


opting to ride the only horse he probably has here who could jump the


big Grand Prix. But she has jumped well all week. But he is going to


retire. Good decision. He has given her the opportunity. She is not


quite at the races. She jumped so well in the World Cup. He is an


absolute hero and a legend, John, and the crowd absolutely love him.


And so they should. What is it, Andy, 20 years ago when he was in


hospital in Sweden with a brain haemorrhage? Extraordinary career.


He has been in the top for many years. He very nearly died of a


brain haemorrhage. But here he is, still entertaining us. One of the


leading lady riders. Another great performance by her in Rio. Australia


looked a really good prospect for the first team round. Eventually


faded away. Still, Edwina finished individually in ninth. She has


written some great horses. Her husband has a great eye for horses


and here is another one. She had a big Grand Prix in Miami Beach. She


has been very successful, again, on the champions tour. She has won a


World Cup here, but she hasn't actually won the Grand Prix. Well,


this is a pocket rocket. You can see. Small horse, massive engine.


Lots of blood. Really suits Edwina's style of writing. She is getting


quite excited. -- riding. Very strong down that line. Showing loads


of class. I have not seen too many clears


tonight. Could do with another one here. She is having to study up.


CHEERING Brilliant. This is a very exciting


horse. -- steady. Well written. Edwina gives us a clear round.


Australia in a very exciting jumped off with six left to go in round


one. Lovely to watch California. Such an athlete. Springs off the


floor like a little gazelle. Always looking for the next fence.


Absolutely tries her heart out over the last oxen. Daniel Deusser,


ranked three in the world. He's in the bronze medal team for Germany in


Rio. Another one who has done a trip and a half around the world. This


man won Grand Prix all over the world. Los Angeles, Doha, and this


is a wonderful horse. Daniel Deusser is one of the most stylish riders in


the world, from Germany. As you say, stylish, effective. He


is a very tall and elegant rider. He rides so many different horses for


his stables. Another rider with an incredibly strong string. He always


seems to pull out another fresh horse every week for a Grand Prix.


Just started to get some clear rounds now. Have we got another one?


We have. We are up to six. Germany with two. They begin to get the


advantage. They have not shown it yet at the show but they could


tonight. Daniel Deusser showing his class and quality. In control, in


balance, clean jumping all the way round. A lovely round and thankfully


another clear. Quite a short list. She has been jumping so well for


you. Yes, this is my second Big Show with her. I had her a few weeks ago,


then we went to Paris, she jumped at the Grand Prix there. Then


yesterday. So this is the third big class we have jumped. Is this the


sort of course which suits her because she is compact and nippy? I


don't know because I haven't had her long enough. She has control. Today


was testing. Maybe more technical than yesterday. Yesterday was a


touch bigger. I thought today you have to have good control and note


how to get your horse on the right spot. You did that, well done.


Thanks. Robert has been in good form here.


Has been in some very good placings. And he has gone well both in Calgary


in the big 5-star there. And was a winner of a three star Grand Prix,


as well. This is a horse that has certainly shown some scope. Massive


jumper, this one. Interesting to hear him say, this


horse with such a big engine, needs to steady up over these verticals.


He has managed it there. He is living dangerously. But this horse


has some leap. Woah, he says, but not enough. Just the one fence down.


So near yet so far. Slow time. Down in 12th place with six to go against


the clock and three left to jump. There is Daniel Deusser. They are


all checking out the jump off. Ben Maher, Great Britain, second in the


World Cup, second to Scott Brash. Scott Brash is already clear. Can he


give him another run for his money? Ben Maher, twice winner before, in


2013. He has Olympic gold medals from London. And in 2014 he won with


Diva. Don Vito, a fairly new one, and eight-year-old. It is always


great to see new horses coming up to this level. Testing them over these


types of courses. A little bit unlucky. Just showed a


little bit of inexperience. But this horse has a lot of talent. Ben has


been working very hard to rebuild his string. He is one of those


riders, he can ride any kind of horse. Always get a tune out of


them. Great round for this young horse. Just the one fence down. Ben


has looked in tremendous form as a jockey. But it is four. He goes


seventh on that with that one fence down. A horse with a big future.


This was just a little bit of inexperience. You cannot be too hard


on him for that. Cracking round. Looks every inch the proper jumper.


And we finish with another former winner.


Cian won in 2009. And this horse has an interesting build-up this


afternoon. He took in five rounds in the six bar and the horse got better


and better, very careful. And he said from the word go that this was


a warm up for the Grand Prix tonight. He is a nine-year-old. Cian


O'Connor Is one of the last to go for Ireland in this last round.


Great tactics from Cian. This is a horse with a lot of energy. Clearly


he needed to get back in the arena, jumpy few fences, and the six bar is


almost like a training exercise to get the horse concentrating. -- jump


a few fences. Interesting down that line. This is another youngster.


Nine years old. Had a bit of a difficult turn around that corner.


Well written, -- ridden, Cian. He has lost it. Fractionally over. Good


round. Only had a horse for a week or two. A total of five in the end


for the Irishman, Cian O'Connor. You could see that Cian was struggling.


Very difficult to get back under control for the double vertical. Don


Don Vito It's good for -- Don Vito is a good horse. How has it been. He


has been lent to me. We have only had him a couple of months. He has


learnt so much over the last two weeks. He has been placed with both


big classes this week. I was expecting him to jump back towards


me and high in the middle like a lot of the other horses. I tried to help


him but he just went through. But it has been a good week and I am happy.


Six to go in the jump off. Nobody will argue about the quality. Scott


Brash, the winner in the World Cup, and Laura Kraut at the top.


That was a tricky first round. Only six players. But six of the biggest


names of showjumping are into the jump. Let's rejoin Michael Tucker


and Andy Austin to talk us through things.


COMMENTATOR: This is the action in the grand Hall. The crowd loving it.


And here is the big Grand Prix jump off field.


The atmosphere from start to finish has been absolutely cracking. This


field we have now is one of the best fields we have had for a final job


of for many a year. Now, can she do it from the front? Just as her


partner, Nick, did in Rio. Laura Kraut, first to go in the jump off


in the Olympia Grand Prix for America. A young horse but she is


going for it. Once over the big oxen, now turning back.


Down to the big vertical. A difficult fence towards the crowd.


Now the double here. Huge double. Then two fences sweeping round back


towards the entrance. Tight turn into what was the first part. Oh, a


nasty stumble there. Well recovered Laura. I thought for a moment she


was coming out of front door. This is a very young, inexperienced


horse. Laura did brilliantly not to come out the front door. Well done.


So, difficult start for her. She finishes on 12 faults. Time allowed,


57 seconds. She doesn't get any time faults. Total 12 for Laura Kraut and


Cavalia. A This is a really difficult turn for an inexperienced


horse. Slightly caught the top of it. Thank goodness Laura was OK. Can


he make it? The two big ones of Olympia 2016. Scott Brash, now


trying to take the Grand Prix Hello Guvnor. There's only one thing on


Scott's mind. He's going to go for it.


We'll have a time check. Have a look when he comes round to the double.


That's the fence they've got to jump. Now, with the not too many


numbers in the jump-off, what are the tactics of the next riders going


to be? Will this be one just on jumping? -- won just on touching?


Lucky at the last. Four in 40.83. I can't think that will be good


enough. Four to go. There's surely got to be a clear round amongst


those four? Scott, absolutely flying round this course. What happens is


the horse's anticipate turning to the left. It is very hard to keep


them in the air at that sort of speed. Steve Guerdat and Corbinian.


Steve and Scott have had fascinating battles over the last three or four


years, often in Geneva for the valuable Grand Prix. Steve Guerdat's


come out with one and Scott Brash has come out with a win. Who's it


going to be this time? This good ten-year-old horse has been a very


big winner. What will he do? For to a clear or will he just keep the


foot on the accelerator without flying? He still has the likes.


Third to go in the jump-off. No clear round. He's going tor it. He


still has the likes of Marcus Ehning to come behind him. Certainly not


going slowly. Gone too tight there. We've seen all sorts of drama in


this jump-off. Very hard for him to pick up the pace. Scott Brash was


really quick round here. That's completely taken his momentum away.


This is such a tense atmosphere. Flies the last. 40.83. Exactly the


same time as Scott Brash. They are identical. Wow! You don't see that


very often. That was such a tight turn. He didn't quite have the


stride. What a great recovery. .Ant he's still equal first with Scott


Brash. You are watching what is one of the best competitions of


showjumping that's been seen anywhere in the world this year.


Marcus Ehning. He's been the world's number one on many occasions. He


dropped down the world rankings early this year. But he's right back


up in the top now. Marcus riding Lindenhof. No clear round.


Still going for the time. Two incredibly fast riders. That


actually fell. It was a late falling pole. Still no clears. A fascinating


jump-off. He can still go into the lead if he goes for it. But that's


gone as well. We're getting enough drama in this jump-off. We certainly


are. Two riders still to come. Fascinating tactical battle for


them. The atmosphere in this hall is elect trick to say the least. -- e


electric. Eight faults it is. Two to go and there's still two at the top


of the leaderboard. Scott Brash, Steve Guerdat. Watch this pole.


Gives it a rattle. One, possibly two strides away from the fence where it


span on the cups. One more down as well.


Edwina Tops-Alexander jumps a clear she'll go into the lead with Daniel


Deusser to come. You don't need your horse bucking just as you're about


to jump a Grand Prix jump-off. Young horse, we've waited for someone to


go for these tactics. She's going for the clear round. One rider


behind her. She's gambled Daniel Deusser will be faster than her.


She's going to try to put the pressure on. Going steady. Jumping


so cleanly now. Sometimes these Grand Prix, they're won on jumping


alone. Just one to go. First clear coming up? Is it? It is. What a


round. She's done it. Time, 48.42. Time is beatable. But she's clear.


One left to go for Germany. Daniel Deusser. She's put the marker down.


We know, for sure, Daniel Deusser will go quicker. Will he go clear?


That's the question. Here is the last one to go. The German Daniel


does from the Stephex stables. It won't be horrible if he wins,


that's for sure. 110,000 euros in the prize fund of which 25% goes to


the winner. All he has to do is make this turn. Now he knows time-wise,


it's in the bag. He's already shaved three or four seconds off the time.


From here on in, he can settle down. Two fences between him and the Grand


Prix. Miles up on the clock. And he's won it! He's won it doing hand


stands. Lovely round. It's why he is the world's number three. That might


well put him up to the world number two. Tremendous performance. What a


Grand Prix we've seen here tonight. Daniel busker with he can would the


ta. Wins it for Germany. A win for Germany, Daniel Deusser. Edwina


Tops-Alexander brilliant. Equal third, Steve Guerdat for Switzerland


and Britain's Scott Brash. Daniel, congratulations. It was a tough


first round. A tough jump-off. You went clear in both and in the


fastest times. You must be delighted with your horse's performance? I'm


really happy with my horse. She jumped a World Cup yesterday. I


really didn't ride nice. Today, she tried again. Over and over again, a


double clear round. I was a little lucky to be last in the jump-off.


Only Edwina was clear, but not too fast. In that way, it was easier for


me. My horse tries over and over. Really happy to finish the week like


that. You need luck but you've a lot of talent as well. Won the first and


last class here? I had a perfect week. Two wins, one time second. A


lot of other good placements. I'm really, really happy. Edwina, a nice


way to round off a busy Olympia. Just two clear rounds. Sadly Daniel


was a little faster than you tonight? I knew my time was easy to


beat. I was trying to keep the jumps up and trying to stay smooth. She's


not quite ready yet to go fast. I'm not ready to go fast with her yet.


Fortunately, not too many clear. It was a matter of having a clear.


She's come a lopping way in a really short time. Tricky tactically to


have a clear round but you've a quick guy coming after you? You have


to know your horse really well. I don't know her that well. Yesterday,


I had a couple down in the jump-off. I was really happy with the first


round. She was a bit feisty today. I thought I'd keep her controlled and


quiet and relaxed. Paid off in the end. A bit gutted not to have a


final win for the crowd and things. It would have in been nice on the


last class of the show to finish off on a win. But, my horse jumped


great. When you've got such good riders coming behind you, you have


to try and put the pressure on. Yeah, just one mistake but the horse


jumped great. Yeah, still great to finish third. I'm a little


disappointed. You mucking out on Christmas Day? I am, actually. I


send all my staff home and I do the horses. I enjoy it. It's nice and


quiet in the yard for a change. So, a win for Germany. Daniel Deusser,


Equita. In second place, Edwina Tops-Alexander with California.


Equal third for Great Britain Scott Brash with Hello Guvnor and the


London Olympic champion Steve Guerdat for Switzerland. Scott Brash


won the highest placed British rider in the Grand Prix which was the


fabulous Wall Win trophy. One that has as great history. What a


wonderful imp ya. Enjoy your wrapping. Have a wonderful Christmas


and new year. Sadly, I still have some work to do.


# It's the most wonder time of the year until


# There'll be # Mistletoeing and hearts will be


glowing # When loved ones are near


# It's the most wonderful time of the


# The it's the most wonderful time # Oh, the most wonderful time


# Of the year.. # That is the cutest thing


I've ever seen.


Lee McKenzie presents action from the Olympia Grand Prix, the highlight of the final evening of the annual London International Horse Show.

In 2015, there was high drama as Michael Whitaker and his horse Viking V were awarded victory following the disqualification of Bertram Allen and Quiet Easy.

Commentary comes from Michael Tucker and Andy Austin.

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