2016 Equestrian: Olympia Horse Show


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What a competition, my works. This horse has been exceptional. What a


fabulous combination, pure class. That was easy. He is way over it.


Welcome to Olympia and the London International horse show. This is


backstage where tensions and hopes are- some of the worlds leading


riders, but through these doors and into this magnificent hall where


they will win or lose. This much loved event is one of the highlights


of the Equestrian calendar and soon thousands and thousands of people


will pack in here to see an eclectic mix of world-class show-jumping and


festive fun. We are here in the warm up arena


where you get to see all sorts of subsides because Olympia is not just


about the best horses and riders in the world, you get to see all shapes


and sizes and these are the spectacular Portuguese Lusitanos,


who have been entertaining the crowds. It really is all shapes and


sizes. This is one of the best festive days you can have but don't


worry if you can't make it here, we can bring it all to you. We say an


emotional farewell to a once-in-a-lifetime horse, Allegro,


as Charlotte jarred and sent him home into retirement. The gold rush


keeps on coming. We'll hear from Rio stars show-jumper Nick Skelton and


para- dressage rider Sophie. Puissance is always a highlight


here. And we have live coverage of the World Cup speaking to some of


our top British riders. Delighted to say that in this noisy arena joining


me for the next few hours is Tim Stockdale. Always a pleasure.


Strikes me that despite the fact we have so many big shows, particularly


in Europe at this time of year, Olympia retains a place in the


hearts of riders, is that the case? Very much so. Serious show-jumping.


A feast of fabulous things to look at with the eyes and displays. For


show-jumping this is right out of the top drawer. World Cup points


this afternoon, valuable final. Also for the whole winter this is the


British leg of the World Cup, very serious for British riders as well.


Certainly is. There is so much at Olympia. We've had Shetland is,


Portuguese Lusitanos, dogs, but that is the essence of Olympia, festive


madness. It's got all the ingredients from the point of view


of everything from Shetland and ease, dogs, right through to


top-class show-jumping. One thing and riders say, every year they come


here this schedule gets better and better. You see what they are doing


preparing the ground. Also from the horse's point of view. Incredible to


think it was a year ago that Tim and I were standing here talking about


who might make the British Olympic show-jumping team. Nick Skelton's


horse had just come back from injury and yet this profit he said he would


make the team. He didn't just make the team, he made the headlines.


History is made in Rio. The Olympics is a special things. Olympic


champion, 58-year-old Nick Skelton. I wanted to go there and prove a


point. This summary was the scene for success, and Britain's Olympians


and Paralympian is brought back a staggering eight individual medals.


Olympia was the perfect place to honour their achievements.


Been an amazing year. To get that at my age after all the injuries and


stuff. Delighted and happy. How many times have you watched it back? Not


as many times as you might think actually. Been sort of too busy to


watch it all. I've got it all up here anyway, so it's not too bad. It


really is the most incredible stories. If I'd have won it when I


was 28 or 30 I probably wouldn't have appreciated it as much as what


I do now so yeah, it's great. Sophie, such a tough year for EU,


the horse was unwell with colic. Went there to enjoy it. I couldn't


take my top horse, it was incredible out there. The nightmare turned into


a fairy tale. Ben Meir. Really unlucky, just clipped the back rail.


Third Olympic Games, and the first time I felt nervous. Didn't know, I


was learning with the horse as we went. I felt like I got to know him


by the end. I could have done something is different but he


produced a clear round, and was still very strong. Unfortunately


things did not go right for my team-mates either that week. Another


gold Filipe sin in the equestrian dressage.


When you look back, how special does it feel? Still feels really


emotional to be fair. It had been eight years since I got an


individual medal at the Paralympic Games. I wanted to try to win an


individual gold medal. To get the silver medal on the Wednesday was


genuinely phenomenal. It was literally like a dream come true. A


parade of Rio medallists 2016. How special is it to get the recognition


from the crowd here and be there with so many other successful


writers? I think it's really important. For Paralympians to get


face time in front of the crowd, because we never really get the


chance when we compete. It's amazing to see how much they support us. I


brought my mum and dad down as a bit of a special Christmas treat. When


we were kids we had a whistle so if you were anywhere in the countryside


and you heard it, you had to come running. I heard him in the box


whistle away. It was very special. Yeah, really wonderful celebration.


What a story for Nick Skelton and big Star, for sport in general as


well. Nick has had to come over some much. He has enjoyed so much, and so


has the horse. You talk about adversity. It has all been about


Knox, getting back up, coming back again. Coming back from injury and


having a plan and a positive attitude going forward. The Olympic


games was their dream and goal. What did you make of the team situation?


Nick Skelton joined by John and Michael Whittington and Ben Mabbutt


did not fire. It didn't gel. On paper it looked a good team but from


the start it started to breakdown. Foot in the water, horse not going


as well as John had him going all year, it sort of comes to the


Olympics. The thing I felt with Nick, his rounds every time got


better and better. You could just that he was pulling forward, and you


knew when it came down to the individual final he be fighting


right at the end. I know you are not a dressage aficionado but you must


admire what Sophie Christiansen achieved? When you are with her, the


positivity comes through. Horses don't respond to sympathy or timid


people. They don't have any airs or graces. How you are with a horse is


how he responds to you. The fact she is so positive and able to do what


she does with her horse you've only got to admire. She's a real fighter


and she's a funny lady, intelligent lady, she has a Masters degree in


maths as well. And when she gets on a horse she rides as well as anyone.


Big Star was supposed to be here but the horse has taken a knock, a


disappointment for the crowd. That's right, to have him here computing


this week would have been brilliant, for the fans to see him. But it's


the right decision. He's got an injury. If not capable of competing


he should not be here parading comedies not a pantomime horse, he a


proper horse. If anything was to happen and go wrong we would kick


ourselves. So they made the right decision although it was a hard


decisions. We have seven other Brits in the World Cup today, a strong


field with 16 nationalities, their international field but the level is


high. Really tough. This is the pinnacle of British show-jumping


indoors this winter. You've got seven good competitors. John and


Michael will be there and thereabouts. Scott and Ben will be


at the sharp end. I wanted to mention Tim Wilkes, his second World


Cup, he has qualified to come to Olympia for the first time so he's


got all the responsibility, if you like, on his shoulders. Maybe today


is one of those real milestones in his career. So we wish the best and


hope it goes well. Talented rider, 21 years of age, and we wish him the


best. A real breakthrough year. What will this pressure be like for him


today in front of this everybody dreams at riding at Olympia. You


dream but then you realise there is no hiding place. If it all goes


wrong you are in front of people and there will be millions watching on


TV as well. So the thing you will wish for is also daunting. It will


become tentative. It's not a solitary sport, something you can do


behind closed doors, its show-jumping in front of crowds with


pressure. This is all part of the experience. That is why Nick's been


so successful. We turn our attention to the police on switch was once an


Olympic sport back in 1900, I don't think it is set for Europe turned --


we turn our attention to the Puissance. It is always the night


that sells at quickest when it comes to crowds and tickets. We will join


the competition in the second round. COMMENTATOR: Here are the first six.


Three for Great Britain, four of Great Britain, one from Ireland, one


from Norway. On the second page we've got the other one from Norway.


So here we go, one metre 90, six feet and three inches, Holly Smith,


Quality Old Joker. This horse has got an enormous jumper.


Well, just a little bit of luck, there. Holly really did hit the


spot. She was very accurate, very balanced, and didn't need a lot of


pace to jump the fence. Just a bit of luck. We'll have a look at the


replay. This brick got quite a nudge. Bricks very light these days.


But it stayed up. Just with the front legs. Very clean behind. The


18-year-old now, Christopher Megahy for Ireland. His brother has won


youth medals, gold medals, they are a talented family, the Megahys. A


bit anxious on the way down to the wall but he gets there and makes it.


This combination has won two Puissances, top three in another,


they might take a lot of beating. Just look at him fighting for his


head, gets it a little bit close but a tremendous effort. A lot of horses


get quite strong, they know the wall is coming, they run down to it.


Robert Davies based at the Skelton yard now, with Pebbles IV, this


11-year-old mare. Involved with his other very good


grey horse, Courtney, another good season. If he really could find a


world horse he would be vying with the best. So, Rob Bevis riding this


mare in her first Puissance, nice quiet canter on the way down to the


wall. So accurate, Rob. Always on the button. Lovely, clean jump.


Bevis not one of the favourites with this horse, but that was very


comfortable. Watch this again. This course is


presented as any we have seen so far. He has put his horse in the


right place. Pebbles is so technical over the wall. Now Rebekka Lie


Anderson. The frame goes with an enormous jump. Jumps for phone. She


will have to settle him down. Gets really strong. She has done it


again. It is untidy. Hit the wall on the way up. It is still standing.


Got close again hit the wall on the way up. Not the prettiest jump but


it is effective. One metre 90, six foot three. One of the West


stallions there has been in the sport.


Always jumping blood. Although this girl is regarded as the hot shot


against the clock, she is more than capable. Getting strong. Still


managed to jump it. A big puff of the cheeks from Laura.


He is a very powerful. Had to move to the right to make room for


himself. He found a little bit of space. Very quick in front. Snapped


up cleanly. Laura, so good to adjusting to what she has at the


time. Five through so far. Two left to jump in round two. David Murdoch


the man from Sussex. With his miles on the road. The 11-year-old


certainly can jump. That is so disappointing. Front legs on the


back rail of the triple bar. These horses can make those sorts of


mistakes. Then jumps the wall for phone. David lost both stirrups.


That was hard luck. He had a hard luck story coming here. He only just


got here today. Here we are. David Murdoch did nothing wrong. Just got


that lazy jump with the front legs. Downey came. Nicely over the wall.


David did lose his seat little bit on landing. Both stirrups went. He


is out. The youngest of the Alex and family. -- Gulliksen. He has been


placed with his dad. John's father could not get his tongue around the


name, so he called him Jimmy. They certainly have the show-jumping bug.


A very relaxed, confident approach in the last round. The same again.


Beautifully done. Very neat and comfortable. Norway have got two.


Britain have also got three riders through. This is a very efficient


jump. If you just watch the shape over the top of the fence. Very easy


to jump the big wall when they have such a neat action. That was a


shame. Just the triple bar. It was probably more my fault than his. He


came to it a bit casually. One of the things in puissance is it either


goes right or wrong. I am pleased. He got me to my first time at


Olympia at so I cannot be too upset. I believe you are not going to go


again, is that right? This horse, I have been jumping her that long. It


was a good class. She is not really a puissance horse, she is more than


normal jumper. She jumped well hopefully that will set her up for


the rest of the week. 2.6 metres, six foot seven inches. Here comes


the Smith team. Harvey Smith riding the eight-year-old. We were talking


about the seven-year-old Laura Rennick. This horse is not much


older but it is bigger, of course. This horse really is a powerhouse.


He is built to have a huge amount of scope. He is very brave. He really


does try over a fence. Holly is developing into a very confident,


cool customer. We are really expecting to see this all get a lot


bigger tonight. Some serious power. Really good behind. The horse is


really kicking. Taking her time. A little touch. It has stayed up.


Being supercritical. He can be a bit quick in front. We are just having a


look again. He has so much power. He jumps slightly forward but he seems


to know where the wall is. He nudges the brick but not hard enough to


have it down. Christopher Megahey on Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier. That is


top Irish breeding. It certainly is. This horse is getting strong. Young


lad Chris has to stay cool. He runs in really close. He has done it


again. That horse really put the brakes on just at the right time was


that that was brilliant. Watch this horse again for the bat was


brilliant from this horse, Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier. A lot of


the puissance horse is get so strong and excited. Threw himself into the


air. -- horses get. One macro for Great Britain and one macro for


Ireland. Now one for Norway. What does Rebekka Lei Anderson want to


do? Was not pretty in the last round. Runs in close. Needs to keep


him quiet. Running close again. How did that stay up? Unbelievable! I


think the song, with a little bit of luck, comes to mind. Nothing wrong


with a bit of luck. She certainly had it there. He fights for his


head. Runs in way too close. That was really untidy. Gave it a real


clout. Laura Renwick with the seven-year-old. Trying to join the


three so far. This is an incredibly brave, powerful horse. He is strong.


Fighting, running into the fence. What an incredible leap. That is the


best we have seen so far. Totally clean over the wall. This horse is


getting better and better. Well, this is extraordinary. He


fights, runs in a little bit close. What a leap! Way over the fence!


Must have given it a foot. That was brilliant. Laura, so cool, under


pressure. Four through so far. This is the last in what is round three


of five. It is Gulliksen from Norway. We have seen some very


different horses. Some are leaping in the air and a little bit untidy.


This is the economic or, technically very correct shape over the fence.


So far, she has looked very comfortable. The only man left in.


-- mare. That was a surprise. She looks over efficient and so


comfortable. Did not get the back legs away. Very clean in front, just


trailed the back leg and there it went. May have been just a bit too


far off the fence. That slightly flat jump just caused the problem.


How goes Gulliksen. We will hear more from him, for sure. Two from


Britain, one macro from Ireland and now just the one macro from Norway.


The two potential round still to come. Holly Smith with Quality Old


Joke. The eight-year-old, owned by Holly. Jumped for many years. Has


jumped very successfully. Recently married. The wall now foot 11. The


fourth round. One more possible round. -- six foot 11. What Holly


has to do now is the confident not to have too much pace for them he


does tend to jump a little bit forward. Needs to trust him.


Brilliantly written. She came a little bit quiet. Gave him more time


to use his front end. Lovely by Holly. She gave the horse a peach of


a ride. Not easy when it is seven foot to come down as cool as that.


Look how quietly she sat there and trusted his ability. Actually a


better jump than in the other rounds. So clean. A really


impressive piece of writing. All the horses who have the scope to go, it


will be this. Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier from Ireland and


Christopher Megahey. Running close. Just got it. How about that! Well,


well, well! That really was Berry, very lucky. Made the brick halfway


across. I don't know how it stayed there but it is still there. Wait to


close again. It is not pretty but he has left it up. This is not an easy


horse to ride. Here is Norway's Rebekka Lie Anderson. Will she join


Holly Smith and Christopher Megahey? The answer is simple. After the


triple bar, catching another one out. She is retiring. Why waste the


confidence and energy of the horse? A sensible decision. News that Laura


Renwick will not jump. Top Dollar will not jump. It is therefore


another day. I wanted to end on a good note. I thought, he jumped it


so well and so easily and so confidently, I will leave it at that


and then maybe next day he can come back and win it. And we are down to


a two horse jump off for the fifth and final rounds.


Great Britain against Ireland. It has been a battle over many years


and another one tonight here at Olympia. Holly Smith to go first for


Great Britain. This is the final round, remember. Seven foot one, to


metres 15. The horse of the year showed puissance winner, Holly


Smith, goes first. -- the horse of the year show. She was super cool in


the last round. Needs to give him time to get the front legs up in the


air. She has done it! Brilliantly written. Absolutely on the button.


What a fantastic ride from Holly Smith! Old Joker, the


eight-year-old, this horse is going to make the lady a star, I am sure.


Sitting so quietly, really trusting her horse. Gives him time. She is so


brave. Lets him use his ability and did not put any pressure on him at


all. It was outstanding. Britain's performance manager has


always thought the talents of this lady exceptional, and we are seeing


it tonight. The Irish now, 18 years old, Christopher Megahy looking to


try to equal the performance of Holly Smith. Ooh, he's kicked in


close again, and he's jumped it. We've got two joint winners.


Fantastic from the 18-year-old. What a round of jumping that was,


unbelievable. Well. One of the downsides, there isn't a clear


winner, but we've got two outstanding horses, two outstanding


riders sharing the honours. And that is the young Irishman, Christopher


Megahy joining Holly Smith that the top of the leaderboard. Well, here


is the final. In equal first, Holly Smith and Ireland's Christopher


Megahy, sharing the honours. Norway's Rebekka Lie Anderson


finishing third, and Laura Renwick in fourth.


A nice way to spend a Wednesday night? Really happy. Just came for


that one class and it has paid off. I'm glad it's over but I've enjoyed


every minute of it. The show is really nice, they really take care


of you. Ayew old enough to drink champagne? I'm going to the bar now.


COMMENTATOR: The joint winners, for Ireland 18-year-old Christopher


Megahy on Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier, and Britain's Holly Smith,


another British rising star. Congratulations, that was fabulous.


We know you've got pedigree in the Puissance but it must be special at


Olympia? It's absolutely brilliant. This is only my fourth Puissance and


it's a childhood dream to jump at this show. We could see how much it


meant to you when you went clear, that great fist pump, what are those


emotions? It's great having the crowd, they love it and we love it


and it's great. Well done, enjoy it. COMMENTATOR: So, the traditional lap


of honour. The joint winners. Great, exciting young riders doing


brilliant things tonight. And very inspirational for the


next-generation. Wise words, there. It was a really


thrilling Puissance competition. We have moved into the big arena and


they are putting the final preparations on this World Cup


course. They take it very seriously, you can see they are putting little


bits of surgery into this water tray and dusting down the polls. This is


a bit of a different course to previous years. What's it like from


a course builder perspective? I know when you go to an eventing event,


the course builder can put a bit of a stamp on a course, is it more


limited in show-jumping? Know, all course designers have their little


things. I'll let you into a secret. Today, this is his first World Cup,


so at this moment in time, his heart is absolutely going 1 million miles


an hour. There's a lot of things riding on his judgment today. So


he's got a lot of pressure on. You see how he was giving it a bit of a


roll? These are new jumps this year at Olympia, and what the writers and


course designers are telling me is that they are very balanced but very


delicate. Because of the brand-new machines polls rather than the


felled trees that we are used to, these are very delicate. They have


round plastic ends on, so one little touch and they will pot out. There's


a lot of things happening this year that are really unusual and things


that we don't quite know how they will pan out. Over my shoulder the


crowds are starting to take their seats, this is one of the real


highlights at Olympia. Seven British riders taking part and one is a


crowd favourite. Heavenly lady has been in really good form. Jumped


really well. So yeah, she has a good chance, fingers crossed. And in


terms of competition who else should we look out for, or does that not


concern you? Mark's horse is very fast, being run very well. Daniel


douse it has been going very well. And yeah, listen, there's so many. I


think any rider could wind to be honest. Scott had a good ride round


here last year, and Michael Whitaker, we can expect big things


from them. Realistically what has his year been like? He was not part


of the British Olympic team. He has had to regroup and take on some


other horses after an injury. Winning a talent in Calgary, so not


a bad year by anybody's standards. He's got some more partnerships


together and that is the thing with our sport, creating a partnership


between horse and rider which you cannot do overnight. So, that


transition period, but I think he has a good chance today. The horse


he writes today is very careful and this is a careful track. I mentioned


John Whitaker and might tour Whitaker and then mayor early and I


caught up with two of them. I'm riding Viking. Chances should be


good. Good year last year and before that. So hopefully I should have a


good chance but you never know. What makes it special to ride here on


Viking, he seems to come alive here? He does, it's a fantastic atmosphere


and especially for British riders, you get a great reception. It's just


everything. The horse can feel the atmosphere as well. I'm riding diva.


She quite liked this arena, winning the Grand Prix here, second in the


World Cup. She tends to come alive at this time of year. Hopefully


going off previous results she can produce some of her best performance


on this day. You need a horse that enjoys this, the crowd are so on top


of the fences. Very different from what we are used to one some of the


other competitions. Great feeling with up to 8000 people here willing


us over every jump. And Diva is a real fighter, not necessarily the


prettiest or easiest horse to watch but she's a real fighting attitude.


And that's always nice to have that feeling when you go into the ring.


Then, of course, second in his class here on the same course. We heard


Scott Brash talking up not just about his British rivals but also


about the challenges from Europe, and big names here as well. Marcus


Henning as always. And a draw today will be very significant towards the


end of the draw which is always the best place to be, if you like. And


Steve is here today, he's having a very good week, win on Friday and


was on excellent form. Gold medal winner at London. He always says,


when he's in England he feels very comfortable. He is one that's going


to be very close today. And Mahler has been flying, leading rider at


the moment, she'll be getting a presentation shortly. Been an


incredible form. Gets better and at. The more she progresses in this


sport you would think, when is she going to lose the appetite to go to


shows and be so competitive, and she never seems to. Every time she wants


to compete. She always comes to Olympia and she loves it. And that's


part and parcel of buying into this sport. Chaos will happen in a minute


with the course walk so we have to keep our eyes and ears open, we may


get run over. I know you've been in this arena assembly times, you've


had a lot of success and one of those things was last year, 11


minutes of mayhem as it's known in the industry, that is what is about


to happen now. The riders are just flooding in this door now. We were


in here, they weren't. We don't want to get too much in their way. You


can lead is up to the first fence. All the riders have been waiting now


at the entrance, it's almost like they open the floodgates and they


are all trying to get their first glimpse. Remember that this was only


finished about one minute ago, now getting their first glimpse in the


distance. No real clue is what will happen. First fence, right at the


top. Lots of people walking. For the horse, lots of things to focus on.


Quite a strong first fence. One thing that strikes me, how will you


come to it? Right or left rain? That is something they have to work out


as they go along. Nice big gap coming through here. This is all


good for the horse, nice, positive, good fence to ride, you can go right


at the bottom of it. Good fence for a second one. But it's a big, wide


fence. This is the World Cup, we are not going to have small jumps. He's


going in! 35 riders trying to make their way round. Second fence and


they will be getting wider as we go around. Now where are we off to?


Number three is here, and going to cut the corner bit and try to in


front. Three is right by the entrance. Before it used to be red


and white, blue and white, these types of bright colours, now we are


getting more Pastoral shades which create a little more of a challenge


for the horses to be able to focus, and the riders. Coming off the


corner, this is the first of the one metre 60 centimetre verticals.


Again, I was talking about the roundness, look at the cup, very


shiny brand-new, all the yellow ones are a little bit lighter. Doesn't


take much to move it even whilst we are standing here, so this will take


a bit of luck and an awful lot of skill. Not so much luck, the horses


and riders will have to be very careful. They will have to use their


technique in the best way possible. The rider hast to use their


technique. So the rider has got to organise the stride pattern, get the


balance and then position the horse in the right place. There's a lot of


things going on, there really is. You'll see the riders walk in the


distance. I'm not going to do that just yet. Lots of riders, smiling,


wondering why you are walking the course with no horse. This is a big


fence. Yeah. Another wide fence, but it's got the added problem of the


water in the middle, fake water. The horse can look in the bottom of that


and could easily make a mistake. Big gaps in the middle. It's a funny


light you get in this arena during the day. We get TV lights when we


are riding and that brightens it up. One other thing I want to talk about


here, this is a safety cup. So if anything was to really go wrong, I'm


going to do it. That will break down woods. Thanks very much. Is it that


one? I think we should put that one back up. There we go, that's that.


Then we've got a very big vertical, and I mean vertical jumping. This is


a big vertical. Don't know if it looks narrow or just because the


wings are so huge. My goodness, that is very tall. Very tall. Another


clue, the horse can't distinguish how far away that is from the crowd.


A lot of trust goes on, the horse will take off hoping he's not going


to jump straight in the middle of row H over there. There is trust


between horse and rider. A narrow sense as well. And that makes the


definition of the height difficult. Especially with the types of wings,


very solid, they make that look even smaller. It creates that


claustrophobic sort of gap for a horse to jump through. Busy fence.


Let's charge on. Breaking nothing as we go. Don't touch the flowers!


There is hardly a respite, and we've got to go to this plank. These are


on flat cups. Said that will not take much to go. If they breeze on


it. Stop touching it. This is not just about physical power, it is


been delicate, riders focusing on the top rail. Is that what makes a


World Cup horse? Not just having an awful lot of scope but one with an


intelligent mind? Absolutely. The old days it was about power. It was


just a power oriented sport. Now the horse has to be quick, sharp,


athletic, and they've got to have brains. Riders have got to make sure


they are balanced as well. In the old days we saw physical rider but


today you will see some looking a bit softer. This is a crucial line.


I'm going to walk this distance down the centre. Just explain what this


is, you have probable seen people walking in a strange way, this is


then working out how many strides their horse will take. Absolutely,


we will take the distance. One, too, this is where the horse will land,


half a stride away. You count it from the landing. Yes, one, two,


three, four, that's one stride. That is three regular strides. That


is easy. It is not if you're horse is a short strider you will have to


move him a little bit. If you land back or too far ahead of yourself,


you will have to adjust. You have to make three. You have to do that.


Double. One macro, two. By two, three. That is the equivalent of


long. We will have to move a little bit out here. Can I just say, for a


show-jumper, quite wide. Terrifyingly wide for me. That is a


huge space between Nat, and a big fence. Not as big as they are later.


But it is wide and a little bit long. This is the next bit. Bear in


mind they are now going forward. The horse needs to go forward.


Back down to the start. This is unbelievably short. In balance,


straight back to the rider. Very tall, vertical. Difficult for them


horse to focus on that. -- for the horse. Difficult to jump and


unbelievably tough on the horse and rider. These fences are coming so


fast and furious. If the horse and rider is not getting on at any point


in this, it is going to be really tricky for them to bring it back.


They have got to be a team on every single fence. The term allowed today


is 64 seconds. There are 16 jumps. That is one jump every four seconds.


Difficult for a person to do. Can you imagine trying to do it with a


horse and rider combination? You cannot speak and it is a question of


action. That the hours you spend with horses, working with them to


create that partnership. Two hugely experienced riders having a chat


with each other, asking each other what they think about it. Let me


grab Bertram for a second. Can I have a quick word? What do you make


of the course? It looks big. Some very big verticals. It is fair, so I


am looking forward. Everything is really coming up vary fast.


Everything needs to be working. Thank you very much. Tim, you just


want to mention the combination, don't you? It is the last fence. The


last fence here. Number 13 on the competition. Big, wide coming in.


Not only are the horses tired. They are looking for home. This will be


difficult to jump at the very end of the really tough competition. It is


heading towards where they come in. They know where their stables. They


know that is the end goal. If you get round this clear, you have done


a pretty good job, haven't you? You certainly have. You did not get


round clear for that you need to run off before security comes the


atmosphere in here is incredible. We bid and emotional farewell to one of


our horse heroes. Dressage does not usually make it onto the national


sports pages, let alone the front pages. But that is one of the many


things that led growth achieved. -- Valegro achieved. She has done it!


He and his rider Charlotte du Jarre Dan have changed the face of


dressage, not just in the UK, but around the world. -- Dujardin. In


six championships, they won 14 medals, ten gold, including three


Olympic golds and a silver. Despite winning another gold in Rio, Valegro


or Blueberry as he is known at home, is being retired at his favourite


show. What an incredible few months this has been. How are the emotions?


They are OK at the moment. Ask me in a few hours and I am sure it would


be different. What a journey I have had with this horse! Britain has had


quite a few equine heroes but never won from dressage. How special is


that? In the last few days some people have travelled such a long


way to come and see this final retirement. That just shows how many


hearts he has captured and how he has really taken the world by storm


with what we have done together. In terms of what we can expect from the


Valegro from tomorrow onwards, what will his legacy be?


He will be talked about probably still in 100 years' time. I will be


sad that the public do not see him in competition again. He has brought


so much fun to the sport. We have all enjoyed as a nation really.


Dressage has prospered on it. Charlotte is about to perform her


freestyle test, which was good enough for gold at London 2012 says


she has not ridden the test through in the last few years. Tonight she


will perform it for the last time. It will be special.


We need to remind ourselves that this was the pair's a first Olympic


games. They won team gold but were going into new territory. This is a


day full of emotion. The crowds were gathered. We all wondered whether


she could really do it. Could she hold her temperament? We were pretty


sure that Valegro could hold his. Together they've danced for their


lives and got the individual gold medal for Great Britain. An


achievement we never thought would be possible in the whole of the


history of British dressage. Seeing into the future we never thought we


would get gold medals. The one thing I am always drawn to


with this horse is how he is concentrating on Charlotte.


Listening so carefully. What separates him from normal horses is


his fantastic suppleness, flexibility and power. He has it


all. And, remember this was the occasion


that the phrase dancing horses was born. You can see why.


If you watch that, that is how to work a pirouette. She will do it on


the other rain just appreciate how in time with the music that is. So


rare to see that. just watch this. Control in the end


of the pirouette. -- bend of the pirouette. Now I think we're coming


up to his party piece, one-time changes.


I think that this performance is better than he did it in London.


Totally amazing. He could go out and win an Olympic gold medal tomorrow.


Again, still at the end of the test, still has all the energy, activity.


Amazing partnership, amazing team. Thank you, Valegro.


He won gold in London in 2012. The greatest combination we have seen in


living memory. Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, they changed the rules


of the game. What a spectacular farewell! The


crowd adored it. What did you think? They loved her. It makes us burst as


well. We all love him. Everyone feels they know and -- Valegro full


study viewer at another Olympics, you would be winning another gold. I


am just glad they did not make the mistake or we would have to retire


him next year. You do not get a standing ovation very often and


sharp intakes of breath. Do you appreciate that? The most amazing


feeling, to see people up off their feet, taking in what I am feeling. I


cannot see it but I can feel it. I'd just can't thank everybody enough


for what they have done for us. You are the owner, bringing Valegro into


the arena tonight. The crowd reception was exceptional. It was


hugely emotional. To think the horses I take care of, I muck out


every day. It was causing so much emotion with all these people. It


really does get to you when they open their doors. It hit me really


badly. A truly memorable night ended with Valegro returning to the arena


to the delight of thousands of fans who had appeared from all over the


world to say goodbye. A fitting sendoff for a horse like no other.


Yeah, what an incredible night that was. I don't think there was a dry


eye in the house. Just a privilege to be there and say goodbye to


Allegro. We've got World Cup jumping, not long until that kicks


off. You've spoken to some riders since the mayhem of the course will,


what have they made of it? They think it's a fair challenge. It is


not an easy competition or course. The only thing I would be worried


about, many riders think it is a nice course, I would normally expect


one or two to screen the house down that it is too big or difficult. But


it may just be lulling them into a false sense of security, we'll have


to wait and see. It will not take us long to find out. Mike Tucker and


Andy Austin are the commentary team for the World Cup. COMMENTATOR:


Let's have a look around the course, here, starting with what should be a


straightforward vertical, one and two not too bad. Sweep round past


the entrance, a very tall one metre 60 fence. Left-hand, difficult line


on the angle over number four and probably five really forward strides


into a huge oxer. Difficult upright on three. Round the corner into this


straight-line with three strides, two verticals. The double is a one


stride. Towards the entrance the water tray is behind the vertical,


tough fence. Two Power fences now. A power test with the oxers. And no


breeze for the last part. Down to the combination. Massive oxers. Two


strides and a very short one stride to the last fence, 16 jumping


efforts. It will all come very quickly. It's a world-class field.


35 are due to start from 40 nations. We get off to a start for Britain


with will funnel on Billy Onslow, one he has bred.


Phillipp Weishaupt won one of the big event of the season. Edwina


Tops-Alexander has been in good form this year. Four out of the top lead


in the Western European. Lorenzo DeLuca is one of those. Steve


Guerdat in cracking form, he's also in the top five. Peder Fredrickson,


silver medallist in Rio. Of course Ben Meir who was second here last


year. Laura Kraut for America, Penelope Leprevost, both world-class


stars. The great John Whitaker has won here three times. -- has won


here twice. Laura Renwick is in form. Bertram Allen won three cars


in Stockholm and he is flying. Nicholas Villa


Daniel Deusser, third in the world. Michael Whitaker has won twice.


Riding Viking this time. Scott Brash, well, he's another bang in


form. Third in the big Grand Prix in Geneva. This horse ran very well in


other big classes in Geneva. Kevin Staut in the world top ten. Look at


the three to finish. Marcus Ehning back in the world top


ten with this very talented horse. And the young man for Ireland,


Darren Kenny, to finish. World-class field. World-class field and very


interesting course. It's not actually the biggest and widest.


Some power fences but the horses will need to be super careful and


really concentrate. Soap in comes the first. Some of the


core statistics, 370 metres which gives us a time allowed of 64. So


often that can have a big bearing on how this horse jumps. 13 numbered


fences, 15 as you've heard very, very big fences. And this is


Britain's probably biggest class of the year, because it is the


qualifier in the Western European league which leads to the World Cup


final in Omaha, Nebraska. That will be in March next year. So, first


ago, William funnel on Billy Onslow, a new ten-year-old by his very good


stallion, a horse that has some good form. This will be a big test for


this horse. Always fascinating to watch the first rider ago, look at


the distances. This is the first really tricky line. Brilliantly


ridden, and then the big vertical. Lovely, fluent start here from Will.


Those planks come so quickly out, on really liked cups. Shortened down to


the water trays. You see Billy Onslow ran out of room. That, I


think, is the toughest line on the course. Two power fences. This


vertical on the angle across the arena. This young horse still


developing, finding it hard. Will working very hard down the


combination. Just over the time. Three down plus one time fault. 13


in total for William Funnell on Billy Onslow. Winning on this horse


is excellent this year. The big plank at number seven is a very


light plank, it is white and the horses do not see it well. This is a


really short distance. You could see Billy Onslow trying to put in a


shuffle to get some balance. Time allowed will definitely play a part.


To remind you, every time they are four seconds over the time allowed


they get an extra point. Now one of the superstars in Swedish sport,


Mallon Barney at Thomson. Currently the leading rider of the


show. This horse has looked very promising with a lot of scope.


Typical Swedish breeding. And it really suit is Malin's way of going,


very athletic over the planks. Shortened up brilliantly. Horses do


need to be so careful round discourse. That's the biggest oxer


on the track, so that one is no problem for her. So just this last


line. Time looks good, actually. Classic round. Second in the grand


preinstall home recently. It's a horse very much on the upgrade, and


that was a classic ride from Malin. On that evidence from Malin's round


I think we might see quite a few clear 's. Making a fantastic shape.


This horse is not the biggest. You just need a horse that is super


careful. Certainly saw that from Cue Channa. Now one of a number of


riders that are making their mark. Very much feel there is a generation


change coming in show-jumping and this one is doing this business for


Douglas Lindelow. Past World Cup winner a year ago in


Stuttgart. Probably his biggest win in his career so far. Sacramento,


the same sire as we have just seen Malin jump. Spent so much time in


Sweden, and every other horse in Sweden seems to be bred by the same


course. They are always careful jumpers, they always try. I think it


suits the horses round here. Looked in the water tray, picked up in the


area be well. He's got a nice, forward pace. Looks


as though he's going to be OK inside that time of 64 seconds. Could be a


second clear. Just inside the time. One feels that is going to play a


part in this first round. Just one down, very last fence. Show-jumping


is a tough sport at times. Did absolutely everything right. Coming


down the combination, couldn't see this coming, but it is back towards


the entrance. Sometimes the horse just loses concentration. Back in


the ring a man who has been celebrating his 21st birthday this


week, the Belgian rider. Road for his country in 2013, showed his


skills in his very first appearance and has been doing that ever since.


Second visit here, winning the Puissance last year. Probably his


best performance as a finisher, second in the big Grand Prix at


Mexico City. On Caracas. This lovely grey horse really does have a


fantastic pedigree stop a fantastic horse.


Bred to have a lot of scope and ability. Really lucky. Can't afford


to hit anything as hard as that again. He's riding his luck round


here. Another good rattle the water tray. This course riding well. All


the distances working out. Looks as though we going to get a few clear


rounds. Just the one at the moment. Ooh. It's that combination against


the PLO is that going to be the key fence? And he gets a time fault.


A total of five for Jos Verlooy. On Caracas. So, one clear round. For


every four seconds over the time allowed its one-time fault. The time


allowed being 64 seconds. Just got caught out, didn't quite make the


effort to jump the middle, the nation. But so far this horse looks


good. We should still see a few clear rounds. And now Philip Rosier,


one of the team gold medallists from France. The French had to dig really


deep, including this man. The horse had a slight injury. They were down


to three in the team event in Rio. Philippe Rozier was there. Kevin


Staut as well. Went really deep to win the team gold. Philippe Rozier


with the horse he rode in Rio. scopy horse. Probably suited more to


the outdoor arena. One thing more to remind yourself of at Olympia, it is


a very small arena. With 64 seconds and 16 jumps, on average they are


having to jump a fence around every four seconds. It is very intensive.


He has shown his ability down the combination. Another one just over


that time. Time is just beginning to play its part. That one clear round


for Sweden as we have jumped five of the 35. Philippe Rozier again, the


faults he had. This horse is hugely scopy. Not able to keep him


carefully in front with the to fences he had down.


Now the man from Austria. He jumped in Stuttgart in the World Cup. Has


not jumped in to many. The first World Cup was jumped here in Olympia


in 1979. In those days, the great man was the Austrian. He never won


the World Cup round here but he was a world star. Austria have not had


too many since then in that class. For those of you old enough to


remember the great Hugo Simon, he was the most entertaining, explosive


rider. He won the first World Cup back in 1979. I am not sure I can


member that far back. It is a Sunday, be careful. That to the


current Austrian rider. He is looking good at the moment.


He lost his wisdom and balance. Did not quite keep coming. Always


interesting to see what the time is like. He is going to be very close


to the 64 seconds. In the end, he gets inside the time but does have


that one fence down. Christian Rhomberg. That was a shame. There


was a good round. For this horse it was probably one of the easier parts


of the course. He is a big, scopy horse. He lost his rhythm around the


course and fired at the oxer. That was hard luck. Ireland next. Ireland


with a very exciting younger set of riders. I'm sure they are going to


come good one day. Here is a man who is based in this country, Anthony


-- Condon. He jumped in both the Rona and Lyon. Good second place is


in good classes. He did a lot of work with Billy Twomey in his yard.


A real talent, Anthony Condon from Ireland. Always great to watch a


rider who rides with immaculate style like Anthony Condon. He always


appears to be doing very little. Made up a bit of ground on that


distance. Keep watching him. Technically, as a rider, he sits so


well. Finding it quite tough around this course but Anthony is just


going to keep nursing him round. This is great experience for this


horse to jump at this level. It really is bringing home what a


massive step up it is for the younger horses to go into a World


Cup. A completely different course from everything else they have


jumped. They need to go round a few times. This horse has the belated to


come back again. Just one macro time fault. Total 13 with the three


fences down. This man has jumped in a number of World Cup this year. He


is going to be a big player, I feel. He has shown a bit of inexperience


and a slight lack of concentration. A good horse, beautifully ridden, as


always by Anthony Condon. He will benefit by the experience of jumping


round. We have been talking about youth coming into this sport. Here


is one in Germany making his mark in a very big way. Jumped in the


Nations cup for the first time this year. He has a birthday in three


days time. He has already been to North America and got into World Cup


placings. Then, also, in Kentucky. As always, the sport involving new


Riders coming through. A man with a lot of flair and a lot of talent.


The course is not causing massive problems. Big names still to come.


A big effort down the combination. Well ridden.


He also gets four faults. One macro clear round. Well, Anthony, this


course is proving tricky for even the best riders.


Quite an inexperienced horse you have compared with some others. It


is the first time at this level. He got tense and held his breath a bit.


I am happy with the round. It is catching a lot of people out. How


many clear rounds do you think we will have? A very high standard of


riders and horses. We will probably see five or six towards the end.


Thank you. Here is Philip. He rode an amazing


round on an eight-year-old. It was an outstanding performance.


Actually, he was originally in the team for Germany in London. Then the


horse got an injury and he lost out. He is a very talented rider. He


writes on a ten-year-old. He has had some very good rounds in North


America, particularly Spruce Meadows, this summer. The horse has


an enormous amount of power, a huge stride. He is a top jockey. He was


struggling to jump the water tray. He is riding a very big scopy horse.


They have to adjust. That was a tough round. He finishes with a


couple down. Two down. Philip was putting his body back,


trying to balance the horse. He could not get the shorter stride he


needed. Again, round the same problem at the top end. 22 years


old, the next. He already had been very successful, particularly in the


youth competitions. Got a silver and gold. His dad wonders Olympia World


Cup. -- qualifier. He was one of Germany's top riders. Actually, down


here, watching his son. He has gone very well this week so far.


So many show-jumping dynasty is across Europe now. We are seeing a


lot of the Next Generation coming through. Here is another one. His


father was and still is a top international rider.


As the name suggests, his son is another famous rider. A powerful


athlete. Just the type of horse you need to sit on the box, get balanced


and jump the difficult line down to the water tray. Showing a lot of


ambition to jump the oxer, the big fence across the top. He looked as


though he has been fairly quick. He needs to get home inside 64 seconds.


It is going to be very close. He has done it. Less than half a second. A


second clear round. Really showing the talent that has put him as one


of the exciting future stars for Germany. A second clear round for


Germany, one macro. The. A great ride for Morris. This horse is


really suited to this course. Very quick to get balanced. This horse


watching right down the combination. Really throws himself in the air and


super careful. Very happy about that. He is pretty pleased with


that. So he should be. You were talking about dynasty is. Here is


another one, this time a French one. The great Robert dynasty. Olivier is


part of that dynasty. He had a good place in to get some points on the


western European league in this World Cup. Finishing fifth. He


jumped well in other rounds as well stop Madrid, Stuttgart and Helsinki


that they are so competitive, just like the one we have here. The


12-year-old horse. This will be fascinating to watch. We have a


huge, long horse. Sticks his nose out. No martingale. Nothing in his


mouth to control him. Is he going to be agile enough to shorten up and be


clever down this line? Well, he'd just about managed. You


heard Olivier go, we need to balance. He'd just about did it.


He is absolutely flying round here. Looks like he will be well inside


the time. Steady will stop he has done it. The time was one of the


fastest yet. One important thing was that he leaves everything in place


and France joins the clear rounds. For this horse, he is long in his


body. He did really well to shorten up. A little bit lucky with the


water tray. Deceptively agile. Straight down the combination. A few


clear rounds starting to add up now. Based in France. Not too many


world-class show-jumpers representing Finland, but they run a


very good show. Lyon and Madrid more recently.


Exuberant, exciting stallion to what, bred in Sweden. Excitement and


enthusiasm beginning to get the better of him, there.


Some seriously big names still to come towards the end of this field.


Definitely going to be in for a really exciting jumper. A time


pouty, one time penalty for every four seconds over the time allowed


of 64. So five for Maiju Mallat. Just a little bit unlucky, really.


Good round. Just tells you that there is no time to hang about round


those corners. Every stride counts. One extra poll on the corner and


they are into time faults. Really fine margins. Here is one they are


talking about for Britain, the 24-year-old Tim Wilks. 21, already


done double clear rounds in Lisbon, went and did even better. Comes from


Henley. Talented sister in eventing as well. They really are two


exciting young riders. That was a light falling one. Couldn't keep the


balance down to the water tray. Doesn't have to win the class,


doesn't have to jump clear, this is all part of his education. The first


time you jump a World Cup at Olympia, it's a completely different


level of competition. And what you are normally used to every week.


He's a cool customer, he's kept together. Down the combination


safely. We will probably hear a lot more about Tim Wilks. Certainly got


some horsepower to match his talents. Yeah, good effort from Tim.


Have a look at him down this line. Very late falling pole, touch


behind. Couldn't keep the balance to number nine. Kept it together, kept


his cool beautifully down the combination.


Absolutely packed hall here at Olympia. The one rider from Spain,


here. This is now Manuel Fernandez Saro, riding U Watch. Went very well


at La Coruna. Spain, who certainly have been at the top table of world


show-jumping. They have certainly made progress in recent years. First


time they've been at an Olympic Games in the last ten or 12 years.


When you watch classes carefully you start to see patterns developing.


It's exactly what we thought, this course, not really about power, but


carefulness, control and agility. That's exactly what I mean. Unless


the horse can really quickly rebalance and jump a big oxer out of


the double, it's very hard. It suits a certain type of horse. Horse that


has got great deal of control and is very athletic. Been jumping well but


doesn't quite make it here, last one goes as well. It ate with a time


penalty as well. STUDIO: Been an incredible year for


you and tell us about your round. Thought it went well but I struggled


to get in my written down one of the lines. The horse jumped well. I'm


still really new at this so I have a lot to learn but overall I was


pleased. In terms of the crowd and atmosphere, how special was at?


Amazing, my favourite show. You come here and the crowd is behind you,


really special and I enjoyed it. Thanks. COMMENTATOR: From the


youngest rider in the field to the most senior, it is Geir Gulliksen.


He's got a talented son and daughter. His son is here, did well


to finish in the top six in the Puissance. This horse was fourth in


the horse of the year show. And fourth in the Grand Prix of


Stockholm, very competitive affair. Edesa S Banjan is 15 years old now.


Been around a long time, ridden in this competition many, many times.


Finding that his horses getting a little bit excited, jumping too


four. Just beginning to look like a bit of a cricket score and I think


is probably going to retire. Let's just say quite a few down. When it's


not your day and the horse is not quite performing, tentative at the


jumps, you just have to give him a pat and come back and fight another


day. Well, now. The most successful rider


ever from Australia, no doubting that, Edwina Tops-Alexander. She won


a World Cup qualifier here in 2008 with a lovely horse. Big winner for


Edwina. Riding California, here. California, the nine-year-old.


Edwina Tops-Alexander for Australia, California, jumping five World Cup


rounds this year. Edwina such an experienced rider,


always competitive in these crime spree. Had an un-believable number


of top horses -- in these Grands Prix. You need an athletic blood


type, quick to adjust. Let's see if she can sit on her hocks down this


line. Beautifully done. For a little mare with not the


biggest body, she is tremendously copeys. This does look like a lovely


horse to watch. -- she is tremendously scopey. Inside the time


and a clear round. Ridden in three Olympic Games. Went very well to


finish individually known for Australia in Rio, and that looks a


very exciting prospect. She's ridden some lovely horses. So many top


horses but this is definitely another one. This mare, California,


still only nine and still learning. Very athletic. Loads of scope, very


adjustable. Really suits Edwina's way of riding.. Clear rounds for


Germany, France, and now Australia. We've jumped 16 of the 35. And now


to Italy with Piergiorgio Bucci. He was


fourth in Oslo. Part of the biggest win for Italy in the nation 's team


jumping competitions. Fantastic win in Dublin in that show fee.


Certainly one of the riders together with another we will see later that


carpeting Italy back on the world show-jumping map.


Bred by a famous that, a fantastic stallion we have already talked


about already. All these horses now really starting to come through and


show that they are fantastic quality.


Had to work hard to jump the big oxer. Any horse that gets here under


54 seconds should be OK for time. Lovely round. That's exactly why


Italy are on their way back. And this man is helping them back to the


top. Yeah, lovely horse. Look at the effort this stallion makes as he


jumps, put absolutely everything into it. Here he is down the


combination. The Netherlands have had a good


record at the World Cup in recent years. But this man, the sole


representative, didn't have a good reopen, actually, Harrie Smolders,


but was in that team for the Dutch. Really didn't have luck. And riding


Don CHP Z. Harrie Smolders getting a very good tune out of this horse


these days. Second in the Paris Masters recently. Harrie Smolders a


man who really makes things happen. He's normally a very technically


correct and careful jumper. Can be a little slow across the ground. Just


a little slow in his action, there. It will be interesting to see if


Harrie Smolders can get him inside the time because he will have to


keep you moving. Doesn't naturally move that quickly.


A bit sloppy over the last fence, just over the time as well. So,


Harrie Smolders with Don VHP Z finishing with nine faults. Another


look at him, here. Normally a technically, very correct


horse. That was a lazy jump. There he is down the combination.


Here is the man they all talking about from Italy. It is from Italy,


Lorenzo DeLuca. He is a star. It has taken him way up the world rankings.


He has already had some wins here this week. In Dublin, he won four


classes. A fantastic performance, including the winning team in the


Nations cup for Italy. He has also put himself up into fourth place in


the Western European league for this World Cup qualifier, Al to Nebraska


next March. This man is very definitely one of those looking a


bright prospect for Italy. Lorenzo really has shot up to the


top of the sport. He is such a stylish rider. Lots of flair. Holds


his horse together. Beautiful balance. Always in this rhythm. That


is why he is so fast against the clock. He is a long way off the


vertical. No problem with the time whatsoever if he can jump this last


combination. A clear round. He is in that sort of form he could be their


one to be. Very much fancied by the bookies. Italy now with two clear


rounds of the six. Two for Italy, one macro for France, one macro for


Germany and one macro for Sweden. Let's have a look at Lorenzo. Lots


of flair for stop horses love him. He has been winning classes left


right and centre all year. He has already won some classes this week.


Will it be his World Cup? Very happy with the first Olympia. No doubt


about why everyone is talking about him. We promised you a world-class


show-jumping and you're getting just that. The next world Olympic


champion of 2012, he was fourth in Rio. He retired that wonderful horse


just a week ago. He is riding this afternoon only a 10-year old mare.


He has had a good win here before on the horse that won the World Cup


final this last year. He has won the World Cup final these last two


years, Steve Guerdat. He is one of the very best riders in the world.


The Swiss rider on Bianca. Now six clear rounds. The top riders have


extraordinary strength and depth in their squad.


One horse was just retired and he comes out with another horse of this


calibre. The anchor, unbelievably scopey and careful. Extraordinary to


have a horse with that much ability. -- Bianca.


He is flying round that top end. He went for it. Trying to make sure he


did not get a time fault. That has cost him dearly. He is miles inside


the time. Four faults. He was second in the World Cup round in Stuttgart.


With Bianca, he has a fence down and does not go through to the jump.


Currently lying in third place in the Western European League. Steve


Guerdat was one of the names on a fantastic mare, Bianca. He trusted


her to jump the vertical. Probably did not need her to go so fast. A


big name, he is out. The look on his face is quite expressive, what he


thought about that round. Now, one of the superstars of the sport. The


Swede on his lovely horse, went through the Olympic tournament in


Rio and ended up a silver medallist behind Nick Stell -- Skelton. He is


another star who has bitten the dust. He is not a name that everyone


knows, formerly an event rider. His performance in Rio was outstanding.


He went a whole show without a fence down. This man is a top porcelain.


-- horse man. He has been pretty slow around here.


A couple of fences down. He will get some time faults as well. Two down.


He is on nine. Sweden with just the one clear round. The very first to


go. That vertical has not come down as much as we expected. Difficult to


jump. Looking at the jump off course.


Through to Australia with the lovely mare, California. One of the six


clear rounds. Now Ben Maher, who won the World Cup round here in 2011. He


won the Grand Prix here to years ago on diva. Second in the Paris


Masters. They have looked in pretty good form this week.


Olympia is one of the shows he does come good. Diva is not one of the


easiest horses. On her day, she is absolutely brilliant. She also can


lose concentration, makes life a little bit difficult for herself at


times. There is one thing for sure, when Ben is hungry and trying hard,


he does get a bit extra from his horses when it really matters.


He was lucky. Then was a little more elevated. He wanted that and he has


got it. A clear round for Britain, clear round number seven. Ben Meir


was in the Olympic squad for Britain. Not the tournament to


remember as a team but, my word, still as good as ever. This is what


then Maher is about. He has changed the bit. Just out of the


combination. He plonked the last part. A big puff of the cheeks


because he thought that had come down. Here is another Olympic gold


medallist. It is Laura Kraut. Partner of course of Nick Skelton


for that she has had a roller-coaster summer. She has


ridden so well here. The nine-year-old mare will stop this


horse has looked in cracking form. A very good win, very good second at


top level. This could go close. What is interesting with Laura, she could


write so many different horses. She is a great technician. -- ride. That


was good riding, she made it happen. The ceremony getting a little bit


strong. We need to be careful. She is going to be close to the


time. No, she is all right. She is OK. A beautiful round. She is a very


good technician against the clock. Eight of them now and America join


the party. Sweden, Germany, France, Australia. Two for Britain and one


macro for the USA. This is where the top riders make a difference. Such a


good a quick reaction. Get some balance and make sure she did not


have the vertical down. Fantastic riding. Happy with that and so she


should be. That man is only a nine-year-old was that here is the


current leading lady rider in the world. Ranked ninth in the world,


the French lady. Knowing her very competitive spirit she would be


disappointed not to have put her part into the team medal, having had


an early fall and not being able to take any further part but she was in


the team. The 11-year-old man has -- Maher has been in very good form on


the Antwerp Grand Prix. Second in the final in Las Vegas. She is a big


time rider, Penelope LePrevost. She loves coming here.


Penelope, another rider who can ride any number of horses. This is not


heard top or cill. She is having to work very hard to keep the balance.


-- her top horse. So, out she goes. Eight faults for


France's Penelope LePrevost. There have not been too many clear


rounds but you are one of them. You had to work hard for it. She was


opinionated. She loves the arena and the crowd for that she gives me a


hard time was that no horse fight harder than her in the ring. You


have shown the others how to do it. How is the course riding? It is


tough. Not the biggest course. The time is quite short. Had some luck


on the last jump. I knew that was going to be a risk. Well done so


far. Thank you. Now, the great John Whitaker. One it


twice, 99 and Greenwich 98 and well 99. Now riding the horse he rode in


Rio. By John's very high standards, not an Olympics to remember. He has


had such a classic season. Big wins. Show-jumpers travel all over the


world these days. He was second in the big winter horse show Grand


Prix. He has shown some very good form. When coaching young riders I


always talk about the John Whitaker factor. From a psychological point


of view, he is very strong, no matter whether he has had a great


show or not. He always believes he can jump clear, believes he will win


the class. It's just amazing to have his


enthusiasm into his 60s, still riding brilliantly. He's jumped a


clear round. That will raise the roof here, for sure. Still no


British rider more popular than this man. John Whitaker makes it two


clears for Britain. Ornellaia, there. Suddenly things are looking a


lot more rosy. Second British clear round. John working quite hard. You


can see towards the end of the course he had to fight for it,


little adjustment into the combination. Then John showed why he


is still absolutely world-class. This is warming up and the crowd


will love that. Now it's one of Britain's leading


lady riders, Laura Renwick. New right for her. Horse that has gone


very well for Yasmin Pynchon. Shortly expecting a baby, so Laura


takes the ride. Goodwin earlier this week. Exciting performance with just


a seven-year-old in the Puissance. This horse has shown some very good


form. If the partnership can blossom I would think Laura would have a


very good ride. Definitely. Brand-new partnership, as you say.


Van de Vivaldi is quite opinionated, a typical stallion. Doesn't always


concentrate. In this tight arena it's quite hard for him. He's jumped


a lot of clear rounds that big arenas. He is a very scopey horse.


Just went mentally a little bit a wall around the top end of the


arena. I would say if Laura and Van de Vivaldi stayed together for a


while then they could be a serious threat in a lot of grands prix and


could certainly win a lot of classes. Improved as he has gone


round. That's good. It's eight faults for Laura Renwick. Higher in


the world rankings benches ever been before.


Couple of fences in succession. The big tall fence was a bit


right-handed. Shot straight through the planks but after that made a


good recovery and jumped a really good round. Nine clear rounds and


nine left to go. We've been talking about youngsters making a mark and


nobody has made more of a Mark Bunn this man, 21 years old and he has


already finished second individually in the world in France. Recently won


three cars in the Stockholm International show. Cracking form,


riding Molly Malone. Been very much part of his success. He has been in


form here, winning the Masters here yesterday. Certainly a competition


that lived up to the high standards at Olympia. Fabulous mare, British


bred by Keith and Peter Doyle, I know they will be at home watching


with great interest. Not so many British bred horses completing at


this level. This mare has been so phenomenally successful. And Bertram


Allen, the exciting star from Ireland. When he gets into the jump


there's always fireworks. Well, that's one speed merchant we


are not going to see in the jumpoff. That's a shame. Rather surprisingly


two down for the young Irish star, Bertram Allen. STUDIO: The crowd go


play easy with a clear round but I imagine you enjoyed that as well? I


did. It is tough, a tight time. The competition is so good these days.


They make it look easy. So what is the secret, how did you get round


clear? I don't know, built up over the week. She started off a little


bit spooky at the beginning of the week but she's got better. She has


peaked at the right time which is good. Excellent, thank you.


COMMENTATOR: Delighted to have one of the very successful twins from


Belgium, Nicola Philip Hobbs. -- Nicola Philippaerts. Had a great


autumn, triumphed in the big Grand Prix out in America in October. This


is a really strong partnership, riding H Harley VD Bisschop. Great


grey gelding. Very talented. Flying round that corner, keeping a vary


strong rhythm. Really doesn't want to get time faults, here.


He's done it. Clear round number ten goes to Belgium, another nation now


joins the party. And this is definitely a combination that are


bang in form. Beautifully judged, kept his rhythm round the corner.


And this young horse, massively scoping and powerful, super careful


as well. Now it is the world number three.


Daniel Deusser, remember they have already got one of the stable


jockeys through to the ten that are through. Lovely, smooth win here


earlier. He's also been a winner in Lyon. Really classy winner of the


champions tour in Doha. Probably one of the most classic Orson and there


is on the circuit. He's lovely to watch, Daniel do so. He and Lorenzo


Toluca got the dream job, riding for these stables, buying up top horses.


And they've got real strength in depth in horse power.


Just took his time into that corner. He should make the time but it's


going to be close. Ooh, I was just going to say he looks like hitting a


fence and he knocked the last one hard but it stayed. So he is safely


through. So he joins his colleague now. Beautifully judged round from


Daniel do so. Supercool, he had it all covered. Another top rider with


a really good horse into the jumpoff stop white yeah, it's looking


exciting. Daniel, part of the bronze medal team for Germany in those Rio


games. From one rider who rode in Rio to


another, Michael Whittaker. Riding Viking. Horse at his very best up


with the best. Part of that European Championship team win, European


title in 2013. Hasn't hit the high spots here at Olympia yet but he's


always a man who could pop out something. Remember brother John is


already through. He has also won this title twice. As far back as


1993. Then again in 2010. But it's not going to be in 2016. Yeah, it's


tough for Michael because Viking likes to jump at a slightly slower


pace. Michael had no choice but to keep rolling round those corners


early on. You could see the fences coming down. Viking, on his stay, is


an absolutely brilliant horse. He's actually got a little bit calmer. He


is 14 years old now. He used to be sharp but as he has got older he has


become more rideable. Two down for Michael Whitaker and Viking. So it's


eight. Meanwhile that dynasty is going to go on, the Whitakers,


because his son Jack is a very good young rider at 14. Second in the


under 23 championship earlier this week. Michael kept rolling round the


corner, he had no choice if he wanted to get inside the time.


Viking just likes to have a little more time to jump those verticals.


Five left to jump in this first round of the World Cup round here in


London. And here comes Britain's gold medallist from the 2012


Olympics, it is Scott Brash. Been back to form. Had some time off


through injury. Ursula came back to form, third last week in Geneva. But


this is also a horse that has shown great form, Hello M'Lady. Went very


well in Geneva. And his optimistic that the mare is coming back to form


at the right time. This mare not the biggest.


The horse has a lot of blood. She is very scopey, very explosive off the


floor. Over the last few years watching Scott it's been an absolute


privilege to see the way he performs under incredible pressure. Those


massive big money grands prix, he seems to keep coming up trumps when


it matters. Down to the last line. He's flying round here. He's got


absolutely no problem with time allowed. Ooh, classic Scott Brash.


The crowd will love that. His horses just worked in form for the Olympic


Games but he's certainly come back to form since then. And Hello M'Lady


gives us clear round number 12. Two for Great Britain, three for Great


Britain in the 12 currently through to the jumpoff. One thing is


absolutely for sure. Hello M'Lady really in the comfort zone. That


really looked like a stroll in the park for Scott Brash and all the


other riders in the jumpoff would not want to see him there because


he's going to be flying. No doubt that Scott himself is


riding so confidently. He's going to have a good draw but there are still


four to go. They are four world-class riders now. France's


Kevin Staut. Olympic gold in Rio, riding and Aran. This 11-year-old,


in the world's top ten, and has been in cracking form in recent weeks.


Hasn't actually shown that form here as yet. Jumped in six rounds in all.


Kevin another rider with terrific backing. Huge string of horses. This


one that we haven't seen too much of just struggling a little bit. So


that's another big-name rider we are not going to see in the jumpoff.


Still some very good riders to come. All big names and all capable of


jumping clear. Whatever happens, there are ten, 11 maybe 12 clear


rounds now. A real international flavour to it as well. Eight also


nations at least. Whilst we are talking about that, Kevin is taking


his time he is coming round again. It has not been his day. It happens


to even the best. All 17, the biggest school we have had, for one


of the top stars. And Olympic team gold medallist as well. Three to go.


France have got just one represented at the moment, Olivier Robert.


Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, two for Italy, three for Britain and


one for America, one for Belgium. In fact, Germany have got two chances.


Looking up at the clock, we all have a countdown. They need to start


within 45 seconds of the bell going. He won individual bronze in London.


H Amendola 's performance from Cian. -- a tremendous performance.


Quite an interesting jump. A couple of big names, having fences down. We


are losing them. Still plenty of big names in there. There are plenty of


big names in there. Cian is another interesting rider. He is not afraid


to go out and look for new talent. I think nowadays, all the riders are


successful week in and week out. They have to have a big string of


horses. These horses cannot jump at this level every week.


Punches the last to out. Ends up with a time fault as well. He has


won a Grand Prix here but never the World Cup round for Dubya will not


do that in 2016 either. He has a big bridle but it is not really helping.


Running through the bridal down the combination. Not careful at all.


Now, and Olympic gold medallist, three-time winner of the World Cup


title. The very stylish and very successful Marcus Ning. -- Ehning.


One of the best stallions show-jumping in the world.


He has been in tremendous form. He won in Madrid and was second in Oslo


put up he had shown his glass here this week. -- he has shown his class


here. The second last to go in this round. He is a cheeky stallion.


Marcus Ehning has such silky, smooth hands. He hardly moves. One of the


most extraordinary talents in the world of show-jumping. He is


motoring around, using a bit of pace. He loves to back through the


corners. Well! Amazingly enough he has won virtually every competition


there is to be won at Olympia but never the World Cup here at Olympia.


Scott keeping a clean eye on Marcus Ehning. You must be delighted with


that round. She felt really good. She has been in great form lately. I


thought she jumped just as good today. I am thrilled with her. What


will the tactics being for the jump off? You do not have a bad draw. It


will be fast. It will be a fast one. We will just have to try to get it


right and hope the rest are not as fast as us. Good luck.


The last potential challenge for Scott brash is the young Irishman,


Daragh Kenny. Here is a man who does highlight that show-jumping now is


literally a world competition. This man flies across it. He is based in


Florida. Also in Europe. He certainly is one of the names that


the Irish show-jumping selectors will be looking for in the future.


Daragh Kenny won the Barcelona Grand Prix, his first ever five star Grand


Prix. He has jumped in four rounds of the World Cup. Charlie Chaplin


has been a very good win for him. Daragh Kenny is stylish. He is


effective and has a great temperament. As you say, his form


this year has been outstanding. He shot right up to the top of the


sport. Just watch his style as he comes round back corner. Great


rhythm, a fantastic eye for a stride.


At the moment, Ireland without a clear round. That was hard luck. He


has gone. Ironically, they are going to stay without that clear round.


That was unlucky. It looked to have been a possibility but eight is the


total in the end. Out goes Daragh Kenny. In the end, 13 go through.


Just having another look at Daragh Kenny. He was a little bit forward,


maybe, a touch forwards into the combination. Just slightly flattened


over the last two. His chance has gone. We certainly have got a big


jump off, big names, fast horses. The last two to go, Scott Brash and


Marcus Ehning, two of the very best. France have just the one, Olivier


Robert. The lovely Californian. Two for Italy. Du Aluko could be the one


to watch. -- De Luca could be there one to watch. A good ending for


Scott Brash with Marcus Ehning the last to go.


A lot of big names have gone out. But polls felt around the course. I


know there was a fence you want to talk about that caused some problems


but also will possibly cause problems in the jump. I noticed a


couple of riders, when they turn the corner, anticipating where he is


going. As you see, he thinks about the turn before he is jumping the


fence. Where this will be important in the jump off, that is the second


to last fence. As they turned back towards home, the horse will


anticipate that and I can see him battling it. That could be very


significant. Not just the last jump but the one at the very top. When


that goes up it could be really tricky. When you sprint into offence


like back, how do you approach it? What you must try to do is see the


turn a little bit late. As a rider think, we're not going to go on that


one and support the horse in the balance of if you let them know they


are going to early, they will fall in and you and you will be lost. You


will bluff it a bit with your body. You must try to stay balanced and


give the horse every opportunity. Out of the 13, who do you think has


this one? I think it will come from the end. I know it is safe but it is


that type of jump. All sorts of things go on back here. Tim


Stockdale led his glasses to John Whitaker to have a look at the jump


of course. We will find out if they have the same production or not in


just a moment. We will take you around the jump of course.


All the fence is not being jumped had been cleared. Out of numbered


two and the type turn. Five strides to the big boxer water tray.


Sweeping into the double, you've got to make the decision how fast you


take that on. You must be careful jumping in. The big gallop round to


this oxer. That vertical will be really influential. Go down to the


middle of the combination. You can gamble if you want to. 13 through.


They come from Sweden, they come from Germany, France, Australia,


Italy, Britain, America and Belgium. So, it is very international. Those


are very serious looking first competitor on this ten-year-old


mare. The competition being 114 times by Britain, nine times by


Germany, Netherlands five, France have won it twice, Ireland have won


it twice. In fact, the winner last year was Italian.


There is a real buzz in this crowd. That is not surprising when you have


got Ben Maher, John Whitaker and Scott Brash all the way through.


Britain in with a fighting chance but it will be tough. Always


interesting to have so many riders. At the beginning they have no choice


but to go flat out. They make mistakes. Not a few are Nick


Skelton. That is true. -- not if you are Nick Skelton.


Such a big influence on the sport. Particularly for the show-jumping


sport of Qatar in the world. Now, incomes Malin Bala Johnson. A


reminder for those in the jump off, two in the top five of the Western


European League include Marcus Ehning. Plenty will be trying to


upset them. As many of you Manuel Neuer, Malin


Baryard-Johnsson came over as a teenager, spent time with Tom


Whitaker -- as many of you may well know. Loves coming to Britain.


Always pays a huge respect to what John and the Whitakers did for her.


So, Malin Baryard-Johnsson to go first with Cue Channa for Sweden. So


here is first really difficult turn, got to gamble, there. You have to go


five level strides, there's not much else you can do. Quite a twisty


turn. The double. And once you get here you can start galloping. Six


strides there. Whether they will in fact be able to take one out, we'll


see. Super careful over that vertical. This is not the fastest


round but is it clear? No it isn't, what a shame. Looked to be a


tactically sound round. Just that last fence caught her out. Long Way


down to the last fence. With that one fence, the very last, down.


Malin did absolutely everything right, kept it tight and took no


crazy risks anywhere. She looked to have a good stride towards home.


Horses can get a little bit strong. That's what happened. Well, it's an


exciting horse. She is a super sporting star in Sweden, Malin. I


wonder whether this man is going to be a superstar for Germany.


Generations could be changing in Germany just as much as any other


country. This man could be part of it, Maurice Tebbel. Only a


nine-year-old, Chacco's Son. Very exciting stallion, but he has an


opinion all of his own. Nice tight turn, but another one trying to push


to the limit, fence coming down as we often see with these big jump


offs. Early riders under intense pressure having fences down. The


later riders will know what they have got to do to win. Plays safe at


the last and jumped it. Eight the Maurice Tebbel. Slower time and two


down as well. Just ended up a little bit too


close, had an argument on the corner coming into the double. And that


oxer is a huge fence. Remember these combinations are going flat out


against the clock, very big fences. They certainly are. Well, France to


come next. France have a natural way of going, many of their riders love


to flow, they love to push it, often comes to its best in the jumpoff of


a major competition. Will it be the case for Maurice Tebbel with the


12-year-old, Quenelle? Second to go of the 13 we've got coming forward


for this final round. Got to work out his tactics, is he


going to put the pressure on or go flat out? Difficult horse, difficult


to turn. He's keeping it tight enough without


taking too many chances. That was the fence Tim said would


come down. Nowhere near jumping it. Interestingly enough Olivier Robert


went for the slower, clear round. Of course that then puts him way out of


contention. The Olivier Robert, four in 41. He tried to do the right


thing, this horse is not naturally quick, difficult to manoeuvre. He


did go for the steady clear. The big vertical at the top end will always


take a lot of jumping. They try to anticipate the turn. It's a very


tall vertical. Well now the challenge from Australia, what will


be her policy? Not a vast lead experienced horse, this


nine-year-old mare. Classic first-round. Mallon Barry Johnson


top of the leaderboard. -- Malin Baryard-Johnsson. Fascinating


tactical situation now. Just taking her time on the Younger horse,


Edwina. With no clear rounds, probably a very good idea. Now she's


had a fence as well and she started off slowly. It's extraordinary how


these jumpoffs with so many riders often don't get double clears. This


mare just nine years old. The difficult vertical again. This


jumpoff is really proving difficult with no clear rounds. Eight faults,


43.90 seven. Remember she won in 2008 with a lovely horse. This mare


will be winning, I have no doubt about that, but it's not this


afternoon. I'm sure when Malin Baryard-Johnsson came in first to go


and had a fence down she did not think after four or five horses had


gone that she would still be in the lead but at the moment she is out in


front. Now the next two of Italy, the first


is Piergiorgio Bucci with Casallo Z. Italy, remember, the country that


won this competition year ago. Certainly got a couple of chances


that are worthy. Look at back for a turn, this is a much more


experienced horse, he's having a real go here. This is what we wanted


to see, keeping it very tight. Brilliantly over the double. Well,


he's not taking any prisoners here. But he's messed it all up. He tried


to swing it to that oxer. In all sorts of trouble at the next one. We


are not getting those clear rounds. I think it's the pressure of those


big guns to come later. When you've got Scott Brash breathing down your


neck this is what happens. You pay for it. Full marks for having a


really good go. 41.59, certainly very close in the 41 second margin.


Top three all on 41 point something. But Malin Baryard-Johnsson is


leading. Olivier Robert is second. And Piergiorgio Bucci goes third.


Piergiorgio started so well, gave it absolutely everything. Couldn't find


his stride back to the big oxer. Well, now. One that many may feel


could be the one they've all got to beat. Lorenzo DeLuca. Limestone


Grey, a ten-year-old. He will know as well as any, there are some very


fast combinations still to come in this


What we've come to expect from Lorenzo, you will not be going for


second place. Absolutely on it, there.


Well, a little bit slow going to the double. Still no clears.


Still fast enough with that one fence down to take the lead. Six


gone of the 13. This competition is wide open. Lorenzo de Luca showing


his class over the first couple of fences. The stride he had into the


double wasn't quite the one he wanted. But he's into the lead at


this stage. The bell goes in the ring. Won it in 2011 with his


Olympic gold medal. Ben Maher now. Got some of their


better results in this arena. Can we count on afternoon? Ben Maher,


another rider who will not be going for second place.


Here is the crucial to. That was the stride you want in, he gave himself


enough room. This is quicker. Ooh, dear. Ooh, he's living dangerously.


But he's gone clear, he's got the last. It's the fastest times so far


and it's clear. And that's what matters. He has got to sit and wait,


now. He's far from safe, that is for sure. But he has really put down a


marker, here. How that oxer stayed up we don't know. But you need a bit


of luck in show-jumping. Brilliant stride into the double. All the way


round the corner, perfect stride. Diva showing perfect scope.


Absolutely clattered that back rail, how it stayed there I don't know.


He's clear and he's got a quick time. Wonderful. And that really has


animated this crowd. But it's far, far from over because now the


challenge for America, it is Laura Kraut. She is a super jockey against


the clock. Wouldn't be the most experienced of horses, only a


nine-year-old. But this lady has shown us why she is one of the best


lady riders in the world this week. 38.85 is the time they are


challenging. Difficult to know where you can shave any time off Ben's


round. That was the same stride Ben Maher had. Can they gallop around


this corner is a bit quicker? I don't know.


On a very acute angle, brilliantly done. She's in touch and I think she


could possibly do it. It's close. Very close but it's Ben Maher who


stays in front. I wonder where Nick Skelton is watching this from.


Remember he has an important date to night. Laura Kraut goes second,


showing all her skills. Fantastic round. Just down to the last fence,


she wanted to make sure she was in touch here. A little tricky over


that vertical but she steadied up to make sure of the last fence. Extra


half a second puts her into second place.


Still to come two for Great Britain, one macro for Belgium and two for


Germany. It is game on for the World Cup round here in the grand Hall.


What about this man? What magic can he produce this afternoon? John


Whitaker, 98 and 99, two years when this man won back-to-back cups in


this arena. The times set by Ben Maher is the


one to beat. Come on, John! A good turn. He will


have to up the pace down to the last fence. This is not too far away.


Gamble it, John. What an effort! 39.70. It goes


third, behind Laura Kraut. A great effort from this great campaigner.


39.70 four John Whitaker. The old magic is still levelled he could not


quite cover the ground with as big a stride as Diva but that was


beautifully judged. John gave it everything.


Well, we'll Tim Stockdale call this one right? He said it would come


late. Certainly, those that are left are the four competitors and their


current form. He won a very valuable Grand Prix


out in America. Can he now winless crucial World Cup round here in


London? -- win this crucial World Cup round? I think if he is still


clear to the last, he can take a stride out with this massive


striding horse. Dad won this back in 1988. He is here. This is really


quick. He is going to take one macro out.


Not quite. Not quite. I thought he was cruising. Not quite. 39.0 seven.


I think he will be kicking himself. He goes second. It is now Britain,


Belgium, America. He looked as though he nailed it. He could not


quite keep the pace may be around the vertical. So tight back to the


second fence in the jump. Spent a lot of time in the air for the baby


that is where he lost it. What an exciting horse this is! It may not


be today but it could be a very big winner at some stage. Then Maher


still leads -- Ben. The league winner is the German. This man has


done the business, was on the bronze medal team in Rio. He won out in


Doha. He won in Los Angeles. Is he going to win this afternoon in


London? He is too close. Had the extra


stride of that corner. Another big name is going. Then Maher has really


put these riders on the line, hasn't he? There is no room for any errors


anywhere. They have to come round the corner of the double and see


almost before they turned. Two down for Daniel Deusser. That time of


41.20 one. He goes into eighth place.


In six is the Swede. Two left to go. Watching Daniel Deusser. That is


where Ben Maher was so good. That was an exceptional piece of riding.


That was the big difference between his round and the round of others.


You can see Scott Brash having a practice around the turn. That is


the hardest bit of the course. He was third in the Grand Prix last


weekend. Now it is the turn of the ten-year-old mare of Lady Kirkham.


The time is still that of Ben Maher out in front.


He did not have the best turn. A slight slip. He needs to keep


moving. That is the same turn that then Maher had. That can put him in


contention. This man is so quick around the corners. -- this mare.


Could be half a second down. He will have to fly to the last. He is back


on song. He is. It is close. Has he done it? Yes, he has. What about


that? What about that! That is the magic of Scott Brash yet again. What


a piece of judgment estimation mark he had a horrible moment coming into


the second fence. That put him back. This mare is so fast over the


ground. Have a look here. This slip. Had to go wider. He got too close.


Had to dig deep. It is not over yet, is it? No, it is not. This round


here was absolutely brilliant. Such a good stride around the double. He


took the chance down to the last fence. There is nothing in it. It


would be just so good if Scott Brash could do something here in London.


This is a big danger. Marcus Ehning, the staff from Germany -- the star.


This man is so silky smooth. Where can he pinch the margin to get his


nose in front of Scott Brash? Can he even do that?


It is all over. Scott has got it. Paul Scott Brash to win here in


London, it will be so good for the sport. Well, well, well! Drama at


the end. Marcus Ehning and a lot of pressure. It has all gone wrong. He


gives his horse a pat. He is trying so hard. Even one of the world's


Best riders under that kind of pressure, it has all gone wrong. I


saw Scott Brash yesterday and he was so confident about his horse, saying


she had never been better. He is so good at producing these horses that


the right time. So brilliant! Great to see Marcus Ehning here putting on


the pressure. It was not to be. 20 penalties puts him at the bottom of


the leaderboard in 13th place. There is the winner. Britain's Scott Brash


with Lady Kirkham's horse. Here is confirmation of that radiant


win. Ben Maher making it a 1- two for Britain.


All the stars there. Laura Kraut from the USA in fourth. John


Whitaker among the best in the world still in fifth. Malin


Baryard-Johnsson in seventh. What a World Cup round here in London! What


an exciting round. Congratulations, Scott brash. A little nervous


perhaps? She jumped amazing. I had to take an extra stride to three.


She jumped amazing for such is an amazing horse. Nice for her to get a


victory as well. She is such an exceptional horse. We will show you


the round again. Perhaps you can talk us through it. Number one was


good. I did not get a good distance back to two. I had to set up and


wait on six, which was not ideal. Good distance back to the double.


From here on in, she was fantastic. She jumped brilliant. She was really


switched on to her job. She is an amazing man. -- an amazing mare. Do


you have to concentrate on yourself? At the start, once then did his


round, that was fast. It gave everyone something to chase. When


Marcus Ehning is last to go, you never know until he has been. I am


delighted with the win at Olympia. We have got Ben Maher joining us as


well but you had some nervous moments. I was not sure if you are


trying to get away from everything or watching the screen. Your


emotions when you saw Scott go clear? Obviously I wanted to win but


if I was going to be beaten by anyone, it was good to be Scott. I


heard the crowd going and little bit crazy. I am happy. I horse tried to


give me everything today. Did you think you had the back row or did


you know it was still up? I knew it was still up. So hard when you have


all these good riders coming after you. I am happy with second. I could


easily have been fifth or sixth today. You were the first clear


round. When you know it is a tricky jump off which has been causing


problems, does that change how you ride? I have known Diva for a long


time now. I have to feel it as I go. There is nothing smooth. I lost it


from one to to. If I go to quit early on I lose a bit of control


towards the end. I think Scott did not get that line right. He did an


extra stride. I thought he was going to be too slow. Small margins. You


did have to wait for quite a while to find out if you would win this


class or where you would finish. What are those moments like? It is


hard. You want to stay and watch. I was checking my horse at the back. I


am really happy with today. Always a pleasure to ride here at Olympia.


Just proves how good the sport can be. Does it feel special to perform


like that in front of a home crowd? It has been a great place. Always a


lucky place for me. She was second here last year in the World Cup. It


is a shame she did not get this one this year but I am very happy. You


have the prize ceremony coming up, so I will let you go. After a lot of


people talking about, where is British show-jumping, we have three


show-jumpers in the top five. We have had a good day. Our riders are


fighters. They try very hard. We were talking about the jump of


course being unusual. The double in the centre caused no end of trouble.


Our lads rose to -- rode very positively. That is where they


basically one it. They are big stage performers, aren't they? When they


go in there, they are up for the occasion, up for the fight. That is


really important. In these competitions where there are so many


in the jump off, it is not too strategic. Plenty of people will go


clear. A fantastic sport quite right out of the top drawer. The crowd,


forget the British victory, the crowd were up for it. Lots of ebb


and flow. No one was going shopping, they were watching the sport. For


any course designer, that is what we want full. We want top level sport


and a good advert. It has attracted lots of riders who won gold medals


in London and in Rio. That is what Olympia needs to do to continue to


compete against the best. Olympia does attract the top riders. It is a


top level show and a very professional show. It rounds at the


end of the year by being where it is situated. It is a good finale for


the end of the year. Nicola Philip Hobbs is a promising


young rider. Do you get the feeling there is a turn of the tide and


there is a whole new generation, not just from the UK but from around the


world coming through? -- Nicola Philippaerts. You can see it


happening here, riders we have not been familiar with, I think there is


a sea change. There is that Volusia. The writing going on now is really


different, very flair-y. Very fantastic to watch. Some have been


fantastic. Nicola Philippaerts jumped unbelievable. Out of this


world. Can you give us an indication of what this does for British


show-jumping, Scott Brash winning in front of a packed out crowd, almost


10,000 people, and Ben Maher second? Look at people from the previous


Olympic Games, Scott and then being at the forefront of the world


domination of show-jumping, Scott being number one in the world for


almost a year. It shows that Great Britain is a very good place to


show-jumping, we are right at the fore of our sport and it is a


worldwide sport. Lots of Nations, South America, very strong. To come


to these shows and hold ground is very important, a good boost.


Certainly has been a fantastic day of World Cup show-jumping. Plenty of


sport and entertainment still to come. I'm sure many of you will be


keeping an eye on sports personality of the year to night. More from


Olympia tomorrow night for the evening performance. You can find us


on the red button from 6:40pm. Highlights from Olympia on


Wednesday, midday on BBC Two. How good a day has it been for the world


looking into Olympia? Will have a sit down and a nice drink because I


was super excited and it's been fabulous to be part of it. Well


thank you very much for your company. You can just see the


entertainment is filling up. The world-class show-jumpers are out of


the way, we now have Santa, a Shetland and lots of entertainment.


But that's exactly what Olympia is all about. A mixture of some of the


best equestrian sport in the world and a lot of fun. Thanks for your


company, goodbye. # It's the most wonderful time of


the year # There'll be much mistletoe


# Hearts will be glowing # And loved ones are near


# It's the most wonderful time of the year


# Yes the most wonderful time # Over the most wonderful time


# Of the year #.


Lee McKenzie presents coverage from the prestigious Olympia Horse Show in London. Sunday's action focuses on the World Cup Jumping series, in which some of the world's leading show jumpers are competing.

Commentary comes from Michael Tucker and Andy Austin.

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