11/03/2017 Football Focus


Dan Walker is joined by Mark Lawrenson and Matt Upson to preview the FA Cup quarter-finals as well as the weekend's Premier League action.

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Oh, it's absolutely brilliant. It gets better and better. It comes to


Cristiano Ronaldo! History boys indeed. They have won the cup, they


have won the cup. He has done it! He has done it!


It is Emirates FA Cup quarterfinal we can. We also have big games in


the Premier League and all of this on the way for you.


Going back to the Bridge. Jose Mourinho sits down with Gary.


I am not looking for regular -- for revenge, anything wrong or bad. If


it is different it is different in a positive way. City speaks to Sane on


his sporting family. We are at home with Danny and Nicky Cowley. You


haven't changed your hairstyle at all! Garth crooks has been chipping


away at Tottenham's rock. And we have the font of all knowledge and


the world is a pro test. He is an inspiration, you have to get behind


him and work for him because he decides the game. In the studio, the


monkey and the organ grinder, you decide who is who. Mark Lawrenson


and Matt Upton. Eight teams remaining in the FA Cup, this is how


the weekend pans out. Team news on the way for Middlesbrough against


Manchester City. Lincoln are of course the first


non-league team in a century to make the last eight, they have been led


there by Danny and Nicky Cowley, who were at PE teachers less than a year


ago. Back across goal! It is in! Lincoln


have made history! Lincoln City are in the last eight of the FA Cup!


Hello, how are you? Nice to see you. Hello, family. This is everybody. My


dad Steve, my mum Jill. This is my wife Kate. This is Nikki's wife


Lauren. What a family portrait. This is Bella, my eldest daughter.


Nikki's eldest. And this is Betsy and George. -- Nicky's eldest. That


was last year! You haven't changed your hairstyle in the last few


decades. Would you like a cup of tea? Yes please, mate.


Can you put into words the us what it has been like to be you for the


last two months. It has been a whirlwind. I don't think either of


us expected it to have gone like this. You have those experiences of


going to Burnley, Premier League club, and getting a window, that was


a fantastic feeling. You definitely want more. It was not until I woke


up this morning, I was so focused on Braintree and I woke up thinking,


Arsenal! Are there things you have been able to take out of teaching to


take to your squad of footballers? Definitely it benefits us, having


been PE teachers, because it gives you such a great opportunity to


learn a skill set. Also managing front characters and personalities.


We had a great time. It was really important for us because we had two


jobs. We were always really respectful of both jobs and tried


not to let one affect the other. We got back after one game at 6am and


then straight to school for half past six. You have to put the defeat


behind you and turn on the positive mode. That is the great thing about


being at school, at 7:45am you have a group of kids who were


enthusiastic about sport and they would give you energy. The me,


definitely, our teaching background has played a huge part in what we


have done in football Manici. -- for me. -- football management. For me


it is hard work day in and day out, focus and determination, a team with


real focus and the same kind of priorities. If you have enough


winners then you find a way. Our -- word I like to use is great about


the players. You are always trying to find a way to overcome


challenges. You described beating Ipswich as climbing a mountain, then


going to the moon, then Jupiter. What would beating Arsenal, who are


88 places higher than you, be? My knowledge of the solar system isn't


good enough! It is probably a one in a thousand chance. I think it is


more than one in a thousand. You said one and a hundred against


Burnley. One in 500. I think the us the success will be if we can give


the best version of ourselves in front of 60,000 people in the


quarterfinals of the FA Cup under the intense scrutiny of playing


against world-class players. If we can play at our very best on


Saturday, regardless of the result, we will berate me proud of


ourselves. Let's say a big club comes in off the back of this and


says, we love you, we are going to give you loads of money, you can run


our team however you want but you have to use our backroom staff and


not bring your brother? If we split ourselves we won't be half as good,


so no. The strength is in our unity. A lovely relationship and it is a


truly remarkable story and the brother element adds to that. Can


you see a way past Arsenal? They said it was 500 to one or thousand


one but do you give them any chance? You have to give them some chance


but when you listen to the characteristics they look for in the


players it is probably something Arsenal are searching for at the


moment. Given that and the grit he talks about, it will be interesting


to see how that plays out at the Reds with the way Arsenal play. I am


going to ask you now. -- at the Emirates. Were they taken as a pair?


Yes. Do they ever fall out, does the assistant ever said to the manager,


no chance? They said they are robust in their discussions before games.


Danny, the ultimate decision comes down to him, but they work really


well as a partnership. The players appreciate that. With those


relationships, if you are the assistant manager, sometimes you


have to say no, or at least make the manager think, is he doing the right


thing? They can be really honest with each other, which probably is


an advantage. You can say pretty much whatever you want because it is


your brother and you have probably had disagreements in the past. You


speak to the players, their level of preparation that every game. They


are top of the National League. That will come from the PE side. You have


to be organised as a teacher, so that would stem from that. Everybody


talks about the Burnley game but they played decent football against


Brighton and in the rest of the competition. The communication


skills they would've picked up from being teachers as well would help


massively in a dressing room when you are trying to describe to the


players what you want. I heard them on the radio, they have read Clive


Woodward's book from cover to cover, he thought they were stalking him


because they knew every detail. It was fascinating. But you just know


they are right because I think they go back to the league and it is dog


eat dog, that league, and the results are still very good, so you


know you have a good bunch of players. They are taking on an


Arsenal side who have had a pretty dreadful week, dumped out of the


Premier League by Bayern Munich. Let's see what Arsene Wenger had a


say in the build-up? I have worked very hard for 20 years to make the


fans happy and I understand they are not and I don't want to judge that,


I am not capable to, I live in my daily work with my complete


commitment after that. I said many times, you have to accept different


opinions. Some of the questions he has been asked recently have been a


bit unfair, but you played under him, have you noticed that changed


in his body language, his attitude? Is he feeling the pressure? I am


sure he is, he always will have felt the pressure in that role. When you


talk about, have I seen the change, that is maybe one of the issues,


then maybe hasn't been enough change, that is a squad that might


need some change to drag the best out of it. I think it has come to a


natural conclusion. I feel really sorry for him because I don't want


him to lose his legacy. I would love him to win the FA Cup may be this


year, obviously they have to get past Lincoln, but if you think in


15, 20 years, what he has done in the Premier League has been nothing


short of sensational. It is almost like you need are best made to say,


you know what, it probably could be a time to go now. It was


revolutionary, what he brought 20 years ago, and I was lucky enough to


experience that as a young player. It was totally new age. If you look


at the moment, the Lincoln manager, what he is looking for, grit and


determination, a key element of a winning team, I don't see Arsenal


possessing that. He got key and to pass to his own team-mate, that is


how good he is. -- Martin Keown. He is listening outside the studio, so


if you hear a big noise later you know what has happened.


Manchester City were denied the chance to go second by Stoke. They


mustered only one shot on target all night. David Silva shot wide after a


1-2 with Fernandinho and in injury time Nacho had the best opportunity,


another substitute failing to find the target. You saw how close that


was from this angle. Leroy Sane joined the ?37 million in the summer


and he has been talking to Ivan Gaskell.


He, Leroy, your mamma is calling you, man.


Your mother was a rythmic gymnastics in did you ever fancied gymnastics?


Your father played football first Senate guile, does he think he was


better than you. -- for Senegal. How is life right now for you in


England and Manchester? It is quite good, I am really settled in and in


Manchester I like the city. Since arriving, how have you found working


with Pep Guardiola? Players like Yaya Toure, great


inspirational players, great experience, who I think you call


uncle Yahya are, is that correct? -- uncle Yaya. Stirling tries to tip


away his -- tiptoe his way through and Leroy Sane is there. You want to


win trophies and you have a chance in the FA Cup, it has been a good


condition for you so far. France last week, German this week,


will Sane actually start for Man City in their FA Cup quarterfinal at


Middlesbrough in the early kick-off. Four changes for Middlesbrough, Brad


Guzan in goal, Bernardo, Antonio, Barragan and Christian Stuani


commend. City make five changes. Bravo in goal, strong side, David


Silva, Raheem Sterling, John Stones and Pablo Zabaleta all come back


into the starting XI. You can listen to that one on 5 Live and highlights


of that later. I wanted to ask you about Sane, have impressed have you


been with him, particularly in recent weeks? That's the good, the


recent weeks, the first dozen games he struggled a little bit as you go


to a different country, different language, all those things,


different team-mates, a different way of playing. He's got all the raw


materials. He looks like he's going to be a real player. ? Uncle Yaya on


the way as well. With Pep Guardiola and the players he's coached. He's


21. Even though the price tag is big he wants to develop. He's always got


to play with the ball and Guardiola is there, so for an attacking player


it's utopia. From Middlesbrough perspective, in the quarterfinals on


the cup, Jimmy to this division and a Premier League to stay in the


division and we often talk about their lack of goals. Would both of


you want to see Karanka given the full season to see if you can stay


there because he's another manager under pressure. I consider point


ingest gestating him. What's really cool them down is what they did in


January in terms of the transfer window, De Laet two proven


goal-scorers go and you might say that Jordan Rhodes and David Nugent


and not prolific in the Premier League but Rudy Gestede is not a


goal-scorer, similar to Negredo but without the goals and Patrick


Bamford who has struggled a bit. A reminder that all the quarterfinals


are decided on the day, no replays, extra time and penalties and if you


get to extra time you can bring on an extra substitute, so changes that


people have been waiting for quite some time.


On Monday night, Jose Mourinho returns to Stamford Bridge as his


Manchester United side play Chelsea for a place in the last four on the


cup, it's live on BBC. Just tell you that for the eighth time today for


the Gary Lineker has been to see United's manager nine months into


his Old Trafford rain. The confirmation finally here, Jose


Mourinho is the new manager at Manchester United. The job is to put


the club back at the top of British and European football. They caught a


special one so let's hope he can produce the goods. Nobody is bigger


than legitimate and fans don't like to be told that their expectations


are too high. How are you enjoying life at Manchester United? I work a


lot but that's what I like. I love the club, I feel that I'm here for


much more time because the connection is so good with everyone


will stop what's the hard part about what might I think the hard is the


expectation, which the club is guilty of it and because of the club


history. I'm also a little bit guilty of it because I'm used to win


trophies in every club. The relation between our true potential and the


expectations we create, there is a gap and that gap is the most


difficult thing. Pogba looks for the opening. Ibrahimovic drifting behind


Gordon Greer. Ibrahimovic! Manchester United through into the


last eight of the FA Are you satisfied generally with the


progress you're making at Manchester United, you've already won a trophy?


We're happy with the trophy, a trophy is always important and the


reality is that many other teams in England are going to finish the


season without a trophy and we have one and a half. The cup and the


Community Shield. So that's good. But I would lie if I say that it's


enough for us. We are in the quarterfinals of the cup but we have


to fight for everything, so I don't think the League Cup is enough for


us to say, and of February, the season is over. It's not over. The


Chelsea game coming up, it has to have a special significance for you,


you'd been there twice. Especially after what happened last season


where you think... No, probably in the opposite way of what people


think. I'm not looking for revenge, I'm not looking for anything wrong


or bad. If you say something special, maybe special, one thing is


to have Gary stake in the tunnel before and after the match, a super


friend and another thing is to go to Spurs, I don't even know the name of


the gentleman that's in the tunnel. If it's different, it's different in


a positive way, not different in a negative way. Are you surprised how


well Chelsea have done this season? No, I'm not surprised. I'm surprised


with the way they play, I'm surprised because I thought there


were demanding is of a different kind of football because I think


Chelsea is phenomenal but Chelsea is an amazing defensive team. You think


they're quite a negative side. I think they're very good defensively.


I think they have fantastic players to be a counterattacking team and to


kill opponents with three or four players. Do you feel slightly let


down by the Chelsea players last season? No, I think we were all


guilty of our phenomenal season with the Premier League and the League


Cup and we were all guilty of our second season. You think you'll be


here longer than three years? Do you think this will be the Copa you


spend the most time? I like to. I said the same and I came back to


Chelsea and when you are at Chelsea, I wanted different things from my


life, when I was in Italy, because Real Madrid knocked on my door three


times, I always told them that the Spanish league would be a motivation


and when I come back to Chelsea I thought I was going to stay until


they want. I gave my word, I said the same in relation to Manchester


United with the plus that I'm really happy and I really enjoy working


here, so I give my word that I want to stay here until the owners of the


board want me. Plenty more of that interview for you on the Premier


League show. It's also got a very interesting interview with Joe Hart


on there. Some go news from the elegant, Man City a call-up, scoring


in the third minute. David Silva put through by Raheem Sterling. City


doing well against Middlesbrough already. Let's talk about Monday


night's game. Earlier in the season it was the 4-0, Chelsea four shots


on target. How do you think it on Monday night? I think Manchester


United will park the bus a little bit which is his original saying


when teams went to Stamford Bridge. Just saying to Matt, there's not


Ibrahimovic, so who do you play? Do you play Rashford through the


middle? There are very few options. For such a club whose bench was as


good as any other team in the league, that's one area where they


are still extremely short. I think you'll look to go and make a win for


want of a better description. Without Ibrahimovic, you talk about


the options, in terms of the competitions they are playing in


this season, they'd love to be Chelsea, but from a Europa League


perspective, that gets you into the Champions League, do you think that


is the priority for them this season? Looking at the game on


Thursday and how they approached it, I would say that Jose Mourinho sees


that is a really good route into the Champions League and you have to


agree, if you look at the teams left in the Europa League, a couple of


good threats, Roma are playing well and some other teams, but it's over


two legs and it gives you the kind of comfort that if you have one bad


game you've got another game to make it up. For Man United it's a really


realistic route to the Champions League. And they've always got the


hit of finishing in the top four as well. They're in a fantastic


position. Double bubble. On the Ibrahimovic side, you saw this week


that LA Galaxy saying they're trying to make him the highest-paid player


in MLS history. He doesn't need any more money. Let's talk about the


team their thing on Monday because Chelsea go into the FA Cup with a


ten point lead at the top of the Premier League thanks to Monday


night's win at West Ham. The noise is good inside the London


Stadium for this London derby. Hazard to Pedro. Hazzard round the


keeper and he scores. Chelsea lead one now. Lashes at wide and high.


The corner and need into the net by Costa. 2-0 to Chelsea. Alonso on the


left-hand side are pushing the penalty area. Brilliantly got past.


Chips it goalwards but just wide of the post. Eden Hazard looking for


options, puts his foot on the ball. Flex it to Costa, shoots, what a


save. Chelsea lose possession, Fabregas caught out. Played square,


chance for Lanzini! He's buried it, West Ham have scored in added time


at the end of the game. Chelsea have that ten point lead in


the Premier League, do you expect them to put their strongest side


against Manchester United because in the FA Cup been playing almost an


entirely different back four with a different goalkeeper. He's been


changing the team for the cup but you're now getting into that area


with the size of the tie against Manchester United where he may well


just that and do what he's done in the Premier League which is part of


their success. This is the team that played Wolves. Why wouldn't you want


to win the double? Not many teams have done it. And in his first year


you return the double. We saw Mourinho, couldn't resist having a


subtle dig at Chelsea's style and the fact he surprised they've been


so defence of this season. They've been defensive but also been


brilliant. The Lowe absolutely. They've gone from defence to attack


brilliantly which I think is every manager's dream. To defend well and


then going to attack. Some of the touch is beautifully. How well has


peddled on? With the system they play quite narrow, Eden Hazard and


Pedro and they understand the role with the two wingbacks going behind


them. What a player Kante is. On the league goal bowl. Is there a better


player in the Premier League pound for pound? I don't think there's a


more valuable player, we can talk about talent and skills but in terms


of winning a football match, he's the one. He can play and the team


every week. Might win the title back to back. Monday night's game, live


on the BBC. We have all this to come for you on today's show. Jose Fonte


explains his move to West Ham. Toby Alderweireld is eyeing silverware at


Spurs. And Neil Harris on Millwall's chances of an upset at White Hart


Lane. I'm going to go on a bit of a wonderful fleet U2 will join me at


the touch screen in a few moments because we talked a lot about the FA


Cup quarterfinal, there are also four games in the Premier League


this weekend. We're going to focus on Hull City against Swansea for you


because if you look at the table at the moment and the recent form from


these two, we've talked a lot in recent weeks about how impressive


Swansea have been and the recent form really does demonstrate that to


you. Four wins out of six games for Swansea and Hull City had the good


start on the Marco Silva but just five points from their last six


matches in contrast to 12 from Swansea. Let's catch up with Steve


Harper, former Newcastle and Hull City keeper. Thanks very much for


joining us on Football Focus, this really is a massive game for Marco


Silva and Hull City because they have to start picking up points to


drag teams like Swansea back into trouble, haven't they? Very much so,


that the gap appearing, just a matter of time before Big Sam.


Crystal Palace firing and turned around and as you mention, he had


the initial bounce but one win in six against an inform Swansea side,


tough test. Do you think, you mention the bounce, has that worn


off a little bit, players getting used to what he's doing and what


does he need to find no? Goals. I was here a few weeks ago for the


Burnley game and just lacking that cutting edge, the loss of Mbokani


will hinder them but I think they need to find more of an attacking


threat to win. The game today, they can kick on and stay up because they


got a decent run of fixtures, Hull, a lot of teams in and around them


but they need to get started sooner rather than later. You were involved


in the relegation battle a few seasons ago and speaking to Michael


Dawson in recent weeks, talked about the fact they have that experience


and it might not fear the drop or the fight for the drop some other


sides might, could it be a factor? They certainly have experience,


going down, bouncing back up, Davis coming back gives them more


experience. It is crunch games at the end of the season, Sunderland


have a lot of experience there, so a lot hinges on today's result. Enjoy


today's game. We are going to have more of a look at Swansea. They have


been brilliant in recent weeks under Dick Clement and even played well in


the two games they lost. If we look through some statistics, one guy who


has come to for -- to the fore, Fernando Llorente, 11 goals this


season, just when his manager needed it. The irony is, when was he when


Bob Radley was there? You coach and train every day and you have


somebody like him, did he even appear? Minimal appearances. Clement


has gone in and looked at him and said, oh my goodness, I have a


centre forward who scores. It does maybe tell us about the style, eight


appearances Clement, four goals -- five goals, four headed. What do you


like so much about the game against Liverpool? It is a bit of an


old-fashioned striker's play. He likes to work around the back post,


he comes from the deep angle into the box, which as a centre-back, if


you think about how to stop people, you need to adjust your position


because you need to get out and get in touch with him. When he gets two


or three strides on you, he is gone, because he has a really aggressive


leap. You have to physically put him off heading the ball. The cross was


fantastic as well, that makes all of the difference. Remember the goal he


scored last week, the cross from the right was the Cross of the season.


This is the second goal from last week, the winner against Burnley.


The ball in is perfect, great header. The only way you can stop


this is by making contact with him. He has to three strides on you and


at that point you are dead in the water. You have to get physically up


against him but you put him off from heading it. The cardinal sin is that


he has no idea where the player is at any stage, he is watching the


ball. You have to be in position. You have to be where you can see


him, even a glance. If you don't look at him, there are no eyes in


the back of the head. He just has to get contact and not let him get a


clean header, he is the only man in the box. Is that because of the


quality of the ball in? He is one against five. It is a lovely header


as well. He really can head the ball and he attacks it aggressively so


you have to stop him heading the ball. He was particularly impressive


for Swansea in recent weeks and it has been an impressive year the Jose


Fonte one he won the Euros with Portugal in the summer and after


spending seven years at Southampton he joined West Ham in January, a


fairly acrimonious transfer. Football Focus, Jose Fonte


interview, shoot. We were so successful, we achieved


many things. I will always have time for Southampton. I was trying to do


the best and get the best for me and for my family. Every football Player


does that so that doesn't necessarily mean that you are


handing in a transfer request, I didn't. Life doesn't stop, you move


on. It was one of the clubs that I was almost 100% sure I wanted to


move here. When I was given permission to speak with the


manager, he was very honest, direct, he is a football person himself, he


played as a centre-back. Does it help when you have a manager, a


coach that has had experience playing in the position that you do?


Massively. I have been like that in my last few years I have had


Pochettino, I had the opportunity to learn from the best. When they speak


they know what they talking about. Can you get better being here? 100%.


I am out of my comfort zone, it is never easy coming to a different


club but I am looking forward to it and I am working hard to achieve


success and help the manager and the team win something. This has been


the best moment of your career so far surely? The last three seasons


have been fantastic, when I accomplished the Euros for example.


I don't want to stop here, there is a lot more to be achieved and to


win, so when you have a taste of it you want to get it again. Anything


can happen, or who would have thought when you were in League 1


that you would win a major tournament with Portugal? I always


believed I could get there but it took a long time. The manager of the


national team actually released me twice when I was young. When he took


charge I said to myself, there you go. He gave me the opportunity to


achieve something that will be in history. At what point in France


last year did you think, we can go on and do this? When we beat


Croatia. And Wales? Listen, credit to Wales, what an achievement to get


to the semifinals and what team they had put when you have a team with


the best in the world, Renaldo, he pops up with the goals. You were 13


when you first met him? In the same club, he was one year younger than


me, I saw him play in the youth team. I am proud of being the same


team with him, to be friends with him, to know him, because he is an


inspiration, what he has done to get here, you have to get behind him and


work for him because he desired is -- decides the games, so we carry


the piano for him. Does he lose it? He doesn't like to lose, he gets


upset in training. He is a workaholic, all of his success is


because he worked hard for it. What can you achieve? Anything is


possible. You saw what happened last year. If Rob -- if everybody works


hard and pulls in the same direction, everybody believes, I see


a lot of quality in the dressing room, great manager, it is up to us


to get on the boat and party. He loves an analogy. Get in the boat


and paddle. He is 33, he spent seven years in


Southampton, didn't play in the Premier League until he was 28, so


take away the loyalty site, as we often do in football these days, he


hadn't had the big move to take him through to the end of his career.


When you start to get towards the end of your career you look at


different priorities that suit your personal life and maybe that has


been a factor for him in the move. He has a really interesting journey


through with Southampton, all the way from League 1 to being a


European Cup finalist, a great achievement. He had the right for


the move. Good signing. Definitely, a Sainsbury personable, I like the


stuff about, Renaldo is in the team, do anything you like them. -- he


seems personable. When is the point where you think, this guy is in our


site, he is that good that we have to do all we can to build a platform


for him. We had it at Liverpool with Bagley, he couldn't edit, but you


would do anything for him because he was a genius. -- with Kenny


Dalglish. You play with great players, I have been at a club with


Denis curbed -- Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, but the great players


put their shift in, and he mentioned how relentlessly Renaldo works. I


can't believe you haven't mentioned Martin Keown. That flew under the


radar. John Watson will be conducting things the Match of the


Day today at West Ham as they take on Bournemouth. We have to talk to


you about Tyrone Mings, great to see you on the programme. Bournemouth


feel hard done by and Tyrone Mings does, are they right? If I was being


flippant I would say I am not going to Ming is my word. Bournemouth are


very unhappy, there are two reasons, the FA charge against Tyrone Mings


didn't mention the word in ten. Tyrone Mings on his website


yesterday and the club and fans still insist that he didn't mean to


stamp on the side of the head of Ibrahimovic. What annoys them is


that Tyrone Mings has a five match ban with no intent mentioned and


Ibrahimovic has got away with if that is the right expression three


match ban which he didn't contest. That is the main complaint here at


Bournemouth. Another side that won two people have overlooked who don't


know the club well, earlier this season and Nathan Ake was playing


really well in the Bournemouth defence alongside Steve Cook,


Chelsea recalled them from his loan, not that he had played for them,


consequently the loss of Tyrone Mings has given them a real problem


in central defence and they have wrapped Simon Francis up in cotton


wool this week in the hope he might come back after injury. I wanted to


talk to you about the defence, because Bournemouth haven't had a


win this year but they must have taken some positives this week from


the second-half defensive display and Manchester United. I think they


did and I asked Eddie Howe yesterday whether he still insists on playing


the way they have always played, on the front foot, or whether he will


have to remove a bit of full air from the team and offend a bit more


as they slipped into the bottom half of the table. -- a bit of flair. He


said they want change but Bournemouth are learning as they go


along and some of those things were shown at Manchester United. You


can't survive in the Premier League if you do what Bournemouth have


done, concede 36 goals in 15 games. Ask your pundits, you can't lose two


goals a game and stay out of relegation fight. That their problem


is and just quickly, as we heard from Jose Fonte a word about West


Ham who play here today, their captain Mark Noble is playing his


398 match for the club but earlier this week was being criticised by


supporters on social media. What price loyalty? On that very Noble


standpoint I will hand back to you. Just like Shakespeare! Your take on


the Tyrone Mings side of things, to reiterate the Bournemouth statement,


we find it extraordinary that the charges could be described as proven


when there was no effort to prove it was intentional, but he gets a


five-game ban. I think Motty has it entirely right and only Tyrone Mings


knows whether he meant to stand on the head of Abramovich. If you went


to a court of law, it has to be unproven. -- Ibrahimovic. It is


based on what they think has happened as opposed to the fact. You


can't really determine the facts because you can only go with what


Tyrone Mings says. He says it was in intentional -- unintentional, so how


can you hand out an extended ban compared to the three games for


Ibrahimovic. I think it is three age to be honest. Tomorrow Burnley will


aim for a first away win of the season, they go to Anfield to a


Liverpool side they upset in August. What Liverpool team will turn up


today and already this is a big game for Burnley. It is the kind of game


where all of the passing has to be accurate, it is windy. A dream start


the Burnley! -- for Burnley. Here is John Joe Gray, from non-league to


Premier League. Burnley thoroughly deserved their victory and Liverpool


have plenty of work to do. Something we keep coming back to


with Liverpool, against the top half teams, look where they would be,


against the bottom half, they struggle. The game against Leicester


where they struggled, and then beating Arsenal, it shows you their


seasoning. Yes, and I would suggest that tomorrow's game is their


biggest of the season. Look at their remaining fixtures, Everton at home


and Manchester City away, but if they play well rest of their games


are eminently winnable. Burnley will come one up front, five across the


middle, say, try and beat us. That is why it is their most important


game. Burnley have two away points this season and both full and


Coventry have stayed in the division with only seven points in the road.


-- Fuller. Coventry in 2014 never won away in the entire season but it


is possible to stay up. It's possible. Their style of play


at home they feel they can dictate that style of play their home turf.


You can hear Liverpool against Burnley on 5 Live tomorrow and


highlights on Match of the Day 2 tomorrow night.


I wanted to talk to about Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso who


has announced he's going to retire at the end of the season, a key part


of the Liverpool side that won the Champions League in 2005, scored the


equaliser in game will to do you think he was underappreciated? I


think generally everywhere. He's just been an absolute top player.


You can really give him any more praise when you look at that team


and the only problem is for Liverpool fans, they had him,


Mascherano, Suarez. Unbelievable player and when you consider when he


signed for Liverpool he came from Real Sociedad, never been anywhere


else in the world before that, to settle and he absolutely loved it.


If you ask the players he played with,. He was one of those players


to play with I can imagine you can set down and ask Steven Gerrard what


was he like to play with, fabulous. From the spectator point of view not


enough praise but the players that knew him and played with him would


have loved playing with him. Wasn't that the one when Rafa Benitez it


was a toss-up between him and Gareth Barry and Xabi Alonso left. It was


different from that but far too long to tell you, I'd rather tell you a


story about Martin Keown who sat next door. We'll do that on the red


button next time. Intent of the Champions League this week, his side


are through. I want to ask you about the Barcelona comeback against Paris


Saint-Germain. There were some dodgy penalties but that has to be one of


the greatest comebacks, to school in the 88th minute and still need two


more and then to get them. Just the sheer amount of goals. We seem great


comebacks, Liverpool in the Champions League final but the


amount of goals that were scored in that period of the game to make it


as exciting as what it was. It's going to be hard to beat. Any ideas?


The thing about it, no ideas about the performance but just watching


PSG because they had that emotion of 3-0 down, Cavani scores and their


cruising and thinking we are through and then they just completely


crumble. Not just physically but mentally and it was a little bit sad


watching them in the end, I felt sorry for them. Neymar had a decent


last five minutes! With Chelsea being ten points clear of the


Premier League, their FA Cup looks like Tottenham's on the remaining


chance of silverware this season. League 1 Millwall stand on their way


of the semifinals and Garth Crooks has been to see the rock at the


heart of Spurs's defence, Mr Alderweireld.


Toby, arguably the best season in the Premier League? I think this


season and have I can do my thing, I feel very good and I perform well.


It's also because of the guys around me who tried to help me. We are one


team and I'm happy I can bring a little bit into the team. We watched


Tottenham Hotspur player at the moment and they are really good.


What's it like to play in that team? Of course I'm honoured to be part of


that team, I think we play well because we worked very hard. We have


a good group who wants to work and achieve things. It's a pleasure to


be here and I'm happy here. Her close to using you are as a group to


winning the Premier League title? I think we can do it but it's


difficult for the season. Chelsea are ten points above us. We have to


keep believing and half to fight and do whatever we can. We can beat the


teams, we have a consistent team. It is only getting better and better.


Why not? What a special strike to add to the collection of Harry Kane.


The season it's important they can to get Champions League to try to


achieve that. It helps the group to get better and get more experience


at that level, so I think we're going in the right direction and we


only want to improve. Dele Alli, Harry Kane. Onside. He will go on to


score his hat-trick. Tottenham will not be a team that many will like to


be drawn against in the quarterfinals. Is that the one thing


that's left for this team, to actually win something and this


could be your best chance this season, the FA Cup? Yes, of course


it's a big chance for us. We have to see game by game but this group can


do it. Just work hard, see game by game and see how far we can go. Do


you know much about the rivalry between Spurs and Millwall. This


moment yes, we try to focus on the team we play against and is quick to


be a mass of atmosphere and White Hart Lane. Really looking forward to


playing. Millwall fans are very intense and will bring a lot of


atmosphere to White Hart Lane. Yes, our fans will take over and I'm


honoured to play at White Hart Lane, it always feels so good, really


supportive group and especially the season. If you were to beat Millwall


would take you back to Wembley and a semifinal. How do you view that


because is it good or bad because you find it difficult to play there.


The last two games at Wembley we played very well. We? Against CSKA


Moscow and then we played with ten men and we were unbelievable in that


game, unfortunately we didn't go through but we put in a good


performance on the pitch and it gave us confidence. We don't feel like


it's a pitch we can't play well. We are confident there and doing a lot


better and we see the next chance to make a good win. When you were with


Belgium, were you aware of the FA Cup? Of course, it's the biggest cup


competition in the world, the biggest cup. It's a big prize and it


would be wonderful to win it. Are you aware of the traditions with the


FA Cup in Tottenham. Yes, I don't want to look too much in the past,


the future, we have to do our best to bring it home. Harry Kane Danny


Rose and the English boys haven't mentioned this? The only mention the


next one, they have to win it. He really is a top-class defender


and alongside Vertonghen as well, is quite a partnership. Together at


Ajax, Belgium, Spurs. They lost only 14 of the 125 league games they


played together. You had a great partnership over the years as well,


how does it, when you been with somebody that long, do you just know


where they are instinctively, you know what they're doing and it just


works, particularly in a position? You have to be a pessimist to play


there and expect your mate is going to miss it all the time. It's true


but in the end you just play so many games and so many different


situations, you know what he's going to do and he knows what you're going


to do and it's a massive thing because when you chuck in the


goalkeeper who read a lot of games with you, all three of you and it


makes a massive difference. I highly do you rate Alderweireld as an


individual? He's one of the best in the Premier League at the moment his


hands down one of the best and I think Tottenham will be very keen to


tie him up because you look at other clubs, Manchester United, Manchester


City are desperate probably for a top centre-back. He fits the bill.


Talking about tying players up, the players this season that Tottenham


have sent a long-term contracts. It's great business, the only


possible fault is that this Harry Kane suddenly decides he's going to


go and play for Real Madrid and I'm not trying to sell him but that goes


a bit west of fat happens. That tells me it's a club that is very


forward planning. Forward planning and very comfortable with what


they're to achieve. You mentioned Alderweireld, he hasn't yet signed a


contract but he'll be desperate to tie up. They are so strong


defensively. He is in the best position of the lot apart from


Harry. What would you like, Toby? He's got a good negotiating


position, his agent will enjoy that. The partnership, not only him alone


as a player, but the partnership is everything. The centre-back pairing,


to know what each other are doing and trust each other or to know when


you're not going to trust him as much is key. And he's got the Beast


Wanyama in front of him and fantastic goalkeeper. Ten League 1


Millwall cause a massive upset tomorrow? They are unbeaten in 17,


Neal Harris, the club's record goal-scorer is making a real name


for himself in management. COMMENTATOR: Did chest and a good


try and fine goal by Harris. During my playing days we always said,


who's the best player on the pitch, I give everything. That's what the


fans want to see, have that pride and and drive and I always gave that


and I believe that gave me a good starting point to be a manager. Can


we beat Spurs? Of course we can. One-on-one on the day. Being the


underdog suits as as a club. The wall, we're the underdogs. We will


embrace the occasion. We have got nothing to lose. Everybody expects


Spurs to win but hell of a lot to gain on the day. We love to send him


all over the place!. I don't think Neil Harris has got the credit he


deserves. I want to do as good at. I've already given you the answer.


They were beaten by Manchester United in the final in 2004, Neil


Harris understands the club, he's been part of it for such a long


time. He played like it, I played against him on several occasions and


the ethos of how the club is at how he sets his D-mark, that's how he


played. To him it's natural to have that fight and work rate and that


aggression and it's how Millwall player and why they could cause


upset. Spurs against Millwall as live on BBC One tomorrow.


Britain beat Derby 3-0 last night in the Championship with the leaders


Newcastle, they are top. -- Brighton beat Derby. Norwich sacked Alex Neil


in the build-up to this began, nine points off the play-offs, is that


understandable, is it because of the fact they have a pretty good squad


but haven't been able to challenge for the play-offs? You've hit the


nail on the head, they're not close enough to challenge back to


promotion which at this stage of the season was never going to be


acceptable. The 5-1 defeat at Sheffield Wednesday and the 1-1 draw


at Bristol City after being 1-0 in front but they're not really a


sacking club but they might get a bounce from the new manager. Alan


Irvine is taking charge for them against Blackburn. If they can get a


reaction it could be that they are the side that forces their way into


the play-offs because there are still quality players. Absolutely,


they put the quality and we've seen it with Leicester with a change in


management and an immediate transformation in form and results.


I'm sure the board will be hoping for that and be looking for


permanent managers during that time. You'd not asking the question but


I'm going to tell you the answer, Gary Rohit. I was going to ask you


that. We've been working together for such a long time you can predict


what I'm going to ask you. Lumberjack shirt on as well. If


anybody deserves a chance at that club, Gary, with what he did that


Burton Albion and Birmingham. We spoke beforehand about the race for


promotion and you feel that Sheffield Wednesday are a side who


can gather momentum between now and the end of the season. The times


I've seen them play live, I've been really impressed with them and they


are on the verge of creating something. Little bit shaky at the


back which could be a problem but going forward there are real threat.


Gentlemen, thank you very much, always a pleasure, Matt. The latest


core from the Riverside, still Man City leading Middlesbrough 1-0. This


week's predictions are on the BBC sport website. On next week at after


Barcelona's heroics this week, here are some comebacks from slightly


closer to home. Once we scored the first goal we


felt we were going to do it. Don't think I've been involved in anything


quite like it. I always believed we could score. It may not be over. Rob


Lee! Shearer again. Madge 's United making quite a comeback. Beckham and


a lot of space on the 18-yard line and he scores. Coming in, he's


scored. Would you have believed it? It's 4-4. Great strike! It's an


absolutely and past the goal. It's 4-4. Sergio Aguero! Manchester City


win it. 3-3! Three goals and nine minutes. I can't believe what I'm


seeing here. They were 3-0 down and they've turned it


Dan Walker is joined by Mark Lawrenson and Matt Upson to preview the FA Cup quarter-finals as well as the weekend's Premier League action. Gary Lineker speaks to Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho; we're at home with the Cowley brothers, who are taking on Arsenal with non-league Lincoln; plus Jose Fonte, Toby Alderweireld and Leroy Sane.