13/05/2017 Football Focus

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Dan Walker previews the weekend's football, as Chelsea look to seal the Premier League title at West Bromwich Albion. Steph Houghton looks ahead to the Women's FA Cup Final.

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Oh, it's absolutely brilliant! This is getting better and better. It


goes to Cristiano Ronaldo! The history boys indeed. They have won


the cup. And it is a hat-trick! He has done it! Blue is the colour of


the Premier League winners again. It's just 307 days since the Italian


took over a Chelsea side who finished 10th


in the Premier League last season. All the action and celebrations


as Chelsea made history At the other end big Sam


is facing his Waterloo. He is hardly talking things down.


The whole future in terms of how it is going to progress, this football


club, is dependent on the next two games and getting safe.


But Palace will have to get past this fellow.


A trip down memory lane, Garth says a heartfelt goodbye.


Steph set her sights on Wembley glory.


Now it is all about going back next step and getting our hands on the


How is he doing this year? Is he winning?


Primed for punditry, Mark Lawrenson is alongside


Martin Keown with eight league titles between them.


What did you tell him? Nothing? I am winning!


That start with West Brom versus Chelsea.


Antonio Conte's table toppers went there and knowing they


We have got to win, we have got to see it, signed, sealed and delivered


tonight. What brings you here tonight? Something happening? We are


going to stop them getting the Championship. I have a girlfriend in


the south of France, but I flew back. Tonight we are winning the


Premier League. We will never leave the game before the end, but if we


are two or three down before the end I will go, I cannot watch them


celebrate. West Brom will be forgiven for


feeling like guests in their own house because this is all about


Chelsea. One more win for the Premier League title. It is Albion


who get the Friday night action started in an atmosphere at the


Hawthorns that feels more like Stamford Bridge. Chelsea taking over


this little part of the West Midlands tonight. It has been


reported that some Chelsea supporters have paid thousands.


Albion fashioned the first chance of the game and forced a save from


Thibault Courtois. They nearly silenced the blue hordes. Fabregas


went for goal. Moses! That was a super save by Ben


Foster. Really smart reactions. That went through the legs of Maclean.


The goalkeeper could not have been expecting that.


Eden Hazard pulled back. It was very nearly an own goal. Almost


calamitous for West Bromwich Albion's men at the back.


Livermore has acres of space and he plays it in, but it is wide.


Batshuayi is about to play for the 18th time. Every one of those has


been a substitute. Just the one goal against Watford. It came 70 minutes


after he took the field. Azpilicueta! And it is turned in by


Batshuayi. Chelsea have managed to find a way through. It is so close


now. The biggest Chelsea celebration of the season. Chris Brunt couldn't


stop Azpilicueta from keeping the ball moving. A ball into the middle


and Batshuayi, a bit part player for Chelsea all season, might just have


scored the goal that wins them the Premier League. Blue is the colour


of the Premier League winners again. A more familiar name again as


Chelsea win it for the fifth time. And an Italian who has masterminded


things again. All hail Antonio Conte. Three seasons, three titles


with Juventus, more than one with Chelsea. Missed the 100%. Chelsea


champions with two games to spare. Antonio, how important was it to do


it tonight? It was important because when you have the possibility to


kill the league and to win, you must do this. The players did a great


job. They showed me great professionalism and they showed me a


real commitment, a great workrate. We started the season with a lot of


problems, but I think in the problems we found the right way to


be stronger. It feels amazing, it feels a special moment. We said you


have to grab opportunities in football with both hands and we had


to do that today. I can't wait to get back into the changing room. I


thought we deserved it. Over the course of the season we have worked


very hard and we have been the better team. There is something


about this trophy that I know is special. Six teams can easily win


this league. It is the most competitive and difficult to win and


to be able to do it two times in three years with Chelsea is


fantastic, I am very proud. He celebrated with the fans, do you


feel like a fan? Yes, after a strong season like this, but I repeat it


was not easy. I think it it's right to celebrate. At 1.I really thought


it was not going to be our night because we had our chances and they


were not happening. But football is fantastic.


He managed not to swear in that one. Football is fantastic when you win.


This was the Chelsea dressing room afterwards. Understandably delighted


after a long but a brilliant season. Let's deal with the game first of


all last night. I am sure Antonio Conte and the Chelsea players knew


that going to West Brom Tony Pulis always makes it difficult and they


did that and they really restricted the space. Where the likes of Eden


Hazard and Pedro operates in the game. It is a professional thing and


everyone in the country is watching the game and thinking Chelsea are


going there to win. If you are a West Brom play where cash player,


you say over my dead body. You are going to make it difficult and they


did. They played a 1-9- one formation. It is almost back six at


one stage. So it was extremely difficult for Chelsea to play them


down. But they would have expected that, Martin? For sure and that is


always the challenge. They are so much better than everyone else in


the Premier League and West Brom is very difficult with Tony Pulis plane


that system. But this is what Antonio Conte is about, making those


changes, and every player has a major part. Batshuayi but the


all-important goal. It was down to numbers, they flooded people


forward. Williams provided the cross. It is a scrappy goal to


score, but it is down to the numbers. Azpilicueta is playing


centre halves. The other centre-half, Gary Cahill, has a


shot. Then Azpilicueta gets on the end of


it and it is a tap in. Antonio Conte has been immense. Batshuayi is a


perfect example of having that squad to win the title because he has not


played much. No stars in the season. Not only that, when he came on a


couple of times, remember when Diego Costa was unavailable and we thought


he would bring on Batshuayi. He did not even play him. It is almost like


saying, I do not think you are good enough. They have all played their


part. They have used minimum amount of players. That was against


Watford. That is the reaction when people like Batshuayi come in. I


think he left Nemanja Matic out on a couple of occasions and that is the


reaction you have to have if you are going to win the league. Fabregas


coming off the bench. Ten assists. He has taken Eden Hazard off the


pitch. Let's take him of an use the tactics to win the match. Nobody


spotted the dummy in Chelsea. They are playing completely differently


to a year ago. We will have a look at the comparison in a minute.


Batshuayi has done incredibly well to come on in that situation. He


scored the goal that He scored the goal


that Seals the deal. So a great week for Chelsea and it


comes at the end of an extraordinary Chelsea producing football of the


highest quality. Individuals are taking responsibility. They are


relentless, I cannot see a weakness. They have a will to win and they are


champions. There are days in the Premier League when you see


champions in the making. Short from Gary Cahill. He does the


job. A sensational goal! It is three. The club that had dished out


a few nightmares in recent years, but the boot is on the other foot


today. In my mind I thought this team could play with 42 four. We


tried it a lot. I thought we could find this new system. If you lose


like you lose against Arsenal, you need to change something. And he did


that and they won an when you win people start to believe in it and


from there they built up. Eden Hazard! A great goal. A wonderful


goal by Eden Hazard. After Arsenal we changed the system and it was


much better. I think of real beauty. I do not want to be like Lionel


Messi, I just want to be like me and be the best. We have seen countless


times this season defending in numbers and breaking quickly and


they are so clinical, they have so much quality going forward and they


score a lot of goals as well. When you look at the Chelsea system you


see how so well they are linked when they have the ball, but they have


the ability to go back into a very secure shape. Diego Costa is still


there. It is a goal! Diego Costa, and that's the 13th consecutive win


surely. The major story in the papers is


about this man. A potential move to China. Diego Costa left at home


after a row. Suddenly he falls out with his manager and he has brought


him to heal and he will come back quietly with an apology. He was very


clever in saying to Diego Costa, go away and sort your head out. Think


about the possibilities of your future. At the moment it is here at


the club and we need to win this title.


Diego Costa! The man they said who was heading to China. I see him


every day and I see his commitment. His behaviour is very involved in


the team. He loves this club. Chelsea fans rise to Eden Hazard.


Into the box, brilliant. A total winning display by Chelsea.


The most important thing for me is to build a team. Every single player


must put their talent into the team. The manager brought the whole team


together. You have to push for it. Not everyday you can become a league


champions. What a fantastic goal by Pedro! And it's turned in by


Batshuayi! Chelsea win for the fifth time. All hail Antonio Conte. It was


just a matter of time but it came quick. This was the first year, but


he did well. Pre-match meals of knots, bottles of prisoner Coke,


attention to detail. -- bottles of Prosecco. Whatever way you look at


it Conte has had a big impact on the club. He was playing a back four and


it was almost like he didn't understand the role as well as a


back three. He changed it to three and everyone thought he must gone


mad. From then on it was a 13 game run they went on. He understands the


role of every player. At two more wins they'll be 34 the season which


is quite remarkable. Maybe next season they could go unbeaten.


They'll keep pushing the bar. He inherited a squad of players who had


almost fallen out of love with game. Look what they've done ever since.


They've been a settled side. If you look at the number of changes he's


made compared to some of the other sides in a top six, 38 changes to


that starting line-up for Chelsea. Man city 112 at the other end of


things. It's one of those things. I always believed, what's a team this


week? Pick your best team. If you are trying to win the best leagues,


you can't mess around with your team that much. You seriously can't. They


found a way to play. If you'd said the start of the season when we were


sat here in the first programme that Victor Moses would be outstanding


playing for Chelsea and win the Premier League medal yet have gone,


see you later. Yet have said there's no chance. Particularly right


wingback. That's what I'm trying to say. You can see how well he's done


with all of them. There's been a lot of lot of analysis of at the back


three. He said after the Arsenal game, we are only a good team on


paper, it's time to be good on the pitch. What you like is the


attention to detail. In fact he's the only manager who is used all


three substitutes in every game in the Premier League. Definitely. They


say football is a numbers game and he definitely gets the maximum from


every player. Makes you feel a part of the squad. Uses the substitutes


to win matches. We are looking at Alonso, Eden Hazard has come in and


done well again. There are so many possibilities with the system they


play. I can't remember anyone else winning it with a back three, it is


quite unique. You talked about the 13 games on the trot and part of


that was the 1-0 wins back-to-back and that's the steel of champions.


When you look back over the season, these are the games that win it. You


may be don't play particularly well, that was very late at home against


West Brom. This was away at Sunderland and Martin mentioned


about Fabregas coming in and out of the team. They were distinctly


ordinary, Chelsea, but managed to win. That's the difference. You


bring the subs on and managed to win the game, they won the games when


they weren't playing well. There will be people shouting at the TV


this morning, saying, hold on a minute, they've not played in


Europe. They played six games fewer than Spurs and have been fortunate


with injuries. Last season they finished tenth. Can you understand


the frustration from others asked Mark Pochettino and the Spurs


players don't have two approaches themselves. It will have to go for


another year. Chelsea have been so good. It doesn't matter, the best


team have won the league. All the talk before Everton's game


with Watford surrounded the future of Ross Barkley with manager


Ronald Koeman giving the 23-year-old a week to sign a new contract


or he would be sold. And it was Barkley who then scored


the only goal of the game and Goodison Park and he was given


a standing ovation when he was substituted by Koeman


with ten minutes to go. After the game Koeman


reiterated his demand for the England international


to quickly commit his Everybody knows the quality of the


player. OK, it's not up to the club, it's not up to the manager, it's up


to the player. Still we hope that he will sign that contract. If not, OK,


he will search for another place. But you like the opportunity to make


a focal point of your team again? Yes, because we offered Ross is a


really good contract. You need to sign it or you don't sign it. It's


unusual to conduct things so publicly. I think it's good. He


might disagree with it. They are saying, there is your contract, what


are you doing? As a manager of a club, I need to try and move this


forward but I need to know or are you with us or are you leaving us?


It's a really simple question. It's not about personalities, it's


actually about the business side of football which is massive now.


Listen, the manager left Southampton very quickly himself. But he needs


to know what direction they are going in this season and Barkley is


a top player and he needs to sign him. Where would he go? He can come


to Preston if he wants! LAUGHTER They are talking about Spurs and


that can be the anyplace but he needs to make a decision quickly.


On we go to the rest of the weekend, then.


We will also be live to Sunderland as Swansea head to the north-east.


But time now to talk about the race for those final Champions League


places starting at the Etihad where Manchester City and Leicester


We can bring you the team News on this one. Talking about team


changes, the first time Pep Guardiola has named an unchanged


side in the Premier League. Aguero back on the bench. Two changes for


Leicester as Chilwell starts left back and King replaces Drinkwater.


When you look at man city, they look pretty good to finish in the top


four. I surprised they haven't challenged for the title this


season? Lack of consistency. Pep Guardiola doesn't know his


formation, doesn't know the players he wants to use. I feel that he is


less pragmatic in his management and he's more artistic. It's going to


take longer and they are starting to per a bit now. Next year I expect


them to be major challenges. They will spend big in the summer and


take Chelsea on. He messed around with the defence from so many


different occasions. Personnel change. Since Christmas they've done


really, really well but I am surprised they are where they are. I


think he's made of mistakes but I think he knows that. Will see what


Manchester City do over the summer and next as well.


Arsenal kept their hopes of a top four place alive with a 2-0


Alexis Sanchez became only the fifth Arsenal player to reach 20


Premier League goals with this brilliant effort before


Olivier Giroud made sure of the victory late on.


Sanchez involved with the ball across for Ramsey to find Giroud.


But is his 14th goal of the season. Martin, if Arsenal finish top four,


and win the FA Cup, is that a good season? Not bad. I think Arsenal


fans are getting a bit fed up. They want to have true champions. As a


club again. That's the goal for Arsene Wenger. There's so much


speculation going on around the club is he going to stay. The important


thing is that Sanchez and Ozil do well at the club. Sanchez has


started to perform. For too long they haven't done that. Lets have a


look at them. We talk a lot about them and the way they bring other


players in. They've been crucial to all the good stuff Arsenal have done


this season. I feel this new system doesn't help Ozil. A lot of people


are criticising him. But Sanchez, you can't dispute that they pivotal


at the moment to the creativity Arsene Wenger needs in the Arsenal


team. It would be a backward step to lose them. If he's overindulged the


players and acted in a spoilt manner it could be time to cut loose. If


you look at Arsenal and say, discuss them, you'd say more questions than


answers. What happened to Ozil and Sanchez and most of all the manager?


Makes Liverpool's game this weekend look really interesting. I think


Liverpool need to win both games to guarantee full. I just have a


feeling that Arsenal will win all three including Stoke away which is


difficult. Stoke hasn't been a good game for Arsenal. If they can win I


think Arsenal will fancy it. If I asked you to name a team to get the


fourth would you say Arsenal? Not at the moment. Man city are in that


seat. Liverpool. I think that's clear!


With Middlesborough joining Sunderland in the Championship


following that defeat to Chelsea on Monday night, tomorrow's game


between Crystal Palace and Hull will go a long way


to deciding who fills that final relegation place.


Palace need just one point to secure Premier League survival.


Ivan Gaskell has been to see if big Sam has a plan.


COMMENTATOR: A miserable afternoon for Crystal Palace. Sam, a huge


match this weekend against your rivals Hull. How are you sleeping? A


little uneasy. I think that we've just lost the principles of why we


clawed our way up to such a difficult position on the basis that


our defensive mentality was so good. But we actually pulled off some


fantastic results against the top five, six teams that wasn't


expected. Because defensively we were so sound. We've lost that


resilience and maybe a bit of complacency. But certainly the


injury process has caused us these problems. You put them both together


and results have slipped away to three defeats on the trot. No goals


and back into a nervous disposition going into the last two games. The


only thing I can say to the players is you've worked so hard, lads, to


put your own destiny in your own hands, which it still is. Make sure


you get it right on Sunday. This club has an FA Cup final this time


last year, how does this game compare? Much, much bigger. I think


the whole future of the football club in terms of how it will


progress is dependent on the next two games and getting safe. If it


doesn't then it falls into cutbacks, into redundancy, into cutting across


the board at every level and then fighting to try and get back. If you


look at the record of teams bouncing back, it's not very good. Take us


inside the dressing room if you can in the hour before kick-off on


Sunday. I won't be there. Most of the staff won't be there. We'll have


done our work before we get there. I don't like all this screaming and


shouting in the dressing room. We don't need all that. Do the warm up,


get the players ready. The odd visit to the toilet, a bit more maybe than


normal. What about you? I won't be too bad I don't think. This week


planning the team, getting it ready to play, and then the decisions I


make for the game is going on to try and help the team over the line will


be critical. For me to use that experience, hopefully I don't need


to do too much. Hopefully the players will do it for me. If I need


to do it be brave enough to. You were once relegated with Notts


County. You've never been relegated from the top flight. How personally


would you take it if that were to happen now? It's more important to


me about the club than about myself. But obviously when you been doing it


as long as I have you don't want a blemish on your record. As tough as


these jobs are, and as many people have said, one day, Sam, you'll take


on too much. Whatever happens on Sunday we still have Man United


away. There's still a chance if it goes horribly wrong on Sunday. But


I'm betting the players won't allow that to happen. He has been in this


sort of position before. Fireman Sam is often in this perilous position.


Do you think Palace thought they were safe? I'd be surprised with Sam


in charge, because as you rightly say he's been there before. What's


gone wrong? The thing about big Sam, when he


went to Sunderland, everybody thought they would win games, but


they did not, they really struggled. The same with Palace as well. But at


the moment they just looked like they are going to concede in every


game. If you only need one point at home against Hull. I was at the


Burnley match and there were a lot of nerves around the place. Their


home record is not great at all. There were two breakaway goals at


the end. When you lose 5-0 at city then the question, that comes in.


Some were saying he will not go to the dressing room beforehand and


bang heads together. He should not need to. So the preparation is done


during the week. That is the whole thing and if anything, you go in an


hour before and talk to the players and say, this is the way we are and


get on with it, but you leave them to their own thoughts and let them


warm up etc. The most important thing for a manager is if you have


got the prep right, if you have not you have got 15 minutes at half-time


to change it and in the second tab when you make substitutions. Palace


need to be brave, it is in their hands, do not be frightened of it.


You are in the same group with a team that could take it all away,


but if it goes wrong for them, it goes to another game and even then


they play Manchester United. They are in the Europa League. The other


thing today is what do Hull do? They really need to win. You have done


that very nicely. I read the script! Victory for Palace could relegate


visitors Hull who are looking to bounce back from defeat


to Sunderland last week. Damian Johnson caught


up with their keeper. Hollywood. A brilliant save by


Jakupovic. A brilliant save by Jakupovic. Have you got Sunderland


and that defeat last weekend out of your system? Not yet. After a losing


game and cannot forget, especially this game. This game was for us very


important. We lost 2-0 and we have another chance to show that this was


only a bad day for us. Did last weekend, though experience of it


then your belief that Hull can stay up? I think if we win both games, we


will have a good chance to stay. Palace first, how do you view it? It


is a massive game for both teams. They have to win and we have to win


so... It is going to be a good day and hopefully better for us. We have


had to wait patiently for your chance to become number one here.


What was that like? The first 18 months, two years, was not easy for


me. Jakupovic, the third choice goalkeeper at Hull City is coming on


for an unexpected appearance here. I knew a chance was going to come and


the gaffer was going to trust me. Do you appreciate it more because it


was a difficult road to travel? I thought there was an easier way, but


this five years as a person I am stronger now. The fans here love


you, you are a cult figure. How do you feel about that? Yes, a lot of


people tell me that. I am just doing my job. Sometimes I am a bit crazy,


but that is me, I like to celebrate with every goal, my saves. Sometimes


I say to myself, you have to change this. When I am watching in the


evening the highlights I go with my little daughter in another room and


my wife is watching and she is laughing. Yes, it is fun, but you


can't change. Now we are here we are two more games left and I know what


everybody is saying, one goal down with ten points and blah, blah. I


want to prove everybody wrong. He seems like a lovely guy. He has


made a bit of a difference. I am going to ask you the question, how


do Hull approach this? Last week they seemed to be in a good position


with a great home record and now it has switched around. Yes, Swansea


beat Everton. You do not want to let Palace score and they will you are


really starting to chase the game. I think they play in periods. You look


at what Palace have got and made sure you do not concede and as the


game goes on, you have got to change. There is so much riding on


it, it is about how you handle the tension and the pressure. It will be


the biggest game of his life and everybody wants to be part of the


Premier League party. That is what you identify with as a person. The


whole thing about Hull is they seriously messed up the start of the


season in terms of recruitment. Would that not make it an believable


if they stayed up? They sold Snodgrass and Livermore and yet they


could still stay up. My answer is yes. Lucas never gets a mention and


he is a fantastic player in there. The wire. One after another, but the


Paul Clement Storey and both managers doing well to keep their


managers doing well to keep their teams up.


So to the third team in danger of the drop.


Swansea jumped over Hull last weekend with a vital win


They're at Sunderland today, and Steve Wilson is our man


Good afternoon, a lovely gesture from the Swansea players as well,


not only playing for the travel of the fans, but the lunch vouchers as


well. Do you know how many are travelling? 3000 Swansea fans are


coming here today and all of their tickets have been paid for by the


Swansea players and it will cost about ?75,000. Each Swansea


supporter is being given a luncheon voucher and ?1 of those lunch


vouchers is going to the Bradley's fight fund. Bradley will be here


today, the young man who has captured everybody's Hearts. That is


the plan, but he is very unwell at the moment and we are hoping he will


be here today. They will play that by ear. It is a great gesture and


Leon Brittan was the inspiration behind raising that money to get the


Swansea fans here. It was his idea and he has been the man going around


with the collecting part. They will be showing DVDs of how important it


is to stay in the Premier League. We were talking about the importance of


the next two games for Hull. From Swansea's point of view, how do you


think Paul Clement will approach this? He will approach it to win. I


was at the game against Everton last week and Hull played first. He made


the point that come what may, whatever Hull did against


Sunderland, Swansea had to beat Everton, and he is approaching this


in the same way. Swansea play first today and Hull play Palace tomorrow.


He is approaching this game as a match they have two win. Sunderland


relegated and Paul Clement made the point that in a way his players have


had a warning shot because Sunderland won at Hull and they know


Sunderland will be playing with a certain freedom that they have not


been able to borrow a few weeks. This is not a given for Swansea by


any means. If Swansea stay up, it would be a great achievement for


Paul Clement. The club will have had three full-time managers for one


season and actually stay in the Premier League. Players get


slaughtered for all sorts of things, but for 75 grand to pay for the


supporters, I am trying to work out how big the collection ball is!


trying to work out how big the collection ball is!


Martin is putting in a double shift today.


He'll be casting his eye over the afternoon games on Final Score


Alan Shearer and Ian Wright make up the pundit panel for MOTD tonight.


The power of Eurovision pushes them on to BBC 2


About 200 million is expected to watch Eurovision.


There is a record crowd for a women's FA Cup final expected


at Wembley later today where Steph Houghton n


will lead Manchester City out against Birmingham.


The England captain has been speaking to Sue Smith.


In terms of your career achievements, where does leading


Manchester City out at Wembley rank? You always dream of Wembley and


captaining your side and ever since I have joined the club it is about


winning the FA Cup and we are one step closer. It definitely stands


out for the things I have achieved so far. What does it mean to have


reached the final? This is what we have been trying to reach ever since


I have got here. We have been knocked out in a semifinal in the


last three years and it is disappointing because you get so


close to being at Wembley, but that was one of the focus is, to get to


Wembley, and we have done that and it is about the next step in getting


our hands on the trophy. Few imagined yourself yet walking up the


steps and getting your hands on the trophy? You do imagine it because I


love winning the FA Cup with Arsenal, but I have been on the


disappointing side of losing it with Leeds. I have got to keep my feet on


the floor and not think about that moment of lifting the trophy, but it


does give you goose bumps when people mention in it to you and it


is exciting. She could not score again, could she? Yes, she could.


This is incredible. What an Olympic Games Steph Houghton is having. You


have played at Wembley before and scored at Wembley, what will you be


telling your team-mates about playing at the National Stadium? You


have got to enjoy it. Not many people get a chance to play at


Wembley and we have got a massive opportunity to show how good we are


as a team and there is a trophy at the end of it. It will not be easy


because Birmingham is a tough team to play. They will be up for the


whole occasion as well. We have got to keep our feet on the floor and do


everything we have done over the last few years. Who are the players


to watch? I think Connie Lloyd without a doubt. She won the World


Cup with the USA and she has a physical presence and she can score


important goals. Oh, what a go! She has a hat-trick. Jill Scott is our


engine and she gets up and down the pitch and makes things tick. Lucy


has been outstanding in the last few seasons and is rightly one of the


best in the world. There are too many to pick out, but we have got a


very good squad with a lot of very good individuals as well.


And Sue is at Wembley this afternoon alongside Jonathan Pearce


where somewhere between 30 and 40,000 are expected today.


They haven't painted the lines yet. Yes, Wembley is buzzing on a big


occasion. You have to walk out of the tube station and it captures


your imagination. This is so crucial for the women's game it is at


Wembley again. And the fact the crowd is getting bigger and better


and it shows the growth and development of the women's game. As


a young boy and girl growing up your dream is to play cup finals and at


Wembley and that is what these girls will be doing and the atmosphere


will be better last year. She has been talking to them or outside, it


is a wonder I can get the word in edgeways! In terms of the game,


Manchester City come into this the overwhelming favourite is taking on


a Birmingham side they have already beaten in the Continental cup this


season as well. Yes, but they drew 1-1 a few days ago and Birmingham


played very well that day and they have got good players. White has


joined them this season. They have got some very good players. And


their route to the final has been difficult and they had to play


Chelsea and Arsenal and the fact that they have drawn with them. They


are underdogs but they have got good players. Now they have a management


system in place which has given them a real belief they can go out and


win any game and it is important to have that belief and they have


recruited very well. Ellen White is a key player, but they will make it


difficult for Manchester City and they will be solid at the back. They


do not score many goals, Birmingham, but Manchester City do and they have


got some superstars and when they play at their best, it will be


difficult for Birmingham. And you can see live coverage


from Wembley this evening Wembley will be a temporary home


for Tottenham next season, Spurs play their final game


at White Hart Lane against Garth Crooks has been


taking a look back. Stam they're the finest team in


Great Britain and one of the best in the world. It was underneath this


lamp post that in September 1882 a group of young members of the


Tottenham Hotspur Cricket club looked for a dash of style and


called themselves Tottenham Hotspur. So many great players have played


here at White Hart Lane. But it was Danny Blanchflower who said the game


is about glory. We've got to keep to this tradition of being a really


good footballing outfit. There is no one who epitomises Tottenham Hotspur


FC better than this man. This was my part of the dressing room. This was


where I sat and it brings back amazing memories. I remember the


first time I put on a Tottenham Hotspur shirt, and thinking that I'd


joined something very special. It was all about the history. When


you're at a club like Tottenham they expect you to win all the time. I


was always envious of Steve Archibald because they had this


wonderful chance. I'm looking forward to them singing that song


again, just hear that. That would for me. Archibald scored his 22nd of


the season! Bill Nicholson, Keith Birkenshaw, Terry Venables, Harry


Redknapp, and of course Mauricio Pochettino. And this wonderful old


stadium had so many of those European glory nights. I was in this


seat when Tony Parkes made that save. CHEERING


There have been some fantastic goals scored here he's done it again!


Imagine being a fan here and watching some of the players who


graced this pitch. # Hallelujah


# # White Hart Lane will always be the


home of Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs will go marching on.


That goal from Hoddle is just brilliant. I'm sure you too must


have some fond memories of the place. I lived in digs near the


ground and my landlord was a massive fan of Tottenham. We'd go and watch


the games, I remember going there as a young central defender with Tony


Adams to watch. Gillespie was playing on the day. So there was a


massive rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham. Them losing their


stadium, it's so close, pretty well on the same footprint. They will go


on to better things now. I have a great picture at home that involves


my father. He made his debut for Preston North End. There's three


guys on the photograph and my dad is in the middle and either side is Sir


Tom Finney and Sir Alf Ramsey. A few years ago the old programme editor


of Tottenham found it in a drawer and sent it to me. It's a fantastic


picture to have. It has been a special place for Spurs fans over


the year. But they've got to move on and next season they will play their


home games at Wembley. It will be tough. If you look at the quality of


opposition they played this season, do you think they will be OK at


Wembley? I think it will have a detrimental effect on their


performances. It doesn't feel like a home game and it's not their home.


They will be there for two seasons. They've got to turn it round,


they've had practised this year in the Champions League and it hasn't


looked good for them. I think it's definitely one season. It might make


the other side play better because it's at Wembley. They wanted all


that money and wealth to go into the Champions League but actually we


didn't do anything in the Champions League. That final game will be


against Manchester United who are focusing on the Europa League final.


This summer will be interesting for them. I know Paul Pogba move is


being investigated for how much money the agent got but also Wayne


Rooney will be interesting. I think he'll go. In relation to the


transfer market, I think they'll kick on again. Listen, the manager


might win two competitions, quite possibly win two competitions. He's


had a good season. Your first season as manager and you win two cups? I


think he's done well but for Wayne Rooney now, surely he needs to go


somewhere else. He needs to play. He's been too nice about it, where's


the anger? He's only 31. He needs a pep talk from you!


From the Champions League to the Championship play-offs,


the team with the "M" word this season are Fulham, who overhauled


Leeds in the closing stages to seal sixth spot.


They face Reading in this weekend's semifinal first leg and Mark Clemmit


has been talking momentum with midfielder and


Where did this role come from? Your 11 points adrift of leaders that the


last international break and suddenly 19 from the last 24 points


available. And your five points clear of them. Was there a click


point? I don't know, I think we've been brilliant since the New Year. I


think might equalise against Leeds was a click point. I think it was a


big turning point. If they got three points against tick-macro against us


that night we wouldn't be able to catch up. Can it be a four and a


too, can it be two banks of three, can it be a five under one? I don't


know what it is, everything interchanges with me. It's very


un-championship like. I want a sentence that describes full.


Extremely attacking and quite open. At the back! LAUGHTER You seemed a


bit reluctant to put that bit on the end! Is that a concern? You can't


have one without the other. We are the highest scorers in the league


but you have to bring them forward. There will be times when we are


short at the back. But that's what's worked for us and our players. Tell


me about the gaffer. He looks quite stern and fierce. He frightens me.


He's got a presence when he walks in a room. He's got that face, stone


cold killer sometimes. He's been brilliant since he came in. He made


me captain which the type of player I am in the championship is quite


rare. I've tried to repay the faith he has shown in me. I think I been


able to do that this season. Today it is exactly seven years the day


you last set foot in the Premier League, Hull Liverpool. Yeah, it's


crazy. Did you expect it to take this long to get another crack at


it? I thought it would be within a couple of years. When you've got


these play-offs impending, is it like you're coming up to three games


potentially that are life changing? It is life changing. It's life to


defining. I find it frightening that our team... What we've done is


brilliant. We've got the feel-good factor back at full. When we are out


there I don't feel like we're ever going to lose but if we can deliver


that at the weekend is another thing. We'll attack, attack, attack.


He's a great season. Dropped from the Leeds Academy for only being


five foot one and he's gone on to have great success. He's gone on to


grow! It never works out that simply in the play-offs. Know, and he's


just said there that they want to attack. That's what they'll have to


do. Be positive. The games are massive, it's over ?150 million for


them to go up. These games couldn't be bigger. My son has been dreading


watching some of play-off games with Brian McDermott. The nerves grab


you. It's about handling the occasions. I've seen all full -- all


four. Along the best. It's whether they can hold their nerve. They are


a great system. Tom Cairney has been outstanding for them. It's eight


toss of a coin. You just never know. Huddersfield Sheffield Wednesday are


the other ones. They are the only ones to reach the play-offs with a


negative goal difference since Brighton in 1991.


In Scotland it was first against second last night


and champions Celtic's unbeaten run continued with a 3-1


Interestingly, all four of those goals, three foot felt Aberdeen's


consolation goal were all scored in the first 12 minutes of the game.


Celtic now have 100 points, 99 goals and have two games left to negotiate


a full league season without defeat. Hibernian are already


celebrating a league win, much to the delight of Sir Andy Murray,


who also has a bit We caught up with the Wimbledon


Champion at Queen's Club to deliver When I was younger I played a lot. I


played five-a-side football when I was at home. Normally at least once


a week until I was in my early to mid 20s. Then I stopped. I was


having problems with my back. When I finish my tennis I'll start playing


again. They just got promoted back into the top league after a few


years of struggle. So that's great. Neil Lennon has done a good job.


Hopefully they can stay up there next season and build from that.


Scottish football isn't shown when I'm in the States so I've been


following the Premier League for years now. I've always enjoyed


watching Arsenal play, I like the way they play football. I'm hoping


that Arsenal win that one. Obviously still fighting to get into the top


four. So hopefully... I'll go for Arsenal 2-0. Palace to win that one.


I think Palace 2-0. Benteke brace. It's going to be a tight match. I'm


going to take a draw although both teams will probably need a win. 1-1.


A Benteke brace would go down very nicely for my fantasy league team.


All Sir Andy Murray's predictions are on the website.


We'll be back next week, but time now to celebrate


COMMENTATOR: What a save by Thibaut Courtois. Cahill! Victor Moses!


Alonso, it's in. Kante finds a way. Brilliant play from Diego Costa. A


goal to savour. Blue is the colour of the Premier League winners again.


All the action and reaction as Chelsea look to seal the Premier League title at West Bromwich Albion. Steph Houghton looks ahead to the Women's FA Cup Final and there are interviews with Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce, Hull goalkeeper Eldin Jakupovic and Fulham's Tom Cairney.