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FA Cup Fourth Round Special

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Oh, it's absolutely brilliant. Oh, this is getting better and better!


Ronaldo! History Boys indeed. They've won the Cup, they've won the


Cup. He's done it. He has done it! Good


afternoon, everybody. Welcome to Sincil Bank Stadium. It was here 11


days ago that Adam Marriott picked up the ball there, threaded it


through to Nathan Arnold, who round the Ipswich goalkeeper, stuck it


into the back of the net and sent Lincoln to the FA Cup. This is our


home for the entirety of Football Focus. And we look to the fixtures


and Josh McEachran paints the penalty spot, and can Lincoln do it


again? Lincoln are in great, great form and I think will fancy their


chances. Throbbing with anticipation of what


is to come. Ipswich to win it here. Four minutes of stoppage time to


play. Now, here are Lincoln on the break. Arnold's quick. Arnold's


through... Arnold's the hero. Lincoln City are through in the


dying seconds. Well, we wondered if this was going


to be an historic night, it's going to be.


What a night. What a moment! They've embarrassed


Ipswich Town. Utterly unbelievable. I tell you what, if there was a baby


born in Lincoln Town in hospital tonight, I hope it's called Lincoln!


There we are, then. Non-league national team, Lincoln, taking on


Brighton. As you can imagine for a big game like this, they are in


early! Look at them all! Yay! Very excited, it is understandable, and


the FA Cup is here, and l not to disappoint you, we have Dion Dublin


and Graeme Le Saux for the show as well. They love love you, Dionne,


they love you. Somebody has to.


You can tell it's a big week, Honey G is performing.


We missed out then! We are focussing on Lincoln but Lincoln and Sutton.


Two non-league sides for the Cup. It is fantastic.


It is rare. Very rare. A few years back, a long way back, when I was


playing. You know, it is great. Great for the clubs, and for the


revenue. Great to see so many kids. Yes, it's a great day out, as we


often say but speak to the fans, they think they have a real chance.


Lincoln, a real sense of community here, they feel that they can do it


again? The team, the club, the town, city, it has a huge identity built


around the success of what happened on the pitch. You can see what


happened at Ipswich, the character and the quality. They deserve to win


it, why not. It is a fantastic opportunity.


I believe you must be honest, if you think we go in, win this one, we


could win that one, that disappointment could be take tonne


the league, so be realistic. Let me introduce you to Owen and


Devlin. How old are you, deaf Lynne? Four years old.


No, I've five years old! That's all right. Good maths. I will ask a


maths question. What do you think that the score will be? 1-0.


To Lincoln? Yeah! Well, that is worth a round of applause.


Owen, what about you? I'm eight years old! And the score? 1-0.


Determined. OK, look down the camera and say this is what is coming up on


Football Focus! This is what is coming up on Football Focus.


Wayne Rooney on 250, not out. It was a proud moment to get to that


stage. We're in Lincoln but we can't leave


Sutton out, can they write another chapter in their rich history? Can


Tottenham tame the beast? The funny thing is that people think I can eat


loads but that has hit the spot. And Josh McEachran on going back to


the Bridge with Brentford. I didn't expect to walk into Chelsea


first, they are one of the best teams in the world. And genuinely


concerned, I think that Owen has a job. A future! Incredible! Right,


pipe down, I'm the boss around here! Steady on! Steady on! Right, let's


show you the FA Cup ties this weekend. Sorry, Owen. A beautiful


shot of lip can cathedral, and Owen told us it is the tallest building


in the world, by the way. Arsene Wenger in the stands for


Arsenal's trip to Southampton. Four games on Sunday.


Gabby Logan has been to see the record breakers to see if dedication


is really what you need. Rooney! A magnificent goal from


Wayne Rooney. Tell us a little bit about what it


feels like to score in the Premier League for Manchester United? It's


an amazing feeling. You score a goal. The initial feeling is like


you're playing football under water and when you score the goal it's


like you come up for air and you can hear the crowd, the atmosphere for


that four or five seconds. It's mad feeling.


Can you, if you had to record it, the match, would you know how the


goal developed or came about? I think so.


Go on, then, your favourite goal. The favourite was the Manchester


City goal. We were both fighting for the title.


So the circumstances of the goal? Yes, the goal at Newcastle was


better but for the moment, the best feeling, I would say it was that


one. ARCHIVE: Russian country's delivery,


oh, a sensational goal. That's number 250. Wayne Rooney stands


alone as Manchester United record goal-scorer.


That's a really impressive record to achieve.


Obviously a great moment for myself. A proud moment to get the record.


Sir Bobby Charlton was there, as he always is. He came into the dressing


room after the game and congratulated me. That meant a lot.


I speak to him after any game but for him to be there to give him his


congratulations. It was a special moment.


What do your kids say? I have been speaking to them. They understand.


They were made up. I have to re-enact it.


So let's go back to when you arrived at this club. What were the aims for


a young Wayne Rooney? I joined the club at 17. I say I wanted to win


trophies. I've done it since being here. When


I first joined the club, they had won four Premier Leagues. It is


crazy. Now obviously identify won five. I'm


sure the likes of Rashford will be looking at me, thinking they've won


five Premier League titles but that's the aim. I'm sure if he keeps


doing the right things and going the way he is, he will be a great player


for this club. And hopefully in ten, whatever many years' time, he will


be close to the record. Obviously, there have been many


teams coming through, different management regimes in the last few


years, has it invigorated you? It is part of football. Obviously


Manchester United have had the stability of Sir Alex over the 26


years before and over the last three to four years, what they've been


doing is trying to find the right one, I believe they've found him.


We're working every day. Seeing how he wants to work, setting the team


up with the successes around the corner.


You have said you would like to coach in the future, is it something


you feel is a career path you would like to go down? Of course. When you


get older you start to think more about the game, especially if you're


not playing. You sit there and think, if I were the manager, what


would I do? My whole life is around football. The minute I finish


playing I would like to stay in the game and hopefully get the


opportunity to manage. Players playing in this generation, they


have the money to not go into management, so you really do have to


want to do it. If you turned on the telly, you are


watching Football Focus from Sincil Bank Stadium. And Lincoln take on


Brighton later on. We are in the dug-out, with Dionne and Graham. You


were at Manchester United, Dionne, did you ever think that the great


work of Sir Bobby Charlton would be beaten by anybody? Never. But wane


has done it. And you don't realise the pressure on you to perform all


the time but from 16 years old, he has been in a bubble bubble of


football. He has had to perform. He's been a superstar since the age


of 19. To continue to score goals at the highest level by people trying


to stop you scoring goals at every single game it is a huge game.


It is every goal he scores seems different. He's not just a one trick


pony. But he gets criticism, is he


undervalued? I think that the problem is the baggage he picked up


along the way. People think has he reached his potential. Some of the


things that have come with him have maybe given the impression he is not


as focussed as he should have been, he could have done better. But it's


a remarkable achievement in terms of goals and the football he played


from a young age. But also the spotlight off the pitch is huge as


well. What about a future in management?


He spoke about that with Gabby but he didn't seem like the right


candidate but maybe we've misjudged him? A lot of players talking about


being managers over the years, I never thought Paul Ince would be a


manager, he is sparky but I think he has done well. But I think that


Wayne has so much knowledge to pass on, I think it will be something he


could knock into. And Rio Ferdinand says as he has


played so much, he feels like he has a who-year-old body. Speak for


yourself! I think that footballers are counting in dog years. On a


serious note, he has not had, thankfully, a major injury, that


keeps you in good shape. But it does get harder. His body has wear and


tear. I think what Rio needs is the knocks


and the pulls, and he has gotten through them.


What about Wigan? They are struggling in the Premiership. What


can Wigan do to upset Manchester United? If you sit back you will be


beat. So they have to have a go. Warren Joyce will know Manchester


United especially with the kids, Jess Lingard. But it is how to stop


United. How to stop them? We are speaking with you more later on. And


more of the guys sitting in this home team dugout later. A brilliant


fact, did you know they have been keeping the grass in tip top shape


by browing the cannabis lamps from the police force, all above board


and legal. But everything is going their way.


At 4.30am they were queuing up all this week to try to get hold of


tickets against Brighton. We are making our way down. Good morning


everybody. Thank you very much for a warm welcome. This is the away team


getting ready, Brighton. Hiya, fellas. And we are later in the home


dressing room with the man that scored that great goal, Nathan


Arnold. Good morning Mr Cowley. Lovely to see you boys. Who are you


watching analysis? Yes, the last bit of Brighton.


What has this been like? We are talking about the guys queuing up


for the tickets at 4.30am. The sense of anticipation, and excitement, it


must be hard for you to keep it together at times, Nicky? It's been


crazy. Going out for training, crowds queuing up around the stadium


and it's been crazy for us. And from a boss perspective, Daniel?


It's been magic. The magic of the FA Cup has certainly landed in Lincoln.


The buzz around the place has been great. The journey we have been on


has allowed us to connect with the city and the people.


That's the thing, the people of Lincoln have bought into the fact


you two are working hard, doing 20-hour days, the sense of


community. It has been here for a long time, bringing pride in


addition to the fact you are playing good football, playing at the top of


the league in the FA Cup? We wanted to connect the people back with the


Football Club. The club had been relegated five years ago and drifted


since the relegation. When we arrived we felt it was still in


mourning. We wanted to bring an enthusiasm and the work ethic and we


have tried to do that. Our players have been great. We have honest,


hard-working players. Since day dot they have bought into it everything


we asked of them. For us there is a natural connection and chemistry


between us and the supporters as I think we have similar traits.


And the whole brothers perspective, is it awkward? Does it get easier


with success? Do you fight amongst each other? No, not anymore! When we


were kids, maybe. I mean argue? Is it easy to talk to someone who is


your brother? You have moments. It is important that I'm a strong


personality for Danny and don't always agree for the sake of it. We


always give our own opinions. The greatest thing about our


relationship is the trust. We have a togetherness and that's how we want


the players to be. To be together and up for the challenge. We have a


big one today. Can I asked what happened against


Barrow? You lost against Barrow? Yeah.


Is that as it is hard to maintain the focus? No excuses. We started


well against Barrow. Conceded a poor goal. Barrow were excellent. I


wouldn't want to do their performance a disservice by making


excuses for ours. We try to be a no excuse mentality. We came up short


when conceding away from home at difficult places like Barrow. You


are giving yourself an uphill task. We didn't get to our levels. All of


us have had prays recently. On Tuesday night we got the criticism


we deserve. We have to shoulder it and to be big enough to learn from


it and move forward. Are you enjoying the build-up of the


game? We came here this morning, Danny is offering us a cup of tea, I


thought you would have more important thing but you seem relaxed


in this experience? When we started out, we would come


in in the second qualifying round. You would have to do two qualifying


matches to get to the qualifying rounds. You get four qualifying


rounds the first round proper. So to be a game away from being in the


last 16 of the FA is pretty amazing so we are going to enjoy it. Look at


the smiles on their faces! Guys, I really appreciate you talking to us.


Thank you very much. The Liverpool versus Wolves game is the early one


in the FA Cup fourth round and let's get the team news from Martin


Fisher. As expected, wholesale changes made


by Jurgen Klopp. Only the goalkeeper and Roberto Firmino survived from


Webster's defeat in the TfL cup semifinal against Southampton. --


weapon state's. 21-year-old Connor Randall gets another chance to


impress. Storage and Coutinho are among the subs if required. Wolves


are without their regular keeper through suspension so 20-year-old


Harry Burgoyne will make his third senior appearance. Andy Wyman, on


loan from Derby, makes his first start it over 8000 Wolves fans are


here to see if their team can make it three home defeats in a row for


Liverpool. Managed to make it back pitch side!


Genuinely sprinted into position! I'm slightly out of breath so you


will have to talk. Nine changes for Liverpool. What do you think the


slump in form is all about? I don't know if you listen to Radio 5 live


this week but Juanfran said it was time for Jurgen Klopp to go. Does he


take criticism? -- one fan said. It's difficult because they are a


very exciting team and are built to attack and create it there was a lot


of fluidity in the midfield so there is not a lot of backbone to the team


in the way they're set up a they're not scoring goals at one end and


keeping pressure on teams, there is always a bit of vulnerability at the


back and that seems to me that they getting punished. They might be


playing quite well but are getting punished and conceding goals. You


can't read into nine changes too much, in terms of he's picking a


team for this particular game and thinking about other matters as


well. But ultimately, it is such fine margins and they're getting


punished for things that maybe aren't as bad as we think. The new


managers that have come in realising it is not a two horse race or three


race. Lots of teams can win the league. Starting with the squeeze


out his thinking, we can't do that all the time. He is changing the way


he plays against certain teams. I still think he's the right man for


the job. I like him, I think he's a very good manager. Sometimes I think


other fans of other clubs think that because everybody likes him, he


doesn't get criticised as much as some other managers would do but


he's got to hold onto his best players. Coutinho has signed a


contract but contracts don't mean much these days it up Lallana is a


fantastic player for them and it is a talisman. You've got to have


something to fall back on when those players aren't able to play about


level. They can't do it 90 minutes every game. When they come to life,


they perform at the highest levels and they do individual brilliance.


Players like Coutinho and I still think Daniel Sturridge... Henderson


has become a better player and Firmino is standing up to be


counted. Players like that will attract other players. You can't


bring in the great players if you don't have great players. 9000


Wolves fans are going to be at Anfield. Doesn't surprise me. Paul


Lambert said they're going to go for it and had nothing to lose. Could be


a great afternoon. Given how Liverpool are playing at the moment,


if they can absorb the pressure Liverpool will throw at them, and


take advantage of chances, whether it is set pieces counterattack, they


can go and win that game and they will fancy their chances. Paul


Lambert knows how to win a he was the manager of another club and beat


Norwich 6-0. He ended up being the Norwich manager later. He knows how


to win an individual game. You dug into the memory banks there! I'll


give eight-year-old Owen a shout! Let's show you the fact that you can


see all those goals from Anfield on the BBC website. There will also be


a programme from 2:30pm where Jason will be joined by Garth Brooks and


Kevin Kilbane. Highlights of all today's games on Match of the Day at


10:30pm. It is Gabby Logan with Trevor Sinclair and Danny Murphy.


Mark Clemmitt has been out with the bus.


We're on the trail of two of the clubs who are facing opposition from


three divisions higher this week. And a little while, we'll meet one


of lower league football's larger-than-life characters but


first, having seen off neighbours Wimbledon in the last round in a


leafy corner of South London, Sutton united are preparing for the visit


of leads -- Leeds. Here we go. Morning, guys. Can you define the


essence of this group of players? Why they've had the success they've


had? We're tight-knit group. We had promotion last year and we kept


together. We've gone on and pushed on and on really well. The club has


made about half a million quid. To be frank with you, the least they


could run two would be five litres of blue paint! Shall we have a look


at the facilities? I'm not in any way denigrating these but a little


bit tight, I would suggest. Nice use of the colour brown. Not sure quite


what's going on here so I'm not going ask! It's funny what the cup


shocks up with your Leeds United connections. It certainly does but


plus, the history that Sutton have got with Leeds, which was 30 odd


years ago... 47 years ago, 1970! All good ingredients. There you are!


That's a goal. What a pity for Dave. I think six was not about score. I


think we got off quite likely. 64 Leeds. Do you think this generation


stand any chance this weekend? They stand a better chance than we did,


I'm certain of that. He twists and turns on shoots and scores


spectacularly. Has life changed hugely for you over the last eight


weeks, since you started scoring these crucial goals? I could say


yes. A lot of interviews, a lot of new friends showing up from back in


the day. Can you imagine the atmosphere around here at four


o'clock on Sunday afternoon, if you were to beat them? It would be


amazing. It would surpass the feeling... It would be incredible.


People are pinching themselves. We've seen managers in the Leeds


United poster from 1970. I never dreamt that looking at that post of


the last ten years since I've been here that one day that could happen


to me and this club again. Meanwhile, Wycombe Wanderers are


heading to Spurs and in the best traditions of the FA Cup, we've


brought their biggest name to his favourite jerk chicken shop. There


he is! Are you good? I'm good! I can see you are. Have you finished? I


can't believe that! The funny thing is, people think agony loads and


loads and loads but this hit the spot! Do you in anyway resent the


fact that whenever anybody talks about you, it's always your physical


Di mentioned before the football? Not any more. Used to be, "Look, I'm


a footballer first and foremost," about my size but now it doesn't


really bother me to it people said I was too big to play football but 14


later, I'm still here. It has so do well, hasn't it? I would argue that


you are probably the best-known player in the lower two divisions.


Social media has played a massive part and I think it bridges the gap.


It makes what is such a big world smaller. It makes anybody


accessible. And Liverpool, we played Liverpool, Wimbledon, it took me on


to a whole other plateau. What a great goal that is. Unleash the


beast! One of my favourite moments of the season was the explosion of


joy when you came out of perhaps to go to Tottenham. -- out of the hat.


This is what I think the beauty of the FA Cup is. It's what the lower


league teams dream of, a chance to pick yourself up against the elite


and at the moment, Totten is probably one of the most inform


teams around, especially in the Premier league. So, for us, I


wouldn't say it is what dreams are made but this is what we play


football for. For myself, I'm going to try enjoy every minute.


One last thing. Somebody told me there was a little dance, a couple


of moves. Can you give us a little demonstration? Trust me on Saturday,


if I score or if we win, you will be seeing these moves on Saturday.


That's worth watching the highlights programme! Just for that! Thank you.


Thank you. We are back Lincoln Lounge. Good


afternoon, everyone. Are you all right?


CHEERING They are up for the cup! People do


talk about the size and the fact he is the strongest player, which he is


quite proud of, but have either of you had to mark somebody as


formidable as that? I've had to mark a lot of people bigger than me, for


obvious reasons! The thing you can't afford to do with somebody like that


is you can't allow them to dominate so you've got to give your


distances, use everything in your power, on the fringe of breaking the


rules occasionally with your arms, just to make sure you protect


yourself and don't let them dominate it up I'd pass him on! You can mark


on corners! He's incredibly strong so don't try and mark him with


strength because he will just take the Mickey out of you. That's what


he can do. He's a big strong lad but he can still score goals, hold it


up, and he's got talent. He is just a unit and I'd hate to mark him. I


always found jumping into Google was the best form of defence. I can


vouch for that! Needed that many times against meet drop whatever you


do to get an advantage! From a certain perspective, quite a few


teams playing away from home this weekend. Will talk about the other


non-league sides. Playing on a three Gbits, what advantage does that give


you, bearing in mind Sutton play and train on it most weeks? As good as


they are, it doesn't play like a real grass pitch and you have to


adapt the way you pass the ball, you can't go so long if you need to. The


read of the ball and the bouncers different. Your positional play...


When you are nowhere near the ball, your positional play has to be


better because that ball is going to regional area very quickly so you've


got to be aware of how much quicker it is playing on the surface. We


heard from Roarie Deacon, who has scored a few goals and been


impressing people and other goals are looking at him. Buddhism in the


FA Cup do and you have a personal experience. -- that is something the


FA Cup do. If you can get in the spotlight, and people can't ignore


goals good performances. I was fortunate to score a couple of goals


against Sheffield Wednesday for Cambridge United and I ended up


getting move to Manchester United. That is a dream move that happens


once every 50 years but if you can keep doing it, stay in the eye line,


you never know who is watching. How soon after the game did someone give


you a tingle on the phone? It was months, not years. They said, "We've


seen you do that and would like to take you...? Sir Alex Obama seen me


play live. He had a video tape and I think it was Betamax back then, of


my goals. He said, I fancy a bit of this man, get him signed up. I knew


I was in the wrong position! I nearly got sold down the leagues!


Stop being down on yourself. The fourth round of the FA Cup kicked


off last night with an East Midlands derby. Graham was commentating on


this. Here we go. Akinfenwa All eyes on East Midlands


at Pride Park tonight. In the end it's an awful own goal.


Darren Bent can't believe it. Craig Bryson to give them the lead! Gray!


Over Bent. Simpson can't deal with it. There's the header and there's


the equaliser from Morgan. Leicester and Derby must do it all again.


So, four goals last night. We have had an early goal at Anfield, Wolves


are a goal up. We said it would be a day where Wolves would go for it.


Well, this is it. Now they can invite Liverpool. I'm sure that the


game plan is to try to stop the space behind them.


So, searman getting the goal for Wolves. Something else to talk


about, Arsene Wenger will be watching in the stands, a four-game


ban. Do you think he got off lightly with this? Not having a stadium ban?


I think it's about right. I think they have it right. I have been


speaking to Graeme about this. He has been giving insight into what


could have happened. Because he admitted he had done something


wrong, the FA see it favourably. That may have gone a way to reducing


the ban, the same with the fine. I think there could be a question mark


about whether or not a couple of games should have been stadium


banned. The full ban. Obviously you have to make sure as an organisation


that players and managers know you cannot man handle officials.


Does it affect the players? Some will be delighted that the manager


is not on the touch line. They will! Some players like to get on with it.


Some time they feel that the manager is in your ear. It will benefit


some, hinder others. The other thing is he does not have history. He has


not been in front of FA for several years. So that is taken into


context. I think it is right.


He Haas had a few. Bits and bobs. Well, we are live from Lincoln. If


you switched on, this is Football Focus, we are here until 1.00pm. We


still have this on the way for you. Jamie Raven is weaving his Cup


magic. And the Millwall manager, Neil Harris as his side eye up


another big boy. We also have Hull taking on Fulham


this week. Apologies with the break up in the sound, Ryan Mason, we saw


last week, a horrible injury, within an hour, into hospital having an


operation, the players are visiting him this weekend at St Mary's


Hospital. It shows you how much medical care has come on in the last


few years? And rightly so. Anything can happen quickly on a football


field or in any sport. The way that they dealt with Ryan Mason was


outstanding. They were all there. I forget the doctor's name he was at


Liverpool for many years but he took charge. He said don't do that. He


was instructing everything. To get on there, to get it sorted. To know


exactly. Sometimes doctors know from a player's body language how bad the


incident is. You famously broke your neck at


Aston Villa and then went back on and played again. Would it be


different these days in the care that was taken? Probably a one-off


incident on my behalf. I crushed C 5. I was off the pitch. The


shoulders by the ears, I said I was fine, I went on the pitch for a


minute and then the physio knew. The game has taken big strides on


getting professional people on the heart of the incidents and dealing


with these situations far better. It is the first person on the pitch


that is key. So that support that the players have now is fantastic.


Proof is obviously with Ryan Mason's situation, how quickly they dealt


with it. With the players if they stay down,


if a player stays down and doesn't move, there is something wrong.


We do wish Ryan Mason all the best and hope he makes a full recovery.


And on the pitch for Hull, Robert Snodgrass, liver liver liver has


gone as well, they seem to be preparing for going the wrong way


down? It is a concern. The players see the other players being sold,


the morale is a key issue -- Livermore.


The atmosphere in the dressing room will be important.


The play the players thinking what can they achieve without Snodgrass


and Livermore, they are bottom of the table nothing is going right,


they will be worried. Let's hear from Josh McEachran, his


side take on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. He has been around the


block. 18 months ago he turned up at Brentford. Juliette Ferrington went


to see him. Josh McEachran is coming on, an indication of how highly


rated he is by Carlo Ancelotti. I started at Chelsea. Signed a


professional contract and made the diboo at Chelsea at 17. . I got


along with AB V well. He said I could stay but he was not sure of


the game time. I went to Swansea, since then it has been up an down.


You come back off loan, then packing another case and shooting off again.


How difficult was it? Of course it is unsettling, but about I didn't


expect to walk into the Chelsea first team. You have to earn your


place. At that time, for whatever reason, the manager didn't think I


had heroined my place. It was unsettling. Up and down the


motorway, living out of the back of a car. That is part and parcel of


being a professional footballer at such a big club. Chelsea, Manchester


United, they are all the same. Is it hard to understand,


frustrating that so few young English players come through the


ranks at such big clubs? It is frustrating but if you are good


enough, if the manager believes in you, you will get a chance. Chelsea


are getting better at it with the likes of Loftus-Cheek.


When you realised that your time had ended at Chelsea, how difficult was


it for you to divorce yourself from the situation? Towards the end, when


I was at Vitesse Arnhem, I still had a year to the end of the contract


but I couldn't see myself breaking it. So I took it upon myself to


start a new chapter at Brentford, to get settled and playing back week


in, week out. Bradford City, 2-0 down away at


Chelsea. They are back to win it 4-2.


Does Bradford give you hope from a couple of seasons ago when they went


to the Bridge and came back with success? Yes. You never know what is


going to happen. I know it will be tough. I'm looking forward to it.


The Chelsea fans are excited to see me back there playing.


What connection do you have with the Chelsea fans, even though the game


time at the Bridge was limited? I think that they are desperate to see


a young English lad coming through. The last one was John Terry. They


think, I think that is why they took so kindly to me. I'm still 23. I


want to be playing in the Premier League. Back playing at the top


levels. I still have to work hard, improve as a player. Hopefully, I


still think that I can get there. A lot was expected from him from an


early age. At Chelsea from the age of eight. Do you think he could be


right. That the club could have helped him more? I think it is the


down side of the loan stem. He burst into the team. Everybody pinned


hopes on him as he was home-grown. As he said, Chelsea were looking for


somebody to compare with JT. There was a lot of criticism to the club


about not developing home-grown players. From that point of view,


once you are farmed out, going on loan, learning the profession it is


not a bad thing, I agree with season but four, five seasons you never


establish a style of play that suits you and finding it hard to get the


best out yourself as a player. So I think he as a result of that has


found himself struggling a bit as he has huge potential. He has played at


England level all the way up. U16 captain for England. Up to 221s. He


has an opportunity to show his quality, play on a big stage and say


to everyone: Look, this is what I'm capable of. Maybe this is a


springboard. He is still only 21. It is young.


And Chelsea, they are so formidable, especially at home.


They are wiping the floor with everybody. So many good players.


They seem to have a balance. They know exactly what the manager wants,


how to perform to stay where they are, the top of the tree they've


been great to watch. They will know what it is all about. To know what


to expect. He will see a few old face but it will go out of the


window when the game starts. Liverpool on Tuesday, Arsenal the


following weekend, it could be a decisive week in the title race?


Yes. Chelsea have the system, the 3-4-3. Every player knows his role.


Strong defensively, they are creating chances. So the balance,


that put them as my favourites. Well, we have put a lot into the


programme this week, even a magician, here we go, here is Jamie


Raven. The players know what it is like to


play a giant at the FA Cup. I'm here today to show them it is like


performing a magic trick. All you need is confidence... Composure...


And perfect timing. What a night! What I love the most


about football, and I'm a huge fan is this: You are never on your own.


I do most of what I do on my own. I never have someone looking out for


me. Every now and then I can do a trick with a helper. This is my


assistant. He is doing the trick. It is important that he does not see or


hear anything. Put your hand on top of that. A massive game against


Brighton. Think two things: What is the score and who will score the


first goal? Amy, help me out. We need a card to write the information


down on. Say stop anywhere. Stop.


Brilliant, do you have a score in your head. Write down the first


score and scorer. Now we lose the cards. I will not do anything. You


are happy he cannot see the card. Take out the stick man. I need you


to roll him up into a football. Place the cards in the pack. When


you are done hold him nice and tight. Check out that bad boy! We


are putting our magician, our assistant inside the little canon.


Can I brow him for a second? We are stuffing him inside the canon. Then


I'm hoping he's going to find our card. We will need encouragement,


guys, he is a bit shy. Can I have an "oh... "? Stop. That is rubbish. Do


it again. Our little stick man as burnt himself through the card. You


can see clearly there is a stick-man shaped hole through all of the


cards. Until we get down to one... Dude, what was the score you thought


it would be? 1-0. Who did you say that the first


scorer would be? Nathan. There is one card with a stake man


on it. All of the rest. Absolutely nothing. Show the camera.


Can I have a round of applause! I need some explanation of that trick.


I have to watch it again. It is baffling me! Here we are in the


Lincoln dressing room with Matt Reid taking on the Brighton might. Is it


is day when you feel nervy, or the fact you have taken on Ipswich and


beaten a championship side. Does it make you feel comfortable? Yeah,


definitely but we are playing against a very good team. We have to


match and do better than before. I'm sure that the managers say take


it as it comes but it is not a normal game, nor a normal build-up.


The fans have been outside from 4. .35am, there is a huge expectation


on you and the team? Yeah, definitely, the underdog is a title


to embrace. Hopefully we'll get a result.


Do you or has the manager approached the game the same as the Ipswich


game or changed it because it is Brighton? We have done the stuff we


have to do about Brighton. Watched the videos on them. That has not


been different for us, that is good. It's a tough ask but we'll give it


our best shot. The style of football you play, what are you looking for


from your team-mates? Who will give you the opportunity? The wingers.


The set pieces are a massive opportunity for us. We have scored a


few from the set pieces. But from the goals in the teams we are one of


the top scorers in the league. Just cross it for him! What has the


influence of the Cowley brothers been? I know they are detailed. They


have spent a long time preparing you with video analysis. What difference


have they made to the club? There was a time you were thinking of


leaving? Definitely. I spoke to them from day one. They've been


unbelievable. They want to do well. This give every opportunity they can


to be successful. That is great. We have a good opportunity this year.


They won't leave a stone unturned to bring success to the team.


I know quite a few of your playing partners are watching and probably


waiting for you to make a slip-up but do you think the players have a


belief that today could be one of those days? Is there some


confidence, inner feeling, that you can do it? There are signs all over


the dressing room on the club. You a player who at those things? Not


really. Phase of his big belief in the previous game and as it stands,


we got nothing to fear today. We're playing against a championship team


and we will have a bit more opportunity. On BBC Radio


Lincolnshire at the end of the game, the commentator said, "If there is a


baby being born in Lincoln tonight, they need to be called after Nathan


Arnold who scored the goal". There was a baby that night but they


didn't name in Nathan, they called it Bradley! I didn't know that the


wave of his forgot the name wrong. Obviously, Bradley had a good game.


Have a good game. Enjoy the experience and we will see what


happens come 5pm. After splashing Bournemouth in league


three, -- Millwall face more Premier league opposition in the shape of


Watford. Ivan Gaskell has been to see Millwall's record goal-scorer


turned manager Neil Harris. What does it mean to me? Ambition. What


does the FA Cup mean to me? Dreams, Wembley. When I think of Millwall


and the FA Cup, my mind drifts back to 2004 and the Millennium Stadium.


It was my dream to play in the cup final. It means everything to me


having achieved that and I've been able to pass it onto my players and


I say to my players before each round, it may be the first round, it


may be the third round, Division 1, Division 2, Conference team... To


get to the fifth round of the cup is a phenomenal achievement and for a


championship club to get to a final is awesome. It was in the FA Cup


where you broke the club's all-time scoring record it up it was a


special achievement. To surpass someone of his stature was huge.


Something I had been chasing for a period of time, the individual


achievement, being the record goal-scorer at a club, is huge.


Stevie Morrison started talking about chasing my record. There was a


simple answer, just don't pick him. I think if he got to 120, I might


have to start leaving him out! The quarterfinal draw away... Thank you


very much. So you go from player to manager. What are the challenges of


making the transition? For instance, you've got several players who are


now managing who you used to play alongside. How is that? Fortunately,


we are talking about really good pros. Really good senior players.


Good friends of mine when I played, top professionals, so it makes the


relationship and managing them very easy. It is not a problem to manage


because they are good players. I do recall being really shocked one day


when I woke up and read that you were suffering from cancer.


Fortunately, I was young and naive. I was 23 when I was diagnosed and


maybe a lack of knowledge helped me at the time. The downside was that I


was young in my career and playing really well and sitting back and


looking now, you can be as honest as you like now you've retired,


probably not quite hitting the levels I did precancer. But I dealt


with it like everything else. You tackle it head on. There were so


many good times afterwards. Back in the training pitch, the training


ground... Scoring your first goal... Things like that are real


highlights. Funnily enough, that first goal when you came back was


against Watford. Yeah. Bizarre, probably that it just happened to be


Watford. That was a big moment at the time. 2002 was a big moment. It


completely separate from Sunday's game. It is a tough game for us.


Hopefully we can get a result of the weekend. We have moved outside to


the directors' box. Neil Harris is a Manu played with and know very well


and the good news this week the Millwall is that the future of the


ground is secure. When you played with Neil, did you feel he had that


management touch? He was a nuisance! He was a centre forward that was a


nuisance, had to win everything, always wanted to be on the winning


side. Had to quit plaintively scored. So we have that mentality.


-- had to keep playing until he scored. He always had that


managerial, what's the word, streak in him. If you are doing it in


training, when it comes to games later on in life... It's a skill


set, it is what you can take from your football career and apply it to


your management career, so the experiences he's had, his natural


personality and putting that together. You are right about the


ground, that is a massive bit of news. It is not over in the sense


that they have withdrawn the application but it gives them a


reprieve and it shows the spirit of the supporters and everybody to get


behind that. It could be a tricky afternoon for Watford. Another


Premier league side who may be in for not the best weekend.


Psychologically, when I played FA Cup games, I was playing for a


Premier league club at the time, it was hard to motivate yourself


sometimes because everything about the game itself is set up for you to


fail as the favourite, even down to the referee. Tackle comes in and


he's more likely to give the opponent from the lower division the


benefit of the doubt of everything up settles -- unsettles you. You


have to be spot on as an individual and as a team. Are you able to share


any memories of your time at Millwall? On live television, no!


Not a single-storey? There are lots of times in the dressing rooms when


it has got physical. They wanted to... Sean Dyche was in the dressing


room and Tim Cahill and Paul Ifield, we had some really good players and


then you had little cop Chopper in your ear because he wanted to win


all the time. He knows what the fans demand and he's just trying to give


them it. You can see Millwall taking on Watford on BBC One tomorrow at


11:50am. That is followed by Manchester United versus Wigan.


Highlights of all of Sunday's games on much of the day and the fifth


round draw will be live on The One Show from 7p on Monday night. To


give you an idea of the geography, this is the wonderful Lincoln


Cathedral. You get pretty clear view of it from the directors' box, which


is where the man who has joined us will be sitting this afternoon, Paul


Barber, the chief executive from Brighton. We've talked a lot about


Lincoln understandably but from a bite in perspective, top of the


championship. Is this the thought of game you don't want? Not really at


this stage but Lincoln have been going really well, having a great


season, and we are enjoying a great season and it should be a cup tie.


Are their concerns from a player's point of view? Chris Hughton were


saying there may be some changes made but at this stage of the


season, it is about giving that momentum going? We don't want to


lose any games. We also want to give our squad and opportunity to play. A


few lads haven't had as much football as they would have liked so


they will see some football today. Keeping the momentum going, the


confidence up, looking forward to another big game on Thursday at


Huddersfield and get through this one and we've got a fifth round to


look forward to so we'll see to it getting through is a good way of


putting it. We were talking about Knockaert a few weeks ago and you


are all set out. You are a Premier league side playing the championship


and your fans feel this could be the season. I was just talking about


this with some guys and we don't get anything for being first in January.


We have tried to instil this in the club and we know we have still got a


lot of work to do in the second half of the season. There are a lot of


good teams in the second of the championship. We want to get there


but there no guarantees. You got that setup, structure and the


manager behind the team. Do you feel you need anything else to click on?


I think we just want to try and keep everyone fit, try and avoid


suspensions, red cards and bookings. And in the championship, you need a


bit of luck and I think last year we lacked a bit of luck at key times.


But we want to try and you going. We are a humble club but we've got very


modest beginnings and we've been through a lot over the years so if


we were able to it, it would be good. How have you got to where you


are today? I played up the old stadium and I look brighter now and


you've come 1 million miles. So professional, the stadium is


amazing, the team are doing so well. I think you've got a fantastic


manager. How have you achieved in such a short space of time? We are


lucky, our chairman has invested a huge amount of money in the club, in


infrastructure, the stadium, the training ground. He's also got out


of his way to hire the best possible people at all levels and Chris


Hughton has done a fabulous job since he came into the football club


and we're very lucky to have him. We wish you all the best. Thanks for


talking to us. It is currently Liverpool 0-1 Wolves at Anfield. You


can follow the game across the BBC. This is how warm welcome we've had


from Lincoln. After the game, we've been invited to someone's house for


pie and chips. I will see you there! A warning, Dion Dublin has got a big


appetite! Predictions on the BBC website from Radio 1's Adele Roberts


and 1Xtra's A.Dot are on the BBC Sport website. Highlights of the


Aussie open women's final between the Williams sisters is on BBC One


in 15 minutes. Owen said hello so he is going to say goodbye. So straight


down that camera. Over to you, I went from Lincoln. Just a peer. So,


over to you! What is coming up later? I mentioned it to you


earlier. Oh, the magic of the cup! There you go. We will leave you with


something you loosened up for a brilliant weekend. Owen, you are a


star. See you all again! Bye-bye for now.


That is an absolute present. What a fantastic track from Aaron Ramsey.


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