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If you're still feeling a little down after Blue Monday,


The next hour should hopefully lift your spirits.


Here's what is coming up between now and one.


Azpilicueta on whether China is a threat to Roman's empire.


Specman it is a new market. They are targeting players task transfers.


They could have a centurion at Stoke, but will the Potters'


I have had so many people say to me, if you get the 100, you have to do


it. The pressure is taking its toll! I actually play the Luke -- the


ukelele. You don't! Baggies' boss Tony Pulis and Adrian


Chiles talk all things Albion. And the name is Rose,


Bonnyrigg Rose, and Sean Connery's former club have a view


to a giant-kill against And for your eyes only in the studio


we have agents Lescott, We were expecting Joleon Lescott, he


is either in a hollowed out volcano, or signing for Sunderland! We will


have team news shortly from Anfield. We cast a golden eye over


the Premier League fixtures. We will be on her Majesty's secret


service live at the Palace with their chairman Steve Parrish,


and at the Hawthorns as well, where Sunderland will seek


a quantum of solace. Then tea-time - will Manchester


City's Sky Blues fall to Spurs? Tomorrow never dies and sees


champions Leicester at Southampton. Arsenal take on Burnley, and an away


trip to the leaders could scare Spanish defender Cesar Azpilicueta


played more minutes than any other Chelsea player in 2016,


and Senor Dependable has been You have been here for five years.


What is your favourite thing about living in the capital? The whole


lifestyle here. I am happy in the club, happy in the area. I have been


here for a long time, and my family is happy, and I give them a lot of


credit, because to play well, you need to be happy. You were given the


nickname Dave when you first arrived, who gave that to you and


why? It was at an audience in the fans, one question was, if they


could call me Dave. But I didn't imagine that that nickname would


stay until now! What is Antonio Conte like? Since the first day, his


first time in England, with the language, he tried to show us what


he wanted. We trained hard, he was really passionate with his team, he


always believed in us, so that is something he shows in every training


session, every game. And since his arrival, you have gone from playing


back four to back three, what has that transition be like? At the


beginning it was a bit strange, because most of us, we never played


in that system. He might have decided to change the formation


because he saw that we needed that, and as soon as we changed formation,


the results until now have been amazing. We have worked really hard


and improved under that system, and it is something that we have to keep


doing. COMMENTATOR: Knocked up towards


Diego Costa, that is far too simple a golfer Chelsea to score!


There were a lot of rumours about Diego Costa. How much are you


looking forward to having him back in the squad? It is good to have him


back. When he was suspended, we were able to win that game, but we need


from everybody, the strength of the squad is really important because


you want to play with the same players the whole season. The


football world in general seems to be changing, the window is still


open, and leagues like China and the US would target players at the end


of their career, now they seem to be going for younger players who are at


their peak. It is a new market that is coming out, they are targeting


players, and it is up to the players to make their choices. I think


everyone has different situations, so it is new opportunities for the


players, new countries, so it is up to us to make the changes. You are


one of the few players who has played every single minute this


season, so you are clearly valued as a player and you are vital to the


team. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel really happy and


proud, because I want to help the team, and how is it to play every


minute of the competition, that is something that I value a lot, and I


want to keep doing that, be a part of the team, and I will be really


happy if we can get a trophy at the end. As you can see from the


statistics, he is Mr Pegg dependable. -- Mr dependable.


Everybody was calling him Dave when you were in his team, we all know


his name now. What this he bring to the side? He is always positive, a


great professional, he works incredibly hard always on and off


the pitch, he never complains about anything. When I was first there, he


was in and out of the side, he just waited his turn, never went knocking


on the door of the manager, at training every day he was 100%


involved, giving everything all the time, and he is a manager's dream,


he really is, and he has so much versatility, he can play in any


position across the back, and he could probably play a bit further


forward if you needed him to. He played as left-back when Mourinho


came back to the Bridge, and he was exceptional. Doing his job and more.


Even though Filipe Luis arrived. Yes, for 16 million, and he couldn't


get into the side. And that was the winning team in the year who won the


league, so to keep Filipe Luis out and bringing what he brought to the


side, and now also bringing about calmness, but also that leadership


to the team. What have you made of your old team this season? I want to


ask you about the guy at the other end, and the way that Antonio Conte


has dealt with the Costa situation. What does he bring, and how


important is it that they get back the Costa that we have seen? First


of all, Antonio Conte, magnificent. In the line of Mourinho, Ancelotti


and all not, magnificent. In the beginning of the season, it was


difficult, he changed it towards his way, gave them the opportunity to


play in the four, changed it to a three where he is very comfortable.


You can see it in his body language that he is more comfortable with


that system. The Costa affect, you could see in their body language,


they were fighting a little bit, on and off. Conte has persuaded him in


a way, no, it is my way, and Costa started playing better. I think


Costa is very important for Chelsea, and the odd game you won't miss him,


but when you played ten games in a row, you will miss him. So Chelsea


can't afford to let Costa go at this time of the season. And I think, how


come Conte has done that is credit to him. If Chelsea lose Costa, you


could argue that all would want to keep their chief striker fit, he is


one of their few chances of staying up. Yes, his contribution to Hull


was exceptional, this season he has been hampered a lot through injury,


I think he is on three or four goals now, and it will be a big part for


them to stay in the league, but the other key is keeping their good


players, Snodgrass is someone who has been linked away from the club,


Livermore has gone, and their problem is keeping hold of these


players. Highlights of Chelsea against Hull


and some of these other games are on Match Of The Day to 2. That's


tomorrow. Liverpool are seven points behind


the leaders and still juggling On Wednesday it was


destination Devon. Plymouth Argyle welcome Liverpool to


the theatre of greens. And it is Lucas who gets the goal. Can they


respond? That is a good save. Getting away from Lucas, great


chance at! Excellent defending. Daniel Sturridge, that was a good


save. And a chance, and it hits the outside of the Liverpool post. It


has given Liverpool a penalty. Saved by McCormick! Liverpool have


survived a bit of a scare. So, the Reds progress


rather than the Pilgrims. It's Swansea at Anfield


today for Klopp's men, The first thing to tell you as far


as Liverpool are concerned is that Philippe Coutinho start a Premier


League game for the first time since November the 26th of last year after


65 minutes in that cup win at Plymouth in the week. Jurgen Klopp's


other change from Manchester United is the return to fitness of


Nathaniel Clyne. Joel Matip who last year was cleared by Fiva to be back


involved is among the substitutes. For Swansea, their boss Paul Clement


was busy this week in the transfer market. He gives a debut to Martin


Olsson and a second debut to Tom Carroll, who has now signed from


Spurs. Luciana Narsingh misses out through injury, but Leroy Fer does


start. This sees the best attacking the Premier League face the worst


defence at Anfield, where Liverpool are unbeaten in 25 games.


That is quite a record. This is the Liverpool line-up. They have so many


attacking options, but in their last four games, they have scored two


goals, so it was eight games before that. So they are missing Sadio


Mane. It is a big factor for them to get Coutinho back. I don't think


there is panic in Liverpool, because they have only scored two goals in


four games. That happens in a season, you know? It is never going


to go all the time very smoothly. But I think they were very happy to


get Coutinho back, I think he is a very important factor in the


Liverpool squad. Talking about the important factors, you will see the


news about Steven Gerrard joining the Academy. Is this the future


Liverpool manager being groomed through the system? I think so, yes.


He has indicated very much that he wants to become a manager one day,


and I think Liverpool are a club that are renowned for keeping their


old boys in and around the club, use CX players watching, supporting, and


Steven Gerrard is one of the greats of Liverpool Football Club, and it


is great for the club to have him still there. And if Liverpool are


good going that way, we know from the statistics of this season that


Swansea have a few issues when a team are coming at them. 49 goals


conceded in 21 games for Swansea. Only Barnsley have conceded more at


this stage of a season. Paul Clement has a huge job on his hands just to


solidify the defence. Clement has got a big job, but unfortunately,


what Swansea has done wrong this year is letting Williams go, and not


replacing him. With that experience. He was the captain, he was the one


who would put people in the right place... He could have made a big


difference? I think he would have helped it, big-time. 49 goals is a


lot of goals. He was the leader, the captain, and that is what they are


lacking. Clement said it, and the previous manager said the same thing


about Swansea. So I think it is going to be a very tall order. I


can't see Swansea getting a result there. Olsen is a good player, Tom


Carroll has had limited experience in the Premier League. If I was a


Swansea City fan, I would be concerned. Because you think they


are preparing to go down? Possibly, yes. I disagree. If you look at


Swansea, there is a certain kind of player that they go for. There is an


identity at Swansea. Those are Swansea kind of players. Yes, I


agree with you that they need a certain different kind of player now


to get them out of the position that they are, but because of that


identity, they look for the Tom Carroll, the Olsen. But they haven't


played that way for quite some time. After Laudrup left, I think that was


the way, and they haven't played that way for quite some time. They


have tried to, but they haven't. That is why they are in the position


that they are. The last two years, they have not produced those kind of


performances of those two managers, but the identity is still the same.


They still are trying to produce that kind of football.


Did you always have chat like this in the dressing room? Yes, we had


quite a few. Putting the world to rights.


Peter Crouch scored 22 of his 99 Premier League goals with Liverpool.


The Stoke striker could reach his century against


Yes, I am six foot seven, no, I do not play basketball. I am so pleased


we are having this chat. And there it is! Crouch is in the middle!


Dramatic, brilliant. Peter Crouch's 99th Premier League goal. 99 Premier


League goals, and your first goal for Stoke was against Manchester


United? Yes, I would love to take it for my 100th goal, that would be


great. And Manchester United would be a good yardstick? Yes, ever since


we played at the club we always seem to get scalps at home. What was your


best Premier League goal? Oh, I can remember some amazing feeling. I


think the goal is scored for Tottenham to get us into the


Champions League against Manchester City was an amazing feeling. Because


of the significance? The significance, not because of the


goal, it was a scrappy goal, but what a feeling to score that goal


after. I think my hat-trick against Arsenal was up there. There was a


scissor kick against Bolton for Liverpool, and the goal for Stoke


against Manchester City was probably the best goal that I scored. Crouch


crying for the spectacular. Oh, what a goal! Nine out of ten times they


do not go anywhere near the goal, so to hit the top corner was the best


goal I have scored. Perseverance has been the hallmark of your career.


Yes, I have always felt that I was the second choice and I have had to


force myself to be first choice. There always seems to be someone


ready to replace me when the time comes and when that does happen it


is frustrating. But you have got to work just as hard to get back in


there. It is similar to my Stoke career at the moment. It has been


hired not playing and watching the games and knowing you can have an


impact. There were times when I looked at where my career was going


and I was thinking, what is happening? I am not playing, where


do I go next? Now I have been given this opportunity to play I am loving


it even more so than before that period because now I know how much


it means to me to play. You are 36 later on this month and you could be


under this deal still be playing in the Premier League at 38. Of course,


I spoke to the manager about it. I train every single day, I have not


had too many injuries, I do not do anything differently to anyone who


is 20 or 25. I still feel like I can play for a long time. Our manager


played until I was 40, until he was 40, and he said I can do the same.


Are you aware of how popular you are? You got a fantastic reception


from the Liverpool fans when you came of before Christmas. What does


that mean to you? It was quite emotional. I am in the city a lot


and I know how people feel about my time at the club and it was a


successful time at the club. It is very nice to get a reaction like


that. When you get your 100th Premier League goal, will you


resurrect the robot? I have had so many people say to me if you get the


100th, you have got to do it and the pressure is taking its toll. You


perform it with your usual balletic grace! Yes, that was half the reason


people enjoyed it, because I was not that good at it! We talk about a


fully paid-up member in the 100 club, Jimmy you got 127. Peter


Crouch is one short of reaching the century. He is still playing. You


retired at 36. How hard does it become when you reach that age? He


is still clearly loving it. Well, yes, I was still loving it. It is


different. It is harder, a lot harder. For me is specially it was


because I needed the explosiveness. But for Peter it is a little bit


different. He can work on the crosses, he holds. . He brings a lot


more to the game, a lot more different things to the game than I


needed. I needed my pace. He holds the ball up. The ball bounced off


you! You did score the odd header. The odd header. He has been


brilliant over the years and I think he can play a few more years. He


wanted to sign him up on a longer contract because he could not face


the fact of Peter Crouch playing for another team, the manager. What


about sado Berahino? He is not much of it. He was sent away to get fit


and he has come back and he is not fit. His head is all over the place.


It must have been tough for the club and the player. Hopefully he will


put it all behind him and he will get fit and he will add that pace


and quality to Stoke. I am happy for him that he has put the West Brom


factor behind him and he can concentrate on Stoke. He is a hell


of a player, a hell of a striker. I think there is a lot more to come


from him. He scores goals and we do not have that many of those at the


moment. Mark Hughes will be hoping you are right. Let me give you an


insight on to what these two have been like this morning. Mike, you


think anyone in the top six can still win it. Jimmy is not


convinced. Why do you think they can still win the title? Jose Mourinho


would not be drawn on it. No, you know what he is like. He will not


try to draw any more attention or pressure to Manchester United. They


have so much pressure on them anyway because everyone expects them to be


there or thereabouts each season. The start of the season has not been


great, but since then they have gone on a great run. Last week they


should have won the game against Liverpool. They have quality in the


squad, Jose Mourinho is the manager and 17 games to go and they are


still in the race. I still think they have a chance of winning it. He


is dismissing you once again. I love Jose Mourinho, do not get me wrong.


I think he is magnificent what he has done in the game also I think


this is one step a little bit too far. 12 points from Chelsea, that


means four games. 17 games to go. Leicester won the league last season


and nobody expected that to happen. No, we did not, but they were


winning. You now have to win four more games and Chelsea and I do not


see Chelsea losing a lot of games. How they play, they do not give a


lot of goals away. They are very happy to work from zero. They are


based on that. Look, everything is possible. But very unlikely. I'm not


sure if you agree or disagree. You can keep tabs on that


and the rest of the three o'clock matches on Final Score with Jason,


Sue Smith and Jason Gary's back from his winter


break on MOTD tonight. Alan Shearer and Ruud Gullit can


admire the tan first hand! And there's sure to be sunshine


at the Australian Open - highlights of Jo Konta's match


with Caroline Wozniacki Manchester City against Tottenham is


sure to feature prominently tonight. The two sides had contrasting


fortunes last weekend. Harry Kane, 1-0! Everton, one,


Manchester United two. What a start to the second half for Everton. It


is a mess of Manchester City boss Mark own making. Harry Kane in the


middle! He beats Claudio Bravo and Everton have a 3-goal lead. A


hat-trick. Extravagantly done. We can be the real contender for the


Premier League. 4-0, Everton. City fans, look away now. Expectations


were excessive, now it is a reality. There is a man who has got more


problems than people thought he would at this stage of the season.


Let's start with the goalkeeper. He said he was fairly criticise.


Claudio Bravo, the statistics are backing things up. His ability to


save shots, it is not what you expect at a team like Manchester


City. He has got big shoes to fill in. He replaced Joe Hart. He has


struggled to adapt to the Premier League. I see a different goalkeeper


to the first one who arrived. Yes, he made the mistake, but he was much


more confident. He demanded the ball. I see a player who is a lot


deeper. He is not playing as much at the back and he has gone within his


shell. The game against Everton, every time they shot on goal they


were hitting the back of the net and he has struggled for form. He has


conceded 14 in his last 22 shots on target. Sergio Aguero, I think Pep


Guardiola is meeting with him in an Italian restaurant in Manchester


because he has not scored against any of the sides in the top six so


far this season. When we started and Pep Guardiola came to Manchester


City, did you expect him at this stage of the season to be in the


position he is in with quite so many concerns? No, I thought it would be


a lot easier, but on the other hand the Premiership is full of


surprises. It is totally different football than in Spain or in


Germany. A lot of people need to settle. I think that's pep wants to


bring his own philosophy through and it is taking a little bit longer


than he thought it would. Or it is not as easy as he thought it would


be. I still think that he is magnificent. And he will get it


right? I think yes. Given the tools, yes. The only thing is, it is not a


simple and as easy as the outside world thinks. Because he has won a


lot and he is coming here with such a great CV, we are expecting


straightaway something magnificent. They were dismantled last week by


Everton. And Spurs, if he is struggling to get his philosophy and


nine, Maurizio Pellegrino assaulted his team out. Do they have a chance


this weekend? Yes, they will do the same thing that they did against


Chelsea. They will put them under pressure all over the park.


Everybody knows Manchester City want to play. Pep Guardiola is adamant.


They will always play the same way and Mauricio Pochettino will have


the Spurs team lined up and put them under pressure. John Stones has


continued to make errors under pressure all over the park. That is


happening because teams are not giving them the respect that maybe


when he was in charge of buying or Barcelona that other teams gave. He


was to control the game bible possession, that is what he wants.


He needs the ball to control the whole game. But the tempo of the


game in England is so much higher and the pressing is so much more.


You can tackle more. The referee does not help you as much as they do


on the continent. The second balls, there


Learning on the job, I think it is safe to say.


We'll turn our attention to the wrong end of the table.


George Friend has been an integral part of Middlesbrough's line up


First things first. Is it your Banjo or mandolin? I actually play the


ukelele, you know. You don't? You are one of the only people outside


my house that know that. Do you play it for the boys? No. It is funny


where football takes you, or the way up here, and an unusual background,


chicken and arable farming stock? Yes, earlier days in football, my


dad used to send me off with eggs to give to the manager and the


different players, and it has changed slightly now! I love where I


come from. My family worked hard to enable me to play football, because


there are not a lot of opportunities in North Devon, but there are some


good coaches and clubs like Exeter where I started. Is it quite


satisfying, having worked your way up and really earned it the hard


way? I think so, but I don't think you should take it away from someone


who has had a different route and gone through the card to me, because


that is equally as hard, but certainly my journey has been


different, and they wouldn't have changed it. I love playing for


Exeter, playing in the lower leagues. I would prefer to play in


the Premier League, but I do appreciate every day going to a


fantastic training ground like medals per, and when we go against


those teams and you hear the music, watching Match Of The Day, it is


special. You were part of that Wolves team that were on the naughty


step in 2009 when Mick McCarthy put a weakened team at at Old Trafford.


It was still a strong team, quite a few internationals in it, but it was


a changed 11. It was my Premier League debut at Old Trafford, I


probably could have scored, but I have said that quite a few times in


my career. I was playing against Paul Scholes, and I used to pretend


to be him in the garden! So that only play against him was


incredible. What is your half term report on the first five or six


months? I think we have a lot to build on, which is good, and we are


in a good position, so going back to the school term, we have done that,


now we have our final exams, this is the crunch time, the bit that


matters, and if we pass the exams, we stay up. Was it a conscious


decision from Aitor Karanka in the summer to be hard to get past? Yes,


since he walked in his philosophy was to be hard to beat. It isn't the


most glamorous, but if it is point on the board, we are not too


bothered. And sports journalism, you have done a degree course? Yes,


through the PFA, we will see where it takes me. I recommend any players


to do that, I'm a big advocate for the PFA, I am on the management


committee, and you should use what it offers because it is such a great


thing, so many opportunities for players. Qualified sports


journalist. What question would you ask yourself? That is deep! That is


more of a philosophy degree! It can be on anything. Where am I going to


be in ten years, probably, something like that. Where are you going to be


in ten years? I don't know, in coaching may be, or maybe sat where


you are with another player here! We will see. I like the sound of that.


Lovely to see you. There is always a job for you,


George! He celebrates the fact that it is an glamorous, but they have


this good defensive record, he talks about the concentration required to


stay there. At the other end, 17 goals from 21 games, they brought in


Patrick Bamford and Rudy Gestede, does the system allowed them to do


it at the other end as well, or is it overly defensive? Identity system


is overly defensive, it does allow them to get more chances and to have


more going forward. I think that they don't have a lot of people who


normally score a lot of goals. Their line-up against West Ham last week


-- Watford last week. If they can get more people who will score more


goals into the Premiership, who get more goals from midfield, I think


you will see them climbing up, because they can keep it. And what


is your half term report? At the start of the season, you really


thought Middlesbrough would struggle. I did, purely because of


the players they brought in, lacking that Premier League spirits, but


although it is an glamorous at times, they have grown with results,


they have won couple of games here and there, and they have given me


confidence. The additions of Gestede and Bamford, he hasn't played for a


while and he needs to get back to playing games and scoring goals,


there is a huge emphasis on Negredo holding the ball up and try to


score, he hasn't always leaves, but they have more bodies on the ground.


It hasn't always been glamorous, but let's not forget they need to stay


in the Premier League. That is the main thing, and at the moment, they


are doing things right, they are getting their wins. Yes, they need


to score more goals, but they don't want to give away goals, so yes, if


they can get Bamford firing up with the striker that is already there,


happy days. The Bamford, that could catch on, like the Donald! Not


Boro are at home to West Ham this afternoon.


Not even an Andy Carroll stunner could steal all the headlines


Martin Fisher is there for us. What is the latest on Payet? Apparently


he has been kicked out of the WhatsApp group, is that true? That


is one of the stories that has been doing the rounds this week, it


appears Dimitri Payet at is making enemies wherever he turns, the way


he is in training, the way he has handled the last few weeks, the


supporters have lost their love of him as well. Last season, they had


their own little song for him, it was one that had its own lyrics,


they have changed it now change those lyrics, but they are not the


sort of lyrics that I would repeat at this time of the day on national


television! Suffice to say Dimitri Payet at has played his last ever


game for West Ham United. Whether or not he leaves during the January


window or West Ham make him stew and sat him in the summer remains to be


seen, but they will sort out a deal in West Ham's interest, and he will


move on. West Ham have signed a play themselves, Joseph on join the club


last night freight million pounds. ?8 million for a 33-year-old sounds


like a lot of money, but the transfer market we have a moment,


prices are high, and Jose Fon, I know you like your quiz questions,


but which player in the Premier League one championships with his


country, and when his club side won the Champions League trophy? The


answer of course is... ? Jose Fonte? It is, well done! Sorry,


the delay didn't help very much. Still to come:


A big night for the non-leaguers as the FA Cup did the trick.


We go for a nosey around the Rosey Posey as Bonnyrigg prepare


And Hollywood star and Celtic fan James McAvoy takes


We'll turn our attention to West Brom, currently 8th


Tony Pulis celebrates his 25th anniversary as a manager this year,


and the boss has been talking to seasoned Baggie.


We've got a couple of pictures of you. If somebody when you were this


age gives you a new car and the money, how would you have ended up


as a different player, a different manager, a different person?


I go back to when I was 16, jumping on a train in Newport. I was one of


eight people living in a small terraced house down at the docks,


and I wanted never to go back home. I wanted to make this my life, and I


promised I would do everything I possibly could to stay in this sport


that I have loved ever since I can remember. I had been in courage to


from a very young age to learn by trade, coaching and listening to


people are playing. The systems you learned, have they stood you in good


stead for what you play now? We had a wonderful set up in England, and I


think it was better than anywhere in the world, we used to have a week at


Lilleshall, a week full of training, learning from Bobby Robson, Dave


Sexton, I haven't moved too far away from the basics that I learned at


that time. And the basics being what? Setting your team up properly,


making sure you play to the strings that you have got and getting the


best you can out of them. Is it important to be liked by the


players? You can't be a manager and be liked all the time, at least half


the squad would hate you, I would assume, because you are not egging


them. The most important thing is to try to be straight with them, and if


you try to be clever, eventually it will spin around and they will catch


you out, it is difficult because you know it will hurt their feelings,


but you have to do it, that is your job. So my thoughts have always been


to be as straight to them as you possibly can, whether they like it


or not, and one day, if they walk away, they will say, I didn't like


him, but he was a straight fella. Being marked down as that offending


by road, ten behind the ball, you don't need possession, you get fed


up with that? That is one thing I don't give a dam about. I had a


plan, a short-term plan, and that was to shake the dressing room up


and get rid of quite a few players, which we have managed to do, and


bring in a little more quality as we have gone along, but over the next


year, two years, we need to have good windows and sign players. The


aim is to bring in real top-quality players like Evans, good players


like Fletcher, people of that ilk, and then hopefully over the next


year or two, the younger players, they will learn of those, and then


eventually take those players' places. So if we can bring that


through and have a decent team for the next two or three years, we


won't be looking outside to bring others in. We can then promote


within and bring those kids, who are local lads, in through the team and


have a real good team, and a good structure and respect of age,


because that is important. So it is possible to be adventurous and


defend corners effectively? Is that really possible? Yes!


Tony Pulis has never had a team finish in the top half of the


Premier League. Could this be the season? The are doing really well.


Rewind the clock back to not so long ago, and the fans were going crazy


over the way that West Brom were playing, and the performances were


nowhere near as good as what they have been doing now, and so he has


really turned things around. He has unbelievable amounts of experience


and has done wonders at the club, and this season is probably his best


opportunity to finish in the top half. And Jake Livermore has come in


over a couple of million pounds, as well.


So Albion looking upwards, but it's a very different story


for their opponents today, Sunderland, who are currently 19th.


They also suffered an FA Cup exit on Tuesday, Sam Vokes header just


before half-time setting Burnley on their way.


And in-form Andre Gray sealed a place in the 4th


Round for Sean Dyche's men, shoving Billy Jones off the ball.


Steve Wilson is at the Hawthorns for us today. Can you fill us in on the


whereabouts of Joleon Lescott, we thought he was going to be with us,


he was training are having a medical with Sunderland, what is happening?


I gather he is in Sunderland doing some work with David Moyes ABBA


Sunderland training ground over the last week or so. -- doing some work


at the Sunderland training ground. The squad is desperate for a lift,


he can bring some international experience. Sunderland are in dire


straits, there is a mood and negativity about the place, losing


in the FA Cup is a long way from being the biggest problem. If you


think back 12 months ago, Sunderland effectively save themselves from


relegation when they signed carne, Khazri and Kirchhoff, and David


Moyes is making the point that they need something similar in this


January window, but there is no sign whatsoever of this happening, and


that must be immensely frustrating for the Sunderland manager. And for


the fans as well, thank you, Steve. More from Steve on Final Score and


Match Of The Day later. So Sunderland knocked out


of the FA Cup on Tuesday. But the night's most memorable


moments came elsewhere as Lincoln and Sutton kept the non-league


flag flying high. the teams emerged in front of this


main stand which is absolutely chock-a-block. Out comes the


goalkeeper to make a save. A clear, unmarked header. He touches on to


it. What colour is the card going to be? It has come back to Rory Deakin


who twists and turns and shoots and scores spectacularly. My word, this


is football at its glorious. And it is a goal for Saturn! And the


National League side can send out invitations. Throbbing with


anticipation of what is to come. A big chance! A brilliant save. He


gets a shot away. Good effort from the full-back. He plays it through.


Arnold to win the cup tie! In the dying seconds, they have done it.


What a night for a National League side.


The fourth round begins on Friday night as Derby take on Leicester.


And amongst the Rams' number is a man addicted to fancy footwear.


James Henry's looping effort gave them the lead just before half-time.


Then Christian Benteke with a solid header into the back of the net. Sam


Allardyce's first win as the boss. It sends Palace through. They will


probably want to replicate that success in the league today and


Jonathan Pearce is at Everton Park with a guess. A good win in the cup,


but 27 points over the year and it is relegation form. How deeply


concerned are you? Worried, obviously. It would be stupid if you


were not. If things go against us, we could be in the bottom three. It


is surprisingly have not been there yet. We have got to turn it around.


A good result midweek, so hopefully we can spring of that. Sam is famous


for his bounce factor. We have not had that in the league. Why has that


happened under him so far? We played very well against Watford when he


arrived. We probably would have won it if we had got the penalty. Then


Arsenal and Swansea was a poor performance across the season. We


have not put in many poor performances, but that was one of


them. The players are adapting, new coaches, new voice, you coaches, new


plans, and sometimes it takes time. At the end all that matters is where


you are in May and hopefully we will be in a good position then. How


difficult was the decision to make the change? I know you are close to


Alan Pardew, he was one of your heroes. Was it all your decision or


was it partly made by the American owners? Obviously I discuss things


with Josh and David, but they know I am the person on the ground. It was


a really tough decision. Anyone who says it is all the manager's fault,


of course it is not. We all have a plan and we all try to execute the


plan and we came up short. Maybe we try to change things too quickly. We


wanted to make our position better and the position suggests we have


not. I do not just blame Alan. We all have to take responsibility for


that. In the end he is the person at the training ground and sometimes


you need a jolt and a different voice and a change and that is what


we needed to do. I hope he will understand, I know he does, and he


will come back. He is a very good manager. When we were in this


position in 2015, he arrived and we got to a cup final. We have all got


to take responsibility for things not working, but now is not the time


to look too deeply. You have spent a lot of money on players in the last


couple of years. Is there money between now and the end of January


to further increase? Is that what the fans want to get you out of


trouble? Definitely, but we will not be stupid about it. It is an


expensive window and we expect that. In some instances you cannot get the


players. I was talking to an owner who said, you have done the right


thing, but we have got our own problems and we are not going to


sell at the moment. We are pleased we have got one in, and we are


hopeful we will get a couple more, but it is not easy. Are you


confident? Of staying in the league? Definitely, we have got a good


squad. But that is not enough. Having a great squad on paper, the


boys have got to change that into results and everyone knows that.


This will not be easy, but we are confident. We are not complacent,


but we are confident. We are doing the right things to fix it, but we


will be OK in the end. We are off now because it is perishing at


Selhurst Park. I am going in for a hot cup of coffee.


It is not very warm here. It's the 4th round of


the Scottish Cup this weekend and the most romantic tie sees


junior side Bonnyrigg Rose, who once had a rather


famous actor as a player, Eilidh Barbour couldn't resist


a bit of Bond bingo. Welcome to Bonnyrigg, where, once


upon a time, Sean Connery no less pulled on the red and white of the


Rose. But more than 60 years on from when


the would-be Bond played his part here, the club have licence to


thrill again. Their 1-0 victory over Dumbarton in the first round was the


first time in Scottish Cup history junior league team had beaten aside


from Scotland's second tier. Then exhibition, cup holders Hibs in


fourth round. 114 years! A game that has been moved from here to


Tynecastle, the home of hearts. 12,500 tickets and it is a sell-out.


??FORCED WHITE #, Goldfinger, he is the man with the Midas touch. It is


so real to be honest. We have to pinch ourselves sometimes. It has


been a great journey and hopefully it will continue after Saturday. To


see all the people coming to buy tickets on the sale day, we took 11


hours to sell out those allocated, but to see the fans queueing in the


changing room area and outside the ground, you can imagine what it will


be like on the day. It will be a family day, it will be fantastic for


the town. It will be great, bring it on, yes. Get back! The game has been


moved to Tynecastle, it is someone you know quite well. I was there for


a few years, but it is not about parts, it is all about Bonnyrigg and


the players and we have worked so hard in the last couple of years to


keep the club going. I was a Hibs fan and when we got drawn, I could


not believe it, we were going to be playing the cup-holders. I was there


on the 21st of May watching my team lift the cup for the first time and


I got stick from all the other players and I have had stick from


all the hearts players over the last couple of years and it will be good


to get my own back. The fact we are playing Hibs as well, I have been


buzzing about it, to be honest. Sean Connery played in the early 50s and


he played five games, he played Broxburn, a league game or a cup


game, I do not know, but he scored a cracker of a goal. He used to come


to the changing room and he used to get dressed in his civilian clothes


and everybody would envy the corduroy jacket. It was something


from Harrods and the players really loved him and he was a smart looking


gentleman and the players used to get jealous of him, but obviously he


went on to better things, James Bond. Hibs are strong and whatever


they put out on Saturday it will be a massive challenge for us. I hope


the players show what they are capable of. If they do that, they


will have a chance. If Hibs have an off day and we get a bit of luck on


the day, anything can happen. Good luck to Bonnyrigg this afternoon. He


was in Scotland can see hearts' tie tomorrow. Chapecoense take on the


Brazilian champions this weekend, so all the best to them as well. QPR


against Fulham is goalless. We have the former manager of QPR with us.


Are you desperate to get back into football? Desperate, not, but


looking for the right opportunity. Obviously it was not nice to be


relieved of my duties at QPR. I thought it was very premature


because a lot of things had to be changed and being six points off the


play-offs, the last game that we played against Nottingham Forest we


played with ten men and did really well to get a draw. So,


disappointing. But moving on and waiting for the right opportunity.


QPR have just scored whilst you have been talking. Well done, I need to


talk more often. And that opportunity, are you looking at


Championship level or would you go back to Burton? Burton is in the


Championship. You know what I mean. I want a good project, something


where the club really wants me and then I can do my job. The league


doesn't matter. Obviously we want to win things and play for promotion


and all those kind of things. I am ambitious. I want an ambitious club.


The goalkeeping coach? I asked him already and he said he is not


looking to go back into football as a coach. You seem to disagree about


everything, but you clearly get on. There is mutual respect. We see


things a bit different, but he is a top man.


Remember, next week's Focus comes live from Lincoln.


We'll finish with another famous Scottish actor,


Celtic fan James McAvoy, who's currently starring


He plays a character with 24 different personalities.


Don't worry. I'll talk to him. I grew up supporting Celtic football


club. Henrik Larsson was huge for me. We could have sold him for


millions at any point and he was loyal to Celtic and wanted the


Celtic experience. I was a bit iffy about Brendan Rodgers when he came


in. But he has taken pretty much the same squad we had last year and he


made us play much more like a Rolls-Royce. It is a must win game


for West Ham. Must win game. 2-0 to West Ham. That is a big one. I am


looking for a thriller. 3-3. I think it is going to be 3-0.


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