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This week we were all shocked by the news that one of the nicest men in


football died at the age of 72. What Graham Taylor did at Watford


will never be forgotten. His time with England left him


disappointed but never bitter. The sound of hitting a football


thrills me. My playing career is over, I'm very fortunate to be a


manager and I would like to remain one, simply so I can hear a football


being struck. I think that I've got qualities as regards coaching, I


think that's what I ought to be doing. I don't want to see the ball


still, if it is one touch we play it off one. What the managers run


before they can walk. I think the whole business is based on fear


anyhow so if you are having a good run and a job comes, out now while


you can, and probably that job is the worst job you can go into.


Lovely day, isn't it? I would like to feel I could be responsible for


helping to create a club to be successful and at the same time


setting standards that are worthwhile, good ones.


You've got one of these books. It was a Watford family, whether you


were a player or one of the ticket staff or whatever. Oh yes! We all


matted together and it was the most amazing place to be and Graham


created all of that. Football is a simple game, not as investigated


game, again for the man on the terraces to people. What a


magnificent goal! I have worked with a lot of professional people and he


ranks up there, that is the kind of person he is. He never ceases to


amaze me. He has mentioned to me about the passion you has four


Watford football club and football and I like to feel I have the same


passion and on that basis you will get a good relationship. What you


should have been saying is saying something early, talk to him. Let's


go again. Here we are in the FA Cup for the first time, it will never be


the same again. Aston Villa's latest manager, Graham Taylor, who has come


from First Division Watford... I'm putting my reputation on the line


and people might say what a full list thing to do but it is what


makes me tick. Big clubs can slide all the way and if you can alter


that and stop the decline, the chances are they will come back


because they are a big club. I want international footballers to enjoy


playing international football. If there are youngsters watching, you


can get a position like Gary Lineker is captain of his country but you


have to keep working hard. I have an 83-year-old mother-in-law that once


his autograph! He had a passion for England, gave most of his life to


English football. He was straight down the middle and told how it was


and some people didn't like it but I loved it. Bitterness doesn't come


into it but what comes into it, I wanted so much to be successful. I


wanted us to win the World Cup. Perhaps I was foolish to think like


that. Immediately leaving the England job I needed a period of


recuperation. There would only be a handful of clubs that I would have


come back into football for. It is my job to try to make sure the


morale of the whole club stays high also if you give it a real go and


you lose it lets not worry because you may just surprise yourself. At


the end of the day, when a ball is kicked come when a game is played,


on a football pitch, I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach


that this is where I belong. In a moment we'll hear


from Martin Keown, who used to play for Graham at Aston Villa,


and Mark Lawrenson, but first let's go to Vicarage Road,


where Watford play Middlesbrough this afternoon and all morning


people have been leaving their tributes to the greatest


manager in the club's history. Watford have opened a book of


condolence and people have been signing all morning.


John Motson is at Vicarage Road where, John, you watched a game


Yes, it was on New Year's Day and my wife and I were guests here and on


the same table as Graham Taylor and one of his daughters, having lunch


in the Graham Taylor Stand behind me. He was his normal self, talking


about old times, very convivial with that familiar smile which we all got


so used to. And my word, didn't he put a smile on the face of this club


when he arrived in 1977? I was here then quite a lot, I live just down


the road and I remember the impact he made, not just building a team


but a club. He did things that even in those days, in the late 70s, were


quite innovative and which other clubs followed as the years went by.


He started a family stand on what is now the new Elton John side the


ground with Stuart where mums and dads could bring sons and daughters


and that was very popular -- with stewards. He brought in experienced


men around him, Bertie Mee from Arsenal, one of the most far


thinking chief executives in the country, Eddie Plumley from Coventry


and they were a community club, starting a restaurant for the people


who were here when they went to the First Division in 1982. I think the


major thing he did was to get the players out into the community


because you hear now about a player turning up and signing a few


autographs at a function. Graham had a rotor and two players were sent


out two or three times a week to mix with the people of Watford and the


surrounding area and that is why there is such a bond between Graham


Taylor and this club. I want to go back to the mid-70s because when


Graham started as a manager at Lincoln City, the BBC Sports night


programme, which went out on a Wednesday night, decided to feature


two young managers who were trying to become the next generation.


Graham Taylor was at Lincoln and Alan Durban was at Shrewsbury. The


second part of the documentary produced by John Phillips bound


Graham Taylor here and Alan Durban was at Stoke. They played each other


in the League Cup, extra time was called for after 90 minutes here.


Fortunately for the documentary, Graham and Alan worthy opposing


managers and that is why you heard that shot, in extra time, the camera


went on the pitch and filmed Graham's instructions and that is


when to one of his players, and Luther Blissett, I think it might


have been you, he said, you don't get cramp at this club! That was the


passion and motivation of Graham Taylor. And a personal story, I hope


somebody gets that archive out those films because it would make a


terrific documentary in memory of Graham Taylor, but one of my other


memories was when I went to watch Watford train one afternoon before


covering a match on the Saturday. When I was about to leave, he said,


I want you to come into the team talk and I thought, what do you


mean. All the players were looking at me and I felt so embarrassed. He


said to the players, I have been talking to you about doing your


best, he said this guy, pointing at me, he should be sacked by now! I


thought, that's nice! All he was doing was trying to explain, however


comp that you think you are, you always have to go one step further


-- competent you are. I am pleased to say that his wife and their two


daughters are coming to the match here today and they will get a great


reception. I am sure they will and thank you for those fantastic


memories. There will be a minutes applause at Watford and across


England today in memory of Graham Taylor. Babin is a beautiful stories


this week. -- there have been beautiful stories this week. What


was he like to play under? He came to the club and pretty much rescued


Aston Villa and probably my career at the time. But first they came a


difficult chairman, he expressed, I have chosen to come to this club, he


had a clear vision and he gave us all a bike with our kicked in and


said, you wash it yourselves. -- a bag. He had a vision and he wanted


his players to behave in a certain way and I learned a great deal from


him looking back. It was a case, if you want to be with me, follow me


and we will be successful. We got Aston Villa back into the big-time,


the club was on a slippery slide and it was all about this man. 11


players came in and 11 went out. They great memories. Those


celebrations, the day we got promoted at Swindon, Graham had


given as the champagne the day before because he did not think we


would make it! I have just spent an hour with Martin, telling me


stories, some you can't tell and some after the watershed! But my


time with him was mainly at tournaments. He would meet old


players that played for him and you could always tell, what are they


like with former managers because every single player that played for


him absolutely love Tim, they really did. -- loved him. He was normal,


and in the mad world of football, normal is very good. He was vilified


by some sections of the pressed why what happened at England and may be


unfairly labelled as a long ball manager but how will we remember him


as a manager? He got the ball up early, no doubt, but his Watford


team played with wingers, including John Barnes. When you got in the


opposition half then you could play your football


they finished second in the old division one. For a club like


Watford, it was almost unheard of. And he gave you your England debut,


Martin? That was his one mistake! He made me wait for it. But they were


great days. He was under pressure, a different type of manager for


England but he always used to say, leave your mark, wherever you are in


life, and he said left his mark on me and on football. He has left his


mark on many and there will be a Menace bubbles across England this


weekend as football chance get a chance to remember Graham Taylor --


a minute's applause. As Motty was telling us,


it's sure to be an emotional afternoon at Vicarage Road


and at Sincil Bank next week where the first team he managed,


Lincoln, play their FA Cup replay. More on Graham Taylor later


in the show and we also have Arsenal's Olivier Giroud


on contracts and that goal. He's scoring and providing -


West Brom's Matt Phillips I don't want to rest on what is


happening at the moment, I want to keep pushing and working on my game.


Manchester United are flying, as is the world's most


The Seagulls aren't following anyone.


We're at Brighton, leading the way in the Championship.


Old team-mates at Barcelona, Stoke boss Mark Hughes


and Gary Lineker talk about the good old days.


The usual, three yards out, typical Gary Lineker!


Eight games in the Premier League this afternoon,


It's Tottenham at home to West Brom in the early kick-off,


Hull City play their first league game under Marco Silva


We'll be live at their fellow relegation strugglers Sunderland


West Ham play Palace at 3pm - without Dmitri Payet,


We'll talk about Diego Costa's omission from the Chelsea squad


as the leaders travel to Leicester, and there's a double dose


of Manchester against Merseyside on Sunday.


Although no-one in Merseyside or Manchester cares


We start, though, with one a man who this week signed


a new contract at Arsenal, Olivier Giroud.


Olivier Giroud! What a goal! Brilliant improvisation. It was very


special, I never score a goal like that, even if I try. Sometimes as a


striker, you don't have the ball as you want to have so you have to deal


with that. Sometimes you have to do the right gesture. He has got no


right to get anything on that, that was an unbelievable finish. If you


don't try, it's not going to happen. He tried the impossible and it came


off. I was so happy and a bit surprised because it went so fast


and yeah, I think God helped me a little bit! Olivier Giroud with the


header and it is in, they were 3-0 down and they have turned it around!


He is skipping away in delight. A couple of people told me about Mike


celebration, I just wanted to celebrate the goal with the fans as


quick as I can -- my celebration. I was almost sprinting to get back to


the kick-off so the opponent was even not ready and I told my boys, I


am going to simulate the Scorpion kick if I score so that's it. Giroud


we were talking about a new contract since the beginning of the year so


I'm very happy to carry on with the Arsenal family. I want to win more


trophies. Hopefully it's going to be this year. I hope that he's going to


stay, he built this club and I don't think he was the, anyway, we hope


that he will sign a new contract. -- I don't think he will leave. It's


always hard when you see the team doing well and you're not on the


pitch, you're not sure what you can do, so I was lucky to a difference,


I was very pleased to score important goals, especially in the


last minute. What do you to make of Giroud?


Eco-cabin on the fringes this time around but he has made himself


essential. He has battled back really well, because you wouldn't


say he would be in Arsenal's best 11, he's a different tool in the


box, comes off the bench, scores late goals, you wonder how many


strikers are out there in Europe that are better than him. He does


seem to be going up a level with his goals now, there is a determination


in his play, maybe around the negotiations, it's good news for


Arsenal, collection of players are signing new contracts. Does he get


in their best 11 this season, no, that he sit on the bench and change


the game, yes. You talk about him signing a contract, Koscielny has


done that, Francis Coquelin, the players they really want to sign our


method Ozil and Sanchez, there are rumours that also wants reassurances


about the future of Arsene Wenger. I can understand that, it's another


negotiation tool, it hasn't signed the other players I think Sanchez is


a player that gets the kind of support from Arsene Wenger that is


surely didn't get at Barcelona. I am not sure how it's going to pan out


with Ozil. First home game in charge for Paul Clement at Swansea. John


Hartson will be watching this match. What do the locals make


of the appointment because, like Bob Bradley, he hasn't managed


in the Premier League? I don't think he was the broad's


first choice, they spoke to the likes of Chris Coleman and Ryan


Giggs, they didn't get either of them. I think they had previous


discussions with Paul Clement before they appointed Bob Bradley and they


didn't get that one over the line. They have got their man now, and


like everything else, he has to start winning games full stop


defensively Swansea have considered the most goals in the Premier


League, he has to strengthen in certain areas, mainly defence and


once he starts picking up points, the crowd here, like every other


manager, will back him. I wonder if that is a shrewd appointment, to


bring in Claude Maca lately -- Makelele. He will also have to hold


onto Llorente. The issues that they have with King Acosta, looking for


something to replace him if he was to go -- Chelsea have with league


Acosta. That put pressure on Swansea wanting to keep Llorente, they only


just signed him in the summer. Going onto Makelele, Paul Clement worked


with him a bit at Chelsea, both him and Makelele worked with Ancelotti


for 18 months, both as assistants, it's somebody he knows and trusts


must ultimately, he the now. It is his relative he wants to bring in


now. He is a big fan of the Swans. From one former Arsenal star


to another, with the news that Kelly Smith has retired this week


at the age of 38. She became England's first female


professional footballer when she signed for New Jersey


in 1999 and during two separate spells with Arsenal she won five


FA Cup winners medals. At international level


she represented England at six major tournaments and Great Britain


at the 2012 Olympics and scored 46 goals.


A true pioneer. Time now to hear from one


of the form players Since November last year,


only Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been involved in more goals


in the division than He's been talking to


Juliette Ferrington. How would you sum up the season you


have had so far? It to me a few games to get going, coming to a new


club, you need to get used to everything, new players, manager, I


feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself to hit the ground running,


great performances from the beginning, maybe putting too much


pressure on yourself will end up negative. I've always liked, I think


he has got everything a top player today needs, he has power, strength


and quality on the ball. His big weakness is his belief and he


shouldn't have any doubts at all. The manager took me out of the side


for the game against Man City, it was a bit of homework for me to take


a step back. Sometimes you need someone to put an arm around you and


tell you you're doing all right, keep working on your game and things


will happen. Since then things have really clicked for me. You have


taken the pressure off yourself? Maybe. The boys have been great as


well I can't speak highly enough of the boys, it's a great changing


room, no real cliques or groups or anything like that, everyone is all


in amongst each other, you have tough days, then you have days when


it's time to get serious. Those are the things that count. Those


characters and personalities, that experience, what can you take from


what is around you on a day-to-day basis? Aaron Fletcher has played for


Scotland, in the Champions League, the Manchester United he brings that


experience -- Darren Fletcher. He really sets the standard, for any


other player, you can only learn from that and match that to be able


to contribute in training and on match days. He sets the bar high.


Who comes a close second to him? Myself! Something just clicked with


you. The game against Leicester, I thought I was playing reasonably


well, scoring a goal, the assists, it brings you work with the team and


from there, you just go on. How much further can you go, how much more


have you got to give? I hope I'm not quite in order to rest on what's


happening, I want to keep wishing on, still plenty more I can do, I


can get more goals and more assists. Just to let you know the team news


at Spurs. Spurs are unchanged from their last Premier League game


against Chelsea. West Brom have made one change, Jonny Evans is out with


a calf injury. Jonas Olsson comes in at centre half. Phillips has been


spectacular. What is that stat you have got? We know you love us that.


You can't set me up when I haven't got one! He is second only... You


rock me to repeat the same stat from earlier? In terms of what he's


delivering, do you think that Tony Pulis so that when he got him? I


think a lot of seen that on one or two have tried to take in the fall


but in that position, it's all about end product. Graham Taylor would


have said to someone like that, what did you do today? How many crosses


did you get in, did you get any shots in? You would see the penny


has struck with him, he has always had the ability. Tony Pulis gets


great credit for him becoming more of a team player, he was a bit


selfish as a player at QPR. He missed out on the last few Scotland


squads. I will bet he will! You were interested in how Spurs were going


to line up today, they have gone with a line-up that really works.


They played this against Chelsea and maybe you thought it was just the


counteract what Chelsea do but if there is a team that is most suited


to this than the premiership, I haven't seen it. I feel they can get


Eric Dier into the team, the three at the back, probably the best three


out and out defenders in the Premier League, the full-backs, and then


Moussa Dembele and the Wanyama are underrated, there restored the


balance about that team, the mythic. The wingbacks are better than the


Chelsea ones. In terms of Dele Alli, don't know Pochettino said, about


the killer instinct and being so crucial, last season, the game


against West Brom was when Dele Alli was given retrospective three match


ban for the punch on Claudio Yacob. Pochettino said he wanting to show


that naughtiness, he likes that side of him. Listen, he played with a


fellow at Arsenal everybody loves, Dennis Bergkamp, did he have a nasty


side or what! Unbelievable! Will those great players have got it.


Just keep a lid on it but that age makes him what he is. Sharp elbows,


Dennis Bergkamp! Tottenham's win over Chelsea 10 days


ago tightened things up at the top Liverpool are five points off


the leaders, five points behind them are Manchester United,


their opponents tomorrow. Steve Bower has been


speaking to the world's most Life is good. We enjoy it every


minute, every moment. Is it everything you thought it would be,


coming back? I have been here before. The weather didn't change!


All good. You enjoying your life off the pitch? Always enjoying life. I


do football more what I love, I love to dance, I enjoy music, I just


enjoy myself. On the pitch, do you feel more


comfortable integrating into this new team? The adaptation maybe took


a bit. Because when you change players as well, you need some time,


now the team is going better and better, I think we all feel much


better than the start of the season. What about Jose Mourinho? What is he


like to play for? The first few months, it is adaptation for him as


well, now we know him better, how he plays and everything, we understand


him more, we feel very good foot he has given you an awful lot of


support personally? He says, don't listen to anybody, if you need


anybody, I am here, be focused on the pitch. That's all I need to hear


from my manager. You have had to three different


roles in the team, is the one you prefer, the one you feel most


suited? Two midfielders or one midfielder next to me, for me it's


the same, I would just give my best. Maybe I'm more comfortable if you


play in her three because you can go more attacking, both ways, I'm very


happy with that, there is no problem. When you first came here,


you didn't look as though you felt any pressure, have you changed? I'm


a happy man, I'm playing for Man United, great opportunity for me. We


want to win titles, we want to win things, I am just a happy man. What


is it about this club, the trial of Manchester United around the clock?


The club, every game, Bobby Charlton is coming to see us, it is a big


family. We stay altogether, when you wear the shirt, you have to be proud


of it and give everything. /10! Tell me something! What is your


relationship like with Ibrahimovic? When I speak about him, I always


life, he's one of the friendliest guys can he joker, outside the


pitch, but inside the pitch, he has a big experience and character and


they push you to your best, always. Almost a father figure to the


younger players? He wrote like it but he's the oldest! He might see


this! So he's the Big brother of everyone, maybe most experienced,


that's why he can give us advice. So he's almost as important off the


pitch as he is on it in the group? That's why we need Michael Carrick,


even Wayne Rooney, they are played to listen to because they have the


experience, they have been here at the club for a long time and they


know the Premier League. On the pitch he seemed to have a tour of


the relationship with Ibrahimovic. He should have scored more! But yes,


I find him a lot and I feel comfortable because he is a complete


striker. Nine wins in a row, can you feel that momentum at the moment? We


want to win the league, that is all, it is good to win but to win the


league you have to win so we have to keep doing this. We can have 20 but


if you don't win the league, there is no point. Manchester United


against Liverpool at Old Trafford, does it send a shiver down your


spine? The history, a big derby, more than Man City I think. The way


you feel the atmosphere is more. It is good to win football against


Stoke city, any team in the league, but it is even better, you have more


taste when you win against Liverpool because it is a derby. Like this.


I'll get there! Where are you on the list in the dressing room for the


music? The first DJ always big respect for Ashley Young. You are


not far behind? He knows! He hasn't got the dance moves? The best


dancer, I don't want to say it but you have to ask the others. They


will say Paul Pogba? Probably! One, two... That's it. Top man. Good


luck. Thank you. Not sure if he was impressed with Steve's handshakes!


He is impressive off the pitch but on the pitch he has really improved


and he says Mourinho has given him freedom and both he and the team are


playing well. If you remember the game at Anfield which was classic


Mourinho, glass half empty. Since then it has been glass half full.


Michael Carrick is a massive influence. He has allowed Pogba to


raid from midfield and he looks completely different. Mkhitaryan as


well. Manchester United now are 50% better than they were in October,


completely different and they look really good side. The whole mood has


changed and Pogba it's a free spirit and you can see that in his


personality. He is bouncing off Ibrahimovic as well. Ryan Giggs has


said he reminds him of Cantona and the effect he had at Old Trafford


and Pogba says he feels like a father figure but he is in


everything the club does. He is that senior player and Pogba is learning


from him. He is a serial winner of trophies. And the thing about him,


we might have talked about this before but with the younger players,


when they try to find him on the pitch and the ball is not good


enough, he is like that all the time, he's brilliant with them. Keep


trying, keep trying. We have not talked about one of the games of the


weekend, this lot taking on Liverpool who have been quite quiet


in the build-up. They have Joel Matip and Henderson back in


training, Coutinho might start as well so how do they stop Manchester


United who have found their rhythm? It needs to be the Liverpool of the


first few months when Coutinho was available and they were hounding the


opposition and making it difficult for them. Of course they missed


Coutinho, Firmino has not been quite the same but Liverpool Miss Mane. He


is the only one they cannot replace. He gives them a perfect balance.


Liverpool will try to press and I think they will have the energy but


Manchester United will have too much.


That game will feature on Match of the Day 2 which is on BBC 2


Alan Shearer and Phil Neville in the studio for that one.


The late game today sees leaders Chelsea travel


You might remember this from last season.


First time out to the right to Mahrez, three in the box and he


killed it in for Jamie Vardy! He has scored again. -- he curls it in.


Albrighton, that was blocked and the cross comes in and it is Mahrez, the


edge of the box, lovely control, turning and tries to beat


Azpilicueta and the beats Courtois as well! Double trouble for Chelsea!


Pedro, a good ball in. Loic Remy got one back but it was not enough. I


think in this moment I feel ashamed to be in such a bad position. Three


days afterwards Mourinho was sacked and the club revealed this week it


cost them ?8 million but now the new man in charge is manager of the


month for the third month in a row but he has a big job because the


major story today in the papers it's all about this man, Diego Costa.


Apparently his head has been turned by a potential move to China.


?30 million a season apparently to go to China and Conte said you are


not playing this weekend. Correct from the boss? Absolutely. He is


reasserting himself as to who is the manager. Costa as football utopia,


top of the league, scoring every week, he has found his form, what is


wrong in his life? Suddenly he falls out with his manager. He has brought


him to heal, he will come back quietly with an apology. If you get


60 million quid for him, let him go. Have you seen the Chinese football?


It's a lot of money. It's rubbish. He is at his peak. ?30 million a


season... You become a mercenary. He is at his peak. The team is built


around him, absolutely terribly, he is a top player. If he wants to go


to join and be bored for 18 hours a day, good luck. Could it derail


Chelsea? I don't think so coming is a quality player you don't want to


be without and I think the manager is managing it in the correct way.


They tell me he's like this committee can go off on one and


comes back the next day and it is all forgotten. Chelsea are hoping


that is what will happen. If he went, they don't win the league.


Simple as that? Yes. Because of everything he is. You could see it


then, he was trying to take him off, but the manager was saying, I'm in


charge, not you. It is a difficult dressing room at Chelsea and the


manager has done well this season and he is asserting himself.


Leicester were at Goodison Park in the cup last week with one of Kim


and complaining about a lack of transfer activity. -- Ronald Koeman


complaining. They have signed Morgan Schneiderlin. A few Everton fans


miffed he has taken the squad number two because they don't feel a


midfielder should be doing that. There is a long history of people


playing with weird numbers but is it a shrewd signing to get him back


with Ronald Koeman after his career stalled at Manchester United? He is


a good player and he gives them a bit of stability in there. He knows


how the manager wants to play, Ronald Koeman is taking his time to


get it right, Ross Barkley is improving and I think Everton will


finish the season well. And the manager knows which buttons to press


for Schneiderlin. The big news in world football this


week was the confirmation from Fifa that the World Cup will be expanded


to 48 teams from 2026, but it's not about the money


according to the Fifa President, We knew already that 60 more


countries in the world will participate in the biggest sports


event -- 16 countries. And I think this goes a long way into the


direction of making people participate in football in a more


concrete way. At the moment, 32 teams


start the tournament in eight groups of four,


with the top two going through to the knockout stages


and a grand total of 64 matches From 2026, there will be


48 teams - a quarter They'll start off in 16 groups


of three, with the top two going There will be a grand total of 80


matches in the tournament, but the winning team


will still play seven games. It will bring Fifa in about an extra


?500 million. They are saying it opens up the chance for other


nations to experience the World Cup. Africa will get a lot more than the


four countries that have previously qualified. I feel it is to spread


the name of the game and it has to be a good thing to get more people


playing and growing the game but what does it do to the tournament?


They are saying it will be the same number of games. Give more people an


opportunity. Same number of games to win it. There are 80 matches. And


the final group games will no longer kick off at the same time so you


could have a scenario where a lot of teams know that a goalless draw or a


certain result would send them through. And it will probably be in


two or three countries at the same time, it would have to be. It would


have to be huge otherwise. The Stoke manager, Mark Hughes,


never played at a major finals with Wales but he did


enjoy life overseas. He's been talking to a former


team-mate at Barcelona. Mark, it is over 30 years now. I


hadn't realised. July 1986 was when we signed for Barcelona. I have got


a few clips to have a look at. I will leave you to translate. You


always better at Spanish! Barcelona manager Terry Venables has signed


2-mac of his compatriots to help the campaign. You look browner than the!


I was a young 23 in years and attitude to life. It was hard work


for me whereas I think your attitude to it help you succeed better than I


did. Our debut. Lineker and Hughes helped make it a winning start for


Terry Venables. Do you remember? I remember because I scored after two


minutes. The usual, three yards out. Typical Lineker goal, based career


on it! We had Terry Venables as coach of course. He was great, I


liked him as a guy. He clearly knew the game very well. He knows this is


his responsibility. You used to give the translate a terrible time. It


happened every time he joined in. Put the brakes on and went you shot


him, go again. You can see how interested I am because Kerry is


talking about forward pressing. -- Terry. You had switched off and I am


not far behind you! Gary has the angle to cut it off. He knew his


stuff. He was ahead of his game, people talk about the high press


now. It is interesting seeing the coaches it always is, and it is the


old adage that old coaches are thieves. You see is a body like


Terry Venables working and you forget what happened when you were


under his tutelage -- somebody like. Do you think it helped you, nowadays


you get so many foreign players, when you are managing them,? Without


a shadow of doubt. To be able to go back to those experiences helps me


when I am speaking to the guys and I use it obviously when we are trying


to acquire good players. It is useful to say, I used to play for


Barcelona and Bayern Munich. It helps get them alert and think, hang


on, I can't remember him playing, but I will look on Google and see it


if it's true. Exactly. That is my attitude to it, clearly!


Completely the wrong way to embrace the culture of another country! I


regret to this day that I didn't embrace it as I should have. When


you go abroad you have to go with the mindset to stay as long as you


can and if you do that, you can be successful and you give yourself


time to understand different cultures and languages and you can


get a better experience. Whereas my attitude was, I will do it for a


couple of years and get back home. Harry Kane has put Spurs ahead


against West Brom. More of that interview available on the website


and the iPlayer. Sunderland have been in the bottom


three since September. David Moyes has spent a lot of the


week trying to bend people off. Yes, Patrick Van on hold was linked with


a move to Crystal Palace, and a week ago there was a reported approach


from West Ham to sign Jermain Defoe, that was knocked back. It is vital


that Sunderland hang onto their assets, with the Chief Executive


stating they would be very limited transfer funds available. The key to


it all is Jermain Defoe, if he did go, that would be seen as Sunderland


effectively waving the white flag. He has scored 11 goals, those of you


who look at our website regularly and the productions might be


familiar with the University of Salford supercomputer Sam which is


valued Jermain Defoe at something over ?41 million. I do know how they


have worked it out but for a 34 year wow!


Dropping towards them are Crystal Palace, who are away


at West Ham this afternoon, a club coping with this news


We had a situation with a player, it is Dmitri Payet. He wants to leave.


We don't want to sell our best players, we want to keep them. He is


definitely one of them, or our best player, that's why we gave him such


a long contract. And he refused to play for us. That really hurt Slaven


Bilic, to say that. They gave him a ?1 million bonus after the Euros,


signed him on a contract in February, a big deal, can you see


anything from his side of things that the club have matched his


ambition? Not really, think there is a responsibility as a young man to


behave in the right way, no one forced into sign the contract, yes,


he is outstanding and is not happy with the situation but you are there


to play, to refuse to play is scandalous, from the player's point


of view. It is almost club versus the player, is the strongest, are


there any winners? He needs to get out there and play. It is


disappointing it should become so public. What does it do to the


dressing room, to the dynamic? If you have a player like that, you


don't want to know him. Have either of you experienced that, someone who


has not wanted to be there and had that influence of dragging them


rolled down? A little bit, not naming names, but in the end the


player has to get on with job. Do players communicate that does it


have to come from the club? I don't imagine you would stand for that in


a dressing room you were in? To know it is a matter of time before he's


going, the club was there an awful long time before Dmitri Payet was


there and will be there afterwards. The club have to win otherwise what


is the point? Grifter palace of signed Geoffrey Schlupp, it is


crucial for them, they are slipping down the runway. -- Crystal Palace.


I think this player is a really good sign, he has a lot of pace, whether


he plays left back or more advanced, Sam will make things happen. He


knows there is a nervousness playing in that new stadium for West Ham and


they need the points today, Palace. A reminder that Final Score


is on the Red Button from 4pm this afternoon,


with Martin back to lock And Match of the Day


is from 10.30pm tonight, with Gabby Logan joined


by Danny Murphy and Ian Wright. To the Championship,


where five league wins in a row have seen Brighton take top


spot from Newcastle. It's been a season of success


so far, but also great struggle, as Mark Clemmitt has


been finding out. They are going top of the table with


half a season go! Five consecutive wins, unbeaten in 18, how aware are


you the players of all those statistics? We are aware because see


them on social media but I don't think the group buy into it too


much, what has been is gone and we are focusing on the future and


hopefully we can do some thing special by the end of the season.


What are the key characteristics of this group? Hard work, keeping


upbeat on the ground and not getting sucked in by the league table. It


sounds like you are the image of the manager, that is exactly what he is


like! You could say that coming definitely keeps our feet on the


ground. Don't take this the wrong way, I don't think I realised your


goal ratio was as good, a goal every two starts. Almost, I think. For a


man who didn't pay attention to stats! I like that one. I have done


it in most divisions now. Long may it continue. There is a team spirit,


it is manifested in the death of the Father for Anthony knockout, the


unity of the squad in going to the funeral... He's a big character


interesting room, when we might be down, that role has been reversed,


just before Christmas, we need to keep him up. He told me just before


the funeral that he would come with his girlfriend but I didn't know


about the other players. When I saw the bus arrived at the funeral, I


started to cry, it was so emotional, I will never forget that moment.


What a contrast over the last few months, the highs on the field and


that terrible low of it. Yes, some good memories in Brighton before


this happened, and obviously I cannot compare football with that


kind of thing in life. Obviously if I speak just about football, I think


I have had the best time since I started my career. It has been in


Brighton. It seems to have helped you to share your grief publicly. Of


course, because it's always important to have people behind you


in these moments, I needed that support, and the biggest support I


had was from the club. When I came back after the funeral, I was still


so emotional, I was crying every day in training it was obviously the


toughest moment in my life. But since I think I saw the first goal,


gave me so much more motivation to push forward and get better. An


emotional moment for him, he kisses the picture of his death, it means


so much to him. It it is always good to think about promotion, I was


talking about this with my dad in hospital at 40 passed away. He said,


if you can go up this season, I will be so happy, because I would be


doing what he asked me to do before he passed away. Really good to hear


Anthony being so honest. We talked about the relationship between


players and clubs can he will never forget the way his club have traded


him to stop he has talked about unity, Brighton certainly have it.


We have both played there. It is a fantastic club and now under the


leadership of the chairman, and Chris Hughton, I seriously hope they


get promotion poster by get smashed at Preston today but I hope they get


promotion! They are in great shape. Definitely, has always been a great


place to play, we didn't have the training ground, but it's great to


see that club on the way up. They take on Preston this weekend.


One FA Cup third round game to bring you up to date


with from Monday night, when League 2 Cambridge United took


the lead against Championship high flyers Leeds United through Uche


A different Leeds came out after the break.


Stuart Dallas got the equaliser from Alex Mowatt's cross.


Mowatt then grabbed the winner to set up a fourth round tie at AFC


And Leeds won again last night in the league.


They are up to third in the Championship


Predictions this week from UFC middleweight champion


Michael Bisping are on the website but we are going to finish


We've heard a lot of wonderful stories about


He was a man who had time for so many.


He was a man who will be fondly remembered today,


particularly at Vicarage Road, where in the late 70's he turned up


alongside a pop star, and changed the club forever.


Defence didn't move out to catch him, and there is Jenkins!


That's a good try and a lovely golden!


Played in early, he slides in! I say! An historic night indeed in


this corner of Hertfordshire. Callaghan!


What a magnificent goal from John Barnes!


He has saved, Luther Blissett again! Go!


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