The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Qualifying Formula 1

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Qualifying

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second. What?! You are in serious trouble! I don't really want to do


Dhabi. Expect even more speed but lot less fear for the rest of the


weekend. Catapulting you mortals around at Formula One speed is one


of the attractions of this place, an example of what can be achieved


with the dream. And a limitless supply of money. Two kilometres in


90 seconds. With a great smile on your face, it must have brought


back memories? It replicates the take-off. It was a real rush. I did


not see your face until now. You should open a rise and enjoy.


was all acting! There should be an embargo on over 60. 15 years over!


We had a chance to see Abu Dhabi and have fun because we came here


12 months ago and there was a huge title up for grabs. It is a


completely different occasion this year. Last year, we did know who


was going to win the championship and the teams and drivers did not


know. It was a massive surprise to see Sebastian Vettel coming out.


Ferrari thought they had it. Sebastien just pinched it from


everybody and he has become the major start and anyone who thinks


he has turned off the gas, forget it. He is the man to beat. Every


one of these drivers will try to make sure they be 10. He knows what


it takes to win. And what a circus! Korea and India have struggled with


the infrastructure. You cannot say that about this? It has been


impressive. Yes. I was a little bit De Beers when we first came as to


whether it would be about the surroundings but seeing this track


settling in, it is challenging. A lot of corners, it is like the


third slowest on the calendar so third and second gears. But what


the DRS back, the Kers, all of the non-racing, Fernando stuck in


behind Petrov and Mark Webber, we will see a lot more overtaking.


just because it isn't fast does not mean it isn't difficult. It has


been quite a test for three relative rookies. One we have seen


before but two of them have never sat in a Formula One car on the


circuit. Formula One is always looking to the future later on.


Racing drivers have sell-by dates, they're like light bulbs. But we


have the opportunity. Grosjean was out for notice. The these guys have


been running in the lower formulas. He is the most likely, he had a


very quick debut, that he will get everyone's attention. People


wanting to impress the teams but in reality it is the more established


stars that have taken the headlines. For the wrong reasons? Some really


surprising moments on the track. That is the first. Fernando Alonso,


sliding backwards, hitting the rear wing, and I don't know what kind of


damage that was. This was a surprise. Look how clever he was.


He absolutely got his head together to make sure the impact with the


Wall was minimised. He needed to save that front wing. Sebastian


Vettel put that into the first barrier and his radio message from


the manager told him to get himself back to the pits. He pushed the car


back, dusted down and he finished that session. That is a great


example of communication. That's what it takes. And to put that into


perspective, he had three crashes on Friday, three times he went on


to take pole position but winning has given him the championship. The


important thing to point out is it is just one when separating two, 3


and 4. And Schumacher five points behind his team mates. And the


constructors championship. McLaren are runners up. Now there is the


midfield battle with 10 points the difference and million surprise --


millions of pounds the prize. Jarno Trulli knows a lot about Formula


One. He said this man, Paul di Resta, has been rookie of the year.


He came men and most people were sitting out last year, we know what


we think and we have said it before. He has turned out. Fingers crossed,


he will be rookie of the year. That is a great accolade. Something that


all young drivers want to be because they want to keep up


momentum going. He wants to know about the next team. I'm sure he is


standing here and enjoying looking at this. Let's look at the car.


Let's talk about the car. Nice to see you. How much pressure is there


on the drivers from the teams to keep hold of this place? It is a


large amount. Given what the team lost last year by one point. To get


No. 6 in the constructors championship. We are in a stronger


position than the boys chasing us. So far, the car has been working


well and we hope we can continue that form. Really, going to Brazil


with that comfortable margin. India, all the drivers were raving


about what a great new venue it was. Here in Abu Dhabi, give us some


feel about what this is like? It is below average speed? It does not


really have a great flow. It all seems to be have happening,


bouncing over kerbs and losing traction. If you lose the wheel


almost one corner, there would be a lot of loss. But as a spectator, it


is great. Great facilities and hotels. I'm going into the night,


it has everything. Jarno Trulli talks about you. We had Eddie


Jordan praising it. One more race to go. How would you summarise your


season? From the outside, quite positive. Some good results but


definitely there have been ups and downs and I would be critical. I


have lost some great results but equally, some mishaps with the team.


But you win and lose as a team and as long as we can get our ambition


as 6th place in the constructors to a picture, job done. I am not


asking the you this question because of your team-mate, that


isn't for me to decide, but... contract is until the end of this


year and the team bus will announce this whenever he wants. Thank you.


You can jump into the car. And both Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta were


right on the bubble for the final part. I liked that answer. Not for


one moment did he give us any clue that he would be the one that was


not going to be in the frame. He clearly knows that he is one of the


drivers next year. Interesting. would be mad not to want to keep


this considering his performance. They're just about going to make it


into the final part what we will wait and see. The engines are being


turned off. 31 minutes to go until qualifying. He was Ted Kravitz... -


- here is. Lewis Hamilton rejects claims from his team bus that he


has been put under pressure recently by Jenson Button's success.


Rubbish. I do not know if he was misquoted, but for me, my issues


have been much bigger than that. More personal. The fact that he is


doing great is great for the team. He has stayed out of trouble, more


than me, and has kept his head straight and has good people around


him. He is in a much stronger position than me. Her Martin says


he wants that similar support structure that Jensen Button has


and he was happier and quicker when he was in his recent relationship.


I do not plan on being single for long. Nothing to do with being


single or not, when I was in my relationship, she was the most


positive thing in my life. That maybe needs to be back. Jensen


Button, he has joined a popular charity moustache growing up and


what this attempt. How many days is that? I started at the start of the


month, one day before. It just grow as fast. I am just a hairy monster!


It is blonde so you cannot see it. Back to racing, he says the strike


is unlikely to produce much overtaking, even with the DRS zones.


I have played around on the long run, trying to overtake. In the DRS


zone. It is very difficult. Probably the most difficult place


for overtaking, considering there are two of them. Because the core


of before both in first gear, to get in front and go on the throttle,


the boy is gone. Really tricky. I qualifying a, Ferrari just need to


understand why their front wing is flapping around. It was doing the


same in India and they don't know why. It was a problem with that and


we tried to fix it at home but apparently we haven't fixed it


properly. It is the same specifications as the other wings.


At their meeting of the F1 Commission, three teams have been


allowed to change their name. Renault will be named Team Lotus.


Are the owners about to buy North a's Lotus cars? All we are happy


about is the name change. It integrates better with the car


company in terms of moving forward but everything else is pure


speculation. The current team Lotus will be called the Caterham F1 team


and Virgin will be named after their Russian car company investors.


So what about Sir Richard Branson? Sir Richard is going to stay


involved in the team, he will be an important presence. I think it is


important to make a statement for the major shareholders. The issue


with the Bahrain Grand Prix was also discussed but the race stays


on next year's Khan that, barring any further disruption in the


kingdom -- Callander. Nico Rosberg has committed to Mercedes for the


next three years, but Rubens Barrichello admits that the next


race in Brazil may be his last in Formula One. He is in the same


position as three years ago, going into the final race without a


driver for the following season, but he remains hopeful. I will be


doing my very best, and I will go to the Brazilian GP with the


thinking that I had in 2008, to do my best and hopefully I will be


back. At few fans already soaking up the evening sun here. -- a few


fans. Just two more races, they will be cheering for Rubens


Barrichello. We will talk about him soon, because he has even more is


this weekend but before that, Nico Rosberg, only five points ahead of


Michael Schumacher, what will it do to his standing to be beaten by


Michael this season? He has got himself a long contract with


Mercedes. He has been extracting the maximum in qualifying. But


Michael has raised his game in a race performance, and we saw in


India he was able to use a different strategy to go past of


Nico Rosberg in the pit stop phase. It is a close thing, but you want


to merge the two performances, at Rosberg's qualifying with Michael


race. He would probably just love to win. He hasn't won a race this


season, it must be alien to their work -- a driver who was strong in


the Julian -- junior category. father was the manager at the time,


he took him to Williams and many people thought that was a question


of trying to grow and build its value in Formula One without any


pressure. But the strategy hasn't really worked, at no victories.


Rubens Barrichello, you can see him the team working hard -- you can


see that he working hard. It has been a season to forget. He hasn't


even made it through to the final part of qualifying all year.


must be tremendously frustrating. This is the most experienced driver


in the history of the sport. He has One Grand Prix is, he has a passion


for driving and I just hope that he does not going to the winter


knowing whether he is in Formula One or not, it might not give him


the send-off he deserves. He has been a good ambassador for the


sport. Tough times for the most experienced man in Formula One. If


we look over there, you can see Eddie Jordan is with a man who is


also having a tough time. He has to change the team name for next year,


make decisions on his drivers and he is wondering why the form of the


team has fallen away. No chance for Eric to enjoy the sun in Abu Dhabi.


I am sure he can contend with all of this. Derek, at 163. Escort last


year -- Eric. You scored 60 points in your first racist this year, but


a paltry 12 since then -- in your first six races this year. We went


for any desire Nishi and it has cost us quite a lot. Unfortunately,


this is the price to pay on the sporting side -- we went for a new


design that this year. And we lost Alan leading driver. All in all,


very frustrating. Opposite, Robert Kubica you are referring to. We


hadn't heard you refer to him much, is he coming back are you holding


the seat for him? -- and are you? am holding the opportunity for him


to come back. By would be kidding myself -- I would be kidding myself


if we weren't trying to get an opportunity for him to get back. We


are waiting to get some news. He is very quiet himself, he is putting


himself in a difficult position. We have worked on the different


scenarios as well during the course of the season and now it is pretty


clear where we want to go and we are just waiting for him to


communicate clearly if he can commit or not and then to decide


about the communication plan, because I don't want to be the one


who is not putting him in the car. Of course, we all want to know


about Robert Kubica, but they keep coming back, six years ago, you


were back to back world champions with Alonso and now we see what is


going on at the moment. What surprises me and a lot of other


people, not one of your senior staff from that time are not with


you. Why is that? A senior staff? The engineers, the designers, they


have gone. You have had a real exodus of people leaving. What is


the reason? There is not so many people leaving as you said, just a


couple of names who have left. Some of it was planned for them to leave.


We have also been very quiet on allow recruitment. -- our. We have


a couple of top engineers coming but we don't want to communicate.


In 2005 and 2006, the team was the world champions, but we were very


down in 2009. Since we took over, we have recruited 20 people, so


that is 20 people more compared to 2009. We have more people now and


we are still within the limits. Obviously, we have some people


leaving because they don't feel secure a. We still have the name


rule and we have to finance the team, we need to secure the future


of the team and it is now all done and should be announced in the


coming weeks and it is very important that people know they


have a strong future. I can promise you this table last very long in


Formula One. Eric, thank you very much for explaining that, it is


very important. Indeed it was. We have just come around to the garage.


42% of Renault's points came in the first two races. We have talked


about the exhaust, how is it holding the team back? The way they


are blowing the defuse there is out there sidebars, something we


haven't seen before. There may be when you are energising the FO that


far forward, maybe it loses some of the energy. Those people exploiting


the double diffuser technology are doing it right at the diffuser


itself. They stole a march early doors and then they have lost it


later on. In final practice today, Bruno Senna was quicker than Petrov,


we will see how it plays out in qualifying. Something else to keep


your eyes then, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, six times they have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


come together on track this season. was quite a lot quicker than Felipe


Massa. He was already turning in and I realised too late. I went


inside and he turned so early. I tried to work with the kerb to


avoid him and I was stuck there. try and do it up on the kerb, that


is an error of judgment. He is ridiculous, it is stupid. Lewis had


the best lap. I was stopping as fast as I could. Double top Lewis,


no question. It was the last corner of the last lap. I was not giving


him that position. That was a great racing manoeuvre. Lewis's fault,


completely. He cannot use his mind, you know? How many times with me


this year? Too many times. Lewis completely misjudged it. I didn't


move. I was on the outside. Again, I don't think Lewis realised Felipe


Massa was out there. I can't see anything through my rear mirrors.


That something we can fix. I have no problem with him. There is not


really much to say, is there? is nothing Lewis can do any more.


tried to overtake. He tried to avoid it, but Felipe Massa didn't


take care. Lewis had to drive into the corner. He didn't look like he


was going to give me any space. came up straight across. Lewis had


the right to be there. That is why Felipe Massa, to me, was to blame.


And that debate went on long into the night. Good to see plenty of


other Formula One drivers around here in Abu Dhabi, enjoying the


little winter break. Let's talk, not about the clash, because we


have discussed that until we are blue in their face. Lewis has said


he is not driving as well as he could be, and the same applies to a


Felipe Massa, not to the top four all season. You couldn't believe


that when I told you. I thought you were lying as usual. It is a


startling fact. It shows that Formula One today, there is


incredible reliability and how strong the each of the drivers have


been. You can say Felipe Massa has not been able to get higher up. His


qualifying has improved over the last few races and he needed that,


because a lot of questions were being asked. He needs a race result


to build confidence. For we saw some words coming out of the


Ferrari camp this week, saying Formula One needs to think about


the way it operates if Ferrari are to remain happy, and then I saw a


cartoon in a magazine saying "can't win, a wide by", but the Ferrari


boss throwing his tools away. -- can't win wordplay. Has that


distracted from this week? Ferrari are the master chess players. They


know each little pawn being played at each moment. I won't say they


had an inside track but they do have special privileges, financial


and otherwise. They know what is happening and they are being


trounced. They don't like it but they are being trounced by two very


good teams and I think it is disappointing. We saw the win in


Silverstone, it hasn't been replicated and it is disappointing,


because they are refined team and I think they will be back. I don't


think they need to put things out like they did, it is negative and


doesn't help. Another thing the Ferrari boss said that -- is that


Felipe Massa will be faster in 2012, that is a message to the driver. We


think we can shed some light on the whole Lewis Hamilton and Felipe


Massa situation. This is what Lewis told us. These are the worst


mirrors that we have. We are trying to stop them flexing but they flex


a lot. Imagine down the straight, that thing is doing that a pole


time, at 200 mph, it is flapping like crazy. -- all the time.


can't see the other cars, that is the problem. It is a nice feature,


but who is going to feel sorry for a Grand Prix team that can't stand


there -- stop their mirrors flapping there? I am sure they


could do it if they wanted to. sure they could spend a few million


on it. You can see more on the exclusive interview with Lewis


Hamilton tomorrow at 12:15pm. But what about Toro Rosso? When you are


owned by the same person who owns Red Bull, it is difficult to see


him impressive. But after a few ups and downs, 2011 has been just that,


decided to buy the team, it was a completely different philosophy. It


was the strategy to get all the cars from Red Bull, the technology,


and to run them in Italy. We had two or three very successful years.


Sebastian Vettel winning the Grand Prix! Here at Monza! Afterwards,


our opponents were not so happy and it meant a change in regulations


and then step number two. 2010 was the first year we had to build the


teams, the wind tunnel, the office. Toro Rosso have got it horribly


wrong. This year, progression has been very positive. He is coming


from a very long way back. The team is growing up. Be made good


progress from all sides, the tactical side, from the marketing


side and also the drivers. remember speaking to after Valencia


and you had a great race, that was a turning point. Does it feel like


that? I absolutely, I knew at the beginning I had lots of problems


with the tyres and adjusted some time to work. So we, the results


came. A Alguersuari doing a great job. And a well earned its place.


This year, the performance increased, especially in the last


race. We have improved DRS. And we improved the aerodynamics. That is


why we are so competitive. It is definitely good when you find


yourself going into Q 3, like we both did, in India. We were in


front of the most serious cars, Renault. The car is going good and


you want to keep pushing. He had 26 points, last to finish with just


five of them. What is the difference? As a driver, I am


better because I was 20 years old last year, my first year, and now


the car is much better. Toro Rosso has been mighty. We find our place


in front of Renault and Force India and Sauber. Which we did not


believe. Last year he won 9th, how important is it to come forward?


The area. We're talking about serious money and that is the most


important thing in Formula One. The more money you have, the more you


can test and drive and the more successful you can be because it


can bring in more people and I expect we will improve and I want


Toro Rosso to do that. It is a permanent team. We are now it place


with the same amount of points as Sauber, 10 points behind Force


India so it will be difficult to get 10 more points. But in Korea,


if everything goes well, we have seen that we can do it. The main


objective is to finish in 7th place but we can still dream. He will be


dreaming this weekend because the car does not look too bad. We are


in the panic and the architecture is great, you know you are in the


Middle East. India was mainly glass and steel. Toro Rosso, it seems to


be working for them? Putting the pressure on young drivers. De


Adrian Sutil has upped his game. No doubt that those guys at Toro Rosso


are driving the season of their lives? It is curious because these


guys have come all the way from karting, racing is in their blood.


Go why were they any pressure to be motivated to want to perform? It is


a gift to drive and the Formula One car. I am curious whether it is


just the fact that they're under pressure or is it the fact that the


team appears to have found some performance, which has allowed the


drivers to show what they can do. You must imagine, going down the


grid, performance gets worse, those cars are more difficult to drive.


It is really busy here. The parting of the waves. Toro Rosso, you made


the point that Red Bull have been helping them and that isn't allowed.


Other teams think that they have had information on how to get that


diffuser working well because that is the real strength of Red Bull.


The bus is a very responsible man and I believe 10. He confirms that


there is no collaboration at all. And on occasions like this, I do


believe 10 and this team have found something, they're quicker. The us


boys at Toro Rosso are in their 20s and another man making us feel very


old is Sergio Perez, in his rookie season. Thank you for giving us


your time. Here we are at the scene of the big race last year. We will


go out and you will tell us what makes you special on this track.


Shall we walk? Some fans are here. I make a priority of saying hello


to the ladies first. That is what you do? Yes. Shall we get our leg


over and get onto the track? Chubby Czech the tyres. What do you feel


about the height of racing drivers? He is a driver? Yeah s! Take a good


look at his face because you will see a lot of them in the future.


Really sorry about the English really not recognising it. --


English lady not recognising you. Right, leg over. What team do you


drive for? You have a good feeling, you want to do the race here and


the rest is history? You're a veteran of 17 Grand Prix is. Where


does this it? In terms of the memories? Today's data I had my


first day in Formula One and I really enjoyed that, it is a very


nice circuit. Hopefully we can score a good points. -- two days


later. Turn Number 10, very wide. Entering the longest straight on


the track. Long apex. Fantastic, the setting in this track. Be it is


definitely a nice place. Here there can be good action. I did some


overtaking here. But a start of the Grand Prix, you can actually go to


the inside to avoid the incident. Very low. You can afford to be


quite aggressive. Det the DoE, you want to cut here, not all the way


out. -- definitely. Here we have the barriers, now, you are a living


example that those barriers to work. You had a huge crash in Monaco at


the corner I crashed on in my last year. It was quite a lot to me. It


took a long while to get my head back into place. One thing that the


public are not aware of perhaps his racing is in your family, your


father was managing young drivers in the early days of the Grand Prix.


Your brother is racing in at last car. We get on well. Do we live


similar lines. We give advice to which other because he can see


things from the outside and I can see things in his career so it is


very good. Very good support. was a little incident last year


weather was a television show called Top Gear, is that no-one


Mexico? A very well known. Especially when they criticise the


country. Is Jeremy Clarkson safe to go to Mexico on a holiday?


country to do very seriously. I think you should wait before going


to Mexico! -- took it very seriously. All the best. Thank you.


Germany is said to have a holiday here. Plenty of people are doing


that. Not only busy in the paddock but also around the harbour. David


is enjoying educating the younger drivers about the perks. Sergio


Perez showed us last time what you can achieve, even if you have a


tough qualifying session? Cast your mind back to Australia, he has


something, he knows how to look after his tyres and his car and I


think he is a really cool talent. He has a very balanced head. We


will see a lot of him. The less than one minute until the handover.


Jensen Button said that overtaking will be difficult. The double DRS


zone, that has not meant a lot so qualifying is just as important as


last year. He is right. Qualifying is king. Sebastian Vettel last year


had the advantage for him. Nevertheless, Jensen Button likes


to talk down his qualifying performance because it isn't Israel


star quality, his is racing. They are certainly ready behind us.


Ready in the paddock. Abu Dhabi is ready. Jensen Button has described


the current crop of drivers as the best he has ever faced. All of them


are about to take to the track and the fight for pole position starts


the ultimate lap for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Round 18 of this year's


World Championship. The Yas Marina Circuit. The third race at this


spectacular venue. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have been on


pole position before and they very much look favourites after the


practising this morning. David Coulthard is in my commentary box.


Three parts of the track over three seconds. The middle sector, lots of


corners. Those too long back streets. The third sector is around


39 seconds. The temperature is dropping. 5 o'clock in the evening,


here. And we saw the free practice, well over 40 degrees on the track.


That is a factor, as the temperature goes down through the


qualifying hour. It did look seriously close between Red Bull


and McLaren and Ferrari also looking on, as always. We expect an


exciting session. Not just at the front. We have a tremendous


championship battle going on between Force India, Sauber and


Toro Rosso. They look close. Force India looking particularly strong.


This is where the empty out all their fuel, they put these engines


up to maximum power and the drivers thrash their car as within one inch


of their lives to get that position. It is an amazing facility. Is it a


great race track? It was very telling when we spoke with Paul di


Resta and asked about this in comparison to India and he talked


about the facilities! How amazing everything is. No question, they


have created an incredible sight. Everything from multiple hotels to


the ease of access has been first class. The racetrack, I do not see


anyone putting this into their favourite tracks to drive on.


That's it, it has interesting quirks. Underneath the hotel. The


falling temperature all the way into qualifying, which poses a


challenge. In Singapore, straight away under the lights. Here, they


have a temperature that was at 40 degrees when down to one hour in


practice session earlier today and it has dropped to 32 degrees.


Roberto Mancini, there. We're taking him around the track on


Monday. I thought he always wore his scarf?! Back to the business of


qualifying. 32 degrees. As the temperature drops, the chemical


reactions in the tyres changed. You get more life and for longer,


bigger bang for your back within a stroke of the piston as the air


temperature drop-zone more downforce. The cars will feel


better and better. Interesting point as we look at the


constructors championship. Red Bull have already won this. Williams


down in 9th place. Just five points, which hurts them. Let's hope they


have something better in store next year. Kimi Raikkonen Joining that


team. That would give us six World Championship is on the grid. Quite


something. Rubens Barrichello and some others might not agree with


that enthusiasm. We saw the fastest ever lap this morning of the


circuit. By Lewis Hamilton. Bennett 38.976. We seem to have some pace


out there. It should not be surprising. Entering the paddock.


Not surprised by the impressive lap times we have seen through practice.


The kinetic energy recovery system is back on for this season, giving


them an extra 80 horses. For 6.7 seconds. We have DRS, the drag


reduction system, which they can use on every single street. Getting


ready for the start. 20 seconds to run. 15 seconds to go. That is


interesting. So many cars are dead keen to get out there and get a lap


under their belt. Five seconds to go. And... Qualifying is underway!


Five cars taking to the track. All lined up. Kovaleinen is going out


also for notice. Jarno Trulli, the second at Lotus. And they are


fanning out of the pits. Renault, so many name changes. The pit entry,


the exit onto the track entry. We briefly saw that. Fernando Alonso,


waiting in the pits. Blowing cool air on him. That's looks like a


a wonderful feeling that, you lazily putt out a finger and say


start might engine -- the power of that finger. Sebastian Vettel, you


can see his trainer holding the bag, that is full of dry ice. He prefers


to have the air through the dry ice and it calls the cockpit before the


qualifying session. They have Let's hear from Ted Kravitz.


KRAVITZ: There very busy pit lane as people go out on the hard-up of


the two tiers, the medium compound, -- tyres. Rubens Barrichello, you


will have seen his car with about eight mechanics around it, they are


close to getting it finished. They were worried they would have to use


a new engine and get a penalty for that but that hasn't been a case.


The oil was leaking out of it in practice three, so they are just


putting the car back together and he will be out shortly. His team-


mate Pastor Maldonado does have a penalty for this one. We don't


expect him to use up many soft tyres, because that would


ultimately be pointless, because he has dropped 10 places. He drops 10


places because he is on his ninth engine of the season, you can only


use 80 before a penalty, and there are gearbox penalties as well --


eighth. We are on board with Bruno Senna. In the Renault, this car


will become a Lotus next year. I understand it will retain its


colour scheme. The Lotus saga is finally over. That is the second


apex he has not looked up with. enlisted by a country mile. That


certainly won't help his exit -- he missed it. Past the support pit on


the right hand side and hard on the brakes Macro. That breaks. He has


not been eliminated in the first part of qualifying since he joined


the team, he has been pretty salad. Bass solid. The car has slipped


since the opening race in Melbourne but it is a very solid made-top 10


car, so I think he has done a good job coming in halfway through the


season, certainly enough to keep Petrov honest. His star has waned


slightly since Bruno Senna came in. The difficult decision going


forward as to which drivers they put in place. We talked about it


before the show, we are waiting to hear about Robert Kubica. They have


Grosjean, at Reading in Friday practice, and he was quicker than


Petrov -- running in Friday practice. You would expect of the


most experienced guide to be setting the pace. It must be a


likely that Robert Kubica is coming back for the start of the season.


That would be something. Mark Webber for Red Bull, he has been


very closely matched with Sebastian Vettel. It looks as close as we


have seen him to his young team- mate all year, I would say. This is


a track that mark was very strong around, he slipped in qualifying


last year, which was the crucial four-way battle for the


championship which his team mate went on to win and he has backed it


up with his performance this year. Mark has a contract in place for


next year, he has had a reputation of being a great qualifier, so he


needs to relax into this weekend. Fernando Alonso checking his


mirrors, it is all about track position. Lewis Hamilton coming


behind him, he will have to back out of it. Coming into the last


corner, it is an anti-clockwise track. 12 left and nine are right.


One of five anti-clockwise circuit, the last one in Brazil is anti-


clockwise as well. They were both on their out-lap there. If you are


thinking, he will take a penalty, Lewis Hamilton won't. Felipe Massa


is the fastest man in the first set at the moment. Make that Vettel now,


he has just done a 1: 17.8. Still four-tenths of what we saw in


practice, but they are still on a hard and tyre. We saw them having


two or three laps to get the best time in practice, that might be the


case again. And quite suddenly, the way the -- the way the tyres are


performing, some of the top teams won't be putting on the yellow tyre


until the last part of qualifying. But there hasn't been a great deal


of difference between them and it is taking two or three laps to


activate the tyres. What we saw in the morning practice was one of


fast lap, and then another lap that was delivering the time. I am


worried about Pirelli getting there act together. They are becoming so


good and durable, I want the bubblegum tyres back, lots of


shocks and surprises. But they don't want that for their product.


It surprises me, because they took so much negative criticism at the


beginning of the year, they took it on the chin and they said we want


more exciting racing, we have brought in more pit stops, so why


would you want to back away from that? Hamilton said the fastest lap.


-- sex. Make that Vettel. We would expect all of these top teams to be


able to get through this part of qualifying using the hard tyres and


with one run. Fernando our using plenty of kerb, the front wing


touching the ground. Michael Schumacher, who has taken quite a


shine to the run-off areas through free practice, let's see if he will


do the same again. I have to say, I really was concerned we were close


to seeing a serious injury to Michael Schumacher last year, when


and Tonio Liuzzi's Force India climbed up the front of his car --


and Tonio Liuzzi's. Michael Schumacher was bouncing across at


kerb. He went very wide in tents 17, we saw he had been held up by


Michael Schumacher -- turn 17. Could Michael Schumacher get a


penalty for that? That is a timed lap four menthe -- for Di Resta. He


ran off the circuit in 18 and 19, which take you under the hotel.


Webber has gone fastest from Vettel. Hamilton is on another flying lap,


as we see Nico Rosberg, he has just extended his contract with


Mercedes-Benz, he will be there till at least the end of 2013. They


really cut across the inside. More than I have never noticed before,


across turn 19. I am not aware of any changes to the kerb, but what


is significant is that these defuses, -- diffuser ofs, it is


giving them so much more downforce, they could use it by cutting over


the kerbs. They will all be in a different situation next year and I


suspect they will keep off the kerbs a little bit, because it


excites the car. Hamilton is still on the slower at medium compound


tyre, with the lighter colour markings. Vettel is quick as well,


just about matched Hamilton in the first sector. Not a lot going on,


very evenly matched. We watch Hamilton at the end of the back


straight. Another very fast middle sector. 10 minutes remaining of Q1.


As ever, this is all about the drop zone. Rubens Barrichello still


hasn't made it out of the pits. 80 car the line and has got himself in


in the Lotus at the moment -- Heikki Kovalainen has got himself


in there. He is just been. Michael Schumacher has just done a personal


best in the first sector. Jenson Button is coming alive as well, he


is in sixth at the moment. We waited to see, as we look at Ron


Dennis of the McLaren team, if Jenson Button can beat a bit back


line and does indeed go faster. 1: 40.2, that is a very quick lap


indeed for Jenson Button. It looks like he has enjoyed it so much he


will take another one. Now, Michael Schumacher, a personal best in the


first and second sector, he has decided he likes the racetrack in


his lap rather than the run-off areas. Two corners to go, a


sweeping right and then a tricky one into the pit straight. Over the


line he goes and Michael Schumacher goes straight into the top 10.


Lewis Hamilton is on another flying lap. Jenson Button is out there as


well. These tyres are going to last forever tomorrow. They will be


using them in Brazil in two weeks' time, they have so much durability.


I guess Pirelli can't get it right every time, this is their first


time coming to Abu Dhabi. Lewis Hamilton setting the fastest time.


He was quickest in the morning practice session, and despite all


the talk of there not been settled off track, he looks incredibly sure


footed on the track -- all the talk of him. Lewis Hamilton was half a


second quicker than everybody else this morning. He has a three-tenths


advantage over Webber and half a second on his team-mate, Jenson


Button. Hamilton surely looking favourite for pole position. Here


is Michael Schumacher. Does he miss the chicane, by any chance? He


doesn't. We have seen that several times in free practice way you go


straight across the corner. One of the DRS detection zones is there


for the race tomorrow. If you go through there and you gain an


advantage, if you are further ahead of the car then when you went into


the corner, you will hear from the stewards. Or if it gets you into


the DRS zone by cheating across there, and you use the DRS there,


you will take a penalty as well. That is the trouble with the


supermarket car-park run-offs, it is too easy to make a mistake. Have


I mentioned that before? You have, it is one of your bugbears of


modern racetracks. There are acres and acres of run-off around this


track. I agree with you, you shouldn't be able to just


systematically use them. What they are really looking out for his car


getting away with using it once, like when you are starting to lose


a better performance from the tyres, you could easily miss that chicane,


game park the second from your previous best lap, not go faster


than your previous best sector and gain time when you come into a pit


stop. It is like going down to Eau Rouge, we would fake the break


going into the hairpin, and then had a better run into the next lap.


Everybody did it. TED KRAVITZ: Rubens Barrichello is waiting for


one run at the end but I understand he will do three laps on that run


to get the best out of his soft tyres. Renault have also had to


take the soft tyres, and I am looking to see if the Mercedes... I


think Michael Schumacher considers himself safe enough in ninth


position, even though the times has started to get quite close.


Maldonado has gone out on a set of soft tyres. Any news on Rubens


Barrichello? Still in the pits? I did say, he is going to do one


run of three laps. That is the plan. Has he got enough time? Maybe it


will be two laps. The team insists the car is ready to go and I can't


see from where I am to look into the garage, but I will make double


short and let you know. Thank you very much for that. Rubens


Barrichello still waiting to see what he can do. Heikki Kovalainen,


a Ricky ardour, Timo Glock, d'Ambrosio, Liuzzi and Jarno Trulli


in the drop zone. -- Daniel Ricciardo. Jarno Trulli missed a


race... Heikki Kovalainen well ahead of Jarno Trulli at the moment.


A huge performance from Daniel Ricciardo in the High HRT. Only


one-tenth slower than Heikki Kovalainen, who has shown himself


to be the qualifying the king of that group of cars. So I wonder


where Daniel Ricciardo got that from. He was quickest as the young


driver here last year so he has experience of the track. Maybe it's


is his driving. Ted is now at quite sure if he is going out are


not. The team spokesperson isn't sure. He has time to do one fast-


run. Well, the car is fixed. They sent them out, if they did, he


might get to flying laps. Looking pretty grim for Rubens Barrichello.


And his team-mate, Maldonado, his 17th on and -- and on the cusp. The


Williams form is really working. Paul di Resta, presumably what


those yellow tyres, has gone up into 5th place. We can see Petrov


on those tyres as well. Schumacher is down to 11th place. Will he feel


the need to go back out or will be he under serious pressure? Petrov


goes up in two P8. He needs to leave the pits and the last of --


at the next half of a minute if he is going to go out and defend that.


Kobayashi, Maldonado, Kovaleinen. Timo Glock. Jarno Trulli is also


out. Plenty of runners. Schumacher down to 14th place. Only 17. He is


probably OK with Barrichello still in the pits. Michael Schumacher


stays in the pits. He feels comfortable that he already has to


join in your teens. Kovaleinen up into 16th place. Maldonado. One we


locked up. They do not turn well when they're not rotating. Not at


all, sometimes. Bruno Senna. And Schumacher, we think, is going out.


He has gone out on the soft tyres. He had to respond. He is 17, now.


Schumacher it needs to push. They seem to be waiting. Felipe Massa


has to commit to the softer tyres. Down to 13th place. The drivers


putting their tyres born to put the pressure on the expected front-


runners. We predicted it would be just over one second faster, and


Barrichello confirms he will not run. Is that the second last


qualifying session of his career? We do not know. Anyway, the Walker


Shane a cross to the pit wall. Paul di Resta find a massive 1.9 seconds


between the hard, Prime tyres, and the option. That is why we have


seen Felipe Massa having to respond. Schumacher currently 17th and on


the cusp. Will he be under any threat? I doubt it. Builders, he


churchy and Virgin only. Sir Paul McCartney comes into the paddock.


Barrichello took the pressure off Schumacher and Felipe Massa. They


could not rely on that happening and they had to go out. Schumacher


had to go out in 17th place. Three- tenths of a second over Kovaleinen.


And Kovaleinen has run out 1 lap. If d'Ambrosio is out there. They


might pull Schumacher's straight in. Why do the wrong on this tyres? All


that matters is he isn't 18. They can use those times in qualifying.


The chequered flag has dropped at the end of the first part of


qualifying. Just 20 minutes. It has gone so quickly. Petrov is on a


better lap. Schumacher has gone for the laps. He does not feel


comfortable. They should not be able to get in front of him.


will probably complete the second sector and then take the view on


the first sector. I would expect him to put after this. He should


not be getting beaten by Lotus, Virgin and he charges. None of


their first sectors are within three-tenths of this current one.


Jerome d'Ambrosio, currently in 23rd. Just to confuse us. We should


just qualified that that middle sector is pretty much to Street


runs. Down into seven - it and then it - 11, wide, open alliance. --


open lines. Jarno Trulli, 19th. He is on to personal bests. He has


surprised Kovaleinen. He does not, he stays behind him. Michael


Schumacher, coming towards the end of the lap and Pits. As he


predicted. As soon as he knew he was not under pressure. It has


taken the life out of those tyres. And the same with Felipe Massa. By


having to do the out lap on those tyres. And that is only because of


the changeover you're not allowed to go out on intermediate or wet


tyres on a dry track. They will be getting those tyres into the black


it's as quickly as possible. Indeed. Willow's Heikki Kovalainen, Jarno


Trulli, Timo Glock, Ricardo, d'Ambrosio, Liuzzi and Rubens


Barrichello, starting in 24th and last. Maldonado must take the grid


drop from 16th because he had an extra engine. Dibble it to see if


that is Pastor Maldonado steps behind Rubens Barrichello at the


end of qualifying but let's not talk about that penalty, what about


your difficult weekend? Explain the problems because we saw you sitting


in the car with your helmet on. You were keen to get out? This morning


we had a brand new engine which was looking very good because I saved


the new engine to a later stage of the season and we went out and we


had some difficulty after two laps. And we came back and try to review


the situation and just before qualifying they told me there was


no way. That was even more frustrating just before qualifying,


you are so eager to go and you have the mentality to put in a very nice


lap and the engine was not working. We know that the circuit is more


difficult to pass on in others. This qualifying is particularly


hard because of the possibility of a good points return? It has been a


hard weekend in a way. I cannot remember myself doing so many


little things. P2. That was it. I hope that the set-up is OK and I


enjoy myself. I am on such a positive mood, I try to enjoy


myself, but today is disappointing. We were there to celebrate you


getting 300 races. Still a smile on her face. Apart from the period


when you drove for Eddie Jordan! Is this the toughest season of your


career? Death In Italy, we had a very tough season. Last year was


tough but the team got together well and we sort the problems and


this year, with all the News of departures and people coming I'm


going, it was tough to keep the team organised. It is suffering. If


they keep this going with the good mentality, they will sort


themselves out. A with his top of different drivers coming I'm going,


do you feel under any pressure or do you just want to keep going on?


How do you cope? In the first or second year, this would have been


tough. But after 19 seasons, you have to enjoy life. I am enjoying


my life. I just put in 20 laps and tomorrow, I will go to race and


that is it. You have to enjoy it as much as you can. I would love to be


sitting in a car next year, just to pass on. It will be 48 years of age


with 20 years of racing. I think it is a very... It is almost a must to


be there next year. I am only doing this because I enjoy it. To Morrow


will be difficult. Going to Brazil hoping to impress but once the


season is over, what can you do until March to make sure you were


still in the game? Every thing I can. I'm looking for all the things,


such as sponsors, if that is what we need. Looking for everything to


show that my passion is behind the steering wheel and I want to be


there. I will be in charge of being in England as much as I can and


trying to do my job. Thank you for joining us and you have the world's


media to speak to. Thank you. Let's join David and Martin. What is


interesting is that he said if he needs to find money, he will. He is


a man driven to be in Formula One next season. I can relate. It


really hurt when people were telling me I was not going to be a


driver any more. Sometimes people outside can see this more easily.


You desperately want to carry on racing. I cannot help but think,


for Rubens Barrichello, it is time to move on. I would just like the


opportunity to celebrate his 19 years. This is the 19th and final


season of his career. We are in Brazil and what a fitting place? He


grew up very close to the racetrack in Sao Paulo. He is the most


experienced driver in Formula One. I don't want a winter of


uncertainty. Back to qualifying. Underway, 15 minutes. Very eager to


get out. What did we learn from the first part? We have learned that


there is a bigger gap between the prime and the option tyres and the


suspected going into this. The track temperature has dropped a


further two degrees. If they do nothing different and just tried


the same, they were naturally go quicker. More downforce and the


tyres will hold on better. They are all keen to get out and line


themselves up for the lap times. Because the tyres are not so


critical, it is about trying to relay be perfect on every corner.


It might seem an obvious thing to say, but when the tyres on the last


for one lap, you might take more out of them on a certain corner


than be more careful in the longer corner. You don't want to use up


too much performance. It is about trying to get the maximum return


for your investment. Ferrari World. In the background. In the


foreground, seven cars on the track. Webber, Senna, Petrov, Kobayashi,


Perez, Alguersuari and Sebastian Vettel has just joined. Paul


McCartney, he has some ear protection on. With the Ferrari


team. Spreading the love. I don't think I have ever seen him in 4 min


01. Ted has news. -- Formula One. Red Bull and McLaren are on the


softer tyres. Red Bull were complaining that McLaren have the


edge on the middle sector because of their strong Mercedes engine but


in secretary, the slow corners in that qualifying, the McLaren gained


even more up over Red Bull. Baby because they are running more with


the wings. Red Bull are running with four of the skinny wings.


Bull are full -- a full 10 kilometres an hour slower in this


car. Once again, Red Bull, slow down the straight but into the


corners they make it up. That is the game you always play. They will


have some elation tools available and they will understand at this


stage the relationship between the scimitar and the performance on the


track. It isn't all about top speed. This isn't the salt flats, this is


about chasing lap times. It is about the potential for a driver


and your car, that package. corners, 3.5 miles. The stopwatch


there? The new fastest qualifying through the first sector poor Mark


Webber, but has just been out done by Vettel. TEAM RADIO: Michael, we


expect of the cut-off to be 40.5. Your time is 40.96. Could clear


information. The delta time, the middle lap delta we refer to. You


can see him on the right-hand side of the Scream. -- a screen. Mark


Webber has picked up through this sequence, he is up to two-tenths as


he comes through turn 19. He will be looking at best and thinking, I


am going faster. One final turn and he is three-tenths up. Liz is a bit


on the acceleration down to the start/finish line -- Liz is a bed.


If -- and loses a bit. Michael Schumacher has been told what he


has to aim for. The Wall fell slightly under pressure in this


session. -- he will feel. Sebastian Vettel comes to register his first


lap of the session. 38.5. Seven- tenths quicker than the Mark Webber.


38.4 from Lewis Hamilton. Game on. They are close again. It is going


to be something else in Q3. Hamilton is on supreme form. He


looks like he has got Red Bull beating the pace. He looks like he


has had it all through the event so far. Vettel some a six-tenths a shy


of Hamilton's time. Somebody has had a go at the bollards. That


second reaction from Felipe Massa has put another piece of debris on


the racetrack. Petrov at the moment his ninth, so what do a Mercedes


think? 40.5 will be ninth or tenth place. Michael Schumacher has done


a 40.5, that is exactly what they asked him to do. Vettel is on an


even faster lap, he is absolutely flying, he is than at turn 14. At a


red flag, they have to pick the debris up, so they had interrupted


Vettel's Flyer. That is the problem, the sort of speed they are doing,


that: could do a lot of damage to a front wing or cut a tyre. You can't


have debris like that on the track. It has been picked up by a couple


of cars, that is at the turn 11. Sorry, it is that turn poor 8 and 9.


Will we see the flower wiry -- we see the Ferrari flicking it. If he


hit it? Just kissed it. Who has that cost a set of tyres in that


session? We know that Vettel was on a faster lap, so he has had to


aborted. TED KRAVITZ: Just to fill you in on some of the midfield guys.


The Renault, having been through their second set of softer tyres,


and particularly Force India, we are looking at them as the team who


are going to make up ninth and tenth and progress into Q3. They


did have to take a set of soft tyres in Q1. But Adrian Sutil and


Di Resta were on a run that have had to come in and that will cost


them. Not in team gear there, just observing this weekend. That makes


such a difference to his input to the weekend. If you don't have your


Superman outfit on, you can't be Superman. That is ridiculous, he is


clearly working for the team, why not let him wear their gear?


does seem churlish, but there you go. We are looking at Vettel, who


was on a flying lap, and his front wing pass back oscillating nicely


there, which we have seen on the Ferrari. Id Felipe Massa's Ferrari


seems to do that, but at least the Red Bull once did seem to touch the


ground and spark. We were going to speak to Stefano Domenicali in the


pre-show, and he didn't turn up, he had another thing it going on, and


he chased us down the pit lane as weak or walking down to Force India,


saying that, sorry I was held up. - - as we were walking. How often do


you have a team principal chasing you and apologising? Hopefully we


will hear from him tomorrow in the race show. The session restarts at


36 minutes past the hour. Wherever you might be in the world, of


welcome to qualifying for this third Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The


debris is out of the way and the moment has arrived. The man of that


moment is Felipe Massa, and he is out there. Back row number at the


moment on a 40.2. -- sixth at the moment. 40.5, will that still be


the cut-off point? We are yet to see what Adrian Sutil and Paul di


Resta can do for Force India. They were serious contenders in free


practice. It seems Force India are the team most likely to get in


amongst the big ones this weekend. That red-flagged does appear to


have cost Nico Rosberg a run on that first set of tyres, but he


does seem to have shown better pace than Michael this weekend. He is


going out as we speak. Anything quicker than 40.5 will satisfy him.


In the absence of winning Grand Prixs, being in front of your team


mate will do. But the two cars on track at the moment. The Felipe


Massa and Nico Rosberg. -- Felipe Massa. This is the time to get the


tyres up to full temperature, and leaving your left foot on the brake


pedal helps, getting some heat into the brakes. That is a pretty tricky


section there, you take that sweeping right and you have got it


sorted out, and then there is an even tighter one. You said it was


the second scariest thing you had ever done. I don't remember what


the first was of a. -- was. Felipe Massa starts the lap. TEAM RADIO: a


couple of mistakes compared to what you could do, you'd lost about six-


tenths on that lap, so if you could do a 39, that would be sufficient.


So all of your mistakes cost you on the previous lap. That message


would have been relayed to him on the out-lap, not on this hot lap at


the moment. Still only three cars on track. Nico Rosberg has done a


couple of personal bests. There is lower in the middle sector, though,


so he has obviously made a mistake somewhere on the lap -- a very slow


in the middle sector. 39 was the request, we will find out what the


delivery is. This is the second zone for the DRS of tomorrow, into


their heavy braking zone. Look at that, he just... Almost four wheels


off the racetrack. No wonder the bollard is missing. Which one of


them is going to knock it down and then the rest of them can go across


the kerb after that? For Eau Rouge has to go, underneath a hotel. -- a


four chord hours to go. -- corn he got from Rob Smedley. Nico


Rosberg is the fastest man now in the middle sector. We are about to


see Felipe Massa completely launching the car. I think that is


all of the wheels off the racetrack. You are supposed to keep two wheels


the other side of the race live. That is playing it a little bit


close to the edge -- of the white line. Some people get sensitive


when they mention the rules but you have to follow them. 39.44 Nico


Rosberg puts him into sixth place.,. TED KRAVITZ: Two people have gone


out on you said. Michael Schumacher has gone out on a new set of soft


tyres, so he doesn't feel safe -- on new sets. But where there is on


first. There are six corners on this racetrack that TAS lower than


60 mph. -- that TAS lower. -- are the unknown, what I like to call it,


the fastest lap you will do on the Grand Prix weekend. Low fuel, new


tyres, about a tenth better than his previous best. I love this


moment when the floodlights just imperceptibly take over from the


daylight. It reminds me of that magical feeling in the atmosphere,


when it seems to double at that moment, and your reference points


changed slightly as you use the artificial light. I thought you


came in your Blackshirt looking like the Milk Tray man, you like


the dim lights. Paul di Resta, how is he looking? Sounds good. Lots of


oversteer there, he had to get out of the throttle and it has cost him


some time. As soon as you lift off the loud pedal, you are not putting


750 horsepower through those rear tyres, it goes. That is 40.5, but I


think he hasn't got time for another set of tyres, so let's see


if he has enough fuel. Adrian Sutil beats it, so both Force Indias in


the top 10 at the moment. Sebastian Buemi just ahead of his team-mate


Alguersuari. Here is Paul di Resta, where he just had to back off the


throttle on the outside edge of that kerb, I am telling you. I have


not seen a car get back wide. We know now what happens if you get


out wide, it really jumps as the car runs over the outside of the


kerb. Pastor Maldonado, 17 that the moment, he has still got to take a


10 place drop -- 17th at the moment. You might see him on the back row


of the grid. Let's see what Maldonado can do in the Williams.


It is so disheartening when you are out there... He knows he has got a


penalty, so it is almost like... He has done his first best sector.


wasn't full throttle. You will see the ship. For the driver and it


won't quite tie-up with the audio - - shift of point. We are getting


different audio played in. This is the longest straight on the track.


Down into the breaking point for turn eight, a short flick through,


struggle for traction as he comes through nine. Then passed the


support pits. Maldonado struggling in the tail end of this. If it was


stopping right now, and we are just a minute away, we would lose Perez,


Sebastian Buemi, Alguersuari, Petrov, Kobayashi, Bruno Senna and


Maldonado. No great surprises there. Michael Schumacher was told 40.5


was the cut-off point and right now, that looks absolutely right. He is


in tenth place on 40.554. Paul di Resta tried to confirm his top 10


shoot-out place. -- trying to. Maldonado cautiously through the


penultimate corners. He is not on it at all. He could have just been


bringing the tyres Inn. You would think he would go for it a little.


He really was coasting through some of those corners. We just saw Frank


Williams, very much one of the founders of the Williams team.


Struggling to turn it around at the go up to 13th place but that and


the head of Petrov. The flag has dropped. Adrian Sutil and Paul di


Resta, still out. Sebastien Buemi in the middle. This is Paul di


Resta. Quite a long way to go, yet. Three tenths quicker than his


previous best lap. Off the last turn. He moves ahead of Adrian


Sutil. This isn't the grid position. Adrian Sutil is still to finish.


40.2. What has Vitaly Petrov been up to? He can complete a lap,


despite the chequered flag. Schumacher just hangs on to 10th


place. 11th and Twelfth. Schumacher breathes again. Squeezing through


on that. Pastor Maldonado has gone on to win it. It does not look


particularly fast. One corner to go. It will be the last man on the line.


Michael Schumacher could complete another lap, yet. Maldonado stays


in 17th place. He will start in 24 up with that great penalty.


Schumacher can complete this lap it does not need to. He can go into


the pits. Bruno Senna, 14th place. And not on a particularly quick lap.


Michael Schumacher's saves another lap on those tyres. We lose Sergio


Perez, Vitaly Petrov. Sebastien Buemi, Bruno Senna. Alguersuari,


Kobayashi. And Pastor Maldonado. They do not have any practice pit


stop. Mercedes, in the second best cricket this year after Red Bull,


on average in pit stops. Very close, it is. Lewis Hamilton, remaining


demand at the moment, the fastest yet again. Sebastien Buemi... Down


in to turn number one. Here is how he decided to make that. There he


is again. From another angle. Turn No. 2, the pit lane exit is just on


the top. So, no Toro Rosso in the top 10. But we do have two cars


from Force India, then McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz.


And an apology. What was wrong? Toro Rosso had both cars in the


final part of qualifying in India. Berlin mind that this is in Titley


different set of circumstances. Her in mind. Force India were quicker


in Singapore. And Toro Rosso are locked in the battle for 6th place


in the championship and neither driver has been confirmed for next


season. Vitaly Petrov starts and 12 players, he says he is in the car


next year. He is what quite lot of money to this team and he thinks he


is secure but he struggled to pick up points. 42% of the point This


team have won this season came in the first two races. The sun is


setting behind us, the floodlights are on other drivers are struggling


to see what they should be going. Felipe Massa smashed his wheels


twice in India but he is still not scared driving straight into the


Kers? I do not know what is going on. Between Hamilton and himself.


That was a shocking mess. He climbed all over. You cannot


imagine the disturbance that creates. Felipe Massa, clearly not


in the flow, he does not have the confidence to let the car do the


work and steered it to what was to be. This is a big battle. Bob's


Smedley was coaching him, telling him the Times that he needed.


Almost four wheels off the ground. They were. And for Wales outside


the racing line. Outside the limits of the track. There has been a


directive to the support Racers to say that on this corner, you cannot


have all four wheels outside the limits but Formula One drivers are


doing that. You might say there is one rule for one and another for


the rest. They can do what they like? The stewards will clamp down


immediately but they have to be clear. If they had the junior for


Miller having it clear, that should apply to from a low one. -- formula.


Force India are very close to making it through to the final part.


We will talk about Paul di Resta in a moment. What happened at the


back? An impressive performance by a record of. At no time has his


team mate ever been in front of him. -- down your recorder. And he


qualified have a second faster. Another strong qualifier. Did you


enjoy it? I did. Good fun. With the sun coming down, it was a nice


feeling. We made some progress from practice what I was concerned going


into qualifying and we took Gambles and it has worked out. We had a


good margin. In between Virgin. That is pretty strong. Yes, it was


OK. The last and a manager do my best time. I had a strong first


sector. - Maggot the last time I managed to do. I think I made a


mistake in turn six And Turn seven and did his best. That could have


cost me that extra time to get in front. Anyway, pretty happy with


that. Good performers, he would love to be with Toro Rosso next


season. The air conditioning does not mix well with me. Really grim.


They have a lot of money out here but they're not air-conditioned.


The might as well do. Pole position. Lewis Hamilton took first pole


position in 2009, Jensen Button has not had pole position since Monaco.


Will McLaren do it? There is a decent chance. One thing is the


excitement, somebody other than Red Bull. I want to see somebody else.


And it looks more likely to be Lewis Hamilton at this stage. We


heard so many different stories about the management and people


guiding him. This would be a welcome relief. Not just for him


but all of his fans up and down the globe. Look at Mark Webber. He has


been in the mix, he could surprise us. He needs something. Yes, this


has been a pretty poor season by his standards. He came here this


time last year and he had a chance for the championship and I do not


see what has happened. He needs to raise his game if he is going to be


a real contender. The sun has gone down in the desert but who will


light up qualifying? Back to David Coulthard and Martin Brundle and


let's hope the cars are going quicker than that one when


qualifying gets going. It is a showdown time. Sebastian Vettel,


Lewis Hamilton, will we see something other than Sebastian


Vettel on pole position? Please. Sebastian Vettel would then match


the all-time record of pole position in one season, Nigel


Mansell, 1992, with 14. There are more races these days. Only 16 back


then. Nonetheless, that shows you the kind of dominance that


Sebastien Vettel has. Just a few seconds away. From qualifier number


three. The top 10 shoot-out is underway. Jensen Button, Lewis


Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, on one so, Felipe Massa. Nico Rosberg has gone


out on the median tyre. We will see what he chooses to do. Probably


saved that set of tyres. Or maybe he will do six laps in this run.


McLaren going out early because they wanted a those laps with three


runs each. Does that suggest that Rosberg is going to try to set


sector times and be satisfied with somebody at the back end. What is a


point I'm going out on a tyre that is over one second slower in


qualifying? He has another nine minutes to get back in and change.


It could be a host of things. They might have a problem with Kers. He


was fight -- we will find out. I would not be comfortable and aiming


for 10th place by just setting a few sectors. They may be think


Force India will not run as well. We have seen them saving tyres for


the race. I would be more comfortable with 6, 7. Which is


more often than not where he has found himself. Less trouble in that


run to the first corner and workers strategy from there. Vettel and


Hamilton have locked out the front row in the previous two races. That


is how it is looking today. Ferrari, they're just... The car has around


two or on the option. So just be aware of that. You are the only car


on prime terms. He is coming straight back. Let us see if Ted


Kravitz can get some information on way they need two laps and I'm


going back into the pits. Or the other cars will try to qualify


properly. All soft tyres. That will give us some pleasure in this


qualifying session. They have to do something about that. That is


Jensen Button. The first sector. Fernando Alonso is the fastest man


at the moment in that sector. 17.49. That isn't what counts. The middle


part is 41.5 seconds. That is where we can really see those floodlights


beginning to dominate. Down in to turn Number 11. Let us see how


Jensen takes this. He does not like the cars leaping about. He lacks a


to B, and smooth. Jensen Button. It is almost as if they're not there.


He picks the wheels up and gently goes across. As he sweeps through


the apex. Four of them left. Lots of exhaust. Generating that extra


downforce. And one corner to go. Hamilton even faster on the middle


sector and just a little bit out of shape on the last one. Button, 39.0.


That will be beaten. Lewis Hamilton dos 38.7. What can Fernando Alonso


do? 39.5. It is down to Mark Webber. He has not really matched McLaren


at the moment. Loads of wheelspin. He needs a spectacular run. If he


is to get ahead of both McLaren cars. Sebastian Vettel is also out


there, absolutely flying. Really pushing this Red Bull hard as he


crosses the line. He goes second. 38.8. It is now down to the first


part of qualifying. Sebastian Vettel, absolutely flying. No


traffic around whatsoever. Two corners to go. The new world


champion trying to get his 14th pole position of the season. Does


he do it? He does not. Four hundredths of a second shy. How


close do you want the top three? Covered by over one 10th of a


second. He has backed out of the slab. Cool or one more hot? Four


hundredths of a second between them. So much roll on these tyres. Sorry,


on the cars. The front wing, he opens his DRS at the end of that


oversteer. That cost 101 tent? It might have put him into third. Who


will go for the second run? Jensen and Button are in the pits. If they


can get another run. 100 seconds. You need to get it right. Red Bull,


the only cars out there at the moment. Ferrari in the pits. No


sign that Mercedes or Force India are going to attempt any serious


qualifying effort. They still have time to go out for just one run or


are they saying tyres? Schumacher, circle and to rest dead have to use


soft tyres to get to this position. -- Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta.


remaining. This is going to be some kind of spectacle. The finest


drivers in the world, and wonderful bit of wheelspin, or breaking three


metres early, is going to be the end of it. It is going to be a


great qualifying battle. How close would you like it? Two different


cars, two different drivers, for hundredths of a second, the battle


between Hamilton and Vettel. wouldn't discount Jenson Button.


TED KRAVITZ: Sebastian Vettel is back in the pits, it looks as


though he will be the last one to run as he tries to challenge


McLaren for pole position. Jenson Button is out first and Fernando


Alonso snuck ahead of June -- Lewis Hamilton in the pit. That was quite


snaky bike Fernando back row. Force India just going out now that that


was a bit sneaky by Fernando Alonso. Maybe a three-stop but tomorrow for


Mercedes. Adrian Sutil is out. We have six cars on the track at the


moment. What I find incredible that this situation is you have six cars


on track, Jenson Button just leaving turn seven, closely


followed by Alonso, Ben Hamilton, then Felipe Massa, they are all


closely bunched up, why wouldn't they do what Vettel is doing it,


put themselves with a nice bit of clear track to play with? There is


plenty of time, isn't there? They all have the same ideas that the


same time and they are book-ended on the amount of time available,


but I agree, it is all a bit silly. A lot and an Felipe Massa or --


Hamilton and Felipe Massa at line astern down the back straight,


which usually means fireworks. Adrian Sutil is in front of Mark


Webber. We now have all 10 cars on track. Paul di Resta or, Schumacher


is out. I don't care what tyres they are on. Vettel is in front of


that particular pack. We think everybody is on the yellow marks


off tyre. -- yellow marked soft tyre. There some reason the graphic


is only showing four cars out on the track. There are definitely 10


out there. Jenson Button starts his lap, and man who has been under


tremendous form in 2011. -- A man. Hamilton, they must win one of


these final races, to go out with some satisfaction from a very


difficult season. 17.429 first sector for Jenson Button. Hamilton,


17 Port -- 17.5. But as we said, that is not necessarily the one


that really matters. There is a long way to go toward the end of


the lap. Jenson Button is the fastest through there. Faster


fractionally than Webber. We haven't seen Vettel's first sector


at the Tyacke. They are reasonably nicely spread out now. -- first


sector a yet. We will be getting Vettel's First Sec the time any


moment now. Another quick middle sector. Jenson Button is flying in


the middle sector. He is on it. He has still got a chance to spoil the


party between Vettel and Hamilton. Hamilton, not a great middle sector,


it is good enough to keep him in the action. There is Jenson Button


towards the end of the lap. He has been driving beautifully. The


fastest man in the first sector, the fastest man in the middle


sector, two corners to go. Could he be on pole position for the first


time ever for McLaren? Neat and tidy through the last corner. 38.6,


it is good enough at the moment. Will it stay that way? Fernando


Alonso stays there. Hamilton has done it, he has pipped him. McLaren


are one and two. Vettel was the quickest man in the middle sector.


Still lots of action to go. Here comes Mark Webber, he stays in the


fourth. It is all about Vettel now. He is in turn 18 of 21, he could


still spoilt by McLaren party. He has got every chance of doing that


-- spoil the McLaren parted. Sebastian Vettel, one corner to go.


He has done it! 38.4. A 14th pole position of the year. They tell him


immediately. Sebastian Vettel gatecrashers the McLaren party. Red


Bull, McLaren, McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, Ferrari. Nico Rosberg has


done a 37.7. Then Michael Schumacher. Then Adrian Sutil and


Paul di Resta. Yet again, Sebastian Vettel, gets the job done. TEAM


RADIO: Good evening, Mr Mansell! Good evening! Good evening! That is


the reference to matching Nigel Mansell's record of matching -- of


a 14 pole positions in one year. Red Bull really public out when it


matters in India three. There are a number of tools at their disposal.


We don't know what you're level they are running it, we doubt now


if they are deploying KERS, -- We don't know if they are deploying


KERS. TEAM RADIO: Or cars have completed, at Vettel just pipped us,


you are second on the grid, a great job. The last vital piece of


information we will never get is how much a driver is holding in


reserve and we have seen time and again, Vettel delivering something


on that final lap of qualifying. Ayrton Senna had that ability. You


can rattle of the drivers who have been able to have a very special


talent on the final qualifying lap -- rattle off. That was a great so


should be Abu Dhabi. Nobody would have said McLaren didn't deserve


that of pole position if Hamilton had delivered it. Great racing by


Jenson Button, when it came down to it in qualifying, there is $100


second between him and Hamilton. -- one hundredth of a second. We think


they used Mal KERS in Q3, probably more engine power. Ashmore. We


think that Vettel hold something back, so that Mark Webber can't see


where he is finding the time. only compare with my career, which


is a distant memory, but Mika Hkkinen, he would find something in


quali that you hadn't seen all weekend. When you say that


repeatedly, you go, hold on, there is a trend here. I have been a on


the receiving end of that misery as Mika Hakkinen's team-mate. To


remind you of the top 10, Sebastian Vettel on ball, from Lewis Hamilton,


Jenson Button third, Mark Webber for, Fernando and Danso Fifth,


Felipe Massa or six -- Fernando Alonso in fifth. Nico Rosberg in


seventh. Then Adrian Sutil. The fastest of the Force India in ninth.


Paul di Resta did not complete a flying lap in Q3 and starts in


tenth. He is just ahead of Perez, who was the fastest to drop out at


the end of Q2. So Sebastian Vettel, it is his 29th pole position from


80 starts. There is confirmation. Vettel and Hamilton are still the


only two men ever to start the Grand Prix on the front row of the


they want, from 11th place on words, will start with Sergio Perez, for


Sauber. He has got a car that is very fast in a straight line.


Maldonado will drop 10 places. He starts at the back of the grid with


Williams team, but this man, as ever, is all smiles. There the


maestro, Michael Schumacher, his young protege is on pole position


yet again. Jake back row and he knows how it


feels to be there. I imagine Nigel Mansell is getting out the pen and


paper -- JAKE HUMPHREY:. He wrote to Sebastian Vettel after


the last race and now he picks up the 14th pole position. Nigel will


be writing to him to say congratulations, and what a driver.


EDDIE JORDAN: He just got better and better and there are no words


left to say how much we admire this man. Absolutely magic. From that


point of view, he is walking on water. It was a dramatic qualifying


session and joining us now is Sir Paul McCartney. You were watching


that on the garage -- in the garage, how was it for you? It was really


exciting. I have only been to one before, but now I see what George


was so passionate about. It is just adrenalin, it is fantastic. The


guys were giving me the information and I am booked. George Harrison


loved Formula One, didn't he? used to dress up in all sort of


gear, hide at the back of the Jordan pits, and he was a huge


Damon Hill fan. He loved it. He did, and I feel emotional today, it is


like he is here with me. It is beautiful, I love it. The most


important question, are we interrupting our honeymoon or you


interrupting it to come and watch this? This is part of it. You are


lucky man. Exactly. The British boys are going to win, hopefully,


tomorrow, because we are in town. Think about motor racing for a


moment, 50 years ago, I remember walking through the streets of


Dublin getting through this massive crowd for the Beatles. Does it ever


worry you 50 years later how big an influence the Beatles were on all


of our lives? I am very proud of it. We could have put out a message


that was a bad message and I think we put out a pretty good message


and we are very proud of it. I am a lucky man. We know that as well but


so are we, we are all very lucky. We know why you are here, there is


Hamilton has invited you into their garage. He is a fan of music


legends at the moment, Bob Marley was on his helmet a few weeks ago


and now you are here. How did it come about? Somebody invited me, I


didn't there it was Lewis. I'm very pleased to be here in Abu Dhabi


anyway, doing the concert tomorrow and it is great to see this first


and, right there at hearing that noise, seeing the cards. How does


it compare to being on stage in front of a few -- a few 1,000


people? There are similarities. I'll get the feedback from the


audience that you don't get here, but it is pretty great. I am not


sure why Eddie is doing this? Children In Need, we have started


this, I wore this Dadaab art I saw you on the telly watching that.


-- I saw you on the telly watching it. I am going to ask it decided.


Every driver is doing it and if we add Paul McCartney,... I am going


to ask you to sign it. We think we will add significantly to Children


In Need. We will do this on live television so there is no doubt


about the authenticity. This will have my father paying over the odds


for this shirt. Sir Paul McCartney at the Grand Prix, performing here


this weekend and signing a shared for Children In Need. Abu Dhabi!


All right, man. We are even more impressed that he will -- that he


would watch the BBC no less. Thank you very much. Good luck with that.


So there you go, the shirt has been signed by Sir Paul McCartney, and


if you are thinking, how do you get your hands on that or the script


that we have donated or any of the other wonderful for me no one


things, including the white jeans of David Coulthard, head to the BBC


website and you can get bidding. Paul McCartney enjoyed himself, he


likened this to be not stage and he knows what it takes to be on stage


and impressed the crowd. -- on stage. How did the drivers find it?


Let's hear from them. Sebastian, you equal Nigel Mansell's record,


congratulations, but you had to dig pretty deep. Yes, especially at the


yesterday. I wasn't happy with the car, and we weren't happy in


general -- at the yesterday. We thought there was more in the car


but we couldn't really get to it. Yet today, this afternoon, it was


already quite a bit better. But to be honest, this place is tricky in


many ways. We had the practice in day conditions, the sun is out, the


track is a little bit harder, and then in the evening, you qualify


and you race and the circuit is quite a bit different. The car


behaves differently and the tyres come in different there. It is not


easy to get it right all the time and in qualifying in particular, I


had a much better feeling, especially moving on to the softer


tyres, and in Q2, we looked much better than before. Yes, then the


other difficulty around here is to get everything into one lap. It is


a long lap that there is a lot of corners in the last sector. When


she start to go into turn 11 after the second straight, it is


basically left, right, left, right. Plenty of opportunity to gain time,


but also if you take a lot of risks, it is easy to make the mistake. It


is very easy to lose straight away a lot of time. We are talking about


small amount, it is a tenth. So I was not so happy with my first run


in Q3 but the second when I was much happier. I especially the


first two sectors. I was buying myself a little bit of a cushion in


the last sector, which was a bit tricky towards the end of the


evening. But all in all, enough to jump ahead of Lewis, who looked


very strong all weekend. It is good in that session, where it matters


on Saturday, we were able to be weekend. Did you think you had done


enough? It was a good session and a good couple of days. Quite a big


improvement for me. I feel from the last race at least. The car has


been good but at the end, that was as fast as I was really able to get


out of my lap. It was not a particularly great lap but the one


in a Tutu was much better. That is the way it is. -- in the QE2. The


race is tomorrow. Jensen, you pitted together on the final run.


Is this result a surprise? Not a surprise but we know that the pace


is in the car and it was finding the right balance. I have not felt


100% comfortable this weekend with the balance but we have improved,


we have tried a few different things and we're getting there


through qualifying but Q 3 was very strange because there was less


group because it was cooler. But the brake. The car was acting


differently which was a good thing because they did not get enough


front end into the car and I have been struggling with that nervous


rear and into qualifying, I have an enormous amount of understeer. In


the direction I like but towards the end of the lap you need a


reasonably appointed car and I did not have that. As Lewis said, the


car is working well around you. It isn't perfect. We will have to


challenge from behind tomorrow. This weekend is all about making


sure that you remember and we will remember for a while that pretty


impressive fight for pole position here in Abu Dhabi added once again


belongs to Sebastian Vettel, his 14th of the season. How much would


Lewis Hamilton have loved to hold on to that? Jensen Button fighting


on the way and Mark Webber in the next but behind his team-mate.


Further back, Ferrari, to buy two, and behind them, both Mercedes


fighting it out. -- 2 x 2. And behind them, Force India. They are


not running on their spare tyres, which is very frustrating. Well


done to Sergio Perez, at 20 at last time, he starts in 11th place and


Vitaly Petrov out qualifies his team mate. Sebastien Buemi starts


and 13th for Toro Rosso, they have scored points at every single Abu


Dhabi Grand Prix, just behind his team-mate, Alguersuari, alongside


Kobayashi and then backwards towards Pastor Maldonado. The 10th


place penalty means he will start from the back, the worst qualifying


performance in over 30 years for Williams. Timo Glock and Jarno


Trulli share the grid towards the back and well done to Danielle, in


front of his team-mate by have the second. The incredibly unlucky


Rubens Barrichello did not get out at all. As David Coulthard arrives


just as Paul McCartney leaves. That was a session befitting a global


icon such as Paul McCartney? It was indeed. I think you called in


George at the end of that! What a great session. I was watching


Jensen Button, we had not seen much of him during this practice session


so he looked like he was coming alive. So close to his team-mate


but once again, Sebastien finds that pace. We have a very small


monitor so I popped into the McLaren hospitality to watch the


end and the roar whenever Jensen went past and then Lewis and then a


complete despair when Sebastian Vettel stature that position away


from both. How McLaren would have loved to have one and two on the


grid? Of course. This was a titanic battle, every single person was on


the edge of their Seat. We watched this small monitor because half the


panic was. We soaked up the atmosphere. It was a great run. I


will remember this for a very long time. We were very lucky because


Formula One is using the new camera, facing towards Sebastian Vettel and


when the sun comes down be clear visor comes out. We can see their


eyes. This must bring back some memories? This is great. This


street circuit section. Just watch his eyes. Someone said they did not


see him blink at all. I don't think he is. That concentration. The


shallow breathing. Absolutely focused on everything. His body is


thrust down in the braking zone. And rushes towards the line. Looks


up at the monitor. And he sees that he is on pole position. Isn't that


incredible? That absolute focus until the line. We should note that


Lewis Hamilton did a time in cute to to be fast enough to be on pole


position but he could not bring it all together on the last part of


qualifying. He said he would have been on pole position but how great


to have as camera angles that show us not just that Sebastian Vettel


is focused but he has the mental spare capacity to look at that big


screen the second he crosses the line? It gives you some idea.


on top of the tallest summit of the world. That's his Everest. I did


not want a say in case I was wrong. Nevertheless, the highest summit.


And there is nobody who can take that away. Every time we think


someone like McLaren can do it, they just miss out. The good thing


for McLaren is it makes them fight harder. And I want to see a really


strong McLaren next year. Last year Mark Webber almost managed to tame


Everest. Where is he now? Base camp? He has been beaten all season


by his team-mates. Pretty close for everyone at the end, 4th place, how


do you feel? It's all right but disappointed in my last run.


Scrappy. We hope to communicate more. Some things we were trying to


manage. That was something of a pain but in the end, yes,


disappointment with the last lap. Sometimes you see the lap and you


think, wow, but he did a good laugh. I do not feel that I that the most


out of it. Or is in store tomorrow? Hopefully, McLaren will stir things


up on the first lap and slit streaming and we have done that in


the past so obviously, it will be interesting. Then we will get into


the race from there. I do not know how exciting the race will be in


terms of overtaking. You cannot tell the viewers that, we need them


to tune in! I think this track is traditionally very hard to pass on.


We will see. We have seen it being tricky in the past. We will see how


we go. Jensen Button has said he does not think DRS will give the


drivers any advantage and we are all this cheering on Mark Webber.


But a very interesting admission, sometimes to look at what Sebastian


Vettel does and you think, I cannot do that. I lived through that with


Mika Hakkinen. It's very difficult to deal with in the middle of your


career. And when he delivers performances through certain parts


of the track, he thinks the same thing. On the strength of the


season, it is like repeated body blows. This is the first time he


has to deal with that. He was feeding the World Championship this


time last year and since then, he has lost some of his motor.


Qualifying was always one of his greatest strengths. He will go away


this winter, another opportunity, he is a previous winner. He just


needs to look at this and learn and move forward. The analogy is it is


like boxing, too many heads, and he has had a lot from his team-mate,


sometimes it just takes too much out of you. Right now, he needs to


have a brake because he certainly isn't the man he was last year and


we want to see him right up there next year. Maybe last year took


more out of him and we thought and not winning the championship and


being taken away cruelly on virtually the last lap, it took its


toll and he is paying for that. races and he would get outbreak.


Paul di Resta starts in 10th place. Tell us about your qualifying.


You're very close to those barriers at one point. How did it go? It was


quite good in the first sector. Up to the last three corners and I


made a mistake, trying to improve on this morning. We made a small


correction in the Eire Og balance and we struggled for balance. --


aerodynamic balance. It should have been better. The main focus was


getting into the third sector and into a strong position for tomorrow


and having a good strategy to get ourselves into that position.


and your team-mate alongside each other. Quite often used in two spit


the strategy. Is that what you will do tomorrow? He will have to wait


and see. We are in a better position than Adrian Sutil in terms


of the life of the tyres but it has long tomorrow. Hopefully we get the


numbers right and we can focus on what we want to achieve and that is


what we want but the car set up so there is a compromise. There is a


big difference between the tyres tonight. What do you think the


strategy will be tomorrow? How many pit-stops? The tyres are not


lasting long compared to normal. Also, the median tyres, the harder


ones, seemed to have a very good performance. It is whether people


choose that at the beginning or the end and I am sure you will see that


split to cover the safety cars. In terms of what goes, it is hard to


say because if you get that big track improvement you will see


limited pit stops. Paul di Resta starts in 10th place tomorrow. It


you stick with us on BBC One, it is the British Championships for the


boxing, which means there are some spaces at 2012 up for grabs.


Tomorrow, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, live at 12:15pm on BBC One. And it


has been set up to be rather tasty. Some great pace from McLaren


against Red Bull across this grand prix. Especially with the double


DRS zone. They have extended the length of that, and all through


practice, McLaren have been three and four times quicker. Even though


they have not managed pole position, they definitely have the pace.


will be hard to rule out Sebastian Vettel. He has that knack, pulling


away, not the best of starters but I think it will be a very tough


person to beat. I would love to see McLaren up there. Who knows?


boys from McLaren fighting each other in the championship and


alongside each other on the grid. That will be interesting. Thank you


for joining us. Qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. For all the


reaction, head to the sport website. But what an incredible session that


was. You must say, it was a hard day's night for Lewis Hamilton,


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