The British Grand Prix - Qualifying Formula 1

The British Grand Prix - Qualifying

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This is how it looks from the sky. Both as you expect there are clouds


in the sky and some rain around but that is the new look at Silverstone.


That is impressive and so is the packed Grandstand for the start of


the British Grand Prix weekend. 70 years ago this place was full of


World War Two bombers. And the aerobatic display happening just


above, creating a great atmosphere. And these two men have seen a lot


as commentators and as fans. You have seen this place changed a lot.


What do you think of the wing? think it is amazing. We had to have


that to get the extension to the contract, that was what we needed


to do for the fans. I think the facility is amazing. No question


that the facility was necessary for what the teams and the media need.


But the great atmosphere has not been lost. And the fans are ready


for this, they have been queuing up in the last couple of days and


hopefully they will be rewarded with a classic British Grand Prix.


Was there a need to compete with the likes of Singapore? Absolutely,


it is the home of motor-racing world wide. Abu Dhabi, none of


these circuits can ever replicate the atmosphere. Just coming in here,


but people with a genuine passion for the sport. That is special and


you will not repeat that anywhere in my opinion. It is fantastic to


be back home for the British Grand Prix. Formula 1 was born here 60


years ago. And the atmosphere has They have come in their droves.


They can build an impressive building and also the sun comes out


for them on cue. Damon Hill is with us. How has your weekend been so


far? It was quite stressful, but successful? Very successful. It has


been brilliant. There are bound to be a few teething problems. The


terrain is a bit different but it is fantastic and we have got a long


contract for the Grand Prix going forward. It must be your best


moment? Well driving is what I started out doing and ended up


being involved somehow in developing Britain's premier


motorsport venue. It has been a very interesting experience and it


shows you how much work goes into the organising of this event.


your son was ever going to drive in the future of what advice would you


give him? I seem to be a bit out of date as far as he is concerned! It


is a fantastic thing to be a racing driver and to race in front of your


home crowd. To do that at a British Grand Prix, it is a dream for any


British driver. If you wanted to give him some tips, just show him


this footage from 1994! I do try to remind him occasionally! But he's


doing brilliantly. It is not easy having a father and grandfather who


was a champion. Chris, does it bring back memories? I think you


get to the stage where you forget that you did it. Looking back at


those images, it seems amazing to me that that is actually me doing


that. I had a go last weekend at Goodwood and I was terrified! But


there you go. Nigel Mansell has never actually officially retired!


I keep expecting him to make a comeback. You never know. We all


know what it is like to have an interfering father as a team


principal. What I do like? I'm very mindful. I don't want to get myself


into this situation where I am applying pressure on Josh. This is


quite a common thing these days but it did not used to be like that. In


the old days drivers used to go to be a racing driver against the


wishes of their parents. Now it seems to be a semi- managerial role.


But I have got advice and I tried to do it at arm's length. This is


just the first step on a big phase of redevelopment at Silverstone but


it does seem to be already successful. So congratulations. We


all want a successful weekend, as do the fans. Everyone hoping for a


weekend more akin to Turkey or Canada rather than what we saw in


the balance here a few weeks ago. But Valencia was just perfect for


the defending world champion. And they're off. Wherever going up


Jensen Button, at great over take from him. Michael Exits the pits.


It looked like he crossed the white line as well. Mark Webber has had


the difficult lap. Showing his Maldonado appearing to come from


Petrov and Kobayashi, no points for that one, I would imagine. We have


said it before, it Mark Webber did not have bad luck, he would not


have any luck at all. An utterly dominant performance yet again from


Sebastian Vettel. I love that little skip at the end. Let's go


for a walk and give everyone at home the chance to get to know


these new surroundings. The fans had again turned out in their


droves. Sebastian said after that last wind he did not even know what


the points situation was. But in case he is watching, we can show


him. It is 77 points of the difference. Do you buy that, and


surely he would no? May be at that moment he was not to in the


calculation, but he is a man who likes the statistics. He will


remember every single thing that he has done this season. He will


certainly no good gap in the points. He is just trying to give himself


that comfort zone. Don't believe a word of it. David, you drove in a


period of dominance, Michael Schumacher or winning races. This


season has one -- has gone on for 18 weeks. How do you keep


motivation if the same guy keeps on winning? You have to build it


across at season. Sebastian statistically has a bigger lead now


than any driver in the history of the Championship. But there is a


lot of racing still to be done. There will be more twists and turns,


that is for sure. Fernando Alonso has said this has to be the weekend


than if anyone other than Sebastian has to get their hands on the title,


it will have to be here. We will soon be running out of races.


know how astute Fernando is. This time last year he was 46 points


behind and he pulled it back. With the changes, the engines, the


defuse a system, it could positively affect Ferrari. So he


will be hoping that this is the turn around for him. One thing that


could cause the turn around are the changes that the sports governing


body have made. They have tried to restrict the exhaust gases coming


into the underside of the cars. But this has caused a lot of


consternation and a couple of the team principals had a set to in one


of the press conferences. But there has been annual ruling this morning.


Ted Kravitz can explain. This is an exhaust blender future. The teams


take hot exhaust gases from the engine and feed it down this


channel to put it into the car which creates low pressure beneath


the carp and effectively sucked sit down on to the ground. The gas


comes through the diffuser and creates downforce. That was fine


when the driver was on throttle but in the middle of the corner, off


the throttle, no exhaust gases were created and the car lost downforce.


So what the teams have been doing is to open the throttle in the


middle of the corner giving the driver consistent Darren forced off


the throttle. That led to the rough engine sound we had been hearing


lately. The Sports rule-makers had decided that the practice had got


out of hand and they banned it. But in doing so they allowed the


Mercedes to do a small amount of the exhaust blowing because


Mercedes said that is just how their engines work. The other teams


were furious. Where is this going to end? It would be down to


complying with the technical regulations. It would be impossible


to accept a Clear and specific handicap. We are not doing what we


were doing and we have taken quite a big performance hit. McLaren have


lacked downforce all season. So how will they balance the car when they


lose that rear downforce? We will take front downforce. We have


developed this car around the diffuser. So to not have it


suddenly off throttle, that is a Any opportunity you can get in


Formula 1, you cannot turn it down, at least not at the stage I'm in in


my career. That's why am delighted Red Bull and Hispania Racing have


come to a deal. I will not look too far ahead. Hopefully I will be on


Finally, two teams have made big plans for the future. The famous


pairing of Williams Renault is back in F1 next season. And Virgin


Racing will be using some McLaren know how to try to get off the back


of the grid. So, the teams at the back are looking to the future. The


teams at the front are not looking any further than this weekend. The


latest news is that this morning, there was a meeting of the


technical work group, to try to work out where they stand on this


diffusers scenario. They had a meeting, they have now emerged from


that meeting. Let's find out the latest, with Ted Kravitz and


Christian Horner. Give us the latest, what's the outcome of the


technical working group meeting? We're trying to find a solution. It


is in nobody's interest to have the lack of clarity which currently


exists. Charlie made an offer. Red Bull has also offered a concession


this weekend. That is to run as we are. We need all the teams to agree


to move on and put this behind us. Hopefully we're not far away from


achieving that. So that means you will run with a bit more exhaust


blowing? Here, no. So that will mean you have one arm behind your


back, as far as you're concerned, this weekend? At the moment, in our


opinion, we're running a disadvantaged system, compared with


other engine manufacturers. We're trying to find a solution to put


this episode behind us. The most simplistic thing would be to go


back to exactly where we worked in the weeks ago. So, to sum it up,


you're prepared to take that hit this weekend? Yes. We're here in


the pit lane, and you can see how busy it is all around us. These


fans have not turned up to talk about blown diffusers, and what


percentage of exhaust gases you can run. But it is important to get


this sorted out. It is unsavoury that we're talking about this


during the race weekend. There was a directive from the FIA while the


cars were on track! I find it confusing, and I'm supposed to know


what's going on in this business. In my day, you could not change the


rules during the season. I wish we had adhered to that. This may seem


like a clarification, but this is not clarification, this is, for me,


blatantly giving an advantage to Ferrari, because they do not have


this system. The only way you can make regulation changes during the


year was on the grounds of safety, and there's nothing about this


which suggests it is anything to do with safety. It is just about the


exploitation of aerodynamics in a way which was not done in the past.


As you heard from Christian Horner, it looks like for this weekend, Red


Bull will be slightly handicapped. We will wait and see what that


means when the cars come out for qualifying in about half an hour.


Amongst the 100,000 people here today will be the very nervous di


Resta family. Finally, Paul is racing in a Formula 1 race at his


home Grand Prix. We thought we would send someone sensible and


trustworthy, with greater experience around here, to find out.


Sadly, that man is also a bit of a mischief-maker. It is amazing how


close it is to the circuit? We will not be wasting any money on a taxi.


You're young and fit, and I need the exercise. This is this sign,


welcome to the British Grand Prix, I used to cross and this. You can


see your picture, David. I think I was about the same age as you are


now. You can see how much I have aged. We have got a few of your


fans here. A photo of the back of your head! Has anyone got a


question for Paul? No idea, when you're a rookie. Are you enjoying


it? Yes, it is everything I have ever dreamed of doing. Not


everybody gets the opportunity. need to get you over here. We're


and a pressure for a time, so we have got to get you over to the


paddock. Hop on. I've just got to go to the paddock, I've got Mr


Coulthard in the cab. Who said Grand Prix racing is glamorous?


Have you ever been in a truck before? I have not been in a truck


for a long time. My family business is transport, so I kind of grow up


in this position in a truck. This is where we spend our family


I think we may have to walk the last part. Kenya droppers at the


Gate, because we do not want to use up Paul's energy. You're the only


former one driver to arrive at Silverstone in a truck. Thank you


very much. Well driven. We will send your CV into Force India. We


seem to be missing something. They're very expensive, these Grand


Prix drivers. One big advantage of driving for one of the winning


teams is that you do not have such a long walk down the paddock. So,


if nothing else, that has got to be your motivation. I can see your


team in injured. We wish you luck for the weekend. -- your team


manager. We got him delivered back, where only a minute late. That


struck was a bit slow. Entirely the truck driver's fault,


wasn't it? He genuinely did not expect us to ever a lift with him.


He was in trouble with his boss. It was interesting to see how relaxed


Paul who are, it is only his 9th Grand Prix. You would think the


pressure was immense, but he seems so grounded. This is his car behind


us. One piece of advice for him? You have got to just attack the


track like any other racetrack. If you consider the fact that your


family is here, there are a lot of British fans wanting you to do well,


it just adds pressure. He has just got to do exactly what he has been


doing, and finish ahead of Adrian Sutil again. Which is pretty much


what he has been doing so far, only out-qualified by his teammate twice


so far. Over to Eddie. I have never seen so much involvement and


excitement. I just happened to meet this lovely Hannah Benn. Where are


you from? I'm from Leipzig in Germany but I live in London. I


love it here, it is my first time but it is really gorgeous. You're


probably a or Vettel fan. I am. Who couldn't be? Something tells me


that lady is probably not camping out this weekend. Everybody says,


and it is totally true, the British marshals are the best in the world.


Today, it is their chance to be here at the British Grand Prix, and


they have got a new recruit. This is Thruxton, the fastest circuit in


England. When it goes wrong here, it goes very wrong. It is not only


the driver's risking their lives for the love of motor sport. Spare


a thought for the men and women in orange, standing in the line of


fire. High time for me to man up and join the volunteers to be a


marshal for the day and stand side- by-side with the unsung heroes who


make motorsport tick. I have not been disclosed to a circuit when


the racing is going on, ever. I'm quite excited, actually. The most


important thing, whilst we're here on post, always watch the oncoming


traffic. Watch out! I barely saw Jason Plato as he lost control and


crashed right in front of me. Now, I know him very well, you know him


very well, but this isn't it time to talk to a driver. I'll tell you


what they need to do. That is not on. I could have hit that. That


kills people, that does. I will speak to the supervisor. I did not


expect to be doing manual labour as well. That's all part and parcel of


it. Next, I was seconded to Church, one of the fastest corners in the


UK. I find myself naturally leaning back. You do, yes. We have not got


any protection! You have, you've got a tyre wall. This was pure


adrenalin. Are you not tempted just to look over? No. We are starting


the race? Yes. I'm very proud when Right, they're all away cleanly,


and we've got to go. At the next race, I was allowed on the grid to


fulfil a boyhood dream. Are you Susan's standing on a live motor


racing circuit, at the start. The last race of the day, and events


Rescue three scramble, start line. Every marshal on the grey will be


called into action. Thankfully, everyone was OK, and we started the


clear-up. The racing was able to resume. All in a day's work. I was


President of the British motor racing Marshal's Club for some


years, and you could not be doing a better thing. Because the British


marshals are the best in the world, the best trained, so enthusiastic,


they do it all with their own money, to the extent that British marshals


are asked to go to places like the Monaco Grand Prix and one of the


others. And of course, a big thank you to


all of the marshals involved at Silverstone this weekend. It is


important that we shine a light on the great work done by these guys.


Without them, motor racing would not exist. And they are absolute


fans as well. But they care about the safety not just of the drivers,


but also of the people who turn up. They do an unbelievable job. We see


them in Singapore, all over the world. They are absolutely state-


of-the-art, these marshals. That should be the next thing the three


of us do. But as we saw, you have got to be a fireman, engineer and


sometimes counsellor to the drivers. Yes, we could see Jason after the


incident, brushing away the marshal. I would always suggest to a marshal,


approach with caution a racing driver who has just crashed.


Whatever it is you need to ask him about medical issues, I would just


give it a minute. We are now outside probably the busiest garage


at the weekend, this is the McLaren garage. Jenson Button has not had


the best of times at the British Grand Prix, never made it onto the


podium. He would love to change that this weekend. 100,000 fans all


hoping for some British success. But these days, being a racing


driver, as David will testify, it is more than just about driving a


And action. How are you doing? I am the stylist


to date. You are running the show. And you are here to help? I am not.


We'd never know what we're going to do before we turn up, which is


actually quite good. We had to put all this together, I was the


photographer. Lewis decided that he was not going to be an assistant to


Jensen Button. That is a bit like the way that they race. He helped


pick out all the clothes and he definitely has a strong feminine


side in real life! I am good to go with that one. He he had a keen eye


for the make-up and the shoes and all that stuff. I think Jensen


Button had an alarmingly foreign knowledge of women's clothing.


Exactly how I imagined it. That were receipt -- that worries me,


you being my team-mate. I it really do like photography. They knew what


they wanted from the off, which is great. It looks terrible! Show her


at the posts. It is a little bit naughty. Lewis chose this one.


me just get a picture of it. When I was watching Ayrton Senna in those


days they did not have this but now there is a lot more of a commercial


aspect to it. Your head is in the shot! We had to do than Alice in


Wonderland posed with a plastic rabbit next to me!


These guys have got vision. I think it is really cool. Not that -- not


bad for my first photo-shoot. What a lovely pose for Jensen


Button. I guess he would like to be posing on the podium. Let's Talk


about British drivers at McLaren. We saw them getting along famously.


Is it better than even McLaren could have expected? They have


distinct personalities but I think they gel together and enjoy a week


each other's company. But they have an huge determination to beat their


team-mate, that is clear. But they don't work well together.


Nevertheless, we do see that in the past there has been a number one


and number two. McLaren have been going for 30 years in his current


guise. So 30 years ago they had his first victory here. They had many


great drivers together so they understand how to get the best out


of two highly motivated drivers. There always able to put some


cooling water on any little tensions that arise. One tension


that has not been diluted is this situation with that will they stay


or will they go? Why does Lewis not just come out and say that he's not


going to leave? That is the manager's job to get the most out


of his financial and contractual decisions. Commercially there will


always try to squeeze the maximum out of it. The driver has to Trust


his manager. Eddie knows all about doing that! I have a slight concern.


Lewis is managed by a team that seemed to know a lot about movies


and pop-music but I'm trying to figure out what they actually know


about motor-racing and world champions. My guess is that in my


opinion they should appoint someone who has actually ate huge knowledge


of Formula 1 to assist him. thing is to get the best contract


that you can buy the other thing is livestock management within the


Pavett. How do you get the best out yourself to deliver the maximum in


that car every time. But if they did leave McLaren they would not


get the chance to wear the kind of overalls that I think Leevan


Yearwood be impressed by. Nice and colourful. It is colourful and it


is a good marketing tool. The person who thought this up, it is


well conceived. We used to do all kinds of things which snakes and


animals on the front of the Jordan car. But this is remarkable, they


are doing it for charity and it really is a worthwhile thing.


known that you would like that. But one man scratching his head would


be Stirling Moss. They did not wear outfits like that in his day. And


you may have heard that he has finally hung up his racing gloves.


But he can still put on that famous leather helmet and take a trip down


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Very nice. So here we are, this is one of the biggest tests of a


Formula 1 car in the world. How was it impure des? What was hard for as


is hard for them. So many drivers leapt Silverstone because it has a


lovely flow to it. And in my day there was a lack of downforce


compared to the modern cars. Back then we did not even know what


downforce was so we did not miss it. We have just done did down and


stopped here. At this point you stand on the brakes. I'd bet you


had a few tasty overtakes just here? There is a great place just


at the end of the straight. If the car looks a bit out of control, it


slows the others up anyway. Here we are on the newest piece of tarmac


around the new Silverstone win. Just looking behind, we can see the


right hand of Abbey. Last year in qualifying Sebastian Vettel took


that flat at 255 kilometres an hour. If you had your way it would be the


same circuit as in 1950. But it is important to make changes. Do you


think they have managed to keep the integrity of the Silverstone?


think so. I think the modern drivers are at right. If the car


drivers like it is well that is the thing. If how does the old car


cope? Tremendous. She feels really good, I tell you.


What a guy. He never won here but he won twice at Aintree. Martin


Whitmarsh from McLaren has joined us. We want to talk about this


weekend but we first have to discuss blown Duff users, and


incredibly exciting subject but central to Formula 1 at the moment.


What has been decided for this weekend? Are all the cars running


the same thing? The answer is I think everyone will be running the


same thing. There is a limit to the extent which the throttles can be


opened. But inevitably when you change the regulations even before


qualifying then there will be winners and losers. The drivers on


the front row today will probably be pleased with the outcome and


Ferrari look happier than others coming out of the meeting. Those


who fought back well feel that they had been disadvantaged. We have had


very little man in to change the fundamentals so it is difficult for


the drivers. It is a real change -- will shame that we are in this


situation. Red Bull think they're running at a disadvantage. What


does it do for McLaren? I could answer that better after


qualifying! But we are not particularly happy. We're


frantically adjusting the car. Not just the exhaust settings but how


we put on the brakes, the style of the brakes. The whole balance of


the car has changed. It sounds small but some people will be lucky


and some not. It is all unsavoury, washing dirty linen in public. You


are brought in the F-duct and you're allowed to continue with it


for the season. How has this happened? I personally feel we have


had blown deaf users now for 18 months and the proper thing would


be to let it run to the end of the year. But clearly that is not what


has happened. We have stumbled from one change to another so it does


confuse people and it is not satisfactory. Formula 1 can do a


better job than this. We need to do it better in future. Qualifying


coming up, help is your basic practice here? Could there be a


British victory? Intrudes we do not know. The factors we have just been


talking about, it is that detail that makes the difference. We have


not run as we were going to run in qualifying. The brakes are being


changed, behold dynamics of the card. The engineers and the drivers


between them have either done a good job and got lucky, otherwise


they will be deeply unhappy. That is a real shame. Hopefully we will


come out of it OK, but I'm not convinced. But it could play into


your hands, Europe race pace during the season has been better than on


Saturday. Reno we have to work on qualifying pace. It is a challenge


for as at the moment this close to the qualifying session, we are


changing the car. Well you had better make your way to the pit.


And David, to the commentary box. Not long now until the start of


qualifying. One man has dominated qualifying - Sebastian Vettel. We


have seen his new helmet for the season. This is a great idea.


not believe how intricate it is. It is minute detail. The links he has


gone to do this is extraordinary. I love what he is doing here. That is


his Helmut for this weekend, adorned with the engineers from


this side of the garage. Red Bull have said that they're handicapped,


and they have been so quick in qualifying. It is all full of


intrigue. I have seen it time and again. It is a pity it is being


done in such a public arena and in the middle of the season. So let's


hope it does no big disadvantage to anybody. I'm pretty sure it will


not disadvantage Red Bull so much that they fall out in qualifying.


It is time for due one for the British Grand Prix with David


speedy Silverstone for round nine of this year's Championship. The


second longest circuit of the year. It includes six very fast corners,


which challenged the drivers in the extreme. This is the new and


reposition and rather spectacular track. Three sectors as always.


Those other sectors which we will refer to when we talk about sector


times during qualifying. It is dry at the moment, 26 degrees on the


track. 61% humidity. But this is the driest we have seen the track


so far. A lot of teams and drivers will be thoroughly relieved about


that. It has been thoroughly interesting this weekend to watch


the teams fighting each other over what they can and can't do with


their throttles in the corners, and how it affects the race cars on


track. We will try to explain that as the qualifying session unfolds.


Four British drivers have won the British Grand Prix here at


Silverstone at least twice. And one of them has finally made it up into


the commentary box, David Coulthard. David, it is unprecedented for me


that the teams are coming out of the meeting just minutes before


qualifying starts. How will they be able to load whatever software or


parts on to the car which they need for qualifying? Well, it is


incredible. I'm not sure we were able to get to the bottom of it


with Martin Whitmarsh just earlier on. They can do the programming, of


course they can, that is what they have got the clever engineers for.


But it is the actual effect on the car. It is all about guesswork.


This is a prototype business, you're doing things which have


never been done before. As soon as they roll-out of the pit lane, and


a parc ferme, they cannot make changes to the car. So they will be


hoping that they're legal as they get into the final stages of the


race. There is that. I think this is unique, so the FIA may take a


slightly different approach this weekend. That said, it is the only


thing which could go wrong, somebody physically typing in the


wrong number. The rest of it is all about hardware. Talking about great


unknowns, with the wet track on Friday, and changeable conditions


this morning, what do you think the drivers and teams know about this


racetrack? This has happened so many times at Silverstone, you get


changeable conditions. The surface does not really work that tyre that


hard. It is big, open air, affected by the wind. Throw in the fact that


this is the first time we have come here with Pirelli tyres, and many


other things. That driver is going out into a journey of discovery. He


does not know exactly what the car will do when he gets down to


Village Corner. It will all be about who can be the most creative


driver when it comes to qualify. had done thousands of laps of


testing, but these cars have not been around here since last year's


Grand Prix. That's a very good point. In Monaco, you need track


time to build up confidence. Silverstone is at the other end of


the extreme in terms of speed, but you do need track time. You're


going through some of the corners at massive speeds. Your favourite


Corner? Becketts, it is unbelievable. We're just a few


seconds away from the first part of qualifying. We have 20 minutes to


lose seven drivers. And qualifying begins. The cars stream out on to


the racetrack, a lot of activity very early in the session,


confirming what we have just been talking about. Grey skies, you do


not know if it is going to rain. Also, they do not know their cars,


so there will be more running happening at this stage of the


session from the top teams. Let's here from Ted Kravitz. The other


reason they're going out so soon is because they're being told that


there is a chance of rain in 10 minutes. There is a big, heavy


cloud above the pit straight. We do believe on the diffuser question


that they're all running now in the configuration in which they ran in


the practice session at 10 o'clock this morning. I think the Renault


engined cars have lost out, that means Lotus and Red Bull, among


others. I think Mercedes have gained, because they can steal fire


four cylinders. It is all about KERS harvesting of energy, it is


about gearshift, so many other knock-on effects. It seems to me


that Ferrari, who have been very, very quiet on all of this, have


gone a long in the slipstream of Mercedes Benz, probably Ross Brawn,


and they seem very happy about it. What do you think, David? I would


not want to play poker with Martin Whitmarsh. His face was not a happy


face. If you're telling me they're gaining from running the Mercedes


engine, then why was he standing there like that? I think it is the


Mercedes team as much as anything who have gained. Mercedes have a


different throttle system to the Renault-engined teams. It is


curious that we have heard nothing from Ferrari. They're just saying,


whatever they choose to do, we will go along with it - which is not


normally how it is. John Todd, president of the FIA, very much


active around the paddock here at Silverstone. There used to be


rumours when he was running Ferrari that rule changes were made which


would be favourable to Ferrari. I wonder what the conspiracy theories


will be this weekend. We cannot see any of the parts on the car, you


can hear them being much cleaner in the slow corners. You do not get


that clattering sound from the exhaust. But putting all of that


aside, this is about maximising this magnificent racetrack. So many


challenges around here to get the perfect lap in. You can be the


bravest, the best driver through corners like Copse and Becketts and


still waste a couple of tenths of a second on braking. Of course, the


stop watch is running all the time. One of the challenges at


Silverstone is, you only use that brakes for 10% of the lap.


Unusually, as we walked down the pit wall before coming up here, you


could see teams putting on brake tape, they were desperately trying


to get heat into the brakes. course, they do not brake for turn


one. RADIO: light rain in Copse.


Sebastien Vettel being told that there's already precipitation down


at Copse Corner. That used to be the old turn one. Remember, all


this does is to establish which seven drivers will will be losing


from the first section of They will have to go again,


racetrack. They know they have got to get out there and deliver time.


They have gone out on the softer tyre, you can see the yellow


banding. DAVID COULTHARD: This is the worst


nightmare for the drivers, it is the perfect conditions for having a


slightly shaken up grid. If it starts to read a more heavily, of


course, they will be fixed into the course, they will be fixed into the


positions they have achieved so far. This is a bit like going out for


qualifying on a Friday morning when you have just rocked up to the


venue. There has been so much rain. There has been no rubber going down


from the other formulas. So, it really is an adventure. That's a


good point. Normally you would be putting a nice coating of Pirelli


rubber onto the track, preparing the track, but we did not have that


on Friday. It was wet. And the session before this was the Porsche


Super Cup, but they were running Michelin tyres, so they're


effectively picking up whatever rubber was put down by the Porsches.


The track is a living, evolving thing. Sebastien Vettel goes over


the line in not a particularly fast time. He's looking for a hat-trick


of pole positions here. We have got a yellow flag, we will keep an eye


out for that. We're on board with Lewis Hamilton. He has done his


personal best in the first sector. Alonso's flying for Ferrari also in


the first sector. And that's Alonso, off the racetrack. It tends to be a


bit more firm out there, and he is using that very well. Do you think


he will have damage underneath the car? Well, it looked like there


were some fairly big stones in that gravel. If he has damaged the


underside of the car... Here, we are on board. He rides the kerb,


gets on the power. Actually, you can see, he's just lost grip


completely coming out of Brooklands. He has made a correction, and once


he has done that, he is on a wet track. He has gone straight into


the gravel at Luffield. What a strange incident that was. I have


never seen a cargo off before in Formula 1. -- I have never seen a


car go off there before in Formula 1. Now, going down the Hangar


Straight,km livers and sight. He was on the throttle nice and early


there. Yes, he went down to fourth That's to or three seconds slower


than we expected. Clearly, the track is not in its prime condition.


You can see tiny little splattering some rain. A massive amount of and


a spear on the exit of Becketts. -- understeer. Understeer, that is a


Barrichello is up into second place. Maldonado is absolutely flying for


Williams. Massa goes over the line. He is fastest with that. Maldonado


goes fastest on those soft tyres. The times will keep tumbling.


Michael Schumacher only makes eighth position, though. Vettel in


the background getting pretty close to the leading time. Lewis Hamilton,


then. He goes past the old pits into Copse. You know that they're


not absolutely getting a grip they normally expect yet. These cars are


fuelled longer than you would normally use in qualifying. They're


doing several laps here, so every lap, you're burning of a lap of


fuel, which would gain you a tenth of the second. But the track


Lewis Hamilton has got the hard tyres on, as he goes over in sixth


place. The same for Jenson Button, such as not wasting a set of the


What we are looking for, it is all about the 7th drivers who will turn


into spectators and be the first of the midfield could get it wrong.


Heikki Kovalainen has got the Lotus in in 16th place. So the told


Rossouw cars would be the ones to drop out. And the new boy, Daniel


avocado. He is in 24th place at the moment. Mark wherever it goes


fastest, the man who was Supreme here in the race last year. He has


looked good in every session this weekend, wet or dry. He goes to the


front of the queue. Down in the danger zone, Mickey Harte felt. He


is currently behind Heikki Kovalainen. It looks like we are at


the only ones on the first time lap. In these conditions you want to get


an extra lap or two in before you go to refuel. Absolutely, you want


to make sure you have a reserve of fuel. Because there is also the


uncertainty over the weather. or a yellow flag sign at the top of


the screen. We will find out who that was. But some years about


Fernando Alonso. Yes after it all a bit stones and pebbles in his


diaries, he put in at a time that was good enough for effect.


sorts of pieces of carbon fibre underneath. Classics Silverstone


whether. The front runners have decided they can get through


without risking a set of soft tyres. It would be a shock for the Tote


Rossouw team if they dropped out of The Torro Rosso Guys are not going


to be able to do faster times now with these conditions. So unless


something remarkable happens in the next six minutes, that will be them


in the bottom seven. They were happy with their performance in


practice but that will not do them much good unless it is the down for


tomorrow. The big winner of course is a Heikki Kovalainen in the lotus,


going through to the second part of qualifying. Really outperforming


his car, as we have seen so often. McLaren have sent both Lewis


Hamilton and Jensen Button out on the soft tyres. They have seen it


was raining. Not quite sure what they are doing. Maybe it is a


software check? Not about ultimate lap time? Silverstone is such a


wide open space that you have to be out on track before or you can get


in a flying lap. If we have a wet qualifying session, they have got


plenty of tyres any way for at the Grand Prix tomorrow. I was just


wondering what the reason it might be for them going out on the soft


tyres is if they have perhaps reprogrammed to something on the


software. Are they perhaps checking something with the Billown diffuser.


That is a very good. Because they are at the ball bring their cars


through the weekend. I have never seen Christian Horner looking so


unhappy on camera. They have been changing the rules between practice


sessions, for goodness sake. When did that last happen? I do not


recall having that during my career except for safety grounds. That was


all on the basis of slowing down the cars. I agreed with heel, those


where fundamental changes. But we knew look of those before we came


There are already fixes in place for last year. Give them back a


throttle cable and appear shift, that is what I say! The good old


days, Martin! When you mention the noise of these cars, in first


practice this morning we could hear the noise, the emotion. And that is


why we need loud Formula 1 engines. You need to be able to hear that


emotion, it is like a rock concert when they take to the track.


Absolutely right. But this is all about qualifying one, so let us


remember that. R Alguersuari, Ricky Ardboe, out of qualifying. The


remaining drivers go through today the second part of qualifying. Then


we found out which Concepts are working well. This situation with


full-throttle is not new. They call it engine braking and that is


adjusted to avoid locking the rear axles, that is something we has


been doing for a long time. The driver would have just that to get


the maximum performance from the car. If you can't really eat


minimise that braking zone then you gain a lot of lap time. Only 8% of


the lap is spent on the brake pedal here. One of the difficulties with


this track is getting energy into the KERS system. It does not affect


them of course if they are doing a flying lap. But with this change of


conditions, and throwing in the rain, then it becomes difficult to


recharge your battery packs. What do you read about going with the


soft tyres? At think it was a case of whether you had a clear lap and


Europcar was able to get the tyres working in a single lap. I think it


is early days. Radio: it is going to get worse so we go straight away


for flying laps. Interesting about going out on intermediate tyres, it


has completely stopped raining now. It must presumably still be raining


out the back. So the session has finished. The chequered flag is alt.


And it is now beginning to dry quite rapidly. Mark Webber was the


fastest man out there. The McLaren boys in a 7th and 11th. Paul di


Resta et in 15th. Buemi, blog, it Daniel Ricciardo, they take no


further part in qualifying. The fans are pretty happy that the


rain has disappeared for the time being. And some of the teams as


well. It is working in the dry here at Silverstone as far as Red Bull


is concerned. But McLaren always planned to go out and when the rain


came they did not change their plan and that is why we saw them on the


soft tyres in the rain. I am flabbergasted, I'm really need to


ask what was going on there. I'm at a loss to understand why you would


even think about putting on soft tyres in a situation like that.


are outside the Hispania racing team and hopefully we can speak to


Daniel Ricciardo in a few minutes. He is a hot prospect for the future


and is finally in Formula 1. Two men they are far more experienced


both struggled in possession, Fernando Alonso and Filipe Massa.


The intriguing thing is many think that these will changes may have


been designed to favour Ferrari. There were certainly struggling


with their car. Fernando Alonso was lucky to go through the gravel like


that. Historically usually that cannot happen. To be able to


continue is surprising to me and is probably a good sign for this new


Silverstone circuit. They must have designed gravelled that it is


possible to drive through. What does it like for a Daniel


Ricciardo? His first ever qualifying session for Formula 1.


It was interesting. The weather has made it an little more difficult.


It would have been nice to get another run me the option tyres.


But it was OK. I cannot expect too much at this stage. A long list of


great world champions from your country. Are you the next one? The


next Australian world champion? is too early to ask that question!


But that is my long-term goal and that is the big dream. It is


definitely part of the green bean year in Formula 1. What is the


short term goal? Took us through the pinking between joining a team


like Hispania? Arguably the slowest team in the sport at the moment.


I'm quite fortunate to have the opportunity to race in Formula 1,


and sooner than I expected. It is great that Red Bull and Hispania


have come to an agreement and let me drive in the last 10 races. It


is good for me to get the experience and learn what it takes


and set a good foundation for hopefully along career in Formula 1.


I am fortunate with my team-mate who has a lot of experience. I have


got him to learn from. When we saw you racing with the juniors, where


do you see your future? Potentially at Red Bull? That would be nice. It


is a nice seat up there. I think a few people have compared me to


Sebastian Vettel. I do not really know where that stands. But for me


it is just to go out there and do as much as I can. It is definitely


a good person to learn from. He is a bit of a role model when I was


younger. So I have some good people I can't learn from and use them as


a benchmark. I will try to be myself at the end of the day, but


there are some classic guys out there I can take a leaf from.


Although the places to start, this generates incredible crowds. What


is it like to drive around in these Silverstone has always been a great


circuit for me. I do not live too far from here. It is a second home.


It is not Australia, but it is probably the second best on the


list for me. The fans always come out, they're here early in the


morning. It is lovely to have such a good atmosphere. Welcome to BBC


London News. A ride in Formula 1. Thank you very much. One of the big


stories in that session would be Heikki Kovalainen, making it


through to the second part of qualifying. Yes, good news for them


indeed. Other news this week, Hispania getting new investors,


Virgin Racing tying up with McLaren on a technical liaison, as Force


India do. And the Williams team MARTIN BRUNDLE: I was listening to


some team radio there. Right now, we are in to qualifying two. 15


minutes, and we're looking for the top 10 to go into the shoot-out.


That looked like a set of dry tyres to me, David. I don't normally


argue, but I am, it is a set of intermediates. It is surprising,


from where we are looking, the track does not look two. But


there's no harm, I guess, in doing a nice lap. They have got 14


minutes available here. Heidfeld has gone out on soft tyres. Both


Mercedes out on intermediates. They have only got four sets of these


intermediate tyres for the whole weekend, including Friday practice.


And they have used one set all ready. They cannot afford to burn a


set of those up. DAVID COULTHARD: Yes, the drivers


are just getting a view of the track, it will not do any harm to


just go through those apexes and take-off the release agent which is


on the new tyres. It always makes it a bit slippery for the first


couple of corners, when you go out on a damp track. So these will end


up being a perfectly prepared set of tyres. Is that were they're just


doing, then? We have still got more than 30 minutes to go, and you have


got to try and keep one eye on the weather. You can see, it is


actually very wet down at the exit of Copse.


Do you think Jenson is out on intermediate tyres as well? This


looks to me like it is right in the middle. It is a challenging one.


is indeed, because down where we are, near the new pit complex, it


is dry enough for slicks. We saw the Red Bull coming through Copse


and struggling with the amount of water on the track. So, they do


have a bit of time before having to make that critical decision, but at


the moment, I would say, go for slicks to maximise this end of the


track, and then just tiptoe through Copse Corner. Fernando Alonso has


gone out on intermediate tyres as well. I agree with you, David, it


looks like it should be slicks to me, but we are not out there.


TED KRAVITZ: no risk from the top teams at the moment. They know they


will only have to do the one run on the soft tyres later to get through


to the next round of qualifying. think everyone's just getting a


little look at it right now. Interesting point from Ted - nobody


wants to take risks on such a high- speed circuit, nobody wants to get


caught out of position in qualifying. You need to get


yourself running as near to the front as possible. It is a track


where if you do make a mistake on the high-speed corners, you will


almost certainly slam it into the barriers. That is why we love these


traditional racetracks. Nick Maldonado goes quicker, he loves


these conditions. He seems to be very comfortable out there. He was


second quickest in the first part of qualifying. The Williams is not


having any difficulty getting heat into those tyres, clearly. Even on


Still, they're using the DRS. They can use it whenever they want in


qualifying, but only in one place in the race, that's out of turn


four, into the new complex. This is Vettel on the dry tyres.


The times will be tumbling, as they find grip and confidence and belief


that these cars will stick, as you turn into a Corner like this, at


190mph. We saw Lewis Hamilton getting well out of the way coming


through Woodcote. Did not want to get any accusation of getting in


the way of Sebastien Vettel. But they are having to tiptoe all the


way through that section. Now, we Schumacher has pitted, as has Lewis


Hamilton. Presumably they will be going for a set of dry tyres. I did


a test in Spain, and I went out on a set of intermediates on a bone


dry track, and was six seconds slower. Kobayashi goes fastest. But


it changes immediately, as Mark Webber goes fastest. The times are


really beginning to come down now. We expect to see something in the 1


minute 30s. That is if it is a bone dry track.


DAVID COULTHARD: Track conditions here, we have not had a proper dry


run for any of these drivers. So we could see the times tumbling at the


end of this session. Absolutely right. We could see the first big


surprise of the day. Sutil has just gone fastest. Very slow in the


first sector from Vettel, that's Only seven minutes remaining.


Several top drivers in the drop zone at the moment. Five of them


have done no laps. Seven minutes remaining. And it is one minute 45


to get out of the pit lane and get around before the chequered flag


drops. This is going to get very interesting and very busy indeed.


Fernando Alonso, we have already seen him barging through the gravel


traps and the service roads in the first part of qualifying. We have


not got any sector times for him yet. A little sprinkle of rain


would spoil a few drivers' ambitions this weekend. We only


have three cars currently on track, with six and a half minutes to go.


That will suddenly change. We will see all of the cars about jockeying


for position. They will be trying to make sure that they do not get


blocked by anyone. That was the new camera shot. Here's the old pit


straight, where they have started this Grand Prix for 61 years. It


will be different tomorrow. It looks like it is drying out a bit


Fernando Alonso, lifting off at Copse, that would normally be taken


in seventh gear. He is just taking a look on the soft tyres. At one


sounded like a motorbike going through there, how gentle he was


being with opening the throttle, going through Stowe. He will let it


go now, because this is where the time starts. Alonso sets about


doing a representative time. He's only in a dingy at the moment. And


The end of the pit lane is unrestricted on speed. Lewis


Hamilton now also starting his first fast lap. Ted... It is three


laps for all of them now. All six top cars around the soft tyre now.


But Webber well up there on the soft tyres. Many of the teams are


expecting Mark Webber to benefit from the changes. People think


Vettel was benefiting from the weird things the engine was doing


when lifting the throttle. That's an interesting concept, we will


debate that later on. We will see if it does indeed benefit Mark


Webber. We have 15 of the 17 cars on track at the moment. Sutil is


not out yet. It is going to be last man over the line, that's the


critical thing now. DAVID COULTHARD: Yes, there is no


question that the times will be tumbling. The last few minutes of


this part of qualifying are absolutely critical. If any of what


you would expect to be the regular top 10 runners make any mistake or


get out of position, then they will not get through. Have you ever


known 15 minutes to go so fast? this is the worst nightmare for the


drivers, changing conditions in qualifying. They want to have


stable conditions so that they can extract every last bit of


performance out of the car, a known quantity. Right now, every Corner


is a journey of discovery. And what we want is the fast drivers at the


back of the grid tomorrow for the best race! All 17 cars out there as


expected. Michael Schumacher does that. This is not for grid


positions, this is just to sort out who will be in the top 10 shoot-out.


Button has just gone over the line. It is all about timing your lap to


be last man over the line. Webber's the fastest man in the middle


sector. Maldonado has gone fourth. Ted tells us that McLaren have


fuelled for three laps. That's the sensible thing to do - keep running


Rosberg just dipping his left hand tyres into the water of Farm corner.


Hamilton still up in it fifth-place. Nico Rosberg up there and all of a


sudden Barrichello out of the action. Paul di Resta rap is about


to start what will be his only flying lap. He has actually


finished that one in 6th place just ahead of Maldonado. Schumacher in


the top 10 at the moment. Who will get over at the line just before at


the flag drops? The driver is beginning to find the confidence


they need to keep the throttle nailed to the floor up in these


spectacular corners. You can see the heat haze. Kobayashi his 5th at


the moment. Hill can get the lap completed? There is so much action


to come. Just 15 seconds before at the flag drops. Who is likely to


get thrown there and get that time in? That part of the track is


remarkably clear. It is Alonso, Maldonado and Rosberg, at these


times will be their final times there. Michael Schumacher...


Hamilton has pitted. Pressure bear for him. Jensen Button is the 14th.


Club is now the final quarter of the lap. MS Jensen Button and makes


it. Michael Schumacher will take no further part in qualifying. Paul di


Resta are just squeezes in as Des Maldonado. Mickey Harte felt only


managing 16th. Let's see who the top 10 are not including this man,


Michael Schumacher in full stop -- I think he will be a thoroughly


disappointed with that. It is Massa who has emerged from that chaos to


be part of it. Ferried in that session was Fernando Alonso. --


there it. Paul di Resta has out qualified his team-mate Adrian


Sutil in his seven out of 10 qualifying races. Situations like


this are constantly changing and we have seen how badly it can affect


people. It was all of that for Michael Schumacher. He just did not


get it together. Rubens Barrichello it starts 15th on the grid. Also


struggling in dodgy conditions. But one man made it work. Heikki


Kovalainen. 17th on the grid is not bad. It is better than we were


expecting. The car has been functioning well and the work


continues. Today the conditions where they bring us a little. We


have to do that every time. much is going on between Europe and


you're engineers with these changeable conditions? It is hard


to work out what to do. It is. You want to get out on the dry tyres as


much as possible. So at the beginning when it was dry we


thought, let's go out and then it the second time I went out, it


rained. How are you now going to drag Team Lotus, because you seem


to be leading the team, how are you going to drag them into the middle


group? There are many things to improve on. I involved myself a lot


in these kind of discussions. We had great people in the team and I


think most of their designers and engineers do not yet have the up-


to-date facilities and the capacity to do what the guy is in other


teams are doing. It will take time but I'm remained patient, keeping


my focus and making sure I am in shape 100% every time. It will just


take some time. Some people seem to be a little impatient. That is how


you get the best out of Europe drivers. He warned the best from


this team. What do you make about all the talk this weekend about


blown Duff users, and how the cars have had to be set up minutes


before qualifying? I has been trying to keep it simple. And just


change the balance slightly according to what happens. I just


keep it simple and I hope the debate will be sorted out


eventually. And to make it such a way as the fans and everywhere else


knows what it is going on. Well done, you have played it through to


the second part of qualifying. Have a good one tomorrow. We can now


hear from Jarno Trulli. I suppose the rain curtailed


anything out there today? Possession was cut short because of


the rain and the first round was not good for me. I have been


struggling with the car all weekend. But the conditions have changed so


often this weekend, it must be difficult to get comfortable in the


car? The whole weekend has been difficult for me. I never felt


comfortable to push it hard enough. So the poll position should doubt,


with three British drivers in the top 10. Sounds good. Sounds amazing.


Paul di Resta or yet again, he has surprised a lot of people. He is so


focused and clinical in everything he does, he is a breath of fresh


air in Formula 1 this year and I hope he has a good qualifying


session. Time to hand back to our commentators. It has been frantic,


we have had meetings minutes before qualifying. But three British


drivers are all in the hunt for pole position. It could be very


special. And it is the stop watch that has the will of the answers in


Formula 1. Sebastian Vettel, seven pole positions and one thoroughly


disappointing second place on the grid. Who can stop him being on the


opposition here at the British Grand Prix?


Qualifying three begins, the top 10 lacking in grip. Ted is in the pits.


The teams are expecting some rain and have sent everyone out on the


soft tyres. Many was just one lap of fuel on board. Are a changeable


day like today, they may as well get out there and see how far they


can get up the grid. Yes driver confidence is a big factor. There's


no benefit from sitting in the pits at all. Maldonado has gone out.


Paul di Resta that has gone out. Nine of the tent runners take to


the race track. No other beginning you asked who was going to stop


Sebastian Vettel. Interestingly in these changing conditions, I'm


trying to look through the statistics to see if he has ever


been so slow before it. Just look at those clouds. Very threatening


as Sebastian Vettel starts his lapse. I still would not bet


against this young man who has this heat, add the brain and the card to


deliver just about anything he wants. But I think he is more under


pressure today than we have seen him for a long time. This is


Luffield, a never ending, clumsy right hander. Look at him and


Vettel literally in his sights on the track and will usually be able


to reference the mother he is going faster. -- whether he is going


faster. It has not been a good lap in the final part of the lap.


Rosberg has gone up into third place. Does Jensen Button confirm


that McLaren are struggling? He does indeed. That is not looking at


old good for McLaren. McLaren are definitely struggling. Fernando


Alonso is the closest contender to pole position. It looks like


Ferrari either meant to challenge. -- are the men to challenge. Paul


di Resta up his 6th on the grid in tied to the pits for another set of


these soft tyres. -- presumably Kobayashi gets down to the end of


The provisional pole sitter at the moment is Mark Webber. Kobayashi


There's Mark Webber, we can see that he has got a set of soft tyres


on, brand, spanking new ones, no doubt, to give the maximum amount


of grip. You do sense that Mark Webber, surely he senses, he can


beat Vettel today. DAVID COULTHARD: It looks like Mark


has got a couple of tenths to find in the middle sector, but he has


got Sebastiaan covered in the first and third sectors, as we speak.


TED KRAVITZ: Something which might explain Hamilton's slow pace, that


was the soft set of tyres which they went out on at the end of Q1,


so they would have had the best performance already taken out of


those tyres. Would you expect that to account for two seconds, David?


No, I would imagine it could be half a second, if they had been


lightly used in that first part of qualifying, but I would be very


surprised. You have got to look at this, Lewis is more than half a


second off in the third sector alone, and there's not many corners


on that sector. It is just starting to spit with rain. Have we already


got the top 10 on the grid? Brand new soft tyres for Jenson. Brand


new soft tyres for Lewis Hamilton as well. When it is streaming off


your visor at 100mph, or 200mph, it is not what you need. The horrible


thing for drivers in these situations is, you do not know


until you get the car into the corner just how much grip you will


have. If you find out in the middle of cabinet at 180mph, if there is


not as much grip as you anticipated, then you could be in trouble. I


hope this is not the end of the shoot-out, but I fear it is. That's


why these are 10 of the finest drivers in the world, because


that's what they do, they cope with challenges like this. They have to


believe the car will stick, and if it goes into the barriers, then so


be it. RADIO: We believe there is light


rain falling at the south of the circuit. His engineer sells like an


air traffic controller. It did not So, Button, into the pit straight.


Almost cautious on his out lap. What did you think of that? It did


not look like he had absolute faith in the car. No, he has backed out


of it. Jenson Button has delivered his lap time for qualifying for the


British Grand Prix, and it is only good enough for fifth place. He's


not going to get back around to do a time. I would not be surprised if


he gets on the radio describing his woes. This man, Nico Rosberg, has


done a personal best first sector, fourth tenths off the pace. That


would get him in amongst the top five, round and about Jenson.


Jenson has decided there is not anything in it for him, and he


might regret that. What can Rosberg do? He's the fastest man if anybody


at the first straight-line speed measuring point. He got out of


shape there. It is another personal best middle section. This is a


Super brave lap from Nico Rosberg. He has backed out of it. Such a


shame. As you say, that was usually brave coming out on to the turn one.


Just to wet coming in to Stowe, sadly. You could see the car trying


to get away from him there. Normally, the car would be just


glued to the track. Lewis Hamilton starts just tenth on the grid. We


should see a stellar performance from him in the Grand Prix tomorrow.


This is the top 10 for tomorrow's The second row of the grid, all-


Ferrari. Button, fifth. Di Resta, sensationally, sixth place. And a


great effort from Maldonado in seventh. Kobayashi is becoming a


world-class driver. He starts in eighth. All through qualifying, we


have had their headmaster standing behind us, checking us out, a man


who must have very big feet, because we have had to try and fill


his shoes, Mr Murray Walker himself. He has been keeping an eye on us,


to make sure we're doing this properly. Wonderful to see you,


what is your take on that session? You're making me feel very


embarrassed first of all. My immediate reaction, Martin, is,


nothing changes. We have got Red Bull first and second. It did not


matter whether they were hot blowing, cold blowing, whether it


was wet, whether it was a dry, the two top blokes come out yet again,


demonstrating that that Red Bull car is the complete package.


you happy to see Webber ahead of Vettel? I'm delighted. I like


Sebastien Vettel enormously as a chap, I think he's a brilliant


driver, but I have got a big soft spot, emotionally, for Mark Webber.


He's such a nice bloke, he has come all away for Australia and fought


his way up through the ranks. He won here last year, pole position


this year, so fingers crossed for him tomorrow. Do you see a big


warning sign out for the McLaren's, they're miles off the pace...?


is very worrying. McLaren are always there or thereabouts. You


have driven for them, you know. You have only got to look at the


panoply of stars who have become world champions for McLaren. But


they're going through a bad period at the present moment. They must be


bitterly ruing the day that they lost Adrian Newey, because that's


when things changed. Kamui Kobayashi, the fans love the way he


drives the car. And Paul di Resta, look at that, top six in his first


British Grand Prix. He has not even been in single TVs to bracing for


four years. -- single-seater racing. He was doing touring cars in


Germany, a very demanding discipline, and he won that


Championship. He is not in the best team, but Force India are doing


jolly well. They have got Mercedes engines and drive line. For di


Resta to come here for the very first time in Formula 1 and qualify


sixth on the grid is a mighty achievement. It indicates that he


might well be in an even better team next year, maybe even Mercedes


Benz. You never know, we certainly have got some great young drivers


coming through. Lewis Hamilton, one of the very best, the fastest, the


bravest, he does like up the racetrack, but not this afternoon,


Murray... No, tenth. If he was despondent and depressed before,


he's going to be even more so now. But, Martin, unless I am very much


mistaken, Heikki Kovalainen, for Lotus, got in to Q2 for the first


time. I think he might have crept in earlier on in the season. But


let's look a bit further down. Michael Schumacher, who has won


here three times, 13th on the grid. How do you see it? There's the only


man, on the right, that seems to be able to potentially disrupt Red


Bull. And he has got to get past by the Vettel or Webber or both, to do


so. He has got a hard furrow to plough, Fernando Alonso. Indeed, he


has. So, Sebastien Vettel, absolutely right, he has still got


it at the front of the grid. MURRAY WALKER: what is your take on


Maldonado? I was a bit lukewarm about him earlier in the season,


but he has come alive in the last couple of races, and starting


seventh here, with the Cosworth engine, terrific. I agree, when I


saw him in testing, he seem to be half a second behind a car at all


times, but he's really getting on with it now. This is the pole


position lap for Mark Webber. It happened very early on in the


session, with that sprinkling of rain. At the time you would not


necessarily know that this would be pole position. Tomorrow, in the


race, they will be switching off the DRS at this point. This is


Luffield, a Valley Lake apex. And then you just let it go through


Woodcote corner, one of the finest pieces of racetrack anywhere in the


world. Fantastic. Go For It, Murray, take us through Becketts. Becketts,


a tremendously fast complex. When they clear it, just listen to the


engine note, as he goes through the gears. Mark Webber, and now, it's


going to be the long drag a downer to Stowe, where there has been so


much action in the past. Down through the gears, beautiful, now,


down into the Vale, and Club corner. I am still trying to get orientated


at this new Silverstone, because we are right down at the bottom of the


circuit, compared with last year. Absolutely, but luckily for mild


weather, he has orientated himself very quickly indeed to this


racetrack. Not a spectacularly fast lap, but of course, we know the


track is pretty green. But fast enough to beat the rest of them.


What do you think about Mark's psychological feelings at the


present moment? He has been out- qualified time after time by Vettel.


He's a grim, determined chap. I suspect he could see his chances


slipping away. If there has been any bad luck at Red Bull this year,


it has been his, invariably, but now he has got back on top by youth.


Yes, and I think he has been getting on top of these Pirelli


tyres. We know that Mark Webber really does excel in adversity. We


saw him here last year, going on and winning the race. Murray, it


has been wonderful to see you again. I think young Jake is ready to pick


the show up. Lovely to have you both reunited. Murray, thank you


very much indeed. That was the highlight of the weekend. What is


more nerve-racking, driving at the British Grand Prix or commentating


with having Murray walker standing 2ft behind you. I do not want to be


a turkey voting for Christmas, but I really enjoyed the qualifying


session, listening to Murray and Martin together. Murray summed it


up, nothing changes. Loads of Tor Bay for this session, how will the


new changes affect things, but Red Bull were fastest yet again. Yes,


but there is a something lurking behind them, and that is two


Ferraris. They make unbelievably good starts, and the ball will be


scratching their heads tonight, they will be very wary of the


Ferrari. Everybody believes this rule change has favoured Ferrari.


We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. It seems to have


favoured Mark Webber, but what about McLaren? I think it is too


early to say who it has favoured. That was a very unusual qualifying


session. It remains to be seen. But McLaren, Lewis Hamilton, in tenth


Place, clearly disappointing for him. I will be curious to know


exactly what went on. I did not see him going off the track anywhere.


Whether it was just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


thing is for sure, the person who splits them, for me, is Paul di


Resta. He has done a remarkable job. The family, everyone is here for


Paul. It is a remarkable story. Nobody really gave him the


opportunity before, and now that Force India have done so, they will


Good news and bad news for British motor racing on the track. Good


news and bad news for you guys as well. Because of the awful weather


in Scotland that golf is delayed by the good news is we will be staying


with you a little longer until the top of the hour. 28 to talk about.


Pulled a rest up, let us remind you that this is the first time he has


qualified in Formula 1. So a great performance from him and here he is


now. You are a man of few words. But even you can't crack a smile at


that. This weekend has been tough. The unpredictable weather, and


coming to the British Grand Prix not having done it a race on the


track. But I have grown in confidence in the car and I think


that was progress. And any time we have been on the track this weekend


we have been competitive. The raw from your family when they saw the


rain coming down - it must be the first time Scottish people have


been delighted to see the range! is definitely worked for me. We did


a good lap. Credit to the team because they have got the car


working well. We sold earlier when you're interviewed with David, you


pointed out his youthful looks on the pillar board. Could you will


really surprise us and do something like that or is the car just a


little too far away? I think to be realistic that is not a realistic


target. But we aim to get into the third round of qualifying and we


have done that. We took the chance to run the tyres and that has paid


off. And I think tomorrow a positive step would be some good


points ahead of us. Is it too early to look at where your future lies?


The team is going for it. Are you committed to them all ready for the


next season? Other teams must be looking at these great performances


you were doing so early in your career. I am committed to Force


India. They made a commitment to me and I'm trying to do the best job


possible for them. I think the end of the year is when you sit down


and think about where the opportunities come. But I'm happy


in this environment. Formula 1 is a difficult place to predict anything


but we can't look back on how the season has gone for you. Only twice


this year you're team-mate, renowned for being a fast driver,


has managed to look out qualified you. Where have you found the speed


in qualifying? Adrian has pushed me on. We are probably the closest


driver pairing at the moment. He beat me at the last one. But you


can judge yourself on him. Obviously I want to be competitive


against him and beat him. You will hope for many happy memories


tomorrow. You would like to join the holy trinity of Scottish


winners here. But plenty of memories for all the other boys who


have managed to come here and conker Silverstone. Tomorrow is


going to be pretty special. You have to beat 41 seconds, that


We have no chance. D'you shake its hand? Don't look at it, don't talk


to it. Just let it walk by. Do you have a girlfriend? Is she wearing a


helmet as well? Brilliant. That is only ever going


to be a one-way conversation. Plenty of action tomorrow. But also


much for us to talk about right now. Let's hear it from the guys who


were quickest on track in these changeable conditions. Mark, what


is it about you on Ms Silverstone circuit? I'm not sure. I have


always enjoyed driving here. You have to put it all together, you


have to apply yourself. It was a mixed session for everyone. Even


the build up yesterday with the weather. It was important to make


sure that every lap counted because you never knew it was going to be


the one that did count. So in the end I am happy with the job that we


did. It is easy to slip up in conditions like that. So it was a


great job from the team and we are up in a good position for tomorrow.


Sebastian, there has been a lot going on in the run-up to


qualifying. Was that the most pressure you have felt under during


the season? I think it was a difficult start with the conditions


changing. It can affect different parts of the circuit. It is


difficult to see where it is wet so you rely on the experience of the


lap before. If you ride flat-out and then it is still damp it is


easy to go or off-track. But in the end it was dry and it was a shame


that we could not have got the second run full stock all in all I


think it was a good result for us today especially with the amount of


talk going in to that qualifying. So it is good to see that we are


still on top of our game and can still produce reasonably quick lap


times. Tomorrow I think anything can happen, that circuit is quite


tough on the tyres. Fernando, you're off the track in the first


part of qualifying and flirting with disaster but you came through


at the end to be just one 10th of the poll. It was the best


qualifying in terms of the gap to pull position of the year. Been


years in Silverstone in a circuit that normally is not our preferred


circuit, with these high-speed corner, being one turns off the


poll is good news for us. All the new parts we brought here are


working well and I'm pleased with the qualifying. But the job is


tomorrow when the points are given. So hopefully tomorrow we can put on


some pressure to be on the pole at the end. How big a distraction as


the row over each -- the diffuser been? It is not new. Every year we


have something new to talk about. This last few weeks it has been


about this. Let us hope everyone can find common ground. It is


incredibly boring also for the fans. So let us get on with the racing


and keep the rules as simple as possible. But tomorrow we are in


great shape. How much would Mark Webber love to


pick up a win just as he managed to do right here 12 months ago?


Congratulations to him, he is on pole. Just behind them, Ferrari are


pushing them hard. Jensen Button putting it a good lap for 5th. And


Paul di Resta or, congratulations to him, second highest qualifying


British driver here today. Maldonado and Kobayashi will be


quite happy with their respective efforts today. And Lewis Hamilton


starts tents on the grid for this race. A difficult weekend for him


so far. Michael Schumacher starts the 13th, a disappointing day for


him today. And Rubens Barrichello will also be pretty fed up, out


will also be pretty fed up, out qualified by his team mate. And


towards the back we have Timo Glock. And finishing off, Liuzzi and


Daniele Ricciardo the made his debut here as a Formula 1 driver.


Weakened walkabout Daniel also. Day that has been involved with his


that has been involved with his career. But first we must talk


about McLaren. This new ruling about exhaust gases, that has done


something to beat McLaren that is not good for event. Well before


qualifying it was clear that Martin Whitmarsh was unhappy that the


teams do not have the chance to optimise their cars before going


out in qualifying. It just does not seem to have enabled the drivers to


have that confidence they need. Qualifying is normally somewhere


Lewis Hamilton excels. But just listen to him through this section.


That was a lot of overs steering and then a locked up. He's not even


halfway into the lap and has already dropped away in that


section. I think his frustration levels would be growing all the


time. Just fighting the carp all the way round the lap. So big


losses for McLaren are due to that regulation change. They have


totally changed the card just moments before qualifying. You


cannot judge anything. That is right and arguably it is dangers to


put drivers in the situation wear regulation change puts them in a


situation where they simply do not know the vehicle they are driving.


I'm virtually lost for words. In that interview Mark Webber said it


was nonsense. The people do not understand it, the engineers do not


understand it and as a driver, he does not understand it. So how can


you ask them to drive a car when they do not know what they're being


given. There is an element of danger there and why did they play


this out on the morning of the official qualifying? It leaves me


dumbfounded. That was Lewis Hamilton's fastest lap today, two


seconds off the pace. Do you almost feel sorry for McLaren here? The


last thing anyone needed was to give Red Bull a bit of a toe up.


And that is during a race weekend, on the morning of qualifying.


would not single out any one team. Martin Whitmarsh was Ciara, some


people may have a small advantage. But I think that any disruption -


McLaren put more into their package, their centre and are sold Finaghy


about detail - they will have been the people who'll suffer the most


and today just endorsed that. A frustrating day, I would say.


the fans here are fantastic, the support we have had already from


Thursday onwards has been magnificent. I hope that tomorrow,


we can do something special for them. If we can rely on someone to


come blasting through the field, it is normally you. From tenth


tomorrow, how do you think you will set up? I have probably got a


couple of people in front of me which I might be quicker than, but


overtaking here is very difficult, but we can still have an exciting


race. It is not a fantastic weekend, but I'm still quite happy because


of the support we have here. have to take our hats off to Lewis


there, trying to keep a smile on his face. We could not really get


into it there, precisely what's going on with the car, but you can


understand how difficult it is for a driver at their home race just


not to know the vehicle that they're racing in. The frustration


of not performing well at your home Grand Prix, I remember qualifying


fourth at his Grand Prix, but knowing that it meant that I would


lose the opportunity to seriously challenge for victory, and going


back to the motor home, it was frustration, crying, because you


really want to deliver a great performance for your home Grand


Prix. Hats off to Lewis, he has come out and faced the media, Lee


is just one of the number of people he has to speak to. Interestingly,


we had Anthony Hamilton, his father, gleaming town at Force India,


because he manages Paul di Resta. What about that?! Anthony Hamilton,


for me, has devoted the next part of his life on the carrier path of


Paul di Resta. If you look at a mirror image of what he did for


Lewis, you would have to say, good on Paul di Resta, he's in good


hands. It is starting to rain once again. While we try and keep dry if


we can, let's here from Jenson Button, who starts fifth on the


Jenson, not too many smiles from the McLaren boys today - how are


you feeling? I don't think the position is too bad, but the pace


is. It was not a perfect lap, I did not have very good balance. But


still, just a couple of tenths, that was about it. I do not know


where our place has gone. I can have a guess. But we have a car


which is suddenly 1.3 seconds slower than a Ferrari. I do not


know the full details of the regulation change, but I'm


surprised to see where we are. It has been all day, not just Q3. In a


couple of hours, we will be looking at the positive, hoping to put on a


great show for the British fans. We have got three British drivers in


the top 10, not where we would want them, but we want to put on a great


show. It is looking difficult with a one. Five-second deficit at the


moment, but that is what it is. Christian Horner was saying that he


thought the Red Bull would be very affected by these changes, but it


does not necessarily look that way. Do you feel it has been a


distraction for you guys? It is everyone, the mechanics, the


engineers, the drivers, it has been a massive destruction that he


should not be any worse for us than it is for the other guys. Saying


the Red Bull will be massively affected, I do not know any more


who's really telling the truth. It is a bit frustrating. Hopefully we


can get our act together in time for tomorrow and oh mack competitor.


I have never been on the podium before here. I would love to get up


No doubt the fans were hoping for some more from McLaren today. Nigel


Mansell, the FIA's driver representative, joins us now. And


storm clouds brewing over Formula 1 is what we were discussing. I know


you cannot talk specifics, but maybe you can tell us how involved


the stewards have been in what's been going on. We are aware of what


is going on. The nice thing going forward is that everyone is going


to get together and agree something going forward. Arguably, that


should have been done before this weekend. But the great thing is


that everyone's going to capitulate hopefully at some time in the near


future. But we have got the most marvellous weekend, British Grand


Prix, it is going to be a fantastic event, and the weather is going to


throw something at us as well. seem pretty child about the


controversy surrounding the changes... I have been docking a


lot. Was there ever anything like this in your career? Yes,


absolutely. When I drove for the late, great Colin Chapman, we had a


car coming here, and it was disqualified before the race began,


if you remember, in 1988. So there has been things in the past.


Hopefully everything will get sorted out very quickly. We do not


want to be critical of the people, but nevertheless, doing this the


way it has been done, you as a driver, now in the FIA, being one


of the stewards, it is totally unsavoury, it is not fair on the


public... As we said earlier, we cannot pass any comment. The main


thing is that no-one realises the complexities of everything going


forward here. It will unravel and unfold and people will realise just


how incredible the situation is. I will give you one specific thing.


Obviously, NASA has developed so incredible carbon fibre, some teams


have got hold of it and done some very special things with it.


were obviously at the forefront of mobilising people power around


Silverstone - can you recall any frustrating British Grand Prix as


well so we can try and explain the frustration for Jenson and Lewis?


The biggest frustration for both of them will be that their car at the


moment is not quick enough for them. It is like anything in life, you


have to work harder. When it is not quite there, you're frustrated


because you cannot compete. At the moment, no question, some teams are


a bit quicker than others. In case you were wondering why Nigel does


not have an umbrella, I can tell you that he was offered, and


decided not to take one, because Nigel drove when men were men, and


you had to do audacious things. Let's have a little look at one of


Nigel's greatest ever races, from MURRAY WALKER: Nigel Mansell,


winning the British Grand Prix for the second year in succession. Out


comes the chequered flag. Nigel Mansell has won the British Grand


Prix! Nelson Piquet finishes in second place. And the British crowd


breaks ranks. Nigel is not going to be allowed to get back to his pit.


Amazing! Nigel just said to me, you only showed that finish, you did


not show the brilliant overtake that I did! Even in this kind of


weather, that's enough to make you feel like you're be enshrined on.


And there's a Ferrari umbrella behind you. Wasn't it marvellous,


Alonso, he did not have the most fantastic practice, but he did


really well to get really close to the Red Bill Pullman. Surely you


have circumvented the rules to give them that advantage, Nigel. I have


no idea what you're on about. thanks for trying to be as


controversial as ever. David, for being as professional as ever, and


you being the most fantastic referee. It is exhausting, that


someone's got to do it. Nigel, seriously impressed by Fernando


Alonso today. Yes, it is true, Ferrari have done brilliantly, but


the issue is that they have been helped by the situation. Give us


your thoughts, David. commitment is unquestioned. He was


sitting in that press conference looking incredibly satisfied with


the fact that, as Nigel mentioned, he's just over a tenth off the pole


position. He knows this Ferrari is benefiting from the rule changes,


and that is allowing him to get ever closer to claiming his first


victory of the season. I would just like to make a point, in case


anybody thinks we're trying to beat up on Ferrari - Ferrari's


interpretation of the rule is such that they say they are totally


vindicated because they complied with the rule. Maybe their argument


is, we have been the victim in the past, and we are only now back in


our white for position. So maybe we shouldn't beat up on Ferrari too


much. We can hear from the Ferrari Team Principal danger. So, we have


not spoken much to Ferrari this weekend. Tell us how qualifying


went. I think it was quite good. It is a shame that with this kind of


weather, we could not exploit the perfect lap, but that's for


everyone. At least we have made a step forward in qualifying. Let's


see if we can have the same thing tomorrow, which is the most


important thing. Why do you think you have made a step forward?


have worked a lot. Everything, development, new bits, and tried to


catch up. This is what we have to do. Tomorrow will be the outcome,


that is the most important thing. And how have you been affected by


the whole diffuser thing? I think everyone has been affected, no


doubt. I do not want to follow these polemics, it is not very good.


We need to rely on the FIA. We totally rely on them, and that's


the way it is. It has not been good for Ferrari, as some people are


saying? People can say what they want, I do not care about it. It is


affecting everyone. That's what the principle of the whole thing is all


about, that's the way it is. Those are the thoughts of the Team


Principal from Ferrari. We have decided to come inside. Let's here


from Felipe Massa a after today's qualifying session. Congratulations,


fourth place start for tomorrow, but it was quite a confusing,


frustrating qualifying, I would imagine, with the weather? Yes, it


was difficult. We did not know which tyres to use. But anyway, I


did not have a great use -- I did not have a great lap in Q3. I


thought I would improve the lot on the second set of tyres, but I was


not able to, because it was raining. By not having a great lap, starting


fourth is not so bad. I will try to be even stronger tomorrow. Felipe


Massa said he did not have a great lap in the final part of qualifying


- talk us through it, David, he should be pretty happy, I guess?


He's close, but you could hear him as he went through Copse corner, he


just had that hesitation through the apex. Again, a bit of


hesitation as he comes down towards turn one. He will know from his


engineer, the lap term he was targeting, and he will be able to


work out how much she was losing. It looks to me like he has got a


lot of understeer on that car. could be a real dark horse for the


race tomorrow. If you recall Q2, he was right there. He has embraced


the rule changes, and I think he's having a bit of a rebirth here.


Let's hope for his sake that that is the case. Nigel could not tell


us too much, obviously, but he knows what has been going on. Based


on what you both know about the sport, and you have been through


situations like this, just explain what you think might happen next.


Where will this go? It will be very clear. All the team principals will


come together, Bernie Ecclestone will lock everyone in a room, the


FIA will be there, Charlie will be there, and they will come up with a


proper solution. It is a just a shame for everybody that we're in


this no go area, where nobody actually knows what is likely to


happen, or where in fact the rules have got to at this stage. I agree,


this needs to be sorted out. The last thing the FA needs his any


team going into the Grand Prix tomorrow with the possibility to


protest afterwards. And of course the teams would have to do that if


they felt they had been disadvantaged in any way. So they


have got to thrash this out this evening. So there could be changes


to the cars before tomorrow? Absolutely, because otherwise, they


could protest against the result. That is the threat. I think this


was a compromise today, to get through qualifying, and they will


need to find something more solid I think David, if he had gone to


the commentary box, we heard what Christian had to say. The rules for


the race is going forward are actually agreed. It is this one


which is at issue. You made the point that it is potentially


dangerous and I agree with that. To send a driver out was no real


knowledge of what he is actually driving. As far as the Gulf is


concerned, the weather is too bad and there is no play today. That


will be happening tomorrow. But we are staying on air until the top of


the hour. Let as go on board now with Michael Schumacher. He did not


make it through to the final part of qualifying. Clearly the car has


reasonable pace. He's a League Two and tenths away from the 5th


position time in that particular section of qualifying. It would


only have taken a little and better run on his lap. That is an easy


thing to find around this track. How does Michael see his race


tomorrow? Michael, you must be frustrated, so close to getting


into that top 10? I am not too frustrated. We simply went out too


early. We put in two laps on the tyres and they were not ready any


more by the time the lap was completely dry. We have to live


with that. We will see what we can do with some fresher tyres compared


to the others. Although I do not wish to use them tomorrow if I


don't have to and just use the intermediates is possible.


Norman is in charge of the team. Not great for Michael today. What


happened? It was very close. I think that was mentioned already. I


think two tenths quicker and he would have been in the middle of


the pick. So he just missed it. There has been a lot of talk about


which particular team and engine is benefited by the changes to the


regulations. What do you think? think there are go lot of noises


and a lot of lobbying going on. But at the end of today it did not


change a lot. I think it is not a big change. Maybe Ferrari was


helped a little bit. But not in an unfair way. It looks like McLaren


were not so strong here. Lewis Hamilton is behind us and we did


not have the perfect qualifying. from the manufacturer's point of


view you are pretty chilled about eight? I am along time in business


and being frustrated to never helps. You need to put the facts on the


table. If you change rules during the course of the season, it is


unfortunate. Do you expect there to be another ruling coming through


over the course of this weekend? do not think there will be further


changes this week. But I'm sure people will sit down and modify it


for the future. Could you confirm that the specification for Valencia


will be for the remainder of the season, not on what we have got


here? And cannot confirm that. That is one of the discussion points. It


was changed already during first practice and I think we will stick


with what we have over the course of the week. We will head back


outside because apparently it has stopped raining. Let's hear from


Fernando Alonso who had a great session today and start spared on


the grid. You must be pleased with Europe pays out there today could


smack definitely. It was a good qualifying for asked. Sometimes you


bring parts to the Grand Prix and some of them work OK, some of them


need more time. But here everything was running well and we have found


ourselves one-tenth of the poll in Silverstone which normally is a


circuit we struggle with an little more. But tomorrow it is the time


to deliver because the points are given. What about the regulation


discussions this weekend, how does that affect Ferrari? My thoughts


are simple. It is quite boring I think for the fans first of all and


also for the people in the paddock. We just concentrate on the


performance of the park and there's a lot of talk and a lot of meetings.


We cannot be distracted by this. We need to make sure we give 100% on


the track. That is also what the fans want. And for the roles here,


as I said, we just adapt to whatever rules are written.


Stability would be welcome, to have less confusion for the fans. I


think we need to think about the fans and have less talk about


things that happen on the circuit. The British weather is a little


confused today. What do you hope for tomorrow? I'm hoping for at dry


a race. A simple race with the right conditions I think would be


better for asked to check if we can get close to Red Bull. And also for


the fans I think they have got wet all ready for today's on the


Grandstand. Sleeping on the wet grass. So hopefully tomorrow is at


sunny day. Very nice of him to think of the


fans. Let's take a walk down towards Red Bull and see what the


atmosphere is like down there. Ferrari will be delighted about


this weekend performance. Filipe Massa at once again slightly behind


his team-mate. But for author on the grid, there is the opportunity


for him to do something from that. Most people think he is under


pressure and she probably is because Ferrari have an end game,


they want to see someone of relief stroll alongside Alonso. -- someone


really strong. But I think Massa is probably coming back to a comfort


zone and I think he will just get on with it. I think they have found


a way now of beating McLaren. Formula 1 is a development race. It


is about how quickly you can bring in the developments during the


course of the season. It is about getting regulations that suit your


car and your development and it does seem like Ferrari, they do


seem to be the team that are slowly but surely putting themselves


forward to be in no position to beat Red Bull. If anyone was to


come close to catching Red Bull on each occasion it has been McLaren.


You have to say, who can actually deliver the maximum number of


points? It still is McLaren. But today on the evidence we have seen,


bear in the doldrums. Red Bull are still ahead of Ferrari. Sebastian


Vettel still ahead. Let's find out his thoughts after qualifying today.


A slightly different view then you're used to commit you start


second tomorrow. I can see the car next to me, and market did a good


job in qualifying and was very close. Shame I did not get the


second run. I think it is the same sort all of us except Mark Webber


in that situation, wishing for the second run to be a little better.


It was tricky with the rain. It seems this weekend is difficult to


predict. We get the forecast for no rain and then it was raining and


the other way round. They said that tomorrow should be dry. What would


you prefer? To be honest, I do not care as long as I have the right


set of tyres. I think that rain is possible. We will see. Have you


been distracted by this ongoing conversation about the regulation


changes? D'you feel the car has been affected? I tried not to get


affected because it is not my business at the end of the day. It


is in their hands. That is the real shame in hindsight. For people to


understand what really is going on and took is affected and foot is


not. I think the best is always to show up on the track where you are.


McLaren may be did not have the smoothest qualifying. It is early


to say we lost, Ferrari did not and McLaren lost even more. We will see


tomorrow. All of these teams I mentioned, will be competitive


tomorrow. Up and then the tyres will play a much bigger role than


the exhausts. We will find out what effect the


weather will have on the race tomorrow. Sebastian Vettel just


thinking about how to get a win tomorrow. Ted Kravitz is always


there asking questions. He spoke to Martin Whitmarsh and the news we


think is that despite the changes this weekend, slowing down some


teams, issuing new directives, after this weekend the sport will


revert back to the same spec that we saw in Valencia. Which means


that this was a lot of hot air for one raise only. I do not want to


say aye told you so. But what has happened today has brought on this


is their intention, this looks shambolic and nobody wants that. It


is the right thing to do to go back to where we wear for the remainder


of the season. You cannot make will changes in the middle of the season


unless they are for safety reasons. It is also confusing. I do not


think I have got my head round it completely. It does seem sensible


to allow people to go down the path they had spent the year developing.


And then it could get out what at the end of the season if necessary.


-- outlawed. Role of the teams have their motor homes went in Europe.


One of the biggest belongs to Red Bull. Let us just look in it and


see what the atmosphere is like. This is where the drivers spend


most of their weekend. Christian Horan at their chatting to his wife


and a few friends. Maybe that is the way to get things resolved! Do


you want to go over and have a word with Christian? See if he will talk


to us. The great British public would like to speak to you. You


looked so grim before the start of qualifying. First and second on the


grid must have changed that perspective. Break into a smile for


us! It has been a busy day to day. It was nice to get into the grand


prix weekend. We have just heard that this directive is going to


disappear and the cars will return to their speck in Valencia. If so,


what a strange and disappointing thing to happen this weekend to


overshadow what was an interesting It is a very difficult and


technical subject. Putting yourself in Charlie Whiting's shoes, it is


very difficult for him to be able to judge between one engine and the


other. Actually, the solution that he suggested today I think is a


compromise which it is difficult for the teams to reject. We all ran


reliably in Valencia, and it seems to be the most logical thing, to go


back to those settings. You must have to spare a thought for the FIA,


though, it will sometimes get to a point where they are not happy,


they need to be able to do something. What is the way going


forward to make sure this doesn't happen again? The biggest problem


with his who are, effectively, you're looking at a rule change


mid-season. They have managed to get themselves into a bit of a


pickle over this. It is such a complicated subject. With where the


exhausts are on these cars, it has a huge knock-on effect. Effectively,


we're running here in a mode which is not optimised to our gearshift


strategy, to our reliability. And the additional benefits which you


see from the exhaust blowing. So we have accepted that for this weekend,


on the basis that it will be addressed in time for the next race.


The good news about this weekend is because Mark Webber is on pole


position for this race, and we can hear from him now.


This circuit seems to like you and you seem to like it very much.


it has been good to me in the past. Hopefully it can be good to me


again in the next 24 hours. I'm looking forward to challenging very


hard for the victory tomorrow. It will be an interesting race between


the three of us, I think. You never know, Felipe might be there as well,


it looks like the first two rose have a bit of a gap. Looking


forward to it. Tell us about the controversy about the regulations


and things - has it affected your car? The team has done a very good


job. We have let the people that control the performance on the


track focus on that. There has been a lot of talk, and hot and cold air


going on, in terms of who is right and wrong, ambiguity, what is


right? The most important thing is that we got it sorted out very


quickly. We try to understand it as drivers, the people at home,


obviously, 90% of them will not have much idea what it is all about.


Let's try and get on with the racing now. You have had one pole


position this season, but you did not convert it - how can you do


that tomorrow? A good start would be nice, obviously. That is always


beneficial. And then put yourself in a position to try to control the


race. Obviously, you never know how easy that will be. But in the past,


sometimes it has been quite straightforward. This year, yet not


yet, for me, but I'm looking forward to giving it everything


tomorrow. A new pit straight, new start line, it is going to be


interesting at the start tomorrow. Yes, it is very open at turn one


and turn two. The action will be taking place at turn three. Mark


Webber loves this place, and I think most of the people here would


love to see him win. And if he was wondering, yes, he has managed to


get on the television. We're back tomorrow. There's more sport coming


tomorrow. There's more sport coming your way this afternoon on the BBC.


You can see the women's World Cup quarter-final over on BBC Two. And


we're back tomorrow with all the build-up to the 2011 British Grand


Prix. What can Mark Webber do? What can Lewis and Jenson do? One thing


we are certain of, there will be more wonderful memories to add to


the bank of memories which distract NEWSREEL: Britain's first Grand


Jake Humphrey presents live qualifying action ahead of the 66th British Grand Prix. During the 2010 event, eventual world champion Sebastian Vettel narrowly took pole position ahead of his Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber, with third place man Fernando Alonso almost three-quarters-of-a-second further back. Much like this season, the two Red Bull cars excelled in qualifying, with Vettel and Webber the only drivers to post sub-90 second laps. Lewis Hamilton qualified fourth, but 2009 champion Jenson Button could only manage 14th. Commentary comes from Martin Brundle and David Coulthard.

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