The Canadian Grand Prix - Highlights Formula 1

The Canadian Grand Prix - Highlights

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Mark Webber keeps the engine running. He will fall almost to the


back of the field. Lewis Hamilton getting right up the inside of him.


He is always in the wars, is Lewis He is always in the wars, is Lewis


and it won't go down very well. Mercedes, of, we think, Nico


Rosberg in front of him. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button


has gone deep. Too deep in the corner. And Schumaker drives around


the outside. Nico Rosberg is in front of Michael Schumacher and now


McLaren and Lewis is through and past button and fancies a look.


They are struggling so much for grit, they are all over the show


trying to slow the cars down. It is not about visibility, it is no tyre


temperature. Will he try to drive clean around the outside? There is


room to breathe there. There is Mark Webber.


He dropped a long, long way down the field, did Webber. On board


with Lewis Hamilton as they head towards the lasttia cane. Lewis


Hamilton, not a lot of space up the inside, so Hamilton ahead of Button.


They will pick up going over the line for the running order.


Sebastian Vettel leads by 2 seconds from Fernando Alonso. Up in 8th


place is Paul di Resta. The two furaries now align astern. Felipe


Massa looking more comfortable. But Sebastian Vettel absolutely bolted


up. He is gone at the moment. great start, it looks like he had


gone too deep into the last corner but he founds his feet inthocorner.


Clean air, good visibility. Now, Lewis Hamilton on board, Michael


Schumacher oversteering with turn six. Good drive from the Mercedes.


You see McLaren is not able to capitalise.


But has a bit of a moment. So Lewis Hamilton will be well position said.


We saw him in the previous lap look down the outside of Michael.


Michael goes to the outside again, once again, Michael comes across,


he has pushed Lewis wide. Will he lose out to anybody else? Michael


very much squeezed him on to the grass. Did he push him on to the


grass? We will have to have another look at it. But now no-bad play,


struggling to keep lonce behind him. This is a replay of the start.


Because they could overtake into the last corner because that is


infirst safety Caroline. There is Mark Webber, engaging space.


are right, he gave him space and Lewis understeered into him.


Incredibly difficult conditions for both drivers. A marshal is in the


middle of the track, picking up a piece of debris. He is safe, thank


goodness. Now, getting a view of the racing field he didn't want to


see today. But a very disappointing start for Mark. Thirz where he took


the corner. Lewis skating down the outside. He only lost one place.


Plea three.3 ahead of Kamui Kobayashi.


Fernando Alonso struggling in these conditions. You almost sense if


Felipe Massa passed him, he would be gone. They have dropped. The


McLarens are now squabbling with each other. Kamui Kobayashi behind


him. Paul di Resta has dropped down to 13. No, that is Sebastian Vettel,


missed the corner. Mark Webber is in 12th place.


Eight and nine, went straight over the grass. Picked a place with a


run-off so that was fortunate. Webber and Lewis Hamilton under


investigation fl that first corner. I think in that case. No! Touch!


That is, well, Lewis Hamilton, obviously, the suspension damage


and puncture, I would be surprised if he makes it around into the pit.


But the problem with the conditions, Jenson Button can't see. There is


so much spray coming off the axle, any visibility is cancelled. It is


incredible. Lewis is touching with Michael, or almost touching with


Michael and getting together with his team-mate. Will there be a


safety car? It is a wheel rim? Is looks like he went against the pit


wall. What does Jensen think? Iment what is he doing! I don't think he


will get an answer to that question. I think he was trying to pass you


Jensen, but he can see nothing out of the mirrors, as you say. A


safety car is out, I imagine because of the debris on pit


straight? No question about that. But why has Lewis parked the car in


the middle of turn five? He had an opportunity in the second corn toor


park it, an opportunity before that barrier to know where to park it.


This is difficult times. It is hard enough out there without running in


to your team-mate, you had had it? At McLaren? It is one thing you


want to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, I took Mika out in


Austria and to add insult to injury, I finished second in the race so a


double hammy of disappointment. Button in the pits. Coming in for


check thonce car. Lewis comes off the last corner much faster. Jensen


is making his way on the normal line. The merest of touches really.


Lewis will say, "He should have seen me coming." Intermedial tyres


going on there, but it looks to me as if Jensen has gone early on a


set of interters. Yes, Jenson Button has gone for intermediates,


I think McLaren feel he is so far down the field they might as well


try something different and no sign of rain at the moment, fuprary also


in the pit lane. Xrn another replay of the contact. Well, here we are,


Lewis gets a better drive off the corner. Obviously, Jensen comes


across to take the normal line, to pull towards the pit wall. He is


unsighted. I would, here is the view from behind.


At that point, when he commit, the gap just reduced. So an interesting


debate between the drivers who was in the right or wrong. Jeffrey


Buttle won't know he has pulled up along side him.


There is Lewis, crash helmet off. Normy inyou feel guilty your crash


helmet stays on. Rain falling? big black clouds approaching. The


rain is coming, Jenson is on the wrong tyres. Definitely trying to


spin them up. An incident involving car three, the safety car speed


limit is under investigation. Which is Lewis Hamilton's third.


Third inquiry of the day. So two of them dropped out of the


race. At some point he must have been on the first safety car period


and Jenson Button has got the same inquiry. Safety car speed limit.


You got to pace yourself not to beat the time. The safe car lights


are on, but it is in adthe end of this lap. So many drivers have been


struggling to slow the car down. Will Fernando Alonso be able to


match vet's leap? Went too early last time. The rest of the pack are


too far back. As soon as he has a gap after turn ten, a big enough


gap from the safety car which is bolting away down the back straight,


he can go for it. All these guys need to be as close as possible.


Once again, a big drive. They can't overtake until the finish line.


is hard to judge, how do you judge when you are going to catch the


safety car or not? It is a tough one. He has got it right. And


Fernando Alonso not as close, as long as he slows down to the corner.


And Michael Schumacher getting away with it. But he is not allowed to


overtake. No, he can overtake on the first safety-Caroline, for sure.


You can do it. It is what it is about.


The two Mercedes of Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher. And Kamui


Kobayashi and Mark Webber back up to 9th. Paul di Resta tenth now,


Jenson Button, 12th and under investigation. Sebastien Buemi 15th


and Jarno Trulli 16th. Lewis Hamilton watching the restart. Mark


Webber very, very close behind Vettori. Vit will be compromised by


the line. Not a lot of grip there. Coming across the racing line,


which has been laying down rubber all weekend. It is where you just


spin up the tyres. The wet tyre crossing over the rubber so


desperately trying to keep off the line. But with the impacts you have


no choice. A drive-through penalty for car 4, just ahead of Paul di


Resta, sorry, Adrian Sutil. So it was Paul di Resta. So Jenson Button


has made some gains in this lap but he has got a drive-through penalty


for the safety-car speed limit issue. That means that he will cost


him about 20 seconds to cruise through the pit lane. Do it in


three laps. 12 seconds it will cost him, the time through the pit lane.


So that will bring him back out, well, probably down in 16th place,


I would imagine, maybe even further down? Jenson Button is doing 60


miles an hour, 80 down the straight. You feed into turn two, not the


first corner. He goes around the outside, slotted in nicely with


Pedro de la Rosa. So Mark Webber still in very close company, 7th,


eighth and ninth, again, vilt vit feeling the need to be defensive.


Well, Vettori started off in ice racing in Russia. He will know how


to handle the conditions. That is a fairly easy pass as he breaks down


under the bridge. Look how hard it is raining, David! Surely, Jenson


Button is going to start struggling now. Heavy spray and aquaplaning.


The safety car is deployed. I haven't seen incidents. Fernando


Alonso on to the safety car, the first to blink. Back to Wes? Indeed,


he will. It is working out pretty well for Sebastian Vettel.


An update, for the first car, it is already too dangerous for the car


behind it, hasn't seen anything, so blind it goes into the water.


Smashed the car. Understood, will pass on the information. He thought


they might even throw a red, like in Korea and stop it for a while.


think it is a possibility with this level of rain. You could argue we


are not, well, red flag, Martin. They have responded to your


information. Yes, I should do the lottery, shouldn't I? I might be


able to win something on that. So it is a red flag situation.


And we will now go through that procedure that we saw two weeks ago


in Monaco where they have to have at least a ten-minute notice of a


restart. The race is, effectively suspended. Well, the circuit


flooded, conditions were unraceable. While the marshals sought


desperately to clear standing water off the track, the drivers tried to


keep dry. After a two-hour delay, the race restarted under the safety


car. The debate was raging as to when to restart. Sebastian Vettel


takes over and becomes the safety car, effectively, controlling the


pace of the pack. It is so easy to run into another driver in those


circumstances while trying to keep your tyres and brakes warm and


Sebastian Vettel has bolt said. He doesn't want Kamui Kobayashi


anywhere near him. Felipe Massa is closer to Kamui Kobayashi, spraying


not too bad. Vettori on the right- and side of the track for ren owe.


And down the outside, so Felipe Massa so close to Kamui Kobayashi.


What are they going to do when it comes down to turn one? Will Felipe


Massa have a chance to take back the position? Kamui Kobayashi has


got a better line and he brakes later, just gauges the braking and


so close in the two. Great driving from Kamui Kobayashi. Sensible for


Felipe Massa in getting out of it. Mark Webber you see in 7th place.


So Kamui Kobayashi, and Michael Schumacher has come in also.


Presumably for intermediate. A line of them. Timo Glock, Sebastien


Buemi, all scampering which of the front runners will try the


intermediates again? They all got caught out last time time but this


time the sky looks Signature Theatre kntly clearer. Ch Kamui


Kobayashi has opened the gap, a little bit to Felipe Massa. The


timing screen is showing Felipe Massa was in front of him. He is


clearly behind him here but it worked perfectly for Sebastian


Vettel who has a 1.5 second lead. ill


have to queue up. Fernando Alonso is going to have to queue up behind,


just out of camera shot, Well spotted. An unsafe release surely


for Ferrari. A bit of confusion. Ferrari have got us looking down


the pit lane, "What are you doing in here as well?." Nick Heidfeld in


there too, it is all kicking off as the track begins to dry. A


nightmare, the Ferrari boys did the best they could but Fernando Alonso


lots lots of places to Nico Rosberg. Fernando Alonso beat the Ferrari.


The second corner? Yes. In turn three? I am right? Yes. It looks


like three and four. The safety car has been deployed. Our favourite


car of the day gets another look in. A puncture? Yes, I wonder if there


was contact? They shouldn't have been so close on the road. Jenson


Button's McLaren. I wonder if Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso


got together somewhere and met Sebastian Vettel again. Making the


best of some free space at the front. It just all keeps fall


nothing to place for Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel. He has gone and


effectively, that was as sweet as you want, cream and Almonds, the


pit stop. Let's look at this, it was Jenson Button at the inside of


Fernando Alonso. Fernando Alonso didn't want to yield and contact.


Well, Jenson Button's second comes out for the afternoon, we will see


from behind the Mercedes. Fernando Alonso says, "You are not coming


through there." And Sebastian Vettel says, "I am." With a damaged


left frunct, was it just a puncture? Will the tyre do any


further body work damage? As he coaxes it back to the pit? Safety


car will come in this lap. Jenson Button's restricted to the


safety-car speed now. He will struggle to catch the pack too much.


He might be there if the time they get under way. That is Jenson


Button/Fernando Alonso incident, you called as racing incident?


think we need to look more closely at that, more camera angles? Once


he is committed, you can't make his car disappear. Fernando Alonso


wants to keep ahead. I learned the lesson two weeks ago in Monaco,


seeing -d races after the race of the Lewis Hamilton /Pastor


Maldonado incident. But Felipe Massa is not asleep, he is right


with him. To remind you when they get to the safety-Caroline, they


can do overtaking. And Nick Heidfeld looking punchy behind


Felipe Massa as well. And lots of action going on down the field, but


once again, a world champion andshifts the championship leader


vetd vet who clearathize line. A second ahead on the restart. Jenson


Button has just about caught the back of the snake as he crosses the


line. A couple of seconds adrift but right amongst the action. Be


looking to pick off the two HRTs bringing thup rear. Looks good at


the moment, still, Nico, looks good. Some contact, Nico is worrying he


has a puncture. He did have an incident somewhere. Is it contact?


With... That's crazy. Your front wing. That was behind the safety


car. So Nico Rosberg has got Rubens Barrichello for company. Rubens


Barrichello taking the position, going horbably wrong for Nico


Rosberg. It wasn't going well for Sebastian Vettel. Michael


Schumacher cruises past Mark Webber. Too hot on the throttle. Michael


Schumacher takes over sixth place from Mark Webber. The inside! Oh!


Damaged front wing, Paul! You've broken the front wing there. So


Paul di Resta half-heartedly left the front of the car in the action


there. Surely it will give him horrible understeer? Look, he can


hardly get into turn one. This, I am afraid, was just clumsy from


Paul. We will give him credit where it is due but that is not, that is


not good driving. There is no point in taking that risk, in my view.


is one of the fastest points of the track. He made his decision before


breaking. A sniff up the inside. Unfortunately, it was going to be


an ever closing door. Mark Webber having a look at the back of Nick


Heidfeld. Use the DRS down the pit straight as well. But he is nowhere


near him on the traction zone. Look at the rear wing wide open. Mark


Webber cleaning the visor at 185 miles/per/hour. On the back of


Pastor Maldonado. Michael Schumacher, four tenths of a second


quicker. Jenson Button thinks better of it this time. It is what


cost him dearly before when he tried to go up the inside of


Fernando Alonso there. It is like train tracks now. Oh!


Very wide there. He missed the turning point and here we have


Jaime Alguersuari very wide as well. He made good of Pastor Maldonado.


Quite bumpy under the bridge, into turn eight. I think he will get


himself positioned on the run down to ten. Struggling for traction on


the corner, relative to Toro Rosso. Coming into break for turn ten.


doesn't need to be at the deactivation point. But he is


pushed wide on to the water. There, he can open his wing now. Which he


hasn't done now? Now he has got sleep, slipstream forcing him to


the outside. Straight through. That was easy. Yes. Changeable


conditions. He made it look easy. This is Felipe Massa side by side,


with Kamui Kobayashi and Michael Schumacher looks like he has gone


past the pair of them. Lots of action there and absolutely wild


oversteer there. So Michael Schumacher has passed Felipe Massa


and Kamui Kobayashi. Surely, emerges in second place in the


Grand Prix now? Michael Schumacher absolutely flying, brilliant


driving. That then is Jenson Button, who presumably just pitted for


slicks. He has, Pastor Maldonado, and Timo Glock in the pits. That is


Jenson Button's 6th trip into the pits, once for a penalty and five


times to change tyres. Got Felipe Massa in as well. Kamui Kobayashi


has gone past. So that qd well be costly for the driver. Well, they


made the way for the action but it is isod. Getting into it.


Mark Webber has gone fastest in the middle sector. It is clear, seeing


Mark Webber and struggling for traction out of pit lane. Losing


temperatures with the slick tyres. For Mark Webber, that is massively


quicker than the leader. For Sebastian Vettel, he has no option


but to come t to come ay. Behind Nico Rosberg who is still on the


intermediates. The Spaniard frightened off. And the raise


leader pits then for a fresh set of super-soft tyres. They do not have


to use both compounds in this race now because it has been a wet race.


That regulation falls away so they can run the soft tyre until the end


of the Grand Prix, if we get to the end of this Grand Prix. We watch


Nick Heidfeld. It looks like Felipe Massa has been in the wall with


that level of damage. He gets on to water, with the slick tyres, he


just aquaplanes. Now he has to get past the HRT. The damp patch is off


line now, David. Getting off line from Felipe Massa. He has broken


the wing! It is like none of these guys know where the front wing is.


Oh! Right! Thankfully, plenty of run-off down


there. He parks it, I don't expect any safety car ununless there is


debris on the track. It is a scary thing when you run


over your own front wing, no brakes or front wing, at the same time.


Nick Heidfeld got on the throttle, so much grit from the Renault in


the slow corn rz, ran into the back of him, waiting for Kamui Kobayashi


to pick up the throttle. It looks sit l silly but it is easy to do. I


have done it myself. It does and it looks scary. Thankfully, it is an


yare where there is a run-off area and he was able to go down.


Massively frust frustrating for the ren owe guys because they were


looking for a result here this weekend. Back to the battle of


Michael Schumacher and Mark Webber. Jenson Button is catching them like


crazy now. He is 4 now. 20.2. 2 seconds quicker than the leader,


Sebastian Vettel. A bit of traffic ahead of him. I think it is Jerome


d'Ambrosio. Careful, off the racing line, see the yellow flag and easy


to pick up a puncture. Normally they would throw a safety car for


fear of carbon things. Yes, a safety car. I hope they refuelled


of laps. I think it is a sensible move, really. Because they picked


up the leaders. No, the leader is down. Well, of course, this is


interesting. This works beautifully, it just closed the pack up, Michael


Schumacher, Mark Webber and Jenson Button, all lapping significantly


faster than Sebastian Vettel will now cruise up, right behind him for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 122 seconds


yet another safety car restart. patch. He needs the one-second


window. Mark has shown his colours. He can get down the outside. You


can see the white line on the screen, the wing pops open and


presumably, Jenson Button's as well. Watch the closing speeds, those two


in the slipstream, well, we saw, Michael, last year. And Mark Webber


misses the corner again. He has nearly lost it! Mark Webber and


Jenson Button sales past him, somehow finding enough grip. The


ye yeis waving in term one. But Mark Webber drops back to


fourth place, Sebastian Vettel leads Michael Schumacher by 3.8,


for now, Jenson Button, so, Mark Webber got in too hot. To the


escape road, did not gain a place but nearly dropped it through the


exit and Jenson Button said, "I'll ha ha that, thank you, I am


out of here." So a replay of the same move. Brave stuff from Jenson


Button, he pulls the car over to the damp part of the track. We saw


what happened to Felipe Massa when he pulled that move. Got the


advantage of the DRS rear wing, but not yet. Jent yet. Jen feeling


particularly punchy by the looks of it. If he is within one second,


exiting the corner, he gets the advantage of the rear wing and it


will pop open over the next line, surely, he hrely, he hreat chance


of coasting past, Michael Schumacher, looking in the mirrorer.


Is he ahead of him? Yes he is. He can use the wing again, whether you


think it is right, I aright, I ad at the double DRS. Jeffrey Buttle


didn't use it. It looks like a malfunction. We saw it in Fernando


Alonso in China. It popped up at a strange point. He has got the pass


done. With the new fastest lap of the race, and lapping 1.5 seconds


faster than Sebastian Vettel. three seconds in front. So this


race is not over for the win, and it is not over for the last step of


the podium. Michael Schumacher there, he did all he could. He made


his move early. Look at the di dif the speed, when the


DRS and the slipstream. What can Jenson Button do? He can see


Sebastian Vettel and smell the victory. We got four minutes


remaining. Are we going to get all the laps in? It is going to be so


close between the time, the two- hour time limit and, it might just


save Sebastian Vettel, if we are one lap short of a the distance.


Showing slippery track flag there. And they have matched each other in


the middle sector. And I don't think Jenson Button is close enough


to get the advantage of the DRS. Sebastian Vettel, watching in the


mirror, the rear-wing closed but we are wondering, in the background,


smumsmum defending hard against Mark Webber. Incredible hard. Mark


Webber is through. Can he keep it on the road? He does. Michael


Schumacher drops back to fourth place. He came off the run-off area.


Michael Schumacher and then Jenson Button. The gap down to 1.3,


cielgsy outside the 1-second gap which will give the rear-wing


activation. Are we going to run out of time before we run out of laps?


Michael Schumacher, again, without the rear wing and without, he did


go across the escape road but he does not have to yield anything on


that, he lost aplas anyway. The sector times, Sebastian Vettel did


his fastest of the race. He is responding to the closingneck


clarin. A beautiful drive from the six times through the pit, Jenson


Button. And another incident going to be looked at after the race, a


long queue of drivers outside the steward's office is Vettori and


Kamui Kobayashi. I have lost track, so much going on. The leader,


Sebastian Vettel. We can win this race.


Tw Tw5 to go. They move into la la will complete the


distance, just. They will get in there. They can complete this lap.


Michael Schumacher very wide, sorry to go over you, very wide in the


last corner and almost into the wall of champions. Not for the


first time, but he survived. They will complete this lap in about


1.17. A minute 40 to go. We will see the full 70 laps of the Grand


Prix. Sebastian Vettel has responded. They are identical,


virtually in the sector time. Showing signs of cranking the


engine? Yes, got a yellow flag down to the second, third? What is it?


The exit of turn nine. So something has gone wrong in the way into


eight. Contact with someone snels we will find out later. Meanwhile,


back at the pointy end. Doesn't look like Jenson Button is within


the one-second activation point. Is his wing open with the white line?


Yes, he has got it. He is within a second now.


It is going to be on the last lap then. It fleedz to be a very tidy


lap. We have got a flag which will stop overtaking in that corner but


it is not a brilliant overtaking opportunity anyway. As Sebastian


Vettel goes tpwh to final lap leading. Jenson Button, the new


fastest lap of the race. Jenson Button driveing for his life, for


the victory. Has Sebastian Vettel got what it takes to hold him off?


They are coming up in a pack of five cars. Remember Moemember Gong


off. So look out for them. Just in front of them. I think Sebastian


Vettel has got white! He turned in too late. He got the tyres but


leads the Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel turned in with his tyres,


just touching. But buafter an awful afternoon, so many things going


wrong for him leads this amazing Canadian GP. He set the fastest


sector of the Grand Prix while he wa wa. We see Sebastian


Vettel finalttel finalg. Making a mistake. He is finishing second,


hasn't been outside the top two this year but Sebastian Vettel


finally shows he is human because of the pressure of this man, Jenson


Button, put on him. And all sorts going off in the final corner but


out of Jenson Button's way. Lots of traffic, Jenson Button into the pit


straight. He wins a brilliant race. It is a sen sailgsal drive for


Jenson Button. What a -- a sen sailgs drive for Jenson Button.


Sebastian Vettel will be angry. Unlikely him. Mark Webber will be


the second Red Bull on the podium, just ahead of Michael Schumacher.


Sadly, he does not get on the podium but still a britill a brirth.


We have got Felipe Massa and Kamui Kobayashi still fighting, then,


oversixth and seventh places. You will get the run off from the


corner but has he got the DRS? Is he going to do it? He does by the


look of it. Well spotted, David. Felipe Massa takes sixth, literally,


on the line. So Jenson Button wins from Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber,


Michael Schumacher, Vettori, and how close is this? DRS working for


you and the computer says, "Yes." So does the picture.


Felipe Massa then Kamui Kobayashi seventh. Hide eighth. Two points


for Williams. A well-earned No.1 as well.


Look at this, Jenson Button six pit stops, Sebastian Vettel, three.


Brill ypblt, Jenson Button, absolutely brilliant. I think we


have been in every position in the race but we finished where it


mattered. Great job, mate. Ah! A hell of a race! A lel of a race!


Thank you so much! Fantastic win. We did it. Thank you, guys, so much.


We did it. Thank you, guys, so much. Ah! A long time coming.


What a win for Jenson Button? What a race. 25 points in the bag for


the McLaren driver, Sebastian finishes second with Mark Webber


third. Michael Schumacher so close to a podium, he finishes in fourth.


As far as the driver's championship is concerned, Sebastian Vettel out


front, but the nearest challenger 60 points behind is Jenson Button


with Lewis Hamilton down to fourth. As far as the driver's championship,


a second and third place finish, a strong finish for Red Bull, let's


hear from the men at the centre of the action.. What a victory. Where


to start with that one? To win the race and be in pit lane so many


times and be in every position in the race, how can you sum up how


you feel? I can't, I can just smile. These races, with changing


conditions are always very tricky to know what to do. I think more


often than not we call it right. Obviously, I made unscheduled pit


stops with broken parts on my car. But we won't go there. Basically,


it is a very special day for me. Fighting my way from last to


winning the race. Even if I didn't win this race I would have been


very happy. I enjoy td so much, when you get one over someone with


a move it means a lot. The car was great, I love the dry conditions,


rather than knowing where it is. Where you got to find it. Yeah,


amazing victory. Jenson Button drove through all of us. He arrived.


So JB was on a different planet this race like me in China earlier.


It is what happens, they arrive and disappear. Very easy race to make a


big mistake, any mistakes would be a big problem. Good result for the


team, plenty of points and where pwh apy. A tough race today, very


challenging conditions. Very easy to do mistakes and misjudgments. I


probably did one only and that one to to away from us. So,


surely, you know, McLaren and Jenson did a good job. The safety


car helped them recover every time. At the moment, I am disappointed.


So close, did a mistake myself and only got seconds. Tricky conditions,


I was doing the best I could to keep the car on track. I think I


had pretty good pace and fell back behind Jenson, he made a mistake


into the last corner. I was on the run, on the outside, but I think I


haven't seen the footage but if felt like I was halfway up the


outside of him and went across. Whether or not he saw me and I was


in the wall. I couldn't see a thing behind me, I saw orange in my rear-


view mirror but it could be my wing, that is the problem, the same


colour. I didn't look behind, I just moved to the lefthand side,


the racing line and I felt a bang, which almost put me in the wall as


well. And yes, something you don't want to do, crash your team-mate,


but he knows I didn't do it on purpose and he didn't. I spoke to


him before the second race and we cleared it up all but we are good


to go. Your first wet Formula One race in these conditions, what was


it like? It was difficult conditions but we were having a


strong car. Definitely, we were on for fourth or fifth place I would


have thought. The car was working well here, we had a set of new


supersofts at the end, which I think were benefitting us quite a


bit. It is unfortunate but what can you do? It was long but special,


what a result for Jenson Button, one of the greatest drives of his


career, if not the greatest? Yes, he will go home tonight and think


about it and say, "That is my best ever drive in Formula One." Or that


is what I believe he will say. It is remarkable how much speed he had,


feel, touch, confidence, and confidence in the car and the track


and knowing what to do. How he handled the drivers down,


particularly Sebastian Vettel was remarkable. I loved it, stuck to


the seat, magic. For those loyal fan whose stuck around and still in


pit lane, they enjoyed theblselfs. Sebastian Vettel is actually human.


That will mean a lot for the drivers around. They will realise


this man is not going to win everything terything tWe were


always slightly suspect. We know he has phenomenal speed and killer


instinct. But in the heat of the battle, we are not 100% sure. Yes,


today, he is human. Another strong podium from Mark Webber who fought


his way back from the restart? And also, from Jenson Button belonged


to Michael Schumacher? Michael Schumacher, today, gave us the


feeling that, yes there, could be just a little bit of a magic still


to unfold. We will wait to see. Eddie, thank you, thank you for


joining us. After all the rain, we are dreaming of the Spanish sun in


two weeks time, we will see you in Valencia. Goodbye.


He is around! # (Highway to the Dangerous Zone


plays). We are back in racing conditions. We want to see some


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