The Canadian Grand Prix - Part One Formula 1

The Canadian Grand Prix - Part One

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rules in. Gears, de ERS, pit-stop after pit-stop. I'm certainly no


rocket scientist. It was enough to make you go loopy. It's the most


competitive Gridwood had in years. But there's one name on everybody's


lips. Vettel... It's a battle yet again. How are you going to stop


him? And who is going to catch him? He's like an unstoppable force.


can't be human. But he is human. Blink and you miss him. You can't


take your eyes off him. It's predictably unpredictable.


wouldn't change anything. It's crazy. Crazy! I can't take it!


your mind at the moment. Good evening, thank you very much for


being so patient. For the first time in 2011 you have had to wait


until 5:00pm for a Grand Prix. Trust me, this circuit, this


weather, and the desperate need for the rest of the pack to beat


Sebastian Vettel, it will be worth the wait. This is somewhere that


both of my partners in crime have had very much success over the


years. Just making sure his hair doesn't get wet. For Eddie, this is


where it started for him, 20 years ago. He's come through, to finish


in fifth position, behind him is his team-mate. Eddie Jordan will be


overjoyed. That was way back in 1981. Your first ever points and


Formula One. A few years later, your first double podium. Here is a


Rubens Barrichello, fist pumping with delight. Happy days for you?


Canada has always been very special. It was remarkable. I think the


Canadian people liked the Jordan style of things. To get these


results here was really very special. How would you surmise the


Jordan style of things? A little bit crazy. Very serious under the


skin. But on the outside, people thought we were bit rock and roll.


That's something we've had to live with. Just like you? Not really,


very serious person, alongside David Coulthard, it makes me look


even more sensible. Talking of David, his success in Formula One


started and ended right here in Canada. David Coulthard, right


behind him. He finishes in a fine fifth position. So, those were your


first ever points in 1994. 14 years later, your final podium in the


sport. Why are you running to the podium? Unfortunately, the parc


ferme is at the beginning, the podium is at the end. I was late


getting there, I missed the shuttle bus. You don't like running,


either? Which of the memories was the fondest for you, first points


is very special, 94 was a very sad year for Formula One. Equally, to


do that, I know you were very proud? 94, I remember losing


feeling in my legs, the physical forces of Grand Prix. I was a young


tried and I wasn't well enough prepared. 2008, the last season,


special to get on the board. Eddie? I think candidates, it was a huge


loss for me when it was dropped from the calendar. You know what


has happened? If you look what is going on in the centre of town, the


crowd that at year, it has come back much stronger. I see this as


being one of the top three races in our whole calendar. I think it's a


race that can't be missed. exciting place today when it is dry.


When it's wet, it's the end incredible Grand Prix. This guy is


getting darker, but still, the crowds are turning up. -- the sky.


But it keeps on rolling in Formula One. After today, will be over a


third of the way through 2011, a season that will not include the


Bahrain Grand Prix after they decided to remove themselves from


the calendar. Well, basically, we took the calculated decision that


we didn't want to cause any more inconvenience to the teams. The


schedules have been set already towards the end of the season.


Being a long-term player, on the arena, we decided to withdraw and


stop the pursuit of our race for this year, focusing on next year's


calendar. OK, let's talk about how this whole thing has been resolved.


In the end, it is Bahrain that have made that decision. Formula One


hasn't looked particularly clever for the past month? You say that, I


think it shows that Formula One is such a global player. The sports


transcend the sports pages. You have a number of different factions,


number of different endgames in mind, so you are going to get these


uncertainties. You have to say it's down to the FIA and the teams,


ultimately, to make the final statement as to what they are doing.


In this case, they have stepped forward. That's probably the most


salient point. We are standing outside Ferrari, their team


principal said that the sport mustn't use situations like this


for personal gain. What was he talking about? Well, I think what


has happened is that sport can often be used as a mechanism,


whether it is a battering ram, a feather, it doesn't matter which


side of the spectrum you are looking at. The fact is, sport


should not be put in a position where it is influencing things that


should be politically influenced. I think that the critical thing. Also,


what he's talking about is that Formula One has to learn by these


mistakes. Communication is vital in every walk of life, whether it be


home, business, sport is no exception. We did not get it right


with regard to communication. move on to a slightly happier


things, this place. This is the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. It means


the boys have got a lot to live up is in the house. Let's go for a


walk. It's always frantic activity ahead of a race, particularly when


it is wet. The director has to decide whether to start with a


safety car, that teams need to decide whether to go with wet tyres,


intermediate tyres, or if you are brave, slick tyres. You've raised


in Monaco in the wet, what's it like when the rain starts coming


down on these temporary tracks? It's a lot more comfortable in a


racing car than our current walk. The umbrella is not big enough. Why


are we not standing under the cover of one of the garages? We are


bringing the excitement about the Spear of the rain to the people at


home. The only one staying dry is the one in the middle! Thank you


for that. It's funny that has we are walking down here, we are


walking on bits which are painted. The one thing to any team boss will


tell the drivers, stay off the kerbs. If you want to have a steady


ride into the barrier, get on to this. You must stay on the black


stuff. That's fair, but now they painted with a gripping paint. It's


like sand, tight stuff, and its... It still going to be so the


question are is not as bad as it could be, but you want to keep it


on the black stuff. To keep David happy, we will not walk around too


much. We will talk about the drivers' standings. Sebastian


Vettel, I guess he opened his curtains this morning and groaned,


the rest of the grid had a big smile on their faces closed not I


don't think so, funnily enough. Anyone who witnessed what he did a


few years ago in the Toro Rosso, they should play that DVD again. He


absolutely killed everybody in the race. He's a master, dry and wet. I


don't think he woke up to a crisis in his own mind. A fair point, but


it makes such a margin for error a little smaller? No question,


especially in a track like Montreal. Maybe not the downforce that we


have seen in the past, but none the less it is a very high-speed


circuit. In the wet, you will be down on those top speed slightly,


but still brushing 200 mph. You've got no room for margin. If you're


going to a slip and slide, you could find your way into the


barrier. We'll keep our eyes on those slipping slides. As far as


one man leading, it's not really dented the excitement. It's been an


incredible year so far. It's all because Formula One brought in new


regulations from lessons that it learned that this race 12 months


ago. I think this is brilliant for the racing. This is what we've been


looking for this year. We'd been looking for a tyre that is really


on the limit. I would say to you, don't be nervous about negative


publicity about a tyre that is graining, I would say bring it to


every Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is away first. I'm sure Monaco would


be a crazy race. Each lap, the tyres started breaking a little bit


more. If it breaks completely, I know that I'm in trouble. The tyres,


everybody is on their limit. They are almost committee gather!


Formula One should definitely be proud of the race today. We knew it


was going to Beith a bit like that. Now we really are getting duty.


What a day. Hamilton, he seeing if he can get on the inside of Alonso.


He judged that perfectly. He's gone right across the grass. It's one of


Canada! Some drive from Lewis Hamilton. That was without a drop


of rain. You have to applaud the sport for realising and replicating


what happened in Canada last year? We have been blessed. We've had an


unbelievably good season last year. No one believed that we could


replicate that, as you talk about. But they have. There are a couple


of issues, some people saying KERS, some people saying ERS. I think the


tyres have been a significant improvement in terms of excitement


this year. Yes, we have a battle running away. But nobody is biggie


about that, so much excitement. -- nobody is thinking about that.


have got Sebastian Vettel running away, but even he is not immune to


the odd mistake. He started this weekend in a way he wouldn't have


wanted to? This is running into the last chicane. A bit too fast into


the turn. The track was still a bit green. He didn't have as much grip


as he expected. He'd lost the grip and ran out of road. He lost a very


valuable development front wing. But he was able to secure his pole


position. Two weeks ago in Monaco we saw a big accident or Sergio


Perez. This was coming out of the tunnel, down to the chicane. He was


passed fit to race. But he made the decision himself not to take part


this weekend. He did. You know, that surprised a lot of people.


David and I have discussed this. To get a driver to actually opt not to


race is something very, very unusual. For him, in his mind set,


I know he's impressed his team by wishing to pull out. He felt he


wasn't quite ready. Most drivers would have just gone for it. He's


gone up in everybody's estimation because he had the strength of will


to actually decide he wasn't ready. I'm sure he will be watching at


home. Maybe he will be that he's sitting in a warm living room,


rather than getting into a racing car in these conditions. It meant


Sauber had a big decision to make. Then it's the only decision I could,


to ask a man who drove for them last year, until they ditched him


with five races to go, Pedro de la Rosa, to step into their car. He


did exactly that. Then this happened. He hasn't driven this car,


he hasn't used the KERS button, he hasn't used the drag reduction


system. He was actually wearing McLaren overalls for the first part


of practice, such a late call-up to getting into the car. It was a


disappointment for him, but it meant they had to rebuild the car


and work hard to have a car ready for qualifying. I can tell you he


was ready for qualifying, along with 23 other cars. Everybody goes


out, drives around for an hour and seemed the drivers had figured out


how to negotiate the circuit without crashing. The most action


was from the Sauber drivers, Pedro de la Rosa's car was surprisingly


undamaged by this encounter. His team-mate, Kobayashi, entertained


with his usual style. So, while we didn't have any bent metal, we did


have broken dreams at McLaren. On paper, the track plays to their


strengths. The team does not bring a low drive career win today's race,


and that hurt them on long straights. The win that they do


have will give them more downforce and better grip in the wet. So,


Button and Hamilton could have an ace up their sleeves. I don't think


I've driven a car so bard in my life, really. I was on such a


ragged edge. I touched the wall at one edge. Using the stream of


another car, going behind it but we just got to hope it's much better


than qualifying, we are a long way off. Mercedes have the best de ERS


in the pit lane. They've used it to good effect. It's been progress


this weekend. Qualifying, it's a good place to start. I think


they're pretty confident that we can do much better in the race.


With McLaren taking themselves out of the picture, it was down to Red


Bull and Ferrari. Mark Webber's KERS hybrid system failed, which


let Ferrari into record the best qualifying of the season. Felipe


Massa and Fernando Alonso were separated by just 18 thousandth of


a second. Alonso was on the first front row since this time last year.


A genuine surprise in Formula One. Unlike Sebastian Vettel, on pole


again and making amends for his crash in practice. It's a mixed-


race, there's a bit of weather tomorrow. So, will see tomorrow.


think the car is a little bit more competitive than we saw on the


other tracks. I hope it carries on like that. If it rains, I think


saving the tyres will be a key factor. Also, the wet tyres, they


degrade a lot. We need to manage that. But it's not raining, it's a


good opportunity. We started good, will see if we can get some kind of


start which would be a good thing. The McLarens look very competitive.


Probably they had a different approach in qualifying. Setting the


car, setting up the car for the race. We'll see. What do we prefer?


We don't know. We've had experienced with the Pirelli tyres


in particular. It will be new ball Fernando Alonso and then Felipe


Massa. Jenson Button is sure he can improve on seventh today. Behind


the Renaults that ahead of his team-mate is Scotland's Paul di


Resta and Pastor Maldonado. Sauber have Pedro de la Rosa standing in


for the injured Sergio Perez. Hispania and Virgin retain their


usual positions at the back of the grid.


I have decamped to the dry. I'm standing next to Lewis Hamilton's


car. Inside here there is a fair bit of head scratching going on.


This team have been so fast in the last few years. Have a look in


there. That is the cockpit Lewis Hamilton will be sliding into.


There is no extra padding in there. There is not a lot of extra comfort


that Lewis Hamilton has always done really well here. He picked up his


first ever win here in Formula One. He was hoping for a backer --


better weekend that this. You have to decide how to change a car ahead


of the race. McLaren said they have not got a wet set-up but they are


better prepared for the race than qualify and. Talk of changing the


car at this late stage, we hear that Toro Rosso had removed Jaime


Alguersuari's car from the grid. Explain the thinking behind that.


It is a trump card. He was fairly well back. It gives him a huge


advantage to change the dampers, the setting and the wing. They will


put a lot of padding or tape on the ducks for the brakes. The brakes


will be running cooler because of the ambient temperature. Here is a


different -- difficult car on bricks. I think they have stolen a


march on most people here. I think it could be beneficial to them


because under normal conditions there were not looking quick enough


to score points. All cars are allowed to change brake tape and


put things like that on the car. Set up wise, maybe they will


unleash the wonderful set-up we saw with Sebastian Vettel in Monza a


couple of years ago and it could be the star of the show. Let's take a


walk down to Ferrari because they have done extremely well this


weekend. I suppose when you are starting a teeth on the grid and


you are under pressure and Jaime Alguersuari is under pressure


because he has not had the greatest of season so far, why not take a


gamble in these conditions. not? By the nature of wet weather,


it becomes more of a lottery. much bigger advantage. When you


start in 18th place, in weather like this, the spray is


unbelievable. You cannot see your hand in front of you. If you let


the traffic go and you are starting knowing there will be four or five


cars out in the first corner, that is generally my perception, he gets


a chance to come up, either behind the safety car or goes on without


this break in his face. I think it is a clever move. If we take a look


to our left, have you ever heard of the phrase a hiding to nothing?


This man has been here trying to get the water off but as quickly as


he picks it up, the rain comes down. They will carry on doing their bit.


At least the drivers know they are doing their best to keep it dry. A


great performance from Ferrari? it is a remarkable comeback. It


shows the strength and depth of the company. Has been a lot of


technical changes with the design team. Not harmony behind the


factory doors but nonetheless, they are within two-tenths of Sebastian


Vettel in qualifying. If you carry on watching, we will show you the


pole lap comparison between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando


Alonso. There is so little between them, it is unbelievable. But it is


Sebastian Vettel who is scaring the rest of the opposition with his


pace. And he's scared our very own Lee McKenzie as she got a close-up


look as to why he is the man leading the Formula One


championship. Sebastian, I am very excited about this. I'm not sure if


it is exciting for you for me being a passenger. It depends. It depends


on how fast you go! We see you sitting just before you go out and


do your laps, eyes closed, visualising the circuit. Please


tell me you know this circuit very well. I don't, actually. I'm not


100 % on left and right. Let's get it over with a! I am looking


forward to it. That is what worries me! I don't get scared. I say,


bravely. You seem to have got to grips with this new form of Formula


One we have this season. Do you think you are driving better, are


you handling the tyres better? Where have you got this edge?


don't know. I'm trying to do whatever I have got in my hands,


trying to do the best I can. This year with the tyres, it is a


different kind of Formula One compared to last year. I love this


new set-up. It opens a lot of possibilities for strategy, whether


to do a stop more. Be us will be a victory whether he can make his


tyres go from apps at 16 to 78. -- laps 16. Lustig, we were looking at


one at stop. That was a mistake. We put the hard tyres on. Sometimes to


win the race you have to stay out. I tried to do the best with my


tyres. Treated them better than some people probably treat their


wife. Sebastian Vettel is the master of Monaco. Sideways,


sideways! I like that. I'm not to drift champion but I like to drive.


It is looking very good for you to retain your championship, are you


starting to think of that yet? because it is still very early.


is your biggest rival? I think you cannot make them out yet. The


McLaren drivers have been very competitive since Australia and I


think being they are right behind us but also I think, looking at


Ferrari, Fernando was always there, if he has a bad weekend he manages


to get away with some points. It will be Lewis, Fernando, Jenson and


then we will see where the Mercedes is able and the next couple of


races did turn the situation around for themselves and to catch up.


watch other forms of motor sport? Yes, most impressive is the rally.


It is a bit crazy but it is very nice. I would like to try myself


one day. I think Christian would not be too happy. No, danger, wall


ahead. The East will be your F1 car, you


will jump out and do this. Tell us about this. I heard some people get


annoyed by it. He keeps doing that, doesn't he? We also normally see


you jumping on your car, Kinky One, he mentions all of his rivals


but somehow forget to mention his team-mate Mark Webber as a


challenger for the title. Very interesting. I don't think he will


be expecting Mark to be watching 10 minutes before the race. I think he


knows he has mark under control. From a team point of view, any


developments, it is reasonable it will go to the car which has the


best chance of winning the championship. But let's be very


clear. He used the word we. I think he was being very kind to his team


and he was thinking about the opposition. I hope he was thinking


about the opposition outside Red Bull. He has been a very good team


player. A quick weather update. I spoke to the guys behind us, they


said they expect this race to start without any rain falling. However,


according to Ron Meadows from Mercedes, this is wet enough for


safety car start which means the cars have to have their full wet


tyres. It could be a rather dramatic and rather exciting race


here this afternoon. It will have to go some to match Le Monde this


weekend. We are delighted that Allan McNish was able to get up and


walk away after this accident during the race. It was a bad


moment for our do. They had two big accidents. It was not all bad news.


David, you raced in 1993. We will not mention that you were


disqualified but we will talk about a high speed that this circuit.


What is it like to race there? have a raised it from my memory


because you said I was disqualified! What was it like


until then? It is a great challenge. Martin is well placed to talk about


that. He has won ultimate -- multiple times. It is a great


British following when you go to that event. Arguably, you do more


laps and more kilometres during a single event than you do during a


entire Grand Prix season. All in all, you would describe it as a


good weekend. We are getting close to race time. You can hear the


engines are starting to roar. A few moments until the cars make it out


to the great. There will be a couple of laps to ascertain how


much grip there is. The fans turn out in their droves because leave


on not, they do not -- if they do not come to this race in Canada,


the nearest race to them is Silverstone, therefore tickets are


We had better get out of the pit lane because the cars will start


coming down here. We can go to the Mercedes garage and talk about


Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. Rosberg is yet to finish in a


higher position and he starts this season. Mercedes need to start


working on their race pace, don't they? There are a couple of teams


like that you can pull out the stops for qualifying but cannot


match it in the race. Mercedes, unfortunately for them that seems


to be the sequence. I'm sure they are working hard. It is a


transition period in some respects but we used to better performances


from Mercedes than what is happening at the moment. Nico


Rosberg is doing a good job but nobody knows how good he is because


the bent schmuck being Michael Schumacher, Nico is beating him --


the benchmark. A pretty good benchmark, the most successful guy


in the history of the sport. He is the most successful driver ever


hear. Michael has just climbed into his car gearing up for this race.


Another win might be difficult for him today. What is it like for him


coming to places where you have won time and time again. What was it


like, David, when you went to Monaco? Past performance is no


guarantee of future success. Michael was known as the rain


master when he was in his first career and he will be seeing this


as an opportunity. He did a great job in qualifying. He is right


there with his younger team-mate, separated by less than half a tenth.


He will see this as a great opportunity. He knows how to drive


in the wet. There he is, the seventh time for milk one world


champion. He took a slightly slower, slightly more leisurely tour around


the circuit with our own David Why go to Montreal, a place you


know well. I'm a bit concerned by these banners. There is a like this


to you, but it looks like your team-mate is a werewolf or


something, don't you think? Gosh! Get your feet down! I don't train


any more. OK. My God, we are almost off. Can you switch on KERS?


this flat out? I think I could run faster! Actually, I'm coming in.


Right, we have stopped down here. The apex of turn one. Could you


maybe tell us a bit about the challenge of the area of the track?


The challenge is to come through here, a key position and keep all


of the bits on your car. Whenever you take too much here, it will


have an influence over there. If you go too tight and too deep into


the corner, the radius you have to take for the second one is losing


time. Here we are, working it out turn two. It's known as a traction


corner. In particular, at the tyre is going to be... Be careful, stop!


He has a conscious, he is worried about the cameraman. Do you mind if


I drive a little bit? Yes. You will cope, I think. I'm not going to


argue with him. If I was closer to the pits, I might argue. But we are


too far away. David Coulthard, he's going to have it out with David


do it in English, we are broadcasting to the UK. We are not


broadcasting in Germany. I'm doing the trouble, he is doing the


steering, what are you doing? fantastic. Is my accent not very


good? I only learnt my German from watching DVDs when I was younger.


Can I drive? No, still not. Send me those DVDs! Turn 10, probably one


of the most famous corners in terms of the image of the crowd. You can


feel it, if you pass somebody, you see them getting up and being


excited. If you are in the right car and this right situation.


drive this last bit? Please. Hooray, I get to drive. This last


chicane, they refer to this as the wall of champions. Have you ended


up in this wall? I think I created that name. I was the first one


there. She Macca, out of the race! They call it the war of champions.


That's right. In a really good line, you would be here. That's a bit


uncomfortable? Exactly. On the exit, do you have to be brushing the


wall? Kind of, yes. How close can we get? You try, C. Is that OK?


There is a camera, what we don't have that. I'm not comfortable, can


the tyres and stuff? Don't hit them, we don't have that many of them.


did get quite close. And you for Schumacher, making his way out, we


can say Nick Heidfeld been pushed back into his garage, what would


that before? Well, they got time, they can just make sure the break


at a temperature is coming in as expected, they know exactly how to


get the cooling just right. We saw Nico Rosberg stopping his pit box


and put on extra front wings. Well, I say put one in, they may have


taken one out. They will put a setting in there, which will have


been offset when running, he had denied that and decided he wants to


do a bit of a change and go to the around me and I think the clouds


had just lifted. Who knows? The gamble that McLaren have made, at


this moment in time it looks a good gamble. I think there will be a dry


line early in this race. If you are getting a bit blasted out by the


sounds of the cars, is because they are trying to do reconnaissance


laps. There is no where else we can go, apart from stand quite close


and speak loud! We had been told the McLaren cars are heading to the


grid on intermediate tyres. What will the drivers have been doing on


their first lap, where would they be looking for gripper, what would


be the process? The guys that have been here before they know already


where to find the grip. In some corners it will be slightly off-


line. In other corners, you've got no choice. When you go through a


chicane you have to cross over the racing line at a certain point. If


you have no experience of the track, you will have to make it up as you


go along. In terms of finding the grip of the tyres, they can go


round on full wet and then go to the intermediate ones. McLaren,


intermediate tyres, we know that because of the blue writing on the


side. The drivers will be getting that information. When they get on


the grid, this is the real pressure point, when you have deep


conversation with the engineers. Presuming it's not a safety car


start, of course. We are respecting Michael Schumacher. There he is,


right on cue, the champion. There has been very little running for


any of these teams on wet tyres or intermediate tyres. We can join


Martin on the grid. We've yet to see an incident at the first corner


this season. If we are going to see one, today might be that day?


Magical mystery Tour, welcome to the grid. They are still practising


their starts. They are queuing up in the end of the pit lane. We are


not too far away from the pit lane. They are desperately trying to find


that by two point. Force India. They are still queuing up to try


and find out how they can get the line. Is it intermediate? Always at


full wet? On these conditions you usually say intermediate. But it


turns out that they can't keep a lot of temperature in those


intermediates. It's hard rubber, designed more for slick running.


There is a great concern that any one that starts on intermediates


might struggle initially. They will go out and try those tires now on


the formation laps. We're going to be as welcome as toothache on the


grid today. Macau short the Rennies. 24 cars were charged down there, 23


because Alguersuari will start from the pit lane. A short run, we can


see Barrichello going through to the track. Five minutes ago, if


that disappears, we know it will not be a safety car start. If it is,


all of the drivers have to start on a full wet tyre. Any news about


whether it is a safety car start? No, 10 minutes to decide what we


are doing. At the moment it looks better than half-an-hour ago.


let it be a safety car start, it spoils the fun. If they say it will


be, say, no, I'm not going to do that. We'd sorted that out. Here is


the finish line. Sebastian Vettel is not yet on his grid slot. We


have the driver's steward here. It can be a busy day in the Stewards


of us? It looks like today will be a very busy day. -- steward's


Office. Do we wish you were out here in these conditions, driving


again? Just wet, yes. But not aquaplaning, too much water, no.


Now, I don't think so bad. I agree with you, it doesn't look too bad


at all. We have Vettel's cruising up to the great wit the full wet


tyres he has decided to try. He's going to have to debrief with his


engineers. Apparently he said on the radio that he is going to start


on wet tyres. I think somebody has just switched me off behind here.


I'll carry on talking, but I can't hear anything any more. Yeah... OK,


I'm still broadcasting. That's fine. So, Vettel, he's got his rubber


boots that they put on to stop your fireproof boots from getting too


damp. Alas the want today is cart water into the car. They are


sitting on the top. They are worth about �5, I imagine, but they could


be critical and his Motty million pounds approach to try to win a


Grand Prix. The man that wants to win the championship puts on his


galoshes, standing up in the seat as he heads out through the dry ice.


There are still got to cool the car down. There are no fans on these


cars that run by themselves. They have Tickle the car. So, Vettel


will get out and debrief with his engineer. You have to decide what


tyre to start on. He doesn't want this misinformation, this doubt of


what to do and how to do it. He is the man that has been fastest, he


would like a very straightforward race. I will just hang around a


little bit in the hope that we can have a quick word with him. I don't


know if he... Tommy, is he up for chatting today? I think so. Tommy


is the trainer, a good lad. We'll wait for Sebastian to say what he


has got to say to his engineer and then we'll move down the grid. I'm


desperate to hear what he thinks of the track conditions. We are in


pole position here. I'm getting kicked from behind by Spanish TV,


as normal. I don't want to interrupt him, that would not be


fair. But if you don't mind waiting, I really would like to just get a


word from the pole position man and the championship leader. There's a


lot of discussion going on. I don't want to move away. I'm in pole


position to talk to him first. Let's just see. Sebastian, how is


the track feeling? It's quite slippery. Quite wet. So, do you


think there is any chance of getting the intermediates to wear?


Not with this amount of water, that is for sure. At the moment, its


extremes. Maybe later on, with less water. What is your knowledge of


these tiers Will? You've done so little running, in Istanbul you


went into the wall, the car is quite tricky? The Tarmaced doesn't


have a lot of grip, so it's quite tricky. I share this small


knowledge with all of the others. Send them a bit of spray, that will


fix them. I'm getting mugged here. Tanya, how are you? It's a long


queue. As if I can find Mark Webber. I might try and find Alonso as well.


The grid is busy, busy, busy. Alonso was just getting out of the


car. It will be taking his skid lid off any time soon. I'm going to see


their PR boss. You're kidding me, I can't even see him, let alone


Fernando Alonso. Number three? Only one question, I don't have three


minutes to wait. Will try later. Where are we? Let's move down. If


we can actually squeeze past, we are just going to... How do the


driver's focus with all of these people around them, people like me


trying to Lost Questions? Look at these tyres. They can have dry


tyres, just in case, intermediate and white tyres in the blanket.


They are heated to around 60 degrees centigrade. 60 for the


intermediate and the West. The drivers have four sets of


intermediate tyres. They do what they say, somewhere between wet and


dry. They only have three sets of the full wet tyre. If there isn't


enough standing water, they can blister. But see if we can get a


quick word with Mark Webber. I don't fancy standing in the queue


for Fernando Alonso. How is the track, in your view? Pretty good.


Tricky in places. Through 5, 6, 7, still a bit of water. Visibility is


going to be pretty poor. Yes, not too bad. I would have liked to have


done two laps, but on we go. this an afternoon to just stay on


the road or do you just have to go for it? Survival is important for


the first hour. It will probably go the different -- distance. There is


an opportunity at every corner to drop it. You just got to stay cool.


But keep the pay sensible. You must feel pretty good about these


conditions, it gives you as good a chance as any to win this race?


too bad. A few more grey hairs, but it's always nice to have a


challenge. We've got Louis's car down here. They had difficult


qualifying. This guy is not on the grid yet, Nico Rosberg. Where is


his car? It's coming now. He's on his way around? He got out of the


Pet line on time. Talk about leaving it left foot -- late.


Jenson is running through the fence. That is the full wet tyre. You can


see the deeper grooves. Obviously we are not allowed to look at the


back of that car, by the looks of it. Nico Rosberg, with no


preparation time whatsoever as he is literally just rocking up onto


the grid. We will wander a little bit further back. Let's see what


are you getting back from your drivers? No chance of intermediates


at the moment. They do not think they will be able to start on


intermediate. Do you have a clue what the crossover point is?


The only information we have is with the testing. Thank you. Ross


was saying the teams do not have an idea of what kind of lap time


roughly that you say, the track is ready for Inters, is ready for


slick tyres. I just wanted to have a quick word with somebody down


here who I heard was coming on the grid with Renault but I cannot see


him. I think we are running out of time. We have run out of time. Back


to you, Jake. Thanks to you, Martin. A good effort. I think he was


looking for Colin Farrell but Eddie held him up in the paddock. Martin


was talking about the tyres. It is difficult for the teams to know


what to do, David, because there are so little running on these. One


team principal said we do not know what the crossover point is. That


is right. If we were still using Bridgestone tyres, it would still


be down to track temperature. With the Pirellis, there is so little


wet running. There was some in Barcelona but not all the teams


took part so it will be big journey of discovery this afternoon. Ross


said they will have full wet to start blue rays. There are so much


ability to lean on a full wet tyre laterally. -- they will start with


full wet. Fitter Ali Petrov is feeling cool, his plate -- playing


it nice and safe -- Vitaly Petrov. Let's see what is happening out on


the track. We are gearing up for what could be a special Grand Prix


this weekend. The cars are out on the grid. We saw Nico Rosberg


arriving late on the grid. Yes, I'm sure they are still going through


the final discussions and strategy wise. Is an important race for the


guys on the pit wall. We can see the Williams team gearing up. There


have Rubens Barrichello and he is a man who loves driving in the wet.


He has driven for you in the rain, what is he like? He is a rain


master, no doubt about it. The problem for him is there are a lot


of people who are rain Masters. There is Vettel, we have talked


about Michael Schumacher, there are lots of really talented people. The


advantage that he may have had in years gone by has been gobbled up


and everybody else is as good as he is in the wet. Jenson Button starts


from seventh on the grid, another driver who enjoy is wet weather and


another one who said his car would be faster in the race than


qualifying. He is with Lee. Jenson, you came out onto the grid on into


is, how slippy was the track? -- intos. Very. There is a lot of


water out there. It has stopped raining. It is getting warmer. I


have not decided what I am going to run. Time is ticking. I know. I


think we will make the right course. Thank you. Just give us an idea,


Eddie, who makes the decisions? How much will the team be leaning on


Jenson Button to let them know how it will feel out there. He is the


guy on the track. Always remember that I could never be more


surprised with Ayrton Senna. He always used to take the longest way


round the corner and the reason he did that was because there was more


grip on the outside of the corner and then everyone started to follow


him. He was the master for me. He could find his way around a wet


track faster than anyone else. about Sebastien Buemi? His driving


for Toro Rosso and he starts and 15th. Sebastian, what do you think?


It is a difficult call, to be honest. It seems to be quite


slippery. At the moment, we are still looking at how the weather


will change in the next few minutes. Your team mate has the full wet


set-up on, do you? Know, I do not but they tried something with him


and we will see how it goes. Thank you. Not long to go until lights


out at the start of this Grand Prix. At, you loved situations like this.


Was it exciting more nerve-racking? I remember some of the opposition


said Jordan, you can only win in the wet conditions. The reality was,


we always tried to go the opposite to be thinking that the big teams


would go and therefore, you know you're not actually racing them


fair to fair. If the conditions happened to favour us all the


strategy, those days you could go for more fuel and get a longer run,


those aspects, a thing that was what was very good and successful.


We did have a couple of key guys. Gary Anderson was a magic man and


good at anticipating those situations. Once upon a time, Eddie


was the person making the decisions, these days it is people like


Christian Horner. This is what he had to save. What is the smart


thing to do, Christian? It is very interesting. The weather says it


will brighten up a little bit but I think you have to be on the right


tyres at the right times. When you are starting from pole, you do not


want to take that many risks. that will be full works? I have not


spoken to the drivers but it is difficult to say at the moment. It


looked like full wets but it changes quickly. Thank you. Rain or


no rain, the perfect place to be is on pole position, even if you have


only done it by two-tenths of a second over three miles on the


tarmac. This is how close it is between first and second on the


grid. Let's compare the qualifying laps


with the two men occupying the front row of the great. Sebastian


Vettel is on pole, Fernando Alonso is second on the grid. 95 mph


through the first apex, turn to follows immediately and they are


neck and neck. Ahead retraction zone as they head towards turn


three and four, the chicane. Alonso is slightly ahead. The wall on the


exit has claimed many cars this weekend. The fast turn five corner,


Alonso on the right seems slightly uncertain. Look at the steering


angle that Alonso has to put in. He has a slower steering rack on that


car. Vettel gets on the throttle early and gains an advantage


through the exit of that chicane. It is a long run down to terms 8


and 9, building up the speed. As they sweep into the apex, Vettel


maintains his advantage, the line very similar. These two drivers


absolutely on the top of their game. They change is at different times,


suggesting different gear ratios. A heavy braking zone for the turn ten


hairpin. They take absolutely identical lines, technically


perfect. A long straight up to 200 mph, heading to the end of the lap.


Vettel makes a quick brake balance adjustment ahead of turns 13 and 14.


This is all about who will be on pole position. As they grants --


glance across the kerbs, Vettel looks more comfortable. There it is.


Another pole position. His 21st. Sebastian Vettel just aces Fernando


Alonso. I love to see that. That is how close it is in Formula One. It


could be pretty close this afternoon. We are in for a magic


trick. They have on pole position, Sebastian Vettel, and then the best


starter currently, Fernando Alonso, which will be very tight into the


first corner. McLaren have decided go on a wet set-up and they will be


very fast. Who knows what will happen. We believe we will be


starting under a safety car but we will see. Time to handover to


Martin Brundle and David Coulthard. The national sport here is ice


hockey bit once the year something arrives which is equally ferocious


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


be famous for its winter sports but today seems more about watersports.


This track Essex in the St Lawrence Seaway. Be bumpy track has caused


many to shed a tear here. The should be one of the best races of


the year. This is normally an exciting race. There is the track


layout. 2.7 miles and 14 turns. The DRS, if they are allowed to use it


in the race, you're not allowed to operate the rear wing with wet


tyres on, unless a few drivers go out on slick tyres, they will


enable it and everyone can use it. It is quite a challenge for them.


We will get into that during the race. The KERS system, the extra


energy boost, it is quite hard to do in wet track conditions. It


dramatically affects the way the cars slowed down. A big crowd, as


always. They are in on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They


love for Miller won here in this part of North America. Hopefully,


we can put on a good show for them as we hope we can put on a good


show for you. Welcome to everybody around the world to tunes in to the


BBC commentary. They seek confirmation and I am saddened a


little bit, the race will start behind the safety car. David, is


that right? Given the amount of incidents we have seen here with


dry starts, the short run into the first tight corner, it is a view


which has been taken to enable every car to be able to make a


start. The chances are the cars will be strung out when they


eventually release them and that will make it a bit safer. I think


the view from the race director is we simply do not know how slippy


this track is and we do not want to risk losing a bunch of cars early


on. Yes, but these are the finest drivers in the world and I think


they are ready to cope with the conditions. Safety car starts means


everyone has to be a full wet tyres and you cannot go out there, the


FIA said, you cannot -- if you want to start behind the safety car, it


must be extremely wet, you must put the wet tyres on. Therefore, the


DRS, the opening rear wing like a little shutter and gives them


higher top speed on the long straights of this Gilles Villeneuve


circuit, that is disabled at this time. Normally it would come in at


the end of lap two. At the moment, it will not come in until the race


director deems the tracks safe enough to use it. For now, the wet


tyres on. They are pressured up to 60 degrees centigrade. The red


lights are used as a countdown to the start proceed dear. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Sergio Perez who is not racing rule but the stewards decided he


did a good race over the weekend. What is the point of having a roll?


I think it is to protect at the start of the season when you have


new teams and you do not know if they are up to scratch. We have


seen cars who have taken the start of the Grand Prix you have no place


to be there but I think in this case it is a sensible decision.


Virgin have been in the 107 % will that many Grand Prix is already


busy and d'Ambrosio has shown he is more than capable. I agree with you.


If I was a steward, I would let him in. It is to stop the people who


were miles off the pace like Hispania were in Australia.


Alguersuari starts at the back of The race starts now. There is no


formation lap. That his wife Alguersuari is going to be able to


get onto the back of the field. He will be sitting there while the


tyres lose crucial temperature. It's very slow at the back of the


field. I think it's the other version, I'm lucky in the far


distance. This is working out not too bad for the Toro Rosso. He's


not allowed to leave the end of the pit lane. Extreme wet, with the


safety car, but we are not expecting rain until halfway


through the race. The first part, he knows that already. He


understands the rules with the safety car. The second part sends a


shiver down my spine. I remember being in a Grand Prix, where you


get messages from engineers, stay there, the radar tells us that the


rain will stop in two minutes. 10 minutes later... You cannot give


information like that. I think it's misleading. If you can say, we know


it is raining 100 metres away from the circuit, we have someone


standing there, that's good information. But to give radar


information, that's difficult. Confirmation that the DRS, the rear


wing, it is disabled at this point. They are all on wet tyres. As part


of the rules. How quickly would you bring the safety car in? At the end


of this lap. It's really good, the drivers have seen whether standing


water is, the track will dry out pretty quickly with all of these


cars running at speed. There will be sucking the water out of the


tarmac and putting it up into the air. I started a race at Brands


Hatch, and it was much wetter than that. We couldn't see where we were


going, but we were still going for it. Personally, I did the race


should have started properly. Viscount finish by centres on the


Toro Rosso, if they started from a normal good start, they would have


to wait until the last car got to the end of the pit lane before he


could join the race. Now he's able to run around on the pack. You can


see if the karting line, where there seems to be more grip. Where


the rubber is on the racing line, you can put some water on the top


of it and it becomes as slick as you like. Slippery as anything you


can imagine. You're looking along 100 metres osprey, they are looking


along 50 metres of spray. It does look more difficult from the


driver's position. It wasn't supposed to be easy? It I think


that's quite a good camera angle. Like the driver, it doesn't have a


window wiper. It has a little roll of film, which I am sure will move


across and clear that screen. These are one of the biggest difficulties.


Its visibility. We have all raced on formulas that probably have less


grip than a Formula One car in the wet. But not being able to see


where you're going, spotting where you are braking, that is the big


challenge when it is wet. People have the benefit of the first few


cars running. Within 10 or 15 minutes, the rain will be coming


pretty heavy. Red Bull have got two or three people out there. It was a


matter of looking at the sky, when the rain turns up it was coming in


downtown Montreal at the back side of the circuit. I cannot see


anything, but 15 minutes belonged time. -- a long time. To go through


the people we know, McLaren have got in wet style bit of rear wing.


Jaime Alguersuari... Have you finished? Le Mr Holton at once to


get finished because they have a wet set-up -- Lewis Hamilton.


think that went a long way towards a set -- a wet set-up? Yes, it's so


watch out for them when the safety card comes in at. One of the things


you are reminded of is that on this circuit, very high top speeds, not


as many fast corners. That is the same as a wet set-up. Williams are


running at the same winds they had in the Monaco Grand Prix so cannot


get more downforce and there is not enough standing water. And


softening springs are a thing of the past, downforce is still good


in the wet, so what you have to balance out any shift that you get.


It used to be the case that if you put wets on the cars, it would


increase the downforce on them because of the way the air separate


of a car, so they can clear up standing water. In raises the car


few millimetres, maybe five mm. you've got the tread depth of the


tyres. Overall, it's a significant raising. Thank goodness, we are


going to have a race. They are all in the order they lined up on the


grid. The lights are going out on the top of the safety car any time


soon. That is the signal for Sebastian Vettel, that he will,


progressively, become the pace- setter. The SLS, if you drove it on


the road, it would terrify you how fast it would go. They are trying


not to bump into the back of it, such is the grip, pace and speed of


Formula One cars. But not while they are behind the safety car.


They are saving fuel, but that doesn't really matter any more. It


means they can run high air -- higher. If you let the batteries go


cold, you can't use them for the rest of the race. KERS may not be


much of a factor today. Absolutely. You might not want to run the KERS


on wet conditions because of the effect it has on the rear axle,


when it is charging the batteries. No rain at the moment. It looks


like we are gearing up at the moment. The safety car is well out


the way. He's gone early. Alonso has gone with him. No


overtaking until they get to the first safety car line. That is why


Alonso fancied a bit of a look. Vettel has gone too deep. They


could overtake it to that final corner. Alonso goes to the right.


Vettel has the turning point of the corner. Behind, have we got a


McLaren? Webber is round. Mark Webber, and that is Lewis Hamilton.


Mark Webber keeps the engine running. Fuel for almost to the


back of the field. It was Hamilton getting right up the inside of him.


He's always in the wars, is Lewis. Go down very well. Lewis is now


behind the Mercedes of Rosberg, I think that is Rosberg in front of


him. In Jenson Button's way. Button has gone too deep into the corner.


Schumacher drives completely around the outside. Rosberg is in front.


They fancy a look at the back of Rosberg. They are struggling so


much for grip. They are all over the show, trying to slow it down.


It's not about visibility, it's about known tyre temperature.


Schumacher, where he tried to drive clean around the outside? A bit of


room to breathe. There is Mark Webber. He dropped a long way down


the field, did Webber. On board with Hamilton, as we head towards


the last chicane. Lewis Hamilton, not a lot of space on the inside.


Rosberg is ahead of Michael Schumacher. We will pick them up as


they go over the line. Vettel leads, two seconds from Alonso. Sue Macca,


Hamilton, Button. In eight place is Paul Di Resta. Still they are going


that Massa was looking more comfortable. Vettel bolted up front.


He's gone at the moment? Great start from Sebastian Vettel. It


looks like he had gone too deep in took that first chicane. At this


point he has cleaner air, good visibility and he's using it to his


advantage. Did Michael Schumacher have a bit of overs dear? You can


see that McLaren isn't able to who will be well positioned as he


comes out of their chicane. On the previous lap, he looked down the


outside of Michael. Michael goes to the inside. Michael comes across.


You can see that he's pushed Lewis wired. The Lewis will lose out to


Button. Will he lose out to anybody else? Michael squeezed him onto the


grass. Did he push him onto the grass? Will have to look at it. I


don't big there is any bad play going on there. Alonso is


struggling, Vettel has half the pitch length advantage now. They


could have overtaken in the last corner. This is the first safety


car line. There is the contact between Hamilton and Webber. Will


there be a steward's inquiry on that one? Button is back ahead.


This is a replay from on board with Lewis Hamilton. Webber gave him


space, you absolutely right. Lewis understeered into him. Incredibly


difficult conditions for the drivers. A marshal is out in the


middle of the track at the last chicane, picking up debris. He is


thankfully out of the way. A view, there, of the racing field he


didn't want to see today. This is where Michael started to take his


line. Lewis was skating down the outside. He's lost a place to


Button will stop he only lost one place. Vettel leads by 4.2 seconds.


Alonso is struggling in these conditions. You almost sense that


if Massa past him, he would be gone. The McLaren Janowska struggling


with each other. Kobayashi is just behind them. The rest have dropped


down to 13th somewhere. He's missed the chicane. Webber is in 12th


investigation for that first corner. Will Lewis Hamilton get another


drive through... Touched! Lewis Hamilton, with suspension damage,


puncture. I'll be surprised if he makes it back into the pits. The


problem with those conditions is that Jenson Button cannot see in


his mirrors. There is so much spray coming off the front axle that any


visibility you have is cancelled. This is incredible. Lewis seems to


touch with Michael. Almost touching with Michael. He's getting together


with his team-mates. Suspension broken, isn't it? No, it's more


like a wheel rim. Let's see what trends and the what? What is he


doing?! I don't think you get an answer to that. I think he was


trying to pass you! You can see nothing out of those mirrors. The


safety car is out. I imagine that's because of their debris on the pit


straight? No question about that. Why has Lewis parked the car in the


middle of turn five? He had an opportunity on the way into the


second chicane. He had an opportunity just before the barrier


to park it. This is difficult times. It's hard enough without running


into your team-mate. You had that a couple of times at McLaren, you and


Mika Hakkinen question not it's the one thing that you want to avoid.


Unfortunately, I took him out in Austria, in pole position. It was a


Jenson Button is in the pits, coming in for checks. Lewis


Hamilton comes off the last chicane at much faster. Jenson Button is


making his way on the nearest line and it was the smallest touch.


Lewis would say, he should have seen me coming, he was slowest of


the corner. Intermediate tyres going on. It looks as if Jenson


Button has gone up early. As long as he can get temperature...


can macro has gone for intermediates because McLaren feel


he is so far down the field, they should try something different. Dry


in the pit lane and no more sign of rain just now. This is another


replay of the Contact. Lewis get a better drive of the corner. Jenson


Button comes across towards the pit wall, the normal line, and he is on


sited. This is the view from behind. He has committed at that stage.


There will be an interesting debate between the drivers about he was


right. But Jenson Button, if he is not looking in his mirrors, will


not know he has pulled up alongside him. P City of McLaren are flying


up on the pit lane. Anthony Hamilton, Louis's Dad. But he is


here as manager at. No further action, for obvious reasons. Every


think looks all right to us, we can see no damage -- everything. They


always say they are the best of friends at McLaren, I always


thought it would only last a certain time and there will be


harsh words after. Lewis would say he had a better run, and he will


say, you must have seen me coming and he moved over on me. Jensen


will be thinking, up what is he doing? They will never agree on


that, but Lewis Hamilton is out of this grand prix. That contact


between Hamilton and Mark Webber is not under investigation because


Hamilton is parked outside turn five. That is Lewis, at crash


helmet off, normally if you are feeling guilty, that will stay on!


He is entitled to his point of view, the bottom line is that the


incident between team-mates, they are going to get up close and


personal. Lewis is still under investigation, but for another


incident now. And what did he say in Monaco? It always seems to be me


in the Steward's office. Do you think that is just a racing


incident or should be looked at further? I think that Jansen would


say he could not see anything in his mirrors and Lewis would say, I


came off the corner faster and I am surprised you did not give any room.


I do not think there will be a reprimand. Lewis has already got


one reprimand this year and if you take three for a racing incident,


you get a five place grid drop and so the risk could be stacking them


up! In the few laps we had, he had contact with Mark Webber and almost


Schumacher and of course his team- mate. So this situation, when the


safety card does get called in, Sebastian Vettel becomes the safety


car and the pace-setter. That white line is the first safety car line


and you can overtake after that. It is the first safety -- safety car


line and that is why Fernando Alonso, trained fully engaged, had


a run a. -- his brain fully engaged, had a run at it. I have been told


now the problem with those intermediate so is they drop out of


the temperature window -- intermediates. They are hard to


build up. If they are in the optimum Zona, 80 or 90 degrees


centigrade, they are much faster than a wet tier as rain begins to


fall. -- be wet tyre. temperature has dropped, at the


rain is coming and Jensen is on the wrong tyres. An incident involving


safety card three. The speed limit is under investigation. That is


Lewis Hamilton's third enquiry of the day. So two and since he


dropped out of the race. Safety car speed limit, he must have been on


the first safety car period at some point. You are only allowed to do a


certain speed between the sector points to make sure... Exactly. The


driver is given a target time and they drive to that, so he must have


been out of that. A Jenson Button has the same enquiry, safety car


speed limit. That is a target time you must not beat. You have to pace


yourself not to be ticked. You have an intermittent down shift problem,


it is the paddle itself. When we do a pit stop, Mark, we are thinking


of a steering wheel change. They do have a system on the back of the


steering wheel, but there is only one Activation when you pull down a


flicker away with your right hand. On a Red Bull, can you push and


pull on either side? For you can, but on a rocker so the switch to


activate down is only on one side. That is why they will say


intermittent, that is maybe because of water getting into the other


system -- getting into the system. There is no other reason. When he


comes into the pit stop, and will the car engine stop? In it will not


-- will the car engine stop? It will not. By at is a matter of fact,


the safety car speed limit, so that is a guaranteed to drive through --


that is a matter of fact. They must have seen at some data. We will


keep a close eye on Jenson Button. He might be coming through the pit


lane for a penalty soon, but we will see. The safety car lights are


still on the but it is in at the end of this lack. So many -- this


lap. Will Fernando Alonso be able to match Sebastian Vettel when he


decides to take off? The best of the pack are too far back. As soon


as Sebastian Vettel has a gap after 10 -- after turned 10, as soon as


he has a big enough gap between the safety car, he will go for it. So


they need to be as close as possible. It is hard to judge.


do you judge when you will catch the safety car? But he has got it


right. And Fernando Alonso is not as close. He needs to slow down.


And Michael Schumacher trying to come along the inside of Nico


Rosberg and he gets away with it. but he is not allowed to overtake


until the finish line. You can do that, that is what it is all about.


A red all the leads Ferrari. -- Red Bull leads Ferrari. Mark Webber is


back in 9th position. Jenson Button at his 12th and under investigation.


-- is in 12th position. And Lewis Hamilton is watching. Mark Webber


very close between -- behind Vitaly Petrov. He would be slightly


compromised. Not a lot of quick. is coming across the racing line.


Mack that his way you spin up the tyres when you have a wet tier


across the rubber. Desperately trying to keep off that safety line,


but you sometimes have no choice. The drier two penalty for car four.


-- a drive through penalty. He has passed... Jenson Button has really


made advances, but he has a drive- through penalty for this safety car


speed limit issue. And that means that that will cost him about 20


seconds. It will be less than that, at about 12 seconds is the time


through the pit lane, so that will bring him back out, probably about


a 16th place. Jenson Button is doing 62 mph, they are doing 180


down the pit straight, and it is a very unusual pit lane where you


feeding to turn two and not the first corner. He goes around the


outside and slots in nicely. Vitaly Petrov feeling the need again to


get defensive. But the Red Bull does not have the attraction of


that corner that Renault does have. And for sure, Renault has better


traction, that is unusual. They were famous for having a great


attraction in the past and he used to think that was because of the


weight distribution. But you -- but this year, everybody has within a


1%, so it has to be something else. It cannot be the engine. It is


starting to drizzle again a. Rubens Barrichello has passed Sebastien


Buemi. Jenson Button likes those intermediate tyres, and having


served his penalty straightaway, he is back in the action. They are all


desperately trying to find some grip in the spray. It is virtually


dry, that line. Be as his great information for the front runners -


- of this is. They will look at Jenson Button and there is no


stress for those out front. have got to balance that against


the weather. But looking at Jenson Button sailing past everybody, the


front runners must be thinking it is time for a set of intermediates.


Mark Webber might as well do that, down in 9th place. That is a replay.


He went round the outside of Vitaly Petrov. But Vitaly Petrov uses that


attraction and comes back up the outside. As Mark Webber slice


across the front? He does, indeed. Mark Webber takes that position.


This computer is slow updating today. Jenson Button is going past


Pastor Maldonado, absolutely flying. Time to think about intermediates.


Now we have a four second gap in front of Jenson Button. We will see


just how fast he can beat with a clear track and not having to


overtake, and I think it will be a very fast lap indeed. That contact


with the Hamilton it might have played into his hands! -- with


Hamilton might have played. Rubens Barrichello has gone for


intermediates. Fernando Alonso will be missed the last chicane, so he


would need to be careful using his lap trigger that he has not gained


advantage or he could be in for a penalty. Button has come across a


line -- across the line two seconds slower than the leaders. You just


have to look to see he has 20% more grip. The good thing for Sebastian


Vettel with a four second lead is he does not need to be first. This


form not go from damp to strike in one lap, so he does not have to


take the risk. -- damp to dry. it is raining now, so why they are


waiting until best little spell finishers, they will then come in


for intermediates. Rubens Barrichello did not put on


look at Heidfeld, into the last corner. Let's keep an eye on


Button's lap time, as he finishes the lap. But how quickly Button has


closed in on the rest of that Park. As they go over the line, Button


does a 32.9. He's four seconds quicker on the intermediate tyres.


What a difficult call, David. it's working for him at the moment.


Hour race leader, Sebastian Vettel. A normal pit-stop, as Zaw Minn --


assuming a four second stop, will cost you 16 seconds. Sebastian


doesn't want to leave it too much longer. He's past Heidfeld, making


his way past the two Renaults now. That is seventh Place now for him.


It's also how much time Jenson is going to lose in the traffic. It's


all right have a grip, but he doesn't have the clear space on the


track. Getting nicely out of shape. No traction control on these cars.


They do run a different engine maps to help them drive the cars in


these conditions. Just the torque characteristics of the engine, they


get a little bit more drivable. Fernando Alonso, the first of the


Ferrari's in the pit stop. Webber is through to seventh place. Alonso


and Rosberg in for intermediate tyres, which we are expecting to go


on that beautiful Ferrari. You can still see a bit of rain in the


foreground. The Hamilton and Button incident will be investigated after


the race. That will come up shortly. A 4.4 stop. Alonso feeds in. He's


going to be writing between the two Renaults. He's got to cut across


Petrov, no problem, he's got that covered. Button goes around the


outside of Di Resta. Let's have a look at Button's lap time that time


around. Still, 22 seconds behind Vettel. Red Bull will be watching


that closely. There will also be looking at Adrian Sutil, currently


in 19th. He's just gone purple, which means fastest in their last


sector. If Force India is delivering the fastest lap time on


intermediates, they surely have to be coming in. Is it a case of act


in haste, repent at leisure? Or get on with it, because you are losing


out? As we saw in Monaco, we never thought anyone could do 60 laps on


a set of primes. And someone did. Sebastian Vettel is going past our


commentary box. Maybe he's comfortable on those tyres? What


time is he going to do here? A couple of seconds off the fastest,


but none the less, Alonso. Alonso and Heidfeld, just out of the pits


on the intermediates. Alonso takes out the normal turning point.


Button is on the back of the two Renaults. They are still working


for Vettel and Massa, the wet tyres. It is getting busy down into turn


one, Button with a pair of Renaults to sort out before he can show us


how good... And Rosberg, he is also out there, on intermediates. Let's


confirm who has come in and put into the pits on at the moment.


Button, Michael Schumacher, further down the field to you've got


Barrichello and four or five others that have been in and changed their


tyres. But Button confide his way past the traffic. Petrov started


off in ladder racing in Russia. He will certainly know how to handle


these conditions. Jenson Button gets a must -- much better drive. A


fairly easy pass, into turn 8. how hard it is raining, David.


Surely Jenson is going to start struggling. You have heavy spray


coming up, aquaplaning. We don't know how much heavier the rain is


going to get. What do you think of the tyres? Starting to get a bit of


oversteer. It's a good idea to go into the pits. We have a safety car


rout. The safety car is deployed. I haven't seen any incidents at the


moment. Fernando Alonso, pitting under the safety car. He's the


first to blink. Back to wet? Indeed Sebastian Vettel. Massa missed the


opportunity to come in. Alonso, look at the colours on those.


Button does indeed pet. That was short-lived. By not reacting too


quickly, Vettel, Massa, Kobayashi, Heidfeld, Petrov, Di Resta, it has


worked out beautifully for them. Petrova 6, Michael Schumacher did


pit. He put the intermediate song. But why have we got a safety car?


don't see any car stopped on the track, looking at our circuit guide.


Clearly, the race director, Charlie Whiting, has pre-empted a big


incident, rather than waiting for it. In fairness, it's something


that the drivers' Association are always pushing for. Don't wait for


one of us to have a big aquaplaning crash before you stick out the


safety car. But that's not fair on those that have stayed on the full


wet tyre, anticipating heavy rain? There are three sets available for


the afternoon. On they go. Because the safety car goes out and picks


up the first car, hasn't picked up the leader yet, that the safety car


was half a lap away. Quick thinking by Red Bull. They have worked out


that Vettel, with a fresh set of wets, he comes out immediately


behind Felipe Massa. Vettel, effectively, although he has lost


track position, he's had a free Pep stop -- pit stop? He's put in


another set of forwards on, but he was very slow when he was going


into the pit. Maybe that is down change issues. We can see how this


unravels. It was the down should problem that slowed Mark Webber


race. We are only on lap 21. The safety car is out. The safety car


will now pick up. Felipe Massa leads the Grand Prix. He's coming


in, Felipe Massa has pitted. He gets his free stop. Presumably he


will lose track position to Vettel, as he comes through the last


chicane. Massa, a big board to say turn in here, everybody is waiting


for you, pleased to see you. Massa rejoins that rather curious pit


lane. Card cross the white line. They can't just nail it now. They


have to do a required speed. That so the drivers are not encouraged,


when there is an incident on track, they are not encouraged to nail it


back to the pits. That means the safety car spends a long time


picking them up. Smart thinking by Red Bull. Michael Schumacher


fancies another go on the wets. He's handed back the shallow groove


into media Hizb Ut-Tazir. I'm driving me is on the Pirelli test


cars next week, so I can give you a lot more information on exactly how


who has done what. Kobayashi is ahead of Massa. Its Vettel and


Kobayashi. Information, from third to 13 it is undrive the ball. It is


section of track. That is from Vettel, saying to the race director,


don't restart this raise any time soon. A little trip across the


grass. It was be soul-destroying when you can't even stay on the


track and the safety car speed limit? You could debate whether


it's a good thing to have that safety car out in early or not. We


still have all of the car's running. We can see Lewis Hamilton, finally


making it back to his pit. Is that did go quite early on to does


intermediates, as they are all queued up. Vettel, Kobayashi, Di


Resta is sixth. His first visit to this circuit, what a good job he's


doing. Challenging conditions in extreme. Fernando Alonso is down in


eighth, having run a strong second. De la Rosa, ninth. The man who


developed the Pirelli intermediates and wets. An update, so much water


that you cannot restart the race like this. For the first car, it is


already too dangerous. For the car behind, he doesn't see anything. He


goes blind into the water, aquaplaned and smashed the car.


Understood, we will pass on that information. His Engineer Committee


will not need to pass that reason he is so clear round


specific in describing that he thinks it is undrivable, he knows


that will be listened to. As the lead car, it's very difficult for


the race director to do anything other than leave the safety car out.


Health and safety gone mad? You have to take Vettel at face value,


on that. At the pretty, it's lap 23 of 70. There is no way he can


reasonably expect that safety car to go 70% of the distance, when


they could call the race. We can see Charlie Whiting. Maybe a bit


camera-shy. But those are the men that will make the call. They have


to rely on the drive of the safety car and information from the


drivers. The problem they have up there is that every driver in that


field, and we have 23 runners, they all have different perspectives


depending on where they are in the race, what tyres they have got on


and whether they want the race restarted or not. They have to fill


the wall of that out somehow. still chucking it down on the pit


straight. There is no sign that it's going to clear any time soon.


Just the thought of the tread blocks. I've been looking at the


tyres when they came in. They actually look OK. Plenty of tread


on the full wet tyres. That's how the likes of Kobayashi, Petrova and


Di Resta have been able to stay out on track. Those will wear down, and


they will have to go into the pits soon a. Thank you for that. So, it


worked out well for Vettel in particular. Massa has Kobayashi


between him and the race leader. So, more intensity of rain is inspected.


He said level two, whatever that is. Presumably that is double two and


it's been dropped to Level 1. Kobayashi is in second place, he


has not stopped at any time. He hasn't come in for fresh wet. He


didn't jump too early and go on to the intermediates. Button and


company were definitely showing that it was the right tyres to be


on. The weather forecast was more important than the tyre choice.


Sorry, I was try to do some research while you were in


detaining the audience. I didn't believe -- bully catches. --


entertaining the audience. We are hearing that Sutil was still the


intermediates, which is entertaining. The run-up to the


hairpin? You just can't see anything at all. OK, we understand.


We will pass that on to raise control. Jenson, we are expecting


20 more minutes of this intensity delivering a message. Jenson Button


in tenth place and if he is complaining, up like a race leader,


it is very unlikely... It is looking to be getting heavier now.


That is Jenson's engineer, and looking out of the window, when


they put the safety car out there, it looked perfectly acceptable,


didn't it? But it has spread across the entire 2.7 miles of this semi-


permanent racetrack. It is in road around the casino, some of it is


racetrack and the rest is used all the year round. Any thought they


might throw up a red and just a pit for a while? That is a possibility


with this level of rain. You could argue... Red flag! I responded to


your information! I should do the lottery, shouldn't I? I might be


able to win something. It is a red flag situation. And we will now go


through that procedure that we saw two weeks ago in Monaco where they


have to have at least a 10 minute notice of a restart. The race is


effectively suspended. They are not allowed into the pit lane or they


will get aches -- get a penalty. The cars can be worked on the grid.


They have to go to pole position and line-up in race order. Any in


the next get pulled over to the side of the grid and will be


released early to go round and joined the back of the queue when


we get the restart. Hundreds of mechanics with equipment out on to


the grid. They can change a tyre -- they can change tyres. A red flag


situation is usually bad weather, isn't it? What never fails to amaze


me in these situations is how few of them ever have a raincoat! It


comes as a big surprise you have wet weather and Formula One! They


are covered in fireproof overalls that will gather wait outside. The


safety car will bring them to the red flag blind and they have to


line up in single file. Not quite doing that. The drive has do not


always know the rules, they are quite complex -- the drivers.


Sebastian Vettel positioning himself right on it. The race is


suspended. Eddie Jordan, what do you think? There is no doubt about


the safety aspect of stopping the race because the rain was


torrential. Mike issue is that I really have an issue with the way


the race was started -- might issue. I cannot believe we started with a


safety car, it stole the excitement of a race into the first corner in


those conditions. I do not accept this race should have been started


on the safety car. It is different when you are in the car but if you


are going to have the opportunity of pulling a fast one bike we used


to do in the past, I have a concern about the way it is done -- a fast


one look like we used to do. Maybe you can put your letters of


complaint in the same envelope and save on the postage?! It looks like


different levels of carbon on the cart off Sebastian Vettel. -- car.


What they might do is put a third set on and take those off, but but


you do not want to heat them too long because the rubber will start


to cure. It does, but they will only have put those on ahead of the


race. Just down at the Red Bull garage, it seems as though they


listened to Sebastien, it was like he was giving an interview on the


radio about conditions. The it is just too dangerous, it is right to


stop the race. The drivers are passengers, at the water picks up


the car and an accident is so easy, so absolutely the right thing to


stop the race. Was it right to start the race on a safety car?


so if the cast a doubt a long time to give the driver's chance -- the


safety car started a long time in. It was the right thing to do. By do


not ask this often in the middle of the race, how is the race going --


I do not. We had an issue with Mark with the downshift, so they changed


the wheel as a precaution. Up until then, we were looking pretty


comfortable looking after the tyres and monitoring the weather. But


unfortunately, the satellite was right and the rain is heavy. What


did not say about Lewis and his move? We did not hear too much from


him, but it was obvious he was a complete passenger on the replay. I


am sure it was the right thing, but Lewis and Ben had another accident,


unfortunately. Back to Martin. We heard somebody saying they are


not in the right order on the grid. They should be in a line, I think.


Knows sign of a safety car we start -- there is no sign. They have to


start now under the safety car. is significantly better than when


they started and looking at the chicane, the apex of the last


chicane is completely submerged with water. It does not look like


there is more drainage capability. And we are on an island! It is the


first time the race has been rain- 2,000, it was last rain affected.


It is unusual to see a red flag these days. The safety car covers


just about everything, but we have seen the situation for two


consecutive races. This track is no stranger, we have had in 19 safety


car recently. People will understand, these are the best


drivers, why or are they not out there? These cars are just not


designed to drive in these conditions. And you get a


separation or no separation between them -- between the wooden plank


below the chassis and the ground. And as difficult as it is to have


safety cars without incidents, it is the right and safer decision, it


is no question. We can hardly see be on the end -- be on the edge of


the circuit, it is so great and we have to hope that this picks up


wind and takes this horrible weather away. -- grey. We are


waiting for a 10 minute warning they will go into a safety car


process. It does not look like it will happen soon. Only eight teams


are allowed down there at the moment -- the teams.


Disappointed to be talking to you at the moment, what happened?


Tricky conditions, and was doing the best I could to keep the Kop on


track and I think I had pretty good pace. -- keep the car. Fire --


Jenson and made a mistake in the last corner and I got the one on


him. I was on the outside. I have not seen the footage but it looked


like I was halfway on the outside of him and he kept moving across. I


do not know if he saw me, but I was in the wall. And it was a leave the


tyre that was damaged so I had to drive it back to the damage -- and


it was the tyre that was damaged so I had to drive it back to the


garage. Dense and did say on his radio, what is he doing? -- Jenson


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Button. Explain how difficult What do you do, stay and watch the


race? I support the team and hope that we can get a good result for


Jenson and at least. Well done for getting that interview. Denser is


in tenth place -- Jenson that. It drive-through penalty for the


safety car and back on before the race.. Adrian Sutil did not change


tyres, so he cannot change them free of charge on the grid.


Originally, we expected 20 minutes of this. We will get a 10 minute


warning when this happens. That was the physiotherapist for the team.


But was Mark Webber's race engineer giving him information and


reminding him of the ten-minute countdown. Back to Lewis's


interview. You do not always remember the sequence of events. I


do not recall he was halfway alongside Jenson Button at the


point of contact, it looked like he was just alongside his wheels. I do


not know if I would want to share my chocolate with him, if that is


what he thinks! Presumably, he was coming out at a vast a rate and is


entitled to overtake. This is a replay in presumably of the start


of the race. And when it starts and the safety car begins immediately,


at the green light go on and there is no formation, you get straight


into it. This is a replay of that action. And that is the safety car.


He led the six the highest number of laps last year into a Grand Prix


race and. And when they got rid of the safety car on the start coming


here. And Mark Webber gave Lewis Hamilton a more than enough space.


Lewis said he got on the kerb, but he just slid off it. And I think he


would have taken a penalty had he not dropped out of the race. Mack


he was left in a lot of space. -- he was left a lot of space. And


Lewis Hamilton is almost onto the grass, it has no old brick.


Sebastian Vettel had an early lead in the Grand Prix and by goodness.


This is the contact. The men on the pit board having to react, and that


was hit by McLaren. That is a broken wheel, but the team saw it


as a broken suspension. Lewis got out and said it was only a quick


better run at it. Jenson Button would be the first man to come


out... This is Mark Webber taking a position from Vitaly Petrov, and


passing the second, Nick Heidfeld. Intermediates go on if Ferrari. And


that turned out to be a very bad mistake. So early on, Fernando


Alonso was flying up on those intermediates and this showed up


and we had a further safety car situation that quickly turned into


a red flag, as the track became so waterlogged it was not safe


cruising around behind the safety car. Sooner or later, if you need


lateral force to feed the fluids. They are not designed to cruise


round. And Ted has found Jonathan for a long time, two McLaren


drivers coming together, who is at fault? We are not the first team to


have drivers come together and we will not be the last. Obviously,


not good for us today, for either driver. We have looked at it and we


just think it was a racing incident. Lewis had pace. He was in attacking


move. Jenson was holding his line. The rest is history. So Jenson was


holding his line? It looked like he was coming across. We will look at


it in more detail after the race. I think the final move was the


contact they made. It makes it look worse than his. We will do all of


that after the race. What do you do with Lewis because this is two


races in a row where he has been a bit hot-headed, it seems from the


outside. To be fair, but in Monaco to one side, Lewis has driven


really well here this weekend. It is extremely difficult conditions


here. In the dry we have seen people put it in the wall. These


are world-class drivers. We have to remember that this is motor sport,


these are guys who want to race and did well and we want to put on a


show here. Sitting here going and one behind the other is not what


motor sport is about. Butter will not help his championship? That is


true. Uncomfortable. It is an open debate about whether the


championship is still alive. Tell us what you're expecting with the


rain. Charlie will want to look at the surface water. The issue is not


just how hard it is coming down but as we saw from this morning with


the Ferrari race, the surface water is an issue. The cars aquaplaning


here is serious. I think Charlie will want to see the circuit dried


out and the surface water ago. I would be very surprised if we are


going in 10 minutes. Thank you, Jonathan. Jonathan Neale defending


his driver. It does always seemed to be Lewis in the wars, doesn't


it? It is the nature of his attacking driving style that AV is


not in front, he will work as hard as he can to get there. We have


said this before, it is easy to knock someone when they are


involved in an incident but that is why he has a big fan base around


the world, because of his attacking driving style. That does not mean


running into people because there are many manoeuvres he has pulled


off which are stunning but at the moment it seems that just as


Sebastian Vatel cannot do anything wrong, every turn Hamilton makes,


he seems to be running into an accident. It is a bad mood he is in.


One in ten of the incidents before this race were achieved by Lewis


and there are 24 drivers on the grid so he does weigh more of his


share of overtaking which is why he gets in trouble more? Therein lies


the frustration that Hamilton has. He believes that hears the best


driver in the world and he should be adding multiple world


championships to the one he has already, right now, McLaren are


working on the car and they have made incredible steps forward, but


such is the competitive nature of Formula One, but as they take a


step forward, the competition do as well. He is getting frustrated. He


wants to win. That desire, that passion is what drives him but it


is also what sees him get up close and personal sometimes. But to


finish first, you must finish. It is difficult to know. If you were


his manager, you would have to be saying, what is the issue here?


What have we got to do to stop this happening? It is a very good point.


I have never done driver management at except for badly manager myself.


I would be saying, Gill, enjoy. If you are a great driver, everyone


knows that -- chill. Don't try and force it. You cannot get a square


peg into a round hole. If the car is only good enough to finish


second this time, you can still be the team leader. You need to


concentrate on beating your team- mate, not running into him. I'm not


saying that he did that, it was a racing incident. You have to take


the big picture. Today, it may not be 70 laps but you have to keep the


race distance. Team principal Christian Horner wandering around


under that umbrella. I do not think that race will start any time soon.


The clock does stop under the red flag so we have an hour and 40


minutes of potential racing left. It will be a long afternoon. Lewis


Hamilton said he would stay around and try and help the team and


indeed he has. Meanwhile, Lee McKenzie has found Paul di Resta.


Paul, tell us how difficult conditions are out there. Extremely.


It seemed to happen at one end of the track and then it continued. I


thought there would be a red flag much sooner than it was. The


conditions were atrocious. I think it will take a long time before we


start to run again. Maybe we will run for quite a bit under the


safety car. If should it have been started under the safety car?


because of the visibility, I would have said. This time we will be


running round a long time to clear the water before they events --


before they even think about restarting.


That is a very good point. You would not want to sit in an


aircraft when the pilot cannot see the runway so why would we expect


these guys to race on the track they cannot see? They have to be


the best judge. You have to say, so far, that have not been any


aquaplaning or crashers apart from Lewis not being in this race, so


far there has been an incident free Grand Prix. Technically, they can


stop the race. We have seen them lifting drain covers to get rid of


the water. We have done less than 75 % of race distance. They could


call a halt to it. I do not think they will for some time yet but it


is not out of the question. The clock stops. The Grand Prix is the


nearest complete lap over 300 kilometres or two hours. Of course,


it is whichever arrives first. That is them trying to clear the water


which loiters. It is an old style track. It has lots of bumps and


what have you. It is hilarious, the marshal unfortunately is pushing


the water uphill and standing looking confused when it runs back


in. It looks like the rain will intensify again before it calms


down. I do not think we will go anywhere for the next 20 minutes at


least and we will get 10 minutes' warning. Go and have lunch or


something, relax and take your time. I think Rocky is absolutely right


on that one. Mrs Liuzzi. -- This is a Liuzzi. He was running 17th. Only


one retirement which was Lewis Hamilton. The other 23 are very


much in the race but the problem is, we do not have a race at the moment.


Vettel leads from Kobayashi, Massa third, Heidfeld fourth, Petrov


fifth, di Resta or sixth,. Delirious his ninth, standing in


for Sergio Perez. That is a hi-tech piece of kit. A million quid's


worth of Formula One suspended on bat. I guess it is doing the job


done just about. Button is tenth. He has had two pit stops. Rosberg


11th, Schumacher 12 for Mercedes. They paid a heavy price for going


on to the intermediates. So did Button. Sutil stayed on


intermediates. He is 13. Alguersuari 14. Glock is 15. Rubens


Barrichello 16th, and Tonio Liuzzi doing a good job for his spine in


pitted once. D'Ambrosio is 23rd and last. The one retirement is Lewis


Hamilton. They try to keep the water out of the cockpit but when


you are sitting in these things, plenty of water starts coming


through the car. Yes, there have holes to allow electrical cables to


pass survey for up pretty quickly. How would you fancy sitting in a


KERS energised car, driving through puddles? I do not think I would


fancy that. Maybe Michael is getting some tips there on rally


driving, how to handle drift. Sadly, for our viewers, this looks like it


may take some time before we have any more racing taking place here


this afternoon. Do stick with us if you can. We are expecting this race


to get back under way. We are hearing it will rain hard again.


This guy does not look too clever. You can just about see the


television helicopter in a low hover. That must be a scary place


to be. Maybe we should clarify for anyone seeing Lewis's car going


back to the pits, you cannot work on the car because if you remember


back in Nurburgring in 2007, they changed the rules after he sat in a


car and got lifted back. They will take the car back but he will not


be taking any further part. Ted, are you getting rusty down there?


Yes, very wet and my trousers are very sudden. I went down to McLaren


and when they saw the shot of the recovery truck making its way at


high speed around the chicane, they were wincing because they could see


the car was swaying from side to side. All the bodywork is pretty


delicate. They were shouting at the TV, slow down, slow down! I have an


answer as to why McLaren told Lewis Hamilton to stop. That is because


they believe he did have a suspension failure. They thought it


was a wishbone that was broken. It turns out, as Lewis Hamilton


believes, it was just the angle of the rubber and the rim would have


been Square to the wheel. But they will not know for sure until they


get the car back. As I say that, the car is coming back into the pit


lane now. I will have a look for myself. They told Lewis to retire


because they thought there was suspension damage. There is the


stricken McLaren this winning its way back. Occasionally a little tap


on the ground to keep it level. If the teams have got a mind switched


on and photographers can get pictures of the underneath of the


McLaren. And -- industrial espionage goes on. When Red Bull


crashed, a photographers would have been straight on to that and they


would have tried to cover up the car quickly. We just sort Nick


Heidfeld. I am managing to pronounce his name correctly! They


have made some good progress. They have not stopped so far. They are


on their first set of wets from the start of the Grand Prix. They can


now change tyres. Kobayashi is up to second because he did not stop.


It shows the difference in budget. We saw the Virgin mechanics


huddling under cover getting progressively more wet and the


teams who have more budget come with a pop-up tent. They will get


the barbecue out next. I have never seen that before. Emerson


Fittipaldi, the fourth steward, the driver representative this weekend.


He is a cool dude. He has been there, seen it, won it, crashed it.


Ted is down having a look at the bouncing McLaren of Lewis Hamilton.


Yes, both the runs on the left-hand side, they are just taking it off


now, both the runs on the left-hand side of the car are complete write-


offs. The mechanics are having a look at the back of the car now, as


is Jonathan Neill and Lewis Hamilton. It does not look like the


suspension arms are into bad condition. The harbour actually


seems solid. They will start giving it a close inspection. Actually, I


can see a drive shaft at a strange angle. I think there may be further


damage but I will keep my eyes on it. I am not sure. The mechanic is


looking and pointing to Lewis and saying it does not look right. It


looks like there was further damage which would have made Lewis


Hamilton's rejoining the race stop the car. And when you break a


whim, there is a chance to have damaged a wheel bearing. This is


Lewis Hamilton's race. This is on the restart. The first time that


the safety car has gone in. Fernando Alonso and Sebastian


Vettel squabbling over first place. Lewis Hamilton comes alongside the


inside of Mark Webber. And Lewis Hamilton goes into the side of Mark


Webber. I think he might have taken a penalty for that. The steward


asks, have you caused an avoidable accident? Having made it through


the most difficult part, stopping the car for the first apex, we can


see the footage as he gets the run of that last chicane. He is not


looking to be in a position to slip past Mark Webber but makes a braver


move and goes for the inside. Marks Tote -- Mark turns away and gives


him space and Lewis get on that inside kerb. And you unload those


inside wheels and he slid in to mark. I would say it was a racing


incident and Mark Webber would say, had he not touched me, I would not


have had to spin round. What does Mark Webber do when he sees Lewis


Hamilton a long the inside? He turns round the corner and he did


not retain a weight -- turn away, it has to be said. So by definition,


a causing an avoidable incident, I think he probably would have.


a matter of interpretation, like any referee decision. This is with


Michael Schumacher down into turn three. They would get pretty close


a bit later down in the hairpin. Schumacher has gone defensive, but


looking more at Nico Rosberg. And Jenson Button is wide on the


outside. Hamilton... Hamilton drives up the inside of him. A


dismal afternoon for Jenson Button, but at least he is still in the


race in tenth place. Lewis has lost his left front trying not to hit


Schumacher, Schumacher squeezed him. In fairness, you are not allowed to


make an additional move in the braking zone. So technically,


Michael has decided to be on the right as he breaks into that corner.


The way the rules are written in the code of conduct, Michael has


made a secondary move in the braking zone, so the risk could


argue had he not moved over, he would not have been pushed off the


circuit. This was not investigated. Jenson Button is slow off the last


corner he and is looking into his mirror. I would like to see that


again, actually. Just check and see if Jenson was looking left in his


mirror. So he is very slow and Lewis says he came off the corner


much better than him. Jenson is on the normal racing line, you do


swing left because it is quite a severe right into the pit straight.


I want to see the straight-ahead position and watch and see...


Berries. You wonder why Lewis did not recognise he was driving into a


wedge. He pulls out and hit the kerb, he gets his front wheel


alongside him and Jenson Button gets across. The camera angle we


saw from the external shot, look at Michael... Michael has come down


that side of the grid and Jenson was going to that side of the grid


and looking into his mirror. But look at Michael, Jenson goes to


that point, so has not taken an unusual line. I want to see that


again, because she were talking! I want to show you something. Just


look at Jenson in the straight- ahead position. This is into the


last corner. He is looking left, clearly looking laughed. He does


know Lewis is there, he has come at home quicker than expected. -- come


at him quicker. There is no doubt about it, he was looking in his


left hand mirror, and that was the end result. And we are hearing from


Ted a drive shaft issue. Still raining cats and dogs at the moment.


McLaren are wanting to clean that car up. They want to send it back


to Europe tonight. This is the only race in North America now, but that


looks like a never ending task. Racetracks are not crowned in the


middle where water it runs down both sides, they either go one way


or the other. There is a different type of layout. They are all


looking. There is a delegate looking at the inside of the last


chicane. There is no let-up in the rain. As you analysing the incident


between Jenson and Lewis -- as you were analysing the incident between


Jenson and Lewis, there was an image of a Rihanna! She has been


playing in Montreal and has come to see what the street parties are


about four Formula One. With her on Borrello! -- umbrella! Indeed!


are they talking about? They have got it under control. If the race


was called, it would be the third shortest race in the history of


Formula One and Sebastian Vettel would lead by 155 1/2 points, a


commentator's nightmare! Hamilton and would have 85 and Mark Webber


82. Fernando Alonso would be 5th on 71 for Ferrari. Over to Ted. What


does the radar say? It says whatever you want more or less! The


rain should already have eased, but look around, it does not look like


that. Let's hope we can we start the race because I think it is


going to still be very long, but of course we had an unfortunate moment


with Fernando. We opted for the intermediate, which looked very


quick. To be honest, at the beginning of the race, it was


perfect for intermediate and not for extreme, so we tried another


option. But then the rain at which was expected even earlier and was


not coming, then all of a sudden it came very strong. And with the red


flag, even the chance to have the other cars going behind Fernando,


faded away. Let's wait and see because I think it could still


happen. We just had some team radio talking about the safety car, and


whether they will carry on behind the safety car if the race is


started. Talking to the team manager, reminding him of the


regulations that after a red flag situation, at the race has


restarted behind the safety car. Second-placed Forde Kamui Kobayashi,


buried deep inside his Sauber -- second place for. You need the seat


to be extra tight. I did not like sitting in a car too long because


she would get pins and needles when your muscles were not working.


he is not the tallest of drivers so probably plenty of space! What is


Christian going to look at? You have to walk around. I have never


seen a track that wept when a boat could come down! That was in dry


dock this morning! You can see the wonderful car park for the media!


And another problem with Lewis Hamilton's car, we are hearing.


am sure the crowd are getting excited. But you have got to feel


for this great fan base they have here in North America. We have had


for grandstands and spectators from Thursday, so they really get behind


this race. As my wife has reminded me. The spectators over here do not


normally see wet races, they normally cancel until the next day.


Formula One does race in the rain, but not enough, unfortunately. We


are in Austin next year this time for the inaugural Grand Prix where


it has been 41 centigrade and date to 1% humidity this week. So that


would be slightly different -- 81% humidity. This is quite interesting


for birdwatchers. Do you know the species? That looks like the Red


shouldered blackbird! Excellent! Somebody praying that the race will


start, I think. Michael Schumacher terribly relaxed, he is in 12th


place. And he knows they will get plenty of warning, a 10 minute


warning, when the race is going to start. Over the years, he lost to


stand and have a good chat! He has that guy back into a corner! There


is no escape! The crowd came well prepared, they have all got sheets.


Better prepared than the track, by the looks of it. And you can see


what I mean about the track. You get a water up laying across the


surface. A Formula One car at speed is running about 5 mm for a quarter


of an inch above the surface of the racetrack, -- or insert -- or a


quarter of an inch. There is a big drop that comes and that is why


they are not designed to run through very deep water. Wet tyre


queen macro will clear 60 litres per second of water. -- wet tyres.


But if the car is on the surface, the underneath of the chassis, the


driver simply is not in control of it. He is in a boat he has no


control over rather than a racing car. A lot of activity going on. No


real improvement is expected for about another 15 minutes. 17


minutes. I am sure everyone is curious to know if I was right


about the bird. We have had people saying that it is a red Wind


blackbird. Do birds have shoulders? What was I thinking?! They do now!


Only 20 minutes of racing so far in the 46 minutes this race has been


going. Sorry about this at home! We want to try and restart this race.


We wanted to give you a great show and it was fascinating while it was


running. The grey shouldered seagull! They are loving it. And I


bet they have not even paid for his seat, Bernie Ecclestone will not be


happy with that! I have not seen many come out in the rain before,


so I am not sure why they have come to the racetrack. A lack of noise,


I would imagine! And this is probably the home as we are on an


island in the middle of the sea way! And as we saw with that ship


passing close by, you have the rowing lake from the 1976 Olympics,


and that is how a lot of corporate guests get into the corporate area.


And how we get to the television compound. Up we go underneath the


casino after that TV compound. We and helmet covers, impressive. Soap,


d'Ambrosio who is running 23rd and last, it has to be said at the


moment. He was allowed into the race even though he did not make


the 107 the central yesterday. -- 107 % rule. So, as they try to


clear away the standing water, let's remind ourselves what did


happen during the 20 minutes of racing we have seen so far. This is


the start behind the safety car. Controversial. Lewis said they did


not need to do it, Paul di Resta said he thought it was too wet.


Vettel was complaining about it but he was on pole position and is


suited him not to have too many people chasing him. When the safety


car came in, we got under way. Alonso very close behind Vettel


heading down to the first corner. Great driving there because they


would be clueless as to how much grip they could expect. Then we had


the contact between Hamilton and Webber which David and I A Greig


was Lewis's fault. There we have it that was being investigated. That


is how it felt for the Australian. Now, Schumacher or busy looking


right at the apex did not see Hamilton. Vettel was leading Ben


had a little scamper across the grass and lost nothing, hopefully


not too much grass in his radiator. This is the contact between the two


McLaren drivers. Lewis told Lee McKenzie that he had a run on him


and he did not see him coming. This is the second restart on the safety


car. Vettel Getting Away much better this time. The first man in,


to try the intermediates, that was the drive through sorry for Button


for speeding under the safety car. Mark Webber slithers past Nick


Heidfeld. Alonso going on to intermediates. There was a Mercedes


behind in doing the same thing. Alonso start slicing through the


field on the tyres which were better at that time. And then the


heady standing water forced the safety car out yet again. Then they


would decide that even at low speed, with a neutralised race, the track


was too waterlogged. They needed to work on it so they brought the cars


to a halt under the red flag on the start line. Nobody is allowed to go


in the pit lane at this time. You will get penalised unless you


already in the pit lane. They all on the grid. They can work, cars


there. What we are waiting And hoping for is a 10 are warning that


there will be a restart there. Sebastian Vettel who is leading the


race with 24 laps completed. That is not the racetrack, you will be


pleased to know. Vettel is walking back to the pit area where several


of the drivers have already gone. The fans still seem to be enjoying


themselves regardless. A good effort. A Brazilian flag, a Ferrari


flag and the Spanish there as well. Massa and Alonso founds. That is


the heavily used Mercedes. There comes a point where they have to


top them up with fuel if they start doing too many laps as we saw in


Korea last year. Ted Kravitz is that the Williams team. Yes, with


the technical director. People are allowed to change their cars now.


Have you seen anyone changing torsion bars? You are not allowed


to change any part of the car which cannot have the same specification.


It regards an article about the weight. They are allowed to do that


now for sort you can change tyres, you can replace parts of the same


parts that he took off. What did you try to put on? Rubens wanted to


go to a softer set up. We had a front roll bar ready. We had a


debate with Charlie but we decided to leave it because he has a bit


more on his mind now. I will have another chat with him after the


race because it is not entirely clear in the technical regulations.


Have you put fresh full wet tyres on? Yes, I think the whole grid


will do that now. You have a restart from scratch with the grid


position as it is. Everyone will try to race to the end on full wets.


This rain will continue to this intensity in another 20 to 25


minutes. Oh, no. Yes, it is getting quite boring now. We will stay here


until it finishes. Until it gets dark? We started the race at 1


o'clock Canadian time so there is plenty of light left. So that does


not present a team with any problems, you can keep going and


going? Yes. Are you on a plane tonight? Probably the same one as


you, Ted. It is interesting because there are some regulations,


sporting and technical but there are numerous agreements and even


still, the team's are having to clarify the regulations, even mid-


race, for goodness sake. That is the way it is. I know people were


disappointed when the teams were allowed to change tyres and Monaco.


You have to cover this scenario as well. If it rains hard, you cannot


expect them to start on slick tyres just because you do not warn them


to change and a red flag situations. So, David, heavy rain, what is


their wettest race you have been in? I think the wettest race I have


been in was in 2007 in Fiji, where we spent a long amount of time


behind the safety car and visibility was such that once they


released the safety car, you could not see. You would be sitting there


flat-out, telling yourself no one has spun in front of you. You were


doing 180 mph, with no visibility. That is, I can assure you, very


uncomfortable. This morning, somebody came with an image to you


from the rear-view camera of your car from Adelaide and it was just


before Ayrton Senna rammed into the back of you in that where it --


very wet Grand Prix. In those days you did race in the wet. It was


last man standing. The sport has evolved. I think we have to be on


the side of caution. You cannot have cars aquaplaning off the track


but you raced in those conditions. How did you feel about it? For yes,


you cannot see where you're going. You go with peripheral vision and


you listen to the car in front. You dare not lift off the throttle


because somebody will going to. You hope nobody crashes in front of it.


That was why people paid to see the sport and why they give up time to


watch on TV because drivers are doing exceptional things which


people think they could not do war would not want to do. It has to be


challenging in that respect. I always liken it to you when you on


the motorway and you pass a truck in heavy rain and momentarily, your


windscreen is obliterated. The windscreen for the strivers as


their helmet visor and I have been in situations like that way you


cannot even see your own steering wheel or your own cockpit, let


alone the car in front of you. Your senses going to hyper mode and you


find other ways of recognising where you are on the track. Just


before Senna hit me that day, I had done a couple of 360s, scared the


life out of me, put it into first gear and realised in Adelaide, I


did not know which way I was going, whether I was going with the


traffic or against the cars because I had been around so many times.


those days, I make it sound like a long time ago, did people think it


was madness or did they think it was perfectly acceptable because


that was the way it was handle that that time? I remember standing on


the grid in that race which I think turned out to be the shortest race


of all time because it was not restarted, I remember standing on


the grid and Bernie walking down saying, get in a car, the race will


start. Alain Prost came into the pits at the end of the lap because


he was smarter than we were in that respect. We had travelled halfway


around the world, we wanted to go racing. Meanwhile, a man who cannot


their racing is Paul di Resta. He is in sixth place and Ted Kravitz


has found him. Sixth place, it is looking really good, isn't it?


was looking quite well. If I had not made a small mistake, I would


probably be in P2 where Kobayashi is. I have not driven up the kind


the wet so it is all new. I'm a say the right decision was taken as to


how intense this Rainier's. I do not see any of us going anywhere


for a long time. Even if it does stop, there are plenty of rivers


which a catching us out. Visibility will be poor. It will be


interesting to see when the decision is made to take part again.


Paul was asking whether David is lost for words and seeing as we


have got two Scots here, I will give him my headset and you can ask


him a question. Can you hear me, Paul? Yes. It is going well so far,


you must be happy with the decision not to have pitied but one of the


things you must have mentioned, you were interviewed by the earlier, we


were debating whether it was right to have started under the safety


car or not -- you were interviewed by Lee McKenzie earlier. What does


it feel like not having the visibility? It is quite a scary


experience. Most of the track was OK to start. It was the main


straight where had difficulty seeing the likes of the car in


front, never mind the start lights. I think the right decision was


taken. This is the first time we had used Pirelli wet so everyone


was in an unknown situation as to how they would perform. This track


is pretty slippy, no grip at the best of times. Everybody is set-up


no downforce. I do not sit improving too much. The decision


will have to be made by the drivers and the FIA a. What about the


argument that you are the best drivers in the world, but get out


there and show us how you can drive? I said to my engineers but I


was disappointed. Our practice start is impressive. Definitely in


the future I will look forward to standing starts in the wet. It is


the safest route and at the end of the day, there are risks involved.


I would definitely agree that the right decision was made. Even the


safety cadres -- driver asked us what our decision was. -- safety


car driver. The racing lines round here in the wet, you have not been


here before, have you had to try a lot of different lines to establish


the quickest way or was it intuitive? There are definitely


parts of the track where there is more grip than others. One corner


in particular, that nearly caught me out was turn five. Not much of a


corner, you will know it, David. Olivier Panis broke both his legs


at that corner. Even taking caution, I can see everybody is having


difficulties. When the water, when there is this much water on the


track, you cannot be a passenger. Just one final thing, because I am


sure you want to go off and try your feet, was there an error or


something which happened which cost to you second place out on the


track? It was probably more driver error. I am unsure whether it was a


KERS situation whether the KERS had fully charged and you lose the


extra braking on the rear. I did ask them to radio back but we are a


bit unsure. I think being a bit too aggressive at the beginning. We


were looking quite strong and maybe I should have taken more care.


Certainly, I hope we can get going again and go forward but there are


some pretty quick cars behind us. Thank you, Paul, I thought we might


need a translator with you two chatting. Just looking at Twitter


and somebody reminding me of the 1994 Suzuka race where I aquaplaned


off and hit a marshal and badly broke his leg. It was a horrible


accident. I remember running back to help him and the bone of his leg


was sticking out of his overalls. I met him a year later and he was


still and a bad way. I remember being on the radio crying and


shouting at them, this race has to be red flag. In those days,...


There is your mate, DC. He has had that race, Nigel Mansell and died


were sharing a car and I remember watching as Johnny Herbert came


along, lost control on a big puddle, did a 360 and continued without


hitting anything. And there was nowhere I would rather have been


the than not in a race and car! remember passing a Herbert and


something went past my left hand side and it was a car going the


wrong way. These cars are not designed to run into each other


head on, the crash testing that they do, they are about hitting


barriers and not running into each other head on. And we saw in the


track guide, you had a coming together. It is just raining, just


raining. A lot of internal water they cannot get sorted right now.


My personal feeling is no more action for the next 30 minutes, but


I will keep you updated. Let's hope he is wrong, but he might be right.


Half an hour. A bit late for that, I think! Mark Webber and Sebastian


Vettel sharing their experiences. And Lee McKenzie did find Mark


Webber. I found him, this is nice! How bad were conditions before it


got even worse? Difficult, visibility was one thing and the


next thing... It is a difficult finish so it is a track where you


do not feel the water has too many options to go places! So it stays


on the track. And I think from the hairpin and a few other places, you


could see behind the safety car even, at not much to do. How long


can they leave it to make a decision whether they will continue


Kuyt -- whether to continue? Quite a while, they have nothing to lose,


there was no rush. Not ideal for television, but as a sporting event,


we can wait here. This is never a deal and then -- on an important


day of a race weekend, but we can wait a while, we should try and get


the race completed. Indeed, let strike. In the track


guide, and -- indeed, we should try. In the track guide, we were looking


at it before, we saw that incident. Michael Schumacher ran into the


back of you and tried to punch you, he was not happy. That is how they


used to sort it out! And that was down to visibility again, the same


way Ayrton Senna went into the back of you in Adelaide. He was lapping


meet at the time. I was lifting off the throttle to allow him to pass


but was not bargaining on the fact he could not see me and he ran into


the back of me. What I found quite remarkable was he was able to drive


almost as quickly back with three wheels as I could with four. So his


talent was definitely at its maximum in those days. That is why


he won at 91 of Grand Prix races. Heikki Kovalainen Is lined up 21st


at the moment and is with Ted. are you been told? Is the intention


to restart the race? If it was not, we would not be waiting for it any


more and would be going home, so absolutely. It does not look very


good now, but like last year, it might eventually changed. We hope


it does so we can go on again. are used to this, do come from


Finland! It would be ice in Finland. This is not too bad. It looks as


though it is easing up slightly. You expect we could keep going?


think you are quite optimistic if you think it is easing off at the


moment. It is coming down quite strong still. It is not possible at


the moment. But -- in the corners, you could manage, but not in the


straight line, the standing water is an issue. It is very dangerous.


Let's hope the rain.. If it does, we will be able to go out and will


be ready to go out again in the safety car. As I am British, I


always have an optimistic view of the weather! Where do you keep your


mind right now? You what in the middle of the Grand Prix, how do


you stay focused? -- you are in the middle. We chat to the engineers


and talk about the race so far. The pit stop that we did was perhaps


not the right timing. But the race is still on and hopefully, we can


limit the damage or correct the damage. Just fine tune the balance


and make a decision about the tyres and the pressure when we get out.


And hopefully make the right choice. Thank you for giving us some of


your time, and apologies, the sound is difficult as we speak to him


through the radio. And that is looking a bit better, David, would


you say? I admire your optimism! We have come all the way to see a


Grand Prix and let's hope that we are able to. It has been over an


hour and a red flag conditions and we feel very much for spectators


here and viewers around the world. We are all in the same position. In


the same boat. Not in a boat yet, but maybe if Bowater continues! --


the water. Are manual work going on the moment. -- a bit of manual work.


Not exactly hi-tech. I do not see where the water can go. It is a


waterlogged, isn't it? It is, indeed. They are doing their best.


That is a cheap shot from that cameraman! Any excuse to get a


close-up of Rihanna. I like your one miner, I did not know you liked


that music, at you came up with umbrella! You have heard me sink


drunk in Karaoke and it is not good! -- sing. I have not had any


peers so what I should not inflict this on people! -- beers. Bait used


to have a raft racing, that finished in 1991 -- they used to


have. Be used to cobble up rafts out of bits and pieces -- be used


to. It was quite a big event. was a big event. Very important for


Eddie Jordan, he had another victory here at Montreal. We will


stay with this, we are hoping for, anticipating a restart. So do stay


with us if you can. And we will bring you some entertainment later.


Meanwhile, we will poke around the drivers and the teams to try and


understand what is going on and why, and when we might see the restart.


Jonathan Wheatley, team manager at Red Bull, with his drivers. An


unusual place to see a driver on the pit wall, isn't it? And


presumably, Sebastian is looking at the weather forecast. I said it is


in the middle of the race, I have been in this situation and you have,


to make sure that she somehow stayed with the mindset you on in a


race. -- that you somehow. You have had a nervous energy and adrenalin


building up from first thing in the morning, you see it is raining, and


even if you are one of the better wet-weather drivers, you know the


risk and potential for accident and injury can go with or against you.


So that nervous feeling you get, that is intensified in these


conditions. And it is so difficult to come off that high. Rock bottom,


and if they do we start this race, be start building up that energy


again. -- we start. Even though the physical conditions you are under


in wet weather... The G-force underbraking almost halves and


reduces significantly, but you are so tired mentally after a wet race


because you have to concentrate on the straights. And when you drive


in dry weather conditions, you have to relax your body and switch your


mind off briefly or it is simply not possible to fully focus for 90


minutes around the circuit like this for Monte Carlo where you are


literally hitting walls and barriers as you go. A hug for Lewis


Hamilton, its luck -- small consolation for the fact he will


not take it further part in this Grand Prix. Maybe he will get an


impromptu music session going in the McLaren garage. Would you give


up a few would Championship points for a hug with Rihanna or! -- World


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


hair day for Rihanna at! You would just be glad to have that much


hair! Thank you! So we and his jumping in the cockpit of Lewis


Hamilton. -- so Rihanna is jumping. Ted has found another driver.


Rihanna had better watch out because the interior of that


McLaren was full of water. Down here with a Jerome -- with Jerome


d'Ambrosio. What was it like driving? It was very difficult,


especially the last sector from turn nine into 10 and into the last


chicane. It was just impossible to get the power in third gear, so a


good call to stop the race and hopefully it will start to gain.


Tell us about that change? It is hard to cope with the water with


the extreme on, but with the intermediates, it is impossible.


weather update from the team Radio. They say it. Raining within the


next 10 minutes, which is good news. The engineer is telling us that.


The right decision do you want to wait more for the standing water to


dissipate? They have said it. Racing so they will not start again


in 10 minutes. We have to wait until they have cleared the track.


That is it, because it is too dangerous at the moment. A couple


of people in the commentary box, who are they? Jerome d'Ambrosio,


other bands available! And we got up in that lovely looking building.


Makes me feel like I am at home. And that is the grid. And


desperately trying to keep the cars dry it. There is enough energy to


kill you, that is why they had danger signs, what do you know


about splashing through standing water with the battery pack just


behind you? I stopped in 2008, so I have no experience. There was a


YouTube clerk of one of the early tests that BMW did at the time and


a mechanic getting a bit of a shock. But they are on top of the


technology now and the big challenge they have is packaging


and housing batteries necessary to store that recovered energy which


is harvested through the baking phase -- through the breaking phase.


There was talk from the technical director at Williams that under wet


conditions, you would not want to use the system because of the brake


balance you have to run going through the harvesting phase --


harnessing phase. That under rotate the gear axle so they go forward to


balance that out and that has a negative effect when you have a


really low grip and ring for corners. Glad to see Kamui


Kobayashi eventually got out of that car. He wins the award for


standing in a stationery Formula One, the longest, they might be a


chicane, the kerb but they launch off when they start heading into


the wall of champions which is probably the most famous thing


about this racetrack. It is to the left-hand side of the red-and-white


striped wall which we have seen so many cars going to. You would never


know you while in the middle of a load of water. You do not see it


from the cockpit of the car. But it is literally an island. Ted has


found James Key. Yes, in the Sauber garage. I was interested in the


Kobayashi second place. He is in second place and now you can put on


a new set? Yes, the tyres were lasting very well. We could see


there was some more rain coming. His lap times were good. How long


will the wet tyres last? Clearly what, when it starts to dry up,


that is when it starts to go off. We will have the driver feed back


on when to make the call to change. When or if? Exactly. You could get


to the end of the race on this new set of tyres? Maybe. I think hit


the track stays as it was, there is a possibility. Week know if they


lose enough rubber they will suddenly go off but they looked


good enough. What is your information on whether we will get


the race started again? We do not have any information at the moment.


We know the intensity will stop quite a bit. The track condition is


important. He has been sitting in the car for a long time? He was


anxious to get going. Have you got any questions, Martin? Yes, I am


interested to know what information they were getting back from Kamui


Kobayashi on the intermediate says. How did they resist bringing him in


and putting the intermediates on? Can you repeat the question? What


is fascinating is Alonso and Button, Rosberg and Schumacher, they felt


the need to come in and put intermediates on. How to work that


with Kamui Kobayashi, not to make the mistake flat with Vettel up


front? We have two things we were monitoring. I have not -- we were


not held up to much by the Mercedes in front of us. We thought we could


make a bit of progress which is what happened. On that basis, with


all sticking with it was OK. We watched Button and Barrichello. We


could see the into was quicker but we knew some more rain would


probably come. We held off and monitored the situation and sure


enough the rain came. Massa took a free picked stop effectively. Why


lead you choose not to do that. It has gained you a position on the


track for the restart. We were talking about the condition of the


tyres. The drivers were pretty happy with them. We thought we


would stick with it and see how the tyres go with the track condition,


there was no obvious evidence of degradation. We took a risk but it


worked out. You can answer a question I have been asking


Coulthard, about the KERS system and standing water, do they go


together? I guess in theory they are not ideal but a lot of effort


is put into making the KERS waterproof and safe in all respects.


The system on our car is very well sealed up. Obviously, we have to


watch it but they are pretty safe devices and I think we should be OK.


Thank you very much for that. Let's hope we do get under way. Kobayashi


up into second place and Pedro de la Rosa or standing in for Perez is


ninth so both Saubers in the top 10. Pedro de la Rosa was the Pirelli


test driver say would have developed the intermediates and the


wets. They wore to the track and create wet situations to test the


tyres. I have done a few of those tests myself, way you normally go


out with the two cars. Your team mate will go out on one end of the


spectrum, you will go on the other and you will work your way through


the course of reward Tring the track and compare notes at the end


of the day. Just going back to something James Key said, he said


the situation is pretty say. That is not a word you want when you are


discussing safety, pretty safe! Let's hope that is all right. We


were talking about the amount of electrical energy stored in the


KERS system, it is enough to give them an 80 horsepower shove when


they hit the Button. Somebody tweeting saying can you afford


chairs in the commentary box? Murray Walker used to stand up so -


- if it is good enough for Murray Walker it is good enough for David


and I. Do you think we will start this race, David? The sun is


nowhere to be seen but it does seems to be a bit brighter. There


is not as much standing water in the kerbs, down to the last chicane.


I really hope that we will have a restart here. Our weatherman Ted


Kravitz has an update. I am not aware the man! I don't know if you


can see out of the commentary box window, I'm holding a big BBC


umbrella and I am now putting it away because it has stopped raining.


He is that the crowd cheering for you? I did not think they were


cheering at all. Most of the crowd on the pits straight have gone away.


There are only about 50 people overlooking the starting grid. I am


very pleased to report the rain has stopped and hopefully, my trousers


will start to dry out. Thanks, Ted. Do we not get any wind direction


and maximum temperatures and anything like that? If you want.


Gosh, I'm very conscious that people have tuned in to see a race.


The rain has stopped, let's get the race going, come on! You are


absolutely right. It is brightening up a treat outside now. We have the


vacuum out to clean up the water. They are going for it. They had


plenty of ideas or should it rain. The race has not been rain-affected


here for 11 years. Although we missed one of those years when we


did not race, I think he was 2009. Engines are starting up. We are


getting the feel that we might go racing again. There is a window of


opportunity here. The rain is coming down slightly. Bass seemed


to be getting on top of moving away be standing water. I think that


will be enough to allow Charlie Whiting and his team to get a car


moving. When you have got all the cars running round, it is


dispersing the water. That might give us the opportunity to get some


clean laps of racing. They have 23 of the best track quarter cleaners


doing nothing at the moment. A Formula One car Hoovers up the


water and tries to return it back to the sky. We had the red flag at


45 minutes past the hour. It is 10 past three here now. For an hour


and 25 minutes we have been under a red flag conditions. Adrian Sutil


there who is running 13th on the restart. Did you know that race car


spells race car backwards? That is an amazing thing. I am speechless!


Where did that come from?! You did not have any notes for that. It was


of the top of my head but I thought it was relevant. There is still a


lot of standing water. They are used in that very expensive


Mercedes Benz to clear puddles basically but that is fine. It was


of the racing line but it disperses some more water. We are coming up


with as many ways as we can to clear the racetrack. Maybe the


spectators could go on the track and have this week as well? This is


the long run down to the hairpin where the debt -- drivers were


saying it was dangerous. That is Kobayashi with the crazy Austrian.


He is a brilliant character. He was then a's trainer and Prost's


trainer. I have trained with Joseph and he nearly killed me. That is


strange, Pedro de la Rosa or walking with his helmet on. He has


been called back to being a Formula One driver for one weekend and he


is maximising that opportunity. Sauber dropped him with five races


to go last year, they booted him out and all of a sudden, I saw him


scampering down the back of the pips with the team manager at


Sauber. They borrowed him off McLaren. Can you believe that


Sauber turned up here, Gutierrez is their reserve driver, but he was


not in town. They borrowed McLaren's spare driver who jumped


in in McLaren's overalls. discussed this in the qualifying


show yesterday. It is madness when you have one of your lead drivers,


Sergio Perez, who had an incident in Monaco. He came here and had all


-- the all-clear from the doctors but he did not feel well after


Friday practice. He put his hand up and they did not have a reserve


driver. What they did have his 82010 CT for some reason. I'm


getting questions on Twitter saying how much daylight is there in


Canada? You may or may not be pleased to know that there is


another five hours yet of daylight. If we can get this race under way,


we will. We are going to stay with the Grand Prix. It is brightening


up. We think they should be hitting the Button in the not-too-distant


future. We keep hearing them fire up engines. The entrance, unless


they have got some residual heat, if you fire them up, they will blow


up. They are designed to start with a certain amount of heat in them.


There are 4,500 individual pieces inside these two point for the


eight Formula One engines. The umbrellas have gone. The raincoats


are coming away. A D Jordan is networking with George Lucas in the


pits there. -- Eddie Jordan. Just to remind you, Vettel was leading.


It is lap 24 from Kobayashi and Massa. Batters the top three as


they will hopefully we start. -- that is the top three. Michael


Schumacher it is there. Jake, what are you thinking? Well, Martin,


David, that was a Stirling better One at the moment. Sadly, it is a


car which will not be going out. It is Lewis Hamilton's McLaren which


is not fit to continue. You did see at doing some networking.


Apparently, now he has won a BAFTA he is after an Oscar. He is here


with George Lucas. These things resembles a ships in some ways but


they are not fast when the rain comes down? -- resemble space ships.


It was a torrent, coming down in buckets, nothing can flying back.


People have tried on many occasions to make a proper movie about


Formula One, would you fancy getting involved? Generally


speaking, films about sports do not work. People like to see the real


thing. George, what role would we give him because he is too tall to


be a racing driver. He is as tall as Webber. Maybe we could audition


to be Bernie. I think you can have difficult to play. It is not


looking like it is raining heavily, art would you like to see them


racing again? I would like them to complete the race. I have a feeling


they will start again. Banksy for your time and enjoy hanging out


with all the people hanging around -- thank you for your time. George


can hang out with us if he wishes but there is not be what to show


you. You can see the loyal fans who have stuck around in the Grand Slam,


-- Grandstand, congratulations, they have done well to stay here


with this weather. This needs to get going again, doesn't it? The


one thing that will clear the water best his Formula One cars racing


round. They are the experts and they know. As far as I believe, we


should do that, but we would need to do the start under the safety


car, unlike what should have * -- unlike what should have started a


at the beginning. But what needs to happen is a decision and a decision


has to be to get on with this race. Martin Whitmarsh helps to make


these decisions. If you are waiting for the Antiques Roadshow, we will


stay with this because with it getting brighter, we believe we


will have some racing soon. Eddie needs to be on the Antiques


Roadshow! I am already too old! do not know if that his age or the


mahogany?! Are we expecting it to get going soon? I think we will


start at under the safety car and I hope we will get news in the next


few minutes. It has been eventful so far. A bit disappointing, but I


think we can still do well. I have got to ask you you're honest


opinion on the Hamilton and but a situation? I think -- and Jenson


Button situation. I think Lewis was trying to make good progress and


Jenson Button did not know he was there. Everybody knows Jenson would


not squeeze him into the wall deliberately so there is no issue


and I have spoken about it, they are relaxed. Jensen has to focus on


the next -- on the rest of the race. Lewis is disappointed not to be in


the race. I do not think we had a choice, the car was damaged and he


would have been a lap down. It was the right decision, I believe.


have got two champions and we have seen the battle, is there anything


you can do to say, you are right on top of each other? Or do you let


them get on with it? I trust these guys. They have got to do a race.


That is what people expect. We have seen many exciting incidents, that


is how we run away team. Occasionally, you get this. But for


us to safe to one driver to wait behind another is not what we are


about and is not what we want, so you have to face the consequences.


People will say, what were you thinking about? But I think we have


taken a decision that is right. I think Lewis and Jenson respect that


and that is why they want to continue racing each other.


applauded Lewis Hamilton for his passion and desire to race on and


off the track with things he was saying after Monaco, it was good to


see that, but when he retires -- retired from this race, he had had


a coming together with three guys including his own team-mate. He had


three investigations, do some want me to say, this might not be the


car you want it to be at the moment, but just bring the car home, get


race finishes under your belt? is difficult. Lewis is an


extraordinary driver. How many does he bought off of those? He has got


to go out, he tries to raise and overtake. The incident with Mark


was investigated. He was cleared of that already and he has got to go


and speak to the stewards about this incident. Given both drivers


see it the same way, I am sure the stewards will understand that. This


will always be a passionate racing driver and will always go for it,


that is what the world expects and it is wrong to take that from him.


Just a strange few honest, that is we have seen how frustrated he has


been up not just this race, at Monaco and beyond, could you see


him taking a year out? I cannot. I have known him since he was 11 and


he lives for motor racing and will not be taking a year out. Could he


changed teams? Of course, he can change teams but I think he loves


this team and he knows the support he has got. We have to stay on top


form so he can win races, that is what we are going to do. He has got


a long career ahead of them and I hope he will stay in this team.


would love to speak to him but do you think you could persuade him to


talk to the BBC? I will do that. think he is right, if you ask her


to change his style and approach commit you could dilute the man he


is. But you can never, ever, if you quench the fire burning inside him,


you lose half of the magic. This guy is electric, I love watching


him! We are very blast, we have a couple of really good drivers.


is too busy for your! I thought that might be the answer! Are we


stopping you getting a did information! If you get in for -- a


we stopping you getting any important information?! There are


people out on the circuit, you have probably seen a Mercedes driving


around, that has been taking a look at the state of the circuit. It is


raining but only reigning likely, it is a visibility situation as


much as anything. What will they be looking for? So standing water.


That is the worst thing depend get on a racetrack. And remember, this


is not a fully made racetrack, it is also used on a daily basis as a


road. And where you have standing water, spray causes... It is like


in fog, thick fog. Whether we like it or not, it is how dangerous it


is. And they have a responsibility, the FIA, I mean. They have a


responsibility for the health and welfare of the drivers and we must


respect that. But we all want to go racing, but in reasonably safe


circumstances. There is a big opportunity for a few people to do


something special. Among them, Nick Heidfeld. Who will be lobbying for


this race to get going and he will think it will suit them? It is only


half points, but second on the grid... I was asked about this.


Peter is in a situation where it is some years now since Robert Kubica


scored a podium for his team and it would be a really good result if


they could hang on to this second place on to the podium. We all like


the way he drives, Kamui Kobayashi, and this would be a big result for


Sauber. We are not sure what that thumbs-up is about from that


Ferrari mechanic. We will grab Martin. It looks very low in


intensity, this shower, they have done a good job of clearing up the


track. They will wait for this shower and hopefully it will pass


through, you can see it. And then we will hopefully start the race


again. See what happens with the shower first. Is that an argument


the best way to clear this water is to get cars flying around? There is


that argument, but if you saw the water out there originally, you


could not do that. They feel they have cleared it, but to start again


and stops again would be chaotic. Charlie is right to wait and see if


that shall it is as light and short as we think it will be. Hopefully,


after that, they continue to clear the circuit and we can get started.


Do you want a restart? Yes. course he does! Exactly. Look at


the pit lane. It may feel like a long time since we started, but it


must feel longer for the guys at Ferrari. That is a picture.


Vitantonio Liuzzi has decided to go for a wander with those on his


feet! Does he realise he is on international television? As a


fashion icon, I think he gets his 0! Do you think he is a fashion


icon? Only if he intended to be! Just to let you know, you are


watching what we hope will eventually be the end of the 2011


Canadian Grand Prix. That is the safety car. We did have a safety


car start. Rain came down and there was a red flag. It has been an hour


since we saw racing and the stewards have been making big


decisions. They have brought out the red flag and at the moment, we


are waiting for one more shower and hopefully racing will begin. We are


on the aim man-made island and they dug for Montreal subway if few


years ago. It is basically a bit of a nature reserve. So for most of


the year, it has got nothing running around it, which means it


is very greasy and slippery. I went for a jog around the track and I


saw Foxes and all kinds of animals. This is not be full-time racing


circuit, and this has an impact. Something else that runs around on


a continual basis is the roulette table because we are in the middle


of casino land and that is where most of the traffic comes from


Montreal to the casino. Talking of gambling, would you gamble on this


race? Somebody like Nick, at people at Renault, if they are looking at


the mirror, they would say they prefer the race to finish. That is


not a negative approach, they just want to build and half the points


would be enough for them and would be a result. It would put them in


the right position by making good decisions, and lucky in some cases.


That is not the track, that is the waters surrounding the casinos.


Let's just wander around two Red Bull. We are not meant to be in the


pit lane, but we can break a few rules if we wish. We will see if we


can get hold of Mark Webber. It was a long time ago that we started.


These guys have been clearing this water constantly from 11am. We will


grab a few people. It would be nice to see Mark Webber. Do not go too


far in all your microphone will not work. He is on his way, he wants to


talk. What are your thoughts on this at the moment? You love to


race and want to race. We will race today, just wait a bit longer, no


rush. I am surprised we are not out there now because I think another


is coming in and if that comes, that will delay it a bit more. The


track is holding a lot of water and that makes it difficult, but we


have plenty of time so we should get into it. You saw the situation


with Lewis, have you got any opinion on that? Definitely, it was


a racing incident. Then -- but when you know you have so far to go in a


difficult Grand Prix, I gave him the line and he still made contact,


so... Did you give him too much room? I do not think so, but I


think he was committed to the move. I was still surprised he hit me. It


is just so far to go in a Grand Prix, so it surprised me. Should


the start had been and a safety car? We felt robbed we did not get


the excitement of the rush into the first corner. You as a race that


would surely like a straight start? It was on the edge, it was close.


This part of the track was ready for it, I think. I do not know. It


does not make a difference, it might make a difference if you go


single file. It would have definitely had a safety car at some


stage, I think. A lot of people say they were watching at Silverstone


today and we are starting under a safety car here with four wheels,


has Formula One become a bit to health and safety conscious? I do


not think so. This is the first time we have used these tyres in a


race, so you have to consider that. Visibility is better on motorbikes.


They are massively gifted and know what they are doing, but our


biggest challenge is visibility. And we cannot put a wet set up on


the car so they are low to the ground still. I think it is always,


we do not want to see more incidents, at we are trying to get


the balance right and it is never easy. The safety car Stott was


visibility, how much can you see in the cockpit even behind the safety


car? It is very difficult to see. Adviser gets pulverised with water.


-- the visor. The start equestrian if it is that bad. You hope it is


not the eyesight! Exactly. You know it is the same for everyone. I have


got to ask Mark, cross and all the fingers etc, where do you hope to


leave Montreal, how many points in the bag? Podium. We need to get


through the guys who have jumped us being able to not stop. You never


know. There are still many things which could happen. Said could


droplet, Fernando could, I could. So, podium for you? Minimum, I hope.


We have talked a little bit about this, your team mate, he had the


luck with the safety car, Sebastian seems to have the luck and things


are falling into place? Are yes, but you make your own luck. He has


had a phenomenal run. At the moment, let's see how it goes on for.


luck. Casey Stoner won at Silverstone. I think it was a


pretty boring by grace. But I am really happy he won. -- a boring


bike race. A big motorsport weekend. Always honest. It was interesting


when we talk about the luck that we had a rueful smile from him. He is


probably pinching himself and night. He thinks, what must I do? I have


got the same car, I have got the same engine, I have got the same


support, what must I do? Every turn nine mate, he comes out looking of


roses and I am back in the gutter. Not necessarily in the gutter but


that is a fact. I thought he was very calm and very cool. He is very


pragmatic. He understands clearly it will turn in his favour.


Remember what happened this time last year. He won a couple of races


on the who. This time last year no one gave him a chance. This will be


a tougher call for everybody, with the exception of Vettel because he


is pulling away. We can get Christian Horner to come and have a


chat with us. We have just spoken to Mark Webber, who wants to get


the race going, what about the man at the front, he probably does not


want to risk going out in the rain? Sebastian is a racer, he is keen to


get out there again. The conditions are improving, the track is looking


better. There is no reason not get racing again. You do realise how


serious the situation is, we are keeping Antiques Roadshow off the


air with no racing happening. How much can you as the teams do to


lobby Charlie Whiting of the race director to get the race going and


get the cars out there? Very little, Charlie is his own man. He has got


all his advisers. Sebastian has had a chat with him. He listens to the


guys in the cars. He hears all their radios. He is able to make


his own judgments from that. He made the right call in the


circumstances to suspend the race. Christian, I am intrigued. Are you


telling me won this race restarted? At the end of the day, if it was to


be stopped now, there would only be half points. But may I remind you,


you have Kobayashi in second place, you have all the big protagonists


in your championship well out of the way, this is a miracle result


for you, why would you want this restarted? Because we are racers.


except that but you want to be champions and no one remembers what


happens today because you have won the race, you may only get half


points but he will still have won the race and it is closer to a


championship. Sometimes it is not just about winning, it is back how


you win. I think it is right for the fans, the crowd who have come


out here today to get the race going again. We are in a good


position. It gives mark the opportunity to come back through as


well. Who knows, hopefully we will manage to hang on to the league to


the end of the race but I think it is the right thing for Formula One


to start the race. To we know you have plenty of wet and intermediate


tyres, what all the Plan B when they say, 10 minutes to go, what


will you doing -- what will you do? Pit is a matter of being flexible


and reactive. The pit lane is very short here. The penalty is only 15


seconds for a stop. It is a matter of speaking to the drivers and


reacting to the weather. There is a degree of lottery to it as well. So


far in the race we have managed to make the right course. Normally in


Formula One we are the people badgering for information. We have


been told 14 minutes until the race restarts. Obviously, you have not


heard that. Just give us an idea quickly before you disappear, what


happens to your team until now? They will be going through final


preparations, making sure the engine and temperatures are warm


enough and I will be going for a quick, you know, toilet break.


Let's call it a pit stop. We are both very amazed that you do won


this race to continue with your man sitting first. And let's not forget,


two very workable cars and he does not want them in the scrap heap. I


admire your honesty, I'm not sure the rest of the team bosses would


say the same thing but well done to you. We want to hear good sporting


stories. About 12.5 minutes and counting. There are interesting,


the one man sitting behind Sebastian Vettel will be thinking


he has only been in Formula One for season and a half, one overtake


could give him a race win. We are talking about Kamui Kobayashi, the


Japanese driver that everyone loves to watch. If I was Christian I


would be nervous that he is the man behind Sebastian. There has been a


series of Japanese Grand Prix drivers coming to racing, they have


all been amazing in wet conditions. He will now have bright new tyres


on a car, the same as everybody else even though he previously had


only made one stop. In fact, he had not made a stop. As a result, he


has now got new tyres on the car. He will have a go, he has nothing


to lose. The just to give you a full update on the way things are


standing at the moment. Sebastian Vettel is in first place. Kamui


Kobayashi is second with Nick Heidfeld fourth -- Felipe Massa his


involved in this restart because he had a coming together with his team


mate. It seems finally we will get some racing in Canada. We are. It


certainly looks that way. One of the things in all of the aspects we


have seen, in how you eloquently relayed the positions on the grid,


what surprises me is the Mercedes team. They have made the same


decision with both cars. In years gone by, Ross Brawn might have


split them. White has happened this time that both cars in position, I


don't know. Back to Martin Brundle flag period of two hours and four


minutes. Everybody has been patiently waiting. Thank you for


staying with us at home. We hope we can give you some action now. They


will start behind the safety car as per the regulations. The track is


looking significantly better. We have heard about another rainstorm


coming in but we have not seen any sign of it. There is no doubt


looking out of the window, the track it is in significantly better


conditions. Had they red flag it and we did not get under way, half


points would have been allocated. There would be a countback to the


last complete lack of racing. That was done under safety car


conditions so I think they would still have finished in the order


they will restart the Grand Prix in. Vettel will be at the front from


Kobayashi, Master the man you are looking at will start in third.


Nick Heidfeld, Vitaly Petrov, Paul di Resta or six. Mark Webber,


seventh, Fernando Alonso who took a gamble on intermediate tyres. The


rain shower has moved away gone off the radar. De la Rosa will be ninth


for Sauber, standing in for Perez as we have mentioned. Rosberg 11th,


Schumacher 12, Sutil 13th, Alguersuari 14. Timo Glock up into


58th place for the Virgin Racing Team -- 15th place. Barrichello has


pitted twice, his son 16th, look C 17, Buemi 18. Karthikeyan 19.


Maldonado for Williams is back down in 20th place. The two Lotus


drivers are in 21st and 22nd, Kovalainen and Trulli. D'Ambrosio


will line up 23rd and last in the queue. They will follow the


Mercedes Benz as they dry the dainty boots. They are fireproof


slippers. There is NO-SPACE down which start sliding around on the


pedals. Sebastian Vettel, the driver got himself up on the pit


wall and kept his head where he wanted it. He was not in any casual


conversations much. He seemed focused, David? We did see him


talking to Mark Webber but then he was plugged in with all the


engineers. The reason they get ahead sets on is not to stop any


noise but because the conversation is beamed back to their race


control, if you like, their operations room back in Milton


Keynes. The same for McLaren back in Woking and Ferrari in Italy.


These heated visors, did use those? Yes, I have won back in my day! It


plugs into its own batteries supply. It keeps some heat on the visor.


They are double glazed as well, like you get on a lot of motorcycle


helmets as well, to stop any fogging. When you get fog and damp,


you have to lift the visor to clearer to way and they NEWLINE


trouble. But you have to do it to see where you're going. You'll see


a rip-off there. You can clear mud and oil and flies. You have to make


sure you put them out the side of the car. Sometimes they go into the


radiator ducts of the car behind. You can see if you raindrops in the


puddle. There was a guy who came up with a window wiper to use on the


back of the glove. That did not and they are very useful. But I


tend to stick under 100 mph on that. Mark Webber, he's had an eventful


afternoon. We are looking at a total race time of over four hours,


from the lights going out to the chequered flag dropping. That the


sooner we get that far. Webber starts in seven. Quickly having to


waterproof their notes, the engineers. I imagine there will be


several lessons learnt, in the debriefing on Monday and Tuesday,


what would we do next time in these circumstances? I don't remember


this amount of red flag down time. No question about that. This is a


very unusual situation we are seeing in Canada. Surprisingly,


this is only part of the preparation for a Grand Prix


weekend. As we saw that, just reminding ourselves the number of


mechanics and engineers heading out there. Everyone will be properly


wet, pretty cold out there, actually. A temperature of 18


degrees. We are hoping that the few drops of rain... Apparently it will


only last for five minutes. Well, that answers the point I was going


to make. Let's hope that the rain doesn't last too long and will get


I got a Twitter question through, could he win the Grand Prix if he


stays in the front? No is the answer. Someone looking for some


everybody has done, to get this race under way. We've been


stationary for longer than a Grand Prix takes place, over two hours.


We are expecting a little more rain. But it's quite bright out there.


It's quite a different scenario. You were saying, as it flicked on


screen that it will restart at 10 minutes to the hour, that you


thought the racing should be back under way again? No question that


they can be running safely behind the safety car. It will be a safety


car start. Everybody will be on full wets. Not too much standing


water now. Visibility is the big issue. We learned from a number of


drivers that we interviewed that they were really struggling in the


middle of the pack. Michael Schumacher, taking on a last bit of


fluid. I can't imagine he used much of the hydration ahead of the race.


How much fluid would you take on a weekend, what is your preparation


on race day? A normal race, you take on five or six litres of fluid.


That pretty much means that you are constantly topping up, running up


to the race. When it is dry, it is quite a physical race because of


the high G-force you have when braking. In the wet it is not as


physical. But from a mental fatigue point of view, the concentration


required is so much higher. minutes to go until the restart of


the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix, round seven of this year's world


championship. We've seen lots of action earlier on. Surprises, of


course. To remind you, 23 of the 24 drivers will restart. Lewis


Hamilton, after that contact with team-mate Jenson Button, is out of


the race with car damage. At turn 5. They attracted back, but he's not


allowed to restart. They now begin to take away the trolley is that


include the generators, the heaters and all sorts of... Well, basically,


it's quite interesting, a certain part of the car they have to heat


up, other parts they have to cool down if they come back on to


degrade. The brakes need cooling. One thing that would be useful, if


we want to go on to inters, I could say it's too wet, or we should go


start the Grand Prix, as a countdown, in this phase. To let


the teams know where they are in the sequence. Everybody must be on


wet tyres. Full wet tyres. What can we see on that steering wheel?


presume that is Felipe Massa or pushing his radios which will stop


didn't hold the position long enough. Maybe he was just


communicating with his Engineer. You're not allowed to try and steal


a march by restarting on intermediates. We saw back in Fuji,


where Ferrari had to come back in and change them, they were against


the regulations. I'm surprised they were not penalised. It's absolutely


clear, you have to start on full wet tyres if it is deemed to be a


safety car start. We are back in raising conditions on the Ile


Notre-Dame, on the outskirts of Montreal. It is Sebastian Vettel


who leads the crocodile that must now follow the safety car. Again,


David, how long do you suspect the safety car will be out? I think the


conditions are very similar to what we saw a couple of hours ago. So, I


would expect them to go once past, maybe maximum twice, just allow


everybody to get their cars fully up to temperature. That might be a


point that has been discussed that we haven't heard on the radios,


that because the cars have been sitting there, they would have been


plugged in to keep engine temperatures, but there are that


aspect of the car that the drivers have indicated to Charlie Whiting


that they want one or two laps behind the safety car for. The fans


are jumping up and pointing. "iteration car -- it's a racing


car! Haven't seen one of those before!". We are ready for full


speed action, sooner rather than later. A completely different


picture out there. It's almost as if the island was sinking an hour


ago. It emerged again. 2.7 miles, the racetrack. 14 corners, five of


them left-handed, nine of them are right handers. This is the hairpin.


1010, it has seen so much action over the years. The fans are always


there to support drivers. They have thinned out a bit, so people are


out the back of the stands and waiting to come back in, or given a


bonnet. That is this spray that Vettel is getting off the safety


car. Devise their does clear slightly better than that, but it


curvature. Its streams off. It's now getting some temperature into


those brakes. They can preheat the engines, they can put the tyres and


blankets. It's down to the driver to manually get some heat back in


those brakes. It's such a difficult decision to know where to break, or


how much grip, how much stopping power you are going to have won the


race gets under way? A journey into the unknown. The past memory they


had was a certain level of water run the track. They are now one


fresh tyres. That will potentially give more grip once you get that


release agent, that allows them to be taken out of the moulds want


they have been manufactured, they tried to even up the grip between


the front and rear tyres. It's easy to get a grip on the rear tyres,


you can just unleash as much as possible. But getting heat on that


front tyre is difficult. You don't want to be weeping too much, you


need to have some cute. From the brakes, the heat radiates into than


nitrogen in the tyres. A driver's job at this stage is about heat


management, they are heating engineers. If you look at the rear


wing, no DRS available. That that the discretion of Charlie Whiting


again. He will decide when they can have that. You will not be seeing


any moving at Rio wings until a few laps into this race at least. --


rear wings. I do for staying with us back home. We are transferring


to BBC Two at 9pm local time. Local TUI in the UK. Please do transfer


over with as very shortly. There will be an overlap, as I understand


it. Do we are waiting to see the all-important sign from the safety


car. That is the word and I want to see on the screen, as I'm sure you


do at home. This 70 lap race should be done by Wednesday, if we are


lucky. Coming back to a point you made earlier, these high shots make


it a completely clear. Get on with the racing! But I am looking at the


commentary box window and you lose the cars into that wall of spray.


The two come rankles can be so deceiving. The camera looks through


two or three metres of hairspray, looking down. You look through 100


metres as you are following another car. It's like being out on a foggy


night. You can't see your hand in front of your face, that a better


the heart rates will be climbing up to the optimal working condition.


Temperatures will all be stabilising. They will all be


nervously waiting for that message that the safety car will be in. Is


it going to be this lap? I don't think so. Just coming through.


are they looking for? Presumably there is a bit of radio


transmission that we are not party to, drivers giving their point of


view? What would you be looking for? It looks like it's ready to


race, to me. There's definitely not an issue with standing water. It's


about visibility. We are not getting the radio transmissions


from the drivers. The guys in the middle are emerging from this spray.


They will be presumably saying it is too wet, too much spraying. I


can't imagine will have many more laps of this. Shouldn't they drive


accordingly, then? You like to write. But sometimes you need to


save people from themselves. -- You their disposal to get those points.


If that means a bit of Miss information to the director, so be


it. Stefano Domenicali, watching the screen intently. His drivers


are third and 8th at the moment. It's interesting, looking out the


commentary box, as we are on board in the safety car, Kobayashi looks


ready for it. He was right up the rear underfloor of Sebastian Vettel,


going through that last chicane. He's good to go. How is the


OK. No sign that the safety car is in on his lap I there. Massa, he is


third on the road. Just to remind you, they are on a safety car


restart and they can start overtaking after the first safety


car line. That is before the last chicane. We have a Lotus,


Kovalainen, cruising around at the back. That sounds like a slipping


clutch or something like that. He is revving the engine but it's not


moving forward. Is that a transmission issue for Kovalainen?


It doesn't sound like he's got any control over that. It could be


hydraulics. He was running 21st, he's right at the back of the field.


I have hardly any drive. OK. Copied Safety car goes around again. Can


he coaxed the locusts -- copes the Lotus back to the pits? All of


these counter behind the safety car. We have a maximum of one hour and


five minutes available, with 40 laps to go. It's going to be nip


and tuck, it depends on the lap times they are doing. If we had any


more heavy rain or safety car periods, it's whether we run out of


time before we complete the 70 laps. Still, my eyes are focused on its


computer screen in front of me. Still, I don't see the safety car


in its lap. Icy track temperature 17 degrees. Air temperature, 18


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