The Hungarian Grand Prix - Highlights Formula 1

The Hungarian Grand Prix - Highlights

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2011 Hungarian Grand Prix. They started racing in 19 80s but it was


not until 2006 when they had their first wet race and we are not used


to this soaking wet haddock. It's very rare and rare to have one man


dominate the season like this, not since Michael Schumacher's day and


that is what Sebastian Vettel is doing. 216 points on the board.


Mark Webber, his closest rival, Lewis Hamilton in third I'm looking


for back-to-back wins. And the constructors championship... Very


much Red Bull. They will be very confident about winning that. As


for the drivers, a lot depends on what happens as we race towards the


end of the season. All the action from the race in a moment but first,


here is Ted Kravitz with qualifying... You might doubt think


it looking at his points but by his standards, Sebastian Vettel a


season worst finisher 4th in the last race and qualifying which


showed he was starting to lose his nerve as his rivals closed in. The


world champion's first opponent is his team-mate, but Mark Webber's


DRS did not work on the straight and his Cerys system was on the


blink, winning only six. We had some issues in the middle of that


session but we have it back. It is the overall grip. I need to look


through this but it is a big step compared to the last few races.


years ago Felipe Massa was lying in a Budapest hospital with head


injuries after being hit by a spring from another car. He has


said qualified his team-mate for the first time in 17 races, showing


the only lasting sign of the crash - Asgard about his eyebrows.


will be difficult, it is tough on the tyres and strategy is very


important. There is quite a big difference but if we're to put


Sebastian Vettel in trouble, there is more hope for McLaren. McLaren


have looked fast all weekend and Lewis Hamilton at a crucial mistake


on a final attempt, costing him pole position. Jensen Button is


right behind him, third, but his mind was more on catering


arrangements. I love cake, and hoping someone will give me one. I


went for dinner last night and the boys handsome cake, which was nice


and then cake in the hotel. I am hoping for another today. Iran wide


at one stage. I lost all of the advantage I had. I had that huge


oversteer. I think I'm was have a tent up. I don't know how global


stardom the opposite side of the grid. We will see how we do.


Sebastian Vettel, looking for answers as to why Red Bull has been


off the pace, pointing the finger at some recent upgrades. Sebastian


Vettel had found his rear suspension hurting rather than


helping so reverted back to the old spectres occasions. --


specifications. He was back on pole position and the famous finger on


display. I am pleased with today, especially because the boys burnt


the curfew and they did not get much sleep. They look very happy


today so I think they will look even happier now. We will see what


we can do. Sebastian Vettel, on pole position with Lewis Hamilton


and Jenson Button surrounding and relate to attack in to turn one.


Felipe Massa and Alonso ready for the battle with Mark Webber, Adrian


Sutil in eighth place. Kobayashi was that qualified by Perez but


it's another disappointing performance from Renault and


Williams. Lotus, Virgin and HRT at the back with Sebastien Buemi


having a penalty for causing a the mantra of all the other drivers.


Who has the appetite to take the title fight to the championship


leader? The desperate scrabble for grip away from the grid. And we're


into the process. They dropped the first and second clutches. Who can


get traction? 700 horsepower. It is Sebastian Vettel on the first


corner, Hamilton second at the moment. Buttons seems to be holding


his nerve. Everybody sliding wide and so far, no contact. Supreme


driving. But in his on the inside of Hamilton, turn number two, the


best place to be but can he keep his speed? Hamilton on the inside.


And he can hold it, look at Rosberg, up into 4th place, she Mecca


attacking Rosberg. Up the hill towards turn No. 4, Mercedes flying


off the grid, ahead of the Ferrari cars. Mark Webber struggling. Paul


di Resta is in 9th place. Sebastian Vettel, but an sideways through to


number five. Rosberg handed over. Paul di Resta, head of Adrian Sutil


an den Kobayashi, Petrov, Rosberg wide. He will have to yield to


Jensen Button. Look at Fernando Alonso, behind Mercedes. This is


really a struggle for grip. Sebastian Vettel had an absolute


flyer off the line and was under no pressure in the run down to the


first corner. Michael Schumacher being passed around the outside by


Fernando Alonso, will he maintain this? Braking into turn 12 and he


is an teed maintaining that but very tentative. -- is indeed. I


thought he had him. They, too, and Schumacher dipped the wheel into


this that recur. That was all about pride. Schumacher was not going to


be passed on the outside. Can Fernando Alonso find some purchase?


Indeed, he can, he heads down the pit straight. Fernando Alonso


taking Michael Schumacher. Any which way he can. Schumacher coming


back up the inside. Keeping these tyres as good as they can be. When


they start overheating it feels like bubblegum on those tyres. A


quick run through the field... Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton.


Hamilton completely sideways! No traction control, it is about the


driver. It looks like rally driving out there! Hamilton on his tail as


the going to turn them before. Very close. But in in third, Rosberg,


Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher in six. Barrichello in the 11th.


Petrov. Maldonado in 13th and Heidfeld down to 16. Kovaleinen and


Perez, all the way down in 19th place. Adrian Sutil, he has gone


from eighth all the way down to 20th. Alonso is on the move,


quickest on the first sector. And it looks like an incredibly


slippery track. The cars are twitching on the pricking. Lewis


Hamilton could not get to full partner On the Run out. Incredibly


difficult position. On Thursday we saw there is no drainage on these


curbs, there is a lot of water, sitting within the gully. They need


to watch out. Michael taking a very wide line On the Run into the last


corner to get as much dryness as possible. Get the power open.


Bull do not have any advantage in these conditions. Sebastian Vettel


is under pressure from Hamilton and look at this, also made it past


Rosberg and Felipe Massa, side by side! Sebastian Vettel on the


inside and Hamilton just getting run out of road. Desperately trying


to get some power. He has to down shift into the middle of turn


number three, it is so slow and this blind corner, DRS is enabled,


Charlie Whiting thinks there is enough grip and safety at there. We


have that facility available. Despite them being on intermediate


tyres. At this stage we have had Felipe Massa doing the fastest


first sector, one second quicker. There is no question that Sebastian


Vettel is struggling, this is a replay of the start. Look at that


launch. Very unusual to see McLaren being dropped at the start. Jensen


Button on the left-hand side, what will he do? Heading for the outside,


Felipe Massa, looking to the inside and we can see Mercedes making that


great start. So difficult for the drivers. Wheel to wheel action with


McLaren. There are glued together. That is for Ferrari lost all that.


Ferrari were too cautious. They had no speed through the exit. On board


with Jensen Button. Not a great start. Deploying the Kers system.


The front wheel almost touching the left wheel of Lewis Hamilton. Very


little rpm. Once they had got the clutch, they are side by side


through the apex, we rejoin the bat at the front. There was something,


surely only a matter of time before he finds his way past Sebastian


Vettel. Rosberg holding down Fifth Place and Felipe Massa insects.


Hamilton up the inside, he has the high ground, Sebastian Vettel round


the outside. He will have to cut back and do it. Ferrari going wide


and the exhibit her number two. Fernando Alonso has gone wide. --


on the exit of turn a number two. Nico Rosberg, up into 4th place.


Sebastian Vettel held that on turn number two. Hamilton, he is shaping


up, testing him out. I don't think so, he is quicker. And he is just


trying to find the grip, this is a replay. Getting wide. On to the


painted white line. And he goes for safety. And you can see Rosberg


running around the outside. Lucky that he only lost one place. That


means Fernando Alonso is losing a lot of time. Five seconds behind


the leaders. You can see that dry track beginning, why do they have


so little grip? It is the nature of the surface, in GP2 it was an old


track this morning, it is leaking out all of the dirt and residue.


This is going to be intriguing. You cannot afford to be the first man


to early on the slick tyres. This is going to be an absolute nail-


biter for strategists. Which Trevor will make the call? Lewis Hamilton


positioning himself on the outside, trying to get straight on to that


car. Surely he must get alongside Sebastian Vettel? He has gone wide.


Hamilton takes the lead. Sebastian Vettel can find no grip. He forces


Sebastian Vettel into a mistake. He had the DRS available, down the pit


straight into Turn One. We know that McLaren test to be quicker in


a straight line. We have whoever in 7th place, eight seconds from the


lead and the other Red Bull in second place. Hamilton begins to


build his lead. Jensen Button next up, having a go. This will give you


an idea of how little grip they have, 28 seconds slower than they


were in qualifying. Sebastian, he got his way onto that white line,


exactly the replay of Fernando the car running? That is in the


exit of turn two. That is unusual. That is where we saw Alonso and


Vettel running wide. Exactly the same. There is a lesson for Massa.


Alonso and Vettel allowed the car to run wide. He tried to fight it


and that is what happens. He dipped the right we ate -- rear tyre on to


the shiny paint and went straight to the wall. I am sure his real


wing will cope with that. It looks like he has met a shark -- his rear


wing. Mark Webber into the pit lane, the first man on to slicks. That


will be an experience. If he can keep enough temperature in those,


and Ferrari bring in Massa, we see a Toro Rosso in the background. We


have Petrov, Barrichello in the pits. When you feed out of the pit


lane, you are straight into the damp part of the racetrack. Webber,


really struggling. If you can't get out of there and get on it straight


away, you lose so much pressure. The dry circuit is so narrow that


you have no margin for error. That would be a tightening moment of the


body, when you are on a slick tyre and a damp track. This looks like


it might be one lap too early, given how wet it is in the first


sector, but other parts of the track will be quicker on the slicks.


They come out at 100, let's call them 90 when they get on the car,


probably 60 or 78 degrees when they get on track, and that is not


enough. Hamilton has done 139.7 -- 1:39.7. Jenson Button loves these


conditions. They know they need to compensate between slicks and


intermediates. Normally you would take a bit of front will offer. --


front wheel off. It depends how the cars are affected by the different


profile. Button gets a bit sideways on the braking zone, very difficult


to get the tyres up to temperature. Now he gets on to the dry surface,


he will be able to build the temperature, get high on the brakes,


he should be able to maintain permission -- position. That was


reminiscent of when Jenson won for McLaren in Australia. It looked


like he had gone too early on those tyres but he kept it together.


Felipe Massa, let's have a look at the sector times. This is Webber,


very wide in the last corner. Look how much more traction he has got,


coming off the last corner. The trouble is, he has to go out of the


dry patch. He doesn't, because the Toro Rosso gets out of the way and


gives him the dry track. Lewis Hamilton pits from the lead. At the


end of lap 11. Vettel follows him in. Another pit stop raise, brand


new tyres. -- pit stop race. Only Hamilton had a brand new set


available. That could be handy, because they heat up faster. As


long as you can get the release in agent of the surface. Michael


Schumacher, coming through the picture. He is yet to stop. Button


will still be in a net the third place. Kobayashi has had a trip


through the pits as well. Webber does the new fastest lap of the


race. Three seconds faster than they were doing. Maybe he got it


absolutely right. Michael stays on the intermediates. It is surprising.


He leads the race. It is surprising that he would have stayed out for


the extra lap. The evidence is there that in the second and third


sector, it is slick territory. doesn't have do yield because he is


ahead of Hamilton on the road and in the race -- doesn't have to


yield. Hamilton will have so much more grip. Desmond calls have been


good. RADIO: This is our new option tyre.


-- judgment calls have been good. A brand new set of super soft tyres.


Hamilton fancies a look up the inside. He doesn't want to get


kicked by the donkey. Surely Schumacher is coming in the pits on


his lap. Michael must be coming into the pits and getting a set of


slicks. Unfortunately, Michael won't bleed the lap. He led the


race. -- won't lead the lap. Zat Knight, with Button ever closer.


That has worked out very well for Jenson Button -- Vettel, with


Button ever closer. The almost gets a little nudge. Get on with it says


Jenson -- he almost gets. Will Vettel get him any space? He did


not have any choice. Button takes over second place in the Grand Prix.


Webber coming past Alonso, pitting a lap early was absolutely right.


We questioned it, but it was right. He has got those tyres working now,


he is coming back through. He is ahead of Alonso, next up the road


on the power so early. -- mere Nige. This is the other over take that we


saw. Webber, coming out of turn one with better grip, and traction. It


is all about the drivers who pitted a lap early. They know what to


expect, they have more experience on the changing racetrack. I think


that is correct. We are seeing underlying pace difference between


the Red Bull and the Ferrari. Trulli drops out of the Grand Prix,


their one and only -- the one and only retirement so far. He likes


the speed and feel of his new power steering.


RADIO: Overheating. Understood. Try using the white patches to call


down. we are getting into the area where


we will start to see high degradation. In lap 24 we can be


expecting a second black of -- a second round of pit stops. He is


starting to lose time. Maybe he bolted a bit too hard on the way


out of the pits. How long he was off the throttle. He was just


waiting and waiting. They are still eight seconds of qualifying time. I


love to see those vortices boiling off the rear wing as the car gets


to top speed, when you realise just how hard the aerodynamics are


working. Button has close the gap to 6.3 seconds. 1.5 seconds faster


on the previous lap. Incredible. The fastest lap of the race for


Button. He find some grip. He was in one lap earlier than Lewis


Hamilton. We have seen this before with the Renault, was it in


Barcelona? Some of the bodywork. We questioned whether it could only be


body work. Unless they have got a oil line. Possible safety car


situation. The exhaust goes all the way to the front side pods on the


Renault. We have seen this before. Clearly, a fire... Was that a sort


of an explosion on the side of the car that hit the marshal? It has


just blown the side out of the car, all over the racetrack. It is in


the pit lane zone, you're not allowed to cross the white line


when you come out of the pit lane. We are going down to put the safety


car out. Already ticking, it has caught fire straight out of the


pits. -- already kicking. He came in for a pit stop and they had a


problem on the rear tyre. The engine was overheating itself. Oil


and blue smoke was coming out, we will replay the team radio. As he


went down the pit lane, it looked like the engine was about to blow,


which it did. We didn't get the team radio, but little pieces of


engine coming about. We have drivers pitting, they have to go


through the debris, they are not allowed to cross the line, or they


get a penalty. There is Mark Webber. Alonso has been in, Kovalainen and


Perez as well. They have decided to use that, so easy, to pick up a


punter 40 -- a punctured through all of that. They are getting into


the area where they would have stopped any way. If the safety car


came out when they did they stop, they would have been the big


winners. There is no safety car at the moment, so they haven't really


lost anything. To play devil's advocate, if the safety car doesn't


come out, surely it hasn't worked, has it? It is not a question of


that, they haven't really lost out too much. They have done about 14


laps on the super soft tyres. You put them on at a point when you


have a hundred and 40 kilos of fuel on board. Now that you get your


second set of super softs on, you'll be able to hit the tyres


harder, and take them further. Hamilton response. No sign of a


safety car. They have gone into the window -- Hamilton response. It is


more about weather forecasting. It looks a bit touch and go. Smartly


away. Hamilton had a decent lead, but Button and Vettel have not


pitted, trying to straddle the debris, as they cross the white


line. They will get a drive through. That is an uncomfortable sight to


see. A car on the side of the exit of the pit lane, marshals around,


and cars doing 190 mph. That is a brave decision by the clerk of the


course, the race director, more accurately, not to put a safety car.


You have people exposed, and Formula 1 cars at high speed, it is


vulnerable. We saw a wing, of the HRT earlier in this race. -- come


off. I think it was spitting bits of engine out. Ted told as it was


sitting in the pit lane a long time. It has decided to part company with


its internals. I think that is the appropriate word. Heidfeld,


understandably, doesn't fancy any more of that. It is going to go


bang, when the marshals tried to put it out. I have never seen a


Formula 1 car explode. Sutil in the pits, along with Jenson Button.


Michael Schumacher has just been out of the pits. Where is Button?


He was coming up to lap Sutil. Sutil is the last I lapped runner


of the moment. -- unslapped a. -- pulls out, to pass Kovalainen.


he do that before they waved the green flag? The green flag must be


on the exit? It was just before the entry, did he get his nose ahead?


Are we down-to- video evidence? good spot. The yellow flag is out.


We are on to lap 28. Alonso has done a 25.9, he is flying. Vettel,


swimming against the tide. He has decided not to come in. The only


thing is, he is nearly three seconds slow on the previous lap,


than Fernando Alonso. The Mercedes of Michael Schumacher, he has


parked the car. The third retirement of the day. The prime


tyre that he had on board, that was a yellow tyre, why would he put the


prime tyre on instead of the super compounds falls away. Why go out on


that in these conditions? The only sensible tired to put on his super


soft, it is so much quicker. He is miles behind Hamilton. Whereas his


team-mate? At the top of the hill, that has worked badly. You are


absolutely right, it was a smart move coming in. It has not rained


and it was not the safety car, it is just turning into a pit stop


phase. Webber is ever closer. Nothing goes wrong for Sebastien


Vettel. Now, nothing goes right but he is still in a strong position.


Felipe Massa, pulling the move on Kobayashi. Down and touch her


number one. Making it stick. Up to 6th place. The only man who stopped


once. Everybody else has stopped at least twice. And that is, Hamilton


going slowly. It is pouring with rain out there. This will be a race


to the pits. One of the tightest pit lanes of the year, stacking the


cars up, if you have got to cars coming in, Jensen Button in front


of Hamilton. But in in the lead, Sebastian Vettel right behind. That


must have been Hamilton recovering. -- Button. Red Bull mechanics on


the pit lane. Both McLaren cars stay on the track. But in leads the


Grand Prix but maybe you would have thought these super soft tyres


would be at a premium, some more mechanical grip from the rubber.


This is fascinating with the different tyres, those McLaren cars,


it has worked perfectly for Button. Fernando Alonso has pitted. The


hard tyres going on. Strange time for that. He has decided to go to


the end. Just that local shower. Turn Number 10. Fernando Alonso,


leading, leaving the pits. Turn six and seven, the chicane, around she


goes. That is exactly what we saw going on. So lucky he did not get


wiped out by the Force India. Paul di Resta. There was hammered and


just dropped his clutch and spins it around. Paul di Resta has to


drive off the race track to avoid hitting him. Jensen Button leading


from Hamilton. From Sebastian Vettel, Alonso, Webber, 40.5


seconds covering the top five. sort of issue, finding his pit box.


You can see the cars getting off wide. That was the Red Bull, Webber


going wide. And Renault off the track behind him. Surely, there


must be very difficult conditions for the drivers what these slick


tyres. Hamilton leads the Grand Prix again. He still can't find


grip. Right back into his hands... Jenson Button slips down into


second place. As he slowed down, you lose water pitcher. It is a


snowball effect and we can see why Hamilton leads. Jensen Button,


going off the track. As do Petrova and Kovaleinen. Here is the view


from Sebastian Vettel, trying not to run into the Renault. Sebastian


Vettel, the Red Bull, Will Self. Rosberg is putting intermediates on


in the pit lane. In the hope that he can any surprise some people. As


we watch Sebastian Vettel off the track in turn 13. The further they


go, the harder it will get. Hamilton must have had a problem,


that the arrest is open and Jensen Button takes the lead again!


Hamilton down the outside. Surely, Lewis made some mistake? But in


leads. This is crucial for these two guys in the same team because


whoever has track position, if they do come in, they will get the first


pit stop. If you stack them up, you will lose and massive amount.


Hamilton back in the lead. Punch and counter-punch. Webber has


pitted. Mark Webber has pitted, Petrov, Barrichello. Webber has


gone to intermediate. It has got and heavier in the last 30 seconds,


the rain and the teams would like the cars to stay out but they will


lose more time with the spin. The tyres are ready for the McLaren


cars. Difficult to make that judgement call, watching the replay


of Jensen Button taking the lead. We don't know how he suddenly ended


up right back on the gearbox but it does not matter. He has got that


position. And we will see, I think, somebody doing the handbrake turn


followed by a three-point turn. I have seen that in sportscar racing,


not in Formula One! Jensen Button. Hamilton is back ahead of him,


Hamilton is in the pit lane. Here comes the was Hamilton. Retaking


the lead around there. He just cannot find enough grit. What are


they putting on? Intermediate. We have Rosberg on intermediate and


Hamilton. I have not seen anybody else putting them on. Ferrari in


the background, Mark Webber has intermediate. He is on his out flat.


If you are six seconds faster, over four laps you might as well be out.


You will when the pit stop. The golden rule, Ayrton Senna showed us


that in 1993 at Donington. The right tyres at the right time. It


seems like everything is drying up. He was not going fast enough. That


will have cost Lewis Hamilton the race, if it does not rain again.


Mark Webber pitting from 50s, another set a dry tyres. Sebastian


Vettel has stayed out in all of this, we can see Fernando Alonso


overtaking McLaren, which is on intermediate, which is now the


wrong tyre. Confirming, Fernando Alonso has just breezed past


Hamilton. Whose idea was this?! The drive-through penalty for car


number three, forcing another driver off the track. That is Lewis


Hamilton, you cannot change the tyres or work on the car while


working on that. Hamilton is about to have doubly bad news. He has to


put for the tyres and he has to do the drive-through within three laps.


This will be confirmation of this extra grip. Fernando Alonso almost


runs in to him. Turn 6, 7, Lewis Hamilton looking like he had it all


under control and they were changes tyres first and then do the drive


through. It would not want to be the one telling him about the drive


through. Very tardy in pulling away. Ted mentioned that he looked like


he had difficulty at the first stop getting away, maybe you know


something? It is a clutch, his touch is dragging rather than in


having problems selecting any gear. Thank you. He was Hamilton out and


presumably they have told him he has the drive through. -- Lewis


Hamilton. A that is an uncomfortable message to have to


deliver, especially to a driver who is so highly strung behind the


wheel. Maybe that's not the right word. But so motivated behind the


wheel! Let's refocus on the Grand Prix. But in a leading. Dry tyres.


From Sebastien Vettel, only by 4.4 seconds. This is a leader, second


place, it has worked out well for Sebastian Vettel, although batten


was much quicker. Maybe the traffic is coming into play. Fernando


Alonso in third place. Presumably Felipe Massa, once Hamilton has


done his drive through, will be into 4th place. Back on the dry


tyres again. The intermediate move turned out to be wrong. It will be


interesting to see if that was the call of Lewis Hamilton or the team


and in hindsight, it's a wonderful thing. They were struggling in the


rain, but normally Lewis Hamilton would be hanging out longest.


man we are watching, Jensen Button, he has been Supreme in these


changing conditions. Each of his victories have come with changeable


conditions. 15 laps to go, including this one. And can


Sebastian Vettel find enough to overcome Button? Three-tenths


faster. Sebastian Vettel. We still have risen our hands. Hamilton has


a drive through. He welcome out next year. He must serve at within


the next lap or two. -- welcome out next to you. They have responded by


going purple in the first sector. And he delivers. 30 seconds to live.


The teams are learning more to keep swirling and knowing it will not


get transmitted. Red Bull will be doing that. We're getting a clear


message. It would be nice to think we could get every single message


that goes out. You don't always have access. The pit lane. Hamilton


doing his drive through. It is on a speed limiter. Nick Hamilton, his


brother, not impressed with that. At all. So, looking pretty handy


for Button to win this. He is down behind Felipe Massa and Mark Webber.


That makes him in 6th place. Whoever has just done the fastest


lap of the race. That looks like a tidy little scrap. For the end of


the Grand Prix, those three? Mark Webber is closing in on Felipe


Massa. He glances in his mirrors to make sure that Lewis Hamilton is


behind him. He will focus his attack on Felipe Massa. Just to


paint the picture, being on the wrong tyres momentarily and that


drive-thru, from leading the race, Lewis Hamilton is now 55 seconds


behind Jenson Button. In 6th place. Jensen Button's lead is five


seconds. It really is moving around. Fernando Alonso is 20 seconds


behind Jenson Button in third place. This is what the main fighters.


Barton has just on the fastest first sector of the entire Grand


Prix. He won this race five years ago. His first grand prix victory


in very similar conditions. And he leads this one. Mark Webber comes


alongside Felipe Massa. The DRS wide open. He has the position. As


long as he isn't too greedy on the brakes, he will keep that confident.


He was Hamilton is right on the scene, too. He has got good


traction but he is on the outside four-term number two. -- Lewis


Hamilton. He fancies a look up the inside. Felipe Massa parks his car


in the middle of the track, I don't blame him. Button, then the fastest


lap. That is mighty. Pointing the wrong direction of turn number 12.


There is a big gap behind him. Look, Hamilton has done it into six. 6


and 7. Traffic in the way. Now, Hamilton will set about. He has the


right tyres, finally. Jensen Button, leading. He has just smashed Vettel.


And just laying down that Parker to the World Championship leader. To


settle for second place, if I were you, and you're 18 points. This one


as mine. That is the message that Jensen Button sends out. Fernando


Alonso Jaya rating on the brake pedal. It is a classic case of the


Kers system harvesting and the brake balance because a man of his


Canada does not spend cars. 57 seconds covering the top five.


After those very his adventures. -- man of his calibre. Sebastien Buemi,


Alguersuari. And there is Kobayashi. I think Paul arrester has taken


second place away from Kobayashi. In fact, he has. Kobayashi under


extreme pressure. Paul di Resta goes over the line. Down the road,


tyre change, and he is struggling to find any grip -- only stop once.


Di Resta is well into the points. - - only stopped once. It is great


this very conservative two-stop strategy, can keep these cars


behind until the end of the Grand Prix. He could find himself going


from eighth to 11th very quickly. Yes, Rosberg is catching at a fast


rate of knots. They are all squabbling over the same piece of


tarmac. Rosberg is cruising, he is behind them now already. I think if


I was the Toro Rosso team manager, I would say, you have a couple of


laps at it, if you can't make it stick, move over and give


Alguersauri a go. He should be easy meat, shouldn't he? Yes, but not


getting himself and positioned correctly as he closes into the DRS


zone. Surely he has got to try to send it up the inside to turn one.


He has got to go for it. They are going to contact, guaranteed.


Driving into a wage. Guaranteed to inside and trying to surprise him.


Because he will turn in on you and he won't see you coming. I am


beginning to wonder... Force India going slowly. Pound into turn one.


Buemi gets the job done -- down into Tyne one. Kobayashi is trying


dancing between the confetti of carbon fibre. Look at these two


catching them. Webber and Hamilton, less than a second apart. Button


has the lead to 8.1 seconds now. Alonso, 16 seconds behind. He


pretty much put himself in free air, half a second of -- ahead of Webber.


This is so difficult for the leaders. When you come across a


pack fighting each other that hard. Does Perez know they are there. Yes.


That might be a chance for Hamilton to pounce. Usually the first man on


the scene when they are fighting like that loses out. He has to be


careful, not to try and follow them through. Hamilton is going to take


the place from Webber, seize the opportunity. Webber, wrong-footed


in the traffic. Webber, trying to do something about it, but he will


be in the DRS zone. It is a role reversal. Webber can get his real


wing open. A tight line for Hamilton. Webber has nearly lost it.


Hamilton disappeared. He found super grip. Very late that Mark


Webber opened his DRS. He was almost at the start-finish straight


before he opened it. Kobayashi, a lap down, surely has to be under


investigation for getting in the wake of the lead lap cars. He is


going through turn 12 minding his own business. He is a lap down,


getting blue flags. He had to go down the corner, he can't evaporate,


he has got to drive through the corner. Jenson Button is going to


win Grand Prix number 200. Rosberg gets out of the way. Button is the


man when the track is greasy. When you need somebody with a clear and


calm head. Jenson Button is the man who can find the grip. The 6th


sense about how to survive on a track that has proved treacherous


from the very beginning of the race. He majestically makes his way


through the back of the racetrack. Guiding the McLaren. He has won


already, as far as he is concerned. Through the tyre debris, two


corners to go for the popular Brit. The manner you need, when the track


doesn't want to let you know what is going to happen -- the man you


need. He is acknowledging the crowd, he has a few hundred metres to go.


Button brilliantly wins the Hungarian Grand Prix. The


championship leader Vettel follows him home by 3.5 seconds. Supreme


skill, we have seen this afternoon, as drivers had to fight very


difficult conditions. As ever, Alonso somehow keeps it pointing in


the right direction for a podium. They are half a minute ahead of


Hamilton and Webber. Hamilton clearly has that covered. Di Resta


needs to be careful he doesn't lose a place on the final lap. Paul di


Resta will be 7th. Hamilton, fourth, Webber, fifth, Massa, sixth. I


don't believe Lewis Hamilton will be too pleased when he steps out of


the McLaren. He doesn't go over to the wall with his normal fist in


RADIO: Absolutely brilliant, fantastic job, happy to hundredth


race, that was awesome. Perfect going into the summer break, let's


come back and win them all. It is now time for some champagne. Jenson


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 54 seconds


Button wins the 2011 Hungarian the final pit stop decisions were


made, and Lewis came in and then Mark Webber did the same thing,


would you have put intermediates on? I was told to come in.


Initially I was told to come in and queue up behind him. To put into us


on. I didn't answer back because I wasn't going to. -- to put


intermediates on. Initially, I did not say a thing. To be fair to the


team, they said, into his -- they said Lewis is definitely going to


come in, stay out. I think the McLarens were quicker today. I felt


the pace was in the car. Especially after last week. We made a good


step forward and I felt much more comfortable. I start the race to


win, not to finish second or third. I think it was a tricky race, it


could have been anything. Congratulations to Jenson, he is


very quick in these conditions. The last two races, maybe he was a bit


unlucky. Today he deserves the lucky had, probably. We need to


make sure that we cannot accept McLaren to be quicker, and make


sure we get back to where we were at the beginning of the season.


was quite interesting. I think with different conditions, different


tyre choice for different people, also in the dry conditions, people


put soft and other guys put super soft. I think at the end, being on


the podium is a great achievement again for the team, in this


stressful July, with three races. We scored more points in July. The


team is improving and giving Ford. It was an intense race. -- and


moving forward. We did great for the first half of the race. I was


struggling with the graining on my tyres. I had a big mistake. My left


front tyre was pretty warm, I went a bit wide, came out of the chicane


and spun, which is very rare, one of the first times I have done that.


After that, I have to apologise to Paul di Resta. I didn't see him. I


had no clue. I don't know what happened. I got a penalty for


something. Which is to be expected, I guess. I apologise to him. I can


understand what he has tried to do, but if I hadn't taken action, I was


going to hit him. I will speak to Lewis. No hard feelings about it. I


will just continue enjoying these points. Let's get the thoughts of


Eddie Jordan. It goes down as the 200th Grand Prix and a win for


Jenson Button. Yes, a remarkable win. I thought he drove


magnificently. Even though we have heard that his team wanted to come


in, he did not do it and he won the race. The rest of the podium was


made up with Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. He did not win


but extended his lead. That is the hallmark of somebody special. Knows


when to maximise the ability of what is there. He was not going to


be Jenson in these conditions, in my view, but he finishes second,


gets a huge 18 points and extends his lead. This looks ominous for


the rest of the season. People will say, how can one to get it so right


with Jenson and so wrong with Lewis Hamilton Question Mark we have


heard the talk of the team, there were two errors. There were lots of


errors and lots of very good course. It is a difficult time for those


guys on the country to be able to make the right call. Jenson Button,


it worked, he won the race, did not work for Lewis Hamilton. Janssens -


- Paul di Resta, the best brickie in 2011? It is looking like that.


- best rookie. On recent evidence, this car is moving up the grid, and


for sure, Paul di Resta has the ability to be rookie of the year.


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