The Indian Grand Prix - Highlights Formula 1

The Indian Grand Prix - Highlights

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Good morning, Luke, Eddie children. Give us a push. You are on. Hello,


how are you doing? They are harder to pedalled than they look. What


about buying some for our friends? Which ones would you like. Nice to


see you, thanks for the ride. It is much easier. We want something


traditional. This man is famous in the UK for colourful shirts. What


have you got? Can I have one like this red one. The looks great.


look absolutely beautiful. Will we see this on air this weekend?


this a Sunday shirt? Is it is a winner. What about my discount.


has done it. The migrate shirt. There is more than India -- model


India that you have not seen yet. How did you do that? We could not


come to Delhi without coming here. Follow me. I do not believe this.


We have seen a lot on our journey, but this is incredible. Are you


going to surprise us again? course I am. Take a look at what


We are in India for the first ever Indian Grand Prix watching


Wild. The energy, the people, the smells, the site, the sounds, I


love it. What a way to start the Grand Prix weekend. I hope our


attempts at getting involved in the dancing did not put you off too


badly, but it was infectious. Thank you for joining us for something


you would have never seen before. The paddock for the Indian Grand


Prix on race day. It is a brand-new race on Formula One. We have


travelled right around the world. We have been to Europe, aes year,


the Middle East, but nowhere like this today. India makes his bow in


Formula One. We have already crowned the drivers and the


constructors champions. It is a All the action from the race in a


moment, but first, what happened in qualifying. A very slippery circuit


and the prize up for grabs to be the first man ever on pole in India.


Here is what happened with Ted Kravitz.


The outcome would be affected by this moment in practice. Lewis


Hamilton kept his foot down. For that indiscretion he was docked


three places on the grade. There was a small but enthusiastic crowd


for the first ever qualifying session. Sauber with a big theme in


big trouble. Kobayashi and Perez started well down the grid. I am


disappointed. This morning was quite good, but I struggled with a


bit of understeer. The conditions were cold a little bit, which did


not help us. We are in a reasonable shape over long distances, but


qualifying was going to be quite crucial and we did not maximise it.


The top four or all within a tenth of a second of each other. Jenson


Button was not amongst them. I did not really get away with either of


my soft tyre runs. People are trying things and backing out, so


there are cards everywhere. Fernando Alonso was third on the


grades. After exchanging this flexing win -- weighing for-one


that did not vibrate so much, then his suspension snap. Sebastian


Vettel had already passed the Ferrari's accident scene. It was an


interesting session. After the first run it was very close. I knew


I had to do a little bit better at. I was able to have a clean lap.


Lewis Hamilton was second. But with his penalty he was 5th on the grid.


I am proud to be out there because the team have worked very hard. It


would be nice to be ahead of their Red Bulls. It was unfortunate, the


penalty, but that is light. Mark Webber had to lift off for the


crash. Sebastian Vettel is on record for having the most polls


this season. RADIO: Ross, 30, today Senna 30. They will have to look


out for the fast starting Alonso. Christian Horner looks on. The back


of the field lines up. No sitting on the front of the Grade. Jenson


Button will be there for half a minute, taking over, just waiting.


This is a very big day for Indian motor sport and for that matter


Formula One. There are two Saqqara Force Indias on the grave. -- grid.


Vettel looks like he has got away Rubens Ballyclare 0 -- Barrichello


are waiting. Webber is under pressure immediately down the


straight. Just Shea, straight line speed. Button just flew past Mark


Webber. Alonso is behind him as well. Hamilton is in sixth place.


Sutil has dropped down to nine. Michael Schumacher are making a


flying start, getting himself into a position behind his team-mate


new, front wing. We are on board with Mark Webber. He will have been


frustrated that the McLaren cruised past him. All belong Red Bull have


gone for grip in the corners. That hurt him badly, David. It did


indeed, but there are other factors that play in, of course. That is


Perez coming in. A bit of locking up action in the background. Mazda


is still being hunted down by Lewis Hamilton. He was involved in the


incident at the start. Kobayashi has stopped. We saw him in trouble


on the first corner. Somebody has lost their wing. Barrichello's


front wing got lost on the way into the pit. Perez, Timo Glock and


Barrichello have pitied. That was a long pit-stop for Rubens


Barrichello. Sebastien's Vettel's League was 1.43 seconds. Webber was


looking pretty strong in second. Alonso a bit too brave on the


brakes. That released a Jenson Button into third. Co by Ashley was


rather careless. He will get a very good view of the two Red Bulls.


think he was a little bit caught out. Mark was quite early on the


brakes, so he went left. He could not use mark as a reference. With


the slipstream there are not going to stay with it. Sutil has locked


his wheels. He hit the back of Maldonado. I think there was


contact with Nico Rosberg as well. We will get another replay of that.


Now we see Jarno Trulli gets spun out in the Lotus. But he has pitted.


This is a replay of his pit stop. He has a right, rear puncture. So


much contact. We have got these really wide turn in points and it


is tempting to have a go and they all concertinaed into one point.


Look at the lead that Sebastian Vettel has. It is lack of four. He


leads by 2.7 seconds over Jenson Button. Hamilton is still in sixth


place. Senna is in tenth place. That confirms that good start for


him. Petrov is in the pit. He pitied really early. We have Timo


Glock retiring from the Grand Prix. But unlocked his wheel. He is


locked out. Why is he so far on the right? Webber was not that close to


him. Still it is not enough. Now he is in the slipstream. Jenson goes


defensive. But Jenson is having none of that. He ran sent out of


road. You cannot force another tyres in the exit of that corner.


Trying to run the speed round the outside. He should have given it up


at the apex. Petrov leads over Jenson Button and Mark Webber are


getting closer again. Lewis Hamilton not really hanging on his


feet? I am not sure if he is just trying to save his tyres. Maybe


they are trying to get away with only one stop this afternoon. We


would expect them to do two. It seems strange, looking at the times.


There is nothing to suggest through free practice and qualifying there


was on offset between the two drivers but strategy could be


playing a part at this stage. Fernando Alonso is 4th at the


moment. He is normally struggling in qualifying but then ending up


making his way through. Jenson Button just about at matches Alonso.


Hamilton is 11.4 seconds off the lead. It is a very slow lap for


Lewis Hamilton, it is not because of any traffic. Alonso is managing


to keep the gap at just over a second, which is a crucial window


for Massa if he is going to get it into the DRS zones. With Kobayashi


taking himself out of the race at the first corner, we don't know how


the hard tyres will be performing. been finding it hard enough


themselves to stay on the track. This is a unique cornerback could


only be the Indian Grand Prix. This is 13 which is a mighty chicane,


effectively. We are already on the tenth lap. We have a static race at


the moment. Let's look down the field to see who is getting the job


done. The Bruno Senna or under pressure from Buemi. This is


another DRS zone although Bruno Senna has no answer to the straight


line speed of the Toro Rosso. You climb the hill to turned three, and


it is absolutely totally unsighted. Even when you are walking it, let


alone when you are sitting on the No KERS any more. They have to


reset the system. Try and get it to kick back into life and if that


does not work, it will cost him three-tenths of a second not having


are making their way back through the field. Ted Kravitz? He has


pitted to get the hard tyres out the way along with Petrov. Force


India mirroring what it Renault are like a service road, and a lot of


marshals from Bahrain, helping out. He is well out of the way.


Technical problems for Maldonado. He was in 13th. That moves at


Kovalainen up the field. Looking at the grass, it looks like he has


locked up his rear axle. It looks like he has broken the drive when


he has done the gear shift. Mark Webber in the pit lane we believe.


There is Mark Webber. End of laps 16. How close was that! Ferrari


goes down, it is a dusty pit lane. The left side of the pit lane is


concrete. Must be something to do if they spilled fuel. Michael


Schumacher getting round the outside of the Ferrari. Alonso has


dropped a place to Michael Schumacher. He will be keen to get


a move on and try to get past him. He will be in the DRS zone on the


back straight. Alonso needs to be getting on with this. Mark Webber


is clear of that in front. Michael Schumacher has not pitied yet.


Fernando Alonso, as you say possibly getting on with that. He


seems to be closer to Mark Webber than he was before the pit stop. It


has worked very well for them except for the traffic. Michael


Schumacher does not have to get out of the way. Look how close Mark


she'll was to Mark Webber. He has fresher tyres but it looks like he


is taking more time to get them up to speed. This is costing Alonso


Dili. Alonso surely will be pass is the front wing that has been


much spoken about. They have to have the new ones that was


strengthened. One of them met its match against a wall in qualifying.


Still, at a LAN Alonso has not made his way past Michael Schumacher,


who will get the DRS down the less Schumacher goes round the


outside on the Brake. -- brake. Ted Kravitz? Ferrari reacted to Massa.


Mark Webber who is doing some quick times, they are bringing Jenson


Button in. Hamilton was not able to pass a Mergulho in those stops.


There is Jenson Button pitting as you predicted. He was five seconds


behind at the end of the previous complete lap. A way he goes. Tyres


have come out of the blankets around 100 degrees centigrade. They


tried to heat the wheels as well. They peaked at over 1000 degrees


centigrade towards the end of a breaking his own. 3.5 seconds for


McLaren to get Jenson Button on his way. Nico Rosberg, who is also just


pitting. Schumacher decides he fancies a set of those tyres that


Alonso just whistled past him on. Michael Schumacher or pits. We have


a clumsy pit exit? I don't get it. Why, when they Design these


fantastic facilities they come up with what looks like an


afterthought to exit the pit. Maybe I will have to ask Charlie Whiting.


There must be some FIA I reasoned why the pit lane exit has to join


before the first corner. Looking at the times, this pit stop his


Sebastian Vettel, coming in for his set of option tyres. Hamilton was


struggling on those first set of tyres, now he has been matching the


race leader with his fresh options. Great camera angle on the world


champion. Away nicely. We have seen a few 2.8, two point nine this year.


We will see how it works out. He was exactly five ahead before the


pit stop phase. We will have a look at the end of this lack. Mark


Webber has just done a fastest lap which has been beaten by Massa. We


are on board with Lewis Hamilton who is getting close to Massa.


very excited about those wide corners. If it wasn't so dirty I


think it would work better. Plenty of Cannes going on for Lewis


Hamilton. -- KERS. The attributes to Bob Marley on the top of his


crash helmet. Do you know the reason, David? I think he is a fan!


And I just make that up. -- made saw at Cern three a little while


ago, Lewis Hamilton so close to him. Lewis right out there on the dirt.


-- turned three. I would love to show you a different camera angle


to that. It looks like you are heading for the sky, then there is


a hairpin. You don't actually see the corner when you are breaking.


You start heading up hill, hit the brakes, and then the corner appears


to. He has gone up the inside! That is interesting! The problem is,


Massa could not see him in his blind spot. He legitimately had his


car positions to be able to go for the past. It was just in that


horrible area way you have a massive blind spot where you have


to get your wheel along side the side parts of the car you are


trying to overtake so he can see you there. That is why I talked


about a Lewis Hamilton knowing better than me. Let's have a look


at it. Lewis Hamilton comes up the inside this time. He will say, you


should have let me go because I have a line. Mergulho will say he


was entitled to turn in. Let's look at this David. What is your view?


We saw on the graphic before this incident, Lewis Hamilton still had


some KERS left over. I wonder if he planned that. He won't use all of


his KERS in the obvious DRS zones. He had a little extra boost and was


committed to it. Unfortunately you needed a compliance other racer to


make that work in that situation. Massa could not just jump out of


the way? He would have been in the sand and on the barriers anyway.


Hamilton did not make a clean pass and that is why we have seen an


incident. He will say I had my car up the inside. Massa will say you


were not far enough alongside for seven. I wonder if he has got any


suspension damage with that? Felipe Massa still in sixth place. This is


Lewis Hamilton back on the track. This is the corner where he


connected. It looks pretty slippery. He had to drop an extra gear. That


looks like a steaming Toro Rosso. That is unusual. Ferrari did have a


problem with Fernando Alonso's engine on Friday practice. That is


not an easy car to recover. The incident involving Hamilton and


Felipe Massa is under investigation. OK, referee, what do you think is


going to happen? You probably would have to blow your whistle. What do


you think the stewards are going to say? It is definitely a racing


incident. RADIO: He just turned in on me, he did not give me any space.


That would have been my opinion if I was behind the wheel of that car.


Felipe Massa would be saying, what was he doing there? What do you


think is going to happen? I am sitting on the fence. I will slowly


stepped off. Because of the history this season those two eyes have


together, there could be a penalty applied. Raising his racing and


sometimes you have incidents and I would put that down as a racing


incident. I do not think there was any malicious intent. He was trying


to strategically get his car in front. What do you think? I think


it is very close to being a racing incident? I have got a feeling he


will get a penalty for it. A drive- through penalty. A drive-through


penalty for car six. It is for causing a collision. That is Felipe


Massa. They have penalised Felipe Massa for turning in on Lewis


Hamilton. Exactly as we predicted. Exactly the opposite to what we


predicted would happen!. Barely pay has got the penalty for that one.


He will get a much better drive out of the corner. -- Felipe Massa has


got the panel did. Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button and Webber are the


first three. He is going to drop out around the place where Hamilton


is right now. RADIO: Felipe Massa has been given a penalty. He could


well find himself on the same pace of tarmac as Lewis Hamilton again.


He is serving that penalty. He is a long way ahead. Felipe Massa has


got Rubens Barrichello around him. Hamilton gets the job done down


into Turn One. He is up into eighth place. There he is, cresting, turn


three per. There are black markers ahead. The next man up the road for


Lewis Hamilton is Michael Schumacher. He is ahead of Felipe


Massa, who has now done his drive through. Felipe Massa is the next


man up the road in terms opposition. Felipe Massa is nursing a bit of a


gearbox issued. Fernando Alonso is the fastest man out there. He is in


fourth place. Felipe Massa must have slotted back in in seventh


place from his drive through. We are expecting a Ferrari in the pits.


When you do a drive-through you are not allowed to stop for a tyres or


repairs. It has to be a pure penalty, and now it is served his


time. They are changing the nose as well. Hard tyres are going on. They


are much slower tyres. Your heart would St seeing the white markers


on that. A long way to go. 28 laps to go. -- your heart would sink.


Look at that. The famous resonating front wing. It is a new front wing.


It is very similar to the Red Bull front wing. Petrov. He is out of


trouble. He picked up all that does. We saw it in practice. -- dust.


Let's talk about the Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton think again. The


stewards get far more information than you at home or are we in the


commentary box do. They have clearly seen something. What will


Felipe Massa have done? I do not get it personally. His front left


his damaged. Whether that is the hard tyres, we won't need a replay


to see what is going on. We saw him break the suspension in qualifying.


Surely that is the contact with the McLaren? He did not hit the front


wheel. I thought he did. It remains to be seen whether that was over


the concrete secondary curbs. The mechanics hate that. It takes them


ages to clean it up. We do not know if it was on a kerb, or whether it


was through contact. It looks like a kerb. It is the pushrod. That is


the second time it has happened. That is not due to contact with


anybody else. That is due to hitting its and it cannot take that


instant load. We have got a name for those big, orange curbs. That


is Petrov that has just come out after a pit stop. Will he look in


his mirror to make sure that Petrov is not going to try and pass him


again in the braking zone? Michael Schumacher is 6th. RADIO: Michael,


pace is very good. Felipe Massa, front suspension failure, so be


careful of the Orange curbs. Good, clear information for Michael


Schumacher will stop he is one of the very best at absorbing


information whilst driving a Grand Prix car. Vettel is amusing himself


out front. Schumacher is 3.3 behind Rosberg. Catching the pair of them


is Lewis Hamilton. He has got a great chance. He has got a great


chance of fifth-place. Alguersuari is Number eight. Buemi is


unfortunately out through what looked like an engine problem. We


have lost a four cars, a high attrition rate here compared to


recent races, it must be said. Petrov passes Kovalainen for 12th


place. It looked rather easy, didn't it? We have lost Timo Glock,


Buemi and Kobayashi. Let's see what Alonso does with that left kerb. He


does not go anywhere near the Orange, secondary sausages. What do


you want to call them? We will go with the information from Michael's


engineer and call it the Orange kerb. That is Mark Webber we are


seeing just in front. Using a bit too much of the kerb. The Red Bull


mechanics are out and this will be Mark Webber coming in. He was using


a lot of time. And it is a hard tyre, said that is going to be


horrible for Mark Webber. I can see a ring of tyre wear. There is hard


tyre is one second a lap slower and he has got them for the rest of the


race. Before we lost Felipe Massa, it looks like his sectors were not


too hard. I wonder if the Webber team are going with that


information. Let's keep an eye on that, Ted. This is Alonso pitting.


He is pitting from third place. Ted is down there. Ferraris had to


react. Base saw that the hard tyres were working. They knew if Mark


Webber was able to stay within 22 seconds, he could jump Alonso.


Alonso is ahead of Webber and he comes out of the pits, ahead of


Mark Webber. Running that little bit longer on those tyres. It has


given him track position. Now we will see something. Webber loses


out. But then breezed down past him on be straight in the first lap and


he now finds himself in fourth place. He has got his tyres up to


speed. He knows where he is on these hard tyres. Whilst Alonso


finds his feet on these hard tyres, Mark has got to make his move.


are not cold. It is not that they are cold, they have got a brand-new


tyres. There is a man who has kept his helmet on a long time and that


is a clear sign to the media, do not asked me a question. Jenson


Button has just broken another record. Sebastian Vettel has just


broken up Nigel Mansell's 1992 record. He keeps knocking those


records down and he is just 24 years old. 15 to go. Perez is


catching Adrain Sutil. Perez is dragging Petrov along with them.


Rosberg pits to go on to the hard tyres. There they are. This is


crucial for his battle with Schumacher. Hamilton pits for the


hard tyre as well. A clean release. It looked a better pit stop for


Hamilton. Now it is a straight fight towards the end of the Grand


Prix. Can he get out ahead of the traffic? That was the race leader


coming down there. Button pits for McLaren as well. Lewis with his


various dramas is in danger of being lapped. Surely they have got


to come in and covered that one up? Jenson Button are claiming the apex


of turn one. It was important for him. He could not yield there,


otherwise he would have had other traffic as well. Bruno Senna is now


the final terms. Vettel will have a clean run into the first turn.


Alonso still ahead of Mark Webber. It looks to me as if Jenson Button


has gained a little from the pit stop phase. This is the 4th longest


straight in Formula One. We will find out what Vettel's League is at


the end of this lap. It looks like it is slightly less to meet. --


lead is. Michael Schumacher is ahead of Nico Rosberg, I believe.


That's because he has won more stock to go. He is running a second


a lap faster. If he keeps this up, he would jump him at the stop.


has gained a second on that lap alone. Michael Schumacher in with a


great chance of maintaining his position ahead of Nico Rosberg.


Alguersuari has come back out in eighth place. There is Maldonado.


Mark Webber, 1.3 - he went very wide berth through the exit of 11.


He did not lose too much there did get himself ahead of his younger


team-mates? On go the hard tyres. Rosberg will come to become out in


front of him. From a 2.5 second deficit, you can see Rosberg in the


background, looks to me about 45 seconds. Michael locked up as he


entered the first corner. -- four on. He moves out of ninth place. It


will cost in three places. He will come out ahead of di Resta. That


has cost Renault some points. Senna dig dropping to 12 place. Di Resta,


advantage to be second in the World place between Mark Webber and


Fernando Alonso. Critically, will Mark Webber it gets the DRS?


RADIO: You have the fastest lap, bring it home. They are trying to


stop Vettel from doing a hot lap as he comes to the line again. Mark


Webber did get the advantage of the DRS but it has only put him in with


a reasonable range for places to pass before the end of the lap.


Sebastian Vettel is heading towards the final corner, to add another to


his collection. The Sebastian Vettel becomes the first ever


winner of the Indian Grand Prix. He has led the most laps ever in a


season. Jenson Button, another second place for him. 8.5 seconds


behind in the end. Vettel had it covered. Alonso beat Mark Webber


for third place. And the final shot on the podium for Ferrari. Mark


Webber comes home 40 seconds behind. It is Abu Dhabi next in two weeks'


It is Abu Dhabi next in two weeks' time. But for now, we will savour


the sights, sounds and colours of India. Sebastian Vettel, the first


winner of the Grand Prix of India. winner of the Grand Prix of India.


He remains the man to beat. It wasn't a classic, but we have


introduced India to Formula One. And we have also introduce them to


Sebastian Vettel. 25 points for him. Jenson Button is in form, another


podium for him. Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber fighting it out for


third place. Lewis Hamilton and Philippe a mass or enjoying each


other's company again this Championship, Sebastian Vettel with


374 points in the Championship. What a great result for Jenson


Button, a good time to finish in distant fifth place. In a


constructors battle we can confirm McLaren have finished in second


place. Look at the congested midfield looking tight and close.


Let's now hear from the boys at Yesterday and wrote a message to my


friend. Normally when I look back I get 100 text messages. Nowadays I


get only four. But it is still something special because it should


be. It could be the last one, it could be the last race win. It was


impossible to close him down. After the pit stops, the car felt good.


Before Vettel settled into a pace I managed to get the gap down to 2.8.


But it wasn't enough. Tell us about the incidents are with Massa, he


obviously got a drive through. has not spoken to me for a long


time. I made an effort and put my arm around him and said good luck


with the race. In the race, I tried to overtake. I tried to come out of


it because it look like he wouldn't give me any space and we collided.


I am sorry for my team. I think we might be underestimating it. Start


on the hard tyres, it was always the plan to come in. With the help


of the safety car, it was probably a risk. But one worth taking


because if it had worked out you would have gained a pit stop and on


the race on three sets of soft tyres, which was the quickest way.


The sun has set and the Grand Prix and Eddie Jordan's codes as he


embraces Indian culture. The grandstand behind us, do you think


India grab hold of Formula One this weekend? I have no doubt. They


supported it, not just with dancing stars and the cricket stars, but a


whole grandstand was swamped. When they see the fall-out of everything


that goes on from the media globally, they put it into context


and value it all out, they would say it has been a huge success.


Just to drive home to everybody what the national game is, it was


their most famous cricketer who wave the chequered flag. This is


what Formula One is all about. We have shown India what the sport is


all about in 2011? It was a little bit downbeat, I would like to have


seen a much more exciting race. We are not going to get that for the


remainder of this year in my views. Sebastian Vettel is in a different


zone, mentally he is miles ahead of anyone else. There is nothing he


fears any more. He has won almost any accolade you can get, whether


it is pole positions or the numbers of laps led in a Grand Prix. He is


at a different level and it will take an almighty job for anyone to


catch him. The only man almost on his level this year has been Jenson


Button. We know he has a slower car a time at the time he has been


close. He made kind of the race out of this? He made a very honest job


of it. His car he is driving, Jenson Button that is, is much more


than two seconds away from an entire race. A match point of view


I'd been Jenson Button and performed in this particular car. I


have this little thing in the back of my mind, it Jenson Button get


within striking distance of Sebastian Vettel, we saw what


happened in Canada. I have a thing in my mind of all the drivers that


Sebastian Vettel at least the -- least wants to see on his tail is


Jenson Button. It is a very frustrating weekend Lewis Hamilton


he finished off the podium but he did pick up some valuable


Championship points. Thanks for joining us for the first Indian


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