The Italian Grand Prix - Highlights Formula 1

The Italian Grand Prix - Highlights

Jake Humphrey introduces highlights from the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, with commentary by Martin Brundle and David Coulthard.

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Many men have stood on that podium over the years, but the real raw


here in Monza is when it is a Ferrari driver. Welcome to the


highlights of the Italian grumpy from the famous old circuits -- the


Italian Grand Prix. Here is how or the drivers' championship looked


before today's race. Sebastian Patel has that huge lead. As far as


the constructors championship is concerned, nothing has been decided,


despite Red Bull having a mammoth 426 points. How much would Ferrari


love a strong weekend here? Red Bull have traditionally struggled


here. And what can Lewis Hamilton go after a difficult couple of


races. Ted Kravitz tells us what happened in qualifying.


The slow pace of life in Monza's role Park gets turned upside down


when the Grand Prix comes to town. Ferrari is the passion phrenic


enthusiastic crowd. The early action came from Pastor Maldonado


and pitched his Williams into a spin. Nico Rosberg is trying


something different by running the hard tie at the start. That means


he was slow in qualifying but will be quick at the end of the race.


Michael Schumacher is one place ahead of him on the grid, with the


standard tyre tactic. We have a different strategy between Nico


Rosberg and myself. We will find out which is the better one. It is


a team effort to try to cover us for both circumstances. Ferrari


tried an old strips -- slipstream in trick to try to get along so


further up the grid. It worked - Alonso his 4th and the obliging


Felipe Massa is only 6th. We know how important the slipstream is


here in Monza, because it is a very good position to be in 4th, so that


is looking good. You will be near the front for the first couple of


laps,. I couldn't manage to put everything together, so it was a


shame because of that. It was a messy session for Mark Webber. He


is running different gear ratios than Sebastien Vettel. 5th is the


result. So the fight for poll will be between Sebastien Vettel and the


McLaren's. Approaching the Ascari chicane, the back kicked out into a


Monza drift, not the fastest way around the corner. That gave the


McLaren cars a chance, but they couldn't take the advantage. With


both Button and Hamilton managing to out-brake themselves, it didn't


go for them. Half a second from Sebastian is a long way, but it is


also Saturday, and tomorrow is the big day. Firstly I want to finish,


and if we have an opportunity to get in the lead, I will take it. It


has been a while since I finished this race, so that is the first


step. I am very happy. We feared that in qualifying we might be too


slow on the straights, but we got everything together, and the


balance was perfect, so in the corners I was able to catch up, and


still managed to be quicker than the others. Previously on the


circuit we were struggling, so it is nice to come back.


So, Vettel on pole position for them 10th time this season. Lewis


Hamilton alongside, and Jenson Button behind, both ready to attack.


Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber have strong race pace, an


impressive 7th for Vitaly Petrov. Paul di Resta and qualified Adrian


Sutil. It isn't all Williams rose 7, while the Toro Rosso has line-up at


the back. Rookie Daniel Ricardo out qualified his more experienced team


made Vitantonio Liuzzi for the Commentator: It is full throttle as


they go round this high-speed layout. It is a challenge for


everybody. They now have to find the perfect bite point of the


clutch to get off the line and down to the first corner. And the


trigger from that is when the five lights go out. We don't bother with


the green. And the Monza race is under way. Wheelspin there from


under way. Wheelspin there from Vettel. There are side by side.


Hamilton and Vettel are touching. Alonso leads the Italian Grand Prix


- oh, we have got a car approaching sideways, and he takes to out with


him. Barrichello was in there. Somebody came sideways down the


grass into the first corner. Alonso Leeds, and Sebastien Vettel is


coming back at him straight away. Michael Schumacher is a head off


Felipe Massa. The safety car is out, and surprisingly, because the


carnage is in the middle of the track on the first chicane. Who


have we got in here? We have Liuzzi, Rosberg, Petrov. The black helmet


they are recognising many of the ice hockey players killed in the


crash earlier in the week. Barrichello trying to get his car


going again. He beached himself trying to get over that sleeping


policemen. That is what put Alonso, so lucky Ian Hamilton didn't


connect has been around. It is the HRT with its wheels on the grass,


and then no grip. The green bits will not help you. He was going


straight to the scene of several other people's accidents right


there. Totally caused all of that. That is Kobayashi with a damaged


nose. Alonso, to the obvious delight of the crowd, leads the


Grande Parade. That was complete carnage in the middle of the pack -


position on the grade as we take the lead. You are allowed to do


this on the right at the start. He keeps his foot absolutely planted,


as you would expect. Some nice fresh air, and inside that corner.


The rpm increased on the engine as he put the wheel on the grass. It


just shows how tight he was. That managed to negotiate the first car,


but he was blocked by the second. Liuzzi's problems started much


earlier when he had to avoid another car, pulled onto the grass,


and never scooped up. This will change the face of the race.


Alguersuari up to seven. Petrov is out of the race, so it doesn't


matter what he won and lost now. They can't overtake until they get


to the second safety car. There are all looking relatively in line. Who


is going to be able to? Sebastien Vettel was caught slightly sleeping


there, I must say. Has he got a slipstream from the Ferrari? He has,


but not enough. Michael Schumacher, then, punishes Lewis Hamilton for


his sleepy restart. And Mark Webber, also through there, so Mark Webber


for Red Bull... And Vettel, so much acceleration down the outside of


that first chicane. Alonso is having none of that. Why do you


think Vettel is so much stronger of that chicane? He was buzzing the


limiter for several seconds. He is trying to have good race pace. They


have 140 kilos of fuel on board. This is critical time for Alonso.


He has got to break one-second margin to Sebastian Vatel in the


first two laps, otherwise he will be wide-open to a dose of BRS and a


dose of KERS. -- a dose of DRS. Michael Schumacher is having


another tremendous start to this Grand Prix as we have seen. How


sweet would that have felt for him passing Hamilton in the first


chicane? Look, Vettel has got the legs on the Ferrari. Alonso is


trying to break the tower immediately. It looks like more


than one move to me. Look at this, whether with a contact, Andy has


lost his nose. Vettel is going to go down the outside, that is a


better line as long as he doesn't end up with too much grass. Alonso


pushed him wide, he would have none of it, and Vettel has the turning


point, and that was bravery at 200 mph. Vettel came out the winner.


Anyone who doubts that Sebastien Vettel can race, that was brave


stuff. It never used to be flat in the days when you were racing with


the turbos. What a race. Hamilton is right behind Michael Schumacher.


Those have closed the gap as the two in front were trying to her


roast each other out. The yellow flag is out again at the moment.


Hamilton fancies redressing the balance of being caught napping on


the restart. Jenson Button got held up a little as weather and Felipe


Massa got together. We don't know if Massa managed to recover his


position. Here it is, on board with Mark Webber. He has a good


slipstream, down the outside, they nearly touch at that point. He then


tried to muscle his way around, and hit the kerb, flies through the air,


and Felipe Massa came off. He had the outside line in the first part,


put him on the outside, and you can see that he has gone into the


barriers trying to get back to the pits. Let's wait and see. It was


clearly front wing damage. I wonder if that has gone under the front of


the car, and he has lost his steering. Michael Schumacher


looking at second place. These three are fighting over second


place, Alonso, Schumacher, Hamilton, all former world champions. They


know what it takes. Schumacher maintains the position at the


moment, but that has allowed Alonso to build a little bit of space


between them. Alonso seems very slow after two chicanes. He was


fast yesterday in qualifying. Obviously a very different


situation when you have all that fuel aboard. Maybe the Ferrari has


got a bit more weight in the car. We don't know what configuration


they have chosen to raise their engine. If they would want to win


any race, it would be the home race in Monza. Five champions fill the


top five places. DRS has been enabled, which should help if


Carlton is within a second of Schumacher. He certainly is, but


the Mercedes is so much faster in a straight line than the McLaren


Mercedes. His DRS Open? It is not. I wonder why. It didn't look like


it. It looked like it was initially, but then it looked like it was


closed. A lot of turbulence in that front wing. Massow looks like he is


through. He is up in ninth place. Eighth place, with that move.


Alonso, Schumacher, Hamilton. Five World champions in the top five


places. Maldonado was six. But he is three seconds off the pace.


Jenson Button, homing in on this fight. They're so busy watching


each other that they are losing time. Schumacher is outside the


white lines, one of the few places, Ascari, where it is the better


option. Parabolica corner. Mark Webber has no front wing. No front


downforce. And a rather pathetic feeling as he has a minor incident


with the wall. That shows you... The Windies underneath his car, not


underneath his tyres but it shows you how effective those winds are.


-- the wings are underneath his car. They are there to push the car into


the ground. You will have a massive offset in balance. TED KRAVITZ:


Hard tyres ready for Mark Webber. Lewis Hamilton's DRS did not walk


on that main stretch. -- did not work. The of sat between Schumacher


and the McLaren Mercedes was 12 kilometres an hour. Michael


Schumacher has that advantage. They reckon the DRS is worth 15


kilometres an hour on this track. That explains why it is so


difficult for our Lewis Hamilton. He is not getting the advantage of


the extra momentum. That the arrest was wide open on Lewis Hamilton


just there. -- the SDRs. Will he remember to use it? Maybe he did


not realise he could use it? What effect will laugh off? -- will that


have. A good strategy for Michael at the moment. Did I here Lewis


Hamilton on the rev limiter? Or is that just interference on the sound


transmission? RADIO: Straight speeds look OK. Schumacher is just


very high. Explain that one to me. End of straight speed is OK but the


guy in front is just a bit quicker? That is them saying, you were not


slow, he is fast. The net result is the same. He should have delivered


the old, good news, bad years, and more about his. Michael feels the


need to go defensive into Ascari. The problem is, that is such a


tricky piece of racetrack when you are by yourself. All he can do now


is try to stay as close as possible. Surprisingly, Lewis Hamilton is


right with him. Lewis Hamilton looks better positioned. Is his


DRS...? He does not open it until far down. It is close again. What


is that about? We know that they had some issues during practice.


When they were reattached in the wings, they were stolen. -- they


were stalling. They should be a straight forward pass. Confidently


turning into the apex. Felipe Massa does to Maldonado what Mark Webber


was trying to do to him. Lewis Hamilton, out of the slick screen.


-- slipstream. Michael conceding the place. Very tidy. Nice indeed.


Schumacher's still has that speed and he now has the slipstream. Is


he going to take that place? Lewis Hamilton did not cut him off early


enough. He has to be more aggressive. Jenson Button, now


joining the party. As with Kobayashi in Spa two weeks ago, he


needed to cut him off. All the way down to the second chicane, they


were beaten for qualifying times, but consistently, they have been


doing it. Lewis Hamilton getting Michael Schumacher to go defensive.


This is going to be... Messy. thought I would go Conservative!


Well Jenson Button say, now it is my time, I will show you what I can


do? 49 competitive over takers -- overtakes. Hamilton has the DRS.


Michael Schumacher only has his horsepower to defend wife and a bit


of KERS. -- defend with. Michael Schumacher, the man who has won


this Grand Prix five times. KRAVITZ: Groans of frustration in


the McLaren garage. They are going to have to change their strategy.


RADIO: Michael was holding up the two McLarens. They are second a lap


slower. That is the message to Felipe Massa. Alonso and Sebastian


Vettel will be dancing. Button... I think they're going to call a


driver in soon. As Rob Smedley pointed out to Felipe Massa, he is


now in sex. -- in sixth place. Hamilton, with that slipstream


again. Such a short brake in zone. The car is five metres long, if


you're going to be five metres better and the brakes, you need a


braking zone. There is not one at the Parabolica corner. The team


principal at McLaren, watching his men. The DRS is open, and Sue Makah


bouncing along on 18,000 revs. He can do nothing about it. --


Schumacher. Mercedes has gear at their car -- he had their car to


use all of the rpm without DRS. McLaren are just banging up against


the red metre. You hit a speed and you cannot go any faster. It is all


going to be about pit-stop strategy unless Lewis Hamilton or Jenson


Button can make this happen on the track. As soon as we going to the


pits, this play will be off but Alonso is now 4.5 seconds ahead. In


the lead, by nine seconds, his Sebastian Vettel. Mark Webber is


out of the Grand Prix in the second Red Bull. We have lost d'Ambrosio,


Petrov, Rosberg and Liuzzi. The detection zone is on the exit of


this corner. The activation of DRS is quite a long way down. There


they go. They are both on that. Hamilton, ducking back in.


Schumacher has had to go very defensive. This is Lewis Hamilton's


chance. He was on the grassesque -- on the grass! Button takes the


position as Schumacher complains about his rear tyres. Lewis was


shot on the class -- on the grass. Verdict? Michael was ahead and he


could pick his line. In sporting etiquette, that was right on the


limit. For my book, it was one foot over it. He gave Lewis Hamilton a


chop. Lewis has been very clean with Michael so far. Michael...


Jenson Button is around the outside interests Gary. There is a chance


for Lewis Hamilton. Jenson Button's mother wasabi. Lewis Hamilton will


be furious with Michael. completely agree with you. As


Schumacher is pushing the boundaries. Ofwat is correct and


what is not, he has been on the limit. -- of what is correct. That


we understood that Hamilton was going to pit. The mechanics are


ready. As soon as they got the message, they told him to stay out.


Schumacher goes on to a brand new set of soft tyres, which she was


able to have because he only did one run in qualifying. Take us


through this. Michael sees Lewis take the inside line and chops in


front of them. You could say he is entitled to take his position, he


takes a tight line on entry. He is racing, but you see how much Lewis


Hamilton had to move out. That was a heart-stopping moment. This is a


replay. It works so much better for Jenson Button to make them move.


Michael's rear tyres had reached the cliff. Michael has been all


over the track defending, picking up dust. All the time, Jenson was


just preserving his tyres, avoiding blisters, and then when he got the


opportunity, he could make it stay. And one man not interested in that


excitement, Sebastian Vettel, moving into his a team flat and has


not been able to -- has not been needed -- have not -- has not


needed to come in for tyres. Jenson Button pits for McLaren. Soft tyres


on that car. How long will it take them? It looked good. Lovely clear


space, providing he can stay ahead of the traffic. 3.5 seconds, that


stop. Making his way into the chicane. Hamilton is coming in, and


at the end of lap 18. And away he goes. Another pit-stop from the


McLaren boys, well done. Jenson Button is ahead of him. Schumacher,


just to his left. He takes the position away. That will please


Lewis Hamilton. They pitted Jenson first, and that has kept him ahead.


They pitted Lewis next, and that killed him dead. TED KRAVITZ: Good


thinking from Mercedes. More frustration at McLaren. McLaren, do


you want to call this battle...? This is Maldonado and Perez and


Abdul Shorey fighting over 7th, 8th and 9th. -- Alguersuari. He made it


past the pair of them. Sergio Perez, up into eight position.


KRAVITZ: Soft tyres, going on the Ferrari. The reason why McLaren


were running that day when, they thought they would be fighting with


the Red Bull. It has a Renault engine. They never imagined they


would be up against a Mercedes with the same Mercedes engine that they


have. As soon as they realise that was the situation, they were always


on to a loser. That is why it is going to be a big ask for McLaren


second stop. -- in the pit. We know that the McLaren is over all fast


on the lap. But because of his great start and a number of other


activities, and still sue macro will not yield, and why should he?


Now he is having to get really defensive on his way in - and that


is two moves. The rules are very clear. You can make one change of


direction, and you cannot move back. I am fully expecting the hear a


radio message soon as the Sebastian Vettel pits from the lead. And away


he goes. He has been absolutely untroubled once he managed to


retake the lead after the fast starting Alonso. It was a 3.7


second pit, but they had no need to panic and rush. Massa is now up


into second place, but he has yet to pit. Remember he was pointing


the wrong way after contact with Mark Webber. Again it in at the


slipstream, again with the DRS Open. And it is going to have to be a


brave move that puts him past Michael Schumacher. How far away is


Jenson Button? RADIO: The FIA are aware. That is what we were


expecting. What you think they will do about it? Derek Daly, the Indy


Car Driver, is the driving element of the stewards. You are only


allowed one move. It is a very clear move was stop I came here the


Schumacher fans saying, jealous old David Coulthard! But it is the


rules. They have designed this rule for the safety of the drivers and


the safety of the crowd. Ted? Hamilton is losing one second per


lap. Jenson Button has just done his personal best of the race, at


27.09. He is doing a great job of closing in on Alonso. Button only a


second behind Alonso. He has just done a 1:27.06. He drove


beautifully, his style, he seems to like these low downforce balance as


well. We watch Buemi going around the outside of Maldonado, for 10th


and 11th place. Maldonado is slipping backwards after that


tremendous start. Vettel, Alonso, button, and then Schumacher and


Hamilton fighting for 4th and 5th. Hamilton's tyres will wear out more


quickly. RADIO: Michael, please make sure you leave room for the


car when you move in each direction. That is Ross talking to his driver


with a coded message, yes we are doing something about this. FIA


stewards could read that that they think even he thinks this is out of


order. That was a clear statement from Ross Brawn. He has worked a


long time with Michael. We saw with those last couple of laps, Michael


leaving a lot more space. He will get a slipstream from the car in


front. And possibly even DRS as Button closes in very quickly on


Alonso. This is the second and third. Lewis is on the limiter


almost by himself now. Hunting down a feisty Michael Schumacher who


doesn't want to yield. His car is the fastest in a straight line.


Button is now 7.7 seconds clear of that sue macro Hamilton fight. --


Schumacher/Hamilton fight. How do think sue macro will receive that a


message from Ross Brawn? -- How do you think Schumacher will receive


that message? He always pushes the boundaries, and he often gets away


with it, so he is the clever one. He has pushed the boundaries this


afternoon, but I don't think there is a penalty necessary. Now maybe


he has broken the back of this race and will be able to keep Lewis at


bay. But 4th or even 5th place for Michael would be a great result at


this stage of the season. When Barton got his chance, he took it


straight away and passed on the outside. He made it easily. -- when


Jenson Button got his chance. Has he taken that position? He has


indeed, he is through, so Michael almost yielding to him, finally,


there. I think Schumacher realised that finally it was a done deal.


Yes, around the outside into Ascari chicane. He buzzes into the limiter.


I don't think Michael would bother with that one again. Michael


Schumacher is now in a comfortable 5th place, with Felipe Massa or 14


seconds behind. I think he has had enough of that particular fight,


and he knows it is doing no good, it is only a matter of time when he


loses that position to Lewis, and he must be now thinking, I have got


to fend off Felipe Massa for six. We enjoyed that. But we have had


enough of that, now. And new battle to look for, bottom versus Alonso,


13 seconds off the lead -- Jenson Button versus Alonso. This race


often lasts only an hour and 20 minutes due to the high-speed


nature of the place. Michael is going left to defend, and staying


left, and Lewis going clean around the outside. That was actually a


clear yield. On board with the Toro Rosso. As they go up to the Force


India of do Leicester. That was -- Paul di Resta. That was sadly very


easy indeed. Paul di Resta is meant to be about six or seven tenths of


a lap slower. He is now 9th. It looks like he has got a bit of a


fight on his hands to stay in the points. Mark Webber has been found


Very bad luck. Tell us what happened. Filippi started to come


across, and then I wasn't sure if he was going to come that far


across, and then it turned out when I got awards turn to, I started to


bail-out of the move, but those curves are so high on the inside,


if you clipped the inside, it the pit, and they knew there was


some damage, but I didn't know that the front wing was jammed under the


front of the car, and I lost the steering. It is a bit of a dent to


any championship aspirations you may have had. What are you aiming


for now? I think we are all battling for second. Vatel would


have to have an incredibly disappointing finish to the season


for anybody to take this off in now -- Sebastian Vatel. -- Sebastien


Vettel. He pitied exactly the same time as Rubens Barrichello, who is


lapping. Barrichello is quite cautious up to the speed line, and


Jenson Button trying to pass him. He missed the chicane, Rubens


Barrichello, on the way out. There is a car being pushed out of the


way. That will have cost Jenson Button and his gap to Fernando


Let's hear from Rubens Barrichello. Breathing space, David. That is


what Ferrari are concerned about, breathing space. I asked how


Alonso's race was going, and they are worried about whether he will


keep his place on the podium. They can see that the McLaren's are


gaining on him, and they say he is pushing. Ferrari are now out.


McLaren are reacting. Alonso has come into the pit. We have yellow


flags out. A good pit-stop again for Ferrari as we now await Lewis


Hamilton into his human garage. The car is boiling hot, the brakes at


nearly 1,000 centigrade, the engine well over 125 centigrade as he


drives his McLaren into the garage, and he is now again behind


Barrichello. Hamilton fresh out of tyres. Will him a -- a fresh set of


tyres, well that get into the end of the Drumcree? -- to the end of


the Grand Prix? It was actually even closer to Alonso then he was


before the pit stop phase, but it didn't quite clear him. They are


both on the Prime hard tyres, so everything that went before was


with a slightly grittier tyre, and less fuel. Here comes hour race


leader, Sebastien Vettel. No pressure during this stop. They are


really getting that fine-tuned now towards the end of the season. This


is the fight for second. They are coming out of Ascari as Vettel is


coasting out of the pit lane. will be interesting is Ferrari


historically have not been giving a harder tyre. Mark Webber is


reflecting on what might have been. Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button,


and as we were saying, Ferrari are typically not as good on the harder


tyres. We have already seen the Jenson Button was faster on the


option. So you fancy that Button has a very


good chance of taking second place at this stage? Eight looks like he


is looking already, and unlike Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso


does leave room. They ran down into the second chicane. Surely an error


there from Alonso, because he was extra slow on that corner. Alonso


has no traction, it seems to me. Very short of traction on this


harder compound tyre. It is all within a scale. Whatever you call


these tyres, they are very soft rubber compared to what we used to


run with. They appear to have issues Keating their tyres. Jenson


Button taking advantage of the slipstream of a Lotus he is lapping.


Looking at how easy that walls, managing to duck right underneath


the back. That could be the best result for Lotus, 12 at the moment.


That is Heikki Kovalainen. Sebastian Vettel leads Michael


Schumacher at the moment by 4.8 seconds. Sue macro presumably has


to stop again. -- Schumacher has to stop again. He is 15.6 seconds off


the lead. Can he start putting the red ball under pressure? You say


the tyres come out of the blanket at 100 degrees, but I always felt


it is like getting into a pair of jeans. You have to get them on the


track, move the side wall, stretch the tyre with the centrifugal


forces, lean against them on breaking before they really give


you the performance. Your genes tend to be a lot tighter than mine!


trouble since he took the lead again after Alonso's mighty start.


After that, it was really about who could negotiate Michael Schumacher


and particularly the incredible fight between him and Lewis


Hamilton. That was tough racing in the extreme. No doubt about that.


As it happened, Button made his way past both of them. That has made


the difference. That gave him the chance to take Alonso. He did not


drop behind Schumacher at the next stop. That was a pivotal lap or two.


Getting through those two so quickly has got him into a


comfortable second place. Another great weekend for Jenson Button. He


said he left a little bit of time behind in qualifying. That would


have only been for the Inter Odense battle. -- Pinter Tina. I think he


was just keeping his tyres under control and watching the fight in


front. Knowing the history of Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, I


think he just wanted to keep back in case there was an incident. Once


again, this is showing who leader is in McLaren. Jenson Button said


it was them. -- said it was him. Ted Kravitz he is apparently in


need of some encouragement. I just asked Simon Roberts of the planets.


He said the plan is to catch Alonso. He said, we just have to encourage


him that he can do it. After the day that Lewis Hamilton has had, he


apparently needed a pick me up. Let's see what he says when he gets


out of the car, about the wheel to wheel action. When you look at


Webber, there is more wheel-to- wheel action than I can remember


for a long time. Some wonderful race tracks coming up. Six more


rounds after this race finishes. Singapore and Sao Paulo, tremendous


race tracks. Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, the new track that


nobody knows, Abu Dhabi and finishing up in Brazil before


Christmas. We are on the penultimate lap of the Grand Prix.


Hamilton has a clear picture of his target. Fernando Alonso's Ferrari


gearbox. Hamilton is three-tenths up in the middle sector. Heading


towards the Ascari chicane. Six tents on this latter alone,


Hamilton. -- six tenths. The traffic will give him the chance to


get in the one seconds owned and used his DRS, which may neutralise


the speed at which Hamilton is catching him. -- 1 second zone.


Watches rear wing. Is it available? It is not. The only DRS that is any


use is the exit. There is a new fastest lap in the Grand Prix,


1:26.8. The DIS arrest does not kick in until the race is over. --


the DRS. Bruno Senna is ahead, 1.9 behind di Resta. He has caught a


massively. There is another fight going on. Sebastian Vettel was


going through the Ascari chicane. Towards the end of the Grand Prix.


Jenson Button has Alguersuari in front of them. It is still on


heading into the chicane. It will have to be within the next two


braking zones. Alonso was fighting. He has nothing in his pocket in


terms of speed. Sebastian Vettel crosses the line, for his 18th


Grand Prix victory. Untroubled at Monza. The big story, Jenson Button


will finish second. No chances for Hamilton. The finish line is very


soon. Jenson Button has finished second and Alonso was on the podium.


Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa have yet to come home. Schumacher


does that, with a strong fifth place. Ahead of Felipe Massa, six.


-- 6 Mac. That is the first time that a Red Bull has not finished in


the points all season. RADIO: You have won the Italian Grand Prix.


Fantastic! Yes! We did it! We blew them away! Thank you, boys.


third time this season that Sebastian Vettel, Button and Alonso


have shared the podium. One of the best podiums in the world in any


sport. I love that image here in Monza. More Grand Prix tracts,


please get the fans below the podium. -- tracks. Jenson Button,


with his third podium in succession, finishers seconds. -- finishes


second. Lewis Hamilton could not quite get on the podium, finishing


4th. Michael Schumacher, was he being naughty? We will hear from


him shortly. As far as the standings are concerned, Sebastien


fettle is in the lead. 112 points over Fernando Alonso. -- Sebastian


Vettel. Mark Webber did not finish today. Red Bull, at the top of the


Constructors' Championship. Let us hear from the men at the centre of


hear from the men at the centre of hear from the men at the centre of


the action. Congratulations. It was an


interesting start. You dropped it position but what a pass when you


to go back. -- took it back. I knew from the lap before but it was


possible. I had a good exit and then I was able to get into


Fernando's position. I thought if I moved right, he would have the


inside and he would handbrakes the car somehow. I decided to go left


and I found myself on the inside. I was quite confident that I had the


inside line. I thought I would make it. It was great and from then


onwards, it was crucial to pull-out and use the speed that we had.


was nice to fight back. I am getting fed up of doing that. It is


frustrating. We had such a small problem at the start. It costs you


delay. I was in 6th, and then at the restart, I had no way of


keeping Mark Webber back. In seventh place, obviously, Sebastian


was able to get in front. I finally got past Lewis Hamilton and Michael


in one lap. And then I had to set about getting close to Fernando


again. It was too difficult to overtake. We led the race in the


first couple of laps and we enjoyed that. Afterwards, there was a good


battle with Jenson for the podium. It was good. Help for Michael, but


it was good to taste the podium again. Michael, another great start.


It was a fun afternoon. Some big battles with UN Michael. Did you


think it was clean and fair? -- you and Michael. That is racing. I felt


I did exactly what I was supposed to do. As far as I understand,


there was no request for me to see the stewards. So why guess all is


in order. I heard you saying something about one move on the


team radio. Did he adhere to that? Sure. By lap time was not there.


Alguersuari was still there. We will take the four points. It is a


good position in the championship. You have a commanding lead in the


championship and if things went your way, you could win it at the


next race. Wood, could, should. To be honest, the secret is not to


expect too much. There is a chance he will be disappointed. The


ultimate goal this season, when we started, was to defend the title. I


think we are in a good position. was great seeing these world


champions battling hard against one another. Five in the top five.


that the first time ever? I'm not sure. Used to check out -- you


should check out that fact. On that should check out that fact. On that


note, goodbye. Some victory for Sebastian Vettel.


Quite a few battles the right that Grand Prix, particularly between


Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. Did Michael Schumacher


overstepped the mark? Lewis Hamilton should never have been


behind Michael. He was caught napping at the restart. He was


behind him and tried to make the pass. Michael's move was marginal,


so much so that the team principal came on the radio and was very firm


in his instruction. "Pick Your Place and stick with it". That


allowed Button to finish second and Lewis Hamilton eventually got track


position over Michael. Once again, the Schumacher moves are still


there for. What was it that Jenson Button did that Lewis Hamilton


could not? He tried to get past Schumacher and Jenson Button


managed it at the first opportunity. The longer you spend running behind


the current front, you will receive your tyres and lose aerodynamic


performance. Jenson Button got there, pulled off the past and was


able to get on. I think he was just able to make the move quickly.


Further back, some great -- great driving -- a great driving from


Bruno Senna. A strong race from the younger guys. They have to showcase


talent. Bruno Senna went quite a way to say to Reynolds that, yes,


his first Grand Prix in Spa was rusty, but he put in a great


performance. Sebastian Vettel, out of trouble and at the front. And he


was emotional, cos he won his first Grand Prix here. He knows his


significance -- the significance of winning in Italy. He has written


his name on the trophy for the World Championship again. I would


have expected a motion from Lewis Hamilton in the cockpit. Equally,


an awful lot of emotion on the top step of the podium. Sebastian


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