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The Korean Grand Prix

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fantastic. There are so many things you want to say in this moment but


going for glory? Going for glory, that is why we are here.


You are the 2011 world champion - well done! I am just so thankful to


everyone in the team and it is great to achieve the goal we set


indulgence cue can beat when reflecting on this sport. Life has


moved on for the man and his car. It is all about picking up another


trophy and adding another win. Thanks for getting up early and


joining us for like Formula One. David Coulthard is with me, no


Eddie Jordan last week -- this weekend, but last weekend we got a


close-up of Sebastian Vettel becoming world champion. Could the


one way to describe that was emotional? We saw the tears in his


eyes, as he realised the enormity of his achievement. He is a man who


appreciates history. Apart from a bit of a hangover the following day,


was he quite reflective? He was, he was talking about you have to be


comfortable with the man you see in the mirror. The said he does not


always feel comfortable with that man. But across the course of the


season he is comfortable with how he has won his second Championship.


And he wasn't even out of bed at 6:00am. It has just gone 2pm and we


are less than an hour away until the race begins. It is much a


celebration for Sebastian Vettel who is a global start. He has


wandered world title and has enjoyed 15 different countries, 15


races. We have had four winners, and talking of difference, there is


no where we visit quite like South say, the grandstand is filling up.


There were thousands of fans as we came out, David, are you ready to


answer some questions? What have you made a South Korea. This is


your first trip here and this is all the entertainment. You cannot


say they have not made an effort? was very underwhelmed when I


arrived because the track is by an industrialised area. But as time


has gone on, and talking to the people, and you can see the efforts,


they are behind his Grand Prix. I expect a full crowd. I do cute the


sights and sounds of the local town, Yeongam, what do you make of it?


is a lot of neon. We went to a nice restaurant, good energy and lots of


families enjoying themselves. There is a higher IQ in his country and


they are making good use of it. They look at the fact we are five


hours on a bus from Seoul, a rural area, but you have to make an


effort to get here, but when you do, it is a special track. I was


talking to a lot of the drivers last night, there is only one main


hotel and everybody was hanging out there. They love this Middlesex and.


They get up to 200 mph,. -- middle section. The specimen may have low


fuel,. The we have discussed how special it is to be here and how


brilliance Sebastian Vettel's win was. Nobody talked about Jenson


Button winning. Is it because the title has been one this win is


overlooked light Mark Webber in Brazil in 2009? That was a


fantastic victory for Jenson Button, he had to control his emotions at


the beginning of the race. He felt Sebastian Vettel was a little bit


aggressive. He was passed by Lewis Hamilton, and never a good thing


when you have two cars in front of you. He managed, he come through


and won the race with just the much -- Justina fuel to cross the line.


The man who use of them will be the man for of confidence because that


is Jenson Button who won the last race and that means the gap between


him and Sebastian Vettel is 114 points. But he cannot catch him, he


is looking over his shoulder at the last of Fernando Alonso, Lewis


Hamilton and Mark Webber who are all chasing second place. Red Bull


aim they added do better than McLaren or equal their results. If


that happens, Red Bull will be the constructors champions this year.


Where would Jenson Button be starting on the grid? That victory


in Japan men's McLaren have managed wraps up the Championship in Japan,


and a week later in Maradas Lakoue we are treated soon the most


uncompetitive qualifying of the year. It has been 14 years since


Williams are won a Championship and Rubens Barrichello was the first


big-name knocked out after struggling. Michael Schumacher


missed the top 10 after a wheel vibrations slowed him down. Today


didn't go to plan. It is my first by a qualifying of the year, and I


hope tomorrow will be a better day. At the end of the day these things


happen. The car is consistent and hopefully it will be the right


sector for tomorrow. Force India made it into the top 10 shoot-out


but a elected not to set a time to save tyres. Felipe Massa and


qualified Fernando Alonso for the second time in successive races.


But he has not been given the new from win this weekend that has gone


to Alonso. But Fernando is not sure whether it made things better or


worse. Or was the new wing OK? No answer,


maybe. I was able to do a good lap, even not having the new front wing.


I think it was very positive for me. I am looking forward to have a good


raise false start that left an intense final few minutes as


McLaren tried to end Red Bull's domination in qualifying. Mark


Webber is fourth on the grid. Jenson Button his third. McLaren


are at a slight disadvantage after Red Bull managed to save three sets


of tyres were as McLaren only have two new sets for the race. It was


an event for last lap was Sebastian Vettel. Red Bull chose to be lost


on the track, but they were running out of time to fit new tyres and


refuel. In his haste to get back to the pits, Sebastian Vettel cut the


corner of turn five, which is against the rules. The stewards


investigated but designed -- decided he had not gained an


advantage and let him off. Lewis Hamilton parked his personal


comments in the garage and drove a stunning lap for his first pole


position of the season. It has been a roller-coaster of a year. It is


great to be there and it is AA better starting position for


tomorrow. But Samarra is an important day. -- tomorrow. I was


surprised in Q3 to see how close we were. We ran a bit of a different


strategy regarding the tyres. But it turns out to be an advantage. We


hope to take the fight to them tomorrow. We should be in good


shape, probably a bit better in the race than last week. One of our set


of tyres has a three-time lack. Hopefully when we put on our new


set of tyres, if we do, we will be so far in the lead, it won't matter.


Lewis Hamilton looking to win to cheer himself up. Jenson Button is


pleased to be on the clean side of the grid. Mark Webber leads the


Ferrari's who will be a factor. Rosberg fans that Petrov lead the


from here for Daniel Ricardo. Lewis Hamilton said he cannot see very


much out of his wing mirrors, but he will need them today because he


starts at the front. As we heard from Martin Whitmarsh, it is


important for a team to show they have the right combination of


driver and car. From the get go, Lewis Hamilton was looking most


likely. In wet conditions in all three practice sessions he was


fastest. In the car, he was supreme. Great to hear you and Martin


enjoying his driving. He did his talking on the track yesterday. But


he has had some interesting stuff to say off the track. People will


be asking what the problems are. Is that something you can shed any


light on? No, I cannot explain. I am still trying to figure it out.


Will a wind changed all that and get you back to a happy place?


don't think so, I think a winner would be great for the team, but I


think it will take some time and take a lot to recover from the


difficulties we have had this year. Finally, something other than a Red


Bull on pole position. Lewis Hamilton takes it. Congratulate


shins, your first pole position in a long time, it appears you have


your swagger back? Yes. It is an emotional pole position? Not really,


it has been a roller-coaster of the year. To be back on pole position


is a great feeling of course. I have had some difficult races in


the past, so hopefully I will try to redeem myself tomorrow. Smiling


has been a rare thing to see Lewis Hamilton do this weekend. The most


telling moments, he climbs out of the car and this is his body


language afterwards. It tells us just as much as any of those


interviews. What did thing is going on? I thought he had injured his


back or something, he got out of the car so slowly. He has had that


car by the scruff of the neck and delivered a beautiful lap. He


clearly has some other issues in his mind. I think he needs a break.


Sincere arrived in Formula One he has been under a relentless


spotlight. I know people at home might say, poor little wealthy a


racing driver. But people have to walk a mile in his shoes. And he


has talons in abundance but he needs to get away from the end of


the season and recover. -- talent. I think he needs to get away and


enjoy a long winter break and regroup for next year. You have


walked a mile in his shoes, he has just appeared in the back of the


garage. We don't have to look far to seek his support no work. When


you drove for this team and you are struggling, we know you had an


issue in qualifying for a period, did you get the support you need


driver to do the best for the car and all the support that the driver


needs, they are individuals in their own way, and the team reacts


to that. McLaren have had 700 Grand Prix, they have dealt with many


drivers. We cannot wait until there is Hamilton is smiling again and


winning races because he's a fantastic guy to watch. Lewis, with


a smile on his face, he is a character and that is what we want


to see him again. There should be the happiest moment of his life in


many ways so hopefully he will have that grin back again soon. A few


rows behind him is the man starting 13th and has not got next year's


drive confirmed yet. I am joined by a Sebastien Buemi. We did not have


a lot of running on Friday. It was wet and today he is going to be a


dry race. Yesterday we had quite a long run which was quite promising.


How much is the Constructors' Championship in your mind? It is in


everyone's minds in the team but I believe we have a chance to finish


and fight against the Sauber. Yesterday we went very close to


them in qualifying. We will fight hard but I think we have our chance.


What about next year, do you feel you are in a battle to keep your


seat as there are a lot of young guys out there? I think it is part


of the team to give the opportunity to young drivers. It is also good


for us because you have a good comparison pointed you know what


you were doing. We concentrate as much as possible on the remaining


races before thinking about next year. Perhaps pressure on all the


drivers. As we walked out of the garage, David looked up to the sky


and it is a bit over cast. I spoke with one of the senior engineers


with McLaren and he is watching the local radar or very closely. The


word we have is no rain for the next 30 minutes at least. Would you


like to be a young driver in Formula One at the moment.


Reportedly 20 drivers lining themselves up for Williams next


year. It is cut-throat. It is. There are always three times as


many drivers as there are cars and the cream rises to the top.


Certainly Vitaly Petrov has risen to the top this year. This is on


lap 40 of this race last year. He stepped on the kerb and lost the


back end of the car. And all too familiar story for him, but how is


he feeling 12 months later? What is the plan for the start Galicia? --


this year? You never know. It will be difficult to win some places but


it looks like everything is ready. We have a good idea of what we will


do and we hope we can pass some people. Would you have to make an


early pit stop because your players have already done six laps?


cannot tell you! But we have some idea what to do. But it important


day, important to get some points for Renault. Definitely, this is my


target. My target first is to finish in front of Force India and


then maybe to have a fight with Rosberg. Strong qualifying from him


yesterday. This is the car belonging to Fernando Alonso which


starts in front of Petrov on the grid today. The message and the


beginning of the season from Ferrari this season was we are


going to win the title but the bare facts are that they have won 1


Grand Prix. Winning a Formula One Grand Prix is a very special


feeling but winning at Silverstone, with the history and tradition in


the UK, is the best, and it was a fantastic feeling. It was a slow


start in 2010 and the slow start this year. You have picked up in


the second half of the season but hitting the ground running in March


is important. Yes, it is important. This year it was a different


problem to. Everybody knows that we had a correlation problem between


the wind tunnel and the tracks. So we were putting new pieces in the


car from April and till February. In the winter they were working OK


but on the track they were negative. So the car in April was slower than


the February car. We understood that too late. When you talk to the


team about 2012, what is your message? We need to be more


creative with the car, and not always follow old ideas or other's


ideas, we need to have our own ideas and Our Own direction and


philosophy of developing the car. And everyone is focused and the


determination in the team is to come back with a winning period. I


think next year, hopefully in March, already from the first year, we


start with a different package. Last year you were full of


confidence for winning the title but the Red Bull took it and are


defending -- and have defended it this year. What has the other


Gary's done that you have not managed? I think they have


developed the car, they have new ideas and we were perhaps not so


aggressive with that. We were perhaps too conservative in some of


the ideas of the new car and we were behind. SoTwo or three months


behind. It is something that we have learnt in the last two years


and for next year we know the direction to go. And your concern


is that even there the updates that the team are bringing to knock seem


to be bringing you the performance? There have been very few updates in


the last few races. A new wing was perhaps the only one. We knew that


it was not going to be immediately quicker but it is just an idea, a


different philosophy of developing the car which is more towards the


2012 car so we are quite relaxed about the performance of the car


now. We know we will struggle in the remaining races but we need to


be cool about that and think of the future. His Ferrari all you were


dreamt it would be? -- is Ferrari all you dreamt it would be? Yes.


With two years experience I have to say it is even better than I


thought. From the first mechanic to the last engine there is pride in


everything they do. There are expectations win the race for


Ferrari. The championship is the altar but goal and we want to fight


for that texture. -- ultimate goal. For those Ferrari fans watching


back home, what is your message for them? Next year, we will start from


zero. No one at Ferrari is thinking now that we cannot achieve that.


There are a lot of expectations but it is a nice challenge that we want


to deliver next year. I am very optimistic. I imagine that when


Fernando wants to he can apply quite a bit of pressure to the


management of Ferrari. Yes, it is part of his personality. He is


still one of the bench marks in Formula One in terms of drivers and


he knows what it takes to win. He will be firm with the managers and


the engineers in telling them what you need from the car. There is


another message for Ferrari fans and journey have to look at the


floor of the pit lane to see that message. Those trips that we can


see the King the garage is a material that is used to help back


up aerodynamic information that you get. They have been painting that


on the new wing that Fernando has been using, sending it out on the


track, and then looking up the lines that tart left by the air as


it passes over the wing. This correlation issue that they are


discussing, where they take things from the wind tunnel and bring it


to the track and it does not deliver, using this old fashioned


technique they will be trying to see what is going on in real time.


Imagine you are Fernando Alonso, you are sitting in the team, and


you know that the developments have not been working. It is October,


you had a slow start to the year, Red Bull are running away with it,


how worried would you be? Be honest, that was such a long question that


you've lost me! I was still trying to imagine being Fernando Alonso!


He will be disappointed with the development of this car. But he is


not alone in this. This is not just about the driver, it is this huge


team of people. Arguably, you have most of Italy behind you. There is


a report in the newspapers every day about the performance of


Ferrari. He is old enough and wise enough to know that this is a long-


term process. They are going through the rebuilding process.


are going to get down to the end where Pirelli Spa based and talk


about tyres. Di Resta Fred starts in the top 10 for this race and


when you have not got a drive for next season strong qualifying and a


strong race is important. In ninth place start for you today, I


suppose you're only looking to go for it but it is a tricky first


corner and first lap here. It is with the two long straights. Last


year it was a safety car starting wet conditions. It will be the


tactics of when to use the KERS and when to defend. Hopefully we can


get away and, from there on, it is a better name with tyre strategy


there. It is another new circuit for you. As a rookie, how do you


approach this? I have been in the simulator. You watch the replay of


previous years but at the same time you're looking for the new trick of


the trade. Poky you can benefit from that. Yesterday you said you


were happy that Sauber was behind you and I presume that is in


relation to the contractor has championship. -- Constructors'


Championship. How a bigger thing is that for the drivers? It is a big


thing. Last year we were behind by one point and it makes a big


difference. There are four races to go with a lot of points to get and


it could go one way or another. That was a few minutes ago as Paul


was making his way to the drivers' parade. Now we can show you what is


happening in his car. The pit lane has just opened and the cars are


di Resta if he can do what Sebastian Vettel has done? A couple


of years ago he was beating Sebastian Vettel, now he is the


world champion. This is his season in his own words.


The new world champion, Sebastian Vettel. I think this season has


been great for us. We had a lot of good races. Even those races when


it wasn't looking too good for us, we sometimes won them all got a lot


of points out of it and finished on the podium. Pole position, that it


was some kind of dominant performance by the young German,


the reigning world champion. always had the pace. But it was


never easy and unlike five years ago, 10 years ago, pole position


did not guarantee you winning. Bravery at 200 miles an hour.


Nobody would yield and Sebastian Vettel came out the winner.


Sebastian Vettel is the master of Monaco. To win in Monaco has always


been a dream and to fulfil that dream is exceptional. By achieving


something many people, including ourselves, fought on Saturday that


we wouldn't win this race, especially on these tyres. But it


worked. The leader of the Championship did not a buckle under


pressure. Winning in Barcelona was special. We know that trapped


inside out. But I have a lot of pressure from Lewis Hamilton from


behind. It was a lot of work. There have been a lot of highlight, but


every single one, especially -- may be except Germany, has been special.


It was too complicated. It wasn't very complicated at all, very


uncomplicated for him. We have some very important looking Korean


people arriving, no doubt going on the grid and enjoying Formula One.


We cannot a kebab Sebastian Vettel, we cannot talk about Lewis


Hamilton's race without discussing tyres. We have soft tyres and the


super soft. Explain why some scenes described these as aggressive,


marginal or mad to bring them to this Grand Prix? You wouldn't tell


when they are sitting here because they look the same, apart from the


colour on the outside. But the compound on this super sub tier, is


thought to be marginal for this track, it is a very abrasive track.


All the time you are putting high- speed energy into the tyre it is


trying to rip the service from the construction. The closer you get to


the point of actually blistering the tyre then that is the point at


which it starts to lose serious amounts of rubber. You lose contact


then you are down to the canvas and you lose grip. It will be


fascinating for David and Martin to keep a cross strategy. We saw Red


Bull going out in Q1 and using the super soft tyres which had Ted


Kravitz getting confused. Then using them later on. What is


interesting is, Red Bull have used super soft and catch their soft


tyres safe and warm and looking lovely like this. Michael


Schumacher at Mercedes has used the soft side -- Soc tyres and saying


he has loads of the super sub tyres for the race. Two teams, and their


ideas are at odds with each other, why is that? Every car is different


and the way it uses tyres is different. You get into the balance


of the individual cars. Visits using more of the front axle or


more of the rear axle? In this track there is a smaller spread in


overall performance. If you put these tyres on your car, you would


go faster on the super soft. That is half the distance we saw in


Japan. When you get into a used tyre situation, it is about half


that. Red Bull feels it is better to have three sets of these are


available for the Grand Prix, hoping it will be more consistent


and get 20 laps out of the tyre. But any one of these, they think


may be only 12-15 laps. It is very early in the morning for this tier


confusion. Red Bull have said this is the one to be on to win his race.


How important is the super sub tier to look after its the the first


dewlaps? We have seen a lot of tier management this year. For the first


seven guys in the grip they will be going off the track on this tier.


If we think it can only last seven to ten laps, we will see people


pitting before at Ten. You'll have 160 kilos of fuel on board, more


weight and energy going into the car. The saving grace is the lap


times are slower than you see in qualifying. So the driver has to


manage that, make decisions how to use the tyres and he who dares wins.


If you thought it was simple, it clearly isn't. Just to throw


another spanner in the works, just as the drivers have their


strategies would be sorted, it is overcast and we are hearing there


may be a chance of rain. That is where these babies come into play,


the intermediate. Essential to work out it went to use them? Unlike


many other Grand Prix weekends, the teams have had the benefit of


running in wet conditions on Friday. They have all been with the


intermediate, which has the blue stripe. They know exactly what


tyres to use. If it rains, there will be chaos. A spot of rain


landed on my finger as you were talking. I think it is time for you


to go to the commentary box and made to find somewhere dry. And we


go to Martin Brundle on the grid. Congratulations for getting up


early. If you are recording, a welcome anyway. Of Formula One car


has never started a race on his grid, last year a race started


behind the safety car. They were not allowed to do any practice.


There was no tyre rubber in front of the grid at all. They left


Tyneside is dirty because all the cars run down the right-hand side


due to the way they exit the final corner. They need to be on the


right for the final corner which is only 120 metres. It is the third


shortest run of the year to the first corner. Those on the side of


the track will struggle to get away. You won't be going on the grass and


using that, it is pretty soft. And there is a strong wind coming from


behind. You can see with the flags at the top of the grandstand. A


tail wind into the first term which means they will have to break


earlier. But, there is a pretty big headwind component down the back


straight. Sebastian Vettel said if you saw qualifying yesterday, he


did not want to be in the lead going down there, it would be


better to be in second place and pick up the slipstream. Just a


quick word. It is drizzling but the radar looks pretty good. We will


see. We are going to go forward. Will be on the ragged edge today


bus-stop strategy will pay a key role. The first pit stop, how long


you can go and not come out into too much traffic. A long race as


well, looking forward to it will stop telling the viewers about the


head wind you will have. You can Dobkin like you're on a cycle and


get towed down there? If Lewis Hamilton is leading after the first


turn, whoever is leading after the first Turner will have someone down


the back straight. Have a good one. Felipe Massa is not on the grid. It


is a long run and they have gone through the pits at least once. You


can smell rain in the air. Let's see if we can have a quick word


with Rob. We are alive at the moment. Felipe Massa is not on the


grid, what is going on? He is coming now. I am not complaining


I'm just asking! He has been down, has done two starts as normal. The


Nano is not here either. We were just checking the car was OK.


weren't you are allowed to do practise starts on the grid


yesterday? No idea, I am not the right person to ask for star you'll


start will be critical today. That is what we need to do, we need to


beg the clutch in, make sure the drivers are doing the right


procedure. Normal procedure, all OK. Believe they Masson has a qualified


Fernando Alonso four out of the last six races, you must be


satisfied with that? Your team mate is your best reference for star We


have a great reference with Fernando. He is getting back on


form. He knocked back to where he should be but he is getting there.


We saw him having to yield to Fernando last Sunday in Japan?


Fernando past him fair and square but he needs to improve apart. We


are getting there. Let's get out of the way. Fernando Alonso's car. He


is talking to Spanish TV stations. Nico Rosberg is not on the grid.


Final preparations setting temperatures and pressures. Going


dried ice so the car does not gather too much heeds sitting on


the grid. -- heat. That is the second time this season Rosberg has


qualified 7th. Petrov has been moaning on twitter about his name.


We talk to him earlier on in the programme as well. I would really


like to talk to Paul di Resta. I can see his crash helmet. This is


Bruno Senna, 28 yesterday. Bruno, any news for us? What is your team


telling you? They might be some rain, very light drizzle. Maybe a


bit of surprise for us in terms of what will happen, but let's hope it


stays dry. Good luck, I don't want to go into the pit lane. We will go


back this way to see if we can find somebody else. The Championship is


over at the front, there is a lot of people wanting to finish the


year off in style. But we talked a lot to the likes of... Michael, any


chance of a word? I don't know why I asked that! Adrian Sutil is over


there. Leads by a bit of time here. Last-minute preparations, any


dramas on the grid? Everything is going to plan. People are worried


about the weather but we will take it as it comes. Plenty of tyres in


the pit lane of all sorts I would imagine? All looks remarkably calm,


is it all sorted? Ready to go for star we might get a quick chat with


Adrian Sutil. What can you tell us about the track conditions and the


car? Track conditions always a bit testing to start off. Then we


should have a decent place. The weather looks difficult at the


moment. I hope there is no rain, like last year so hopefully it will


be dry. We will seek a stock of the weather forecast says it is going


to be dry, so we will hope for that. You can choose whatever tyres to


like to start the race, so it is quite an advantage to get into the


top 10 and then have a free tyre choice? I decided to stay in the


pits yesterday not run in Q2 -- Q3. I have new tyres all the way


through. It is a good advantage. That is Michael Schumacher's car,


we know he is not on the grid. Ross Brawn, weather forecast that the


Mercedes? Drizzle coming over. Let's see if we can have a quick


word finally. I have got to go that way to the commentary box. What can


you tell us, you going for one of your long runs again this afternoon


some points. It could be pretty crazy in the slipstream and out of


that headwind on the back straight. The DRS position is quite late and


it is quite sure to overtake so we will see what we can do. Thanks


occasions has sat on that grit himself, Karun Chandhok. We have


heard a few different weather reports there. What are lighters


been told? Before pastel sofas as Bruno's said to Martin, one out of


five and not much chance of rain. But I have the wrong strategy with


T-shirt and shorts because I am freezing! It is quite a high cloud.


It is not like the big black clouds that we had on Friday when it did


chuck it down. I think they could be right it could just be a light


drizzle. We have seen hope slippery and low grip this circuit is. Even


that little bit of drizzle can take the top edge of the circuit.


man who tends to get his strategy spot on his Jenson Button and he is


quickly McKenzie. You start third today but we have never had a


standing start that this racetracks it is a bit of an unknown. It is.


We had a pretty wet Friday and most of Saturday was on loan fuel so it


will be a bit of an experience of the unknown for all of us. Okay we


will put on a good show. I am not really sure what the weather is


doing either. We do rather it was raining or cry? I would rather it


was dry, to be fair. When you have a good car, you wanted to be dry.


He is starting alongside Sebastian Vettel and you know what happened


between those two. If we're talking about slight the changeable weather


conditions, he is the man to put your money on in a race like this.


He has been very good. We have seen on a number of occasions in the


past. I think we have the two most aggressive starters ahead of him on


the grid, apart from Fernando Alonso. Fernando looks quite


determined. He has walked down to the front of the grid and is


looking 10 at the first corner. What will he be thinking there?


Just trying to see where is the best place to put the car, inside


or outside. You cannot be and what other people are going to do but I


would always, before the start, plan in my head that I would


ideally want to be inside or outside. Some circuits you want to


be on the outside and may be used the outside tarmac. It is good that


the plan in place. Red Bull were delighted with second on the grid.


He is on what is called the dirty side and there could have an effect.


Would he struggled to stay in front of Jenson Button at the start?


think it is low grip everywhere. I cycled around the track last night


and they were sweeping up all the rubber there was off-line as well,


for some reason. It is not really dirty off-line because they were


sweeping it up. Seeing Timo Glock is a good reason to talk about


Lotus. You are in front of Virgin, Kenny race teams like Williams


today? I think under normal circumstances, probably not, but we


have seen when you have strange races with the weather and such


like anything is possible. The aim for today for Lewis Hamilton is to


beat the rest of the grit to the chequered flag. The aim of all


season for everyone has been to beat Red Bull in qualifying and


yesterday, finally, it happened. The car on pole macro position is


in silver. The relatively short pit straight with heavy braking four-


term one. The 1100 metre straight on the way down to turn 3. Just


under 200 mph, bringing the car to the left-hand side for the breaking


point. An easy one to get wrong. Building up to another hundred and


85 mph straight on our way down to turn four. Past the support bits


and again bringing the car to the right-hand side. Down to first deer


again, to keep the revs up and create more grip through the slower


corners -- first gear. Over 170 mph and still not lifting three turn 8.


A fast part of the racetrack. Now he has to slow to just 65 mph for


turn 10. 11 is a long left-hander. Turn 12 is just 90 mph on the a PX


but 144 turn 13. 15 and 16 are effectively won it long sweeping


left-hander. You are flat out to the finish line. At turn 17 he


opens the DRS. His first pole position of the year and that


pleased the team. No smile from Lewis Hamilton but plenty of smiles


from the team. To stay at the front he will have to defend from cars


behind him using ers down the back straight and also you can hide from


the wind and get a good tow from Lewis Hamilton. The ers is not


enabled for the first lap but there is a head wind coming den that


first-rate and he will carve a massive hole in the air. All this


is assuming that he gets off the line first anyway. Yes, we are


assuming his game to make a good start. There is pulled the rest of


walking to his car. We can hear from Christian Horner. With no dry


running on Friday and quite an aggressive tyre choice by Pirelli,


it is could be a bit of a voyage of discovery. His Sebastian in a world


championship hangover or is he keen to win this one? No, he is very


focused. This race was very disappointing for him last year so


he is really up for it and hope you can make it a really good race with


the McLaren's. Karun Chandhok, who is going to win this one? Lewis


Hamilton. I'm glad you said that, because it is Lewis that starts on


pole. Time to hand over to David Coulthard and Martin Brundle. And


how great it feels to say that it is in Lewis Hamilton on pole. Let


us hope today that we are simply talking about the talent. It is


time for the 2011 Korean Grand Prix. It is about driving, it is about


way wind in your head, it is about a combination of things and I have


just not been doing the job. Hungry I was in first a nice bunch and


could have won the race. I will try to redeem myself. Anybody who


thinks I cannot do it any more had better step right back. He is


looking alive, we have not seen that for a while! He looked like


were Hamilton of old. -- the the formula! He has sent a message


location of the Korean national circuit, in the south-west of Korea.


It is a region known for shipping and fishing and, of course, now


Formula One. This second Grand Prix to be held here should be


fascinating and unpredictable, especially if that rain comes in.


They had carried little knowledge of this 18 turn, 3.5 mile layout


because of limited running on Friday with a very wet track and


many questions remained unanswered as we are just four minutes away


from the warm-up and formation lap and the start of this Grand Prix.


Red Bull had majored on the soft tyre. Other teams have saved the


faster but less durable super soft compound. Do you think they have


got it right, David? There's a lot of speculation on just how far


these tyres can go. We have heard that less than ten laps for the


option, the softer of the tyres. We here around 15 to 20 laps on the


prime. The reality is they have had so little running on this track


with the wet Friday, and you wanna to evaluate the tyres and set the


car for qualifying, the teams simply do not know. It is a journey


into the unknown because it is the first year back into Formula One


for Pirelli. Once they have the benefit of the season under the


belt there will be so many unanswered questions that they will


be up to deal with and put into the strategy. No one knows today who


has got the best strategy on pyres. Around three, they might be a small


shower. From what we can tell it is only a couple of minutes and then


nothing after that. 3pm is the start time of the race, locally.


Some of the teams have gone in a different direction. Why it


wouldn't McLaren and Red Bull split their strategies and put one driver


on super soft and one on soft compound and have an each-way bet?


Because that compromises the drivers going into qualifying.


There is seven-tenths of a difference between the option and


prime tyres in qualifying. I again to say to Jenson Button that you


what could be penalised in qualifying, or go to Lewis Hamilton


and offer him the slower tyre? You have to give the guys the best


chance of qualifying the car and then deal with the race. Sebastian


Vettel, second on the grid, and yet another helmet design for this


track. Let us have a look at how they line up. Hamilton on pole.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Jenson Button says he is happy with that set a time in Q3 hefty stop


the race on those tyres -- have to start the race. Force India are


excused from that. Petrov, surprisingly, said his time on a


tired that he also used in future to. So he will be the reference


point for how long that all great marked a super soft tyre can last.


We get ready for the formation lap. So we have super soft for di Resta


and sold for Sutil. -- soft. makes sense because one of them is


going to be on the right strategy. It is all about managing these


they go off the line. From what you are saying, Force India will say on


the you'll not get away with that with Hamilton, Button Vettel and


Mark Webber? He has, they have three drivers under contract at the


moment so they say, OK. They have no other choice at the moment.


man to watch his Michael Schumacher. Had a dismal performance in


qualifying. Has gained 24 positions in the last seven starts. At no


point in those seven starts, has he lost a position. Michael Schumacher


is the man on the move at the start of a Grand Prix. It is interesting.


When he used to do physical assessments in places you could


compare with other drivers, his reactions were never that good. But


his instinctive racing ability to the first corner has saw him make a


lot of games. Or maybe he is not We saw on the yellow marked soft


tyre, they have to do a couple of laps to get them to come in, to


come to them? It is quite a slow lap to the grid.


RADIO: temperatures are good, possibly at you drips at Cern 13.


You don't want to put too much heat in matter engine. A few drops of


rain, because they have a spot of downwind. Someone is out there


feeding back information. Schumacher was putting heat into


his tyres long before he got to the grid. The long-standing mechanic


for the Ferrari team has sadly died. As squalid. Ferrari have black take


on their car as a mark of respect. The driver's Championship has been


sealed. But it's there is races to be one, seasons to be recovered.


Can the next 55 laps but the engaging smile back on Lewis


Hamilton's face? We are about to find out, as soon as we get the HRT


in line at the back of the field. We will see a man with a green flag


he will tell Charlie Whiting. The lights are coming on and the Korean


Grand Prix is now under way. Hamilton away, Jenson Button away


well behind him. It is left hand into the first corner. Hamilton


leads comfortably. At the back we have contact between the Toro Rosso


a tremendous braking zone for him. Brave as you like. Alonso is in


there, so is Mark Webber and Rosberg. Sebastian Vettel is


leading the race will stop Jenson Button getting pushed down the


field. We are on board with him now. Somehow Sebastian Vettel found the


speed down the straight. A brave start. Most of the teams were


similar in qualifying with the DRS Open. As he was saying, punching


through the air, getting a huge tower and brave stuff down the


inside. Sebastian Vettel, in the slipstream and out of the head wins


took advantage. It is a tail wind down its two the 4th term. I would


have thought Lewis Hamilton would place. Vettel of course easily


pulling out of second in the first lap, including passing Lewis


Hamilton. Jenson Button under pressure from Rosberg. It is


crucial, he needs to break the one- second window to make sure at the


end of the second lap Lewis Hamilton is not in the DRS zones.


We have a yellow flag, I'm sure it is because of the spots of rain.


What it should be, is a yellow and red flag which indicate fluid on


the track. If they are meaning a slippery track, it is the wrong


flag. Jenson Button struggling to hang on to the two Ferraris. Petrov


is in eighth place. As they string out, the field spreads


interestingly at the end of the first lap between the first and 16


drivers is 10 seconds. They are close together, closer than some


tracks. Vettel, let's have a look. The same sector as Hamilton in the


first part of a laugh. It was all nip and tuck of the line. We were


expecting the dirty side of the grid to lose a car's length. But no


evidence of that. It got messy the further down. I Lotus and one of


the Virgin's running wide. This is on board with Felipe Massa. Looks


for the outside line on Mark Webber. Get squeezed a little bit, which is


fair enough. Then he is in a perfect position to get the


slipstream. Rubens Barrichello, further down. Not that big evidence


the left side is 34 stop there is no grip anywhere. Best the left


outside of the Red Bull. Into third place momentarily. He has gone into


deep. Jenson Button was deploying KERS off turn number three. It


enables him to get in the slipstream, ball round the outside


of the Ferrari. Rosberg followed Jenson Button's line. It was


ambitious of Mark Webber. The DRS is enabled. Hamilton is within 1.2


seconds of Vettel. Hamilton won't have his rear wing open down the


straight. The detection zone is just on the exit of the first


corner. Fernando Alonso is on Felipe Massa or stock robs Smedley


said he did not have to yield in Suzuka last weekend, but it look


like it from a. When I heard Kobayashi said the DRS is late and


in his case, not so effective, we have Alonso faster than the Felipe


Massa are. That was an oversteer from Burley Massa. You do not want


to do that with these tyres. It won't help how far he can go in


this stint. You can wear these tyres out and overheat them. They


will degrade in terms of wearing out and just in the way you use


them. We are picking Mark Webber up in the middle part of a laugh. This


is the fourth lap. Vettel is a few tenths quicker in the middle sector.


RADIO: light rain ahead. That is not what you need to here.


Bailiff in 17 on all tanks of deal. You end up being a reference point.


late on the brakes, he will be in in the pause India. Should be


straight following Best rain, it is a difficult job to lead


the race. Lewis Hamilton will able to use Sebastian Vettel as a site,


as to where to brake. Inevitably you start to break a bit earlier to


allow yourself a margin should it get to work. Michael Schumacher has


just done a fastest first sector by three-quarters of a second.


Kobayashi has gone into the race thinking it won't work. My job on


the grid is to ask questions, not tell the drivers how it is going to


be. This is critical, where his Lewis Hamilton? He does not look


any closer. As they go over the line, it is 1.4, Vettel just


pulling away. Basij was on a wider term and Hamilton. Is he having to


open the steering? -- Vettel. RADIO: lots of understeer now.


the understeer. When we have a briefing with Williams this morning,


he said the front right is the critical sire as far as he is


concerned. It is a relatively green track, very little warning. Just


Saturday running to put some fresh rubber on the track. The three


fastest cars were the two Toro Rosso without or with DRS. And


Michael Schumacher. And there is no surprise Toro Rosso is making their


way through. Ted Kravitz? No panic down here despite drivers


losing paces. Lewis Hamilton's fast as lap of the race will back it up.


Jenson Button may think was caught out by some rain. I have been


keeping on Petrov's tyres. They have done 12 laps on the Super


Soccer. They are approaching the end of their life. But no sign of


him coming in. Or no sign of his time being particularly poor.


tyres lasting better than we were initially told. 24 degrees with


this cloud cover. We were expecting it to be 34 at this moment. Petrov


36 point eight. Michael Schumacher Just looking down the times there


were doing in the last lap. We can see the effect of the understeer on


Paul di Resta. He is being attacked by its Alguersuari. Understeer


costing a lot at the side -- time of the race. The front tyres


sliding across the surface. You just have to wait until you can get


on the throttle. It just feels at the moment. I've heard that the


McLaren was hurting its tyres as much as anything yesterday. I found


that difficult to believe but I heard that Lewis had taken quite a


bit out of his tyres in qualification. I wonder if we are


beginning to see that now. He lost strategy because blasting you want


to do his head for another set of slicks and then find yourself in a


few laps having to come in for wets. So they may tell the drivers to go


one in lap longer just be on the safe side. They will be watching


the radars and the information from the people out on the track will be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


beginning to close in on petrol. -- for the tyres, we will do what we


KRAVITZ: Ascent we are approaching jump pit stops. -- by a sense. The


Ferrari's have had problems with their KERS drive shaft all weekend.


Sauber have also had problems who also use the Ferrari KERS systems.


It is pretty frantic around the second half of this lap. It is


relentless action and speed. There is the and front wing from one of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


but only one-tenth faster than back of that Ferrari. Vettel may


have won the championship but he looks fairly intent on winning this


have the cars in front. What makes him so sure about that? I think


Jenson would be saying in the helmet, I guess we can. He is right


in the dirty air and will be losing performance from running in the


turbulent air. He will have the pitch in his mind of just how well


he is managing these tyres. We are getting into what was expected to


be the pit stop zone but there is no sign yet of anybody out in the


whatever reason, holding themselves up. Petrov has done a quick lap and


we thought his tyres would be gone first. Jenson Button all over the


sequence of corners where he will not be able to overtake so he is


just apply some pressure to Fernando Alonso, tried to taking


out of his comfort zone. -- trying faster in that middle sector than


the cars in front, so he is closing any time soon, with Rosberg closing


Force India. So, that is the one new set of super softs that di


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


middle sector faster than Hamilton will at front wing at the stop.


is one of the things they can adjust at the pit stop. They have


quick Adjusters. They tick in there with a little drill and have at


pre-set number of turns. Rosberg is taking full advantage of the pace


defending the position, no team orders here. As soon as your front


tyres go any start understeer in, Good catch! -- Fernando Alonso out


why they think they can use the undercut. That means that you pick


early and news that freshness and the crypt of the new tyres and when


you come out you are ahead of them. Look at that! Rosberg has got ahead


of him. Rosberg has the upper hand again hit the Button earlier. He


made a mistake! But will not go down well. We need to see a picture


of Ross Brawn at that moment! The team got him out that front. But he


has got a slipstreamed straight away! And through he goes! When did


he find that sort of speed? He has used his KERS, presumably. And, as


you pointed out earlier, we had the Mercedes which was one of the


fastest cars during qualifying. But he has to be careful not to flat


spot these tyres. Mercedes have got the best pit stop record over all,


I am told. So Jenson has got onto the option tyre, the road marked


super soft. He has got better tyres on with more grip than Rosberg,


theoretically at least. But he will be spitting feathers that Rosberg


got back in front of him. So, and Mercedes get Rosberg out in front


and he out-brakes himself at the end of the pit lane and then we


deems himself beautifully. He would have had ers, I suspect, because he


has come out into the DRS zone. A flurry of activity, with at Ferrari


in as well. Petrov and Schumacher all in the pits. We got to the end


of lap 14. But then an Rosberg still going at it. -- Jenson Button


and Rosberg. He flips the rear wing opened now ensure Lee has a great


chance? But he will have to get a long way around. Look at the extra


speed! Wow! I think he had KERS and Jenson Button had no option but to


allow him through. Vettel stays out, Vettel carries on in the late 1:44,


and OK pit stop for McLaren. It is a dirty pit lane. 3.8 seconds it


was. Alonso is pitting as well. Alguersuari is in second place.


This is Fernando Alonso. The Ferrari team get their main man


under way. He has gone for the more durable but slower soft tyres. They


go twice as far. We see Adrian's subtle under pressure from Jenson


Button. Sutil is yet to pit. But then will sail down that back


straight with all of the tour is employed. The best thing about DRS


it allows the faster cars to make their way back through into a


position. Ted Kravitz? Despite being held up a little by Nico


Rosberg irked -- Rosberg, did he crossed the line? Does it count?


is a serrated line. Michael Schumacher able to go through. No


lead to the front wing of Alonso. He did cross the solid white line


didn't he? That hasn't worked out well for Ferrari? Those pit-stops.


Now they are on a different strategy than McLaren. Red Bull are


going with the harder tyre for Mark Webber. Although it is the supers


after, this is interesting. Vettel is on the Red Stripe tyres. Michael


Schumacher spun out. They are allowed to go across the line.


safety car is out. Safety car deployed, just as Mark Webber does


a new fastest lap. Petrov has been off and let some debris somewhere.


Presumably there will be another car out there. He has hit


Schumacher. His real wing is broken. RADIO: Michael and Petrov have


damage ahead of you. The real wing is difficult to repair. Mark Webber


has come out and gone past the safety car. That is why Michael


Schumacher span at turn number three. That will be the end of


Michael Schumacher's raised. He was innocent in that one. Look at


Alonso, so close! Schumacher completely innocent and wouldn't


have seen that one coming. Sadie cars said Schumacher had spun


and continued at turn three. He did not spin, he was attacked at


Turnberry. He is not going to make it back to the pits. -- turned


three. It depends if the wishbones a broken on the steering arm.


Michael Schumacher becomes the first retirement of the Grand Prix.


How is it down there? Are having a good look round. The steering arm


is broken. The right hand wheel was turning and the left one wasn't.


Michael Schumacher out of the race. Ted Kravitz and Renault?


It looked OK in a straight line that is why they wanted to change


the nose. So desperate are Renault to outscore Force India. But they


were desperate to let him continue if he could, but it is the steering


arm broken. We have lost Petrov, the safety car remains on the track.


He picked up Mark Webber, but it is the wrong Red Bull. The leader was


out front. The safety car were let everybody through. The running


worked horribly that Ferrari. They lost out to Jenson Button and Nico


Rosberg. Alguersuari is behind Alonso. Di Resta, Sutil and


Maldonado. We saw Sebastian Vettel, the lead car going outside into the


run-off area. I think I would be nervous of picking up dust and


debris on my tyres. The rest have picked their way through between


the pieces that of her. They are sharp, you don't want to get one of


those in your tired. It is unusual to get the safety car out in the


wrong position. The Russian is no where at the moment? He is now


looking as sharp as he did earlier in the season. Since Bruno Senna


has come into the team, he has looked off-colour. It does make you


wonder what Kubica could have done in that car.


RADIO: We are P5, but Alguersuari is P3. It could be a good


opportunity to get him at the beginning of the restart. That is a


delayed recording. Alguersuari has stopped. The full update is as I


but it is the little pieces that can damage your tyres. Marbles on


the side of the track. Ted Kravitz? I have been standing in the pit


lane next to Paul Hennebry. This super sub tier, all weekend


everyone was saying would be horrendous, will have to get rid of


it after seven laps. But the San L's come out. But it has blown Red


Bull's strategy. -- the sun has come out. Vettel is on super soft.


Jenson Button on the supers of which goes with the message to


attack you heard. Nico Rosberg on the soft. Rosberg might come under


pressure from Felipe Massa. No Committee has the same tyres, soft


or that Ferrari's. Both Force India And Michael Schumacher, definitely,


sadly. Gumtree's DRS wouldn't work. leader.


RADIO: Button is behind and has been told he might have a chance at


Jenson Button has been told to go for it. He is on a softer tyre.


Take us through this David, how much harder is it to keep the Omar


Khyam tyres up the temperature and pressure and the super soft red


ones? Lady at the evidence in qualifying, there is Michael


Schumacher making his way over the bridge, which is just in front of


the commentary box. Third time he has come together with Petrov. I


think he might be rehearsing a few words in Russian as he makes his


way back to the paddock. To answer your question, the issue is getting


the tyres which on a qualifying. think Petrov was looking at this


Ferrari. He DAB past it. Huge over speed and he was looking in his


mirrors. The Ferrari in nearly creams into the back of another car


as well. I think the pair of them thought they were the only two cars


on the track. Neither of them could stop. They were so busy watching


each other. Michael would have had no chance to see that coming. Even


if he had of done, he couldn't have done anything about it. This was


shaping up to be a three-star raised. The fact they have managed


to get to laugh -- lap 15 on the first set of tyres, we are moving


to a two-stop strategy. They will have 20 laps to run to the end.


When we first came it was going to be four or five stops. Then three


or four, now two. RADIO: They seem to have clear


everything so just be ready. I have seen people saying eyesore


Basij Dropmore than 10 places behind the safety car. You do that.


You have to drop more than 10 places behind him so he can get


into the pit lane and you can get on to the pit straight at speed.


They are coming - macro currently going round a minute a lap slower.


The safety cars in his lap, as is Michael Schumacher in the pit lane.


It is the lead driver's job to slowdown and allow the safety car


to clear out of the wave. Please don't ask me to say that I had


forgotten to say Vettel had gotten a penalty. He becomes the safety


car now. Everyone in the pit lane has been told he is coming in on


this lap. You have to judge basically way you think you can


start to let it go. In the middle of turn 15 Vettel decided that was


the moment. He has gone like a scalded cat with Lewis Hamilton


chasing behind. The DRS won't be enabled until two laps after the


back of Mark Webber. It is a long run down to the 4th term. It is a


decent straight on a regular circuit for stuck and it is the


shorter of the two. That will be so close. Jenson Button lucky not to


lose the edge of his friends wing. He was looking for some Supreme


manners from Mark Webber to go around the outside. But Mark Webber


says, I am coming back across before the turn. Not for the first


time in this race a bit of bumping going on from Jenson Button. He


gets away with it. It is an opportune moment to ask, and


steading using the analogy of going off like a scalded cat, can we used


he is like a coiled spring? I don't like the image of a cat being


scolded! What ever you like. Car 12 is under investigation as low as


two tried to get it together. Car 12 will be at the pit lane entry,


which is Maldonado for Williams. He has hit a bollard. We move into lap


22. Nestle is 1.1 ahead of Hamilton. He gauges the DRS absolutely right.


Rosberg falling behind Button. The two Ferrari's hard on his tail.


Alguersuari doing a great job for Toro Rosso. Got himself from 11th


on the grid up to seventh. It is a drive-through Thorpe Park well for


being the wrong side of the bollard at the pit lane entry. Maldonado


more pain than normal as we watch Maldonado and Buemi. In the


background we have Barrichello, Kobayashi and Bruno Senna. Clipped


in a race, it is not often that we earlier in the programme with


Alonso. I sense a lot of frustration. Two years in and he


looks no where near winning a title. That was Maldonado serving his


drive-through penalty. The incident between Schumacher and Petrov will


be investigated after the race. I suspect Petrov will either get a


grip penalty for India or a reprimand. He has caused an


avoidable accident. Michael Schumacher, minding his own


business, finding the best wind, and was attacked from the rear.


There is Alonso coming -- frustration coming out from Alonso,


which is surprising as he has been positioning himself as being as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


doing that after the corner because think Bruno quite thought that one


through. But right behind them is Kovalainen. You can see the damage


to the front wing which will be affecting his air dynamics. And


Senna took the position back, using area part on the car. If the air is


disturbed on that it affects the positions. RADIO: Must stop this


lap, at the front wing is damaged. So they obviously think they are in


a tyre stop window anyway. Ted is at Ferrari. TED KRAVITZ: They say


it is just a case of warming up the tyres. They feel that after the


safety car restart the temperature got really low and it has taken


them a few laps to get up to speed. They acknowledge that they lost out


in the pit lane. Apparently Massa had to wait for Michael Schumacher


to come in. I think they might hold on to some hope that the guys on


the super soft ahead of them make only -- may have to three stop


prime tyres. This has to be one of the best races for Ross burka


Mercedes for the season so far. Last year, he got caught up in the


accident but he was flying. Nice to see him going as he used to, in the


good old days. I know he is only 26 years old, but Nico Rosberg used to


always move forward in a race. The top four are about one second


faster than this scrap that we are running at little bit more drag on


that car because he is not able to of pressure with questions about


his performance Ng could see -- and you could see how pleased he was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


after qualification when he tyre and Vettel and Hamilton on the


metres there for Rosberg. The pick lock-up costing him two places.


Hamilton is now with in the DRS zone. And he is half a second


quicker in the first sector. Hamilton catching Vettel very


quickly indeed. Rosberg had a little bit of left turn in and it


takes the load off the front left. As he turned slightly left in the


braking zone, the front left locked. Guaranteed to happen if you are


beyond the limit of grip of your front tyres. Meanwhile, back at the


front, there is Mark Webber just behind Hamilton, whom he is 1.2


behind Vettel. Where there is on the prime tyres and we have seen


that they have gone much further on the option than we expected. If


Vettel and Hamilton have to stop on the option and mother became keep


the option up -- the pace up, he might be the man back Kent win the


race this afternoon. -- the man who have gone on for Rosberg. He should


be able to get to the end on those. Just two seconds covering the top


three at the moment. Jenson Button has dropped Massa. I think Rosberg


will try to get to the end of that set of tyres but that is a long way.


I would expect one more stop the peace from these guys at the front.


It is a question of whether this option tyre can take them far


enough. Mark Webber has caught them up and is running faster on the


tyre that should be a slower at against his team mate's nine


victories this year. How sweet would that be for him here in South


Korea? He must be feeling pretty satisfied at the moment. He can see


what tyres the drivers have in front of him and it is working well.


It is a clear indication that everybody who pits from here on in


it must go on to those tyres. KRAVITZ: The McLaren's have to


because they have not run Bowes tyres yet. -- those tyres. Ford


Jenson Button, the super soft tyres are starting to fall off so there


are some calculations going on here at McLaren. So, Vettel has not got


this in the back at all at the Massa appears to have the legs on


on Fernando Alonso. Just confirming that Massa has the advantage.


MCKENZIE: Michael, you seem to be minding Your Own Business out there.


Tell us what happened. I was suddenly 180 degrees in the wrong


direction and saw my wink and the rear wing passed by. But that is


racing, it does happen occasionally. I had not seen the story because I


was focusing to put forward. This is the first time you have had a


coming together with Petrov this season. We have had some great


racing this season. We often together because a car pace. We


have had a couple of get-togethers and maybe the first one was on my


cap and this is on his. Vitaly Petrov, tell us what happened over


there. I was trying to defend the position and I was underbraking and


died locked and hit Michael. I apologised to Michael, it was not


his fault, it was absolutely my fault. Did you not realise how


close the Mercedes was going to get? I tried to focus with Fernando


Alonso, because I could gain 1 position because he had a bad pit


stop or whatever. I was on the dirty side, even he was on the


kingside and he missed the corner. So, Petrov confirming that he was


busy fighting a Ferrari and got radio correspondents as we


listening to Petrov. Talking about his front tyres and he started to


slip back to little bit. Hamilton the inside. Realising there is no


point trying to resist that one. It was an easy pass. We have another


retirement for the Williams garage. Maldonado has pitted. He has


already had a drive through today. Mark Webber just behind Lewis


Hamilton with the DRS available and the slipstream. Will it do him any


good? RADIO: Tried to go forwards, tried


to go forwards, you will be damaging career underbraking.


will be damaging rear tyres when braking. Is it 55% of your braking


energy into the front axle? It is something played with a lot with


the KERS. They will be constantly adjusting that during the race


depending on how much are the sting you have to do, how much recharging


of the KERS you have to do in the braking zones. This is the


intriguing battle. Vettel is opening a gap. If Mark Webber


cannot get past Lewis Hamilton, maybe he has to pit early, gets a


new tyres and beat Lewis that wave. He was looking like he was in a


position to be able to jump Vettel. The un safe release of Ricardo's


car will be looked into after the race. He Ted Kravitz?


McLaren want to stretch it out until lap 30 viable stock than they


can go to the yellow striped tie his real wing open. Hamilton has to


stay alert. Mark Webber tries to long gone isn't he? It was playing


into Vettel's hands. Mark Webber, if he cannot pass Lewis Hamilton on


the track, he will have to go into the pits. They grumpy message


coming out of McLaren, don't Radio when I am on the brakes. He RADIO:


Box this lap, box this lap, please confirm.


The mechanics are getting ready wit is good information the Red Bull as


well. It is a question what Red Bull can do. My art Webber is


coming in. 23 laps to go. Will Mark Webber be thinking, I needed


another couple of laps to beat him? Red Bull should have brought him in


earlier. Now he will go straight back out, like for like, both on


new prime tyres. He could not pass him on the last run. He will have


the DRS. He is in the one-second window, he has got to use it.


pits thinking, no, why did they pit? I am amazed they did not put


him through. They were worried about the undercut on Hamilton on


fresh tyres? Hamilton has gone wide. Critical he does not flatten these


tyres four-star Mark Webber is down the inside. A drag race now. Mary


if Bass section indeed bus stop is there room for two? Not quite.


Hamilton has the right parts of the right track. An opportunist move,


but Hamilton strikes right back at him. No DRS in his part of the


track. Mark Webber cannot drive clean through the McLaren. Ideal


moment for Stubbs Jenson Button is in the pits. Alonso goes through.


Sebastian Vettel coming out. That is a Toro Rosso you can see in the


background. Jenson Button will be just behind it. Now we will see


such fun. Mark Webber will get the DRS this time around. Alonso has


stayed out. Alguersuari does his personal best of the race. Mark


Webber cannot get past with the DRS. It was grades does through the


through this section. Just kept the car where it needed to be. Super


clean, Super respectful. Both of them. They are sharing an aeroplane


second stop. Alonso does a new fastest lap of the race having not


stop. Fernando Alonso needs 20 bars seconds for a pit stop. He is 22.4


ahead of fairly plain NASA. -- Felipe Massa. Lewis Hamilton will


probably used a bit of his KERS. Mark Webber is probably relying


more on the DRS, hoping he can catch Hamilton by using up what


KERS he has got left. The DRS has meant that KERS has become a


defensive tool as well as an Middlesex do by Alonso. He had so


much speed to spare. -- middle This is incredible driving from


Alonso. His tyres are over 20 laps old! He will be pointing to those


times and sector lap times at the end of the race. Why am I fighting


my team mate? He is striving for his worth just to get said of his


Formula One car looks like. Significant amount of debris at the


of Lewis Hamilton. They get ready tippets Fernando Alonso. Will he


get out in front of his team mate, Felipe Massa? He comes out of the


pit-lane at regulation speed into the garage. A bird's-eye view of a


perfect pit-stop and the way he goes. Massa is coming out of the


last corner now. I think he has done it will stop if he can sweep


around in front of Mergulho and job done for Fernando Alonso. A lot of


work just to beat your team mate. Mark Webber, DRS still open. It is


not getting the advantage. They said they were running into limiter


a little bit in qualifying. You only have the DRS on that one


Hamilton by 9.9 seconds. Mark Webber in third. Jenson Button in


fourth. Alguersuari has pitted so Mergulho moves up. Alonso is in the


middle of that pack. Can Alonso with that kind of pace haul himself


RADIO: You have got everything we have got. He asked did you put all


the front wing in? There is not much he can do now, they have done


two stops. They will be hoping to get to the end now. Ted Kravitz?


I am in the Red Bull garage. They said there weren't any specifically


strange radio message with Mark Webber asking did they want him to


pay it in his lap. Maybe Red Bull thought they could race McLaren out


of the pits. But McLaren did as good a job as the Red Bull


now. RADIO: Fuel is good. Primary will


catch the cars in front. Very little information from


austere and free practice. How much fuel do you want to put on at the


start. We had a safety car that would help them out a little bit.


We saw that last week, as safety cab. Jenson Button park the car


immediately after the chequered flag. They are required to give


about a litre of fuel for the FIA to give an analysis test. You have


to weigh up carrying the extra fuel against the fastest way to make it


to the end of the race. When they began this pit stop babies come as


Alonso does a new fastest lap of the race, Vettel's lead was 3.8


seconds. He now leads by example in five seconds. They had given him


all of the comfort zone he needs to look after his tyres and check his


All KERS 4 turn two to help you defend. Suggesting an attack. You


sense that any minute now Mark Webber is going to send one up the


catching Mark Webber. And Fernando Alonso does another new fastest lap.


He took 714 Alex out of them in that lap. -- seven-tenths in that


lap. He is definitely going to be on the back of but and pretty soon.


-- the bag of Jenson Button. He has dropped Massa now. And Alguersuari


is catching the Rosberg. Rosberg it between Toro Rosso and Force India.


The points are not guaranteed yet lapsed newer than those of Rosberg.


out of the way like a second-class cyst his son, but it has cost


Ferrari today. -- citizen. The pace that he has shown since he has gone


past him. RADIO: Think about driving tactically to keep


Alguersuari as far as possible out of the DRS zone. He has about ten


laps more on his tyres than Alguersuari so he will be nursing


these to the end. The only option he has is to turn up the engine


note in the run out of the last sector and use up some KERS and


then use another big beast as he comes out of turn two. And then it


is cross yourself and parade because he has used up all his


toys! Sitting duck is the phrase that comes to mind! Nice analogy,


that one! I would use that one Hamilton that he has done on


previous laps. I wonder if Ferrari are letting their guys race freely


because there is no championship at stake and it looks like Babel


finished third in the Constructors' Championship. Perhaps this is about


letting them brace freely and rebuilding a bit of confidence in


right now, Red Bull would be securing that. With the first and a


Thursday would be outscoring McLaren and over -- taking their


second title in two consecutive weekends, it the race stake like


this. Do you think Lewis Hamilton will be happier with this


performance? He is lead McLaren driver and his managing his tyre as


well. He is in good communication with the team. Managing this last


sector, he knows and I am sure his confidence is growing by the fact


that Mark Webber has not been able to challenge him on that turn down


to turn 3. The debris on the way to turn one will not be helping the


cars. Hamilton has used up all of his KERS and that has given him the


buffer. Even though Mark Webber has DRS to deploy, all it does is bring


him back to the same position that he was as they entered turn one.


What is surprising with Jenson Button is that he is not closing up


more. Is this him just coolly and calmly stay in clean air in


controlling the airflow over the car and letting this unfold?


are right, he is so much quicker off this corner. RADIO: OK, tyres


and could to the end of the race lead to see if we can get up close


have been asking why Lewis Hamilton is slow at the moment. The response


is that he is not particularly slow, this is just an hour pace. The


chronic understeer is the lack of running on Friday. They would have


discovered this if they had done the homework that everybody should


have done on Friday but because it was wet they did not manage to do


it. There is nothing more they can do. The understeer is not going to


solve itself, it is a matter of containment. But if Jenson Button


tends to be easier on his tyres and is not suffering the understeer


that Lewis Hamilton is. Maybe he can take advantage. All young


racing drivers are watching this, this is how Fernando Alonso drives


a former law race that makes the difference. His last five laps,


half a second faster than the leaders, and relentless consistency,


is starting to bring him into the play. Now just three seconds from


the back of Jenson Button and I think he is going to apply quite a


bit of pressure on this pack when he arrives. This is fantastic stuff.


The Ferrari has a little bit better top speed than the Red Bull. He is


soon going to be in the DRS zone. Let us just say he is a bit peeved


from earlier in the race and there is a little bit of Spanish


to Fernando Alonso. Fernando Alonso has dropped Massa by 5.6 seconds


the records and the statistics. -- delights to chase. Perhaps there


has been a message about the fastest lap from Fernando Alonso.


happen to note that Vettel caught in a wanted to go for fastest lap


last weekend when they were going for the championship and they told


him to forget it and just bring the car in and win the race anger the


championship. You have to wonder if Fernando Alonso has punished those


tyres just a little bit too hard. He has dropped another three-tenths


de Jenson Button in that sector. It does look like those super fast


laps may have taken too much out of the tyres. RADIO: Do not owe the


usual tyres, there are some quick cars behind you. That is the


headmaster! Your leading the race, you have 11.7 second lead. Stop


weather but has he got the space to do anything with it? He should get


early attraction but there was a lot of wheelspin. So the McLaren


has better traction than the Red Bull and that, at the moment, is


helping Lewis Hamilton where it really counts. Fantastic stuff,


Mark Webber tried to set Hamilton These teams are so close this year,


it is great. And not too many changes for next year. We should


see plenty of evolution inconsistency. They are lowering


the nose for safety and stopping them putting the exhaust under. So


the car should be even more equal track that it would be unwise to


send one up the inside of turn one. His problem is that if he makes a


mistake, Jenson Button will get past. Alguersuari cannot make any


inroads on Rosberg, they remain one world championship point or two for


Jenson Button now. Fernando Alonso, 40.6 the last lap, we were


wondering whether he had cut his tyres, but he has banged in another


fast lap. He is coming into play. Jenson Button has got to get up


there with Mark Webber and make a down the inside. Lewis Hamilton


will get the DRS. The place is his at the moment. He will get the DRS


Open. He was already on his way past. With better speed and


relative pace of these cars is. You have the McLaren looking mighty on


traction and them for what other reason, Lewis Hamilton in that


sector, this street circuit section, he loses pace. He was a little bit


wrong footed as he came of the last corner. The Lotus was moving slowly.


Mark Webber goes for him. I thought that was Mark Webber in front - it


is the replay. I am loving his! Mark Webber has done the fastest


final sector of anyone in the Grand Prix. We are back to square one now.


Alonso is just 1.3 behind. Six laps second of Rosberg.


RADIO: Six laps to go, blue button please. Blue button, not Jenson


Button. What are we about to see? This is Paul di Resta getting past


and ninth using the straight line speed they had in qualifying to


good effect. They have great pace. Buemi has just under Foster's first


Brazilians looking for the undercooked. Cut back, cutback.


Undercuts is the one they used when is the only one on the super soft


tyres false start he had been threatening Paul di Resta for a


strands around the racetrack. is out there on the super soft. All


these at the funds on the Prime, you can see the yellow markings.


RADIO: Make fire for power. Mixture DRS point, which is there, he is


too far back. A dozen seconds behind the leader.


Vettel coasting out front. This lot are busy watching each other.


Fernando Alonso has just been told to turn the Ferrari up to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Jenson Button, a bit of oversteer. Asked to close up. So much faster


through there. Playing the gearbox like a musical instrument in the


Ferrari. Struggled a little bit through the last term. You would


now want to be taking a bite of the It has been a good fight.


Intriguing. They are playing with the various parameters available to


them. How much KERS do I deployed? Do I use of some extra engine


modes? Do I have enough fuel? have been in the simulators and


changing the buttons when driving, it does distract you. This best-


laid -- especially with the tyres, my concentration was stretched to


its limits. Let alone pressing buttons. Ted Kravitz? I am at


McLaren. Hamilton was asking how many laps left. The Jenson Button


is being told to push. He has loads of feel for the end of the way it


race. They feel they can get more out of his tyres. Hamilton is told


to defend. Vettel moves into the last two laps. Once again, Mark


Webber will have the useless DRS open to him. Either his seventh


gear is too short? RADIO: I give up, I give up! That


is not a nice message for a team to here. I never thought I would hear


him saying that. There is some emotion going on in that car. He


has not been happy all weekend. He has pulled himself back into this


race, he can sniff second place if there was an incident in front of


him. It is a dummy message. It is a message to McLaren. Do you think he


is teasing? They will be telling Jenson Button, Fernando has thrown


in the towel. If you ever leave me behind a fairly NASA, this is the


price you're going to pay. That is the price you will pay. The ASH


this action. Alguersuari has been consistently half a second faster


in this sector. It is a good layout a racing. Sergio Perez has pitted


with one lap to go in the Grand Prix. That is Mark Webber. Watch


the man in front have him go faster than anybody else.


RADIO: Used the overtake but then if you get the chance, Mark. That


is a delayed transition. I think that moment is over. And there is


the man who has given up, hunting down Jenson Button. As if it was


for a Grand Prix victory. He could have spoken to his engineer in


Italian. He sent that message in English. It could be any language,


that was the one he chose. Vettel a few corners from home. As once


again, he fearlessly leaves his main pursuers after taking the lead


on the first lap, he has been Supreme. Edging away at the front.


As they fought each other, he pulled clear. He takes his 20th


Grand Prix victory. Sebastian Vettel will have enjoyed that. He


may have won the World Championship last weekend but that will mean a


great deal for him. Hamilton is second, Mark Webber third. Jenson


Button over the line for 4th. Closely pursued by the man who said


he was giving up in fifth. And then we watch them come through. Massa


coming to pick up some rubbish on his tyres to gain weight on his car.


Alguersuari has been caught by Rosberg. We will see a replay. He


has come from a long way back. Look at that. You have to wonder if


Rosberg has a fuelling issue because that was from 50 metres


behind. Alguersuari takes 7th. Rosberg crosses the line now, 4.5


seconds adrift. Almost as if he was out of your on the last lap. Buemi


is 9th. 7th and 9th for Toro Rosso. Paul di Resta is intense. -- is in


done, great drive. RADIO: Great drive Mark, we have


won the constructors, well done! Confirmation, we talked about it


earlier, by beating McLaren today it secures the inevitable. Red Bull


would take the constructors' title this week or in India. Fernando


Alonso has given up now. They told him to switch power. He has used


all his fuels. I think you're right when you said Nico Rosberg look


defenceless at the end of the last lap. You saw it in Suzuka with


Jenson Button. We have now got two cars parked on May had just enough


fuel to do their legality cheque. The constructors world champions of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


the second consecutive year. There the retirement. Maldonado, and


Petrov ran into the back of Michael Bjork driver of the day. Oh, did


you see that on the last lap? Sebastian and Vettel did the


fastest lap on his last lap of the race. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing


the manufacturers go wheel-to-wheel. There is Sebastian Vettel, with


arms aloft. I think you have to give it to any one of the top six


drivers, Alguersuari, tops seven drivers! And a brilliant showing


from Toro Rosso and once again a fantastic drive from di Resta. The


top 10 guys get my driver of the day! Don't sit on the fence! I'm


going to give mine to Alguersuari. Go choice. Sebastian Vettel, equal


12th on the all-time list of Grand Prix winners now. Just 24 years of


age. That single finger salute that is not universally popular with the


fans, shall we say. And there is Alguersuari. Jenson Button, fourth


place for him. I think you're absolutely right. I think it was


Fernando Alonso playing games. I noticed that they did not appear to


pass it on. 64 kilos, with all his kit on! He weighs nothing. To they


should be more discreet, drivers don't want to discuss their weight


in front of other this! This will be interesting to see the demeanour


of Lewis Hamilton. He already looks better than after getting pole


position. He must have enjoyed that battle with Mark Webber. That is


why racing drivers do it. There is a smile there. He drove


exceptionally well there. He the Constructors' Championship in


the end. He knows the way to the top step of the podium. It was a


great drive from Hamilton. I think all of these guys have driven


exceptionally well. Sebastian, once again, controlling the pace out


front. The key thing for me for Hamilton was that he managed his


tyres. He was not fazed by Mark Webber chucking it down the inside.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


up. Vettel, very much the class of the field. I think they thought of


McLaren would be then today. The prime Minister hands over the first


place trophy. The 20th of his relatively short career. He seems


even happier with that than his third place last week. Christian


Horner, the young team boss that has done such a great job for the


Red Bull team, based at Milton Keynes in the UK. He takes the


constructors trophy. It is a pleasure to watch the Red Bull team


when they are operating in the carriage and the pit lane. Lewis


Hamilton, a bright smile on his face. That is nice to see. That was


a great drive. Good to see him back on form. He can manage those


Pirelli tyres, he cannot match these Red Bull drivers, and he did


hold off this man, Mark Webber. Supreme skill in racing between


those two. Great respect and great skill. But in the end, by 12


seconds exactly, it was not quite enough to beat the double world


champion and the man who won the second South Korean Grand Prix,


Sebastian Vettel. One week ago he was prone to the drivers' champion,


seven days later they won the Constructors' Championship. The


best driver in Formula One, the best team in Formula One and the


best way to start a Sunday morning, a cup of coffee and the Grand Prix.


Sebastian Vettel macro proving once again that if you can run and hide


in Grand Prix you can win again and again. If you thought Sebastian was


fast, getting the fastest lap of the race with the last lap of the


race, David Coulthard has already made it to the pit lane from the


commentary box! That was a great race, wasn't it? It was fantastic.


We have three manufacturers all cracking at the lap times within


one or two tens of each other. Sebastian Vettel has made this his


own. A great cheer from the grandstand. The youngest double


world champion, the youngest team principal. They know how to


celebrate that moment. And Mark Webber helping them secured the


strategies and different tyres at different times. You could not take


your eyes off the race. He indeed, going into the race we heard the


stories that the tyres could not get a lap 10 or lap 15 on the prime.


In the end, this was definitely a two stock race. Watching the


strategies on fault as the fuel burns off and the drivers come into


their own, what could Fernando Alonso have done if he had not


spent so long behind Felipe Massa? There was a lot of great driving.


Moment of the race? OK, I give up! There was a great bit of


gamesmanship. And we heard Perez say as he came when the final


corner, I have lost all the power! These guys are having fun with the


radio. They have the ability to communicate without using the


narrative. They can send messages that they want using the road to


switches. They only use the radio as a confirmation and they are all


aware that we are listening to them. For Fernando Alonso 87 that message


in English, if he really wanted to send an emotional message, he could


have said it in Italian and his engineer would have understood.


have a man here who, I think, needs a towel. He is holding a trophy


that means Red Bull other constructors champions. Apps can be


covered in champagne! That is the trophy that mean she picked up


enough points today to be confirmed the best team in Formula One. Well


done. It was a phenomenal race for us, an excess -- exciting race.


This trophy represents the second Constructors' Championship and it


is for the dedication and hard work of the whole team. Every member of


the team can be very proud. You can only have won first time to have


that special moment, you can only have a second time to achieve


something which very few teams have managed to do. Where do you think


the team can go from here? You have teams that a hunting you down.


Absolutely, but we are going to enjoy this moment. There are still


four races to go this year. To win it last year was exciting, to


retain the, the added pressure that goes into their, and the manner in


which we have done it, I am immensely proud of the whole team.


All the men and women, boys and girls behind the scenes, in all the


departments that you do not get to see. It is down to them. There is a


really special spirit in this team that is unrivalled in the pit lane.


You get to stand up there, you're the one that gets covered in


champagne. Markham Sebastian get the fun of driving Formula One cars,


but we know there is a legion of people back in not wanting to have


done everything they can to make you back to back champions. Perhaps


she whipped up like to take a look at this. -- perhaps you would like


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


keep on working, we do our thing, brilliant work by the Red Bull


mechanics! He has done an amazing job for the team. It is pretty


straight forward for us, we just try and drive as fast as we can.


is a pleasure every week to be with you. I am loving it. Fantastic,


boys! Great to drive, Mark, fantastic, we have won the


constructors, well done! Just to rub salt in the wings of the teams


chasing you, you do it by having two drivers upon the page in today.


Watching back that bit of footage, at not looking at the next race,


the next challenge, how nice to stand here and reflect on how


Dommett unimpressive the team had been this year. This championship


started in March and we are now in my doctor. It is relentless, the


pace of development in Formula One. That was a tenth win today which is


something very special. And a track which, after Friday, we didn't


battle without a battle. And the teams behind Red Bull have put up a


great fight? Incredibly that was one of the more dominant victories


we have seen Vettel had. A 10 second winning margin. When we look


back at the Clarence, and Ferrari have said they will concentrate on


next year's car. We have Alonso as saying he is slowing in the towel.


You are the fastest team in Formula One, but looking back I think we


knew that after the race in Australia. Eddie would have asked a


difficult question. It is not the same without him. We are missing


Eddie Jordan this morning. Let's hear from the guys at the very


front. REPORTER: congratulations, a tenth


win of the season. I think it is good to see the whole team keeps


pushing. In terms of preparation it wasn't ideal because I think most


of us were a bit tipsy after the last race. But I think we deserve


that. To come here, after it to Friday and Saturday morning, to


come back from qualifying in the race, the car was fantastic. It was


so much fun to drive. It was getting quicker. When the safety


car came, I did not need that. Lewis Hamilton came close again. I


was struggling with the tyres but the car stabilised and I was able


to open the gap before the second pit-stop. And then to the end it


was fantastic, I could push when I had two and got a bit of a gap


because those guys were fighting. It was fantastic. At the last


weekend, the Drivers' Championship, this weekend the Constructors'


Championship for the team. Also I want to say, especially in this


place, a lot of thanks to Renault, they have been pushing so hard. We


have shown as a team we have more than last year when we have the


engine failure here, to come back and still win the Championship last


year and this year, faultless from the Renault side and the engine is


working fantastically well. We are very competitive on those circuits


with long straight, like Monza and here again. The package is


fantastic. I am very happy today. It was fun for Vettel, how much fun


was it for you? Given all the pressure from behind? It was OK.


Mark Webber drove very well throughout the race.


Congratulations to Sebastien. It was impossible to be able to catch


him and overtake. Later on in the race, I struggled, I had pretty


much lock on everywhere, and struggling with understeer. But it


was a good weekend for me compared to what I have had in the past, so


I am happy. Mark, your thoughts on the battle with Lewis Hamilton


which goes on and on? It is the team's day today. Very impressive.


Reliability is faultless this year, 100% reliability from everyone. It


has been a phenomenal year. Disappointed not to be second today.


We did a good job in the first stop, and then put ourselves in a good


position but the safety car was not a big deal. At the second stop we


did the worst thing. We did not stop before or after, we stopped on


the same lap, so that was disappointing. We have good pace to


pull away from Lewis, but it was a good battle. I look forward to the


next one. You have heard from the men at the


fund, but what about the men behind them? This is how it finish this


Bruno Senna. He was 28 yesterday and finished 13th yesterday. And


congratulations to Kovalainen. Daniel Ricardo started at the back


and finished 19th. What a disappointing race it was for the


guys who did not finish. Maldonado, Michael Schumacher and Petrov. They


have got to know each other very well this year. We already knew


Sebastian Vettel was the champion, all he did was extend his lead over


Jenson Button, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.


The real fight becomes Renault against Force India, BMW Sauber


against Toro Rosso. Getting interesting there. Still a bit to


play for. Today was the perfect example from Sebastian Vettel why


he and the team managed to pick up the title so early in the season.


When he needs to make the impasse and overtakes, he can do it? He was


able to use his tyres to good effect ample a pass on Lewis


Hamilton. We expected the race out of the grid to have a major


disadvantage of into the first corner, it was the dirty side.


Crucially, Lewis Hamilton managed to convert that pole position into


the lead. Sebastian Vettel was able to pass and at this stage, it was


very different cars we were seeing ban when Mark Webber was behind him


later in the race. Great driving from all these guys at the front.


Managing to not know what the tyre pressures are, the pressures are,


and then Sebastian Vettel using up all his KERS. I think that was a


slightly tentative Lewis Hamilton. I expected he would have defended


that harder. Nonetheless, it was first of out front. This was great


racing between the top teams, all the drivers managing to keep it


close. We were discussing whether this man could run alongside his


team-mate and jump across Sebastian Vettel. A but Jenson Button went


backwards. He fought well throughout the race, did not finish


on the podium but let's hear from him.


Battling until the end, it seemed a Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton


pulled away and you could not hang on to the back of them? The pace


was OK, but I could not get close to them in the last sector. Whether


I did not have enough runs in the car? I just had so much understeer


in the last sector, I could not get close enough to them to use DRS. I


think it's was used once in the whole race. Not perfect, but if


this is a bad day, it is not so bad. What about the start? It was all


right. I thought Mark Webber was behind me in to turn three. I break


where I felt it was correct. There was a car I could not see before I


actually turned. Then I was stuck on the outside and lost a lot of


places. I don't think it would have changed my race, even if I didn't


have a bad first lap. I wasn't quick enough. A bit of excitement


in the pit stop lane alongside Nico Rosberg? It is weird here. Coming


out the pit second is better because you get the DRS all the way


your face? Not a great one, but it is better than last year. It is not


one of my better circuits. I did not have any more of relief. Could


not get close enough to use DRS. A bit disappointed but we will look


at the reasons for it. A strong race by Jenson Button, but this is


the fastest car in Formula One. If you take a look at the wheel, you


can see why it is covered in bits and pieces. The aim is at the end


of the race you can cover those tyres in as much debris as possible


for the minimum weight. Michael Schumacher fighting to keep out of


Petrov's wait. So frustrating for Michael? He was the innocent victim.


Absolutely nothing wrong with the position of his car. Petrov goes


outside Alonso. He gets so distracted by that, as did Alonso.


Alonso was smart enough to work there to go wide, Petrov went into


the back of Michael Schumacher. think he was so star-struck, he got


confused. But the battle of the day was Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber,


showing us what Formula One is all about. It is great to watch this?


It was fantastic. This is where Lewis Hamilton was unsighted by the


Lotus. Mark Webber went for the inside. Lewis Hamilton very smart,


backing out of it and positioning himself perfectly to deploy the


KERS. And then when they cross the DRS activation point, throws the


wing open and gets a massive over speed. It allows Mark Webber to go


back into the slipstream, but the 10 miles an hour speed he gained it


was too much. We will go on for quite a while. We are heading off


to the Forum. But you have to leave us and get on with your Sunday, I


understand. But police tune in and watch the repeat at 3pm on BBC One.


If you cannot make it, we are back tonight. -- pleased to name. There


is another chance to see the MotoGP raised. We will be back in a couple


of weeks for the Indian Grand Prix. We cannot wait to be there, but


right now we are going here. Thanks a pressing the red button.


Very clever. I am going to try and hold it together right now. This


music is horrid. The music is pumping already forced a music is


bad, but the driving and the teamwork has been brilliant. It is


always worth pressing the red button.


I suggest you do that now because that is where we are heading. Press


the red button on your remote control or go to the website. For


good news is, not such bad music from Red Bull this weekend. They


were playing Queen, we are the champions will stop only press the


red button if you have the ability to turn the television down. David,


a great grumpily, plenty to talk about. You can tell -- you can send


us your thoughts. When they say you have one you first title, scaling


the mountain again is difficult. They also say it you win the title


in the middle of the season, you take your foot off the gas and


crews to the end. They cannot say any of those things about Sebastian


Vettel. Seven days ago he was the Formula One world champion. A week


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