The European Grand Prix - Qualifying Formula 1

The European Grand Prix - Qualifying

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An incredible weekend. Sometimes you really do have to pinch


yourself and think, I'm in Formula One. I knew it would be in


incredibly tough race. The Ferrari's were very strong. Same


with the Red Bulls. The flag waves from the back of the field, the


Canadian Grand Prix about to start. I'm in position. Away we go, a good


start from the Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel surges into the lead. I was


surprised I could keep up with Vettel. He has closed the gap.


looked after my tyres really well. Hamilton has gone in front of


Vettel on the pit stop. I was thinking these guys were quite far


behind so I assumed one stop. I kept pushing and increasing the gap.


The second stop was slower than the first. When I release the clutch,


installed. It may have been my fault. I never had a doubt in my


mind that there was the possibility to win. Hamilton has grabbed second


place, just the Ferrari ahead. Passing the world champion is a


great feeling. Hamilton is in front. It is five years since I first won


hair, but it felt just as good. Lewis Hamilton becomes the 7th


different winner in 2012. It feels like one of the best races I've had


for a very, very long time. Lewis Hamilton was masterful today.


We all loved it! Beautiful music to accompany a quite beautiful drive.


It may not have had the drama of Jenson Button's winning Canada 12


months ago, but it was no less special and it means we have had


seven different winners and there are many reasons to think this


weekend we might have an 8th different winner. David Coulthard


and Eddie Jordan were with me. You interviewed Lewis after the race,


I'm intrigued by what drivers are like off-camera, how was? They tend


to be more relaxed when the camera is not on. We raced together as


well, or shared the same race track! He seems in a much happier


place. He wears his heart on his sleeve, you know when he is happy


or frustrated. But that was a perfect Lewis Hamilton race, coming


back and having to overtake the world champion. A stunning victory.


The car is being worked on. Jenson Button was the quickest man in


final practice ahead of qualifying. It is a tough qualifying session to


call. The cars are so close. Some people are now saying to


unpredictable. Really? It is too unpredictable. It wipes out the


opportunity for us to be gainfully employed because I have no idea who


will be on pole position. The form book has been thrown out of the


window and that is good for the sport, but not good for me because


I don't have a clue what will happen! Can I distance myself? I


have a feeling who might be on pole position. Do you think it is too


unpredictable? It is sport, by its nature it is unpredictable. You can


have a Premier League club against a newly promoted club and the first


batch formbook says they wouldn't have a chance. It wouldn't happen


seven times, though. Engines are pretty much the same as each other.


Pirelli have tyres which have different operating Windows and the


teams can get into that window and make it last. We said before, I


don't see why this is a bad thing for Formula One. You don't have any


idea winning a Grand Prix! They are worthy winners. -- An idiot.


think wattages is that Eddie is frustrated that his predictions are


not coming true. Let's talk about this weekend. If there's one thing


you should say about Valencia, it is that this circuit is predictable.


Can you understand a criticisms? One of the most outspoken people is


Mark Webber. He had a big accident here, maybe that is in the back of


his mind and he doesn't want the same thing again, needless to say.


But it is a street circuit. We seem to be going in that direction. We


have seen what is happening in New York. And what happens in Singapore.


People and racetracks are becoming more like this. A nice overview of


the old fish warehouses, which now house the cars in Formula One.


There are some nice things about this circuit. But what we have not


had over the years is unpredictable racing, but we get the sun, the sea,


the Spanish, and of course, the For now, this race has its place on


the calendar. We are here for the Behind us, the fans have turned out,


there's always interest when Fernando Alonso is involved in


Spain, but there's talk this race will not happen next year and a few


other bits of gossip surrounding next year's race for top the latest


bits of information is this race will alternate with Barcelona.


understand that is certain. We have had great talk during the week.


Bernie Ecclestone is in talks with people from the Olympic Commission


in London and it's possible we may have a European race, in addition


to Silverstone, in London. It could be unbelievable. Who knows what


will happen. But then we know New York will happen. All sorts of


intriguing opportunities. A race around the Olympic Park sound


special! Talk about something less exciting, the fact that spark may


be missing from the calendar. the nature of Formula One, it has


moved into new territories and it puts pressure on the traditional


European Grand Prix. Spark is a favourite, but financial restraints


make it difficult. Let's give some credit to Bernie Ecclestone because


his vision to go into the East, particularly in this moment of


crisis in Europe, who knows, motor- racing is stronger because of his


guile and making sure we are in the proper place. Giving credit to


Bernie for a change! Lewis Hamilton won last time out, a fantastic win


from him. We've seen it from his perspective, but what did David


Coulthard and Ben Edwards make of start from the Red Bull. Sebastian


Vettel surges into the lead. Hamilton is in second, Alonso in


third. Massa has spun on the exit of turn one. Raikkonen on Button


empty makes the move. Jenson Button on the heart of the two tyres, he


has decided to bail on those. Hamilton is going past on the DRS!


He read takes the lead from Alonso. Corsham, Corsham. -- Corish and.


Michael will have to retire. There's a problem! Away he goes.


Perez just sweeps past Felipe Massa and up into fifth place. Hamilton


is back in front and takes the lead. This is the story of, if you try


and keep tyres that are well past it, you have nothing left to fight


with. Here comes Romain Grosjean. The Lotus is now aiming at a


second-place finish. Perez, an easy pass with DRS. Lewis Hamilton


becomes the 7th different winner of 2012! Grosjean finishes in second


2012! Grosjean finishes in second place. Perez his third. Lewis


Hamilton was masterful today. Masterful indeed and that win for


McLaren edges them closer to Red Taking a look at this, Vettel's


lead was 60 points when we came here last year. Now 60 points


between the top 10. It is. Is this a dream or not? It is not a dream.


It is so close, any one of those top 10 could forge forward and win


the championship, but it does look like the top three are looking like


pulling away. Do you agree with that, David? You can start dropping


down to the likes of Rosberg and Raikkonen, there's a gap emerging.


There is, but Rosberg is within one victory of leading this


championship. It is not against what we expect during a normal


what we expect during a normal season. You would expect maybe one


mechanical failure. You definitely expect one incident, a driver to


get involved in something or drop the car in changing conditions. I


don't see that anyone is clearly moving ahead in the championship at


this stage. There's work going on on Mark Webber's car at the moment.


Only four laps in the final practice session because of an


issue with his brakes. He has raced here a lot and he has had a bird's-


eye view of this circuit when he had the airborne moment with Heikki


Kovalainen a couple of years ago. It will affect his tyres. He is


under pressure to run the faster tyres in qualifying because he


can't afford to get his eye in and then just sit there. I would expect


him to go out there on the primes straight away and then go to the


option tyres. We will discuss Mark Webber's future in a bit, we will


also talk about some of the young drivers, and we will see David


Coulthard going back to his roots, but first Lee McKenzie with all the


The Formula One roller-coasters or Lewis Hamilton becoming the 7th


different winner from as many races and if the championship looks


increasingly like a fairground, the driver contract merry-go-round has


also started turning. Sebastian Vettel has been linked with Ferrari


and Lewis Hamilton with most of the top teams. I'm happy, I'm proud to


still be a part of his team and to have the success we have, working


with the guys I'm with. Just excited about the next step. That


can come in time. Things will fall into place when the need to.


thing is for sure, Fernando Alonso is sticking with Ferrari and after


finishing second in Barcelona, he is looking to go one better at his


second home race of the season. Racing at home is always special.


In Valencia it is not only the race, it is also the team around the


Grand Prix with music concert that night and go-kart circuits for the


fans. In general the weekend is quite special and attractive for


the fans. Jenson Button has had a torrid time lately, finishing 16th


in the last two races and has scored only two points in the last


four Grand Prix. Every race, 18 cars on the grid fighting for


victory. It is no different for me. I come here hoping we have sorted


out the issues and we can go racing and make the best of what we have


over three days. Whilst Valencia might not be a favourite track for


the armchair spectators, it does split the opinions of the drivers.


Some love it here and others are not so sure. It is not in the top


five of tracks in the world, that's for sure. It is pretty repetitive,


a lot of low-speed corners, which is not extremely satisfying for the


car. The cars are pretty choked around here. You can't pick and


choose your golf course, you have to be good everywhere. The


challenge we have this weekend is that. The highlight of coming to


Valencia for Kobayashi is not only the on-track action, but also the


orange juice. Valencia orange juice is very famous. I'm always excited


to come here for the orange juice. This morning I woke up at 8am and I


went downstairs to get breakfast, but the first thing I get his


orange juice. If you get on the podium this weekend, you will want


to spray orange juice at night that That is a good idea! He is so


quirky, I love him. All the money spent on cars, all that effort and


they end up putting take on the driver's seat! They have to be able


to remove the whole drum to make changes. It is just the most


efficient system. It is able to withstand the heat and any Robing


from the inside of the wheel. You can see the hand-built nature of


Formula 1 car! A mention of Mark Webber and Ferrari, interestingly,


they chose to put up the story about Sebastian Vettel on their own


website. It is part of the game of Formula 1. Teams will


systematically inquire about other drivers even if they do not have a


particular interest in them, perhaps to destabilise that driver


by making them the big offer even if they have no intention of


actually honouring that. It is a distraction from their main job.


All the top teams will be doing exactly the same. Mark will be


hoping he does not end up upside down on this circuit as he did two


years ago. He would certainly love to stay at Red Bull another year?


It is testament to how strong these cars are. He was able to walk away


from that. But you have to imagine that the safe place for him to be


is in her Red Bull car. He knows the team, he is in a good situation


and to go somewhere new at his stage in his career, it is a risk.


He is in the twilight of his career in many ways. The older drivers


have been warned, there are many young bloods coming up eager to


Grosjean finishes in second place! Tell us about that race? It was


just amazing. It was crazy, it was a difficult start but then the


sunshine came out and we had a good strategy. The race was crazy and


then suddenly we saw that our strategy was a good one. And we got


second place on the podium which is my best result so far.


It is Pleistocene Europe and all these young people starting to show


what they can deal. We want to race and we are in


Formula 1. It is a long career and a lot of effort. It is just great


to be part of this. The you look round and think, we


are the future of Formula 1? It is difficult to say that. I'm just


concentrating on doing the best that I cannot and enjoying it.


Trying to get the best result for the team. We have a common goal


which is to become world champion one day. We have a common objective.


Would you be on happy not to get a win this year? Definitely. We need


to get ever think we perfect to win a race. But I think it is possible,


it could happen. We have consistency at the front.


We were on the podium in Barcelona, in Canada. We just need to find


that extra bit to get a win. We need to just keep going in the


same way and get some extra podiums. Well here I am, of and I will ask


the same question. Do you think you have joined the big boys? I think


we have. We know we have to keep the development stage going on and


manage to stay through the season. 25 years ago, Lotus last won a


Grand Prix. Can you do it again? do not know, we expect we can do it.


We have never been so close to doing it. It is our turn. What has


made a difference? The differences are tight this year, you just need


to be competitive in any session and not miss any opportunities to


make sure you can qualify it well and race well. Everyone is talking


about Sergio Perez. And we saw on the website at Ferrari that he is


too wild. Can you hang on to him next year? We have announced in for


this year and we always announce the drivers just for one year,


we're not going to change that. he is one you would like to keep?


We will see. I'm going to make an apology because at the start of the


season I did Romain Grosjean was good enough to be in Formula 1, but


he has been doing a remarkable job. I would love him to continue to win


and I'm definitely sure that he can do it. In the first five or six


races of the season and in Canada, I definitely saw that he is ready


to win. Let's get the thoughts of the only


man to have driven a Formula 1 car who can give us an idea of Grosjean


is. Did we judge him to have quickly first time around? I think


so. It is a lot to ask. We have seen even more experienced drivers


struggled to adapt to a different team. He came back into Formula 1


and no one would say that he has not shown great speed. He needs to


be a little more consistent and the next logical step would be to win a


Grand Prix. Consistency is the key. When he does race, he does a great


to job. Here he is at the start of the Chinese Grand Prix. This was


without DRS on the back straight. You do not see too many of those.


How hard is it to marry up the speed with the consistency? Because


to be fast enough to you have to be on the edge. You do indeed. And I


spoke with Gary Anderson earlier and she summed up the difference


between the drivers. Kimi Raikkonen uses his experience Grosjean just


wants to be quick around every corner. He needs to even that up.


He has the speed to be one of the graves in Formula 1. All of the


parts of his car being put together behind as as weak year up for


qualifying which is less than -- we gear up. It is all about learning


when you're young and you're learning. And I'm usually the one


that asks the questions. But David Coulthard has got a question for


you. Here is a question, what does Nigel


Mansell, Ayrton Senna, of Damon Hill, what do they all have in


common? I note what you're thinking, one of them was too good-looking to


be a racing car driver, but the answer is they all started in


Formula Ford. It was the first time I actually drove something that was


big and heavy. It is a grace -- a great place to learn race grafting.


You learn a lot of techniques. Driving in the wet and things like


that. It was cut-and-thrust, as close as you'll ever get in a


racing car or denying all your abilities. If you look at my


generation seven or eight of us came out of there and went to


Formula 1. It is not just a case of getting in and driving fast.


Formula 1 are looking for the driver that is the most complete.


It is incredible how much motorsport has moved on since I


started. Now they're getting the full briefing on how to interact


with the team, how to deal with engineers, the media.


Race craft is the area where it you really learn about it. We have got


driver coaches here who help us with that side of it. I do not


think you get that in any kind of car racing. It is important, it you


want those guys out there to work as hard for you as they possibly


can. I love this line, are you working harder than your


competitors? It is a great endorsement of how important it is


to serve your time in the lower quarters were stuck you definitely


have to go through the stepping stones, to learn the mechanics of


the car and how to work with people. I have been through at least five


workshops and they always help you. The standards now are just getting


higher and the guys need to be educated. How do they look after


themselves? How do they push themselves and get the most out of


the car and the team around them? It is where you start and there is


no one out there today who will not gain something. Then it was time to


put on the helmet and roll back the years.


It is a little bit heavier, more power. It is a lot quicker than I


remember. That is fantastic! The raw teaching that you get for the


young drivers is still there. Formula Ford, a fantastic proving


ground. A brilliant day for me. I feel like a young man a Kent! Does


that mean I can date young girl's?! It has not stopped you in the past


20 years! Good memories can smack it felt like home. I do some racing


in a touring car or right now and it always feels quite alien. But a


Formula Ford, of course the technology has improved, but it is


still the ultimate proving ground for young drivers. And how is the


dating going? Yes, well.... Let us move on and talk about some news


that has been unfolding. News about Timo Glock? He will not take part


in the qualifying session today. He has been suffering with the stomach


bug. He only managed to do is seven laps since Monday morning and it


has gradually been getting worse. I saw him at breakfast and tea did


not look very well. He tried to do some lapse in practice but it is


all too much and he will not take part in qualifying. The team says


no decision has been reached regarding the race tomorrow. There


is a board that he might get some dispensation, he is an experienced


Would you see them allowing him to raise even if he can't qualify?


What is important, and I think Lee is perfect, he's an experienced


driver, he will not do something silly. He knows his way around here,


he has done hugely competitive laps. He also knows what it is like to be


on the podium. He is a top driver. I would give him dispensation.


is quite straightforward. It is no different from if your car stalls


immediately in the pit lane. There's no question, he will take


part if he is fit enough. Regarding racing when you are not well, we


remember the famous radio commentary of Mark Webber trying to


talk to his team whilst being sick whilst racing in Japan. In this


heat, you can understand why he might not. I can and I can't. To my


mind, real fighters will be out in any conditions. I remember Heinz


Harald Frentzen was physically ill in a Jordan but managed to do the


Grand Prix. Unless you have something affecting your vision,


you get out there and tried. you race when Gail? Of course. I


was not fit for every of my 240 races. You see drivers having to be


lifted out of the car. I don't know the condition Timo Glock is in, but


it is unusual to see a driver not racing because of a tummy bug.


team are taking medical advice. At the moment, Timo Glock is not


involved in qualifying today. Hopefully he will be well enough


tomorrow. We saw David in his Formula Ford car. This car behind


us, Jean-Eric Vergne. He has never tested a Formula One car. David, in


the peace, regarding Formula Ford, that is where the young drivers


start. It starts a karting, Formula Ford, Formula Three, and if you are


really good enough, you go straight to Formula One. That was the


sequence. You get as much experience as you can at junior


level and you never lose it. Once you are able to ride a bike, you


can ride a bike forever, and these guys can do that. They say and an


Ricciardo are good enough to go into the Red Bull. -- Laverne and


Ricciardo. Is that now of a barometer? I think so. They are


both potential world champions, but because there's no can tuck in the


performance, no one is standing out as a clear leader of the team. They


might be a victim of their own success in many respects. It is


tricky when you come in to have made great team, you have to do


something remarkable. Some people to take notice. You can't say they


are not experienced enough because they have been part of the Red Bull


system for several years. Being part of the Toro Rosso or the Red


Bull system, there's no guarantee you will have a seat next season.


We were all shocked with the way drivers were dispensed with last


season. That is the way they want to operate. I thought you would say


it we were shocked with the way David Coulthard was dispensed with.


That was a natural progression. He lived his life. We are glad to have


him. David is lower number driving in Formula One, but it is a sport


that continues to move forward. When Gary Andersson was driving --


designing cars, you did things quicker than now. After a bit of


criticism of McLaren in the last race, he was invited to pop down


and see for himself what has changed in Formula One in the past


1991, 2011, two completely different concepts. 20 years of


development. A new gearbox. As opposed to a carbon composite


gearbox of 30 kilos. In Montreal, Jenson Button had oil in the


gearbox and I was a bit critical. Three hours and 45 minutes since


you started working on that car. I found it ridiculous that it has


taken that amount of time. It is something that should be done in 30


minutes. Do you think that is correct, does it take too long?


is the way development has gone now. Everything is so tightly packaged.


This is not really a gearbox any more, it is a chassis career. One


of the visuals things you see is the link. This gearbox does not


have any safety impact structured on it, whereas this one has a large


impact structure with the gearbox starting here and going to the back.


That is because of safety. This is a complete crushed stone to enable


the driver to go into an all -- into a walk backwards and not hurt


himself. The gearbox changed times are over an hour now and I do


remember them being fed five minutes when I started in Formula


One. We have to make sure things don't go wrong. That oil leak in


Montreal should never have happened. A massive number of centres, there


were only two sensors, this one has almost 30. For a whole car has a


lot of sensors. Has this made the driver a little bit more redundant


from the James Hunt days? Definitely. It means the driver


can't make up stories. They don't do it on purpose, but the driver


tries to interpret what is going on around him. Hamilton and Button's


mentality is to use data. I can't control it. They won't even try to


go down because they know it is all backed up by 25 engineers looking


at every single thing. Formula One still has a responsibility to make


sure it is a driver's sport. The driver has to remain a big part of


that. In 20 years' time we will ask you about that. I will be saying


that to some young guy. Thank you. All the best. Time never stands


still in Formula One and the same applies right now. 15 minutes to go


until the start of qualifying as we emerge from the back of the old


fish market. These days fighting of the points in Formula One.


Interesting to hear Sam and Gary chatting about the way cars have


changed. Are you sad to see there's no longer an onus as much on the


driver's skill? I'm one of the older guys. Sam and Gary and I


worked for -- worked together for a long time. They are missing it, too.


We just wanted to see the drivers do more things. I was against


paddle shift some stuff, but modern cars have that now. We have to move


with technology. You can't hold back the tide of technology it. We


except technology, we use it and it makes life easier. It is the same


with racing cars. I think they are very busy -- behind the wheel. KERS,


DRS, brake balance, engine loads. There's a lot going on we don't get


when we are watching. I don't think you'll find many drivers saying


they are not fully engaged. They call them the computer game


generation and he can use one of these already. That is the kind of


skill you need behind the wheel. It is more knowing about the buttons.


Fingers control of the thing. everything. What we were talking


about, gone are the days when you would see Mansell getting out of


the car, the same with Senna, dehydration and exhaustion. We


don't see that. Easier to drive. They are physically easier because


they are running six or seven seconds off the pace of qualifying.


If you look back, we had no Oumou refuelling, there was only one or


two seconds between qualifying pace and race pace. It is physically


chaff -- tough for the drivers and it is well over 25 degrees here.


Let's head back to the pit lane because Gary is there taking a look


at how the cars have changed for this weekend.


At Red Bull, they have come here with a raft of parts. This year's


championship will be won by the team with the best development


programme. Red Bull have done a few subtle changes. These turning


beans... This area gives you a lift. These help that airflow and reduce


the lift. It reduces the negative. In the could bottle area, much more


elaborate. The air flow comes in on top of the floor, but on the right


hand side, they've gotta ducked. The air flow goes into the duct and


comes out into the diffuser area. The airflow over the top is the


same, but the air is redirected into a double panel and detects its


Red Bull fighting for victories in the last few races. This is our


view for the afternoon. What is that you like from the commentary


box? We have a great view from the box. We overlook the main


contenders for the world championship. It is so tight and


you said earlier you think... think Vettel. Keep your eyes on


Sebastian Vettel. What about Felipe Massa? He is the only man to have


won on this track apart from Vettel. He was racing with David and we


thought it was time they shared a Down the top or off the bottom?


go up. Go down? How does that look? Looks good? I'm tied for time so


let's go. You won the inaugural winner here in 2008. It was a great


car, a great race, everything worked perfectly. That is what I


need now. Really struggling now, Massa. Bruno Senna and Massa


tangling. The first day I drove the car I was not very happy. It was


different to what I expected. And then I drove the day after, he also


came in the same direction as me. It is looking more promising now as


we get towards the middle part of the season. We are improving the


car now. From now to the end, I expect things will be different.


expect things will be different. This corner is more related to the


start. The normal laps, you don't see much overtaking here because


the Street is not very long, but at the start, it is very important


because you can gain a few positions. Turn two is coming


immediately and I can't remember, is it flat? It is flat. New tyres,


qualifying, it is flat. And then the race is another story when you


have 150 kilos. Everything changes in the race. At the beginning you


are six or seven seconds slower. have stopped at what is the only


swing bridge in Formula One and you can see, literally... That is a


six-inch gap. It doesn't look like a racetrack! Very unusual. Can you


feel the bump? Yes. This is the longest section on the track, but


it is not straight. You have a little kink. And then you get to


the straight. It is the longest straight. This is twentysomething...


I think there are 29 corners. 18 or 19? No, more. 22? We will ask


Michael. Do you know which corner No. This is? We are trying to work


out the corner number. I think it Thanks very much. What did he say?


19 and 20? 19... I am always get, I always think he will try to hit me.


He is going to have it out with David Coulthard! It is not 29


corners. I think I got confused. Here we are in the heart of 19 and


20. Officially verified by your former team mate. It is flat out.


You have very slow corners. What stands out on this track as being a


great corner? The bridge! At least you didn't say the exit from the


circuit when you go to the airport. We thank you for your time. 2000


and a winner here. We wish you all the best this weekend. If I win


Thanks to Michael for the man lesson. Felipe Massa has improved


in the last few races but is a winter much to ask? As much as he


as improved, he is not have the level of those guys that we talked


about. Just to make it totally clear, it is 25 corners and the


drivers do it in around 100 seconds. Time to find out how things will


determine the outcome of qualifying here in Valencia. As the sun beats


down temperatures are rising and not only on the track. The driver's


return to Spain for the second time this season. Pastor Maldonado took


his first pole position some weeks ago in Catalonia. This track has a


lining of concrete walls that look identical in different parts of the


circuit. Qualifying honours in the past have gone to Ferrari, McLaren


and Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel is looking for a hat trick of poll


positions around this circuit and to take his 33rd career pole to


bring him a joint third in the all- time list. That is the beach right


next to the circuit, around the marina. And the temperature now on


the track is up to 43 degrees and climbing. Therefore casting even


warmer temperatures at the weekend. And how that changes the


performance of the teams, that will only unfold as we go through the


three qualifying sessions that we are now looking forward to here.


Fastest this morning, Jensen Button set the pace in practice. But


Sebastian Vettel got the fastest sector of times. So he does look to


be one of the favourites to take pole position here today. But there


will be some competition. Button, Kimi Raikkonen, they are fast. And


the Force India looking competitive as well. The teams now have just


moments away from the first qualifying session. David, you


think that Sebastian will be the one to beat, but we could be in for


some surprises. Pastor Maldonado was in pole position in Barcelona.


Williams and Force India, a couple of teams could surprise the front


runners today. Indeed. And Sebastien fettled could beat the


one for pole. He was quickest in a Friday session for the first time


this year. He was fastest of all in the first couple of sectors. So I


just think he has the pace in hand if he can deliver the lap. Fernando


Alonso on home turf for the second time this year. There is great


support for him. Anti will try to do the best for his fans. He has


not won at this circuit in the past and has not yet qualified in the


front row. McLaren have had a poll position here in the past, that was


Lewis Hamilton. But race victory actually went to Rubens Barrichello.


RADIA Cologne front wing down half race engineer. The conversations


required for the change in temperature. Our technical man is


down in the pits. That was an interesting call, a front wing


change. You actually lose a little bit of downforce, the majority of


which is on the rear of the car. You lose a little bit of that


because the track temperature is working against you. So you take a


little bit of the front to balance the car. Well we have the soft and


the medium tyres here this weekend. But weather conditions are


absolutely stunning. With the soft target you get a faster lap time in


qualifying but we will see some of the top teams trying to stay on the


medium fires in this first part of qualifying because they want to


save the soft tyres for the last part of qualifying and that


ultimate battle. Where's the midfield and the slower teams will


Prom Belleek have to use the softer compounds to do the best they can


in this first qualifying sector. -- probably have to use.


All through Friday practice we saw some crazies beans. Lewis Hamilton


looking a bit frustrated with the balance of his car. It is more or


rally style than we had in Canada. Radio communications there saying


that they have a similar winter. Pastor Maldonado is 5 - 2 against


Bruno Senna in terms of competition with his team-mate.


Daniel Ricciardo out there currently. Problems this morning,


and some braking issues with Mark Webber was my car. They have to


give up on a session in the morning, he only completed four laps. But


the saving grace is that the track conditions are different now and


Mark Webber has experience of this track. He might be forced into


running a couple of sets of tyres. I would not be surprised to see him


taking to the track soon. Nico Rosberg heading out. And Mark


Webber will be out on track in the next few minutes. Daniel Ricciardo


is on the harder of the compound tyres. He had a brilliant


qualifying performance at the last event where this compound choice


was the same. It was a stunning effort of from the young Australian.


He started this season extremely impressively in Australia. Since


then he has not had quite the same level of success. Toro Rosso just


seemed to be slipping back down that midfield in the last couple of


events. Daniel Ricciardo coming through the fastest and most of


flowing part of this track. A tricky braking area coming into


this last bend. They often we can see the cars blocking up and the


reason is they arrived there at just over 190 mph. And you have a


different kind of feeling in the card burnt you would normally have


because of the braking. -- than you would normally have.


Pastor Maldonado locking up and that will mean he has to use the


rest of the lap for a trap -- track positioning.


Sergio Perez also struggling. We are seeing so much blogging with


the cars in 20 trough. Fernando Alonso their sliding around a


little. Gary, it just to bring you in, in the area part of the session


we see everyone going out on the harder tyres. That is what you


would expect. The softer tyres seem to be around half a second faster.


It is not going to be easy on the harder tyres to get into the top


rankings. I'm not sure they will make it on the harder tyres. We


will see at the end of the session will start Fernando Alonso


certainly got a bit sideways. Kobayashi moves out of the way as


Nico Rosberg comes past in the Mercedes. Felipe Massa is the


fastest. On board with Sergio Perez, one of


the stars are from Canada. Despite starting back in 15th position on


the grid. He qualified in 5th place on the


grid back in Catalonia but he was tricky last corner. Felipe Massa


still setting the pace in the early stages of qualifying. We will lose


six or seven cars from this but we have already lost Timo Glock was


not taking part in this session. He is not feeling well enough to


compete. So we will lose six cars that are active out on circuit.


Grosjean was very quick this morning. We go on board with


Michael Schumacher at. And this vast section at the end of the lap.


They have the wall. A bit of oversteer on exit of which we saw


from Michael this morning. It seems to be the nature of his car, but


that puts him fastest at this stage. Kobayashi going quickly here. He


had the fastest first sector of anyone and in fact he has been


going well all weekend. Fastest of anyone in the first sector and good


times in the second sector as well. But it is the lower order it that


really matters in his first and second parts of qualifying because


you have got to qualify through to the next stage and only 17 will do


that. Paul di Resta, a Force India have been looking good here and


they have a good record. Paul di Resta is the 5th fastest at the


moment. He was going well this morning. Jean-Eric Vergne, let us


have a look at what he is up to have.


There is a tail wind, a little more wind speed today then yesterday and


it is catching the drivers out. Pastor Maldonado is doing another


run on the harder compound tyres. I think he will have to come back out.


Let us ride with Lewis Hamilton. That unusual growl from the


Mercedes engine. A reasonable first section from Lewis Hamilton. It


should be enough if he just keeps it together. Sounding more like a


motorbike! Leaning on that front tyre. He is well under the mark for


getting 17th, but is he on the mark for going fastest of all? Not quite.


I think he is on target. He's nip and tuck with Felipe Massa. It all


depends on his last sector. And he is fast does, a very good luck for


Lewis Hamilton and he should be able to go through without having


to change to his softer tyres. He lap so he is going again. That will


cost him about a tenth of a second to carry that extra fuel, but I


think the drivers have seen through practice that they find more from


building speed and getting heat in the tyres and gaining confidence on


these medium tyres. Michael Schumacher has gone fastest in the


middle sector, which has moved him up to fourth place. Jenson is


coming to the last part of the swing bridge. A good drive into the


longest section. This will be the DRS overtaking section in the race


tomorrow. They are able to use DRS on the entire lap, 63% of the lap,


during qualifying. It gains them up to 20 mph depending on the system.


From Button point of view, the key is to get through to the final part


of qualifying and be in the hunt because he has struggled. Two of


the last three qualifying sessions... Trafficker head. --


traffic a head. He sounded hesitant in that turn. Something has given


him the feedback that either he is comfortable on a 39.6 with seven


minutes to go all he knew about the traffic ahead. Let's see if he


decides to have another lap or whether he comes in. He has taken a


very wide line to start the opening of his lap. That man really is that


all! No future as a Grand Prix driver! Sebastian Vettel is on the


track now. Let's see what he can do. And he has been very far as this


weekend. He will try to put himself safe on the harder compound tyre.


He heads out of turns four and five and heading through the sweeping


curves. They have corner numbers, but they are not really corners as


such. Threading his way over the bridge. Looking for a good exit.


His team-mate, Mark Webber, has gone out on a set of the soft tyres.


Sacrificing a set of the more gripping tyres at this stage. When


he went out earlier, he went straight back in. It was an


installation lap. We have got Lewis Hamilton up front doing a personal


best first sector, quickest of all in the middle sector. Hamilton is


still finding pace on medium tyres. Back on board with Vettel. This is


all about getting through the top 17. Three-tenths down on Hamilton


in the middle sector. This should be enough to comfortably getting


through. It should be enough, but behind the battle is beginning to


hot up for getting into that top group. Hamilton is currently


fastest. He had a mistake in the last sector. Two-tenths slower than


his previous best. McLaren are quick. Vettel is six fastest with


that. I'm surprised he has not gone a little quicker. Will Red Bull


have to put the softer tyre on? Maldonado and Perez have gone out


on softer tyres, as has Bruno Senna. Now we will see some real pace.


That is Mark Webber. You think he is on the softer tyre? We will get


an idea of what the Red Bull can do. He had no real running this morning


so it is important from his point of view that he goes for it on the


best available tyre. As Gary mentioned, they reckon there's


about half a second depending on your car to be gained from having


yellow tyres on. Mark Webber can expect to be around 39.1 if he is


driving like-for-like to his team- mate, Sebastian Vettel. He


completed all of the Saturday morning free practice. Expect him


to be a little bit cautious as he builds the flap. Both the Force


Indias going out on soft tyres as well. That is a very slow first


sector from Mark Webber. Currie about six-tenths off the first


sector. -- currently. He will have to complete another lap and hope


for a clear lap with only just over four minutes to go. The car is


looking a little bit snappy. will be getting feedback that he is


not on a great lap. He will be getting feedback from his race


engineer as well, telling him where he is losing time. They will know


exactly where he needs to improve. Inevitably, when you know you're


running out of time, pressure starts to build. You need a certain


amount of pressure to focus your mind, but too much and you can


start getting ragged behind the wheel. On the harder tyre you can


get a couple of good laps, but the soft tyre might be difficult to get


a second quick lap. Let's see what his time is. Has he made anything


up? Not really. Only in 16th place. He goes on to another lap. We saw


this morning, some cars were taking three laps to get the time out of


their tyres. He might not be too concerned, but he certainly would


not have expected to be eight- tenths slower than Vettel on the


harder tyre. It is coming down to the final few moments. It is


getting crucial for Senna, he is in the drop zone. Remember, Timo Glock


is not running in this one. Senna has not made it through to Q3 in


any of the qualifying sessions so far this year. Qualifying has been


his bugbear. He blew his chance in Spain when he spun when he was


trying to get through to the next part of qualifying. That was that


the Spanish Grand Prix. We are now back in Spain for the European


Grand Prix and Senna needs a decent qualifying performance to boost his


morale. At the moment, against the fastest time, looking like a


reasonable lap for Bruno Senna. Interestingly, behind, the man who


is just one place in front of him, Mark Webber, is on a cruel lap.


He's leaving it to one flying lap. should be enough to get him through


to Q2. Paul di Resta has just gone fastest of anybody in the middle


sector. He is absolutely on it in the Force India as he tries to move


up. Maldonado is also going quickly on his soft tyres. Now you will see


people moved down the order. Webber is in the drop so now. Di Resta


goes fastest in the Force India! 38.8. A good lap from Paul di Resta.


We have seen the performance from Force India, but this is now a


critical for Mark Webber. It is indeed. Paul di Resta has matched


his lap time from the morning session. That is a clear indication


that track conditions are good. Pressure on Mark Webber to deliver.


He is down on what he needs to be even to get into the top 17 at the


moment. He has got some traffic ahead of him. It is not ideal.


just doesn't seem to be doing it this qualifying session. But it is


not over yet. Will he get round before the chequered? My maths are


not good enough! I think it will be pretty close. We will keep an eye


on that. Maldonado is still on a good lap. Webber is hoping that he


can get one more... Maldonado has gone fastest! He has set the pace


in the first and third sectors. Maldonado, who got pole position in


Barcelona, but he has gone to the softer tyre, whereas some of the


other top runners have not done that in this session. What about


Mark Webber? He will not get another lap. I suspect he will come


in. What is the point of finishing this lap? He will get round.


mathematics... Don't panic! It is all down to this lap, the third lap


on the soft tyres. What about that for pressure? Mark Webber is


currently in 18th place. There's an alleged impeding of a car being


investigated as well by the stewards. Hulkenberg allegedly


impeded with Kobayashi. You can see the notice on the screen. The


drivers steered this weekend is Nika Salto. Mark has just said,


that's it, a game over. He will be the first of the big scalps to go


out. Mark Webber is not going any further in qualifying and that is a


massive surprise. The Monaco pole position man, and Red Bull are


looking for three successive pole positions this season, but it is


not going to come from Mark because he goes no further in this session.


He had problems this morning, but that is still a huge surprise.


is indeed. Maybe they were not able to rectify the problem. They did an


installation at the beginning of qualifying, which if you have


confidence in the car you would just go for it. I suspect he was


trying to qualify with the room did car. We will get more information


when Lee catches up with him. have got both Caterhams down there


at the moment. Kovalainen a fraction faster than Petrov. They


are racing each other hard. Only on one occasion this year has Petrov


out-qualified his team-mate and he is trying to do it again. A great


battle. They are both coming to the end of their laps. Does it move him


ahead? Yes. But Kovalainen is on a lap now as well and trying to get


it back. We are with Heikki Kovalainen now. He takes it back.


He is into Q2! He has pushed out Jean-Eric Vergne. Caterham faster


than Toro Rosso. We saw a bit of that in free practice yesterday,


but that is a brilliant performance from Caterham. They are expecting


even more at Silverstone. You are spot-on. An incredible performance,


less than a tenth away from Daniel Ricciardo in the other Toro Rosso.


Only four-tenths away from what Kobayashi managed on the prime tyre.


Mark Webber, frustration in his eyes. Lee will get a word from him


later, but I would suggest that she approaches with caution! He is not


a happy man. He is out of qualifying, along with Jean-Eric


Vergne, Vitaly Petrov, Pedro de la Rosa and Karthikeyan and Charles


Pic. And Timo Glock did not start this session.


While it is frustration at Red Bull... Yes! This is what we were


talking about. It is happiness at Caterham. Congratulations to


Kovalainen. They have made it through to the second part of


through to the second part of qualifying. They talked about


upgrades and Caterham have done what they said. They have to do


that because they made us a prommers at the beginning of the


year and I'm quite certain they signed Petrov on that basis. They


said they would make Q2 on a regular basis. Let's hope it


continues. At the front, we have got Red Bull celebrating, usually.


The last two races here, front row lock-up for Red Bull, but Mark


Webber is out. They will be very, very upset about theirs. It opens


the door in the Constructors' Championship to McLaren. McLaren


are looking good and they are making much more progress. They are


right on the tail of Red Bull and Red Bull's non- qualifying going


into the Q2 as far as Webber is concerned is a real boost to


McLaren. Give us an idea what it is like in a team. The team was saying,


despite all the effort, and so many sensors on these cars, they didn't


really know what the issue was. It is not solved. It has a wider


effect. This has implications with the mind of Mark Webber. They want


stability, they want calm, they want to be able to come into the


garage and see the car gleaming and ready to go. This was a problem for


them. He didn't know what the problem was. Nothing worse than


racing when you don't know what is happening. And it is at a circuit


which is so difficult to overtake on. This is the problem. Mark


himself is not tuned in. He has already said this is in there --


not in his top five race circuits. When you're into a race and you are


mentally attuned to what you want to achieve and you automatically


think, I don't like the place, and now this happens, it is going to be


a long weekend for him. Mark Webber out of the first part of qualifying.


Timo Glock did not even take part. He was not feeling well and it is a


hot and difficult circuit. 25 corners for the drivers to


negotiate. He decided he was not well enough. He has not taken part


in qualifying today. When Caterham first sign Petrov, they expected to


sign a driver who would fight to get into the second part of


Having come from bloaters, and we have seen the turnaround with Lotus


which has been phenomenal, I presume they see themselves in that


ilk. Here is a team that have invested and put a lot of things


together with a lot of pub dates and they would have come to it


driver like Vitali Petrov and told him they were in a position to get


him to 14, 15 on the grid. But they have not done that. Vitali Petrov


now joining as. Are you frustrated about the fact that you are not in


the second stage of qualifying? Or do you think they're building a car


here that is good enough to Challenge in Formula 1. The moment


I am focusing on myself and I think I made a couple of mistakes during


the lap. That is life. But we are working quite hard, and we are


working well. And we will try to pick up the pace and show better


results. Due see any comparison between yourself and Lotus, who


have come on great strides? Dean of gathering themselves,


pushing very hard to get to the target. We have some good update


and we will be better at Silverstone. Back to qualifying


times. Q2 now underway. Nico Rosberg was


fastest amongst those who did not fastest amongst those who did not


go for the softer tyres. What will happen in the second part of


qualifying? The battle to be into the top 10. And then you can really


tried to take pole position. Felipe Massa was saying that the


Ferrari has become a much easier car to drive. It is a remarkable


turnaround. There is a radical front suspension. They have turned


it around and they're standing among the drivers and constructors


is absolutely justified. Gary, what are we looking for in this stage?


Well the track must be slower than it was this money because the Times


really did not improve from this morning. The track got a bit slower


in net session. The only one to match his time, the ones are the


front. We're looking at a 38 to get into the top 10. Well as you said


the track temperatures are changing and that makes a difference that


took the lap times. Massive support of course for Fernando Alonso. And


also for Pastor Maldonado. He is getting a big old cheer every time


he goes past. Alonso going through bridge. This long back stretch is a


great shot when they show the overhead. The dual carriageway


running parallel to this section of the track. And you visibly see the


difference in speed between a Formula 1 car and normal traffic.


That looked much neater from Fernando Alonso Hill is setting the


deep you go over the front tyre and you start to have understeer. That


will have cost him some time. Ferrari quicker than the Williams


on harder of the compound tyres. That is significantly slower than


the first part of qualifying. Paul di Resta et is currently the


fastest. Force India are one and two at the moment. Nico Rosberg


fastest now. We are talking about how Force India are looking good. A


reasonable opening up their from Rosberg. We have seen a lot of


locking up from the McLaren. Great to see these cars bouncing over the


kerbs. Again, a lock up. And then this long drag down in to turn


number 12. Nice and tidy as he builds his way through understeer


through 14. Then the next big decision, when to brake into 17.


Heat gets away with it. Hamilton has been the top qualifier this


year in terms of qualifying performance, not always grid


position. He has been a top three qualifying driver in every race


this year. He just has to beat in the top 10 in this session. Jensen


Button is on a better lap than Lewis Hamilton. It all comes down


to this last sector. Third-fastest for Jensen Button. Felipe Massa


trying to get into that top 10, he is only on 14th at the moment.


No sign Bob Heikki Kovalainen coming out yet, he may not bother.


Heikki Kovalainen on track. It is all about saving your tyres for at


the race? I think he will just accept that he cannot do much more


at then 17. But I would be surprised if he did not go out for


one little run on the soft tyres. Perhaps they just decided to save


the tyres. It is a good thing to do it if you're one of the smaller


teams, to go out when the track is quieter. Commercially, you need air


time as well to get the investment. The circuit drops away a little bit


into the apex fare so it does not do as much damage as you would


imagine. But of course the next time around, it finds that same hot


spot. And is more likely to lock. Grosjean in the top ten. If you


look at the top 10 right now and say, who does not deserve to be


there based on the fact that we would expect Pastor Maldonado,


Fernando Alonso, to be in their, who will buy the three in the top


10 currently that are the most likely? This is all about the


incredible season we're having this year, so many guys have shown and


delivered great qualifying performances. We are going to see


differences and in some senses this is the most difficult part of


qualifying, to get into that top 10. Look at the margins there on the


graphic. Hundreds separate the cars. I think it sums up just how


competitive Formula 1 is this year. It is very tight indeed. His Nico


Rosberg going to come back out with that time he has done already?


Fernando Alonso has a personal best in the first sector and not far off


the best of all. But he will want more than just to be in the top 10.


He might be just down on Rosberg's best. Has he found something


special in this last sector? He is just 6th fastest. The current


president of Ferrari showing no favouritism there!


They have got great pace this weekend. They managed to develop


lightly in his last sector. If he can deliver it again now it should


secure his place in the top 10. No traffic ahead. Run for the line.


qualified well in Canada. He goes second fastest just behind Nico


Rosberg. That should put him into part of the lap, he could just make


the top 10, but he will not challenge the time we've just seen


from Paul di Resta. Massa is also on track in the Ferrari. Kovalainen


is still not coming out to play. Felipe Massa moving up. Maldonado


in fifth place. That might be enough for him. 1:38.5. We are on


board with Massa. Top five are all on a 38.5, incredibly close.


Astonishing. Massa is trying to get there. He is in 12th place, not


enough! The clock is ticking. He may well be running out of time.


These guys are trying to find tap - - track position. Massa is only


two-tenths from pole position and he is in 12th place. Tell me I'm


not imagining things! Incredible. Ricky Adar is out of his car.


Vettel is currently in tenth place. Vettel is not safe on his 1:38.7.


The times are so very, very close to one another. Grosjean has just


set a new fastest first sector. He is in 11th place. On board with


Vettel. Pole position winner here for the last two years. This is


right on the cusp. It comes down to the last sector. He is green in


both these sectors so he is on a better lap, but he is currently


about two-tenths down, maybe slightly less, on the current


fastest runner. That is right on the cusp of not going through to


the next section. He is third. 1:38.5. He goes ahead of Raikkonen.


Grosjean could still move up and that would push Alonso down. Alonso


is in trouble because he is currently in tenth place. Grosjean


is on a very quick lap. He has missed a bit in the middle sector.


That might give Alonso some breathing space. I don't think


Perez will threaten Alonso. Perez is not into the top 10. What about


Grosjean? He lost a bit of time on the lap. He goes fastest! Where did


that come from? Grosjean has pushed along so out of the top 10. Michael


Schumacher we are with now. Desperately trying to get into the


top 10. This is his last attempt. He is wide. Can he do it? Personal


best in the middle sector. No! Michael is out. Rosberg was second,


Michael 12th. Massa, 8 hundredths slower than Alonso. You can't say


that Massa hasn't up his game. Today, in a remarkable middle part


of qualifying, the run to get into the top 10 is 0.22 of the second.


That has to be one of thickos list -- closes qualifying sessions.


of the Ferraris are out. Michael Schumacher is gone. Senna is out,


as is Perez. And Kovalainen and Ricciardo. That shows you how


dramatic Formula One is at the moment. Hundredths of a second


preventing drivers going through. If that was Q2, stairway Wharfe of


Q3. The Ferrari doesn't quite limp Q3. The Ferrari doesn't quite limp


back, but it was not flying. Disappointing for that team.


much for the pushing and cajoling by their President. I don't think


it worked particularly well. That is one of the worst performances we


have seen in qualifying from Ferrari for a long time.


situation we are in it after qualifying, one of the Red Bulls


gone, one of the Mercedes gone. We have the likes of Sauber, Lotus and


Force India still in the fight for pole position. It is just theatre


at the highest level. You can't get your breath. We are redundant in


this job at the moment. There's no such thing as a punter, we don't


know what's going on! Absolutely fascinating stuff. You're never


redundant eight back I am redundant. How will Mark Webber feel? A little


bit of tonic with the Ferraris. He wants to put the weekend out of his


mind and salvage a couple of points. Nevertheless, he has a car where he


doesn't understand what is going on with it, and neither does his team.


But the whole effort is happening. We thought Red Bull would be flying.


This qualifying is not finished yet, but the gauntlet has been thrown


down. Red Bull are not the team they thought they were going to be


this weekend. It is not finished for Vettel, but it is finished for


Webber. He starts in 19th place. Really disappointing to see you


standing here now. He had the soft tyre on, what went wrong? We had no


DRS. About 1.3 seconds. It makes it very difficult when you don't have


DRS. The car put up a big fight today, we only did four laps all


day. Three of those were in qualifying. One lap on the Prime at


the start. The gearbox and hydraulics were playing up. We were


in a desperate situation to get through. It is very tight. The lap


time wasn't too bad with the DRS out, but it doesn't do anything to


help the situation. Now we have to do what we can tomorrow. It is a


big hit for us in terms of this one and Barcelona, through no fault of


my own. That is the way it can go over 20 races. How does the driver


react to that kind of situation? You have got issues with your DRS,


which has cost him the chance to get into Q2. How will he deal with


that? We don't want to stop you, lads! The problem is, he will have


to sit down, sit with his engineers and work out why. What has happened


to the Diarra as? This is not the first time they have had problems


with this. They were one of the last scenes to sort out DRS and


KERS. -- teams. Red Bull should be above this, they shouldn't have


this problem. Just to make it clear how close to tears, Michael


Schumacher out in Q2, less than three-tenths behind his team-mate


Nico Rosberg. Let's speak to a man with a smile on his face. Heikki


Kovalainen. The celebration, almost like you had won the Grand Prix.


What does it mean for you and the team to start in 16th place and


make it through to the second part of qualifying? It shows that the


effort everybody has put in it is paying off. We were targeting


higher and we were not happy with the beginning of the season, but


I'm very happy that everybody has kept their heads down and kept


working on the issues. It seems to be working. This is what we have to


carry on tomorrow and the next few races. The first time we are really


challenging the teams ahead of us. I'm very happy for everybody in the


team. Can we expect to see this on a frequent basis? Every race? You


have promised great things and we want to see you deliver them.


Absolutely. We still want to be cautious, but today was a genuine


performance. This circuit is not like Monte Carlo where you can


maybe sneak a good one in. Here, everybody is performing at their


maximum level and as a team we are working better than some of the


teams ahead of us. We still need to put more performance in the car,


but I hope this is a genuine trend. Bigger updates coming for


Silverstone as well. Is this the start of the resurgence of


Caterham? Hopefully. We need to wait and see how everything works


out. This weekend we have new parts and they are working. We have had


them in the past and they have not always worked. We shouldn't worry


about it too much yet. We are on the right track and what I see from


the team, we are focusing on the right areas. Thank you,


congratulations. You start in 16th place. Let's chat to David


Coulthard and Ben Edwards. Let's take the money -- Felipe Massa as


one example of a driver who has not qualified as well this season as in


previous years. It tends to be an example of how close to tears. If


you stay still, you have gone backwards. That's right. He is


eight hundredths slower than Fernando Alonso. The times are so


close. Can you say that Massa is no good because he's only eight


hundredths slower than Alonso? We have to think about a one


under way and it looks as though Kimi Raikkonen will be first out on


track. Pastor Maldonado following him out. Lotus are in good shape


because we believe Jimmy has two sets of the soft tyres still


available. We think Nico Rosberg has similar and may be Kobayashi as


well. Most of the others will have one set of the new softer tyre to


go out on. They might go out on a used set first. Gary, it will be


tricky. Having another set of soft tyres available has to be a big


advantage. Yes, that second set allows you to do two runs on new


tyres. Hulkenberg has gone out on a harder tyre for a lap. I think he


wants to use his new tyre after he has done a balance changed on the


front wing. A lot of time to do two runs around here. Two new sets of


tyres as the luxury of. I'm not sure about Kobayashi, whether he


has got one set or two sets. would not be surprised if Rosberg


tried to do one run and saved a set of options for the race. We will


keep an eye on what the strategy is this afternoon. We know qualifying


is very important this season. Nobody has won from lower down than


fourth place on the grid. With these high track temperatures and a


reasonable spread between the tyres, strategy could be crucial. Kimi


Raikkonen will have an eye on pole position glory. He might use both


his sets. You never know. Raikkonen enjoying the handling of the Lotus.


Back in Formula One this year, one of our six world champions on the


grid. One of two world champions yet to win a race this year. He and


Michael Schumacher, of course, joined a band of seven that have


won races this season. -- not joined. Turn one it is nothing,


really. Flat through there. Turn two is a bit more tricky, but he


spotted his braking well. The director decided a bit of pit lane


action will be more exciting than on track. We can question what he


might have been drinking! Back with what we want to see, a bit of track


action. The green flag being waved so it is the beginning of the


session. Common practice for the marshals to remind the race


director that they are still awake. A tidy laps so far from Raikkonen.


A reasonable first sector, 26.1. He has just been beaten by Rosberg,


26.0. We will watch the rest of the lap. We are not seeing any lock-ups


from Raikkonen. He has been a little bit slower than I was


suggesting. Maybe his team-mate is the man most likely to get


everything out of his Lotus this afternoon. As the track temperature


continues to grow, it is 46 degrees, air temperature 26 degrees, you


sometimes get the car coming in and out of an operating window. Let's


see if Raikkonen ends up with a smile on his face at the end of


this qualifying session. He has qualified best a fourth this year,


in China and Spain. He has had a couple of podium finishes as well.


We are still looking for that first victory on his comeback. Rosberg is


going quicker. Raikkonen sets the Mitchell pace. But Rosberg is


lapping faster. A bit of a lock-up from Rosberg! This is looking like


a good lap. He goes fastest, 1:38.6. And what can Hamilton do? I don't


think he is quite as fast but where will this put the McLaren? Hamilton


is in second, Button crosses the line, he does second! Button faster


than Hamilton! Jenson Button had a big debrief after the Canadian


Grand Prix and adopted some of the set up that Hamilton has been using.


Michael Schumacher is smiling. I doubt very much he is happy with


12th place. A lot to play for tomorrow. A replay of Maldonado


getting on the kerb in the last corner. An example of how not to do


it. He comes in the pits as a result. End of that lap for


Maldonado. We have only got four times having been set so far.


could have been a case of being how great you can be in keeping your


DRS Open and that is an example of a step too far for Maldonado. He


got on the kerb, which would have destabilised the car. We thought --


we saw Rosberg locking. That put him off line slightly in to turn 25.


I expect more time to come from McLaren trailing the Mercedes the


little bit. Have they got more to Pastor Maldonado going out on a new


set of the softer tyres. This is the big chance for him now.


Interesting that before he left the pits, they go through and the


procedure of finding the clutch biting point but it just seems to


me that that uses up vital seconds when you're sitting there in


qualifying. As a driver and I think I would say let us just get the car


out as quickly as possible. Gary, what is your prediction for pole


position time's based on what we have seen so far, I have got no


idea! It is just so close. Grosjean did a 38.48. Here comes Grosjean.


Let us watch as he goes for it here. He made his Formula 1 debut on this


very track. It was a difficult season for him but he has come back


with some mighty performances so far this year. He was nice and


early on the power on the exit of the second turn. He is fastest of


the second turn. He is fastest of all on that first sector. There's


still some time to be found there. But the opening of this lap not


looking too bad for him. He is avoiding those lock ups.


Let us see how this has affected this middle sector. Three-times


done it on the overall best from the previous part of qualifying. --


three times down. But it is still going to be close, if he can get a


good final sector as he did in Q2. Grosjean is quickest! Is that their


own to be enough for pole position? So the middle sector, he is leaving


some of that time behind. He is fastest of all in the first and the


last sectors which are quite contrasting sectors. So that shows


that the Lotus car is performing very well both at low and at high


there. That was Jensen Button making way for Pastor Maldonado.


Good, professional driving. A bit of traffic from Nico Rosberg,


hopefully that will not cost him too much. Pastor Maldonado quickest.


But Paul di Resta and has just set the fastest Mid sector time for the


Force India. It would be incredible if this could put him up into the


top three. It is seventh for him. A poor last sector there from Paul.


Let us see what Nico Hulkenberg can do it in this sister car? And he is


4th fastest, still a great effort for Force India.


Look at the time that Sebastian Vettel is doing! Half a second


faster than anyone else at just over the halfway point of the lap.


It all comes down to braking in this last corner. That is looking


so good. He is trying to take his third pole position here on the


bonanza street circuit. He goes fastest, four-tenths fastest than


anyone else. Lewis Hamilton now the second


quickest. The same as it was in Montreal. But perhaps Jensen Button


can change that? No, he is down in eighth place. A disappointing end


to the lap for Jensen Button. I think that is everybody. It is


Sebastian Vettel Fu has taken pole position. But Williams are happy


because Pastor Maldonado has qualified in third place. But


Sebastian Vettel has indeed match the greats, Alain Prost and Jim


Clarke, 33 Courier poll victories and he has done it in style while


everyone else was fighting, he took it fight over 3.5 tenths of a


second. In the end it came down to having the confidence in the


braking areas. So many of the cars were struggling and it just takes


away that confidence when you run at a very high speed. Such a young


man and a great record that you mentioned, matching the other


greats of the sport. A great performance for Williams and Pastor


Maldonado. He has only been in the top 10 on one other occasion. So he


has delivered on that promise. And do not forget that Lewis Hamilton


won at Caradak in spite of Sebastian Vettel been fastest in


qualifying. -- at Canada. That was a Challenge, thank you!


Sebastian Vettel's third pole position of the 2012 season. It is


all very close behind. Lotus in 4th and 5th position. Kobayashi is


superb 7th. Jensen Button will be a little disappointed with the 9th


position. The big surprise of course was Mark


Webber with problems with his car, starting down in 19th position.


Timo Glock unwell, he did not take part in qualifying. But this man


did come as Sebastian Vettel. Congratulations to him. 33 bull


positions in his young career. -- pole position us. This man loves to


break records. Well they made a strategic change


in the set-up of the car. He made reference to that on the radio. I'm


sure Mark Webber would like to know what that was. But to actually get


pole position by that margin, that is remarkable. The driver is being


weighed. Lewis Hamilton looking a little wilful, and well he might.


The idea was, let us get pole position but whatever else, I have


to make sure I'm in the front row. We know what happened in Canada and


he is looking for a repeat performance. And what does it mean


for Pastor Maldonado? Well we thought this was just a one-off


thing when he won the race. He was doing some impetuous things. I was


asking if he would ever find his form again? He has certainly found


it now. And the Williams car is very good. Paul di Resta made it


very good. Paul di Resta made it through at the final part of


qualifying. Congratulations. You start the race in 10th place. I


suppose we all thought there was a little more speed in the car?


think there was, I hold my hands after that. It locked up on 17. I


made a mistake when the car had a lot of potential which is a bit


gutting. But at the end of the date you have to be a bit on the edge. I


have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Great to think you're disappointed


by making it through to the third part of qualifying. But during that


mid-section, you were the fastest at that stage. We were all on the


edge of our seats, we thought you would get pole position. What


happened? Well, we probably lost a 10th of a second in the first


sector just trying a bit too much. But you always go into qualifying


on the edge and I just locked of wheel going into turn 17. It seems


to be a bit of a bogey in qualifying. But I'll take the


positives and reflect on that. positive is you have got good pace


in the car. We look forward to seeing him performing tomorrow. And


of course the British Grand Prix in a couple of weeks' time. Sebastian


Vettel the fastest man followed by Lewis Hamilton and Pastor Maldonado.


Red Bull will be happy to be on pole position. But it was a sweet


and sour question for them. A fantastic lap. You got the poll


position by Ford tense. It was remarkable. It was all about


stringing the perfect flat together and that was unbelievable from


Sebastian. He was inch-perfect. And the margin he got in the end


surprised all of us. But it is the same front row as it was in


Montreal. We have to try to make it stick tomorrow. And Mark Webber had


a problem with the DRS? We had a hydraulics issue with that which


meant to be -- meant that he could not use it. But he can be a


contender tomorrow for several points, for sure. We will keep


pushing and try to convert that into a big result. I think tomorrow


is supposed to be hotter again, track temperatures of something


like 50 degrees. So looking after the tyres is going to be critical.


It will be critical to make sure we do not oh we used the tyres. Good


luck for tomorrow. We have got people St Lotus will be


faster in the hot conditions. All eyes on Red Bull and forced India


who just appear and slap all that down. Well done to Sebastian. We


did not speak too much about him. Perhaps it is a bit like the


English football team, not too much expected but they provide the big


form at the end. Let us hear from Jensen Button. Out qualified by his


team-mate at every race so far this season for a DUP -- this season.


Are you scratching your head? really, it was how it was. The last


run in qualifying I had a massive amount of front locking. I just


could not slowed the car down. That is it, really. It will be an


interesting race tomorrow, quite a lot of the big names further back


down the grid. It is a long race here and a lot can happen. We're in


Valencia at! Not a lot happens here in the race. You cannot overtake


around here. And I think if you get it right on the strategy, maybe.


But the way that the tyres seem to hold on for most people, it is not


going to be the most exciting race I have ever seen. Perhaps the Lotus


could move up. We will tell the viewers to tune in anyway and


Mark Webber in 19th place, Massa in 13th, she Mackin 12th, Button 9th


and what of Fernando Alonso? Second was qualifying of the season and he


starts 11th. It was so tight. I'm sure going out


in Q2 was not what you hoped for. Definitely. Sad for not reaching Q3.


But that was the way it was today. Unfortunately we were not fast


enough. But the races tomorrow, hopefully we can score some good


points. We will see how the positions are at the end. What was


the Ferrari lacking? Was it just not fast enough? Yes, lacking top


speed on the long straights. We were two-tenths from pole position


so being that close you need a bit of luck as well. It can make a


completely different thing. Today we did not get the luck. Blaming


luck! Updates to the front wing, update to the floor, to the exhaust.


Fernando Alonso said he was delighted with the improvements


Ferrari had made. He will now know for sure the other teams got more


improvements. It is a big catch-up game for Ferrari yet again. They


just leave it too late to often. We all know what a star Alonso is. He


should not be outside the top 10. It is set up as it was in Canada.


Vettel from Hamilton. Tomorrow, keep your eyes on Pastor Maldonado.


Congratulations, Sebastian, a third pole position in a row at this race


and any one flying lap in Q3 to do it. Yes! I had one shot at the end


which turned out to be a very good lap and I was very happy. But Q1


and Q2 were not to our liking. We were struggling to find the balance


that we had earlier on this weekend. But a good recovery throughout


qualifying. Unfortunately we had to put on the second set of options in


Q2. It was the right call because it was very tight. My time would


not have been good enough with the first set. It was good to go again.


But in the last qualifying, I knew that if the track came in a little


bit more, tying de Laet together, it should be good enough to have a


look at pole position. In the end it was a surprising gap, but the


boys have been working incredibly hard in the garage, all of the


people in the factory as well, to make sure we bring a couple of new


parts to the car. They seem to work and I am looking forward to the


race tomorrow. Lewis, a front row for you. Sebastien said there was a


surprising gap in the end. Did you expect it to be much closer at the


end of Q3? I expected to be a lot further back. I struggled with set


up and going into Q3 to qualify and we had to make some guesses as to


what set-up we wanted to change. It seemed to work OK. Really, really


surprised, the guy's obviously did a good job, as always, to give me a


good gap. While the car still felt pretty good, the gap is still quite


big. It will be a tough race. that just the way it is in 2012?


You go from winning one Reece and then the next one you struggle. --


race. I think so. It appeared so when we first started practising


here yesterday. But generally, you look at the grid, because it is so


hot, you know that the Lotuses look massively competitive. I think they


will be the ones to watch out for tomorrow. I'm sure the Ferraris


will be quick on the long run as well. Who knows what will happen


tomorrow. We have to look after our tyres in tricky conditions. 2012 is


certainly unpredictable! One thing is for sure, you quite like Spain!


I think we've been working so hard. The car has been quite quick from


yesterday. We were struggling a bit with the option tyres. We were a


bit confused because the car was not the same. I didn't feel the


same feeling with the prime tyres. But then we have been working so


hard, trying to understand what happened in the car this morning,


still struggling, especially with the option tyres. Here we are. I


think we did a pretty good job. Williams is getting better and


better every time. I am pretty happy for the team, pretty happy


for my country and that is going to be a great opportunity to get the


job done. A good result for Williams in qualifying. This is the


Let's find out how the race will shape up. What do you think about


tomorrow? Looking at the tyres data we have got, I am sure a two-stop


strategy is the best solution. Some people will do a three, but we


thought a one stop in Montreal was good. With 25 Corners, one is not


the way to go. Get rid of the soft tyres as early as possible. Thank


you. It is so difficult to call the race because it has been so close


today. The weather can play a big part. I've just a sneaking feeling


that we might have the 8th winner in the eighth race. Romain Grosjean.


He is looking very dangerous, very quick, possibly should have had


pole position. He is looking very strong. Overtaking is not easy here.


He looks so good. The way he controls the car, even when it


steps away from him, he gets it back together. He has matured


enormously this season. Have you enjoyed that qualifying session? I


had a naysayer on twittered saying qualifying never delivers, but it


delivered today. For the first time, we've had some relative consistency.


The same qualifying as we had in the previous race. Maybe There's a


trend coming. David thought Sebastian would get pole position,


but I would not rule out Lewis. There's more Formula One coming


We will return tomorrow. A full weekend of live Formula One on the


It is a year of new faces and new records being broken. And despite


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