The Singapore Grand Prix - Qualifying Formula 1

The Singapore Grand Prix - Qualifying

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You know what, the cars on track will be louder and larger than that


one! It is a reminder, that toy car, that this race isn't just about the


money flooding into this island at the moment, but it is also about


inspiring the next generation of young drivers here in Asia.


Alongside me is David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan. Two months and two


days this season is over. There is a feeling of electricity in the air,


isn't there? There is. We saw what happened to Red Bull, we saw what


happened to McLaren. They have to get their act together. This is


where all the teams push like crazy to go on to try and win this


Championship. David, you know over the years that this is a tough race


to compete in? It is. It is tough on everyone. It is tough on the


mechanics, on the engineers. This will be a real test of the


reliability of these cars. That has started to show in the last couple


of races. What a hard place to do it here. The driver will be pushed


to the limit. It is a good example that the boys at the front are


trying to get the nth degree out of these cars at the moment. Whether


it is securing the agreement for Formula One, whether it is securing


the future of certain circuits - everything has to be decided in the


next eight weeks. It is great? have just heard about Singapore,


five more years here. It is one of the treasures. The agreement is


agreed. It will be announced shortly. That is another issue out


of the way. Things are in place. love that! The men who are in the


hunt for the Championship will know that the next seven races, in the


that the next seven races, in the next nine weeks, will determine


everything. The push to the finish in Brazil on 25th November starts


You know what - it looks magical from the sky! Eddie, in all the


years you have been involved in Formula One, you have seen circuits


come and go. Rarely has a new track captured people like this one?


were all hugely sceptical when we heard about night racing. That was


new territory. We often ridicule them for doing strange things.


Bernie has unbelievable vision. To come here to put on a show better


than anywhere else in the world, Singapore has done it. You drove


here once and thought, "I'm going to retire so I can enjoy the


parties in Singapore!" There is a big party scene here. I can hear


them still going at 4.00am in the morning! You were at the party?


was in bed! That is not the David Coulthard we know. Thank you(!) In


terms of - Bernie was almost crazy to bring us here under the lights.


They are almost four times stronger than the lights at a football


stadium. This backdrop is spectacular. It is. It is a true


spectacle. In less than an hour, the cars will be under the lights


looking to claim pole position and pole is so important around this


street track. Despite the great things about Singapore, yesterday


the provisional calendar for 2013 the provisional calendar for 2013


was released. This is how it looks. The one big headline in terms of


the races, if you have a look at Race 8, we will be going to New


Jersey. However, when this was released, three of these were


subject to confirmation. There's been plenty of questions about


whether New Jersey will be ready. We can understand that. South Korea,


Race 16, plenty of questions about their financial muscle and whether


they can continue to afford to be in Formula One. What about


Singapore? This was also subject to confirmation. It transpired they


were deep in negotiations about extending the contract here. Well,


moments ago, there was a big announcement. We are staying here


for a little bit longer. Lee caught up with the Deputy Chairman of the


Singapore Grand Prix. You have signed a five-year deal.


What was hanging in the balance. What was hanging in the balance.


It's been done this minute? This is Saturday. We have been working on


it since Friday - Thursday. There was just little detailing. We had


to make sure we had the right time to announce it. Tonight, 7.00pm,


was the perfect time for us to announce it. There was a lot of


hard work. As you know, we have a very good working relationship with


Mr E. He was able to smooth the way for us a little bit. So it was a


joint effort to get it done so quickly. Tell us - this has been a


relatively new race in Formula One terms. It has become a very


important one. How important is it for Singapore? Well, I think the


branding is very important. In the five years we have been doing the


Grand Prix, we have put Singapore on the world map, you know. It is


from a little red dot, to a big great dot. You know how small


Singapore is. Will we see any changes to the track over the next


few years? We are looking into it. I think a little change will


obviously be good, it will improve the race. Every year we have to do


better. We will do some changes, but they won't be major. The track


has run very well. I don't see where we can change tremendously.


Thank you very much. Well done. Thank you.


The ever-evolving Formula One merry-go-round keeps on turning.


You can see how much effort they go to to make this place look special.


This does more for Formula One than Formula One does for it. How hard


would Singapore have been working to thrash out a deal for them


rather than Bernie Ecclestone? course, Bernie is saying to the


teams, "Hey, it is my obligation to get you as much working capital as


you can get." I wouldn't want to be too long in a big fight with Bernie.


He comes out winner more often than not. David, you will be back here


in 12 months for the Singapore Grand Prix. There was a mention


about changes to the track. Would drivers like to see some things


altered? The Grand Prix Drivers' Association said they felt it was


at its limit because of the heat in the cockpit and the humidity. Now,


you could argue - and I would say that a Grand Prix should be


challenging mentally and physically - so it should be like every other


race. The only thing that needs changing is the Mickey Mouse


chicane. It is a botched corner to fulfil the run-off they have in


that area. Everything else is fantastic. What would you do there?


I would make a 90-degree left- hander. You could do that. We have


seen cars go off there and it is not elegant to see a Grand Prix car


bouncing over high kerbs at 90mph! Whatever was going on, there were


sparks flying here at the circuit as they thrashed out that deal with


Bernie Ecclestone. That is not the only place sparks have been flying


this weekend. Long before qualifying gets under way, the cars


have been on track and they have been very busy indeed.


Practise on Friday began in damp daylight. Mercedes were off the


pace. Fernando Alonso was fourth while both McLarens were on the


pace. Lewis Hamilton beaten by a few hundredths of a second by


Sebastian Vettel who won from pole position here 12 months ago. Second


practise was held at the same time of night as the race will be. Bruno


Senna clipped the wall and ended his session. Hamilton was trying


hard on the super-soft tyres. Most teams experimented with both grades


of Pirelli. Sebastian Vettel set the pace after a positive day for


some, less so for others. I think most importantly the car seemed to


work on either tyre. Not entirely happy with the balance on the softs.


The lap was not great. A lot of front locking. We have been trying


to find a balance and it is still not there. The guys have done a


great job. Feels a lot different to the last race where we had a lot


less downforce. It's great to be able to throw the car around a


little bit more. Practise three took place earlier today and Sergio


Perez slapped the wall in the Sauber, but Sebastian Vettel


maintained his 100% record of topping every practise session, one


that was brought to an early conclusion by another wall-slap,


this time the Caterham of Vitaly Petrov.


We will speak to Bruno Senna in a moment. It shows you, David, when


they start trying to push to get some qualifying lap times in, it is


still a slippery track? On any Grand Prix track, that lap is the


first time go as fast as that. You open your DRS on a hot lap, who


knows what is going to happen. have been told that Vitaly Petrov's


car will be ready to take part in qualifying. Bruno is over here.


Lovely to see you. We went to Chinatown at 4.00am and you were


having some food. We exist in European time out here in


Singapore! It must be a strange experience for you to be eating


meals at such odd times? It is a bit of a different experience from


everything else. You have to keep yourself entertained otherwise it


is difficult to stay up until 6.00am. Psychologically, you start


to feel a bit tired, a bit sleepy. So it's what you have to do. Good


food? Yeah. Are you under pressure for your seat next year? I think


everybody who doesn't have a contract for the following year is


under pressure. My objective is to do the best job I can right now and


we will see what happens. We saw a number of drivers drop the ball in


free practise three, you got it out of the way on Friday. Unfortunately,


I lost a long run yesterday. Not an ideal scenario. I was coming on a


good lap and you are pushing the limits. Sometimes you make a


mistake. I thought I was going to get away with that. I had a gentle


nudge on the wall. It was a concrete wall and that damaged the


car. Today, I was equally confident. I was close to the wall in many


places. It's going better. I think we have found a bit more in the car.


Hopefully, it will be tough to be When you think about Williams or


other chains, how crucial is that to get that qualifying on Saturday


sorted? It is important to get it sorted but finishing in the points


consistently is also important and getting everything right in


qualifying is a bit of a learning curve and I think sometimes I have


not got that quite right. But in the race it is important to show


good performance and I have shown good performance in many races and


it's good to score more points, obviously, but putting everything


together in the first four years is at stake thing to ask. And there


are still seven races to go and I hope that I can have a nice end to


the season and just be more chilled. I know you are confident of making


the top 10 this weekend so fingers crossed when qualifying gets going.


One of the reasons Bruno has been catching his team-mates is


consistency, including last time of Jenson Button. He is off, onto


the grass. But in having a go for second place. He has it complete.


Side by side! And Sebastien Vettel is still just ahead as they come


down the pit lane. He is on the grass! And he gets back on. He will


be even more angry, now. That was a scary ride. The McLaren has a


problem, Jenson Button is out of the Italian Grand Prix. Here comes


Perez. He has got himself side by side with Kimi Raikkonen. Lovely


move. That was such a late moment. Great stuff from Perez. Perez looks


like he is going to go past. Very sensibly, he will not get involved.


TEAM RADIO: Stopped the car! Sebastien Vettel is out! He has had


a moment coming out of that chicane. Webber is cruising. He isn't going


to get the points. Short shifting his way home. Lewis Hamilton wins


the Italian Grand Prix but Perez has been the start, finishing in


second for Sauber. How incredible was that? Very different experience


here in Singapore or and under the lights this is a good example from


And this is one of the latest and greatest. Let's look at the


standings after that last race. It is an exciting time for the drivers


and constructors. McLaren have picked up three when's recently and


without anyone since July, Fernando Alonso has only had his lead cut by


three points in the last two races. Jenson Button's realistic hopes


disappeared in Italy. Kimi Raikkonen, in the hunt on his


return. Red Bull picked up no point in at Monza for the first time in


73 races and Mercedes, 5th place in the championship, they are under


threat from Sauber. If Sauber can take Mercedes, that would be quite


the story? There would be a lot of crying and gnashing of teeth in


Stuttgart. Sauber are one of the darlings of Formula One and he is


finding another gear. He has great young drivers and it is so exciting


but also invigorating and this is making the championship so


interesting. Fantastic for Sauber but not so good for Red Bull and we


want to find Christian Horner. He is always busy. Do you want to


speak to us? Christian, what have you done since the last race? What


have you done to make sure you will be in good shape? We obviously had


a good look at what was feeling and we worked with Renault to find some


solution to understand the problem and hopefully not see it again.


You're amazing in Singapore. Can you recreate that and go on or is


it to far ahead of you? Seven races to go. Both drivers are still very


much in this championship and we need a good result here and we're


just going to go for it. We will attack every race every weekend and


get the most we can. You have been going for it so far, Sebastian


Vettel topping every session in practice. The first time since


China last year. The car looks great and Jenson Button says you


are the biggest threat to pole position? But Farran looks strong,


practice does not mean a great deal until the end of Saturday afternoon.


And I am sure there was something that Jenson Button will be strong


and Lotus will be there and Fernando Alonso, he is always


strong here. The drivers enjoy the track, Sebastien has always


excelled here. Hopefully we can have a strong afternoon. You have


to win here? We need to beat Fernando and Lewis Hamilton and


Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen...! We need to get a


great result. We just have to have a very strong again. Sounds like it


will be tough but good luck. Red Bull are strong, according to


McLaren. Mutual appreciation. David is with Martin what Marsh. You have


been in the air conditioning. It is hotting up? Seven races to go. You


have won the last three races. Pressure must be building? This


championship is yours to win or lose. We have had three great races


and three when's. This is the road course and we have not been as


strong as he wanted to on these circuits but hopefully we can put


that right this we can. This is the time when the driver knows, Mark


was incredibly lucky this morning in my opinion. But anyone, that


hard bang on the barrier, and you're out of qualifying. And the


championship can slip away. We are in for a fantastic season with


seven races and great circuits. Probably, it will go down to Brazil.


That sort of the season. And the tension will be sky-high. In the


meantime, anybody who makes that's it and makes a mistake, be it the


man with the wheelgun or the man with the tyres in his hands or the


mechanic build in the car, that can cost the championship. It is tense


but exciting. The mentioned everyone except the management.


Presumably they are devoid of any blame?! If it is any of the above,


the management take the blame and usually get fired! You have been


there for many years. Why have the Curran not been so strong on the


straight circuits? We have just been... We have been overheating


the rear tyres. That was low attraction. Putting too much


surface heat into the rear tyres. We think we know that and we will


find out and put that to the test and we have been working hard on


looking after the rear tyres. In the last three races, we have been


bringing more downforce to the car and we have better traction here


and perhaps in Monaco. So, I think Red Bull have got the step here and


Mercedes and Ferrari look strong. Fernando looks strong. It will be a


really tight session. I do not know who welcome out on top. Our men are


capable of being a the front row but so are others. But the others,


who is the most likely to join you in the top three? Sebastian Vettel,


you must look at the statistics. Three practice sessions and he has


been quickest in all of them. It doesn't take a genius to say that


he looks very strong. Fernando Alonso is the other one. Those are


the men who will be competing with Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton


for the front row. But also, as you know, it is very easy to get the


traffic and hit some barrier and not even be there at the end. Q 3


is very tense. You can just make that slip and the weekend is a


disaster thereafter. We wish you a pleasant ease and -- pleasant


evening. In just over 90 minutes, the answers to these questions will


have been realised, whether it is McLaren, Red Bull or anyone, they


wonder that the points will be awarded at the circuit but perhaps


the championship will be won and lost back at the factory. They are


constantly update in the cars with the push to the final season. Let's


get a close-up look at what the teams are doing to be champion...


The development off the track has been just as important as on the


track. Mercedes came along with that revised package and got more


wing elements on the front wing, back in a list that order package


was there and they lost detail on the side parts, going on to the


diffuser details. These are those, the hot air going into the rear


tyres, that seals the diffuser. Creating more downforce and under


acceleration. To enable Fernando Alonso to hang on to that lead,


Ferrari brought to a more wings. But it does not create as much


downforce. This one, more downforce, so were on the straight. When you


put one of these on to the car, you must balance that with the front


wing. Look at this assembly, the rear flap is adjustable and they


are just ankles a degree for the front wing flaps so the mechanic


knows which angle to set to get the balance. Which development will


work? We will have to wait until Sunday afternoon. They are working


really hard to make sure these cars are ready for the fight for the end


of the championship and this weekend the drivers are also


working hard to make sure they are cool under the heat. Let's look at


some of these goodies. First, let's go back in time. This is the way


they were cooling drivers back in 1978, the year that I was born. And


these photographs provided by Terry Anderson. James Hunt's McLaren.


Cool water being pumped through to the driver in the cockpit. That was


a small box at the back of the car. This is one way. How about this?


Gary, in the pit lane, pouring cold water on to the overalls of James


Hunt to make sure he does not get hot. How things have changed. Can


you explain the stuff we have got to? You were involved when these


updates were happening all the time. How important was it to stay cool?


Crucial. The average internal temperature is 37 degrees and the


drivers will be at 40 degrees during the race, that would put


most people in hospital. Here we have some dry ice. Below the


temperature of freezing. Hold your hand out... No, thank you! So cold


and that is down the side of the seats, cooling the kidneys. But


Rosenthal, you will hold that. The drivers will have that on the grid.


Robert around the neck. And of course, you can see Jenson Button


were in this, this is full of dry ice packs. When he puts that on, it


draws the heat from the body, to maintain the core body temperature.


Did you not invent that? I did but Jarno Trulli has taken the credit.


They would take as much fluid as they can, drinking six metres on


Sunday morning, a lot of that passes through the system but lots


will be retained and the flowers don't get that. Many are sweaty,


you still get that cobble when you give the girls on lovely flowers?


And there are real. When running the team, how much did you cared


about the drivers staying cool? They must have been saying, this is


too hot and you just want a performance and.? There were a


couple of things. The cockpit was much more open. Now, there are


different structures and different things and we were less concerned


about the driver as such because he was much cooler but the radiator


was taken away and the hot air was taken away so he would get that


cold air. It is much more difficult now. It is more enclosed and the He


process within the car is hugely demanding for the driver. We are


standing out here and we're wearing a short-sleeved shirts and we are


sweating. Paul di Resta last year, we shall see him on the track later,


and asked about the drink. How nice as this? He said, 20 laps, that is


like a hot cup of tea. They don't have that trick system. This is


just one that McLaren drivers use walking around. Half a litre, ate


their lucky. Because that is wait and 10 kilos will cost three-tenths


of a second round a lap. The teams do not want that. The driver is to


be strong and fit but that is why they do all of that triathlon


training. They get out early to do the training in the heat of the day.


To make sure they can handle that for two hours. How did Adrian have


reacted to it you said you wanted one gallon of water? Out of my


office! What is it really like in the cockpit? We can speculate. What


does it feel like? In the summer, when you think, that is enough. And


other people out there and you feel that you don't want to be the first


person to leave. It is at that point, when it is just enough, but


you have to stay with that for the next hour. You would not do that


for the fact that it was the carrot for winning the Grand Prix. And


You better put them back in JB's room!


Plenty still to talk about before qualifying gets going here. Here is


Lee McKenzie with the latest Fernando Alonso has been talking


about who he thinks will be his team-mate next year and what skills


he would need to bring to the job. We need to have a driver that


respects Ferrari, that respects the tradition of this team and that we


work for the team, for the red cars. If the team decides to change


Felipe, someone that arrives has to be better than him. His good friend


made a winning return to rallying two weeks' ago. Last weekend, he


crashed out in the Italian Dollomites. If he wants to come


back to Formula One, you cannot be in hospital and then jump in


Formula One, you need to wake up your driving skills. Despite being


on the podium three times this season, one person who has been


ruled out of the Ferrari job is Sergio Perez. Now the rumour mill


links him to McLaren. They are rumours. Every time I do a good


race, they put me with a different team. The most important thing is


to keep focus for the next race. After neither Red Bull finished in


Monza and Sebastian Vettel experienced his second alternator


failure of the season, the current World Champion is not letting the


thought of failure play on his mind. I can't control it. I wish I could.


I can't. I think in the end these things happen. If I win, it is not


me winning, it is the team winning as well, so it is us. We didn't


finish last race. We are trying to make it better this race. Lewis


Hamilton is still smiling after winning last time out in Monza. Now


he is ready for a very different challenge in the heat of Singapore.


You have to be so focused. Mentally it is draining. I have never gone


out after winning the race here. Just destroyed, mentally and


physically. I want to enjoy rather than go crazy afterwards! Jenson


Button, who is keen to revive his Championship chances, came out here


earlier to acclimatise and do some heat training. I have been out


cycling with the national team here, which is great fun. It was a


surreal experience riding along and there's 80 monkeys dotted along the


road and an A pache flies over. 2008 saw the deliberate accident by


Nelson Piquet Junior. Now, on Italian television, he has a new


How many times have you uttered the words "you're fired"? Not as many


times as him! Romain Grosjean is alongside us now. Before we get on


to talking about racing here. What was it like having to sit out the


Grand Prix in Monza? The most exciting weekend of the year for


sure. It was not easy. We have seen a few things. The team have been


working. It is good for me. learned a bit about the car. The


FIA did because they wanted you to learn a bit about yourself. What


did you learn from having to sit out that race with regards to your


performances this year? Was it a harsh punishment? It was hard. We


accepted it. That is the end of our answer. You know, you always learn


when you have a hill that comes in front of you, when you go to the


top, you are stronger on the other side. We are coming to a circuit


where a high downforce and the walls are threatening. Can you


perform well here? It's not an easy track. We have been struggling a


bit on Friday. Hopefully, it will be better. We are trying to find


solutions, which is not always easy. Let's hope it's going to be good.


We hear very much - and I have experienced how hard this track is


physically. What is different about this circuit compared to Monte


Carlo? The humidity and the heat is very hard here. We need to be


careful with the kerbs. It is very hot in the car. That will be very


hard for the whole race. It is a tough race here for the drivers, as


David knows. Welcome back to Formula One. You are in good


company. When they all returned, they all scored points in the first


race back? Hopefully. Before we let you go, 2013, plans for next


season? What is the latest? 2013 is still a while ahead. First, we


focus on what we have to do here. knew that would be the answer! Good


luck in qualifying. The reason why I asked that question is because


this is the time of year when people really start to talk about


next season, which feels like the perfect time to gaze into the


Singapore is one of the great financial centres of the world and


should come as no surprise therefore that this is the centre


of the driver market. The permutations and combinations of


driver line-ups next season is enormous. Only Red Bull, the top


team, have announced theirs. That offers opportunities to teams and


drivers alike to maximise their drivers alike to maximise their


positions. Does Michael Schumacher hold all the cars? Until he decides


what he is going to do next season, he certainly does. If he were to


retire, the ramifications would 20 Days after I reported that Lewis


Hamilton was in discussions with Mercedes, still nobody has denied


the story. I now believe he has two firm financial offers from Mercedes


and McLaren on the table. A move to Mercedes would suit him and his


management team. It offers the perfect opportunity to turn him


into a global name. Where does that leave McLaren? Who will fill


Lewis's seat? Nico Hulkenberg has been linked with a move from Force


India. Perhaps Sergio Perez, Sauber's hot shot, is the man most


likely to replace Hamilton. I heard Martin Whitmarsh describe the drive


of Perez in Monza as "sensational". He comes with the support of a


billionaire Mexican. There are not many teams brave enough to turn


that down. What has to be remembered about Ferrari is that


Fernando Alonso is absolute number one. This is how they have raced


for decades. The number two driver plays a supporting role. Has Massa


done enough to save his seat? Two results in Monza and Spa. Was that


enough to make his team bosses happy? Alonso has stated that Massa


is still the man. Remember, the slower your team-mate, the faster


you look. If Massa were to leave, Sergio Perez is very high on


Ferrari's list. Another name, a bit of a surprise, been out of Formula


One for over a year, Adrian Suttel could be ready for a comeback. Have


Williams got something up their sleeve? He's been faster than


Maldonado in the majority of free practice sessions this year. I


believe Senna will make way. If that wasn't enough, it is now ch


time for teams and drivers. My sources tell me we will be a lot


wiser after Wednesday. The message is clear - nothing else


comes close to a drive in Formula One. Eddie, it all becomes clear on


Wednesday. You don't commit to which Wednesday? I'm not going to


which Wednesday? I'm not going to say which Wednesday either. There


are very strong meetings and meetings were held last week with


the advisory board and the board of Mercedes. It is a crucial time for


them. We know the agreement has been signed. I don't want to steal


their thunder. What needs to happen is what happens to their driver


line-up. What you are saying is, you think on Wednesday Michael


Schumacher's future will be decided and that will filter through


Formula One? We have been told that we would know by early October. I


think it might be brought forward. Too many people need to slot into


positions. Right, Wednesday. Make sure you are near a computer


screen! From a man who has had a great career in Formula One -


Michael Schumacher, not Eddie Jordan - to two guys desperate to


get into Formula One. Strong seasons for the both of you. Max,


your year has resulted in you wearing the Marussia top. You get


to drive the car on Friday. What did the team notice in you that


brought that deal? I think we started at the start of the year as


being in the Marussia team. My qualifying speed has been quick. F1


teams like the know the driver is quick. Then we have had some really


good race results with two wins and two poles. A combination of that


combines to the result of wearing the shirt. It is only your second


in GP2. You have had a strong year. Are you itching to get into Formula


One as soon as possible? I think everyone in GP2 is itching to get


into Formula One. There's a lot of people that have tested the car and


there's a lot of reserve drivers in GP2. I want to have my chance. This


year, I have had a good year. Probably not enough to get into


Formula One. Maybe for me another year in GP2. Guys, I know both of


your fathers quite well. How important is it to have some


financial backing behind you in a moment like this, where you need


that extra push? It is a big help. I don't think many people come into


F1 now without backing. You have to have the talent and the backing now.


It is a complete must now, I think. So it's nice to have something


there. You need big backers to get you any further. It is one of the


questions - have you got money to come and race in F1, that is the


way the sport is going? Yes. You need talent and the guys in GP2,


everyone is very good. The guys at the top are all good. At the moment,


you need financial backing. That is the way it's been for a few years.


Obviously, it depends and some people get certain deals and I


guess it depends on the team and negotiations. I think it's a shame


it's gone that way. Ultimately, you see some drivers that could be in


F1 and are not. At the same time, that's how it's got to be. Yeah. It


will be lovely if the sport was about your talent and not about


your financial muscle. We have discussed drivers moving around.


These are two faces who we hope will be moving into a Formula One


race seat very soon. Good luck for the race tomorrow. Actually, the


reason why they feel if they get into Formula One they are entering


a sport that isn't going to take their life is because of the amount


of incredible work that's been done in the last 30 years to make


Formula One a much safer sport. Plenty of that credit goes to a man


who was known down here as "Prof". In the entire history of motosport,


no-one has been liked, respected and valued more than Sid Watkins.


Professor Sid Watkins OBE was not only one of the world's leading


nuerologists but a passionate motor racing enthusiast whose knowledge,


influence, leadership and determination turned a viciously


hazardous sport which claimed many lives a year into one of


comparative safety. When Jackie Stewart crusaded for greater safety,


the general attitude was, if you can't take the heat, keep out of


the kitchen. He was vilified for his valiant efforts. The tide


turned when Bernie Ecclestone asked his friend, Sid Watkins, to do


something about it. Working tirelessly, Sid transformed the


medical scene. Proper facilities at the circuits. Helicopters to


transport the casualties. Sid himself, sitting in a medical car


in the pit-lane at every Grand Prix, better crash barriers, better


helmets, safer cars and circuit designs and so much more. The death


rate plunged and so many drivers owe him their lives. Asked Martin


We were so lucky as a sport to get hold of someone like that. I have


so many good memories, professionally and off the bridge


at -- off the professional side. Enter 1003 I had an accident in


Monaco and the first person I saw was said and then use a his big


smile, you felt more at ease. liked to drop some whisky so he was


a good bloke. Sydney was everyone's friend in Formula One. A warm-


hearted and kindly man who loved his cigars, whisky and fishing, he


had a highly developed sense of humour. Why do you persist in


wearing that Ms Siobhain cap, I once asked. To wind up Bernie


Ecclestone, who wants everything to be perfect, was the reply. Did you


have a favourite? Her I'll always remained absolutely neutral, except


when I punch you in the belly after you had your appendix out. Sydney


warmed every word he was and he made his world a better place. I am


sad of such a wonderful man no longer being with us. I am so sad


for his charming wife and his family. And for all of us who were


so lucky and privileged to have known him. What are heart-warming


consolation is that he left the sport he loved him so much better


shape than he found it. Professor Sid Watkins, who the sport will


forever be indebted to. Jackie, you have also done much for safety.


Give us some idea of what the sport was like in 1965 when you first


climbed into the cockpit? I wish we had said Watkins back in 1965


because the struggle to get safety was enormous because the


establishment were against it and I had a steering wheel but as Anna


Tait to it because in those days they were not retractable. The


scars - aka the cars, the fuel tank and the fires were horrendous and


the number of deaths was horrendous. If you race for five years in my


time, there was it two out of three chance you're going to die. When I


retired from the sport, and continued for a little bit on


safety but said Watkins picked up. Do you think the drivers don't


fully respect that and they take too many risks because safety is so


good? There is no doubt that there is an element of comfortable living


and they have never seen this sort of accidents and they have never


been to those memorial services or to those funerals and they have


never seen her mother, father and the sister and the girlfriend and


the children. If that was to happen, and I hope it never does, but 18


years, five months and something like 17 days since we lost the life


of a Formula One driver is an incredible testament to the


management. But I believe there are liberties being taken on the track


today that should not be taken and I think the penalties that the


governing body should hand out for those errors and the manner in


which some of these manoeuvres take less there's a reason to be


concerned and therefore I think if they were to readjust themselves to


the potential of what can happen, it would not be a bad thing. Sidney


Watkins, it is normal at this time of loss that everybody will find


the good, but I think you could put into words what kind of a man he


was. Putting aside is where Conservative. Said Watkins, we must


send sincere condolences to Susan and the family and I saw him the


day before he died. I went to see him in hospital. And I went to the


funeral, just managing to get over here. The feeling in that church


was amazing but I think when we stand for one minute's silence


tomorrow, we are going to have a very strong feeling about him.


There is nobody in this paddock that was not helped in one way or


another, whether it was a driver or something to do with safety or with


the illness of the mechanics and their families and children, said


Watkins was always there. Much loved by this community of Formula


One, particularly. But that was watered down to other farmers and


the medical facilities we have on the track today, he is responsible


for that. And what he has done for the sport can never be forgotten.


And the love that he has given out to so many people, and he had a


huge sense of humour. He loved his wind and his whisky and he loved a


very good laugh. Thank you so much for sharing his memories and we


extend our thanks to you for all the hard work you have put pen to


make this a much Supersport. We send our condolences to the family


of Sidney Watkins and the greatest legacy is to make sure that the


quest for safety never stops. Enjoy the qualifying session and when we


talk about safety in Formula One, it is a modern drivers and the


tracks that many are kept so saved by the work that has been done in


the past so when they take to the track shortly, they know they can't


attack this all the way. Let's meet Paul di Resta. Can this be you're


Singapore? I would like to think so. We will try to pick up with the


qualifying in Monza. They treated us well last year. There is quite


this long run to the first corner and this tight section. Walker us


through this and tell us about what she will be looking for.


biggest thing is how I late you are on the brakes. The run to the next


corner isn't where you will be the hero. Quite tricky in the first lap.


You don't want to be stuck on the inside in turn number one. There is


REM and if that does not happen, turn number three is one of the


slowest on the track. Very demanding on the tyres and I think


the degradation will be the main focus. Before this leads you into


the city. The exit on to her number three. You disappear into the city.


This is one of the widest points on the track. The challenges of the


straight circuit, concrete walls, how do you feel the conference on?


The it is confidence, building that slowly through the weekend so when


it comes to the point when you want to maximise that, it is there. But


it is tricky. There are some barbs. It will put some shocks through the


car. And this week track is very dirty. You have normal road cars


throughout the year. What amazes me about straight tracks is you have


the barrier over there and a racing line into this corner, literally,


the apex is against the concrete wall. It attacks the senses. When


you first get into the grand prix car, you can see that sensation, it


only comes through time and experience because everything is


coming quicker. You are never sure how close you are but the


boundaries keep moving up, the more track time you get. Another unusual


aspect of this race is the drivers will tell his right over there. We


are just below were we'll we'll all be staying. And the circuit goes


under the grandstand. You are passing under the fans. You don't


want to run off going underneath the rub. You can feel the


vibrations and the noise of the car disappearing underneath. But there


are still quite a bit of the laps still to go. A normally and will


wrap up by wishing you luck. Presumably, you are hoping to


improve on the 6th place finish last year. But I think what would


be nice it is if you look down the barrel of the camera and say


whatever you would say to all of your fans... It is more important


to the fans of Formula One, come and enjoy the experience and


Singapore. It is a great event, we are on the European times and, in


the dark. They has led to get you for qualifying but you could still


make it for the race tomorrow and now the man who runs the Italian


team. Arguably, the quickest car in Monza. Three days of testing, are


you happy? I have to say that from what we have seen yesterday and


this morning, or this evening, I don't know the time...! I think


that I can see Red Bull and McLaren in very good shape, we are there,


but who knows? I think that as we always say, when the race is over,


that will be the story. How soon will we know the driver line-up for


next year? Eddie, you know far better than anyone else! As we


always say, there is no rushing into that decision. He will decide


those things and then we will not follow the speculation... We will


pay attention. We will follow the decision and not the speculation.


We shall see how things pan out because qualifying is so important.


The last three races have been won looking stunning in the Singapore


night sky but for the drivers, this is one of the toughest tracks in


the calendar. Qualifying for round 14 of the championship takes place


for the 5th time under the floodlights. The first of three


Asian events to be held over three weeks with Japan and Korea coming


up soon. Each one as crucial to the likes of Lewis Hamilton and


Sebastian Vettel as they try to close the gaps. No less than 23


corners to be a negotiated between the concrete walls and 10


kilometres of fencing that form the circuit, which runs along some very


famous roads. Raffles Boulevard, it passes City Hall and the old


Supreme Court between No. 9 and 10. Flashing past the esplanade Theatre


and concluding just beneath the giant observation wheel, the


Singapore Flyer. Stunning environment. And it is tough on the


drivers. And qualifying on a straight track means taking extra


chances? You have to go for that ultimate fast lap? It is as simple


as this, there is no room for mistakes. On other tracks you can


afford to say, I shall have this little journey of discovery and if


it goes wrong, I might lose that lap. But an know for the next time.


Here, you do not have that luxury. If it goes wrong, you will hit the


walls. We saw that this morning with some cars hitting the barriers


and damaging themselves I'm going out of the session. That is one way


to stay cool in this fantastic evening. It really is the biggest


challenge of the season. Anti- clockwise, that puts extra strain


on the drivers and throw-in that unity and 23 corners, 12 of them


below the 100 kilometres speed and there is lots to do. The infinity


sound cool on the top of that hotel. What an amazing place to watch the


qualifying. -- swimming pool. As you mentioned, we have seen some


people hitting the wall, Mark Webber this morning and Sergio


Perez, they have repaired his rear suspension. Also, Vitaly Petrov had


problems and that car has been repaired and Timo Glock had a


sensing issue. That seems to have been sold. Drivers have been kept


cool in the garage before the session gets underway. Gary


Anderson, it is sweaty in the pit lane, as you prepare for the start


of the session. Asked Amiss other cars, there were in the low


downforce and doing 200 mph. It is different you? For sure but I have


lots in any mechanics with the watering cans. Yes, high downforce.


There were group on the rear of the car, the better the traction. 23


quarters and 15 or 16 of those are traction events. Very difficult on


the rear tyres. Some tracks have problems with wearing on the front


tyres but here it is all about keeping those rear tyres working


well and alive. Going into Q1 in a moment. What are we looking for to


get those top 17? I would not be comfortable unless I had done 51.6.


We have got one driver, Jean-Eric Vergne, who always seems to be


hanging out the bottom. That would Tim -- that time would mean most of


the guys, they would not need to go on to those super soft tyres. This


session will be hectic. A it will be with all those cars out there,


24 cars battling for some space around the track, looking at Nico


Rosberg. That is interesting, it looks like he has done some laps


already, his face is red. His father was always red-faced when he


was in the racing car. Perhaps it is genetic. Some drivers sweat more


than others. Michael Schumacher used to annoy people by looking


like he had not even done the Grand Prix. But even this morning, he had


some sweat on his face. Mark Webber, and barring where he shot take the


journey after he retires! amateur astronomer. Christian


Horner, he is talking to him. He did hit the wall but he got the car


back out during that session so that was impressive. We were


talking with Gary before the qualifying, just that relative


strength of the rear suspension, of the Catcher In. And then taking


Vitaly Petrov back in bus-top and Mark Webber got out of his car and


then find out of course that he Nobody is rushing out on to the


track just yet. Fernando Alonso was third fastest this morning. I


wonder if he will be able to match the McLarens and the Red Bulls.


Alonso, the Championship leader, and two-times a winner here. He


does have a good record around this street track. The driver can make a


difference. Last year, on the grid, we saw two by two formations. Red


Bull were on the front row together. The McLarens were on the second row.


The two Ferraris were on the third row. A driver can make a difference


here, David? Street circuits, they say the driver...


TEAM RADIO: By the time you start your first flying lap, you have


probably lost five degrees on the front tyres, the rears two. After


that message, I think I would be ready to jump out of the car. That


was a -- an engineer who sounded very depressed.


Sitting in the cockpit, you can't see anything other than the tops of


your front tyres, so you are judging where the side of your rear


wheel is. That is what makes it more tricky. It is easier to drive


a street circuit in a touring car. Romain Grosjean is on track. We


heard from him. He is, of course, back after his ban at Monza. There


is Sergio Perez. One of the stars of Monza, that brilliant second


place that he earnt for the Sauber team, being up there on the podium,


three podiums he's had so far this year. It has been a stunning second


year of Formula One for Sergio Perez. They haven't looked as quick


here this weekend. Perez was only 18th fastest this morning and


Kobayashi was 14th quickest. He's gone out early in this session


because he did touch the wall and do some damage to the car. He is


out there on the prime tyres. You will see the red-marked super-softs


will show them later on in the session. They are a quicker tyre.


This is about catching up for lost time this morning. I suspect this


will be a run to get his eye in. The fastest part of the track,


where the DRS will be in operation in the race. They can use the DRS


throughout the track in qualifying. He comes down out of that section


into Turns 8 and 9. Then that takes him, as he comes through here, past


the City Hall and the Old supreme Court, the Padang area - a lot of


music concerts going on there. Into Turn 10 - in fact he doesn't


stkpwhrt he goes around the outside and they will have noticed that --


in fact he goes around the outside and they will have noticed that.


have seen a number of drivers doing that this weekend. One of the main


reasons is they have removed the exit kerb on the last part of the


chicane which put Kimi Raikkonen into the wall there a couple of


years ago. Taking away that kerb on the exit has allowed the drivers


that option. If they get it wrong, they can run round the outside. He


was able to get away with it there. Yes, that's right. He may well lose


the time that he gets as a result of that. Of course, once you have


done one quick lap, the tyres are not as good for the next one. Lewis


Hamilton is out and he is not wearing his yellow crash helmet.


He's got a special Singapore- coloured crash helmet for this


weekend. It features some of the colours of the Singapore flag.


Sergio Perez has gone faster on that 1:52.70. Jenson Button comes


out now. Interestingly, in front of Perez, Schumacher was the car


weaving around as he crossed the start-finish line. He is on his


second lap. That would suggest that he has had a mistake on his out-lap.


That's Perez missing the turn into the chicane. Maybe we will get a


replay. This is Raikkonen doing... Oh! That is down at Turn 7. One of


the prime places for overtaking. That is where the DRS zone will be


available in the race only. In this section of qualifying, they can use


DRS everywhere. There you see it popping wide-open on the rear end


of Fernando Alonso. Alonso is up on that on the split times, up by


three tenths of a second. We are yet to see the real stars of the


practice sessions which have been Vettel and Hamilton in particular,


Button has been looking good, Massa gets out of the way of his team-


mate. No problem there at all for Fernando Alonso. Going through the


area that we saw two cars hit the barrier this morning. That was


Perez and Webber. Or earlier this afternoon, I should say. Rosberg


has done three laps without setting a time. The Mercedes team - they


have either both been unlucky with traffic or they are running a


strategy of bedding in the tyres before going for it. I have no idea


why that might be. Maybe our man in the pit-lane might be able to shed


some light on that. Gary, let's come to you. We are seeing a lot of


initial running on the soft tyre. Some of these team also have to go


for the super-soft? Yes, there's 1.5 seconds difference between the


soft and the super-soft. That is a huge amount of time. There is no


way you can find that on the yellow tyres. I have no idea why they are


doing this. Maybe they got unlucky with traffic, or maybe they want to


get the balance into the tyres. Rosberg has an interesting moment.


He bounced over the kerb as you were speaking so that lap is over


for him. Let's - is this Rosberg? No, this is Jean-Eric Vergne. A big


lock-up from him? Yeah, unusually the outside, that was down into


Turn 7, the outside right, you would expect it normally to be the


unloaded tyre. This is Rosberg bailing out of Turn 10. Going to


the inside of that exit kerb to avoid any damage. We saw Michael


Schumacher in free practice. Lewis Hamilton locking up into Turn 1 and


bailing out of the corner. Anyone who has tuned in right now, you


will be able to see what Ben was saying. A different helmet for


Lewis this afternoon. More difficult to recognise him in the


car. He's dropped the famous yellow colours that were a mark of respect


to his hero, Ayrton Senna. Gary, we are watching a lot of front


locking-up here. What are your thoughts on that? It is difficult


to get the temperature into the front tyres. It is more to get the


grip of the front tyres up to the right level so you can use the four


of them altogether. Michael Schumacher has gone fastest in the


first section. After two laps, the tyres do settle down. Let's see how


the rest of the lap goes. That was the back end sliding. Michael


Schumacher was fastest in qualifying in Monaco. He's


attacking here. They haven't shown any great pace so far this weekend.


Are they going to surprise us? Let's see what the lap time is.


1:49.994. So he goes fourth quickest. A huge lock-up from


someone. It is Daniel Ricciardo. Resta going fifth fastest. He has


been going pretty well this weekend. Force India got both cars on the


fifth row here last year. Paul went on to get his best result, which he


has matched this year. Looking back at Pastor Maldonado, he is third


quickest. He's on a better lap - a good middle sector from Maldonado.


Fastest of anybody in the middle sector so far. He goes fastest -


1:49.40. We go on board with his team-mate, Bruno Senna. Great


images here. You get so close to the wall approaching the last


corner. You see a spike of oversteer. Opens his DRS. At this


stage of the qualifying session, that puts him four-tenths behind


his team-mate. Rosberg has gone fastest, a 1:49.4. A lock-up from


Lewis. Again, over the kerbs, Turn 10, the Singapore Sling! It should


be called Mickey Mouse, that is what it is! It's causing the


drivers all sorts of problems. Lewis Hamilton bailing out to the


inside having set the fastest first sector of anyone so far in this


session. You can see again, it was the outside tyre that locked up.


The McLaren chose - it always seems to be very sensitive on the front


axle. Michael Schumacher sparking his end plate coming through the


have to say that the track is obviously a lot cooler than it was


when they started free practice three. That means that the balance


that the drivers found in that session will have changed going


into qualifying. That explains why we are seeing multiple laps being


run on these tyres. They will get their eye in, found out where they


are and the next run will be with lower fuel and they will be hoping


to be able to deliver the maximum from those tyres on the first or


second lap. Felipe Massa attacking now in the Ferrari. Remember, you


have to get in the top 17 to qualify through to the next stage.


Not everybody has done a representative lap - that includes


Hamilton. He had to bail out as we saw a moment ago. Felipe Massa has


done a lap. He's currently eighth fastest. A lovely view down there


as the 1,500 lights show up the track surface through this Marina


Bay section of Singapore. Absolutely glorious view looking


down over the Ferrari of Felipe Massa. Up towards, up through the


right-hander at Turn 14, past the Esplanade Theatres on the right-


hand side. They turn on to Raffles Avenue several times. He ran a bit


wide there, out across the front of the Bay. Passes under the


Grandstand, which is why we lose the image slightly. He's a couple


of tenths quicker than his previous best lap, which has him sitting in


eighth place. The car gets out of the way. Let's see him finish the


lap. It will be an improvement. Takes him up to fifth place. A good


lap. Hamilton is on a flyer. Lewis Hamilton has gone fastest in the


first and second sectors. The time showing up as purple on our screens


which means he is faster than anybody else at this point. There


he is. TEAM RADIO: The front is locking.


The higher front tyre pressures will help. Here comes Hamilton. He


goes fastest. Still using the soft tyre. Not the super-soft. It is a


1:48.2. A second faster than Alonso. That is a megalap from Lewis


Hamilton. Jenson Button also using that same soft tyre. They will hope


not to have to use the super-soft. They want to save them for later on.


He is seven-tenths quicker. Third gear, fourth gear, he runs up to


the last turn. He's managed to pull it to seven-tenths quicker than his


previous best. This will be some way short of Hamilton. More than a


second away. At this stage, second place. Yeah, it is good enough to


go second. One second away from what Lewis Hamilton has done.


Hamilton really has put in a fast lap here. Take a look at the replay.


He was talking about lock-up? is what he said on his radio to his


team. They have responded. They think it will be tyre pressures.


They believe that too low on that front pressure and the car is


bottoming. Webber has split the McLarens. That is one Red Bull up


there. What's Vettel going to do? He goes second now! Look at that,


two-thousandths of a second slower than what Hamilton did. Who is not


safe? In the drop zone at the moment, we have Jean-Eric Vergne,


Kobayashi, Kovalainen, Glock and Pic and then the two HRTs of Narain


Karthikeyan and Pedro de la Rosa. It has to be noted, his team-mate,


de la Rosa, he has also done a run on the super-soft and he is a


what is your opinion on what we are seeing? Looking at it now, the


track's got a lot quicker. Lewis Hamilton's time, 1:48.2 on the soft


tyre. He found over a second on the better grip from the tyres. It is


difficult to get the fronts working. That is why Lewis is locking up the


fronts. You might have too much understeer on the super-softs! The


two Lotuss have gone out on the super-softs. So Kimi Raikkonen has


gone out on the softer tyre. You would have thought that Lotus would


have felt safe. Obviously they have another go. The track


conditions have changed, it is worth having a go. Exactly what


Gary was saying, the track conditions have changed and the lap


times are getting quicker. We do say this large track evolution


through these sessions, everything just gets more responsive as the


temperatures drop over the morning practice session, or the afternoon


and early evening session. But this is very significant that Lotus have


felt the need to go on Super soft early, that tells us there clearly


not feeling comfortable on the prime tyres. They don't want to


take any risks. They will want to track how that lap from Kimi


Raikkonen is going. That was a green first sector on that faster


tyre. That would not scared to match the very fastest of times. He


has a couple of tenths away from what Lewis Hamilton has already set.


Better see about sector two. Here comes Kimi Raikkonen, he needs to


get through into a queue to, that is a priority. Some of those boys


will be trying to get themselves enter those top 17. Kimi Raikkonen


did say he has gone fastest in the middle sector. He said they were


struggling. Surprising, when we have seen the pace of the score on


other straight trucks, like in Valencia, they had a very fast car.


We will see exactly tomorrow how fast the car is. Their strength has


always been their pace, being able to make their tyres last longer.


That puts Kimi Raikkonen fastest at this point. No big surprise, given


that he is on those super soft tyres, we expected that to be about


one second of a difference. Grosjean, he has gone fast as the


ball on the middle sector. Both Lotus cars looking safe. Sebastian


Vettel going out on the harbour of the two compounds. Very close to


the wall, as you can see. 48.2 already and he is improving on that.


Let us just say... That is a fraction quicker. That is all they


are going to get out of that. Hopefully, that will be enough.


Paul to rest are now going fastest. 1:48.0. Grosjean using those softer


tyres. Even quicker. 1:47.6. We are now actually seeing the Times


getting down to not quite the level in Q1 last year, we saw 1:46.3. But


much faster times. Again, the outside will, very unusual, we


would normally expect that to be the inside on the those loaded


tyres. That gets onto the white lines. The front left wheel locks.


You can see that he lost some lap time. As a consequence, you just


have to hold the brakes longer. Kobayashi, he had been in the drop


zone and he has dragged himself out. At the moment in the drop zone,


Petrov, Jean-Eric Vergne, Timo Glock, so Jean-Eric Vergne, you


would have expected him to get out of that. And this is his first time


here in Singapore. Mark Webber, currently 6th fastest, riding the


car around a little bit. Green, green in those first two sectors.


He will show some improvement. Four-tenths down to the fastest of


all, Grosjean. Let us see how much he loses. Qualified second to


Sebastian Vettel last year. 6th place at the moment, that should be


enough. On board of Bruno Senna. Currently in 15th place. He will


want more than that. Currently, ahead of Kobayashi and Danny


Arakawa. He should be safe. -- recorder. -- Ricardo. Kovaleinen


has told us several times that he thinks he is the fastest qualifier


in Formula One. Hopefully the team will develop the car. He has got a


pretty good record, here. The best results when he was driving for the


top teams. He qualified in 5th place back in 2008, driving for


McLaren. We are watching Jean-Eric Vergne, trying to drag himself out


of the props and. The chequered flag is out. Jean-Eric Vergne has


got there. Can he get back on the line? What a very good lap. He has


gone up under 7th place, pushing Kobayashi it out of the top 10. Who


can still beat him? Kobayashi is back in. He will not be any threat.


He has backed off. Bruno Senna is in that top 17. Disappointment for


Kobayashi. He will be hoping, as he watches the rest of this session,


and we can see Bruno Senna and Mark Webber getting out of the way. He


runs wide and hit the barrier with the right rear tyre. Let's go on


board. As he goes through turn No. 9. Onto the back straight.


Oversteer and it does not look like much from inside the cockpit but as


we saw from the external camera, that was reasonable. It was. Ever


so easy to just get carried away on the straight circuit. Just


finishing off the session and see how it works for the men towards


the back. Kobayashi is out. He is in the drop-zone. Vitaly Petrov,


just finishing off his lap. Going for the honour of the fastest


Caterham. Petrov comes across the line. Heikki Kovaleinen? Who will


get the honours? Petrov. Ahead of Kovaleinen. And Timo Glock, not


quite able to beat the kitchen ands. -- Caterhams. This morning, his


comments? I cannot repeat them. He was wearing so much on the radio.


The big surprise is that we have lost the Sauber of Kobayashi.


Sergio Perez has made it through. Kobayashi, what a qualifying


performance Super Ten in Belgium just a while ago, putting it on to


the front row. And he ended up in that big crash. Kobayashi, he joins


Petrov, Kovaleinen, Timo Glock, Charles Pic. All on the sidelines.


Bruno Senna makes it through. Having a look at the car to make


sure he is OK. That has been the story. As soon as you take


liberties around this track, it will bite back. We have captured


parole Bruno Senna hitting the walls. He probably feels punch


drunk at this stage. He was trying to figure out, how am I going to


get through the race if I had hit the wall that many times in


qualifying? Grosjean, having taken that band, sitting back in the


cockpit. And he goes fastest in that session. That will feel really


good. A it is just a fairy tail, he would never have expected that. The


length and breadth of this paddock would not have expected that. It


shows you, hopefully he has learned from his mistakes. TEAM RADIO:...


Thank you. Jean-Eric Vergne just feeding back to the team. Paul di


Resta putting in that great session and Kobayashi, second on the grid.


How things can change on different circuits. And here it is so


dependent on the tyres. Those boys in the front, going super soft.


That was surprising because you can see the Times that there was


Hamilton was doing all normal tyres. That is the way, as this Shashin


goes through, towards the end of the day, who will be on pole


position? It or not be Paul di Resta Grosjean. One of the top


three drivers, who we know are fighting hard. Briefly, we spoke


earlier about drivers looking to make their move into the big teams,


and lots of people talking about Sergio Perez. Not many people


talking about Kobayashi. Is he under threat? As things are


unfolding, he just does not seem to be... Of the sparkle that we saw in


years gone by, I'm such a big fan, but there is something lacking, it


is a lacklustre, I don't know. It might be that he has been outshone


by his team-mate. He does not seem to get those results that he


desperately deserves. Let's make our way around you. Here we have an


example of the kind of tyres they are using this weekend. And it is


worth pointing out to people who saw that Lewis Hamilton was not the


fastest man, he set his fastest lap on soft tyres and lots of men are


going out on super soft. He is sitting back in the garage and


saying, I have got something up nicely. I have got really good


tyres. Had he seems in the best position. Let's go to the


commentary box to get the thoughts of David Coulthard and bed Edwards.


As we check out these lovely tyres. -- Ben Edwards. David Coulthard,


who qualified in the Singapore night race, it's not difficult in


terms of humidity and heat because it is so short but it is still such


a difficult circuit to get used to. It is but the intensity of the


qualifying lap is when it hits you and the fact that the only do three


laps and then go back to the pits, it is when the heat radiates from


the cockpit into the driver. Although they do not have the big


fluid loss that you will see in the race, there will be lots of sweaty


men. This is intense stuff. As I said. You get that lovely air-


conditioned, true box but this is your first experience of Singapore.


The it is just fabulous, to see the lights of the city as the backdrop,


it is beautiful. I love the way the colours just bounce off the cars.


They look stunning under the It is one of the service that has


caught everybody's imagination and we are so relieved and happy that


they have extended this for five more years because everybody will


be overjoyed, not least the sponsors and the drivers. You can


see the drivers sitting in the garage. They have dry ice blowing


into the cockpit to keep them as cool as possible. That is what you


can see being held. You cannot see what was on the end of that, but it


is covering the driver. Tony Fernandez, one of the cool


customers in Formula One. His car is still struggling to get out of


to get underway in Singapore. Kimi Raikkonen, interestingly, first out


onto the circuit. The Lotus cars had to use the super soft tyres to


make it through into the top 17. Kimi Raikkonen has come out early.


His team-mate was very fast, the time that Grosjean did on those so


the soft tyres was 0.3 of a second faster than Sebastian Vettel.


Grosjean was half a second faster than Kimi Raikkonen. Gary, you said


the track was getting faster and faster. Now the targets are moving


into cute too. The it is very difficult. The track evolution must


be at least one second. To get through into Q1, you must be


looking at 48.5. It is one of those things, the guys in the front four,


they will set their times with super soft. That is a good


indication but I would not be happy if I did not do 48.5. There was


committed under DUP been to use its tyres so he has those on reserve. -


- Lewis Hamilton did not mean to use those tyres. All the way down


to six players, Paul di Resta, then Sebastian Vettel and Fernando


Alonso. TEAM RADIO: The real pressure is down. Thank you very


much for that. Coming back to the speed trap information. That is on


the start-finish in to turn number one. They will be doing faster


speeds into the braking zone. Just one of those peculiarities of where


they decide to stick the speed trap. The traffic of Singapore, it


continues, despite thousands of fans being here. The East Coast


Parkway, which goes over the top of the circuit, the Singapore Flyer,


that provides some wonderful viewing points. And that last


corner, coming past the pit lane, as we can now see Kimi Raikkonen


going on to the fast lap. Let's focus on that. We know that whoever


has gone out on super soft but he is also under investigation along


with Timo Glock, there was some impeding or along the line. The


stewards are looking into that. Let's watch Kimi Raikkonen and see


what the Slapper looks like. He has gone out. Just seeing how much more


life there is left in these tyres. Baby also to get some feeling for


the balance, there will be more confidence and how hard she can


push. This evil thing racetrack, very dusty off-line. Some areas


where you can exit that turns and it's all about how brave and close


you can get to the wall. Other areas, there is a lot of space. In


Monte Carlo you know that everywhere you will be touching


barriers and the apex. This place confuses drivers. You have a very


tight, so corner and that corner is the slowest turn on the track. 13.


And look at the Boulevard, it is the track. Out of Turn 14 comes


Kimi Raikkonen. Then a kink left at Turn 15. A tight right through 16


and 17. You were telling me earlier, David, that these left and rights,


they have a peculiarity to them, you have to compromise one to get


the second one right? It is the difference between the apexes and


the chicanes that makes it so difficult. A short chicane, you can


just focus on the braking, bang over the kerbs and hit the throttle


over the exits. Let's go onboard with Grosjean. This is down... He's


spun and hit the wall! Oh. There must be damage to the left rear.


He's managed to keep it going. That was down into Turn 14. As far as I


could see, just carried a bit too much speed on the turn-in phase.


Got wide. A lot of dust on the wheel. Having looked like man most


likely to lead the Lotus team after the first part of qualifying, I


would be surprised if there is not damage to the rear of the car.


That's right. Romain Grosjean - look at Fernando Alonso on the


attack. This is a fast lap from Alonso. He goes quickest - 1:48.058.


Faster than Raikkonen. Perez is third. A big lock-up behind Alonso.


That was Hulkenberg. But should have got away with it. Mark Webber


is on the super-softs. He didn't use them in the first session. This


must be a new set of the super- softs. Indeed. If you can make out


on the right-hand side of his dashboard, he is running three-


quarters of a second faster than his time from the first session,


which was a 1:48.7. That is what Alonso has done at this stage of


the session. Let's see how the rest of the lap evolves. A bit of


oversteer on entry to Turn 20. Loses a bit of time on exit. How


brave can he be on the throttle and DRS? Across the line. Lost some


time there. Second fastest. Sebastian Vettel has gone fastest


in first and second sectors here. There is Sebastian Vettel coming


through to the latter part of the lap now. Let's see. This is going


to be a big chunk faster. Hamilton is also on a good lap with a very


fast middle sector as well. As he comes out of the last corner,


surely quickest. Power drifting the car to the line. Although he is


fastest at this point, sorry, Ben, to have talked over you there, I


think he might have lost a bit of time on the run-out... Damage.


can see there Senna... He's bent something. Look at the car crabbing


down the pit-lane. Gary, you had a quick look at the Lotus earlier of


Grosjean. Now it looks like we might have damage on the Williams?


Yes. We are doing to see a replay now. -- we are going to see a


replay now. He smacks the right rear wheel. Yeah. That caused some


damage. That is the end of the show for him. Grosjean, when he came him,


I looked at the left rear wheel. The wheel wasn't moving around. He


might be lucky. Hamilton's gone fastest, a 1:46.665. We are on for


a tremendous tussle. Button is not quite there. He's done a 1:47.6. We


saw a good lap from Rosberg earlier on. Let's see what this can be for


Schumacher. Across the line, he is 11th. He is in the drop zone. Only


the top ten get through. Currently, that is Michael Schumacher,


Hulkenberg, Perez, Ricciardo, Vergne and Senna. Alonso gets


wheeled back into the pits, currently on a 1:48.0. A big gap


between himself and the times that Hamilton and Vettel are doing,


David? Yeah, early stages. He does have the opportunity to run again


and try and close that gap. Bruno Senna punches the car. That ends


what has been a pretty scrappy Singapore Grand Prix, it has to be


said. He seemed pretty chilled when we spoke to him in the preview show.


Disappointment. Is that the sign of the pressure showing as the second


half of this season, a critical part for him, when the team are


starting to look at what they are going to do for the driver line-up


next year? So much is about confidence. His confidence never


got on to a roll this weekend, with that incident in free practice on


Friday. Looking into the Red Bull garage. Red Bull seem to be on top


form. They don't have pole position sewn up by any means. They won't do


that until we get into Q3. All they are trying to do is get in the top


ten. Sebastian Vettel seems to be back at his best. He always goes


well in Singapore. Hamilton loves this circuit. It could be the dual


between the pair. -- duel between the pair. Gary, can you see these


times getting any faster? Are we at the limit now? I think 1:46.6 is a


pretty impressive time. I am sheer they are safe at that point. Di


Resta has done a 1:48.8. There is time to come from him which puts


Massa on the back row. Those - Rosberg backwards, they need to


have another run for me. They are under a bit of pressure. Raikkonen


could probably get away with it and relax a little bit. It's just - if


you hook it up here with 23 corners, you can gain so much time. If we


take Rosberg backwards, that means Maldonado, he could be in danger,


Felipe Massa, di Resta, Schumacher, Hulkenberg, Perez, Ricciardo,


Vergne and Grosjean. Senna can't play any more. So there is a lot


still to be decided here. Yes, just looking at the times they achieved


last year, I know it is not relevant at all to what is going on


this afternoon. They are a lot slower. This time last year, the


fastest time in this session was 1:44.9. They don't have the full-


blown diffusers, but the same kind of tyres of course. Some


improvements made around the track. They have moved some kerbs. So


quite a drop-off in performance year on year. 1.8 seconds on all


the sessions it seems to have been off the pace of last year. Gary, it


is interesting that loss of performance, isn't it? It is. All


the sessions have been about 1.8. It is because of this exhaust blown


diffuser. This is a typical track where it is the best asset. That's


what this circuit requires. So I would say the majority of that 1.8


is down to the change in regulations as far as what you can


do with exhaust outlets. It is the same for everybody. Romain Grosjean,


despite that contact with the wall earlier, the car seems to be fine,


he was fastest, remember, in the first part of qualifying. So we can


still expect something from the young Frenchman. He has been to


this Singapore circuit in the past when he drove for Renault. Had a


short race, in fact! Also had a crash in practice at the same


corner that Piquet had crashed at the previous year. Grosjean back


and on form this weekend. Let's see what he can do on this next lap.


The track beginning to get busier. What concerns me, David, as the


clock ticks down, you only need one car hitting the wall and you can't


come back out to play and that sets the times as they are now. Well,


that is exactly why these teams get out there early. We have seen on


other tracks, they wait till the very last moment - Sebastian Vettel


tends to cross the line with only a few seconds to spare to normally do


that one flying lap in qualifying. If you look at the history of this


racetrack, and going into tomorrow's race, we have a 100%


chance of a safety car based tonne previous four events here. We have


seen other sessions being stopped because of incidents in qualifying.


Let's hope this isn't one of them. We will find out who is worthy of


being in the top ten. Yes, the GP2 race earlier today, which was won


by Max Chilton, they had plenty of safety car episodes in that one.


Grosjean just building up here. We see he is still on his outlap at


the moment. He goes on to his flying lap. I believe he is on a


flying lap. He is only seven-tenths off the fastest time. Yes, sorry.


It would be a good outlap! This is an effort from Romain Grosjean. He


will get another couple of laps if he can make the tyres last. Let's


see where this puts him. Third. That is a great lap from Grosjean.


1:47.5. He's about a second, just under a second off the fastest,


that is Lewis Hamilton. Lewis sits in the cockpit of his car. He is


studying some figures there. Yeah, that's the fan blowing into the


cockpit. It is being passed through some dry ice which we showed


earlier in the show. That brings the temperature of the air down.


Paul di Resta has opened this lap quite nicely. A couple of greens,


so he is up on his personal best. He is looking like he is about


seven-tenths down on our fastest man at this stage. We will see how


he ends this last sector. Quite tricky through this last section of


corners. He goes underneath the Grandstand at Turn 18, 19. This is


where Bruno Senna touched the wall in free practice. Goes through 20,


21. This is where Bruno Senna touched the wall in qualifying.


Then this fastest corner on the lap, 22, 23, just one turn, uses all of


the width of the track. He gets fifth. That should be enough.


1:47.6. A similar lap time to what we saw Grosjean do. What about Nico


Hulkenberg? Both cars were in the top ten here last year. They are


evenly matched these two. Hulkenberg and Paul di Resta, very


good drivers, the two of them. Being mentioned by plenty of people


with regard to good seats for next year. Let's keep an eye on him.


was a second up. He's dropped a couple of tenths as he came into


the last part of the lap. So the two Force Indias looking


comfortable in the top ten. Mark Webber is eighth. Would like to


make that more secure. He's done a 1:48.2. His team-mate is in the


1:46s, so let's see whether he can get a little closer to Vettel's


time. It is a 1:47.5. So he goes into third place. In the drop zone


at the moment - Maldonado, Massa, Vergne - he has completed a lap.


Rosberg crosses the line, he is seventh. Maldonado is still out


there, Massa is still out there, Schumacher - Perez goes 11th. That


is not enough. Massa is 11th. It is not enough for his Ferrari to go


through. We are still waiting formal mall. He could be a threat.


We see Raikkonen go through. And Raikkonen - Maldonado has gone


fifth! Raikkonen goes 11th. Alonso has just improved. He needed that


to make sure. He's gone fifth. As we see Ricciardo coming through -


no way he could get in the top ten. He is 14th. Raikkonen has been


pushed out. Michael Schumacher is the only other one now who could


push Nico Hulkenberg out of the top ten. Hulkenberg - is he still on a


lap? He is eight-tenths quicker showing on his dashboard. That


won't be enough to get him into the top ten. Oh... He goes ninth.


in the top ten. Hulkenberg's not seen the chequered flag. He is not


on a good lap. Hulkenberg is out. So one Force India is in, that of


di Resta, followed by the two Mercedes, Schumacher faster than


Rosberg. Raikkonen, who is third in the World Championship at the


moment, Kimi Raikkonen is out of the top ten. Massa is out as well.


So another failure for Felipe Massa to get into that top ten. Let's


confirm those that are not making it through to the final part of


qualifying. They are Nico Hulkenberg, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe


Massa, Sergio Perez... TEAM RADIO: Good job, Michael, that


is P9. He is through. The other three that


are not are Daniel Ricciardo, Jean- Eric Vergne and Bruno Senna.


JAKE HUMPHREY: Frustration for Kimi Raikkonen. They have impressed at


high-downforce circuits. Kimi Raikkonen couldn't get it hooked


EDDIE JORDAN: He couldn't get it hooked up. Romain Grosjean is on


fire and he is showing where the team could be. Raikkonen, it is a


pity. This is another man unter pressure. He may have the -- under


pressure. He may have the indignity of his team-mate winning the title


while he doesn't get a podium all season-long? He placed particularly


well in Monza, also in Spa. We need all the usual regulations. Before


we talk about the early drop out, Kobayashi, gets mentioned the last


session and the boys in front. Could we see the 4th pole position


for McLaren? They look for very strong and if anything, the car


looks very well set up for the rest. It is very Steph and they are on a


high. Nevertheless, I think this is the Red Bulls circuit and Red Bull


were just about get it in the end. You said that Lewis Hamilton was on


a high, Kobayashi is on a very bad blow. For the first time this year,


he has not made it through to the What was a problem? Through the


wake I struggled with the car. Myself, I cannot get comfortable


with this car. We did everything to make it right. I don't know, I


don't feel confident with the car. It was very difficult driving.


a great track if you are not confident. Where do you feel


nervous? Huge oversteer. I cannot Difficult session. And the same


applies to Bruno Senna. Sadly, he has managed to hit the wall, all


the way through from free practice, here... To both parts of qualifying.


It is a very difficult weekend. point to the fact that he is


driving like a man under pressure. And he is certainly feeling it. If


you are under pressure, there is very little forgiveness. He got


away with it this time because yesterday, his car was toppled. His


car is missing some suspension and it is to arrange. You believed that


he was the man that would make Williams next season. Is that based


on results? He is such a nice person and a good guy. But he has a


young understudy inside the tame who is already beating Maldonado.


He is young, he has been coached by Kimi Raikkonen. And Mika Hakkinen,


in particular. But all of the finish people are pushing for him.


One of the difficult things is when struggling on track, you have to


face the media. They call it the pen. And Bruno Senna is facing the


media. You have had some taps with the wall. How badly damaged is a


car? Not much damage but enough to stop it from running and


unfortunately that put me in a bad position tomorrow. Frustration,


just like Monaco, I started from the back and I'll have a good car


for the race. And will have to push very hard tomorrow to get points


out of this. Good luck. He has managed to pick up points in four


out of the last six races. Just four points behind Pastor Maldonado.


And he has picked up one when the season. He has some consistency.


That is a beautiful aerial shot and just behind the riding, you can see


the commentary positions on the final quarter. I imagine it is


pretty loud in there. And Lewis Hamilton gearing up for the final


part of qualifying. Let's get the Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton. As I


mentioned, Sebastian Vettel dropped some time on the last corner and


Hamilton kept it together and he had the honour of being fastest in


Q2. But there is that huge gap behind to the rest. On less they


were just cruising, I think it is looking back they will be playing


the chase for third place. Come on, divot. Give us the man for pole


position. Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton? I will wait until I see


the red light coming out. He is a master! Then, can you shed some


light? The boys are desperate to get this underwear? -- underway.


The final part getting underway. Nico Rosberg heading out onto the


track. Jenson Button is barely out. Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton and


some of them using the softer tyres rather than super-soft. Most of


those men going out on a super-soft tyres. Paul arrester, he qualified


well last year and he has another good opportunity to get into the


top 10. Fernando Alonso not on the circuit yet, and neither is


Grosjean. Or Maldonado. Those who chose not to go out on the option


tyre, it is both Mercedes cars. Perhaps we can get some words from


Gary. Grosjean, sitting in his car and focusing. Just one run in


qualifying. Presumably, not many of them have tyres left. It is one of


those situations. The tyres are to run in the last session, you must


start the race with them. So, both Mercedes cars were 9th and 10th


place in that session so they might be looking at going down to


tomorrow's race knowing that the soft tyre is more durable for the


early part of the race and with that heavy fuel load, you might try


our best on them by. Do the lap, then have someone crashes, we move


off the grid. TEAM RADIO: There are two McLarens ahead of you. That


gives them the option tomorrow and the opportunity to start with a


different strategy with softer tyres rather than super-soft.


Perhaps that is what Mercedes are playing at. On board with Nico


Rosberg. He does love the circuit, he had some good performances with


Williams. He qualified in third place in 2009 and second place in


2008. Michael Schumacher has never scored points on this track and


last year he went out and had a crash with Sergio Perez. They guys


going on to the lap. And DRS is in operation on some of them. They


might just be doing a lap to get the chance to stardom as tyres


tomorrow. Not bothering to deploy DRS. That would suggest he has not


tried to really set any lap time, here. Jenson Button and front, it


is wide open. That big gap in the rear wing. He sheds about 15, or


rants about 50 kilometres an hour. And the run-down in to turn No. 7.


Rosberg and Schumacher, on the harder compound. Button on the


super-soft, really going for it. To see if he can qualify on the front


row, perhaps take pole position. Bouncing over the first kerb. And


meanwhile, Hamilton has gone quicker than Jenson Button in that


first sector. He got away with that, bouncing, but that would make an


hesitate to go into full power exiting Number 10. As he goes along


this long, wide section across the water, down in to turn number 14.


Some understeer touching the inside kerb. Showing faster times. You can


see to the right, three tenths quicker than he achieved in the


previous section, which would give him a 47.3, and if he can maintain


that, there would still be the gap between him and Hamilton. So,


looking to find more than that. Hamilton has gone faster than


anybody in the middle sector. Jenson Button going to the top of


the times, presumably. Jenson Button fastest, 1:47.2. Hamilton


quicker. We are with Lewis Hamilton, looking over his left shoulder. The


final turns. Nice and tidy. And Hamilton goes fastest. 1:46.3. That


was very rapid. Sebastian Vettel not as fast. 1:47.6. Busy saving


something for the final run? Hamilton has often gone for it in


the first run in Q3 and then sits back to see if anybody can beat


that. Normally you put the big effort into the second run but on-


street tracks, that works. TEAM RADIO: We will get the car pulled


around for the second run. Hamilton ahead of Jenson Button then


Sebastian Vettel. Webber is back in the pits and Mercedes did not


complete a lap, so they have not actually done any time in this


session. Some changing of the tyres going on. They're changing the


tyres and I am sure they're putting on Superstock. At least this gets


you out of the traffic. -- super- soft. TEAM RADIO: Two-tenths faster


in secretary and four-tenths faster in a sector number three. We have


never had the repeat pole position winner in Singapore, the previous


four attempts, for different winners. Sebastian Vettel, Fernando


Alonso, Hamilton in 2009 and at the moment he is looking good. The


first year, Felipe Massa. Taking pole position for Ferrari. Hamilton


looking to be the first repeat when her here. Jenson Button brings the


car back into the pits and the clock is ticking away. They wanted


it that a relatively fast in-lap. With four minutes left. That does


not give them a lot of time. Romain Grosjean has come onto the circuit


as well. Waiting to see what rebel get up to. Mark Webber in the pit


lane. Just that one final run for him. Nobody else has but a time


when the board except for Hamilton, Jenson Button and Vettel. This


could be key for a Lewis Hamilton. Straight circuits can be


unforgiving, going into this last run could bring out the yellow flag


or the Red Flag. Concern on Christian Horner's face. This must


be about the turnaround. Fernando Alonso says, this is my time, let


me go. Unleash that prancing horse. The best. In theory will be the


last part because that is when the most rubber has been laid down.


Absolutely right, this is the last segment of qualifying. It isn't


getting any hotter. The sun has set many others to go with shiny super-


soft tyres. It is a wonderful feeling when you drop into the


ground. That brand new set of tyres. That is when it really gets


exciting for the drivers. They just have to go and ride the bucking


Bronco and deliver the best lap they can. 10pm at night, local time.


We are into the climax of qualifying. Hamilton has set the


benchmark. He heads down the pit lane and has just limbering up.


Getting ready. Just at the top of the cockpit, you could see his


fingers, limbering up, like he was getting ready to perform. It would


be great to have a shot of that. If that means he has both hands in the


air, then he is steering with his knees. Goodness me, how did he keep


that... Big sideways moment. Beautifully held. It cost him time


and Red Bull gets well out of the way. Grosjean, being a little bit


too aggressive on this lap. Look at that, making little mistakes. He


has to go for it, of course. There is a lot left. And he gets more


unforgiving the further he goes, down into 14. This is what we saw


that slight wide earlier in the session. Well, he is back in fine


form in many ways. After that band. But as you say, trying just a


little bit too hard to impress. The best performance of the year so far.


Second in Hungary. That is why we thought Lotus might do well. Almost


hitting the wall. That was even more beautifully judged. Grosjean,


4th place, a knot faster than Hamilton, Button or Sebastian


Vettel. But considering how exciting that looked, maybe there


was more in the tank if he had kept that under control. Let's look


again. He touches the kerb. Going sideways. The bravery of youth kept


his foot in and he got the di Resta Open. Didn't touch the wall.


Mercedes will not run again in the session. Confirming that they have


taken the option of starting on the auction house tomorrow. This super-


soft tyre, so much quicker and qualifying, that will last only


about him laps in the race tomorrow. That allows them at different


On board with Maldonado, through 18, 19. Keep an eye on him. He can


qualify well. He has done it several times this year. That pole


in Barcelona. He was third in Valencia. It is a fast car on


street tracks as well. Across the line - he is second! Maldonado goes


second fastest to Hamilton at the moment. Another great qualifying


lap by the Venezuelan. If only he can race like that as well! Alonso


coming to the end of his lap. He is half a second down. Hamilton is a


massive - he's had a massive loss of time. Not too bad in the middle.


So maybe a mistake in the opening part of the lap. This is about


whether he can get in front of Maldonado or not. This isn't going


to be good enough to get in front of Hamilton. Alonso comes across


the line - the World Championship leader goes third. It is a good


effort. He is ahead of Button and Vettel. They are still likely to


put in a lap. This is Mark Webber, the Australian. 1:47.4. He is fifth.


Beaten by Maldonado and Alonso. Sebastian Vettel is the one who


could still threaten Lewis Hamilton for pole position. Can he do it?


He's only third. He's only third! Button is still on a lap. Although


it's an improving lap, I don't think it will be enough to take


pole position from his team-mate. Here comes Jenson Button. He stays


fourth. Lewis Hamilton has taken his fifth pole position of the


season. His next lap, it was not quite as quick. McLaren's sixth


pole of the season. Well done to Lewis Hamilton. Beautifully judged


qualifying once again. A bobble there. Just as we saw. But he


controlled it. That's what I was saying about riding the bucking


Briton Coe and he touches the wall on the -- bronco and he touches the


wall on the exit. Look who he is going to be next to on the grid gsh


his old mate Pastor Maldonado. -- his old mate Pastor Maldonado.


Another outstanding effort from di Resta.


TEAM RADIO: P1 by half a second! Excellent drive.


That is quite something. It's almost 40 years to the day since


McLaren's first-ever pole, Peter Revson in Canada in 1972. Hamilton


has done it. Just a quick mention that di Resta - a good effort by


him. Sixth. It was partly helped by some of them not coming out. Even


so, he was quicker than Webber. That is a surprise. He was quicker


than Romain Grosjean as well. great effort from Paul di Resta.


Force India will be very happy with that. They are battling in the


Constructors' Championship, of course. The man, of course, that


will be most happy, Lewis Hamilton. We heard from his engineer there.


You are on pole position by more than half a second! He dominated.


Pastor Maldonado - we have never doubted his speed. Let's see what


he can do tomorrow and convert that great qualifying on the front row.


Yeah. He's been on the front row and won in Barcelona this year. He


has not scored any points since then. It is Hamilton who has taken


pole position here. Maldonado for Williams, a brilliant second.


Vettel third. Button fourth and Alonso in fifth ahead of di Resta,


Mark Webber, then Romain Grosjean, ahead of the two Mercedes of


Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg and Schumacher outqualifies Rosberg.


Hulkenberg 11th. Raikkonen 12th. Massa, Perez, Ricciardo, Vergne,


then Senna, Kobayashi, Petrov, Kovalainen and Karthikeyan just


outqualified Pedro de la Rosa as well. Sebastian Vettel couldn't


manage to challenge Lewis Hamilton and Hamilton has taken his 24th


career pole. He now equals the greats of Nicky Lauder and Nelson


Piquet in terms of his pole tally. JAKE HUMPHREY: Congratulations,


Lewis. It was a double shock for Sebastian Vettel who we know


Sebastian Vettel who we know fancied his chances around here.


Also Pastor Maldonado showing that despite not scoring points in the


last few races, he has got incredible speed behind the wheel.


So another pole position for McLaren. They haven't got the


points, but they have the form at this stage. EDDIE JORDAN: If ever


there was a message to be given to McLaren, that is it today. Break


the bank, boys, sign him! It's going to be so difficult to replace


him. The man who makes that final decision is Martin Whitmarsh. Let's


hear from him. A great qualifying session and when it mattered Lewis


stepped up to the plate? It was ominous all weekend. Sebastian


Vettel has looked very strong. And in Q1. But I think Lewis timed it


well. He come good. Quickest in Q2 and then he did it at the right


time. Did a great job. It is a great place to start for Jenson. A


little bit of disappointment. He kept it cool. He's on the second


row. It's a long race. I think it will be a great race as well.


Certainly sitting behind Pastor Maldonado, does that get a bit of a


quiver going on? I hope we make a clean start! Well done.


Congratulations to Martin Whitmarsh and to McLaren. Sebastian Vettel


just digesting the news that he wasn't the quickest man. You say


that they need to sign Lewis Hamilton up. They are a team that


have shown him they can build a car to be on pole? He is the cream of


the crop at the moment. He is proving that time and time again.


Whilst there's two suitors out there for him, Mercedes and McLaren,


McLaren have always traditionally, if you look back over the history


of the Prost and the Senna days, they are not going to find much


better than what Lewis Hamilton is able to deliver. From the sponsors'


point of view, I would be putting the best possible deal forward to


make it easy for Lewis to drive for McLaren. Let's hear from Sebastian


Vettel's team boss. The during the practice sessions it


looked as though pole was going to be a formality. But that was a big


gap? We lost our rhythm on outlaps in Q3. So, yes, most cars went


three or four-tenths quicker in Q3. Seb was a tenth slower. So we seem


to lose a little bit of rhythm there. It's a long, hard race


tomorrow. We have a quick car. Hopefully, we can have a good start.


The long run yesterday looked consistent? Yes, it's tough on the


tyres here. It's a long race. Probably the longest race of the


year. It's very physically demanding. It is punishing on the


tyres. So it's going to be a fascinating race. The last race,


the alternator problem cropped up again. Any worries for here?


Renault have assured us they have fixed it. Hopefully, it should be


all right. I would get that in writing! Me, too! The issue with


that alternator is you don't know whether it is repaired until you


start racing? Well, it is always one of those unknown things. People


in teams, like Christian, they like to have certain controls. Things


that are bought in, like engines, you are always sceptical about them


and you shouldn't be, but you just are. They are the one things that


can always come back and bite you. Well, 12 months ago, this was a


fantastic race for a Paul di Resta. You start from sixth tomorrow. What


was it like out there? It's hot! I think we were relatively confident


yesterday we had a good car. We put some new bits in the car and


struggled in FP3. We went "back to basics" and managed to pull out a


lap time better each time we went out. P6 is not a bad job


considering this car isn't optimising high downforce. Give us


an idea of the work that has been going on. Paul was wailing on the


radio, "I've got no grip!" And you put in a fantastic lap like that.


What's been done in the garage? engineer was confident. He pulled


me in the office, he said, "This is the plan. Go in the hospitality and


come back. This will be a different car." Credit to him, he's done it.


He understands it. When you have a good working relationship with him,


and having seen the confidence, we will grow stronger. Paul, we have


seen your car with some problems in the past, with KERS. Is this the


time to consolidate your position or do you want to push hard for a


good result on the podium tomorrow? We always want to push. Being


realistic, I would sign up for sixth tomorrow, where we are


starting. Our race performance has been a struggle. It seems an


improvement from yesterday. Tomorrow is another day. We are


hopeful to put ourselves in a good position to maintain a good points


position. We saw neither Mercedes going out there. They can stay in


the garage. That leans us towards thinking they will go out on the


softer tyre. There is high degradation. Did you discuss that


within the team? Yeah, this is a street track. Any position is a key.


We took the decision to run. It was the right decision. We have been


quicker than Mercedes this weekend. We should certainly not be focused


on being behind them. Right. While you were having a cup of coffee,


the team did their bit with the car. You did your bit on track. Well


done. Thank you. Thanks very much, Paul. It is fascinating, the


relationships between the drivers. I went down to Force India to do a


tour with a child on Monday, the kid got the chance to interview


Nico Hulkenberg. He said, "Who is your best friend in Formula One?"


His answer, "None of the drivers, you can't be friends with a driver


in Formula One." After the second part of qualifying, we were


standing in here and he came past us with a face like thunder because


he believes that the team made a mistake. That leaves him behind his


team-mate, so a tough session for Nico Hulkenberg. Let's hear from


him now. LEE MCKENZIE: Are you surprised to


be out in Q2? Yes, surprised. I think I know the reason. I'm


frustrated. What is the reason? the guys who were starting the lap,


they were on a hot lap, so I had to let pass. Starting the lap, I


couldn't get a feel for the car. It is difficult to feel where the grip


level is which affected the second start of the lap. You don't have a


reference, you don't know where the grip is going to be. Therefore the


first sector wasn't good enough. The rest of the lap was not good


enough either. It is a shame. We had a Q3 car today for sure. That


is why I'm not happy at all. Frustration for Nico Hulkenberg. I


have enjoyed watching this battle unfold at Force India. Who has the


momentum? One week one is on top, then it is the other one. It is


hard to quantify. What is spectacular here, both these


drivers are on the top teams' lists. We talked about this cascading


effect of Schumacher, if he goes, if he stays. These two drivers will


play a very important part of the next run of moves. That was Nico


Rosberg, who didn't have much to do in the final part of qualifying.


Let's hear from the men at the front, it is time for the press


conference. Well done, Lewis, a phenomenal


margin, very, very quick indeed. Well done. Thank you. Thank you.


The guys have done a fantastic job all week. To come here with some


small things that have improved from the last race. We have high


downforce here, so we weren't sure where we would turn out against the


others. Obviously, Sebastian was incredibly fast through most of the


session. Not sure what happened at the end. None the less, really very,


very happy that I was able to pull that time out. A great lap, very


happy with it. It must be a very, very difficult circuit indeed. We


saw you make a couple of mistakes in Q1. Very tricky around here?


is. It is, absolutely. Trying to find the gap is quite difficult,


particularly in Q1. And making sure your tyres are up to temperature,


making sure your brakes are up to temperature without using them


before you start your lap. And yeah, my first few laps that I did on the


prime was quite poor. And I feel very fortunate that I was able to


get at least one lap on them so I didn't have to go again. Well done.


Thank you. Pastor, where did that lap come from? Well done. I think


we were working very hard because at the beginning of the weekend and


during the practice we were a bit lost with the set-up. Yeah, we were


improving, especially in the qualifying, trying to do a lap in


the car to my style. Yeah. We find naturally well-balanced especially


in qualifying two and then qualifying three. I am looking


forward to the race because yesterday we saw very good pace,


very consistent. I think it will be Sebastian, disappointed with third


place? I didn't know how we could not do this step. But it is a good


position to start from and it is a long rest and a lot of things can


happen. If you don't do the last step in qualifying, it is a shame


because I think the speed was there. An element of frustration for


Sebastian Vettel, who knows how vital pole position is on this


track and that belongs to Lewis Hamilton, alongside Pastor


Maldonado, who showed that he might not have discipline but he has the


speed. Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button on the second row and then


the leader in 5th place, Fernando Alonso starting alongside Paul di


Resta. He will be delighted. Grosjean, back in the car after


that ban, qualifying in eighth place and Mercedes side by side.


Hulkenberg, he thought the car could have made it through to the


final part. Felipe Massa in 13th place, more pressure on him


alongside Sergio Perez. The hand well done, down the Ricciardo, just


ahead of Jean-Eric Vergne. Bruno Senna, plenty of incidents and the


same applies to Kobayashi, just in front of the Caterham cars. Then


Timo Glock and Charles Pic. And congratulations to... Quite a busy


weekend so far and busy qualifying. Always the way around these


straight circuit. Lewis Hamilton, fantastic. Pastor Maldonado, he


really show that he has that speed? The never doubted that speed, he


had the front row in Barcelona. We know what happened when he was not


in the front row and I don't suspect we will see any penalties


from McLaren after that impressive qualifying from Lewis Hamilton but


it will be interesting to the first corner. On the left-hand side, the


dirty side, that will mean Hamilton should get that clean run. But you


get that concertina effect. And it shall be uncomfortable. We often


make something of it but will Lewis Hamilton really be looking at the


fact that Pastor Maldonado is thinking, we have history, or is


that not important? History does not matter particularly but there


are a different agenda is. Maldonado needs to win and Lewis


Hamilton would like to win but does not need to to be in a position to


win the championship. You can always tell whether drivers are


because there is a real passion for Formula One and they walk along


with lots of autograph hunters looking at a frustrated. He will


know that there was Hamilton had remarkable speed in that car today


and Lewis Hamilton is ahead of his team-mate. Would you care to take


us on board and showers a hot lap in Singapore? This should be fun.


the kerb. Gets into that very classic ride, powering through turn


No. 8. This long right-hander, into the wall, this is where Grosjean


had that big slide and Bruno Senna kissing the wall. Through this


Mickey Mouse chicane, bang, bang, bang. Hitting your head.


Uncomfortable through 11 and 12. The slowest part of the track, 40


mph. Listen to that drive from the turn, he will have deployed Kers.


80 changes to the gears around this. In contrast to one side, they were


doing about 40. Working the back of the wheel hard. Getting into this


section, made famous by Nelson Piquet. Turn at number 18. Total


confidence and commitment. 19, 20. 21, sorry. And down to the last


turn, through the gears. He just did exactly what you're supposed to.


Using the limit of the tyres and as you can see, we have lost one


microphone. Apologies for the sound. Let us move and see if it improves.


Welcome back. Eddie, McLaren? How # How will they feel? They have


momentum. On the drivers are one to concentrate on this particular


season and next season will look after itself. They have the


momentum. We have seen in years gone by, the momentum carries you


all the way. The person sitting back and thinking the last person I


want to see winning this is Hamilton and that would be Fernando


Alonso. He has other drivers effectively driving for him but the


one person he is in danger of his Lewis Hamilton. I am glad you can


hear us again. Let's hear from Jenson Button. That was a long slog,


was it worth 4th place? Not too bad. Not as good as my team-mate but for


me, the hole qualifying and pretty much all day, all weekend, I have


really struggled on one lap to pitted together. With degradation


through the laps. This could be tricky for us. Thank you. Jenson


Button, title hopes over? Were there be some conversation tonight


amongst the team? There are enough points available from here until


the end of the season which would equal but Fernando Alonso has at


the current lead. In theory, somebody has not even scorer. Could


come back. I know that is stretching it, but it has been a


disappointing Saturday. It is a long race and mistakes can happen.


We could have the safety car. Fernando Alonso won from 15th place


with the benefit of teamwork. This year, the Windsor coming from the


front row but you cannot ride them off. If you're the bus at McLaren...


Would you have a conversation between the drivers? As Le to. You


would have to say, look, I want to both far away and I wanted to have


a very strong West but Jenson, you have always been the most brilliant


team player, and if there is any chance that you can legitimately


hold up somebody like Fernando Alonso, you have to do that in the


interests of the team. And very soon, as a team principal, you will


have to start thinking, where does the team get the most results? It's


not just about drivers, it's about people and sponsors and positions


in the championship and Lewis Hamilton has everything going for


him to take this fight to Fernando Alonso. Jenson Button, he does not


have that confidence at this particular moment. You want to go


out and when but ever if it was set up perfectly for Jenson Button with


Lewis Hamilton in first, this is the race. I don't disagree but it


might be too early. Jenson Button had a bad weekend so far but we


have to wait and see how the race unfolds tomorrow. What happens at


Pastor Maldonado and Lewis Hamilton it went for a ride on to the rumble


strips? Why demoted it the other driver before you even know what


has happened? The time to make that call is when the race is unfolding,


and they're both mature drivers and Jenson Button is more than capable


of taking an instruction within regulations if that it's to be done


it. But to have a conversation tomorrow afternoon, before the race,


why? You're saying, you're taking away his motor. Let's hear from the


man who starts in 5th place, the championship leader, the man who


would love to get first in this race. Fernando Alonso. Be don't


like to call at your usual position, but 5th place is sometimes were you


end up. How do you feel? They must be happy with the position because


we have been struggling all weekend and we have not been quick enough.


When we see the times Night, McLaren have been unreachable, so


starting from the queenside on offer us some possibilities to


fight for points tomorrow, which is maybe the maximum we have this


weekend. Do you have to be in the front in a race like this?


Kaupthing strategy will be a big part of tomorrow. We saw last year


with the degradation and the stops, and we need to take care of the


tyres and take care of the stops and when we do it. And the start,


many things can play tomorrow. The weather here, thunderstorms are


always a possibility so let's wait. Rain would be quite nice here. It's


still very hot. We heard from Fernando Alonso, he decided to run


on the super-soft tyres, did this surprise you? I don't think


anything should surprise in Formula One. The team will play to their


strengths and they have not been quick through the three practice


sessions and they feel the best way of getting a result is to do


something different and we saw that with Perez in Monza, starting with


different tyres and that worked perfectly. Inside the top 10, they


get to start on preferred tyres, which last longer, and see how it


plays out. If you do the same as everyone else, you end up the same


way. Let's hear quickly from the man who might have been involved in


that position, Michael Schumacher... It was the strategy game, compared


to others, that I hope will pay off tomorrow. It is something that we


have studied beforehand but looking finally at Q3, we decided to use


the strategy. At what stage to do side to make that? Was it always in


the plan? -- acts -- at what stage did you decide. You have to see


what happens at the time. We did not have a good day yesterday but


we proved ourselves from then on. If you look at today, it would have


been many possible to catch another position but having a fresh tyres


and may be the choice of strategy tomorrow, we filed, was something


that be preferred and therefore we opted for that. Eddie Jordan says


that will be confirmed on Wednesday. As some estate but plenty more


sport coming your way from the BBC this afternoon, including the world


road racing championships live from Holland. We will be back with all


of the talk from the paddock. 6:45pm on the BBC News Channel. And


the Grand Prix is live tomorrow at 12:10pm. Set up beautifully? I am


so looking forward to this because the permutations are immense.


Pastor Maldonado, what has gone through the head of Lewis Hamilton


I cannot even think. He would dream about the fact that the last three


races have been one here by the man on pole position. Job done today,


perfect, now he just says to what he does best which is convert that


to victory. Play the long game? Fernando Alonso is the best racer


at this moment over the season and he will be there to pick up all the


points and he will defend his championship lead. Gentlemen, thank


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