Final Day Highlights Golf: Ryder Cup

Final Day Highlights

Highlights from the third and final day's play at the 41st Ryder Cup, held at Hazeltine National in Minnesota, USA.

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If it doesn't come bursting out of you in spite of everything, don't do


it. Not 1 million miles away is it. Unless it comes and asked out of


your heart and your mind. And your mouth. Andrew Goetz. -- and your


gut. If you're doing it for money or fame, don't do it. If it is hard


work thinking about doing it, don't do it. Europe take the cup home.


It's on its way back to Europe. What a comeback. My goodness gracious me.


When it is truly time, if you have been chosen, it will do it by it


self. And it'll keep on doing it until you die or it dies in you.


There is no other way. And then never was. -- there. That video was


shown to team Europe this week ahead of the 12 singles matches which will


decide the outcome of the 41st playing of the Ryder Cup here in


Minnesota. Not that the Europeans need any extra motivation, they are


three points behind going into the final 12 singles matches and no they


need to win a 7.5 points to retain the trophy. They have been in worse


trouble before, four years ago, four points behind and they pulled off


one of the great sporting miracles. With a less experienced team, this


could be an even more difficult ask and against the US team and a


Hazeltine crowd, its really is pumped, they leave they are due and


after eight years they can smell a win. Darren Clarke's team will not


go down without a fight so bring it on, the final day of the Ryder Cup,


let's do it. No team has ever come back from a 4-0 whitewash and one of


the Ryder Cup so the odds were stacked against Europe rise from the


opening morning. By yesterday afternoon Daryl Clark's team had


drawn even only for a rampant US side to regain energy and momentum


in the last 90 minutes of the Saturday football contest.


Deyverson's side lead 9.5-6.5. Just as Ian Poulter inspired that


comeback years ago, this time Europe looks to Rory McIlroy for


inspiration, leadership and to keep the fight alive and how he has


revelled in that so far. With the team here I don't need to pick up,


they will know and understand they have a big challenge ahead tomorrow


and they will be up for it and I won't have to do too much.


Imperative for the strongest European players to deliver early


points at the top of the order if a comeback is to materialise, captain


Darren Clarke has followed the order and he has produced some fabulous


match-ups. Not the least Patrick Reed against Rory McIlroy and


Mickelson and Garcia taking each other on 12 years after their first


match up. Davis Love was in charge of the US team and he will take


nothing for granted. Five of the bottom six Europeans in that order


have yet to win a point here at Haseltine. And so at 11 o'clock


local time, the match everyone wanted, the feisty Texan Patrick


Reed against the alpha male from Europe, Rory McIlroy unbeaten in


three Ryder Cup singles so far. It is highly charged to say the least.


COMMENTATOR: First on the team representing Europe, Rory McIlroy.


-- seam. This is the nearest thing I've ever


seen the cauldron of excitement. It is good-natured, there have been one


or two hot moments and this is a really hot match. You can take it


from me, this is heavyweight stuff at its very best.


CROWD CHEERING Not too bad for an opening drive.


That is a cracker, that sends the message out. Patrick Reed, Rory


McIlroy have never... Representing the United States of America Patrick


Reed. Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy, never been beaten in singles at the


Ryder Cup, either of them. CROWD CHEERING


Just OK I think. The pin is on the left so a bit awkward for Reed. Top


match, eventful so far, Hull a picture of composure as Reed whips


up the crowd. It is the Texan who won down by the fertile but this


putt for eagle and the win, they are all square again. Still very early,


four matches to go out but there is European blue in the ascendancy in


five of the matches. Daryl Clark's men are seeking 7.5 points to retain


the cup and the United States needs five to regain it. Back to the top


match at the short eighth hole and in commentary with a total of 23


Ryder Cup appearances between them, Mark James, Hunter Mahan and Peter


Alice. Spieth's ball ran way down the green -- McIlroy. Stop it. Stop


it. He needs to be careful Peter. It could all end in tears this. He is


inciting them to riots. That was wonderful, I enjoyed myself. Ian


Poulter loved it too. The most unlikely putt to hole. Going like


the clappers. Bang right in the middle. This is like the Coliseum


here, the crowd around you. Amazing atmosphere. Don't throw yourself to


the lions. How are your tonsils? As Hunter would say. Wow. This is


unbelievable. A shake of the hands would go down well now I fancy. Well


done. All square. Doesn't tell the whole story though, goodness me.


Back to the serenity of the Garcia Mickelson game. A short putt to win


the hole. Well done Phil, playing well. All


square. Chris Wood. Second to the first.


What a shot. Fantastic. Carried to the top. A beauty.


Started to the right but he likes it. It's driveable. Doesn't like it.


303 yards, heated to 12 feet, pretty impressive. -- hit it to 12 feet. A


fair amount of waggling Garcia. He likes it, it's normally good when he


says that. On the flag for Garcia. Him and Mickelson find the screen,


advantage Sergio. -- green. Dustin Johnson at the 1st. Third shot. Look


out. Another birdie. Mickelson. 4-2, looks good. Boy he


has putted nicely this week, the old-timer. Wood at the 1st. This is


to have the hole. Dustin Johnson holed from 15 feet, Wood follows him


in. All square. Beautiful smooth greens here. A bit lofty. Thought it


was quicker than it was. Garcia for a half, Mickelson has already holed


a nice putt, this to stay all square. Tickles it down. It is not


going to reach is it? No. A little smile as Mickelson goes one up.


This is vital for Jimmy Walker to halve the hole. Just caught the edge


of the cup. Remains two down. Michael Ray on the ninth, par four


-- Mickel Roy. This is his third shot from the sun. Plays a beauty.


Ryan Moore. To win the hole. To square the match. He has. This could


be one of the great Match Play days in this competition if it carries on


like this, it'll be fantastic. Chris Wood. Second to the second. This is


the approach to number two. The standard is marvellous. Henrik


Stenson at the 8th. Scrappy half. Playing Jordan Spieth, this looks


good. It is good. 15 or 16 feet away on the other side, to cracking shot.


This is to win the hole. Has the? Picked the wrong line. They both


bogeyed the ninth. Both out in 32 and all square. Some of the golf has


been just breathtaking. The leaderboard still, a little bit more


red on the left, so far this is a wonderful day's exhibition. Can they


keep it up? Birdie chance at 64 Rickie. Well


done. Chris Wood. To win the hole on the second. Out of the first in


three were Dustin Johnson and the Rockies are doing well. Sullivan.


One up. Brandt Snedeker. And he has played another belter,


getting better all the time. Justin Rose playing Rickie Fowler who holed


a nice ten footer, followed in by Rose. Ding-dong. This fruit juice.


We saw the lovely tee shot. He's wafted it. The match goes all square


against Jordan Spieth. Pieters to win the hole at the 7th. Playing


J.B. Holmes. Who drove it to left. He's done it again, putting quite


beautifully, a powerful hitter, good short game, natural square. How are


things looking? And up and down day and a Europe up in four matches and


the United States up in one. Plenty of all squares, this is so close,


the first to 14.5 points takes the Ryder Cup. Andy Sullivan, little


Andy, this to go two up. What a start this would be for him. Playing


Snedeker, only one much so far. Well done Andy. -- match. Kept, -- Brooks


Koepka, a big drive. Playing delightfully well. Playing Willett,


match all square at the moment. Rafael Cabrera-Bello, this a


surprise for the European team, he has played just awesome and another


great putt, he has been an absolute stud this week 14 Europe. On its


continued, both teams trading blows in an extraordinary fashion but a


tide of red began to flow onto the bottom of the match order and Europe


clinging on now. The first win for Europe. Stenson beating speed but it


looks like Rory McIlroy will be done on the 18th and you never know --


Stenson beating Spieth. Rory McEnroe. Patrick Reed ready up their


six feet past the hole. -- McIlroy. Going to get its right into the hole


if you can. Watching it closely. Great shot, they have put on a show


for everybody in the world. This is great stuff. Glad to be a party,


glad to be seen all of these shots. Kaymer to win the hole. You need


something, he is three down. He is two down. Weighing Matt Kuchar.


Kuchar the strong man down at the bottom of the field, the penultimate


match. Kaymer still alive. Danny Willett losing control of this match


a little bit, two down to Brooks I know. He goes three down to Brooks


Koepka. Thomas Pieters. His opponent has gone way left,


we're not sure if he's in the water or over the water or where he is.


But Pieters is on the green. Very much in the driving seat. Ryan


Moore, all square. Playing Lee Westwood.


Westwood hit a good one, Moore has hit a better one. Patrick Reed and


Rory McIlroy, a battle all week. This to win the match and get the


first point for the US. He makes it. Incredible match with Rory McIlroy.


These to put on a show for everyone. An absolute show. Thank you guys,


that was awesome. Mickelson played out at the bunker


and put it within a few feet of the hole, Garcia following from the


rough. Mickelson has played a majestic shots, Sergio answers him.


That just stopped stone dead, this is remarkable, some of the best


stuff I have seen for years, wonderful. Just look how close all


of those matches are. Left and right. Quite extraordinary. Just the


last five matches and certainly three of them, something could


happen, the turn of the coin, eight bit of good luck, a bit of bad luck,


a brilliant shot in the Google change in the blink of an eye. --


and it could all change in. Garcia and Mickelson all square here. If


you can tickle the same. Just too high. Good try Sergio. A tricky


little putt. The master putter now has a chance to go ahead.


Thomas Pieters birdie putt. Home is his opponent missed. Has played


three, only a little bit closer than Pieters. Pieters youth field has


two, what are you doing? What are you doing? -- Pieters you feel has


two. That was a little heavy-handed. The last match out. This to halve


the hole. Johnson goes one up. Snedeker to win the hole. Playing


Andy Sullivan, tap sit down and then. -- taps it down. He has got


the quivers. Hardly missed anything today that the Americans, most


extraordinary exhibition. A great day of golf. Mickelson has this to


break the deadlock with Garcia. His putting has been on form. Phyllis


putting on a show. Seventh birdie on the card. -- Phil is putting on.


Ryan Moore to win the hole. To go up. No sir.


Pieters to win the match. Why did I hit it so hard that first one. But


all is forgiven if this goes in. And it has. Well done Thomas Pieters. A


wonderful debut in the Ryder Cup. Setting all sorts of records, played


quite beautifully. Three and 2-over J.B. Holmes. The first rookie to


make four points in his debut. Looking a bit read down the


left-hand side that we have some victors, Stenson three and two,


Pieters three ensued but Rory in a titanic battle with Patrick Reed.


Let's hear from the two victorious Europeans. Always a big as in the


singles but we've done it before and we will go out and support


team-mates. We will never give up until it is over. I played some good


golf. I was nervous of the first tee, I didn't hit good shots and


J.B. Was making a lot on me so after that I patented golf eight birdies.


Kept playing Danny Willett. Who is not having the best of days on the


greens. Brooks Koepka now four up. Phil Mickelson one up in his matchup


against Sergio Garcia in the middle of the fairway. 83 yards out. Has


defined this to the whole or past and let it spin back. Going low.


Just right of the flag, excellent shot. Sergio in the rough will have


to respond to that. They must make a full Justin Rose. Has about 12 feet


left to right. Going to give it a good run and an excellent putt,


never moved. Ricky a putt to take the lead and go one up. Europe will


need to turn some matches around and quite quickly and Garcia has a


chance. He is one down. This is the approach to the 15th and Mickelson


is quite close. Sweetly struck, it should run out, delightfully played


from Garcia. As an self a fast turning left to right. -- has


himself. All of these tight matches your path to win. Fowler has to miss


this. They are not missing anything. They are putting absolutely


magnificently. And they are just sneaking ahead. All still very


close, a wonderful day so far. Still might be a twist in the tale but


they are going well. Darren Clarke the captain of Europe must be


thinking it is all slipping away. Sergio at the 15th in a great battle


with Phil Mickelson. A little bit of a swing on this. And he's done it.


What on Sergio. -- well done Sergio. Zach Johnson. Realistically two from


here would not be bad but we have seen some monsters holding today. Oh


dear. It has been almost ridiculous, almost laughable. Almost as if they


are doing it on purpose just to show quite extraordinary. Need a touch of


a pickpocket down here, this is grease lightning to halve the 15th.


Where has it gone. Straight in the heart, and exceptional display from


Mickelson. Remains one up after birdie threes.


Chris Wood at 13, two down. Playing Dustin Johnson. He was also holed


Masip puts -- massive putt. It is a beauty. Westwood. Two putts. He is


not generous Issey? A little shaky yesterday. That is all right.


Anxious team-mates looking on. Justin Rose at the 17th, this four


two, to win the hole and get the match back square. Fowler 4-5 feet


away. A good strike, just too hard. Still a bit of work to do here.


The shot of Jimmy Walker, a bit clean. Cabrera Bello on the green,


two up. Wood, had a chance there at 13 for


two. Johnson remains two up. Rose to keep the match alive. Andy does. He


is one down with the 18 to play. Not home yet but looking very good.


Jimmy Walker here at 16 with a bogey putt. This match is over. Great


playing by Rafa Cabrera-Bello this week, great Ricky debut, did a great


job. A good partnership. Played three matches 12-macro and halve the


other, extremely good coming in as a nervy rookie. He has come out a real


pro. You look at the bottom scoreboard,


10.5-9.5, with an 1.5 matches remaining look rather read. They do,


been a hell of a day. When sera from Rafa. Been a tough day, I knew it


was going to be tough, Jimmy is an excellent player but I had fun,


played my best and fortunate enough luck was on my side and I could


bring the point for Europe. Not looking too good for captain Darren


Clarke but you never know. Fitted way right off the tee, Sergio right


down the middle, iron to degree in, middle - right pin, cutting it a


little bit, hoping to hang in there. Great shot, Sergio. Europe has


played this whole might very well today. Sergio tried to square this


match. Phil laid up to here, his third shot. Needs this to get close.


Didn't even hit inside Sergio's second shot. Tough for the USA on


this second hole. Ricky's bowl pin high, not beating yet. Kathy has


handed over his last round of ammunition. A low trajectory, it


might still skid a little, it's done well, he's got a chance. Westward,


the easiest you can get on this green. Hit it. He did. Nicely done.


Moves two up against Ryan Moore. Garcia. Two putts to win. This


should be an easy one for Europe, he's done it, good touch, tied up


the match. Two to go. Ricky. Interesting ten minutes. Rickie


Fowler here on 18. 35 feet to win your match and add another point to


the US. Didn't quite hit it, just going to be a four for Rickie


Fowler, Justin Rose will have a putt to half this match. 17th from


Garcia. Match all square, must win point for us if we're going to win.


Be good, be good. And it is good, particularly that side of the cup. .


If Europe is going to have any chance for the back half to come


back Justin is going to happen to make this. They are going to mean


this in a very big way. Uphill. Ricky, two feet for par. What is


that? I'm not sure what that was. Justin would love to have that one


back, terrible putt, really. After a fantastic shot by Sergio, Phil


Mickelson needs to respond, losing the last hole. A lot of get in the


hole as usual, great shot. Going to be putting first against Sergio.


Great shots by two great Ryder Cup veterans. Rickie Fowler, this for a


full point for the US. Great win for Rickie Fowler against a great


player, Justin Rose. Vital point for America.


Disappointment for Europe. Could have done with that one. Taken a


long time over this one. And why not. Big swing. Very fast. He's


putted magnificently today. So have all the United States team. Just a


little touch, straight down, it's there. Another one! Absolutely


pulverised Europe on the greens today. Europe have played


wonderfully well but they've been totally outgunned on the greens. Can


you believe it's his ninth birdie today, amazing. They've always been


at it. Anxious looking Davis Love, agitated.


Garcia, Mickelson has holed that beauty, can heap on this one end? He


has. Half into and the 17th, the match remains all square, titanic


battle. Pooled. Sullivan. Two in a row. Hole grazers. Delighted to give


it to him. Stays two up, just three holes left to play. Kuchar to half


the hole. Two up. Kuchar and Kaymer and he's missed one. Little too


sharp. Ryan Moore. Westward just missed the


green, Ryan Moore two down, has to make something happen here on 16.


Going for it. His caddy said be good, baby. Great shot from Ryan


Moore. Going to have that for eagle. Great shot, great stuff by Ryan


Moore, just when he needed something great to happen it did. Fitzpatrick


to half the hole. Good effort. Just not enough. Europe just haven't


holed enough pads today, little bit outgunned. Three down now to sent


Johnson. Brooks to win the match and give the USA another point. Got it.


Brooks, the rookie for the US, great staff. -- great stuff. Three points


for Brooks in his first Ryder Cup, great stuff. Coming to the end of


this year's matches and just a bit of golf to be played. It's moved


very much towards the United States and richly deserved, they've played


well today and holed be putts but Europe are not dead and buried quite


yet, but the cortege is warming up. Justin Rose lost to Rickie Fowler,


let's hear from him. Decent match, close, not scintillating golf. Just


disappointed. Haven't putted well all week and it's disappointing.


COMMENTATOR: Matt Kuchar. This match getting interesting now, only one


up, losing the last hole to Martin Kaymer. Back left pin, got to fly, a


high, soft shot would suit it nicely and he does, great shot by Matt


Kuchar, stopping the European momentum.


This match all square, Mickelson and Garcia, Mickelson's second shot into


the final hole. Only a short iron. Very receptive. Loves it.


Ryan Moore. 16th after an amazing approach, this is for an eagle and


he's got it. He's got it, Ryan Moore showing emotion for the first time


this week. Great stuff from the American rookie. West


Lee Westwood now only one up. Mickelson on the greens, six or


seven paces past the hole, match all square. Does he love it? Does he


like it? He adores it. Matt Kuchar up their close, Martin


Kaymer just one down in this match. Wanting to respond to Matt Kuchar's


great shot. Very good shot, inside Matt Kuchar. Kaymer coming to form,


this match getting a little tight. Dustin Johnson. Putt to win the


hole. Everyone seems a bit low on this putt. Can he hit it high


enough? Yes he can, caught the bottom lip and made it. He goes two


up with three to go against Chris Wood. Kuchar first 2-putt. chance


for Martin Kaymer. Too high. We want be laughing if he holes


this, but at this winner, not quite as much as you might think from


right to left. -- bit of a swinger. Gone the other way and he's done it.


Would you believe it? I thought it came from the other side, he didn't,


well worth the wait, incredible putt and poor old Sergio has two hole has


for a half. His tenth birthday of the day, amazing performance from


Mickelson. Kaymer, he's got it. He was three


down and tiptoeing batch, the match -- tiptoeing back, the match all


square. Can Sergio do it? Little tickler? Can he? Glorious


exhibition. Absolutely stunning. Half point for the US, crucial


half-point, but a glorious match. That was the most impressive match


I've ever seen, like one of the ones at Wentworth. Fantastic performance


particularly from Garcia because he was up against that most of the


time. Well done, Sergio. Ryan Moore after a great approach shot one down


and try to tie it up against Lee Westwood and this to win the hole.


Read it beautifully. Ryan Moore. Eagle birdie, 16, 17, going to 18


all square. Snedeker to half the hole at the


16th, two up. Little jabbing stroke but it works wonders. Two up, two to


play. The school board shows us how it's


moving, has moved America's way but the matches are so close, so


wonderfully entertaining. 13-10 at the moment, more to come.


COMMENTATOR: Ryan Moore on the tee at 18, eagle 16, birdie 17, he has


closed in on Lee Westwood, all square now. A lot of fireworks the


last 30 minutes in this Ryder Cup. Likes it, strike set down in the


middle. Snedeker trying to work the ball in


from right to left at the 17th. That is magnificent. Putted saw well it's


almost a gimme. Lee Westwood at the 18th, match all square, Ryan Moore


up the middle of the fairway. Little bit at the right-hand side,


kicks down, I know. May have found trouble.


Sullivan going the other way with a bit of said, good looks from this


end. OK. Sit down. The briskly fringe never easy to chip out of.


Chris Wood. Two down, having a shot at the 16th. What left, bunker is


right. -- what are left. Shouting. But fiery but he finds it, just off


the back of the dance floor, little bit unlucky, came out a little bit


heart. Dustin Johnson after a booming drive, two up, trying to end


it right here. Hanging right. Just going to go through the green on the


right rough. Going to be a tough little quick chip. The US closing


in. Sullivan needs this. Played it skinny. Hasn't got inside Snedeker's


approach shot. Currently 13-10, Sullivan loses it is 14-10. Chris


Wood, third shot at the 16th. Away to the left. Left an awkward


putt from there. Kaymer for birdie to win the whole. Straight up here,


probably the easiest putt on this green. Rolled it right into the


middle. Kaymer goes one up in his match.


He has to find the bottom of the cup. Snedeker will take the point


otherwise. Andy Sullivan, Andy Sullivan. He's missed it. He's come


up against Brandt Snedeker and his putting was so hot. 14-10, just half


a point needed for the United States. Splendid display. Lee


Westwood in trouble at the 18th. Bit heavy I fancy. Dustin Johnson's


third, this is a delicate little shot. Running away from him, where


is he going to land it? Ryan Moore middle of the fairway on


18, all square with Lee Westwood. Lee in the right bunker. Got a short


iron, not much wind, be really aggressive with this shot and try to


fire it to the hole. Birdie putt for Chris Wood and he


gets it. Left edge, I would say, this putt,


not much outside the cup, this 2-goal two up with two to play.


Well done Chris Wood. Just one up, two holes left to play. But it comes


down to this one, this has got to find the cup or I think it's all


over. He's just been missing on a cylinder or two, Lee Westwood this


week. But you never know. Just a gentle little up and in an running


and checking. They think they've done it.


Virtually over. Considering we gave at four up start, which can't --


which you can't afford to do, opening day, opening series. This


has to go in, Lee Westwood for up par-4 at the final hole. It dribbled


at the end. After getting eagle on the 16th, birdie on the 17th, Brian


Moore has two putts from 15 feet up the slope and it will be the cavalry


charge, terrific performance. Shows you the pressure you under, two


putts from here which should be the simplest of jobs but he's taking an


awful lot of time and making it setting he doesn't do anything


silly. Two putts to win the hole. That will do. Thank you very much


for the game. Well done Ryan Moore. Well done to the United States,


victors. 15-10, good enough to take the Ryder Cup. What stuff we've seen


today. Absolutely wonderful, putting like a never seen before. The United


States just holed the more crucial ones and it's been a wonderful three


days. Not quite over yet but the weather has been good, the crowds


came, huge success. Can't wait for Paris in two years' time. Has been


quite a week. Great golf by all, the US with the 4-0 start with the


pressure on Europe and they leaned on that all week. 15-10 but there is


something to be said in Ryder Cup singles matches that you do want to


win for yourself. You have to battle as a team and came up short but to


get the win and a single point for you said in a Ryder Cup singles


match really mean something to the individual. I remember Phil


Mickelson taught us that much you want to battle and compete and to


get that one point is special. Very relieved Davis Love. After the drama


of the last time he was captain, this time he leads his troops to


victory. Confirmation that the United States


have got more than the 14.5 points required to win the trophy, they've


got 15, still some matches out on the course, it's been a tremendous


today's golf. The couple officially regained after


an eight year wait for America, three matches on the course, nobody


on the US side has waited longer than Zach Johnson to be on a winning


side, his fifth time and he completed a victory over Matthew


Fitzpatrick four and three. Chris Wood to the reigning US champion


Dustin Johnson all the way to the 18th and he would lose their one up


and Germany's Martin Kaymer, the winner at Medinah got his first win


of the week, Matt Kuchar one up at the last. USA win 17-11, their


largest margin of victory since the Walton Heath match in 198135 years


ago. The champagne about to fall for only the second time this century. I


think the biggest thing is that it's not really the win, it's the fact


that we're all pulling together in the same direction. Sunday night is


going to be a lot more fun this year than two years ago but I think we're


going in a great direction. The veteran players have you showed the


younger players what we want them to do for the next 20 years of old lady


can carry it on. We congratulate you for your Grace, respect and


sportsmanship this week. I learned that from great men like Darren


Clarke. I feel for former him and my friends like Lee Westwood and Rory,


they are the class of the game and with great victories there is always


some sadness, so it will be hard to look at Darren for a while. I thank


him for his friendship. Long time coming. Yes, I've always wanted to


be part of wannabes, been on Tour for quite awhile and to be part of


it and then on top of it and have the week like we've had and get that


clinching point for us, you couldn't write it up any better. You give


them a hell of a fight but in general terms, you see the bigger


picture for the Ryder Cup. For sure, obviously we're very disappointed to


lose but at the same time it keeps the Ryder Cup very interesting and


gives it a great narrative going into Paris and two years' time.


Ultimately, what has made a difference to Bridget in America's


favour this time? If you take a look at a lot of Ryder Cup, the


difference is marginal and usually around the greens, who puts a part


in and up putt out. It is about winning that battle on the greens


and this week the Americans... It's gone their way and when you're


dealing with players such high standard, the differences are


marginal and that's what happened. Congratulations Hunter Mahan, you


are on the last winning side at Valhalla when you made your debut,


for you, once main reason for success this time round? From 2014


we realised that Europe had a system and they treated that and just go


from one to the other and each captain is a part of something and I


felt like the US just had the captain, not a part of something,


his own entity and now we've created something, Davis Love being captain,


so close in 2012, we wanted to go back to that team atmosphere and to


build something from each Ryder Cup. You saw it in the hearings starting


on Tuesday to Friday to Saturday, all the same guys, created a bond


amongst one another and went out and played great, really a team effort


1-12. Possibly an year for the United States but when you look at


the quality of golf from both sets of golfers today, it was truly


breathtaking at times. It really was, starting with Rory and Patrick


Reed and the golf was an exceptional standard particularly early on,


putts from everywhere, the excitement and adrenaline was


flowing, exceptional match. Mickelson and Garcia that was a


match and a half, 19 birdies between them and the match finishes as a


half. Europe had to win those close matches and some of them slipped.


Davis Love and the men will rightly celebrate tonight, they sure have


started already. They couldn't wait to get their hands back on the Ryder


Cup. Eight long years since the triumph at Valhalla and Davis


collects the elegant little trophy that means so much to golfers on


both continents. Darren Clarke looking on at these scenes it will


only serve to fuel fire to reclaim it once again in Paris in two years'


time. Ryder Cup rivalry is alive and well. When you look at some of the


new blood flowing in here, the likes of Patrick Reed, we saw him at


Gleneagles but on the Europeans, Darren Clarke blooded six route you


and likes of Rafael Cabrera-Bello and the wonderful Thomas Pieters, so


much to look forward to in the next few additions. No doubt, they were


exceptional and played beautifully, Rafa putted nicely and Thomas


Pieters was outstanding. Thomas played five matches on won four


points, that was really impressive, paired him with Rory McIlroy for a


reason. It's been a relief funky, wonderful match, thank you so much,


Hunter for sharing it, we really enjoyed your company the Americans


believed they would win, the Americans have reclaim the Ryder


Cup. It's been a very long wait for them but here from Hazeltine, scenes


and matches that the great Arnold Palmer would certainly have approved


of. I hope you've enjoyed this wonderful match here in America,


from us all here, it's a very good night.


JOHNNY CASH: # You can run on for a long time


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